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David Archuleta ~ Coming Back Strong

Posted by mckenzieharr on Sunday, August 25, 2013


Photo edit peacelovedavid

The following is compiled from comments made on Twitter and FOD August 15, 2013 by @McKenzieHarr and used here with permission from the author. I felt the remarks deserved showcasing, if for no other reason than that they deal with a subject much on the minds of his fans right now.  That she does it so effectively is another. ~ Angelica

I know many people think that David could be more successful if his music were more mainstream or more “current.” I totally disagree. The best thing David has going for him right now is that he’s different. The reason he is different is because he can do things with his voice no other young singer can. He has a unique personality that cannot be mimicked like Justin Bieber’s. These things make him unique in an industry which is becoming increasingly homogeneous.

Yes, David’s last Jive CD did not sell as well as his first but we should not assume it’s because the songs were not good. The songs are different but like I said, different is good. Nobody seems to ever point out that WEG, who was managing the superhot Jonas Bros, at the time they managed David failed to get a single prime time talk show appearance for David. Way to use your leverage WEG. Or that the only half decent daytime talk show appearance WEG got was the fading Regis & Kelly and the little watched Wendy Williams. Or that SBL got no noticeable radio push from Jive. Why is David successful in Asia? Because the label actually supports him. So, I’ll say again, David’s music is not to blame. If David tries to mimic he “hottest sound” when he returns rather than remaining true to himself, his career will be doomed.

Some examples of failure despite releasing “current” music? Look at the Jonas Bros. Their first single “Pom Poms” had a very current sound and contained the requisite sexual innuendo to “prove” they had a mature sound. It went nowhere despite a premiere on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and several prime time TV performances. Why did it fail? Because the song, while current was absolutely generic and sounded horrible when performed live. Thus the Jonas Brothers are reduced to selling concert tickets for $20 on Groupon and performing in half empty venues with no media buzz.

Listen to Jessica Sanchez’s new CD. If you were looking for all the elements of the currently hot sound, you’d find it on Jessica’s CD. If you are looking for currently hot songwriters, they are on Jessica’s CD. How many copies did it sell in its first week? About 14,000.,_You_%26_the_Music This despite NeYo guesting on the CD and a Glee stint. When the CD flopped, Jessica started adopting a sexy look and showing skin, hoping this would garner her some attention like it did for Britney. Despite this, she did not even get a second single. And there are now some pretty embarrassing pictures of Jessica out there now.

There are just so many, many failed pop singers who seek success by trying to mimic what is currently popular – on the flawed assumption that successfully mimicking what is popular will create a “good” song or such a song will itself be popular. Thus my tweet. I’m just so glad David is not like the Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance or many other Justin Bieber clones out there. He’s an original who has the courage to trust himself and his talent. Better yet, he has fans who trust his talent and know that his best chance of success is not by mimicking Justin – Bieber or Timberlake – or Bruno Mars, but in being himself.

My hope is that David will introduce the “David Archuleta” sound when he returns and most importantly he’ll FINALLY secure a management team and label capable and WILLING to promote him for who he is rather than who the market researchers say the public “wants.” If that happens, I’m pretty sure Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance and the Jonas Bros will be trying and failing to be the next David Archuleta.

High video views are a product of popularity but equally important if not more important is strong marketing and promotion. When the Jonas Bros were the Disney favorites, they easily secured millions and millions of views of their videos. Without such support, their most recent video for “First Time” has about 1.6 million views. Again, David has to get the right label and management when he returns. That will be critical. No more WEGs please!!!!

I loved the two Joy Williams co-writes on TOSOD, especially “My Kind of Perfect.” That song was so emotionally raw, honest and open, not to mention beautiful. A perfect song for those in David’s young teen/tween demo. Of course some brilliant market researcher probably told Jive the public would hate it. David has some good songs. He just doesn’t have the team who can help him sell them.

The great thing about MKOP is that if you simply take the lyrics literally, it can be a simple teen love song. However, there is metaphor and imagery in the lyrics that are so deep the song could be studied in a poetry class. That’s another thing I like about David’s songs. They have meaning and in fact multiple meanings if you dig deep enough.

I think David going away could in some way actually help his career. It gives him a great new back story. It creates interest and curiosity in him – witness the buzz from his mission announcement. The two year absence gives him something few artists ever get: a second chance to make a first impression. Don’t forget Alanis disappeared for a few years before making a big comeback with a new sound.

I guess if he had stuck around and worked on his music, his career might be better off but that’s not a certainty. David Cook has been diligently working away at his career since David left. He has gotten nowhere. His latest self released single that was premiered on American Idol flopped hard. As far as I know, there is no formerly successful Idol who has ever made a full comeback after a fall in popularity. So the odds were against David even if he stayed rather than left on a mission.

The mission is a real wildcard that could help David buck the trend. I think it could give David a chance to make a full comeback or go even further. He can’t waste that opportunity. He needs good management and a supportive label.

Fullscreen capture 8252013 100139 PM.bmp


McKenzie Harris

59 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Coming Back Strong”

  1. MT said

    Love this. There is so much I agree with in this but two things really struck me.

    First: ” The two year absence gives him something few artists ever get: a second chance to make a first impression.”

    This is so true. You made a great point, in one sentence, that I wrote a whole article a while back trying to make. After being gone for two years growing, maturing, changing he can come back and start fresh. The world will be wondering how he’s changed and might be ready to take a closer look at the man and artist he has become. If he has the backing to get his sound, his music, out there, he has a really good chance to make it. Like you said, it’s going to depend on the team he assembles going forward. He has the talent and charisma. Now, it’s all about promotion and marketing.

    Second: “My hope is that David will introduce the “David Archuleta” sound when he returns and most importantly he’ll FINALLY secure a management team and label capable and WILLING to promote him for who he is rather than who the market researchers say the public “wants.” If that happens, I’m pretty sure Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance and the Jonas Bros will be trying and failing to be the next David Archuleta.”

    I agree. (And I really love that last sentence.) When he finds a team/label that has as much faith in him as his fans do, there will be no stopping him. I’m hoping that by the time he returns, he’s decided what that “sound” is and is ready to let the world hear who he really is.


  2. rooster (aka RAY ) said

    i so agree with this,my thoughts all along ,great job MC>


  3. rooster (aka RAY ) said

    neibor gave my son a 40inch flat screen tv,he said it would not turn on until 40 or so minutes,we call the manufacture and they said it was a free fix,neibor said keep it anyway, there for i get to watch 2 tv at the same time,last night i watcheds the mtv,crap,it was aufull. they all sounded the same lipsinging,and a** showing, all the dances looked alike.was not empressed with jt at all,just a lot of hype,not a one was a real singer. ( LIKE OUR DAVID )


  4. McKensie,thanks for this!
    Enjoy seeing all your tweets in a great article!♥ I agree about so many things you’ve talked about. This sentence struck me for some reason….”The two year absence gives him something few artists ever get: a second chance to make a first impression.”

    I can’t help but think of ‘BEGIN.’ reading what you said. Who knows?..
    perhaps there was more, to the title of that CD then we thought.
    David has given us so many memorable moments since Idol, but he lived in an absolute whirlwind, for years after his Idol journey ended.whew!
    he has said to us, he can’t wait to see the person he becomes, after 2 years.:)) All I know is that whatever he decides to do,I will follow that voice anywhere it wants to go.

    Rooster, I agree totally with your comment about the VMA’s.Spot on brother!! the whole thing was a train wreck. Thought about David on stage in Manila concert,his voice so beautiful, and strong through such a long set!!
    ♥No one else on the planet, can deliver a song like David♥

    I spotted Kari!! she was on for a nano second,backstage with InSync anybody else see her?


  5. MT said

    Sky and Rooster,
    Agree about the VMAs. Complete train wreck from GaGa to Miley. (Although I liked JT.) I understand wanting to “put on a show.” But seriously, what are they thinking??

    Such a contrast to watching David perform, not only with incredible vocal talent but with class and style. No need to be OTT. Just sing great! Tasteful and classy. I’m glad David knows what those things mean.


  6. poof said

    Great thoughts and comments McKenzie
    I also feel the two years of the mission will be helpful for him, for the reasons you talked about and for the opportunity it gives him to “take his time” to figure out the best path to follow on his return. He is busy with other things, but at the same time, I am sure he has really had some great “conversations with himself” about where he is headed.
    For me, I am excited to see where that path leads as it Will be a good place. Thanks McKenzie!


  7. SandyBeaches said

    I remember the first impression that I had of David. They were never to be any more powerful than those times. The first night he sang “Imagine”, the night in Toronto, his performances with the MOTABS.

    This guy never needs a second chance with the first being so powerful. From the awards show, you can see that it is not David and the impression he can give but just how poor the industry is at this time.

    David has religion as a big part of his life so where will he fit in? It may be more the state of the industry that will make the difference. Has it changed since he has been away? Perhaps a little more crazy.

    A good number of singers take breaks, have a couple of years separating their albums. Could David, coming off of a religious mission fit in to the mainstream of music? That is what will be interesting.

    He is in need of nothing but a person who believes in him, someone well known, someone already famous who will see him to where he wants to go. They should match his abilities and professionalism.



  8. SandyBeaches said

    Didn’t mean to say ‘should’ in a sentence of instruction on anything David does. He knows the way.


  9. LouLou said

    It is a shame that Miley has to go that far to get attention,Thats one thing about David he has good morales , and a perfect singer !!


  10. jans11 said

    McKenzie, I agree with so much of what you said. His voice is so exceptional, “he can do things with his voice no other young singer can”. Who else can melt his voice right in with the instruments when sometimes you can’t even tell the difference! With his modest personality, it will be a breath of fresh air to see and hear him when he returns!

    I didn’t watch the VMA’s but seen enough news clips of Miley and I think she was a disgrace! 😦

    SB, Yes, I also think he is in need of a person who believes in him to help give him a boost to where he wants to go. With Kari being the tour manager to both David and JT, I think it would be a big boost for David to tour with him. I heard that JT put on a good showing last night. A real class act.



  11. tawna21 said

    McKenzie, great article. I agree with you… totally! I can’t wait to see who David brings back to the stage when he makes his return!!

    It’s been my thoughts all along, also, that his management just hasn’t been there for him. Don’t you just want to bang their heads together and shout in their ears until they finally wake up and ‘hear the music’?!! We, as fans, just have to keep doing what we are so good at…. support him!

    I’m in his corner for the long haul! 🙂

    I’m so glad that I missed the VMA’s last night. I watched part of Miley’s mess this morning and had to close it down, it was making me ill. It’s so sad what has happened to her and so many others. I’m so grateful I’m a fan of a young person that has such good standards.



  12. Thanks to everyone for the comments. Glad to see how upbeat everyone is about David’s career prospects. I’ve never had doubt in David’s talent or marketability. I have, however, had doubt about whether he has surrounded himself with the right people to help him achieve success. This is not to say that the people managing David are not good. Their records of success with other artists speak for themselves. However, this does not mean that they are right for David.

    I’m by no means an expert and do not have all the facts but I thought the marketing strategy during the TOSOD era just made no sense for David. Rather than continuing to market David as a teen idol, it may have been more in keeping with David’s own personality and talent to market him as the “anti-teen idol”. The anti-Jonas Brothers, anti-Aaron Carter or even anti-nSync (who were not as “hot” as they are now). The timing was right for such a because 2010 was when the Jonas Brothers were over-saturated and fading and the public was probably ready for something different. It’s the approach Simon Cowell has tried to use to market his X-Factor group Emblem 3. Instead, they marketed David as another teen Idol and were swept away in the Bieber craze.

    In 2014, I hope that David’s team will have the vision and courage to market him as the quirky and unique but super-talented artists that he is. David’s talent and personality will really make him stand out amongst his over-sexualized young contemporaries and their increasingly tired sound. I’m just concerned that instead of presenting David as a unique artist, his team will try to market him as a young Josh Groban or a Bruno Mars clone. If that’s all they have, I think the team owes it to David to step aside and leave the job of marketing David to someone who can do it. And no, I’m not applying 😉


  13. tawna21 said

    Amen, again, McKenzie to your comments. I think we should all apply (we come as a complete group) as David’s management. WE seem to be on top of where he truly is on the scale of good, complete artists. Just kidding, of course, but really, who is it going to take to see him for who and what he really is and what he has to offer?! *sigh


  14. djafan said

    Taking a quick peek will comment later. Great thoughts Mckenzie!


  15. Abrra said

    “The mission is a real wildcard that could help David buck the trend. I think it could give David a chance to make a full comeback or go even further. He can’t waste that opportunity.”

    At work today I was listening to TOSOD on my phone when “Who I am” came on, I stopped and really listened to the words.

    He was screaming out his frustration with his treatment by his management and label. Wanting to take back his career and his life that had gone into a blender since coming off Idol.

    Days like these,
    It’s hard to breathe.
    I’m gonna take this moment that I’m in right now,
    Stop the craziness somehow.
    Leave it all behind me,
    And no one’s gonna find me.
    I got nothing to win and I got nothing to lose,
    Just trying to walk in my own two shoes,

    I’m gonna take the time now,
    It’s time for me to find out
    Who I am

    Finally he did make up his mind to take control.

    You just know,
    When to hold on, when to let go

    He finished up all his obligations to his job and his fans.

    And he was FREE!

    Gonna take the time now,
    It’s time for me to find out
    Who I am

     photo 625026649.jpg
    credit naree

    We are so excited for you to BEGIN.



  16. gladys1961 said

    My thinking is, the only person who can manage to David, is David himself. When David is aware of his own fame, and the feelings generated by his voice, that is the first step to a successful David and prolific in the music industry.

    This conversation was somewhere in Chile.
    -Elder, we can take a picture??
    -I do not know, some girls have uploaded photos to facebook and I have been informed about this.
    -But Elder, we all took pictures, way you can not?
    -I do not know why it is different with me.


  17. bebereader said

    Great insightful comments, McKenzie, and it created many comments from our posters. Thank you!

    I agree that perhaps David hasn’t had the right people managing him and therefore he hasn’t really been discovered yet. We have a musical genius here with the voice of an angel! Why the industry hasn’t taken notice yet is beyond me. Surely there is room in this crazy industry for his kind of talent. Not every artist out there is a rap singer or a hip hop artist.

    In my wildest daydreams I see myself screaming out loud, “Will you please listen to his voice!!!” But I feel like nobody is listening.

    I want David to work with the best writers in the industry, the ones who know how to showcase his voice and managers who know how to market his talent. I want the writers to pen a huge hit for him, one that will make people look up when they hear it and say “Who IS that?”

    But what I want is irrelevant. I trust David to figure it out when he gets back. I believe he had things standing in his way before but now he can get back to business and realize his potential.

    His talent cannot be denied!


  18. bebereader said

    Join us tonight for Nandito Ako.
    10 PM Eastern
    We’re starting at the beginning, again.
    Meanwhile, enjoy this playlist of videos from TV5 Philippines.


  19. MT said

    I agree. I think there are a few songs on TOSOD that were David’s rebellion at everything during that time (Stomping The Roses is another one) and that album may also have been his way of saying that he needed to get away from it all for a while. (Leave it all behind me, And no one’s gonna find me) You can hear his frustration in some of those songs.

    I really hope that getting away from it all, leaving it all behind him for a while, helps him to find himself and figure out where he wants to go.

    Wishing you all the best, David. ♥

    We’ll be here waiting to see the man you bring back. #DA2014


  20. MT said

    “We have a musical genius here with the voice of an angel! Why the industry hasn’t taken notice yet is beyond me.”

    Good question. And as with everything else, I have a theory about that. (LOL Don’t I always??) But I think I’ll keep my mouth shut on that one because I think EVERYONE would disagree with me.


  21. bebereader said

    Oh come on, MT.
    Tell us!
    Do you really think we would all disagree with you? 🙂


  22. MT said

    21 Bebe,
    Hahahahah … Yes. 😉


  23. Angelica said

    Try us.


  24. MUNK_MA said

    HI! I don’t comment much but I have to put my two cents in if that’s ok. First of all, thanks so much for this article! Been reading in some places that some people questioned David’s ability to move his career forward before he left, that his decisions weren’t wise or his management was irresponsible, etc. Does anyone think that maybe he didn’t want his career to skyrocket at that time? He didn’t want to be put in a cookie cutter….maybe there was something else he wanted to do first? Something that he had wanted to do since he was little? like go on a mission? Maybe he was surprised by all that happened and needed to put the brakes on… slow down… He had been in the music scene from the time he was 10. I wonder if he ever wondered who he was without music. I am soooo happy he gets to have this time for himself! For others! It will be a wonderful foundation for the rest of his life! He will have a greater sense of who he is and what direction to take. His talent goes way beyond what we have been seeing in the pop scene. His gift was given to him for no reason. .. There is a plan and David will discover what that is and how to go about fulfilling it. Hope you guys don’t mind me going there.. but that’s what I believe. He is a gift and if he uses his talent for the right reason, he will go very far and bless many lives. He is unique and should never try to imitate anyone! He is his own man! Excited to see “who” he brings back! 😀 Thanks again for the awesome article! Hope you guys have a great day!


  25. rooster (aka RAY ) said

    OOOOOooooo munk my thoughts exactly .if people would realy listen to tosod,and begain he is telling us just that


  26. rose said

    With many of the current teen idols achieving fame and then doing absolutely idiotic things that get them a lot of attention, I think that a David Archuleta is such a breath of fresh air. I hope the public will see it that way. What is wrong with people who credit bad behavior with attention that’s not deserved and withholds it from such a wonderful human being that is David Archuleta. Wake up USA!!!! It seems that the rest of the world appreciates him.. What is wrong with this picture?


  27. MUNK_MA said

    OOPS! I meant to say… “his gift wasn’t given to him for no reason!” sorry!


  28. cq#DA2014 said

    Haven’t commented in a while, but always enjoy coming to this site to read the wonderful articles and of course, check out the gorgeous pictures, lol.
    Munk_Ma, I agree with your thoughts about David needing to complete this part of his life that he had wanted to do, that might be the reason he held back, with mega fame, no way could he enjoy the privacy he is experiencing if he had a big career, say like (ugh) JB. One thing though, I will say that he isn’t ever alone, so time to himself might not be exactly right, lol. I do know what you mean, time away from the music industry.


  29. gladys1961 said

    New post on my blog. Enjoy it.


  30. MT said

    Bebe & Angelica, Ok, if you really want to know.

    Well first, it does seem that not everyone would COMPLETELY disagree with me. Much of what Munk said fits in with my theory.

    I really believe that it was David himself that held things back and that TOSOD was his way of rebelling, his way of letting the label and us know that he didn’t like where things were heading. He was contracted for another album and some of the songs on TOSOD were kind of “in your face” at the label, letting them know that he was tired of it and he was going to do what HE wanted to do. I think he’s a lot more strong-willed than most people think.

    He has his own plan, and I think he fought the label and let them know he wasn’t doing anything he didn’t want to do. I also think JIVE didn’t like it one bit, hence the not renewing the contract because they disagreed on terms. David said they “made him an offer” and I think he didn’t like what he would have to do to fulfill it. I think there was a fight going on that we fans knew nothing about during the TOSOD era. I think he let them know he’d be taking a 2 year hiatus for his mission and it didn’t fit in with what JIVE wanted. Could that be why they failed to support TOSOD? I don’t think they were happy with David and I don’t think he cared what they thought. Labels don’t like an artist that fights them. They wanted someone like Beiber or Miley who would do whatever it took to make money and he wasn’t willing.

    David taking this time to do something that’s been in his life plan all along was the best thing he could have done for himself. As McKenzie said, it gives him a “second chance to make a first impression.” Only this time, when he comes back and re-starts his career, the person and artist he presents to the world will be the image of himself that HE wants the world to see.

    He’ll be the kind of singer/artist HE wants to be. Right now, none of us really knows what that will be. I guess we’ll see in 2014. I think that’s when we’ll see the real David. We know the talent is there. The rest is up in the air as to where he’ll go with his music.

    This is all just my opinion, folks. I don’t know a darn thing for sure. LOL So, now you can all disagree with me. It’s okay. 😉


  31. rooster (aka RAY ) said

    MT i don,t diagree with you , i have thiugh that was the case all along YEA FOR DAVID ARCHULETA a true to himself artist


  32. Angelica said

    MT 🙂

    I think you guys are all freaking awesome and VERY smart when it comes to one David James Archuleta.


  33. djafan said

    Mckenzie, I so agree with what you said, the mission he always planned to go on is now a blessing in disguise, well not in disguise to us in retrospect lol. I’m with you 100% David needs to be David not an imitation of anyone else. I have not heard anyone with his talent, character, professionalism, humility and many other attributes anywhere. I do agree that all he needs is to surround himself with people in the business who believe in him and will carryout “his” vision and “voice”.

    MT, I agree with you!

    Abrra, MT and Rooster, TOSOD and BEGIN. are message songs to us. The more I listen to them the more I hear his cry, it kills me. Some say that we over analyze but David himself has always said he loves message songs, so why would he change with his own songs? He put himself, his feelings, what was troubling him and yes jive did not like it and let one of the best albums ever IMO fail. But like Kari said, “David will be back bigger and better” on his terms. I don’t see a pushover but a fierce young man who is true to himself above anything else.

    Munk and CQ, your comments are always welcomed. It’s great to see so many of us on the same page. David’s destiny won’t be denied.

    I’m here inpatiently waiting.


  34. Dayzee said

    Props to Naree for a perfect photo of a perfect face. Abrra keeps these walls decorated with handsomeness. Could spend days staring at the side pics. Was wondering where I could find wallpaper like that for my room, then remembered I already have it. 🙂

    Like Gladys, I think the only person who can manage David is David. The impatiently waiting (aren’t we all?) DJA adds “I don’t see a pushover but a fierce young man who is true to himself”. We watched him evolve from the youngster who wanted to please everyone to the young man who knew he needed to take charge of his life. The time he spends on his mission will stiffen that backbone even more. I am excited to see that person come back.

    Loved this topic from McKenzie and the thoughts she explored. Nothing better than looking forward to David’s return. Makes my insides bubbly.

    I just know if David is happy, we are happy.


  35. bluesky4home said

    Golly, I love this place.




  36. Suzy-Q said

    Munk, What you said is exactly what I have thought since he went on his mission. I think that he has held back for the reasons you have suggested. I agree with you 100%.


  37. MT said

    Love you guys. ♥

    Thanks for the blog. Google translate isn’t perfect but I understood enough to know he sang. That makes me happy. 🙂


  38. jans11 said

    Thanks Gladys for your blog and the videos. It would be another little piece of heaven to hear David sing “His Hands” live! ♥

    MT, I guess we all come from the same school! I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said!

    I tell you, he is a genius! All of his message songs were written for a reason. And when I said I thought it would be good for him to appear with someone big like JT doesn’t mean that David himself can’t make good decisions or take care of himself. He has already proved that he can. I meant that it would put him out there in the public and renew his popularity faster. But who knows what they have up their sleeves since he’s an actor and model as well as the best singer in the world! With all those goodies going for him, he could make it on his own, just maybe taking it slower but surely! I don’t know anything, this is JMO! 🙂

    #DA2014 🙂


  39. jans11 said

    By the way, I forgot to say that I love that lead off picture of David. ♥ And #15 photo is one of my favorites! Thanx Abrra!

    Agreeing with Dayzee about all the side pics….they are the best! Again, thanx, Abrra. He is so photogenic! Wow! ♥



  40. marlie7 said

    McKenzie – loved the article and I agree that David needs good management and a supportive label that respects who he is.

    MT – right on! You could just hear that little “buzz off” to JIVE during TOSOD – David was never going to be like Bieber (Oh, thank you God!) and had more self-respect than poor Miley will ever have.

    But about the music, the songs… David brings the songs to life with his emotions, his voice, his interpretation. That is why his songs are so much MORE when he sings them live than when recorded. I remember his first album coming out and I thought, Oh, okay, the songs are fine. But when David performed them on tour, they sprang to life, became catchy or solemn or simply amazing because of what he did with them.

    And then there is the “problem” of his versatility. It is a problem for marketing. I hope David finds a guru who can create a marketing plan that promotes appreciation for that amazing skill of being able to sing any genre of music, to be a little rockin’ jumpin’ Zero Gravity guy one minute and sing Contigo the next, to make you smile when he whistles in Your Eyes Don’t Lie and tear up when he sings Ave Maria. I think THAT is the main issue for David (if you want to call it an issue) in garnering wide-spread public recognition. He is a musical chameleon (in only the best sense of that concept). He can do anything.

    I’m not sure if I care if that happens for David unless that is what he really wants. He can have a fabulous career doing what he loves, touching people’s hearts, gaining followers one at a time. I think he will be the kind of person that has an enormous body of work that is eventually recognized with a lifetime achievement award, but may never be hitting the charts (do they even count anymore?) all the time.

    And please, God, let him have a Christmas tour at least every few years 🙂


  41. MT said

    “And when I said I thought it would be good for him to appear with someone big like JT doesn’t mean that David himself can’t make good decisions or take care of himself. He has already proved that he can. I meant that it would put him out there in the public and renew his popularity faster.”

    I agree. Touring with someone big, like JT would certainly put David in front of a lot of potential new fans. More people need to hear that fabulous voice of his.


  42. Gayle122890 said

    Hello all! :). I’m really loving the theme of this post! Very soon the excitement throughout the fandom in anticipation of David’s return will start to build and intensify it’s going to be crazy!! I CAN’T WAIT! With that out of the way, here’s my 2 cents: I believe that David WILL come back strong. “Let’s hope that David comes back roarring” I heard a dj say once during the reporting of his “drop” by Jive. And come back roaring I believe he will. All I have to do is picture in my mind that crazy awesome performance of his of The Eye of the Tiger so deliciously described by our dear Gladys. Listen to the words of the song. The man is determined and ready! I’m of the camp that understands that the mission is something David had to do before he could be able to go full speed ahead with his career. There will be lots of buzz, interest and curiosity as to what he’ll do upon his return. I believe David has gained, because of past experience, knowledge and wisdom as to what needs to be done career-wise in order to build strong. And I am so anticipating the whole new experience of that new David coming back to us. The only fly in the ointment of this wonderful future is this: In the past, David had been fairly accessible to us. Will we still be able to get as close to him? To look into those eyes? Bask in his light? Touching his hand is on my bucket list. Will I be able to one day check that off?


  43. Gayle122890 said

    PS: Gladys, me encanto leer tu blog. Como siempre, tu description de David en Los devocionales pone una sonrisa en mi. Gracias. 🙂

    That photo edit by peacelovedavid is now the screen saver on my phone. 🙂


  44. jans11 said

    Wow, Gayle, you are my official cheerleader!! 🙂 Come on 2014!!!!!!! 🙂 Whoohoo!!!! 🙂



  45. djafan said


    “Will we still be able to get as close to him? To look into those eyes? Bask in his light?”

    I would guess yes! I do think there is going to be absolute craziness trying to get those VIP tickets though, I can’t wait!

    I was in complete spazz mode at Ross today! David Archuleta singing Crush playing! That wonderful voice coming through the sound system! Three of my grandkids recognized him and all turned to look at me lol One said, “Grandma turned into a young girl” haha.


  46. Abrra said

     photo 32_zps215fba29.jpg
    @David Archie Here is a #throwbackthursday before the day is over! This was taken durning the BENCH photo shoot in Manila. (KS)

    Kari mentioned on twitter that she took this picture. Nice job Kari!


  47. Dayzee said

    Love coming here just to read the title. David Archuleta ~ Coming Back Strong Yayy!! And the pics. And the video. And all the nice people saying all those nice things about David. Nothing to argue about. Just feeling the love.


  48. MT said

    46. Thanks for posting that, Abrra. He looks older, more serious. Really nice picture.

    Thanks, Kari!


  49. emmegirl14 said

    McKenzie, absolutely love your comments! You are much more knowledgeable about the current music than I, and I really enjoyed your insight.

    “My hope is that David will introduce the “David Archuleta” sound when he returns and most importantly he’ll FINALLY secure a management team and label capable and WILLING to promote him for who he is rather than who the market researchers say the public “wants.” ”

    The David Archuleta Sound – THIS is what I have been waiting for. I’ve always had this nagging feeling that he does have his “sound”, something he wants to do or has been waiting to do when he is older, while sticking with more pop while he was younger. But I truly hope when he returns he just goes for it……his sound, his style, with that DJA groove that only he can do!

    But as Marlie said, I also love his versatility – and if marketed correctly could really show what a rare and unique talent he is.

    In the end, all I want is for him to do what he wants, what he loves, whatever that may be. And couldn’t agree with Marlie more, ” I think he will be the kind of person that has an enormous body of work that is eventually recognized with a lifetime achievement award.”


  50. tawna21 said

    Abrra– #46 — THUD… pick me up of the floor!! 😉


  51. emmegirl14 said



  52. angelofdja said

    Cruisin’ through the Archuleta archives…my goodness, I MISS him so much!

    (WOWZY WOW and thank-you all for the very lovely photos of David posted throughout this article!) 😉


  53. jans11 said

    Angelofdja, thanks for posting the “it’s a good video to watch when missing David”! It sure serves it’s purpose! 🙂

    “trying to hold on, it won’t be long…”



  54. archugeezer said

    McKenzie, just chiming in here to say how much I enjoyed your article (which I have read about 4 times now), and how much I agree with what you said. There are too many worthy quotes to list here, but I especially love the overall tone of absolutely unconditional support for David.

    Thank you for your thoughts!


  55. Abrra said

    I am in Unplugged watching CFTH Beaver Creek 2009 full concert. Join me if you have time 🙂



  56. Abrra said

    Thanks to those who came. We had a blast!



  57. bluesky4home said

    Abbra… you are such a party girl!


  58. Dayzee said

    The end of August. Another month gone.

    A year and a half ago I wondered how we could possibly continue with this place. How many ways could we comment on David’s voice, his looks, his genius, his character? How many times could we watch the same videos and still want to see them again? How could we keep interested in someone whose life is so inaccessible when we had kept track of his daily wardrobe?

    Yet here we are. We have found a million (more than a million?) things we want to talk about. It didn’t hurt that he left us 2 complete albums after telling us his goal was to “record a few songs” before he left. Abrra captured his Philippine novella. The fans are still creating new videos from past performances. New pictures surface. We continue to find the need to check in here to see what has surfaced. I am no good at the searching, but have so much gratitude for those who bring David’s essence here.

    Gladys’s account of seeing David in Chile meant a great deal to me. Abrra’s Saturday night chats and Bebe’s Nandito Tuesdays are wonderful. So many people here that spend so much time and effort to keep things current. The artwork is outstanding and always beautiful, the articles always interesting, the comments fun. The ways we find to share our appreciation of David’s talents are endless. Thanks to all who join in.


  59. Abrra said

    New post ——————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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