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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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Even the Sky Will Tell You….

Posted by Lovefrommich on Sunday, August 4, 2013


As David was preparing to leave for his mission, I was seeking ways to keep his presence close by. I knew I would have his music to listen to, but I was wanting something more tangible, physical, something symbolic even. I thought back to previous things I had read and written and decided that I would get 2 plants to tend to, one for each year. I don’t have a green thumb so I decided to get succulents, which are somewhat easier to care for if you do it properly. I researched them and found a spot for them, and cared for them as directed. The plants did not make me feel better as I thought they would untl something strange happened 1 year later, almost to the day of David’s departure.

Plant #1 died suddenly. It was healthy all year-long. I smiled when I looked at it, and wondered how, why, and if, and then maybe, just maybe I really wasn’t surprised at all. This wasn’t the first time that some higher power seemed to be at work surrounding David. What with the archuglow, the spiritual feelings people have described at concerts, angel references, etc, most of us know we are in this fandom for reasons beyond the music. Some even feel as though they were chosen somehow, so much so that they think only certain people can truly hear what we hear in his voice, while others say he’s a great singer and go on with their day.


Plant22But the question remains, why did the plant die that week? Why not the week before or after? Did I subconsciously not care for the plant knowing that year one was ending? Did the plant know it had fulfilled its purpose? Or is this simply a coincidence? I knew what I thought, but some research was in order. After reading much too much about Quantum Physics, the time-space continuum, and math, I stumbled upon Synchronicity.

“Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, whereas they are unlikely to be causally related. The subject sees it as a meaningful coincidence, although the events needn’t be exactly simultaneous in time. The concept of synchronicity was first described by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychologist, in the 1920s.[1]

The concept does not question, or compete with, the notion of causality. Instead, it maintains that just as events may be connected by a causal line, they may also be connected by meaning. A grouping of events by meaning need not have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.

Behind all these phenomena Jung places the archetype or the constellation of an archetype, which, in his view, is a process that engages equally objective manifestations, in the physical world, and subjective ones, in the psychological universe.”

Pretty simple. I think the two things are related so therefore, they are. But the nagging question remains – why that week? Then I had to think about plants more. Maybe there was more to this than I knew. Maybe it was just that plant’s life cycle. But Plant #2 was thriving, both succulents of the same type. I found some fascinating information about plants. I invite you to take the time to read this article (you got nothing else better to do right?!) and think about it for a while.



Since we know a little more about plants now, have our questions changed about plant #1’s death? Or maybe there is a whole new set of questions? Needless to say I am watching plant #2 a bit more than I was. What does it know? Will it die when David comes home? Have your thoughts changed about Plant #1? Mine have not. I know that the plant was cared for properly, and I don’t believe that I subconsciously neglected it somehow. Did it know I needed to smile? It’s like the time I was at the thrift store a few months after David left. Thrifting had become my new hobby. Marciami was there with me that day. I was looking through some handbags and reached inside of one and felt something. I pulled it out to find it was a stone with words on it.

david stone 1

It said ” No problem is too big for God to handle” so then I flipped it over and it said,

david stone 2

“The David Stone.” Marciami and I screamed right in the middle of the thrift store! We jumped around like tween girls for a minute. What are the odds that I would reach into that handbag at that store at that moment? What did it mean? I have carried that stone with me every day since. My husband says I stole it from the thrift store because I did not buy the handbag it was in. I choose to think of it as a gift. I had to research it since I had never seen a stone like that before. I found it online:

Was it a coincidence that two archangels found a David stone while trying out a new hobby to keep our minds off of David?

What do you think? Have you experienced other examples of Synchronicity during your fandom? What did it mean to you? Did you tell anyone about it? And do you think I killed plant #1? LOL


Funny Girl is a staff writer for The Voice.

52 Responses to “Even the Sky Will Tell You….”

  1. emmegirl14 said

    So great to see you FunnyGirl! I really enjoyed your thought provoking article, d.e.e.p! Gonna have to give this one some thought!
    (and loved the part about the David Stone!)

    Gladys, thank you so much for bringing back the I Could Not Ask For More video in the previous thread! I took Betsy’s advice – took my ipad out on the front porch on this cool, quiet morning and watched it, over and over and over, through moist eyes. Heavenly days, so young and still that voice – fell in love with him all over again!
    (anyone know if there is an mp3 of this anywhere?)


  2. Abrra said


    I added that song to the Candy Jar.

    I Could Not Ask For More.mp3
    [audio src="" /]



  3. tawna21 said

    FunnyGirl your plant situation is a fun, serious, mind-boggling event. I planted strawberry plants. Last year they just kept producing these amazingly huge berries…. delicious! This year they struggled to even get started. I was tempted to pull them out and replace them, but I just added some fertilizer to the soil and they took off! Now I’m getting the same huge, deeeelicious berries and a ton of new runners that I have to keep cutting off. Is there something there? Maybe. Last year was the first year for all of this. This year we (the plants & I) all struggled, thru the early months, with missing fertilizer/David. As the days/months moved on we started feeding and producing again (fertilizer & thoughts of David’s imminent return). We are growing again with the sun and warmth (David) getting back into our souls/roots. The berry plants’ runners are a reminder to me that David is still reaching and growing and serving others, just like I should be. I’m doing much better at accomplishing that. Yep! there’s something to be said about plants and everyday life.

    Abrra.. thanks for the mp3. Like you said on the last post– 7 months, we can do this! 🙂

    SB.. has the wedding happened? It would be awesome to see some photos if you can share them. It sounds like a beautiful event. ♥



  4. bebereader said

    Hey FG,

    It’s so good to see you again. I don’t think you killed the plant since you took care of both the same way. But if the second one goes too at the end of this year, I will seriously wonder what’s going on. LOL

    What intrigued me more was the David stone. What were the chances that it would have David’s name on it? It could easily have had the name of anyone else on it like, Gertrude or Penelope but it had David’s. 🙂


    Those strawberries sound mouth-wateringly delicious!


  5. MT said

    What an interesting story about your plants! Like Bebe, I don’t think you killed it either. So, If that second one starts to fade in a few months, be sure to let us know. 🙂


  6. Dayzee said

    FG that stone was a great find! How perfectly David. Now I will be watching for David stones. I don’t know about synchronicity, but I do know I have experienced uncanny. So many times David or David fans have unexpectedly brightened my life when I was needing.

    Tawna, loved the strawberry tendrils reminding you of David reaching out, and that he expects us to be caring and helpful. You painted a delightful picture in my mind, and I don’t even like strawberries. But the plants are beautiful.

    The contents of Abrra’s candy jar are so delicious. And magical. We all dip in and take everything we want but the jar remains full,


  7. jans11 said

    FG, very interesting story about the David stone! Never have heard of them before. What a perfect story! 🙂 And on the plant dying, it seems odd that it did when you tended to both of them the same way. I know that plants do not have any real nerves like we do, but they need water and light and they respond to TLC and voice stimuli. It must have been doomed from the start. 😦

    As far as any synchronicity, I feel like Dayzee, where so many David fans have unexpectedly brightened my life when it was needed! I did hear Crush 4 times on the radio the same day that I met David the first time. In the meet and greet the afternoon before the AI concert. I was so excited and told him that I knew that I was going to meet him because I had heard Crush on the way there. And with his birthday on 12-28, I have grandkids bd’s on 9-28, 10-28, 11-28 and 1-28. I told him this in a note when I was in Utah and I asked him to sign the card for my granddaughter’s bd on 1-28 and send it to her and he did!! I think it thrilled me more than my granddaughter! 🙂



  8. djafan said

    FG, Very interesting and thought provoking article. I would have loved to have seen you both spazzing over the David Stone, what a coincidence, or not lol I’m sure I would have had the same reaction, what are the odds? Things that I relate to David, everything haha. I saw wheatgrass and I drank some. I saw almond milk and I started using it. Kashi cereal? I now eat it lol Do these things count? lol

    The plants are sure something to ponder. I don’t what to make of it but I’m sure curious to see what happens to the second one.

    “The concept does not question, or compete with, the notion of causality. Instead, it maintains that just as events may be connected by a causal line, they may also be connected by meaning. A grouping of events by meaning need not have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.”

    Many of us at different times have had discussions at length as to what is going on here. Why and how did we all come to be on this journey with David and his fans from all around the world. Is it synchronicity? I’m going to speculate that it has to be because nothing in my life would have led me to believe that I’d be an ODD fan of a young man, actually the exact opposite would hold true. I’m still in awe of all of this and I at some point would like some answers 🙂


  9. bebereader said

    Masterclass Lady’s most recent column is about “Forevermore” and it’s a good read!
    At the end of her column, she left us with these words:

    “David is an absolute treasure and, over time, his sublime talent will be recognized the world over. One cannot avoid excellence – it always rises to the top!”
    🙂 🙂 🙂


  10. Dayzee said

    Thank you Bebe. Spent my afternoon break with Forevermore. Don’t you just love those hands?

    Dja, when you asked what is going on here it occurred to me that we had this great opportunity to sneak away and did not take it. 2 years without David? We should be back to our knitting or whatever we were doing B.D. But are we?


  11. jans11 said

    Bebe, Love the MCL article! She explained our feelings for David so very well! She took the words right out of my mouth! 🙂 haha

    #DA2014 missing him so much right now, but hanging in there! 🙂


  12. bebereader said

    Join us tonight for
    Nandito Ako
    10 PM Eastern

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  13. jans11 said

    On the way home from work this evening, I passed 2 Elders riding their bikes! As I passed them, I yelled “hi David”!!! (the windows were closed) 🙂 That is the first time I have ever seen any around here. They were dressed in the traditional white shirt, black tie and black slacks. They had their back packs and their bike helmets on! Thought they might be going to the houses around my house but they turned at the light and went on up the street.

    Another side note, my boss is growing a beard, so looks a little different than David now. 🙂



  14. Hi friends. I definitely believe in synchronicity as a treasure map of guidance and delight. Sometimes I look above after 3! synchronous events have happened all at once and think to my Higher Power, okay, okay, I GET it (always laughing). I love the David stone story – and I love the observation that some of us believe we hear and connect with David’s voice in a unique and ordained manner. Some days, that young man’s voice practically keeps me alive. Thanks for your site and postings – am enjoying them! Oh – and once I found, in a thrift store, in a jacket pocket, the name of a patient from our Doctor’s office – while in a city several miles away, written on a list of self-help meetings of the kind I myself attend. No, I didn’t buy the coat and yes, I did keep the listing and the name, and held them both prayerfully….


  15. djafan said


    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 12m
    Thought this would be perfect for today! #HappyAnniversaryBEGIN. A little peek inside the studio with David. (KS)

    In the studio with David

    Published on Aug 7, 2013
    BEGIN. the album by David Archuleta was released Aug. 2012. He spent the lasts few weeks before leaving on his mission in the studio recoding the album. Here is his recording part of the REM classic “Everybody Hurts” from the album BEGIN. — available at iTunes


  16. Abrra said

    I added an mp3 of David singing in #15

    In the studio with David Everybody Hurts.mp3

    [audio src="" /]



  17. MT said

    Now that’s the kind of little Kari surprise I love!!!

    I love seeing David in his element like that. It looks like he’s recording different background vocals to choose from and the background vocals are some of my favorite parts of his songs. ♥

    Can’t wait till he’s back “doin’ his thing” once more. 🙂


  18. MT said

    PS Only one thing wrong with that video. It wasn’t long enough!


  19. poof said

    Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!


  20. MT said

    And there’s MORE!!

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 20m
    I hope some of you enjoyed the peek inside the studio with @davidarchie Here are some pix from the album shoot.
     photo 7_zps11bf6530.jpg

    Thank you, Kari!


  21. bebereader said

    #15 That’s what we’re missing!
    His voice.
    Pure, simple and heavenly..


  22. Dayzee said

    Almost a full minute featuring the neck of David Archuleta. This is a special day. Something for Dayzee 🙂 And look how grown up he is in those behind the scenes pics. No longer the teenager from AI. So glad I stopped in here tonight. Thanks to Kari, MT and Dja for bringing these gifts to my computer.

    Five years ago hummingbirds built a nest in the vines that cover the ceiling of my front porch. For no reason, I had always associated that event with David coming into my life. They both happened about the same time, were unique and brought me joy. Every spring the birds would return and eggs would hatch in that tiny nest and we would watch the babies grow until they finally learned to fly. This summer the birds were here, but never sat in the nest. No babies. A summer with no David and no little birds. Yesterday I found they had built a new nest about 1 foot from the old one. There were 2 little ones sitting there. I had spent the whole summer looking into the wrong nest. David’s Look Around came to my mind. Synchronicity?


  23. jans11 said

    #15 video…it was heavenly to hear that beautiful voice…even for only 56 seconds!! But is sure could have been a lot longer! 🙂
    #20 photos…Oh David! You’re so photogenic!! So gorgeous!!

    I do have some synchronicity though it doesn’t have to do with David. My birthday is 9-11, my address is 111 and my zip is 111, so for about a yr. every time I looked at the clock it was something 11. I was explaining it to some friends while eating out and I looked at my phone and it was 7-11! Showed it to them and we couldn’t believe it! It was constant for a long time and then it let up and then came back. Now it just comes and goes. I always said it was the Angels talking to me, which to me is my husband or daughter! ♥

    An odd thing happen when my husband was sick with lung cancer. A big bunch of honeysuckle was growing along our fence and had never been there before and after he died it did too and it has never grown back since in over 5 yrs. I love honeysuckle, it smells so good. When we would go out on the front porch the aroma of it was such a good, sweet smell.



  24. jans11 said

    Want to wish “Begin” happy 1st anniversary! I have to listen to it every day, loving all the songs. When I heard what the songs were that was going to be on it, I had to listen to the songs that I hadn’t ever heard before and I didn’t like them. That was before I heard David sing them…he made them his own and I just love them! 🙂 He is just so good….


  25. Dayzee said

    Would a screamcap be possible from the video at #15? I know someone who would really appreciate one. or six.


  26. Angelica said


    Yes. I think you killed plant #1. lol. jk. I love that you refer to one of my heroes, Carl Jung and I do believe in synchronicity. There is a force at work in our lives and it can’t always be explained how things just happen. Maybe it’s the thoughts we put out there in the universe that are as real as any tangible object. If we only knew the whole truth we would probably have an aha moment to end all aha moments. Like maybe there was in each of us a yearning for something beautiful, something lost and then we heard him sing and it was there, in that voice…pure joy.

    I guess there have been many times I have experienced synchronicity as a fan. Too many to count or write about, really. There was a recent thing that just happened with my archulunch and concert buddy, Biz. I was waiting for a call to let me know when I would be able to be seen by a specialist for something. I waited weeks and called their office often to ask if anything had been decided. Finally, after many weeks, I got the call that the doctor would see me on the 31st of July. I took off that Wednesday and on a whim, took off the rest of the week too and got someone to work for me. The next day, I got a text from Biz, asking if I wanted to join her in Florida for a mini vacation. Had I gotten the appointment sooner, like I wanted, it never would have happened. So things just work out sometimes and mostly I just give all the credit to God who I also thank for David. We had a wonderful, fun time and one early evening, we took a walk on the beach and drew something in the sand. The surf washed it away but the thought is still out there. 🙂

     photo 1200351a-c76c-440f-8d9f-29ec670d0551.jpg


  27. Abrra said

    Someone say scream caps?

     photo 9_zps5ed233c2.jpg

     photo 14_zpsa25294eb.jpg

     photo 13_zps8f824f74.jpg

     photo 11_zpsd90a7243.jpg

     photo 10_zps568a956b.jpg

     photo 12_zpscc6479fd.jpg

     photo StudioCollage_zps2ee42a65.jpg


  28. Dayzee said

    TY Abrra. I chose the last one for my screensaver and it is absolutely the most gorgeous one ever.

    Angelica, not only is that thought still out there, it is everywhere.


  29. jans11 said

    Angelica, your little story made me remember a similar one. When I was going to the “it’s not a David Archuleta concert” in AZ, 🙂 I was going to stay with a fan that had relatives there. I decided to stay at the hotel and boy, am I glad! I wouldn’t have met a lot of you fans at that time. And Dayzee and I hit it off so well, we had a great time hanging out. Then when David announced his MKOC concert in SLC, I asked Dayzee if she was going and she said “I’ve already bought the tickets, all you have to do is get out here!” 🙂 I paid her back, I wouldn’t let her pay for my VIP, but it was so nice of her to get those tickets when they were first released.
    Airfare was really high, but I kept checking and finally it dropped $100 and I grabbed it! So glad that I was able to be there and see David’s announcement in person. That and his MOTAB performance was just so awesome, I feel so blessed to able to be part of that in his life!

    Abbra, you are the bestest for those screamcaps! 🙂 We ask, and you give us your all!!

    #DA2014…I like the one in the sand better! 🙂


  30. jans11 said

    Angelica, where is the picture of you and Biz? It’s on my phone, but not on here. It’s really good! So glad you all got to enjoy some time together! 🙂


  31. Angelica said

    Jan, sorry, here you go.

     photo 03011-1.jpg


  32. jans11 said

    Thanks, Angelica! You guys looks so cute! Loving that ocean behind you! I get to see it in Sept. My daughter and I are going to FL for my birthday! 🙂


  33. Angelica said

    Jan, hope you have a great time! We sure did. My birthday is in September too. 🙂


  34. jans11 said

    Wow! September sure is filling up! 🙂 Mine is 9-11, my daughter’s is 9-23, her husband’s is 9-21 and their daughter’s is 9-28. They have a niece and nephew on the 10th and 15th. I have some friends that are 9-18, his mom will be 90 on 9-11 and 2 more on 9-20 and 9-24! Whew!! 🙂


  35. fenfan said

    I bow to the queen of scream caps and keeper of the candy jar.


  36. emmegirl14 said

    scream caps *sigh*

    (longing for his return and more scream caps)


  37. MT said

    Angelica & Biz!! *waves* Looks like you had a great time.

    I’m sooo looking forward to seeing you both … and many others … and David!! … at my first concert next year!!!

    So much to look forward to. 😀 😀 😀


  38. gladys1961 said

    hi girls.

    a question, I have no access to the chat window, is disabled or is my computer??


  39. Abrra said

    You seem to be there in chat right now . Nothing has been disabled. I taught you to clear your cache and history on your browser. All is fine now.



  40. Dayzee said

    Abrra, the pic on the upper left sidebar that led to chat is missing for me. Maybe that is what Gladys is looking for.

    I leave in the morning for Denver. Will miss chat tomorrow night. Shucks.


  41. Abrra said

    I am working on something. Here is the link suggest you bookmark it.



  42. FG,♥sorry to be so late with my comment, ha to be away for a little while,but I enjoyed your interesting article!
    And I sure do love that David stone. I too,would have screamed like a crazy woman if I had pulled that out of a random purse in a store! hahaha
    My thoughts are sort of in line with Dayzee’s…”I don’t know about synchronicity, but I do know I have experienced uncanny.”

    catching up on all the wonderful comments and just love everyone’s stories.
    Angelica,love that pic of you and Biz! so cute!♥

    that video!! , and those pics,and screamcaps!!!! gorgeous. looks like I’ll be changing my desktop pic thanks Abs♥


  43. betsy said

    FG, loved the story. I can imagine the jumping up and down in the store. 😉


  44. emmegirl14 said

    {Dayzee}, best of everything during your trip.


  45. jans11 said

    Safe travels, Dayzee and God bless. ♥


  46. Abrra said

     photo 5eb97817-f04e-47e7-a64d-78faa6c6b6ab_zps54756058.jpg



  47. Angelica said

    LOL! So gangsta. B-)


  48. hahaha abs, love that!


  49. emmegirl14 said

    lol, I kinda like it more than I should ;p


  50. bluesky4home said

    “My husband says I stole it from the thrift store because I did not buy the handbag it was in. I choose to think of it as a gift.”

    Dear FunnyGirl:

    I LOVE your article. I am so glad that it is still up so I can write to you about it. I love that you choose to think of the stone as a gift, personally to you. No obligation to buy the purse: the purse was just the vehicle used to get your stone to you. That is all. I absolutely believe it. We have a saying in our church “God answers prayers – but it is usually through the actions of our fellow companions here on earth.” (paraphrased….)

    I have no doubt that your angles knew what you needed and supplied it, because you are so willing to look for it, to accept the gift. That quality of looking and accepting is a “gift” in and of itself. You are one that will always look for and find joy. Thank you for sharing your joy with us. With me.

    I have a moment here tonight and so I am going to indulge and read all the posts. ^_^


  51. bluesky4home said

    9. Bebereader

    Oh, how I loved reading that review by Rosanne Simunovic. Thank you so much for posting it. How wonderful is it that these great people are still finding it rewarding and relevant to keep DA in the foreground. I appreciate their appreciation!

    15. The video: just a reminder (as if we needed one!!) that DA “live” raises the listening experience to a whole new level. Where with some artists, you hope the concert will sound as good as the recording. With DA, you know that there is no chance whatsoever, that the recording has been able to capture the magical, mystical, musical momentum that begins in his heart and lungs, surges through mighty vocal chords, and then explodes; leaving me somewhere between oblivion, the next universe, and my true home.

    Just sayin’


    and Angelica? Too, cute. That’s what you are!

    (My prayers and all for your “special” specialist experience.)



  52. betsy said

    Offtopic, but that’s normal for me. Every year I go to a film festival in a small town that I lived in for several years.
    Movies and music and happy people everywhere. Dancing in the streets.
    This video kinda captured some of it. It’s really good. 🙂
    (p.s. I may have hinted to someone that David should do a show here.
    He’d love the laid back vibe and the beautiful scenery. I couldn’t help myself lol)


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