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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Six Months With David Archuleta

Posted by ronaleem on Friday, June 21, 2013

canvasPhotoshop screencap Bench photoshoot

June 23 marks the six-month anniversary of the day David Archuleta entered my life. I knew next to nothing about him on December 22; then on December 23, I watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert in which David was the guest artist. His undeniable talent and his endearing personality hit me like a ton of bricks and I became an instant fan. I haven’t been the same since.

David showed up in my life right at the very moment when spiritual, physical, and emotional healing occurred for me. His presence filled my soul with music, light, and gladness. I believe David was a gift to me, a way that God showed His love for me and impressed upon me that I had been healed. I’m convinced that a puppy or a new car would have had the same effect, but that God chose to introduce me to David. As a result, my life has been enhanced in a most delightful and remarkable way.

What have I learned about David in the past six months? Absolutely everything. I’ve learned that he has an extraordinary talent and an extraordinary soul. I’ve learned that he’s humble, that he cares deeply for other people, that he’s kind even when others are not kind to him. That he loves his family. That he is a hard worker. That his smile is a true reflection of who he is, and that he smiles all the time. That he chooses to be happy. That he chooses to be optimistic.

I’ve learned that he is a wise and mature soul in a young man’s body. That he has high standards and that he upholds them, no matter what. That he knows that his gift of singing is from God, and that he acknowledges and honors that gift, sharing it gladly with the world. That he was willing to sacrifice the career he had established and the success he had attained in order to serve God.

I’ve learned that David has a special ability to connect with others, sending love to them through his music, love which lessens their hurts and brings them hope. That his fans love and need him, and that he loves and needs his fans in return. That his remarkable character is not apparent to everybody, but that some of us have been given the great blessing to recognize it and to see it clearly.

That’s what I’ve learned about David. But how does he affect my life personally? David affects my life all day, every day. For one thing, I have ODD, big time. The other night on chat, I asked if it was normal to think about him all the time, was I being weird? The consensus was that I am not weird, I’m normal! It’s okay to think about him all the time! Well, thank heavens for that. I have listened to David sing, every day for six months. I have looked at his face, every day for six months. David wakes me up every morning, with lines from one song or another running through my head. Lately, the song has been Think of Me from American Idol. Whatever song fragment I hear, I recognize it immediately. I know which song the fragment belongs to, I know the album it comes from, and I can find it without hesitation on my iPod. Oh, and I didn’t even have an iPod six months ago! I didn’t have an iTunes library. I couldn’t find my way around YouTube. Now, I’m a pro at all of these, thanks to David.

I have several favorite moments from my discoveries during the past six months. The Bench photo shoot! I lose any semblance of holding it together when I watch that beautiful man pose for the camera. And just add to that David’s performance at the Bench launch–I love when he sings Nandito Ako. And lately I’ve been inexplicably attracted to his sweating, dripping face as he performs A Thousand Miles.

I love all the songs from Glad Christmas Tidings, especially Gesu Bambino and Silent Night. My absolute favorite song is Forevermore. In fact, I love the whole Forevermore album because of its tenderness. I love David’s vlogs, because his personality is so evident in them. Boy, was it fun catching up on those! And very recently, Angelica introduced me to David’s Hong Kong performance of Everybody Wants to Rule the World, in which I absolutely loved his voice, the acoustic accompaniment, and the serenity in his countenance.

How else does David affect my life? As much as I wanted to believe it was final, I’ve learned that my experience at Christmas time was not a final healing event, but just one amazing moment on the continuum of my life. Things are continuing to progress for me. Since I’ve met David, I’ve re-established contact with someone who was important to me long ago, and because of that, I’ve again experienced profound emotional healing. Since I’ve met David, a young family member has made a grievous decision which has affected not only our family, but our community. And since I’ve met David, my spiritual life has progressed rapidly, almost too quickly to keep up with. All through this–good, bad, or stressful–David has been singing in my ear, offering me courage and encouragement, promising me that “things are gonna get better.” And they are getting better, all the time. As the challenges increase, the blessings increase.

If I had David in front of me right now (I wish!), this is what I would say to him:

I wonder if you know how amazing you are?

You leave me breathless. 

You didn’t even try, but you’ve stolen my heart.

And I don’t want it back.

I don’t want it back.

Ronaleem is a guest writer for The Voice

113 Responses to “Six Months With David Archuleta”

  1. bluesky said

    Amen, Ronaleem…!

    “As much as I wanted to believe it was final, I’ve learned that my experience at Christmas time was not a final healing event, but just one amazing moment on the continuum of my life.”

    All the “not easiness” of life can connect instead of separate us – when “we believe”. Welcome to the family. ^_^

    (great job on your post!)



  2. Lynnella said


    Loved your article and I can truly identify. Several times in my life now, David has brought me back from the brink. I came very close to giving up on my faith, and then his Christmas album came out. Because I love his voice so much, I bought it. I put it in my CD player on the way to work, and the tears started to fall. Not just tears, but sobbing, all the way to work. I’m sure if anyone had seen me from another car, they would have thought someone died, and they were close, I almost did. I feel like God sent him just to show me that He is real and He cares for us. There is a bond there that I can’t explain to other people, but someday, I hope to tell David what he’s meant to me and how he helped to save me from a terrible mistake. I’ll forever be his loyal fan and support him in any way I can. Ronaleem, you are not alone in your feelings of love for this young man.



  3. gladys1961 said

    Welcome to the club.


  4. marlie7 said

    Rona – I have so enjoyed watching and participating in your development of ODD 🙂 No, you are not weird thinking about him all the time haha. And the healing you’ve received is something most of us can relate to. David is my Go-To music whenever I feel down (or…whenever I feel up!) becuase his voice is so soothing, his emotion so evident, and it just plain old makes me happy to listen to him. So glad you joined the ODD community 🙂


  5. mspoohbear said

    Ronaleem, AMEN to all that you said. I am still in the same boat as you are for almost 1 & 1/2 year now and I’m not done learning and finding all about this young man. I truly identify with what you’re going thru and many of his devoted fans assured me that it is “normal” to feel this way towards him. Since I am a novice at this kind of things, I take their words to heart. Just like you, I haven’t met David yet. I started following him just before he left for his mission. Since then, I learned a great deal about “patience” – patience to wait for his return…


  6. Suzy-Q said

    Ronaleem, WOW !!!! You read my mind. I have had ODD for five years and I can tell you it doesn’t go away with time. I like when you said, “That his remarkable character is not apparent to everybody, but that some of us have been given the great blessing to recognize it and to see it clearly”. It’s still a mystery to me why my family members don’t get David. They don’t even try. “Getting David” is a good thing because he brings so much depth into our lives.


  7. Suzy-Q said

    I should add that I don’t “get golf” and my family does.


  8. rooster said

    see god is still choesen people to follow david


  9. Madeline Alvarez said

    God is Big! Thanks to him for giving us David.


  10. Angelica said

    Great article describing the early stages of ODD, Ronaleem! Believe me, we can all relate to what you’re going through. A quote today from David that he wanted to share with us.
     photo Fullscreencapture6212013102755AMbmp-1.jpg


  11. Good Morning to everyone. I’m leaving for work, but had to stop by and say thank you to all the Mods on all the sites for working so hard & keeping us together. Have a great day!!!


  12. ray said

    angelica,i apologize,rooster is all right,but ray can be an a** some times. LOL


  13. Angelica said

    Ray, it’s too late to apologiiiiize! haha! No need to at all! And both Ray and are alright in my book. :-*


  14. tawna21 said

    Ronaleem, AMEN to all that you’ve said. And like Gladys put it… welcome to the club!!

    David is so good for whatever is going on in life. He’s just got the spirit that fixes the broken, cheers the sad, and creates happiness for the unhappy. However, he also makes the cheerful more cheerful, the blessed feel more blessed, and the spiritual feel more spiritual. He’s the whole chocolate cake… including the sprinkles! He didn’t enter my life at any particularly needed time, but he entered my life and I’m more than happy, and willing, to let him stay. His spirit has buoyed me up when I need it, his music has calmed my soul and mind, and his lyrics (whether his own or a cover) have put answers to questions, and determination to keep going, in my path. Yeah, I’m happy to make the claim that I’m a fan for life! ♥


  15. Welcome to the Club Ronaleem. So happy for you and love the writing !!! Been a fan 5 years and counting. Remember a book compliled for David by fans and all the stories of how he inspired them. It was so amazing and like your story and experience. It is a beautiful thing to watch and experience.
    A recent storm was another example of how David’s music helps as I nervously drove home. The first thing I thought might calm me and di was David’s music. Such a comfort!!


  16. Yea! I got it posted. Been trying lately with no luck!! Woo Hoo!!


  17. sunny said

    Ronaleem, really enjoyed your comments!! David has a way of capturing hearts because of his goodness, realness and talent!!


  18. MT said

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful story with us! I’m another 5 year fan and I love seeing you catch up. 😉 And you’re doing it so fast! This David journey has been wonderful. Glad you’re along for the ride!

    Right now, I kind of envy you the newness of the discovery of all that David is, seeing things for the first time. I can’t wait till he comes back so, together, we can all see the next steps in the evolution of the exceptional artist that is David Archuleta.


  19. bebereader said


    It’s been fun teaching you ‘the ropes’ especially since you are a fast learner. In six short months you understand David very well and your account of how he has influenced your life is very inspiring.

    Like MT, I long for the early days of ODD when everything was fresh and new. I think you’re in better spot than us ‘old-timers’ because you have the newness to keep you going until he comes back home.

    It is a real pleasure to welcome you to this fanbase!


  20. ronaleem said

    Thanks to everyone for your kind comments! I was so excited about this article that I stayed up LATE last night to see it posted! I’ve never before had anything like David happen in my life. (Guess I had to wait for him to be born!) I am VERY glad for the support and understanding I’ve gotten from this fansite, which I found within a few days of being blindsided by David. In one of my first comments, I said I’d found “my tribe.” That’s just another name for “the club” to which Gladys and the rest of you have welcomed me. Thank you all so much!

    Bluesky: Yes, adversity can bring us together and help us develop empathy. Thanks for mentioning this aspect of how David helps us. You’re the first to say “amen.” I must have hit a common thread we all share!

    Lynnella: How wonderful that David was able to touch your pain and help ease it, and that you were open to receiving him. A true tender mercy from God. Do you think David fully understands what kind of an effect he has on others? Or is he somewhat puzzled because he thinks, “I was just being myself”? I’ve often wondered about this.

    Gladys: I am so glad to be in your club! You’re still a rock star to me!

    Marlie: I hope you haven’t been chuckling too loudly as you see me discover the next step of David—something new and exciting to me, and so obvious to those of you have been here since “The Beginning.” I guess you all had to wait for him to be born and grow up a little, too.

    Winnie: You’re a year ahead of me, but I’m sure you’re still in the David discovery phase, like me. Isn’t it so great to find a whole new bunch of information about him? I saw the Razor interview in the last post, and then found the rest of the Razor interviews he did in Singapore (red sweater), where he talks about his acting experience and his mission. You met him right before his mission; he was almost halfway through when I met him. As much as I want him to have the full mission experience, I must say I’m looking forward to his return!


  21. Edvcroz Zed said

    All I can say for now is big thank you, guys…..I definitely see myself from your posts…please keep doing what you do…


  22. aww Rona I love your post! You write so beautifully of your discovery of David ,I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was reading it.:))
    Pretty amazing , this ♫♪crazy little thing♫ called ODD♪♫, isn’t it?? We’ve all had that moment in our personal journeys,when we learned resistance was futile. Once you open your heart, and let this guy in,he takes up permanent residence♥
    at #20. you said “I’ve never before had anything like David happen in my life.” (I’m smiling again:) yep, you are officially an ‘Archie’♥


  23. gladys1961 said

    I have written another article on my blog, I hope you enjoy.


  24. ronaleem said

    Suzy-Q: You just explained why your family doesn’t get David. Golf to you is David to them. But I was oblivious to him myself for several years, until my big moment at Christmas. I lived in Utah, everybody around me was talking about him and American Idol, and I DIDN’T CARE! I just ignored him. Listen to this: I moved away from Utah at the end of June 2011, just days before he performed in Stadium of Fire. And my house was less than a mile from the stadium! I found out a couple of months ago that he was signing things in the BYU Bookstore early in June of that year, IN THE VERY BUILDING WHERE I WORKED! I missed him by inches, but he wasn’t on my radar, so I didn’t realize it. Talk about the ironies in life. But better late than never!

    Rooster: I wonder if you’re right—that some people are destined to have David in their lives? I’m so grateful my time finally came, and like so many of you, I will be a loyal fan to the end (my end, that is).

    Madeline Alvarez: I agree with you. One day awhile ago I was feeling so grateful for David in my life that I posted a comment here that said: “Thank you, God, for David Archuleta!” And I totally meant it.

    Angelica: Thank you for that gorgeous picture of David at the beginning of this article! The first several times I saw that particular expression on his beautiful face, I got the shivers—in a good way. Is that a manifestation of ODD? Also, thank you for helping me untangle my confused thoughts in my early David days. As for David’s quote, if we seek what we love, and we love David, I don’t think we are necessarily seeking him, so much as the good and positive things he brings to our lives, including his excellent example.

    Linda: I hadn’t thought about that before, but you’re right that someone has to keep these fan sites going, even when David is here. I’m going to add my thanks to yours, because I have benefited so much from this site and others. Did you hear that, Abrra and Angelica? Thank you!


  25. ronaleem said

    Tawna: So many of us have the dramatic and heart-felt stories of how David has helped us through challenging times that we forget to mention he can enhance our good times as well. Thank you for reminding us. I love how you stated it: “He also makes the cheerful more cheerful, the blessed feel more blessed, and the spiritual feel more spiritual. He’s the whole chocolate cake… including the sprinkles!” There’s nothing better than chocolate, unless it’s David!

    Heidijoy: Thank you so much for your support. I wouldn’t say I exactly envy those of you who have been around for five years, but I think it is so great that your knowledge of David is based on the day-to-day unfolding of his life right in front of your eyes. No wonder you all can teach me so well—you were there when it happened.

    Sunny: Yes, thank goodness David is so true to himself. His character and his example can only enhance our lives. Today I was contemplating what my life would be like if David hadn’t showed up in it when he did. I think I would have experienced progress and growth, but probably not with the positive energy and light and gladness I have felt consistently over the past six months—and I know these came from David. Lucky, lucky me!

    MT, my friend: Thank you for your encouragement and support over these past months! As a newbie, I have been terribly confused by having everything about David presented to me all at once, tangled up in one big heap where every bit of information seems equally as important as another. But because of my diligence (obsession), I’ve been able to start sorting out one thing or another, until the tangle has loosened and facts have started falling into order and the story of his life has come into focus. I am looking forward to his return, when we can experience his story and his career as they happen, in real time. That will be so great!


  26. tawna21 said

    Gladys… I love your blog post…. that letter to David is perfect!!!! ♥ ♥


  27. gladys1961 said

    David teaches me every day, that I must overcome all obstacles. I guess I never told you, but David appeared in my life when my dad died.
    Since then, every day is a discovery for me, every day is a new adventure.
    Every morning when I open my eyes, I feel like I’m somebody special, sometimes I remember the other gladys. She was always sad and alone.
    I did something I never thought I would.
    I got on a plane, I crossed the Andes and I met him. I feel that thanks to David, there will be many special things waiting for me.


  28. MT said

    And we both still have that first concert to attend!!!

    haha “I get shaky just thinking about it.” 🙂


  29. stidwell56 said

    This article is priceless:) As well as all the comments!!! Thanks so much, Ronaleem;)


  30. stidwell56 said

    This post is priceless:))))) I so remember these days….and no, ronaleem, the ODD never ever ever goes away!!! Not ever;) and I am so glad it doesn’t!

    It’s been forever since I’ve commented, but I read each and every post here and each and every comment too, just couldn’t not comment on this one….thanks so much to all who contribute to this site, who keep it going even with him gone…only 9 more months…yipppppeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


  31. jans11 said

    Rona, Happy to see you aboard the Archutrain! He’s taking us on quite a ride, isn’t he!! I have been blessed “knowing” him for over 5 yrs. He had me when he sang WOTWTC at his first audition, just something special about him from the very beginning. I was lucky that my husband loved him too and we were devastated when he lost. My husband passed 2 weeks after AI went off and I made up my mind to do everything I could do for David. He in turned, blessed me many times over. A whole new world opened up for me, just like it did for you. I found out what itunes and youtube and all the DA fan sites were! I have got to go to 4 VIPs and am looking forward to the BIG concert in 2014! 🙂 He is so precious and such an inspiration!! ♥

    Angelica, In regards to my comment in the previous post, I felt I was just answering some fans that were wondering why David wasn’t at the devotional and where he might be. I personally didn’t care, but when the info came up on FB, I thought it was a good answer. I don’t go looking for mission info, but when it comes up in public places, I read it. I love and respect you all and David, and will never post anything about David and his mission again.


  32. Angelica said

     photo a8943e4a-fdb9-46e6-a2e2-4129035d3fe14.jpg

    I’m so happy to see you!

    Stidwell! So happy to see you too! We were just talking about how much we have missed you and speak of the angel!


  33. pocoelsy said

    Love your article, we all can totally relate to everything you’ve been through!! after 5 years of being his I still trying to find a some good reasons why I feel the way I (we) feel about him!!! oh well I think it just came down to “we are those chosen ones” who get David just like many concluded !!! and I’m glad I get him ❤

    I was guilty too about posting those Mish info from FB, I have no intention at all to "cross the line" same as Jan11 I don't look for the mish info, it was posted on FB which they said all the nice things about David and lots of peeps shared it so I thought I shared it to the our friends here too, my apology, the line has been crossed but it will not happen again !!


  34. ronaleem said

    Bebe: My mentor! Thank you so much for looking after me! I’ve been very conscious of your guidance—especially in chat—so that I don’t miss information about David that comes up. You’re just a natural born teacher! You’re right—I am in a better spot than the old-timers, in that I still have a lot left to learn about David. It’s just so exciting to me every time I learn something new and it enhances what I already know. It’s like the online jigsaw puzzles I do of David every day (ODD?). As I find out where the pieces of the puzzle go, the picture becomes clearer and clearer as it comes together. Learning new things about David is still happening for me. Love it!

    Edvcroz Zed: This is my opinion of why we have similar reactions to David. Most performers “throw” their performances at us, and it stays on the outside, sticking for a moment, then sliding off. David “sends out” his performance and it penetrates to someplace inside of us, creating a personal connection with him, and it stays there on the inside. I think he is touching something similar in each of us.


  35. stenocruiser said

    Rona — how wonderfully you have written of your discovery of the beyond-talented and the exceptional person that is David. You have somehow condensed what has been over five years of joy and admiration for most of us into your short six months of this adventure with David. In your later comment, you mention the opportunities missed, unknowingly, to hear him/see him so it would seem you were guided to that particular TV channel/program and a performance that was obviously life-changing. A blessing!

    Gladys — I enjoyed reading your blog and your open letter to David, both of which were written with love and much respect. You are the best!


  36. bebereader said


    Tell us what you need! How about some older interview videos that you may have missed from the early years? There are 53,000 videos on youtube for David. It’s hard to believe that I’ve seen them all but I probably have.

    Isn’t he just adorable in a beanie cap, from a Jingle Ball concert back in 2008? Yep, my ODD is still there! Have you seen this?

    credit JR

    or this one from the ASCAP Expo in 2011 in which he talks a lot about songwriting.

    credit Songwriters Vantage

    and this one….The Bonnie Hunt interview. His smile….oh my…let’s just say that I am still smiling after watching this! haha Bonnie says “You seem a little like an egomaniac to me.” hahahaha

    credit JR


  37. jans11 said

    Ah, Angelica, thank you so much for the beautiful rose! You are a gem! In David’s words, “that means so much to me”! David fans are the best! ♥

    I am listening to David’s summer tour, 2009. It is so good to be able to hear his concerts whenever I want; no matter the place, no matter the time! 🙂 Thank you, David and Abrra!

    Love David in his beanie cap and muscle shirt! 🙂 Seeing these older videos shows how much David has grown! ♥


  38. MT said

    “There are 53,000 videos on Youtube for David. It’s hard to believe that I’ve seen them all but I probably have. ”

    I am seriously LOLing because I didn’t even have to listen to those to know what they were. I think I’ve seen them all too, and some others that aren’t even on youtube anymore.

    IDK if I should admit it but, during the AI tour, I watched every video, from every fan, from every angle, of every song he sang. And then went back and watched them again. 😆

    I don’t even want to know what my personal count is for David youtube views. 😳


  39. Abrra said


    Let me say first of all that I am so glad you have found this site for your David family. You give us such a fresh perspective on what it means to be a fan. It brings back all the excitement of discovering what David and his music is all about. The difference between old and new fans is that you have us to fill you in on what went on over the years. We all had to scrounge around the internet looking for anything about him. Even though it was in real time, it was slow going. There weren’t so many fan sites during and just after AI7. It was all done in a vacuum because we didn’t have a way to connect or meet up for concerts. Things got a bit better as we attended and met new friends. That’s how we hooked up for the next round of shows. Besides seeing David sing, that is the best part of going to a concert.

    #6 Suzy-Q
    All I can figure is that we are the lucky ones. Those who dismiss him are not really taking the time to listen.

    #27 Gladys
    I read your most recent blog entry (thx to Google Chrome translate). I understand what you are trying to say. It is your personal journey with David that has helped heal your spirit.

    #29 Stidwell
    Do I know you??? HAHHA! Where have you been hiding woman?? Great to see you posting again ( I didn’t have to twist your arm this time.)

    #36 Bebe
    My fave Bonnie/David video is when he was back stage with Kathy Griffin and made her blush.

    #38 MT
    Puuullzzze! I was right there looking over ya shoulder watching the same videos. Even the blurry ones with bad sound. 🙂 So happy that cameras are better now. We do get some sweet video now,compared to 2008.

     photo a7da7035-b0c8-4502-b0ba-9f1ea75cc7f2_zps49d6b060.jpg

    Click to go



  40. Abrra said

    I put this on my desktop, full screen. Here is one with no writing on it in case anyone wants to try it out.

     photo b6434506-16ba-45ab-8fd2-9602d309808d_zpsfcf3f7c9.jpg



  41. bebereader said

    I just read your column and letter to David. I love way you express yourself. Your heart and soul come through in any language!

    Stidwell/Shawna!!!#29 {{{{{hugs}}}}}
    So good to see you here! You have been missed!
    Yes it’s getting closer now, closer now! 😀

    “… during the AI tour, I watched every video, from every fan, from every angle, of every song he sang. And then went back and watched them again. :lol:”

    I didn’t watch the idol tour videos and I didn’t follow the tour schedule. What the heck was I doing back then, anyway? LOL Even though I was a huge fan from the audition, my ODD didn’t kick in until about August of 2008 when I was all over the web trying to find anything David. Almost five years later and I’m still doing the same thing!


  42. ronaleem said

    Sky: I’m glad I made you smile! I just love learning new things about David, because they’re all so positive and admirable. What a good man he is! I attribute a lot of my David knowledge to participating in chat. I was a little shy at first, but I quietly made my first comment and I was welcomed with such warmth! And you were there. Over the first chats as I was trying to remember who was who, I realized you always used a heart icon when you communicated with other chatters. I think that sorta sums up the whole chat experience—it’s a place of love for David and for fellow fans. This is the first time I’ve experienced online friendships, and I love it! I cannot wait to meet you all at a concert—maybe the first concert! That will be sooo muuuch fuuuun, as David says!

    Gladys: I read your blog post, too. You have such admiration for David that I hope he was able to feel it when he met you. Thanks for sharing why David is so important to you: “Every morning when I open my eyes, I feel like I’m somebody special . . . I feel that thanks to David, there will be many special things waiting for me.” Special is the right word. David is special, and he makes other people feel special.

    MT: Can’t wait for that first concert, either! It’s okay to be shaky—we can hold each other up!

    Stidwell: “Priceless!” Haha. I must have powers I didn’t realize I had! I, too, am starting to feel the excitement of the countdown, and I wasn’t even here when he left. David’s been an absentee guy in my life ever since I met him. What will it be like when he’s available to talk or be seen, I wonder? That will be another new experience for me!

    Jan: I’m glad you could enjoy David and AI with your husband. What a tender story: “My husband passed 2 weeks after AI went off and I made up my mind to do everything I could do for David. He in turned, blessed me many times over.” What the heck is it that David has, that he can affect other people so profoundly, and in such a positive way?


  43. ronaleem said

    Poco: I see I’m in the right place—you are one more person who has validated my feelings about David. I love your relationship with him: “…after 5 years of being his . . .” You’d given up resisting him and he won! I can so understand your sentiment! Btw, several posts ago, you recommended a book by Pamela Pike, and the Utah Women’s Conference videos to me. I bought the book and read it right away. Thanks for the recommendation. Everybody has a story about David, and how he fits into their life’s journey. I had watched the Utah Women’s Conference a few months ago, but am looking forward to seeing them again. Thanks for your suggestions.

    Steno: I love how you call David “beyond-talented and exceptional.” Those are terms I haven’t thought of to describe him, and I totally agree with you. As for seeing the MoTab broadcast, I truly believe it was finally my time to meet David. I had gotten an email from BYU Broadcasting, in which they advertised the program about a week before it was scheduled. (Funny, I haven’t received any emails from them since.) I had the information vaguely in my mind, with the intent of maybe watching it—I know I wasn’t overly excited by it. However, I missed the scheduled broadcast times, so I found it on their website, which I believe took me to YouTube. Then it was like a train hit me at a million miles an hour! My introduction to David was glorious! He and the choir created music that saturated my heart and soul and filled me with light. Wow. Wow. I couldn’t stop watching that particular performance for several days. I didn’t want anything to dilute the glory I had experienced. When I could finally tear myself away, I found Elder Archuleta singing in the Christmas devotional in Chile. I was totally floored by O Holy Night. My introduction to David was not gradual, gentle, or deliberate. No. It was so sudden, unexpected, and in-your-face that I couldn’t miss David’s significance to my life. When I found this fan site, I was compelled to comment. I am so glad that I am not the only one who has had this kind of experience. Thank you all for being my support system and my friends!


  44. Abrra said

    I have the Utah Women’s Conf in the Candy Jar on mp3 for ipod.

    Womens Conference David speaks 10_09.mp3
    [audio src="" /]

    And the text document too.



  45. poof said

    My most favorite interview is the one where he talked about what is on his ipod. Can someone find that one?

    Ronaleem, just loved your post. Thanks


  46. betsy said

    Ronaleem, sorry so late with my comment. Just wanted to let you know how great you did with your article. I really loved it.
    It made me think back to where I was 6 months out. In the very beginning we had 2 Christmas videos to watch (a corporate event he was invited to sing for), and the high school talent show thing. (I’ll Be) Watched them a gazillion times. 😉


  47. MT said

    hahaha So that was you behind me? Then you must have also watched those 9 minute videos of him after the shows signing autographs that only had about 1 minute of David in them. haha Yep, I watched every one of those too! 😀

    OMG! You weren’t waiting up with the rest of us for videos during the AI Tour? Oh, man. Those were some late nights! haha What WERE you doing? (Maybe you were getting the sleep the rest of us were losing!)

    Now I’m curious. How many of you stayed up late to watch all the videos THE MINUTE they were uploaded?


  48. jans11 said

    MT…I’m guilty! (with right arm waving in the air)haha! Couldn’t wait for those videos to be loaded. And then the next day when more videos of the same songs came streaming in! Never enough! 🙂



  49. Abrra said


    I never found an interview by searching “What’s on David Archuleta’s iPod” But I did find out what was/is on it. This is an old article. There is a drop down menu next to his face. Pick his name from the list and click Launch. An iPod list will come up to the right.

    That was me! Right after staying up very late at Rickey’s for the underwater cell casts. Never missed any of the Idol tour cell casts.



  50. MT said

    I remember how excited everyone was for those CCCs! (CrappyCellCasts) haha I was at Rickey’s too, just wasn’t commenting back then. I watched/listened to all those cell casts even though it was mostly static and gurgling. LOL I wouldn’t have missed them for the world. Good times!

    I can’t wait till he gets home and it starts again. 😀


  51. bluesky4home said

    47 MT


    Vids. Cell casts. All the repetitions of: “Did you hear that?!!”, “Did you see what he just did?!!!”, “Oh my gosh!!” (we as a fan-base quickly became censored to the reality that there is only ONE interpretation of OMG in DA’s vocabulary… and no matter what adjectives we have applied to since… and even if that particular one were allowed its original meaning… we are still left with insufficient ways to describe our experience, or the talents he possesses that drive us to such a frenzy of word-smithing. *sigh*), yep – I was there.

    We are glad to add all newcomers to our ranks. We are hoping the increase in numbers will lend physicality to that which can be by its very nature, an out-of body experience.

    We will assign you newbies to one of the tethering ropes. Still, we have little doubt but that the lift-off will only be more spectacular for the increased number of souls dangling like sunbeams from the rising-light-source of his channelled joy.

    Well… it appears he does go in for “bling” after all. May we sparkle always. May he be blessed with increase continually.



  52. betsy said

    Ronaleem, I was trying to think of different videos of David that are unusual and rarely talked about anymore. Then I though about the time he was touring with the Jingle Ball in December 2008. Someone was recording him offstage, while Kanye was performing. David was going on next. It’s always been interesting to me, wondering what goes through his mind before he performs. Here are 2 videos of him behind the stage,

    and this… (a little dance to Kanye’s Golddigger) 🙂

    credit to likewhoaxox
    Wow, I just remembered the interview when he sang a little Kanye. That must’ve been this same trip.


  53. bebereader said

    Here it it, Betsy. David singing a little “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West:

    credit Shannon Bahatouris

    That interview you referred to sounds familiar. I know I’ve seen it on Youtube but can’t find it. Can you give us any more clues? I remember a DJ asked David a series of questions one of which was “What’s on your iPod right now?”

    I started scoping the web for videos right after the tour ended. And I was at every single underwater cellcast from then on. What was I doing online prior to David? I’ll never tell. LOL 😉


  54. djafan said

    Ronaleem, Ronaleem, Ronaleem we must be soul buds. Every word, all your feelings, just everything resonates with my ODD, down to the dripping sweat lol You’ve done an amazing job of expressing where I was, well most of us were five years ago. I’m so enjoying your ride and I want you to know that it doesn’t diminish with time it only intensifies 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us and I hope you continue.

    Bebe love watching David talk, thank you for those links. Abrra, women’s conference is my go to David speak 🙂 This also is one of my favorites, Something Pitchy with David Archuleta.


  55. Abrra said

    While I was searching around yesterday, I came across this old “interview”. The interviewee was never disclosed. It appears to be a female friend of David’s. I found it to be mostly accurate from what we have learned through other sources in the last 4 years.

    Again, the original source was never disclosed.

     photo 21-1.jpg
    edit by Hanne Denmark

    Its very long and in 2 parts.



  56. bebereader said

    Kari tweets:
    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 17m

    David just confirmed the lyric is blueberry ICE not eyes in NEBTD. This was his reply when I asked “Haha, it is blueberry ice.” (KS)

    This calls for a video!

    credit ohnopurple


  57. djafan said


    That “Haha” brought tears to my ears ♥ David, I love you.


  58. djafan said

    WWTT Party!!

    LindaSpivey#DA2014 ‏@erlindita

    Trending Friday June 28th at 10:00pm EDT>Counting The Days David Archuleta< Let WWTT for this guy

    I want to see a clear focused one of these…

     photo tumblr_moqz79bZq91qbjx1wo1_500_zps87e09981.jpg


  59. ronaleem said

    Bebe #36: Thanks for continuing my David education. But really, I don’t have enough life left to watch 53,000 videos! Although I’ve probably watched several hundred, so far. (Add 1000 to that if you count Forevermore more than once!) The beanie interview was really cute, but his head seemed itchy. He was wearing a beanie to keep his head warm, but I remember some vlogs where he was older, and was wearing a beanie because he didn’t know what to do with his hair, am I right? Has anyone ever seen him wearing a baseball cap? ASCAP Expo interview: I had seen this, but I was glad to see it again. He’s so level-headed about the business end of his career. Bonnie Hunt: I actually watched this the other day. He’s talking about giving some posters to Bonnie’s auction: “Here, have my face!” A little later, Bonnie says to him: “I’m old enough to be your … sister.” That’s how I feel about David!

    Abrra: My other mentor! You have made me feel welcome since the beginning. I can’t imagine how your early days were, with the lack of information about David. I’ve wondered how it all started. Evidently you were a bunch of solitary fans who were able to band together and support each other when you met at concerts. I’m glad you did, for all of you, and of course, for me! I’ve also wondered how it must be to have your whole life out there on the internet? Good for David for being able to deal with it. Thanks, too, for the links to the Utah Women’s Conference. Your candy jar is truly full of sweet things!

    Poof: Thank you for your kind words!

    Betsy: Thank you, too. Was the corporate event the time he sang at Forbes, with what I call the Ivy League fan girls? I never heard about the high school talent show. What is that?


  60. bebereader said

    And Kari tweets for David again today:

    “I’ll Never Go… was released a year ago. Between takes we did karaoke to pass the time.(KS) 26 minutes ago”
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  61. poof said

    Thanks for trying Abrra and Bebe,
    The interview must have been in Jan or Feb. 2009. He is sitting on the left and a woman asks him what is on his ipod. I think it was a radio station. He just totally lights up, stops looking nervous, and talks with such joy. He mentions Sarah Bareilles. ( I think I spelled that really wrong) That interview was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I had been a gonner for his voice starting in Jan of 2009 but when I heard this interview,,,, his character and sweet soul just shown and the rest is history, as they say. ODD ODD ODD ODD,(before I even knew it existed! 🙂


  62. bebereader said


    Good clues. Thanks!
    Is this the one you’re looking for?

    credit 5an1ty


  63. betsy said

    Ronaleem, this is one of the 2 Christmas videos we watched so much. It was all we had lol. But his voice. ❤
    (he had been chosen to compete on Idol when he performed at this event but the show hadn't started yet, he almost 17. We didn't know him yet)

    and the high school talent show.


  64. jans11 said

    56…Kari’s tweet from David….”Haha, it is blueberry ice.” was music to my ears! 🙂 It just made my day to hear that from him!

    62…Always loved the way David rambled in this video. The way he described his “love” for his favorite singers sounds like me gushing on about him! 🙂

    63…I’ll Be…He said that’s one of his favorite songs to perform. I bet it brings back good memories! That cute little grin! 🙂



  65. ronaleem said

    Betsy #52: Thanks for the backstage videos. I hadn’t even thought of that aspect of a live performance. I don’t like the flashing lights and loud music at all. What would it be like to have a stage be the place where you “go to work?”

    Djafan: Thanks for the support, and I’m proud to be your soul bud! I’m amazed that so many fans have had such similar experiences with David. In your case, I must be déjà vu all over again. I’m so glad you mentioned the dripping sweat. I don’t know where that came from, but I’m totally okay with it. Totally. Oh, that slick face! Several commenters have mentioned that ODD never goes away. I think I believe it. I feel like I’ve added something permanent to myself, like a tattoo of Davidness or something.

    Betsy #63: I had not seen either of those videos, and you’ve seen them a gazillion times! Thanks for bringing them to my attention. From two videos to 53,000—that’s amazing!


  66. poof said

    Oh,, you found it ! Okay, is there anything cuter? He is sooo young and excited. Thanks so much. I never would have found it.


  67. djafan said

    Really enjoying the links. We must all have our favorites 🙂 Mine change day to day. Days I just like getting lost in all the videos watching and rewatching. In this one he cracks up the interviewer at the end and me as I watch a few time lol


  68. djafan said

    David works hard so it’s inevitable that he will perspire, we expect it now lol.

    “I’m so glad you mentioned the dripping sweat.”

    Yes, this!!!!

    “I feel like I’ve added something permanent to myself, like a tattoo of Davidness or something.”


  69. Angelica said


    Finally, where do I begin to try to describe what it was like in the early days? I had only watched idol the year before and was glad when Jordin won. After the finale it was over for me so I thought it would be the same for season 7. I was so obsesssed while David was on AI, it was like a matter of life or death that he not get sent home. Oh my gosh, the thought actually made me sick to my stomach and every Sunday night I could feel the panic rising in my chest as a new week approached. I redial voted as rapidly as I could for 2 hours straight every single week. My husband began to think I was going crazy but I assurred him it would all be over soon. After idol was over that would be it. But it never ended. After the show there were so many interviews and appearances on TV and then the tour started. I watched the videos as they came in, late at night with others online. We squeed at him rising from the floor amid smoke for Angels, and gasped as he walked slowly up the stairs and back down for Apologize. Then the slow stroll and that little dance for Stand By Me and the last song…When You Say You Love Me. He connected so strongly with fans on that song. It was so not over. I had to go see this wonder for myself, so I traveled with another fan I’d met online to Bossier City, LA. I met him in person for the first time and saw him perform live and it was more than I thought it would be. The videos don’t capture the way his voice fills every corner of the venue like a living presence. They don’t capture the emotional energy he projects and you feel in your pounding chest. He lights up the stage with his charisma. I drove nine hours to Tulsa to see him one last time, at the final show of the tour.

    I thought it was over then. But there followed more appearances and the exciting announcement of his solo tour! Dates and cities were posted and the preparations for road trips began. After that came the McFly tour in England and then the tour with Demi Lovato. David touring was all fans talked about online. From the AI tour to all the tours that followed we sat up late and waited anxiously for the videos to trickle in. Cleveland, Chicago, Providence, Orlando, Los Angeles. Same songs every night but we had to see and hear every performance. Each one was a little different and we never tired of discussing at length “what just happened?” It became kind of a code for how he continued to surpass expectations. When we thought he could not get better, he did, again and again. It’s hard for me to express just what it was like during that time, the exhileratiion, the natural high of experiencing his awesomeness with other fans in real time, whether together in person or online. He welded us together, one link at a time into a chain of fans who are friends for life. He opened up a whole new world for so many of us. He put us on the information superhighway and onto actual highways traveling together to see him in concert. The excitement and anticipation of going to his concerts is a big part of the fun. You have to buy all new clothes and plan everything down to the last detail. You worry that something will happen to prevent your going. At last the day comes and what an amazing feeling to be on your way to a David concert! You play his music all the way there and though it be hours, you talk of nothing else but him all the way there and all the way back. He never gets boring. It never gets old. He is pure joy and for years we were immersed in this never-ending, ever increasing bliss. Then he went away.

    Ronaleem, you said, ” Several commenters have mentioned that ODD never goes away. I think I believe it. I feel like I’ve added something permanent to myself, like a tattoo of Davidness or something.” That’s exactly how it is for me. There is the me before David, and the me after David, like my life can be separated into two distinct times. He walked right inside my heart and took up permanent residence and I’m not the same. I will never be the same. It will never be over.


  70. Angelica said

    Ronaleem, in my reminiscing I forgot to say how much I appreciate your sharing so beautifully the way we were. It has been a catalyst for so much discussion and memories. Everyone can relate with all you are going through. You have all the classic symptoms of ODD, from the spiritual connection to the sweat. Thanks for expressing it all so perfectly.


  71. Angelica said

    LOL! I meant finally I’m commenting on Ronaleem’s article, not let that be the final word. Y’all out there?


  72. bluesky4home said

    Ha Ha, Angelica….

    I know… I always get the feeling that if I comment it will kill the thread.

    My son is getting married this Friday, so I will probs not be in contact for a bit. Super lady. I am SO excited to have her for a daughter.


  73. bluesky4home said

    “Then he went away.”

    Not so much. You are here. You anchor us with this site. And DA is a bit like a homeopathic remedy: the more reduced the amount, the stronger the potency seems to become – the smallest amount becomes a “cure”.

    Cept, there is no cure and our DNA has been modified. Soon we will begin to see signs like shiny circles in our eyes, or light beaming out of our ears, or something that lets us know for sure what we have always suspected: he is a messenger from outer space and his mission is to conquer the inner space of our hearts.


  74. ahh Angelica, “from the spiritual connection to the sweat” … and everything in between♥
    I love this!!! It is so true………..
    “The videos don’t capture the way his voice fills every corner of the venue like a living presence. They don’t capture the emotional energy he projects and you feel in your pounding chest. He lights up the stage with his charisma.”

    Rona, just can’t wait for you to meet David , and to see him perform in person. It is just as Angelica says.That VOICE. He has such an incredible presence, its hard to describe, it’s something you just have to witness in person. He was just meant to be heard LIVE and in living color♥
    enjoying all these videos posted,
    #62 is such a hoot. Boy,he was really yakking it up that day! hahaha So much fun ,
    I could watch him ALL day.OK sometimes, I do.


  75. MT said

    “The videos don’t capture the way his voice fills every corner of the venue like a living presence. They don’t capture the emotional energy he projects and you feel in your pounding chest. He lights up the stage with his charisma.” <<< *sigh*

    I hope were ready for that! ^^

    I love that rambly video in 62. Hard to believe that's the "shy guy" LOL He was in a gabby mood that day.


  76. bebereader said

    Glad that’s the one you wanted!
    Seems everyone’s enjoying it! Rambly, funny, child-like David. He was a hoot in that interview! He’s come so far in terms of interviews. He’s grown so much in five short years.

    Here’s a video that always touches my heart.

    credit 0o0bluedots0o0 0o0bluedots0o0


  77. jans11 said

    Ah, Angelina, I got the “goosies” reading all the stuff we used to go thru to see David in concert! 🙂 So many memories! And every day we are making more of them with us fans sticking together for his return. May not be as exciting, but all his videos he left is filling a void that his absence has made.

    Rona, just so glad you found him…better late than never! The fans are just the best and I had such a great time traveling and meeting them. I am actually a shy person, so I even amazed myself by climbing on the plane and flying to meet people that I didn’t even know. But, I was never disappointed…it was so awesome. Many people think I’m nuts and maybe I am, but I am having the time of my life. Why would I want to give all that up? He was special and he still is and will be when he’s back!



  78. djafan said

    Angelica, the memories. There was me before David and me now and it shows I’ve been told 🙂

    Poof, that is an epic interview. I don’t know why but I’ve never viewed David as shy. Guarded and reserved seems more like it to me because when he is comfortable in his surroundings he speaks better than most in my opinion.

    I don’t know who to give credit on this pic but just had to share in light of the sweat 🙂

     photo wow_zps8ae6b011.jpg

    Don’t forget to join the WWTT party! Love this map tweet!

     photo trendingworldtimes_zps38b849bb.jpg


  79. djafan said

    Someone sure is missing David ♥ I can relate.

    Lindy Archuleta ‏@truearchiefan
    @DavidArchie How much would it cost to rent you for a day and take you to Disneyland?

    Lindy Archuleta ‏@truearchiefan
    You other fan bases don’t even know the pain. You don’t even know.

    Lindy Archuleta ‏@truearchiefan
    I spent the last half hour imaging a perfect Somewhere Only We Know music video OMG IT WOULD BE PERFECTTT

    Lindy Archuleta ‏@truearchiefan
    “@changminnah: “SHE OFFERS ME PROTEECTION” David Archuleta. Me: Ermm” 😂😂😂👌

    Lindy Archuleta ‏@truearchiefan
    My mom told me there’s a package at home for me from Salt Lake City. It’s David Archuleta, I just know it.

    Lindy Archuleta ‏@truearchiefan
    @DavidArchie You’re such a goofy goober… Oh wait you don’t like Spongebob anymore oops

    Lindy Archuleta ‏@truearchiefan
    @DavidArchie You’re actually to the point where you’re so attractive and tan that it hurts


  80. bebereader said

    Join us tonight at 10PM Eastern for Nandito Ako chat.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  81. Finally! I had time to read start to finish. Just “wow” to the article and all the comments! ronaleem, your article sparked memories of events that were life-changing for so many of us who have had similar, yet unique, experiences; and I loved your every word as you recounted your discovery. Happy 6 Months Anniversary!

    It has been five years for me, and I still reflect often on this most unexpected and incredible journey. I have to laugh when I think about 2008 and how I frantically scoured the internet looking to connect with other fans. It was pure impulse (now regretted) when I used the name “Archugeezer” online, a self-conscious attempt to explain my status: “Look, I’m old, but I adore this incredible teenager and his voice.” Little did I know then the full extent of David’s reach.

    Moments along the way have been goofy, tender, strange, exhilarating—you name it. I am still trying to live down my first face to face meeting with David (too many witnesses). But I wouldn’t trade any of it. There is also the bonus of this fan base, no small thing. People who really care about David also care about each other. I think of them as friends, although I have yet to meet many of them.

    Sorry. I am rambling now. Hmm… That reminds me of someone.


  82. MT said

    You’ve got me curious. I’d love to hear about your “first face to face meeting with David.”

    haha I have yet to meet David and need to know what I have to look forward to! 😀 (or be afraid of!)


  83. gladys1961 said

    The first time I saw David, that moment was sublime, was much more than I expected. I don´t speak of his manly beauty, or his smile. I think all my feelings were centered in his voice. It was an unforgettable moment. I’m so happy to have that memory, that treasure with me, my greatest desire that all fans have the time, too.


  84. MT – Perhaps sometime in the future, on a very brave day, I might be able to tell that 2009 story. Let’s just say that the entire trip was fueled by ODD, but it also involved several other “firsts” for me. Even before the meeting, I was so far out of my comfort zone, there was significant risk I would not return. And then, to be reduced to gibberish in his presence…? Well, that whole scenario has replayed in my head hundreds of times.

    I wanted the sublime experience Gladys describes, and she handled it beautifully–just the right words as I recall. I had that same anticipation, but I became totally flummoxed when David went off script and wanted to chat. I have met him many times since with varying degrees of awkwardness; but there will never be anything like that first time.

    I do hope you get to meet him. You will never forget it. But if you tend to be stupefied by splendor, I would suggest you seek training in advance. 🙂


  85. djafan said

    Archugeezer, ok now you have to spill lol Love to hear all about it 🙂

    Gladys, yes “The Voice” is what captured me the rest is all the cherry on top.

    Bebe, that pic at #80 just wow. David looks ethereal.

    Angelica, You do wonders with your pictures, magnificent and that look David made for the camera, he knows.

    I’ve been reminiscing about the first time I saw David, there were no VIP’s for that one and it was an unforgettable experience. I thought seeing him would solve me ODD, wrong, it only intensified it lol. We were packed in like sardines in all general admission venue in Pomona, California. It was beyond any descriptions and videos I’d seen. He was like a live wire, electrifying in every way. His voice came at me from all directions, incredible. But when I heard someone yelling “I love you David” I realized it was me only confirmed my confusion of what the heck just happened and here I am still wondering buy totally accepting and enjoying the journey 🙂


  86. bebereader said


    For the record I got a little tongue-tied when I met David for the first time. Actually my words came out fine but he didn’t understand so I had to clarify. Ayayay.


    About that pic in #80. He looks beautiful but we had a debate in NA chat last night about that jacket. Some liked it on him and some didn’t. I happen to love the military look.

    For those who follow NA chat and couldn’t make it last night, we finished watching another complete Nandito Ako! That makes about 34,490 views! J/K!! If I can be serious for a second, we all decided to skip a week of NA next week and start again on July 9th.


  87. MT said

    Re: That jacket in #80. I still like it. 😀

    You are implying EXACTLY what I’m afraid I’ll do. LOL But I’m gonna go anyway. 😯

    I just have to meet him! My ODD is not giving me a choice.

    PS I’d REALLY like to hear your story one day!


  88. djafan said

    These tweets cracked me up lol

    Mikayla Williams✌ ‏@Mikayla_Nicole3 1h
    David Archuleta is very attractive, he can sing, & he could take me to the temple. Kind of like a perfect package deal.(:
    #Stud #Missionary💗

    Mikayla Williams✌ ‏@Mikayla_Nicole3 1h
    I’m marrying David Archuleta when he gets back from his mission. It’s gonna happen.(:


  89. Abrra said

    Here is a picture from the Women’s Conference. David sat in the lobby afterward and signed CD’s.

     photo e2c631e4-4083-4694-b1eb-8698355f373e_zpsc1bcb367.jpg

    I like everything about this picture.

     photo 53_zpscf0bfdca.jpg



  90. ronaleem said

    Everyone: Thank you so much for your kind comments. Thank you especially for understanding where I’m coming from, because where I’m coming from is a mystery to me. I haven’t commented in the past two days because I’ve been finishing a project, but it’s done now. Also, I used up so many words in my article and in my comments to your comments that I was out of them temporarily, but I think they’re back. I always learn a lot from the comments, but the thing that’s struck me most in these comments is how quickly David took hold of you all, and how you were compelled to find out more about him and to listen to him perform. I had NO idea there were such things as “crappy cellphone casts” or discussions dissecting his performances well into the night. As you all describe your early experiences with David, you’re talking about a 17-year-old boy. I cannot believe that such a young person had the ability to capture your hearts in such a way! Is it really true? Really?

    Angelica: How well you describe your experience (never-ending experience) with David. You describe it so well, I’m there with you! “The videos don’t capture the way his voice fills every corner of the venue like a living presence. They don’t capture the emotional energy he projects and you feel in your pounding chest.” You know, someone, I believe it was Djafan, described that exact experience of his voice coming from every direction at the MoTab Christmas concert. That’s going to be a wonderful thing to hear. And this: “There is the me before David, and the me after David, like my life can be separated into two distinct times. He walked right inside my heart and took up permanent residence and I’m not the same. I will never be the same. It will never be over.” I have that to look forward to, as well! In addition, I want to thank you again for that beautiful picture of David at the beginning of this article (drools). Words finally fail me!


  91. ronaleem said

    Bluesky: Love the homeopathic remedy analogy. The thing that ails you, heals you!

    Sky: I can’t wait to see him in person, either. The buildup has been tantalizing, and there’s still several months to go. Although I’m newly awakened to the sweat, I can now understand why you claim towel duties!

    MT: We must start training RIGHT NOW, or we will never survive our first concert!

    Jan: I love how you are a whole-hearted fan! “It was so awesome. Many people think I’m nuts and maybe I am, but I am having the time of my life. Why would I want to give all that up?” I will follow your example!

    Djafan: The sweat picture! Yes! And poor Lindy Archuleta: “My mom told me there’s a package at home for me from Salt Lake City. It’s David Archuleta, I just know it.” I hate to laugh at her pain, but I must. Hahaha, Lindy, thanks for making me smile!

    Archugeezer: Thanks for your kind comment. I’m sure you’re not the only geezer around, and that’s what impresses me so much about David, that he can reach everyone. I, too, would love to hear about your first meeting with David. And I love your admonition to MT: “But if you tend to be stupefied by splendor, I would suggest you seek training in advance.” Stupefied by splendor—I hope I have that chance!

    Abrra: Thanks for the pictures in #89. The first one, cute. The second one, GAHHH!


  92. betsy said

    Ronaleem – the day I went to my first David concert was the first time I met him. I was chatting with some new friends I had met when suddenly I realized that I was first in line to see him and PANIC set in. I couldn’t. I turned to my new friend and told her my problem. I CAN’T GO FIRST I JUST CAN’T. I’M NOT READY.
    Aren’t I supposed to be the grown up here?
    She understood and switched places with me. When the tour vip girl Kristen told me to go over, that it was my turn, he was still talking to the other person. They wanted to take the picture but he was kinda not hearing them lol. He marches to his own drummer. 🙂
    I can’t believe I did this, but I said DAVID! and pointed to the camera! Like I would to my own child. He said oh, okay haha. Hi there. 🙂
    The rest is foggy, but minutes later I was on the phone talking to a friend relaying the whole thing, (do you remember this Abs?) and watching him interact with everyone else. He is such a fascinating subject, I could’ve done that all day. Pretty soon he was done, and started walking away. Actually right toward me, and going the WRONG WAY. When he was about 2-3 feet away, Ray caught his eye and steered him into an entirely different direction. If he had continued on his path, he would’ve walked into the danger zone of fans. Yikes. 😉


  93. Angelica said

    Thank you, Ronaleem. Glad you enjoyed my jog down memory lane and thank you for jogging my memory!

    Betsy, thanks for sharing that first encounter. My first concert was my first meeting too, not at a VIP, but on the idol tour. Crazy, but we had been waiting outside for a couple of hours for the bus to arrive. I was fine till it came into view and I knew he was on it and would soon be coming out to us. I panicked and told my friend, “I can’t do this. I’m gonna go sit in the car.” She had to talk me down from that ledge. You said what I totally felt….

    Aren’t I supposed to be the grown up here?”

    Then at my first VIP, when it was my turn to go up for a pic, he said, “Hi! I like your shirt.” That’s when he puts his arm around you and grabs your waist and pulls you to him.

    heeheehee. I put that in for Ronaleem and MT. No pressure eh?


  94. jans11 said

    Rona, it just tickles me pink to watch the excitement you are going through since “discovering” David. You are an attestment on how we all feel, you just have a way of putting it in better words than I do. 🙂

    I have told my story on meeting David before, but you probably didn’t see it. Although I tend to be shy, the first time I met him was outside in a meet and greet before the AI concert, and I talked my leg off. I think it was anxiety! haha I had heard “Crush” on the way over to Sprint Center, so I told him that I knew I was going to meet him because I had heard Crush. He was busy signing 2 pictures that I had for him to autograph, cool as a cucumber, nodding and smiling and saying “cool” and “that’s nice”. When my daughter had spied him in line and said “there he is mom”, I just couldn’t believe it. But there he was in all his glory, this short, dark haired, good looking person with this aura around him that made him stand out from all the rest; just awesome! I also heard “Crush” on the way home to pick up my granddaughter, on the way back to Sprint and then again on the way home again. Four times in one day, and that certain day, was unbelievable.
    The second time him was a year later, also at Sprint, but at a VIP at his concert. It wasn’t super crowded, so being smaller, we got more of a one on one. When had our picture taken, I got a hug and afterwards he was talking and kidding with us telling us that he didn’t like the picture on the “Crush” album. I was showing him the picture of me and him taken the year before on my phone and it went dark. He was looking for the picture saying that it disappeared. He was pushing all the buttons trying to find it and it finally came up. My little red flip phone, may it rest in peace, broke last year, but I won’t throw it away! haha He was so happy go lucky with us all like we were all good friends. That’s the way he makes people feel, that it’s not all about him! I have met him about 3 more times, but it wasn’t to the extent of the first 2 meetings. They were something I’ll never forget, but meeting him anywhere, even for a minute is so cool. Can’t wait for you to meet him and I hope to meet you some day too.


  95. fenfan said

    Ronaleem – Thanks for telling us about your David journey. I enjoyed reading it. I hope you get to go to his concert and also meet him one day soon. I have seen him live three times but have yet to meet him. He sang Crazy at my request the last time I saw him perform. I am telling myself he sang it specially for me! LOL
    BTW, I would have commented earlier but I was distracted by all the videos and pictures and then when I went to youtube David held me hostage and refused to let me come back here!


  96. I can’t stop staring at the screamcap ♥at the top of Rona’s article. I am so ready, to see that guy again, I sure do miss him.


  97. djafan said


    “The rest is foggy, but minutes later I was on the phone talking to a friend relaying the whole thing, (do you remember this Abs?) and watching him interact with everyone else. He is such a fascinating subject, I could’ve done that all day.”

    I watched David interact with everyone, young and old, all ethnicities, guys and girls, all sizes and he showed the same attention to all, eye contact and all. I waited until the end, I was 99th lol David is fascinating.


    “heeheehee. I put that in for Ronaleem and MT. No pressure eh?”

    And this is for Rona, MT has heard 🙂 My first meeting with David was at my 3rd concert VIP. David and I held hands through my entire time with him as he leaned in inches from my face to hear me as I tried to speak while trying not to breakdown in tears and he gifted me with a hug without requesting one 🙂 His sensitivity for a 19 year old at the time was above and beyond someone his age, I still get the chills recalling. And the next one was just as epic. One story at a time 🙂

    He looked something like this.

     photo attententionlook_zps0cd1fc91.png


  98. djafan said



    7PM PT AND 10PM ET

    Counting The Days David Archuleta

    Make sure to use @davidarchie in your tweets!

    Don’t Run Away doing good here…VOTE! ‏@musiqtone
    Your final Top 6: 1. @mileycyrus 2. @LittleMixOffic 3. @DavidArchie 4. @ddlovato 5. @OneRepublic 6. @taylorswift13


  99. ronaleem said

    Everyone: First time meeting David! Thank you for relating your experiences. I cannot wait for my turn!

    Betsy: You’re bossy, Betsy. First, you think you can’t face him, then you know you can, so you tell him to get ready for the picture! Your tone of voice and gesture told him you were serious! At the end, it’s too bad he didn’t keep walking toward you a little bit more—you would’ve had a heavenly collision with him!

    Angelica: As brave as I feel about meeting David, do I have to worry about turning to mush when it’s my turn? Who’s going to support MT? Does he actually pull you to him by your waist? I don’t really have one at the moment. Good thing I have several months to find it!

    Jan: Love your experience! This is what I want to see: “But there he was in all his glory, this short, dark haired, good looking person with this aura around him that made him stand out from all the rest; just awesome!” I’ve heard about that aura, that glow, and I want to see it!! And I’m glad you said he made you feel like you were friends. That’s what I feel about David: He’s a good friend, and I see him every day.

    Fen: You must meet him, too. Go with MT and me, and we’ll be the Three Musketeers. Or from what I’ve been hearing about first-time meetings, maybe we’ll be the Three Stooges. It doesn’t really matter, he’s probably seen it all anyway. I understand about the distraction you’ve been facing—I believe it’s just part of ODD.

    Sky: The scream cap—yes! I sent Angelica the link, and she um, oh dear . . . It’s currently my desktop, and big!

    Djafan: I truly love your experience. He held your hands, his face was close to yours, you were the only person in his world at that moment—how could you not be affected? I’m especially interested in this: “His sensitivity for a 19 year old at the time was above and beyond someone his age, I still get the chills recalling.” This brings up the question I always come back to: How can someone that young be so great in so many ways? And he’ll always be younger than me . . . Love that picture, too.


  100. betsy said

    Rona, he really does grab you around your waist and yank you towards him. Be prepared lol.


  101. kaycee said

    Ronaleem…I’m late to the party! Thank you so much for sharing–I loved following your journey and hearing all the wonderful things you have learned about our man. And what a fun reminder to us all about when we first discovered David. I’m so happy for you that you found him. Welcome to the club!

    Like you, I discovered David at a time when I really needed hope and light in my life. It was a dark time for me when I saw him sing “When You Believe” on AI. There was so much light and hope emanating from him…I couldn’t look away. He sung the lyrics with such conviction that it went right to my heart. The song became a sort of anthem for me over the next few months, helping me move towards a happier, healthier place. I became a fan for life.

    The only time I was actually able to meet David was at the barricades (Sounds a bit “Les Miserable”, haha) after his AI concert in Las Vegas. I had my 2 teenage daughters and their 2 cousins. They were excited out of their minds, laughing and talking a million miles a minute as they waited for David. And then there he was. He headed straight for our group first. The girls fell completely silent. He smiled comfortably and asked where they were from. Strangely, the girls instantly forgot how to speak English! There was an attempt from one of them that sounded somewhat like a cough. He smiled and started signing their programs, and asked another question…incoherent mumblings…almost like a cartoon where everyone has their mouths hanging open, babbling nonsense.. I had been standing a bit back, letting the girls take center stage, but thought they might need a bit of “adult” help. I stepped forward to help with the communication process, only to find out that when he looked up at me from signing a program, there was all of a sudden something strangely wrong with my mouth too! The positive energy that emanates from him totally throws you off guard…and he has this way of looking you right in the eye. He was so gracious and was probably so used to people being a bit star struck that he carried on as if we weren’t totally strange!

    #97 Now, why can’t I have skin like that?!


  102. Abrra said

    OMgosh Elvis lives 🙂

    Forgive me. I am reading yet another Elvis bio book that covers the time he was away in the Army until his death. I always need to run to youtube to relive what the author says about his songs. I had never seen this duet before. Pretty darn clever , I say.

    I can bring it back around to David. Many of the doubts and insecurities David spoke of, such as coming back and starting from scratch, were expressed by Elvis as well. Just as Kari is holding down the fort here and keeping in touch with fans, Colonel Parker had all things in place for his return.



  103. Abrra said

    A few of us are in Unplugged right now. It’s English/Spanish chat tonight. All are welcomed



  104. rooster said

    HAVE NEW ADOPTED GRANDSON,2 sleep overs this month we get along just fine he,s 11 imange that


  105. Abrra said


    Congrats!! Bless your family 🙂



  106. Angelica said

    Rooster, congratulations! I can easily imagine you two getting along. 🙂

    Kaycee, loved your comment. Priceless first meeting. haha. I’m the adult here, let me rescue them….uh..wait..what? I also loved the way you describe how David came along at a dark time for you and gave you the encouragement you needed. So similar to my own story. I also loved his performance of “When You Believe” and listened to on repeat. Sublime.

    You gotta listen to the full studio recording to get the full impact. Listen to 3.12 onward especially.


  107. kaycee said

    Angelica, SO true about the studio recording. That was the version I listened to over and over again. The words were just what I needed to hear, but his emotion and conviction are what truly cleared a path to my heart. Thanks for posting.

    “But when you’re blinded by the pain, can’t see your way to get through the rain, a small but still resilient voice says love is very near.”


  108. MT said

    I have been a huge fan of When You Believe since the first time I heard David sing it on AI. I even made a video with photos of my grandson using that song. I wanted him to know there would always be someone who loved him and that anything is possible as long as he believed. It’s a song that touches my heart and I can’t hear that song without thinking of him.

    Guess I’m a bit mushy about him right now. ♥ He was here for the last few days and just went home last night.


  109. ronaleem said

    Somehow I missed Gladys, Djafan, and Bebe recounting their first meetings with David.

    Gladys #83: Gladys, you had such a great experience the first time you saw David. How many times have you seen him in total? What do you notice now when you see him, besides his voice? My first experience of someone meeting him in person was you, through your report of the Christmas devotional you attended in Chile. I’m so glad you shared that, because it gave me some idea of what he is like as a person.

    Djafan #85: Haha. You and all the other sardines at that concert! This I haven’t heard before: “It was beyond any descriptions and videos I’d seen. He was like a live wire, electrifying in every way.” What was he doing to provide that electricity? Does he send out rays of energy targeted individually to each person in the audience? Are they David rays, unique to him, or do other performers do the same thing? I gotta know so I can prepare myself!

    Bebe #86: Love that your words came out of your mouth fine, but were they in the correct order? Sometimes I get tongue-tied and absolutely cannot speak in front of normal people, so I’m anticipating complete silence in front of David. Probably less humiliating than blathering like an idiot. I think I might start crying, though.

    Betsy #100: If David really does grab you around the waist, are you allowed to touch him in return—like put your arm around his lovely slim waist? What are the guidelines? I have so much to learn about David etiquette . . .

    Kaycee #101: Thanks for relating your story. You were watching David live on TV when he affected you so strongly, right? “There was so much light and hope emanating from him…I couldn’t look away. He sung the lyrics with such conviction that it went right to my heart.” I find that interesting because the same thing happened to me, although I was watching a performance that had occurred two years earlier–his singing went straight to my heart. I’m amazed that we did not have to be in his presence to have our hearts penetrated by whatever it is he has—that it comes through a TV screen and across years with no trouble. On the other hand, I also love when you met him in person: “The positive energy that emanates from him totally throws you off guard…and he has this way of looking you right in the eye.” I so much appreciate every recounting of personal meetings with David—if you add up all the information in all the reports, you get a picture of him that is positive, caring, and full of light. I can’t wait.


  110. Angelica said

    Kaycee, and after that lyric you posted his voice just takes off and soars. sigh.

    MT, what a precious gift you made for your grandson. There is so much truth in those words. I just had my 8th grandchild three days ago, Jacob Paul, and they are planning to bring him for a visit very soon. 🙂

    Ronaleem, you asked Betsy, “If David really does grab you around the waist, are you allowed to touch him in return—like put your arm around his lovely slim waist? What are the guidelines? I have so much to learn about David etiquette . . .”

    Since I posted too about that very thing, I will tell you how it worked for me. I stood a foot away from him and he put his arm around my waist and with his hand pulled me to him. At that point I felt it would be awkward not to return the gesture and put my arm around his waist, which I did. I was so afraid of doing anything disrespectful. haha. He has a way of putting you at ease.


  111. bluesky4home said

    Ronaleem – so many stories and so many comments about “light”. So… I have no advice. I can only repeat what I wrote earlier about sunbeams. We have a song for children in our church called, “Jesus want me for a sunbeam”. Sometimes I think DA took that literally – and got his wish! You no doubt, will get yours. It is that kind of a fandom. ^_^

    “We are glad to add all newcomers to our ranks. We are hoping the increase in numbers will lend physicality to that which can be by its very nature, an out-of body experience.

    We will assign you newbies to one of the tethering ropes. Still, we have little doubt but that the lift-off will only be more spectacular for the increased number of souls dangling like sunbeams from the rising-light-source of his channelled joy.

    Well… it appears he does go in for “bling” after all. May we sparkle always. And may he be blessed with increase continually.”



  112. MT said

    Congrats on the new grandbaby!! I know you must be looking forward to holding little Jacob Paul. 🙂


  113. Abrra said

     photo 81b9626b-190c-413a-b19e-19ecb1a47213_zps29afc77f.jpg

    Click to go



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