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Riders on the Storm ~ David Archuleta and Me

Posted by betsy on Saturday, June 8, 2013


Last week I was working the late shift. My husband called me at work to let me know that there were bad storms coming (sometimes I am in a bubble at work, not really supposed to even look at my phone). They were already sheltering in the basement as the tornado sirens were blaring near our home. A few minutes later, we heard OUR sirens going off. I work 30 minutes from home. Customers started stopping at the store and asking if they could shelter there. Of course! By then I had checked my phone, and it seemed the warnings were widespread, take cover immediately, tornadoes sighted all over.

A couple of hours later, the customers had left, the warnings were gone, the last of the money was counted, the doors were locked, and I set the alarm and walked outside with my last 2 coworkers.

I checked my phone one last time, and noted that the tornado warning was extended for another hour. The sirens were back on. We had to drive home in this craziness. I popped in my TOSOD Asian Tour Edition, then settled in for the drive home. The rain subsided after awhile, and as I got a couple minutes from home, I turned on my camera and videotaped the drive.

(you never know what the heck you’ll see, maybe a tornado? Idk, lol – maybe I’ve seen too many TV shows.)

It wasn’t until I watched it back that I noticed the music. It’s very short, only a couple of minutes long, but there’s David’s voice amid the darkness and flashes of lightning.

Video credit Betsy

The thing is, the Monday prior, we had a tornado hit our backyard. It sheared the tops of the trees in all our neighbors’ yards but made a direct hit on our huge 300 year old Oak tree, knocking it down onto our garage, yard, pool, and power lines. My husband was the only one home. As he was stepping into the shower he heard a loud noise. Running to the back window upstairs, he looked out and saw it happen.


This is a picture of what remained of our garage AFTER the tree was removed.

That was also the night of the terrible Oklahoma tornado, so I hardly mentioned it. We were so lucky, how could I even complain. Everybody was safe.

Listening to David while I was driving home was the most soothing thing. And it’s not the first time he’s gotten me through a storm. Snowstorms and other storms life sends. This is no small thing.

Thanks for riding with me, David. In your own way.

p.s I found out the next day that there had been 6 verified tornadoes in the vicinity. Lots of property damage but no serious injuries.


Betsy is a Staff Writer for The Voice

62 Responses to “Riders on the Storm ~ David Archuleta and Me”

  1. Abrra said

    Betsy, my twister sister!

    Omgosh what a frighting night that must have been for you and hubby. Storms are always harder to experience in the darkness. That system stretched all the way east across the continent to western Massachusetts. I don’t recall ever having witnessed a tornado. We have our own kind of wind here on the coast in the form of hurricanes. I think I can deal with the predictability of hurricanes over the suddenness of a tornado. The effect is about the same but we have to time to evacuate if it is necessary.

    David says it best in the song:

    You can build your life right on air
    What you need will always be there

    What is most important is your family and friends are safe. Buildings can be rebuilt.


    In the words of Paula Abdul ” You are ridiculous!” The art in today’s post is perfection. Who else could make it rain on David like that?



  2. TOfan said

    {{{{Bets}}}} whoah, what a storm! Loved your video, even though I’m sure it was pretty frightening at the time. Glad you’re okay and that you had David music to “get through this.”

    I can totally relate… in a way. On a recent drive to the dentist (which I’m phobic about), my hubby suggested playing TOSOD to calm my jagged nerves. I cranked the volume of course 🙂 just when we coincidently stopped for a red light at a corner where two missionaries were standing, waiting to cross the street. If they recognized their fellow Elder’s song, they didn’t let on. It was surreal to say the least, lol.


  3. donna said

    Awww, great post Betsy. sorry about the damage to your backyard and garage. Glad everyone was all right. Your video reminds me of last year when i was driving to a hotel during Hurricane Sandy, and on my CD player, David sang ‘Don’t need to be afraid.’ from True Colors.


  4. jans11 said

    What a close call, Betsy. Tornadoes are so unpredictable! Thank God that’s all the damage you had and thank David for your surreal drive home to give you peace. I live in Tornado alley (KS) and the closest I’ve been to one is 4 miles. It was an F5 heading straight towards our house but veered to the north and went over the river into MO. Done a lot of damage all over, but we felt lucky that we didn’t have any. It is so devastating the damage that happened in OK. Those poor people are left with nothing. Prayers are with them everyday.

    It’s odd that I had just put my same David cd on. 🙂 His voice is so soothing whether it’s a love ballad or a ZG kind of song! Just have to hear him everyday! ♥



  5. MT said

    I’m so sorry to hear about the damage to your house. Thank goodness you and your husband are okay! It must have been so scary driving home with tornado sirens blaring after what had so recently happened. I’m glad David made that drive more bearable.

    He’s helped me numerous time during stressful drives. My mom’s been in and out of the hospital several times in the last year and the 90 minute drive can be tough. But like you, I put David’s CD in and it helps to keep me calm on the drive. I wonder if David has any idea how many times fans have turned to his soothing voice in times of stress?

    Thanks, David, for being the calm in our storm.

    Angelica, you always come up with the most amazing photos.


  6. bluebar said

    This article, and especially Angelica’s photo of David – with the rain and lightening on his face, while a tornado nears his side – reminds me of this show tune from Carousel.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone
    by R. Rogers/O. Hammerstein II

    “When you walk through a storm
    Hold your head up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark

    At the end of the storm
    Is a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of the lark

    Walk on through the wind
    Walk on through the rain
    Though your dreams be tossed and blown

    Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
    And you’ll never walk alone
    You’ll never walk alone”

    Wishing comfort to all those in the storm’s path.


  7. Abrra said

     photo unplugged1-1_zps1eb1aa20.jpg

    Click to go



  8. bebereader said


    I remember that day a few weeks ago when you told me about the tornado and the old oak tree falling on your garage. I was actually terrified for you and was so relieved when you arrived home to find everything and everybody was okay.

    David’s voice has been a comfort to me at stressful times, too. He sang “Save The Day” to me (in my mind) when I had some dental work done a while back. I focused on his voice and barely realized what was going on in my mouth. LOL

    MT asked: ” I wonder if David has any idea how many times fans have turned to his soothing voice in times of stress?”

    If we told him, he’d probably give us one of his sheepish grins along with the words “Oh, really?”. As if it’s no big deal, when in reality it’s a huge deal!

    Love the David in the rain pic above!


  9. tawna21 said

    Betsy, I’m so glad that it all came together for the good for you as far as safety for you and your hubby. Thank goodness garages can be replaced… sorry about losing the oak tree. David’s ‘Ave Maria’ got me thru the tunnels and the mountains in Denver, Colorado. His voice and spirit just are so soothing and calming.



  10. Betsy, Holy Moley!! Thanks for your story♥ Ah David ,his voice helps us get through the stressful times like no other.
    Just so thankful you guys made it through the storm safely, and that it was not worse for you…know how lucky you feel.
    but so sorry you lost your 300 year old oak tree, (wow) and your garage.
    Like Jan,I too am in Tornado alley,not too far from the OK border here. This has certainly been one HORRIFIC tornado season.
    That must have really scared ‘Mr. Betsy’, when he looked out the window and saw it happen!! Yikes!Just so happy you got safely home in the car. There is nothing more eerie than those sirens, going off when you are driving at night. Good time for David to be singing “Look Around”!!

    Angelica, beautiful artwork as always, you are amazing.


  11. Abrra said

    By request from the folks in Unplugged

    A new puzzle! (sorta)



  12. Gayle122890 said

    Hello all. I’ve been away for a long time. Betsy, I’m so glad you came out ok from the storm.
    Frightful thing to experience! I guess you could say I had been riding a storm of my own-
    the main reason I had stayed away. Life can kick you so hard in the teeth some times. It can send you into a pit of heartbreak and you’re alone there with distress and desperation. Struggling with emotional, moral and even spiritual tumult. Anyway. my faith kept me going. Also I found soothing and comfort in Be Still My Soul and knowing that when I listen to David singing songs like it, he’s somehow there encouraging you to hang in there and be strong. Things are settling down somehow and I know they will get better. i will catch up to things. Once, after David’s departure, I had commented that Wild Horses couldn’t keep me away. Just want to say I’m still here.


  13. Angelica said

    Gayle, I’m glad you’re still here. Hope things keep getting better and you continue to find comfort in your faith and David’s music.

    Betsy, love the “found footage” feel of your video. Scary drive home but glad you made it safe. It was surreal seeing the lightning and hearing the sirens and all the while David keeps exhorting you to “look around.”

    Glad you both found comfort and strength in the kind of songs David sings.


  14. gladys1961 said

    I’m here and there with you when you need me, you know where to find me, I love you.


  15. tawna21 said

    Gayle, good to ‘see’ you. It is truly amazing how listening to David sing brings comfort and strength. I’ve found myself doing things because I know that is how David would do things. I like this >> ” when I listen to David singing songs like it, he’s somehow there encouraging you to hang in there and be strong.” That is so true. Hang in there. I hope that things moving upward for you. ♥♥


  16. betsy said

    Thanks guys. 🙂
    To be honest, I felt more scared when listening to what was going on in Oklahoma. It seems to me that there have been more bad storms all around this year than the norm. I just had to acknowledge that David’s singing was a comfort.
    With the exception of a couple of blocks, you guys got the dime tour of my small town. Our house is the last one in the city limits. 🙂

    Gayle, so glad you are still here.

    Angelica, I don’t know how you did it, but I love what you did to the picture you up top. Thanks.


  17. bebereader said


    Good to see you here today. I’m glad David’s music is a source of comfort for you as it is to so many of his fans. I hope things continue to improve for you.


  18. jans11 said

    Gayle, glad you’re still around and hope things keep improving for you. 🙂

    Wasn’t able to join in chat tonight as my son and his 2 daughters came up from TX and we had a real fun family night going to our KCK minor league baseball game(T-Bones). Then we all watched the movie, “Safe Haven”. They will be up here all week, so I will be here as much as possible. 🙂



  19. Gayle,
    Good to see you here. {{{HUGS}}} to you ♥


  20. emmegirl14 said

    Betsy, everything is worse in the dark – glad you are safe and sound (too bad about your old oak.)
    SmallTown USA ♥

    How he does it, I do not know. On any given day his voice just makes me happy, makes me feel good. But in stressful times, be it physical or emotional, his voice always brings comfort…..makes me feel safe, hopeful, reassured, stronger. He has a gift. He is a gift.

    Gayle, nice to see you. {{hang in there}}


  21. Angelica said

    Goes with this post, right? “You see the storm heading our way..”

    Uses his trusty hand towel at the end. Good job.


  22. emmegirl14 said

    #21. he is so freaking amazing.

    Just cause I love this except for the abrupt ending:


  23. betsy said

    I am about to make lemonade now guys: (the oak tree comments and all)

    My husband (in his old hippie college days in between semesters) used to be a logger out west. He loves chopping wood still. (I hate even looking at an ax or wood splitter, I think of serial killers, but anyway)
    We now have 8 full cords of oak firewood, ready for some dreamy, warm, romantic fires next winter. 🙂

    Angelica and Emme – those videos ♥


  24. betsy said

    One more thing about EAM #21. Doesn’t it just blow your mind that they are SINGING along with him and know the words and this is a different COUNTRY and that song was BRAND NEW??!!
    Also, I forgot how hot it was! The sweat! We all know, that boy loves his sweat lol.


  25. cq#DA2014 said

    #22 Emmegirl, dang would love to hear that whole Joyful, Joyful song by young David. Why isn’t this man a superstar already, boggles the mind?!?!?


  26. emmegirl14 said

    Betsy, “dreamy, warm, romantic fires”, nothin’ like the sound of a crackling fire (split 8 cords, Mr Betsy must be a hunk!)

    The Jakarta concert is in my top 3! He gets so jazzed with a responsive audience! 🙂

    Cq, I know, that song is on my wish list!


  27. betsy said

    Emme – he was once a hunk. 🙂 He’s probably too old for that term now!
    Besides, a friend of mine thinks he looks like a banker now, lol.
    Am I right Abs? ;))))
    He kinda does. A very TALL banker.

    Also, the Asian Tour was the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many good videos. Jakarta in particular. 🙂

    That Joyful Joyful video. ♥
    Too bad about the abrupt cut off. But better than nothing. Actually, probably better than ANYthing anyone else has done with this song.


  28. emmegirl14 said

    “probably better than ANYthing anyone else has done with this song.”…yessireee Bob!

    Westbury 09, another great concert!


  29. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy…We were sitting on the tarmac in Newark last week as we were caught in a torrential rain and severe lightning storm so bad that I pulled the window blind down and hoped for the best. I was the only one on that plane with a comfort aid…David and my ear buds! Oh what they were missing.

    What did anyone notice about the windshield wipers on Betsy’s car?? I have noticed it when other things are moving while David is singing such as ocean waves.



  30. Gayle122890 said

    Thank you all. You’re all so sweet.
    cq-Why isn’t this man a superstar already, boggles the mind?!?!? Yes it does indeed. But I hope we all will be prepared for what’s in store when The Man returns ready to go FULL SPEED AHEAD!


  31. fenfan said

    That was one scary storm Betsy! Glad you had David with you to calm your nerves. And your poor old oak tree – can you use the wood to make a table or something so you can keep it with you forever?
    #21 Angelica, I was wondering about the hand towel coz I don’t remember him using one. Then I watched the video and saw what you meant! LOL trusty hand towel indeed!
    #22 Emmegirl, I love Joyful Joyful too. He was amazing. This is the soulful David I want to hear to the end of my days. The abrupt ending makes me feel so cheated every time I watch the video. I wonder why the person who shot it stopped at that point. I hope he sings it one day; it would blow my mind.


  32. Suzy-Q said

    I loved the “Joyful Joyful” too and am amazed at what a professional David was at that young age. Justin Timberlake is coming to Georgia for a concert in the Fall. His VIP passes cost over eight hundred dollars. If David gets to be a mega star like JT will his VIP passes cost as much? I hope not because if they do I’ll never get to go to VIP and have a one on one with David.


  33. Poof said

    Oh,, that Joyful Joyful. He has such stage presence. Just amazing.

    Betsy,,,, I had a similar experience a few years ago now. We lived out in the country. I was on my own half mile road to the top of our huge hill. I decided to try to make it into work, ’cause the few inches of snow was melting. One side of our “cow path” is straight up,,, the other side,, well, straight down into a 30 foot drop of Douglas Firs. There is no room to pull off on either side.
    I jumped in the car saying “God help me!,,,, and you too David!” I turned on TOSOD and started out. I was terrified and was screaming even before it got crazy steep! At the worst spot, about 3/4 of the way up, I started to slide and i was totally panicked! David’s voice (on full blast!) “you’re in for the ride of your life,,,, hold on tight!! You’re going to be all right!!! Then that whirring music, as I struggled, slipping my way to the top of the hill. Just as I made it to the top and I was screaming with relief,,,,,”Something bout love,,,,, it sets you free!” and I was free and okay and had an uneventful ride into the city.
    It makes me shake just to think about it 🙂
    Good times 🙂


  34. djafan said

    Betsy, Thank you for sharing.

    “Listening to David while I was driving home was the most soothing thing. And it’s not the first time he’s gotten me through a storm. Snowstorms and other storms life sends. This is no small thing.”

    Wow! Watching your drive and listening to David sing Look Around out of all his songs is surreal. I completely get how his voice would be a calming tool during this scary ride. That voice has brought calm when I’ve needed it, joy in the midst of down times. It’s seen me through menopause, surgery and now helping with the latest, gall stones, for real and strengthening me for surgery. I have no idea how this happens, it has to be a gift from God.

    Gayle, We and these wonderful David fans are here for you ♥

    Emmegirl, That Joyful Joyful is amazing. Why oh why didn’t the entire performance get recorded!!!!! David must sing this for us.

    Love all the videos posted and the walks don’t memory lane they take you.


  35. djafan said

    Oh and Angelica love love the artwork ♥


  36. MT said

    This is the Sound Check video I mentioned to you the other day.

    Check out the Happy Birthday part from 1:47 – 1:54 Flirty David.

    Credit: reoracer


  37. Abrra said

     photo 20a_zps9847ac6c.jpg

    @kariontour @DavidArchie
    Told some Archies I would check the “Archie vault” for a picture. Came across this one. Dallas 2010 (KS)



  38. Angelica said

    Let that be the last we see of that jacket. :|

    On a brighter note, after 2 months of being stuck on level 70 of Candy Crush Saga,  photo grumps.jpg last night I Sugar Crushed on level 70, 71,72,73,74, 75 and now I’m on level 76! smiley smoking photo: Smoking Smiley SmokingSmiley.gif

    He was supposed to be home by this level. THIS IS NOT THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE!


  39. MT said

    I am stuck on level 29 and just Can Not get past it. Your fault! 😆

    When David gets home, do not introduce him to Candy Crush. He has some singing to do! No distractions.


  40. Abrra said

    Just you hush now, Missy! 😉

    Sky and Fiona you gonna let her get away with that??

    Just look how great he performed in that jacket. Love the kick/walk at 1:24.


    Grats on 76. I think I will never get passed 38.

    MT 29 was a tough one. There is hope. It’s the special candies that make the difference, check out :57.



  41. marlie7 said

    Betsy, Wow, so glad you are okay. The damage to your garage is awful!

    I missed chat Saturday night – booooooo. I went in the hot tub with hubby for a while, had some wine and was asleep by 9:30 – gah, I hate that LOL.

    Angelica #38 – Aww, I think the jacket is kinda cool. It makes him look like Prince LOL


  42. Angelica said

    I don’t really hate the jacket. I was just being snarky to get a rise out of someone. Missy can be evil sometimes.


  43. bebereader said


    I find all the soundcheck videos to be full of nice surprises. I guess the pressure of performing is off during soundcheck which makes it a lot easier to….perform haha No, seriously, I spend my nights on youtube and have been lost in many soundcheck vortexes. This one, for example. TMH Soundcheck Maylasia. He’s loose as a goose. David, I hope you still have that green camouflage tshirt. You could dress just like that for your shows. Oh I just love this:

    credit lormie

    That’s outrageous about Justin Timberlake’s VIP currently at $800! How rude and greedy to charge one’s fans that much! If that’s the case I won’t be going to any VIPs in the near future either. I doubt that David would ever agree to charge us that much to meet him. I hope he has a say in the matter.

    I love the jacket from the Dallas show but don’t like the new pic Kari gave us from the show. Have any more, Kari? Good ones?

    Missed you in chat. You snooze you lose. But since you were in a hot tub, you swim you win. hahaha

    Candy Crush has officially taken over my life. I’m stuck at Level 50. Tonight’s the night! I’m going to break the spell!


  44. fenfan said

    I think Kari once mentioned that she arm-twisted him into buying that jacket @ #37 in Singapore. So I shall not diss it! LOL. I was quite taken by the awesome hair in that picture. How did he manage to get it to stay fluffed up so much?
    I got pass level 38 last night after countless tries. Level 39 is giving me grief now.


  45. Angelica said

    Just Sugar Crushed on level 76 baby!!!  photo smiley_chicken.gif


  46. MT said

    Thanks for the Candy Crush tip! 🙂 And congrats, Angelica!

    A lot of the sound check vids are my favs. He’s so laid back, not trying to impress, but impresses anyway. LOL He can’t help it. Just him being him is enough. Love the “real” David walking that stage.

    As for the pic Kari, tweeted, the jacket is ok, I just want to trim a little off the top of that hair. 🙂 You KNOW I love that hair! But, it’s just a little poofier than I like it. 🙂


  47. betsy said

    Ugh, may I state my opinion on the jacket? It’s a no from me.
    Now the camo shirt? That’s a YES!

    MT – that soundcheck is one of my faves! He was so relaxed, and as he sang – his voice was so strong and the whole downtown part of the city could hear. That’s when people started streaming in to listen. No kidding, they estimated 20 thousand. I turned around, and saw people turning around and just piling in. Standing on cars – you name it. It was amazing. The best part of the crowd were the teenage girls standing next to me. They must have said “I LOVE HIM” a hundred times.
    And when he sang My Kind Of Perfect, they cried.

    SB- I’d have to be sedated to get on a plane in those weather conditions. No kidding. Glad it turned out okay for you. 🙂


  48. MT said

    Missed you in chat. See you next time. 🙂

    You were there? You lucky duck!!! I am green with envy. I wish I had been there!

    David is like the pied piper. If he sings, they will come. 🙂 Gives me lots of hope for a VERY bright future for our guy. He just needs to get his little fanny back here and sing!!!!!

    Camo shirt gets my vote, too!


  49. MT said

    Oops, it was Betsy who voted for the camo shirt. lol So I’m actually voting with Betsy. 😀


  50. emmegirl14 said

    Make that 3 votes for the camo tee.


  51. Angelica said

    Four. 🙂


  52. MT said

    haha I see I have company. 🙂

    I never was much of a fan of Camo until David wore it.

    Just sayin’


  53. bebereader said

    It’s actually 5 votes in total now since I started all the camo talk in comment #43. 😉


  54. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The beautiful profile pic was found on David Archuleta Viet Nam.


  55. MT said

    Ahhh Bebe, my bad. You did say you hope he kept that shirt. I hope so to. 🙂

    Another outfit I hope he kept is the one from the Wichita concert. He was actually sick that night, from what I heard. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t as bouncy. It reminds me more of how he moves in his sound checks, smooth and laid back. But whatever the reason, he was amazing and he set the audience on fire. Check out SBL from that night. (Honorable mention goes to 1:17-1:25, that great walk that spawned Mr. Confidence.)


  56. Angelica said

    Camo shirt wins! Here’s a puzzle for ya.


  57. well, that Camo shirt is certainly magical. Made me disappear into the vortex for awhile, watching on repeat!!
    He certainly sounded wonderful in that soundcheck. kjfhfhlsjfhlkjshshf! Didn’t even hunker down for “faaaaaccccce!” Love that flirty grin (at about 3:15,16,17) after that note. He knows he just killed it, and his audience!

    Abrra, hahaha!. That jacket! You know, it was so different, for David.But he looked awesome that night,believe me. That picture doesn’t really do it justice.
    Angelica, that dancing chicken is hilarious, I can’t stop laughing.
    oops, time for a pepsi ,and Nandiiiiito Akooooo♫♪


  58. Suzy-Q said

    The blue jacket has been one of my favorite looks for David. I agree, he looks like a prince.


  59. djafan said


    Get your mail in!!!!!

    sarahhazel ‏@ZeeNnGT
    Anybody know when @kariontour is sending another batch of mail for @DavidArchie?

    Kari Sellards Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @ZeeNnGT @DavidArchie getting one together now.


  60. djafan said

    I’m demanding David as of now in preparation for his return 🙂 You can all demand David in your area at the link and tweet it to both him and Kari so she can share with him 🙂

    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice

    I Demanded David Archuleta in Los Angeles. Join the Demand at Eventful – @davidarchie @kariontour


  61. MT said

    Thanks for the link. I did it and it said 27 people were demanding DA in New Orleans. Yay!! I’m not the only fan within a 100 miles. 😀


  62. Thanks Dja!.I have had him in demand for a few years now, for my area haha! but I have never tweeted Kari about it.Thanks for the great idea..(you are loaded with ’em!♥) gonna check mine again now….
    MT haha see? you are not alone!


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