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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Behind Broken ~ David Archuleta

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hey everyone

it’s David here

I’m here

right now


I mean

I guess I won’t be


once you see this


(self-effacing laughter)

With that very David-like intro comes the story and motivation behind the original song “Broken,” written by David Archuleta with Jon Hunt for the album BEGIN. In an age of narcissism comes a rejection of all that: an outward-focused man of humility. “I wanted to make a goal to do some original stuff and write music that was real to me and just my own voice, my own sound.”

This is who he is and how he sounds when he feels the song and why we are still here.  Actually.

55 Responses to “Behind Broken ~ David Archuleta”

  1. Abrra said

    Loved the whole thing! Too funny that he tells us that he is here but not really. Haha REALLY David? Waiting is getting so difficult now. ARGHHHHHHHHH!

    If you missed the mp3 download. Get it here

    I noticed his hair is LONG here by current standards (as shown in mission pictures).

    Thank you for the art Angelica 🙂

     photo 25_zpsf2fde9e4.jpg

     photo 26_zps7f461e51.jpg

     photo 27_zps124a7f7b.jpg

     photo 29_zps7167ba74.jpg

     photo 28_zps6e753ae8.jpg



  2. Suzy-Q said

    I am so happy that we get to see David actually performing “Broken”. I know a lot of us were hoping that when he got back that he would perform it either live or on video.


  3. betsy said

    This is my favorite release of a video in I don’t know how long. Since before he left, for sure.

    He is like the United Nations of Music.


  4. Loulou said

    This song is so meaningful and beautiful i just love it !!


  5. “In an age of narcissism comes a rejection of all that: an outward-focused man of humility.”
    Amen to that,Angelica.

    Beautiful screencaps, Abrra! I love his ability to tickle himself. hahaha Just love him throwing his head back in laughter♥

    Betsy♥, “He is like the United Nations of Music.” :))

    Watching him at the piano…I was noticing how incredible it is, the things that you don’t see, like his breathing! Hello??! If I held a note that long, I would be gasping for air.He is such a technically superior singer.


  6. djafan said

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Angelica!!!!!

    I’ve watched and rewatched and I haven’t been able to wipe this smile off my face. David Archuleta is the real deal and I’m in this forever.

    “This is who he is and how he sounds when he feels the song and why we are still here. Actually.”

    Almost at nine months more!!!

    Love him ♥


  7. There are birds that were born to be free, no cages, they were born to shine.


  8. bebereader said

    Watching David in this video, there’s no way you can keep a straight face during the first twenty seconds. He beckons us to laugh or smile along with him. Such a joy he is to watch on camera. He threw an original song on BEGIN. and WHAM, it soon became everyone’s favorite! His hands, ever so gentle yet determined on those piano keys, emphasize the beauty of the song. His signature wail at the end of the song is almost too much to handle. I hope we get to hear more original music by Archuleta and Hunt; this one’s a keeper.

    Thank you, Angelica for beautifully showcasing this masterpiece.


  9. dancer952 said

    Love his vlog. Every thing about it. and like Bebe said: “Watching David in this video, there’s no way you can keep a straight face during the first twenty seconds. He beckons us to laugh or smile along with him. Such a joy he is to watch on camera.”

    Also, this part: “I wanted to make a goal to do some original stuff and write music that was real to me and just my own voice, my own sound.”

    His own sound. That has me thinking and wondering. Can anyone tell me what genre they think Broken would fit in? And if this is his current “sound,” might it be similar when he returns or will it change?

    Ok, I know you don’t know the answer to that last part. lol But if anyone could answer about the genre I would appreciate it. Thanks. 🙂


  10. MT said

    Darn, #9, that’s me using the wrong login again. lol


  11. djafan said

    A tweet 🙂 Hoping something becomes of Broken.

    Invisible Children ‏@Invisible 1h
    American Idol alum @DavidArchie wrote a song inspired by Invisible Children. Hear the backstory in his new video.

    Invisible Children ‏@Invisible 8m
    @DavidArchie That video is everything. We appreciate your continued support. Much respect/love.

     photo brokenatpianotumblr_mni8vt7LoA1r9dhlfo1_500_zpsbc1a5e68.gif

    credit ohnopurple


  12. djafan said

    Another tweet from Invisible Children’s music department. Would be nice if something became of this beautiful soul stirring song.

    IC Music Department Verified account
    The Official Music Twitter for @Invisible Children. Composed of@AlexInvisible @KennyJamez & @anaserhall
    San Diego | Uganda | DRC | CAR ·…

    IC Music Department ‏@invisible_music56s

    American Idol alum @DavidArchie wrote a song inspired by @Invisible w/ his friend @JonFHunt. We love a) him and b) it


  13. cq#DA2014 said

    Thank you Angelica, love it all, but especially love that top picture. My O.D.D. kicking into high gear, miss him even more after watching that awesome back story video, sigh.


  14. emmegirl14 said

    Watching him sing it affects me exactly as I knew it would. Stirring.

    MT, no idea how it would be classified. They may need to make a new genre – original, unique, significant, breathtakingly beautiful, and (as sky says), technically superior.

    He kills me.


  15. Abrra said

    MT #9

    To me Broken is inspirational/protest song, sort of like You’re the Voice. I don’t think of it as a genre, just a song to bring awareness to a situation. But then that’s what protest songs do, right? I recall David saying he like “message” songs. That might be the best description.



  16. bebereader said

    I have unexpected company so there will be no NA Chat tonight. 😦
    See you there next week unless I can reschedule for later this week.
    Will keep you posted.


  17. djafan said

    You’re looking at me 🙂

     photo Broken-tumblr_mnhl3l02xf1qlof70o1_500_zps23a4940a.gif


  18. bluesky said

    I love all of this video. I am touched, humbled, and inspired to be a better person.

    Dear DA:

    I like how you “think” and “speak” with your hands. I like that you find it necessary to use BOTH hands simultaneously, in exactly the same way when you say these two things:

    1.I would like to talk to you guys about … some… original music (cue both hands to curl up into fists at the same time. ^_^).. (San you say “ownership?”)

    2. … Be able to write Music that was Real to Me… (cue both hands to open and “hold” the space in front of him. I really love this!!!!).

    Oh, DA! Thank you for putting your arms up on the chair and piano. Although it appears a bit awkward, it obviously is comfortable to you. So relaxed. So a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y. not caring about a ‘pose’ (as if you ever did). Thank you so very much for being true to your passion.

    I love it, and you. Thank you. Thank you.



  19. djafan said

    New on David’s OS!

    On Invisible Children tumblr

    David Archuleta wrote a song inspired by Invisible Children.

    He has been a constant and gracious supporter of ours for years. We ❤ him.


  20. SandyBeaches said

    It is good to see him in the studio. I like those videos…

    I am in Austin Texas this week with one of my daughters who is here for meetings.

    So we go down memory lane with David and that is so enjoyable. But this week I see you David fans everywhere. Well, I suppose in my mind. The hotel we are at is in the chain of the one where I first met Silverfox and her sister Hooked. Every time I walk out the front door I remember that I met them right there and from seeing Hooked I knew Silverfox was not far away.

    In that same hotel in Provo Utah, I went down in the morning for breakfast and TOfan approached me as she heard some David chatter. I met all the other Canadian SnowAngelz that weekend right there in the lobby. We had our first fan meeting. On that very weekend several of you went to a hotel close by and met with Kizzi and others I didn’t know at the time. From that meeting came the beginnings of The Voice. If my details are incomplete please add to them.

    The good byes happened right outside and refnaf was given what has become very common, a good bye {{{Hug}}}. She said she wasn’t a hugger, but that soon changed. I believe that was the very beginnings of all we have travelled together.

    So David isn’t the only one who is missed. His fans are a big part of the whole wide picture.



  21. jans11 said

    Absolutely love this video! It’s so refreshing to see him laugh and cut up! 🙂 His explanation of Broken was pretty well what I thought it was after we knew it was about Invisible Children. He is just the cat’s meow! Thanks for the post Angelica!

    Love all the sreamcaps too, Abrra! He is so amazing!

    I’m still having some issues with my desktop, so posting from my little netbook. Hope toget back to normal(?) soon! 🙂

    When I listen to David sing, the notes just soak into my soul, my inner being relishing in each and every one!



  22. kaycee said

    MT, I wasn’t able to comment on your article earlier, but I loved it and totally related to it…”Should I be comparing everyone I hear to David? No. I shouldn’t. But do I? Absolutely. I don’t mean to and I try not to. I just can’t help it.”

    Angelica…”In an age of narcissism comes a rejection of all that: an outward-focused man of humility.” So true.

    I loved seeing David in the studio. Watching him create music is such an intimate experience, it’s almost like you are intruding on a very private moment.

    I have to share 2 funny David moments from this past week. My daughter has just started dating an awesome young man…and I wanted to “check him out” a bit. I went to his Facebook account and the first artist he had listed under music preferences was…yep, David Archuleta! I think he passes the mommy test! Unfortunately, I can’t share with my daughter my reason for my increased approval because I don’t want her to know that I’ve been snooping! Haha!

    The other experience happened this morning at work. I was passing by the dumpsters outside our building, and a male employee was taking a cigarette break there, almost hiding behind them. I chanced on him quite by surprise, freaking us both out a bit, finding him listening to his ipod on speaker…yep, David again. He practically jumped out of his skin and quickly turned off the sound like he should be embarrassed or that he had been caught dong something wrong. I didn’t want to further embarrass him, but smiled and gave him the knowing wave of approval. Too bad there’s not a secret international sign to indicate “membership in the David fandom”, haha! Makes me wonder how many “underground David fans” there are out there!


  23. MT said

    Love your stories. Looks like your daughter has found a keeper! You know he has good taste. He likes your daughter, and he likes David’s music. 🙂 And LOL at the guy playing David’s music out back.

    It does my heart good to hear there are lots of fans out there. It bodes well for his return that there are still lots of random people out there still listening to his music.

    Once The Voice captures you, it never lets you go!


  24. djafan said

    301 days!!! 9 months!!!


    “So David isn’t the only one who is missed. His fans are a big part of the whole wide picture.”

    I miss the fans that are no longer active but I hope they jump back in when David returns, And I hope to see them at the first CONCERT!!!!

    There are definitely connections made in the David fandom. This June 5th several of us will be having dinner with Lorms from the Philippines. Still waiting for some confirmations but I’m so excited to hang out and talk David with those like me 🙂


  25. Angelica said

    Bluesky, I like your description of the vlog. His hands can speak.

    I have watched it so many times. I love how he goes from silly to serious.

    I am out of my sling and typing with both hands again! 🙂


  26. bluesky said

    Yea, for two hands! You and DA can celebrate! He is such an inspiration.

    Thanks for your short, sweet and dead on little post up above, Angelica… always, always a delicious morsel. Yum.


  27. jans11 said

    20..SB Have fun in Austin. I was there almost 1 yr ago (in June) for my grandson’s high school graduation. I also have 2 nephews and some friends that live there. And met a fellow DA fan too.

    22..Kaycee, both stories are awesome! “music preference was…yep, David Archuleta!” So great! 🙂

    With me being a widow, every man I meet thinks it’s weird that I like DA, age 22! People just don’t understand about his singing and his inside goodness! So far, David has won over any guy that I have met. Unless I meet someone as great as our David, I’ll just stay single! 🙂

    I heard someone say they have forgotten their memories of David. Sad, all I have to do is play 1 song or look at 1 pic and they are all right there for me! ♥

    25..Angelina, so good for you to be back to normal! In a way, you are kind of like D. You speak so well with your hands by what you write!


  28. SB, hope you’re enjoying Austin. (pretty hot and humid down there right now!) waving at you!♥ from about 4 hours north of there.:))
    Have a ‘David day’ everyone!


  29. rooster said

    abrra. some time ago i sent you a pic of gifts to give ,still have them .if you want you can post it and add cos@gct .i am in a giveing mood today lol.ray


  30. Abrra said


    Can you please send it again? I think the email got deleted after the last time I posted about your generous offer.



  31. SandyBeaches said

    Hi Sky and Jans!!

    It is hot and humid but so it is at home as well. This crazy weather is going everywhere! I am missing the lilacs in bloom in our yard so I asked my husband to take pictures and to keep some in a cold room until I get home on Sunday!

    Anxious to get home even though it has been a successful week. I can’t imagine how David must feel being away for so long no matter how important the reasons for being away it is good to get home.



  32. Abrra said

    From Ray a/k/a Rooster is offering to gift any of the items shown in the picture below. If you are unable to purchase CD’s, DVD’s, or David’s lovely book, Ray is here to help.

    Thanks Ray!

     photo 18522141-9880-4cb5-8d83-e2631bbb9234_zps48125572.jpg

    “Recipient must not have any or be able to purchase,can have one or all.” ~Ray

    If you want to get in touch with Ray, send email to (copy this address and paste into the top of your email. The link will not take you there.)



  33. jans11 said

    Yes, SB as much as I love to travel, there’s no place like home!

    Ray, that is so nice of you to offer the David goodies. 🙂

    Bad tornadoes again. Some in the same area as last week. Terrible. 😦 We have been getting tons of rain but no tornadoes! Thank God! Hope all our friends down in OKC stay safe. Also bad weather going thru the St. Louis area. Stay safe!


  34. funfee said

    Love the behind the scenes video! I was so excited to see my quote at the top of the page! Made my day, thank you 🙂


  35. Abrra said


    I want to thank YOU for continuing to be a keeper of the flame ’til he gets back 🙂

    I was listening to the Broken back story as I rode in the car yesterday. Because I couldn’t see David speaking, I was more focused on his voices. There are 2 distinct voices in that video for sure. One is the shy, relaxed David just hangin’ with his buddy. The other is the glorious singer who holds us hostage every time he sings. What was amazing to me was hearing them simultaneously. It was like being in 2 worlds at one time. Close your eyes and play the video at the top of this page and see if you agree.

    /SWOON Remember this guy?

     photo 11pampike_zps1a650a97.jpg
    credit Pam Pike



  36. betsy said

    Invisible Children is tweeting about David again today. They did a nice write-up about his longtime support of them and included Pastel, who visited them.
    Very cool. Very. They also linked his itunes BEGIN. Again.

    Invisible Children ‏@Invisible 13m
    American Idol alum @DavidArchie has been one of the most consistent artist supporters of Invisible Children. Proof:


  37. betsy said

    So now I am listening to the Sound of Silence performance. Remember how good?


  38. MT said

    So good!

    This is the one I’ve been listening to this morning …

    I love watching his face when he sings, too. So expressive.


  39. cq#DA2014 said

    YIPEEEE!!!Love seeing the number of days left till his return starting with the number 2.


  40. Angelica said



  41. Abrra said


    WOWZA! Good for her! I have to admit that I didn’t recognize her in the picture. It is very tough for young adults in the entertainment business. Charice became most famous for being on Oprah’s show as she fulfilled a dream to sing with her idol, Celine Dion. Imagine the pressure she had to be under as her career took off under an international spotlight. It gave little time to sort through feelings about becoming the woman she felt inside. I hope she can take the time to grow into this new phase of her life.



  42. Abrra said

    b photo b.jpg

    Click the link to go:



  43. cq#DA2014 said

    AND, loving that single digit number of months left, lol. Happy fan dance, hahahaha!!!


  44. MT said

    Angelica, this is the video we mentioned in chat.

    A David impersonation!

    Alvin Ocampo as David Archuleta


  45. Angelica said

    Thanks MT! That is awesome that even in a dark, blurry vid, his unique signatures moves are so recognizable. I could SEE David in his body language.


  46. Abrra said

    #44 MT

    Loved that video. He has studied his David Archuleta 101.

    I checked out some of his other projects.

    Just sayin’ 😉

    Thanks to all who came to Unplugged last night, especially the viewers. I always have the hope you will hop down from the balcony and join the conversation.



  47. Thanks MT!
    That video is kind of amazing..from the time he steps down to take the stage actually. Great job Alvin Ocampo!
    (when he walks forward..around the 40 mark,I went ‘eek!’ haha)


  48. MT said

    Alvin Ocampo has definitely studied David. LOL I think the fact that the video is dark actually helps it look even more like David, especially with the jacket and white Tee outfit!

    I like the screaming and the fangirl running up and trying to touch him, too.


  49. bebereader said

    I was half asleep the other night when I first saw the David impersonator video. Not coherent enough to realize it was an impersonator, I was positive it was David, on an off day. 🙂


  50. djafan said

    I tell you they keep coming, one by one 🙂

    Kenny Sipes ‏@kennysipes 30 May
    Never been a fan of @DavidArchie, but then this happened…. “Invisible Children, broke, but not broken”


  51. cq#DA2014 said

    Just want to thank you so much for all the awesome pictures of David on the side bars. I visit sometimes just to look at this gorgeous man. He just is so photogenic and from what I read, he is even better looking in person. Never had the privilege to go to one of his concerts, hoping to be able to attend one next year, crossing fingers he has a concert tour and that it will come to my neck of the woods, sigh!


  52. MT said

    I hope he comes to my neck of the woods, too!! I need to see him up close and in person!

    From everything I’ve heard, we will not be disappointed. They say he is even more beautiful in person and his voice MUST be heard live to be believed.

    #DA2014 I can’t wait!! (But I will. :))


  53. Dayzee said

    Dja, my granddaughter has been interested in the Invisible Children organization for several years, before I was aware of it through David. She was very excited when she heard Broken and the tears were flowing by the end. She tells me that is the most beautiful song she has ever heard. 🙂

    As for me, I am stuck on Reaching Out. If it’s crazy to listen to only one artist, how loony is it to listen to only one song? Just can’t seem to let it go.

    Thanks to Betsy and MT for Sound of Silence and Waiting on the World. Pure gold.


  54. Spirit said

    Dayzee….Reaching Out has been a favorite of mine, too. That lower register is to die for! I have been listening mostly to BEGIN. and No Matter How Far lately, but think that I will have to go back to Forevermore now. I find that when I haven’t listened to one of David’s earlier albums or songs for a while and then go back, I am awestruck all over again! Hmm…think I am getting in the mood for some Christmas music, too.


  55. Angelica said

    New post>>> hey Spirit!


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