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Random Thoughts From a Long Time Fan of David Archuleta

Posted by betsy on Saturday, April 13, 2013


Still here, guys.

Less than a year to go.

How have things changed? Because they have. I’m not talking about how many new Twitter followers David’s gained, or how many album sales, or how many Facebook Likes he has. I’m talking about us.

Some days I HAVE to listen to him. Have to.

Some days not.

I went over a week without, just didn’t feel like it. Listened to a lot of Gavin DeGraw and I’LL ADMIT IT LEE DEWYZE. 🙂

Some days I comment on posts. Then I’ll disappear for a little while.

(and it’s not always because life gets in the way, we can say that till the cows come home, but there was a time we stayed up all night discussing things, laundry decaying in piles lol)

Sometimes I think there isn’t anything worthwhile for me to contribute anymore, after five years of online fangirling, I think I’ve said everything I could possibly say. What HAVEN’T I said?

Am I as invested as I once was? Probably not. Or maybe I am. I don’t even know anymore.

I miss David. Some days more than others.

I miss his random, funny tweets.

I miss his vlogs.

I miss his random bursts of song. In person and written in tweets.

I miss planning trips to shows, and knowing, just KNOWING how great it’ll be.

I miss his smile, his laugh, his hugs.

I miss staying up late and looking for new concert footage the night of a show.

I miss a lot of people who have drifted away, not just since he’s been gone, but even before that.

I miss the friends I made at the shows. The friends I attended shows with. Had great dinners with. Held hands with and cried while the most beautiful songs were being sung to us. While Ave Maria was happening in front of us. Peeked through a crack in a door to watch David soundcheck with. Talked like the oldest and best of friends while eating some fab food. Laughed hysterically in the car when someone’s iPad ran out of minutes and she frantically added time so we could continue watching videos that were popping up after our show. Danced to TOSOD in a gas station restroom after a show. 🙂 Ran like a foolish 13 yr old to save a place in the front row of a show outside in the cold. Sat in a chatroom till all hours discussing every minute particle of every song. Every change in our lives.

Wow, we’ve really been lucky. Really, genuinely lucky.

A year ago, I wondered what it would be like in a year. I wondered if people would still frequent the sites. Who knew what would happen? We all said we’d be here, but life has a way of curving, changing.

We are closer to the coming back than the leaving.

* * * * * *

Betsy is a Staff Writer for The Voice

136 Responses to “Random Thoughts From a Long Time Fan of David Archuleta”

  1. jans11 said

    A real cutie-patootie picture there of David!!! ♥ Betsy, I too, miss all those times that David was there filling my life but I can never go a day without listening to David! Never! Will I ever get to that point? Don’t know, but can’t now anyway! 🙂 My days are usually so busy sometimes I don’t get a chance to listen to him til I go to bed, so I will go to sleep listening to him. I just trying to stay pacified with everything he has sent us while he is gone, even though it’s not the live David, I am accepting it.

    Dang it, come on #2014! (not patiently accepting it!) lol


  2. pocoelsy said

    Hello all,
    Betsy, what a fantastic and honest it !! I can totally relate this but like Jans 11 I listen to David’s songs all the time, they ‘re good for my heart and soul !! I listen to other singers too but it just “casual” and never stick with me sometimes i don’t even know their names lol just like the song!!

    After being fangirl for 5 years I find myself getting more invested with him haha I love to make vids/edit his pics and everything in of now I’m digging into COS for the 3rd time. I’m badly addicted to David haha but when it comes to comment on fansite I’m just like you as in… I think I’ve said just about everything I possibly think of !! and I’m not very good with words at the first place anyway and it’d take me ages to write a comment , so I just quietly lurk a lot lol

    I will be here until the day David returns and celebrate with you all and more !!


  3. bleubird19 said

    I agree … very honest post. And, yes, I “miss” all those things, too. And, I get irritated sometimes with “things said” by others, etc. until I realize it’s just really “fear of the unknown” and I pull back, regroup, come back and take comfort from Archie friends. We do try to support each other when one has those “fears”. Nice to have that support. However, my laundry still piles up and dust remains on furniture so I can’t really “blame” that on my ODD. ;D Stay strong. Looking forward to meeting some of you at a concert in #DA2014. Counting on it!


  4. TOfan said

    ((((((betsy))))) I think you just spoke for all of us, my friend, thank you! Love this in particular: “Wow, we’ve really been lucky. Really, genuinely lucky.” I think about that a lot, pretty much every day because it’s so true.

    And this: “We are closer to the coming back than the leaving” … now look what you made me do! *sobs*


  5. nanaweize said

    “We are closer to the coming back than the leaving” Love this statement.
    Jan…I too listen to David everyday mainly because one of his cd’s is always playing in my car and I usually drive my car everyday. It is nice to be travel anywhere with David.
    Betsy…I am not visiting groups or searching for David stuff like I did when David was right here with us but I am reminded of him and appreciate him nearly every day. Something I see will remind me of him or I will receive a message from a wonderful friend that I met because of David or I will be calmed in a struggle I am facing when I listen to the song…Be Still My Soul. There are so many reminders of him in my everyday living and that makes me appreciate him more and helps me know how blessed I am to be a David Fanl. Thanks for the thoughts.


  6. bluesky4home said

    Dear Betsy –

    I love what you wrote and the great love and patience I feel when I read your article. Thank you!

    I think sometimes that I love the fans of DA almost as much as I love him. Oh – not comparatively speaking – as in a “talent” phenomenon, but as a “people” phenomenon. And who knows, the talent may be just as great, but be manifested in a different way.

    How else do I explain this site? The many that are waiting and encouraging and giving of their time? Not because of a singer. But because of a shared experience of love and gratitude, of witnessing to something that so strongly affirms
    life that it is as compelling as the inner reach toward life itself.

    And that can take many forms and ways of response, as many as there are individuals to respond. So… once again, I stand in awe and great gratitude to all who make this site the “phenomenon” that it is.

    Examples: This post and MT’s great song review that came before (waves!)

    I am one whose “presence” may seem to flicker in and out. But my love is constant.



  7. cq#DA2014 said

    Betsy, loved reading your article..the thing is if we were waiting for him to move on with his career by recording a new album and trying to get gigs, but still be able to communicate with his fans, it would be a whole different story. So glad he did plan some things to be released while he was away(love everything, btw), and I hope there’s more to come, but I’m left a little empty as a fan because along with new material comes David promoting, tv appearance and events to be excited about…I’ve been critisized in different fansites for my feeling about him being able to keep communication with his fans..but I stand by my feeling…don’t see the harm, but then again I’m not behind this whole mission thing either…so that would explain a lot.


  8. Dayzee said

    Betsy, here we are at mission halftime. Great time to reminisce about our five year journey. I too miss some sweet people that I have lost track of over the last year. So grateful for the ones still here and helping us get through the final stages. Like you I wonder what more can be said. When I head into chat I think we must have said it all, but then we start talking and it just never gets old. Like David’s music, it all seems fresh and new. (Sometimes we get a little too fresh, but I don’t feel we ever cross a line that would make David uncomfortable.) haha Loved the idea that we are now closer to the coming back.

    Put me in the group who cannot get through a day without a David song. Once in a while there will be a day I am swamped with stuff, but like Jan and Poco at the end of the day I am not going to sleep without some David time.

    And like Nanaweize, David is always in my car. Sometimes when we are deciding whose car to take on an errand the grandkids will say “if we go in Grams’s car we will have to listen to David” and Daniel will say “then let’s take mine.” But most of the others will vote to go with David and me.


  9. betsy said

    Jan – It’s one of my favorite pictures of him. That smile. 🙂
    (Six Flags, am I right Abs?)

    Poco – I love your videos! Thanks for making them. As for other singers, I have a funny story. I saw a cover that Lee did and really liked it. So I told him so on Twitter. His fans found it immediately and retweeted it lol. Just like D’s fans do. He’s a sweet gentle guy and now I know why David always liked him.

    Bluebird – The honest part is apparently what happens when I decide to write something late at night and do it in 35 minutes. No filter at all. No editing lol. Yikes.

    Deb – You are so lovely. ❤

    Nana – Thanks. And BSBS is a very soothing balm. I sent it to a friend (just last week) who has gone through something terrible recently and is grieving. She loved it.

    Bluesky – You just made me cry. ♥

    CQ – Thanks. I love the new cd and the past 2 weeks were not included in my non listening David week. I can't seem to stop listening to NMHF.
    p.s. I love your honesty. 🙂

    Dayzee – Thanks. 🙂 I was reading an old article the other day and saw so many names of people that I miss.


  10. bebereader said


    Thanks for your candid article! I recognized myself in many of your descriptions, especially when you talked about decaying laundry. LOL

    It’s been a year and we’re still here, waiting together, holding each other up for support.
    I don’t listen to David’s music every day. I realize that I don’t listen to music every day. But he’s the first artist I turn to when I want to hear something good. I have almost 1,000 songs on my iPod. I’ve been collecting music for many years on iTunes. I do enjoy other artists but I always seem to come back to David. He’s my good place. It’s like coming home.

    Betsy, thank you for mentioning people that we miss, those who no longer post on sites. I really miss them too but I realize that everyone has a different way of dealing with David being away. Some find no need to talk about it, but they lurk often. Some don’t even lurk; they are just waiting out the two years. And then there’s the rest of us who need to be involved; we need each other to carry on the journey. It’s all good and we’re all different.

    My gut feeling is that those who have gone missing will be back once David comes back. If anyone has given up on him…I don’t think so. Once David captures your heart, he is so irresistible that you can never EVER let him go.


  11. Abrra said

     photo 24a_zps083a6575.jpg

    Click to go there

    Special show tonight from the UK tour, plus some goodies sprinkled in.



  12. marlie7 said

    Betsy! Loved your honesty. Yes, there are days that go by when I don’t listen to David’s music. Sometimes I play a little smooth jazz, or listen to Adele or an older Vince Gill CD (oh, my, his voice and David’s have some similar qualities!) Some days I don’t have time to look for videos.

    And then there are late nights when I once again get lost in the youtube/David vortex. I go back and replay the old performances, listen to funny interviews, and miss him all the more. Sometimes I think it is easier to get through the days till 2014 without listening, seeing, hearing.

    One thing I almost never miss, though is chat. And most of the time, I am so grateful for the gals that are there, the fun times, the shared love of David and his music. It is like a reset for me. A punctuation point in the week. Saturday chat, Tuesday NDA.

    Perhaps the intensity isn’t as high right now because we cannot see him, cannot hear him live. He is the energy, and right now the energy is blocked by a little wall that will soon come tumbling down. And oooh, baby, watch out then!


  13. tawna21 said

    Betsy, and that’s. the. way. it. is! Everything you said is so me.

    Bluesky –> “I am one whose “presence” may seem to flicker in and out. But my love is constant.”
    Me too…. an inconsistent constant.

    I’m a different person because of David Archuleta. His talent and spirit created new desires in my life. It’s been so fun to act on those desires and reap good things. Yeah, I’m a fan. Sometimes a commentor and sometimes (mostly anymore) a lurker. I’m trying to be productive *clears throat* and patient. And yes, we are closer to the coming home date and that’s a good place to be! 🙂



  14. MT said

    Such and honest, heartfelt post. I miss …. all those things too. But like you, I’m here.
    And yes, “We are closer to the coming back than the leaving.”

    One thing I’ve learned with all of this, I have more patience than I thought. Most days. 😉


  15. betsy said

    Bebe – Credit where credit is due. That decaying laundry line was straight from you, a few years ago. In a text or something. 🙂
    “holding each other up for support.” Love this. ❤

    Marlie – You and I have passed each other in the night in the same vortex. Running down that lovely corridor and watching the same things. Never alone there.

    Tawna – ❤ A Good Place. Ok, now I have to go watch a Good Place video. The one in Verona when I saw him for the last time. *sobs*


  16. MT said

    Oh! A few more things. lol

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the review!

    “My gut feeling is that those who have gone missing will be back once David comes back.” << I think so too.

    Ditto about chat. 😀 Hope to see you all there later!


  17. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy, you found the place we are in which keeps us together, continuing to share much of the same daily experiences. What we have if nothing else sometimes, are wonderful memories that are so rare.

    In honesty, I worry a little about the next year. That’s just me.



  18. rooster said

    all i can say after what david has giveing us this last year,TRUST THE ARCHELATOR. and hang in there he knows what he is doieing


  19. Loulou said

    I am still here with the rest of you ! I dont post often but im here every day , Waiting for David to return !!!


  20. fenfan said

    I am here patiently waiting. I listen to David and watch his Youtube vids every day. But I also listen to other singers. Lately it’s been Justin Timberlake singing Mirrors. I keep going back to his SNL performance of the song because he was wearing a vest and shirt combo just like David did in the MKOC tour! And he did some head whips that reminded me of our guy. And every time I watch that I would tell myself one day David is going to dance like that while singing his hit songs on SNL.


  21. Betsy I love all you shared in your post… I miss him,and all the things you mentioned…I miss seeing, and enjoying David as he was in that top picture, and being able to watch him continually growing into the man he is becoming,you know,the the changes that we watched in blogs and videos and live shows.(and on that note, thank you Gladys for all that you have shared, about those changes, and growth!)
    Cannot wait till he comes home again to his family, his music and his fans♥.

    marlie, “One thing I almost never miss, though is chat. And most of the time, I am so grateful for the gals that are there, the fun times, the shared love of David and his music. It is like a reset for me. A punctuation point in the week. Saturday chat, Tuesday NDA”
    absolutely so true!!, a reset.yes,yes it is!♥


  22. sweetonda said

    Betsy, love your post and your honesty! Life goes on even though I miss him terribly, but I’m still here waiting for his return and that beautiful smile!


  23. Dayzee said

    Watched Mormon Times on the TV this morning. Surprised to see a short segment on David 🙂 And there was our own Shauna being awesome as they talked about David leaving his fans to go on a mission, but leaving a tremendous amount of material for us. One cute young girl mentioned that David was “Hot”. Haha. The NMHF album was showcased. Shauna did a great job. My favorite part was when the narrator told us David’s management said they have many more surprises for the fans this year. WooHoo!!


  24. jans11 said

    Rooster, Amen to that!!!! ♥

    Dayzee, Yea Shawna! That was also my favorite part! More surprises…more to look forward to! Can’t wait! “)


  25. bebereader said

    Here it is! Thanks for the tip, Dayzee!

    credit: JR


  26. emmegirl14 said

    Been awol for a bit. Just when we start to get comfortable, life reminds us again that we are not in charge.

    sky and MT, just want to compliment you on your wonderful articles on NMHF and HFO, loved them both! I agree, this album is one of his best, Heart Falls Out and Love Don’t Hate are at the top of my list with NEBTD …and the incredible vocal acrobatics of Everything And More.

    For the most part, if I am not listening to him, I’m not listening to anything. The silence feels good sometimes too.

    Real Betsy, thank you. I think we all needed your post. For me, it took the first year to be weaned from the daily excitement and anticipation of tweets, appearances, vlogs, concert vids. And though he left us with more than I could have ever hoped or dreamed for, as others have said, he’s not here. His presence, his joy, his smile, his light, his laugh, his warmth… his dancing.

    I often, too, feel like I have said everything there is to say, and I probably have. BUT, wait til he comes back – I will again be blabbering and blubbering over his tweets, appearances, vlogs, concert vids, and everything else he does…. can’t help it. I’m hooked.

    So for now I am just biding my time, waiting for the calendar to roll to 2014, and scratch my itch.


  27. MT said

    Thanks for bringing that video here. I was had to work today and was hoping I’d get to see it. Hmm .. so they hint at more to come …

    Emmegirl, Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

    This: >> “BUT, wait til he comes back – I will again be blabbering and blubbering over his tweets, appearances, vlogs, concert vids, and everything else he does…. can’t help it. I’m hooked. … So for now I am just biding my time, waiting for the calendar to roll to 2014, and scratch my itch.”

    Perfect 🙂


  28. cb said

    “Wow, we’ve really been lucky. Really, genuinely lucky.”

    Bam… tears in my eyes! Kind of surprised me. But it just shows how deep the feelings run for this person and this experience.

    Ahh, the memories of the last five years! Everyone reading this has stories to tell. Most of us started out alone in our unexplainable need to understand what just happened when we listened to David sing. We searched the net and eventually, we reached out.

    The last five years… concerts, his voice, new friends, his voice, road trips, his voice, laughter, tears, good times, and HIS VOICE. He is such a blessing in my life and not JUST because of his voice, but because of who he is.

    I can, and do, still listen to his voice singing music to me daily, or almost daily. There are days I NEED it, and it has gotten me through some hard times. His voice soothes my heart and soul.

    “I miss his random, funny tweets.

    I miss his vlogs.

    I miss his random bursts of song. In person and written in tweets.

    I miss planning trips to shows, and knowing, just KNOWING how great it’ll be.

    I miss his smile, his laugh, his hugs.

    I miss staying up late and looking for new concert footage the night of a show.”

    Oh Betsy, how I miss all of this too. You brought tears to my eyes, but you also reminded me of how very lucky I have been, and made me smile. Thank you.


  29. cb said

    And, Thank you David. 🙂


  30. Blueberry Ice said

    Dear Betsy; I appreciate your thoughtful reflections and though I am lurking more, my support remains unwavered. Maybe it’s just me but the ache of his absence lingers and some days I feel it more than others. Like CB said so well, “His voice soothes my heart and soul” and is a daily necessity. I love this place and can’t say enough thanks to all the wonderful admins, writers and commenters … it’s made the waiting more bearable.

    Sky; If it’s not too late, I’d like to order those special headphones … for a change, my kids are the ones complaining and telling me to turn the music down in the car, lol!

    MT; Been in the ‘love it’ mode for Heart Falls Out since the start … the upbeat rhythm is catchy and I can’t help but smile when listening. Only the Archuleta can make a song about hearts falling out sound so irresistible!

    Winnie! Happiest of birthdays to you! Hope it’s been a wonderful day with many more to come! 🙂


  31. Abrra said

    I have been thinking for a few days now about how I feel, 1 year out, with David on his mission. I do miss all the same things mentioned that allow us contact with him on a regular basis. I can deal with it because I know that he has chosen to be gone, knowing that this is something he needs to do for himself. It is not a selfish act on his part, but one of the most mature acts a person can do, be in service to others.

    Ya, I do miss him. I decided long ago to look at the big picture. 2 years is not a long time when compared to the rest of his and our lives. Everyone wins when he comes back better than before. He will have a new outlook and energy to work his craft. He may need even more time once he is back to let his creative juices flow. That is OK with me.

    One thing that keeps me involved in David’s career is working on The Voice. I am grateful for this opportunity to share information about David’s career. It keeps me invested 100% and that’s a good thing. I get to spend time with fan friends on a daily basis. CB wrote about how in the beginning we were alone in our fandom. We were drawn to this wonderful singer and wanted to talk about how we enjoyed his voice. I identified with that so much. Now if I need to talk about a song or video or the latest news, I can share it here with fan friends.

    Thanks to Betsy, who I consider a good friend, for sharing her heart here.



  32. jans11 said

    Thank you Abrra and all the other moderators that work so hard for us to have a “good place” for us to come! 🙂 It really does help pass the time to be able to come here and share with others our feelings and problems and jokes and least of all, our ODD! ♥


  33. jans11 said

    Sorry, should have read it before I posted…our ODD is NOT the least! Why did I say that???? It should be most of all, our ODD! There. That sounds much better! 🙂


  34. MT said

    33. Jan,
    LOL Yes, much better. 🙂

    Blueberry, *waves*
    Ahhh … Someone else in love with HFO. 😀


  35. jans11 said

    I guess I meant “and last, but not least”! 🙂


  36. collegemom said

    Abrra – I can not stress how much I and enjoy reading (and hearing and watching) everything here at TheVoice &Unplugged! Thank you and all the writers who keep us all happy and laughing!


  37. Abrra said


    Thank you from all the staff at The Voice. We are all equally passionate about keeping The Voice going in David’s absence.There was never a thought about not continuing.


    Every week I see that about 25% of Unplugged viewers choose to sit in the balcony and remain silent. My dream is to have 100% participation in chat. Everyone has an opinion on the topics that come up,right? Jump down to the front row all you lovely lurkers! Unplugged is for all fans. We want to hear what you are thinking. 😉

    I was searching in my HUGE picture files and came across 2 pictures I shot with my phone at Westbury VIP.

     photo ch5_zpsa522fcca.jpg

    Bebe and I were near the back of the line for having out poster signed. I think her hubby snapped this cus I am not that tall, or I stood on a chair? It was a bar inside the venue and the lighting was set to “romantic” LOL

     photo ch4_zpsfb2e69c3.jpg

    Those in chat know that I spoke of how dark it was and that we didn’t get a chance to hear David sings a few songs ( waaaaaaaa!). I did hear a short a capella (I forget the song now) song that lasted about 1 min. I think they had too many folks to get through the line for autographs and pictures. I snapped this just as David finished his a capella. Bebe do you remember what he sang?

    Hoping for a picture or a message from David (via Kari) soon!



  38. MT said

    Hmmm … .I tried to make a David puzzle with a photo I edited. Let’s see if this works.

    If it does, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 If not, sorry. 😦


  39. MT said

    PS It’s my idea of a great album cover because … when I think of David, this is who I see.


  40. bebereader said

    David sang an A Capella very short “My Kind of Perfect” out our Westbury VIP.

    Working on your puzzle right now. It would make a great album cover; I totally agree!


  41. djafan said


    Thank you Betsy for sharing your random thoughts. Your list of missing is spot on. The missing can get so overwhelming some days, like when my comment is David Archuleta X 100 lol. I listen to David everyday because I need his voice in my life. I hear other singers when others are in the car with me and turn on the radio but they don’t make me listen and feel, it’s just background noise to me. My six year grandson was changing the CD selections in the car and realized that all the slots have David CD’s and said “You only listen to David?” Yep, I do. Grandson now sings NEBTD, SBL, Rainbow, TOSOD and Elevator mostly 🙂 I’m also lucky to have a private office where David sings to me in the background throughout the day and to those that come to see me 🙂

    I feel an obligation to do for David, I don’t understand it most of the time so I practice just accepting it. Sharing the duties of running this site is a privilege and having you all here to share in our love and admiration of David the person and his incomparable voice is a blessing.


  42. bebereader said

    I take the longest time to do puzzles so I won’t even say how long it took me but I had the best time! Thanks, MT! That’s one of my favorite pictures of David.


  43. Abrra said

    I finished the puzzle in 12:44 ! after the frame is set, it’s cake 🙂



  44. MT said

    😀 Glad you two enjoyed it. It took me about the same amount of time as Abrra. 😀

    I’ll add that I just LOVE David with headphones. So professional, so intense.


  45. Angelica said

    well, here i am one week post-op and going to attempt to post a comment. forgive the lower case but typing with one hand and the wrong hand at that and huge metal abduction splint on left arm gets in the way of keyboard. anyway, here goes.

    first, i’d like to thank betsy for writing so honestly about something we are all dealing with in our own way. i miss all those things too, the fan get-togethers before and after concerts, the live performances. to quote her,

    “We all said we’d be here, but life has a way of curving, changing.

    We are closer to the coming back than the leaving.”

    life does throw us some curves but one thing is sure..we will not have to wait as long as we already have. i miss him as much as ever. a week or 2 will pass and i won’t listen to his music but then, like someone else has said, during those times, i don’t listen to anyone else. even in silence his voice lives inside me. even in absence his presence is felt. a part of him is always with me. so i wait. for him, with him, and with all of you. for the coming back to bring him into view.


  46. Angelica said

    i’m on pharmaceuticals.


  47. djafan said

    MT, took a break and did your puzzle 12:40! That was fun.


    ” i don’t listen to anyone else. even in silence his voice lives inside me. even in absence his presence is felt. a part of him is always with me. so i wait. for him, with him, and with all of you. for the coming back to bring him into view.”

    YES, YES, YES!


  48. xaris2014 said

    Hi Everyone! I certainly haven’t deserted David, just gone into lurk mode for a while. I still pop in to read the articles and comments, all of which I enjoy immensely, so thank you all for maintaining the website!

    Very tragic news coming out of Boston. Living in Virginia, we are all a bit on edge this time of year as tomorrow is the anniversary of the Tech shootings. I remember struggling with various feelings a few years ago when my son applied for admission there. Keeping Boston in my thoughts tonight along with the Tech families.

    Best wishes to all!


  49. cq#DA2014 said

    Mt, thank you for the awesome David puzzle…fanscene had one every week, that site is not active now..I’m sure it will become active when he returns, anyway that’s what the staff said…love them..hope you continue to post them.


  50. Abrra said

     photo lolcat-funny-picture-found-pills-ate-eat_zpsaec9b56d.jpg

    # 46 Angelica, that excuse will only work for so long. 🙂 Hope you feel better every day!

    Emmegirl & Xaris
    Nice to see you posting. 🙂



  51. ronaleem said


    Thanks for your article. I’ve been thinking hard about what you said, but I can’t agree with you because my experience with David is so different. I’ve known him only since Christmas, but you all have known him since American Idol. You feel you have said it all. Maybe you have, but I haven’t heard it all. I’ve tried to understand how you feel, especially when I inadvertently offend someone, but maybe you all could try to understand where I’m coming from.

    I’ve learned a lot in the last 3 1/2 months (and enjoyed every minute of it!!!), but there is still so much for me to discover. Some of this stuff I‘ve learned on my own, but the majority of it I learned from you here at The Voice. I’ve had such willing and generous mentors: Abrra, Angelica, Bebe, Dayzee. And the rest of you during chat: MT and Fen, my future concert buddies; Sky, whom I have recently shocked and Dja, to whom I have recently been insensitive (inadvertently!); Marlie, who seems to appreciate at least some of the things I say; Jan, with whom I share the need for Forevermore at least once a day; Gladys, my first link to The Voice; and all the rest of you.

    I have been made welcome and I appreciate it. Even though you might think there is nothing new to say, I often feel there is so much I don’t know that I refrain from commenting, although I learn from the experts while I am being silent. So please don’t think whatever you say is just a rehash, because much of it is new to me. Thank you all so much. David is definitely worth learning about.

    I wanted to say something flippant about David being the answer to world peace, but because of the increasingly horrific events we are witnessing in the world, perhaps he is at least part of the answer. I’m grateful to him for his light, goodness, optimism, and exemplary character. These qualities have had a positive effect on me, and have made me want to be a better person, and I’m sure they have had the same effect on others. In my opinion, he has the ability to make the world a better place by virtue of the gift with which he has been entrusted and which he honors.


  52. kaycee said

    Oh, that top picture…talk about sunshine on a cloudy day! You know, there’s just something about his countenance that is so…I’m not even sure how to describe it…so…right from the heart. There doesn’t seem to be any of those barriers we learn to put up as adults. I look at all these wonderful sidebar pictures, and his face is so full of sincere and genuine emotion, whether it be pure joy, or feeling the moment of a song. It’s just so contagious. The American Idol contestants this year have been advised again and again to connect with the song and then share that connection with the audience. David innately had that gift right from the beginning.

    Betsy, thanks so much for sharing! There is much we can all relate to. This just needs to be repeated again…”We are closer to the coming back than the leaving.”

    Angelica, hope you are doing well. Pharmaceuticals or not, you have a way with words…” even in silence his voice lives inside me. even in absence his presence is felt. a part of him is always with me. so i wait. for him, with him, and with all of you.”

    My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the tragic incident in Boston today.


  53. jans11 said

    With all the horrific things that has happened today, makes me even more blessed to know such a great person as David. I always said if everyone was like David there would be no wars, just love and respect for the other person. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families in todays tragedy.

    Ronaleem, you are in a situation that is unknown to most of us and I know when ever you ever get to see David in concert and begin to catch up with us, you will be doing the happy dance! 🙂 Oh, boy, you sure will…. and then at least you will know what we are talking about right now. I, for one, am happy to be tutoring you in anything you would like to know, since I have been very lucky to have him in my life for over 5 years now. He had me since “Waiting For the World to Change”! 🙂

    Loved the jigsaw puzzle! Miss them every Sunday on Fanscene.



  54. MT said

    Prayers for all those affected by the terrible tragedy in Boston.

    If you have questions, please feel free to ask. I can almost guarantee one of us has the answer.

    I used to do the Fanscene puzzles, too and miss them. So glad you guys enjoyed it. 🙂


  55. marlie7 said

    Rona – I appreciate EVERYTHING you say LOL You keep me in stitches in chat because I love watching your ODD get more and more…. intense! /wink /wink


  56. marlie7 said

    What a day. I have to listen to David today to remember how good the world really is. Some days it is hard to remember that. Prayers to those who are suffering tonight.


  57. djafan said

    Happy Birthday Winnie!!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

    And who better to sing you Happy Birthday? Surely not me 🙂


  58. bebereader said

    Dear Winnie,

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  59. Angelica said

     photo 7cadcd54-ccdd-4916-8637-c26e824863bd-1.jpg


  60. emifriend said

    “God bless us every one”– That’s what Tiny Tim said…. and “Ask not for whom the bell tolls? It tolls for thee” I think that is by John Donne, and “no man is an island” not sure who said that… but these are my thoughts as I read these posts, think about David, think about our community here at THE VOICE and think about today in Boston.

    I have felt a little guilty lately for not being here more. Betsy you are so right about the curve balls in life–and my cancer diagnosis and treatment was a big one for me that really brought my “here and now” into perspective in some profound ways I guess. It has also decimated my attention span for reading– so I mainly come to look at the pictures and to read the main ideas…

    But here’s the thing: David and you all, have helped me see and enjoy my “here and nows” in profound ways too. David by his Davidness– as Ronaleem so astutely wrote
    :” perhaps he is at least part of the answer. I’m grateful to him for his light, goodness, optimism, and exemplary character. These qualities have had a positive effect on me, and have made me want to be a better person, and I’m sure they have had the same effect on others. In my opinion, he has the ability to make the world a better place by virtue of the gift with which he has been entrusted and which he honors.”
    The only thing I would add to that list is David’s kindness–He has blown me away more than a few times by his kind heart, attitudes and actions towards others… and you all…. by your love, and appreciation of David and of each other….

    I think what David has taught us about the here and now is that it expands way beyond laundry and the TO DO list to people— and the with the connection here is it easy to see why we would let the heathen laundry rage while we connect with one another.

    Just like David, we are all growing– and I think just like David, we are all still here in the ways that we can be. David has also taught me about dealing with change. It is inevitable you know– and we can choose to fight it or to grow with it. David is a “grower” and he inspires me to be the same way. So when I am not here, I am out there “growing.” And I hope to bring back a better emifriend to connect again and enjoy my here and nows with you.

    Maybe this 3:00 am epistle will make sense in the daylight– or maybe not so much. It’s ok ’cause I know you will be kind and loving anyway, just like David, encouraging and inviting me to grow/ Thank you for all playing your parts…
    *hugs all around* emifriend


  61. emifriend said

    Well it’s now 3:35 am and I had to find this and make it right….
    John Donne said it best and what I am trying to communicate is that we have experienced this here and now in this community— and to thank you all for being a part…

    No Man Is An Island

    No man is an island,
    Entire of itself.
    Each is a piece of the continent,
    A part of the main.
    If a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less.
    As well as if a promontory were.
    As well as if a manor of thine own
    Or of thine friend’s were.
    Each man’s death diminishes me,
    For I am involved in mankind.
    Therefore, send not to know
    For whom the bell tolls,
    It tolls for thee.
    John Donne


  62. SandyBeaches said

    Shortly after 6 am and without my glasses, here I go….

    Angelica, I came here looking for an update on you. Have your admins make mention of you more often. I know it is difficult for you to write but I guess you are able now even with
    your typing restrictions.

    Emifriend….nice to hear from you and all is understood and clearly. I was hoping for a poem because the classics are so very nice to read.

    MT….how about a poetic creation? Poems are somewhat next to actual songs.

    We need to create. especially since the songster is away! I have been trying for months now, but haven’t been able to put the pen to paper.



  63. Abrra said

     photo 24c6bd9b-36da-418e-adf1-9de76b18e314_zps87bab6a6.jpg

    How was you day? Tell us about it Winnie?



  64. kaycee said

    As I watch the news this morning, my heart is heavy with the loss of life and injury to many, and my thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. I am touched by the outpouring of help and comfort offered from all around the country by so many at this difficult time. The poem “No Man Is An Island” was so appropriate to share, Emifriend.

    Marlie, yes…”What a day. I have to listen to David today to remember how good the world really is. Some days it is hard to remember that.”

    Ronaleem, I definitely agree…”In my opinion, he has the ability to make the world a better place by virtue of the gift with which he has been entrusted and which he honors.”

    Happy Birthday, Winnie!


  65. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    FYI- Bebe replaced the video at comment #25 with a clearer full video and there we are at 1:19!

    I spoke to Angelica and she sounds good but she’s working through the pain. A little tough getting through the normal things you need your main hand for. So praying for a speedy pain free recovery ♥

    Let the suggestions BEGIN!
    ♪♥Marylee~#DA2014♥♪ ‏@Marylee_NCGirl 5h
    @kariontour is it too early for us to send you location ideas for @DavidArchie #WelcomeHomeTour lolol #ConstantlyOnOurMinds ☺

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 1h
    @Marylee_NCGirl @DavidArchie its never too early! I have seen a few request but bring it on. Where?

     photo tumblr_mlcn8dPBI21r9dhlfo5_250_zps7029effb.gif

    credit ohnopurple


  66. djafan said

    The things fans do because of the missing him. Funneee lol.

    A David Archuleta vlog (kind of)

    credit apmvp05·


  67. MT said

    Emi, Awww Your 3am epistle is beautiful. {{{hugs}}}

    SB, haha A poem? Hmmm … Not so sure it will qualify as a classic but I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

    65. Dja, thanks for bringing that tweet here! I’ll go make sure the South is represented. 😀

    ♫ Happy Birthday, Winnie! ♫


  68. emmegirl14 said

    Happy Birthday Winnie!

    That vlog is too much, lol!

    Emifriend ♥

    ” even in absence his presence is felt. a part of him is always with me. so i wait. for him, with him, and with all of you. for the coming back to bring him into view.”…..yeah.


  69. djafan said

    Reading up ^

    Hello Emifriend!!! Love reading your thoughts ♥


  70. jans11 said

    What a cute vlog! 🙂

    Happy birthday Winnie!


  71. Betsy, I have read (and enjoyed) your post a few times now, like taking a sentimental journey. I spent a little time trying to figure out where my current fan-ness rates in the midst of it. Life can indeed throw more curves at us than we expect, and I am navigating through a few of my own. I miss everything you miss, but your “genuinely lucky” observation really got to me. I have concluded that my ODD is not in remission. I’m just on standby.


  72. bebereader said

    It’s Tuesday!
    And you know what that means?
    It’s time for a little Nandito Ako chat.
    At 10PM Eastern

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    See you there!


  73. bebereader said

    Nice to see some old friends back here including Xaris :), Emifriend 🙂 and Archugeezer :)!

    Good to see you, too, up and about and at your laptop. I don’t mind the lower case letters; It gives your comment a little poetic e e cummings feel.

    It’s a pleasure to be one of your ‘mentors’ as you call us. We enjoy teaching you the ropes as much as you enjoy learning so please continue to ask us questions on anything David.

    The vlog at #66 is spot-on! hahaha


  74. kaycee said

    “This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.” — Leonard Bernstein


  75. djafan said

     photo BIAMM0FCIAIID_zps55b2f7a3.jpg


  76. djafan said

    Nandito Ako!!!

     photo tumblr_mlcoxivGaI1r9dhlfo1_250_zpsf581793c.gif

     photo tumblr_mlcoxivGaI1r9dhlfo4_250_zpsd84392c4.gif


  77. MT said

    75 & 76 🙂

    Thanks for chat tonight, always fun!


  78. betsy said

    I’m just so overwhelmed by how good everyone is here. ♥

    Angelica – Thanks for not hesitating to allow me to share my real feelings about everything. I just had to get it all out. You’ve been so supportive. Also remember, when you need a refill, there is usually a drive-thru. 🙂

    Emmegirl ♥ I hope you are well. I’ve missed you.

    MT – Patience. Some days I’ve got tons, some days I want to jump out of my skin. How normal is that for someone of a certain age? 🙂

    SB – We have such good memories. Memories we wouldn’t have if not for D. 🙂

    Rooster – I do trust him.

    Lou Lou – Glad you stopped by!

    Fen – Love those head whips. And look aways. 🙂

    Sky – You are so sweet. Always. And that picture on top? It’s my wallpaper on my phone. I love it. (wax jeans were really in that year) 🙂

    Sweetonda – Glad you are still around.

    Cb – Thanks you. I had tears writing it.

    Blueberry – Yep. Some days the missing is more intense. An ebb and flow kinda thing.

    Abs – “It is not a selfish act on his part, but one of the most mature acts a person can do, be in service to others.” I agree with this. 100%. It’s why I never mentioned the mission. I was thinking more about the changes the last year has wrought. (hope I used the word wrought correctly, I’ve probably never written it lol)
    You are an amazing friend.
    p.s. Do you realize that you inspired me to write this in the first place? “Write about that, then”

    Dja – Thanks for all you do for David. If he only knew the half of it. ♥

    Xaris – Good to see you come out of lurk mode and say hi!

    Rona – I love that David has a new fan in you! You get what we feel and feel it too. It gives me hope that there are others (who are unknowingly) about to make the leap, and never know how or what hit them.

    Kaycee – Gurrllll, you just nailed it talking about his countenance. I love that. (also, VERY Jane Austin, which I also love) 🙂

    Rona – “These qualities have had a positive effect on me, and have made me want to be a better person, and I’m sure they have had the same effect on others. In my opinion, he has the ability to make the world a better place by virtue of the gift with which he has been entrusted and which he honors.”
    Can you just write every day so I can read the beauty in your words? K, thanks. ♥

    #62 Sb – “We need to create. especially since the songster is away!” I read this quickly, and misread songster as gangster. lol My eyes are tired.

    Archugeezer – Thanks, and I like the way you think. Standby it is. 🙂

    Also, Hi to everyone who may be lurking.
    Good night, good day.


  79. betsy said

    Emifriend – I am always so happy to see you, whether in chat or here. It always me happy. Late night, middle of the night epistles are the best kind. 🙂


  80. MT said

    haha David makes anything tolerable.

    Elyse Andersen ‏@elyse_christine
    This gas station smells funny but they’re playing @DavidArchie music so I’m good with it.


  81. djafan said

    Wonder why???
    Khleo W Raatus™ ‏@Khleo_R
    On a different note, David Archuleta has me smiling right now. No. But. REALLY SMILING.

    His bio…hmmmm


  82. djafan said

    Haven’t commented on the horrific terrorist act in Boston. Found this on Soul David.

    Bring on the Next Marathon
    Published: April 16, 2013 292 Comments


  83. rooster said

    BREACKING NEWS email rules loosened for mormon missionaries!!!!


  84. Abrra said


    What is your source? I’d like to read about that news 🙂



  85. rooster said

    abbra it was world news on my internet channel 13 here in orlando fl.


  86. Abrra~

    In reference to Ray’s comment:

    New rules still in keeping with the work missionaries do.


  87. Abrra said

    Thanks for the link Archugeezer.



  88. rooster. said

    thank you archugeezer, i went back to get the info and it was gone,though i was goeing nuts was a different story,had more info,about how manny miss. there were in the world etc.


  89. MT said

    I was just listening to a song called “I will wait for you.” Sounds appropriate, right? Well….

    I’ve decided …. David should write one song when he comes back just to sing on tour… for us. It should upbeat and fun … and be called: “I’ve come back to you.”


    I said I would and you believed
    that I’d come back to you …

    you waited all these many months
    Now I’ve come back to you …

    Or something like that. haha IDK ok, so I’m no song writer. But he’d know what to do with that idea! 😀


  90. djafan said

    Thank you Ray and Archugeezer for the info 🙂

    MT, I can hear him singing it already ♥


  91. ram said

    Thank you Betsy for your candid thoughts. I have some of the same. For myself, I have found it is easier to lurk and not dwell too much on David’s absence but also like many of you I find that I need to hear his voice. It reassures me and comforts me.

    Shout out to all the great commenters and to my fellow lurkers.

    MT-I like your idea for a song. 😉


  92. Abrra said


    I think you have the beginnings of a real nice song. Keep working on it. You have about a year to finish it. David might even consider singing it. You never know.

    Betsy asked for a mystery picture, so I went into the vortex to make a scream cap.

     photo 149_zps13df8d28.jpg

    Why was David dressed like this?



  93. Angelica said

    let’s see…metal grey jacket with rolled up sleeves over graphic tee and grey-striped shirt. jr4da siggy. that may point to somewhere in asia. or the walls could be a fishing shack somewhere in Minnesota and he’s showing with his hand the size of the one that got away. oh who cares. i suck at this. i made a puzzle out of it tho.


  94. Abrra said

    That was fun! 4:42 to finish.

    Don’t be fooled by the Jr watermark. I was in her channel when I scream capped it. Doesn’t mean it’s from Asia.



  95. MT said

    I saw this video tonight and don’t remember it. It explains a LOT about the way David dresses. I found it very interesting. Listen to 1:00-1:30. Also note what he said about an identifiable image in the way they look, so they are instantly recognizable when they walk on stage at :33.

    Oh, and the leather pants question is answered!!! Watch from 2:34-4:38. 😀 (Lots of turning around and shakin’ his bon bon. LOLOL)

    You really just need to watch the whole thing. So good. 🙂

    credit: JR4DA


  96. jans11 said

    Abrra, that picture is a new one to me! But it’s a keeper! 🙂

    Angelica, loved the puzzle…was tons of fun! Short and sweet! 🙂


  97. kaycee said

    MT, great memories from American Idol days…ah, the church slacks “controversy”, haha!

    Angelica, that was fun! I’ve always been a puzzle lover!…especially when the completed project is a such a masterpiece!

    That picture at #92 was from a TV Guide photo shoot during top 3 week on AI…


  98. Abrra said


    Kaycee guessed correct! Good job 🙂



  99. Dayzee said

    Abrra, that outfit is a mystery to me. I cannot remember him wearing it. But any pic of David is fine with me. The one at #75 seems so lifelike to me I expect him to just start talking.

    At my work I met a woman who speaks only Spanish. She came to my building hoping to have us relay forms she needed to take to an office 25 miles away. I told her to ask for me and I would help her. She was worried that she would need an interpreter, but I told her we would be patient and figure things out. She has come in a few times and sometimes it has been difficult, but we have always worked it out.

    Today I asked her where she was from. She mentioned places in Peru and Bolivia and somewhere in there I thought I heard Rancagua, Chile. I found the flier for the “devocional” from last July and showed it to her. Her eyes lit up. We had made a connection. She looked carefully at it, then pointed to Elder Archuleta’s picture. “David? David?” She had no idea that David had been there on his mission. She was very excited and told me she was glad he was there because the people were very nice and the fruit was delicious. She pantomimed to me how people would open their doors and invite you in and feed you.

    There was hugging when she left and I have another new friend thanks to David. 🙂


  100. Abrra said


    That sounds like a nice story to put in a letter to David. It would do his heart good knowing that you helped her and despite the language barrier, she got what she needed.



  101. betsy said

    Dang, I missed the picture. Just got home from work 30 minutes ago. Although I wouldn’t have known the answer anyway.

    Terrible news tonight out of Texas. What’s happening to our world? Going to listen to Imagine, every version David has done.
    Then Be Still My Soul, then Bridge over Troubled Water. I really need his calming spirit tonight. Really bad. 😦


  102. bebereader said

    I fell asleep early last night and missed all the comments. I woke up to the horrific news about the explosion in Waco, TX. My heart breaks for all those who are affected and also for the people in Boston. The blast in Waco was so strong that it registered as a 2.1 earthquake. Any fans who are in the state of Texas, please let us know that you are okay. Prayers go out to you.

    You say you’re not a songwriter but you could have fooled me. You did a great job on those lyrics.

    Miss you in chat. Please join us sometimes; we continue to have lots of fun on Tuesday and Saturday nights.

    You proved me wrong. I thought I saw every single video on youtube about David, all interviews, performance videos and all AI songs. But I missed that one and it was so enjoyable. Any more up your sleeve?

    Your stories are always so heartwarming. ❤

    One of the contestants sang "When You Believe" last night on Idol.
    Here's David's:

    credit: RealIdolFans


  103. angelofdja said

    Ronaleem, this: In my opinion, he has the ability to make the world a better place by virtue of the gift with which he has been entrusted and which he honors.”
    I was introducing David to my sons new girlfriend. After we listened to “Who I Am”, I tried to explain in as short a sentence as I could what I thought David stood for. I tried, but it took me much longer than your excellently stated words above! Thank you.

    While listening to the President speak at the services for those so horrendously attacked in Boston, I couldn’t stop the tears. My prayers go out to all the families here and across the world. As I continued to listen to President Obama I also found myself cheering out loud with everyone there! Boston and the whole country has shown their grace and I am so proud of us! Who knows what makes people commit such atrocities. What I do know is we can all pull together when necessary.


  104. angelofdja said

    Oops, I forgot to thank Betsy for her heartfelt and honest post! I can so appreciate missing David. We have all handled his absence differently. I don’t always post or listen to his music. But there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t say a prayer for him or stop by The Voice to feel the David love! I’m so thankful to Abrra, Angelica, Bebereader, Djafan, Betsy and well, EVERYONE who comments! Thank you for keeping the “light” on!


  105. SandyBeaches said

    I was awakened by a text message from my youngest daughter last night around 1:30 am telling me about a massive explosion just a few miles from where she is visiting. A girl from Nova Scotia just happens to be in Texas hearing first that a bomb exploded nearby her. She had just happened to be in Washington the day when the war on Iraq was declaired, when the snipers were shooting people and when the east coast had a blackout. I was worried after her text last night for certain.



  106. Angelica said

    so glad your daughter is safe sb. keeping all of the victims and survivors of waco and boston in my prayers.


  107. MT said

    It must have been so scary for your daughter. I’m so glad she’s save. Prayers to all those affected.


  108. MT said

    That should be “I’m so glad she’s safe.”


  109. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica & MT. If was alway that late night phone calls would worry a parent but now we have late night texts that can be alarming. With Boston, I was first pleased she was in Texas but it is just a crazy week.

    It is becoming a tense time for the FBI.

    All the best Angelica!



  110. SB♥. So glad your daughter is safe, and sound.

    The past 2 days,have just been glued to my television….So much tragedy this week.Just horrible 😦

    Dayzee, I reall loved your story, thanks for sharing that♥

    MT, love your song…keep going!


  111. Abrra said

    I have not followed the “news” much. It’s all too surreal to digest right now.

    My therapy is knowing who this man is and what good he brings to anyone who meets him or hears him sing.

     photo 150_zpse04d5e24.png

    Pinoy Archies FB ( it looks like a crop of his photoshoot which is property)



  112. kaycee said

    “Darkness can not drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate; only love can do that”
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    What a beautiful and wise perspective, particularly in light of the recent events. In observing David over the past 5 years, he appears to have truly embraced that same philosophy–“light” and “love” are just so much a part of who he is…and how he approaches life. That’s probably one of the reasons people are so drawn to him. Like so many have observed, he practically radiates light at times. He truly is like a warm fire on a cold dark night…giving off warmth and hope to a world that can sometimes feel dark and cold.

    SB, so glad your daughter is safe.


  113. Dayzee said

    Abrra, looking at that pic of your therapist is like having your heart hugged. I keep repeating “It’s only a picture”, but there he is staring me down. And he never blinks. That’s all I need to know that life is good and I must be grateful.


  114. MT said

    I was browsing YouTube and found this. I thought I’d share. ♥

    Credit: QuinnBlairWaldorf


  115. jans11 said

    Abs, that is a rare picture of David not smiling, it’s so intense but yet gentle. Therapist, indeed! Just looking at him brings on calmer feelings, then add that voice and that’s it! 🙂

    SB, glad that your daughter is safe.

    MT, thanks for bringing the video over…he is so exceptional!…just another perfect adjective… ♥

    Dayzee, I loved your story, it’s always a good story when it involves David! ♥

    Glad they have the 2nd suspect. I pray for all the victims of the bombings and that bad tragedy in TX. Thank God for David!



  116. emmegirl14 said

    111, one of the most compelling shots of him ever.

    Jans, “so intense but yet gentle.”


  117. MT said

    Forgot to thank Angelica for the puzzle!!! I love puzzles, and when the end result is a beautiful picture of David, well, nothing like combining two of your favorite things. 🙂

    111. Abrra, Thanks. ♥


  118. Abrra, Thank you so much for that pic of “the therapist.” Starring at those beautiful eyes while listening to David’s heavenly version of Be Still, My Soul has finally brought me out of the mind-boggling depression I have felt this past week.

    The last couple of weeks have been totally numbing to me. First, my daughter had to make an emergency visit to an oral surgeon while visiting friends in Louisiana because the doctor here in Austin left part of a tooth in her gum when he pulled her wisdon teeth the week before. (A mother’s worst fear. I was no where near her to help her through this.) Then my father-in-law (who is battling lung cancer for the third time) was admitted to the hospital for blood clots in his legs and pneumonia. On top of that, the doctors determined that the cancer is still growing, so they will need to start the chemo again. Double doses this time. My husband had to take several days off from work to help his mom and dad. On top of that came the news of the bombings in Boston and then horrible explosion right up the highway from us in West, Texas. I have just been so down these last few days.

    I’ve been trying to keep positive and moving along with my life as normal, but it hasn’t worked. I decided to check out some of the fans sites tonight and when I saw David’s photo and those eyes, I knew what would finally help me. It’s not the first time David has saved me from the evils of this world.


  119. bluesky said

    There are many more good people in the world than bad. We may see terrible things, but we will also see human kindness, compassion, strength, brotherhood, resilience and love. There is no doubt in my mind of this.

    Pandas Mama – thank you so much for sharing your burden. You are not alone. The love you see in DA’s eyes is from him, yes, and from us as well. Big hugs to you and your family. Eat right, get rest. Love the small moments. They are all we really have.

    Thinking of you and praying for you –


  120. collegemom said

    Bluesky – Such great advice “love the small moments”. I really want to remember that because life just seems to rush by (except the waiting for you-know-who!)


  121. Lynnella said

    PandasMama2 #118

    I have a dear friend from high school (we’re now in our 70’s) who’s been battling 4th stage colon cancer. This poem is one of her favorites. I pray the chemo will help your father-in-law. God bless you and your family.

    Alone in the Dark

    Dear God, when I feel so alone,
    in the dark, are you there,
    Do you see me all curled up,
    snug in my bed, hear my prayer,
    When I’m scared beyond reason,
    and I need your peace,
    Wrap me up in your arms,
    and my fears release,
    Let me know you won’t leave me,
    that you still care,
    You’ll never desert me,
    I feel your love, you are there.

    Dear God, when the news is too much to bear,
    and I feel like I’m slipping away,
    Help me to hear, your still small voice,
    let me know, you’re still there today,
    No matter what I may have to face,
    I know I won’t face it alone,
    You’ve promised to always, be right there with me,
    until you call me back home,
    So I’ll keep on trusting, in your faithful love,
    knowing that what I go through,
    I won’t have to worry about the outcome,
    because I’ll just hold tight to you.



  122. Abrra said

    I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.

    Thanks for the poem.

    Last night I was up too late because I was wandering around in Google images and various Facebook pages looking for pictures that I had not seen before. I found a bunch and decided to use one for a puzzle.

    OK here is the challenge. Solve the puzzle and tell me where David was (in general). His shirt is a clue.



  123. kaycee said

    Abrra, loved the puzzle!…but still in the dark about where and when it was taken. Hmmmm….looks like a recording studio of some kind, but the shirt looks like the one he wore on Arthur Ashe Day.


  124. Abrra said


    Yes he did wear that shirt on Arthur Ashe day BUT he wore it another day as well.

    You can have half credit 🙂



  125. fenfan said

    #122 It took me 7min 35sec to solve the puzzle. I recognized the shirt he wore on Arthur Ashe day but I had not seen this pic before. Why is the shirt a clue? Was he visiting a radio station since he was wearing headphones and the place looks like a sound studio of some sort? This not knowing is killing me!!!


  126. Abrra said


    I had not seen it before either. That is why I used it for the game. You are also half correct. It is a radio station interview, but not on Arthur Ashe day.

    That’s all I can say at this time. 😉



  127. jans11 said

    Pandasmama, prayers are on your way. Sorry to hear your plate is so full right now. 😦

    Lynnella, that is a beautiful prayer. Hope you don’t mind, but I printed it off…it is powerful!

    Abs, done the puzzle in 4 min, but don’t have any idea where the picture was taken.


  128. TXNancy said

    Sending hugs and a prayer up the road to you pandasmama! During this extremely difficult week for our country, on top of what is going on in each of our lives, coming here to The Voice has been a source of comfort for all of us……so a huge THANK YOU to all of you who keep this fansite going and all who comment. David’s voice and precious spirit gives us hope and a sense of peace in our hearts, just when it’s needed! When David sings, “Things are Gonna Get Better”, we BELIEVE!


  129. Lynnella said

    #127 Jans11

    Feel free to print anything I put on here and use it however you want. Glad you liked it.



  130. Abrra said

     photo 62ec279b-8a66-4183-a597-a6f2ce41efa3_zps5916c524.jpg

    Click to go there

    The picture in the puzzle at #122 is from a radio interview in Louisville,KY as part of the DJX Tri-county Ford’s BASH for TOSOD promo tour in 2010. He did wear the same shirt after his performance on Arthur Ashe day when he met with press and fans.



  131. cq#DA2014 said

    Abrra, thank you for the puzzle, a good one…


  132. MT said

    Abrra, I went searching for that shirt and found the videos from the Tri county Ford event but never found the video of the interview! haha Dang, I could have been the winner if only I had said Louisville. LOL Oh well, it was fun searching. 🙂


  133. Abrra said


    Thanks! The puzzles are a fun way to pass the time. I might make the next one HARD! 🙂


    There was probably an audio interview and someone snapped his picture in the studio.

    BTW A bit of a surprise in store for Unplugged tonight.



  134. Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful words and prayers. I’m normally a much stronger person, but life just finally got to me.

    Lynnella, thank you for the powerful poem. I’m printing it to take and share with my in-laws when we see them again tomorrow.

    I’m gonna try and stop by Unplugged tonight, but can’t promise I’ll make it. In case I don’t, I have a request for y’all. If you are friends with FOD on Facebook, I have an entry in the running for the May Cover Photo Contest using a favorite tweet. Mine is the only funny entry. I used the tweet about David drumming for The Band Perry. If you like my cover, would you be so kind as to give it a “Like.: It’s under my actual name:.Margy Moore.



  135. jans11 said

    Oh, I was lucky enough to be there in Vegas to see him in person on the Telethon! It was so exciting and an absolute ball! Yes, Things Are Going to Get Better! Getting closer to 2014! 🙂

    See ya in chat…thanks Abs. You’re as bad as David in spoiling us! 🙂


  136. Abrra said

    New post ———————————————————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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