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David Archuleta’s Heart Falls Out ~ A Review

Posted by MT on Saturday, April 6, 2013


Let me start by admitting that I know as close to nothing as you can get about the technical terms in music. I just know what I like and this song falls into the category of, David songs I really love. It makes me want to take a course in music just so I could talk about it in the proper terms. But since there’s no time for that, I’ll say it as simply as I can and hope you get what I mean because as far as I’m concerned, this song deserves special mention. It is beautiful and sweet and light and airy. It gives me chills and makes me want to dance.

From the first notes, “Heart Falls Out” makes me smile. It begins with a fuller sound rather than with the simpler, acoustic type beginnings in some of David’s songs. I love the way they used synthesized sounds, adding techno effects and  drums that almost feel like a heart beat. Somehow, that drum beat forms a connection to my own heartbeat and makes the music feel like it moves through me.

The first notes he sings are just ‘ohhhhhh, ohhhh noooo.” Oh, boy! When he’s just making sounds, with no words, it feels like it’s pure emotion. Right there, he has me hooked and the rest of the song just keep pulling me along. As he begins singing the lyrics, you  hear his beautiful, pure, clear voice, then the auto tuned part kicks in and seems to duet with him.

I was actually a little surprised at first by the auto-tuning effects on his voice. Some may not like it but I personally love it. I think the mix of auto-tune with his normal voice gives a wonderful mix of textures to the vocals. I think it actually makes his natural, organic voice stand out more and I seem to react stronger to his voice in those places where it appears in the song, like at 2:03 and 2:15-2:25.  (Would you just listen to the rich velvety tone of his voice! Gahhh, gorgeous!)

The rhythm: Maybe it’s because I’m a dancer at heart that the rhythm appeals to me so much. This song has such a beautifully smooth, silky sound, a slightly faster tempo, and an almost sensuous dance rhythm to it. Even when I’m sitting in a chair or sitting in the car listening, I can imagine how I would move to it on the dance floor. The feeling is heady, almost intoxicating. I want to just breath in the music. *sigh*


One more thing I need to make note of is the background vocal track. I’ve always been a fan of his background vocals because they seem less “rehearsed,” more raw and emotional, and I think this is where David truly shines. I am a big fan of the riffs and runs David adds to live performances and the background vocals sound like the same thing. They feel spontaneous and real. If I could change one thing on this song, it would be during the last 1:30 of song. The volume on the background vocal is too low for me and I find myself straining to hear it. I would love to hear what it would sound like if the volume on that part was turned up enough to sound like a duet because those vocals are what capture my attention and reach out to me.

The combination of all these things, along with so many others that I don’t have the expertise to even try to describe, makes this an outstanding song for me. If I have time to listen to anything these days when I’ve been so busy, it’s this song. It’s been on repeat since it downloaded from iTunes.

I love this song. And when I say I love this song, I really mean it. Love, Love Love. It’s a keeper and will probably remain at the top of my playlist for a very long time. Kudos to David, LadyV, and the producers for doing an amazing job on this song.

By the way, if anyone reading this has any control over the contents of the vault this came out of and find more like it, please feel free to share.  🙂

* * * * * *

MT is a Staff Writer for The Voice


95 Responses to “David Archuleta’s Heart Falls Out ~ A Review”

  1. rooster said

    me thinks you like that song,me too


  2. betsy said

    MT! I love that you wrote about this song! LOVE!
    I am going through the same with that song. Except I didn’t love it when I first heard it. It crept up on me one day driving to work and I kept replaying it. The beginning music – it’s so perfect. And the first ohhhhhhhhhh.
    I walk around singing this song all the time. IT’S A BATTLE IN MY HEAD I’M NOT WINNING.
    His background vocals omg. Just omg.
    This article you’ve written is every kind of win.


  3. cb said

    MT, Nice article. I so related to what you wrote about the background vocals! How you feel they sound “spontaneous and real.” I am kind of obsessed with his background vocals. I always replay those songs where he sings back-up over and over, trying to consume every little delicious morsel. It is like a chance to hear how spectacularly creative he is musically when he ad-libs or free styles or (ha ha, I don’t know music terms either) whatever wonderfulness that is that he can do and just feels. It seems so organic for him. He is a genius at it and I love it!
    I have to add that I also love when it is just his voice, front and center, pure and simple.


  4. marlie7 said

    MT -you got me to listen to this the other day after a comment on Chat. Now, yes, I love it. The first few times I listened to it during the preview on Billboard, I hardly noticed it. Probably because I was so into Everything and More and Tell Me and Love Don’t Hate and…… LOL


  5. oooh thanks MT,love your review of Heart Falls Out!
    don’t know all the terms either, just know I liked this song from the first listen, now I love it! (Of the 2 NEW to us songs…I have to say this one is my favorite)

    3,Cb, love your comment! haha so true, every word! I totally agree and I too obsessed and impressed, with all (the Davids) I am hearing on this cd!
    The only thing better than listening to David, is listening to a bunch of Davids at the same time lol!Gah!


  6. Suzy-Q said

    Great article, MT. Well thought out and stimulating. Thank you for giving us your insight. lol


  7. Abrra said

    Thank you for your thoughts on Heart Falls Out.

    “When he’s just making sounds, with no words, it feels like it’s pure emotion. ”

    This is what I like. When David improvises thus creating a moment in a song that makes it sound brand new.

    Those are my fav’s too. After BEGIN, my fav CD is TOSOD ATE



  8. Abrra said

     photo 15a_zps4964fdf0.jpg

    Click to go there



  9. lilygirl2400 said

    MT – Love your review of HFO – It is also my favorite from the album.

    I can’t help but anticipate him singing this live with all his added runs in a deeper more textured voice *dead*.

    I sometimes play on repeat a recording of just his vocalizations that someone posted awhile back-Yep, he can just hum, ooh and ahh all day and I’m a happy camper ❤


  10. Abrra said


    It was great to meet you in Unplugged last week. Glad you are posting here.

    imagesqtbnANd9GcSmkE4f3UqOPLa2LK-Bta photo imagesqtbnANd9GcSmkE4f3UqOPLa2LK-Bta.jpg



  11. ronaleem said

    Great job, MT! Especially since you say you don’t know the technical language to describe your experience with Heart Falls Out. Well, you described it just fine for me! I understood everything you said (except about auto-tune–would someone please explain that to me?). And of course you were able to bring things to my attention which I would never have thought of–like the drumbeat/heartbeat, dance rhythm, background vocals, well everything. I’m not too good at analyzing music, so thanks for doing it for me!

    This cracked me up because I totally agree with it: “The first notes he sings are just ‘ohhhhhh, ohhhh noooo.” Oh, boy! When he’s just making sounds, with no words, it feels like it’s pure emotion.”

    I have the same reaction to “when he’s just making sounds, with no words.” I said something similar elsewhere: “He does something with his voice which I cannot describe–it’s sort of a wordless vocalizing and sometimes a humming, and it’s unique to him. Incredible, and incredibly beautiful.”

    I can see that Lilygirl in #9 agrees with us: “Yep, he can just hum, ooh and ahh all day and I’m a happy camper ❤”

    Make that three happy campers, Lily!


  12. jans11 said

    MT…a very interesting synopsis on the song HFO! I, also am not very into technical knowledge of songs, but this song has all the “goodies” that I sometimes speak of! The main thing I know is that when David opens his mouth and sings any song, I’m a goner! That voice of his really is “pure emotion”. I can listen to an old song and there it is again! New song, old song, it’s always there for me! 🙂 That’s just David to me and I will take it any time, any place! 🙂 He just has “it”!!!!!!!!!!



  13. MT said

    Thanks so much, guys! I’m glad you enjoyed my not-so-technical review. LOL

    It looks like I’m in good company loving HFO. 🙂

    LOL I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one obsessing!

    “trying to consume every little delicious morsel” That’s a perfect way to describe it!

    haha I knew I could convert you. 😉

    “Of the 2 NEW to us songs…I have to say this one is my favorite” <<< Mine too! (Just sayin', in case you couldn't tell. :D)

    Thanks, so glad you enjoyed it!

    "When David improvises thus creating a moment in a song that makes it sound brand new." I think you're right. Maybe that's why we have to see every single video of each song, because so often he adds something new according to how he's feeling. Love that about him! ♥

    I'm imagining him singing this live. *sigh* I hope I'm there.

    The oohhh noo, yeahhhh, mmmmmm hhhmmmm, all of those … Oh man, I just love it when the music moves him. As for the auto tune, it's where his voice is electronically altered. Some singers use it to smooth out flat or sharp notes, but with David it's not to correct deficiencies, it's simply for effect. I like the mix. I wouldn't want all of his songs auto-tuned because I love the pure tone of his voice. But I think it's an interesting mix for a change and gives us something different.

    "goodies" I like that term. It may not be technical (but neither was I LOL) but it's accurate. Like you, I look for the goodies in every song. Because they are there, those little special things, in every song he sings.


  14. bebereader said


    Kudos to you on your well-written, thorough analysis of “Heart Falls Out”. The song is growing on me but still not in my top five on the new album. I said the same thing about “Your Eyes Don’t Lie” on David’s first album and later, after seeing him perform it live in person and on youtube, I couldn’t get enough of it! I do enjoy the techno aspect of “Heart Falls Out”. It gives David’s voice a more modern feel than in other songs on this cd. And the sounds he makes without words in this song are uttery amazing!

    I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!
    (running to Unplugged!)


  15. Angelica said


    Excellent review and I couldn’t agree more with you on this song. I have loved it from the very first listen. Not a fan of auto tune in general, mainly due to its over-use and to mask less than stellar vocals throughout an entire song. Anyone who knows anything of David Archuleta, even non-fans, knows that he does not need auto tune to correct his pitch. So why use it? Well, it is one thing to use a technique creatively and another to use it as a crutch. In Heart Falls Out, only the background vocals are altered, never the lead voice. To quote you, “as he begins singing the lyrics, you hear his beautiful, pure, clear voice, then the auto tuned part kicks in and seems to duet with him….I think the mix of auto-tune with his normal voice gives a wonderful mix of textures to the vocals. I think it actually makes his natural, organic voice stand out more and I seem to react stronger to his voice in those places where it appears in the song..”

    Also there is in the auto tune, a discordance that emphasizes the heartbreak he is expressing: “Is this how it feels when a heart falls out, you’re missing a piece you can’t live without.”

    I love the rhythm of the drums too, the high-pitched, strident snare set against the back beat of the deeper bass, which is as you describe, “drums that almost feel like a heart beat. Somehow, that drum beat forms a connection to my own heartbeat and makes the music feel like it moves through me.”

    I really think this is one of David’s most mature songs. I doubt if auto tune will play much of of role in his art, but I’m thrilled that he’s open to trying new things. Only then will he know what works for him and what doesn’t. Somewhere within that playful process of wondering discovery, he will find his own sound, and that works for me.


  16. bebereader said

    Betsy saw my comment #14 and texted this pic of her car stereo to me. She had been playing HFO non-stop on the way to work this morning.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    “Bebe, this song is coming for you.:)”

    LadyVmusic (co-writer of HFO retweeted MT’s article yesterday!

    TheVoiceDA ‏@TheVoiceDA 6 Apr
    New Post ~ David Archuleta’s Heart Falls Out ~ A Review : @davidarchie @kariontour @LadyVmusic @e1music
    Retweeted by Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆


  17. MT said

    I know what you mean about some songs growing on you. YEDL didn’t really hit me until I watched David perform it. Now it’s one of my favorites. It changed everything. I cant wait till he can sing Heart Falls Out live!

    ” I have loved it from the very first listen.” Me. too. I loved the snippet and was hoping the rest of the song would sound as good. I’m so happy to say it got even better. Like Betsy, my CD is stuck on #7. LOL

    How cool that LadyV retweeted the article. 🙂


  18. Abrra said

    Watching a rerun of The Voice and this song was sung so beautifully. David please sing this in 2014? According to wikipedia its written by Bob Dylan and has been covered by many popular singers. Adele is the latest to cover it.

    This girl is Holly Tucker.

    Make You Feel My Love

    When the rain is blowing in your face
    And the whole world is on your case
    I could offer you a warm embrace
    To make you feel my love

    When the evening shadows and the stars appear
    And there is no one there to dry your tears
    I could hold you for a million years
    To make you feel my love

    I know you haven’t made your mind up yet
    But I would never do you wrong
    I’ve known it from the moment that we met
    No doubt in my mind where you belong

    I’d go hungry, I’d go black and blue
    I’d go crawling down the avenue
    No, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
    To make you feel my love

    The storms are raging on the rolling sea
    And on the highway of regret
    The winds of change are blowing wild and free
    You ain’t seen nothing like me yet

    I could make you happy, make your dreams come true
    Nothing that I wouldn’t do
    Go to the ends of the earth for you
    To make you feel my love

    To make you feel my love

     photo 606580696.jpg



  19. jans11 said

    Abrra, I would love to hear David sing that too. ♥ Right now I’m watching the CMA and it’s just so hard to watch these awards when I know that David can sing circles around most of these singers and even write songs as well! I hope and pray that David will get his due in the near future. He so deserves it! David has me spoiled! For some reason, I have to turn off Taylor when she sings….just saying. 🙂


  20. MT said

    Holly Tucker did a great job on that song. She has a beautiful tone to her voice. Like you and Jan, I would love to hear David singing it.

    ” I hope and pray that David will get his due in the near future.” Me too. I hope someday soon the rest of the world recognizes what a tremendous talent he is.


  21. bebereader said

    I remember “To Make You Feel My Love” when I first heard Kris Allen sing it on AI8. I didn’t watch that year but someone sent me the youtube and I think Kris did a great job. Of course the whole time I was thinking how David would sound. I checked it online at the time and found so many singers had covered it including Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Kelley, Trisha Yearwood, even Neil Diamond. But the most wonderful singer of all should take a stab at it and everyone else’s version will just….fleet away. 🙂


  22. bebereader said

    Radio RBC in Mexico is playing David’s songs now!
    “My Kind of Perfect” is on now.


  23. Abrra said

    Keeping Angelica in my prayers this morning. She is having rotator cuff surgery to repair her left shoulder. She expects to be home in a day and will recover over the next 6 weeks. She is left handed (same as David) so this will be an interesting time for her. I said to her she can practice writing with her right hand while recovering. She said she does everything on her laptop so it should be fine.

    How times have changed in the computer age, eh?

     photo d9f72b3d-19b8-4651-84f7-60bba2adba83_zps4d86d104.jpg

    Good luck and best wishes to my Grasshopper.

    Master Abrra


  24. MT said

    I listened to RBC radio last night when I saw your link. Thanks! It’s wonderful to hear that voice on the radio, even if it’s in another country. I’m glad some have the good taste to play his music. 🙂

    Thanks for the info on Angelica. I’ll keep our deer sweet Angelica in my prayers. Wishing her a good outcome and a speedy recovery.


  25. djafan said

    Also praying for Angelica this am.

    MT, Love your review and so happy LadyV saw it 🙂 I’m so enjoying this song, the lyrics are so fun and creative. Love the uptempo David as much as the rock, ballad, opera, folk, spanish ballad and ranchera, hymns, inspirational and best interpreter of any song ever written!

    I had a wonderful time at the Sounds of David event Saturday with Winnie. Great to see so many known faces and meeting new ones. I’m doing a little write up 🙂


  26. bebereader said

    Thinking about our Angelica today and hoping her surgery went well.


    Looking forward to your recap from the Sounds of David event!


  27. ronaleem said

    Ouch, Angelica! Hope you have the quickest recovery. I know a fella who can help you out with that–just listen to Forevermore over and over and over, and your shoulder will be so relaxed it will happily heal and won’t even think about hurting!


  28. stenocruiser said

    Good wishes and heartfelt prayers going out for Angelica’s speedy recovery. Thanks for letting us know about her surgery, Abrra.


  29. kaycee said

    Angelica, sending best wishes and warm hugs your way!


  30. poof said

    Thanks for the great review. I am in the camp of “It’s growing on me.” Reading your review emphasized for me those things I have been noticing and appreciating in it myself. I too feel like it is a more mature song for David and will be appreciated by more than his “devoted fans”.

    Angelica, I too am a lefty and had left shoulder rotator-cuff surgery. It took a bit to get back to full mobility, but it is now tough and totally painless. Hang in there. You will be better than ever,,,, (If that could possibly be possible.)

    I am touched you used my quote on the left top. Thanks. Poof


  31. kaycee said

    MT, I forgot to mention that I loved your article on HFO. Like you, it was one of those songs that nabbed me right from the start.

    On a side note, every time I listened to the intro, it reminded me of the intro to another song…but I just couldn’t put my finger on it…until today. I thought it was ironic that you used the words: “I want to just breath in the music,” because the song I was reminded of is “No Air.”


  32. Thanks for the Review MT !! Appreciate it and all the followup comments.

    Sending wishes to Angelica for a full recovery and healing thoughts!!


  33. Abrra said

    Update from Angelica

    She is home. The surgery was successful. She plans to sleep a lot.



  34. dancer952 said

    So Poof is in Camp Growing-On-Me with Bebe, and Kaycee is in Camp Loving-It-From-The-Start. LOL I really should have done a poll to see how many are in each camp because I’d love to know.

    Heidijoy, glad you enjoyed it!

    Thanks so much for the update on Angelica. It’s good to know that everything went well and she can now start getting better.


  35. MT said

    Dang, wrong login again. #34 Was me. 🙂


  36. tawna21 said

    Thanks MT for the HFO review. It took me two or three listens to become converted to this song. I think part of it was that I was so over the top for Don’t Run Away that I couldn’t make room for anything else. That has since changed, and I’m in love with HFO….. and the beginning isn’t lost on me, either.

    Gentle hugs to Angelica and wishes for a speedy recovery ♥


  37. MT said

    Ahhh I see you have moved from one camp to another. I like Don’t Run Away a lot, but HFO just reached out and grabbed me big time right from the start.

    You mentioned the beginning reminded you of No Air. (You know I had to go listen, right? haha) and I agree. It does have a similar style to the music. I like it!


  38. jans11 said

    Angelica, so glad everything went well for you. Prayers for a nice, speedy recovery! {{HUGS}}

    DJA, looking forward to your recap. So glad that you were able to be there and tell us about the good time you had! 🙂

    Got to hear TOSOD on RBC radio! About flipped when it came on and it sounded so good! ♥


  39. bebereader said


    Spoke to Angelica tonight, a few minutes ago!
    She’s been resting at home, what else can she do? But her voice sounds strong and she was happy to hear from me. I told her about all the well wishes and prayers everyone is leaving for her here on The Voice. She thanks you and will be back to business as soon as she is able.


  40. logging in for the first time today,boy so much news!
    Angelica,I hope you have a speedy recovery,but get lots of good rest and let hubby spoil you alot!( I think you are supposed to have lots of dessert treats too).. yep, I have heard that helps♥ .xoxo

    34. MT glad LadyV saw and retweeted your article! I really love the lyrics to HFO, they are so clever and diferent.

    Abs, I would love to hear David sing that song. gahhh


  41. angelofdja said

    Oh my Angelica! Take it easy dear lady. Have some of your favorite sweets. Listen to great music. Sleep, sleep, and then sleep again 😉


  42. SandyBeaches said

    All the best in the days ahead Angelica! Sorry I can’t do art work here for a card so this is plain, but maybe Bebe will make one for us!!?
    Be my inspiration now for the same surgery.

    This is a lovely article MT! It is amazing where our artistic work sometimes goes to with such easy means of communication today.



  43. DAScholarship ‏@DAScholarship

    If your “Heart Falls Out” 4 @DavidArchie consider helping us honor David’s name -donate 2 a Music Scholarship today!


  44. I forgot to say: Tomorrow is our last day of our campaign. Can you help us gift scholarship/s to young music student/s at Murray High for the 4th year? Thank you!


  45. djafan said


    David Archuleta AFS ‏@FanScene
    @JonFHunt, If we may ask, can you share back-story, inspiration, meaning of fan fave Broken? Thanks !

    Jon Hunt Jon Hunt ‏@JonFHunt
    @FanScene There will be a video posted soon of David and I explaining it.


  46. djafan said

    Lupe’s Birthday!!!!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

    Wishing David’s mother Lupe a Happy Birthday! (Team Archie)


  47. MT said

    Awww … Happy Brithday Lupe!

    I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for that video? haha I’ll take it any time. 🙂


  48. bebereader said

    Nandito Ako tonight! 10PM Eastern!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ep. 24 BTS pic David Archuleta In Nandito Ako |TV5 Manila
    Credit: Kariontour


  49. bebereader said

    #45 A video of David and John Hunt explaining back story behind “Broken”?

    Music to my ears!
    Something new to look forward to!
    Call me greedy; we’ve gotten so many gifts, but the one thing I miss is seeing new footage of David, just hanging out and talking.

    Happy Birthday, Lupe!


  50. dancer952 said

    “Call me greedy; we’ve gotten so many gifts, but the one thing I miss is seeing new footage of David, just hanging out and talking.” << Me too.

    I was looking at all of David's pictures on the sidebars. (Thank you Abrra!) And I was just thinking about his smile. I know what he's down in Chile for is serious, but I really hope he has lots of moments that make his heart smile and bring out that brilliant smile of his. And I hope there are things that make him laugh. I guess what I'm really saying is, I hope he's happy in every way down in Chile.


  51. MT said

    I have got to learn to change logins. lol #50 is me again. 😳


  52. MT said

    Ok, I have got to learn to type properly, too. I give up. See you in chat. 🙂


  53. bebereader said

    Nandito Ako chat!


  54. Susan K said

    My very FIRST comment to David Archuleta ABOUT David Archuleta. Gosh! Where to begin? This isn’t going to be some long, drawn-out comment because I have come to realize and understand that David is about ‘simplicity’ … though the feeling in my heart as he mends the breaks, is nothing short of a MIRACLE from an unlikely subject … I watched you all through American Idol, voted for you SEVERAL times EVERY week, and was ‘OFF-THE-COUCH’ in DISBELIEF when you weren’t chosen to be ‘THE ONE’! But, then again, the same thing happened to Romney in this last Presidential election. But, we already know that YOU ARE ‘THE ONE’!! David, I think of you OFTEN, listen to your music ALL THE TIME, and PRAY for you EVERY DAY!! The Lord has definitely blessed you with a grace and a talent that your humbleness makes to SHINE!! Your SMILE lights up whatever venue you are in; the passion and intensity that comes out in (and through) your songs reaches a space in my soul reserved only for you! And we are ALL BLESSED for the corner of our lives that YOU possess!! Though I hope to one day meet you (Roanoke VA Civic Center or Salem VA Civic Center) … hint, hint … you will ALWAYS be my ‘Angel of Broken Hearts’. LOVE~LIGHT~PEACE~JOY~SUSAN~


  55. Abrra said

    Susan K

    5a photo 5a-1.jpg

    Please come back often and comment!



  56. MT said

    Susan K,
    Welcome! And I love what you said here: “And we are ALL BLESSED for the corner of our lives that YOU possess!!” So very true.

    I can’t tell you how very grateful I am that David and all the wonderful folks here are a part of my life.


  57. MT said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  58. djafan said

    Susan, Welcome to The Voice!

    It’s been an incredible journey and that came so unexpected but so grateful for all the experiences and the wonderful friendships that have developed. So grab a seat and get comfy 🙂

    Mormon Times TV to share about David!

    You’ll get a look at how acclaimed singer-turned-Mormon missionary David Archuleta still manages to release new music while serving a mission in Chile. And fans don’t have to worry — he’s not breaking any mission rules!

    The “Mormon Times TV” television show airs weekly on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. on KSL TV/Channel 5 following the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast. It can also be viewed online at, where you can see past episodes. You can check us out on YouTube at, where it’s easier than ever to view and share inspiring stories from the show. And we invite you to follow us on Facebook at and join in the conversation. We’re always looking for uplifting, inspirational stories that involve people of the LDS faith. If you have some ideas you’d like to share with us, drop me an email at


  59. djafan said

    This from The David Archuleta Music Scholarship.

    This is our FINAL DAY!!

    We received a wonderful email from

    Amy Knox with Murray High School

    and got her permission to share it with you.

    After all, it’s because of you that we are able to do this…

    “We are excited for this year’s scholarship evening scheduled

    for Monday, May 20th. Applications for scholarships will be available

    Friday, April 19th J As always we are so grateful for your efforts in all this.

    I know it takes an incredible amount of work and time but

    it means more than you know to us and to our students

    who benefit from the time and efforts you all put into this.

    Thank you fans so much.”

    Amy Knox, M.Ed

    Counseling Department Chair

    Murray High School

    Thank you Amy!!!

    NONE of this could be done without the fans.

    We are giving out scholarships for the 4th year in a row.

    It’s all because of YOU, THE FANS!!!

    TODAY is the FINAL day we can receive contributions…

    Look at our website and see how much we’ve grown…

    @DAScholarship on twitter


  60. jans11 said

    42…SB, here’s hoping that you go thru your surgery with “flying colors”! 🙂

    45,,,Oh boy, a David and Jon video on the song Broken! Can’t wait! ♥

    46…Happy belated birthday, Lupe! Hope it was a good one! 🙂

    54…Welcome, Susan K! David fans are the best!! 🙂

    57…Lovin the journey of David picture! Thanks!

    59…I donated 2 wks ago. Bless this scholarship drive and that it helps some deserving kids! ♥


  61. Dayzee said

    Wow! What a luscious view of David on the welcome Susan card at #55. Abrra really is queen of the pics.

    Had a great time on the NA chat last night. You chat people are so funny.


  62. Halo Halo? Yoo Hoo? where did everybody go? MT alot of cute Davids posted at 57. I will echo your “awwwww”♥

    ok, talk about timing ….so I get this card in the mail,for ear implants yesterday!! well, almost…they were for hearing aids. ~sigh~


  63. Dayzee said

    Sky, yesterday you get a card for ear implants and think of David. My mailbox had a flier from Deseret Book and I thought of…..David! Sure enough, there he was on the NMHF album. All mail relates to David?


  64. MT said

    Hi Sky!! *waves* Yep, it’s quite around here today.

    LOLing at the card for ear implants. So close! … Maybe those speaker implants aren’t far behind. 😉


  65. MT said

    Hi Dayee! Didn’t see you here.

    I was thinking about what Kari said at the fan get together. “David, back bigger and better than ever.” It’s been making me smile this morning.

    IDK how long it will be before he tours again, but I’ll bet there will be some performances fairly soon after his return because he LOVES being on that stage and will want to be up there singing and connecting with fans again. (*sigh* I hope, I hope, I hope.)

    PS HFO is still on repeat for me. 🙂 Can’t get enough of that song.


  66. fenfan said

    I have finally heard the whole of Don’t Run Away on radio here! How cool is that?????
    Like you MT I don’t know how to use technical terms to describe the music I love. All I can say is when David sings my Heart Falls Out!
    So sorry I missed NA chat again. Real life is getting in the way of my David time.


  67. Fen, that is very cool!!

    Dayzee, all mail relates to David? haha seems like it some days…How about the grocery fliers(helloooo, mangoes on sale!)
    Who am I kidding?There seems to be something I see or hear every day, that triggers a thought of David. Makes me smile though..:))

    MT,haha yes! holding out hope for those babies to be available one day!


  68. bebereader said

    I just received my new cell phone upgrade and have been busy playing today!
    (Yikes, Candy Crush is so addictive!)

    Welcome to The Voice, Susan K! David is nothing short of a miracle. Glad you chose our site to delurk from. Hope to see more comments from you in the very near future!

    Everything triggers a thought of David. It really doesn’t take much. I saw a commercial on TV that had “Bubbly” by Colbie Callait playing in the background. This is what came to mind:

    credit waitingforyesterdayx


  69. tawna21 said

    Susan K., your comments are perfect! Welcome to this, the most awesome of awesomeness, site! 🙂

    Just need a second here to re-state…. I’m thinking ‘No Matter How Far’ is the best of the best! Done.

    I don’t know why it is, but when Abrra puts up one of those gorgeous scream-caps I have to scroll for–ever down the page to get to it and the next comment. BUT I am not complaining because it takes me past some of the most beautiful pictures in this universe (not to mention one with the rooster hair 🙂 ). Thanks Abs!



  70. djafan said



  71. ronaleem said

    Welcome, Susan! I was new myself just a few months ago, and now I feel like I belong here!

    Sky: Hi! I’m here! Just being silent so I don’t inadvertently shock or appall you!

    MT: Really cute pictures at #57. It’s educational for me (haha) to see how David progressed in adorableness until he suddenly turned handsome.

    Abrra: #55 is NOT cute. That is the most dangerous picture of David I have ever seen! Holy Moly! Save me from the smoldering before I catch on fire!

    Tawna: Rooster hair? I haven’t heard that term before, but I can see how it fits. Which picture are you referring to, because I see several that might qualify.


  72. Abrra said

    I am happy to add scream caps 🙂 Are you saying that there is a long “space” on the page between a comment and the scream cap comment? That has happened when someone posts a twitter picture links sometimes.I do go back and fix it. I don’t know anyone who has had a problem with regular scream caps.

    Whatever is happening, it’s probably due to browser settings. That’s the cause of many oddities when we visit some web sites.


    David had his hair done up with the Bench Fix hair product before he came on stage ( you know the Bench videos we watch in Unplugged?) It looks similar a rooster’s comb or a mowhawk cut on top.

     photo 698_zps4456c7ed.jpg

     photo 697_zps3da6f1b8.jpg


  73. ronaleem said

    Haha! Djafan has lost it! Or maybe she’s found it!


  74. djafan said

    Ronaleem, I so miss him. Just needed to scream. I feel CRAZYYYYYYYYY!.

    OK BREATHE……..


  75. ronaleem said

    Dja: I am so insensitive! I didn’t mean to make fun of your misery. I discovered him just 3 1/2 months ago, so I forget what it must be like for those of you who have known and loved him for five years. I do love the elegance of your screaming though–two words repeated, in caps, with no punctuation, for several lines, followed by a single line of exclamation marks. Simplicity and elegance! It gets your message across beautifully!

    Abrra: Of course, I know the Bench videos! At first I didn’t like that rooster hair, but now I do. How can you not like something that frames such a beautiful face? And I like that photo, too. Not dangerous, but definitely GAH!


  76. betsy said

    Abs, I miss the picture game you used to play. The name the event thing.

    Also, he is so beautiful.

    Also, Dja I feel ya. So much.


  77. Abrra said

    That’s cuz you know every picture I post!



  78. jans11 said

    Good thing that I also get ear implant ads and Deseret books where both have reminders of David! I went to Penny’s and heard crappy music, not a sign of David…no wonder Penny’s is losing business! 🙂 Then I went to Walmart to pick up some things and went to check to see if they had any of David’s albums and not a sign of him there either!! 😦


    #70 yes, DJA, I hear every word you are saying! 🙂


  79. marlie7 said

    Abrra – #72 – Picture #2 – you are going to kill me! HE is going to kill me. Gah that is gorgeous and you feel like you can just feeeeel the texture of his hair! (I’m being bad today – hee hee ).


  80. Susan K said

    Hello again to David and everyone on this site … this is Susan K from #54 above. I see that everyone kinda has a ‘nickname’ on here so I go by Pepper (don’t ask, don’t try) … let me just say that I THOROUGHLY EARNED my nickname several years ago as a Security Officer, and it seems to still fit me to a ‘T’ today. So, having said all of that … HI, THIS IS PEPPER!!! 8-}

    To Abraa … OMG WOMAN!!! There aren’t very many things in this world that SHOCK to the bone, make my soul shake, or my heart quiver like the HUGE … and I MEAN HUGE … welcome you gave to my first post!!! Do you do this to EVERY ‘newbie’ or am I just SPECIAL?!?! Come on now Abraa … just say it … “I’M SPECIAL!” ROFLMBO !!!! What you did makes me feel SPECIAL!!!! When I was asked, earlier today, if I had seen the comments to my post … and the OMG PIC to welcome me aboard this wonderful fan-site … the response from the one who asked made me want to skip my doctor’s appointment and rush home. OMG!!!!! I’m 30 years old (with 16-1/2 years experience) but when I saw that OMG PICTURE!!! … I SWEAR I started having HOT-FLASHES!!! I actually had to turn my fan on … and NOT because of the beautiful weather we had today. That picture literally TOOK MY BREATH AWAY!! I have NEVER, in my LIFE, EVER seen a person that exhibits such purely ANGELIC features. For a moment, when I scrolled down (as I was instructed by my friend/sister), I actually thought David himself was RIGHT there … waiting for me to see him!! My ONLY question is … where can I get that picture ENLARGED? I want to mount it on my ceiling above my bed so that I can fall to sleep peacefully with David watching over me.

    OK, so my FIRST post was probably the shortest comment I have ever given on a website (even on my own), but I wasn’t expecting to receive everyone’s comments … like having the red carpet rolled out for me, taking me (like the yellow brick road) to a happy, magical place where EVERYTHING is DAVID DAVID DAVID DAVID DAVID … whew!! … OK, breathe!! So, not wanting to leave ANYBODY out, here goes …

    To MT (#56) Thank you, from the bottom of my heart (that now holds happiness through David), for your graceful comment about MY comment. I learned at a VERY young age that I was gifted with a special ability to put my thoughts into words, looking at things differently from others, and thinking about things ‘normal’ people don’t generally think about. And, for that, I was teased, taunted, ridiculed, and bullied (by family and friends) and learned through those tender young years that Heavenly Father gave me something that only I could understand and, therefore, would have to HIDE in a room (in the corner of my heart), and LOCK the door for, what I thought, would be for the rest of my life!!! Until recently, with the help of someone I don’t really want to get into at this moment (maybe another time), the feelings I have had locked away all my life were REALLY budging at that door to burst open. This ‘un-named person’ tapped into places of my heart and soul that I never knew existed … totally untouched by the cruelty of man! He helped me to unlock that door and embrace that special gift I was born with and was now mature enough (with a lot of tragedy in my life) to cultivate and entwine in my life. I can get really DEEP in my discussions, and have even been told that I blow people away … so much for not being among the ‘normal’ populace!! But that person, who shall remain nameless for the sake of my sanity right now, turned out to be the cruelest of all … but, thankfully, what he ultimately did to me helped turn me to David’s music!! So Yes, MT, I feel VERY BLESSED for the corner of MY life that DAVID possesses!!

    To djafan (#58) … you made me laugh … lol … with your comment to ‘grab a seat and get comfy’! I haven’t heard that comment in such a LONG time and started to laugh because of what I used to say to that … ‘grab a seat’ … who’s should I grab!?!? Now don’t think that’s a bad thing … it’s just a part of my ‘divinely unique’ personality and sense of humor. So, please, LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH …

    To bebereader (#68) … Don’t you just LOVE those new phone upgrades. Were you like the ‘deer caught in the headlights’ or like the person who has to be scraped off the ceiling (I actually have something for that … lol). And yes, Candy Crush IS addictive, but you should try Cubis on Facebook if you get the chance. I actually got a message from Facebook congratulating me on having the longest running highest score for it. I just HAVE to play it AT LEAST ONCE a day (no matter how late), but then one game turns into two, two into three, and before I know it, it’s 2 o’clock in the morning … and I couldn’t be any happier because I’m listening to DAVID singing the few songs I have of his! Though there is ONE work you used that is beyond me … ‘delurk’ … ??? And, well you should watch what you ask for in saying you ‘hope to see more comments from you (me) in the very near future!’ I think, even to THIS POINT, your comment is earning it’s foundation. And one of these days I will have to find out about “Bubbly”. I saw it mentioned during a Woman’s Church function when he was trying to figure out which song to see … a Christmas song in October (?) … EXCELLENT!!! A few women in the crowd yelled out “Bubbly”, to which David commented about having so many fans in the room. I just LOVE his off-the-cuff comments!!

    To Tawna21 (#69) … curious number, huh? Thank you for saying my comments were perfect. Believe it or not, when I was oh so much younger, I was the ‘wall-flower’ in class … huh … do they even USE that term anymore or should I explain? You can probably tell that I’ve outgrown that phase of my life, but it took some of those ‘tragedies’ to do it. And I understood your comment about the ‘rooster-hair’.

    To Ronaleem (#71) “I was new myself just a few months ago, and now I feel like I belong here!” … so does a ‘newbie’ shirk off that title when the NEXT ‘newbie’ comes along? Thank you for your welcome … I certainly have felt it already, very much!! Just the feeling I got when I saw WHO WAS HERE TO WELCOME ME!!! How does that go? … UUuuhhhnnn … And I thoroughly agree with you with your remark to Abrra about the picture being the ‘most dangerous picture of David’ … Well honey, I’m RIGHT THERE with you about the ‘smoldering’!! Two words … HOT FLASHES!!! So, again I ask, where can I get a HUGE copy of that for my ceiling … I’M NOT KIDDING!!!! And to your comment to Djafan about ‘losing it’ … she hasn’t lost OR found it … she’s just getting he ‘FIX’ for the day! David is WAY better than drugs, alcohol, coffee, and tea … HIS is the pureness that only God could give, and I feel SO thankful that David is using his talents wisely, and BLESSED that he’s sharing it with EVERYONE!! GO DAVID ARCHULETA!!!

    NOW … one really quick question to David (provided he gets the chance to read this) … So, David … do you like water? ROFLMBO … I LOVE YA!!! THANKS FOR MAKING ME FEEL RIGHT AT HOME EVERYONE!!! I’m really looking forward to this!!!

    OH, one more thing to Abrra … can my name on here be changed to my nickname? ~CHEERS~


  81. rooster, said

    that pic at 72 those eyes, they will do you in


  82. Dayzee said

    Ditto what Marlie said about #72, pic #2. That face is perfection. No wonder Gladys envies the microphone.

    Jan, all of the Walmarts I have visited in this area have a nice NMHF display. Also Best Buy. Perhaps you should come here to shop? I was at Best Buy checking out headphones. I had a set I was fond of, but last summer when I was painting they fell in the can of paint. Twice. Found me some I really like. It is like David is standing next to me and singing in my ear. Oh my! Tried taking them to the office, but that didn’t work out for me. Too hard to be fake working with David being awesome on my shoulder.

    I see Dja’s head is so full of David Archuleta there is no room for anything else. I think that is called excessive ODD. She is in the right place to be understood.


  83. Abrra said

    Susan K
    To change your name~ register (with wordpress) a new login with a different email address. then use the new name.

    You can save any picture to your computer you like by right clicking and choose “save as”. It’s up to you from that point to have it made a big as you want.

    Thanks for the great post !



  84. poof said

    you took the words right out of my mouth Rooster.


  85. MT said

    72. Yep, those eyes are definitely enough to do you in. Along with that hair!


  86. jans11 said

    Dayzee, you’re right, wish I could fly right out there and see you…and shop! lol Just wait! Just one more year!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Too hard to be fake working with David being awesome on my shoulder.” Love it!!! 🙂


  87. Abrra said

    From TDAMS

    A HUGE Thank You from The David Archuleta Music Scholarship Committee – from our hearts

     photo scholar1_zps8566731d.jpg

    “No kind action ever stops with itself.

    One kind action leads to another.

    Good example is followed.

    A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions,

    and the roots spring up and make new trees.

    The greatest work that kindness does to others

    is that it makes them kind themselves.”

    ——Amelia Earhart

    After finishing our 4th campaign,

    we are excited to let you know

    that we will be giving 2 more scholarships for $1500 each

    to Murray High music students again this year.

    On behalf of The David Archuleta Music Scholarship committee

    we would like to thank the fans who have so generously

    helped us reach out to students at Murray High

    with scholarships in David’s name.

    We knew this year would be more difficult with

    fewer fans around, but you helped us continue to share this gift.

    We sincerely thank you for your continued support.

    This is truly a gift from the fans to help young students

    and honor David at the same time.

    A thank you “thought” from David found in his

    Chords of Strength book….pg. 237 (excerpt).

    “I want to recognize the commitment and

    personal sacrifices that all the various fansites

    make to respect and support me and

    the causes we are involved with.

    It makes me so proud to have fans who

    show through their enthusiasm and

    actions that they really want to give.

    It is the greatest way they can show their support of me

    and I hope they all know how much

    I appreciate what they do.”—-David

    THANK YOU!!!

    PLEASE go to our website and check out the music note!!

    @DAScholarship on twitter


  88. fenfan said

    #70 Djafan – you are the best writer in the world!!


  89. djafan said

    Ronaleem, Ahhh you’re not being insensitive at all! I can get a little giddy batty sometimes with missing the DA sometimes lol.

    Betsy, I see you ♥

    Jans, I got you ♥

    Susan, haha I seem to be quite the laugh maker since David 🙂 Loving your comments.

    “she’s just getting he ‘FIX’ for the day! David is WAY better than drugs, alcohol, coffee, and tea … HIS is the pureness that only God could give, and I feel SO thankful that David is using his talents wisely, and BLESSED that he’s sharing it with EVERYONE!! GO DAVID ARCHULETA!!!”



    “I see Dja’s head is so full of David Archuleta there is no room for anything else. I think that is called excessive ODD. She is in the right place to be understood.”

    My David home ♥

    Fenfan, David Archuleta, who would’ve thought five years later just writing his name, writing his name many times would be so helpful? Crazy I tell you but loving every minute and missing him every minute…..sigh.

    I don’t watch AI but saw this tweet.

    Candice Glover ‏@CandiceAI12 23 Mar
    Loved him since star search:) RT @Nadaasalsabila: @CandiceAI12 hmhm sound great, hey I wanna ask.. Do you know David Archuleta?

    And these 🙂

    Mrinalini Subba ‏@MJ_yke
    Had David Archuleta been a subject I would be a doctorate by now.

    Tomek Maj ‏@TomekMM20
    Listning to the new @DavidArchie album. I think it’s perfect. One of his best ones

    Ellyna. ‏@EllynaMxy
    People around me seem to be listening to @DavidArchie A LOT lately. I’M TOUCHED. #proudfan :’)


  90. djafan said

    David featured on EONEMusic Artists! I wonder if this makes it official???

    David Archuleta
    American Idol runner up and pop sensation David Archuleta is set to release his new studio album, “No Matter How Far” on March 26, 2013.

    Archuleta is currently serving a two-year mission in South America for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “No Matter How Far” features a mix of new recorded material and previously unreleased U.S. tracks. The first single, “Don’t Run Away,” produced by British music producers, The Nexus (David Sneddon and James Bauer-Mein) will be serviced to the AC Radio format in February.

    David reached second place on the seventh season (2007) hit show American Idol as one of the youngest to perform on the show at age 16. He released his self-titled, debut album the following year. Both the album and its lead single, “Crush,” peaked at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 and the Billboard Hot 100 charts, respectively. “Crush” went on to sell over 2 million downloads. David has since released the albums “Christmas From The Heart,” “The Other Side of Down,” and the covers album “Begin.” He was the featured vocalist on the Mormon Tabernacle Choirs’ “Glad Christmas Tidings” album and PBS Special in 2011, and released “Forevermore” an album of Filipino standards in the Philippines in 2012.


  91. djafan said

    Walmart and I had a little convo today lol

    Walmart ‏@Walmart 10h
    Retweet this if you’re excited to see the new Jackie Robinson movie, 42! We got a sneak peek on the red carpet here:

    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice 9h
    @Walmart I’d be excited 2 find new CD “No Matter How Far” by David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) at my local Walmarts in So Cali ;(

    Walmart ‏@Walmart 9h
    @djafanthevoice We’re sorry you can’t find it. Order it online & ship to the store for free! -Heidi

    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice 6h
    @Walmart I’m sorry 2. I have album. Would luv 4 store shoppers 2 have opportunity 2 see @davidarchie’s #NoMatterHowFar & buy in store 🙂

    Walmart ‏@Walmart 5h
    @djafanthevoice You sound like a true fan! Which is your favorite David Archuleta song? -Lou

    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice 5h
    @Walmart True @davidarchie fan 4 sure! 5 yrs & counting 🙂 My favorite from #NoMatterHowFar is Nothing Else Better To Do 🙂 Luv his voice ♥


  92. betsy said

    Remember how excited we were, how good this was? ❤


  93. oh wow,that pic. jhfkjahlkshkajhfjsa! (thank you abs!)♥

    and Dja I hope you are soaking your fingers tonite,they have gotta be cramped from all the typing you did hahaha!
    You are a gushing fountain of David info,keeping us up on everything♥,thank you thank you!:))
    (EONE) looks official to me!
    I love your conversation with Walmart:D lol

    and love this tweet,
    Mrinalini Subba ‏@MJ_yke
    Had David Archuleta been a subject I would be a doctorate by now. true is that!so funny!

    80.SusanK aka Pepper♥ enjoyed your comments! This is a Good Place to be♥



  94. skydancer1x said

    Betsy, love that video.gonna watch that next after Bubbly. ~sigh~ I think we all have a bit of ”spring fever” ..David style♥

    Made that pic at 72 my new desktop pic♥ looks so awesome.


  95. Dayzee said

    Just watched my taped AI from this week. So someone else tried to sing a David song and now they are gone. Is this a trend?


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