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Turning Up the Volume on No Matter How Far ~ David Archuleta

Posted by skydancer1x on Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I am so in love with the new CD “No Matter How Far.” So much so, that I am going to go out on a limb, shimmy all the way down to the end, and declare that this is my favorite David Archuleta album, to date!

For me, his voice comes through better in these songs, than on any of his other CDs.

David’s voice is consistently front and center, bringing us an intimate experience with the melody, lyrics, and his background vocals on each song. I don’t think I have ever heard them so clearly stand out! This CD was so beautifully produced! The songs flow seamlessly, resulting in a cohesive feel to the entire album.

I am thrilled with the song selections, because they are all such amazing songs! And for me, they are even more beautiful then ever on this CD. What is it? I am hearing things I never heard before!! Example…. the backup vocals that David sings on “Everything and More.” Oh My gosh! His voice (s) send shivers that travel straight up my spine, to the top of my head and into the hair follicles on my scalp. Seriously. It’s a natural physical reaction to what I am hearing and there is nothing I can do to prevent it. And then, just trying to breathe, but,(my) lungs shut down, when I listen to “Heart Falls Out.” This song has “hit” written all over it. But so does “Nothing Else Better To Do,” the one that takes me to my happy place, and leaves me there with a big contented smile on my face. Ooooh, and “Tell Me”!!? Well I’ll tell you!! It’s the song that began my search for the perfect pair of headphones.

The truth is, I just can’t get close enough to David’s voice. It doesn’t seem to matter that I finally found a decent set of ear buds to plug into the iPhone, or that I crank the sound up to “could cause deafness” volume. Somehow, I always end up pressing on the ear buds anyway, with both hands, to get the song and his voice into my head! If it were only possible tomorrow, to have tiny surround-sound top of the line headphone “ear implants” actually inserted into my head! That scene from Nandito Ako of Josh Bradley pounding on Anya’s bedroom door to let him in….that would be me at the doctor’s office, begging to undergo that procedure.

But for now, I am off, in search of the biggest, baddest noise elimination headsets I can find! 🙂 Nothing but the best for David.


We are the luckiest fans in the world. David, thank you for this album, and your beautiful message, that we still hold a place in your heart, “No Matter How Far”.


97 Responses to “Turning Up the Volume on No Matter How Far ~ David Archuleta”

  1. goldenjane said

    OMG!!! Love this….The first picture made my day but the last really got to me. HA!HA!HA!.


  2. funfee said

    Oh Sky, you said it all!!! So, so true, every word 🙂
    This CD is really lovely! PS I was given Beats headphones for Christmas and I can say that David sounds wonderful on them!


  3. marlie7 said

    Sky – I agree that this is the best album so far – I love them all, and perhaps I say that every time a new one comes out – but this does highlight that gorgeous voice more than any other.


  4. rooster said

    sky you are right about the cd, but that pic of the head phones still has me lol with tears,thanks for makeing my day


  5. MT said

    Love it! You are so right. This is my favorite so far and I could certainly use those implants. Like you, I have the volume cranked up and am pushing in the earbuds. LOL

    ““could cause deafness” volume” hahaha Been there. 😀


  6. thanks guys♥
    1.Goldenjane, “The first picture made my day but the last really got to me. HA!HA!HA!.”
    You aren’t the only one!
    Thanks to Angelica♥for ‘decorating’ my article, as only she can do.♥ Angelica, those are the perfect headphones! (just what I was looking for!!)

    2. Funfee♥ thanks for the suggestion:)) Lucky you! I must give those Beats headphones a listen!:))

    3.Marlie, love them all, too♥ This one,well its just sfhusfaafuawfueg for me.I could drown in that voice!

    4.Rooster! “that pic of the head phones still has me lol with tears”
    I know! Glad it made your day.haha I want those!


  7. skydancer1x said

    5.MT. what?? say that again… I can’t hear you. lol!


  8. tawna21 said

    Sky, I’ve found myself wondering about the total beauty of this album. I kept thinking that I was hearing new things, so now I know that I’m not the only one. It’s really there. 🙂 How does David keep one-upping himself? He just keeps raising his own bar!! We are going to be dead ducks when he gets his game plan going after his return. Actually, it’s probably already in the works. Afterall, we’re talking David Archuleta here.

    ‘Everything and More’ is just that. He has me soaring with the satellites. I really do just get lost up there with him. I don’t have a favorite. This whole CD has me drowning in David’s voice and I don’t want to be rescued. Just let me go down with my soul filling with his sounds. I’m happy!



  9. cb said

    Fun article. I felt like David in the first picture is looking at the person in the second picture. LOL


  10. cb said

    Where do I sign up for those implants?


  11. tawna21 said

    This from jr4da…..

    *hope it works*


  12. bluesky said

    That is SO cool, Tawna21! Thanks so much for brining that over. ^_^


  13. jans11 said

    good post! that last picture reminds me of me when I listen to his albums! Have to get every bit of “goodieI can get! 🙂


  14. rooster said

    O MAN three hours later and still laughing my but off


  15. bebereader said


    You must be a mind-reader! You express what we feel about this album, a collection of songs that fill our souls with joy! I can listen to these songs over and over and never get tired of them.

    I too, find myself pushing my headphones as close to my ears as they can get to feel the full effect of David’s voice and I still can’t get them close enough. I have so many favorites including “Tell Me” and ‘Nothing Else Better To Do” which I was happy to see, was co-written by Eman. “Everything and More” and “Don’t Run Away” are also top favorites of mine.

    Fi, thanks for your suggestion for Beats headphones. If anyone else has found headphones that showcase David’s voice to the extreme, please let us know here. Thank you!


  16. 8. Tawna, It is totally beautiful.” How does David keep one-upping himself? He just keeps raising his own bar!! ”
    I know!! How does he do it??
    yes,(thanks for bringing that link over)

    9.Cb, It does kinda look like that! lol…as for those implants ,getist thou behinst me,lol
    12. Hi Bluesky!♥
    13. Jan, can’t live without those goodies:)))


  17. violet4ever said

    Haha. Great article. I like my headphones at work 🙂 I think we could also try upping the volume of our tweets and posts about the album and the video. I noticed the “Statistics” button on the video shows the number views has almost stopped increasing. When you see a tweet come by about the video or album, RT it or add a comment and RT it. etc. There are still lots of disconnected fans who don’t know about the album or the video or even where David disappeared to.


  18. skydancer1x said

    15 thanks Bebe♥
    “a collection of songs that fill our souls with joy”
    “I can listen to these songs over and over and never get tired of them”

    Boggles the mind, how talented and wonderful he is.


  19. bebereader said

    Who is up for a little “Nandito Ako” tonight?
    Join us at 10PM Eastern

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    (image found on tumblir)


  20. betsy said

    Fun article Sky! And I totally agree with you.
    For the first time, I kept my expectations low – we knew most of these songs already. But it’s like a perfect combination of songs (ok, with the exception of 2), and I am really loving it.
    I wasn’t sure I liked HFO, but I can’t help but get a sense of well being when the music begins on that. It’s got the perfect beginning, I just love it. 🙂


  21. muldur said

    hi all. couldn’t resist commenting on headphones. i have had a pair of beats studio headphones for about 2 years i guess. while i love them and they have an amazing bass response, i was always turning the volume up because the mid and upper ranges of sound were not so clear and i wanted to hear David’s voice better. I thought i had lost them so did some research and found out about AKG K550’s which are about the cost of the beats i bought and have a crystal clear sound. The bass is not as heavy as the beats sound, but i can hear so much i could not hear even with the beats. His voice is really up front. His background vocals are so clear, every instrument is crystal clear.

    In doing research i learned that the mp3 quality we get on itunes or amazon is not that great because of its compression. You can get much higher quality audio files by putting your brand spanking new cd into your cd drive on your computer and ripping the cd through Windows media player. You have to select Windows Lossless Audio in the Rip options. these audio files are much bigger in size and i am not sure how transportable they are to mobile devices but if you are an audio purist, this is a good way to just really hear what was recorded.


  22. bluesky said


    Yea! I finally got a chance to listen to (almost) the full cd. Yeah, I know… kinda late to the party. …..

    But… I totally agree with you that this is his best cd so far. It has a cohesiveness and flow that really works. It wraps the sad songs around front to back with the loving songs. I really like the new intros to some of the tunes. My interest was caught even before I heard his voice.

    And… the arrangements, etc. were upbeat and current with the times: many were dance friendly and all totally listenable. (new word) I liked the whole sound. It was very much like all the songs were “set out” for the listener (except the Phils songs) by the same caterer – and the phils songs did not detract from this cohesiveness.

    Then… as you said: such a lovely table setting for the main course: his voice. Nothing to detract from the richness and sumptuousness and variety of DA. They say that a good caterer knows that the dishes should never look empty.

    Well… with DA that is never a problem. Just the opposite. The challenge for the caterer is always: how to do justice to the abundance of mouth-watering offerings being served. This cd comes real close. Love it.

    (never said I was full, though, did I!)


  23. betsy said

    Mt, I’m up for implants.
    Wait, I think we are talking about different things lol.


  24. djafan said


    What a great article. Finding the perfect headphones had become my obsession after my grandson received Beats headphones for his bday. I was blown away so I knew I had to have some. But the more I borrowed his the bass became an annoyance and overpowering. So my headphone research began. I narrowed my choices down to three, Sennheiser PX 360 BT, Bose® QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling, AKG Premium Actie Noise Cancelling K495, all within the same price range. I then went to Fry’s (an electronic’s warehouse) and tried them on listening to my dpod lol These three were pretty equal in sound and clarity so the deciding factor was comfort. The Bose won in this area. David and a really good set of headphones are the perfect combination when you don’t have him in front of you live.

    Muldur, Thank you for the tip. I’m uploading all my David CD’s 🙂

    Angelica, that last picture is so on the spot lol Even with my new headphones I sometimes hold them closer against my ears. It’s like I can’t get enough.


  25. djafan said

    Sky, forgot to say that I too was surprised of well these songs sound together. His voice, the order, the melodies, all exquisite.

    Bringing this over because it’s out of this world.

    Violet thank you for the reminder.




  26. djafan said

    Very nice promo!

    New Day NW David Archuleta CD giveaway, goodbye + shoutoutby New Day Producers

    Posted on April 1, 2013 at 11:00 AM Updated yesterday at 12:15 PM

    Audience members were treated to “American Idol” Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta’s new CD “No Matter How Far.” One lucky audience member also won a Micargi Jetta Beach Cruiser, courtesy of

    David Archuleta’s website:–shoutout-200887121.html


  27. MT said

    23. Betsy,

    ♫ Nandiiiiito Akoooooo ♫ …. See you there!


  28. bebereader said

    Nandito Ako!


  29. Violet, thanks for the heads up! and for all you do to promote David!♥you are right. ” I think we could also try upping the volume of our tweets and posts about the album and the video.”

    Muldur,thanks so much
    and Dja,thanks so much
    both of you for all the great info for us.!! I have been out for days, doing hands on (well… heads on)research with the headphones in so many stores. (Dja, we have a Frey’s here,don’t know how I missed that one!) Gonna head there tomorrow!
    and Muldur got to listen to those AKG K550′s!

    Dja,”Even with my new headphones I sometimes hold them closer against my ears. It’s like I can’t get enough.” (get in line for those implants.

    Bluesky,love your comment, all of it.♥
    late for NA. eek!


  30. Angelica said

    (((Sky))) This is such a fun post that is also spot on true. I was surprised by how “of a piece” the album turned out, as though each song was woven from the same cloth. Yet there is no redundancy in sound. An eclectic mix of new and familiar, each cut and fashioned uniquely, yet together, it just works.

    And I love your use of imagery, “go out on a limb, shimmy all the way down to the end”…”His voice (s) send shivers that travel straight up my spine, to the top of my head and into the hair follicles on my scalp”…”That scene from Nandito Ako of Josh Bradley pounding on Anya’s bedroom door to let him in….that would be me at the doctor’s office…” ending with “…in search of the biggest, baddest noise elimination headsets I can find!”

    All in all, a great first submission, showcasing the fun we have all come to love in your comments.


  31. Abrra said


    You are so right about this CD. It’s like a “greatest hits” ( we know all his songs are great ). I always put my Cd”s on iTunes in case something happens to the disc.

    Sounds just great on my $9.99 Sony headset. 🙂

     photo Sony_MDR-W08_Headset_MDR-W08L_Earphone_zpsf24a3ffd.jpg



  32. betsy said

    His harmonizing with himself/background vocals are killing me. Killing me.


  33. Betsy,Amen sister!!!


  34. Sky, Love your description of No Matter How Far and your enthusiasm 🙂 Thanks also for opening up the discussion on Ear Phones. ha ha Love the picture with ear phones.
    One of my favorite places to listen to David’s Cd is in the Car.

    Will be looking into the Ear Phones for home 🙂


  35. Angelica said

    I just got the Boze ear buds. Very nice! I can hear more of the voice (s). Would really love a pair of those headsets in the top pic. Talk about all but audio sensory deprivation! Even your eyes are covered, but they do leave your nose free so you can breathe…just breathe. I can just imagine my duck lips going, “ooohhh, soooo goood.” I would probably never take them off until the paramedics came.

    Muldur, thanks for the info. I had just downloaded a program to convert wav to MP3 and it was then that I read up on wav formatting. Takes up a lot of space but the audio is supposed to be amazing. Could place on a separate hard drive for making copies to disc though. I also came across a new term: audiophile. wiki definition – An audiophile is a person enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction. Sounds like pedophile, like it’s some kind of aberrant behavior to get so much pleasure from sound. LOL!


  36. poof said

    What a great post. So true, and thanks for the visuals Angelica! You do have a way with words. You had me laughing and saying, “That’s right!”

    Listening to something new makes me notice things I don’t on a daily basis. One of those is David’s breathing as he sings. I noticed it in a few places in NMHF. Thinking about this, I had a bit of a profound thought. I like hearing it. It doesn’t distract from the song at all for me and I think it used to. Trying to figure out why, I realized when I hear it, it reminds me of the years he ” couldn’t sing”. It is like, with every beautiful phrase he sings, there is a reminder of his challenges, his acceptance of what life gives, and his detirmination.
    Even in his imperfections there is perfection. He would say that is true for all of us, wouldn’t he.


  37. djafan said

    Angelica, I prefer the term audio purist lol. Which I think I’ve always been 🙂


  38. Angelica said

    Poof, I love what you said. ♥


  39. betsy said

    Poof ♥
    (I really noticed the breathing thing on WYA about a year ago. Had a long discussion with a friend about it. Thank you, you just explained it perfectly)


  40. tawna21 said

    Poof, I love, and agree, with what you said about David’s breathing. It used to kind of annoy me. Now I love it for the very reason you said. It’s who David is—- the guy who takes the challenge and conquers it, and teaches us that big can be made small and overcome. ♥♥ It really isn’t as evident as it was on Idol and shortly after.



  41. gladys1961 said

    I have all the necessary information for the summary of the devotional, the 31st, I will publish soon in my blog.
    I’m happy, thanks girls.


  42. skydancer1x said

    30. {{{Angelica}}}thank you so much.
    ….and may I keep the headphones??Those babies are just what I have been looking for ,how’d you know??hahaha actually looks comfy to me. Also would keep drool to a I still can’t stop laughing at that picture!!

    31. Abs,wouldn’t have the wonderful collection of Davids music and concerts ever if it wasn’t for you♥and your awesome candy jar!
    34.Heidijoy, love listening to David’s cd’s in the car!

    35. Angelica,I was wondering about those Bose ear buds. I bought and returned 3 pair of others, before I settled on the Apple ones. but I didn’t try the Bose.

    36.Poof, I love everything you said, and agree with Betsy,your explanation is perfect.


  43. skydancer1x said



  44. bebereader said

    Nandito Ako chat last night: we had a blast! And we all agreed that chats are really important to us now since David is away. Spending time together a few nights each week makes the waiting a bit easier. Thank you to all who showed up last night.

    I appreciate the responses from all who replied to my inquiry about headphones including, Muldur, djafan, Abrra, Angelica and Sky. Going to check them out in Best Buy this weekend. This is the first time I’ve entertained the idea of buying quality headphones but hey, it’s all about The Voice, isn’t it? 😉


  45. Dayzee said

    Sky, your “just can’t get close enough to David’s voice” struck a chord for me. It’s like you want to crawl inside that voice and live there. It caresses and soothes. There is no problem too big for that voice.

    I have always loved David’s breathing. I even have a favorite breathing song, God Bless the Broken Road. Every breath he takes just pulls me in.

    Going to go check me out some earphones. Thanks for the info.


  46. jans11 said

    27…Very nice promo, indeed! Love all that he gets! ♥

    31…I have a $30 pair of ear buds that I bought with my smart phone at Best Buy. The salesgirl sold them to me and I didn’t pay any attention to the make. But, they are so good! I can hear all David’s voices and every little note is crystal clear. I thought I wanted a pair of the big soft ear phones that don’t go into my ears, so I went and bought a pair made by Sony and they were terrible. All kinds of static and it wasn’t like being there! So I took them back and still use my little ear buds. I hear things that I didn’t know were there! ♥ They are compatible to my phone, mp3 player and netbook!

    39…Back when David was on AI, I seen where people would gripe about his breathing. I thought, wow, and a few years ago he had vocal paralysis. For some reason, I didn’t pay any attention to it…I am just amazed how he can stretch his voice from one long note to another one in a different octave even! Where does he get his breath??

    41…Gladys, anxious to hear your recap. Was there at chat, but it’s so fun to read again, all together! 🙂



  47. 41. Gladys will your recap be here too ? Not sure how to translate.


  48. Abrra said


    There is a translation option on her blog.

    Mi Viaje Con David Archuleta

    Top right is Translate with a drop down menu to pick a language. Once you choose English, the text changes.



  49. Thanks Abrra, For some reason it won’t let me click on translate but I’ll keep trying. 🙂


  50. pocoelsy said

    Thank you for the super fun post, you make me smile all the way thru it lol the pic with the headphone is super hilarious…(I assume that the pic is by Angelica, thanks Angelica) we could turn into that when he return from his mission and make more fantastic music ..May God help us !! lol unless somebody’d successfully invent “ear implant”out of mercy for all Archies !!!, I’m using a tiny set of Sony earphone now !! (fail haha) you make me want to buy the wicked baddest headphone !! I have to go shopping for one lol

    I havent recieved my NMHF copies yet !! so looking forward to hearing things I havent noticed before yet 😀

    Poof, LOVE what you said #36, his breathing never bother me, for me it gives extra the emotions to the song !! both his inhale and exhale, I’m hopeless !! I now hehe

    Abrra, So agree that NMHF is David Archuleta “greatest hit” album, he can make Vol.2 when he comes back!! 1 cd is not enough to contain all his hits :D, need “Senseless, She’s not you, Not a very good liar ect.”


  51. Abrra said


    Something in your browser is blocking it. I can’t explain it more than that because I don’t know the setting you are using. Maybe you can ask for help from someone who can check it out.



  52. Thanks Abrra. I think I’m on Internet Explorer 10 and having other compatibility issues, so I’ll check with someone. I’m technically challenged most of the time 🙂


  53. jans11 said

    I can get the English, but not the last post from this past weekend for some reason. I even went to Google Chrome with no luck. 😦


  54. Abrra said


    I have updated the link to Gladys blog on the right sidebar, under “Other fan Sites”.

    Click the image ( it is a refresh for home page) at the top of the blog and you will go to the most current post. It’s March 27.



  55. Abrra said

    We have one more week to fulfill dreams.

    TDAMS committee

    McKenzie Harris

    David has left us so much while he’s been gone.

    Is there more that we can do?

    If you feel you can, please check out our website.

     photo scholar1_zps8566731d.jpg

    @DAScholarship on twitter


  56. jans11 said

    I give up. Other than jumping through hoops and standing on my head, I’ve done everything to retrieve it, to no avail!!! 😦


  57. Abrra said


    She hasn’t posted her recap if that’s what you are looking for. If you click this link you will get the most recent post,



  58. jans11 said

    Whoops, that what I was looking for!! Thanks, Abrra! I did get the website but not her new post! And I won’t find it if it’s not there!! haha 🙂

    I donated last week, Hope they make their quota! 🙂


  59. tawna21 said

    Heidijoy, the only way I could get it to translate was in the Google Chrome browser, IE and Firefox wouldn’t work. hmmm weirdness


  60. Angelica said

    Works for me. I’m using Firefox and at first it didn’t but when I went back the second time, the drop down menu appeared below translate.


  61. cq#DA2014 said

    beathlessly waiting for Glayds’ recap…from the 31th, Went to her blog, but didn’t see anything about the Easter event.


  62. bebereader said

    The Setonian, The Voice of Seton Hall University likes “No Matter How Far” too!

    David Archuleta’s sixth album is worth a listen

    By Amanda Boyer, Staff Writer
    Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    “David Archuleta, the “American Idol” season seven runner-up, released his sixth album, “No Matter How Far,” on Tuesday, March 26. The 22-year-old recorded the new music before leaving on his two-year religious mission trip to Chile, keeping with his promise to fans to continue doing music.

    Archuleta grew up in a very musically inclined family and listened to jazz, pop, rock and gospel music growing up. His diverse musical background is apparent in “No Matter How Far,” showing growth since the start of his career when he was displayed as more of a pop singer than a meaningful song-writer….”

    Click here for the rest of article:


  63. bebereader said


    Gladys is still working on her recap.


  64. cq#DA2014 said

    Thank you Bebereader and btw that should be breathlessly, oopsie..


  65. gladys1961 said

    When I met David on TV, American Idol, he hit me, I repeated like a karma:
    He is 17, he is 17, he is 17 years old.

    Today, five years later, I have a new phrase, another karma:
    He is a missionary, he is a missionary, he is a missionary.

    What will be the new phrase in 2014?
    He lives far away, he lives far away, he lives too far?

    And I guess a voice within me answer:
    There are planes, there are many planes, too many planes.

    No, I have no salvation.


  66. Still no luck Tawna! Will get some help and also get a review from somebody!! We hear you Gladys!!


  67. Dayzee said

    Oh Gladys! Is it possible you are enjoying your dilemma? Haha I know we all appreciate your sharing your endeavors with us.


  68. gladys1961 said

    I have finished my summary of devotional March 31 and I have published, I hope you enjoy it.
    Thanks for your patience.


  69. stenocruiser said

    Muchos gracias, Gladys, for your beautifully-written report. I am near tears at your description of David’s emotions while singing those words — it is obvious that his heart and soul are consumed with serving his Heavenly Father and his mission.
    We are blessed to be fans of such a fine young man and so fortunate to have you as a friend willing to share your experience with us. God bless you and God bless David.


  70. gladys1961 said

    I’m so sorry, the translator settings of my blog, it’s terrible, that I can not solve. But I just thank everyone who made ​​the effort to read this recap.

    thanks girls.


  71. Abrra said


    The menu drop down for Translate most likely is being blocked by browser security settings and/or anti virus software. It’s a matter of changing the security setting in one’s browser to allow the feature to work. It’s no one’s “fault”.

    Recently I had to abandon using Firefox because it was blocking videos. This was a disaster for me because it meant that Unplugged wasn’t working for me. I never found out what was blocking them so now I use Google Chrome. Everything is working great again. 🙂



  72. cq#DA2014 said

    I just hope someone is able to translate Glady’s blog. Thank you Gladys for the written summary.


  73. jans11 said

    Gladys, thank you so much for the emotional recap. I could “feel” myself right there with you. Ah, I hope and pray to be able to hear David sing those songs too. Those are the kind that he sings so beautiful and takes us with him. I am so glad that you have been able to go and see David and be our reporter! You are doing a fabulous job! ♥

    By the way, my translator works, so I could read it in English.

    One week down and only 51 left to go! 🙂



  74. bluesky4home said


    Hey! I loved your report, Gladys! I am so glad that I read Spanish just a little. I was able to go back and forth between the English and the Spanish words and pretty well figure it all out. ^_^ It did seem like sometimes the English words were opposite in meaning to the Spanish ones? Yes? No?

    But – whatever – !

    Thank you for funneling the spirit to us. Thank you for brushing by us with an echo, a tear, and a heart full of love. I could almost feel my arm beside yours as you sat there, and almost feel the seat underneath me as I held still, as still as a breath, to hear every possible sound, meaning and inflection of his voice.

    Thank you.



  75. bluesky4home said

    PS: I love how the day-counter shows over a year, the months listed add up to 12, and the sign says “11”.

    Cause really, it will be about six-nine months until we know the exact day anyway! ^_^ I love you guys!!!!


  76. gladys1961 said

    I received this message on my facebook, I really miss Mrs. and Mr. McKinley.

    Robert McKinley:
    Thank you for your blog. Wonderful to read. We miss you.


  77. cq#DA2014 said

    Got Gladys’ summary translated by bing…thank you so much for thinking of us Gladys once againg.


  78. angelofdja said

    Oh, thank you so much Gladys! I love reading your blog! I’m so happy for you! You must know my heart swelled with each word you wrote. David is blessed with great fans like you. I fully believe you were “meant” to have these Chilean experiences with Our David. I am so thankful you’ve shared each one with us here at The Voice!


  79. Angelica said


    Thank you so much for posting a recap of the devotional on your site. I came away feeling that you and everyone in that room were truly blessed. Though this time he only sang two songs, I gathered from your writing that they were intensely powerful and beautiful. What a sweet note from the McKinley’s. I hope you keep in touch with them as they seem to have genuinely fallen in love with you. I laughed at your description of President McArthur teasing you about him singing in David’s place! You are so generous and good to share with us. Thank you again. It just means the world to us who are so far away, to hear first hand that he is healthy and happy.


  80. Thank you Gladys for your beautiful recap of the devotional and posting the songs. What a Blessing. Glad you also heard from President and Mrs. McArthur.


  81. ronaleem said

    I’m always commenting way late, just before the thread changes. I had responded to Gladys on the previous thread, with a response which I think is relevant to the current discussion, so I am re-commenting with it here.

    “Gladys: Thank you for sharing your experience at the devotional. Thank you especially for sharing the song Sus Manos (His Hands), which I had never heard. It is beautiful and touching, both in Spanish and in English. David sings Christmas hymns with such joy, but I imagine reflecting on the Savior at Easter time evokes other emotions in him, and that he sang this song with reverence and deep feeling for Someone whom he knows, loves, and serves.”

    When Gladys said his voice broke during this song, I can see why. As Steno said in #69: “it is obvious that his heart and soul are consumed with serving his Heavenly Father and his mission.” That is the feeling I get as well. The more I learn about David and his character, the more I am in awe of him. What a tremendous example he sets for all of us!


  82. fenfan said

    Love the album and love your post Sky. I am listening with a new pair of Klipsch earbuds and he is sounding better than ever. It’s like he is singing inside my brain.
    I don’t know how this came about but Singapore radio is playing Don’t Run Away. I was listening to a pop radio station today while working out and I almost fell over when I heard “New on 98.7FM, David Archuleta Don’t Run Away.” Then they played about 3 seconds of the song. It was a trailer for new songs they were playing! I haven’t heard the full song yet but it does sound like they have added it to their playlist!
    Gladys – love your recap! You are the luckiest woman to have had the opportunity to hear David sing. The mission president sounds like a really fun guy!


  83. bebereader said


    Great to hear that “Don’t Run Away” will be playing on pop radio in Singapore! I hope and pray that happens more in other places around the world.


    Muchas gracias, mi amiga!
    Your recap was so inspiring! And your generosity in taking the time to remember all the details is greatly appreciated by all of us. I believe that your encounters in Chile and the anticipation of your subsequent recaps help to keep the fanbase together while we wait for David to come back home. I love the note you received from Mr. and Mrs. McKinley. It’s no surprise that you made quite an impression on them! 🙂

    11 more months!
    Rah rah!
    We can do this!


  84. bebereader said

    I love reading Masterclass Lady’s column.
    Here’s her newest one, on David’s “Be Still My Soul”.


  85. funfee said

    Gladys thank you so much for your beautiful blog! What an amazing experience that must have been. I’m so happy for you! Xx


  86. jans11 said

    76…Gladys, hearing from Pres. McKinley is super awesome! He and the Mrs. seem like such great people!

    84…MCL on BSMS is another great recap; love her loving David as we do! 🙂


  87. refnaf said

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us Gladys!!!
    and ((((((hugs)))))) to all


  88. betsy said

    Stuck on this tonight. ❤


  89. MT said

    Thanks so much for the great recap. I love hearing about your adventures.

    I hope I can return the favor when I get my turn to see David. 🙂


  90. MT said

    Thanks again for a fun post! I’m still imagining you with those HUGE headphones. LOL


  91. betsy said

    Hi MT, glad I’m not the only one up. 🙂
    Current status: I have entered the vortex and it’s spinning out of control, there is no help for me now.

    credit to 8throwcenter


  92. betsy said

    Ugh, that was supposed to be Little Drummer Boy.
    Spinning out of control and not even signed on to youtube (my playlist and favorites are not even available when I’m not signed on. Go figure)
    What is this sorcery lol.

    admin edit Abrra: I fixed it.


  93. Oh Gladys!♥♥♥ Thank you so much for sharing your blog…just beautiful! You are so special♥ This whole adventure you have been on, has really been just …amazing.

    82. Fen ahhhh, that’s what I want,David singing inside my brain.

    Bebe, I love reading Masterclass Lady’s column too. thanks for bringing it over♥


  94. skydancer1x said

    I’m up too! Hey Betsy and MT.haha I was just heading into the vortex me self!


  95. MT said

    haha It looks like the Vortex is taking over and choosing your music for you!


  96. gladys1961 said

    I’ve found a video where Rebecca Lopez sings the same song that David sang, “His hands.” She also gets excited (I could tell she almost breaks) about 3.40 minutes, like David,
    Just close your eyes and imagine the voice of David. (credit coeur 1919)


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    in the long run.


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