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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta – No Matter How Far, The Tracklist

Posted by djafan on Saturday, February 23, 2013


1. Nothing Else Better To Do

2. Everything And More

3. Don’t Run Away

4. Tell Me

5. Love Don’t Hate

6. Wait

7. Heart Falls Out

8. Notice Me

9. I’ll Never Go

10. Forevermore



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95 Responses to “David Archuleta – No Matter How Far, The Tracklist”

  1. djafan said

    Thank you Martha!!!

    Mlpb3 said

    Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 11:49 AM e
    TRACKLIST FROM NO MATTER HOW FAR – From Amazon site, bottom of page

     photo 736044347_zps1313cf16.jpg


  2. djafan said

    Kaycee said

    Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 12:35 PM e
    Woohoo for the track list! Can’t wait to hear the new ones!…and I love many of the “old ones” they chose to include!

    Ronaleem, I’m late to the party, but I loved your article. I always love hearing about the “David experiences” of others, as I am still trying to make sense of it myself!

    Loved this: “I think David is very open to God’s love, absorbs it, and reflects it back to anybody else who is receptive. David’s music carries this love to the willing listener.”

    Just wait until you hear him live–there is really nothing like it. So powerful…even videos can’t capture the emotion of the moment.


  3. djafan said

    Dayzee said

    Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 1:28 PM e
    Yayyy! Tracklist! This is the fun part. So excited! Makes me feel that CD is actually on its way, not just a dream. Better go check my mailbox. Oh wait. I guess leaked snippets come next, then the CD.

    My granddaughter is taking me to the symphony tonight. This will be my first visit back to Abravanel Hall where David made his stunning announcement in Dec. 2011. And then she mentions dinner where Jan, Heidijoy, Carol, Oddity and some other fans gathered after the annoucement. Of course my granddaughter has no idea of the depth of my emotions in regard to those places.

    The MGR from Stroudsberg just left me unable to breathe. I have seen that glow and it is so difficult to explain. Good job Abrra.

    Betsy’s Apopka sign demonstrates how David has taken over our world. Anything related in any way to David can make us smile. Any song he has ever sung, any venue he has ever attended, any shirt he ever wore, any group of words he has ever uttered. Lots of smiling going on. )))


  4. djafan said

    Angelica said

    Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 3:39 PM e
    Just got home to find TRACKLIST!!!! oh oh oh oh I got my wish for Nothing Else Better to Do!

    Love that calypso vibe and so fun and summery!


  5. djafan said

    Mlpb3 said

    Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 3:47 PM e
    Angelica – Calypso, yeah! I could really hear this song on the radio.


  6. djafan said

    MT said

    Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 4:13 PM e

    I love NEBTD, too. Such a cheery, fun song.

    And new songs!!!
    Can’t wait to hear I’ll Never Let Go and Heart Falls Out!!

    Next up? Snippets. Woohoo!!!


  7. djafan said

    Can I just say how pleased I am with the tracklist? I’m super excited!!!! Love the choices of songs not released here and can’t wait to hear the new ones!!!!!

    Wait is always been a favorite!!! Now the song and MV can be released here! And Forevermore? WOW. That’s my favorite just David video so far 🙂


  8. MT said

    Hmmm … wondering.

    Track #5: I’ll Never Let Go

    I was thinking it’s a new song but I wonder if this is a misprint and should read “I’ll Never Go”?

    I guess we’ll find out when the OS puts the official track list out.

    I love the Forevermore MV. I also really love the one for I’ll Never Go. The more I watch that one, the more I like it. I absolutely adore both songs and he is GORGEOUS in both videos. And the one for Rainbow, of course. 😀


  9. Abrra said

     photo 18a_zps11addc8b.jpg

    Click the link to go there



  10. betsy said

    Checking in from the south – Rona, I really enjoyed your article.
    Exciting tracklist news!
    Hi everybody. 🙂
    Just sitting here soaking up the warmth. I didn’t realize how necessary this break was.


  11. tawna21 said

    An interesting tracklist. How exciting to get new/never released music, previously released in the US, and released but not in the US music.

    I’m really excited at what David and Team Archie are able to do without Jive hanging over them! Now, to figure out how to get radio play for this album.



  12. poof said

    Everything and More! i get to go flying again! Tell me drops me in my tracks everytime. I am very excited about American ears hearing some of my favorites from dear David!


  13. Wow!

    Yes, yes and yes to the tracklist and “Nothing Else better To Do”

    Perfect… “Love that calypso vibe and so fun and summery!”

    We have almost made it to the one year mark, perhaps the hardest year for any true blue David fan.

    We will soon be in a panic that he is on his way home..well, a little exaggeration.

    There is so much to do before he gets home, haha. Well don’t ask me what, but there must be.



  14. Loulou said

    I can hardly wait for the CD !! Love Love love David !!! Such a careing guy !!!


  15. SandyBeaches said

    Now imagine sitting in your seat at a concert, David walks on to the stage for the first time in over two years…then he starts to sing “Nothing Else Better To Do”…no one sits for the rest of the concert…We become MIA if just for s short while…Maybe we will be in Westbury, a favourite place!! Fans are there all the way from TOfans/refnaf’s Toronto to Bebe’s and Mr. Bebe’s NY!!



  16. MT said

    “Now imagine sitting in your seat at a concert, David walks on to the stage for the first time in over two years…then he starts to sing “Nothing Else Better To Do”…” YES!! haha That gets my vote. 🙂

    The one year mark will be cause to celebrate. We’ll be half way there!


  17. djafan,

    What a good new to wake up to on Sunday morning 😀 thank you for letting us know the fantastic tracklist, so excited about the list, love all songs on there “Tell Me” is my fav on Forevermore, Love Don’t Hate also another fav 😀 Now if he perform NBTD we’ll be toast what a fun and cute song sung by the cutest 22 nooo 23 year old guy ever (by the time when he’s back)!!!

    Mt,SB, The seats/chairs shouldn’t be allowed in D venue they should engage a few medical teams on stand by at D every concert, just imagine how he’d look and sound in 2014 might get you a nervous breakdown !!! attend his first concert !!! people will drop like flies !!!


  18. bebereader said

    I’m so happy to see two new ones along with some old favorites that were not yet released here in the states! And NEBTD, love it love it love it! Such a happy song! Tell Me and Everything and More….THUD! When he performs these songs live, we’re going to get the full treatment! Get your survival skills in order that’s all I am gonna say and no more. Well Everything and I’m babbling…That’s what he does to me….gonna walk right off this comment…..oh so giddy


  19. YAAAAAY!! Love the tracklist♥ NEBTD I’m with ya’ll ,just love that song soooo much.and Love Don’t Hate, adore that one too.Really love them all.

    SB “There is so much to do before he gets home, haha. Well don’t ask me what, but there must be.”


  20. Suzy-Q said

    In my last letter to Elder Archuleta, I mentioned that he better rent a stadium for his first performance when he returns. I hope he does so that nobody will be disappointed.


  21. Hi Guys,

    I made an MV for Don’t Run Away, hope you all like it 😀


  22. jans11 said

    Poco, what a great video! Very emotional and well put together.
    Dayzee, hope your outing to Abravenal Hall and dinner was a happy one. I can imagine your emotions are in overdrive!
    Love all “old” songs on the tracklist! And I know I will love the new ones too! David can’t sing a bad song! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear them!


  23. betsy said

    You’re velvet on a red cupcake…


  24. fenfan said

    Sound a cello and a violin make…


  25. emmegirl14 said

    You put the rings around the moon….


  26. emmegirl14 said

    MT, I am so late commenting, but to say I loved your article is an understatement (an English major, it shows!) You completely nailed it, every word. This….. “It feels like it’s just being written as he’s singing it” ♥♥

    dja, thanks for the youtube link for Don’t Run Away, been playing it all morning. ♫ bum-bum-bum bum-bum ♪

    Ronaleem, thank you so much for sharing your beautifully touching story. He has a truly profound affect on people that is a gift to receive.
    “It pierced my heart and saturated my soul with music. I was filled with light and I felt like fire was shooting from my fingertips!”

    A live Nothing Else Better To Do, with that flirty charm……..oh my!

    ♪eh-eh-eh- eh-eh-eh eh-eh-eh♪


  27. Dayzee said

    Poco, your MV at #21 for DRA was beautiful. You have captured much of what that song means to me. Helping others and accepting help from others through our dark times. TY

    Track list has me giddy. So happy with all I see on there. And new songs to bedazzle me. Wheeee. Gee whiz, i love that guy.


  28. MT said

    Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    This …. “A live Nothing Else Better To Do, with that flirty charm……..oh my!”

    haha I can picture that in my head. I hope he sings that at my show. 🙂 He’ll be doing the pointing, the grinning, that little head shake he does. Yep, it’s gonna be “something” to see!!


  29. bebereader said

    And every single time I’m close to you


  30. djafan said


    “We have almost made it to the one year mark, perhaps the hardest year for any true blue David fan.” I’m surprised that as hard it has been there hasn’t been much down time, a good thing 🙂

    “We will soon be in a panic that he is on his way home..well, a little exaggeration.” Well maybe not so much. You have no idea how giddy and antsy I’ve been that March is upon us!!! The one year countdown begins!!

    “There is so much to do before he gets home, haha. Well don’t ask me what, but there must be.”
    Haha, visions of archies running around in circles have me laughing out loud.


  31. djafan said

    I’ve added a disclaimer to the the track list, “As Per” Amazon. I was on twitter this morning and seems that it’s not being considered as the “official” track list since not on David’s OS. I’m sure we’ll get the official announcement soon and if it’s different I will correct.

    There seems to be a difference of opinion among David fans regarding this list. Some say there are to many songs that have already been released and that fans have. I agree with, “the fans” have. That to me is key. We’ve been told that No Matter How Far will be physically in stores where casual fans, AI viewers, non computer users and the average person will see and increase the possibility of new listeners or spark interest in those that know of David from AI. The last CD I saw in a store (1) TOSOD in a local Target. I’ve searched for BEGIN high and low to no avail. So the average person doesn’t know any of the Forever, TOSOD regular and ATE songs. So I don’t have a problem with the list as is. These songs have videos that can be released here enhancing the song experience. I see this as a multi front plan; fans that only want the new songs can buy the individual songs, fans that buy anything and everything David puts out (like me) can buy the album, those that see the album in stores and remember David from AI, who have never heard any of the songs will possibly become new listeners. This to me is a well thought out plan with David not here. And the actual release is pending along with any promo associated with it.

    The way I see it everybody wins 🙂 All this of course IMO.


  32. jans11 said

    DJAfan, I agree with “I agree with, “the fans” have”. Maybe the fans have or heard most of these songs but others haven’t. It’s a good list of songs to entice the “non fans” 🙂 The tracklist is pretty much what I was expecting and I hope it’s right. Want to hear those new unheard songs! ♥


  33. Jan11, Dayzee and eveyone,
    Thanks for watching my vid, glad you like. Dayzee, ahh you see the song the way I do 😀 I see it as a message from D. that no matter hard your life is at that moment you’ll always have someone you can fall back on, be it family members, friends or even total strangers, the only thing you’d have to do is reach out, look for them and don’t give up hope !!

    I agree with you about the tracklist, tho there’re some old songs but those are the outstanding songs on each album(Tell me is a killer love song !!) that were not sold worldwide so there’re a lot of peeps who’ve never heard of em before, since they picked some of his best old songs and brand new songs to put in NMHF, it’s going to be a fantastice album for all types of fans, hard core-casual alike, smart move King Archie !! and Bravo to his team.


  34. Dayzee said

    Good David quote from COS in the upper left corner. Definitive explanation of the MGR of OHN in Stroudsburg.

    Dja I got a kick out of your line “fans that buy anything and everything David puts out. Haha. It’s a David thing? Here, take my money. And don’t ask me if the track list is good. Is it David? Then it’s just what I wanted.

    SB, I understand your feeling that we should be preparing for David’s return. What it is we should be doing I have no idea. I am thinking David will take care of that for us. He will tell us what he wants to do and we will support him.


  35. angelofdja said

    SB, Ha! Ha! I’m quite sure we should be preparing for David’s return! What that means could be as simple as saving our pennies/small change/dollars for the Tour of the Century! As long as his first concert is somewhere in the U.S. I will travel there! Hubby and I drove for days going to and from MOTAB! In a crazy blizzard the whole way home too! What we won’t do for a chance to see a live David concert! 😉

    Dja, I’ve seen those tweets from his fans. There seems to be conflict about his song choices for NMHF. IMHO these songs were smartly chosen given many here(U.S.) have never even heard them. Tell Me is one of my all time favorite love tunes and NEBTD is such a gem that everyone needs to hear!

    I wonder if sometimes we forget how busy David was before he left for his mission. It seemed he hadn’t slept for weeks. Who’da thunk he would know what we would need? Or that he would care enough to work so hard to please us? I am humbled and ever so appreciative.That’s why I spend as much time as I can promoting, tweeting, voting, and requesting his music. Then, I still ask myself what else can I do?
    Love that guy. Miss him too. Sigh.


  36. kaycee said

    It was great seeing such an emphasis on music last night at the Oscars. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see David up there one day?!

    I’ve been discovering some “new” David music lately. Not really…just listening to a few of the songs on the BEGIN album that I (sorry) usually skipped over. The original version of “Angels” was always too sad and forlorn to me, and the lead in to “Bridge Over Troubled Water” for some reason seemed a bit to “shmalzy” or cheesy to me, so I didn’t give the song a chance. Little did I know what I was missing! How could I have ever doubted “The Voice”?! Now I can’t stop listening to both of them! Boy, that young man can truly do magic to every song he touches! It’s no wonder it’s difficult to pigeon hole him to a certain category.

    Also with all the Kelly Clarkson, Clive Davis talk in the media, my ears were really perked yesterday as I listened to Good Place:

    “I’ve been silent up to now
    I’ve been going with the flow, wherever that goes
    But something’s screaming down inside
    Makes me want to close my eyes, and hear the echo

    It really makes you wonder about all the pressure David was feeling at that point. As much as I miss him, I’m glad he followed his heart and is having a break from all the pressures of the industry.


  37. djafan said

    Best Buy has the tracklist up: $9.99

    1. Don’t Runaway
    2. Everything and More
    3. Forevermore
    4. Heart Falls Out
    5. I’ll Never Go
    6. Love Don’t Hate
    7. Nothing Else Better to Do
    8. Notice Me
    9. Tell Me
    10. Wait

    I’ve added hyperlinks to preorder No Matter How Far below the tracklist in the article.

    I changed I’ll Never Let Go to I’ll Never Go and had already changed Don’t Runaway to Don’t Run Away 🙂

    Still waiting for the OS official announcement.

    Jans, “It’s a good list of songs to entice the “non fans” I agree.

    Poco, “tho there’re some old songs but those are the outstanding songs on each album(Tell me is a killer love song !!) that were not sold worldwide so there’re a lot of peeps who’ve never heard of em before,” Oh Tell Me kills me everytime. This is my thinking too.

    Angel, “MHO these songs were smartly chosen given many here(U.S.) have never even heard them. Tell Me is one of my all time favorite love tunes and NEBTD is such a gem that everyone needs to hear!” Yep! “Love that guy. Miss him too. Sigh.” I know, me too.

    Last day for the Ryan Seacrest poll!



  38. djafan said


    “I’ve been silent up to now
    I’ve been going with the flow, wherever that goes
    But something’s screaming down inside
    Makes me want to close my eyes, and hear the echo

    It really makes you wonder about all the pressure David was feeling at that point. As much as I miss him, I’m glad he followed his heart and is having a break from all the pressures of the industry.

    Ever since David made his announcement and knocked the wind right out of me I’ve gone back and listened, really listened to TOSOD. And I found for me anyways that the message was there all along, I shouldn’t have been so shocked :|. It breaks my heart just imagining all he had to endure.


  39. kaycee said

    I forgot to mention a fun tidbit! My daughter came home from school on Friday all excited and said, “You’ll never believe what I have to tell you.” Her great excitement made me laugh, and I said something about a good grade or a new crush. She said, “I’m serious, you’ll never believe it!” When I couldn’t guess her news, she exclaimed with great pride, “My good friend at school told me that her cousin is David Archuleta’s companion!”


  40. gladys1961 said

    The world is small, but if we look inside that smallness and see something shining, it sure is David.


  41. tawna21 said

    dja #38.. Ever since David made his announcement and knocked the wind right out of me I’ve gone back and listened, really listened to TOSOD. And I found for me anyways that the message was there all along, I shouldn’t have been so shocked . It breaks my heart just imagining all he had to endure.” This has been on my mind lately, also. We had no idea what he was going thru. He would allude to it a little here and there, but I was too caught up in the movement to recognize what he was really telling us.

    Poco, your video is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I like your take on it.


  42. djafan said

    Kaycee, What a small world 🙂


    “The world is small, but if we look inside that smallness and see something shining, it sure is David.”

    I feel his glow even when mentioning his name 🙂


    Yes, the alluding so obvious now. I’ve watched some of his blogs during that era and I see something different than the straight joy we were so used to seeing.



  43. djafan said

    It’s official!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    “No Matter How Far” In store March 26! Official tracklist and Pre-Order info now up—> (TeamArchie)

    More online ordering places!




  44. djafan said

    Quiet day here but twitter is all a twitter lol


  45. djafan said

    I’ve updated the order of the tracklist, NEBTD is 1st 🙂


  46. poof said

    Just torturing myself listening to “Tell Me” on youtube when I noticed this comment. “I just realized that you don’t listen to DA, you pull the music around you and wear it. What a great feeling!”

    I liked that.


  47. jans11 said

    Kaycee, that is one exciting tidbit! WOW! 🙂
    Also, I had always wondered what the words meant in “Good Place”. I know what they meant, but what they meant to David. After his announcement the words were plain as day! That little guy is nothing but a genious! ♥
    “Tell Me” has always been one of my favorites. The angst in his voice gets me every time!
    Poof….”you pull the music around you and wear it. What a great feeling!” It sure is. I feel all happy and it boosts my morale, like I can whip the whole world! lol Puts a big bounce in my step and a smile on my face! People wonder what keeps me going and feeling so young! One word….David! They usually don’t understand if I try and explain it, so I know they don’t have ODD! 🙂


  48. Angelica said

    Poof, I love that comment too. So true!

    Poco, beautiful video!

    Angelofdja, I feel the same way. So grateful for all his hard work before he left.

    Dja, you are as usual on top of things! Thanks for posting all the info on the album.

    Gladys, love the way you think and express your thoughts.

    Kaycee, that is awesome!

    SB, “There is so much to do before he gets home, haha. Well don’t ask me what, but there must be.” Yes, we will soon have to get hopping!  photo happy-guys-smiley-emoticon.gif


  49. kaycee said

    Love that comment too, Poof! If we all “wore” a little David music, “what a wonderful world this would be!”

    Angelica, just what I needed tonight to help me hop happily into bed! They remind me of when my four kids were small and it was bedtime!

    Even though I know most of the songs on the album, I am really excited to get my hands on it! The new song, NEBTD, the Matt Clayton pics (I’m assuming), and then all the great “oldies” off the Forevermore album…selfishly I would have loved to add a few more of the “non-sad” songs like “You are My Song”, “Reaching Out”, “Hold On”, or “Rainbow” (having recently gone through a divorce, those sad songs can really be killers!), but they are all “music to my ears” and that voice shines through and brings magic to even the sad songs.


  50. bebereader said

    Can’t wait for the new song, “Hearts Fall Out”; it’s worth the price of the whole CD!.

    While we could have been going through the driest drought this fandom has ever known for two years, David gave us 3 albums (so far). I can’t complain. 🙂

    I remember when he promised to have the three songs from TOSOD ATE released here and he kept his word! Now he can sing them at concerts in the US!

    And just imagine David Archuleta, The Voice, sitting on a bench onstage, lights low, with a spotlight on him, singing “Tell Me”.



  51. SandyBeaches said

    Yes we do know most of the songs but looking at it collectively, they have put together a great album, that most of the millions who listen to new music released in North America, have never heard! A super second exposure. That was a mouthful….

    I need your help, your suggestions…here is the story behind it as short as possible. There is a terrible division in our church that has been growing much worse for some time. I have known most of the people on both sides for several years. There are a few who feel the they have the power to dictate and want the minister to leave because he is community minded beyond their liking. They are letting class get in the way. I met with him and offered to speak this Sunday for 10 minutes. Five to speak and five to allow for a video on the big screen. I have been thinking for the last few days on what beautiful video of David’s could make them become glued to their seats, with visions of meanness wiped from their minds! I have searched YouTube for David’s videos. I wish that one had been done for “Be Still My Soul”, or “Bridge Over Troubled Water”…(that would be perfect!).

    Anyway, the minister is also a soloist and music is important to him. It is only because of David that I can even think that I can walk on up to the pulpit and talk about the ‘foundation’ of this church and its importance. I would love to have a video or slide show of David singing. One church member gave me tickets for the MOTAB’s Christmas concerts when David was the guest performer. Anyway, it is a critical week for the church and I will be keeping in mind what David just might say!!! I give CDs to the minister as they are released so David is no stranger. They know where I go when he is touring! David makes anything possible. I can’t just sit there and watch the destruction.



  52. SandyBeaches said

    Maybe they need “Zero Gravity”, that ‘s been known to get people’s attention! Just imagine!


  53. kaycee said

    Bebe, #50…”While we could have been going through the driest drought this fandom has ever known for two years, David gave us 3 albums (so far). I can’t complain. :)”

    Amen! Three albums! In one year! Just amazing, and so generous! “No Matter How Far” away he is right now we can still feel his love. This is so much more than I ever expected from David during his time away. He continues to amaze and surprise me, even in his absence.

    SB, #51…what a daunting responsibility. Reading your comments over the years, I know you are just the right person to tackle the challenge. David’s voice truly has healing capabilities and such an expression of peace–it would be a perfect companion to your words. Good luck!

    PS..Just pre-ordered my NMHF through Amazon! Woohoo!


  54. SandyBeaches said

    Kaycee, I hope I am not burying my head under the covers come Sunday night! A meeting there tonight, on going trouble.

    After all of our experiences and times together watching David, we just aren’t people too passive! He is a believer and a doer. I will remember to smile. No matter what you say, it is received much better with genuine smiles



  55. angelofdja said

    Don’t Run Away is on Chart Central! WOOT! We’ve been leading with Rainbow for 6 weeks! Time to get DRA up there too!


  56. SandyBeaches said

    To step back into the music world when he returns, the step is much shorter if he stays right out there. As nice as it is for us right now, more importantly David and his team are looking out for his future making certain there is a good one! I would be secondary to the continual album releases any day if it means he will be in the groove when he returns.



  57. djafan said


    These two came to mind. And yes we David fans are doers 🙂


  58. djafan said

    Angelofdja, Yay for six weeks! And lets add Don’t Run Away!

    Final round on Seacrest poll! Power vote!!!

    Be sure to check back Tuesday, March 5 to see who wins! Vote now!

     photo seacrestpollFutureAlbum_zpsa6b0a13b.jpg

    They have this gif up on the website 🙂
    David Archuleta
    Help David beat out the others by clicking here!
     photo seacrestpolltumblr_mda90wRXWJ1qc6i23o1_500_zpsb8bb4a49.gif


  59. djafan said

    Kentucky continues to spin Don’t Run Away! Go thank them and ask them to keep playing!

    Q102 WQXQ ‏@Q102Land

    And winnning on Asian Radio! Many radio stations are playing Don’t Run Away in other countries. Yesterday it premiered in Cairo!

    Fly FM ‏@FlyFM958
    Paramore lands on the #2 spot wit Now, so you’re champion is……… Archie aka David Archuleta! #FLY30 #FLYFMASOT600KL

    Leave a comment on the mothership!

    Alternate between Rainbow and Don’t Run Away every hour!

    Use all your emails and vote for Rainbow – David Archuleta!

    Request Don’t Run Away! I’ve been requesting on HAC and AC stations via twitter!


  60. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you djafan!! I would love to use “The Prayer” with Rebecca. The last recorded live song as I know it!! He looks so accomplished. I am guessing he had little time to prepare. Is it OK with his faux pas? I think I will minimize what I say to allow for two!!

    Any other ‘finds’ would be appreciated!!



  61. djafan said

    Everybody Hurts #2!!!

    Musiqtone voting for Everybody Hurts!


  62. The making of videos by the talented fans has slowed since David has been away, The songs can not be sung by David on stage which makes a huge difference, but the videos make the songs come to life. There isn’t much out there that has been done for the songs sung by anyone such as for “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “Broken”, “Be Still My Soul”. Artists where are you? They are like another dimention to his songs and that promotes the songs just as we see for “Don’t Run Away”. I wish that I had taken that video course so long ago!!



  63. SandyBeaches said

    My search continues…OK so here is my dream..”.Bridge Over troubled Water”…To me it was him saying that he is there for anyone even though he is away. There are so mnay pictures of David talking to people in the hospitals, senior’s homes, at the venues with people confined to wheel chairs and his humanitarian pictures such as in India and anywhere he has travelled. How about people of all ages where he tours? Can you imagine having those pictures, those lyrics go with the many pictures of David? Not only as promotion of David but also showing a young man doing all of that?…Ahhh, one can dream!! haha…

    I have until Sunday morning to come up with a dynamic video/slideshow that will maybe bridge the troubled water. I don’t think that I will show the congregation one that has him talking to the fans OR the fans doing their usual squeals…



  64. djafan said

    1 year left, 1.


  65. Dayzee said

    Kaycee, I was pleased to see you mention You are My Song. That was always one of my favorites and never heard it enough. I am hoping for lots of happy songs in 2014.

    SB, I can see you in the role of “peacemaker”. Seems like a position you would excel at. I feel your anxiety, but I remember David mentioning that a little nervousness made him better. My prayers are with you that you may make the difference you hope for.

    Dja, thanks for keeping us up on the music industry news. I cannot think of anything more interesting than reports of David.


  66. tawna21 said

    SB…. My sincere prayers that you will have a clear mind as to what you need to do to help the congregation in your church. What a daunting task, but I know you are the person to do it.


  67. Abrra said

     photo 21a_zps430a2244.jpg

    Click the link to go

    Abrra 395 days


  68. jans11 said

    SB…I really like your dream synopsis of “Bridge Over Trouble Water”. That would make a very good video and I think fitting for what you are trying to do. Alas, I am not computer savvy. My daughter does all kinds of videos, but not me. Two videos and a shorter talk from you sounds good too. David is a very good “salesman”! Knowing you, everything will turn out nicely.

    DJAfan, 1 year left, 1! 🙂 Even though it doesn’t seem like it’s been a year, the next year seems so far away! I will always remember him telling us that we will always be in his heart! ♥ He will always be in mine! 🙂

    We got another 10 inches of snow since last night, and another 2 or 3 expected overnight. Will be digging out again! 😦 Can’t wait for NMHF and spring to get here!


  69. SB.

    I made Bridge Over Troubled Water as an MV to promote “BEGIN” a while back, Is this what you’re looking for ?


  70. SB, here’s “BROKEN” by KnorrArchuleta, this vid won the contest on DAVN I believe, it’s so well done and powerful which match the lyrics and David’s vocal !!



  71. Dja,

    Thanks for all the links you posted make it much easier to do Archu duties and the vid @64 is so heartfelt, can’t help but have some tears in my eyes watching it, miss him.


  72. bebereader said

    Nandito Ako Chat about to start!


  73. trying to get back into chatroom for NA….


  74. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you pocoelsyforarchie…thank you they are great! I will be using at least one!! Also thank you to anyone who replied. I am all set!



  75. Angelica said

    Good luck SB and God be with you in your presentation. You are on an errand of angels.


  76. ronaleem said

    Poco: Loved your Bridge Over Troubled Water video, but the Broken video is pretty painful to watch.

    SB: I’ve been thinking about you hard since yesterday and about the challenge you are facing. What comes to my mind is the courage David has exhibited in his own life, particularly in honoring his beliefs. I think he stands as an excellent example to us–well to me, for sure. I wish you the best as you address your congregation. I know you are doing it in love, so make sure that love shines through!


  77. Abrra said

    I asked Gladys to translate the lyrics to Silent Night as sung by David and Rebecca at the devotional. She is a dear to oblige me. 🙂 This song begins at time stamp 5:50 on the video below.

    Alejandro Angulo

    Noche de luz, noche de paz,
    reina ya, gran solaz, do el niño, dormido está.
    Mensajero de Dios de verdad.
    Duerme niño en paz, duerme niño en paz.

    (Here begins the duet with Rebecca to the end of the song.)

    Noche de luz, noche de paz,
    al pastor mostrarás, luz celeste en gran plenitud,
    santos coros que cantan salud.
    Hoy nació el Señor,
    Hoy nació el Señor.

    Noche de luz, noche de paz.
    Ved la luz de su faz,
    es el alba de la redención.
    Dios por él nos dará salvación

    Oh bendito Jesús, Oh bendito Jesús,
    Oh bendito Jesús.

    These videos are gifts. Thank you Gladys for helping us to understand them even more.

    Abrra 394 days


  78. Thank you to Angelica and Ronaleem. It is hard to sit by and do nothing when such a situation exists and I have been as we say ‘blessed’ to have been around David and know of the situations that he faces sometimes. If it wasn’t for our experiences these last few years, I might very well just be sitting there watching the bad happen and feel that I couldn’t do anything. I have no fears because of him and I will present David and his music and speak about things…



  79. Dayzee said

    How nice for us that SB’s inquiries have brought so many of David’s most emotional, soulful videos to this thread. Thanks to Abrra, Poco and Djafan for posting them. That Be Still My Soul in Rexburg has a special place in my heart. And thanks to Gladys for her Silent Night translation. Thanks to Angelica for Nothing Else Better to Do to lighten our mood. I have played them all over and over.

    Waiting for some snippets 🙂


  80. djafan said

    Third spin in 24 hours and this last one in prime time!!!!

    Q102 WQXQ ‏@Q102Land

    1 hr Cindy #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie
    @Q102Land omgosh!!! tHANK YOU!!! YOU MADE MY DAY!! THAT’S TWICE TODAY!! WOOW @kariontour @E1Music @eOneEntDist dON’T RUN AWAY @DAVIDARCHIE


  81. djafan said

    If you a minute cast your vote!!! Great exposure!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Way to go Archies! He’s in the FINALS “Whose Album Are You Most Excited For?” Ends on 3/4 so lets get at it! … (KS)


  82. djafan said

    Anne-Marie Likoudis ‏@AnneMarieFOD
    @kariontour Hi Kari! Would it help to stream DRA on YT to help get radio play? Do PDs/stations look at the # of hits a song gets? Thanks!

    1 min Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @AnneMarieFOD working on something that might help!


  83. djafan said

    I love and miss him.

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @CADTHU @DavidArchie we all know he would never ask but I am for Team Archie asking for all to vote!


  84. djafan said



  85. gladys1961 said

    que paso dja, por que esa cara, o no entendi el twiter, ?????


  86. djafan said

    hola gladys, no nada no mas me acorde de todo lo que ha hecho y sigue haciendo David por sus fans y no puede creer que este en tercer lugar.


  87. Angelica said

    2nd place now Dja. 🙂


  88. jans11 said

    Just want to give a big shout out to all our wonderfully talented David fans here! 🙂

    I try to keep voting, but most of the time it says that my vote has already been counted. 😦 I’ll keep trying though, want David #1! ♥


  89. pocoelsy said

    SB, wishing you all the best and strangth for this “battle”

    ronaleem , thank you for your comment on BOTW, I love the original and David covered the song brilliantly 🙂 and yeah that Broken vid is just to painful to watch, she did a great job there.

    Abrra, Glady love the vid from Chile, wonder what’s next for David, it’s been a while since we heard from him the last time(from Chile) , wonder how he’s doing now hope he’s happy and heathy ❤


    Thanks for bringing those Tweets here so that Ryan poll is really important, I go VOTE now hehe.


  90. djafan said

    For those voting. Vote, clear cookies, refresh and vote, clear cookies, refresh and vote. I put in 100 votes this way.


  91. djafan said

    Angelica 🙂


  92. MT said

    Do you know how long the cooling off period is on that poll?

    It lets me put in about 75 votes then puts me in time out. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow. His numbers have climbed well since earlier today. Kari’s tweet must have helped.


  93. kaycee said

    Dja, I miss him too.

    Poll won’t let me vote anymore.

    I think I must be the only person in the whole fandom that didn’t realize that the title of the new album is taken from the new single, Don’t Run Away! I was listening today…and it finally registered, haha!

    “I’ll shine a light out in the dark, guide you here…no matter how far.”” Can’t believe I missed it! Better late than never! I do love the symbolism–he sure is a light in the world.


  94. Angelica said

    Kaycee, 🙂 He sure is.


  95. prd9601 said

    I can’t believe that they had been sitting on “Heart Falls Out” for such a long time. This sounds like a great song for today’s radio market and why it has not seen the light of day until now is just crazy. I think it should have been the lead single off this record sent to radio. I actually think it should have been included on TOSOD and been the lead single from that release.


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