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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Dear Elder Archuleta

Posted by ronaleem on Thursday, February 21, 2013


I wrote a letter to Elder Archuleta!

When I made my first comment on The Voice on January 9, explaining—or maybe I should say, exclaiming—my discovery of David, both Abrra and Dayzee urged me to write him a letter.  That was a novel thought.  David was brand new to me, I knew nothing about him, and I had no idea what I could even say.  I had never written a fan letter in my life, unless you count my letter to the Mattel Toy Company back in the late 1950’s thanking them for my Shirley Temple doll.  So, I’m thinking, are they serious about me writing him a letter?

I mulled it over for quite a while, and then during one of many sleepless nights, I started it.  False start.  So I mulled it over some more and got back to it about a week later.  This time it flowed pretty well.  I told him I wanted to thank him for sharing his singing talent with the world and for serving a mission.   Then like a good English major, I stuck to my two main points and kept it one page long.  How can one page adequately thank someone for the profound effect they’ve had on your life?

Three days before Christmas, I had only the vaguest idea who David Archuleta was.  Two days before Christmas, I became acquainted with him as I watched his performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Video credit MormonTabChoir

I was blindsided!  The music was so compelling I couldn’t stop listening!  When I could finally tear myself away from this Christmas concert, I found the Christmas concert from Chile and I was even more enraptured.  A glorious voice had suddenly shown up in my life.  It pierced my heart and saturated my soul with music.  I was filled with light and I felt like fire was shooting from my fingertips!

Video credit Alejandro Angulo

This glorious voice came from David, who was a most endearing young man in the first concert, and a humble missionary in the second.  In both concerts, he sang several songs celebrating the birth of Jesus.  What struck me forcefully was that he wasn’t just singing the words, but that he believed what he was singing.  His facial expressions, his emotion, his joy, and the power–and at the same time, the tenderness–of his voice, all revealed a devotion to God.  This is what drew me to him, because I had just had a spiritual reawakening after years of depression, sadness, and slogging through life at half-power.

So, in my letter, I told him how his singing had come at the end of a year of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for me.  In one dramatic and very sweet moment, his singing had cleared my heart of the remaining bits and pieces of junk that were still in there.  My heart had been healed and was now able to absorb light, and to give and to receive love.  I believe anyone or anything could have finished healing my heart.  But it was David who did it, and for that I am very grateful.

I thanked him for sharing his talent.  Although David sings to the world, he also sings to the individual, which is the reason I have had this marvelous experience for myself.  I have puzzled over what it is exactly that he gives the world.   It took me awhile, but I have an explanation that works for me–love.  As I was being healed spiritually and my heart was being opened, I was able to feel God’s love all around me.  I believe this love is always there, but we have to be open to receiving it.  I think David is very open to God’s love, absorbs it, and reflects it back to anybody else who is receptive.  David’s music carries this love to the willing listener, with all sorts of favorable outcomes.  In the past two months, I’ve read several accounts which are similar to mine.  Burdens of sadness, despair, loss, any number of difficult circumstances, are all made tolerable or even healed by David’s music.

I also thanked him for serving a mission.  My own healing has been facilitated by the love, concern, and teaching of several missionaries over the past year.  As these young men have taught me, I have had to marvel at their maturity, their commitment, and the pure love they have for others.  Based on my experience with them, I am able to imagine what Elder Archuleta’s life as a missionary is like.  I am fascinated by this aspect of him, because missionaries have become very dear to my newly tender heart.  I am positive Elder Archuleta is having an experience in personal growth that could not come in any other way.  I didn’t tell him this, but I am in awe of the person he is now, and even more in awe of the person he is becoming.   He will still be David when he returns, but a more refined and a deeper David.  I can’t wait to hear the music that will come from him then!

I mailed my letter at the very beginning of February.  If it got to Florida on time, it’s probably lost in a package of valentines and well-wishes for his new album.  I have seriously wondered if he would even read my letter, but I’ve been assured that he does try to read everything he gets.  That makes me feel sort of weird.  Here I am listening to his music as I write this, and he might actually read my letter!  I’m talking about the same person who, as a teenager, came in second on American Idol; who, as a sweet-faced young man, sings “Forevermore;” and who, as a very handsome young man, models in the Bench photo shoot (there are no words!).  This person is famous and known by millions of people all over the world.  I can’t fathom that he would actually handle the letter I handled—it’s too surreal.  But the missionary currently serving in Chile, yes, I could see him handling my letter, reading it, and appreciating where I’m coming from.

50 Responses to “Dear Elder Archuleta”

  1. MUNK_MA said

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think we can all relate to your feelings. David is a gift and for this I am grateful!


  2. Caitlin said

    Beautiful…thx for sharing:)


  3. “A glorious voice had suddenly shown up in my life. It pierced my heart and saturated my soul with music”.
    Just beautifully written, ronaleem ☺ We can all relate to your thoughts. I personally identify with a feeling of tremendous loss that has been soothed and made bearable by the VOICE and SPIRIT of this young man. Thank you for sharing with us. ❤


  4. bluesky said

    Ronaleem = A+

    That is all time will permit me. But I give it with all my heart.



  5. Carms said

    Love and enjoy reading this “Dear Elder Archuleta”. I know, there’s a million of reasons why he is loved by many around the world. Truly gifted, one of a kind artist.


  6. Thanks for sharing your experience Ronaleem 🙂 Welcome to our world. David always appreciates hearing how his music and persona affect people. I’ve always enjoyed hearing the experiences too. Even when he was on Idol, I remember a fan gathering stories from us and presented them to him in a Book. I was so moved by them and still am.
    I had an interesting response on twitter today. When someone in twitter universe says “Whatever happened to David Archuleta” I tweet them a response that he is on a mission and that he has new music and updates on and FB.
    I probably write up to 2 or 3 a day. One of the responses I got back today was “Thank you Heidi for welcoming us to the world of David Archuleta” to which I responded- My pleasure 🙂

    GCT DVD’s are now on sale for 2.99 at and COS is on sale for 4.99/ Stocked up for gifting and sharing with the Library.


  7. angelofdja said

    Dear Ronaleem, This connection we have to the artist David Archuleta is quite often beyond explanation!
    This: “A glorious voice had suddenly shown up in my life. It pierced my heart and saturated my soul with music”. Yup. That’s it. That happened to me too! Never looked back!
    Thanks so much for sharing what you wrote in your letter to David. It warms my heart to hear your David story. 😉


  8. violet4ever said

    Aww. Thank you for your beautiful and moving story. A long time ago, during and after David’s time on Idol, there was a whole website called David Is My Hero and it had similarly touching stories collected from so many people – stories from people who had felt relief or release through listening to David sing. The fan who collected the stories presented David with a 74-page book of the stories in 2009. I wish that site was still there. David’s voice brings me peace and hope, and his behavior taught me to be a kinder person.


  9. jans11 said

    Loved reading your post, Ronaleem! It is amazing what David’s music does for all of us and I’m so glad that you finally “discovered” him! Better late than never! 🙂
    It’s ironic that you write about writing to David. I have a card/letter here that is ready to go out with my paper “hug”! But we have about a foot of snow and probably no mail today since everything else is closed down including MCI! I send him a card every 2 or 3 wks, so if Kari isn’t sending out his mail but every other month, he will be getting multiples at the same time!
    They say that he does read everything he gets. During the AI concerts he wouldn’t go to bed until he read all his cards and letters. He is just an angel!


  10. sweetonDA said

    Ronaleen, thank you for sharing with us your feelings about David and some of your thoughts to him in your letter. I can verify that he does read every piece of mail he gets. Many of us have received hand written notes back from him. He is truly one of a kind! I’m sure he will read your letter and feel of your spirit through your written words. Who knows, one of these days, you may even receive a response back. I wouldn’t put it passed him if he feels the need to do it. That’s just the kind of guy he is!!! IMHO, your letter will be treasured with all the others he has received and held dear to his heart.


  11. mspoohbear said

    Thanks Ronaleem for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Believe that you’re not the only one experiencing this tremendous and unexplainable phenomena called DAVID ARCHULETA. It’s been a year now since I started following David and I still can’t find a possible explanation to why of all people (family, friends, acquaintances, even strangers), he can uplift me from despair in a single song. I believe you are right in saying that it is “LOVE”. The love he exudes is deep-rooted within his heart and soul that it projects an empowering force that embraces those who are willing to accept it. In my personal experience, it felt like a force field blanketed me and all the pain and sorrow in the world were not able to penetrate to harm me. I know to some, it is weird, but unless you’ve gone thru that experience, it is hard to understand.


  12. tawna21 said

    Ronaleem, your entire post is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    This >>>>>’ What struck me forcefully was that he wasn’t just singing the words, but that he believed what he was singing. His facial expressions, his emotion, his joy, and the power–and at the same time, the tenderness–of his voice, all revealed a devotion to God. This is what drew me to him,’…. is what has drawn all of us in. This is David.



  13. jans11 said

    I can verify that he does read al his cards and letters from a personal experience. Going to the VIP in SLC to his MKOC concert, in my note to him I had asked him if he would sign and send back a birthday card for my granddaughter. I explained that I had a granddaughter’s bd on 9-28, one on 10-28, one on 11-28 and his is on 12-28 and one on 1-28! Imagine my excitement when I got the card back! 🙂 It was really fun to give it to my granddaughter that turned 15 last yr. Everyone squeed when they seen it tacked up on her wall with her other DA things!! She just turned sweet 16 last month and will be 17 when David comes back.


  14. ronaleem said

    Thanks for all the kind comments!

    #1 and #5 Munk_MA and Carms: Yes! David is gifted and he is a gift.

    #2 Caitlin: I think we all benefit by sharing what we know. I’d still be stuck back at the Christmas concerts (not actually a bad place to be) with only my own observations and no one to talk to about them.

    #3 Ncgirlmarylee: “I personally identify with a feeling of tremendous loss that has been soothed and made bearable by the VOICE and SPIRIT of this young man.” God helps and heals us through other people. He must trust David exceedingly to give him that gift of healing.

    # 4 Bluesky: A+: Highest grade I’ve ever gotten in my life!

    #6 Heidjoy: Thanks for keeping the Twitter front covered!

    #7 Amgelofdja: That glorious voice got you too, huh?

    #8 Violet4ever: I wish I could have read all the stories on that website. I agree with you about wanting to be a better person because of David. He is a terrific role model.

    #9 Jans: Better late than never–that’s me! I’m just glad I’ve lived long enough to know I’m on the earth at the same David is on it! Sorry about your snow–maybe it will melt fast!

    #10 SweetonDA: Now you’ve got me hoping for a response! As for holding all those letters dear to his heart–I can see him manfully trying to hold them all, but there are so many that some keep falling to the floor. As he tries to gather those up, he drops others. He’s been given so much love, he can’t contain it!

    #11 Mspoohbear: I’ve been there, and I totally understand what you’re saying about being lifted from despair and being protected from further hurts.

    #12 Tawna21: “This is David.” How can one person do so many things right?


  15. Dayzee said

    I love your personal story Ronaleem. I love you for sharing your inner thoughts. Yes, there is no doubt that David will read your letter. I want to thank you for writing to David to tell him of the change he has made in your life. I feel he deserves to know how important he is to us. I love the picture you put in my head of David holding all those letters that represent our hearts (your reply to SweetonDA at #14). Are you familiar with Angelica’s picture of him gathering ribbons? It is an excellent portrayal of the attachment between David and his fans.

     photo daaaa_photo2_zpsf56505c1.jpg

    I appreciated you including the idea that David reflects a pure love for all of us to absorb. I feel that love is not given to an exclusive group of people, but is available for all who seek it. Mspoohbear explained so well about David being a shield for us against all pain and sorrow. Most of us here have been touched by David and wonder how we could possibly earn such a wonderful gift. I have given up trying to understand it and simply accept that I am extremely blessed.


  16. gladys1961 said

    Ronna, I feel identified with your article, David has changed my life, too. Now there is only one way of looking at life, look at the next day, how many adventures are the days to come, a lot, I think.
    David put his passion and flavor to my life. I have said before, it was a very lonely person, David change that.
    I do not need to find explanations why this happened, I just know what has happened. And that is a sufficient explanation.
    David is like the light that caresses every day of my life.
    Words can not describe how I feel every time I see it.
    Sometimes, I watched David from afar. It was lovely to see David, talking (in Spanish), gesticulating, hugging the other Elders, receiving gifts, giving his hand, and laugh, laugh at all times and all.
    For those little moments, those little miracles, David will always have my heart and my love.
    No explanations.


  17. Abrra said

    It’s nice that you told Elder Archuleta how his music has affected you. By reading what you wrote he will know that even though he is away, he has new people discovering his music.
    He does read every piece of mail. When he was on tour, his band mate said he would sit and go through all the bags of gifts and letters from fans one by one.

    I found this cute picture of a young girl who felt the same excitement as your grand daughter. Note that he printed his name beside his signature. Too funny!

     photo IMG_0191_zpsc0bcf0ad.jpg

    Abrra 400 days


  18. jans11 said

    She is a little doll! 🙂 And I know how she feels, haha. Think I was excited as her and I know I was more excited than my granddaughter! Just couldn’t believe it when I took the mail out of the mailbox! I knew what it was immediately and had this big grin on my face and was dancing all the way into the house! 🙂 Telling David “thank you, thank you”! Everytime I send him a card, I am thanking him in some way for everything he does. He is an angel watching out for all of us, trying to keep us happy while he’s gone!


  19. #16 Gladys Thank You for sharing your observations of David laughing, interacting, etc. It really makes me feel so good that you witnessed him so happy.

    Abrra, We connected with Melinda Doolittle last evening on twitter after hearing a gal sing My Funny Valentine. One of the gals posted the video you made of David with that song playing. Melinda says AW!! She of course gave props to the contestant who sang the song of course.


  20. Abrra said

    Oh Heidijoy I am glad she liked it 🙂 She sang it so well. I just had to use it .And I do love the slow mo hahha



  21. Angelica said


    Thank you for sharing so beautifully the light and love you’ve experienced from discovering David and the love of God again. I loved all of your article, but it was in reading the last paragraph, with the closing sentence, that I burst into tears. Because it suddenly struck me with such force that the celebrity known by millions is the same humble missionary who would take the time to read your letter. He has always been that person. That is the magic that goes beyond his voice and keeps us here.


  22. jans11 said

    Abrra, enjoyed the “My Funny Valentine” video! ♥ The slo-mo….awesome! 🙂 Melinda’s singing was very good!


  23. Ronaleem,

    What a lovely, heartwarming and well written article you wrote here, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us 🙂 . We all can relate to this, like others I also had given up a long time ago to find an explanation on why- how- what David does to us that make us love and admire him so much, I agree that “love” is it !! and the way he express it, so sincerely genuinely, his love touches us deeply 🙂

    I’ve never been fan to anyone before David, yes it’s weird and it’s been 5 years and it still is weird lol !!! but hey he’s not just any guy he’s The David Archuleta !!!


  24. Abbra 🙂


  25. goodkarmaseeker said

    Ronaleem, what a beautiful,articulate and moving article about how David has affected your life. After all these years (since Idol for me),
    he still (and always) moves me with such great joy when I see his face and hear his voice.
    Abraa #20, love it!!


  26. Abrra said

     photo 4a_zpsfdfa631e.jpg

    It is so good to see new posters add their thoughts. Thank you!

    Jan & Goodkarmaseeker ( miss you in chat!)
    Thanks! I was at that show in October 2009. It’s so nice when a fan makes the effort to give David flowers on stage. Melinda was one of my favorite singers before I saw David on Idol. I like Elliot Yamin as well. Both have a soulful style that stood out among all the other contestants.

    Betsy and her hubby are on a vacation in Florida. She is driving to Lakeland for a pre season Baseball game. She just texted me this picture. LOL
    I said ” Stalker!”
    Betsy ” I had no idea I’d see that sign, it was kinda cool!”

     photo c80b3de5-4225-47c0-9247-6983e1abe54b_zpse1b4d201.jpg

    Abrra 399 days


  27. djafan said

    Ronaleem, I love your letter to David.

    “I am positive Elder Archuleta is having an experience in personal growth that could not come in any other way. I didn’t tell him this, but I am in awe of the person he is now, and even more in awe of the person he is becoming. He will still be David when he returns, but a more refined and a deeper David. I can’t wait to hear the music that will come from him then!”

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Please keep sharing your beautiful writing!!!


  28. MT said

    What lovely thoughts you have shared. Thank you for sharing. David will appreciate knowing he has made a difference.

    I am one of those who is always trying to explain and understand why we are all still here after 5 years. But whether or not I understand it, I am glad I’m here. David and this place have made a difference in my life and I’m so happy to be a part of it all. ♥

    That picture of the little girl and the card is adorable. 🙂


  29. MT said

    Oh! And I’ve been reading around the sites and see that DRA has gotten some spins. IDK how many, but climbing a mountain starts with one small step so … here’s hoping DRA keeps climbing. Wouldn’t it be great if it made it to the top? 🙂


  30. MT Speaking of More Than Technique and Ronaleem the effect David’s music has on you and us…..
    You might be interested in the Article on Regarding Eva Cassidy who inspired David and us when we heard about her. Tofan took 40 days off for Lent but arranged to have past articles posted on her Site. It brought tears and chills to me.


  31. Blueberry Ice said

    Ronaleem; Not only will David be uplifted by your letter of love and gratitude but you’ve also reinforced wonderfully just what it is about David that has captured our hearts! I hope that there will be a continuous flood of mail for him, not to tie up his time but that it shows him the ongoing love, support and appreciation by worldwide fans who have been touched and inspired by his life and music.

    MT; Just had to say that your last post was absolutely on the money, perfectly and beautifully said! Yes, how remarkable is it that 5 years later we still have so much to talk about and better yet, the best is yet to come! 🙂

    Dayzee; Adding my belated wishes and hoping you had a great birthday!

    Poof; How special & beautiful it must have been to have done your daughter’s wedding flowers … congratulations!

    Nice to see all the twitter buzz for DRA! Keeping fingers crossed for a miracle to hear it played in my area … how about it Ryan Seacrest!


  32. bebereader said


    Thank you for sharing with us the letter you sent to Elder Archuleta about how he has affected your life. What makes this journey we are all on together most interesting is that we pick up new travelers along the way. We’re so happy you’ve joined us on this journey and it is a pleasure chatting with you on Tuesdays and Saturdays too. Most of us are five years ahead of you in terms of David’s music so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We love talking about our favorite subject. 🙂 The things that drew us to David when we first met him on Idol, like humility, earnestness, character and of course his voice are the same traits that draw in new fans today.

    I can certainly understand how you felt when you watched David sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on TV. His performance was nothing short of magnificent! Wasn’t he so regal in that tuxedo? He looked nothing like he seventeen year old we first saw on Idol. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend but there is a huge group of fans here who were at that very show you watched.

    I love what you said here and I totally agree:

    “I am positive Elder Archuleta is having an experience in personal growth that could not come in any other way. I didn’t tell him this, but I am in awe of the person he is now, and even more in awe of the person he is becoming. He will still be David when he returns, but a more refined and a deeper David. I can’t wait to hear the music that will come from him then!”

    It’s as if he’s ‘marinating’ for two years in Chile. When he comes back, I shudder to think of how much more intense and flavorful his music will be.


  33. MT said

    Thanks for bringing Tofan’s article to my attention. Eva Cassidy is a beautiful example of true artistry. She almost sounds like the female version of David. I can absolutely understand an audience, no matter the setting, being stunned into silence while listening to a voice that reaches out and touches your heart.♥

    Blueberry Ice, *waves*
    “The best is yet to come.” << Yes! and I can't wait to see what's in store. 🙂

    *Still waiting for that track list*


  34. ronaleem said

    I would like to make an observation about something I would not have thought of until last night.

    My introduction to David and the MoTab concert was on my laptop with $20 earbuds from Radio Shack. I’ve already mentioned how his music cleared my heart and filled my soul. I recently ordered the GCT dvd and watched it for the first time last night, on a wide-screen TV, listening with stereo headphones.

    It wasn’t until I saw this concert in a really BIG format that I realized the absolute power of David’s music! If I could be so affected watching and listening in a small format, it’s no wonder his music can bring about seeming miracles! Had my introduction to him been in this large format, I think the absolute beauty of it might have killed me! Well, not really, but it is a testament to his gift that it comes across so marvelously in whatever format is available.

    Also, the dvd has a sweet interview with him. He had actually thought it would be neat to be a member of the choir some day! Maybe that’s where we would have seen him if he hadn’t had the courage to follow his “gut feeling.” As I looked at him–so adorable!–I kept wondering if I was seeing his glow, or if it was the lighting. So many of you have told me he glows, but I’m afraid I can’t identify it yet. But I am looking critically now to see if I can see it.


  35. djafan said

    Request Don’t Run Away!!!



    Cathy Moriarty
    Let’s get SERIOUS about REQUESTING @DavidArchie’s “Don’t Run Away” & here are some suggestions:
    1. Go to this link & find the stations in your area that play HAC, AC & Pop:
    2. Use this link & you will see a playlist for requests, go down to the bottom right side of the page & there is a block where you can write in a song you want to request. Write in Don’t Run Away by David Archuleta, your name, in the message area write in a comment that you would like DRA to be added to their playlist, write in code # & then submit: (Where you see KBEE, write in your station call letters).
    3. You can also go to the station’s website & find out what their email address is and send the Program Manager an email about putting DRA on their playlist.
    4. Find them on twitter & tweet them your request


  36. ronaleem said

    Thanks again for all your kind comments. I have definitely gotten the message that David reads his mail!

    #13 + #18 Jans and #17 Abbra: Awww. David signs birthday cards for granddaughters and other little girls! How really loving and thoughtful of him!

    #15 Dayzee: I had never seen that picture with the ribbons. Can someone explain it to me? I am getting a stronger understanding of how he feels about his fans, and it seems to be a reciprocal relationship. When he says, “you guys,” he’s referring to his fans, right?

    #16 Gladys: My friend!! You are probably the only one here who has personally seen the missionary to whom I sent my letter! You’ve seen him in his environment, you’ve shaken his hand, you’ve given him treats, you’ve heard his laugh! You’re an eyewitness! Thank you for being our connection with Elder Archuleta!.

    #19 Heidijoy and #20 Abrra and #22 Jans: Thanks for bringing David as My Funny Valentine to our attention. This little video, like almost everything else, is still new to me.

    #21 Angelica: When I read that you burst into tears, I teared up myself! I’m so glad we can be open to the emotions that David inspires.

    #23 Pocoelsyforarchie (did I spell that right?) I can see that we are definitely on the same page about David, except for one thing. I have not given up on trying to find an explanation, like you and Gladys have done!


  37. djafan said


    I was lucky enough to have been there for the majestic GCT event. I drove 12 hours to Utah and 12 hours home through snow, rain and fog 🙂

    It is so hard to explain how his voice came at me from every angle in that enormous center. Everyone was in awe, incredible incredible incredible.


  38. ronaleem said


    Do you know how oblivious I was to David back then? You had to drive 12 hours to see him; I actually lived in Provo at that time–just an hour away! If I was even aware of this concert, I was so sour, weary, and cynical that I wouldn’t have gone even if someone had delivered me door to door in the utmost luxury! I’m sorry I missed the “majestic” and “incredible” event you witnessed. All the more reason to be grateful that my heart has been healed and that I can appreciate David now!


  39. MT said


    The picture in #15 of David with the ribbons is Angelica’s beautiful creation and represents the special bonds that have formed between so many of us. We not only feel the connection to David, but to each other.

    “We are all joined at the hearts, hearts tied with pretty ribbons that all lead back to David.”


  40. Angelica said

    Ronaleem #36,

    “I had never seen that picture with the ribbons. Can someone explain it to me? I am getting a stronger understanding of how he feels about his fans, and it seems to be a reciprocal relationship. When he says, “you guys,” he’s referring to his fans, right?”

    Yes, he is referring to his fans. You can read the original article written by MT by clicking on the link below.

    About the MOtab event. It was incredible and so many fans came by car or plane from all over the country and even from Hawaii, Germany, and Japan. You can read a recap of it on the link below. I wish you had been with us but I think the first concert when he returns will probably be in Utah and will be as big or bigger an event! I really hope you can join us for it!


  41. Abrra said

    ” So many of you have told me he glows, but I’m afraid I can’t identify it yet. But I am looking critically now to see if I can see it.”
    You can see his glow in situation where you realize it can’t be the available lighting. Usually those nearby look “normal” while David’s face appears lit from within.

    Back in 2009 I went to a show in Stroudsburg PA. The whole audience witnessed something that was nothing short of Divine. I guess there is something about the last line in Oh Holy Night that captures David and takes him to another place.

     photo fotoflexer_photo_zps7ef8f363.jpg

    I made a MGR video ( the same clip repeats over and over) of that moment. It was most dramatic in the live show, but you can see the moment where he leaves earth.

    This was a magical moment I had not witnessed before on any video. Thanks to jbfreak92 for catching this on film. I was at the show. David hit the high notes and the beams of Heavenly light enshrouded him. He seemed to disappear in the mist then emerge. I am sure he had a conversation with God in that moment. Chilling!

    When the house lights came up, most had a stunned,incredulous look on their face. Hand over the mouth and tears streaming from their eyes. Many got up to leave then turned to stare at the empty stage trying to understand what had just happened. David had made a connection and took us there with him.

    Notice in the clip that he is back lit, but his face still glows.

    You can see and hear the connection again in the Oh Holy Night he sang at the Christmas devotional.(In Chile) at 4:39-4:49 in this article.

    Abrra 398 days


  42. mlpb3 said

    TRACKLIST FROM NO MATTER HOW FAR – From Amazon site, bottom of page

     photo 736044347_zps1313cf16.jpg


  43. kaycee said

    Woohoo for the track list! Can’t wait to hear the new ones!…and I love many of the “old ones” they chose to include!

    Ronaleem, I’m late to the party, but I loved your article. I always love hearing about the “David experiences” of others, as I am still trying to make sense of it myself!

    Loved this: “I think David is very open to God’s love, absorbs it, and reflects it back to anybody else who is receptive. David’s music carries this love to the willing listener.”

    Just wait until you hear him live–there is really nothing like it. So powerful…even videos can’t capture the emotion of the moment.


  44. Dayzee said

    Yayyy! Tracklist! This is the fun part. So excited! Makes me feel that CD is actually on its way, not just a dream. Better go check my mailbox. Oh wait. I guess leaked snippets come next, then the CD.

    My granddaughter is taking me to the symphony tonight. This will be my first visit back to Abravanel Hall where David made his stunning announcement in Dec. 2011. And then she mentions dinner where Jan, Heidijoy, Carol, Oddity and some other fans gathered after the annoucement. Of course my granddaughter has no idea of the depth of my emotions in regard to those places.

    The MGR from Stroudsberg just left me unable to breathe. I have seen that glow and it is so difficult to explain. Good job Abrra.

    Betsy’s Apopka sign demonstrates how David has taken over our world. Anything related in any way to David can make us smile. Any song he has ever sung, any venue he has ever attended, any shirt he ever wore, any group of words he has ever uttered. Lots of smiling going on. 🙂 🙂 :))))


  45. Dayzee said

    Oh, I forgot food. Any food he has endorsed. Mangoes make me smile.


  46. 44. Have fun Dayzee and tell your Grandaughter hello!! Oh Dear What a time to meet us 🙂


  47. Angelica said

    Just got home to find TRACKLIST!!!! oh oh oh oh I got my wish for Nothing Else Better to Do!  photo EmoticonThanks.gif

    Love that calypso vibe and so fun and summery!


  48. mlpb3 said

    Angelica – Calypso, yeah! I could really hear this song on the radio.


  49. MT said


    I love NEBTD, too. Such a cheery, fun song. 🙂

    And new songs!!!
    Can’t wait to hear I’ll Never Let Go and Heart Falls Out!!

    Next up? Snippets. Woohoo!!!


  50. djafan said

    NEW THREAD >>>>>>>


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