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Happy Valentine’s Day ~ David Archuleta

Posted by betsy on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It’s here! It’s one of my favorite days of the year. What’s not to love about a holiday celebrating love? I’ve been told “Oh, no, you’re one of THOSE.” Yes I am. It’s the reason I chose to marry the love of my life on Valentine’s Day. Hearts, flowers, chocolates, poems, special weekends away – I am there for all of it.

Do you guys remember when David left us a singing Valentine message? This was 4 years ago, and it was the best thing.

Then 1 year ago. ❤

Have a great Valentine’s Day, everyone.



Wonderful Heartache ~ Jordan S. Hutchinson

35 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day ~ David Archuleta”

  1. jans11 said

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my David friends! ♥♥♥♥ Such a pretty heart surrounding David and a beautiful poem to go with it! Thank you, Betsy!

    I remember when David called me on my phone! Acted just like a teenager! haha 🙂 Don’t have it anymore since the phone broke and I had to get a new one.

    Mr. Sweetheart leaving us a message to love our loved ones! Love comes easy when David is around, he is so sweet, even though he is a “heartbreaker! 🙂

    I don’t have too much of a Valentine’s Day since my hubby passed. This may sound weird but 8 yrs ago on Valentine’s Day I had a hysterectomy! What a memory! But I’ve never felt better since! Hope you all have a wonderful day!! ♥♥♥♥


  2. kaycee said

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Voice friends! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

    Loved your poem, Betsy!


  3. bluebar said

    Just google-searched this sweet day, and oh, how my heart is warmed!!

    Here is a link to a long article on Valentine’s Day… in Chile!


  4. cq#DA2014 said

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


  5. bebereader said

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

    Happy Anniversary!
    Loved your Valentine sentiments. Reading the poem brought me back to how it feels to be at a VIP!

    Thanks for the info on Valentine’s Day in the romantic country of Chile! Chileans are such passionate people!

    Speaking of someone who is in Chile, David tweeted us this Valentine’s message and pic:

    David Archuleta‏@DavidArchie
    Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day (TeamArchie)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  6. Loulou said

    Every one have a wounderful day !!


  7. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Thanks Bluebar for the link to Chile article-shared it on Twitter. Also shared your wonderful Valentine’s Tribute Betsy 🙂 Happy Anniversary!!


  8. Happy Valentines Day ‘Ya’ll ‘
    Lovely post Betsy♥beautiful poem!
    Have a LOVEly day all!


  9. emifriend said

    Thanks Betsy! This put a smile on my face today :). Wishing all the Archielovers Faith, Hope and Love today!
    Emil (from Nashville)


  10. tawna21 said

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Thanks Betsy for the cute reminders of David 🙂 and Happy Anniversary to you!

    And Hellooo Emi (from Nashville:) )


  11. Abrra said

    I love everything about this post Betsy! From the top picture all the way down to the red and white poem. We’d share an anniversary if I was still married. haha I hope you and that guy you live with have a fun evening. 🙂 It was nice of the team to make us a Valentine of David. I got a kick out of folks on twitter speculating if he actually held the big heart.

     photo FotoFlexer_Animation_zpsc2ff20dd.gif

    Abrra 407 days


  12. Dayzee said

    Great poem and pics Betsy. I remember that fantastic phone call and the butterflies it gave me, but I lost it as Jan did. Very impressed that you could find it. TY

    Thinking about David telling me I should let my favorite people know how much I love them and I see their names appearing here. Love all of you dedicated David fans who faithfully contribute here, all of you who visit in Abrra’s kitchen (chat) on Saturday nights and spend Tuesdays with Bebe watching Nandito Ako, always finding something new to squeeee about. Appreciate all of you who give your love and support to David.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all my David family.


  13. Abrra said

    For those who want to have David’s message on your phone or just have an audio mp3 of it, I put it in the Candy Jar in the ringtone folder.

    Valentine’s Day David Message for iPhone.m4r

    Valentine’s Day David message Andriod.mp3



  14. betsy said

    You guys are so sweet! ♥ Thanks for all the lovely thoughts. Everyone is so nice here.
    I felt a little strange about sharing my anniversary so publicly, didn’t want the focus to be on that, but it felt weird not mentioning it! It’s such a great day!
    Thanks to Angelica for choosing such a great poem, thanks to you guys for the great picture up top. I love it. 🙂

    Abs, I never knew!

    We are staying in tonight. I’m not fond of going out to eat on Valentine’s Day as it’s just so crowded.
    We will cuddle up and watch a movie together. This is how I want to spend our anniversary. 🙂
    Have a great night, everyone.


  15. MT said

    Happy Anniversary, Betsy! Thanks for the wonderful Valentine’s Day post. Love the poem and the way the finger draws the heart around picture of David.

    ♥ I hope you all have a lovely, lovely Valentine’s Day. ♥


  16. jans11 said

    Betsy, Happy Anniversary! I try and cover all the main points of the posts and somehow overlooked the anniversary part! 🙂

    Thanks Abrra for David’s valentine message!! ♥♥


  17. Me too Jan!
    Soooooo “Happy Anniversary Betsy, and Mr. Betsy!!!♥♥♥

    oooh<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<chin dimple!


  18. djafan said

    Betsy!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Love the words, the pictures, all of it!

    What a sweetheart David is to have left us a Valentine greeting 😉

    Gosh I miss him 😦

    Happy Valentines to all of you!!!


  19. angelofdja said

    Betsy, I hope your anniversary was exactly what you wanted it to be! Sounds like a cozy and lovely way to enjoy your Valentines Day!

    I also had Davids valentine recording on an old phone! Thank you Abrra for addding it to the candy jar. 🙂

    Spent the morning making cupcakes with my daughter! Good times! We shared Valentine sweets with everyone from the gal at the gas station to the 2 boys who shovel sidewalks in the neighborhood. Everyone was very surprised when they tried the pop rock cupcakes that popped in their mouth when they reached the center! LOL What fun!

    I hope all you lovely folks had a wonderful Valentines Day. It sure is nice to know your all still here sharing all things David! Thanks much!


  20. emmegirl14 said

    David, you amaze!

    Happy Valentines Day to all!

    Happy Anniversary sweet Betsy!


  21. marlie7 said

    David is so sweet to have set up this Valentine greeting! ❤


  22. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends here at TheVoice ❤

    The top pic is just sooo beautiful and creative, lovely. Love the poem and happy anniversary Betsy 😀

    David and his big heart is so cute and squishable hehe.


  23. Angelica said

     photo 13-32-1.gif

    I hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine’s Day! Found this from Hanne of Denmark from the final idol tour show in Tulsa. Will I ever forget that cloudy, rainy day at the autograph line? sigh….he was beyond description. The hearts remind me of the red sparkly bag of chocolates I gave him that day and he gave me an autographed copy of my Be Still My Soul lyrics. He put on such an amazing show that night. I will never forget either, how my husband drove me the 9 and 1/2 hours there and stayed in the hotel while I attended the sold out show.

    Betsy, hope your anniversary was beautiful and thanks for submitting the heartfelt Valentine’s post. We will leave this thread up through Friday. I’d like to hear how the rest of you spent your Valentine’s Day! I know a lot of you were off-line as expected, spending time with that special someone. My sweetheart gave me jewelry and chocolates. A necklace with his birthstone, a ruby, and my birthstone, a sapphire and our names on a heart of gold. I’m so thankful for him and for David, who reminds us of how important it is to let the people you love in your life, know you love them. Like Betsy, I don’t like going out on Valentine’s or Mother’s day because the restaurants are too crowded, so we stayed at home and finished off an entire large pizza from a local Italian restaurant. Maybe it was the day or that I had my eyes dilated at the eye doctor and drove home with it legally blind, thankful I made it in one piece. Or maybe it was the company but it was the best pizza I ever ate.  photo emo60.gif

    Hope all of you know how much I love you too, because I do. You make waiting fun. ❤


  24. emmegirl14 said

    Can’t stop playing 2:56 to 3:34 Broken –
    “it doesn’t matter until we see broken lives heal” and then the chant, “ooooooooohhhhhh…”, with the drums in the background…..

    Replayed so many times my car now automatically stops and replays that part. 😉


  25. MT said

    Off topic, but I had to share.

    This morning hubby walks in to my office and says “Guess what?” I say “What?” He says “Monday is St. David’s Day!”

    haha Not sure how that all connected in his mind, but ok. LOLOL

    Is hubby catching my ODD, where everything reminds you of David? haha I think it might be contagious.


  26. Dayzee said

    MT, St. David’s Day sounds great to me. Something we celebrate 24/7/365 here.

    Angelica, congrats on such a nice Valentine’s day. Since my sweetie has been deceased for several years, I must buy my Valentine’s gift for myself. It’s never a surprise, but I always get exactly what I wanted. Actually, my grandchildren and coworkers were especially kind this year.

    The Valentine decorations from Betsy, Bebe, Abrra and Angelica on this thread are awesome. You were really showing off this time. Kudos to each of you.


  27. Abrra said

    Info on St. David’s Day



  28. tawna21 said

    My hubby ALWAYS gets me flowers for Valentine’s Day. But, this year was so fun! We stopped in at the local florist shop to pick up a balloon to take to the cemetary and put at his parents’ gravesite. He walked over to the cooler and started looking at the flowers already arranged, and asked me which one I wanted for myself, so I got to pick out my flowers this year! Then he was really sneaky and picked out one of the little free cards and wrote on it and put it in the pick that was stuck in the flowers. THEN I got to hold it all the way home and smell and admire it. Not so romantic, but so fun and off the cuff! Glad he’s mine!!! Yes, we got the balloon taken care of also. 🙂

    St. David’s Day? Do this call for a celebration?!!!!



  29. MT said

    Thanks for the interesting info. It looks like St. David’s Day is actually a pretty big celebration in Wales. Oh, and it’s celebrated on March 1st.

    Either hubby mentioned the wrong date or I remembered wrong cuz I was too busy laughing at hubby pointing out that David’s name is on our calendar. 🙂

    Dayzee & Tawna,
    LOL Celebration? Yep, we celebrate our David here every day. 😀


  30. Dayzee said

    So one of St. David’s miracles was that he caused the ground to rise beneath him so that people could see and hear him. Does this relate in some way to climbing up on a table and borrowing a megaphone? Perhaps.


  31. djafan said

    Kari Sellards‏@kariontour
    @suttygal @mlpb3 the single was “full serviced” meaning it was sent out to all Pop, Hot AC and AC stations in the country.

    Lets request see what happens! Make sure to find the radio stations in your area that play HAC, AC or pop & request “Don’t Run Away” on those stations:

    You can find US or international radio stations, their format, site link

    Don’t Run Away for sale on Amazon!!!!!


  32. djafan said

    Here’s a search with the results of AC radio stations in the country.


  33. MT said

    30. Dayzee, … LOL 🙂

    Thanks for that link. Time to request!!


  34. bebereader said

    Been tweeting my local AC and HAC radio stations tonight with a simple:

    TheVoiceDA ‏@TheVoiceDA

    @1007WHUD Can you please play “Don’t Run Away” by David Archuleta? Many thanks!


  35. SandyBeaches said

    Has anyone heard David’s single DRA on the radio yet??? It would be good to hear where it is being played!!



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