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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Posted by djafan on Thursday, February 7, 2013


credit Matt Clayton

Kochrecords from eOne Music

(#1 Independent Record Label!!)

uploads the single “Don’t Run Away” from David Archuleta’s new album “No Matter How Far” on youtube!

It looks beautiful on their channel!



Don’t Run Away lyrics

When something’s wrong
And too much to handle
Try to find some peace of mind
Let it go.
Wait a minute, you know this road
It’s gonna leave you on overload


‘Cause somebody cares, yeah

I can see you hurting (turn around)
I will be right there
Don’t run away (x3)
When I reach out to you, look around
I will be right here
Don’t run away (x3)


Don’t make a sound
I’ll be your voice
You don’t need to be afraid
I’ll shine a light out in the dark
Guide you here no matter how far

Ooooohhh, yeah

‘Cause somebody cares, oh yeah

I can see you hurting, (turn around)
I will be right there
Don’t run away (x3)
When I reach out to you, look around
I will be right here
Don’t run away (x3)

Open up
Let it all out tonight, yeah
Open up
And everything will be alright

I can see you hurting, (turn around)
I will be right there
Don’t run away (x3)
When I reach out to you, look around
I will be right here
Don’t run away (x3)

(Layered vocals of these words)
Oh, away, away, away, away, away
Turn around
Don’t run away
Don’t run away
I’ll be right here


credit Abrra for lyrics

I have no idea what their strategy is but I’m loving what they’re doing so far.

David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

Check out the new single “Don’t Run Away” from the upcoming album “No Matter How Far” releasing 3/26 on @E1Music … (KS)

 Retweeted by eOne Music

eOne Music ‏@E1Music

New album from @davidarchie “NO MATTER HOW FAR,” being released MARCH 26, 2013 more info here —>

eOne Distribution ‏@eOneEntDist

Check out the new single from @DavidArchie called “Don’t Run Away”. New album set to drop 3/26 on @E1Music …

INVADE???!!!!  Like the sound of that.

eOneMusicCanada ‏@eOneMusicCanada

 It has come to our attention that David Archuleta fans are the real deal! Talented artist, tremendous fanbase

0hPastel ‏@pastelpastel

@eOneMusicCanada Just a reflection of the artist we are committed to support. And let us know how WE can help you!

eOneMusicCanada ‏@eOneMusicCanada

@pastelpastel We need time to plan out where we want to invade! Haha

betsy jane ‏@betsyjane25

@kariontour @DavidArchie I was wondering when Don’t Run Away was recorded. The finished version. (I love it, btw) :)

Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour

@betsyjane25 @DavidArchie He & the Nexus wrote it & laid his vocals in April/May 2010. Then Nexus team cleaned up the production for NMHF

betsy jane ‏@betsyjane25

@kariontour @DavidArchie Thanks Kari, I am SO loving it. The voice of melted dark chocolate lol. Great job by Nexus. :)


  1. ronaleem said

    Powerful voice, sweet lyrics, loving emotion. David shows love through his singing!


  2. sweetonda said

    Dja, thanks for all the info. I’m loving everything they are doing with this single and the album promo. It’s a lot more than we got from Jive IMO.

    I love the single cover art too. Matt Clayton FTW!

    Have a great day everyone! I’ll be having youtube on repeat whenever I’m home.


  3. tawna21 said

    djafan >>>, ‘I have no idea what their strategy is but I’m loving what they’re doing so far.’ ME TOO!! (yes, I’m shouting 🙂 ). At first it was a real smack right upside the head to realize that we were getting new music. And not just an EP single, but a whole freakin’ album! Then the surprise of that settled into my heart (same place that all things David settle) and I’ve been overwhelmed at the very thoughts of what he actually did for us. Love = Love! We love him = he loves us! We provide for his needs = he provides for our needs! What a cycle, or spiral as Abrra once pointed out, to be in!! I’ll stay in it without a doubt. ♥♪♥♫ Yes I Will!

    Abrra— the top picture!?! Duh-anngg! Beautiful!! Thank you!


  4. bebereader said

    Smart move by the label!
    There are times when exposing a song, especially by an artist who has been “away” for a length of time is more important to a label than worrying about illegal downloads.

    By the way, I love the song! David’s vocals are magnificent!

    And I love eOne Music already!


  5. tawna21 said

    I forgot how to set YouTube on repeat. 😦 Refresher course anyone? I know it’s easy I just can’t remember (age related). 🙂

    Off topic….. lots of hugs and prayers for all of you Eastern’rs ♥ Take care and hold on tight (could be the ride of your life). Seriously, you are in my prayers.


  6. djafan said

    Bringing these over.

    Marlie7 said

    Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 12:03 PM e
    Matt Clayton captures David in ways that are just…. lord help us!

    Fenfan said

    Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 12:44 PM e
    He is posing like a model in that Don’t Run Away pic. OMG!!!! It is perfect. I need to look at it again. And again. And again………!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so excited people!!!!!

    Please view view view to get those numbers up!!!!!!!


  7. sweetonda said

    Tawna, just put the word repeat after youtube in the URL of the website, then refresh. At least that’s what I do, but using this repeat method doesn’t count for views. You would have to just keep refreshing for each view to count.


  8. sweetonda said

    OMG, with all the excitement about this single, I forgot about the storm on the east coast. I second what Tawna, “Off topic….. lots of hugs and prayers for all of you Eastern’rs ♥ Take care and hold on tight (could be the ride of your life). Seriously, you are in my prayers.” May you all be kept safe from harm.

    “Matt Clayton captures David in ways that are just…. lord help us!”

    Amen to that sister!


  9. Madeline Alvarez said

    Kari, you are doing such a fantastic job for David…..I love it. THANKS SO MUCH. Madeline


  10. djafan said

    David Archuleta snippet of Running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MarthaPB ‏@mlpb3
    @Kariontour Did you see this? David Archuleta snippet of Running: via @youtube @davidarchie

    Published on Feb 7, 2013
    As captured this morning. An intro to an upcoming segment on young runners and long distance running on T O D A Y. You can clearly hear David’s Running. Only 12 seconds. Thanks to @carspn for letting me know.


  11. rooster said

    davids song running was back ground music for a segement on the today show ,pleas some one come pick me up off the floor ,just love this mangement and lable WEEEEEEE


  12. MT said

    Thanks for putting it all together for us. Loving this new label!! They are really working hard to get David’s name and music out there.

    “Smart move by the label! There are times when exposing a song, especially by an artist who has been “away” for a length of time is more important to a label than worrying about illegal downloads.” I agree.

    It makes you wonder if this label is not just for this release. The things they are doing could be their way of working on this with long term benefits for their artist in mind rather than immediate profits for this one album. If that’s the case, I am loving eOne for having a vision that provides for long term benefits for David and provides an avenue for his return.

    And I’ll repeat what I said on the last thread … Now THAT’s a cover photo! 😀 Bless you Matt Clayton.

    Like Fenfan, I will have to look at it again… and again. lol Good grief, it’s gorgeous!

    I am predicting a very bright future for David, and for us. 😉


  13. tawna21 said

    Thanks sweetonda for the repeat info. However, I guess I will keep the refresh going to make it count 🙂

    I am so in awe of the single cover picture. My gosh! Who is that Man!?! This one just stops me dead in my tracks!

    Rooster, I’ll see if I can crawl over to help you up of the floor. Maybe together we can stand again. 🙂

    dja.. snippet… sounds (quiet as they are) we love to hear that’s for sure!

    Madeline, whatever would we do without ‘Kari the Amazing’



  14. MT said

    Wow, watching the weather channel and hearing the new of the snowstorm!

    Thinking of all of our North East Archies, please take care. ♥ Hoping you all stay safe and warm.


  15. Abrra said

    I have a target on my back 😉

     photo target-official-sponsor-of-tott_zpse823ddf6.jpg

    They are calling it Winter Storm NEMO.

    Blizzard Warning

    355 PM EST THU FEB 7 2013









  16. Sweetonda…I was thinking about you today and wondering how warm it must be in Arizona. I would love to be visiting you right now! Tomorrow it is going to be -27 C. When the US east coast and Ontario is finished with their storms, they will be joining forces to become a powerful Nor’easter for us.

    “A low pressure system currently affecting Ontario will merge with an east coast low near Cape Hatteras to form a powerful Nor’easter for the weekend,” says Gina Ressler, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. Up to 40 cm of snow for Nova Scotia.

    “Strong northeast winds gusting up to 90 km/h will result in blowing snow and reduced visibilities,” says Ressler. “Strong winds will also create breaking waves and high surf along the north-facing shorelines.”

    Ressler adds that this will be a “high impact event”, not just for Atlantic Canada, but for the US eastern seaboard as well.

    My igloo needs the heat turned up!



  17. MT said

    You need to take down that target!!!

    Seriously though, take care.

    You too.

    Hope you both, and anyone else in Nemo’s path, stay warm and snug at home.


  18. bluesky said


    You. take. care. of. yourself.

    That is all.


  19. betsy said

    That is really a beautiful picture of David.
    I would love to see it minus the graphics!

    Abs, Bebe, SB, everyone up there, stay warm and go nowhere!

    I am waiting on our storm and it keeps getting delayed. I just wish it was done and over. I was so happy it was supposed to begin earlier today (day off) and be done in the morning, making travel to work easier. It still hasn’t started. 😦

    I am turning into the biggest worrier lately. Must be the getting older thing?


  20. wow.SB,Abs,Bebe…here’s hoping the storm moves through quickly, for you guys. I heard they are wanting traffic off the road early tomorrow… that was a smart move.Please be careful all of you.

    Betsy…where are you I forgot. geesh, talk about getting the older thing!

    off now to listen to David.♥


  21. sweetonda said

    SB, this is the best time of the year for us, mild 70″s. I’ve lived in areas with lots of storms and snow and I’ll take this weather any day, but the summers here are murder.

    My prayers are with all of you who are awaiting these storms.


  22. Andre said

    Hello, the voice team.
    Long time I haven’t posted any comment, video or something related to David.

    This time around I’d like to share an interview not related to David but to Lazaro. You may wonder why am I not posting David-related stuff considering this is only dedicated to and devoted to him.

    Anyway, I will post it down below this message. The reason why I’m doing this is since day 1 Lazaro chose (Bridge over troubled water) for the audition and his second solo audition song choice (Angels).
    I’ve come to realize both David Archuleta and Lazaro have almost the same taste in music,
    I don’t know but I think in Lazaro we can see somebody we can contact via twitter to ask him (if possible) to sing a David’s original song, of course (if he makes it to the top). It’s something I’ve been planning on doing along with Gladys.

    I need to know who’s interested in this.

    The interview is in spanish but It has the captions in English.


  23. Andre said

    My purpose is to remind people of David through this Cuban born guy. Some may think it’s a good idea, some may not cause we don’t still know how further he will go in the competition.

    Thank you for reading.


  24. jans11 said

    DJA, I am absolutely thrilled with Davids new song, new album, new record label!!! ♥♥♥ Sounds like everyone is jumping in there and doing everything they can for David. This has had to be in the making for a while and I am so happy for David! I hope and pray that some day I will get to see David at the Grammy’s to receive rewards that he so deserves from working so hard. If this yr is starting out this way, it will be over before we know it and we will be getting to see our guy again!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Andre, thank you for the interview with Lazaro. It didn’t show the English subtitles for me, but I enjoyed watching it anyway. He is my favorite on AI this yr, and I hope that he goes far. It’s a very brave thing to sing for the world when he can’t even talk well. Seems a lot like David, a sweet and caring person. He is very special, but he will never take David’s place to me. So far, so good, he’s passed in both the Hollywood auditions! But they cut 8 more guys next week, but I think he will stay. ♥


  25. jans11 said

    Stay safe and sound you all on the east coast! That’s going to be a humdinger! WOW! Hope your power doesn’t go out so at least you’ll have your computer with David!

    I finally joined the human race again today and just in time for all the things going on the next 3 days. God is good!! 🙂


  26. Abrra said

    Now that we have all learned OHN in Spanish. Lets try The Prayer?

    Alejandro Angulo

    The Prayer lyrics

    I pray you’ll be our eyes,
    and watch us where we go
    And help us to be wise,
    in times when we don’t know
    Let this be our prayer,
    when we lose our way
    Lead us to the place,
    guide us with your grace
    To a place where we’ll be safe.

    La luce che tu dai
    I pray we’ll find your light
    Nel cuore resterà
    And hold it in our hearts
    A ricordarci che
    When stars go out each night
    L’eterna stella sei
    Nella mia preghiera
    Let this be our prayer
    Quanta fede c’è
    When shadows fill our day
    Lead us to a place
    Guide us with your grace
    Give us faith so we’ll be safe

    Sognamo un mondo senza più violenza
    Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza
    Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino
    Simbolo di pace e di fraternità

    La forza che ci dia
    We ask that life be kind
    È il desiderio che
    And hold it in our heart
    Ognuno trovi amor
    We hope each soul will find
    Intorno e dentro a sè
    Another soul to love
    Let this be our prayer
    Let this be our prayer
    Just like every child
    Just like every child

    Need to find a place,
    guide us with your grace
    Give us faith so we’ll be safe
    E la fede che
    Hai acceso in noi
    Sento che ci salverà

    by David Foster and Carol Bayer Sager.

    Abrra 413 days


  27. “The Prayer” is amazing and has been sung by the finest singers. I would love to see David sing it with someone who is standing next to him another time. Maybe it will be “Hello Celine, yes I would love to sing that duet with you in Paris”! I would be going to Paris…

    Anyway what is coming is not as devastating as a tornado, or a sunami…just an historic storm they are saying. Watching out for the birds and animals, taking bread with peanut butter to the feeders and extra food from their freezers, is part of what many people will be doing thankfully. They have to live in such difficult conditions.

    I have been waiting for the solitude of February to sit and write so here goes!



  28. Andre said

    for # 24 jans11.

    to watch it with the captions, you rather watch the video directly on Youtube and then on the right side at the bottom of the youtube player you will find 6 icons, you click on the left, wait for some few options to load and then choose “English” and that’s it.


  29. MT said

    OMG! Have you guys seen this? David’s ACTUAL shirt!!

    JR’s new incentive for voting. You can check out the details on TDC.

    ” Upon reaching 1.25M” … “Want to own the last shirt @DavidArchie wore during Nandito Ako Final episode?” … “Kite-flying” shirt will be up for grabs”


  30. Thanks Abrra for the Translation and Video “The Prayer” So beautiful and breathtaking. Stay safe 🙂 Loving Don’t Run Away.


  31. Grazie! Abrra ♥ gahhh… been listening on repeat this morning.So incredibly beautiful.How lucky were we to have been privy to this performance. Who knew? who ever dreamed?♥♥♥
    Don’t Run Away……
    Never in a million years David. N e v e r.


  32. rose said

    I love “The Prayer”, a little sorry David goofed up, but still great and he was so cute about it.

    Just want to mention that I buy 4 of all of David’s albums, 1 for the house and 1 for each vehicle. Yes, I could make my own copies but I’m more than happy to pay for them all and do my part to making David successful. I figure the higher his sales the more likely he’ll be asked to make appearances on TV shows where he’ll get more exposure and hopefully become even more famous. Really hope that will happen when he returns.


  33. Rose- I may be weird but the little goof to me was precious and David recovered so well 🙂 It was actually my favorite part.


  34. Abrra said

    Playing on YouTube a bit and found this capture of Foxwoods CFTH concert. The banter 🙂 The sound is great and there is the surprise interview just off stage at the end.


    Of course I had to put something in the Candy Jar. It’s audio only. The video is too large to upload for my account.

    CFTH Billboard Live Concert(FULL) 2009.mp3



  35. MT said


    Don’t have time to watch it all this morning, but I can see what I’ll be spending an hour an a half doing tonight. 😀


  36. Andre said

    Jans11 I agree, they look like each other but David is my number 1 🙂 and Lazaro is my favorite by far of this season. He seems to be a nice guy and the fact he is in front of the cameras sharing his talent and story not only in the US but all over the world is just an act of bravery and perseverance. I’m planning on making him sing a @DavidArchie’s song. But I don’t know if I will get support Archie’s support for this.

    Abrra thanks for finding and posting the video.


  37. bebereader said

    Thanks for all the good wishes. My area is supposed to get hit with 12 inches of snow and freezing rain by the end of the storm. The roads are just now starting to get slick and snow is falling steadily. All schools are closed but stores are open and busy. I’m praying for no power outages.

    SB#27 “I have been waiting for the solitude of February to sit and write so here goes!” <<< WTG!

    Click here to sign a group Valentine's Day card for Kari Sellards, started by suttygal, to be delivered at 8:00am Central on February 14.


  38. Dayzee said

    Abrra, thanks for “The Prayer”. It is so beautiful. Especially the David parts. Hoping to catch that Foxwood’s vid tonight.

    Good to see Jan is back to her sassy self.


  39. Abrra said

    The weather is moving very fast now. Heavy, wet snow is beginning to pile up. It looks like 8″ so far. Power outages are moving up the coast from southern RI. I had hoped it would hold off more towards the overnight hours. I was going to have our Unplugged night tonight because I am 99% sure there will be no power when I wake up Saturday. The way things are now, it’s doubtful that I will be online tonight or tomorrow. I encourage you all to show up and chat on Saturday night if you like. David always shows up. 😉

    Here is the screamcap I was going to use. It’s too pretty to waste.

     photo 5-1_zpsa798fc2f.jpg

    Here is the link for those that need it

    I’ll check in The Voice from my phone, if I can’t get online.

    Have a safe weekend!



  40. jans11 said

    Andre, thanks for the tip on youtube. As far as Lazaro singing David’s songs, I’m not really fond of the idea because people might think that we are trying to make him into another David and we are not. There will never be another David and whatever David sings, he owns! If Lazaro happens to sing a David song, I wouldn’t care, especially since he already has, that’s ok. But I wouldn’t want it to be a planned thing, whatever you mean by that. This is my own personal opinion. 🙂

    Dayzee… 🙂

    Abrra, Love The Prayer so much! And I agree with Heidijoy. His forgetting those few words was so cute! Such an endearing smile! ♥

    Abrra and SB stay safe.


  41. germanyet said

    Hey fans of David, Let’s give it one more try and see if we can’t POWER VOTE for David in the polldaddy poll at 11:00 am EST. I understand it saturates David’s timeline but sometimes we need to take the bad with the good. Think of all the tweets we were saturated by from the philipines about NA, concerts, pictures, videos…..

    Jackryan and the other pinoys have come through for us everytime and they more than us know how much David deserves this award. So if you feel we should support them by helping them vote then great. If not, then just ignore this post! No tomatoes are appreciated! 🙂


  42. betsy said

    I hope everyone is fairing well in the East. I know some of you have lost power and hope somehow you are staying warm.

    I just found another hilarious old tweet, one I really don’t remember. It’s from back when David went to Manila with Cook. It is maybe the most random thing ever lol. I am dying over it.
    May 14 2009
    Whenever I see Hugh Jackman I always think it’s Michael Johns at first.. It gets me about every time. I’m going to explode from breakfast. 15 minutes ago from web

    My last comment didn’t exactly make sense how I phrased it…. oh well haha. Today is filled with interviews. Starting pretty soon. 12 minutes ago from web .


  43. MT said

    It is such a pleasure every time I load this page and see that top pic. 😀 He really is getting soooo handsome.

    *sigh* That voice, that face.

    Thing of all our East Coast Archies out there, hoping everyone is tucked in nice and warm and safe. ♥

    Those tweets. haha He is so random and so willing to share his randomness with us.


  44. bebereader said

    The day after the storm.
    With the help of snowplows, we’re digging our cars out of the snow, all 18 inches of it! Thankfully we didn’t lose power. I am keeping in touch with Abrra by cell phone. Unfortunately her area did lose power last night at 9PM. She said they have to plow the roads before the electric trucks can get there to restore the power. I hope that happens soon!! To everyone affected by the storm, be safe! It’s cold and slippery out there!

    You find the most interesting tweets. I don’t remember those at all. Idk how David got Michael Johns from Hugh Jackman but okay. LOL I miss his tweets so much!!!

    In Abrra’s absence, I will be happy to host Unplugged tonight. 🙂


  45. Betsy, Love the tweets 🙂
    Glad all is well Bebe and praying for Abrra, Sb and all out east!!
    Glad you are feeling better Jan!! 🙂


  46. Glad you didn’t lose power Bebe, and really hope Abrra gets hers back on soon! Brrr!
    SB let us know how you are doing if you can ok? wow.

    Betsy, you’ve heard of “The Closer”..(kyra sedgwick) well you are “The Finder” lol! You bring us such gems all the time♥ love that tweet.

    (so has everyone got the italian lyrics down yet to The Prayer??)


  47. Blueberry Ice said

    Fenfan! I’m way late but wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed your first post! So excited & looking foward to seeing more of your lovely writing skills! Oh and Happy Chinese New Year for those celebrating the Year of the Snake (which will be soon in parts of Asia)! Can’t wait until next year when we can whoop it up for the Year of the Horse, neighhhhhh! 🙂

    Dja; Luv all the buzz for No Matter How Far!!!!! Who else is stuck in the vortex of Don’t Run Away? Even in the silence of a quiet moment, I can’t help but hear his caressing voice emote, “don’t make a sound, I’ll be your voiceee ….”! So easy to get totally lost in the richness of his velvety tone that it begs to be repeated over and over again.

    Andre; Lazaro is inspiring and it would be something special if he did ever sing one of David’s songs.

    Jans; Hope you have completely recovered … flu bug has been quite nasty this year.

    Abrra, Bebe, Marlie, SandyBeaches and all East Coasters; Be safe and hoping that the worst of the storms have passed. {{{hugs}}}

    Betsy; So enjoying David’s old tweets since some are brand new to me so thanks for reviving them … he has quite the knack for tweeting interesting & random things, as least it intrigues those of us with ODD, lol

    Sky; About those lyrics to The Prayer … I keep making new ones up that comes close to sounding like Italian … does that count, haha!

    So excited for No Matter How Far!!!!! Is it 3/26th yet?!?!?!?!


  48. Bebe…I think it’s the Australian accent that connects Hugh Jackman and Michael Johns in David’s mind. Knowing David there is probably a song involved too 🙂


  49. MT said

    Glad you have power! See you in Unplugged later. Glad Abrra is ok and hoping her power comes back on soon.

    SB, Marlie, and any of our other Archies in this storm,
    Let us know how you’re doing, okay?

    Memorize the lyrics? umm David is great at foreign languages, me, not so much. LOL But I’m working on it. 😀

    Blueberry Ice! *waves*
    Yes, I am in that vortex and can easily hear DRA in my head any time of day. In fact, it creeps in when I least expect it. haha Now THOSE lyrics I’m getting. (Of course, hearing the song about 100 times helps. :))


  50. djafan said


    “Who else is stuck in the vortex of Don’t Run Away?”

    Stuck Stuck Stuck!!!

    “Even in the silence of a quiet moment, I can’t help but hear his caressing voice emote, “don’t make a sound, I’ll be your voiceee ….”! So easy to get totally lost in the richness of his velvety tone that it begs to be repeated over and over again.”


    Easterners hope all is well with you all!!!!

    Germany, Thank you for the reminder, not tomatoes here 🙂

    Betsy, keep those tweets coming. David is so interesting, well I’m sure you all know that.

    Rose, I used to do the same. I buy one to stay sealed, one to put in car and then buy all on itunes to put on ipod (extras for gifting) Have to have my fix with me at all times 🙂

    Sky, all efforts count in my book. You make me laugh…thank you 🙂

    Sweetonda and Marlie, I want, no I need that Clayton picture without all the graphics. David looks, I have no words.

    Andre, Lazaro from what others say seems like a sweet guy. I listened to him sing once and had no interest. The none stuttering while singing is very common so I wasn’t impressed by that. But what he is doing is admirable, speaking in public when he labors so much to do so, that takes courage. If he sang a David song on national TV would be great.

    SB, Looking forward to reading 🙂

    Please view view view the Don’t Run Away video to get those numbers up!

    It seems that even those weren’t completely impressed with the song are have trouble getting it out of there head, that is a great thing. Can’t wait for 3/26. Speaking of 3/26, do we have any So Cali people up for a launch party on the 26th? Thinking of doing one. Looking for place 🙂


  51. Angelica said

    Just spoke with Abrra by text and last night when she lost power. She is doing OK but says they may not get power back till Monday. Crews are working to clear roads and fix power lines now. Glad you are doing well, Bebe. Thanks for hosting Unplugged tonight.

     photo 20c5eb87-77d1-49ae-8b93-168b48007e5e.jpg

    Click on link to take you there.


  52. bebereader said

    Come to chat, one and all…


  53. SandyBeaches said

    Lazaro is much more relaxed speaking in Spanish. If he reminds them of David that is good!



  54. MT said

    Ohhh … DRA cover art, a little bigger, a little clearer.

     photo tumblr_mhywz2ruIw1rlb2j6o1_1280_zpsb61e4019.png

    Have a happy Sunday everyone. 😀


  55. annie said

    #54 MT~ that picture. So big, so beautiful, so clear! Be still my beating heart!


  56. Andre said

    thanks, ladies for your answers.

    Jans11, I understand what you mean. In fact. If we get to convince Lazaro to sing one of his songs, some people might think of David’s fans as a group of people working on influencing him. I’m still hoping he will pick one, though.

    Blueberry, yes. I’d be amazed if he gets to pick a song by David for the live performances.

    Djafan, okay, I respect your point of view and totally agree with you when you acknowledged his bravery and courage, unlike you, I was wondering why his stuttering is entirely gone when singing and I think others with that speaking disability would be too afraid to do what he did, plus, he’s talented and good-looking, but he will never take David’s place to me.

    SandyBeaches, Yes, Sometimes, he does remind me of David not only because of his song choices but also the way he behaves; he tends to move his hands to convey whatever he wants.

    and I’m so happy that “Don’t run away” is finally out. I play it as many times as I can on my laptop, wish I could listening to it on my TV or in my brother’s car when I have my own car I will. 🙂


  57. As we remember from past years, David could always sing much more easily and speak what he wanted to express with some difficulties especially during interviews. Well over the years with practice and development of his skills, he has become an excellent speaker. Sometimes his speaking would break out into song to our delight.

    The following is at least a partial explanation as to why Lazaro can sing with ease…

    “Why do people who stutter when they talk not stutter when they sing?
    – Cameron

    There are a few reasons why people who stutter don’t do so when they sing. One is called easy onset of speech, or easy voice, or smooth speech. This describes the way you sing. Think about it — you generally use a smoother and easier voice when you are singing versus when you are speaking. Speech therapists use the easy onset strategy when helping people who stutter.

    Someone also may not stutter while singing because words are more prolonged (and less apt to be stumbled over) when they are sung rather than spoken. And finally, music is an activity in which you use the right side of the brain (language uses the left), so when you sing, you’re no longer using your left brain (and probably no longer stuttering!).”

    What a fine fellow Lazaro is and if there is someone who has David as their idol, then hey, join us Lazaro!!



  58. emmegirl14 said

    What Annie said.
    (thanks MT)


  59. rooster said



  60. bebereader said

    Hi Rooster 🙂

    Had a fun time in chat last night!
    23 showed up! Whoo Hoo!
    Missed you, Abs!!

    I heard your power is back on, is it true?
    Earth to Abs….Please come online and tell us you’re okay. 🙂


  61. Abrra said

    I am back online. It takes a bit to get things working right after the power has been off. Thanks to Bebe for helping with chat last night. I missed spending time with everyone. Our power went off about 2 min after I posted on Friday night that I wasn’t sure I’d be around for chat. lol

    The snow was very white and very deep hahah This is what it looked like out my back door. I had shoveled that walkway 3 times. My intention was to try and keep ahead of the snow so it would be easier the next day. It wasn’t.

     photo authcoid198765part2_zpsd7af23cb.jpg
     photo authcoid198766part2_zps516ec867.jpg

    It was like living as the Amish live.

     photo 99_zps60fabc8e.gif
    He might be saying “Abrra is back!”

    Just kidding!

    Abrra 411 days


  62. gladys1961 said

    I am always attentive to detail.

    From the day that these two twiters public Kari, I have felt a great emptiness around me. I have received e-mail support and appreciate. I never was egocentric, but such e-mail was addressed to me, that is very clear. I know why I say this.
    In subsequent talks in the chat, every time I said the words Chile, devotional, Elder, gifts, there was a huge silence. Only one person was still my conversation, my dear Steno.
    I do not know what connection I have with her, or maybe I was, but I felt that she was the only one who read my talk, and sometimes foddonna.
    Thank you very much to both.
    But for several Saturdays and especially last night I felt that I returned again to join the chat.
    I want to clarify that these feelings are completely private, maybe I exaggerate and see and feel things that are not there. But I’m compelled to tell you all this.
    I realize that we all love David, but sometimes in the name of that love make mistakes. I do not think Kari has made ​​mistakes in publishing twiters, she wants to care for and protect him.
    But I also think that I would be making a big mistake not to see more of David.
    I’m sure I’ll find a place in cyberspace to tell my experiences when I see David again.

    No situation or person to make me stop loving David.
    Now I really feel like I am back to my place.


  63. collegemom said

    Hi Gladys! I have not been able to go into chat much but I am always popping into the Voice to read everything. I don’t want you to feel any emptyness when there are so many who love to read all your words and for me, who had the great pleasure of meeting you in Buenos Aires and getting to become an in-person friend! I think that you should never worry about silences on blogs or in chats ever because people get very distracted and are doing many things at the same time and checking into the chats from time to time. Whenever I am in a chat or type something on a blog, sometimes people respond but more often no one sees it or responds to it. Many times I go into a chat and never say a single thing to anyone because I am doing something else at the same time (paying bills, working on something, etc.). Anyway – much love to you Gladys and always follow your own path and your friends will be with you!


  64. bluesky said


    Collegemom: Hear, hear!!


    Gladys: It can be hard at the best of times to understand “meanings” perfectly when people speak the same language – let alone a different one! So… no worries! We have each other to bounce things off of, be distracted by, be weird with, outrageous or quiet as our differences allow.

    None of us being perfect, (not even DA, thank goodness!), we are brought together by our perfect intent: to show love and appreciation for the joy and light we discover as we journey together in gratitude for DAs choice to “get up there and sing”.

    That is all.

    Well…. maybe a “thank” or two to Matt Clayton. (Is that his sneaky “truth serum” at work up there?) *_*


  65. stenocruiser said

    My goodness, sweet Gladys, I am rather surprised by your comments and your mention of me — I feel so fortunate that you consider me a friend as that is certainly how I look upon you – oh, that we might meet some day! I, and I’m sure many others, had no idea you were feeling out of place and ignored in chat. I’m certain I speak for everyone that we always want to hear from you and learn of your experiences and get your perspective on all things David. You are family to us – and just like being part of a very, very large family sitting around the dinner table, it is not always easy to get one’s words in edgewise or to respond immediately to another’s comments or questions. This happens frequently in chat as each video that is played leads to individual comments as we are distracted by that guy. Believe me, we treasure everything you have shared with us and we are overjoyed that you have been privileged to actually see and hear our David while he is on his mission in Chile. We are so grateful that you have done all this with absolute love and respect. Please continue to join us in Unplugged and share in the fun. We especially enjoyed your running translation of O Holy Night last night – it was fascinating to follow along as David was singing – I guess you noticed that you were not interrupted as I’m sure all were as mesmerized as I was. Muchos gracias, Gladys – you are such a joy!


  66. ronaleem said


    I hope you know that I’m in awe of you–you’re a rock star to me because you were my introduction to The Voice and Elder Archuleta. I feel like a puppy around you–hoping you’ll notice me and pat me on the head!

    I was at Chat last night, but I didn’t log in because I didn’t feel I had anything to say. But I absolutely LOVED when you listed the words of O Holy Night as it was happening. I should have mentioned my appreciation the other day when the Spanish lyrics were first published here. I had figured out “nacio,” but who knew he was breaking up the syllables: “el salv…ador nacio”? For the longest time I thought he was singing “adorn nacio!”

    I agree with Steno–everyone was absolutely silent as you listed the lines. It looked beautiful–the screen was full of “Gladys: [Spanish lyrics]. ” I totally appreciate your beautiful contribution for helping us understand a beautiful song by a beautiful singer!

    Love you, Gladys! Your friend, ronaleem


  67. jans11 said

    “Abrra is back!” cute and that really is what he is saying, he told me so! haha Glad you have your power back on now .

    Sorry I didn’t get to chat last night. Had to do some cooking for the church anniversary today. I’ve had to cook for 4 days in a row for a meeting, a funeral and an anniversary! Good thing I started feeling better so I could get it all done. Taking today off and doing nothing but browsing the computer and then back to work tomorrow.

    Gladys, I always love it when you are in chat! It’s always fun to hear you talk about things, you have such a wit about you. ♥


  68. angelofdja said

    Gladys, I am not always able to be in the chat room on Saturday nights, but when I can, I want to see your name there and hear what you have to say. I am very, very thankful you are there to help me learn some Spanish!
    During chat last evening, it was beautiful how you wrote the words as David sang them for Oh Holy Night!
    I also want you to know, sometimes chat can move so quickly that I have missed conversations or felt that no one was listening to me! I learned it wasn’t anything personal, everyone is talking at the same time and trying to pay attention to that one guy who is so distracting! 😉
    We love and appreciate everything you’ve shared on your visits to Chile. I remember praying and wishing for you to be able to see David live. I’m so glad you’ve had those blessed opportunities. You deserve all things good!


  69. emmegirl14 said

    Abrra, nice to see you! How’s the back holding up?

    Dear Gladys, I love you for your love of David, period. I am always struck by the depth of your feelings, the reflection in your words, they always give me cause to pause, and ponder. ♥


  70. Dayzee said

    Abrra, happy to know you are in power again. Missed you in chat, but we still had a good time. Hope you find some sunshine to melt all that snow. Thanks to Bebe for being our excellent hostess.

    Gladys, I wish you would not worry. We all love you. What is not to love? You are intelligent, funny, sweet and sharing. And you were a lifeline for us when we thought we would never really know if David was doing okay. I cannot tell you how important your personal visits to David’s performances were to me. I have always felt you were chosen to bring David’s aura back to us. You contribute so much to Unplugged chat. How would we know when David’s jeans were awesome if you weren’t there to let us know? Haha

    Thanks to MT for the “little bigger, little clearer”. Cannot get too big or too clear for me.


  71. MT said

    Like others have said, we’ve all had times when we wonder why no one responds to a comment or question. It happens to me, too. But I realize it is not deliberate. I am always glad to see you in chat and I am grateful for all that you have shared with us. At one time, you thought you’d never have the chance to see David in person. I’m glad you got the opportunity to see him and hear him sing. I am still waiting for my turn.

    Wow, that’s a lot of snow. Glad to hear that power is restored and you’re back with us!

    Annie, Emme, Dayzee,
    Isn’t he gorgeous??? haha It can’t get too big or too clear for me, either. 🙂


  72. jans11 said

    And Gladys, because of you and all the other Latinos on here, I have been trying to go back to my Spanish lessons! 🙂 I was writing down all the words and phrases and then got online to get some lessons. Then going through some books, I found an old “El Camino Real” book! A Spanish book just like the one I had in high school 100 yrs ago! haha
    It is one of my kids or grandkids and didn’t know that I had it. It is coming in handy, but don’t know if I will ever master this lanquage! I think you are doing an excellent job in learning your English so far, keep up the good work and I will keep working on my Spanish!

    David has me spoiled….watching the Grammy’s and there is NO ONE like David! And to think it will be 2 more yrs before he might be able to appear on here since it’s on in Feb! Maybe they will wait until April of next year! Ha! I’m getting it all figured out for ya David! ♥♥
    Oh, David, we are missing you so much!!!!!!!!!!


  73. Abrra said

    Now you can OWN David’s new single!

    David’s new single Don’t Run Away will be available on iTunes tomorrow! 2/12/13 (TeamArchie)

    Abrra 410 days


  74. Dayzee said

    Thanks for the info on Don’t Run Away. I will be getting up early tomorrow.


  75. djafan said


    WWTT being planned FOR TONIGHT!!!!! WILL POST WHAT PHRASE!!!!




    Linda S.Callaway ‏@LSCtheliverlady
    @kariontour questions plz= when can we request Don’t Run Away on radio? & any idea which stores will sell NMHF? TKU #OldSchoolRetailFTW

    1h Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @LSCtheliverlady starting tomorrow I would say! NMHF should be in most retail outlets where cds are sold.



  76. djafan said

    I love inserts!!!!!

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @breanneruss @LSCtheliverlady Let me know what you think of the “inserts” when you get your copy in hand!


  77. Dayzee said

    Oh my! Inserts! I love inserts, especially the ones with David pics. Remembering how Mr. Clayton’s camera depicts David’s gorgeousness and think I had better prepare for the overload.

    My friend in Vancouver wonders if the Itunes DRA will be available in Canada tomorrow a.m. Anyone know? SB, Steno?

    My paper chain that represents David’s time on his mission has lost enough links to make me smile.
     photo photo_zpsbaa1b909.jpg
    March 2012

     photo ec4d99fd-b450-44f9-8da2-b1271b8f5aef_zps75310e15.jpg
    February 2013
    Still lots of loops, though. Each one filled with 24 hours for David. When I think of what he accomplished in the last few weeks before he left on his mission, I am sure every one of those loops will be spent wisely and fully. How many lives he will enhance. Makes me realize I had better make a stronger effort to do the same if I am going to qualify as a David Archuleta fan.


  78. djafan said

    WWTT NOW! #DontRunAway David Archuleta


  79. djafan said



  80. djafan said

    iTunes link!!!


  81. djafan said

    Didn’t get a WWTT but we did trend 🙂 It was rough. Many were tweeting different variations of the phrase and using hashtags seems to make it more difficult.

    TeAmo David ‏@ArchuletaSongs
    “@pastelpastel: @kariontour trended in US and Canada. North America Archies represent! #DontRunAway David Archuleta” YES WE DID:))


  82. fenfan said

    OT – I’m listening to BEGIN. on repeat and it’s killing me.


  83. Marlie7 said

    Glady – I was in awe of your posting of the O Holy Night Lyrics. It was beautiful!

    Sometimes we all do get to chatting too fast. I often don’t respond to everything everyone says. It takes too much energy LOL or I’m staring at you-know-who on the screen. And sometimes I’m a little lost when you are speaking Spanish with others. It doesn’t bother me, but I’m completely unable to translate any of it, so I just don’t comment then. It’s all part of the multi-cultural chat! So don’t take any of that personally. We all have times when we are speaking into the air LOL


  84. tawna21 said

    Just bought my first copy and gifted another!!! Now I’ll be able to sleep peacefully!!



  85. angelofdja said

    I’ve bought my copy and gifted a couple too! WOOT! WOOT!


  86. Bychance said

    Hi Voice peeps! Just popped in early today to see what was new.

    Oh, sweet, sweet Gladys, don’t you dare go anywhere else to talk about your visits to Chili and David! Do you have any idea how many times i have been hanging on your every word as you describe your experiences?! I felt from the first time I read your words and still feel today that you are, as Dayzee said, chosen to provide this sweet connection from David to his fans, and I thank you for it! Also, your translations have increased my enjoyment of the Christmas concert so much! I should have thanked you for that as well.

    I have never been to Unplugged ( most of my D time is on my iPad so it doesn’t work), but one of these nights I’m going to sit in to see what it’s all about. I doubt I will be making a whole lot of comments, (and hope that is ok), but will sure be interested in what you and others have to say.

    Please don’t feel sad about this any longer. You are so loved and appreciated by us all! ((HUGS))


  87. Bychance said

    Should have said “popped in to see what was new BESIDES DRA ON ITUNES!”. Got my copy and plan to gift several more. We are so lucky! Who would have thought a year ago we would still be downloading new music?! Love it!

    Have a great day everyone!


  88. bluesky said

    54 MT:

    I was struck by the new, clearer pic.
    Sorry for the long post.
    Happy for the new music out for DA. ^_^

    What’s in a picture?

    The blurry one confused me. But things are much clearer now and I like the message.

    In the Chinese Five Element metaphor, blue is the color of the water element. Some studies link the water element to a search for Truth and Knowledge, to the ability to trust appropriately and to receive direction from within. Fitting for where DA is right now. Look at the introspection. The artist, Matt Clayton (I will not say photographer), has him looking down: no point in trying to oversell those amazing eyes. We all know he is looking at us, anyway: just as he is always looking within, to where his strength comes from, he never forgets the wave of appreciation and gratitude that has lifted his picture and set it up like this in his “outside” world. And some say, that the “water element” also reflects our journey from the past to the future.

    I am interested in the artists’ use of light. The light from the front is obvious and is one of the first things you notice. This is a great way to use “silhouette” attributes (of which DA has many). The silhouette accents posture and attitude. As well, in this clearer picture, we can see that there is yet another source of light: at his back, over the crown of his head from behind. We can see this light on his shoulders, his arm, his back and his legs: he is surrounded by light, cushioned by it, ensconced by it. The light both hides and reveals him by erasing some details and delineating others. I like this use of “light” very much. And I think it is a fitting statement (deliberate or no) about where DA is in this moment of time.

    Ahhh. Now we come to it. DA could not be leaning that way and still be standing upright. His center of gravity is off: the artist has slightly tilted the image to lean a bit backwards. This deliberate shifting of perspective gives dynamics to an image that catch the eye without being overtly “action” oriented. Our subconscious mind “sees” movement where there seems to be only stillness. So DA. Such a perfect commentary on all that is happening to and with him. And, how deceptive that “stillness” is when it comes to assessing him in “worldly” terms. Watch out.

    The whole:
    I see an image gently held by light, trusting, moving forward despite an appearance of stillness. And the “falling” posture? I believe DA when he says that he trusts God and his family and his fans. His actions testify to this. And his work.



  89. Dayzee said

    Yayy!! Got to hear Don’t Run Away in my car for the first time this morning! BoomBoomBoom BoomBoom. It was awesome! Until I realized I had passed the street to my office and was stuck on the freeway for and extra 6 miles. Luckily, by then I was so mellow I did not mind. But isn’t it great?


  90. MT said

    Hmm … I don’t do iTunes so I’ll have to wait for the album to get to my store before I can listen to it in my car. 😦 But I’m glad you guys are enjoying it. 🙂

    I have to admit that I’ve passed up a turn or two listening to David too. haha He is so distracting!

    I love your analogy of the photo. What you said about the color and light are really interesting. I also noticed the pose, but thought perhaps he was leaning on a wall that was edited out. I think the pose is very effective in making for an interesting cover. I really, really like it.


  91. Angelica said


    Love your analogy of Matt Clayton’s photo. It really is a work of art and I nominate Matt to do all of David’s future album covers. No one seems to capture the essence of David quite like him. I like your observation on the posture too.

    ‘DA could not be leaning that way and still be standing upright. His center of gravity is off: the artist has slightly tilted the image to lean a bit backwards. This deliberate shifting of perspective gives dynamics to an image that catch the eye without being overtly “action” oriented. Our subconscious mind “sees” movement where there seems to be only stillness.”

    MT, you may be right that he is leaning against a wall that is edited out. But it’s not the first time Matt Clayton has used this technique with David, ie; creating tension in the form with the use of perceived imbalance.

     photo matt-clayton-sneak-peek.png


  92. djafan said

    itunes….buy buy buy

    #618 David Archuleta – Don’t Run Away


  93. bluesky said

    Good thinking MT! That could be the case!


  94. rooster said

    bluesky love y our take on the photo; gladys. we are all lighthouses shining out across a thousand tomorrows. we are all beacons of hope,drawing strength from one another (annie roberts)


  95. djafan said

    Don’t Run Away is at #154 POP!

    buy some more!!!!


  96. djafan said


    eOne Music ‏@E1Music
    #TeamArchie It’s OUT! Get @DavidArchie’s new single “Don’t Run Away” on @iTunesMusic

    mjsbigblog ‏@mjsbigblog
    New Music Tuesday: New tracks to download from #CrystalBowersox, #DavidArchuleta, #GinaGlocksen #idol

    Jake Updegraff ‏@OnAirJake
    Where are my #ArchAngels? Vote for @DavidArchie the music you’re most looking forward to in 2013!

    Currently at #1! Vote once a day!!

    Crystal Bowersox is also managed by Gina Orr, had her new single premier with Seacrest and is not on a mission or any kind of hiatus and yet she is nowhere to be found on the itunes charts. Not putting her down just want to emphasize that even though David music isn’t in the top 10 (hope we can get it there) it is still doing amazing with his absence and all. We his fans have his back ♥


  97. MT said

    Angelica, Bluesky,
    Can I just say … I love the way you both see and interpret things. I’ve never studied art, but through you I am learning and seeing things I may not have noticed. Thanks. 🙂

    “We his fans have his back ♥” Hmm … That could actually be another interpretation of the cover photo. Although it appears that he has no support at his back, we are here. We have his back. #DA2014

    haha Just a crazy, rambling thought. I doubt that’s what MC had in mind but I do like the idea.

    And I love that DRA is charting. ♥ Let’s hope it keeps climbing.

    PS I couldn’t take it any more so I finally went for it and downloaded iTunes!!! Yay! haha IDK how it works yet, but I’ll figure it out. Now to get an iTunes card so I can download David!!! 😀 (But I’m still going get a Physical CD when it comes out. I’m old fashioned and must have a hard copy.)


  98. Bluesky,MT your posts about the album cover. All I know is I wish is the words weren’t covering him
    up! .haha

    Dja, been votin’ and buyin’. (…tch tch….pitting Archie and Cook against each other again.)oh Ryan.

    aww Gladys I hope you are feeling better because truth is we all love you here, you know? And thank you, again, for “singing”, in spanish, the words to “Oh Holy Night” Saturday.That was so beautiful.

    Dayzee, YAY,love seeing your chain come apart♥ thanks for the pics.
    om gosh, I have missed the exits before,too when listening to David haha be careful not to drive across the border when the whole cd comes out.

    I can’t get seem to log on much, to get caught up here , family matters since my Dad passed,have been taking a lot of my attention.But I love ya’ll !!!♥♥


  99. bebereader said

    Join us tonight for “Nandito Ako” chat!
    Time: 10PM Eastern


  100. MT said

    98. Sky,
    Maybe the original of that pic will be in the insert! We can hope, right? 🙂


  101. bebereader said

    Nandito Ako chat time!


  102. kaycee said

    Dayzee, I’m absolutely blown away by your interior decorating!

    Bluesky, I’m equally blown away by your ability to capture a thought or idea with absolute beauty!

    And David, it must be said, your generosity to your fans while you are gone absolutely warms my heart. How lucky we are.


  103. jans11 said

    Dayzee, my goodness but your David corner is growing! Looking good!! That paper chain getting shorter sure looks good too! 🙂

    Love that Matt Clayton pic! ♥ Ummmm!

    After jumping through hoops and standing on my head for 2 nights, I finally got to buy DRA from itunes!!!!!!!!! Don’t understand why all my info has to be changed and changed and changed every time I use it! 😦 I know it’s a safety thing I guess, but it’s aggravating for them to tell me that my password is wrong when it wasn’t!


  104. gladys1961 said

    I found this on youtube. I hope not to offend anyone, but I liked the whole performance.


  105. bluesky said

    Jans11: Ahhh! The delights of our “time-saving” modern devices. ^_^

    Kaycee! (((((((((hugs)))))))))


  106. MT said

    I finally set up iTunes, so I downloaded my copy of Don’t Run Away, too!!! Yayyy for both of us!! 😀

    DRA sounds so good!!!! (haha Can you tell I’m excited?)

    That chain is looking better and better!


  107. emmegirl14 said

    Sky, my condolences on the passing of your father.

    Got my Don’t Run Away ….”cause somebody cares, oh yeah”

    Fenfan #82 – me too. He makes the most beautiful albums. That voice just fills me up.


  108. Angelica said

    Sky, if I didn’t give my condolences on the passing of your father, I’d like to do that now too.

    Gladys, I think that particular number from the musical is cute too. Not offended. We have pretty thick skin to go with our horns. 😉


  109. Dayzee said

    Gladys has a talent for finding cute talented young Mormon fellows. 🙂


  110. Abrra said

    I still search daily on you tube. This old interview showed up today. From Sacramento Jingle Jam promo with 107.9 The End.

    Christopher K

    He showed his moves and wore a spiffy vest 🙂 I’d say that both the moves and the vest have improved since 2008.


    Abrra 408 days


  111. angelofdja said

    Sky, I am very sorry for your loss. Losing one of your parents is a uniquely painful experience that nobody is ever ready for. I’m sending my prayers and warm thoughts to you.

    Yes Abrra, Davids MKOC vest is divine! I’ve enjoyed watching his wardrobe become more fashionable. 😉


  112. Dayzee said

    Abrra, love that Sacramento interview. Thanks for bringing that back. Favorite parts are his answer to “Will you marry my friend Emily?” when he says he would have to get to know Emily better. Haha. And later when he very seriously says “I suck at dancing” and “I might break someone’s leg.” So quirky. So Davidy.


  113. Abrra said

    New post ————————————————————————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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