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A Common Theme Among David Archuleta Fans?

Posted by MT on Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In a recent conversation (yes, it involved David :))  I was asked if I played an instrument or sang. I answered the question in as few words as possible (for me) and then moved on to another topic. But later that night, it really got me thinking about what things we David fans may have in common.

Quite often in chat, topics other than David are discussed. (I know! Unbelievable, but true?) One night, it started with a  comment about white boots and ended up with me confessing to singing the song “These Boots Are Made For Walking” by Nancy Sinatra in an elementary school talent contest. Yes, it elicited much laughter but resulted in discovering that several of us had owned those “cool white boots.” (You know who you are!) We were definitely “In With the In Crowd” back in the day. 😉

I confessed to dancing in first and second grade for those talent shows. From third to sixth grade, I sang and danced. (No trophies for singing though. I guess I should have stuck to dancing.)

I loved singing and dancing with all my heart back then. (I still do.) Just like David’s parents, if my mother wanted to keep me amused for a while, all she had to do was put on something that involved music. A movie musical was best. I would sing at the top of my lungs and dance around the living room. My Fair Lady and The Sound Of Music were two of my favorites but I would even sing the songs from The Wizard Of Oz and dance with Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tinman, and The Cowardly Lion.

I discovered as I got older that, although I enjoyed singing, I didn’t have a very good voice. But dancing was something I could do and really enjoyed. Once I started, I kept finding new ways to incorporate dance into my life. It didn’t matter what kind of dancing it was; Square Dancing, Cajun dancing, Jitter Bug, Cha Cha, Waltz, Two-Step, Line Dancing, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, free style. You name it … I’d try it.

There has always been something in music that reached out to me and brought me joy.  Dancing was my way of expressing that joy. There is something in the graceful rhythmic movement that helps to release something inside me that words could never express.  Just  like singing, the true beauty of expression in dance comes from the soul.

I hadn’t really thought about all the different styles of dance I had tried over the years until was asked that question. It made me realize how much dancing is a part of me, just like singing is a part of David. The thoughts and memories stirred in me by that one question made me understand a little better how David must feel. Maybe understanding/feeling the passion he has for his art is part of what drew me to him in the first place.

Although I could never hope to dance nearly as beautiful as David sings, I can understand having such a deep love of something that lets you express yourself in a way that nothing else can.  He’s very fortunate that he is extremely good at what he loves. What greater joy could there be than making your living, spending you life, doing something you have such passion for?

One last thought: We seem to be discovering more and more often that we have many things in common. I wonder if there is a common thread among fans that draws them to David, a reason why some people “get it” and some don’t? Musical backgrounds maybe? Or perhaps it’s even more broad than that. After all, a passion for creativity and expression come in many forms.

So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to do a little poll to see if it’s possibly a shared passion for expression that might help us to understand and connect to David and each other in a way that others may not. I’d also love for you to expand on your answer in comments and let us know what it is . If you don’t want to comment that’s okay. But I do hope you’ll mark an answer in the poll.

95 Responses to “A Common Theme Among David Archuleta Fans?”

  1. Suzy-Q said

    I hadn’t thought about this in years but I was shy and someone intraverted but when I was on stage dancing I came alive. I took tap for fifteen years and ballroom for two. I think that I can relate to what David goes through. I could express myself through the movement of my body with the music. I felt free and confident. It was my passion and I loved it.


  2. Mspoohbear said

    Like David, I discovered my passion for singing at a very young age of 6 or 7. Although I hated the way my voice sound, it’s the only way I can express myself. I have a phobia on speaking in public, my brain freezes or goes blank and voice doesn’t come out. Yup, that was me in my younger years! However, my whole family loves music. My Mom sings really well, a brother used to be a lead singer in a band back in the Philippines, two sisters love to dance. All of my Mom’s cousins on her Mom’s side play instruments and sing really well. Before karaoke was invented, we sang accompanied by either a guitar or piano, -no microphones- during family gatherings which happened pretty often. Our love of music and singing has now extended down to our kids, nephews and nieces. It’s a great feeling to be able to communicate thru music. It’s a universal language!


  3. marlie7 said

    Music has always been a part of my life and I played piano, drums and French horn (later baritone horn) in high school. I even thought of going to a music school in college but I lost my father my senior year and sort of lost my confidence for a while. I also danced, modern jazz, tap, and even took ballet lessons for 12 years and made it up on toe, but completely dropped that in college. When my youngest son took up trumpet, I just HAD to pick it up and play. It wasn’t quite the same as the horns I played in school, but the keys were and I could get a few songs out of it. Right now I have over 6500 tracks on my ipod. I think I like music!


  4. marlie7 said

    PS. I also write fiction.


  5. jans11 said

    When I was small, my mom had me and my sister take tap dance, ballet and acrobat lessons. She played the piano for our lessons, but she became pg and was sick, so had to stop playing. Therefore our lessons were over. I also took piano lessons and the teacher moved so they stopped at the time and never started back up. Also took accordian and finished with the small one, but my parents couldn’t afford the big one. So, those lessons stopped too. Took a lot of lessons, but the master of none! haha I was always more introverted when young, but I ended up selling about everything but Tupperware on the party plan. I could talk about what I believed in and it was a way of making money without being away from the kids a lot. Been a beautician for 42 yrs and that more or less took me out of my shell, because you have to talk to strangers. I’ve been the leader of the Grief Encounters group at church for about 20 years, so that makes me get up in front of people and talk too. Like David, I just make myself do it, because I want to do it, even though it’s not easy. I can relate to David in those different traits, being shy and introverted. He is short and so I am. Only thing is he is cute and talented and I’m not! 🙂


  6. jans11 said

    After reading my comment, I think I got to rambling off topic. Another trait that David does. But everyone loves it when David does it! haha
    Anyway, yes, I think people that have the “arts” in their blood most definitely “get” David where another person doesn’t! I so love music and my friends that doesn’t “get” him doesn’t care for music at all.

    David is distracting me! He keeps turning and smiling at me!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    It’s 1:11am and I voted for about 3 hrs this evening so I must be punch drunk! 🙂 I’m going to bed!


  7. bebereader said

    Bringing this comment over from the last article:

    ronaleem said
    Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 11:47 PM e

    First of all, thanks for all the responses when I make a post. I surely
    appreciate the explanations, information, and most of all, the support. For crying out loud, I don’t even know what’s happening to me, but now I know I’m not the only one! Every time I think I’ve made a unique observation, I hear from you all, “been there, done that!” Good company to be in!

    I’m posting today because it’s my one-month anniversary with David. As you all speak of the healing quality of his music, I must agree. My life had been in a healing mode for several months, heading towards that point where my heart could be opened to love and to be loved. Well, that occurred during the week of Christmas, thanks to David/Elder Archuleta. I believe my heart could have been opened by any number of people or events, but I also believe that by the grace of God, it was David who did it–the best Christmas I’ve had in years! I can’t believe how my life has been
    enriched by him! He’s a role model, a giver, a powerful singer with a God-given talent, cute(!), and let me know if you agree with this, a friend–a familiar presence who can teach, comfort, and cheer you up.

    During this past month I’ve almost been exhausted by all the good changes I’ve been experiencing, the most important of which is tremendous spiritual growth–I had no idea!! I’m encouraged by David’s faith and example, and I’m grateful that he has the courage to live his beliefs.

    And I’m grateful Gladys has shown up. She is actually the reason I found The Voice in the first place. In my early David days, I was googling all sorts of things and came upon the David Chronicles (loved the Elder Archuleta gossip from the various missionary blogs!), which mentioned Gladys’s trips to the Christmas devotionals. But they referred readers to The Voice to read her story.

    So I followed the link and here I am! I loved her first-person accounts about Elder Archuleta, whom I had only just become aware of and whose singing had pierced my heart and reached into my soul. Thank you, Gladys! Please go again and let us know what he’s doing!

    And thank you, my friends, for your loving support to me and to one


  8. MT.

    What a thought provoking post you put up here, you’ve got me thinking!!!

    I chose “others” since I don’t have those talents at all. (I should tick ” None of the above. I just love David’s voice.” because I really do <3) I had done all of the above but never good at anything lol I'm kinda an average person with no special talent haha but one thing I know I love to do is cooking (Not a chef either) I think I'm not bad at it too, i could tell if I try a new dish…what the ingredients they used and later I would come home and try cook it, turn out not too bad lol. I don't have anything incommon with David apart from the love of "food" which I knew after I followed him for sometimes.

    Or may be It's because I don't have a son and I yern for one..then David came along …he could be about that age if I had one, David's like the best son any mother could wish for !! so I secretly adopt him lol and I just want the best for him and watch him grows into a man he wants to be, happy successful and inspire.

    Jans 11, I agree with you that people who has "arts" in their blood def get David, I love doing artworks, handy crafts, editing videos, photoshop pics (my new found hobbies) but like I said I can do a lot of things but not really that good in anything lol


  9. ronaleem said

    I had to check None of the Above, because I do not have the obvious creative talents which were listed. My passion has always been reading, which has waned somewhat recently because my eyes seem to be wearing out before the rest of me. Happy to say my ears still work, though!

    A month ago, David got me listening to music again, for hours every day. My new iPod has two playlists: David Archuleta, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (which includes David Archuleta WITH the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!). That’s sufficient for me right now. He has ignited in my soul a desire for music, which has continued to burn steady and bright every single day.

    This I can’t believe–I’ve started to sing along with David! My singing mouth has been shut forever because I thought I had inherited my dad’s singing abilities: When his grade school teacher was evaluating her students, she said my dad was a monotone. He was so proud! I may or may not be a monotone, I don’t know. But plenty of the people around me can give me feedback, because I’m singing all the time!

    My academic training is in English and humanities, and my friend from graduate school and I have often discussed how we are not the creators of art, but how we serve as the appreciative audience for others’ art, and how we have the ability to transmit that appreciation to others through the gift of teaching. I remember the day I taught a student from a small Pacific island about Mozart. At the beginning of the day she had no idea who he was; by the end of the day, she had heard his music, learned about his life, and listened to one of his operas. A heady day for both of us–sorta like my experience with David!!


  10. Bydesign said

    I have always had a passion for singing and dancing. I started ballet when I was 3 (I think my mother wanted me to do something to tire me out), was part of the Civic ballet company in Houston but quit when I was 18 when I was told, by my teacher, I was too short to go any further. I picked it up again after I was married and it felt great to be able to dance that way again – even if it was just for fun. I sang solos and duets in my younger years and was always part of choirs – school and church. Music, however, was the driving force for me and dancing and singing was the way I interpreted it. Even now, at my age, I find myself dancing along, while cleaning or cooking or driving (bouncing around in the car is not always a good idea). I also used to write short stories and poems but life seemed to get in the way of that and I haven’t really done much of it in quite some time. Finding David seemed to complete that musical passion that I allowed to wane during a large part of my adult life and I am so grateful for that.


  11. The picture of the girl painting David that accompanies this post is amazing! Where did you get it from, if I may ask?


  12. mspoohbear said

    Maybe the reason why I get David is because we pretty much have something in common and I can relate to him. He loves singing so much and so do I. He had partial vocal cord paralysis and I have one weak vocal cord and it didn’t stop me either from continuing to sing. He enjoys food a lot which I also do, but the difference is he’s young and I’m not, so you can probably picture in your head what food has done to my body. LOL! He loves to donate his time to charities and good causes which I also love doing. He has a good sense of humor which I tend to think I also have for my friends say so, bcuz I’m usually the light of the party according to them (they always want me to be present in all events which is sometimes impossible…LOL). What can I tell you…I was born in a family of nuts! By the way, what’s weird is I am only that way in front of my family and close friends, but timid and shy when it comes to public speaking. I would rather sing than speak. Yeah, weird Huh?! He is short and I am, too (my husband calls me a fidget cuz I am in between a dwarf and a midget..LOL)

    Music, especially singing is the only thing that connects me and my husband given that we don’t share the same ideas or way of thinking bcuz of our different cultures (he’s white and I am a Filipina). By the way, he is also a very good singer and plays instruments, too. Music is what brought us together.

    When I first came here in the US, my husband (back then my fiance) who was also a co-worker learned that I could sing. He brought me to various musical showcases in Hollywood (where we used to live) and sing our butts off not to show-off, but just to sing for it is what we love to do. I remember one time a tall guy approached me after I sang and said to me, “I can’t believe that big voice came out of that small body of yours (of course I wasn’t fat back then…LOL).” I said back to him, “Should I take that as a compliment?” He answered back, “Of course! You sounded so good up there on stage that I thought at first you were just lip synching!” Anyway, I took it as a compliment! Soon after that a Motown executive gave me his business card and asked me to call him or his secretary. Somehow, I felt like he was just showing off and was not really true to his words. ME? Who would really get interested in me? A short, dark Filipina in her 30s who speaks with an accent? I thought that was too good to be true, so I didn’t call him. Back then I really lack in confidence. So here I am now, still singing in a choir or singing solos on family and sometimes social events. No regrets though. If things had turned out differently with my life, then I probably would not be a big fan of David right now. I’m glad I didn’t make that phone call.

    Sorry for rambling…:)


  13. MT said

    Thanks for taking part in the poll and for all the woderrful comments. I love hearing all your stories!!

    “I could express myself through the movement of my body with the music. I felt free and confident.” << I'm exactly the same way. I know this will be hard for you guys to believe, but I'm also typically a very shy person. It's a wonderful feeling to let go and express yourself without having to say a word. 🙂

    Mspoohbear, Marlie, Jan, Bydesign,
    I envy you the dance lessons and/or music lessons. I never had dance lessons as a child, but as I got older I had lessons in various types of dance. Not in the classical sense, but lots of different styles. I have always wanted to play an instrument too, but never had lessons. I bought a keyboard and tried to teach myself to play once (because I always wanted to play piano). I did pretty well through the summer and was making good progress, but then I went back to work and it just sort of fell by the wayside. I regret not following through now.

    From what you say, you have a real talent for cooking. I could never taste a dish and tell what ingredients are in it. It sounds to me like you have a great passion for cooking.

    And Like Marlie, as you all can tell, I also like to write. 🙂 I used to be a voracious reader too but have also slacked off on that due to eye strain.

    It sounds like you have a passion for the arts and teaching. How wonderful to share that knowledge with others and inspire their love for the arts! And I'm so glad to hear that David has brought out your desire to sing! Like I said above, I'm not good at singing. But I do love it. I feel like it sets my heart free when I sing. (I do it often. I just try to do it when no one is around to hear. Hubby catches me once in a while and gets a good chuckle out if it. LOL)

    Mspoohbear … Ramble away. I love it!

    Larissa, Isn't Angelica's accompanying artwork wonderful? That is only one of her many talents.

    Thanks again for the wonderful artwork you include in all of the articles. D


  14. bebereader said

    I remember the discussion we had in chat about the white boots. In NYC we referred to them as ‘go go boots”. We wore them with mini skirts and white lipstick a la Nancy Sinatra. They were made from shiny white plastic with a zipper on the side. Everyone wore them because they were ‘hip’. LOL

    My husband teaches music and has played in various bands but I can’t play an instrument. I was in chorus in junior high, does that count? I’ve always loved music, was a concert junkie all my life and have a large collection of cds that I might as well toss over the deck because I don’t listen to them anymore. There are good musicians and singers out there and I can hear them when they sing but with David you don’t just hear him; you feel him. He fills up my senses like no other singer has ever done.

    “What greater joy could there be than making your living, spending your life, doing something you have such passion for?” <<<<He's really blessed, MT. And so are we.

    Happy One Month Anniversary with David. The fun has just begun for you!

    "He’s a role model, a giver, a powerful singer with a God-given talent, cute(!), and let me know if you agree with this, a friend–a familiar presence who can teach, comfort, and cheer you up." <<< Yes to all of the above. He's very grounding. When I feel scattered, his voice puts all the pieces of my puzzle back together.

    So you found us through Gladys! Do you hear that, Gladys? How cool! Whatever path it took you to reach us, we're glad you're here!


  15. Angelica said

    Larissa, that photo is from J-14 magazine. One of my favorites. The rest is just tricks.

    I’m beginning to think you might be on to something here, MT. Lots of people don’t have the capacity to appreciate a real artist when they see or hear him. They are content with much less and oblivious to what they are missing. I really think many don’t hear him because they suffer from a kind of musical deafness of the soul. I had a poetry professor tell me that the difference between most folks and artists is that artist, “care.” I don’t think he meant that others aren’t kind or don’t care about other people, but that artists care about the things that many consider worthless. In the Bible, the word artists is translated from the hebrew, “wise-hearted.” So maybe we get David because our hearts are wise.

    I was always drawing pictures as a child, majored in painting and drawing in college with a minor in English. Took several poetry classes. I’ve always read a lot and admired the great writers: Dickens, Ibsen, Tolstoy, Austen, Shaw, Shakespeare, Faulkner, etc. My favorite poet is Roethke. Most of my painter heroes are the abstract expressionists and Whistler, who as most of the others did, started out realistic and became more abstract as his knowledge grew.

    When David came along, I was looking for a new music, something that could really move me, the way a great painting or poem could. When I heard his voice, I knew I had finally found a sound with that kind of power.


  16. djafan said

    MT, I missed this chat and I never wore white boots, black and brown with laces, does this count? lol. We’ve been asking ourselves what is it that brings us all here via David and this is a great exploration of commonalities. What fun reading all of your artistic back grounds.

    I took tap, ballet, modern dance, folklorico and performed in all. I took piano (which I plan to do again, thank you David) and a stint on the drums. I was in a performing children’s choir and continued in choir through school. I grew up with singing and music all the time. I loved to read, so much so that my parents hid books from me lol. I have great memories of the joy these things all brought me. My children play instruments and I loved how I could live the joy through them. Then somehow I put it all away and didn’t even realize it. Until David was put in my path to bring this joy and appreciation that overwhelms me at times back into my life, I truly believe this. ♪♫ Oh what a feeling! ♫ ♪

    I think it really doesn’t matter how good or not one is at what we do, it’s the appreciation and recognition of the gift we are given what brings true joy. It seems that we all have that in spades 🙂


  17. fenfan said

    My passion is writing. Like David, I have one book published. I am starting on a novel. Maybe David would write one too, who knows!

    But I voted “play a musical instrument” because David has inspired me to keep playing the piano. Even though I am not good at it at all I practice every day and I have learned several songs David has covered including Love Me Tender, Think of Me, Heaven, Angels, Imagine and The Christmas Song. I am now playing Someone Like You because David played part of it in the Philippines!

    And I love to cook and bake! I just made some quinoa and carrot bread this afternoon! I think David would love it – healthful stuff!


  18. djafan said


    List of Winners Revealed for the 4th FMTM Awards 2012 for TV Entertainment Section! JANUARY 20, 2013 BY ENTERVREXWORLD

    Our 4th Year of recognizing and citing the best of entertainment on Philippine Television for the year 2012 has come to an end (ooops since it’s 2013 already). FMTM Awards which stands for your Favorite Movies Television shows and Music finally unveils its winner for the TV Entertainment Section!


    Richard Yap
    David Archuleta
    Karen Reyes
    Myrtle Sarrosa
    Mikael Daez
    Max Collina
    Andrea Torres
    Jerome Ponce
    Benjamin Alves
    Ella Cruz

    Nigel retweeted Shelley and said yes.

    Nigel Lythgoe ‏@dizzyfeet
    RT @Shell_eeeyyy: #askidol Would you consider having David Archuleta on your show sometime? Yes.

    A get well card for Mary Lou (pastel).

    Please join me in wishing Mary Lou well as she is “on the mend.” Here’s to her speedy recovery!


  19. marlie7 said

    All this discussion of “the arts” takes me to some blogs by Bob Lefsetz. He’s an arrogant jerk sometimes, but he makes some good points in spite of it. He talks a lot about the musicians that are in it for the quick fame, the quick buck, and how they flame and die. And then there are the artists, they do what they feel, they sing what they feel, and they make you feel it, too. They may not ever become mega-stars, but they have a strong and dedicated fanbase. He never mentions David, of course, because he’s anti- American Idol. But what he doesn’t know is that David is the personification of “artist.”


  20. MT said

    I am loving all the responses!! Thank you so much! I am sooo enjoying reading them. 🙂

    “but with David you don’t just hear him; you feel him. He fills up my senses like no other singer has ever done.” << Beautifully said and I totally agree. (LOL @ the 'go go boots" haha Yep, we were hip!)

    Thanks for sharing your musical history with us. You have done so many things with dance and music!! Drums too?( My son played drums for a while in his high school band. Trumpet too.) How wonderful to pass that passion for music in all it's forms on to our children.

    You may be right. For whatever reasoon, maybe there is a spark in all of us that understands the passion and uniqueness of artistic expression. We look beyond the obvious and explore it in depth. It doesn't matter whether it is the written word, painting, music, dance, cooking, photography, architecture or any other form of creative expression. Perhaps it is as simple as that, in the tenderness of our hearts that we have the ability to recognize the beauty of the world around us in all it's forms.

    We know David looks for the beauty in life. From giant grapes to all the museums he has visited, he is fascinated by it all. Maybe, in our seach for beauty in life, we have found our own very special source of beauty in David. Voice … looks … character … personality … he is beautiful all around, no matter how you look at him.

    You are published? Wow, congrats, that's amazing! And I love that David has inspired you to start learning piano. It sounds to me like you're doing great!


  21. mspoohbear said

    Woot! Woot! Yeeyyy! DAVID! DAVID! DAVID!

    I really hope that he gets back into acting when he comes back. He is such a good actor. Acting may be one of the hidden talents he has that’s just unraveling from within!


  22. mspoohbear said

    Fenfan, Congratulations! What’s the name of your book?

    I really believe that each person has talents. Sometimes those talents are just hidden inside and needs cultivation, just like David with “acting”. Who would think that a shy, quiet boy would be able to sing, speak publicly and now act in a TV show? I remember many times he said that “acting” is a form of art, and that’s what David is…an artist. And I believe we all are,too! That’s why we are here admiring each others work and talents because we can relate to each other and the main reason why we get David. Sometimes, we suprise ourselves! Who knows, David may surprise us again someday.


  23. jans11 said

    Fenfan, congrats to you on your book!

    Ronaleem, glad you found us and are getting to understand your “ODD”!

    I checked “none of the above” on the poll, but by reading everyone’s talents, it goes to show that everyone does have their own unique talents that is useful and or fun in their lives. I also love to read and I used to sew a lot and at one time I baked and decorated wedding and birthday cakes. I still love to cook, but don’t do much since I live alone.


  24. djafan said

    Oh my gosh!!!! New Record!!!! She’s knows the archies!

    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
    ooo i know for sure some of you on here would be loving to come to my lunch meeting to hear which artists new record i’m discussing!!


  25. mspoohbear said


    Eeeeppp! That’s awesome!!!! I predict Archuworld is gonna get crazy! LOL!


  26. djafan said


    I’m with her lol

    Batya ‏@Batya11394
    Need a new @DavidArchie song more than i need air


  27. Really enjoy the Article MT!! ….and all the talent here including the Top photo and those distracting me on the sides 🙂
    Our family used to listen to Singers on the Radio to begin with and we had a Victrola 🙂 It used to be fun to try and picture what Danny Day and Bing Crosby sounded like for example. When we got a TV (late grade school) I remember Ed Sullivan, Andy Griffin, Dean Martin, Carol Burnett etc.. Oh I miss those Variety Shows and bought the Carol Burnett Series recenly. Amazing LIVE Shows with laughter and singing talents.
    When I was in school, singing and Tap Dancing were introduced and our classes put on full shows, costumes and all. I took Piano lessons for several years and enjoyed Dancing and still do. I was in the Glee Club in High School and sang in Church. I was a “drunken” Marine on a Game Show once in a High School Skit. I was quite the “Ham” I joined a Folk Dancing Group for awhile and took dance lessons at Arthur Murray. I was in the Church Choir for awhile until there was too much Drama in the group. 🙂
    In Nursing School/College we put on Skits and I was known for being quite humorous. Social dancing was a big part of my High School, College and Post college life in Seattle.
    I dabbled in writing when I was younger and used the name “Heidi” as my pen name. When I picked my Web Handle, that was taken so I added JOY because it was a word that described David.
    I enjoyed American Idol Season 5 on. David caught my eyes and ears immediately. I’ve often said that rooting for a Teen was a surprise, since I was mad at the Teen Vote from the year before when Melinda lost to teens. I’ve never been affected by someone’s singing as much as David (Except for a brief addiction to Trini Lopez in my dancing days)

    The article has me reflecting lots of good memories over a number of years. Don’t want to write a Novel. (Lots of years to cover 🙂 )


  28. gladys1961 said


    wow thank you

    I will continue to travel, I will continue writing.
    All I can say is that now I have a special permit. Although I did not have that permission, I follow my heart to any country of the world.


  29. djafan said

    Gladys. Te adoro ♥


  30. ronaleem said

    Pardon me for posting three times in 24 hours, but I can’t help myself! This afternoon, one of my missionaries told me he was in the MTC with Elder Archuleta! And stood next to him! And heard him sing “The Spirit of God, ” which was evidently quite the spiritual moment. Do you remember what I said about my student employee who squealed whenever I said “David Archuleta” to her? Well, I’m ashamed to admit I squealed when my missionary told me that. Fortunately, he and his companion were helping me move some stuff, so we weren’t in the middle of a lesson or anything else spiritual.

    I told them I would take them to lunch for helping me, and that I wanted to talk about his MTC experience with Elder Archuleta. I am shameless! I am so obviously using him! And I don’t feel guilty–I feel giddy! Has anyone else had this kind of experience? How do you control yourself when you’re plowing right over one person to find out what he knows about another person? This is so out of character for me!


  31. MT said

    And you checked “none”? Cake decorating is definitely an art. One I have tried and failed miserably at. LOL So you need to go back and check “other” for your creativity. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a big ‘ole YES in the creativity dept. 😀

    Woot woot, new music. Makes me giddy just thinking about it! 🙂 🙂 If Victoria Horn is talking about David’s song, she’s going to see a lot of love coming her way, very soon.

    So glad you enjoyed the article and it looks like you have some talents yourself! I’m so glad it took you back to some good memories. That’s what happened to me and what started this whole article. Remembering all the wonderful times in my life that were brought about through music. ♥ David has been added to my list.

    I’ve never been in that situation so I can’t say what I would do. But good luck! As far as posting 3 times in 24 hours, don’t even worry about it. That’s what we’re here for. 🙂



  32. poof said

    First, a thank you to everyone’s kind thoughts when I was in the doldrums earlier this week. Life does move on, just sometimes it seems extremely slowly.

    Your post MT, has me thinking and remembering. I had a music filled childhood.
    My father, was a high school music teacher, whos first love and passion, besides my mother, was for music. Music, mostly classical, including opera, was always on the radio in our home. He was always humming, whistling and singing. He was also, dark, green eyed, 5’6″, shy and had a killer smile. (Sound familiar?)
    I was always moving, and still enjoy dance. I played instruments and sang, but didn’t like “reading music” or the competitive situations I encountered along the way. I have always found more personal pleasure in just listening to music that takes me to “that place of beauty” I can only feel in music.

    A case in point. On Monday I was able to watch the inauguration on TV. My daughter had to work, and on the phone that evening asked me how it went. I then went into detail why I enjoyed Kelly Clarksons performance, was touched by Jame Taylor’s, and didn’t really love Beyonce’s. My daughter was quiet when I finished and finally asked, “And did the President take a turn too?”

    I first and foremost notice the music. Always.


  33. jans11 said

    Ok, MT, I went and changed my vote. Also, I think being a hairdresser is also an art when I got to thinking about it. 🙂

    Ronaleem, the more, the merrier!

    It looks like this post has everyone thinking back on their lives and we are finding that so many of us are very talented in one way or other. ♥


  34. jans11 said

    I forgot to say that I think the top, lead off picture reminds me of Josh Bradley’s mom! So she must of been painting a picture of her son! 🙂


  35. Dayzee said

    I seem to be the black sheep of this David family when it comes to artistic talent. I checked “None” and I meant NONE. I remember how happy I was at 5 years old when my mother told me I no longer had to take dance lessons. I remember being so relieved when I was 12 years old she gave up on my piano lessons. Two of my best memories. Somebody has to sit in the audience and that is my calling. I have taken my children and grandchildren to so many art and music classes that they really seemed to enjoy, but I could not figure out why. We also serve who stand and applaud.

    New music? Bring it. And hurry up.


  36. MT said

    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
    ok meeting went super well today.. will have news on MONDAY.. thats a few days away.. woohooo

    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
    lets just say this about today.. some of my tweeter fam are going to freak out soon when they hear the news… 🙂

    Guess we’ll know Monday if it’s about David!!!! **fingers crossed**

    Poof, I hope things have gotten better for you. And thanks for sharing your lovely story! I see music has been a big part of your life too. Your dad sounds great, and handsome too. 🙂

    Jan, hairdressing gets my vote too! You have to see it in your minds eye in order to create it.

    Thanks so much to all of you. I love hearing your stories. ♥

    (PS I want to know who the 4 chefs are! And I want to know what you cook/bake!)


  37. betsy said

    MT, great topic!
    I grew up with ballet and art lessons.
    I’m not a dancer or artist, just liked them. 🙂
    I still like to break out the watercolors on days when I’m feeling inspired and just have to get it out somehow.

    Here’s another thing I’ve noticed in this fanbase.
    A lot of teachers, nurses, writers, a few doctors.

    A large portion of the younger fans seem to be in advanced placement classes in high school, and almost all who have graduated are off to college.
    It’s been fun watching them grow up, go off to school, graduate and get jobs in their chosen fields.

    As for music, I’ve always loved it; my mom sang all day every day, even as she answered the phone. 🙂


  38. Bychance said

    I have always loved music and singing, but have what I call a good choir voice, not a soloist type. One of the things I love now about discovering David is that my alto voice and his tenor match pretty well and I love, love singing along with him, especially by myself in the car! lol

    Also, since childhood, I have had a love for design and decorating, creating beautiful, inviting spaces or things. It fills me with joy, whether it’s a big bedroom project or a Christmas tree….it just makes me happy to create something that I think is beautiful. I find I am deeply moved and affected by my surroundings. I have always loved the saying “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” For me that is true. Maybe that’s why I love David so much! He and his music are most definitely “a thing of beauty”!

    Ronaleem….I just love your new found excitement over David, and remember feeling just like you when I was first was struck with Archulightning. I understand your desire to talk to anyone who might know more about David…..shameless or not! My daughter in law’s brother was in the MTC with David, and she (teasingly) asked him to get a lock of his hair for me……dang, I wish he had!!!
    It is delightful for me to read your posts here, so please keep it up!


  39. MT said

    “We also serve who stand and applaud.” So true! What good is talent if there is no one share it with? You get a great big ‘ole {{{hug}}} for that comment. And those who appreciate can also feel a passion for music.

    By the way, is that chain still up? It must be starting to look pretty short compared to a year ago. 🙂


  40. jans11 said

    Dayzee, you ought to change your vote to “other” which is making and sewing crafts! I seen the beautiful garland strung over your fireplace that you made and the cute Christmas socks you made for your granddaughter to give out at work to her employees! You are very talented!


  41. This doesn’t exactly fit the topic, but I forgot to mention recently that I saw a Rising Outreach flyer that part of the Brick Pathway. I got pretty excited when I saw one of the Bricks I purchased. “One Step At A Time” Woo Hoo!!


  42. Bychance said

    Ronaleem….I just have to clarify that the excitement I felt has not dimmed in the past year….not in the least! I have just gotten used to ODD!


  43. jans11 said

    That’s great, Heidijoy! I seen the brick pathway and it is awesome. What a good feeling to be part of it. I didn’t buy a brick but donated a little and even that gave me a good feeling. I can imagine to see your own brick! ♥

    There is a funny story that I want to share when I met Heidijoy a few years ago when we were in SLC for MOTAB. When talking about our names, I told her that “joy” was my daughter’s name and asked her what her real name was. She said “Leah” and I said “that’s my middle name”! So asked her what her middle name was and she said “Rae”! I said “that’s my sister’s middle name”! haha thought this was unreal! 🙂


  44. PandasMama here. If this posting works, then I have finally fixed my many months long problem with wordpress. It hates me. LOL

    This article is very interesting. I have always wondered exactly why we all “get” David and others don’t have a clue. I too have wondered if there is a special artistic connection between many of us in the fandom.

    Most people on the fan sites know me as a writer because I share my fan poetry and other David related writings on FOD and my blog. I have also completed my first novel and am shopping for an agent for it. I might just self-publish as an e-book soon though. David was my inspiration to write. While I have a degree in English Education, I had not seriously written anything before David entered my life. He gave me the courage to step out of my very shy self and find a new way of artistic expression. For the last year I have also been writing concert reviews for an online magazine in conjunction with my husband who is a live-music photographer.

    When I was in 6th thru 12th grades I played the clarinet. I liked it although I was never “really good” at it. I gave it up when I entered college because the competition was way above me at that level. I’ve dabbled in piano, but have never had any formal training.

    I’ve always enjoyed singing. I participated in my school and church choirs until I had a severe throat infection during college that damaged my voice so that my range became limited. I still join in our church choir on special occasions, but I don’t enjoy singing with “the guys” so I don’t do it often. I still love to sing, just not where people can hear and judge me.

    I worked as a professional seamstress for a while. I was taught to sew at age 8 and actually made most of my clothes during jr high, high school and college, crafted my own wedding dress and attendants dresses, all of my kids’ costumes, and my daughter’s prom dress. I am looking forward to making my daughter’s wedding dress sometime in the future. I also love to make many different types of crafts. I can draw and paint nature scenes, but not people or animals.

    I also love to cook and bake. My daughter and I have actually discussed some day having our own bakery, if we could just get someone to finance it. LOL

    The only thing on this list that doesn’t resonate with me is dancing. At this, I am a total failure. I am way too self conscious to dance. If I think about what I am doing, two left feet would be an understatement. Drives my husband crazy because he loves to dance.



  45. jans11 said

    WordPress can be a pain sometimes, Margy, welcome aboard!! 🙂


  46. Yes, Jan we have a lot in common. Talk abou Holy Coincidences 🙂

    Glad you conquered WordPress Margy. Never did once they made changes, so use my Twitter acct. I always enjoy your writing. wow! to the Sewing.

    Thanks again MT and all. Really enjoy all the creativity!!


  47. kaycee said

    What an interesting post, MT. Lots of food for thought. I have always loved the arts…whether observing or participating. Considering my inherent shyness, and a propensity towards anxiety, my activity has been fairly limited to a more private arena. I play the piano and sing, but mostly with my family or as a member of a large choir. I have written a few children’s books, but only for the enjoyment of my family. I I have always loved musical theater, but never had the courage to give it a shot. I am also a chronic doodler and love to dance…while I’m cleaning, haha! Perhaps that is one of the reasons I admire David so much…he learned to push through his anxiety…and how grateful we are for it! Perhaps my love for the arts was conveyed more actively to my children as they are all involved in one way or another. As a matter of fact, my oldest daughter teaches music and drama to young people, and tries to instill in them the confidence to move beyond their anxieties and pursue their dreams.

    On a totally random note…does anyone know where to find the blooper video from Nandito Ako?


  48. MT said

    “I’m not a dancer or artist, just liked them” I think I disagree with you there. Didn’t you do that painting of David? It was wonderful! 🙂 and this … “A lot of teachers, nurses, writers, a few doctors.” I know, isn’t it amazing what a diverse bunch we are? And yet there must be something in all of us that ties us together.

    It’ sounds like you are very artistic and creative by nature too. I was actually going to include interior decorating or design in the poll along with a few others (like sewing and quilting, cake decorating, there are so many was we express ourselves) but it was getting too long. lol But it is defintiely something that shows a passion for creativity and expression.

    Jan, Funny story. haha Are you sure you and Heidijoy aren’t related?

    Panda, I ready your blog often and really enjoy it! And I share your passion for writing poetry. 🙂

    It looks like you are multi talented and also share my love of dance. But for me, dance is the one thing that I don’t feel nervous doing. When I get out there and dance, I am just me and I don’t really worry about anything or anyone else. I am consumed by the music and all else fades away. It doesn’t matter who’s watching. I wonder if that’s how David feels on stage?

    In reading all the comments, it seems that most are either musical or creative, or both. The fact that we may not be professionals at what we love to do doesn’t mean that we can’t love it just as much. Just like David, we each find our own ways to express ourselves. (And crafts do count, Dayzee :))

    (It’s possible that, like Jan & Dayzee, those who checked “none” in the box may find that they do have an expressive outlet if they really think about it. Maybe they just haven’t realized that theirs counts as their way to express themselves.)

    One more thing. (isn’t there always with me? LOL) I think you are all awesome and I am so impressed with all of your many talents! Thanks so much for sharing a part of who you are. ♥


  49. loulou said

    Wheni was young i loved to draw portaretsAnd as i got a little older i loved to dance even though i didnt have lessions i won a lot of contest and now that i am older i crochet doll dresses !! i am glad to hear we have so much talent here !!!


  50. MT said

    I found this comment in the comment box under the poll so I’m bringing it here.

    From Madeline A,
    “Its a feeling!! The most appealing feeling I get from David is his eyes, his look. His eyes express everything to me….I believe its called “kindness”. My attraction to David is not only his voice, which is just “out of this world”, but the feeling I get when all I have to do is look at him. I’ve followed many other singers or artists in my lifetime, and I’m always attracted to that same feel. I must admit that David is a special entertainer for me, because he pulls at my heart deeply. Thank you for your wonderful summation of your feelings for David.”

    I think we can all agree on that. David definitely pulls at our hearts. He is one of a kind. ♥

    Thanks for sharing! That’s awesome that you did portraits. I wish I could draw! haha Even my stick men look funny.

    Annnnnnnd … LadyV is at it again. lol I REALLY hope she’s talking about David.

    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
    “@Maureen_abms: @LadyVmusic love your teaser tweets lol” good lots more to come 🙂

    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
    “@Jonerz: @LadyVmusic Can we practice freaking out now??!! LOL” yes!!

    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
    “@kimak: @janey79 @ladyvmusic lol.. cause Archies motto ‘hope springs eternal’!” 🙂


  51. betsy said

    MT, that wasn’t me, I am no good with faces. 🙂
    I’ve drawn houses, fields, flowers, lakes, etc., and sketched a nude or two in class. 😉


  52. MT said

    Oh, my bad. lol I think that was Paula? Maybe? If not, someone correct me please because now I’m wondering who that was!

    LOLing at “I’ve drawn houses, fields, flowers, lakes, etc., and sketched a nude or two in class. 😉 ” << hahaha I think for that alone you qualify!


  53. jans11 said

    My sister called today and told me that we have a new fan! She’s watching her 4 yr old granddaughter and all she wanted to listen to was David’s Crush and Begin album! When it went off, she said “put it back on”!! lol 🙂 I told her “good deal, they’re never too young, getting her on the right track”! ♥


  54. Abrra said

    hmm I must be a late bloomer. I never had the chance for lessons when I was young. Being the last of 8, may be the reason. I made up for it in my 20’s when I taught myself to sew. I worked in a fabric shop for a few years and sewing became a passion for me. I made EVERYTHING for the house and family. 🙂 I got interested in computers and gaming in my mid 40’s.


    Then when David came into my life I was driven to teach myself how do video and music editing. A natural progression is working on this fan site. It’s a blast to combine the 2 interests that give me the most enjoyment David and online friends.

    Abrra 426 days


  55. MT said

    LOL A new fan in the making. 🙂

    I tried sewing but I think it takes more patience than I have. haha Funny when you think about it now because David is certainly teaching me to have more patience. And this >>>”It’s a blast to combine the 2 interests that give me the most enjoyment David and online friends.” ♥

    Thanks for the pic. I knew something was missing! 🙂


  56. kaycee said

    I’m still trying to find that blooper cut from Nandito Ako…any ideas?

    #54…what a great picture!


  57. MT said

    If you go to the NA chat room and use the video at the bottom of the page, the bloopers are at the end starting at 9:57:00. I actually went to youtube and tried to find it too but couldn’t find the original of just the bloopers.


  58. kaycee said

    Thanks, MT! You’re awesome…I found it!


  59. Blueberry Ice said

    MT; Beautifully written post and love what you said, that “a passion for creativity and expression come in many forms”. So true as it’s been a pleasure to read about everyone’s interests and fond memories. One doesn’t have to be good or talented at any particular interest, only that it gives a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. As a child, I remember my Mom singing along while playing those old vinyl 45 records (anyone remember those, haha) and even my Dad favored watching the old musical movies that featured the singing talents of Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby et al.

    Many moons ago, when I took piano lessons, I remember my teacher correcting me even though I thought I had played the piece right. Yes, I had technically played it perfect but she showed me that I needed to play it with ‘feeling’, putting your whole body into it and ‘coaxing’ out the beautiful sound of the piano to make the music come alive. As a child, I did not appreciate or understand what she really meant but now I truly do. For what she was describing was the very ‘passion’ and expression of joy that transforms music to bring it to life, something David does so beautifully, naturally and instinctively … truly a gift that not many singers have. Now, I just dabble in piano for fun and like Dja, I mostly enjoy listening to my kids play their instruments, so does that count as a form of expression, lol! Music warms my heart for a number of reasons & for David to revive that joy has been an unexpected blessing. It seems that the common thread shared is ‘feeling’ that special connection to David even though it may be hard to explain exactly why.

    I’d love to try all the things mentioned in the poll. Funny thing is that even though I don’t sing, some days, David has almost got me believing that I can, lol … how crazy is that!

    MsPoohBear; #12 … Wow, to be spotted by a Motown exec. must have been a memorable experience!

    Fenfan; #17 … A published book & a novel on the way … that’s fabulous!

    Heidijoy; #27 … That is so cool that you had a Victrola. I was fascinated by it when I saw one displayed at a musical instrument museum and didn’t even know what it was. Do you still play it as they are very rare right?

    Poof; #32 … {{{Hugs}}}

    Dayzee; #35 … Your comment made me smile. We tried several different music lessons for one child and well, it didn’t take long to realize that if it was so unenjoyable then there was no sense in making both parties miserable, lol! I’ll be there in the audience with you applauding and appreciating all those who do what they love so well.

    Bychance; # 38 … I love this: “He and his music are most definitely a “thing of beauty”!”

    Margy; #44 … Hope you get your first novel published!

    Loulou; #49 … I would love to see your crochet doll dresses as that would be something unique and collectable.

    MT; # 52 … Yes, Paula did that beautiful painting of David for Camp ASCCA fundraiser.

    Jans; #53 … Love hearing about new fans of all ages for David!


  60. Blueberry Ice, 🙂 No I don’t have the Victrola, wish I did. It would be a Collector’s item. It was in the family when I was pretty young.


  61. MT said

    You’re welcome! Glad I could help. 🙂

    Blueberry Ice,
    Hey there!!! 🙂
    “One doesn’t have to be good or talented at any particular interest, only that it gives a sense of satisfaction and pleasure.”

    Yes, that’s a great way of putting it. Although most of us are not professionals at what we love, it’s something we are passionate about, something that brings us joy and satisfaction in a very special way.

    hahaha Well, I didn’t have a victrola either, but I did have one of those little 45rpm record players in my room as a child. LOL Can you believe it was boxed in PINK! And Elvis sounded lovely on it. ♥ He was the first “heartthrob” I fell for. I used to watch ALL his movies too … over and over.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and David will be the next movie heartthrob when he gets back. 😀 Ohhh … David on the big screen … can we get that lucky?

    But that’s much farther down the road, right now I just want to know if those LadyV tweets are about David. We should know on Monday!

    I saw a comment elsewhere that there is rumor of a new Music Video too, but I don’t know how he could possibly have done any more videos. We have already gotten so much since he left, how much more an there be? Much more and we’ll have to nickname him Superman lol because that’s what he’d have to be to have done so much!


  62. Abrra said

    Proof! 😉




  63. MT said

    Abrra, ROFL … Perfect!!!


  64. Mspoohbear said

    Just rambling here…

    I just watched and listened to Abrra’s video of David singing Nature Boy when he was young at FOD. DANG! I cried my eyes out! I don’t know why, but his song just pierced thru my heart. I miss him a lot! Only David can do that to me.


  65. Archugeezer said

    Abrra, we David fans love and appreciate you for many reasons, the above photos not being the least of them.

    What interesting stories with this post, a very impressive gathering of artistic David fans. Hope it’s not too late to contribute.

    I tend to be an artistic dabbler, not really great at anything except the art of appreciating. I sang a little in high school and had the lead in two musicals. I acted a little in college, bit parts in several plays. I write a little, primarily for my own amusement. I often wish I had been properly schooled in that sort of thing. I have more than dabbled in the art of mothering, definitely a creative endeavor.

    I spent several years doing culinary dabbling for a much needed second income at the time—wedding cakes, novelty cakes and hand dipped chocolates. That career eventually gave way to work in medical transcription for a large psychiatric practice; this was not exactly an artistic adventure, but certainly interesting, and with less cleanup. Actually, I have published several poems. Oh, not deeply profound and meaningful work. I’m talking light verse, humorous, word plays—those column fillers you see in magazines that are willing to pay for it.

    Like I said, a dabbler.

    Admin Abrra edit: Archugeezer sent this to us. I wanted to post it cuz it’s about HAIR!! 🙂


  66. Abrra said

    Thanks! One of addictions is pictures. David is such a great subject. So many different expressions. Such a beautiful person.

    How about writing a poem for this site or an article? Dust off your keyboard and show us your talent. 🙂 It’s all about fans here. By and for the fans 🙂 Our contact is (<— copy and past this into your email address bar)

    We pay in virtual hugs!



  67. MT said

    I know what you mean about that video. It definitely grabs at your heart.

    (Nice job on that video, Abrra)

    It’s never too late! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 You’ve done so many artistic things, I’m curious. Which one did you mark in the poll?

    I’m so glad I did this article! It’s been wonderful for us to get to know a little about each of you. ♥


  68. Abrra said

    Thank you, MT!

    my! JR has a great story that she is going to tell in parts about her adventures during David’s time over in the Philippines.

    “My plan that day was to simply drop by David’s hotel on my way home to bring my baskets of Pinoy goodies for David & Kari. Gifts were usually left at the concierge despite the hotel’s protestations that they have no visitor by the name of David Archuleta. Of course that was the official line, LOL. So the gifts were addressed to an alias instead — and no it wasn’t Josh Bradley!”
    More here

    Go read and leave a comment 🙂




  69. Abrra said

    David photo credit PaulaFOD


  70. archugeezer said

    MT, I think I marked that I played an instrument (piano), only as a dabbler of course. 🙂


  71. Kari posted that she is sending mail the second week of February 🙂 Wrote a card today!!


  72. grateful4all said

    I love this and everything all you wonderful people have posted.
    #20 MT Angelica,You may be right. For whatever reasoon, maybe there is a spark in all of us that understands the passion and uniqueness of artistic expression. We look beyond the obvious and explore it in depth. It doesn’t matter whether it is the written word, painting, music, dance, cooking, photography, architecture or any other form of creative expression. Perhaps it is as simple as that, in the tenderness of our hearts that we have the ability to recognize the beauty of the world around us in all it’s forms.

    I have a brother who is a professional musician so I have a very great appreciation for the combination of talent and determination needed to pursue a career in an area in which you feel compelled. However – I can’t carry a tune, have 2 left feet and stick people are the only things I can draw. But, I do have a deep passion to create things. I have tried most every craft known to exist. Sewing, anything and everything, is my favorite.
    When I say this is a passion, I mean parts of my home have more stuff than the hobby and fabric stores and sleep and food too often take a back seat to my latest projects. What feeds my soul – besides my faith, my family and all things David – is to produce a tangible product. I truly need to do this!
    3 ½ years ago, at the age of 57 and in excellent health, a chiropractic adjustment caused me to have a stroke. I was left with a partially paralyzed right side, yes, the hand I used to create was pretty useless. By the grace of God, wonderful doctors and family and digging deep inside my own soul – a skill taught to me by a young man with a beautiful soul and voice – I was able to ‘recover a ton’! I was jolted into realizing what a precious gift life and the ability to use our God given talents is. I emerged with an even stronger desire to create and to understand and help others.
    I have so many things to be grateful 4 – discovering David and having the privilege to follow his journey with all of you – even though I am mostly a lurker, but a VERY faithful and thankful one, is definitely a blessing I will never take for granted.
    I am currently channeling my creative energy by making quilts, some to leave as part of my legacy for my family and some to give away for charitable causes. High on my bucket list is to teach or work with women in impoverished areas to help discover and build their creative talents.


  73. foddonna said

    Great to hear of all these talented fans. We have seen some of your talents displayed on the David fansites. I can’t really say that I have any great creative talents but i do like to knit. I’ve been enjoying doing that more since i retired last month.


  74. Abrra said

    Thx Heidijoy!

    Here is Kari’s tweet

    @PresidentGirl yep, sending one out 2nd week in February



  75. Nice to see you out and about Grateful4all, well and creative. Great Travel Mate too 🙂


  76. MT said

    Grateful4all – Welcome! and please feel free to post more often. We love hearing what everyone here has to say. 🙂

    I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues but really glad it’s gotten so much better and that David helped. Isn’t he wonderful?

    This: “But, I do have a deep passion to create things … sleep and food too often take a back seat to my latest projects” “High on my bucket list is to teach or work with women in impoverished areas to help discover and build their creative talents.” << That is such a wonderful thing to do.

    I used to knit, too! and crochet! When I was pregnant with my son, (a loooong time ago) I knitted him some blankets, hats, and booties. Of course, once he was born he took up all my time so no more knitting. lol I had forgotten how much pleasure I got out of it.

    We do have a lot of creative Archies out there … taking and making videos, taking photos, editing photos, making those great gifs of precious David moments, sketching, painting portraits, et. …. all so willing to share will all of us. 😀


  77. MT said

    Oops, part of my comment disappeared??? And then it italicized everything!!!

    OMG sorry!! IDK how that happened!!! I hope it turned itself off the same unknown way it turned itself on!


    admin abrra: MT you know I had to fix all that slant! LOL It was the forward arrow things that caused the slantyness.


  78. stenocruiser said

    It’s fascinating to read about the talents so many fans have – and I really have none to match. Good for all of you. Actually, I have enjoyed sketching but am not terribly good at it – I draw pretty faces and then can’t seem to put them on a body; why is that? My goodness. When I was in my early teens (decades and decades ago) I was always glued to the radio – loved to hear the latest songs and singers. I prevailed upon my parents to let me take a commercial course so I could learn shorthand and then I would be able to write down the words to the songs and know them before anyone else. Well, I dropped out of high school and attended business college, learning the magical Gregg shorthand along with typing and bookkeeping. After graduation at age 16, I obtained employment as a junior stenographer in a bank and started to save money for a special purchase. That took a long while but I finally was able to buy a record player which came in a case with handle and of course played 78’s. The first album I bought was the soundtrack of the movie “Holiday in Mexico” which starred 17-year-old soprano, Jane Powell – I guess I have always admired and appreciated singing prodigies (Jane, Deanna Durbin, Billy Gilman, Leanne Rimes and, of course, David!). Shorthand has stayed with me — in fact, I retired about five years ago and was still taking dictation, working for a lawyer who hated dictaphones.


  79. bebereader said

    Hence, your screen name, I love it!
    You say you have no talent to speak of but you mentioned sketching faces. That sounds like talent to me! I took Gregg shorthand in high school too. I didn’t get a job where I used it; I learned it only to copy song lyrics from the radio, like you did. What fun I had collecting pages and pages of lyrics. I can still see the symbols for the words floating around in my head when I listen to music, after all this time. 🙂


  80. MT said

    Bebe is right, drawing faces takes talent. And to work so hard to get your record player sounds like a passion for music to me. 🙂 You sang along, right? What a funny coincidence that you both learned shorthand for the same reason!

    PS Thanks for fixing me up there, Abrra 🙂


  81. Mspoohbear said

    I was YouTube surfing and found these:

    Check out at 2:16, I think the guitarist was trying to upstage David here. LOL!


  82. mspoohbear said

    Sorry, off topic, just want to share…

    I can imagine very young David imitating all these actors in Les Miserables…
    I can’t blame David for being mesmerized. Darn! They are so good!

    1st video with Michael Ball as Marius and Lea Salonga as Eponine. Lea is a Filipino artist who also did the singing voice of Princess Jasmine in Alladin and Mulan.

    2nd video is Castle On A Cloud which I believe David decided was the best song for him to learn because he was the same age as the girl character who sang it.

    Sometimes I wonder if David didn’t see Les Miserables as a boy, where would he be right now? Could he have taken the same path?


  83. MT said

    Thanks for bringing the Les Mis video here. I am not a fan usually a fan of this style of singing, but Wow, Lea Salonga’s voice is gorgeous! I can see why David was so captivated by it.

    And I love those Magic radio interviews. David was so good in them. Maybe it helped that the DJ was very kind and respectful to David and let him talk. Now I have to go look up the concert videos and his vlog from back then. 🙂 *runs to Youtube*


  84. bluesky said

    78. Stenocruiser…… DEANNA DURBIN!!!!!!

    Oh. my. gosh. My mom had ALL of her movies and introduced me to her during our years of sharing a home. How wonderful that you have all those great memories. I too, remember my first purchase of a little stereo with two (detachable) speakers. Great days! Thanks for sharing those memories. We are all one beneath the skin: DA lovers of music. Whether it be music of the day he sings or music of the soul.

    He just whomps that music. Grinds and channels and synthesizes and morphs and claims and reclaims till it is all his. (The greedy little guy!) I feel wholly satisfied in my own greedy need to hear him sing. No guilt whatsoever. If he hadn’t been so greedy to begin with – I would not have the chance to be greedy now. Deal with it, DA.

    In 3rd grade terms: you started it.


  85. betsy said

    Steno, I loved your story about Gregg shorthand. I remember taking it in high school. I struggled for a few weeks, then it hit me. I finally got it, and loved it! I saw it in everything. A stray hair would become part of a word. (I was cursed with horribly curly hair. Not the cute kind, the messy kind lol)
    My friends and I would write to each other in code, shorthand code. Wow, I hadn’t thought of that in years. 🙂


  86. Djafan said

    Hello everyone! Finally have a few before bedtime. We celebrated my granddaughters 16th birthday with a sweet sixteen party yesterday at home with over 100 guests. It all turned great but exhausting lol.

    I caught up reading the comments and have enjoyed all the great memories shared by you all, got me all nostalgic. All the experiences in our lives have somehow, for some reason brought us all here to the David Archuleta fandom :))


  87. emmegirl14 said

    MT, loved your idea for the article. My absent post is not coincidental, but a result of my absence of talent – but I loved reading every single comment and getting to know a little bit more about everyone – what an amazingly talented and interesting bunch, I am in awe!

    So today is the big day we should be hearing again from LadyV!


  88. emmegirl14 said

    Betsy, I think the messy kind IS the cute kind. 🙂


  89. betsy said

    From Kari:
    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    It’s going to be a crazy but good last week of January 2013!! Who’s ready for it?

    Emmegirl – my poor mother. She had 7 girls in a row, all with that hair. She’d make us keep it short to lessen the issues lol. Then she had my brother at the end and he wore an afro for years. 🙂

    SO glad to have the day off today. Not even leaving the house, at least until this ice melts. Maybe not even then.


  90. djafan said

    Betsy, I say to Kari and ladyv BRING IT ON!!!


  91. bluesky said


    “Funny thing is that even though I don’t sing, some days, David has almost got me believing that I can, lol … how crazy is that!” Not so ‘crazy’ at all!


    “I was jolted into realizing what a precious gift life and the ability to use our God given talents is. I emerged with an even stronger desire to create and to understand and help others.” I was so touched by your story, Grateful. You have truly turned your desires to serve and create into something others will remember and cherish about you forever.

    MT: thank you so much for your inspiring and heartfelt article. You have touched a creative spark that seems to connect us all. Again… thanks!!

    Archugeezer: I love your ramblings. Never stop! Please.

    OH! I wish I had the time to read and reread all your lovely comments. A big thank you to all who posted for sharing – you help to inspire me.

    This is for Archugeezer:

    by bluesky

    My scratchings –
    Though random
    Though untuned
    Though covering again (often as not)
    The very surface they strive to clear
    Still reveal light enough
    To make the effort worth my while.

    I love and appreciate you talented, amazing, beautiful people! You provide light in my life. ^_^


  92. MT said

    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
    I do believe its archie news sometime today! 🙂



  93. Bluesky~

    Thanks for your kind words, and especially for your poem. Love it! (Great title too.)


  94. bebereader said

    New article ——–>>> GO GO GO LOL


  95. How did u actually get the points to compose ““A Common Theme
    Among David Archuleta Fans? The Voice”? Thanks
    a lot -Valeria


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