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Exchanging Gifts ~ David Archuleta

Posted by MT on Friday, December 14, 2012


With the holidays upon us, we are reminded that the Christmas season is about caring, and sharing, and thinking of others. It’s about spending time with family and renewing ties with friends we haven’t seen in a while. And it’s about giving.

Giving comes in many forms. Some gifts come wrapped in pretty paper all tied up with ribbons. Some are gifts from the heart that we share. Some heartfelt gifts are planned; like when we bring gifts to children’s hospitals, drop a toy into the Toys-For-Tots box, bring canned goods for a food drive, or blankets and coats to shelters for the homeless. But sometimes we give gifts from the heart that we don’t even know we gave, gifts that money can’t buy.

While watching a video of David performing My Hands in Lancaster, PA during his first tour, I couldn’t help noticing David’s reaction to the audience singing “hold on” along with him. The small, sweet smile that crosses his face at the 1:02 mark says it all.

In the video below, watch :48-1:03 where David notices the fans singing “hold on”, and then at 1:55 where he lets them sing that part alone, and again at 2:05 where he figures out that if he encourages them and holds the mic towards the audience, he gets a “sing-along right there.” Solo shows were still new to David at that time. He still clung tightly to the mic when singing. But you could see things start to transform in his mind as he realized what was happening.

My Hands – Lancaster, PA

Credit: braves071025

Somewhere in the middle of this tour, I think it finally hit David that the audience was comprised of fans. Not just any fans, HIS fans. I think it was quite a revelation when he realized that these people weren’t just fans of American Idol, they were fans of David Archuleta. Their show of support encouraged him to let go, to connect with them and start letting go of his fears.

It must be a strange feeling for such a young man to realize that he actually has his own fans. And although he didn’t know it, that was just the beginning. I think it took him quite a while to realize just what kind of fans he really had, that these weren’t just ordinary fans. They would prove to be quite a different breed of fan than that of the average artist. Over time, a unique bond formed between David and his fans. Because he began so young, he was still learning. He was new to performing in front of large crowds and it must have been terrifying. But David’s fans gave him the freedom to learn, to try new things, even to make mistakes, while loving anything and everything he did.

They gave him the gift of patience and loyalty while he learned what it was all about. They watched and waited as his performance skills and his confidence grew. They understood his shyness and his sometimes-awkward speeches in the beginning, even cherished those things and received them with a smile.

It was a gift given at a time when he needed it most. Maybe that’s why David is continually telling us how grateful he is for the journey we have helped him to take. He’s even said that it’s the fans that have taken him on this journey. In a way, that’s true. David began his journey solo, but the fans helped him to continue that journey.

That was our gift to David. And while he’s temporarily away from the music scene, his fans are still giving. Time is freely and happily given to keep up with David news, to write about him, to comment on articles about him, to tweet about him, to promote and buy his music, or to vote for him. His fans work hard to remind others that there is an incredibly talented young man out there that will be back in 2014.

But it isn’t like we’re giving and not receiving. It’s been an exchange of gifts.

While we were giving, we were also receiving from this kind and gentle and amazingly talented young man who sings like an angel and has shared his gifts with us. We have been blessed by his voice as he sings songs that make us smile and cry and dance and sing. He has given us years of joy and happiness by sharing his music and his heart with us.

In return for our gift of patience, we have received so much. Our lives have been enriched by David and by the friends we have made through him.

So in the spirit of Christmas, I’d like to acknowledge the gifts given to and from David and his fans.

Wishing you all …



87 Responses to “Exchanging Gifts ~ David Archuleta”

  1. dangitdavid said

    I love this post!!!! Other than my kids and family, David has been the greatest gift I have ever received. Thank you for this wonderful post!


  2. poluck8 said

    Beautiful post MT, So true every word of it .He is a gift!


  3. tonette913 said

    Beautifully written sentiments! I was so touched by your message MT and so glad to be one of David’s fans…Thank you and Merry Christmas too! (“,)


  4. Dayzee said

    The giving and receiving has always been integral to David and his fans. I cannot imagine how many gifts he has been given by fans. I have seen those big stacks at every appearance. He is always so gracious. Always gives a sincere thank you. And then we actually saw him wear some of those gifts. The famous Abrra scarf, many shirts, some jewelry. He mentions his delight that fans contribute to causes close to his heart. He is a grateful receiver.

    I had to grin at MT’s ” people weren’t just fans of American Idol, they were fans of David Archuleta:. I have a coworker who used to come into my office to critique every American Idol episode. He thought I was interested because of the David pictures by my desk. I finally had to tell him I was a David fan, not an Idol fan.

    May the gifts keep on coming!


  5. bluesky said

    I love your article MT! You are spot-on and it is a great new way to look at this topic. Well done. Well done.


    And, Merry Christmas to you, too!


  6. MT said

    Thanks for the lovely comments. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it.

    I really feel that the relationship between David and his fans is a beautiful thing. To see so many fans still here after all this time is amazing and a testament to this young man and all that he is.

    We often talk of what a gift he is to us. But I wanted to acknowledge what a gift all of YOU are to him, too. He is a lucky man to have such loyal and loving fans. I know he really appreciates that.


  7. jans11 said

    Great article, MT! Even though we don’t know why we have such a connection to David, I know that I feel blessed that I do and always will. I think that is what is so great, that we both feel we need to do for each other! ♥

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all my David fans!


  8. SandyBeaches said

    Lovely article MT. Without a doubt, David has made a huge difference to Christmas bringing the holiday back to a very special time and one that we love.

    Sometimes when I have had an article published, something bizarre in the world takes place at the same time. The immense tragedy for the school children in Conneticut is just one of those terrible times again and the world will be watching.



  9. bebereader said

    Beautiful MT!
    I consider everything David gives us a gift from his heart, whether a cd, a concert, a video, a new song, a vlog. I’m overjoyed to receive anything from him.

    Gifting to other fans is what David’s fans do best.

    The Connecticut school tragedy is just fifteen minutes from where I live. All the schools are on lock-down here. Seeing the footage of those little children walking across a field into safety is more than one can bear. It brought back memories of 9/11. 😦


  10. emmegirl14 said

    Love the sentiment in your article MT! There is such a respect on both sides for the other.

    Betsy, loved your exchange with your husband. 🙂
    As sky mentioned, the range he shows from beginning to end is just amazing.

    Lynella, SB, “‘The Prayer’ duet should be recorded in a studio. How unfortunate for people worldwide who can not hear it.

    He is ready to sing with Bocellii. Just finishing off a dream as that is the level of beauty of his voice. It would be a grand day because everyone would see what we see.”
    …. so glad to read this, (I had been thinking the same thing but wondered if it was just my ODD)…. that beautiful resonating tone.

    Stuck in The Prayer and O Holy Night, they have completely consumed me.


  11. emmegirl14 said

    Oh my, I had no idea about the Connecticut tragedy, just saw the comments. All are in my prayers.


  12. bluesky said


    I am so with you on that. My ears decided they would change their diet to: cream and dark chocolate wrapped in layers of cake. A simple diet recommended for all who wish to cut out empty calories, and replace them with life sustaining whole foods. *sigh* I have such wise, enlightened ears.

    No slimming down for this these babes.

    Note: Sudden changes in diet are not recommended for those with low metabolism. Coma may result.


  13. bluesky said

    (Praying for those in Conn. who are affected. Just can’t talk about it yet. Sending love and light and more love.)


  14. Angelica said

    Very sad day. My heart and prayers go out for comfort to those for whom no comfort can come except with time. I read a first grade teacher related, “…the terrified kids were saying, “I just want Christmas…I don’t want to die. I just want to have Christmas.”



  15. jans11 said

    Just can’t get over the tragedy involving those little kids. Such a contrast of the good in David and the bad things that some people do. My thoughts and prayers have been pouring out all day to the families in their time of grief.


  16. MT said

    Like Angelica, I keep asking Why? I just don’t understand how or why something like this happens. Such a heartbreaking, senseless tragedy. Prayers for them all.


  17. djafan said

    MT, You have defined what David calls his “relationship” with his fans. The exchange of heart and soul between us and him. You see it in his eyes and ours during concerts, VIP’s, book signings, waiting by the bus, anytime there is an encounter. You can see the genuine sincerity both ways. Thank you MT.

    I’ve had a sick feeling all day hearing about the horrific tragedy in Conn. I can’t imagine how the families and all those affected must be going through. My prayers go out to all of them.

    This song has been playing in my head all day.


  18. djafan said

    MT, You have defined what David calls his “relationship” with his fans. The exchange of heart and soul between us and him. You see it in his eyes and ours during concerts, VIP’s, book signings, waiting by the bus, anytime there is an encounter. You can see the genuine sincerity both ways. Thank you MT.

    I’ve had a sick feeling all day hearing about the horrific tragedy in Conn. I can’t imagine how the families and all those affected must be going through. My prayers go out to all of them.

    This song has been playing in my head all day.


  19. stenocruiser said

    My heart is breaking for the families of those innocent children and the other victims. I don’t know how I would be able to go on if, God forbid, this happened to my beautiful great-grandchildren (similar age range, 5 yrs. and 7 yrs.). President Obama, through his tears, promised something would be done, “despite politics”. I pray he is successful in his efforts. Soon.

    Everything’s Broken and Prayer of the Children carry such strong messages. Thank you, David.


  20. Caitlin said

    Beautiful post! So proud to be a DA fan…becuz of David, his music and his fans!


  21. MT said

    To our new posters …

    Thanks, and Welcome to The Voice!

    Pop in and say Hi any time. 🙂


  22. SandyBeaches said

    This is one time from many times that we miss David’s presence. He would have words for something so terrible that has happened both national or international. We will hear from him I am certain. His return will be welcomed.

    It didn’t take long today to think about David and his song BROKEN, when the news came that the children were told to close their eyes as they left the school. His years away give
    people the time to see how his presence is so important.



  23. MT said

    His personal day is not until Monday so he may not know what has happened until then. And I agree, his return will definetly be welcomed.

    I keep hearing him sing The Prayer in my head as I think of all those children.


  24. SandyBeaches said

    I have checked the news in the following places…Sydney,Aus; Paris, France; London, England; and to go on, China, India and so on. The news of the tragedy has swept the globe. Just can’t see it in the Chilean news at the moment.



  25. bluesky said

    Right now it is unimaginable for me to think what these parents and families must be going through. To have their children and other loved ones taken from them so cruelly and suddenly.

    Sometimes when bad things happen we can be tempted to think that the small, kind things we do do not matter. However, I feel that it is just the opposite. I think that when really bad things happen, kindnesses shown, love given, those things shine even brighter and can have more meaning within the darkness. We are not helpless nor hopeless when we have God and each other. Arms outreaching in prayer, love, and support – may these surround those dear grieving families and all their loved ones – may they never feel alone.

    I am grateful for my family and for the opportunity to be with them this Christmas season. My prayers, thoughts and hopes go to those most affected by what happened today. And my good wishes to all of you here at the Voice.


  26. angelofdja said

    I sit here with nothing to say. I am just shocked and saddend to the core. May God Bless those who have lost their child or loved one in this awful, awful tragedy.
    Yes Bluesky, I don’t have much, but what I do have I am so very thankful for.


  27. Angelica said


    Thank you for the beautiful post on the exchange that takes place between David and his fans. He really does have the greatest fans in the world and that’s why, I dislike it anytime anyone criticizes them. We are all doing the best we can to love, respect and support him and each other while he is away. I just want you all to know that to a person, you are some of the finest folks I have ever encountered.

    HG just posted an article on the state of our culture in the wake of the CT shooting.


    I tried to post a comment there and it would not allow me to type in the comment section even though I am logged into WP.

    I don’t know. I am still in shock by it all. For a long time I have known something is very dark and wrong with the culture of our society. Evil, immorality, and violence have become the mainstay of our entertainment diet. This is why a year ago, I stopped watching TV except very rarely for maybe a half hour 2 or 3 times a week and at whatever my husband has it on at the moment. I have become totally indifferent to it and even view it now as an unwelcome invasion. I get my news and movies via the internet sans the “programming.” I don’t listen to the radio at all. I don’t like giving up my free will to choose so I play my own music.

    I wanted to say on the issue of gun control brought up by HG in her post and others across the net that I am torn. I’m not sure how in a nation as large as ours it could be enforced without turning into a police state. How would you gather up all the weapons? In the end, the answer has to be a change of many hearts, a spiritual awakening in the land. I don’t like contemplating the alternative.


  28. bebereader said

    All flags are flying at half-staff where I live in New York, just twenty miles from the Connectucut school tragegy. How does one digest this madness and still function? My TV news has been on constantly. I can’t not watch and I can’t watch anymore either. The thought of seeing child-sized caskets is too much bear. How did the world get so mixed up to the point that good is bad and bad is good?

    I miss David more than ever. He’s my voice of reason and a calming, soothing influence.

    “Can you hear the voice of the children?
    Softly pleading for silence in a shattered world?
    Angry guns preach a gospel full of hate,
    Blood of the innocent on their hands.”
    – Kurt Bestor

    Link to news article that updates frequently:


  29. Lani said

    This is beautiful MT. Thank you! Loving this exchange of gifts. David is sooo deserving of all these gifts we, his fans give him and we know that he has been and is always thankful for us as we are of him.

    This CT tragedy is so heartbreaking…really heartbreaking. Prayers to all families affected. May God speed their healing.


  30. Lani said


    The world needs David’s voice and music.


  31. Marlie7 said

    Bebe – I also posted Prayer of the Children, yesterday. Amid such tragedy I get a little bit of comfort from David’s voice. Nothing can take away the horror of what happened yesterday, but the sound of love and hope and prayer in David’s voice takes the edge away.

    God bless the families who are suffering so deeply today.


  32. 24.Blueskyyyy,♥♥♥ your words carry a beautiful message today. love you.

    MTbeautiful post♥ love the points you brought up. The relationship between David and his fans is so special now. took him some time for him to realize that when we boarded the David train, we had no intention of getting off! haha..ever! Just so thankful he came into my life and stole my heart, and that he has given us our own special little place to reside in his♥

    Angelica,so agree with every single word you say.

    my first reaction to the news,was ‘oh my God,not again? and then I turned it off.Then I turned it (tv)back on later, and wept.:(
    sadly my first reaction was not one of horrified surprise,more like “numb”and that bothered me that I felt that way.I realized that part of me has become distanced and desensitized to what I hear and see on the news, been that way for a while too, with what passes for entertainment these days.nothing shocks me anymore.


  33. skydancer1x said

    LANI,”The world needs David’s voice and music.”
    so true.
    27 love you Bebe♥
    flags at half staff all over the country…POTC….the words….


  34. tawna21 said

    MT, your post is so full of love. The giving and receiving, the giving and taking, the caring and sharing of David and HIS fans. And, ‘not just any fans, HIS fans’. There is a pretty big corner in my heart that is reserved for David. It’s not just David Archuleta, singer/songwriter/actor/book author/very good looking young man. It’s probably more like David Archuleta, the voice of an angel/humble/kind/obedient to his faith/reverent/charitable young man, and all of the others listed above.

    Yes, as has been stated already, the world needs David and more just like him. I am spending a very snowy weekend celebrating birthdays, a baptism, and lots of laughs with 6 of my 10 grandchildren and their parents. I haven’t been able to give enough hugs and kisses on top of little heads to help ease the pain I feel for what is happening so many miles from my home, and yet right in my world. How does this happen? Why does this happen? Please, make it stop! Please world, hear the prayers of the children.

    Sky, we should not have to fly the flags at half mast because of the loss of lives of children. It just should not have to be happening.


  35. Angelica said

    It is strange how I was working on the pictures for this article into the wee hours from screen caps I had captured. After I published I looked in mild wonder at the images of him I had chosen, especially, the bottom pic that says, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, and thought, “Why did I choose that picture?” He looks so sad. Nothing merry or happy about it. Later that morning when I got to work, the news came about the children.

    You are right, Tawna, “It just should not be happening.” Hope to see many of you in Unplugged tonight. It’s the night of the last devotional in Chile.


  36. MT said

    I wonder still, if David realizes that he’s never getting rid of us? 🙂

    “There is a pretty big corner in my heart that is reserved for David.: << Ditto.

    Sorry I didn't respond to each and every one of you, but I've had a hard time focusing on anything but those poor children and their parents and the faculty and their families.

    But thank you all so much for your lovely comments. David has taken up residence in our hearts and (I think) we in his. David has been such a source of joy for us and I know he appreciates us in return. I am so glad to be here and that I have all of you to share with. ♥


  37. emmegirl14 said

    To begin to see the faces of these beautiful children. There are no words.


  38. Abrra said


    MT , thanks for your thoughts on our exchange of gifts with David!
    “sometimes we give gifts from the heart that we don’t even know we gave, gifts that money can’t buy.”

    These are the true,lasting gifts. Sharing with someone just because you want to make them smile. A kind word, a spontaneous hug, a helping hand are all priceless and leave the recipient with a warm glow. No wrapping paper or ribbon needed. Just love.

    Abrra 468 days


  39. stenocruiser said

    Gladys is now in Unplugged


  40. Gayle122890 said

    Angelica, “something is very dark and wrong with the culture of our society. Evil, immorality, and violence have become the mainstay of our entertainment diet.” Yes. It is very scary to hear from my own high school-age daughter about the attitude that a lot of her peers have. They don’t concern themselves with what is good and noble. Instead immoral behavior has become the norm and as she said, “what is expected” of them. She said some of them are willing to do things that they know will get others hurt and it doesn’t bother them. I know there are a lot of good kids out there, but we are losing way too many others to that “dark”. We are looking into home school for my daughter. She herself has asked me about it.

    Sorry about my rant, but yes, something is very dark and wrong going on.

    Also, I believe we need to look into the fact that there are people out there with serious mental instabilities. That is another factor that lies at the root when something like this horrible crime happens. I believe that if people in charge do not address this issue, but instead politicize the matter with gun control and the like, they are doing a great disservice to our society. Mental illness is not a crime by any means, but there are a lot of individuals who need help and they are not getting it. That is a very serious problem. I work with social services and I have seen that for myself.

    That’s my two-cents worth. I will hold my children close and tell them I love them and do the best I know how for them.

    I pray that the Lord will comfort and strengthen the families that are suffering through this ordeal. And may He help us all.

    I would also say, “David, hurry up and come home.” But David is doing what The Spirit calls him to do. I also pray for that kind of light to shine ever more in our world.


  41. bluesky said

    Thank you for your post, Gayle! Your ‘rant’ makes a lot of sense to me. One of the reasons I love DA is because he is such a great role model for other young people.

    What can I do? I can love and encourage the young ones around me. I can let them know that people care about how they turn out. That they matter to the world. They are our future.

    Thank goodness for those like DA care about who and what they are.


  42. Lynnella said

    I love this site. It’s like a port in the storm. When things happen I try to make sense of them, but this makes no sense. So I try to work through my feelings through poetry. Here are my thoughts:

    When Evil Comes to Call

    A chill ran down my spine today,
    as news began to break,
    A madman went into a school,
    and young lives he did take,
    How could this happen anywhere,
    what’s wrong with this cruel world,
    There has to be someone to blame,
    some curses to be hurled,
    Why can’t this be prevented,
    someone should stop it all,
    But this is just the way it goes,
    when evil comes to call,
    For evil knows no limits,
    and madness has no fear,
    It roams around the countryside,
    sometimes it’s very near,
    There’s no way we can stop it,
    because we cannot tell,
    Who’s coming from another world,
    right from the pit of Hell,
    And even though He’s watching,
    God cannot interfere,
    Because He gave us all free will,
    and that to Him is dear,
    But, He’ll be there to comfort,
    the ones who’re left behind,
    The one’s who’re gone are now with Him,
    let it bring you peace of mind,
    He’s holding them and loving,
    the little girls and boys,
    He wants us to remember them,
    their laughter and their joys,
    He knows you will have heartache,
    His heart is aching more,
    Have faith, one day you’ll be with them,
    together evermore.



  43. Abrra said


    I want you to find a way to get your message to the families. Send this to all the media outlets? It is so healing.

    Thank you for expressing your thoughts.



  44. Abrra said

    Thanks to Gladys and everyone who came to hear her story of going to the devotional. It was a “sold out” chat 😉 We’ll have a few details once Bebe gets the chat log deciphered.

    This link came up in chat last night. It is a fan from Peru who flew to Chile with her mother to attend the devotional. You will need Google Translate to read most of it. There are some gems to be mined for sure. It’s always fun to read a person’s first reactions to seeing and hearing David sing live.

    Abrra 467 days


  45. SandyBeaches said

    Gayle…there will be changes that will protect the children. There is no turning back now from the obvious rules and restrictions that have only been mentioned in the past but must be made. Others have made those restrictions. The timing also has an impact that says there is no turning back from changes even if for the memory of the children that will live on forever.



  46. emmegirl14 said

    Lynnella ♥


  47. Lynnella♥


  48. stenocruiser said

    Here is a beautifully-done tribute using David’s “Broken”:



  49. bluesky said

    The quotes below are from the official site for news of The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS,
    As I read this and watched the video below, I thought how it was an especially poignant counterpoint to the situation we find ourselves in: “How do we bring light to the world in dark times?” Elder A. is especially good at this. He has not had a perfect life nor gone without challenges. We remember him as much for the little things he does as for his amazing “glory notes”. So… just offering.

    This was a surprise to all who attended. A gentle-man during WW ll.


    “Peabody Award-winning news journalist Tom Brokaw and Tony Award-winning tenor Alfie Boe were enthusiastically received by a capacity-filled Conference Center audience.

    “I don’t think there’s a hall like this anywhere in America,” said Tom Brokaw during a news conference following the first performance. “To step on stage, as long as I have been doing this, and see 22,000 people looking at you expectantly gets all your nerve endings exposed.”

    In the performance, Brokaw tells a story entitled “Christmas from Heaven: A Gift That Changed the World.” During his narration the Conference Center is transformed into a scene from post-World War II as the sound of airplane engines roar above the audience followed by dozens of pieces of candy tied to handkerchief parachutes float from the ceiling of the Conference Center into the laps of audience members.

    It represented the way Gail Halvorsen, an Air Force pilot dropped handkerchief parachutes of candy from his plane during the Berlin airlift in 1948 and 1949. Mr. Brokaw surprised everyone when he introduced the “Candy Bomber” in person to a standing ovation.

    Alfie Boe is a “singing sensation” according to Mack Wilberg, Mormon Tabernacle Choir director. “To perform here is a lifelong dream,” said Boe. Besides singing the traditional carols of Christmas, Boe sang “Bring Him Home” from Les Misérables to a standing ovation.”


  50. betsy said

    MT, I wish I’d commented on your lovely article the minute I read it. Shortly after, I just couldn’t say anything – I just couldn’t. But I loved it.

    Has anyone seen the video of Robbie Parker speaking about his beautiful little girl Emilie, who was in that kindergarten class?
    He could barely breathe, but he speaks of love, healing.
    God Bless him, his family, and all of them.


  51. Angelica said


  52. Angelica said

    Lynella, I want to add my ♥ too for your beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

    Bluesky, that must have been a wonder to see all those candies floating down from the ceiling in little handkerchiefs. Looking forward to seeing video of that when it comes out.

    Gladys, hope you make it home safely today, get some rest. Enjoyed spending time with you and everyone who made it to chat last night. Gracias amigas!


  53. gladys1961 said

    I’m in Buenos Aires, I slept all day today.
    I miss David, I know, I know, you tell me !!!! Welcome to the club!!!!!


  54. Mckenzie Harris said

    Gladys, glad you are home. You must be exhausted. Really appreciate your comments in chat last night. Hope you are enjoying Elder Coello’s CD.


  55. Angelica said

    Gladys! Welcome back! Glad you got some rest. I was going to say in my comment above, don’t be 😦 but I didn’t want to trigger it. Yes, welcome to the club. It has it’s ups and downs, (mostly ups) but it’s a good place to be.


  56. bluesky said

    Lynnella —

    Thank you so much for sharing your poem. Everyone, thank you for just being here.

    So moved by Robbie Parker. I haven’t watched it yet. Just looking at his face moves me. I wish I could hold him and his whole family. Let us make room in our hearts.


  57. Lynnella said

    If the poem helps even one person, then I’m happy. It’s therapy for me to write. Helps me to organize my thoughts and feelings when I get them down on paper. Thanks to all who commented about it. I’m glad I could help even a little. Wish the subjectmatter could have been happier. I hope to never have to write a poem like that again.



  58. Angelica said


    I hadn’t yet watched the video you posted in #48 till I got home a little while ago. The parachuting candies were as lovely as I thought they would be. I remember when my sister and I were little kids and she was terrified of airplanes. In those days planes would fly overhead pretty loudly and she would run screaming for cover. One day, our grandmother told her that she shouldn’t be afraid and that sometimes, planes drop candy for good little children. Later that day when a plane flew over, my sister started to panic and a bag of candy came sailing down and landed at her feet. I saw my grandmother come out from behind a shrub to rejoice with her over it. (I was in on it). From that day on, my sis never feared airplanes again but would run out hoping again for candy. lol. We were both grown before I told her the truth.

    I’ve found that Robbie Parker in the video above is LDS. He had moved his family from Utah just 8 months before.


  59. bluesky said

    Angelica.. what an amazing story about your sister and grandmother. Quite a lady, she must have been! Yes, I had heard that the Parkers were from Northern Utah. There is a fund here where people can contribute to help bring their daughter home to be laid here with family. I guess that is why I cannot watch the video yet.

    I just see his face and that seems… I have no words. I have heard about his message, though. I can only hope that I could do as well if I ever had to.


  60. skydancer1x said

    Just want to say,I love you guys, each and every one of you♥


  61. bebereader said

    Glad you made it home safely. Thanks for sharing with us the time you had in Chile. Your English is improving so rapidly; sometimes I almost forget it’s your second language. Be happy floating on that cloud for awhile. It’s such a good feeling.

    Your poem has moved so many including me. I was shopping at a Bed Bath & Beyond store in Danbury, CT yesterday and the mood was somber with many talking about the incident. So tragic.

    That was a beautiful tribute you found and shared with us, using David’s “Broken”. Many thanks.


  62. djafan said

    Lynnella, thank you for sharing your poem.

    Gladys, glad you made it home safely.

    I watched the President speak at the memorial, it looks like he’s aged in two day The father, no words.

    The tribute video using Broken is sad but at the same time gives a sense of hope and the voice soothes.


  63. bluesky said

    Wow.. this is kind of a loooonnnng link. But it leads to a very friendly face! Twice on Dec. 25th!!

    “Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tuesday, Dec. 25, at 6 & 9pm MT
    This month, tune in for a larger-than-life MoTab Christmas production featuring David Archuleta and Michael York, big names in show business. These stunning performances combine the exquisite skill of the organ, choir, and orchestra with graceful dancing and powerful storytelling to create an outstanding production that communicates the grandness of the season – and even more, the reason for it.”

    (I can’t download the pic… probs because of handsome overload (has been known to affect some computers/software, and put them in constant “repeat” mode.)

    Admn Edit: Here’s handsome overload. As you can see it already infected my computer and put the picture in “repeat” mode. LOL (Bebereader)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  64. Spirit said

    Angelica…..Thank you for posting the video of Robbie Parker. He spoke with such dignity and grace and gave a beautiful tribute to his daughter, Emilie. His compassionate spirit is so moving and uplifting in this tragic time.

    The past several days have been so emotional and heartbreaking. I am a recently retired teacher who taught third graders for forty years, and I still do volunteer work at my former school. Although the schools have worked so hard on security procedures in recent years,we realize there are never any guarantees. I sincerely hope that the issues of mental health and gun control can be successfully addressed by our government.

    As always, David’s music brings me such comfort during these difficult times. He continues to be such a blessing in my life.


  65. djafan said

    Thanks for the link Bluesky! Love two David’s ♥


    Die Weihnachtsgeschichte – Geburt Jesu Christi – Silent Night D. Archuleta


  66. bluesky said


    Well, thank you! After all, he is appearing Twice that day of days!

    Spirit (((((hugs))))))

    Djafan: Beautiful! Great find!!


  67. djafan said

    Hello amigas y amigos!! If you could take a second and leave David greeting on his OS..yes? It just makes me sad to only see 14 ;(


  68. djafan said

    Love that David A is still getting some love from Dapo 🙂

    DAPO *news* ‏@DMP_Studio
    “DRUMMER BOY” David Archuleta @DavidArchie ft. Dapo @DapoTorimiro FREE DOWNLOAD AT

    Aisim ‏@aisimchan
    @DMP_Studio “@DMP_Studio: @aisimchan Happy Holidays!!” Thanks Dapo:) Happy Holidays from Malaysia!! I love @DavidArchie “The Drummer Boy”

    2h DAPO *news* ‏@DMP_Studio
    @aisimchan @davidarchie we love it too…. David brought something special with him that day in the booth – as always.


  69. McKenzie Harris said

    HD video of The Prayer posted by the person who posted the great HD compilation video of the Christmas concert. It’s great.

    Alejandro Angulo


  70. bluesky said

    Oh, yes. That’s the video for which I have been waiting. Thanks McKenzie!!!

    (I somehow felt that proper English was the only way to express my aepdlfgjbniurcnvjfhakdhgnhpsknelgpdimspkl)

    And… a very special Christmas to you too, Mr. Alejandro Angulo


  71. cq#DA2014 said

    Djafan, also very sad that there is low views. I do go to watch it everyday just to support. Maybe it’s because it was recorded before he left and some fans just aren’t interested. It would be so great if he would/could send us fans a Holiday message from Chile (via Kari of course), I bet more fans would be interested. Look at all the views for those magical videos from Chile. I can’t stop listening to David’s phenomenal voice
    ( deeper, stronger and richer) SIGH!!! Can’t wait to have him back to working on his singing career.


  72. gladys1961 said

    sorry for spanish but I found the news is amazing.

    El dia viernes 21 de diciembre se realizara en Chile, mas especificamente en ” Estadio del teniente” en Rancagua, se realizaran actividades deportivas que ellos han llamado “Las olimpiadas de la Mision”
    Sera una actividad de 120 minutos y uno de los participantes es una persona muy interesante, él estara en el equipo numero 2:

    2) Los Ornitorrincos (Místicos): Color Celeste
    Ramírez, Mills, Cotton y Shaw
    Cowden y Suárez
    Shepherd y Sperry
    Beecroft y Holdaway
    Trejo y Oliva
    Ledesma y Ortega
    Archuleta y Peña
    Peterson y Godoy

    Regla principal, ” no tocar a las misioneras”

    ( seria una locura si yo voy a Chile para ver como el Elder Archuleta juega al football?? )

    Admin edit Abrra: Google Translation
    On Friday December 21 will be held in Chile, specifically in “Lieutenant Stadium” in Rancagua, sports activities were held they have called “The Olympics of the Mission”
    It will be an activity of 120 minutes and one of the participants is a very interesting person, he will be in the number 2 team:

    2) the platypus (Mystics): Color Celeste
    Ramirez, Mills, Cotton and Shaw
    Cowden and Suarez
    Shepherd and Sperry
    Beecroft and Holdaway
    Trejo and Oliva
    Ledesma and Ortega
    Archuleta and Peña
    Peterson and Godoy

    Home Rule, “do not touch the missionaries”

    (It would be crazy if I go to Chile to see how the Elder Archuleta playing football?)


  73. gladys1961 said

    gracias abrra.


  74. gladys1961 said

    Home Rule, “not touching the sister missionaries”

    Missionary Sisters will also participate in sports activities along with Elders.


  75. had to pop in for a minute before bed, just to make sure I didn’t miss any eye treats.♥

    …. tomorrow I will close on my house of 25 years, and become an apartment dweller for awhile.(hey ,all that painting paid off) So, I guess life will take me on a new adventure..and a new BEGINing.

    Gladys♥ jajajajaja!


  76. betsy said

    McKenzie, thanks for bringing that gorgeous video over.
    Can’t sleep at all the past few days. I imagine there’s a lot of that going on around the world. ;(
    Bless those babies, those teachers, those parents, those families.


  77. bebereader said

    #76 Betsy,
    Had I known you were up, we could have played Scrabble. LOL Oh, that’s right we did LOL

    #69 McKenzie, The HD of “The Prayer” is just beautiful! The professionalism of David, the recording artist, shines in this performance by Elder Archuleta. Thanks for posting, McKenzie.

    Best wishes on your move! May you find all that you are so deserving of!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  78. Marlie7 said

    Lynella – beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it.

    The past weekend – and still – such sadness. The video with Broken is a lovely tribute.


  79. goodkarmaseeker said

    MT, I love this post! It is so true that we really have had a relationship with David over these past years and a relationship requires giving gifts back and forth especially the gifts of listening, patience and support. David is such a unique artist. He’s not so much a “performer” as a giver and a sharer, inviting us in to be close to his place of rapture or pain or fun when he’s singing. That’s why we love him so much and we have given back and why we wait.
    At this time of reflection, I so much appreciate having had David’s music, presence and soul in my life. It has made my life richer and better by far.
    All of you are a big part of that as well. Coming here is always a bright spot in my day.


  80. foddonna said

    Gladys, are you going to go? You might get to see David in a running event! He is very fast.


  81. Dayzee said

    Goodkarmaseeker, love what you wrote. Can I just put a ditto under that?

    Sky, How exciting to have a new adventure. It must tug at your heart to leave the place you have been for 25 years. I admire your spirit.

    I can tell Gladys is tempted. Heck, I am tempted.


  82. emmegirl14 said

    I love dapo’s love and appreciation for David and his talent. He has written with/for some of the biggest names in the biz. David seems to always leave his mark.

    Good luck sky!

    Gladys, would it be crazy? Yes, but sooo you!


  83. MT said

    I’m with Dayzee, I’ll ditto that. Especially “He’s not so much a “performer” as a giver and a sharer” Yep! He sure is. 🙂

    Congrats on the sale of your home! and good luck with your new May you enjoy much happiness in your new home.


  84. MT said

    I really needed a smile today and I found one. I thought I’d share.

    Credit: Boo Radleigh


  85. betsy said

    Sky, good luck with the move. New Beginnings. 🙂

    MT, I’m with ya on that E&M video and needing to smile. Love it.

    Emmegirl, as always ❤

    Gladys – I am so confused about the Olympics of the Mission event! Is it a charity event?
    My daughter just told me that she had the day off and needed to clean house in the worst way. But instead of that, she snuggled all day with her Adam. Because she could. He goes to full day preschool 3x a week at the local elementary, and she's scared to send him. The opposite of what should be.
    (She is taking him though, and he knows nothing about what has happened. He's too little to understand anyway. I hope) 😦

    Going to listen to The Prayer again.


  86. emmegirl14 said

    Betsy, little Adam is a very lucky little boy. ♥

    (the Prayer is my salvation too)


  87. tonette913 said

    Sorry I know this is off topic but I want to congratulate David for being in two top 20 year end charts in MYX! He got the # 1 (Forevermore) and 18 (I’ll Never GO) spots for the Pinoy Myx top 20 Countdown and # 20 (Wait) in the Myx International top 20 countdown! I think this is the first time a non-Filipino made it number one in the Pinoy top 20 and also he made it to BOTH charts! Way to go David! (“,)


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