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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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The Consummate Performer ~ David Archuleta

Posted by emmegirl14 on Saturday, December 1, 2012

Photo credit Naree


With all the vids I been watching lately, it again reinforced to me more than ever what a truly consummate performer he is. In the Rainbow vid he has been described as “dizzying” as a groovin’ mic-free David, then we have him flying across the stage dancing to a Zero Gravity, and then the choke-hold-on-the-mic D, giving us the stance and emoting like there is no tomorrow (My Hands/Providence, RI comes to mind), flashes of salsa, a few seconds of are-you-freaking-kidding-me moves during Soul Man, and then you have the Ave Maria’s and this:

Video credit 8throwcenter

Hadn’t seen this particular one before (and I ♥ it) where he just stands there and sings, gloriously sings.

…and I love one as much as the other. I love it all, I want it all. And we can’t forget piano accompaniment and I suspect possibly guitar on his return as well as more dancing! Huh, what, who? I know I’ve said it before, but it needs repeating (so here I go) – who else can sing and perform with such diversity at such high artistry AND look like that doing it!


*If anyone was ever born to perform, to be on a stage, it is him.*

(I know I’m preaching to the choir, but sometimes I just have to get it out.)

Thanks guys.

77 Responses to “The Consummate Performer ~ David Archuleta”

  1. SandyBeaches said

    Over the last few years we have come to enjoy David’s Christmas Music as a most enjoyable and memorable part of our Christmas Holidays.

    Life seems to hold magic once in awhile and hopefully there will be a little Holiday Magic once again!

    Thanks for the lovely reminder Emmegirl!

    Gladys…the music tonight will be the ultimate music to remember. Please take to David from us, the spirit of the season through a glance, a smile or if possible a simple hello.



  2. poluck8 said

    Gladys, sooo happy for you! Roslyn, your art is just STUNNING. SB, you are right on. Hope everyone has a fantastic day


  3. Abrra said


    I love what you wrote. It only proves that David has sustained his level of artistry since coming on the national music scene. Now he has upped his game on stage with dance moves and original arrangements of songs like the Little Drummer Boy encore.

    Randy from AI7 knew what they had when David took the stage at 17. His comments were always right on about David’s performance.

    “When you can SING, you can sing anything.”

    “This boy is THE ONE to beat, Paula!”

    “David, you can sing the phone book and make it sound good.”

    “You are singing with such a maturity way beyond your years that all you can say is you were born to do exactly what you’re doing there. That was BRILLIANT!”

    Today is the 1st anniversary of the first show of the MKOC Tour in Westbury. I was there with Bebe and Angelica! It was my last visit with David before he left for his mission.

    I have to go now, I have a strong craving for GREEN JELLO. 😉

    Abrra 482 days


  4. SandyBeaches said

    I would love to be the choir you are preaching to!!

    That is a beautiful holiday. Emerald green!!


  5. Abrra said


    I have put all of David’s Christmas Tours and MOTAB performances up on a loop for the month of December in Unplugged. You are invited to go 24/7 to enjoy the music.



  6. bebereader said

    The Consummate Performer – that’s our David and we can say that knew him when! Except for Michael Jackson, I’ve never seen a more diverse entertainer. I love your words; he certainly can do anything he sets his mind to do. No wonder he can’t be categorized; he fits into every category!

    A voice like David’s comes along once in a lifetime. I said those words to him at a book signing for Chords of Strength, a few years ago. He got embarrassed and I got the big smile! *dies*

    I just loved your article, Emmegirl!
    Your words needed to be heard!


  7. bebereader said

    Happy Birthday to Sky!! Wishing you Health, Happiness and Love on your Birthday and Always!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  8. Happy Birthday Sky!!

    Thanks Emmigirl!! Love your article. and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 🙂

    Thinking of Gladys today Blessings all around.


  9. Wheee! A cake for moi ? Thank you, Bebe♥ for your sweet wishes.

    Emmegirl,” I love one as much as the other. I love it all, I want it all.”
    YES WE DO!!!
    who else can sing and perform with such diversity at such high artistry AND look like that doing it!n.o.b.o.d.y.
    well that about sums it up for me Emme! I was a hooty owl last night watching videos and thinking the same thing, he truly is The Comsumate Performer, and he just keeps upping his game!! ♥ oooh ♫Every Little Thing He Does is Magic♪♫
    That HYAMLC, just melted me me like butter.His voice is therapeutic. I want to continue this therapy forever.

    …. the doorbell just rang, I got an ‘Encredible Edible fruit thingy delivery from my sister!♥ have to go call her.
    yikes, it won’t fit in my fridge. better start eating.:))


  10. skydancer1x said

    Thanks Heidijoy♥ oh so happy for Gladys! eek!


  11. Abrra said

    Here is a full concert video of MKOC. It is edited from many videos taken by various fans. Thanks to 0o0bluedots0o0!

    Published on Dec 1, 2012

    ((WATCH IN HD FOR THE BEST CONCERT EXPERIENCE!!) I had a blast working on this project! I have decided to re-create David’s MKOC Tour as a holiday gift to all of his I hope that you enjoy watching it! Thanks to everyone whose video and audio appears in this video…credits are at the very end in case you are interested. Have a Happy Saturday and Happy Holidays everyone xD

    I made an mp3 for the Candy Jar.

    My Kind of Christmas Tour 2011 FULL CONCERT(bluedots).mp3

    It is too large for me to use in Unplugged. I’ll have to see if I can break it up into a few parts.

    Happy Birthday SKY!!!


  12. Dayzee said

    Sky!! Have a Happy Birthday. Enjoy your cake and the fruit.

    Roselyn”s sketches are beautiful. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make David appear with a pencil and paper? I appreciated that she wrote about how difficult it was to develop her talent. Even though she was not happy with the product, she continued to work at it. And now the results are something she can be proud of and share.
    It made me think of David, telling us how he wondered about what the neighbors thought when he was belting out songs in his backyard after watching Les Miserables. He talked about singing Stand By Me in his room to his dog. He thought when people said they liked his singing they were just being nice because he was little. Yet he kept practicing even when his vocal chord failed him. I shudder to think of him quitting. And now he deserves the article Emmegirl writes of him being the Consummate Performer

    Sometimes I think David’s greatest talent is to just stand there and let us absorb.

    Bebe, I enjoyed the story of your time with David. Some of my favorite memories of David are from book signings. That was such a wonderful opportunity to see David just being David.


  13. betsy said

    Emmegirl, I LOVE what you wrote. (I always do) 🙂
    I love it all, I want it all. This.

    Sky – Happy Birthday!

    Abs, I’ve been watching that full concert video for 33 minutes now, it is so good. She did a great job and spent a lot of time on this.I think I’ll have my youngest burn it onto a dvd and watch the concert on a larger screen. 🙂

    Thinking about Gladys. I’ll be working late tonight and might miss chat. Have a great time Gladys, I know you will. ♥


  14. Abrra said

    Jeff LeBlanc ‏@jleblancmusic

    @DavidArchie fans, here’s a photo of everyone from the last night of the tour… Have you guys seen this?

    Jeff LeBlanc ‏@jleblancmusic
    One year ago today I went on the best tour EVER with @DavidArchie!
    Jeff LeBlanc ‏@jleblancmusic
    @FanScene I’ll always have love for that tour and everyone who was part of it!

    I have added a link to #11 above for My Kind of Christmas Tour 2011 FULL CONCERT(bluedots).mp3


  15. bebereader said

    Another month gone!!!
    Goodbye November 2012

    Did you notice the new quote on the left sidebar?
    I can so relate.


  16. MT said

    ♫ Happy Birthday to you … ♫
    ♫ Happy Birthday to you … ♫
    ♫ Happy Birthday dear Skyyyy … ♫
    ♫ Happy Birthday to youuu … ♫

    I wish I could put up a cake and ice cream for you! I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday filled with lots of love and laughter. Have a great year! ♥

    I love everything you wrote. And this: “who else can sing and perform with such diversity at such high artistry AND look like that doing it!n.o.b.o.d.y.”

    So, so, so true!

    Thinking of you today! Be safe and enjoy!

    Thanks to Bluedots for all her hard work , it’s wonderful! and to Abrra for the addition to the candy jar! 🙂

    Awww how nice is that tweeted photo and message from Jeff LeBlanc? I love it when people share what a great experience it is to work with David. ♥ (And Abrra, He’s wearing your scarf!)


  17. sunny said

    Very nice comments Emmegirl!! It is AMAZING to watch David in concert! Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a final round for the 2nd Reader’s Choice Poll. David is in the finals for Fave Breakthrough Performance, Nandito Ako is in for Fave Television Drama & TV5 is in for Fave Television Stations, etc. The winners will be announced on January lst.


  18. bebereader said

    From Bluesky,:

    The choir are those who show up no matter what, when or where. They deserve all the ‘preaching’ they can get. It helps them to keep the space loving, warm, friendly and inviting — while waiting for Mr. Preacher Man to ascend the podium one-more-time and take us all on that upward flight to new heights/depths; turning us inside out, spinning the room, landing us all on our “ears” while he stays on his toes.

    Then when the music ends and the dusts settles — he just smiles and looks around like: “That was fun, right?” It is a good thing that his “sound” fills up so much space – cause we, as the choir, all end up speechless.


  19. Abrra said




  20. jans11 said

    Emmefirl, I love to read when someone is “preachin’ to the choir”! It thrills me so to read the same words that I am thinking all the time; that so many of us think the same way! ♥ ♥

    Sky, hope you’re having the best of birthdays today!! Doesn’t that cake look scrumptious? Like to have a piece about now! 🙂

    Gladys, I’ve been thinking about you all day and hope to hear from you tonight at chat! :D:


  21. djafan said

    Emmegirl, Great job! Please continue preaching to the choir! I’m still in awe of all David has accomplished not only as a performer but as a human being.

    “are you freakin kidding me” has become a normal part of my reaction when it comes to David.

    Marcella has given us a gift like no other. Please take the time to watch her MKOCT, perfect editing.

    Sunny thank you for the reminder! Fan Archuduties!

    Chile time 7:45pm. Gladys should be in her seat by now 🙂


  22. MT said

    I finally got to watch the entire video by Bluedots. Wow!! What a fabulous editing job. She even got all the kids in for the FaLaLa performances. I have it bookmarked. I know I’ll be watching it again.

    Bluedots, Thanks SO MUCH for all the hours you must have spent making that video for the fans. Great job! 🙂


  23. bluesky said

    Look at you guys… with your fancy ‘green’ – ‘not green’ – ‘grey’ – now ‘grey with picture’ —- whew!

    I can’t keep up with it.

    Somebody is having a lot of fun and being very creative. It is an act of love.


  24. MT said

    LOL Bluesky.

    Well, I’m glad it wasn’t my computer going wonky.

    Abrra, Glad you got it fixed. 🙂

    Oh! My mom called me today and said, “Listen!! Do you know who’s singing?” It was David singing HYAMLC on her TV radio channel! Yay Mom for getting excited and letting me know! and Yay David cuz … well, just cuz! 😀


  25. marlie7 said

    That video of David singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas from VErona is my absolute all time favorite from the tour. I was there. It was epic!


  26. bluesky said

    Abrra … don’t look now… but “normal” is the new “black”. ^_^

    Thanks for a great chat!!


  27. ray (aka rooster) said

    i was lurking at chat tonight, ,had happy tears when gladys came on ,,if gladyes needs money to fly back and forth we could take up a collecting for her


  28. djafan said



  29. kimak said

    Gladys Thank you!!!


  30. kaycee said

    Had a holiday family commitment last night and missed all the fun…any tidbits tossed my way would be greatly appreciated!

    One thing I do know is that David just radiates joy when he sings Christmas music–I’m so grateful for him to have these opportunities this holiday season. If he feels even a fraction of the joy he gives out, then he must be a very happy young man! It reminds me of that moment at the beginning of AI when he talks about how singing makes him feel.


  31. kaycee said

    Oooops, I goofed! Could you fix it for me?


  32. Dayzee said

    Gladys rocks


  33. Dayzee said

    My favorite line from last night’s chat was when Djafan translated from Gladys: “He laughed alot.” Followed up by “He was radiant.”

    Evidence that our wish for him to have a joyous Christmas season has been granted.


  34. angelofdja said

    Been out of touch for a bit. It looks like another BIG THANK YOU goes out to awesome Gladys! WOOT! WOOT!
    I’ll be patiently waiting for anything anybody wants to say about radiant David! GAH!


  35. cq#DA2014 said

    Sigh, I sure hope we get a recap from Gladys.” Laughed a lot” and ” he was radiant”, just left me wanting more. Thank you Gladys your’re a gem.


  36. Angelica said


    We are working on a short synopsis of what was shared in chat by Gladys last night to go up soon. Her recap will be written after she has attended the concerts. She was invited to four.


  37. emmegirl14 said

    Roselyn, your drawings are really amazing, you have an incredible talent – and thank you so much for your beautiful story of inspiration.

    Apologies for being awol – regretful for not getting my flu shot.

    SB, my pleasure.

    Abrra, tour LDB, a great example – the passion, the power, the drama.

    Bebe, “Except for Michael Jackson, I’ve never seen a more diverse entertainer.” .…and boy am I ever glad we are here for what is yet to come!

    Heidijoy, lol, and Merry Christmas to you too!

    Sky, lol, I love your comments, your energy, hope to meet you someday. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Dayzee, “ He thought when people said they liked his singing they were just being nice because he was little”, I had forgotten that. Nope, I’m not bein’ nice, just telling it like it is.

    {{thanks Betsy}}

    MT, he is in a class of his own, in a lot of ways!

    Thanks Sunny!

    Bluesky, “landing us all on our “ears” while he stays on his toes.”… ♥

    Jans11, hallelelujah!

    Thanks dja, ditto!

    Marlie, and then there’s the “Chestnuts Song” at the Blackfoot and LA VIP’s. Slays me.

    Kaycee, angelofdja, Cq#DA2014, hoping to get maybe even just a little tease, too!


  38. Happy for Gladys and so appreciative to hear of David’s happiness and continued Joy that he brings others. Grateful to The Voice for facilitating Sharing the ongoing support of David and his fans. Looking forward to the Synopsis and Recaps.
    Like Dayzee………..I agree Gladys Rocks and the best news is that David is Radiant and Happy as he continues to share Joy and his God given talent with others.
    Blessings to all. Very Very Grateful!!


  39. cq#DA2014 said

    Thank you so much Angelica, I’m sorry if I sounded a bit pushy, my ODD on overdrive, lol. I will patiently wait.


  40. TOfan said

    emmegirl, always love reading what you have to say! thanks for “preaching to the choir” lol <333

    big {{{{{hugs}}}} to all!!

    and a big thanks to Abrra for your mp3 of 0o0bluedots0o0 amazing MKOCT video… currently trying to figure out how to burn to DVD so I can watch it as a "Christmas special" on my TV! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  41. Djafan said

    Oh what a night 🙂

    Here are the songs David sang last night.

    ~In Spanish

    Maria Sabias Que – Mary Did You Know

    El Nino Tambor – Little Drummer Boy

    Santa La Noche – Oh Holy Night

    Pastores A Belen

    ~A duet in Italian

    The Prayer


  42. Angelica said

    TOfan, hello and {{{{{hugs}}}}} back to you and all!


    I know I told you in chat but I wanted to tell you in comments, though belatedly now.

    Cq, You didn’t sound pushy at all. We all know how you feel, lol. This is our patience on ODD. > :-w


  43. djafan said


    Going to try the same, a DVD would be perfect.


  44. emmegirl14 said

    {waving wildly TOfan}

    sooo, he sang in Italiano?


  45. nitaweaver said

    Tofan try this software
    This is what I use to save my favorite video for my own use only into a dvd so I can watch it on my big screen tv.


  46. angelofdja said

    Oh my! Italian too? There is nothing David can’t sing! When he feels it, he sings it! I bet it sounded m-a-g-n-i-f-i-c-o! LOL!


  47. cq#DA2014 said

    Bucket wish list: an album of songs sang in a variety of different languages by our man, that would be epic. Can’t wait for the next adventure with David’s singing career…me limits for Mr. David Archuleta.


  48. jans11 said

    What a fantastic vortex I’ve been in the last few hours. Thanks bluedot for putting together and editing and all the great closeups taken by the fans in David’s MKOC concert ♥
    Super job!!!

    Also my KC Chiefs won! Even after the terrible tragedy yesterday. Character and perseverence prevailed!!!!


  49. Angelica, thank you ♥ its like skywriting,I like it!! It fits,because my head has been” in the clouds” since last night.
    4 concerts for Gladys, just amazing.

    Just watched the “bluedot special” Christmas concert all the way through.and agree a DVD is a must!! (Have to get daughter right on that! lol)
    seem to be getting nothing done today. Fell into the ‘Happy Birthday’ section of the rabbit hole after Dja’s video (thankyou Dja :)))…that is the most soulful rendition of HB ever!
    amazes me how he seems to just pull those runs out of the air….off the cuff,on the fly,and its perfect.


  50. skydancer1x said

    Jan, I thought I saw somebody else rootin’ around down there! It was you! We were both at the concert! lol


  51. Blueberry Ice said

    Hola Amigas! Can’t believe all the things I’ve been missing out on but so thankful to everyone for all that you guys share!

    Emme! Ahhh … how apropos that your perfect description of David as the consummate performer coincides with the beautiful video of D’s MKOC tour by the masterful ‘Bluedots’ as it clearly shows his awesome stage presence & how he magnetizes and energizes the audience like a seasoned pro! How I wish this video could be shown on national TV so the whole world can see what an accomplished, versatile, classy, mesmerizing entertainer & vocalist he is! Ditto to Annie’s quote as I can’t wait for 2014 to do it again & again & again!

    Dear Sky!!!!! Hope you had the most fabulous b-day! Sending over some hot gooey decadent double chocolate chip fudge cookies … well, it’s the best that I could do ’cause the specific singing telegram messenger I had in mind to send your way was just not available, lol! 😉

    Roslyn; Your drawings are just beautiful … what a remarkable talent you have!

    Gladys; You are such a blessing … sending a huge hug!

    Love hearing how David is never far from our daily lives. Last week at work, it was an unexpected joy to hear the most beautiful sound of his voice singing Angels We Have Heard on High. No, it wasn’t the radio but one of my staff playing music from their phone and it warmed my heart to know that they had downloaded it from the Christmas From the Heart CD that I had given the year before. Sigh … David has spoiled my ear such that it’s hard to listen to any other voice singing HIS Christmas songs.

    I have to admit that I’m missing the festive green border though wonder what it’d look like if it was all in Rainbow, haha!

    Abrra; Thank you for the mp3 of ‘Bluedots’ video but can’t figure out why it will only play on my phone & not download to save … is the file too big or maybe I’ll just have to join Dja & Tofan to watch it on the big screen, lol!


  52. Abrra said

    Blueberry Ice

    You will need to download the file to your desktop on your computer. This “copies” the file. The phone download is reading the file from mediafire via the browser on your phone. Essentially , you are listening to it in the cloud 🙂 I often do this with pod casts, because I need to only hear them once. No need to save them afterward.

    Once you have the file downloaded to your computer, open iTunes and drag the file over to your music library. I usually crate a “playlist” and drop the file in there. I like to keep the long concert files as a single playlist.

    My Kind of Christmas Tour 2011 FULL CONCERT(bluedots).mp3

    Abrra 481 days


  53. emmegirl14 said

    51 – Abrra, what would we do without ye?

    Love the pic, left sidebar – the whistler,
    and the one in the traditional headwear at Jakarta.


  54. Angelica said

    Just want to add my compliments to the very talented “Marcella the Magnificent” for all the hard work she put into editing the entire MKOC tour. I’m seriously in awe! Photobucket

    I will be watching this for a long time. Gotta see it on my new big flat screen TV in HD with surround sound!


  55. jans11 said

    Sky, I was wondering who else was there! I was so absorbed watching David, I missed ya! haha 🙂


  56. Blueberry Ice said

    Abrra! #51 … Your expertise is much appreciated … thank you so much! 🙂


  57. Spirit said

    Thank you to Gladys and all the Voice staff who helped with chat last night. It was fantastic! I was hanging on to every word from Gladys. My favorite part was when Gladys said that David looked happy and healthy and that they are taking good care of him. Also loved that he still laughs a lot!


  58. Spirit said

    Oops! Forgot to add that I hope he sings “The Prayer” for us when he comes back!


  59. bebereader said

    And what a night it was!

    You haven’t seen me today because I’m in the dungeons of WordPress, putting together the short summary of Gladys’ devotional experience. No worries; it will materialize…soonly.

    Back to work….


  60. kaycee said

    (((Emmegirl))) Love your “preachin'” and proud to be a member of the choir! I agree with every word.

    “If anyone was born to perform on stage, it is him.” So, so true!

    Gladys, can’t wait to hear about last night! Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.


  61. betsy said

    Awww bebe. We are excited for it! (muchly)

    Guys, there is no other way to decorate a Christmas tree then in a relaxed manner listening to Christmas from the Heart.

    (I prepped for it by listening to it in the car on the way home from work, but we all need a little prepping, am I right?) 🙂

    That music is truly a work of art. I will never get over it.


  62. Dayzee said

    Tonight my PBS station showed Christmas with the Tabernacle Choir Featuring David Archuleta 🙂 Don’t know why I think that is so much better than watching the same show I have recorded, but it is.

    Putting up my Christmas stuff and there were 4 Christmas balls with this insignia: David Archuleta Christmas from the Heart Tour 2009. It was a good day for me.

    We appreciate you spending time in the dungeon Bebe. TY Patiently waiting for the result. Not.


  63. bluesky said


    “Far over the misty mountains cold
    To dungeons deep and caverns old
    We must away ere break of day
    To seek the pale enchanted gold.”


    Just sayin’

    (So, it seems G. is on a quest “over the mountains”. Her efforts “fill our (wordpress) dungeons”. And DA is pure gold. And he has definitely enchanted us. Have I forgotten anything?)

    (Oh yeah…. Gladys the intrepid, is doing this without 13 companions. Instead, she has 100s that are patiently waiting at the top of the tunnel.)

    (One word of caution, Gladys: don’t get burned until you have retrieved the lot.)

    (just sayin’!)



  64. jans11 said

    Dayzee, I put my decorations up yesterday and was recalling your beautiful garland that you made. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 1 yr already since we sat and listened to his unexpected announcement. I was also thinking of the fun time we had in Park City with Heidijoy and Carol. Good memories! 🙂
    I only have 1 of those blue David Archuleta CFTH Tour 2009. Did you go to 4 concerts to get your 4? I know you went to 3 of the MKOC concerts last yr! 😀


  65. grateful4all said

    #63 – Jans11 – it is Carol here – I have photos of all of us and our adventures on a shelf by my computer – reminds me daily of the great times we shared. Can’t wait for the opportunity to make new memories!

    #14 – the photo – I had the honor of watching that photo being taken! What a night!

    Hugs to Gladys and all who are helping us feel some of that very special Christmas joy again.

    Thanks to everyone here at the Voice for providing enjoyment in countless ways!


  66. jans11 said

    65–grateful4all—so good to hear from you and it’s so fitting at this time of year ♥

    It sure is a great place ot come and thanks to all that make it that way!

    And so happy for Gladys…I think it’s Karma! 🙂


  67. marlie7 said

    I also put up my tree and decorations listening to David’s CD. I thought when it was over, my husband would let it go on to the next in the changer, but no, he restarted David’s CD and said, “You work better with this playing.” then laughed. 🙂


  68. bebereader said

    Wonderful analogy!

    hahaha The secret is out!
    He’s such an inspiration, isn’t he?

    I’m pretending today is my birthday and borrowing the video of David singing Happy Birthday to Sky in comment#28. Sigh…it doesn’t get much better than that.


  69. Dayzee said

    Oh Jan, Grateful and HeidiJoy, we were having such a great time in Park City, not knowing what lay ahead. What at shock that announcement was! But look at us, we are still here a year later, still relating to the Zombie mode Annie speaks of. Still clutching anything remotely pertaining to David. And making plans for many Christmases to come.
    Jan, about those 2009 ornaments. I may have offered to carry one home for my granddaughter and it was MY home I carried it to. Haha

    That lucky Gladys.

    Happy pretend birthday to Bebe. Cake anyone?


  70. betsy said

    Marlie, it’s been exactly a year since we saw D in Verona. What a great time! I met people I had only spoken to online, and reconnected with others.
    And David made it snow indoors. 😉

    credit to 8throwcenter


  71. Dayzee, Jan and Carol(Grateful4all) Yes, such great Memories of our time together. Yes, We are still here and plan to be. Was looking at our group picture not too long ago and attached it to the Golden Archie Greeting 🙂
    So happy for Gladys that she is having the same opportunity now and sharing her excitement with us.


  72. mlpb3 said

    Hi, everyone! Been on a small vacation in California for 4 days, trying to catch up on all that I missed while I was gone! (no computer, etc.) Especially news from the chat and Gladys’ experienc! I will wait for the recap. Muchas gracias, Gladys! Wow, 4 invitations! You are blessed. Martha 🙂


  73. djafan said

    Thank you Nitaweaver! I’m going to try it 🙂

    Have you bought CFTH to gift yet??? It’s charting!!! It makes a perfect gift 🙂

    12/3/2012 – Top 1500 Albums (from LivePopBars)
    5. The World from the Side of the Moon (Deluxe) – Phillip Phillips
    18. Take Me Home (Yearbook Edition) – One Direction
    28. Take Me Home – One Direction
    47. Christmas With Scotty McCreery – Scotty McCreery
    48. PTXmas – EP – Pentatonix
    76. Blown Away – Carrie Underwood
    84. The World from the Side of the Moon – Phillip Phillips
    97. Up All Night (Deluxe Version) – One Direction
    140. Greatest Hits – Chapter One – Kelly Clarkson
    175. Sticks & Stones – Cher Lloyd
    229. Up All Night – One Direction
    300. PTX, Vol. 1 – Pentatonix
    345. Roads – Chris Mann
    374. Kiss (Deluxe Version) – Carly Rae Jepsen
    464. Christmas from the Heart – David Archuleta
    473. Stronger (Deluxe Version) – Kelly Clarkson
    504. Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You – Katharine McPhee
    707. It’s Christmas (Christmas Angel Edition) – Mandisa
    798. Some Hearts – Carrie Underwood
    817. I’m Right Here – Chris Rene
    846. Phillip Phillips: Journey to the Finale – Phillip Phillips
    1026. Casey James – Casey James
    1115. Carnival Ride – Carrie Underwood
    1120. Clear As Day – Scotty McCreery
    1217. Break the Spell (Deluxe Version) – Daughtry
    1359. Cassadee Pope – EP – Cassadee Pope
    1404. Play On – Carrie Underwood


  74. tawna21 said

    Hi to all! Hugs to all! Christmas memories!

    Thank you emme… just thank you… ‘from-the-heart-this-matters-you-matter performance. That’s the only kind David e.v.e.r gives. ♥♥ I’m happy to be in the choir, keep preachin’.



  75. betsy said

    Emmegirl, I hope you’re feeling better.


  76. marlie7 said

    Oh, Betsy! Wow, a year – that was the best concert, and I loved being with all of the cool DA fans. Every age, race and gender was represented. He is a universal people magnet. 🙂


  77. Angelica said

    New post >>


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