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David Archuleta Says…

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, October 31, 2012


@DavidArchie: Happy Halloween from David and Team Archuleta (KS)

It’s Halloween so it must be time for this!!!!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow


32 Responses to “David Archuleta Says…”

  1. MT said

    Thanks for the great Halloween post! The pic up top is so funny. Love the smile box . The picture with the fangs! haha

    Sure wish we actually had that DA crystal ball!!

    Happy Halloween, everyone!


  2. Angelica,

    What a fantastic “trick” you treat us, lovely and scary Halloween post!! The pic up top is sooo funny just like MT said lol Kari and his team are so sweet 🙂

    Your Smilebox is OUT OF THIS WORLD I love love it, some of the pics are indeed scary haha those fangs, pic #3 and #28 !!! I never knew that his eyes can be scary when he “look” in the camera like that brrrr!!! thank you so much for taking your time to do it:)

    Happy Halloween everyone 🙂


  3. betsy said

    I love this, I’d recognize those, umm that face anywhere. 😉
    Happy Halloween, everybody.


  4. SandyBeaches said

    The last of the infamous hurricane has brought us heavy rain today, some flooding, but may she rest in peace. I think she is nearly finished.

    It is Hallowe’en! That is all I can say on that! Rainy for the little kids tonight!!

    Listening to BEGIN. Beautiful….easing my mind…Ah Kurt!!! That last chord is so powerful!

    Have a good recovery day to everyone who was in the path…



  5. bluesky said


    I was wondering if we would hear from you! So glad you chimed-in to let us know you are alright. Here’s to a Happy Halloween and safe days/nights ahead for all of you on the east coast. Help is on the way.


  6. mlpb3 said

    Thanks, Angelica! 😮

    I am praying for a swift and smooth recovery for those in the Storm’s path. God bless you all!

    Here is a link to vote for the Archies on the People’s Choice Awards if you would like to do so. (you would need to write in Archies-“David Archuleta”) 🙂

    Sorry I missed chat last night, fell asleep! 😦

    Have a good day, everyone! Martha


  7. mlpb3 said

    Sorry, forgot to put the link! (more coffee please)


  8. djafan said

    Happy Halloween all!!!!


  9. Dayzee said

    Happy Halloween to all. What a fun way to close out another month. Bye bye October. Another holiday touched by David.

    Good to hear from you, SandyBeaches. I have had you on my mind as I watched Sandy move up the coast. (Named after you?) For some reason I think you live around a lot of water. Is this true?

    Did you notice how large the hands are in that pic at the top?


  10. loulou said

    Happy Halloween everyone !! Happy to hear you are all safe !!What a tragedey for everyone that lives back there. God bless you all !!!


  11. SandyBeaches said

    Hello Bluesky, Dayzee and everyone on this Hallowe’en evening…

    We made out so much better here than expected. I can’t stop watching the aftermath of the destruction though.

    I live on the peninsula of Nova Scotia with the highest tides in the world, so I was envisioning terrible waves especially with the full moon but we were OK this time.

    He has the wonderful hands of a fine musician. I have begun to listen to his Christmas music now and the songs he loves so much go straight to the heart!

    I am not liking my screen name very much right now. I just might change it!


  12. bebereader said

    Ha! He even makes a cute ape! LOL

    SandyBeaches, There you are! Glad you’re safe!

    Remember that tweet from David to Lady V from yesterday?

    Image and video 

hosting by TinyPic

    Perhaps he sent her song lyrics for a new song?

    Sign this group thank you card for Kari:

    Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!
    Image and video 

hosting by TinyPic


  13. Abrra said

    Enjoyed the Smilebox!

    Dayzee I agree. its the best way to leave October behind. One month closer to having David back with us.

    Abrra 513 days


  14. MT said

    SB, So happy to hear you made out okay!

    Bebe, I signed the card. 🙂

    Abrra, LOL @ “baby ruth”

    And, yay to another month gone!!


  15. Angelica said

    (~~) Abrra, you are one sick puppy. 8-X


    Happy Halloween to all! Trick or Treat! How bout some eye candy?



  16. angelofdja said

    Hubby and I handed out treats for about 150 trick-or-treaters tonight! Better by far than last year. I sampled a few of those treats myself although NONE are as sweet as the “eye-candy” above! THANKS Angelica and Happy Halloween to all at The Voice!


  17. betsy said

    Good to hear from everyone, and Happy Halloween!
    We are encouraged to dress up at work, so I chose to wear my son’s baseball uniform from 7 years ago, when he was 13.
    The cleats were a bit big, wore ’em anyway. 🙂
    K, I have a dark Milky Way calling my name.


  18. kaycee said

    Happy Halloween to all! Love that Gorilla picture! And, loved the Smilebox!

    Hope all our East Coasters are dry and safe. Hugs to all.


  19. emmegirl14 said

    Angelica, great smilebox, you had you some fun putting that together. Thanks to Kari for the gorilla pic – have we seen that pic sans mask?

    Betsy, you must be bitsy.
    (Dark Milky Way! Do you put yours in the refrigerator…mmmmmm)

    Glad to hear some of you missed the brunt of the storm. Thoughts and prayers with those of you in the hardest hit areas.


  20. marlie7 said

    Angelica – that smilebox was amazing – you are so creative! Such fun to watch it.

    Hope everyone is safe and sound.

    Happy Halloween!

    (It’s getting close to being under 500 days!!!!!)


  21. fenfan said

    Cutest gorilla I’ve ever seen, up on top.
    I can’t see the pix in the smilebox. All I get is a box with a smile on it cranking away. Then when its done filling up the bar below, a blank page appears. Is that because it’s halloween and I am getting the trick and not the treat??????
    That eye candy at #15 is a nice consolation though – love me some eye candy of the David variety!!


  22. betsy said

    Loved the smilebox, angelica. 🙂
    Emmegirl, I wish. Just average sized, I guess.
    Refrigerated Milky Ways FTW!
    I tried selling them like that at work, people weren’t buying them cold. What’s wrong with these people? 🙂


  23. betsy said

    Red Alert Red Alert!
    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic

    ok archie fans a little halloween tweet i am in contact with david and we’re talking something musical but can’t say more just yet!


  24. Happy halo halo-ween! late to the par tay…
    Did someone say eye candy?????
    My favorite kind of candy ,and there’s always an abundance of eye treats around here!
    Love that Smilebox Angelica. Thank you And the gorilla suit is a hoot. (I would know those knees anywhere:)))

    16. Angel, 150!? holy moley!! I didn’t have any trick or treaters tonite.usually have about 3. Seems there was a community thing for the kiddos tonite. Where do you live?? thats amazing. that’s alot! haha so fun:)

    ***** I remember when daughter was little, manning a school carnival booth.We dressed up as “the Coneheads” if anyone remembers the old Saturday Night Live family. Spent a long time getting our cone heads on, only to find when it was time to go to school, we couldn’t fit our ‘heads’ into the car!! LOL. drove the back roads to the school with our heads at a tilt out the windows.Like to have never got those things off either when we got home.Sweat and rubber, the perfect glue.:D

    Its the bewitching hour and I am about to turn into a pumpkin! Nighters all♥


  25. mlpb3 said

    Betsy – what an exciting tweet! Thanks! Maybe they will release one of her songs! Martha 🙂


  26. skydancer1x said

    OH Betsy! good news! eek


  27. Woo Hoo!! Happy Halloween and new music:) Thanks Betsy


  28. Bebereader said

    Hot diggity dog, Betsy!!! I knew it! LOL

    And for what it’s worth, I prefer my chocolate to be of the milk variety and at room temperature. Haha Wish I had a piece of chocolate now. Any kind, dark, light, warm, cold. Arggggh. We’re fresh out! The trick or treaters took it all!

    Happy Halloween!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  29. Love the Creative Smilebox Angelica and all the Halloween greetings.
    Happy to hear everyone is safe. Heartbreaking seeing all the loss, damage of Sandy.
    Blessings to all!


  30. jans11 said

    Angelica, really enjoyed the Smilebox video!♥ David sure does resemble Elvis in some of those pictures, but much nicer looking, of course.
    Looks like everyone had a good Halloween. I’ve been so busy, just got on here to check it out and I should be going to bed. All in good time, got to check in on David!
    Djafan, those vlogs were just what I needed for my Archiedrought….just love his laugh!
    I don’t know what’s going on either in Lady V’s tweets, but it sure sounds very interesting!♥♥ Nothing like a little teaser!
    SB, glad you fared ok in that horrible storm. My heart goes out to all the people that were affected.


  31. angelofdja said

    Skydancer1x, I live in a residential area of Michigan that we call “Cereal City”. It’s the home of Kellogg’s and Tony the Tiger! We ususally have a pretty good turn-out. This year was exceptionally good. I almost had to check myself for eating a couple of mini-snickers when our supply was dwindling so quickly! We had our last Fairy and Frog at about 8:20. My favorite costume was this 6 year old who wore a suit and carried a briefcase. He not only carried the briefcase, it was his goody bag! There was a slot at the top that he put his treats through. Hilarious young man! He carried that case as if he was the CEO of some huge corporation! What fun to watch the young and their parents teaching them to use the sidewalks and not the lawns!
    Loving the tweets from Lady V! David can’t ever stop singing! It’s in his blood, heart, and soul. I’m so thankful for that.


  32. bebereader said

    New article ——>>>


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