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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Reinventing David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bench Photoshoot

I saw this headline above a poll on a website that targets a young demographic:

“Do you think David Archuleta will be as famous when he returns from his two-year mission?”

Immediately it occurred to me that the timing of this question was all wrong. It’s too soon to ask because he practically just left for his mission. His status as a famous singer at this point is pretty much established. The release of two very different albums that are still fresh in the minds of fans confirms this.

Luckily for fans, David has dedicated management in Kari Sellards. For the time he is away it will be on her shoulders to keep the home fires burning with fans.

Considering that he has the opportunity to sing while on his mission is a huge advantage. It keeps his voice in shape and feeds the love he has for singing before a crowd. Keeps the instrument fine tuned, so to speak.

When David made the decision to put his career on hold to go on a church mission, he began his reinvention plan. To leave the young kid from American Idol and move on to build upon his foundation for a well-defined life and career. What better way to find yourself than to go where no one knows you. A fresh start in a far off land has given David time to reconnect with himself. He seems to have a long-term plan in mind.

While we fans want nothing more than to see him happy, David realizes in his heart what has to happen to accomplish his happiness. Right now he is fulfilling a life long dream to serve. I believe that as fans, we will realize the benefits of this journey for many years to come.

Realizing that I can do nothing but wait, I am more focused on what will be happening when David returns to the world of entertainment. The question that comes to my mind is: With so much time away, how will David reinvent his career? He has told us “I can’t wait to bring back that person I become.” What will this “new” David show us about what he has learned and applied to his craft while away? I want to believe part of what he will bring is new original songs. He is acquiring such a variety of life experiences that will surely prompt some deep lyrics ala “Broken”.

Taking his music in a whole different direction is not unusual for David. He has sung individual songs in foreign languages. Will being immersed in the Spanish language give him the confidence to finally assemble a full Spanish album? Imagine the impact on his career this would have. A whole new continent of fans in the southern hemisphere. Can Europe be far behind?

Dr. Abrra’s advice to David Archuleta:

Stay with family.
Learn to say NO.
Readjust to the fast-paced life of Utah and LA.
Date and spend time with those you care for the most.
Reestablish ties with industry people who have expressed an interest in your music.
Reacquaint yourself with those who showed you no interest in the past. They might be pleased to see the growth in your person.
Hire a stylist.
Open for an established singer. This will help to get your new stage skills honed.
Dance, dance, dance on stage!
Avoid auditioning for The Voice TV show.
Check in with the Sony Asia, TV5 and Bench folks.
Publish the songs you have already written. Record them in Nashville or LA where you have contacts.
Sign up for Music Composition and related courses. You can do these online. It will help your skills in writing and arranging songs.
Write an outline for a book on your experiences while in Chile.
Plan and execute the biggest fan appreciation concert tour the US has ever seen.
Include cities in Canada and the deep south USA.


87 Responses to “Reinventing David Archuleta”

  1. lani said

    Great article Abrra! Hundred percent agree with your advise. Great list! I love them esp “Dance. dance. dance on stage! I don’t think David would mind if you send this to him say 6 mos before he comes back so he could start working on them right?


  2. funfee said

    What a wonderful article, Abbra. And AMEN to the last line!!!! Yes David needs to come to the deep South!!!! Missed you all last night! I went with my neighbors (LDS) to a Halloween party and I met a missionary there who told me that he used to sing in a group with David when he was about 10 but he said that then David got the vocal chord problem so he had to stop. It was so nice to meet someone who had known David (even if it was long ago, he said he hasn’t seen him since) but I managed not to squee too much!!!


  3. bluesky said

    “While we fans want nothing more than to see him happy, David realizes in his heart what has to happen to accomplish his happiness. Right now he is fulfilling a life long dream to serve. I believe that as fans, we will realize the benefits of this journey for many years to come.

    Realizing that I can do nothing but wait, I am more focused on what will be happening when David returns to the world of entertainment.”

    I enjoyed your article, Abrra. ^_^ And I heartily agree.

    Facing some challenges in my own life (aren’t we all?) and I turned on the TV to get some MTC (tabernacle choir). They were singing “Climb Every Mountain”. Very appropriate for where I am.

    Listening to the words, I somehow had a ‘recollection’ of DA singing the song. Checking… um, don’t think so. Perhaps I was thinking of suggestions peeps gave as to what might be on the B. cd. But I could hear him all the same, in the words and feeling. He is dedicated to climbing every mountain that may lie in the pathway to his dream. The blessing for us is this: his particular dream by its very nature, is meant to be shared. Everyones dreams effect – connect – to others, they change and potentially bless our lives. (like the Voice for example) DA is not unique in that aspect.

    He is simply unique. And his uniqueness speaks to, calls forth, encourages, and invites a welcome hand to the uniqueness in us all.

    (plus, he smiles *_*)

    And… I, too, feel very focused on the possibilities for when he arrives back closer (geo – wise) to where ‘home’ is. The world of music is – I believe – expanding in ways that will fit him anew on his return.

    (space-suits, anyone?)



  4. bluesky said

    Please, all of you on the E/NE coast of the usa, be safe! Take care! And keep us posted.


  5. MT said

    I’ve been watching the weather. Abrra, Bebe, Marlie, and everyone else in the path of this storm, please be safe. We’ll be thinking of you.

    And for Bluessky,

    credit: suttygal


  6. bluesky said

    Ahhhh, MT! You picked a good one. He is looking right at the camera so many times. (I am waving to you as you sing to me, DA. *waves*)

    And… I like the way he changes the words up the first time to say: …”till you find your way” – instead of “dream”. (Yeah, DA… I get lost in songs, too.)

    My “way” is what I have to find, when the “dream” changes — just due to life.

    I used to teach music/singing to some youngers in a small group at a grade school. They would get like: “Mrs. Bluesky!! (the names have been changed to protect their innocence. *_*) How come you keep changing the words!!??!!



    Every hurricane has its peaceful place.

    Thanks, peeps.


  7. MT said

    LOVE the article. Love, love, love it. So much I agree with.

    “A fresh start in a far off land has given David time to reconnect with himself.” & “I believe that as fans, we will realize the benefits of this journey for many years to come.”

    And some great advice there, Dr. Abrra! My favorites are:

    Hire a stylist.

    Dance, dance, dance on stage! (Oh, yeah!)

    Avoid auditioning for The Voice TV show.
    (LOL, but true.)

    Plan and execute the biggest fan appreciation concert tour the US has ever seen.

    Include cities in Canada and the deep south USA.
    (Espescially like that “deep south USA part! Thanks for including us! :D)

    I really hope he takes your advice in those last two I listed! You hear that, David? Deep south!! New Orleans would be puuurrrrrfect. Don’t forget us down here.


  8. marlie7 said

    Abrra – Love the article and especially your advice:

    dance, dance, dance on stage (THUD)

    Plan and execute the biggest fan appreciation concert tour the US has ever seen.
    might I add “And book that first concert in a stadium – half your fanbase is going to be there!)

    Thanks for the fun time at chat last night – I was rofl most of the time 🙂

    Stay safe everyone!


  9. tawna21 said

    Abrra, I agree with what you’ve got here. I firmly believe that David is in touch with himself, thru God. I can’t wait, but I have to, until he ‘brings back the person that he has become’. He isn’t just seeking out and teaching the people in Chile about Christ. David is becoming closer to Him and discovering himself thru this service. I think we will still have David and his charm, his wit, his dorkiness and that glorious smile. However, I think he will have more intelligence (if you will) concerning who he is, what he is, what he wants to be, and how to get there—and that glorious smile.

    David has taught me, since a very early time in this journey, how to be a better person. I have to work at it constantly (teaching an old dog new tricks), but I’m much happier when I apply what I’ve learned. It’s interesting, because these things I’ve learned to focus on are things I’ve known all my life. It just took a boy on AI7 to hit me in the head and put them into practice. Why? I haven’t a clue. So, thank you David.

    Bluesky, climb those mountains. God is with you. I pray they will smooth out for you.



  10. tawna21 said

    Oh yeah. Take care all of you in the NE & E and NW parts of this country. Listen to your smart side and be careful. ♥


  11. MT said

    Chat sure was fun! I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. (Might have been the wine. LOL) My face hurt by the end of the night from smiling & laughing. (haha I’m actually laughing now just thinking about some of it.)

    Muchas gracias, admins! Love our chats ♥ and the entertainment ain’t bad either. 😉


  12. lani said



  13. lani said

    Its for today Oct.29 Monday 1 a.m. here in Manila. Sorry for the caps got so excited


  14. mlpb3 said

    Abrra – Love your advice for David. If he implements the points you mentioned, he should do well when he returns. My guess is that you and him are on the same wave length and he has already thought of doing some of these.

    Establishing himself with the Latino music industry might be beneficial too. I think he would do well there; he has made some contacts with them at the various Latino events he has performed at. He seemed to be very well received, too. There is a big demand of this type of music. I would also like to see him go from city to city and perform with city symphonies, especially at Christimas.

    Thanks again, too, for having a fun chat! 😆 This is a great website that is very welcoming! 🙂


  15. mlpb3 said

    Buzz for FEE!


  16. sunny said

    Enjoyed your comments Abrra!!! The top picture & the bottom picture are so GORGEOUS of him!


  17. Abrra said

    Nice to see so many good ideas here today!

    Lani- I bet he is making a list in his journal, daily. Revising it often 🙂

    Funfee- I think we can count on him goign to the places that are owed a concert. He knows how much they ( and you) need it.

    Bluesky- Looking to the future is all we have. I agree that blessings are multiplied when shared.

    MT- Thanks for bringing the video over. So powerful! How will you ever manage when your first concert will be his homecoming one??? Well worth the wait 😉

    Marlie- thanks for your kind words. I have been looking for more .gif pics to add to the sidebar- yep he will be dancing!

    I agree, he will need a huge venue for homecoming. I will offer the TD Garden in Boston 😉 haha! I almost said the Boston Garden and then realized it was torn down in 1997. It’s tough to get old 🙂

    Tawna- Loved your comment about how David has influenced your life. I am sure being on his mission shows David that if he is committed to something he loves, he will reap the benefits tenfold. I just know that the person he brings back will be wise and mature enough to make better choices for his renewed career.

    Mlpb3- Reconnecting with the Latino music community is an excellent choice! He will bring back a better understanding of the culture and language. This will make working with writers on his Spanish album much more meaningful and productive. He surely will make good on that promise!

    Sunny- Nice seeing your post 🙂 Thanks for your comment. The layout is done by Angelica.

    I had a blast in chat. Potluck joined us for the first time. I think we nearly “killed” her with a slow mo walking video 🙂 She survived and I think she will be back for more.

    I live in farm country. Not too close to the ocean. We will get a flooded back yard at the worst, a few old trees might fall. Whatever happens will be more of a mild annoyance ( no power or water) rather than a dangerous situation. We have plenty of non-perishable food, jugs of water and tons of batteries. I am blessed to be with family now. I used to live alone, just 5 min from the ocean. I endured many hurricanes and much flooding surrounding my former home.

    Nope, “I can’t complain!”

    I’ll check in when I can via my phone when the power goes Monday. Steno please check in when you get to the boat?

    Abrra 516 days


  18. MT said

    LOL I don’t know how I’ll survive! I might need reviving.

    Good thing Angelica is a nurse. Oh, wait! Didn’t she say something about stepping over my prone body if David was on the other side? haha Hmm… I may need a back up plan.

    Willing to risk it though, for David. 😀 Especially if I’m getting a first look at “Reinvented David Archuleta.” Can’t wait!


  19. betsy said

    Abs, love the article. I bet he has a reintroduction plan very similar.
    I especially hope he NEVER goes on any singing competition shows. Just…no.
    Having trouble loading the site lately, it’s most likely my computer.
    I blame all my errors on my droid. 🙂


  20. gladys1961 said

    I meet a lady (an Archie), she’s walking through South America will stop in Buenos Aires, next week, and we will see.
    She only speaks English and Spanish I just, I guess speak the universal language, the language-archie.


  21. gladys1961 said

    she only speaks English and i speak just Spanish ( i mean)


  22. Thanks for the article Abrra! Very thoughtful and thought provoking!! Oh my I’m surrounded with pictures of David on both sides. To my left it looks like David is pondering what i’m going to say, especially with the hand on his chin and to the right Sunglasses and a Smile.
    I too, have faith in David and all the planning he has done and will do. I’m amazed at how much he has accomplished since the Announcement and now in 7 Months of Service. I’m so happy he is singing so much and we have been privy to reports from Chile.
    Knowing how much he planned before he left, definitely gives me faith that he has and will do so when he gets back.
    Can’t wait for the first Big Concert Tour!! Hoping he finishes his exploration in Nashville which I believe was interupted when he got the call. (knowing it was coming)
    Of course, I’ll support whatever he chooses to do but have Faith Music will be a Big part of it.
    Dance, dance, dance and we must get up and dance with him:)))


  23. Sounds exciting Gladys. Bring out pictures and music of David and you’ll both be fine 🙂


  24. gladys1961 said

    Please I have to talk to dja urgently, I have in my hands as I expected.
      I want to see if I pass this urgent or expected, please contact someone. thanks


  25. Abrra said

    I sent Djafan a text telling her you need to talk. Send her an email ? It might be quicker than posting here.



  26. emmegirl14 said

    Really like your well thought-out plan Abrra. “build upon his foundation for a well-defined life and career”, yeah. Hard as it is, I think you’re right, we will benefit from this for years to come.

    bluesky♥, thanks for pointing out the lyric change, love it. Shows how important it is to him to convey exactly what he wants in his singing.

    Gladys, I think the two of you will understand each other just fine. 🙂

    Heidijoy, I had been thinking the same thing about Nashville, with it’s music and laidback culture, it’s a perfect fit for him.


  27. emmegirl14 said

    Abs, one more time, thaaaank you for the sidebars.


  28. marlie7 said

    betsy – the site is loading slow for me too, and it isn’t my computer.

    Abrra – although i LOVE the photos on the sidebar, photobucket is killing the load time for this site. grrr to technology, sometimes.


  29. gladys1961 said

    thanks, send an e-mail, to you and to dja. I need to know what you think.


  30. Abrra said

    Do I need to remove some? I never thought they would drag it down as they are such small files. Maybe its the .gif’s, I just added a few recently.



  31. gladys1961 said

    My mission with respect to the entire report of October 13 has been completed.
    now to expect and enjoy.


  32. bluesky said


    I have no problems with the site. So.. it might not be a “computer” problem, but a “server” problem: some server connections are faster than others. We used to have a really slow one that drove me crazy. But you are right about the .gifs. I assume you mean the “moving” pics.

    Hope it works out cause the side bars are Gorgeous!

    just sayin’



  33. bebereader said

    I love the plan you came up with for David. As a few here said, it may be similar to the one he has set for himself.

    “What will this “new” David show us about what he has learned and applied to his craft while away?”

    As a fan who has followed him since his AI7 days, I hope he gets inspired to put his feelings (about what he experienced in Chile) down in lyrics and melodies. Each new experience could bring forth new thoughts and feelings, the impetus for new songs. As if he wasn’t deep before, we may see an even deeper side to David in his new original songs.

    Can’t wait to read all about it!

    Thanks for the link to the promo for FEE!

    How cool that you met someone who knew David when he was ten years old! Loved your story!


    Thanks to everyone for their well wishes regarding hurricane Sandy. While all is quiet right now. I expect tomorrow will be very different in terms of wind and rain. Will check in tomorrow if possible.


  34. jans11 said

    Very interesting post, Abrra. My favorite 2 pieces of advice are “dance, dance, dance on stage”, and we will be there dancing with you David! And “Avoid auditioning for the Voice TV program”! David you are so much more talented than any one of the wanna be singers on there! And the judges, as far as I’m concerned!

    Hoping and praying for all the people on the east coast to stay safe.

    Gladys, will be nice to read your report of Oct. 13th!


  35. emmegirl14 said

    Gladys, great anticipation!

    Thoughts are prayers are with you all affected by Sandy.


  36. poluck8 said

    Hi everyone, I didn’t check in yesterday because I was preparing for Sandy. Listening to the forcast I don’t think my area is going to be too bad. I had a blast Saturday night in chat and am looking forward to joining in again. . I too agree with you Abrra on your list for David. Everyone please take care. .


  37. Angelica said


    Love your take on David 2.0 when he returns. I can’t wait to see and hear the person he brings back to us. I just know we won’t be prepared but are we ever? Agree with all your recommendations and that he is probably already implementing some of them by setting the groundwork before he left. Spanish album is I hope a first priority after TOUR!!! Yes please, the South and Canada this time. I know he will be more grounded, if possible and self-assured. More relaxed to explore music without the unfinished business of his mission dream to hold him back.
    Be safe all in the path of Sandy today and hope you don’t lose power for long.

    Last night I dreamed of David. Walking out a door he reached back for my hand and as he slowly released it, he looked back to give me a closed mouth smile.


  38. jackryan4da said

    Stopping by just to send positive thoughts & prayers to those who will be affected by the impending storm. Stay safe archufam!


  39. fenfan said

    Agree with your advice to David wholeheartedly Abrra. I just want to add – tour Asia! Please David, please and thank you.
    Gladys – excited about reading your report on Oct 13; hope it’s coming out soon!
    And I must say the sidebars are the most gorgeous things ever!!
    I keep scrolling all the way to the bottom just to look at them even though the middle is blank! LOL


  40. Abrra said


    Thanks for your comment. USA first please, then Asia 😉 I am not sure why you see a blank space in the sidebar. I see every space filled. Must be a glitch. I can’t replicate the issue so I can’t tell you why it happens.

    Wind picking up and blowing light rain as we prepare for the storm.

    Abrra 515 days


  41. bluesky said

    Abrra…. I think Fenfan means “blank in the middle: no commments”.. ^_^

    DA is comment enough.


  42. Abrra said

    OHHH The blank comment area yes! I thought she meant sidebar blank space. That happens at the bottom of the pictures as the comment count goes up, the pictures will run out.



  43. mlpb3 said

    Abrra – Yes, I would like to have him tour the US first, even if its only appearances here and there. I’m sure Asia is in the plan somewhere down the line but many fans here have not seen him for a long time and this is where it all started. David is a very loyal person and alot of fans here have been fans for almost 5 years! He will I’m sure eventually go to Asia for an extended period of time: for touring, acting, modeling, etc. And of course, he will need to record those new songs he wrote in Chile! Martha 🙂


  44. angelofdja said

    Thank you Abrra! You’ve captured so many of my favorite David pictures in the sidebars! It must of been such fun to pick and choose! 😉
    Gosh, he is sooooooo photogenic!


  45. goodkarmaseeker said

    HOORAY, HOORAY for Abrra and this piece!! I’ve been away for awhile from this site but my heart is always here
    with all of you. I loved this whole thing and all the great advicve but my very most favorite is “Plan and execute the biggest fan appreciation concert tour the US has ever seen.” I am so majorly in need of a concert and it keeps building and building. I not long ago said to my daughter Maddy that we are going to a David concert no matter where when he is back and she agreed!!!!! The concert jar is starting to bulge : )


  46. Angelica said


    No matter where! Here’s my formula….buy the ticket first, worry about the minor details later. Everyone needs to start saving now!


  47. mlpb3 said

    Angelica – You’re right! The ticket first as soon as they go on sale! My daughter lives in the L.A. area, so that would be all I would need if he has something there. And, she’s a David fan, too! 🙂 Martha


  48. annie 318 I said

    Hi all. I’m watching the news about the storm Sandy. I hope all of you on the east coast stay safe.

    Abrra~ I loved this post. You have given David a very sound list of things to do.

    I hope David gives us a homecoming concert in the summer then when that tour is over he puts on his santa hat and hits the road for a beautiful Christmas tour. I’m being very selfish I know. But its David!

    Take care all.


  49. stenocruiser said

    Hi everyone — arrived safely in Florida (pilot took the ‘scenic’ route over Pennsylvania and Georgia). Boarded the ship and enjoying the cruise. I have been watching the news on stateroom TV and am becoming very concerned about everyone in the path of Sandy. Thinking of all of you and praying that you stay safe. Please take care — love to all.


  50. marlie7 said

    Just checking in to say I’m safe. Hoping all of you are snuggled in against the storm and not experiencing anything too bad. It rained all day here, wind blew mightily from about 7:00 PM to 9:00PM then eerily quiet. The rain has just picked up again and it sounds like the wind has, too. My son in Jersey City is without power, son in Manhattan seems to be fine so far (he’s in the East 70’s). Looks like a mess, though, for transportation down there if the tunnels are flooding. Crazy!

    Abrra – I think it is pics that are linked to photobucket. It might be the gif of David dancing up in comment 17. I, too,love to see all those lovely pics, so I’ll wait while they load. 🙂


  51. Angelica said

    Marlie, glad your safe. Keep us posted. While you’re weathering the perfect storm, just think of Steno, lying out there on the deck of a cruise ship, catching some rays. lol. (So jeluz.) =:) Enjoy Steno!!! Eat lots of desserts! :D


  52. MT said

    Glad to hear both you and your family are ok. I”ve been watching the weather channel. Scary stuff. I hope all our other Archies are doing okay.

    Enjoy your cruise!

    My goodness, those sidebars are hard to ignore long enough to read comments. I started to make a list of my favorites, but the list got too long. 😀


  53. betsy said

    Just got home from work, am catching up on the news. So worried. Prayers for everyone’s safety, I see that NYU’s backup power has failed and they are carrying the babies from the nicu down 9 flights hand ventilating them. These people are angels and heroes.
    Whew Steno, glad your flight went well.


  54. gladys1961 said

    please keep commenting. I want to leave my message next to the photo of David with white shirt, belt and wrinkled jeans, this is my place in the world.


  55. bebereader said

    Feels good to finally be back online. It was a long day with heavy wind. Then it stopped mostly and changed to light rain. Minor power outages all day, but only for a few seconds at a time. The power came back on each time, for which I’m thankful. I stayed away from coming online so as not to damage my already-issued computer. Seems that Manhattan, Long Island and New Jersey got the worst of the storm.


  56. betsy said

    Marlie, I hope you’ve got a good book to read. 🙂


  57. mlpb3 said

    Gladys – I’ll do my part, here’s a comment 😆 Talking the other night on chat, you mentioned a song Luis Miguel did. Here’s another I wish David would cover:

    Martha 🙂


  58. mlpb3 said

    oops – too many comments 😳


  59. gladys1961 said

    ups, casi pierdo mi lugar en los comentarios, estoy a la altura de david en jeans arrugados , camiseta blanca, cinturon, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh te extraño mucho david.
    David estoy casi a tus pies.


  60. gladys1961 said


    sabor a mi, nooooooo
    sabor a ti, david.
    sorry, david me saca a veces.


  61. bluesky said

    55 Bebereader! So glad you are A-okay!


  62. mlpb3 said

    Gladys 😆


  63. Gayle122890 said

    OMG. It’a been a while since I was here last. The side bars are giving my smile and heart muscles sucha workout! 🙂 Hard to go to sleep now.

    I love it!

    Yes abbra. I don’t ever want to see David in a singing contest or reality show EVER!


  64. Abrra said

    Good morning!

    Life is good! No damage here at Casa Abrra. Honestly the wind was nothing special and the rain was normal. The power flickered twice but never went out. We had some neighbors over who did lose power. It was a good time. I have the day off so ill relax at home some more 😉
    The cable/Internet service went out at 5 pm yesterday. It’s still out today. I want to thank David for keeping me entertained via my DVR. I watched episodes of AI7 and several TV interviews from the last 4 years. The Larry King interview with all the idols was especially interesting. I could really see the differences in David’s features from then and now. He gave a great interview. Very calm and hopeful for his future.

    I am glad everyone is enjoying the sidebar.
    Marlie, almost every picture is posted from my photobucket. I had planned to add more but I suppose I can just swap different ones in later.

    Abrra 514 days
    I blame all errors on my iPhone


  65. MT said

    LOL So glad Sandy lost you you! At least David kept you company while the internet is down.

    Now you have me curious. I’ll have to go check out that Larry King interview to see the difference.

    >>>>>>>>. On my way >>>
    (Hope I don’t get lost in youtube.)


  66. MT said

    Oops, that would be …
    “So glad Sandy lost TO you!”

    I blame all errors on Abrra’s iPhone


  67. marlie7 said

    Glad to see you, Bebereader! My oldest son in NYC has power and seems fine. Have not heard from younger son since his power went out in Jersey City, but knowing him, he forgot to charge his phone LOL He’s perfectly able to handle himself so I’m not worried. He’s likely sleeping late since he had no work today.


  68. mlpb3 said

    “There’s a rainbow always after the rain”

    @DianeSawyer A #morning ray of hope over #NewYorkCity (via @kurtdietrich)
    I am praying the recovery will be swift. God bless everyone on the East Coast. 🙂 Martha


  69. bluesky said

    Abrra! ((((((super hugs))))))

    So glad you are okay. Hope all is well for those you love.



  70. helloooooo!
    Abrra, love your article…lots of good advice for our David! I can’t wait to see the person he brings home and am looking forward to see how he plans to keeeeeeel us with his older amazing self!
    I say the big fan appreciation concert should be the first thing on his list of to do’s. Just him on a big stage, singing and dancing to his hearts content,in front of his fans, any song he feels like.Anything. We will be so happy to see him and hear him it won’t even matter what he sings! That will cripple us all for awhile,and give him time to decide what his future will be.While we are all in recovery, he can get on with all his other business.:)))

    Nice to come here this morning, and know you guys that weathered the effects of Sandy,are all safe, and sound♥♥♥


  71. djafan said

    Glad everyone is okay!!!!!


    The foundation is being built by this phenom named David Archuleta. I think back to the banana tree vlog when he first spoke about laying the foundation. Never in my dreams did I think he was planning a way to go on his mission. Now it makes perfect sense.

    I want the fan appreciation concert to be planned now by Team Archuleta. I think the tickets would sell.

    I want him to go to all the reality shows to “perform” not compete 🙂

    Vote Vote Vote

    Steps by FOD > Everybody Hurts Music Vid Top 7! (was 5 yesterday)

    Still a great showing, but if you haven’t voted yet today, it’s time!

    Step 1: Register or Log In (top right)

    Step 2: Return to MYX Home Page

    Step 3: Move to top right “Polls, On-Line Voting”

    Step 4: Click on the radio button and type in Everybody Hurts David Archuleta

    Step 5: VOTE!

    Kzone Awards

    Chart Central



  72. djafan said

    I love this tweet ♥ Maybe an email from David??

    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
    Sometimes pieces of stardust fall into our emails inbox brightening our day. @DavidArchie 🙂


  73. mlpb3 said

    On Twitter:

    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
    Sometimes pieces of stardust fall into our emails inbox brightening our day. @DavidArchie

    Did David send her an email on his P-day? Just speculating…..

    🙂 Martha


  74. mlpb3 said

    djafan: 🙂


  75. djafan said

    Mlpb3 🙂 This makes me so happy for some reason!


  76. gladys1961 said

    dja dja dja, i`m singing


  77. djafan said

    Gladys Gladys Gladys se ha convertido en parte de tu alma ♥



  78. djafan said

    David mentions!!

    Elder David James Archuleta: Mormon Mission By Rhett Wilkinson

    Pop singer David Archuleta may have shocked some when he announced that he would be serving a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. David acknowledged that many of those people may have believed that the not-quite 19-year-old, who was raised Mormon, planned on doing it in order to please others.

    justjared David Archuleta: Releasing ‘Forevermore’ Expanded Edition!

    David Archuleta fans get excited – the American Idol alum is releasing a Forevermore Expanded Edition CD!

    “Look what is coming soon!!!” David recently tweeted alongside a pic of the cover.

    PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of David Archuleta

    David is currently on his two-year mission trip, but that isn’t stopping him from releasing music for his fans.

    In case you missed it, make sure you take a listen to David‘s song “Pride (In The Name of Love).

    ARE YOU EXCITED about David releasing another CD? We are!
    Read more:

    nickutopia: David Archuleta “Forevermore” Expanded Edition CD Track List

    There’s a new David Archuleta album on the way! The new CD is an expanded edition of David’s “Forevermore” CD, and now we have the track list for the new album. Check it out below, and let us know what you think!

    Celebrity Now: David Archuleta “Forevermore” Expanded Edition CD Track List

    There’s a new David Archuleta album on the way! The new CD is an expanded edition of David’s “Forevermore” CD, and now we have the track list for the new album. Check it out below, and let us know what you think!


  79. mlpb3 said

    djafan – the tweet from Lady V music makes me happy too. If he is emailing people in the “business”, that means that he is thinking of his music career connections. May be writing songs in Chile. Speculation again…… 🙂 Martha


  80. MT said

    Dja & Martha,
    Thanks for bringing that tweet here. It makes me happy, too. 🙂 I hope he did e-mail her and it means that the music business is still on his mind sometimes.

    I don’t know where every one lives. Have we accounted for all our east coast archies?


  81. bebereader said

    Halo, Halo!
    When I woke up this morning, the ground was wet but the sun was shining! Abs and Marlie, glad you’re okay!

    I’m thankful there is no damage in my area. We had power through it all except for the brown-outs which were annoying at worst and only lasted seconds. TVs were actually working! I now live fifty miles north of New York City but I’m a native New Yorker. I love this city and can’t wait until the damages are taken care of.

    Been watching the news coverage on the storm today. The tri-state area (NY, NJ and CT) got hit badly; worse than from Irene. But efforts are underway to do the clean-up. I have every faith that we will come back stronger than ever. Plans are set to build the new subways more weather-resistent, to accommodate changes in weather conditions in the last ten years. The NYC subways are over fifty years old!

    So it’s back to business as usual. Who’s going to join us for Nandito Ako chat tonight?

    10PM Eastern


  82. MT said

    Just came from chat. You guys were a riot!! Thanks for the laughs. 😀


  83. djafan said

    Hmmmmm whatever this is I’m loving it 🙂

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @anagfeleo @JoAnnBanaga check your email. Sent you both something I think will put a smile on your face! Miss you both!

    3h JoAnn C. Bañaga ‏@JoAnnBanaga
    Awwww”@peacesignpam @kariontour so sorely missed that I sometimes have to rub that lump right out of my throat. But we will be here waiting

    JoAnn C. Bañaga ‏@JoAnnBanaga
    @kariontour @anagfeleo Kariiiii!!! You just made my day. David James Archuleta, you are sorely missed! Take care of yourself! love you Kari

    Ana Guillen Feleo ‏@anagfeleo
    @kariontour @joannbanaga kariiiiiiiiii!!:))))

    Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ ‏@LadyVmusic
    Sometimes pieces of stardust fall into our emails inbox brightening our day. @DavidArchie 🙂


  84. OOOOH I


  85. I mean I LOVE THIS POST! I’d definitely encourage D to follow these advice. =) Great post Abrra!


  86. Abrra said

    OHHH Thank you 🙂

    Had a great time laughing in NA chat last night. We were able to draw out some lurkers. Lucky for us, it turns out some of the cast watches NA with us every week. Yaya Rose, Uncle Stevil and the man himself, Josh Bradley spoke with us and answered some questions 😉 What an honor !

    Happy Halloween!

    Found on GA Facebook posted by Margy Moore

    It looks like Kari has been doing some photo editing 🙂
    @DavidArchie Happy Halloween from David and Team Archuleta (KS)
    Abrra 513 days


  87. pocoelsy said


    Sorry for being very late!! I know that the new post is already up but have to come and say Thank you for Dr. Abrra prescription :), love all the comments and in put from everyone too. Hope everyone is safe and sound from the storm !!!


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