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Concert and VIP Memories/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face ~ David Archuleta

Posted by bebereader on Sunday, October 21, 2012

The first time I saw David live in concert was at a stop on his first solo tour. I knew I‘d be running late so I didn‘t get VIP tickets. Since then I have gone to six more events, and met him in person three times. I should be a pro by now and able to write the book on how to do a VIP with him, right?  Wrong! YouTube had become my BFF because it shielded me from coming face to face with him. Without fail, I revert back to my fifteen year-old shy self when I see him.

I know that there are fans out there who have not yet seen David live in concert or met him in person so I wanted to write about my first VIP experience. Thinking about it brought back some concert memories, too.

My first VIP was almost three years ago at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. Being there felt surreal. After months of anticipation, could this really be happening?  To make it worse, from the time I checked in to VIP to the time I actually met David was several hours. Spending the time with Marlie, Silverfox and Dawn in a special VIP room with approximately 100 other VIPers was a lot of fun. We sat at round tables and chatted while munching on New York pretzels and other assorted snacks provided by the tour promoters. While the anticipation was mounting, they tried to keep us busy by having us answer silly DJA trivia questions like what is David’s favorite food and what are the names of his animals and what is his birthdate. It didn’t work.

Time was tight, we heard, and were informed that David would not be singing “Heaven” or “Crazy” as promised, like he did in previous shows on that tour. I was so looking forward to hearing those songs. Instead, we marched to the arena where we saw sound check performances of  TMH and ALTNOY.

Then David answered some questions from the fans. Look how comfortable he was, chilling with us.

After sound check it was back to the to the VIP room when word got around that David was due to arrive for the meet and greet. It seemed like the number of people sitting at the tables multiplied when we all stood and gathered on the long line. Without even seeing him I knew that he had arrived. There was a kind of hush when David entered the room. Not even kidding. The sound actually changed from a drone of noise to one of quiet excitement. And there he was, a regular guy, except not.

Honestly, I didn’t believe all the hype about the glow around him. I had never heard of such a thing; how can a person glow? But for some reason it looked like there was constant light shining on him. I looked at the ceiling to see if there was a spotlight or a bulb or something. But I didn’t see anything. It was as if a glow was from inside him.  He was across the room so I was able to take it all in, the line of fans waiting in anticipation for their turn, the gentle manner he had with each person. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and I wasn’t the only one.  As I got closer and closer it was as if he was larger than life, a brilliant presence, yet just a young man.

One of the things that’s so endearing about David is the way he gives each fan his undivided attention. When he finished with one fan, he looked at the line to see who was next. Yikes it was me! He looked at me and Mr. Bebereader and I froze. I had to be pulled to come forward.

I had it all planned. I prepared to ask David about the song “One” by U2 that he sang a segment of on his solo tour. With Marlie’s help, I had started a campaign and collected close to 100 letters from fans, (delivered to David by Silverfox at a prior show on the tour), encouraging him to cover the entire song. Achkkk; what I said to him came out all jumbled.

David: Heyyyyyyy! (Big smile, you know the one.)
Fifteen year old Me: Hi David, remember the one letters?
David: Huh????? (his signature huh?)
Who could blame him? It sounded like I was doing a play on words with one/won. I rattled his brain and explained yada yada yada, ciss boom bang. And then he said…
David: Oh yeah!!!!!
Me: Do you think you’ll sing the whole song one day?
David: I don’t know but I really love that song!

Phbbbbbt!  After all that, I got a non-answer! We took the picture and away I went. Ironically, Mr. Bebereader had a more coherent and satisfying conversation with David about picking him to win from the audition and  wishing he had 100 students like him.  It was interesting to stand around and observe the other fans after their encounter with David. Each person looked touched in some way, either with a permanent grin on their face or like they needed to get outside for some fresh air.

My memories of the actual Atlantic City concert are hazy because my upgraded Row 2 VIP seats were so far over to the left that I could barely see David onstage. In between songs, David talked about Halloween and asked what costumes people wore. I remember sitting behind a little girl and her Mother. During the show, the girl turned around several times and looked at me. Then she whispered something to her Mom. (Did I have something in my teeth? Was I singing a little too loud?) Shortly after, the Mom turned around and asked “Excuse me, are you David’s mother? My daughter said that she thinks you are. ”  Trust me; I look nothing like Lupe Archuleta. But I was so tickled and responded with “No, but I wish I had a son like him!”

When the show was over all the fans found each other and congregated in the lobby of the hotel, not wanting to go!  Such good memories.

For those of you who have been to David’s concerts and/or VIPs, are there any memories that stand out that you’d like to share?

133 Responses to “Concert and VIP Memories/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face ~ David Archuleta”

  1. bluesky said

    Great Job, Bebereader!!

    Loved your in-depth descriptions and story. ^_^


  2. MT said

    I was smiling so big through the whole thing. It actually brought a tear to BOTH eyes. LOL (That is not an easy thing to do.)

    Thanks for sharing, for letting me know what it feels like to be there, for “bringing me with you” to your very first VIP with David. ♥ One day it will be my turn.


  3. jans11 said

    Since I am on my phone I can’t see the side pictures. Can’t wait to see them. Love your story Bebe. Love to hear everyones encounters with David. The oddest thing for me today with the car races in KCK where I live and I’m watching them from Vegas here 1400 miles away. And only live 4 miles from the race track! Like Abrra I blame all errors on my phone!


  4. gladys1961 said

    A short time ago that I have a membership in that exclusive club for the privileged, and I can safely say that the man shines. There may be 100 people in a room but the presence of David is like a hurricane, everything disappears around him.


  5. mlpb3 said

    Bebereader – I thoroughly enjoyed reading your experience meeting David. You’re right, there is a glow about him – something you can’t explain. When I met him, there was just something about him that renders you speechless! As I was getting a CD signed (it was not a VIP, it was the Sun Bowl Fan Fiesta and he had this long line of people who could meet him and get something signed), I couldn’t speak, then I thought ‘say something!’ So I blubbered out “thank you for being such a great role model”. He said the famous “awww Thanks” and as I turned around, with my back already to him, I hear him say “Happy New Year” (it was Dec. 30). He didn’t have to, I was already leaving. The kindness in him just comes out and gets all over you. I remember once him saying “It may be the 100th person I’ve met that day, but to them its their first time”, explaining why he treats each person so specially. Sorry, this is lengthy, I love remembering this! Martha


  6. Ahhh Love your VIP story Bebe♥
    what? You don’t look like Lupe?LOL
    Now that I have my first VIP behind me (thank you, forever, BlueberryIce♥ ) I understand and can feel what you said about everything…especially being in the front of the line,for your time with him! haha I was fidgity and nervous,but kept my cool waiting my turn just watching the procedure and others interact so I would know what to do because I didn’t know!.
    As I was motioned to come forward for my turn, eeeeek , I am not sure if my feet were even touching the ground walking towards him..All I was focused on was that smiling warm welcoming look, everything else just went out of view. Don’t even remember what I said, but it felt babbly. haha Planned words, just go out the window don’t they?You froze in your tracks, my brain froze.That smile and him looking directly at you is totally DISARMING!
    I think you did great, just getting out”remember the one letters?”hahahaha Thanks for a great read this morning!

    4. Gladys♥ Gladys that is absolutely so true. Amazing isn’t it?


  7. bluesky said

    Re: my short #1 comment.

    Okay…. I was going to post a certain train of thought that jumped out at me after reading Bebe’s lovely article… but then I thought I was being TOO random.

    Gladys has inspired me. Sorry folks. *_*

    Immediately upon reading the above article and Bebereaders comments on DAs presence and glow – all I could think of was the old (okay… VERY old…. alright?) piece from the Jack Paar show (Did I warn you it was OLD?) where Kermit the frog eats a “glow worm”. Actually, he eats a couple of them. With increased enjoyment. Kermit is in his element. He’s the man-with-the-plan. He knows what is “happening”. He has things under C.o.n.t.r.o.l. No worries. (Kinda like Bebes plan on what she was going to say when she meets DA. ((heh, heh)) )

    Then… all unawares… thinking he knows what is going on… Kermit has the sudden realization that something is very different this time. There is a worm, yeah. But although at first it seems normal in size and just the same as those other worms gone before, things turn out very differently. And…. Kermit is a gonner. Gone. Kaput. Zip. No help available. Bye-bye Kermy.

    Bye-bye Bebe.

    All during this little skit, Kermit is humming a song. It is: “Shine, little glow-worm! Glimmer! Glimmer!”

    DA = “Glow Worm” Extraordinaire. Hurricane on demand.

    That is all I have to say about that.



  8. bluesky said

    Erm… the vid, if you like. This was made long before there was ever a Sesame Street.


  9. marlie7 said

    Oh, Bebe…. I remember all of this so well! We were both doing our first VIP and scared spitless. I had to laugh at your comments to David. And then, I remembered my own and stopped laughing. (Not really, hee hee). He glows, he makes you speechless, you say ridiculous things to him, and then you can’t remember half of it afterwards, except…that face, those eyes! Sigh. Look what he makes us do! 😉


  10. NorthCarolinaGirl♥Marylee said

    I just ADORE reading others’ VIP experiences! I SO agree with the “glowing” part~It’s for real. I’ve been in his presence 5 times ..two so brief my head was spinning but I must say, the very FIRST meeting was one that stands out in my memory. It was during his Greensboro stop of his first solo tour. I was in line with my daughter and Kimak who is also from North Carolina. Backtracking, I remember waking up that morning and saying to myself…”You’re gonna meet David Archuleta today”…it was something I couldn’t even wrap my brain around! …back to VIP. He kinda bounded into the room in a Pokemon shirt and to the best of my knowledge, we all applauded! lolol When I approached him, it was as you guys described…he welcomed me with a beautiful smile. It was TOAST at that moment. I do remember thanking him for taking us on his journey…*glad I got one coherent sentence in there* lol …and after I had turned my back to leave, I remember him saying “Thank you for coming & I hope you enjoy the show”…made me want to go back up there for another turn! haha He truly DOES give each & every fan his undivided attention…how he does it, I’ll never understand but I DO know he is simply the sweetest guy on the planet & appreciates his fans. #DA2014 Thanks Bebereader for bringing this memory back to me today….I love thinking about it. 🙂


  11. NorthCarolinaGirl♥Marylee said

    ..oops….meant to type *I was TOAST* ….no brain cells at work! lol


  12. cq#DA2014 said

    Bebereader, loving your story and loving that lead picture, thank you.
    Miss you David, come home, hehehe!!


  13. mspoohbear said

    Bebe, for someone like me who have yet to experience seeing David in concerts or meeting him in person, your recount of your first VIP meeting, keeps me longing for that moment to arrive. I’ve heard from both Blueberry Ice and Djafan about the “glow” that seems to radiate from within him…and now reading about it from postings here from a lot of fans makes me nervous that when I finally get the chance to meet him, I will not be able to enjoy the moment because I probably would go blank and speechless. I hope not!

    Mlpb3, I love David’s quote “It may be the 100th person I’ve met that day, but to them its their first time.” I can’t wait for my first time! What a kindhearted soul he is! Nothing but love for that guy!


  14. mlpb3 said

    Mspoohbear – I work with the public every day and I use that quote to remind me how I should be dealing with people. I wrote him and told him how that thought helped me. Martha


  15. bebereader said

    MyDearWriter signed David’s card, too and wrote a not-so-cryptic message. 😉

    Thanks for the comments. I love love love talking about VIP and meeting David! haha As you can see! What I neglected to include was that because I’m five feet, David seems like a giant to me. I come up to his….well…his armpit. Abs kids me that I talked to his armpit instead of his face but it’s true. haha Either I didn’t look into his eyes or I did and blocked it out because I cannot remember and I think seeing those eyes would be something that I’d remember. 🙂

    How smart and kind is that for David to say: ““It may be the 100th person I’ve met that day, but to them its their first time.” All celebrities know this but I don’t know any who act on it. He doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk!

    Remember when we discussed this topic, sometime last week?! After reading thisI was hoping you’d feel like you were there with me! And yes, one day your time will come!!

    Oh you have to see this site online to get the full impact of the pics on the two sidebars! It’s dizzying!

    “There may be 100 people in a room but the presence of David is like a hurricane, everything disappears around him.”

    Totally agree!

    Haha Sky Your encounter sounds just like mine! I wish you could remember what you said to him, in all that babble! LOL

    Bluesky ,
    Weirdly the comparison to Kermit is spot-on! LOL

    I had a blast with you that day. Glad to have spent the hours waiting with you! Some of the greatest memories I will never forget! xoxoo

    “I’ll never understand but I DO know he is simply the sweetest guy on the planet & appreciates his fans.” Yes and yes!

    Thank you! That lead pic, isn’t it wonderful) I can’t staring at it! It’s so natural, not posed at all.

    “Someday your chance will come…”


  16. bluesky said

    Bebereader….. thanks….. I know, “weird”. When I hear that some people are reminded of DA through normal, everyday things like food… I think: If they only knew what reminds me of DA.

    Right now it is Kermit the frog and an article by this neurophysicist about near-death experiences. *sigh*

    Thanks again for your ‘so fun’ article.


  17. MT said

    Bebe, Gladys, Martha, Sky, Bluesky, & Marylee,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. 🙂 I just love hearing about it. It gives me something to look forward to and scares the heck out of me at the same time! haha I hope I can handle it!

    I haven’t seen him yet either. 😦

    But just wait … #DA2014 … David, here I come! Heaven help the person who’s with me. (Poor Angelica! It will probably be her.) I will either be speechless or talk her to death in my excitement! (haha Bet she’s hoping for speechless!)

    I cant imagine what I might say to David. I’m perfectly lucid (well mostly) right now and haven’t a clue what I would want to say to him. Geezzz What are the chances that in front of him I will make any sense?


  18. NorthCarolinaGirl♥Marylee said

    MT & MsPoohBear: You’ll do GREAT! It will be an experience of a lifetime and David will make it easy for you, even though those eyes will melt your heart instantly. Can’t wait to hear YOUR “first meeting” experience! 🙂 #DA2014


  19. MT said

    “Can’t wait to hear YOUR “first meeting” experience!”

    haha Don’t worry, you’ll ALL about it! 😀


  20. jackryan4da said

    OK Archies! time to vote for EH MV on MYX. Let’s do this! Please put in a vote before you go to bed 🙂


  21. djafan said

    First time ever I saw his face.


  22. djafan said




  23. emmegirl14 said

    aaahh bebe, love hearing your close encounter of the first kind, and this….”Each person looked touched in some way, either with a permanent grin on their face or like they needed to get outside for some fresh air”, lol!!

    And those VIP vids, some of my most favorite ever!

    dja ♥

    Read MyDearWriter’s birthday message – love how transparent and genuine their love for him is!

    Heading there right now JR!


  24. mspoohbear said

    Bebe & NorthCarolinaGirl, I hope when that time comes to meet David, I’ll remember to breathe!

    Love MyDearWriter’s birthday message…would love a Nandito Ako Part 2. hehehe!


  25. Spirit said

    Bebereader……What a great post! I first saw David at the House of Blues in Chicago. After following him on AI, watching every video from the AI and Jingle Jam tours, and reading comments on fan sites for many months, I was beyond excited to actually see him perform live. The video below shows his entrance and he did indeed walk onto the stage, but when I was there, he seemed to just materialize in front of me. He was breathtakingly beautiful, and yes….he glowed! He was absolutely mesmerizing and like you, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. The crowd was wild throughout much of the show and during Zero Gravity the entire floor seemed to be bouncing. The theater was on the second floor of the building and it really seemed that the floor could collapse at any moment. (Posted this video, too.) There was so much energy and enthusiasm and the whole experience was otherworldly!

    I haven’t attended a VIP event, but I was fortunate to have seen him at the Hard Rock Cafe in Louisville. It was an intimate venue with the audience standing in front of a small stage that was only about 24 inches off the floor, so David was right in front of us. I was standing in the third row and was about 6 to 8 feet from him. It was amazing! The audience kept pushing closer to the stage and reaching out to touch his hand whenever possible. He finally took a few minutes and slowly went across the entire stage and reached out into the audience with both arms to allow everyone to touch his hands. One fan was seated on the side in a wheelchair and he made a point to go over and sing directly to her several times. It was such a warm, cozy atmosphere.


  26. NorthCarolinaGirl♥Marylee said

    MsPoohBear ~ if you can remember to BREATHE….you’re home free! 🙂


  27. jackryan4da said

    Thanks guys! Let’s tamped this up so they will be inspired to release Rainbow MV w/o delay!


  28. bebereader said

    To finally stand there and make the connection with him after all the months/years of watching on YouTube and hearing about it from other fans is an experience that you’ll never forget. And it’s no use planning what you want to say because more often than not it comes out all jumbled anyway.

    I’m not even kidding about everyone looking touched after coming off the VIP line when meeting David. I heard someone say “I need a cigarette and I don’t even smoke!” LOL He has a profound effect on people.

    Thank you for the videos. I noticed that the TMH performance is the one the official TMH video is from! So cool! The energy is enormous!

    “The audience kept pushing closer to the stage and reaching out to touch his hand whenever possible. He finally took a few minutes and slowly went across the entire stage and reached out into the audience with both arms to allow everyone to touch his hands.”

    What a generous gesture on his part. I’ve seen him do this before but have never had the pleasure of being in the front row and touching his hand. I did, however, shake his hand at a “Chords of Strength” book signing.♥


  29. betsy said

    Bebe ♥ I loved your story. I remember we were practicing for weeks, what we’d say. It just all goes out the window. 🙂 It’s probably better that way, less robotic.

    I remember my first time seeing/meeting D. .
    We were in a side room off the bar at the Intersection in Grand Rapids. Sitting around the tables, ignoring the gross hot dogs. 🙂 There was the keyboard. Suddenly we were told they were moving the vip to the larger room, where the concert was to be held. We lined up, listening to David’s soundcheck through the doors. That was amazing in itself. I’d already made a few friends in line, we just stood chatting. When we walked into the room, a new friend said Betsy, there’s David.”
    There he was onstage in a green t shirt. I think the room tilted a little. 🙂 It was a shock.
    So blah blah, he sang, blah blah it was wonderful, we all sang Happy Birthday to Ashlee.
    Then we got lined up to meet him, and I found myself 1st in line. Uh, oh, how did that happen. Not good. I panicked and asked a new friend if she’d switch with me, no way could I do this, lol. She did.
    So when I walked up to him, he was still chatting with the other person. Kristen was ready to take the picture, but he just rambled on. Finally I tapped him on the arm, pointed at him, pointed at the camera, and said “David, the camera” I think I introduced myself. I think he said HI BETSY, loudly, with a smile and chuckle. 🙂
    After, I just stood off to the side, watching everyone interact with him and talking on my phone to my big sis, Abrra. He finished up, and started to walk away, but walked the wrong way, directly toward me. ( got about 2 ft away) Behind me was the crowd of people, finding seats. I almost said something, but he looked around, found Ray off to the side (ray was giving him a look), and changed direction. A safer route backstage lol.
    There I was on the phone, “he’s coming this way, he’s right there” and I was trying to act normal and nonchalant and my age. An impossible task.
    Sorry for the length of this, but I just had the best time. I’ll never forget it. 🙂


  30. emmegirl14 said

    Last pic on the right sidebar, gah!!!



  31. emmegirl14 said

    Spirit, what a lucky-duck you were, House Of Blues and Hard Rock Cafe! Can’t wait for his first tour!!!! It twill be craaaazzyy!


  32. marlie7 said

    So, reading all these accounts, remembering my own, it gives me a deep down ache for Our David. Sigh. Perhaps I’ll have to sneak off to do a little bit of youtube-vortexing today 🙂


  33. kaycee said

    Bebe…LOVED your article and LOVED the comments it has inspired! I always really appreciate hearing about everyone’s David Experiences–especially the “up close and personal” ones since I’ve never been fortunate enough to attend a VIP. And, although I’ve totally accepted (and cherish) my ODD, I am still in awe and wonder of the hold he has on our hearts…such a diverse, caring, talented, devoted group of fans. Listening to everyone’s stories just adds more savor to the pot (and reminds me that I’m not crazy)!

    I’ve seen David in concert on several occasions…SLC, Cedar City, St. George, and Las Vegas. Usually the nose bleed seats, (drat that budget!) but fortunately there is nothing that can hide that glow! And not just a flicker in the dark, but a full-blown Christmas tree glow! I remember once comparing him to a warm fire (perhaps more like a blazing fire) on a cold night, and I truly feel that way. Both his countenance and his voice carry this warmth and energy that just radiates joy and happiness and hope and goodness–it’s practically impossible to feel bad when exposed to it. And, it can be absolutely overwhelming at times, especially in a world that can often leave you feeling hopeless and discouraged. I think that may be part of the “magic of David”…his ability, without even trying, to infuse hope and goodness and excitement for life.

    Listening to him live is truly like no other experience. I was astonished at the power of the moment. Truly magical.

    My only “up close and personal” experience was at the Henderson book signing. Listening to him sing Angels from only about 8 feet away was just incredible. I’ll never forget it.

    But, wait…I did kind of babble at him once, haha. The American Idol tour in Las Vegas. After the concert I waited with my daughters and nieces outside the venue. When David approached our little group, the laughing and giggling of 5 teenagers immediately ceased and the girls were frozen, almost trance-like in the presence of the archuglow, seemingly forgetting how to speak. While signing our programs, he smiled warmly and asked how we were doing and where we were from…nothing but some incoherent mumbling. I thought I better step in and help out this awkward moment, but alas, getting coherent sentences out of my head was more difficult than I thought, haha! I mumbled something incoherent as well, and he smiled and graciously thanked us and moved on down the line…imparting the power of the glow to more unsuspecting fans!

    Bebe…one last thing. I just love the way you acknowledge and include all the commenters. You are so good to make everyone feel a part of things!


  34. fenfan said

    Loved reading everyone’s experiences meeting David. So much fun! I have never been to any VIP; have yet to shake his hand or look into those hazel eyes. But I have seen that glow!!! He was within touching distance two out of the three times I saw him perform.
    I hope I can say something coherent if ever I get the chance to meet him. Just thinking about it is making me nervous already.


  35. poof said

    Good morning everyone!
    I had been away from my computer and car for a few days, so hadn’t heard the sweet sounds of David. Yesterday, on an errand, I turned on my car CD and out came David in the middle of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Oh wow! Was that the most gorgeous sound I have ever heard? Had I forgotten in just a few days how much David’s singing affects me? But I’m thinking (just maybe) I was getting complacent??? to that voice.

    I adore David for the human being he is. Sometimes I think I forget or take for granted that he has the talent to match.

    Kaycee, I loved every word you wrote in #33, especially “I think that may be part of the ” magic of David”… his ability, without even trying, to infuse hope, goodness and excitement for life.”

    I have been to one concert, no VIPs. The roar of joy and excitement in the room was palpable, like no experience I have ever had. It was so fun to watch the stunned, joyful face of my non-odd daughter to the reaction of all of us to David and the magic he produces in us.


  36. djafan said

    Bebe, The first time ever I saw his face was solo tour Pomona, no vip’s at this event. My first time in a mosh pit about five from the stage, standing like sardines with humanity from wall to wall. Some dad’s had there little ones on their shoulders while waiting almost four hours. My feet were screaming at me, I thought I wasn’t going to get through the wait. But then the lights went dark the band came out and it felt like electricity was buzzing all around, bouncing of the walls, the screaming was incredible. Young and old, guys and girls, everyone chanting his name. Then David a appeared and it felt like a bolt of lightning. My feet? what feet lol I didn’t feel anything just incredible joy at seeing him smiling at us, I believe I could feel the heat from the light that radiates out from him. I was in such a stupor, everyone was screaming “I love you David!” when I recognized a familiar voice screaming with the crowds and realized it was me! Oh my it was incredible. My granddaughter told me afterwards that it looked like he had a light on him and looked around and saw none pointing at him. He glows ♥

    Thank you Bebe for your first time, I remember it well lol.

    Reading all of your David encounters brings me back to the famous old questions, What the heck is this? What has he done with my heart? How has he done this? etc… lol I have no answers but this, whatever this is, isn’t going away. Thank you all for sharing. So much fun reading.

    MT, MSWinnie, I can’t wait for your first time. Hey…Maybe I’ll see you all in Utah come 2014 🙂


  37. foddonna said

    I was also at that VIP and my favorite memory was that when I went up to speak to him, as I was leaving, he asked me about something I had said to him at the previous VIP. I was so amazed that he remembered a. me, and b. what I had said to him before. Also he pointed at me during TMH at the concert. ♥


  38. Abrra said

    The first time I met David face to face was at a local radio station on Oct 29,2008. I didn’t win tickets to the lunch, so i decided to stop by the station as I had just heard him finish his interview with the DJ. I was working 5 min away and stopped on my way home. There were about 50 fans in a very small entrance area. He was very young looking at 17 but still handled all the requests for signatures and pictures with much grace. I was not prepared so I saw an opening and asked him to please sign my Zune case inside on a sticker. He was sweet and said “Oh sure!” and I thanked him.

    Ah the memories of convincing Bebe that she would survive a face to face with our idol! In the end she was a trooper and did great 🙂 Betsy and I became sort of tour “buddies” except i had to live vicariously through her phone as she described the scene and what David was doing. It was the next best thing to being there.

    My most recent VIP was in Westbury for MKOC. It was the first show of the tour. We got 2 chances for up close and personal with David. The first was to have a poster signed, he signed them to you or whatever name you gave him . I got in line and had him sign it to me ;)There was no rush and he remembered my name and knew it began with a K. Then I decided to prolong the visit to the table and asked him to sign my phone case. The conversation was what you would expect. Nothing extraordinary.

    Bebe and I had said for weeks in chat that WE didn’t plan to go up for a picture. WE just wanted to watch from a corner and stare at the beautiful sight. The room was like a lounge/bar with very low lighting. I think it lulled us into being brave after all. When it was announced form a line for pictures, I grabbed Bebe and dragged her with me. WE felt anonymous enough in the dark, right? 😉 To lessen the stress WE went up together.

    Me: Hi again David!
    Him: OH hi!

    Then we had to get in really close because there was 3 for the picture. There was an arm across my back ( melting, melting) that felt rather firm 🙂 In the split second before the picture was snapped, I said

    Me: David, I have a message to deliver. Gladys from Argentina says hello.
    Him: What?
    Me: I have a message to deliver. Gladys from Argentina says hello.
    Him: Oh really? Hello to Gladys!

    I had nothing planned to say. That was my first thought because I spend so much time with Gladys in chat. I wanted to give her a memory even though she could not come to any shows here in the US.

    The rest is history 🙂 Dreams do come true. Ask Gladys.

    Bebe I have had an 8×10 framed photo of the 2nd picture on my wall over my computer for 3 years. He looks so serene.

    Nice to hear all the feedback about the pictures on the sidebars. I am working on them a bit each day until they fill all the way down to the bottom on both sides. I am digging around in the links I have saved from the gifted and generous fans who take pictures when they see David.

    Anyone hear from Marlie? I hear she might be lost in some vortex 😉

    Abrra 521 days


  39. mlpb3 said

    Abrra – Thanks for telling us of your meetings with David. Everyone’s stories are so wonderful to hear! Dreams certainly do come true, and I don’t believe Gladys’ dream is over yet! Or ours for that matter! More to come!

    Thank you for the great pics on the sidebar and all that you do to make this a great site to come to. 🙂 Martha


  40. gladys1961 said

    Abrra ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    THANKS YOU. i’ve always said that David has my heart, but you too are a part. From the day that you gave me welcome to chat, and introduced me to everyone.
    I owe much to David, to all of you. While David is in South America, you will have reports.
    I’m looking forward to talk to him, who knows, there are desires that can be fulfilled.
    Who will be the first to hear this, if you ever happen?


  41. jans11 said

    I had the oddest thing happen this am. When I took the cd out of the player it activated the radio and EWTRTW was on. I thought..what? I took david out and he’s still singing! But it wasn’t him..was the original. Then when I came back from breakfast Stand By Me was on! But the original. Keeping up with the stories…they are great. I too love the way Bebe comments. My first encounter with David was in the afternoon before AI IN KC. I’ve already told that story about hearing Crush 4 times that day so I knew I was going to meet him. I have been to 4 VIPs and have met and talked to him each time and also at the book signing after MOTAB in SLC. I tend to get anxious when I meet him so I end up talking up a storm which is usually not me. I do talk more one on one and that makes it easier to talk to him. And with him so down to earth an polite makes it easier for me. And he does have the Archuglow…just awesome!!


  42. gladys1961 said

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Abrra, thank you♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    you’ll always have a part of my heart, you know who has the other part

    I never forget the day you gave me welcome to chat, and then introduced me to everyone.
      Someday I will speak with David, is a desire, guess who will be the first person who will know?


  43. Abrra said

    You are my sistah from another mother 🙂

    Gladys your comments got caught in the spam filter because you used too many hearts and repeated your comments when they didn’t show up.

    I let through the 2 that were not repeat comments.



  44. bluesky said

    It is almost Halloween. Have a pumpkin. Or several large orange flowers. And a song.

    Care of: DA singing “Crush” in a flower shop. Why this video came to mind for me today is a mystery. I have not seen or thought of it in ages.

    I choose to blame it on the pumpkins. (And I secretly think DA has a fondness for orange.)

    Happy Halloween!!

    Abrra – I love your stories. ❤ ❤ Jans ❤


  45. collegemom said

    Gladys – are you still here? I am going on a tour to Chile/Argentina/Brazil and we are going arrive at our hotel in Santiago on Monday Oct. 29 (the tour officially starts on Oct. 30 around dinnertime.) Do you live in Santiago? If you live close enough, we could meet for coffee and I can bring some David treats (Begin cds, Christmas cds,Asian tour edition (Other Side of Down) dvd – whatever I can find on my shelf!)- I can get you my e-mail address – are you on twitter? I am collegemom12. Or I can e-mail the voice with and they can give you my e-mail address.


  46. collegemom said

    I just realized that I know that you don’t live in Santiago, Gladys, you live in Argentina. hmmmm…we will be in Bariloche and Buenos Aires and Iguazu if any of those places are near you. I will e-mail The voice.


  47. djafan said

    Nandito Ako tonight at 10pm eastern time!!!



  48. Fun reading everyone’s experience. My first Live concert was Reno!! The famous “Works For Me” It was a GA and only VIP’s were for locals. Waited afterward by the Bus and David visited each person in a long line. Talked with Alex while waiting which was fun. I shook David’s hand, complimented him and told him I had flown from Iowa to see him. He asked me if I knew Shawn and my mind was blank. Shawn who? He said Shawn Johnson(Olympic gymnast from Iowa) I said oh yes and I’m a fan of hers too!!
    Took 10 family members to the concert in the Quad Cities, so skipped the VIP( too embarassed to go and not take everyone) ha! ha! Great memories.
    Next brief meeting was after Motab in SLC and got to tell David that I loved the concert and went with Golden Archies to deliver CD’s to the Children’s Hospital (A birthday gift to Him) He’s gorgeus!!
    VIP’s in SLC and Beaver Creek this past December. in SLC I used my Photo Op to present the Golden Archie Certificate with Jan, Dayzee and Carol and tell David about our trip to the Children’s Hospital. The songs he sang were lovely and I wrote the recap last year here at the Voice which described details of the concert, announcement etc.
    One funny thing was when I introduced myself as Leah, he didn’t recognize the name but when I said I’m Heidijoy on the Fan Sites he said “Oh I recognize that name” big thrill as you can imagine.
    At Beaver Creek, it was a celebration after an emotional couple of days. We sang “We’ll Be Here” to the tune of I’ll Be There which was a tearjerker. I decided to go to the head of the line so I wouldn’t be rehearsing while everyone went through the line and took a clue from someone and decided to face him before posing and look him in the eye and shakes his hand. Having my back to the camera allowed me that time. It was great and I was able to wish him well. That whole evening was a celebration. Afterward we waited by the Bus and I got a Photo op, signature and big hug. It was fabulous and he seemed glad to see me…maybe even plesantly surprised. It’s on film. Tee Hee. Great Memories!!


  49. bebereader said

    Nandito Ako chat!
    10PM Eastern

    Are you coming? 🙂


  50. bebereader said

    Reading about everyone’s first time puts a smile on my face. It feels like you’re all in my living room and we’re having this conversation in real time! I wish! LOL The commonality in all the replies is that David makes us feel good. We keep on this journey because the feeling is addictive. He’s our good place for whatever mood we’re in or whatever is affecting us each day. It’s not just his voice, it’s his whole being. He has good values; he believes people are good, he enjoys simple things in life, he values family and friends. He uses good manners. Above all, he gave us the gift of the friendships we all share here. How can you not admire and respect someone like this?

    “There I was on the phone, “he’s coming this way, he’s right there” and I was trying to act normal and nonchalant and my age. An impossible task.”

    Hahaha Betsy,
    I thought I knew every detail of your VIPs but that one slipped by me. The way you tell your stories is so entertaining. Love your detailed mind!

    Thank you! You said so well in one sentence what took me several more to express!

    “Both his countenance and his voice carry this warmth and energy that just radiates joy and happiness and hope and goodness–it’s practically impossible to feel bad when exposed to it.”

    Your time will come when you will shake David’s hand and look into his hazel eyes. Easy for me to say; I’ve met him but have yet to look into his hazel eyes. For self-preservation purposes, of course! 😉

    “I adore David for the human being he is. Sometimes I think I forget or take for granted that he has the talent to match.” I love this, Pooh!

    At his concerts, we get lost in the excitement of the moment,as the years seem to slip away and we are teenagers again!

    “My feet? what feet lol I didn’t feel anything just incredible joy at seeing him smiling at us, I believe I could feel the heat from the light that radiates out from him. I was in such a stupor, everyone was screaming “I love you David!” when I recognized a familiar voice screaming with the crowds and realized it was me!”

    He’s probably met thousands of us by now but he still remembers things!

    Had a blast with you at Westbury MKOC VIP. I remember when you told David that Gladys from Argentina says hello. I remember all of it. But what I remember most is that it felt like we’ve been together on this journey for
    years. A comfy fit!

    For all he’s been through, he’s still so down to earth! An amazing young man!

    Loved the description of all your encounters with David. Thank you for being so generous with details! This stood out to me:

    “One funny thing was when I introduced myself as Leah, he didn’t recognize the name but when I said I’m Heidijoy on the Fan Sites he said “Oh I recognize that name” big thrill as you can imagine.”

    I can imagine how thrilled you were to hear David say those words to you. It makes me wonder if he had been reading the fansites.


  51. bluesky said

    (!!! You addddedddddd mooooorrrreee pics!!!) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I love reading about all your fun adventures, ladies!


  52. annie said

    djafan~ I was at the Pomona concert too. You and I met outside across from the Glasshouse. You told me you and some other fans were starting a fan site and calling it theVoice. You gave me the white button like the one pictured on the sidebar. I still have I! That day was just as you described it. standing in line all those hours was hard but once we were inside the building and David came bounding out with his beautiful smile, all the aches of the screaming feet were gone. Do you remember when a ways through the concert David stopped the music to say to the audience that little kids were standing up front and if people keep pushing forward, they could be hurt. My daughter (a nonfan) was with me and said “Oh my gosh. He has the best voice in the world AND he’s like Jesus!
    I didn’t get to meet or talk with David but in the afternoon Mike Krompass was outside talking with fans. I asked Mike if David would sing Happy Birthday to me because the next day was my birthday (really!). Mike said no, he gets that request everywhere he plays. So, that is on my bucket list, David singing happy bday to me!
    That was my second time to see David. The first time was AI Tour. Since then I’ve seen him at Anaheim, Del Mar, Nokia LA, Gilbert, AZ. I’ve met him a few times and each time I go into zombie mode. My mouth dries up, my brain dries up and then it’s over. I can’t wait to do it again! 2014 hurry up!!


  53. betsy said

    Remember this adorable video? It strangely popped up on the sidebar while watching something else on YT. Relevant to out discussion. 🙂


  54. mlpb3 said

    Betsy – the video is so cute! I sent the link to my daughter who met David at a VIP and also sat right in front of him as he played. (She jokes that she could have touched his foot with her foot if she wanted to. Footsies ftw!) When my daughter went up to get her pic taken, they were having trouble with the camera, so she said they stayed waiting a while, with their arms around each others’ backs. (I told her she should have started rubbing his back-what a thing for a mom to tell her daughter! ) She’s 24 now and lives in L.A., we have fun talking about David still! I love this walk down memory lane! Martha 🙂


  55. kaycee said

    Another favorite concert memory of mine was at the MKOC Cedar City stop. I was there with my youngest daughter who was 11 at the time. As the show began with Sleigh Ride, David literally burst onto the stage with so much energy and enthusiasm that it was absolutely contagious! Within the first few lines of the song… “it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you” he pointed right at my daughter and smiled that glorious brilliant gleam of joy in her direction. To really understand the fullness of that moment, you need to understand that my daughter is quite shy and really struggles with her self esteem. Little did he know what that tiny gesture meant to her. Truly it made her feel like a million bucks! You should have seen her smile! Random finger pointing…perhaps, but I like to think not, haha! There were plenty of teenage hotties in the audience that night to point at, but I love the fact, that he somehow manged to find my shy little daughter who needed a bit of a boost.


  56. mlpb3 said

    Random: Crush selling over 2 million copies. He’s in good company:

    “Clarkson has topped the 2 million mark with four songs, more than any other contestant who has ever walked across the Idol stage. Underwood, Sparks and Daughtry are runners-up, with two 2 million-sellers each. David Archuleta and Phillips have each had one.”

    Martha 🙂


  57. Abrra said

    Way off topic but a must read.

    I eat peanut butter every day for breakfast. Luckily it’s not made by Sunland, Inc. I don’t go to Trader Joes but I know many fans do because David has mentioned he liked to shop there. Please read the notice and be informed.

    More on the topic

    Abrra 520 days


  58. MT said

    Nice choice of pictures. I’ve never seen the one one the left sidebar with him sitting has he has his left hand on his right shoulder. LOVE that one. Good work there!

    So cool that he recognized your name!

    LOL @ “zombie mode” Too cute.

    Love that video. It’s so cute and she is absolutely adorable. I hope she rediscovers 23 yr old David in 2014 and re-gains that big crush she used to have.

    Love that he singled out your daughter!

    “rub his back” LOLOL Hey, when you may only get one chance, right?

    And thanks for the info. Nice to see he’s listed amoung the top from all those that crossed the AI stage. I love the his name keeps coming up in those articles of “most whatever” from AI.


  59. Abrra said


    It was from a photo shoot from when he was in Singapore April 2009 for some showcases and the Cookelta concert. It was done in a hotel suite where he sat for interviews also.



  60. djafan said

    Such great David meets!!!

    Annie, I remember our meeting and the “perfume” 🙂 It was an incredible night and yes I can’t wait to do it again and again and again!

    Abrra Love what you’re doing with the sidebars!

    Betsy that was such a cute video! I’d never seen it. I’ve been noticing a lot of tweets talking about re falling for David and I love that!

    I found this interesting in the article above. “In four cases, the best-selling song by an American Idol “loser” has outsold the best-selling song by that season’s winner. Clay Aiken’s “This Is The Night” has sold 1 million copies, more than Ruben Studdard’s “Flying Without Wings” (790K). Daughtry’s biggest hits have far outsold Taylor Hicks’ top-selling song, “Do I Make You Proud” (709K). David Archuleta’s “Crush” (2,082,000) has outsold David Cook’s “The Time Of Your Life” (1,463,000). Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me” (1,949,000) has outsold Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying” (1,750,000).”


  61. cq#DA2014 said

    Abrra, I just love all the gorgeousness with all the pictures on the sidebars…thank you so much,


  62. Abrra said

    I am glad you like them 🙂 I have been working on them all night. The longer the thread, the more picture space appears 🙂



  63. annie 318 said

    dja~ yes! That perfume. Oh my, I call it my “David” perfume. I have worn it to every one of his concerts
    I’ve attended. It is called “Innocent Illusion” by Thierry Mugler. Sadly it has been discontinued but I’m hoping to buy one last bottle online. I hope we meet again at David’s first concert in 2014!


  64. bebereader said

    Happy Birthday, MT!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    As you celebrate your birthday, here’s wishing for a lot of sweet surprises to come your way today and always. Happy Birthday!


  65. Abrra said

    OH MT, I had no clue it was your birthday! Happy Birthday to you 🙂
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Jan sent us a picture from her trip to Las Vegas.


    I wonder if David got a chance to eat here?

    Abrra 519 days


  66. marlie7 said

    Happy Birthday, MT! I’ll bring a little wine to the Saturday night chat for you!


  67. mlpb3 said

    Feliz Cumpleanos, MT! Hope you have a great day! Martha


  68. bebereader said

    Forevermore Expanded Edition is available for pre-order from WOW HD for $14.99!!


    I’ll Never Go
    You Are My Song
    Hold On
    Wherever You Are
    Tell Me
    Reaching Out
    Nandito Ako
    Rainbow (Remix)
    Forevermore (Minus-One)
    I’ll Never Go (Minus-One)
    You Are My Song (Minus-One)
    Hold On (Minus-One)
    Maybe (Minus-One)
    Tell Me (MInus-One)
    Reaching Out (Minus-One)

    Disc 2:

    DVD: Forevermore (Video)
    I’ll Never Go (Video)
    Rainbow (Remix) (Video)


  69. Angelica said


    Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos


    Thanks for jogging us all down memory lane. I remember it well… the first time ever I saw his face. Since I’ve recounted it before so often, I won’t do it again. Still one of the best moments of my life. Really enjoying just reading all the comments of others first times. (you never forget your first time, do you?) Especially when it involves David. First time to meet, first concert, first VIP, first time making a fool of yourself… haha. I’ve been a fool for a lot less! And I would do it all again. In fact, I believe I will!


  70. Angelica said

    Woot!!! Thanks Bebe for the tracklist and buying link!


  71. bebereader said

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

    No confirmed release date for Forevermore Expanded Edition. Being manufactured now but here is what u can
    expect. (KS)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  72. Blueberry Ice said

    Dear MT! Hope you have a fabulous birthday ,,, love all that you share & bring to this site! Hope that your dream to see David will come true!

    Oh Bebe! Loved reading your recap and everyone else’s as well. I’ll never get tired of reading about it so thank you all. My first unexpected encounter with David was such a special moment but a surreal experience that I have to ask myself if it ever happened! After surviving my shocked family’s interrogation of ‘you’re gonna fly where, to do what, to see who !?$%?!?#?!’, I was floating in high heaven ecstatic at the prospect of seeing David perform for the very first time … MoTab. We had just flown in after a flight delay, had a late dinner & decided to walk around Temple Square when we found a crowd at Deseret Books. I knew David had a signing that evening but hadn’t planned on going because I had my daughter & niece with me, who weren’t fans & well, me being a brand new fan, I didn’t want to ‘overdo’ the ‘fangirling’ thing, as I was still struggling with what had come over me, lol. But, impulse won over common sense. I led the way as they had no choice to follow. I could see his profile from the large side window as he sat laughing, smiling, engaging with the fans who looked adoringly at him while he was signing away & that catch-your-breath memory is still etched vividly in my mind. At the time, I remember thinking what’s the big deal, because I had read all about the glow, going speechless and mindless, blah, blah, blah, etc. that it seemed a bit farfetched but lo and behold, it was all true & even caught me by surprise! He was just so luminous that even in the brightly lit room, he stood out & radiated a glow, like an aura … a warm, cozy sunny day feeling of brightness and joy that makes you feel so good & thankful to be alive. I don’t know how long I must have been staring but my niece interrupted my revere by asking if I wanted to go in. It was so crowded & the room was buzzing with excitement. It turned out that we had entered the side of the store where people were supposed to exit but obviously no one was leaving and who could blame them. Then someone made an annoucement that David would be leaving in 10 minutes so if anyone wanted anything signed, they had to make their way to the line now. I didn’t have anything. My niece encouraged to me to buy something so frantically I asked where were David’s books while thinking I can’t believe I’m doing this & how is it gonna look when my hubby finds out about this! We were directed to exit & enter into the other side of the store where his books & CD’s were kept. I was so nervous that my hands shook as I tried to pay. It was a good thing that I didn’t have time to think or else I may have chickened out. I quickly got my book, was waved into the line and before I knew it, I was ushered right in front of David. His head was down, I mumbled something (gosh, why did my voice sound so strange) & I think he said ‘awww. thanks’ & in that several seconds, it was over before I could process what happened. My mind completely went blank when all I wanted was to memorize every detail of that encounter. Funny how my brain zoned out all the sounds & the surroundings blurred and in that split second, time stood still but not long enough to remember a darn thing. Later, when I could hear myself think, what stood out was how radiant he looked, how refreshed, happy, peaceful, gracious and patient he was even when it was so late in the evening, that he must be very exhausted and yet how can he look that gorgeous … And let’s not even talk about that flawless skin. Well, I felt a bit guilty for keeping him so late when he should have been home resting for his next performance as I suspect he stayed way longer than he should have because of his generosity, caring & kindness in wanting to make sure every fan was taken care of. I think, at that moment, I was head over heels in ODD and didn’t even know what it was but he took hold of my heart and has remained there ever since. Gosh, couldn’t believe that is how I felt and I hadn’t even heard him sing yet! Oh, the memories of it all makes me miss him even more.

    Sky! Awww … so wonderful to have experienced it with you! Gotta make plans for the next one right!

    MT; MsPoohBear! Can’t wait for you guys to meet David as I’d love to go with you just to witness your reactions, lol!

    Abrra! Appreciate your sleepless nights for working on the lovely sidebar pics but for some reason, can’t see them on the phone.

    Thanks Bebe! Just pre-ordered Forevermore Expanded Edition on WOW HD … it may be snail mail but they have always delivered. Sure hope they don’t run out!


  73. kaycee said

    Happy, Happy Birthday, MT! Hope you have a great one!!

    The side bar photos are awesome! Abbra…is it thanks to you?

    Very nice black and white picture on the tracklist…miss him.


  74. kaycee said

    (((Blueberry Ice))) Loved your account and all the fun details…it was like being right there with you. And I just loved this…

    ” He was just so luminous that even in the brightly lit room, he stood out & radiated a glow, like an aura … a warm, cozy sunny day feeling of brightness and joy that makes you feel so good & thankful to be alive.”


  75. bebereader said

    Worldwide Trending Party
    Friday October 26
    9pm EST

    in honor of:



  76. Abrra said

    Blueberry Ice

    You are in Mobile view now.

    You have to scroll to the bottom of the page on your phone and look for the words “View full site” . Click that to see everything. The full site view takes up more data and battery life. Suggest you stay in Mobile or switch to full and look, then switch back to Mobile.

    I added a mix of things today. Stopping for now because it’s endless. As I added things , more comments came and added more space to fill. I need a break. 😉



  77. jans11 said

    Happy Birthdat MT! Sorry I missed it. We went to Archies Thai food because a few wks ago KARA had tweeted about being here to do some business stuff with Justn Timberlake and when riding in the cab they asked where good food was. One of the suggestions was Archies and they had Thai food! Very ironic! So we decided to look it up and their food is super good! Going home tomorrow and will be glad to get back to my desktop computer. This phone is good but my desktop is so much better! 🙂


  78. Happy birthday MT 🙂


  79. gladys1961 said

    .I can not wait, I can not wait, I can not wait. I can not wait, I can not wait, I can not wait


  80. Abrra said

    Did you mean Kari?



  81. lani said

    Belated Birthday Greetings MT! Hope you had a great one!

    Thank you Abrra for the endless pics of D’s gorgeousness! Luv all of them!! Sensory overload 😀
    Can’t finish typing my comment, kept being distracted by that sexy dancing David on the right sidebar 😆

    Bebereader – thank you for starting on this topic. So much fun, fun to read everyone’s experience. I’ve been to all of D’s concerts & mall appearances here in Manila but I never ever dared even once to go to his M&G’s nor line up for an authograph to come face to face with him. I know I know that’s very coward of me but was really scared I might faint or make a fool of myself if & when those mesmerizing hazel eyes look at me directly..LOL. But now while waiting for 2014 am building up my courage bec I promise myself when D comes back here I’ll be ready to say Hi David and shake his hand though I’m sure mine would be cold & sweating 😯


  82. marlie7 said

    BluberryIce: This that you said: “I mumbled something (gosh, why did my voice sound so strange) & I think he said ‘awww. thanks’ & in that several seconds, it was over before I could process what happened. My mind completely went blank when all I wanted was to memorize every detail of that encounter. Funny how my brain zoned out all the sounds & the surroundings blurred and in that split second, time stood still but not long enough to remember a darn thing.”

    So funny,so typical, so fangirly like the rest of us. How can a young guy of 21 (or even younger) make a grown woman completely lose her brain power, speaking voice and breath? hahahah But he does, doesn’t he?

    I loved your story!


  83. gladys1961 said

    hi girls, Last night I went too fast chat, internet died for a while, sorry ‘.


  84. jans11 said

    Yes abrra..sorry. blame all errors on my phone! Haha


  85. jans11 said

    Oooohhh. I can’t wait either gladys! David is so good to us! Abrra love the side pics but now I don’t see where I can change it back to mobile. It does sap it pretty fast. Is on charger. again. What do I do?


  86. Abrra said

    Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page again. Look really close ( you may have to pinch the screen to expand the text) under the gray area where it is green with blue text “View Mobile Site”. Its there you just have to make it bigger to see it , then tap. If you get a prompt menu, choose OPEN. The page will reload to Mobile.



  87. jans11 said

    Thanks so much Abrra. It sure was tiny…just didn’t go down far enough. Really like the pics tho…just not taking so much juice! Going home tomorrow so hoping to be in chat. Also will preorder my cd when I get home!:)


  88. This has been fun Bebe:) Other benifits and experiences that come to mind is how much fun it was to meet other fans in line. Reno was GA and my first concert after being On Line for some time. We had to wait in line for 9 hours and I flew there by myself not knowing anyone. Needless to say by the time of the concert, I had met fans of all ages and picked Silverfox out of the crowd without even being introduced.
    When I went to Motab again on my own, I met Sandybeaches and the Golden Archies and many others. Even met Carol from Iowa. My tickets were not located with anyone else, so I met lots of folks from SLC and of course knew more about David Archuleta than anyone I met. There is something about being somewhere where no one knows you and you can promote the artist of your choice. Being older and knowing life is to short to care what anyone thinks helps too. (ha! ha!) In the bookstore line I met a Mother and two young daughters who I ended up sending COS and CD’s to. Also waited with Sharon. At MKOC tour I teamed up with Carol from Iowa and we went to SLC and Beaver Creek and of course met lots of other fans. We also promoted David every chance we got with Taxi drivers, Waiters etc.
    I’m hoping I meet many other fans in 2014 and beyond, if not before.


  89. gladys1961 said

    I’m wondering how is Christmas in Chile. I think my ODD has increased.


  90. Dayzee said

    Bebe, love the VIP with David sitting on the stage swinging his feet. Just being David. No artifice there.

    The first time ever I saw that face was simply on a whim. My granddaughter and I were in Las Vegas and saw an ad for AI’s performance at the Thomas & Mack Center. I asked her if she would like to go and she said “Sure”. Had she said “No thanks” I’d have been happy. We found the Center, found our seats and enjoyed the opening acts. No pressure here. Just a good time with my granddaughter in Las Vegas. When David came on stage the applause was deafening. It went on for several minutes. He stood there with the mike in his hands looking so young and without a clue how to get the crowd to settle down. I thought it was great to have a fellow Utahn be so well received. At the end of his set I had my first “What just happened?” I wondered why he had to leave the stage. Why wasn’t he there singing for the whole show?

    We got to my car and I dug out a CD one of my grandkids had given me. It was all David stuff she had found on the internet or somewhere. I put that CD in my player and that was the end of any other artist for me. When I went home I bought tickets for the second SL show, because I knew the first show had sold out. I got to thinking, surely they would have l ticket left, and tried to find one. The ticketmaster said I could have a seat in the 8th row. When I got to the show, the 8th row became the 2nd row due to the configuration of the stage. I was in heaven.

    One of my younger granddaughters went with me to buy an Ipod and a cell phone. Could not keep track of David without those. She set up my Ipod with 22 David songs. Not all different songs, but everything we could find. I found Ricky’s. And I have been on this ride ever since.


  91. MT said

    ♥ Bebe, Abrra, Angelica, Dja, Marlie, Martha, Blueberry Ice, Kaycee, Jan, Heidijoy, Lani and anyone I may have missed ♥ …

    Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes!! And the sparkles, cake, flowers, candy, wine (Marlie LOL) I had a WONDERFUL Birthday! More calls, cards, cake, dinner, and all sorts of lovely things than I can count. I am tired but Happy Happy!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thanks guys!


  92. gladys1961 said

    I ordered my cd forevermore (expanded edition). uhuuuuuuu


  93. bebereader said

    How cool that your daughter was the recipient of a point and smile from David!

    Blueberry Ice,
    Your comment was a fascinating read from start to finish! MoTab must have been extraordinary for you since it was the first time you saw David perform live. All the feelings you describe, “floating in high heaven”, “that catch your breath memory”, “going speechless and mindless”, “a warm, cozy sunny day feeling of brightness and joy that makes you feel so good & thankful to be alive” are universal feelings to being a fan of David’s. Thank you for sharing those feelings with us here. It helps us to understand our ODD even more.

    I can see by your comments that you are “floating in high heaven” (to quote Blueberry Ice.”

    I totally empathize with you avoid making eye contact with David. It’s not being cowardly. I call it a survival technique. LOL

    Whoever thought we’d make friends with people on the other side of the world? And as it turns out, some of our best fan friends are thousands of miles away.

    So it was on a whim that you saw David perform live at the AI Tour! I loved your description of the thunderous applause for him onstage. I think things happen for a reason and you were meant to be right here where you belong, with us. 🙂


  94. marlie7 said

    Missing me some David


  95. fenfan said

    Love reading all the stories here about all your David encounters. This makes me want to go to a concert and VIP right now!!

    I need to tell you all that my ODD has become so bad that I spent one and a half hours last night (25 Oct) waiting in a crowd for David COOK to perform a free concert just because of his AI connection to our David. After standing for so long, there was another hour of an opening act and a fashion show before Cook appeared to perform for about 45 minutes of songs that I was not particularly interested in. LOL.

    As if all that standing was not enough, I went to join a line just to see him rush by to go to a book store for a signing. I met a Cook fan while waiting in line and went with her to the bookstore where she bought a CD for him to sign. I managed to have a good look at him up close, all the while wishing that he was David Archuleta instead!

    The highlight of the evening for me was when Cook noticed a sign held by a fan that said “David you have my heart. It’s probably time you gave it back.” He quipped that since it said only David it could refer to any David and she could use it over and over again. Then he added “I suppose when Achuleta comes through here you would probably be using that sign too.”

    So I had my David A moment after all. HAHA!!


  96. fenfan1234 said

    OMG I spelt his name wrongly!!!!! How could I?????? I need to punish myself – write ARCHULETA 100 times!!!!


  97. Dayzee said

    Got my WOW order in! Thank you for posting the info. Something to look forward to. But I will be patient. Won’t start checking that mailbox until tomorrow.

    And Marlie, thanks for Senseless. Beautiful.


  98. Hey guys… wow I just found this fansite and I’m already drawned to it! Haha! Anyway, this is Roselyn Garcia, I’m an archusketcher, and I’m just like all of you guys, always here to love and support David. Sorry I know this comment shouldn’t be here, lol, but I’m looking forward to all the future posts! Loving all the older posts too! Haha! Thanks. Sorry for ramblin haha.


  99. Abrra said


    Welcome to The Voice! You most certainly fit here 🙂 So glad you have joined us. I admire your work. With your permission, I’d love to add one of your portraits of David to the sidebar gallery.


    Tell us about how you got inspired to sketch David?

    Abrra 518 days


  100. mlpb3 said

    Hi, Roselyn! I have always enjoyed the work you’ve done, especially of David! They are just beautiful!. Saw one you did of Taylor Swift and it was great, looked just like her. Martha


  101. mspoohbear said

    Hi all! Love all the stories of your first VIP MNG with David. Patiently waiting for my turn in 2014. I can’t wait to tell my own story.

    Hey Roselyn, welcome to The Voice! I finally found a perfect spot to hang your Archusketch in my office. I’ve posted on Twitter, so check it out.

    MT, Belated Happy Birthday! Sorry for the late birthday greeting… There’s a saying, “it’s better late than never”! haha

    Blueberry, I will definitely take you with me for my first David concert! I need some reinforcement if I get the chance to meet him. I need someone to catch me when I fail to breathe and my knees start to wobble. LOL!


  102. mlpb3 said

    Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 21:29:35 +0000 To:


  103. bebereader said

    I just loved your story about going to Cook’s concert just because of his AI connection to David. Glad you had your David A moment, after all!

    Did it come yet? LOL

    Roselyn (Thefictionfreak),
    You’re so talented!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  104. djafan said

    Hello all!!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA, to many funerals 😦

    I’ve so much enjoyed all the experiences of seeing and meeting David for the first time.

    I’ve shared the first time I saw him and I know most have heard my first vip story so I’ll share the highlights 🙂 I was second to last intentionally. I watched him interact with everyone and was just in awe of his graciousness. My turn, speech ready, walked towards him, his hand outstretched, my heart beating so fast, he took my hand as I put my other hand on my heart trying to keep my composure, he held on to my hand as I attempted to speak softly trying to hold back tears with my back to the photographer (had watched others do this, take note all for next time) I was having a hard time getting the words out and trying not to cry, he leaned in closer and I realized he was still holding on to my hand, firmly, l looked at him, his eyes looking right at me with such compassion, put my other hand on top of his and felt a calmness come over me. I spoke, he said awww thank you thank you and gave me a one armed hug, I turned faced the camera, picture time said thank you and walked away. Out of this world I tell you.

    MT, it’s not a Happy Birthday without David ♥


  105. Dayzee said

    Bebe, not yet. Maybe tomorrow.


  106. bebereader said

    i have one word for your first encounter with David………..THUD!

    Worldwide Trending Party Tonight!

    Keep @davidarchie relevant! Join the WWTT party tonight to celebrate double platinum for Crush! 9pm EST #CrushDoublePlatinum


  107. MT said

    Yep, better late than never. haha Thanks for the BD wishes!

    Thanks! *sigh* You and David put a great big smile on my face. 😀 Him singing that jazzy Happy Birthday is just beautiful.

    Welcome! And that portrait is wonderful! 🙂

    I am loving all the M&G stories. Please keep them coming!


  108. bebereader said

    We got #DoublePlatinumCrush to trend in the United States.
    This tweet from Kari:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour

    You Archie’s still got it!! Way to go! Love all the support from you all! Another top trend to tell @DavidArchie about. #CrushDoublePlatinum


  109. mlpb3 said

    From Twitter: Lisa #DA2014‏@txarchie

    “@geomakk: A little bird told me that David’s last Matt Clayton photoshoot was made for a spanish record” I JUST FAINTED!!!


  110. bluesky said

    Just hoppin’ by for a sec. life has been crazy!

    Oh – all you peeps are so amazing. I love how the love here just flows and flows. Thanks guys, for making me smile!



  111. tawna21 said

    Great post, bebe! Feels like a great big sleep-over with everybody telling their awesome stories, and the rest of us hugging pillows and hanging on to every word that is being said. 🙂 I love it! ♥ ♥ David memories… the best there are.

    Yay! for trending Crush!

    Double yay!! for the Forevermore expanded link.Off to place an order ——>>>

    Oh yeah… the sidebars? THUD!! Thanks Abrra 😉 (I hope this lady Sandy that’s headed your way treats you fairly)

    MT— will you take one more really late birthday wish? It sounds like it was a good one ♥



  112. Abrra said

    I am in Unplugged for a bit. I can’t listen to anymore Hurricane news. All welcome!



  113. Oooh thank you so much guys for the warm welcome! I can’t believe this.. Great to be one of you, here in The Voice! So nice to wake up in the morning seeing #CrushDoublePlatinum trended worldwide and seeing your warm welcomes. Good times!

    Abrra – thanks! Of course you can add the portrait to the sidebar gallery. It’s my pleasure! =) About how I got inspired to sketch David..hmm, that’s a long wonderful epic story. But I’d love to share it to you guys! Can I send it to the email one of these days? Thanks!

    Thanks again everyone! And oh, great post btw! =)


  114. Abrra said


    We’d be honored to feature your story. Please do a write up and send it to Angelica will be in touch after she receives it.



  115. Abrra – Sure! Thanks so much!


  116. Djafan said

    Not only did #CrushDoublePlatinum trend worldwide bit it made it to #1 WWTT for a while!!! Incredible!


  117. gladys1961 said

    sometimes I wonder how long I will continue my dream??


  118. Abrra said

    Every Saturday in Unplugged we all love to watch the Jakarta concert. David wears an open pink shirt that blows in the wind. Gladys and Steno are responsible for keeping the wind strong for the show 😉 Unfortunately, things have gone too far with that machine. haha!

    I have a request 😉


    Steno is flying out Sunday morning from Buffalo for a cruise in the Caribbean. Safe travels Steno!

    Abrra 517 days


  119. stenocruiser said

    Abrra — lol and jajaja — yes, things have become a bit uncontrolled with that wind — our apologies. I’ll leave it in the hands of Gladys to fix it — she seems to be the miracle worker.
    My granddaughter, her husband and their two kids flew out of Buffalo this morning and have arrived safely in Fort Lauderdale so God willing we’ll meet up with them on the ship tomorrow. Hallowe’en at sea — should be great fun!


  120. stenocruiser said

    Oh my, in the meantime, praying all goes well with those in the path of Sandy — keeping an eye on the news — stay safe everyone.


  121. Abrra said

    Good to hear that you left today, Steno! Have a blast! Glad you have company to enjoy the cruise with.



  122. stenocruiser said

    No, haven’t left yet — still packing. Fly out tomorrow morning 9:45. Hope to make it to chat tonight though and enjoy some more David. Take care everyone.


  123. emmegirl14 said

    Have been loving this *sparkly* thread – the glowing posts flanked by that luminous face.

    Oh Jakarta ~sigh~

    Thinking of all who may be impacted by Sandy. Be safe.


  124. dancer952 said

    I’ll definitely take another late BD wish. 🙂 Thanks!

    Abrra, Bebe, and anyone else in the path of that storm, I’ll be thinking of you guys. Be prepared and stay safe! I hope you all make out okay.


  125. MT said

    haha I keep loggin in to the wrong account. Sorry guys,

    Dancer952 is also me.


  126. mlpb3 said

    Will be thinking of everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy and will be praying for a safe next few days. God bless you all!

    Random: Here is a vid of the Making of A Little Too Not Over You:

    I feel it was the best MV he made, sad it didn’t get the response it deserved. Martha


  127. mlpb3 said

    A Fan Tribute to the song I Miss You by Yuna Ito, a Japanese/Korean-American singer populat in Japan:

    It is this fan’s first video. 🙂 Martha


  128. emmegirl14 said

    #109 – hope hope hope hope this is true and will see this in 2013.



  129. Waiting to see what Abrra has left of the storm to send our way. We get the remnants, sometimes much more even a hurrican of our own.

    Just call me “Beaches” for now…



  130. Abrra said


    All are welcome !



  131. mlpb3 said

    Dancing David:


  132. hey Voice peeps! Finally back on line again. Darn phone has been out.. No phone, no DSL connection, no nothin’!:( I was stranded.
    Finally got a real LIVE person to come out here and fix the problem! No small task anymore, getting a human to come out.
    Don’t they understand that a person with ODD cannot, absolutely c-a-n n-o-t be without access to a computer!? You Tube!?Unplugged??and that I felt homeless without The Voice? Gee, they need to get with it,or next time I’m dialing 911.
    (OK , now I feel better)

    ooh Bebe, and “Beaches” and Abrra, and everyone in the path of Sandy, be safe. will be thinking about you all,and watching as things unfold the next few days.

    See you guys later in Unplugged♥ :))


  133. Angelica said

    New post>>>>


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