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    jans11 on Happy 30th Birthdaaaayyyyyyyyy…
    Abrra on Happy 30th Birthdaaaayyyyyyyyy…
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Archive for October 12th, 2012

All Atwitter About David Archuleta

Posted by betsy on Friday, October 12, 2012

The other night I was going back through some old tweets. I came upon my entire livetweet of the Grand Rapids TOSOD show that I attended in early October, 2010. I didn’t realize I sent so many. I KNOW I have a twitter addiction, but this was ridiculous.

I know I already wrote a recap of this show a long time ago. But these are tweets that were written in the moment, most were written with David in front of me, singing and jumping and having a blast.

Right now, memories are what we have. So I thought I’d share mine.

The day started out cold and rainy. I couldn’t get out of working that Saturday. I DID leave work 2 hours early. Got home, changed, grabbed my camera, hopped in my car. Started backing out of the driveway and my car decided to die right there.

Fast forward to 2 hours later, I arrived in Grand Rapids driving my husband’s truck.  🙂

I found the area and the soundcheck was starting.

These are the tweets I sent. I am leaving in all of my errors. I was standing in a crowd of 20 thousand people.

This was the beginning of TOSOD. And ALL of these people got into it. Man, woman, child. Didn’t matter.

RT @betsyjane25: David!

RT @betsyjane25: Singing uno dos tres

RT @betsyjane25: Fs

RT @betsyjane25: Str

RT @betsyjane25: He sounds so good guys! His voice just rang out over the city:)

RT @betsyjane25: Aww he didn’t want to take up all the time “i’m good”

RT @betsyjane25: I thought people would leave after soundcheck but they know better:)

RT @betsyjane25: I see a little blue sky peeking thru:)

RT @betsyjane25: There must be 80 million people here slight exaggeration:) but it’s insanely crowded

RT @betsyjane25: The sun is coming out as it goes down-cool:)

RT @betsyjane25: Omg thf screams for david

RT @betsyjane25: Ten million times louder

RT @betsyjane25: Ryan starr singing-i like

RT @betsyjane25: Ryan starr sounds like a young neil diamond rocker

RT @betsyjane25: Hot chellie in 10 minutes

RT @betsyjane25: Where is the moshpit hospitality?

RT @betsyjane25: Aww some sweet girl just switched places with me<3

RT @betsyjane25: Faith restored

RT @betsyjane25: Last song:)

RT @betsyjane25: Lead singer has his lyrics tattood across his chest-shirt strategically torn

RT @betsyjane25: I see mikd

RT @betsyjane25: Just a few:)

RT @betsyjane25: Aww ben drummer taking pics of the crowd:)

RT @betsyjane25: Chantin “daviid”

RT @betsyjane25: Moshpit texting

RT @betsyjane25: Band is back!

RT @betsyjane25: 20 thousand jumping

RT @betsyjane25: Str

RT @betsyjane25: Hes getting hot i bet the scarf comes off

@ZachLeipham: The guitar player in David archuleta’s band just ripped a sick pinch harmonic in ballad-ish song.

RT @betsyjane25: Hes making the girls cry next to me (this was MKOP)

RT @betsyjane25: Crush omg the screams

RT @betsyjane25: Omg they wont let him leavd

RT @betsyjane25: I have never in my life heard this so much “omg i love him”

RT @betsyjane25 Now I have to remember where I parked.

🙂 🙂 Glad you’re home safe’n’sound! RT @betsyjane25: Just got home:) i heard stomping the roses in my hea the whole drive home

RT @betsyjane25: Oh I forgot – David was talking about Natasha and sang part of her song. 🙂 I love you I love you I love you

LOL RT @betsyjane25: #Latetweet #Ohwell #Missedtheboat #Everyoneprobablyknowsalready

RT @betsyjane25: Guys, the radio station taped the whole concert from the stage:)

RT @betsyjane25: With at least 2 cameras

@betsyjane25: I love that you Rt’d my tweets last night. Thanks 🙂 *crawls back into fetal position*

Video credit missCHIA

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