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    jans11 on Happy 30th Birthdaaaayyyyyyyyy…
    Abrra on Happy 30th Birthdaaaayyyyyyyyy…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Archive for October 2nd, 2012

Remembering Dakgal

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This willow angel is one of a collection that Dakgal loved very much and shared with Abrra as a gift.

Thank you all so very very much for your kind comments regarding our mother, Cherryl, known to most of you as dakgal. On behalf of us, her children, Scott, Bret, Tim and Lisa, you gave her more joy than you’ll ever comprehend. We enjoyed so much listening to her when she spoke of David and you, her on line friends–it just made her so damn happy!!! So again, from our entire family, thank you all and God bless each and everyone of you. Scott, Bret, Tim and Lisa

I received a phone call from Dakgal’s son to give me some very sad news.  Dakgal passed away yesterday morning at 6am from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).   He wanted to thank me for being her friend over the last few years. He said that her online friends at The Voice and Unplugged gave her much happiness, especially during her illness. I told her son how much  she loved David’s music and that she had requested an mp3 of this Ave Maria.

She always told me she wanted David to sing this song at her funeral. Her son said the family knew how much pleasure Dak got from listening to David and they will play Ave Maria ( from CFTH CD) at her service.  This is the son who accompanied her to the Sioux Falls Concert in 2009.


We are going to miss Dak dearly.  Her sense of humor and the way she expressed herself were so endearing.  I want to celebrate her time with us by sharing what she shared with us.


David Archuleta ~ Man of a Thousand Faces

Posted by dakgal on Sunday, July 29, 2012

It has been kept a deep dark, well-guarded secret that on December 28, 1990, Lupe Archuleta gave birth to dodecatuplets.

Consider if you will, this all too familiar refrain that was Marlie’s #51 comment on Angelica’s recent post, Cover Me.

“The photos – OMG – how many David’s are there?  The man of a thousand (gorgeous) faces.”

There is not ONE person in this world who can change in looks so much–in the snap of a camera.  Near as I can figure there are 11 identical and one fraternal (the one they used on the CFTH album and the new album BEGIN.)   How can one person go from the cuddly little boy look–to the boy next door look –to the hot smexy man look with a face dripping with emotion?  No one person can go from a tousled haired boy wearing the Dennis The Menace look in a striped T-shirt—looking like he just took his dog for a ride in the wagon, to a steamy, suave, sophisticated ( I’ll make your knees buckle) young man dressed in a tuxedo—probably in a matter of hours!!

Now I think I have identified four of them–David–Ricky–Archie and Josh.  Am keeping a keen eye out for the other eight.

This is only common sense–how else could he have kept up the rigorous schedule he has had at times–and the international travel-jet lag–without even a mini bag under one eye?  Always as fresh as a daisy.  Hah!

HEY!  I didn’t just get off the pickle boat—the banana boat maybe.  Some of the media even report him as being in two places at once–which adds fuel to my fire!!

I figure that there are two in Chile—-one at home perfecting the guitar playing (when this one comes out, be prepared for a grand-mal-spazz).  Elsewhere in the world, another is polishing up and learning new dance and swagger/strut moves and leg lifts –to be used at random–one is off writing songs—one is out scouting out restaurants–all this is impossible for one person to do.  Lord only knows what the rest are up to, but I’m sure we will find out in due time—there is a long ways to go yet.

I’m sure some people in Chile are suspicious too.  They are at a meeting or church talking with a rather shy, soft-spoken, humble young man—then he is called upon to sing—he leaves the room for a moment, to check his teeth for debris.  He comes back out confident and in charge of every minute—the piano starts playing and when he belts out the first few notes, they all suck in a collective gasp and as the norm—forget to exhale—but they are thinking “ THIS CAN’T BE THE SAME PERSON!”

Then there is the not so small matter of all those shoes and clothes David has amassed –very rarely is he seen wearing the same shoes or clothes twice.

So!!!  Where are they???

Divided by twelve—THAT’S where they are!!!

And! Who grows their hair that fast in one week? I could go on and on, but you might think I’m nuts.

Or AM I?

I happen to have a VERY RELIABLE SOURCE.

A Little Mouse Tale

Posted by dakgal on Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recent photo of David and I

Most people have forgotten about me, so I thought I’d introduce myself.

Hola!  My name is Viajero, which in English means “traveler”, and I have a tale to tell you.  I was born and raised in Honduras, but decided I wanted a more adventurous life, so one day I stowed away in the first suitcase that I thought was headed out of town.  Little did I know I would wind up in the U.S. of A.

When the suitcase was opened again, I learned I was in this kids’ bedroom and made a mad dash for a hiding place before I could be discovered, scrambled into a drawer, and set up housekeeping.  I gnawed on some papers to make myself a bed and found out that this kid loves to eat; food was no problem, so I was comfy enough.

It didn’t take long before I found out that the kids’ name is David and he loves to sing ALL the time.   I mean that’s all he ever does! (besides eat).  Well, this singing stuff started to rub off on me, so I decided to chime in and sing along.  I play a mean sax too.

We sang everything from church songs to Christmas songs, songs he made up, even sang along with the radio.  You name it we sang it.  He knew them all, well maybe not the Oscar Meyer wiener song, cause he doesn’t tell a lie.  haha!  He could never hear me though, because he has such a powerful voice.

One day the singing suddenly stopped and David seemed to be very somber a lot, passing the time by writing down words and musical notes.  It broke my heart.  Many, many times I just wanted to give him a big ‘ol mouse hug.  Soon, he started to make strange noises, pinching his cheeks with his fingers and making purring noises.  Like to have scared me to death the first time I heard it.  There were lots of A-E-I-O-U’s and la-la-las sung too, along with other strange noises.  Before long, he had this beautiful velvety voice, and we went back to singing non-stop.

Shortly after that, David packed his suitcase and backpack and didn’t come back.  I was so lonely and sad, what in the world had happened to him?

Now, this was very weird, the bedroom started filling up with boxes and boxes of letters and gifts.  I had a field day investigating all of this; I could stay out of the drawer for hours at a time.

Hallelujah, David came home one day and this is where my little abode was discovered, which was okay, because I had decided we would not be parted again.  I hid in his backpack, which was  very risky, but a good move because wherever HE goes, IT goes.

There are always plenty of snacks on board to keep my tummy full, i.e. trail mix, dried fruit.

And the occasional Cheeto. You can’t be good all the time.

Don’t worry I don’t ever leave him any “gifts” I am backpack and suitcase trained.  haha!  I hid behind anything that was handy, like an old flattened out milk carton or a pair of socks, that is, until I was joined by a guy named Totoro.   Hiding behind him was really cozy.  He didn’t talk much and when he did I couldn’t understand him or him me.  He left one day and never returned.  Go figure.

Turns out my David is a rising star in the world, so the rest of this tale is like a whirlwind.  I’ve been to the Philippines, Singapore, Koala Lumpur and the UK and crisscrossed the USA many times, doing concerts and book signings and appearances.  Never in my wildest dreams, did I think my adventure would turn out to be so thrilling.  At first I thought when the girls started screaming when they saw David it was because they had somehow caught sight of me.  WRONG!  They were just so excited to see and hear David, they just can’t help it!  We even went back to my home land once, but I didn’t stay because I’ve gotten so attached to David.

Lately we have been in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles a lot, where I have been lucky enough to be the literal mouse in the corner, and have heard all his new recordings and can’t wait until his new single and album come out and  we’re on the road again.  Look out world here we come!  Muy  emocionante!

Needless to say, I have been bitten by the “show biz” bug and am a pretty decent singer myself, thanks to David.  Without David’s knowledge, I have opened for him many a time (beneath the stage).    I do have some performing skills in my blood though as Topo Gigio, of TV fame, was a great great uncle on my Mom’s side.  Also the widely renowned actor of the big screen, Speedy Gonzales, is a very distant cousin.

After watching how David has grown in so many ways over these years, from a young boy to a fine young man. I know, first hand, what you see is what you get.  He always stays true to himself, is the best of the best and I love him like a brother.

Maybe one of these times, one of you will catch a glimpse of me—Go ahead and scream.

I’m very saddened by the loss of Dakgal, one of our David friends. I never had the pleasure of meeting her but her personality came through in her comments and in her banter with us in the chatroom. We spent many nights laughing with her. She was just so funny, had a great sense of humor and she always made us laugh. But equally as important, she was very wise and many times acted in a motherly way to us. I’ll never forget how she took the time to listen to me in chat when I needed to talk. She was the voice of reason and I will miss her so much.
~ Bebereader

I pulled a few of her comments through the years to remember her…

“Thank you for the lovely article. Put me in the thinking mode. You reminded me of this–when two people are having a conversation-there are actually six
people involved.

1. The person you think I am.
2. The person that I convey to you.
3. The person I really am.

and visa-versa

Wow! makes my brain hurt.
There is one person that can pull all six people together– David.
He is amazing in a thousand ways.
Love this family and would love to meet everyone of you.”

“Angelica–you little stinker–you did it again. Read your article earlier and all the responses–Once again I am at a loss for words!! I guess David and I are kind of alike in that way. I can’t always express myself in words ( as so many here can)–and I sure can’t sing–so I guess I’m stuck.

But I can say your article is wonderful and you are a beautiful writer!!

I love it here.;)

♪♪ ♥ These are words I want to say, every hour of every day– to say how good it feels to be here with you ( all) today ♪♪♥”

“As unusual I’m Tail End Charlie—after reading all the comments-I feel every adjective known to man has been used to describe this album and David’s  voice—so I’m stuck with all that’s left!


“Why is it after seeing hundreds of pictures of David–every new one that I see –seems like the first one I have ever laid eyes on?”

“Off topic—but a story:
When I called my phone company today, to find out about overseas rates–a young man with a nice voice answered and said ” Hi, This is David, how can I help you?…………….WELL,I about swallowed my tongue and my brain froze!!! I’m sure there was even a little audible gasp. It took me quite a few seconds to regain my wits enough to continue with the onversation………..For someone with one David on their mind all the time I was not expecting to hear that–threw me for a loop—–now how silly is that!!!

So Abs —is the booth open? I think I need to spend a quarter. 😉

Chapter two: My son , who lives in an apartment complex, was rudely awakened last night by the buildings fire alarm. Everybody in the building was out in the parking—–WELL — no fire—-It seems that when the LDS missionaries, who live there, came in the entrance door–one of their back pack straps had gotten caught on the fire alarm lever and set it off.  The poor guy was so embarrassed—but said ” Well , at least I’ll have something to tell Mom about.”

“Funniest thing I read on one of the sites ( not from a missionary blog) -a newspaper article —one of the girls at the MTC said –”David wears the tightest missionary pants.” LOL -but, we wouldn’t know anything about that. ;)”

“I have fallen down the rabbit hole of “Forevermore” and I can’t get up!  Does anybody else find themselves-at different times of the day–having random thoughts –like ” well, I suppose David is eating lunch now–or “well he’s in class now-”-wonder what he does between supper and bedtime?” Do they have movies?–play games?–study?– have some fun time?  Am I sick?  Done rambling. 😉 Carry on.”

“Had a thought this morning –that one week ago David’s thumbs had to give up tweeting and texting–COLD TURKEY!!! Seeing my grandkids with their cell phone and how they seem to be an extension of their arms, this could not have been easy!!! Bet he found his thumbs twitching a lot–I can picture him sleeping -with his thumbs moving. Haha”

“As I told the guys in chat last night I have been blessed with dreams of David where I am reading things that are written—no images –no people just words—Last nights installment ( what I can remember ) Someone was writing that David had come from behind to win a foot race against two other guys for the only spot left on the MTC flag football team. They mentioned –that he really knew how to pace himself. Haha How’s that for a weird dream. 😉 ”

“Between all the tears and the sucking in of my breath every time a new picture of David pops up, it’s a wonder I don’t have a permanent case of the hiccups.”

On Nandito Ako
“I, for one am still into NA—wish it could go on a while longer–David has done a bang up job. I personally am waiting for Uncle Stevil’s bow tie to fly off his shirt—-Cause I’m positive it’s the propeller off of his beanie cap! ;)”

“I bout jumped out of my skin when Josh laid that kiss on his Mom’s cheek EEEEP I know it was just Josh kissing his Mom–but he was using David’s lips”

“Did I hear Josh call the woman ” Auntie”?
Maybe she is doing this without the Mom’s knowledge–to surprise her! She must have caught sight of Uncle Steve ( who is a cross between Snidely Whiplash and Groucho Marx) somewhere and knows who Josh is……Personally , I’m waiting for the day Uncle Steve and Margarite ( who is a cross between the evil queen and some opera diva) and get SMACKED and banished from the kingdom—-oh–bring it on– I feel like pulling some hair myself!!! This is so entertaining..and I have several favs…David , of course, his road manager the guy—-don’t know his name–and the neighborhood hair dresser…..With basically NO training in acting David is hitting it out of the ballpark!!!!!”

“Because I’m the WHO-WHAT-WHY AND WHERE lady….I need help—- who is and where did the person come from all of the sudden… yelling to Josh about his Mom being alive..and looking for him….how does she know Josh is the son?…and I saw her give Josh half of a picture…where did he come up with the other half????…aaaand one half was of just the mother and the other half had Josh and his Dad–which half did he have???? Wouldn’t it make sense if he had a half a picture with he and his Mom? OH, the drama—- Half a watch and now half a picture—– My hair is getting grayer by the minute……. I feel like I’ve missed a whole episode. Can anyone splain this mess? Am I taking this too serious??? Do I need an intervention???”

“Top ‘O’ the evening to all you little Archuchauns—-I must have forgotten to pay my WordPress dues or somthin–wouldn’t let me post til I signed in–WELL–I never signed out!! So after jumping thru three hoops– several cartwheels-a somersault and a new password–it now likes me. 😉 Go figure.”

“WELL!!!!! I NEVER–in my life have seen a more photogenic human being–it’s to the point where it’s beyond words–it’s ridiculous!!!”

One of our voices has been silenced but we will always remember her wit and love for David and everyone here. God be with you, dearest Dakgal, till we meet again. May he hold you in the palm of his hand the way Viajero rests in David’s. May you always feel our love. You will be sorely missed.


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