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On the AI7 Tour With David Archuleta ~ Were You There?

Posted by bebereader on Friday, September 14, 2012

A good indicator of what’s on our minds and in our hearts reveals itself in the discussions held in The Voice Unplugged on Saturday nights. One of the topics that creates a lot of dialogue and squeeing is The American Idol Tour, Season 7. Yes, it’s been over four years and we’re still talking about it.

I’ll admit that sometimes, I’m the initiator of the discussion.  I’ll also admit to incessantly grilling anyone at the mere mention that they’ve been to the tour.  But there’s a reason for my madness.  After Season 7 was over and the right David was not declared the official winner, I panicked at the thought of never seeing him again. I didn’t get tickets for the Idol Tour; I had too many other obligations.  The result is that I am like a sponge; I want to hear every detail, big or small about the tour, about what I missed. I want to feel like l was there!  As for tour footage from Season 7,  I’m glued to my seat in Unplugged.  So, I’ve decided to put my questions out in cyberspace to those of you who were lucky enough to witness his greatness. Thanking you in advance for your comments.

Credit VWilliams1231

Credit livehead16

Credit bdsherlock

Credit livehead16

How did it feel to be in that audience?  How about that applause?  Sounds thunderous to me.  Did you like/love/hate the shiny suit?  Did David always come out before and after the show to greet fans and sign autographs?  Did you give him a gift?  What kind of gift?  Did any other idols get gifts?  Are there any special moments or stories you’d like to share?  What about VIP experiences?  Did you take pictures?  If you’d like to share them here, send them to and we’ll be glad to post them for you.

Depending on your responses, I promise to behave and never, hardly ever, grill anyone in chat about the Idol Tour again. Mostly.  LOL

70 Responses to “On the AI7 Tour With David Archuleta ~ Were You There?”

  1. bluesky said

    Ahhhhh, Bebereader……. I kinda love you.




  2. marlie7 said

    Rochester, NY – I sat way up high in the back. Not good seats. I remember sitting through the other performers, waiting, waiting, waiting for David. I felt strange at that time feeling so much love for a young singer who I had only seen on TV. Even then I knew I’d be following his career, watching for where his life took him. (Little did I know!) My heart jumped right out of my chest when they said, David Archuleta!

    I was mesmerized, wanted people to stop screaming (that is a constant theme, right?) so I could hear only him. He was small, but that big voice cut right through the Arena and soared to the rafters. Right up to me. It was over too soon. I wanted 20 more songs, I wanted him to sing everything he sang on AI. And then he was introducing David Cook and I thought, “Will I ever see him again?”

    We left then, didn’t even stay for Cook’s performance. I barely remember leaving the Arena or driving home. I didn’t know how his career would go, but I just knew that something wonderful would happen for David. I prayed that I’d get to see him again. And I did…I certainly did see him again. 🙂


  3. marlie7 said

    Rochester, NY – July 28, 2008 – Stand By Me


  4. MT said

    I love this!! I hope you get ALL of your questions answered. Because, I wasn’t there either. 😦 (not gonna even talk about why or I might hurt my hubby LOL) And I am with you, Bebe, I love your 3rd degree of anyone who’s been there cuz I have soooo many questions.

    1. About that thunderous applause … you can plainly hear how loud it was on videos. My questions is, was it thunderous like that for all of them or just David? Did the audience erupt in screams like that for all of the idols?

    2. And I want someone to tell me, IN DETAIL, how heart-melting it was to sit in the audience while he sang WYSYLM. *sigh* Ahhh to have been there …


  5. marlie7 said

    MT: David Cook got thunderous applause, too. The rest…not so much.


  6. goldenjane said

    OMG!!!! What beautiful memories. First there will never be an AI like that year. I couldn’t believe David was real after watching him on TV, so I just had to go see for myself. I bought tickets for my whole family and off we went to Las Vagas .When he came out of that floor singing Angels I thought I had died and went to heaven. Mesmerized!!!! DAVID WAS REAL!!!! The tiny little guy with that gorgeous voice. I started to cry. I couldn’t hold back the tears and my grandson who was standing next to me asked if I was okay. I told him that was the most beautiful song that I had ever heard, by the most beautiful singer ever. What a beautiful feeling. I really like Stand by Me, also. The cute little dance that he did was amazing. The shiny suit was crazy though. I still think they could of put him in something more like a teenager his age. The last song WYSYLM was out of this world. I will never, never forget that night, EVER. I have meet some great friends at Davids concerts and for this I THANK David. He is an amazing young man and I have to say I miss him and his concerts. God Bless him. #DA2014


  7. Angelica said


    welcome flashing Pictures, Images and Photos to The Voice!


  8. I was talking to our minister yesterday in a casual conversation and I mentioned David like I have before. He asked me where I first saw him and I said during the AI tour in…TORONTO…where we were completely mismerized to the point of being motionless. I talked about the album and so tomorrow I give away my personal copy of BEGIN right at the door as we shake hands. He is looking forward to the album. I am going to do a write up a little bit about the album and include the latest from APPLE! So on to for some more copies.



  9. goldenjane said

    Thank You, Angelica ….I read your site all the time. Love it.


  10. ohhh Bebe, great subject and great questions! Every time we watch Idol Tour videos in Unplugged I just want to kick myself for missing out on that tour :(. Kick! kick! kick!!) I never tire of watching these videos♥ thank goodness that tour was videoed by so many!!
    For those who did get to go,is there anyone who went to opening night of the tour, and were you blown away by his performances?? :)))


  11. MT said

    5. Marlie,
    I had a feeling that might be the case. Thanks for answering. 🙂

    11. Sky,
    Re: Opening night. I would love to have seen David’s reaction to the crowd on that first night. He must have been blown away by the reception he received.

    Welcome! And … “DAVID WAS REAL!!!!” << Sometimes that's still hard to believe. haha


  12. cq#DA2014 said

    Wow thank you Angelica for the great (going down memory lane) post. Haven’t be to a David concert yet, hoping that someday I will be able to experience that joy.


  13. Djafan said

    bebe, I was so pleasantly surprised when I learned of this article. I’ve been right alongside you wondering the same things. I had been watching AI like clock work since season 1 (I haven’t watched since season 7). I had never considered going to AI tour concert, never had any interest. But after David I think I was in such an ODD haze that it slipped my mind that I could go see him. So I’ve watched thousands of AI videos listening to the reaction of the audience. 100’s with bebe synchronizing youtubes and watching together. So I love hearing the experiences of those that did attend. Please keep sharing!!!

    This is one of my fav of AI tour. To have witnessed this sigh.


  14. Angelica said

    Cq, thanks! But this is not mine, but Bebe’s post. Hope you get to see David in concert soon after his return as well as others who haven’t yet. 🙂

    Going out to dinner with husband now. Be back later to tell of how it was for me at the AI tour and for the first time, meeting David and experiencing him live in concert after months of seeing him every week on my TV. :-O


  15. emmegirl14 said

    Great topic bebe!

    I had only watched AI a handful of times the previous 6 seasons – when I saw an AI commercial of this kid auditioning with this mature, soulful voice. I had to check him out. After the Top 24 Shop Around performance I turned to my sister and said, “this kid is the best of the bunch, by far.”

    Drove 8 hours to see him the second night in SLC, crowd was crazy loud. When he rose up onto that stage I was shaking so bad I couldn’t keep my camera in focus. And then he started singing Angels, his voice filled the arena with a resonance I had never heard before or since. I couldn’t believe that came out of someone so small. He was brilliant and mesmerizing and over in the blink of an eye. I had barely begun to wrap my head around it all and he was introducing Cook. During Cook’s performance I just sat in my seat trying to remember every second, every note, every move of David’s performance. I knew then I would be a fan for life.

    I always felt the baggy, shiny, lounge suit was a desperate attempt by producers to try and keep the fangirling in check as much as possible – they couldn’t control the handsomeness, the voice, the charm, the way he looked when he sang – but they could control the wardrobe. It was tough enough as it was trying to keep the winner’s performance from being anticlimactic.


  16. MT said

    I love the videos of WYSYLM from Salt Lake. I must have watched a 100 of them and seen it from every conceivable angle. “Look what you made me do!” There’s not a fan around that doesn’t instantly know where that phrase comes from. Such a touching moment in David history.

    I hope you and I BOTH get to see him when he gets back. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for us. I have my piggy bank on standby. Notice has been given that it will be emptied when David returns. 😀 I am ready!!


  17. Martha said

    I was blessed to see David sing WYSYLM for the first time in Glendale, AZ, the opening night of the Idol Tour Season 7. He was awesome! That night the aplause whas noticeably louder for David A., with Cook second. He tried to introduce Cook, and you could hardly hear because the audience was still screaming for him. Four years ago, wow!


  18. mlpb3 said

    Singing Angels the first night of the Tour. No one knew at that time about the piano coming out from the flour. Everyone went nuts! There was alot of smoke, I think they adjusted it for subsequent nights, afterall, it was the first time! It didn’t affect his great singing!


  19. 17. Martha, oooh so Glendale was the first show, I couldn’t remember! Thanks♥ I can’t imagine what it was like to see him come out and perform that song in person. I am glad he saved the best for last.”always leave them wanting more” they say.And he sure does that!Although his entrance with Angels was completely amazing, I think he showed his heart more on WYSYLM
    Hearing that the applause after was louder for DA than Cook,makes me happy!

    ( I am still one of those ‘skeptics” of the vote count for Cook, being that much more than for our David. I just don’t believe those numbers, but I digress.) sigh

    Emme♥ re: the suit, I wouldn’t doubt it.They had to know that once he opened his mouth to sing, there would be no doubt who was the best looking, best singer, best Idol of the whole bunch♥♥♥

    MT, SLC WYSYLM was a beautiful moment in David history.Sweetest thing ever.


  20. skydancer1x said

    18. Thanks MLpb3 !
    haha wondered about that smoke
    wasn’t there one time, that the smoke thingy didn’t work at all? was that in.. Vegas?

    by the way love those pics in the article♥


  21. betsy said

    I never went to any of the Idol Tour shows, but I have great memories of it all the same. 🙂
    Most notably, recaps from Glendale, Salt Lake and Tulsa.
    Four years later, these details are still fresh in my mind. David being told by a fan that his tour color was white (he was unaware of this), WYSYLM in Salt Lake (no words) and amazing Tulsa, where he sang Angels and almost levitated himself off the piano stool. Where fans gave other fans tickets. Where someone made him homemade nutter butters.
    Oh, and remember when he climbed a fence in Grand Rapids? A wall somewhere in the NorthWest? (Portland?) Cooed to a baby in SF’s video?
    So glad these recaps were written and videos were recorded. SO glad. 🙂


  22. djafan said

    Marlie, I love that video. What a treat to go from SBM to WYSYLM with the inbetween chatter.

    MT, Look what he makes us do 🙂 Here we are 4 years later still mesmerized.

    Sky, I agree about the count, no way.

    Emmegirl, I couldn’t understand why the suit, but it makes sense that they somehow needed to downplay his looks because I’m sure they couldn’t ask him to tone done the singing. From the reactions on all these videos they failed 🙂

    Martha, a blessing indeed. I did notice that almost at all the concerts you could barely hear Cooks introduction.

    Mlpb3, The screams! I was so surprised that they gave him such an epic entrance singing an all time favorite.

    Going in the the AI vortex.


  23. Abrra said

    Bebe, I love talking about the tour!

    I went to see the AI7 Live Tour the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI in September 7, 2008. Lots of anticipation because I had a few months after AI7 ended to follow what was happening in other cities along the tour. I was stoked and pumped by the time they came to town.

    My grandson was 10 at the time. He had watched the show with me but was more of a Cook fan. I think it was the guitar. 🙂 I had printed some pictures of David and put them in a folder to bring with us. We got dropped off behind the venue to wait for the idols to come out of the tour buses. We got a chance to see most of them. Some were doing press interviews and didn’t make it. Brooke, Kristi-Lee and Jason came by first. Then Michael Johns and Carly. My grandson had a prime location for getting autographs as he sat upon a concrete barrier/wall. There were about 500 fans behind the barrier in the hot sun for 2 hours. Those around us were Cook fans mostly.

    After an hour or so, We heard a wave of loud screams coming from the left end of the crowd. I leaned over to try to see what the attraction was but all I saw were out stretched arms and hands of fans as they leaned over the wall. Screams again! This time I looked and OMGosh what a sight! It was David in a black graphic tee. His jet black hair that gave contrast to his fair, flawless skin was nothing short of stunning!

    Who can forget this?

    He made his way to where we were standing after about an hour, but the wait was so worth it. I was able to say hi and get 2 of my pictures signed. And then he was gone! Cook came by soon after. The crowds were there for the Davids because they were the ones who got screams the whole time.

    The concert was fantastic. I liked all the contestants on the show, so I was happy to watch them all perform. Knowing that David was on near the end made it all the more exciting!

    During the intermission there was a Guitar Hero ad/video with all the idols dressed in 70’s outfits and wigs. Here is a short video taken by a fan. listen closely at the beginning. She is a DA fan 🙂 Every time David came on the screen, even for a nano second, the place exploded with screams.

    When Syesha barely finished her last song, the crowd started to scream for David. She tried to introduce him but her words were lost in the noise! The big screens had spinning graphics. Then his name and face came up and the roar was deafening. I could hear him as he began to sing Angels. I could not see him yet because of the ‘smoke’ effect they used as he rose from the floor. It was the most elaborate entrance I has seen in a long time. Watching him walk up the steps in the semi darkness and get ready to sing Apologize was so exciting. There he was in real life, so small compared to his larger image on the big screen behind him. I almost didn’t know where I wanted to look. It was all good 🙂 Then he came down the staircase slowly as he sang the rest of his song. Next was Stand By Me. David di a cute, awkward dance in the middle of the song. It was so much fun! Listen to the crowd! They are slayed 🙂

    Finally he sang When You Say you Love Me. This video isn’t the best quality, but look at his stance 😉 and his voice was in a lower register. At the very end he ads a nice beautiful run.

    After Cook sang, there was one last group number Please Don’t Stop The Music. I liked that so much. Cook and MJ had a tradition of pulling some kind of stunt in the middle of the performance at every city. This time they opened soft drink cans and toasted each other. Ho hum 🙂 The biggest surprise was David’s outfit. I didn’t mind the baggy suit, but I like this out fit much better. He had the white shirt tucked in, black pants with a silver-glittery belt and dress shoes.( I can hear Angelica flopping to the floor now. ) Cook got into the habit of wearing David’s suit jacket for this group song. The 2 David’s did a bow out in front of all the others. The crowd loved it! They finished the song by walking to the top of the stage and leaving from the sides. As I watched David go, I wondered if I would ever see him again.

    The rest is history 🙂

    Abrra 559 days


  24. mlpb3 said

    skydancer and djafan – Yes, being there for the first time he sang these songs was memorable. For the first time, he was so seasoned; the audience loved him so! Thanks for allowing me to remember this wonderful time; my daughter had to talk me into going. I wanted to but had never traveled for a concert. We stayed in the hotel right next to the arena with the buses right outside. We both weren’t experienced enough to go meet them by the bus, we’ve since learned what you need to do!

    By the way, I am Martha also ; I signed in at 2 different times. Sorry.

    Another vid from Glendale, “Apologize”, like he had done it a million times!


  25. djafan said

    David Cute Archuleta is trending #7 in Indonesia right now.

    TT PARTY AT 7PM UTAH TIME!!! Latin Archies Love BEGIN

    Martha, hello to you twice :)!


  26. Abrra said




  27. Angelica said


    You mean this outfit? PhotobucketPhotobucketthud Pictures, Images and Photos


  28. Abrra said

    Angelica, Yes! I saw it live 🙂

    Another view of SLC WYSYLM. You can see him stop singing at 3:45 and he gets overcome with emotion from all the fan love 🙂

    Abrra the spammer


  29. betsy said

    I want to see the picture of Cook kneeling and David pretend kicking him. It never gets old. 😉
    Abs, I now remember your show. 😉 Wasn’t there a girl who made a video of her hug with David set to Jason Mraz music? Right outside the Dunkin Donuts? Was that even your show? Am I making this all up? Why am I sounding like As The World Turns. 🙂
    BRB, must find.


  30. Abrra said

    i know the video, but not sure it was in Providence. Our chance to meet them was in the back of the venue. I think that one had windows and glass doors in the background as you would see at the entrance.



  31. bebereader said

    Thank you all, for your comments and trip down memory lane. It’s all coming back to me now. I didn’t have ODD yet that summer; it was incubating but not full blown. I remember thinking, if he doesn’t win, I’m not getting tickets to the Tour! It makes no sense at all to me now. Sheesh and Double Duhhh!

    Right back at ya! ♥♥♥

    You brought us back with you to Rochester, NY in July of ’08.

    “He was small, but that big voice cut right through the Arena and soared to the rafters. Right up to me.”

    Thank you; that was just what I needed!

    Hope your questions are answered too! I think our questions overlap so that’s good!

    Welcome to The Voice! Loved your comment! I can understand why you started to cry when you saw David coming up from the floor, in a haze of smoke, singing Angels. I think I would have done the same. To finally see the person you rooted for all those months must have been so overwhelming.

    “…mesmerized to the point of being motionless” <<<< WOW!
    I remember one night about a year ago when I asked you all sorts of questions about the Idol Tour. You were so generous with your time and attention to details. Thank you!

    You and me both! Kick kick kick! LOL
    I totally agree with you about the count. I DEMAND A RECOUNT! As if! LOL

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you can get to a show when David returns in 2014.

    What a blast we have, watching tour videos together, over the phone! Who woulda thunk it? LOL

    Come back soon to tell your story. LOL


    You drove 8 hours to see him in SLC?!

    "When he rose up onto that stage I was shaking so bad I couldn’t keep my camera in focus. And then he started singing Angels, his voice filled the arena with a resonance I had never heard before or since. I couldn’t believe that came out of someone so small. He was brilliant and mesmerizing and over in the blink of an eye." <<< Loved that!

    I didn't mind the suit too much. He seemed to be the most dressed up of all the idols. But I agree, it didn't fit him right and wasn't youthful.

    Thank you for the video from opening night! You were so lucky to be at that show! Interesting that the applause was louder for our David on opening night.

    You're right! So glad recaps were written so all the details could be documented as part of David's Idol history.

    Found some AI7 Tour pics online:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  32. mlpb3 said

    Bebereader – Those are great pics! He made that shiny, baggy suit look good! He’s such a good sport!


  33. bebereader said

    You’re such a hoot! I just read every single word of your comment and then I read it over again. Thanks for addressing the topic of the crowd outside, waiting for the idols, and for the videos.

    You mentioned how elaborate David’s grand entrance was, coming up from the floor in a haze. What was Cook’s grand entrance like?

    Details…it’s all in the details and you delivered!!

    “Cook got into the habit of wearing David’s suit jacket for this group song. The 2 David’s did a bow out in front of all the others. The crowd loved it! They finished the song by walking to the top of the stage and leaving from the sides…” <<< I did not know this. Thank you!

    More pics!
    Credit goes to VWilliams for all pics. She also took the video of "WYSYLM" from my article.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  34. Hi all,
    Checking in from my roadtrip,
    Bebe, love your curiousities , I obviously was not there hehe but wanna know every details of it.
    Will try to check in again if internet connection allow;-), have a good weekend all.


  35. bebereader said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hope you can make it to chat. I’m on my way there now!


  36. Hi TheVoice peeps!

    Been trying to get into chat – the page won;t load 😦


  37. jackryan4da said

    Still can’t go into chat 😦

    Anw, what I’d like to say is that obviously I never made it to the Idol Tour. I was just so thankful for all the international fans posting videos after videos.

    So amazing to remember, how just through a small screen I would cry watching him sing WYSYLM. I think that song was the formal establishment of his relationship with us fans, as he lyrically acknowledged our admiration and love for him. And at that time, all i wanted was to be one of you guys in that arena and to be able to thank him even from the pre- or post-concert line of fans outside the arena.

    Little did I know that the future would bring more than what my heart desired 🙂


  38. kaycee said

    Ahh…fun post…awesome memories!! I’ve loved reading about everyone’s AI7 tour experiences. I live in between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City and unexpectedly ended up attending both concerts. Las Vegas was the planned concert. I went with my mother, my sister, my 3 daughters, and my 2 nieces. What an electric night seeing him live for the first time! The crowd was very loud and supportive and the anticipation built like crazy. Like someone said earlier, David’s performance seemed like it was over in a blink of an eye! Angels was amazing and breathtaking, Stand By Me was so strong and it was fun to see him walk from one side of the stage to the other reaching out to touch hands, Apologize had some surprising subtle swagger…coming down those stairs (not to mention the hunker downs), and WYSYLM just soared. The applause was crazy! We headed out to see about getting autographs afterwards and couldn’t believe our luck to find ourselves at the head of the line. David came out all smiles and headed right to us. The archusmile seemed to leave everyone in our group unable to verbalize a single syllable…and this was a very talkative bunch of teenagers! He very comfortably asked where we were from and put everyone at ease, chatted very sweetly while signing autographs and posing for a photo, and then moved on down the very long line. It seemed like we were all in a daze on the long drive home…with big silly grins on our faces.

    Well, a few weeks later, some 5th row floor tickets came up for sale about 2 days before the Salt Lake City concert. I knew I shouldn’t, but come on, 5th row!…and in his hometown! My 2 daughters and I headed up…and what an amazing concert…and so awesome to see him so close up!! The crowd was absolutely deafening with their love for David. He looked so happy and so “at home” on that stage and his vocals were crazy! One of my favorite moments was when my daughter was able to move up to the edge of the stage just before the final group number, and as he came down the stairs, he smiled a huge smile and waved at her. I thought she was going to pass out!

    I knew after those concerts that I would be a fan for life! What I had felt while watching him on AI was amplified ten fold seeing him in person!


  39. marlie7 said

    JR – Try Chrome and update your Flash. I had that problem about a week ago. Turn off some of your browser addons temporarily, also. I miss seeing you there!


  40. fenfan said

    I didn’t go to any of the tour concerts but I searched youtube every day for videos and watched every version of the songs he sang that I could find. I also watched a whole lot of videos of the lines by the buses and the meet and greets at the after parties.
    I seem to remember there was one night when he turned up on stage without that shiny jacket. Does anyone remember where and why?


  41. Abrra said


    It was Sunrise, Fla . As for the why? I think the jacket was either misplaced or was not back from being cleaned in time for the performance. One would think they’d have 2 outfits for each costume change. But then that costs $$ right? 😉

    What Marlie said. I think the current Adobe flash update 11.4 xxx should fix your problem.

    Don’t for get to UNCHECK the box for that McAfee software before starting your download.

    Abrra 558 days


  42. annmargaret said

    I saw the tour at Staples Center in LA. I chose to see it for my husband’s and my anniversary. I never had the desire to see previous Idol concerts but this was DAVID!! Our seats were on the floor about 20 rows back from the stage. Before the show began a guy who I think was a DJ was talking to the crowd and was using a giant sling shot to send t shirts out to the crowd. Lo and behold, one hit me squarely in the chest! Sitting in front of us was a little girl of about 10. She had a smallish poster of David and her mom said they came to see David. I decided she would enjoy the t shirt more than I would so I gave it to her. When David came out, like all of you have said it was electric. The roar was so loud his voice couldn’t be heard initially. I felt like I didn’t want to blink so as not to miss anything. His pure, strong beautiful voice was so worth sitting through the previous 8 singers. As David was singing, the little girl in front of us stood up on her chair and held her poster of David up the entire time. So cute! David’s three songs were over so quickly. I knew I just had to see him again. I am a fan for life and following his career has been so much fun.

    dja & Sky, I have always been a sorehead about the ridiculous voting outcome too.


  43. bebereader said

    Sorry we missed you in chat!! With Abs’ and Marlie’s suggestions, hope it works nexttime but try us a little earlier as the room emptied out at the time of your first comment. Good point about WYSYLM being the first time David formally acknowledged our love and admiration for him.

    “When you say you love me.
    Do you know how I love you?” ♥

    So many details; thank you!

    “The crowd was very loud and supportive and the anticipation built like crazy.”

    “Stand By Me was so strong and it was fun to see him walk from one side of the stage to the other reaching out to touch hands…”

    “The crowd was absolutely deafening with their love for David.”

    “One of my favorite moments was when my daughter was able to move up to the edge of the stage just before the final group number, and as he came down the stairs, he smiled a huge smile and waved at her.”

    Thank goodness for those YouTube videos of David meeting fans before and after the tour show. Just when I think I’ve seen them all I come across another that I missed.


    “The roar was so loud his voice couldn’t be heard initially. I felt like I didn’t want to blink so as not to miss anything. His pure, strong beautiful voice was so worth sitting through the previous 8 singers.”

    Your description was so real! Thank you for taking us there!!


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  44. Angelica said

    Thanks for sharing such descriptive experiences everyone. Love reading every one of them! It was such a special time for the fans to finally connect with David in person after seeing him in their living room every week.

    I left chat abruptly last night to come here and leave a comment about my own experiences of AI tour, since I had said I would do that after dinner. I wrote a very long post and idk what happened, hit the wrong key or something and, voila! Gone! Too tired to start over but returned to chat to say goodnight properly to everyone and voila! Gone! haha. So double fail.

    Anyway I won’t go so into so much detail this time. I remember thinking after finale night that that was the end, it would all be over now and life would return to normal. I had only watched AI the year before and liked Jordin but never even considered going to tour or following her career. But then I never started blogging until I saw David and had to read and talk about him with others. So when tour was announced and there was a show only 4 hours away<<<lol, I knew I had to find out if he was real and what that voice would sound like live. Naturally, I made plans to meet up with and drive to Bossier City, La. with a woman I had only known online. It was the first of many concerts we would attend together to see David and the start of a wonderful friendship. We have had lunch together every month in all the years since, just to talk to the one person in our offline lives who understands what it's like to have ODD.

    So we get to the venue and there are people waiting at barricades by the parking lot to get autographs. The tour bus finally hoves into view and slowly comes to a stop about 50 yards away. I feel panicky all of a sudden that I am going to meet him for the first time and I have no idea why that scares me so much. Did I think the reality would not measure up to the ideal in my mind? Not sure what it was but it didn't happen. In a little while he comes walking toward us wearing blue t-shirt and jeans and a huge smile. It was Mardi Gras time in Louisiana, so we were all to put beads around his neck when he came to us. I forgot to put my beads around his neck, I forgot to get his autograph. I remembered to say to him, "David I love you, you're a genius." He was on voice rest and couldn't speak but he smiled at me and mouthed, "Thank you." At the end of the line I got my autograph by asking my companion's 11 year old daughter to get it for me. I didn't want to seem like I was double dipping on the greeting line. I looked up after I put my autograph away in my purse and there he stood. In some surreal warp of time and space, everyone else had gone. This is the pic I took of him when I got my mind to function enough to remember I had a camera in my hand.


    I never did remember to give him my beads. That night at the concert, we were in such a high state of anticipation. I remember just wishing everyone would hurry up with their performances and actually trying to mind-will Syesha to get done already and get off so he could come on. Not nice, I know, but that’s how I felt. Then at last her set was over and the stage was bare. People were chanting David, David! and then the smoke appeared and the place went wild. Like others, have said, you could see him rise up through the smoke but not hear him for all the applause and cheers and whistles. David’s set was the most well-staged, from the piano coming up from the floor to the stairs he walked slowly up to sing apologize with the big video of himself at the top. All the other contestants just seemed to stand or sit through their sets with little production at all, including Cook. David’s set was amazing and riveting, right down to the flowing, sparkly suit and red watch and shoes. He was adorable and like nothing you had ever seen on stage. He possessed it and everyone there. Well that’s it. I didn’t mean to go so long again. I went to the final show on the tour as well, in Tulsa. I just wanted to be there, because I figured again, you know, that would be the end….



  45. Mari said

    Was I there? Was I there!!!! you bet. I live in CT and so, Archie obsessed, my first Idols concert was Hartford. My seats were way down close up up on the side. I could see David backstage getting ready. Everyone else was horsing around but he was bustling here and there before he went on. All business. He walked over to us during Stand By Me and it made my night. My companions began to realize I was a little over the top about him.
    Next I flew to Minneapolis where I conned my sister into thinking I was coming to visit her and Oh, by the way lets go see the Idols. Seats were fairly far back and David wasn’t in his best voice. I suspected he had a bad cold. He was still worth the trip.
    Realizing they were coming close to my home town I went online and bought a single ticket (totally new experience for me.) The weather went south and a hurricane was coming. Undaunted I drove alone to the concert, braved the torrents and went in to find my single seat was about 8 feet from where David’s piano would rise out of the stage. I cannot tell you how magical that evening was. To be up that close sealed my fate in that every David concert I have attended since (in large part to DJBell who always manages to get us close up seats or stands in line for hours with me) has been very near the stage and incredibly worth whatever it took to be there. Those Idols concerts were the beginning of an intense love affair of hearing David perform live. The moment I hear he’s back and due to perform somewhere I’ll be making plans.


  46. Angelica said


    Thanks for sharing and tell djbell, Angelica says hey! ♥


  47. betsy said

    I am loving every one of these stories. 🙂
    Mari, (river, right?) lol I am still laughing over this:
    “Next I flew to Minneapolis where I conned my sister into thinking I was coming to visit her and Oh, by the way lets go see the Idols”
    So subtle, lololol.
    Gosh, the friendships that have been made. It warms my heart. ♥

    I have a cute little story to tell. This just happened on my way home from work tonight (like 20 minutes ago)
    I was inside a gas station and the cashier saw my wallpaper on my phone. “Who is that” she said.
    I told her ummm it’s David Archuleta. I took this picture of him last December.
    “Oh I know WHO HE IS, My AUNT LOVES HIM!!! He’s such an amazing singer, especially since he was born deaf. Glad he can hear now. You know, other musical geniuses were born deaf, just look at Beethoven”
    I corrected the misconception, the vocal paralysis etc., and said “You weren’t wrong about the genius part” :)))
    Boy, I’ve never heard that one before.


  48. Angelica said

    River? Well, I thought I recognized the Corgi. 🙂


  49. jans11 said

    I wasn’t able to go to chat last night and probably won’t next Sat. as I will be out of town. August and Sept. has been such a whirlwind for me. Makes the time go by faster though!

    Welcome to the newcomers!♥

    Betsy, I’ve never heard that story before! Deaf? Wonder who started that? Glad you clued her in about the misconception! Musical genius! She was sure right on about that!

    Yes, I was at the AI concert! After AI went off, I got on the computer and typed David Archuleta in to see if I could find out anything! That’s how dumb I was! A whole new world opened up for me…Youtube, itunes…fan sites..oh wow, I was in heaven! When they announced the date when the AI concert was going to be here, my daughter got on and ordered 3…one for me, her and her daughter!. The meet and greet was in the afternoon, and we live about 10 min. from Sprint Center, but some unforseen things came up and we were late getting over there and I was afraid that we missed him. I heard Crush on the radio going over tho, so I thought that was a good sign that we would see him! We started walking down the line of people and my daughter yelled there he is…..and there he was all right! Had this glow about him that was just electric! My daughter ask him if it was all right if she took “some pictures of you with my mom” and he just grinned and said “sure”. He was autographing 2 pictures for me and I was gabbing 90 miles a min! He said “oh you have 2 pictures” and I told him yes. I told him that I heard Crush on the radio on the way over, so I knew it was an omen that I would get to meet him. He would just grin and say “oh, that’s cool” or “really”! Just a sweetheart. There were 2 other girls there too with their mom and they were letting me in line, so I was nervous because I didn’t want them to think I was trying to crowd. Going back home, Crush was on again! We had to pick up my grandaughter after school. Going back over for the concert, Crush was on again! Couldn’t believe it! I have my pictures, but I don’t know how to put them on here because I lost all my pictures a few months ago when this thing crashed. I have the actual photos in an album. My avatar picture here is one of them.
    The others in the concert were ok, but I couldn’t wait to see David! We had nosebleed seats, but I didn’t care…just to see him sing in person! He did not disappoint us at all! There he was in all his glory coming up out of the stage in the blue smoke singing one of my favorite songs, Angels! That song had help me get through the loss of my husband right ofter AI went off. That’s why I got so obcessed in David and what a ride I have been on!
    David Cook was trying to copy David from the SLC WYSYLM. He was trying to get the audience to do the same thing for him and it didn’t work. It was so fake, my daughter likes him and she said it was so fake looking. I told her what he was trying to do because she hadn’t seen the SLC video.
    On the way home, we heard Crush again! 4 times that day and it was something that I won’t ever forget. But I never did think I would see him as many times as I have since then. I went to OKC to see him and was right in the front. Got to talk with him again at Sprint VIP. He is just so nice and down to earth. Went to Wichita, Ks, flew to AZ, flew to SLC twice, everytime meeting the greatest of fans!
    By the way, isn’t today the anniversary of the Constitution Fair in AZ? The “it’s not a David Archuleta concert”! haha


  50. you guys keep sucking me into the vortex!!
    Am loving these videos soooo much and the recaps are fantastic, all of them. I am really feeling what it was like to be there four years ago more than ever before with all the details you are all writing about.

    Betsy! well yes, that’s a new one! from a paralyzed vocal chord, to being born deaf. Glad you cleared that up for her. Cute story. Thinking COS would be a great Christmas gift for her to give her Auntie 🙂

    All these fabulous pictures of David are beautiful♥
    Angelica, thatgreatl pic you snapped of David wearing the beads, just makes me want to pinch those sweet cheeks on his smiley face! (i know, I know, but I can’t help it!!) just the cutest picture ever.

    I never understood why those in charge chose this suit… (truthfully,I used to think all it needed, was a pin-on squirting lapel flower, to complete the ensemble.) seeing it closer up in these pictures is different.
    The “shiny suit” is beginning to grow on me.♥


  51. fenfan said

    The shiny suit would have been not half bad if its pants were like the ones he wore with the shirt and vest on the MKOC tour and its jacket was shorter and smaller and he wore a t-shirt like Mr Confidence did. OMG I think I need to go look at that video again. LOL.


  52. bebereader said

    Loving Kari’s tweets this morning!


    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

    You know why David called the album BEGIN. but do you know why he decided to have it all in capital letters with a period at the end? (KS)


    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

    Loved all your thoughts & cannot wait to share with David. There is no real reason. It was really just the meaning for him. BEGIN. (KS)


    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

    Here you see he wrote it a few times to see what he liked better. What do you think? Would you have picked BEGIN.? (KS)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  53. djafan said

    Jans11, why did I not GOOOOOO????!!!!! I’ve been living AI tour through videos and others accounts of their experiences, I so appreciate all your stories 🙂

    Bebe thank you for this article, it’s filling the void of not having been there.

    BEGIN. I would just love to sit and chat with this young man. What could he have been thinking while writing? What made him decide? Why would he even add a period? Why all capitals? He is so unique and interesting.

    It was today a year ago that I attended the not a David Archuleta concert. I should drop Barbara a note see how things went this year 🙂

    Here are a couple of videos I took.

    ( Ignore the ringing phone lol)

    credit hannedenmark


  54. jans11 said

    Fenfan, love your analysis on that shiny suit!♥

    DJA, at least you came to your senses and look what you’re getting! whoo hoo!


  55. jans11 said

    Forgot to add that I like what he chose….BEGIN.

    Off to work, ttyl!


  56. bebereader said

    Thank you all…{{{{so much}}}} for taking the time to write such lengthly comments with so much detail. Like Skye said, I’m beginning to feel like I was there right beside you!

    “David’s set was the most well-staged, from the piano coming up from the floor to the stairs he walked slowly up to sing apologize with the big video of himself at the top. All the other contestants just seemed to stand or sit through their sets with little production at all, including Cook. David’s set was amazing and riveting, right down to the flowing, sparkly suit and red watch and shoes.”

    Why do you think David’s set was the most elaborate if he didn’t come in first place? Perhaps the set was built before the winner was announced and they just assumed…? Just thinking.

    Hey Mari/River!
    Met you at Westbury and in the Broadway Diner after the show. How cool that you had a bird’s eye view to see David while he was getting ready to come onstage at the idol tour. Hope to see you at another concert and after party in 2014!

    “We started walking down the line of people and my daughter yelled there he is…..and there he was all right! Had this glow about him that was just electric! ”
    Great visual, Jan. Thank you!!! Your entire comment gave me chills!


  57. river992 said

    Hello all, new friends and “oldies”.. indeed River was and is my screen name to many. My Pem Corgi Scottie accompanies my posts and while I don’t post often, believe me I’m here checking everything out. Miss seeing you all at the epic concerts. waiting…waiting… waiting… Thanks for helping me pass the time.


  58. djafan said

    Now this is a review 🙂

    David Archuleta Banks On Soul And Sincerity In Latest Record
    September 16, 2012, 12:51pm

    Faith and fortitude resound in David Archuleta’s album ‘Begin’ (Album photo)
    MANILA, Philippines – Ironic as it seems, “BEGIN.,” a predominantly cover album, is David Archuleta’s most personal record to date that highlights his best artistic instruments: voice and soul.

    Released last month, “BEGIN.” may well be the most apt title for the album, as Archuleta turns a new leaf with his two-year music hiatus for a Mormon mission. At onset, it’s a bit strange, even ironic, to put a period on a word such as “begin” for the album title. But if we think about it, the punctuation mark illustrates a powerful declaration; a fearlessness in the face of uncertainty and adversity.

    Given the limited time for the album’s production (recording took place shortly before he left for his South American mission), Archuleta managed to come up with a decent, elegant album, with 10 carefully chosen tracks by the young singer-songwriter himself; songs which he hopes would help others understand “where I’m coming from on my mission decision.”

    “BEGIN.” takes off from the pensive undertones that filled his third studio album, “The Other Side Of Down.” And though the former deviates from Archuleta’s previous pop leanings, the songs maintain likability and accessibility.

    Most of the songs in “BEGIN.” may have been covered a gazillion times, but in Archuleta’s hands, they take on a deeper, more inspiring and spiritual meaning. He sang as if the words were his. Arranged with simplicity yet executed with a spell-binding orchestration by Kurt Bestor, the tracks seemingly acquire a new life.

    Whether he sings the more mellow numbers such as “Angel” (Sarah MacLachlan) and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (Simon And Garfunkel), or the soaring anthems like “Everybody Hurts” (R.E.M.), “Beautiful” (Christina Aguilera), and “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” (U2), Archuleta comforts the listener–as much as he’s probably comforting himself. “Don’t Give Up” (Peter Gabriel) and the hymn, “Be Still My Soul” are likewise goosebumps-inducing, while “Somewhere Only We Know” (Keane) and “True Colors” (Cyndi Lauper) may well serve as instant favorites from first listen.

    Archuleta not only sings from the heart, but also plays the piano on “Broken,” the only original song on the record which he co-wrote with Jonathan Hunt.

    Overall, this album serves as the perfect filler for fans who may be waiting for the “longest two years” of their lives with Archuleta’s absence. “BEGIN.” also finds Archuleta in his most sincere and rawest musical expression yet.

    He didn’t want to leave his fans with nothing, as he said back in February during a Philippine press conference. Well, “BEGIN.” is definitely more than something.


  59. Margaret Cox said

    I’ve always been impressed with the respect David is shown by the Filipino community. They recognize excellence when they see it!


  60. djafan said

    WW TT Today! >> #CosasDeArchies << 7pm Utah time hosted by a new group of Guatemala archies!

    David Archuleta Guatemala Facebook

    twitter @DArchieGuate

    Hello River!! So nice to see you're still around 🙂

    Margaret, They sure do, excellence in voice and character.


  61. djafan said

    Bebe, these get me every time I watch. In Toronto hotel for AI concert.

    The screams when David appears at window, wow.


  62. djafan said

    Please leave comment on David’s OS!!!!! David Archuleta Banks On Soul And Sincerity In Latest Record
    Posted by support in Press & Misc. | 3 comments
    Sep 17, 2012
    The Manila Bulletin Newspaper:
    >> …the songs in “BEGIN.” may have been covered a gazillion times, but in Archuleta’s hands, they take on a deeper, more inspiring and spiritual meaning. He sang as if the words were his… <<

    …read the full album review on


  63. mspoohbear said

    The only complete AI season I watched was AI-7 and for one and only reason, to vote for David Archuleta. Loved him and his performances! But Dang! I am now hitting myself in the head for not following him after AI-7. Maybe because my kids were young and I got so busy with all other stuff. I just rediscovered David during Nandito Ako. I told myself, I ain’t letting him slip away again (hmmmm..kinda sounds like a dialogue in Nandito Ako. LOL). Been busy since then watching all videos of his concerts, interviews, magazine articles and reviews. So peeps, keep those comments about your experiences coming. I enjoy very much reading about them. Hopefully I can share some experiences of my own when he comes back after 2 years. Who knows where I can find a time capsule? Anyone???


  64. violet4ever said

    I dragged my fiance w/ me to the Philly AI7 show and to make it more comfortable my tickets were in the boxes that ringed the venue just below the nosebleed section. The boxes had their own restrooms, comfortable wider seats and food/drink service at your seat. The view was really bad (would have been great for a basketball game though). Hanging graphics above the stage also blocked our view of the large screen there so the only screen was over our right shoulders. DA’s songs (the only part I cared about) sped by like a frenetic roller coaster ride while I got whiplash from looking between the distant stage and the screen over my shoulder. I treasured Youtube videos of the concert because I retained so little from the crazy live one. After the show we happened upon people lined up at an outdoor barrier as long as the stadium. We found a place behind a family who was at the rail (until some pushy insert-name shoved herself and her shopping bag in front of us like she belonged there – I was quite pleased when she left because Cook wasn’t coming out). I asked my much taller fiance to take photos especially of Archuleta and he snapped quite a few. I also got a photo initialed by D. by handing it over the head of the woman in front of me. When we got home I was excited to see the photos my fiance took – but it ends up he wasn’t pressing the shutter down far enough and the flashes I saw were just the focusing prefocus light – there were no photos. All in all a good time but I love the Youtubes.


  65. Abrra said


    I love the collage you posted. I went to check HanneDenmark’s twipic page to see what she has been up to. Amazing pictures that she has turned into “paintings” from BEGIN.





    Abrra 557


  66. djafan said

    Abrr, they are gorgeous, every single speck of them.

    TT party in 20!

    David Archie Guate ‏@DArchieGuate
    el TT #CosasDeArchies empieza en 20 minutos 🙂 @DavidArchie @DavidArchie @DavidArchie


  67. pocoelsyforarchie said

    Hello there all,

    Back from the tiring but fun road trip, missing you all :).

    Bebe, thank you again for sharing and asking what’s on your mind ? I have all those questions that need answers hidden in my brain too!!!

    Thank you to all the commentors who take time telling all your fantastice Archu experiences…what a memory you all had, I enjoy every words only thing is wish I could be there myself …sighhh…

    Abrra #65 those pictures from HanneDenmark, are exquisite..breathtaking !!! spent a good 20 mins staring at them they make me smile :)….back to staring at them for a bit more :), thanks Hanne ❤


  68. oh DJA! those screams for David. WOW ! I love the second video and that big smile.
    love that collage by HanneDenmark,

    Abrra, thanks for bringing those HD pictures over here , they are absolutely beautiful.(He is such a treat for the eyes):)))


  69. bebereader said

    Loved that latest review of BEGIN. from Manila.

    This: “Most of the songs in “BEGIN.” may have been covered a gazillion times, but in Archuleta’s hands, they take on a deeper, more inspiring and spiritual meaning. He sang as if the words were his.”

    So true. He makes us forget that he’s covering a song by another artist; they’re all new songs when he sings them.

    David talking to fans in Toronto from high up window >>>> FTW!

    Kids do keep us very busy, especially little ones. But you came back to David when you had more time. He’s a keeper!

    Thanks for your comment. At this point I’d take any seat I could get, nosebleed or not just to go back in time and watch David’s AI Tour performance live. Too bad about your pics but there are so many pics from the tour online that I’m sure you could find to replace the ones you lost.

    So Cook didn’t come out to the fans like David did, after every show? I guess there was press etc.

    Thanks for the eye candy!


  70. Bychance said

    I had no idea when I came here today that I would get to enjoy the whole AI Tour……. as if I had been there! What a treat! I have enjoyed every single comment and every little detail. Having never had the opportunity to see David live (yet!), I relished hearing your experiences and loved watching all the vids. (All those things I was planning to do in the past two hours weren’t really that important, right?!) I now have a happy little smile on my face and your wonderful words in my head as I go through the rest of the day. Well worth it!!! Thank you!!!


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