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David Archuleta ~ When Dreams Take Flight

Posted by MT on Monday, August 27, 2012

In a 2011 performance for Pandora’s Unforgettable Moments on Ice, David Archuleta did an outstanding job on every song. That came as no surprise to those of us who are familiar with him. His ability to sing pitch perfect time after time, along with a voice that can be both powerful and unbelievably tender is simply a fact. It’s why we are here.

Yet, as familiar with his voice as I am, every once in a while David still manages to catch me by surprise with its beauty. His performance of “Above the Northern Lights” with Mannheim Steamroller was one of those times. When the first clip surfaced, I was stunned. We all have moments in our lives that make us stop and catch our breath. This was one of those moments for me.

credit: smileylanie

I wish I knew the words to describe just how beautiful I think his performance of this song is. Unfortunately, I don’t. But what I can do is tell you how it makes me feel…

When dreams take flight.

Late one evening I was tired and trying to relax. So, what else would I do? I decided to pop in my ear buds and listen to David sing. I chose “Above The Northern Lights” because it always makes me feel good. I turned it on and put it on repeat.

As it began to play, I closed my eyes and felt myself begin to relax, drifting slowly toward sleep, feeling the worries and the world slipping away. By the second play, I was in that place between waking and sleep where reality has faded away, leaving my mind empty and receptive to the sweet melody and David’s voice.

As the first tinkling notes of the song began I could picture it in my mind. I could see the clear northern night, the icy ground covered with snow. Above, a starlit sky, and the northern lights shimmering brightly in the distance like rainbow-colored piano keys waiting to be played. As I drifted further David began to sing, and he brought me there.

Suddenly I was standing on the snow-covered ground gazing up at the mystical lights above. The more he sang, the more enmeshed in the vision I became until finally I could feel it. I could feel the cold, crisp, night air on my skin and … as I listened, as David’s voice and the melody filled my mind and my heart … I became free, weightless, and filled with joy as the magic began.

I was standing there, face turned up toward the heavens, arms flung wide embracing the night as I began floating, twirling and turning, higher and higher up into the northern sky as if on gossamer wings. Finally I was there, floating in and out among the lights, skipping, swaying, and dancing to the music of the night. I was laughing. I was gliding. I was tiptoeing like a ballerina across the multicolored piano keys as the melody played on, becoming a part of the music as I reveled in this joyous abandon.

It was beautiful beyond words. I could have stayed there forever, dancing in the colors of the night. Perhaps it was just a dream, but it was also a moment out of time. It was a moment of complete freedom and sweet joy brought on by the feeling of the song and the emotion in David’s voice. I’m so grateful I was able to remember it when I woke. Now, each time I hear the song it brings back that sweet feeling of joy.

♥ What a precious gift David has given me. ♥

You can see the whole performance of Northern Lights here:

Credit: mrayburn8743

89 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ When Dreams Take Flight”

  1. jans11 said

    MT, love your dream interpretation.♥ So many of his songs do that to me also because I go to sleep every night listening to his beautiful voice! UATNL has always been one of my favorite songs and when David sang the words and brought it to life, I was so excited to hear the words! He is just perfect, as usual, with his voice gliding along with the ice skaters! Pure bliss!♥♥


  2. MT.I love this! I am sitting here with a big smile on my face, still picturing your wonderful ‘dream scenario’ in my head.:))
    ……”as I listened, as David’s voice and the melody filled my mind and my heart … I became free, weightless, and filled with joy as the magic began.”
    The combination of David’s voice and Mannheim Steamroller’s music,made me fall in love with “Above The Northern Lights”
    I had never heard it before. The instrumental piece is magic, and I agree with Jan.
    ” David singing the words” brought it to life”
    ahh, he is the Master at interpreting music♥


  3. ray said

    i listen to atnl every day at some point


  4. “It was beautiful beyond words. I could have stayed there forever, dancing in the colors of the night. Perhaps it was just a dream, but it was also a moment out of time. It was a moment of complete freedom and sweet joy brought on by the feeling of the song and the emotion in David’s voice.” <~ A beautiful dream MT ~ & the performance was out of this world.


  5. poof said

    It was a little strange reading your post because I had a similar experience happen while listening to “Angel”, though I was very much awake and driving. I had listened to the song many times, but this particular time it was a different kind of experience. In my mind’s eye David was singing with that joyful smile he has. At the time, he was soaring through the sky, so quickly you could also hear the wind whistle and his hair and shirt were whipping about him. I am also up floating way above the earth and David reaches out for me to come. He is literally laughing he is so joyful.
    It is an odd image I produced, because until that time listening, Angel had made me very sad. I think something clicked in my brain ( and heart) and I felt it as David feels it, hopeful and joyful. Again, like you said, it was very real. It didn’t feel like I was a making up an image, but it was real. Now when I hear that song I am again soaring through the clouds.
    The only odd thing (ODD) was, I couldn’t quite see the angel who’s arms David was in. Go figure 🙂


  6. Angelica said


    Thanks for taking us with you to “there.” Nothing quite like this type of experience and not easy to describe but you did a beautiful job of it. I especially love the words surrounding the angel/fairy from, “I was standing there,” and ending, “in this joyous abandon.” Everything in between is enchanting. ♥

    I had all but forgotten this song by David, but its been in my head all morning and more than once I’ve found myself humming it softly while I work. His lower register is beautiful and the haunting melody fits his voice like a glove. It kind of reminds me of Broken, which he wrote the music for; it has a sad, lilting, unearthly quality.

    Sorry for my absence of late. Now and then I have to just shut down and withdraw from everything. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I’ve learned to listen to that feeling. Watched every episode of Downton Abbey online, all 17 hours, which I never saw when it was shown on TV the past 2 years. Now I can’t wait for the start of season three which is sometime in early 2013. That will be a little something extra to get me through that last year of waiting.

    Later on in this thread, because this comment is already long, I will tell about a similar dreamlike experience I had while listening to music. It was many years ago, but I never forgot it. It was long before David, although I have of late been cheating on him with Alexander Acha. That Spanish album can’t get here fast enough.


  7. tawna21 said

    David singing this song has always ‘taken’ me to a place of calmness, but I have never experienced what you did. Thank you, MT, for sharing your calm, on ‘gossamer wings’, moment. Honestly, I’m glad you made this available this morning. So far, it’s been kind of a hard morning but this brought me some peace. ♥♥


  8. bebereader said

    Your article was a joy to read!
    Bravo for your use of imagery to describe your dream!

    “…the northern lights shimmering brightly in the distance like rainbow-colored piano keys…”

    “… face turned up toward the heavens, arms flung wide embracing the night as I began floating, twirling and turning, higher and higher up into the northern sky as if on gossamer wings.”

    I’m glad you wrote about the sensations you get from David’s voice because something similar happens to me. Weightlessness is a good start in describing it but it’s more like the feeling you get when you’re on a swing, being lifted up and then dropped very gently, going baaaaack and forrrrth, baaaack and forrrrth. Anyone with me here? LOL

    I love Christmas music but “Above The Northern Lights” somehow escaped me. I had never heard it until the day David sang it for Pandora. I see why it’s a favorite of many.

    Thanks for the beautiful, well-written article!

    {{{{Missed you, Angelica}}}


  9. Gayle122890 said

    MT- Yes, your experience, a precious gift from David.

    One night shortly after my grand baby was born I sat comfortably with the baby in my arms while my daughter rested. David was softly singing ATNL on repeat. It was such a beautiful, peaceful perfect state.

    I had a kind of similar experience and like Poof, I was awake. Mine was while listening to Christmas From the Heart-in the Spring. 🙂 I drove up to our near-by hill sides here. I walked out there with David in my ear buds and nature in full bloom. Reaching the hill tops I could see so much and far. David’s voice was soaring in the perfect sky above God’s glorious creation (“The wonders of His love!”). It was such an affirmation of His existence for me. My soul took flight. I praised and thanked along with David’s song.


  10. Gayle122890 said

    I would like to add that I just LOVE David’s lower register in his voice here on ATNL. IMO, we don’t hear enough of it lately. Maybe it’s because I just can’t get enough of that rich, lower, delicious texture in it. 🙂


  11. MT said

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments. And I’m so glad you guys are sharing your experiences with us. I love hearing about how David singing can give us these special moments.

    I never heard the song till David, but I completely agree. David has a special way of breathing new life into a song.

    Aww … Thanks. 🙂 I’m glad I was able to make you smile today.

    I listen to it almost every day, too. I love this song.

    “Out of this world” That’s the perfect way to describe it. It has almost an otherworldly feel to it. That is something really special. Not everyone can covey that with their voice.

    Poof & Gayle,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences! Isn’t it a great feeling when David takes you someplace else? The Archuleta effect.

    Thanks so much for the kinds words. And I’m glad my article gave you a chance to re-acquaint yourself with this song. It is soooo beautiful. (LOL at you cheating with Acha. Haha Don’t worry, I won’t tell David. 😉 )

    I’m glad it helped. I hope your day gets better. {{hugs}}

    Thanks. 🙂 I like your way of seeing it too. Different visual, same feeling. The swing … that feeling from youth of being lifted, flying, freedom, really isn’t so different. It sounds like it does the same thing to you it does to me.


  12. cq#DA2014 said

    Great article, MT. Loved watching him sing that song on the big screen, can’t wait until he we see him on tv again. Maybe someday, on the BIG screen at the movies, lol.


  13. mt said

    From @Kariontour

    @MrsMaryfromNC @kimak @NancyFOD @Maureen_abms @Marylee_DA2014 what about a 3 or 4 day cruise with a performance or 2?

    @dangitdavid @MrsMaryfromNC @kimak @NancyFOD @Maureen_abms @Marylee_DA2014 throwing out ideas like you guys! 15 minutes ago

    Kari is so funny. Can you just imagine David trapped on a boat for days with 2500 fans? LOL I think he knows better.


  14. MT said

    “Maybe someday, on the BIG screen at the movies, lol.”

    haha That’s a different dream but a good one! #hopeithappens


  15. jans11 said

    A cruise with a David concert! OOOhhh lala!!!!!♥ That would top my Bahama cruise for sure!


  16. djafan said


    This article resonates so strongly with me. ATNL made my heart palpitate upon hearing the first note. I played it over and over. I kept wanting them to stop going to the skaters lol.

    I wrote an article a long time ago how on how the sound of his voice was literally helping me. My family and friends thought I was loosing it, I thought I was loosing it haha. I still have trouble explaining it. It’s not just the hearing it, there is something about the tone, pitch, vibration not only in his singing voice but in his speaking voice. It affects me from the inside out if that makes sense. Bebe and I have spoke about the swing effect, I loved swinging and it gave me that sensation but as I’ve given it more thought there was something I did more than swinging. Remember those merry go rounds you pushed at the parks? They’ve removed them, to many injuries. I would stand on the outside bar as it would spin and spin because I loved that weightless feeling it gave me. My mind would soar, float lol now I sound really crazy lol Anyways this “feeling” kept me glued to David week after week on AI just listening to his mesmerizing mood changing voice.

    Thank you MT for putting what I feel into such beautiful poetic words.

    Hello Angelica!


  17. MT said

    I know what you mean about the merry-go-round, (We actually still have one at the park near me.) that weightless feeing.

    When Gayle said, “my soul took flight” I thought “that’s it, that’s the feeling I got.”

    Whether it’s ATNL or another song, so much of his singing takes us out of ourselves and lifts us up in different ways. Different songs resonate with different people, but the effect is the same. He makes us feel good, brings joy to our hearts and something special to our lives.

    (You thought you were losing it? LOL Join the club. I’m still wondering about myself. Ain’t it fun?)

    Jan, LOL Where do we buy the tickets?!?


  18. jans11 said

    MT, I don’t know but I’m game for anything as long as it has David connected to it! haha

    My explanation when I hear David sing is “he literally takes my breath away”! Even when I hear a song that I have heard him sing 100 times and I know how it sounds, it still happens! That’s close to being on a “merry go round” or “my soul taking flight”, probably, just another way to explain it.♥

    I agree with you saying “Whether it’s ATNL or another song, so much of his singing takes us out of ourselves and lifts us up in different ways. Different songs resonate with different people, but the effect is the same. He makes us feel good, brings joy to our hearts and something special to our lives”.

    Love what he does to/for us, but it’s so hard to explain! That’s why I could never quit being his fan. I don’t care if I am old enough to be his grandma! haha Bless his little ol” enigmatic soul!♥


  19. bebereader said

    Such good comments! MT, I really love this topic. Getting down to the nitty gritty of how David’s voice makes us feel, hence, why we can never let go of him and the timbre of his voice, the distinctive quality of tone that only David possesses when he sings and speaks, his overtones that identify him alone, the one our ears recognize as unmistakeably, The Voice.

    Let me give you an example of the swing effect of David’s voice. I don’t know what else to call it but when he sings a certain way, I definitely feel like I’m either floating or falling gently, flying through space or on a swing. I just read back my words and I sound ridiculous now but it’s only because this sensation has not yet been researched, defined and documented.

    In “Joy To The World” from CFTH, at the 00:59 to 1:00 mark, when he sings the second syllable of the word “Hea-ven”…right there!!! I’m flying!!! And later at 3:10-3:29 What is that? I turn to tears!

    I believe that David’s voice is magical. He was not only gifted with a heavenly voice but blessed with the ability to use it to create magical effects. He’s still so young and learning about his own talent. I can only imagine how his voice will develop with a little age. This is only the tip of the iceberg!


  20. MT said

    Thanks for the video. I love that song. And I see what you’re saying. It’s like he carries you with his voice as the notes rise and fall! Yep, there is definitely that too.

    (And your comment about reading back had me ROFL. You are funny. You’re right, though. It has not been defined. But we’re working on it. LOL)

    “This is only the tip of the iceberg!” << I can't even imagine what comes next … then next … and next after that!


  21. Just returned from a vacation in Maryland. While there I heard his songs (some I’ve never heard where I live) played in stores & restaurants. Always catches my attention regardless of how much other noise is going on. My 7 yr old grandaughter says I have an earworm – David’s voice is like a worm in my ear/head.

    Love the new album which I immediately downloaded in airport the day it came out. Problem was the travel computer’s itunes library wasn’t connected to my devices (ipod’s) that I listen to daily/nightly. So I had to wait (2 weeks) till I returned home. What torture that was.

    Beautifully written article MT. Also love ATNL – his lower register makes me uncontrolably sigh. Like Jans11, his voice often leaves me breathless. So much so that I nearly pass out. Have to remind myself to breathe.


  22. Angelica said

    OK, I will tell of my experience.

    It was long ago in a tiny hospital far, far away. Not that far away, just Plaquemine, LA. (plak-a-men) I was working ICU with another nurse on the night shift and we had no patients that night. We were just there on shift in case an admission came. About 3am the other nurse started watching a movie called “Bird” about the famous jazz saxophonist, Charlie Parker. The soundtracks used in the movie were actual recordings by him. Anyway, I got really sleepy and went to the nurses lounge a few feet away to catch a quick nap. As I started to nod off with the sound of the sax playing in my ears, I found myself sitting in a little boat on the sea. There were no oars but the boat started to move forward across the water. It went faster and faster and I could feel the wind and the salt spray in my face and all along the music of Charlie Parker’s saxophone played on. I began not only to hear the music but to feel it in every part of me, and it came at last to my awareness that is was not the wind propelling my boat, but the music that was in control. With this thought, I abandoned myself to the sound completely and felt my little boat lift up above the water and into the sky. Higher and faster I flew and then there was no boat, just me and the wind that was sound, and then there was no me, only sound, that was me, rushing wildly into pure joy.


  23. MT said

    Thanks! and … “Have to remind myself to breathe.” << Oh, yes.

    Also, I know what you mean about the waiting. I loved all the songs from BEGIN. the first time I heard them, but there is nothing like plugging his voice straight into your head. You discover there is even more than you thought, you hear new things that make you go *sigh*

    Love your dream and it's symbolism, riding on the waves of sound and becoming a part of the music … such a beautiful experience.

    This was the only time this ever happened to me, (at least the only one I remember) but it's a dream I'll never forget. And I love knowing that now I will always have this song for a little pick me up if I'm feeling down.


  24. Abrra said


    Thank you MT for telling about your special dream. 🙂 I’m not sure I have had a song-dream yet. I don’t remember my dreams unless they are prophetic.I do understand what you mean by a song taking you to another place. That has happened for me with Angel. I had not heard the song because it was used in an animal abuse PSA. Hearing the first few notes when it comes on TV makes me dive for the remote to change the channel. Now that David has sung in on BEGIN. I made an effort to learn the lyrics. I often play Angel and Broken on repeat 🙂 I think its because David made both songs brand new , just for different reasons. I love those songs the best right now.

    Abrra 577 days


  25. Angelica said

    Grasshopper has missed the screamcaps of Master and would like to hear more of her dream prophecies.

    For example, I went to Acha cha cha’s site 2 weeks ago and found that there were no tour dates scheduled for anywhere at present, but that I could demand one. I received this email yesterday. Do you think it is an omen? Do you think I have them on the run? Should I start making my plans and shopping for you know, stuff?


    I await your answer for as you well know, I am excessively devoted to David but when the cat’s away, the mice get busy.


  26. Abrra said

    Take heart dear Grasshopper. What you seek will come to pass.It will take a considerable amount of time for your wishes concerning this Alexander Acha to be carried to the limelight. One David Archuleta, a well known entertainer is away at the present time in Chile. His impending return in the late spring of 2014 could have have a great effect on Mr. Acha’s music career. There will be a comeback concert given by Archuleta that will bring fans from the world over to hear his exciting new Spanish Sound. I suggest you stay in touch with Mr. Acha’s team and point them in the direction of Utah to seek a spot on the concert roster.

    David Archuleta, with an opener the likes of Alexander Acha, would be a concert of perfection.

    May your dreams come true.

    Did you not see the scream cap spam in the last thread?

    Master Abrra


  27. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Join us tonight for the conclusion of “Nandito Ako”!
    10PM Eastern


  28. MT said

    I did the same thing for David, demanded him here. I got an email that said 2 people demanded in my area. So there is another fan in Mississippi, and close to me! But where is she? LOL

    That Cat!! hahahaha

    Miss Abrra? We are sadly short of scream caps in this thread. #24 is gorgeous, but is only one ever enough? 😀


  29. poluck8 said

    Sorry I might not be too bright on this subject, but what is that Alexander Acha thing all about?


  30. Abrra said


    He is an artist that Angelica has discovered, thanks to Bebe’s article on the music of Chile. Angelica and I like to joke around. I am her Master and she is my Grasshopper because I have taught her techy things. We like to tease each other sometimes.



  31. poluck8 said

    Thanks Abrra, I thought i had missed something, lol


  32. bebereader said

    Nandito Ako!
    10PM Eastern


  33. Abrra said

    Pic spam INCOMING!!!








    How’s that MT?



  34. jans11 said

    Oh, good grief, Abrra!!! Just when I thought I was gaining some control over my ODD!!!!!!!!!!!! Exceptional scream caps…I must say!!!!♥♥♥♥


  35. tawna21 said

    Duh..anggg! Abrra!! ‘Ya knocked my socks off with those scream caps!! Complaining?? No, nope, nada, never!!!


  36. Gayle122890 said

    Incoming is right! Didn’t have time to run for cover! The first one did me in. LOL


  37. djafan said

    Yep he does 🙂

    David Ray ‏@davidray59
    So evidently, if you’d like to be retweeted, just mention David Archuleta. #davidhasanarmy


  38. djafan said

    Pecanpie and the Archangel Army is in first place!!!!

    Crush Kids’ Cancer – David Archuleta’s Angels

    Hello Archies and Cancer Warriors. Please help us in this current fundraising challenge ending AUGUST 29th. Help David CRUSH KIDS’ CANCER at SU2C where the end of cancer BEGINs. All contributions t … + more
    OUR TAGS Archuleta the kids’ chapter the kidschapter BEGIN thekidschapter BEGIN.

    Progress Since: 08/21/2008 Goal For: 09/05/2012 $73,000.00
    GOAL EXCEEDED! $80,307.00

    Captained by pecan pie | 1142 members


  39. cq#DA2014 said

    Abrra, those pics are fabulous! He is such a total package!


  40. betsy said

    MT, that’s an amazing dream. You have such a beautiful way of writing. 🙂
    It’s such a visual thing, I can picture it.
    My last David dream, he was living in Asia and wearing traditional dress. Except it was my interpretation of traditional dress and he was wearing a kilt lol.


  41. these screamcaps are died and gone to Heaven material.I must change desktop.but which one? which one??gahhh!


  42. My fault that I start at the bottom of the comments and scroll up because I missed the ‘incoming’ screencaps alert and nearly fell off of my kitchen stool! Well I am not complainging though at all…woo who is that in my kitchen?

    MT your dream comes along with the word mesmerized that we were introduced to years ago. How does that really happen? Well we know that it does and your story was ‘most enjoyable’!

    Question for those in the know…How often does David receive mail from his fans? Is it saved up and sent every few weeks in other words? Thank you in advance to anyone who has that info…Does he want more, or less…just kidding on that one…



  43. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy…You had the wrong country in your dream, he was in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia doing the Highland Fling, wearing the kilt as was traditional of the old kings of Scotland when choosing the best men for their men at arms…I can imagine the cheers for that dance. David seems to be everywhere…



  44. emmegirl14 said

    Time for a just a quick stop. Beautiful article MT, it is magical in and of itself.

    Pic spam, outstanding!

    So excited and proud to see the donations on David’s SU2C team continue to climb!


  45. kaycee said

    MT, what a beautiful article…so wonderfully written that I felt like I was experiencing it right there with you!

    Yes, I know about those “take-your-breath-away” David moments. It’s a miracle more of us don’t pass out due to lack of oxygen!

    I have to admit, I did have a David dream a few months ago. Nothing beautiful like MT’s–it was so random and short. I was in a department store trying on shoes with David. That was it…weird, huh? Wonder what triggered that dream, haha!


  46. Kaycee,! I remember that dream you had!hahaha think it was mentioned by you, when Dak’ss article was up with a picture of a pile of clothes and one of shoes. remember?

    Had one a long time ago. David was running down my street and caught me in my pajamas, putting out the trash.lovely.


  47. stidwell53 said

    This is just a test. Wrote a whole thing the other day and lost it while at work.


  48. stidwell56 said

    Oh yea, it worked. So here goes again. Hope I can remember all I wrote.

    First of all, MT, fantastic article. I just love ending my day coming here and reading the comments and all. Feels so much like home here. I just want to thank everyone here for making this such a wonderful place to visit.

    Last Sunday, I sat down in the last row of our chapel. We had a young american hispanic man giving his missionary farewell as he gets ready to go to Guadelajara, Mexico. So as I looked around to see who might be visiting our ward, I noticed an elderly gentleman with a dark haired woman sitting next to him, but I couldn’t see her very well. I thought to myself that the man looked alot like Davids.s grandpa, but I thought now way is that Lupe and her dad. But after glancing over there a few too many times, sure enough, it was Lupe and her dad. I was so excited. The young man leaving on his mission is the son of Cecilia Skinner Velez who writes all those articles of interviews with David and the most recent one with his mom that was google translated just last week for us. By the way, I asked Cecilia to send me all the English versions of her interviews with the Archuleta family and she said she would email them to me. We shall see if that ever happens. They have now moved from the ward so whether I ever talk to her again is the question here, but I have her email so maybe I will have to send a few reminders.

    I am sure I am the only one besides the Velez family that knew they were there and as the meeting ended I went right over to them on the other side of the chapel and said hi to them. They were so cute. I asked how David was doing and they both said “just wonderful, happy and loving every minute of it”. I told her I was so happy for him and that he had this opportunity and talked a bit about the peacefulness you feel in your life as a family while you have a son serving a mission and they so agreed with me. They feel so blessed all the time and all is so good in their lives. Anyways, I then proceeded to ramble a bit, who knows exactly what came out of my mouth…I do remember telling them I am a huge fan, that I share his music with everyone in the ward and they all know if they want to know anything about David they just ask this walking encyclopdia here. I told them to thank him so much for all the hard work before he left and for the two wonderful CD’she left us with while he is serving, told her I listen 24/7 to his music, that all 6 slots for CD’s in my car are his, that he puts me to sleep each night with that beautiful voice of his and on and on I went. I was so nervous, obviously, they hardly had time to get a word in edge wise. She asked me my name and thanked me for all my support. Oh, and shook my hand and so did grandpa. I said thanks again for sharing so much of her wonderful son with us and for being such a wonderful mother and grandfather to him. Then I went and talked to the missionary and Cecicilia. They tried to get me to come to their home after for refreshments, but I had to teach an eleven year old class so I couldn’t, but my hub and I went over later in the afternoon and they said Lupe and her dad had come to the house and stayed for ahile and visited with all the family. Come to find out, Cecilia and Lupe have become good friends and have been for 10 years now, ever since 11 year old David hit the scene. Such a fun thing, and it made my Sunday that much better, that is for sure. Anything connected to David makes my day any day.

    Just had some cleaners here to clean my bathrooms and wood floor after having my daughter and her family living here for 6 weeks and played his CD and they loved it. Gave them 1 to take home and a Forevermore one too. They hardly understood me, cause they all speak Spanish, but they loved his voice and enjoyed it while they cleaned. Love sharing the joy of this beautiful young man with the golden voice with anyone who will listen.

    Well, off to a grandson’s soccer game. Love you all, sorry about this long post, but just wanted to share.

    Take care, and have a wonderful rest of the day!!!


  49. stidwell56 said

    Oh, I also told them about our fan gathering at “Simply Thai” and she did rub her tummy and say, O that makes me want to go there soon, and we talked a bit about the lady Nally, who owns the place.


  50. Angelica said


    Thank you so much for sharing that story with us! Maybe in a little over a year you will look around and see David visiting your church with his mom and grandpa. I’m sure you would pick out his voice as soon as the congregation sang….sigh. So glad you got to talk with them and tell them what a huge fan you are. Hope Cecilia sends you the translated interviews. Keep us posted!

    Feeling the effects of Isaac here. Lots of rain and some wind all tonight and tomorrow predicted. Lost power for a couple of hours but back now. MT is much closer to the coast. Hope she is OK. I have been checking on her by email before it hit land. My stepson and the grandkids refused to come up to us (he’s a police detective who can’t leave and they won’t leave him) and are riding it out on the coast. They’ve been pounded for many hours and will continue to be all night as will we now. They had some minor damage to the house but are otherwise well. Prayers for all in the path of the storm are greatly appreciated, especially those most vulnerable, including animals.

    Abrra, thanks for the screamcaps. Where was I when you posted in the last thread? I was in North Riding, in the county of Yorkshire, England, at an estate called Downton Abbey. nvm, those more than make up for anything I missed. ♥

    I miss nothing. ;)


  51. djafan said


    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Last minute raffle item for Crush Kids’ Cancer donations! @TheKidsChapter Check it out –> … (Team Archuleta)

    Donate if you haven’t already!!!!

    WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2012

    Breaking News!

    The Crush Kids’ Cancer team continues to pour its heart out through donations in this last fundraising campaign. To encourage us to continue this generous spirit tonight, Team Archuleta has generously offered to everyone who donates from 7 pm EDT to end of team competition tonight, August 29th 11:59 pm EST, the following:

    Every $25 contribution to Crush Kids’ Cancer will be eligible to win a special package: Two (2) Special Meet and Greet Passes and two (2) tickets for the performance concert of your choice upon David Archuleta’s return! No accommodation or airfare is included in this gift package. This gift applies to international performances as well.

    So, if you donate $25 tonight, you get one chance at the gift. If you donate $250 , you get 10 chances. This gift applies to donations to Crush Kids’ Cancer made from 7 pm to end of team competition only. Although previous donations are not included in this particular gift opportunity, all donors are eligible for David Archuleta gifts outlined previously. The winner will announced the week of Sept. 3rd.


    Send your donation to the following Paypal email: with the following Subject Line: Donation for Crush Kids Cancer. We will deposit it directly to the SU2C team. Please do so before 11:30 pm EST Wednesday, August 29th to allow time for us to process.

    So what are you waiting for? Team Archuleta has given us even more encouragement to rise to the challenge! Donation sites have been known to get clogged in the final hours so donate NOW. And donate here!


  52. pocoelsy said

    Hi all,

    Just get the chance to really sit down and go through this fantastic article after over 10 days absence!!!

    What a beautiful article MT., I do what you do all the time too :)…put on David’s song, let him take me away from it all …so warm…serene.. tender.. healing and sincere, that’s how he make me feel how his songs speak to me. I always love ATNL it’s so angelic and dreamy and you said it all, beautifully 🙂

    It’s hard to be away from anything David related (couldn’t even lurk!!) a lot to catch up on, love comming here and miss you all.


  53. marlie7 said

    MT – what a lovely dream story. David’s voice can have such a calming effect. There are so many times when I turn to it just to center me, to help me through a particularly bad moment or day. There is something truly magical about his voice, and his persona. We are all so lucky.

    On another note, I have been working with a young woman at a client site who is a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I shared my “minor obsession” with David Archuleta with her and today she wanted to see some videos. It was awesome! She got the chills listening to him. Actual goosebumps from some glory notes and then she said, “Oh, no,I’m going to be spending all night watching him on youtube.” Haha – another one bites the dust. 🙂


  54. pocoelsy said

    Hope that everyone be safe and keep safe from the storm.


  55. Angelica said

    Thanks Pocoelsy and welcome back! We lost power right after my last post above and husband finally decided to go out in the storm and turn the generator on. So for a little while, (curfew is 11pm when he pulls the plug) cause we may need it tomorrow too, I get to log on computer. At least I got to donate to SU2C and recharge my phone. Nice to have a fan going too as it is in the 70’s. Just heard a huge branch break and fall. We are surrounded by very old hardwoods.

    How good does that make you feel that he is planning on touring when he gets back? I mean I knew it all along but it’s nice to know HE knows it. lol.

    On another note, I lost my mom and 5 years later lost my sister who was just 48 to cancer. I hope a cure is found in my lifetime.


  56. Abrra said

    I am such a sucker for babies ( ask Bebe) 🙂

    David’s pal, Jason Castro made a you tube of his daughter, Madeline and used a song he wrote for her called “Enough”. I think it’s a great song.

    Well done, Jason! On the song and the baby 🙂

    Jason Castro

    “n honor of my sweet daughter’s first birthday I put together a video from her first year of life and set it to a song that I wrote to her called, “Enough”.”

    Abrra 576 days


  57. awww really precious video from Jason, thanks Abbra.

    55. Angelica, so sorry you have lost power:( So big this storm! stay safe!♥
    Have you heard from MT? I am wondering about Fi too? , she lives in Louisiana. So much rain with Isaac. and its so slow moving. Thinking of you all, (((hugs)))

    48. Shawna thanks for sharing your story! wow. How nice!! Hearing anything about David is so great,makes the day so much better♥


  58. bebereader said

    Prayers to all those in the line of the storm. Angelica, hope your power is back on by now and that you and yours are okay. MT and Fi, hope you’re safe too, along with everyone else affected. The power went out here tonight too but not because of Isaac. I live in NY, way too far north for that. But it made me sympathize even more with those without power. {{{Hugs}}} Hang in there!

    We wrapped up another five weeks of “Nandito Ako” in chat on Tuesday night. The bunch of regulars (you know who you are) has gotten so tight, creating such a fun atmosphere, as if we are actually watching together in someone’s living room or in a movie theater. We spazz together at the exciting parts and watch the sad moments together in silence. We even munched on popcorn and Ginger Ale. One person in particular remembers the script word for word and can recite the lines before they are on the screen! I call that NAODD (Nandito Ako ODD) LOL So…by popular demand we will continue showing NA on Tuesday nights until we all get sick of it. Yeah, as if that will ever happen.

    Dja#51 He’s coming back to us!! I knew it all along but was glad to read it!

    Marlie#53 I laughed at the way you described your ODD, as a “minor obsession”. Uh huh. Good work on getting another one to bite the dust but I know it was all in a day’s work. 😉

    So good to see you!! And loved your story about seeing Lupe and her Dad and the conversation that transpired. I love all your stories! Good to know that David is well and happy.

    Found this on Twitter today. Brought back memories from just eight months ago,when David was on his MKOC Tour. Almost 12 minutes in length but goes quickly and shows footage from the Nokia show VIP and several performances, too! Not Unplugged quality but I really enjoyed it.

    credit cherishswt

    “This is my Archie bud, Carissa, and I’s super experience on the MKoC Tour in Club Nokia, Los Angeles, December 14, 2011. We raised money at school selling keychains at our school for 2 years to have enough money to buy these VIP passes. And now that he’ll be gone for 2 whole years, we are so blessed to even be there. Best day of my life. I’m sorry in advance for some bad quality videos. I had to use my phone for some because my camera was dying :/”


  59. Abrra said

    WOW, Shawna! Talk about being in the right time and place. Thank you for being a fan ambassador and expressing to his family what we all feel for David.

    Good to know you are safe. Think of the firewood you will have now 🙂 I have been in that situation more times than I can count. I haven’t decided which is worse a hurricane or a snow blizzard. 😉

    Check in, STAT!

    I enjoyed that video in #58. She did a nice job editing! So impressed that they earned the money to go to VIP. I know it made the experience more meaningful.

    I haven’t posted a “Where was David? ” picture an awhile.

    Can you guess where David was in this picture? Love the rooster hair!


    Abrra 575 days


  60. pocoelsy said

    Angelica, good to hear you’re ok, hang in there 🙂

    Bebe, love the vid at #58, the girls rawkk I can feel their excitement.

    Abrra, your “in comming pic spam” hit me like a freight train, love them.. those eyes sighhh and the skin …dang it..hehe ❤

    Shawna, thank you for sharing your beautiful encounter with the Archuletas, if I were you I'd freak out hehe, so nice to hear from the family themselves that David is doing good and enjoy his mission so nice of you to share it too, happy for you. And yes I'd also like to thank everyone who runs The Voice and all the commenters who make this place such a special place to visit :).


  61. poof said

    When things happen in my life, it helps me to write. I just lost a long time friend and this loss is so tied into “Begin” for me, I hope you don’t mind me sharing.
    Since my first time listening to “Begin”, I thought “Don’t Give Up” was an extremely powerful and effective song. In fact David’s lines when he decides to “Stand on that bridge” are my favorite in the entire album. They are so beautifully sung and so filled with emotion . In Libbie’s part, I mostly paid attention to the “Don’t give up” lines, and the rest of the words I heard but didn’t really process. These are the lines Libbie sings:
    You have friends
    You’re not beaten yet
    I know you can make it good
    You still have us
    We don’t need much of anything
    Because somewhere there’s a place where we belong
    rest your head, you worry too much
    We’re gonna be alright
    when times get rough you can fall back on us
    cuz you have friends
    You’re not the only one
    No reason to be ashamed
    You still have us
    We’re proud of who you are
    No one said it would be easy
    There’s a place where we belong.

    All of these things are said to comfort a sad and broken spirit. These are all things I would say to a sad and broken person. Yet, it is at the end of this song, after hearing all these reasons to not give up, David “stands on that bridge”. Those words made no difference? In the song, to me there is a disconnect between what Libbie is saying and what David is saying. It’s like David is telling his story and she is giving platitudes that are not related to what he is saying. Is that why those words were no comfort, no help?
    Our neighbor and friend since our children were little, jumped off the highest bridge in Portland last week. He had a loving family and friends that cared about him. I had no idea this was coming. I guess I feel like, even if I did know, how do you make a difference? Are there any words that can comfort a sad and broken spirit?


  62. 58.Bebe thanks for the memories this morning♥ cute video, I wonder how many other videos have not “surfaced” yet.
    This video gives you a good look at the ” lighting” those of us at Club Nokia VIP, experienced!
    Gosh, was that amazing tour, really 8 months ago??
    I sure do miss seeing David perform


  63. funfee said

    Hi everyone! Thank you for thinking of me during this storm. Our power went out last night but is back now. We have been very lucky compared to the areas that have had bad flooding – so far so good! It is raining a lot but the wind has died down. Our back yard fence is down and some tiles have blown off our roof but otherwise we are good! Still praying for the people who are having problems.


  64. poof said

    Hi everyone,
    Just came back to realize I have been dealing with my “mental storm” while many of you are dealing with a physical one. Please excuse my obtuse”ness” and know my thoughts are with all of you.


  65. Abrra said

    I am so sorry for the pain you are having over your friends decision to end his life. He took the reason with him. Suicide is not ever the solution, obviously.


    If you think about it in an other way, the “bridge” could be along the road back to acceptance of the situation ( in the song). One begins to cross the bridge of despair, but changes his mind when he thinks about what Libbie is saying in her lyrics of encouragement.

    News from MT, she is ok 🙂

    From her email to me today:

    “Thanks for checking up on me. {{hugs}} Like my text said, we made out ok. Not perfect but ok. Sorry for disappearing from Chat but Internet went out right at the end of NA chat and the power went out shortly after.

    I’m at work for a few minutes now but cant access the site from here right now. And I haven’t even had a chance to view your lovely scream caps. 😦 Guess it will have to wait a couple more days till I get Internet back at home. At least we have power at home now. 🙂

    I’ll be back on site and commenting as soon as Charter gets those trucks out to fix things.”

    Angelica texted that her internet is down and will not be fixed until Monday.

    Glad you are ok Funfee. The weather looked pretty serious over the last 2 days.



  66. ray said

    this site shoyld hace a warning on top page thatsaws, warening take 2 asprin and proceed,asprin help to ward off heatr attack when pic. of david pop up


  67. djafan said

    Quick drive by! Very busy work week. Poof, I’m so sorry. MT and Angelica, hang in there 🙂 Stidwell, So nice to hear from you and what luck!!!

    Thank you all for posting!!!

    Arms anyone??!! haha


  68. betsy said

    Oh Poof. ;( Thinking about you. ♥
    The song. I never thought that I could be affected.
    (I love this song and feel like it’s the saddest song ever)

    Glad our Southern friends made it through the storm. Miss you guys.


  69. Abrra said

    I love it when folks find videos on thier camera that they forgot!

    Pastel found this snazzy-jazzy This Christmas from MKOC tour. Listen for the change up run at 1:49

    “Just found this vid on the camera. The quality is not good as I could not use a better camera due to very tight security. However, we were front row centre and you can see how much David enjoyed singing this song. The venue was beautiful and David as in fine voice!”

    Another video of Wait, same show.




  70. djafan said


    Tonight @7:00pm Utah time. Topic is: God Bless David Archuleta

    If you have time please do your fan archuduties!

    Vote for your favorite music video here! Everybody Hurts – David Archuleta (use all your email addresses)

    Chartcentral vote for Everybody Hurts, Broken, I’ll Never Go! Rotate votes every hour!!!

    Wise Radio Challenge- Broken

    Send David Mail!!!

    Watch, Share, Like, Comment! David’s official music videos!


  71. bluesky said

    Poof, you and your friends are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Always….. b


  72. bebereader said

    So terribly sorry for the loss of your friend in such a horrible way! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    “Don’t Give Up” is probably my favorite track on BEGIN.

    But I don’t think that the lyrics…

    “‘got to walk out of here, I can’t take anymore
    going to stand on that bridge, keep my eyes down below
    whatever may come, and whatever may go
    that river’s flowing, that river’s flowing…”

    …means that he took no comfort in Libbie’s prior lyrics and so he stood on the bridge anyway. I think that the lyrics “whatever may come and whatever may go, that river’s flowing, that river’s flowing…” mean that whatever problems one may have are not so bad that they cannot be washed away by a river that is always flowing because a flowing river washes everything away. That the river reference came at the end of the verse tells me that he does in fact find comfort in Libbie’s lyrics. I hope this helps.


  73. jans11 said

    So glad the storm is over and that all is out of danger now. But, sad there is so much damage. Seems as though it’s a hurricane, tornado or blizzard and this summer a drought.

    #48 Shawna…thanks for the David info. The Archuleta’s are really nice, down to earth people aren’t they? I remember at the SLC Christmas concert they stayed around and talked to the fans around them. Heidijoy and her friend Carol sat in the 7th row right in front of them so got to talk with them. Dayzee and I were up in the 4th row so didn’t know they were chatting. As we were going down through the seats to exit, little Jonah and family were there talking. I asked Jonah how he was doing and he said fine and reached right over the seat and gave me a big ol’ hug! It was so sweet of him and I was thinking of the blood diseases that is ravishing his little body, praying that he will be cured.♥

    #51 Great news about the “Crush Kids Cancer” team and the chance to win VIP passes! This means something’s on the back burner for 2014! YEA!!

    #56 Jason’s video on his baby daughter is so sweet. He’s such a good daddy! David going to have a slew of babies to meet when he gets home with Joy Williams having a baby boy a few weeks ago.

    #59 Abrra, haven’t seen an answer to your picture ?. He’s on AI singing in a group song. (name?)

    #61 Poof, I can relate to your grief. I hope it’s all right to share with you all…today is the 30th anniversary of my daughters passing. Been a hard day. Her husband shot her and then shot himself. Something you read that happens to others, but it hit home. They left 2 babies that we raised. They are 31 and 32 now. Losing a child never goes away. Losing a loved one never goes away. My heart goes out to you with it being such a traumatic thing to happen. Bless you.


  74. Oh Poof, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.:(

    MT and Fi, glad to hear you are ok♥ Angelica too♥


  75. tawna21 said

    Poof and Jan…. wish I could give you personal hugs and hopes for bright tomorrows…hope an e-thought will count. You both have a right to hurt. 😦

    So glad that the southerners are okay!


  76. Abrra said

    I guess my pictures are too vague to be guessed lol The mystery picture is from a backstage interview with the season 7 AI top 10. They were anticipating their first tour concert. This was a rehearsal.

    I blame all errors on my iPhone.


  77. poof said

    Thank you everyone. I like your take on the song Bebe and I will “take it” today.
    Jan, thank you for sharing your story. I just knew if I wrote about it, I would ” find some comfort here”, and I have.
    I need to go into town today. I just think I will find another bridge to get me there.


  78. SandyBeaches said

    Do I dare???

    I am going to a family get together with the oldest being 80 with health problems buf he loved the MOTAB album, thinks David’s voice is an instrument! They are hosting with lots of 30 year olds and their children. Should I boldly provide the music???

    I have one copy and perhaps I should leave it for him. What is the fastest way to receive an album? From Deseret Books? My order from July arrived two days ago after being lost!! I guess the old postal mule was a little slow or something in the summer heat!



  79. Djafan said

    jans, I don’t even know what to say. I’m so sorry.

    Poof, ((((hugs))))

    SB Be bold, do it and let us know how it went 🙂 As for quickest is itunes download or amazon and burning CD. If not I think Sears was the fastest so far. I just got my Deseret one too.


  80. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan, I have had my iTunes since August 7 but the album itself is good in the car or Bose. My husband thought he could hear more on the album and he is not a complicated ODD person. I must order another.

    This is a CALGON take me away moment…There is the annual drone of motorcycles in the distance converging once again on the seaside town of Digby. They will be heard in the distance for days as they make their way each telling me of their free spirits leaving all else behind for awhile. With the wind in your hair and sun on your face, they almost have me although on the first trip I might just be in the ditch! Anyway since they are calling we will join them tomorrow all the while I will be wondering what has come over me and why are we there? We were going the other way on the highway yesterday and we met groups of them from every walk of life I am guessing, with their little trailers hooked on for camping and their backpacks on. So many with grey beards! Now
    back to today and giving my only copy of BEGIN away!!



  81. 73. Jan….you have been through an unspeakable tragedy in your life, what a strong, and beautiful person you are.I hope we meet someday♥I enjoy you here, so much.
    Poof, I hope the family of your friend will get the help they need to get through this time. Keeping you and them in my toughts and prayers.

    Well, after reliving last years MKOC tour all morning and beyond, I am off to do errands.I got sucked in,( it’s David’s fault!! looking all fabulous in his awesome vest) I had to stick around for awhile:)))


  82. bebereader said

    You mean this vest? 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    MT and Fi,
    What a relief to hear from you.
    Glad you’re okay.

    Go For it!
    Provide the music and leave the cd!
    It can only do good!


  83. Dear Poof and Jan, So sorry for your loss. Jan, I knew you had lost a daughter and raised the children but had no idea of the Tragedy. Bless your heart. Blessings to you and your friends.

    Sandybeaches, The fastest service I received was from Amazon. Shipped one night and I had it the next day. I ordered from Sears, Deseret, Amazon and WalMart. Sears was the cheapest. Amazon shipped mine free because the order was over $25 I believe they have a Branch in Canada and I seem to remember Canadian fans having the fastest delivery from there. Go for it. Having fun gifting to friends, nieces etc. A shipment will also go the The Children’s Hospital in Iowas City where families and children appreciate David’s music.


  84. Abrra said

    It looks like the Philippines wasn’t the only place that felt the earth shake. The city where David has moved to had an early morning earthquake. If you read the info, you will find that it was a very mild one. I wanted to post this to ease everyone’s mind if they had seen any news reports.

    4.6 Machali, Chile-Rancagua EARTHQUAKE, August 31, 2012 at 03:08:08 AM

    4.6 Machali, Chile Earthquake. Image and Data Credit USGS.

    The USGS has reported a 4.6 magnitude earthquake has struck Machali, Chile on Friday, August 31, 2012 at 03:08:08 AM . The epicenter was located approximately:
    44 km (27 miles) E of Machali, Chile
    51 km (31 miles) E of Rancagua, Chile
    53 km (32 miles) ESE of Graneros, Chile
    65 km (40 miles) ENE of Rengo, Chile

    …at a depth of 96 km (59.7 miles). There were no significant injuries or damage reported at this point, Friendly Forecast will update this report as events unfold.


    4.6 Machali, Chile-Rancagua EARTHQUAKE, August 31, 2012 at 03:08:08 AM

    [Machali, Chile Earthquake]

    4.6 Machali, Chile Earthquake. Image and Data Credit USGS.

    The USGS has reported a 4.6 magnitude earthquake has struck Machali, Chile on Friday, August 31, 2012 at 03:08:08 AM . The epicenter was located approximately:
    44 km (27 miles) E of Machali, Chile
    51 km (31 miles) E of Rancagua, Chile
    53 km (32 miles) ESE of Graneros, Chile
    65 km (40 miles) ENE of Rengo, Chile

    …at a depth of 96 km (59.7 miles). There were no significant injuries or damage reported at this point, Friendly Forecast will update this report as events unfold.

    Did you feel it?
    Communities around Machali, Chile reported very strong shaking. Places that felt the quake are:
    City: Machalí Intensity: II Responses: 1
    City: Santiago Intensity: II Responses: 4
    If you felt the quake you can report the quake here to the USGS.

    What is a 4.6 magnitude earthquake?

    4.0 – 4.9 Moderate and noticeable to people indoors, windows rattling, some things may fall off shelves and the sound is similar to a freight train passing by.



  85. Abrra,
    Appreciate all that information. I didn’t know. Wow, scary…ooh David.
    So, wonder if D woke up when it happened?! (I believe the sound of a freight train where there isn’t one would wake me!)
    …. but then again, maybe not if it’s a Sunday morning… after a late night in Unplugged.

    Bebe♥ why yes, thank you,that would be the one.THUD!
    Don’t make me change my desktop again…ooooooh ,nevermind,too late.


  86. stenocruiser said

    Thank you for this very important information, Abrra. I hadn’t heard about this. Praying that David and all are safe.


  87. Abrra said

    Speaking of Unplugged– who wants to join me? I loaded those longer AI7 videos today. I’d like to watch them.



  88. jans11 said

    I want to thank you all for your condolances. I’m like Poof, I thought I would find some comfort here and I did. This is such a special site to visit. ♥ Because of my loss, we started a grief group at out church where I am the leader. Not only does it help others, it has helped me a lot.

    #81 Sky, I hope to meet someday too. Hoping it will be at David’s 1st concert on his return…where ever it’s at! It was a year ago when I met some fans from here at the “It’s not a David Archuleta concert” in Gilbert, AZ!! haha Lots of fun!

    #82 Oh that picture makes me miss David, especially knowing there won’t be a Christmas concert this year. I Love it.

    #84 Thanks for the earthquake info, Abs. I wasn’t aware of it and I will have to say some extra prayers for our little guy!!♥♥


  89. Abrra said

    Thanks to those who kept me company in Unplugged! We got the AI7 videos sorted out. 🙂
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bedtime


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