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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta New Music Video For Everybody Hurts

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, August 22, 2012

credit David Archuleta’s OS

It’s coming!!!

Deseret Book ‏@DeseretBook
Be on the look out for the David Archuleta @DavidArchie new music video within the hour. #excited #music #BEGIN

Deseret Book ‏@DeseretBook
Re-synchronize your watches & look for the new @DavidArchie music video between 7-8 pm EST #apologies #forgiveness #begging

Deseret Book ‏@DeseretBook
Can’t confirm nor deny! LOL RT @nellie1983: @DeseretBook @DavidArchie So that means we shoud expect it at 7:59 right? LOL


Published on Aug 22, 2012 by 

David performs the REM classic “Everybody Hurts” with an orchestra which includes producer Kurt Bestor. The shots of David were recorded in a studio the day before he left on his mission.

“I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music, and will continue when I get back.” – David Archuleta

David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

Here is the official music video of “Everybody Hurts” off of David’s new album BEGIN. out now —>

97 Responses to “David Archuleta New Music Video For Everybody Hurts”

  1. djafan said

    Mspoohbear said

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 6:49 PM e
    Djafan, I can’t see videos here at work as they are being blocked by our IT Dept. I can’t tell by the caption above (I don’t think anybody can, LOL!) if what you just posted above is the new music video of David that Deseret Book was talking about earlier. Oooohhhh, ooooohhh… please tell me it is…..LOL!


  2. djafan said

    Djafan said

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 6:53 PM e
    It is!!!!! In tears of I don’t know what.


  3. djafan said

    Jans11 said

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 6:59 PM e
    You done it again, Mr. David James Archuleta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥


  4. djafan said

    SandyBeaches said

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 7:00 PM e
    I would love to see David, David and then more of David in the video!!! It was barely enough!

    Hopefully any more will be more of watching him sing!

    I suppose non ODD fans needed a story!



  5. djafan said

    Mspoohbear said

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 7:11 PM e
    Djafan, thank God for the iPhone I was able to watch the music video. I couldn’t wait ’til I get home which probably be sometime before midnight. Just like you, it made me cry and I don’t know why………. (


  6. djafan said

    Betsy said

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 7:12 PM e
    I loved the video. <33333333333333333333333
    The artist creating. Perfection.
    His face <333333333333333333


  7. djafan said

    Djafan said

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 7:22 PM e
    SB, lol We just can’t get enough of him.

    Mspoohbear, Iphone’s sure come in handy. At work stopped watching to stop tears. More when I get home.

    Betsy, I know I know I know!!!!!


  8. djafan said

    Stenocruiser said

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 7:27 PM e
    So beautifully done — feeling so many emotions now — David’s amazing voice and the story-telling. Praying that David is still well and happy with what he has chosen to do with his life for the next while. Take care David and thank you for all you have left for us to enjoy in your absence.


  9. mspoohbear said

    Luckily, I have my own office at work, so I can close and lock the door. Didn’t want anybody see me crying. Video is wonderful! Very good production! I just wished that there was more of David in it. It made me miss him more! 😦


  10. bebereader said

    Sobbing as I write this. How does he always do this to me? Beautiful music video depicting “Everybody Hurts”. I agree, SB. would have loved more of David but this was so well done. What really gets me is that he allowed us in to watch him record! How generous is that! One of my dreams has always been to watch him record a song or two. Thank you, David!

    Always a fun time at Nandito Ako chat and last night was no exception. Had a full house of 18 but missed our regulars MT, Betsy and Marlie! Next week will conclude the miniseries with week 5. Please let us know if you would like Nandito Ako chat night continued after this go round.

    Going back to watch “Everybody Hurts” music video again. 🙂


  11. Dayzee said

    That video is just all kinds of beautiful. David is so good to us. Still taking care of our needs. My grateful is overflowing tonight.

    Bebe, I cannot think how long it would take me to be done with Nandito Ako. Hope there will be more showings. Funny, I never watch a rerun of a favorite TV show, never watch a movie more than once and yet I cannot imagine not being excited time after time over pretty much anything that includes David.


  12. jans11 said

    “I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music, and will continue when I get back.” – David Archuleta

    You are our angel, David. This is the reason we will always be here for you. Because you are here for us! Maybe miles apart, but with us just the same!♥ Just can’t get enough of your beautiful voice.


  13. tawna21 said

    I cannot even come up with words to describe how I feel! Me speechless… that’s odd…no ODD. Really, this music video is beautiful! David has put an interpretation on the song that has me holding onto those who are dear to me. Not so much my life and it’s miserable problems, but my loved ones and the life we have together. Once again, David has proven his brilliance and intelligence with music,with both the lyrics and the tune. Dang, how can anyone not love this man!?! He’s amazing!! Kurt Bestor agrees!

    And yes, I too, would love to see an entire video of David in the recording studio. A day in the life of David Archuleta…. *sigh*


  14. He is just unbelievable.
    He made me cry,he made my sweet next door neighbor Millie cry. She came over in her little housecoat and jammies to see it, burst into tears after it started,and we boo-hooed together.
    This may just be my favorite music video of David’s.No, it IS my favorite. The man in his element, singing his heart out…for his fans.
    The video is just beautifully done. wow.


  15. MT said

    Ok, let’s see if this works. LOL I have been fighting with my computer since last night … and I missed chat!!! 😦 (Aww, Bebe, I missed you guys too!)

    But at least I finally got online today and got to see the video! Wow! What can I say? Beautiful. ♥

    And his note to us:
    “I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music, and will continue when I get back.” – David Archuleta

    This video really is just a gift for the fans. It’s not for sale, it’s for us. Can’t even begin to say how much I love him for that.

    David, you’re one of a kind. And people wonder why we’re still here … pffft. You see people? This is why. ♥

    (PS And if we got a whole video of him recording, well, yeah, I wouldn’t mind either. 😉 )


  16. gladys1961 said

    all I can say is, David did it again.


  17. jans11 said

    I’ll be glad when they update the views of his video on youtube. It was at 303 views when I first started watching it and I, myself have watched it over a dozen times and it hasn’t changed one iota!!! There are almost 900 comments. I know this is probably not a big deal, but I know it has been watched more than 303 times. If they wait and add it up all at one time, that is silly. It should tally up along with the comments. If someone knows how this works, clue me in would you? Just want to give David what he’s due!


  18. jans11 said

    I should say “likes”, not comments. Just watched it again and the likes went up from 855 to 865 during the song. But it’s still 303 views!


  19. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  20. bebereader said


    Can’t help it…he’s a photographer’s dream!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  21. bluesky said


    It is actually at 6,923 views. The updated number of views will often show – not on the video itself for a while – but on the page where all videos are listed, where you go to look for a particular video.

    If I type in David Archuleta Everybody Hurts Music Video, and then look down the list of all the videos I can see the image of this one. There is where the actual number usually show up. ^_^ Then later on (much later it often seems!) the revised number will show up on the page where you play the video.

    Clear as mud? Good! heh.


  22. jans11 said

    Thanks Bebe for the pics! Perfect pics of a perfect singer!♥

    Thanks for the info Bluesky! I knew 303 couldn’t be right. 6,923 views are more like it!!♥ Now I know how to check on it.


  23. Dayzee said

    Oh Bebe!!!! Thank you for the pics. You are such a good picker-outer. They are so beautiful.

    Yes Gladys, David has done it again.

    Thanks to Bluesky for the education. It seems there is always someone here to help us out when we are in the dark. Like Jan, I always feel comfortable asking questions or voicing my own opinions. This is a good place.


  24. bluesky said

    list page: 19, 407 views this a.m.

    Vid page: 16, —-

    All is well.


  25. funfee said

    This new music video is amazing! What a beautiful gift to his fans. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who cries everytime I listen to it!!!
    Thank you for the GORGEOUS pics, Bebe! 🙂


  26. lani said

    Cant contain myself anymore!! My heart is overflowing with LOVE!!

    I Love the video!

    I Love David’s Voice!

    I Love that David Loves his fans that he did ALL these for us!

    I Love David’s fans!

    And I LOVE David so much that I will be here for DA2014 no matter what!!


  27. loulou said

    All i can say ! Is BEAUTIFUL ! David is amazing !!!


  28. sweetonda said

    I’m thoroughly enjoying the new video! I could watch D singing all day every day and not get tired of it. His face conveys so much emotion.

    Lani, couldn’t have said it better!


  29. mspoohbear said

    Yaiks! I can’t stop watching David’s “Everybody Hurts” music video thru my iPhone (don’t have access from computer at work), so I got a message from ATT that I’m close to exceeding my data plan limit of 5GB! I have to control myself and wait ’til I get home to watch it from my laptop. LOL!!

    David, David, David! Look at what you make us do! We love you so dearly for loving us back and leaving all these music and videos to accompany and entertain us during your absence. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! That’s what the video speaks about, where there is pain, there is LOVE!


  30. djafan said

    Beautiful conveying face!!!

    The story lines were great, something for everyone to connect to. The many degrees of hurt but his face emotes so much emotion. I hope someday we get a full studio of all these songs. I’d pay good money for that. Maybe I’ll tweet that to add to David’s bucket list.

    MV views 21,467

    View, comment, share, like!!!

    #160 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)

    #4 in Music > Pop > Adult Contemporary > General AAS
    #10 in Music > Broadway & Vocalists
    #13 in Music > Pop > Vocal Pop > General


    #5 Top New Release
    #4 Top Rated
    #8 Best Seller


  31. bebereader said

    Nice to see buzzzz about the new video:


    David Archuleta Makes His Last Studio Session in ‘Everybody Hurts’ Music Video

    August 23, 2012 08:41:43 GMT

    “Filmed a day before his two-year LDS mission trip, the Jed Wells-directed clip sees Archuleta singing in a studio with an orchestra that features producer Kurt Bestor.

    David Archuleta sings his heart out in his new music video for “Everybody Hurts”. Covering R.E.M.’s 1992 hit song, the “American Idol” alum can be seen singing in a recording studio along with an orchestra, which includes producer Kurt Bestor. The studio scene was apparently taken the day before the crooner left for his LDS mission.

    Also featured in the Jed Wells-directed clip is a touching scene of a father who looks miserable since his only daughter is about to get married and leave him. A female soldier who misses her young son at the battlefield and a young couple who must be separated since one of them has to move out of town are additionally seen in it.

    Upon releasing his video on his official YouTube channel, Archuleta posted a note for his fans, making sure that he will make more music after he comes back from his two-year mission. “I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music, and will continue when I get back,” so he stated.

    “Everybody Hurts” is included in the 21-year-old singer’s latest album “BEGIN.” which has been released in the U.S. since August 7.”


    Jason The Gleek

    Posted on August 22, 2012 by Jason

    “David Archuleta – Everybody Hurts – Official Music Video
    American Idol‘s David Archuleta may be away on a mission trip, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing music to his fans. On August 7, he dropped his highly anticipated BEGIN album, and now he has released the official music video for his cover of “Everybody Hurts” by REM. (OMG)

    We get to see clips of him in the studio recording intermingled with several stories: A man deals with his daughter getting married, a soldier longs for home, and more! (TEARS.)”

    There’s a whole lot more!


  32. Abrra said

    Thanks for the info on the new video. More David please??


    I am up for another round of NA on Tuesdays. I just need to manage my nap time better. I fell asleep after 2 episodes last time. Its not David’s fault haha!
    Thanks for the write ups. Nice to see that David is getting continued press BUZZ while he is gone.
    Wonderful scream caps! I made a few too. I will post them when I have time. They are not cropped yet. I have been busy with some video editing.

    Abrra 582 days


  33. MT said

    “More David please??” Agree! You can never have too much David. 🙂

    Nice screamcaps! Me thinks someone likes his face. haha Maybe just a litte? 😉

    My favorite parts of the video are of him singing. His face is so expressive.

    I just plain love watching him sing. Must be an ODD thing. lol) I wonder if Kari has more in that vault of hers that we might get later on?


  34. bebereader said

    Hope so MT! Could use a video for each song and that still wouldn’t be enough David for us! haha

    Lots of buzz…stretching worldwide!

    Hispanically Yours

    Archuleta Releases the Music Video for His “Everybody Hurts” Cover
    23 Aug 2012 | Entertainment

    “He may have recently started his two-year Mormon mission… But David Archuleta’s presence will still be felt in the music world.

    The 21-year-old Honduran/Spanish-American singer has released the music video for the next single from his just released BEGIN. album, a cover of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts.”

    Archuleta croons his heart out while covering the classic song, which was originally released by R.E.M. in 1992. In the clip, the American Idol runner-up can be seen singing in a recording studio alongside an orchestra and producer Kurt Bestor.

    Archuleta’s studio scenes was shot the day before he left for his Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints mission in South America.

    The Jed Wells-directed clip also includes a touching scene of a father on his daughter’s wedding day, a female soldier missing her son and a young couple who must be separated when one of them has to move out of town.”
    Joseph Vinaixa blog

    David Archuleta “Everybody Hurts” Video Premiere

    “Everybody Hurts” is a song by American singer-songwriter David Archuleta. The track is the second promotional single taken from his fifth studio album “BEGIN.” that was released August 7, 2012. The song is a cover of the R.E.M’s 1993 hit single with the same name. The music video was released on August 23 through his Youtube channel. In the video David performs the track with an orchestra which includes producer Kurt Bestor. The shots of David were recorded in a studio the day before he left on his mission. He said:

    “I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music, and will continue when I get back””


  35. marlie7 said

    Love this video – love seeing David singing!

    Sorry I missed NA chat! But yes, I’d like it to continue. I love knowing there is Saturday and Tuesday to meet up with the gang and just “chat all things David”. Thanks for Unplugged!


  36. bebereader said

    Love when you post those numbers, djafan#30!

    Abrra, So you’re all for NA chat night. Marlie too. Anyone else?


  37. Abrra said

    OHHH Look what I found? Pretty David skins for Firefox browser. Wave your mouse over the picture you like to preview it. Click “wear it” to apply it to your browser. I chose the Contigo one for now. I will probably change it in a month 🙂



  38. dakgal said

    Great— thanks Abrra—he looks so good up atop my browser page–more David –I like it!!!

    I chose The Other Side of Down -love those pics!!


  39. stenocruiser said

    Great find, Abrra, thanks. I chose Contigo also — certainly looks nice.
    Bebe — Nandito night? Yes! Please!


  40. Abrra said

    I am going to try to make some with more current pics. Might take me awhile. Some of the steps are new territory for me.



  41. MT said

    Continuing NA Chat night? *raises hand* You know me. I’m in!!! I’m like Marlie. I like knowing that on Tuesday & Saturday we can all meet up.:)


  42. betsy said

    Bebe I believe you know my answer to the NA chat question. 🙂


  43. mspoohbear said

    Bebe and Betsy, although my work schedule prevents me from joining you with your Nandito Ako chat, I feel compelled to say “Don’t Stop It!” I leave work very late in the evening (like today – still at work at this hour), so by the time I get home, you ladies have already said your goodbyes like the other night. Anyway, I don’t go to bed no matter how late it is until I watch a few episodes of Nandito Ako on Daily Motion. I don’t get sick and tired watching it over and over. I am proud to say I am a Nandito Ako addict! LOL!

    Maybe one of these days, I can join you ladies in your NA chat. OK, got to go home now. Goodnight!


  44. fenfan said

    Guess what the postman brought today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The little green gem is safe in my hands after its long journey. That vocal genius by the name of David Archuleta is singing in my ears right now!!!! OMG!!!! The photos!!!! He fits so neatly in that armchair! The dimpled chin!!!
    His voice is killing me!!!!!!


  45. MT said

    Yayyyy Fenfan!!!! Glad David has finally arrived. Enjoy!

    Every time I read about someone’s excitement over getting their CD, it makes me giddy. It reminds me all over again just how excited I was to get mine. 😀


  46. Abrra said

    Today I got an email newsletter from David’s OS. Its an announcement about the new music video and where to buy the BEGIN. CD.


    I watched it again, hoping to get a different perspective than the first times I watched. I have been struggling with the cut scene content of the video. Realizing that the director wanted to tell a story, I wonder why he didn’t choose a theme more fitting to the power of the song. For me the scenes depicted were a distraction away from the beauty of David’s singing as well as the visual of him in the studio doing his craft. The angst wasn’t deep enough.


    The situations, except the soldier, were just too ordinary to be gut wrenching. I just didn’t feel it. I found the cut scenes to be too cheesy to fit the soulful sound of the song. I join the chorus of fans who would be happy if David sang and the cameraman filmed. We feel his depth and can see it in his face. We certainly hear it in his voice. I am a huge fan of BEGIN. It’s a step up in maturity that David has shown he is capable of. I only wish he had stayed away from trying to tell a story this time.


    Abrra 581 days


  47. silverfox said


    I actually agree with you. Everyone has their own ideas & interpretations of the songs on the album. Here are mine.

    The lyrics reach out to those who are at the end of their rope for whatever reason, & feel as if they just don’t want to go on with their life because the pain is too much to bare. The song is about depression, the feeling of helplessness & hopelessness, perhaps after the loss of a loved one or just the hardships of life. It’s about letting those who are going through this pain that they are not alone and to hang on. So many people who are in such a state can’t see beyond their own despair and feel very much alone. The song is giving them another option.

    Here are the lyrics:

    When your day is long and the night
    The night is yours alone
    When you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life, well hang on
    Don’t let yourself go
    Everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes

    Sometimes everything is wrong
    Now it’s time to sing along
    When your day is night alone (hold on, hold on)
    If you feel like letting go (hold on)
    When you think you’ve had too much of this life, well hang on

    Everybody hurts
    Take comfort in your friends.
    Everybody hurts
    Don’t throw your hand. Oh, no
    Don’t throw your hand
    If you feel like you’re alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

    If you’re on your own in this life
    The days and nights are long
    When you think you’ve had too much of this life to hang on

    Well, everybody hurts sometimes
    Everybody cries
    And everybody hurts sometimes
    And everybody hurts sometimes
    So, hold on, hold on
    Hold on, hold on
    Hold on, hold on
    (Hold on, hold on)

    Everybody hurts

    You are not alone


  48. silverfox said

    And I meant to add, the video does not depict what the song is about, IMO.

    David’s scenes in the studio are the best part of the video because he is showing the angst in his voice and his expressions, never opening his eyes and never, not even at the end of the song, did he smile.


  49. silverfox said

    Just one more thought…not smiling his signature smile at the end and instead, looking down was very appropriate for the song and it’s meaning.

    And that’s all I have to say other than David’s vocals are, as always, breathtaking!


  50. MT said

    Abrra, SF,
    I agree. And I think there were a couple of things they could have done to fix those issues.

    The man could have been holding a photo of his wife who is gone and the daughter comes in and sits next to him, puts her arm around his shoulder, and looks sadly at it too, and hugs him with a small sad smile. (take comfort in your friends)

    The couple, when one leaves, a friend could have come up to the sad one left behind with an arm around the shoulders. (take comfort in your friends)

    The soldier, as she cries, her fellow soldier could have just reached out and put his hand over hers in understanding. (take comfort in your friends)

    They tried to make it have a happy ending, which didn’t exactly work for me.

    Anyway, just my thoughts.


  51. stenocruiser said

    Actually, I find it very confusing as to the approach the producers/director of the video should have taken. Apparently even the writer of the song was unclear as to the actual meaning —

    Before David Archuleta headed out on his two-year mission with The Church of Latter Day Saints, he recorded a cover of REM’s “Everybody Hurts,” complete with an orchestra.
    “I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music, and will continue when I get back,” Archuleta said on his website about the cover, which appears on his recently released album, BEGIN.
    The video, which features the American Idol runner-up recording in the studio, focuses on those going on their own missions from a young couple separating for college to an armed servicewoman serving in the Middle East to a father whose daughter is getting married.
    The original by REM off of their 1992 album, Automatic For the People, was also meant to be optimistic and written for those contemplating suicide, telling those struggling to never give up.
    Though Michael Stipe has always been evasive about the song’s meaning and known to change the lyrics of his songs on a regular basis, in 2001 the Nevada Assembly praised the band for “encouraging the prevention of teen suicides,” specifically mentioning “Everybody Hurts.”
    Guitarist Peter Buck did admit to the BBC in 2005 that even he didn’t really know what Stipe intended to say with the song.
    “I remember Michael saying something to the effect that he wanted younger people to not have to worry about metaphors,” he said. “The only metaphor is in the bridge: ‘throw your hand’, which is a card-game metaphor.”
    No matter what the song is about though, the band understands that “Everybody Hurts” is a song that is very meaningful to many different people.
    “We’ve tended to license the song out for free to charity,” Buck told the BBC.
    The song was recently used as a charity single for Haiti after the devastating earthquakes that happened there in 2010.


  52. stenocruiser said

    In any case, I find the video and David’s voice absolutely beautiful — can’t stop watching it.


  53. MT said

    I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. David has worked so hard to leave us so much and I can’t thank him enough for that. I do love David’s parts and think his voice is heartbreakingly beautiful on this song.

    On a different note: I’ve been listening to TOSOD today, and songs from his first album. I’ve been listening so much to Forevermore and BEGIN that I almost forgot how much I love those songs!

    TOSOD is almost the flip side of BEGIN. (Kind of funny when you think of that name of that album.)

    BTW His song … Things Are Gonna Get Better, this video would have worked perfectly for that.


  54. SandyBeaches said

    What great discussions following the release of the video. It seems that most of the sites are doing the same and got rather serious about their thoughts. I like that!

    If you tally up the thoughts, it seems that many would have appreciated the video relating more closely to David’s performance.

    David works at being a perfectionist with his music and it would be nice to see the videos be a match.



  55. MT said

    Random thought:
    IDK if Everybody Hurts will be released as a single(just rumors), but … oh, man … that pic of him crouched down with the light on his shoulder should be the pic they use for the single.

    Hmm .. another random thought … him singing like that would have gone great into the EH video.


  56. Dayzee said

    Abrra, you don’t find anguish in a wedding? That father seems so depressed over his daughter’s marriage, I can only assume that groom looks much nicer than he is in action.

    It is so true that the best parts of the video are the ones with David in them. That song is now a favorite because I have seen him sing it. Funny how that works. Just like the rest of the things in my life, I kind of skip over all the parts that do not contain David. Ever since Angelica pointed out to me the definition of extraneous is anything that doesn’t pertain to David I have no problem with that

    Like Steno, I still find the video captivating, and like MT I am grateful. Very grateful


  57. bebereader said

    Points are well taken. The stories depicted onscreen for the most part, do not do justice to the power in the depth of David’s vocals. The teenage couple was perhaps an appeal to David’s younger fans. Although no comparison to being in the depths of despair of losing a loved one, if I remember correctly, at 18, it really does feel as if your world is falling apart when your boyfriend leaves for college.

    I would have much preferred an uncut complete video of David recording “Everybody Hurts”. In the absence of that, I’m taking from the video what I want, what I need…the chance to watch David sing and record. Like all of you, I’m so appreciative that he let us in on his recording session; that’s always been a dream of mine.


  58. bebereader said

    Someone already did a cover of David’s “Broken”. I wasn’t going to listen just because. But I did. It’s a credit to David that others want to sing his song. She’s no David Archuleta but she’s pretty good. It gets better as she gets into the song.


  59. MT said

    I was on Youtube watching/listening to the EH video and reading comments and someone said …

    “David’s voice is just so beautiful! I could listen to him sing every song ever written.”

    I know exactly what she means! But I would probably add “watch” him sing them to that.


  60. betsy said

    My thought watching this the first time? I loved it. Watched it a bunch more and still did.
    Then I had a pretty sad day today. One of those I can’t stop crying days. Pretty much living through an Everybody Hurts thing here. 😦 And I started to think that…the video was not representing what I heard in David’s voice. Or what I see in his face. It looks like he “went there”.
    But then again, it’s a music video. It doesn’t have to be Hamlet. So I’ve been back & forth on it.
    But I DID send it to one (actually 2) of my sisters. I just read her email back to me. I even forgot I sent it, tbh.
    Guys, she used the word addicted.
    So nonfans are using the word addicted. I should probably warn her right now.
    Oh, the other sister? The one I NEVER even speak D’s name to? (don’t ask) She asked me why I didn’t warn her to prepare the Kleenex. She was sobbing.

    In conclusion:
    I think the true fans, us, are harder on this video than others. Maybe because we understand David better. We feel his heart on this. He meant for us to.
    I hope this ramble makes sense, it’s never good to be online and commenting when one is exhausted.


  61. MT said

    Oh, Betsy. I’m so sorry today was such a bad day for you. I hope tomorrow is better. {{{hugs}}}

    I’m really glad that the non-fans are liking the video so much. I hope it’s catching. If it brings in more fans, then it has done it’s job.

    About us being harder on it than others, that could be true for the reasons you said. I kind of flip flop on it too. Maybe it depends on my mood. I’ve been in a not too great place lately so maybe that’s why the happy endings didn’t feel right to me.

    But I will say that for some strange reason, I like the song even more after seeing the video. I can’t seem to stop listening to it even though it wasn’t one of my favs before. But IDK, that could just be because I tend to love anything I SEE him sing.


  62. bluesky said

    I recently read an article in which the topic was “art” and what constitutes “art”. The writer held that art happens when the artist describes through his talents a truth or story or idea that has come to him and that he wants to communicate with others. The ‘others” in their turn see and read into the art what it means to them. The writer spoke of how the artist can obstruct this process by detailing too narrowly what they were communicating – that is, by not allowing the observer to create and enjoy their own individual “story”, their own experience with the art that makes it meaningful to them in their own life. He explained that each person receives art (true art) into their own heart and mind in as many different ways as there are people. And as each person receives it unto themselves, and it becomes part of them – the art lives on and grows beyond the artist.

    That is what I bring to art: myself. That is my gift to the artist in return for their helping me to see beyond the mark: the artist sets the stage and performs, it is my own heart, however, that takes that performance and makes it live beyond that one moment.

    Thanks you to all of you for sharing. I love what I see in your hearts.



  63. jans11 said

    The thing that I noticed the first time I watched the video was it looked like the little boy and his dad joined the mom in the war zone with all the rock along side of the road. All the scenery looked like where she was fighting. I know that it was filmed in Utah, but I know that Utah has trees and flowers. The couple had me puzzled somewhat too. At first, I thought they were married and she was leaving him, but they looked too happy for that. Then I figured it out she must be leaving for college. But usually all your family is there when you’re leaving for school. Maybe David just sang the song and Kurt Bestor and the video producer done the rest of it. That David doesn’t even know how it turned out. I still love it since I’ve watched it about 25 times. Mainly watch the David part!!!♥


  64. Abrra said

    I really liked the Broken cover. From the bridge to the end is especially well done! Thanks for the link,


    I hope your boohoo’s are gone when you wake up today. Looking forward to seeing you in Unplugged tonight. I have a special surprise. 🙂


    Abrra 580 days


  65. MT said


    That really is true about art. I’ve been reading around and people are interpreting it different ways. Each sees something different, something that hits home for them. Each one is a valid viewpoint, but different none the less.

    I guess what I expected was a depiction of my own interpretation on video, and it wasn’t, so it kind of threw me off. I felt a disconnect because what stood out to me most in the song was the part about “if you feel like you’re alone” “you’re not alone” “take comfort in your friends” and that didn’t really show in the video in the way I expected it to.

    But for others who hear something different in the song, it fits perfectly. So I am trying to see it with a different viewpoint. I do like the video and have grown to really love the song after watching it.

    And like the rest of you, I really love the David parts. ♥ I tend to repeat those. 😀


  66. Well, alot to get caught up on here! Hi everybody! Great comments I have been reading….
    My computer mouse wouldn’t let me get on the computer the past couple of days…froze on me.Wallymart for me this morning. This one is out of control, running all over the place haha.I like it, RIP old mouse.

    I love the video, because David is in it♥ and in the recording studio where I always wanted to see him!
    That thrills me to no end.
    I think what they did was done very well. There are so many scenarios that would have fit. The bullying theme could have been used for instance.Darker themes, such as death, and complete despair,too depressing… but what they used( to me) was just fine. Hurt is hurt, no matter what the degree when you are the one experiencing it. whether its a Dad, giving away his “little girl”. a soldier missing her little boy,(I love the part when he is looking at his mommy so happy♥ or a young couple who are missing each other. I do agree that the look on Davids face at the end, no smiling, makes the happy endings a bit out of place, but I think David himself was probably feeling sad and happy mixed emotions, just prior to his leaving everything and everyone he loves behind,to go on his mission.
    Now, these pics I see above me! wow, just beautiful.

    OK going in to watch video again. If I am not out by tonight, for chat,..someone throw a rope down the rabbit hole…. will ya?



  67. emmegirl14 said

    Everybody Hurts is one of my most favorite on the album. Seeing him singing brings me to that place again, where time stands still…oh to have seen him sing it in it’s entirety.


  68. Abrra said


    BEGIN. CD Launch in the Philippines with Astroplus and Archuleta Philippines

    What a fun day it was for the Philippine Archies! Everyone was excited to finally get their hands on David Archuleta’s latest album, BEGIN. .

    Astroplus and Archuleta Philippines partnered in launching BEGIN. in the Philippine shores. Astroplus did not disappoint! Front and center at the Astroplus branch in the newly opened Robinsons Magnolia mall in Quezon City was a majestic display of BEGIN. posters/tarps, BEGIN. CDs and througout the launch David’s music and videos were played inside the store.

    In store poster.


    @lorms herself!

    Well stocked , I see!

    Contest prizes.


    Looks like everybody wins 🙂

    Store promotional poster.

    Thanks Lorms and Archuleta Philippines for sharing the fun day with fans everywhere!



  69. emmegirl14 said

    I hadn’t seen that shot on the poster in the white shirt. I like it.


  70. decided the young ‘couple’ is the girl next door/boy next door.cause she says on the porch scene, “we’re moving”:(
    ok, back in again…making up for lost computer time. hehehe


  71. Look at all those cd’s! I love the Philippines♥
    I want that mousepad! haha, and that promo poster in the while shirt Emme! wow. Now this is how it should be done. Great job.


  72. MT said

    Wow! Now that’s promo!

    Emme, Sky, Love the promo poster with the white shirt, too. He’s got the most gorgeous profile.

    Lots of great photos of him there. And so many CDs! I wish the stores here would do that. I can’t even find one CD here. (Of course I live in “smalltown U.S.A” lol, but still, they could have a few.)

    It’s so great to see the support there. 🙂 They know how to do right by our guy.

    Ooohhh … I want a mousepad, too!


  73. Abrra said

    photo credit: Matt Clayton

    Who likes surprises???



  74. emmegirl14 said

    sky, MT, I now realize I HAVE seen that pose before, it just looks different blown up like that – I think it was that hint of five o’clock shadow that threw me off. That mousepad….eeeeeeek!


  75. Abrra said


    I was gifted a “David” mouse pad by Betsy 2yrs ago. She had it made by Walgreens. They have an online photo and printing service


    Thanks again, Betsy!



  76. MT said

    Love the mouse pad. How sweet of Betsy. Lucky you!

    Hmmm … I wonder if hubby would approve of one?


  77. funfee said

    Just wanted to say hi because I won’t be able to come to chat tonight. I’m scrapbooking with friends but will miss my David friends!!


  78. bebereader said

    Fi#77 I just left chat. Sorry you couldn’t be there tonight; we had so much fun!

    Love the expression on David’s face in the white shirt, promo for comment#68.

    Was out carousing last night on Youtube comments for “Everybody Hurts”. Seems the non-fans are less critical of the video than the fans. Go figure!

    I saved a few, well, more than a few. LOL

    “I am not a fan of David’s by any stretch of the imagination. Or at least I wasn’t until I heard this song. Simply Amazing.”

    “♫ worth crying for :(( so touched..”

    im already addicted……:)”

    “That is the most beautiful, emotion filled voice I have ever heard. I got the chills several times and had tears in my eyes. David Archuleta is AMAZING.”

    “I will never tire of hearing this man’s voice. Never. Una voz sin igual.”

    “yes indeed! he has an angel voice, I love him!!!!”

    “this video made me feel the resolution to be a better person :)”

    “He is the best singer of this age. Not a soul can even come close to him. He not only sings but he shares his heart with all of us.”

    “made me cry………. a very special video 🙂 <3"

    "That's what we call singer. He has a passion on his work."

    "When David was on American Idol and the next few years following, I was obsessed. I must admit, the last year or so I stoped and didnt really listen to his music too much anymore. I seriously had no idea he came out with this new album. I came across this video, and the whole time I was watching I was crying. I have been going through a tough time, and David did it once again, he helped me though something. I cant thank him enough, and I cant believe I ever stopped listening to him.<3"


  79. Abrra said

    Fi! You were missed last night. We had a blast as we watched an ALL David version of the Everybody Hurts video

    .I outlasted most and stayed very late for a change. Great discussions about writing books and poetry. We have quite a few authors in the crowd. I would love to have some article submissions from fans. If you have something you want to say about David or a topic you can relate back to him, please send it to How wonderful it would be to have more voices here above the comments.

    Surfing on Tumblr this morning. Random finds I liked :


    I was at this show and never saw the ring LOL



    Abrra 579 days


  80. Dayzee said

    Thanks for surfing and sharing Abrra. That second pic is for me, right? Gotta find a free spot on my wall.


  81. Abrra said

    Dayzee it is 🙂 Let me see if I can make it larger and I will send in email.



  82. cq#DA2014 said

    I just want to thank all the wonderful fans that keep this fabulous site going, I might not comment a lot, but I visit your site everyday.


  83. MT said

    Love the finds …
    1. Cutie David
    2. Intense David (& Neck … for Dayzee 🙂 )
    3. The eyes! (& very pink-lipped David haha)
    4. The Hair! (this must be for Abs herself, it’s ok, she’s allowed LOL)

    Bebe & Abrra,
    We did have fun in chat. (I couldn’t believe how many of us are involved in writing in one way or another.) And Abrra outlasted me!

    Once again, LOVE the vid you made, Abrra! I am now obsessed with both the song and the video. ♫ Hold Oooooonnnnnnnn…. ♫ Gahhh

    Nice to see you posting. 🙂 Join in any time!


  84. djafan said

    Sorry I’ve been mia, I have a little reprieve from my busy weekend!




  85. Dja,looks like a good time! And that sunset picture is gorgeous!
    ….speaking of gorgeous, this comment page is full of eye treats. gahhh!

    Dayzee, I’ve been staring at that neck for so long, I see a face in the razor burn spot, and his veins form the letter k.
    eeeek! Dr. Abrra. I need an appointment stat.


  86. Abrra said


    How may I help?



  87. djafan said

    I’ve been reading here and everywhere about EH MV and the reactions run from super love to disappointment. Most disappointment coming from fans, isn’t it ironic? I believe there’s a song to that effect lol. I love the video. Would I like it to be all David? Absolutely. Could there have been better story lines? Definitely. Did the MV reflect the angst we see in David? No. There are so many degrees of hurt that I couldn’t begin to say who’s hurt hurts the most. I was surprised that even the writer of the the song wasn’t sure of who or what was the target. But since David is away I didn’t expect any of this ever, never thought it was possible. I’ll take it and love it.

    I’m enjoying the reaction of the world. I have not seen this type of media attention since maybe Crush. Of course the US is a little behind. Though I was surprised to see many radio stations and idol news posting the video. The world is posting this video in all sorts of social media, in some of the most surprising places. Latin and South America have been incredible in posting. I wanted to post every mention but way to many. All impressed. This is my favorite comment I saw in several places, “David is sounding and looking good.” Yep he sure is.

    Hoping for more videos from BEGIN. with David glimpses to keep the interest going. I have a feeling we’re in for more surprises.


  88. Abrra said

    Some VERY nice HD videos of AI7 on this person’s YouTube channel. Some I have not seen since 2008. I like that they have the intro clips,performance,comments and results relating to David.

    Link to all her videos.

    I might be a bit busy this week swapping these in to Unplugged! 🙂



  89. skydancer1x said

    Dear Dr. Abrra,
    Thank you for coming on such short notice Doc! I am seeing things! haha
    thanks for bringing some good medicine with you….. these video gems sure made me smile♥

    Dja, hope we are in for more surprises!


  90. Abrra said

    From AFS today

    FanScene ReWind: David Archuleta: Chats from the
    “I thought I’d share a few chat transcripts from back in the days of David’s Official Street Team.”

    I read them all. He was 13 and they talk about his activities plus performing around Utah.

    Don’t miss the link at the end to view some old pictures. I looked at every one, even though I had seen most of them before. It was like going through an old family album.



  91. rarchiefan said

    Calling All Archies!! Would you like to be involved in a small and fun service project for David? Here is the idea** Write a short letter to David** Begin the letter with just saying hello (don’t write anything else) ~then say you just want to ask him a few questions. Next make a short list of fun questions. (Nothing too personal) >Example: Are you getting use to it being cold during months it is warm in the US? Do they have some of your favorite foods there, like almonds? Are there lots of mountains around you? Do you see more dogs or cats? Lol (Anything “be creative” and it’s ok if we all ask the same ones that would be even more fun!) Then end the letter with this same question: Is there anything I (or we) can do for YOU? If you wish ask: Is there anything you or your fellow missionaries need? Finally say: Do you see a need amongst the people around you that I (or we) can help with?

    The idea being we let David know we care about him and his fellow companions as well as those he is serving, not that we are just thankful for his music. (He Knows we are!!) Please do not mention anything about music so these letters serve a different purpose. Plus the fun questions are sure to make him smile or laugh!! Who knows we might get a tweet to answer one or two if we are lucky.

    This is to reach out to mark his 6 months serving his mission. How great will be his joy at seeing all of us asking him some fun questions but ending with asking him if He or Others Need anything; asking if we can serve him not just thanking him or telling him things. That is the idea anyway, if you wish to participate write your letters and mail to his Florida PO Box ON September 28th. That way they are all post marked with the same 6th month date he left. ♥ Thank you all and pass this along!!


  92. Dayzee said

    What a fun Sunday! All those AI videos containing all David. Perfect! I had forgotten how surprised David seemed to be each week when Ryan told David he was safe.

    And Sky and myself with our eyes glued on that gorgeous neck pic. Interesting golden oldie transcripts. Happy Sunday to all


  93. jans11 said

    Tried to get to chat last night, but just couldn’t fit it in. I was wanting to see the surprise that Abrra had for us. Hope to see it next week. Sometimes I have Unplugged on during the week just for David being in the back ground.

    70-Sky-glad you heard her say they were moving…I didn’t hear it and that makes so much more sense.

    I have a picture mousepad. I bought a mousepad on clearance where it has a slip pocket in it where I can change the picture. On the bottom it says “Memories”. Of course, David’s is in there!!

    #91 I send a card or letter every few weeks and always talk about anything and everything that is going on…kind of like I would to a grandson. When he has released anything new, I always thank him and let him know how I love and appreciate it. Myself, I would feel odd asking him anything since I know that he can’t respond. That’s just my opinion. I will send a card at that time to mark the 6 months, that wil be the 1/4 mark!!♥

    Dayzee, Love your neck picture…and what a picture!

    Had a lady come over after church and showed her bunches of videos and all the pictures I have taken at all the concerts. Kind of a David Archuleta day! ♥I Will have to send a picture of my DA end of the room when I get it done. My son has taken over the room for his computer while he is here, for now. Here’s hoping he will get the opening position in Oct. so he can live fulltime back in TX again!


  94. djafan said

    EH MV 69,901 views

    Some comments.

    I am not a fan of David’s by any stretch of the imagination. Or atleast I wasn’t until I heard this song. Simply Amazing.
    greenTechguy1 2 days ago 55

    Well I’m not David’s fan but I really love this I mean everything in it. It’s Amazing
    paurenze07 in reply to bhebuntan (Show the comment) 2 days ago

    Good reply 🙂

    fyi, this is newton 3rd law at work. the speed of the truck moving forward has an equal effect on the fan blades, turning them at high speeds. think of a wind mill, its the same concept. the fan was not running on electricity, but moving from the speed of the truck. i thought it was a clever visual effect for the video.
    thop1984 in reply to DayzeOfKrow (Show the comment) 2 days ago

    So @ihop1984, which of Newton’s laws explain how the world comes to a complete stop when I listen to David’s beautiful voice?
    Happpydance in reply to thop1984 2 days ago

    Wow, AI to now?

    So touching. I loved him on American Idol…and I still do. So nice to have you back, dude! (;
    ellielhandel 2 days ago 2

    CanadianArchie Cindy #DA2014 1h


  95. MT said

    Thanks for the link to the chats with young David. I enjoyed reading it. I found the comment about him not being able to yell because of his paralized vocal chord very interesting. (and sad. It hurts my heart for him everytime I think of him losing his voice) Maybe that’s why he’s so soft spoken, years of being unable to raise his voice. That and his sweet nature of course.

    Vocally, it’s such a contrast between his speaking voice and the way he belts out a song.

    Hope you had a great time. Did you take that sunset photo? It’s gorgeous!

    And thanks to Dja & Bebe for bringing the comments from the video over. I like the ones from those who are big fans, but I especially like the comments from the non fans who are surprised and now realizing what a tremendous talent he has. It’s also nice to see some are re-discovering David.


  96. Angelica said

    New post>>>


  97. djafan said

    Sky, I love going to the beach though I only wet below the knees lol I’m not a swimmer but It’s peaceful and relaxing. My kids and grandkids love the beach.

    MT, I took the sunset photo. It was incredible to witness this beauty.

    Rararchie, I read from some missionaries that about the 6th month the mail they receive really slows down and from what I read they don’t like the feeling. The love getting mail and having that ongoing communication. I say everybody send him a card or postcard and say what your heart dictates.


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