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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ Time to BEGIN.

Posted by djafan on Monday, August 6, 2012

David’s liner notes

There is no one I can thank more than my Father in Heaven. He is my light, and illuminates those hard paths to take so that I know how to get through them. Some people may not understand why I have made the decisions I have chosen to make, but that is the reason why I made this album. I did my best to let people understand where I try to come from through this album.

The next group I’d like to thank are the very talented arrangers/producers/musicians. Kurt Bestor and John Hancock, thank you for having such great attitudes about this. I know it has been alot to handle in such a small amount of time, but you guys have been such troopers. John with your cool choices and ideas you always keep things interesting. And for Kurt, your humor always gets to me. The heart you bring to a song is magical. This would not have been possible without the two of you. I also want to thank Mike Green and Blair for helping out in the studio.

I’d like to thank Gina Orr for helping make things happen, and keeping me in the direction that I feel good about. Thanks for always being caring in how things are done and decisions are made. Also thanks to Kari Sellards for your hard work, helping me stay on track and keeping on top of things. It makes things so much easier to get through with an easy-going personality like yours. Thanks for helping me make sure I have everything I need, too! I also want to thank Jon Hunt for helping me finish up more music. It’s been awesome getting to work on music with you and you’ve helped me be able to stick to who I am not just as a person, but also musically as an artist. Thanks to Steves Rodriguez, Howard Siegel and Kim Tauber for helping things run smoothly, and to the DA official website team, and Roslyn Pineda for all that you do for me. I want to thank my family for being willing to listen and give their input and for being my best supporters.

I want to thank Sheri Dew! Bob Ahlander and everyone at Highway Records for helping make this all possible even while I move on to the next phase of my life. Thanks for being a great support! I’d also like to thank Ron Gunnell and Mr. Mac for your help as well in helping get things started and arranged at the beginning!

Last, but not certainly not least I want to thank all the fans! Thanks to all of you who have supported me these past years and for your dedication. It has meant so much to see your support as I take on this next journey and experience in my life. I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music and empty-handed. I want you to know that I won’t stop music and will continue when I get back. Thanks to those of you who are reading this and for your support of this album! It really comes from my heart and I did my best to help you all know where I am coming from on my mission decision. While I can’t always [say] what I want to say using words, I hope that these songs will help you know.  ~ David


Buy BEGIN. here!


The Voice David Archuleta has received a donation of 10 itune cards for gifting.  Please email if you are not able to purchase BEGIN.  They will be gifted to the first 10 replies.

Thank you!!!

149 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Time to BEGIN.”

  1. funfee said

    OMG this album is heavenly! WOW absolutely gorgeous! Love this guy!


  2. funfee said

    Be still my soul. We can definitely feel his heart.


  3. djafan said

    I have, I’m listening, I can not believe the sound.


  4. bebereader said

    In tears, listening now. Every song is brilliant.

    I’m reminded of what David did at the AI finale. He said he wasn’t concentrating on winning; he wanted to do his best to show how much he loves music. I think he did the same here. In wanting to show us how much he appreciates our support, he sang his heart out and handed it to us on a silver platter in BEGIN.

    I could not love him more.


  5. tawna21 said

    David Archuleta is a true artist and one to never be forgotten! I am in love with the voice that is filling this album!

    Abrra…. we’ve changed the front number!!



  6. betsy said

    Was too antsy to chat tonight. I’ll be there tomorrow.

    Can’t talk about this yet. It’s too beautiful to find any words.


  7. Abrra said


    How proud are we fans?


    Abrra 598 days and a bit longer until we can hear this incredible collection of songs sung live.


  8. jans11 said

    Oh boy!! Got to get BEGIN from Itunes and it is absolutely beautiful,,,the best he’s done!♥ Makes me so happy, my heart was beating so hard by the time it got to Be Still, My Soul, I was telling my heart to be still! Then here comes this video with David hoping we can still feel his heart and I wanted to cry! Talk about mixed emotions, happy and sad at the same time. David, there is no way we could ever forget you…ever! And as long as I listen to you sing, I will always feel your heart!♥♥

    Djfan, I’m with you…out of adjectives to describe this guy…we’ve used them all! And then some! lol


  9. mspoohbear said

    Although I pre-ordered Begin @ Deseret Books. I Went to Walmart, August 6, 8 pm and found out they already put out Begin on sale. There were only 3 CDs left on the shelf so I grabbed all of them. That just tells me a lot of CDs had already been sold. I couldn’t wait to get to my car and listen to it. It was such an experience of a different level listening to each and every song. You can tell David put his heart out in doing this album. You can feel it as he sings. It is truly a gift he made for his fans. We love you David!


  10. annmargaret said

    Love is a verb. David took action and recorded all of these beautiful and inspirational songs for us..To show his fans he loves us and appreciates our support. I’m certain it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish in such a short amount of time but the results are breathtaking. Bravo David! I am so looking forward to his homecoming concert when we can hear David sing them live.


  11. SandyBeaches said

    Well my listening time was in ‘the night after I went to SnowAngelz thinking that the Canadian iTunes might be different and she had a reminder about pre-sales! Thank you TOfan! What a panic when I read that you had all listened to it.

    We have written in great lengths about David for some time now and it all has been great. David is such an easy subject to write about.

    But this time he has the floor and is telling us so much. We didn’t find the new descriptive words in time but they will come.

    Thank you David for “Don’t Let Go”. So extraordinary…. Kurt Bestor and all others involved in the recording have produced a most outstanding album. It will go far beyond his fans.



  12. Harold Weinstein said

    Omg it gave me goosebumps the songs are from his heart ! The soul he has is amazing ! David we all carry you with us 2014 can’t come soon enough god bless you your mission and your heart!


  13. bluesky said

    10 Annmargaret

    You are so right: “Love is a verb.” DA does his best to live, exemplify, act and breath love. I am so appreciative of his efforts to be true to who his is.

    My returned-missionary son, David has been doing great. He also reminded me of something. He has accomplished so many of his goals already since he has been home. He fills me with joy. Then he said to me last night: you know, in the mission the time you have the greatest challenges with is the time that is unplanned and unfilled. He explained that although he is really appreciative of how things are falling together for him, he dislikes the time in-between because it is so easy to just “tread water” as it were, and possibly miss opportunities to enrich our lives.

    I thought how true that principle was for me and for life in general. DA being gone or at least not around in the usual way, gives me a chance to look around and take the challenge to enrich my own life in many ways.

    I am so grateful for decent, striving, good-hearted people all around me. And for so many of you here at the Voice and the great examples you are for me.

    Thanks DA for this opportunity.
    Thanks David for being an extraordinary son.
    Thanks to the Voice.
    And thanks to all of you.

    much love,


  14. bluesky said

    (Yes, I will comment on the album…. but as a child must experience the vibration and rhythm and living of language before it speaks in words for itself… just so: I must experience and immerse and live and sing and breathe and accept before I can begin to reply. Words may never come.)

    (So.. DA. You communicate much better through music than through speech. If your goal is simply to surround your self with people who also have difficulty speaking…. Good job. Well done.)


  15. Angelica said

    Bringing this comment by Joymus over from SD because she expresses the truth about BEGIN. so well.

    “Well the verdict is in. David Archuleta simply is the best male singer of his generation. Just about every song in. His exquisite vocals coupled with intuitive phrasing, just wraps around each note with the right amount of emphasis on the word or note he chooses – Memphis Sk-y is just one example. His upper and lower registers easily ranges from soaring heights to deliciously warm, fuzzy depths. What a gifted, talented human being! What a sublime gift from a man who did not wish to leave his fans empty-handed. I am humbled, overwhelmed and thankful.

    Contrary to what David said in his taped vingettes, this is not an easy listening album. It is relentless with a purpose to affirm positivity to the listener. You are beautiful, hang on, don’t you dare give up on yourself or life. Everyone goes through rough times – just be still and you’ll find inner strength because you are not alone…….this artist just doesn’t sing for singing sake but instead uses his talents to actually inspire and enrich. This is probably why he has a hard time in an industry that uplifts foolishness to an art form. How many kinds of parties can I rock out to in a lifetime? How many hookups can I make in a club?”

    My sentiments exactly and I would try to find the words too but I’m not in the thinking stage just yet. Still absorbing it all.


  16. betsy said

    Thanks for bringing the comment by joymus over.
    Eloquent and dead-on accurate.


  17. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you Joymus for your comments today. It is a very special day because of the release of David’s most phenomenal album. I am amazed by the arrangements which are as unique as David’s voice. What a wonderful combination of talents.

    If you use earphones or ear buds you will hear more of the instruments and that makes each song complete.

    This is a beautiful gift from David.



  18. djafan said

    Idol Chatter….Needs comments!

    David Archuleta back in his element on BEGIN.
    Posted by Mark Franklin on Aug 7, 2012 in David Archuleta, New Idol Music | 0 comments
    That’s quite the farewell gift David Archuleta delivered to fans today.

    The former Idol contestant is off on a two-year mission trip, but recorded an album of cover songs before he left.

    That album — titled BEGIN. — was released today and finds the Season 7 runner-up back in his element.

    After all, David didn’t win over fans by dancing across the Idol stage singing pop songs. If anything, he looked a wee bit uncomfortable when he did that.

    He won loyal fans with brilliant renditions of inspirational ballads like John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

    And he’s back to singing those types of songs on BEGIN., delivering wonderful versions of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Angel” and “Everybody Hurts.”

    Not everything works. I could have done without David’s version of U2′s “Pride (In the Name of Love).” It seems a bit out of kilter with the rest of the album.

    But one of the best tracks is “Broken,” and that’s not a cover. In fact, it’s the only original on the album. In case you haven’t heard it, I’ve embedded it below.

    After recording two post-Idol pop albums, the change is musical style was entirely deliberate, David said in a video message to fans.

    He said he wanted to record an album with “a more relaxed, peaceful kind of feel” in synch with where he is at this point in his life.

    Now that he’s delivered a reminder of the vocal talent fans will be missing until his return, the big question is: What next?

    Well, judging from the latest video message to fans, it sounds like music will still be part of David’s life when the mission work ends.

    “I know it’s something that will also affect my music when I get back,” David says. “It will give me a new light on things and a new perspective musically and with my writing. Who I want to be. What I want to express. I’m really excited to share that with you guys, whatever it may be.”

    For the full video, go here.

    And, now, “Broken.”

    Good news! If you plan to buy more BEGIN. please buy at itunes!

    David Archuleta AFS ‏@FanScene
    BEGIN. : #7 Pop, #23 Music iTunes Charts!

    26s davidsgonzalez ‏@DavidFTFOD
    Woohoo, I was told by local BestBuy that BEGIN. sold out and was doing better than all new releases.


  19. Angelica said

    Note from David to the fans on his OS

    Wow, I can’t believe the album release date for “BEGIN.” has finally arrived!

    There was so much to do in such a short time, but I have to let the fans know how much this album means. This was definitely an album done against the odds, but done for the people who have meant so much to me, and a way to bring them on the journey I’m currently on right now to an extent. These songs have a reason behind them, and I hope that through this album you will understand better why I am out here on my mission.

    Muchísimas gracias a todos que me dan apoyo. ¡Espero que puedan sentir el corazón que está en cada una de éstas canciones!



  20. Abrra said

    A special note from David about the release of BEGIN. today. You can check it out here —> (ks)

    Translation of the Spanish from Google:
    Thanks to all who give me support.I hope you can feel the heart that is in each of these songs!

    Abrra 598 days


  21. Dayzee said

    Feel like I have been “wrapped in the arms of the angels” as I listen to this CD. Can’t believe I was brought to tears by liner notes. What a weenie I am.


  22. djafan said

    Oh my!



  23. djafan said

    Oh my heart ♥


  24. davidstopsmyaging said

    Such a wonderful, exciting, emotional day. Love the album to pieces. Went on a LOOOOONG drive this morning, devouring the sounds and emotions. I was shaking….how silly, but couldn’t help myself.

    I bought the album at WalMart–they had about 10 there. I placed them strategically, because they were hard to find at first. My bad……

    Djafan—thanks for posting that review. Such a GREAT review. Wish all would be as good—but, really, I

    shouldn’t care, because I know this was done for David’s fans–not the reviewers.

    Angelica, Joymous’ comments are so right-on. Thanks for posting that. Some people, have such a way of expressing what so many of us feel.

    David, I hope you are being truly blessed in Chile. In your young life, you have given more than words could say. As many others have said, I feel so lucky to be counted as one of your fans.


  25. MT said

    “26s davidsgonzalez ‏@DavidFTFOD
    Woohoo, I was told by local BestBuy that BEGIN. sold out and was doing better than all new releases.” I hope this CD sells a gazillion (it deserves to be heard by the masses) and surprises everyone!

    It’s so good to hear from David. ♥

    I have gone from song to song and can’t sort out what to say. haha So I am going to listen to one at a time (with a few repeats lol) to be able to properly absorb each one. Right now, Beautiful. Geez, can I say how much I love the multi-layered vocals and the part where he lets loose with all his amazing Davidness in the middle of it? *sigh*

    Going back to listen again. ♥ 😉


  26. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Let the celebration continue…

    (screamcap courtesy of Abrra)


  27. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Hanne Denmark


  28. joymus said

    Angelica – Thank You so much for sharing my comments about Begin. on this site. Thanks also to everyone for the kind comments. That was only my simple heartfelt thoughts about David’s vocal work overall. The one thing I did not include was the most obvious and David just said it in his note to the fans. His heart. It was front and center in every note that left his mouth and he held on tightly like a miser with additional hmms and oohs until there was nothing left but silence.

    David knew the pain of devastation many fans felt at the news of his announcement, which is why I believe out of all his albums produced thus far, this one was meant to soothe and ease any lingering hurt. Darn it – my eyes are tearing as I try to put words to my feelings about this album.

    It was made with more love than we have ever felt from him in the past – and so it left his heart, transformed itself into his best vocal technique produced and recorded (IMO) as he interpreted lyrics and melody, to our ears, and concluded with a heck of a whallop to our hearts in turn.

    So Thank YOU David!


  29. MT said

    Saw these tweets posted in comments over on FOD. >>

    Ashley ‏@Palrice8
    Hey @Walmart @BestBuy @Target @BNBuzz @newburycomics @Kmart @Sears Thanks for not having @DavidArchie’s new album.

    Kmart ‏@Kmart
    @Palrice8 Kmart and Sears both carry it online. It was available for pre-order and is already on backorder due to overwhelming popularity!

    Overwhelming poplularity! I like that!

    *still listening to BEGIN.*


  30. MT said

    OH! And I like his new twitter avi!

    Admin Abrra edit


  31. djafan said

    Another tweet from David and it was retweeted by itunes!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    WOW! Release day for BEGIN. and its in the Top 10 on @itunesmusic Pop Charts! Thanks everyone for all the support … (ks)
    Retweeted by iTunes Music


  32. poof said

    Oh Joymus,
    What you said was just perfect, then you turned around and added more, and now it’s perfect. You are just like David,,,, you just keep getting more perfect!


  33. sweetonda said

    Joymus, boy I wish I could express myself like you do. What you have said is so perfect! It ticks all the boxes for me. David is love!

    It was so great to get to chat for a while last night. I loved hearing all your comments as you listened to the songs for the first time. I had a meeting today and it was a 45 minute drive, so I cranked up the stereo and listened all the way there and back. This album is. . . oh you all know already! 🙂

    I checked out one of our local Wal-marts this afternoon and wouldn’t you know it, they didn’t have the album there. A girl checked for me and it said it was available online for $10. This totally amazes me how they have it at some but not all. I’m going to check out another one tomorrow. I did like that comment about Best Buy having sold out already. I may have to go and put another order in online at Sears, but since they are on back order I may have to wait for the physical copies. Got some gifted today on iTunes. We’re at #7 and I so want that to go up some more.

    #1 BABY, that’s where it belongs!!!!!


  34. How wonderful to hear from David♥
    Angelica, thank you for bringing Joymus’s comment over.
    Joymus, I LOVE what you wrote,and what you added,in your second comment at #26.
    ” it’s It was made with more love than we have ever felt from him in the past – and so it left his heart, transformed itself into his best vocal technique produced and recorded (IMO) as he interpreted lyrics and melody, to our ears, and concluded with a heck of a whallop to our hearts in turn.”
    That what I have been feeling today. I fell asleep last night with my earbuds still in, and my cheeks still damp, from the tears that I found trickling out of the corner of my eyes…I couldn’t even tell when they were coming , just a raw response, to hearing his ‘heart’ sing this music to us. I just don’t even know what to say anymore, or how to say it. He just takes me to a place I never thought I would find…a wondrous place that I didn’t know even existed, on this planet anyway.heck, didn’t even know it was possible, wasn’t even looking for it…but his voice takes me there,and its beautiful.


  35. Dayzee said

    I’m looking at the picture of David with the ribbons in his hands that connect to our hearts. Was that Angelica that perfected that pic for us? I love the picture and the thought that David is so tightly connected to us all. I felt him tugging on those ribbons today, reaching into our hearts.


  36. sweetonda said

    It’s so great to hear from David. I couldn’t go another day without getting a thank you card off to Elder Archuleta today. A postcard just didn’t have enough room! Off to the post office.


  37. djafan said

    Edit to article:

    The Voice David Archuleta has received a donation of 10 itune cards for gifting. Please email if you are not able to purchase BEGIN. They will be gifted to the first 10 replies.
    Thank you!!!


  38. tawna21 said

    I cannot even think of words to express my thoughts and feelings regarding BEGIN. The love that David put into this album is evident. I could honestly think that this one means more to him than his first one. Of course, his first cd put him out there. It gave him to us. It let us learn to know him and vice-versa. But, with BEGIN. he has given to us who he really is and where his head and heart are. There is no question that David Archuleta is grounded in his beliefs and faith. He knows where happiness lies, and he wants us to find that out.

    Sure, there are times of struggle, we feel like giving up, there are children that are hurting/being hurt, we feel lonely, ugly, bullied, and forgotten. But, in the end if we hold on, listen to the quiet, and serve others, the angels will guide us to the bridge that will take us away from our troubles. God and our Saviour are ever near us if we let our souls be still and listen.

    I love this album and the anthem that it has produced


  39. betsy said

    That picture is so warm. ♥
    I love it.


  40. Poof said

    Hi everyone,
    Here’s a little “heads up”. Do Not listen to “Be Still My Soul” right before you arrive at work. Well that was embarrassing! That guy has a vice-grip on my heart!!! 🙂


  41. haha! Poof. good advice, and a “vice grip” is certainly a great description of the hold on our hearts! haha
    I woke this morning with one earbud still in, and one dangling I can’thave David singing to me at bedtime without his smooth and soothing voice calming me into peaceful sleep.

    that pic at 25!
    37. Betsy,it is… warmed me right up♥


  42. djafan said

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour

    LIKES: Archie’s “gifting” to other Archie’s that cannot recieve BEGIN. by @DavidArchie DISLIKES: illegale downloads


    #26 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)
    #1 in Music > Pop > Adult Contemporary > General AAS
    #2 in Music > Broadway & Vocalists
    #2 in Music > Pop > Vocal Pop > General


    #23 overall albums
    #7 top pop albums


    #22 best seller
    #4 preorders

    Deseret Books

    #1 most popular

    Well this is interesting.

    All Access’s one day chart (Tuesday) has David Archuleta’s Begin in the #4 spot and debuting at #1


  43. djafan said

    Betsy, He’s looking right at us.


  44. fenfan said

    I heard some of the songs from BEGIN for the first time in chat. Thank you Abrra for playing them. Thank you everyone in chat for the privilege of spazzing with you all. And thanks to Marlie I have been able to listen to the album in its “entirety” while I wait for the CD to arrive.
    Love all the songs especially BOTW and True Colors, the two songs I was most anxious to hear.
    I love David Archuleta – that’s all.


  45. djafan said

    Looking good 🙂



  46. MT said

    My CD arrived today!!!!
    Color me happy! 😀

    Happy, Happy, Happy!

    I have decided. Beautiful and Broken are now my two favorites. I just …. *sigh*

    I may never get enough of them.


  47. sweetonda said

    Can’t find a physical copy anywhere close to me. Every store’s computer says order online and then it says backordered. Well, I hope that means his sales numbers will be decent, but I wonder if they didn’t expect it to sell so well and they didn’t make enough copies. Hmmmm

    I didn’t check out Deseret Book yet. It’s so hot here I don’t want to be out for very long, but it’s so nice to hear David playing on my car stereo. I can blast it as loud as I want! I’ll try DB tomorrow.

    MT. glad you got your CD. 😀


  48. djafan said

    5 itune gift cards left!!!!!!

    itune update

    #17 overall album
    #5 top top album

    Michelle ‏@mich_05_uk
    wow again i wasn’t really expecting to like ‘Pride’ @DavidArchie but it’s really good

    Carl Danielsen ‏@carljdanielsen
    David Archuleta’s new album BEGIN. fantastic! His voice has matured. Lotsa new colors n that chile sings from de heart!

    Nuevo Disco de David Archuleta Begin

    David Archuleta’s “Begin” Album is Here
    August 08, 2012 – 1:59pm

    FANLALA ~ David Archuleta’s Begin. album is finally here!

    The season seven runner-up of “American Idol” dropped the album on Tuesday. On this album, David covers many songs that are inspirational and encouraging. Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”, and U2’s “Pride (In the Name of Love)” are just a few songs he covered. There is one extra-special song on the album, David has an exclusive song, titled “Broken”, which he co-wrote and sings himself.

    LAST FM >> leave a comment. Has links to purchase all his music!

    Miami, Florida (2008 – present)

    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American pop/R&B singer. On May 21, 2008, he became the runner-up on the seventh season of American Idol receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes. Archuleta’s first single “Crush” was released on August 1 2008, which debuted on Billboard in the No. 2 spot and stayed strong on the iTunes charts for both the song and music video as No. 1.

    TKS ‏@Esize
    I love the powerful cover of U2’s Pride (In The Name of Love) that David Archuleta does in his new CD BEGIN. The ending is !!!!! @u2com

    More sellers!

    Deals for Musicians ‏@MusiciansDeals
    Top Release: Begin. – David Archuleta #Pop

    Discount Sorcerer ‏@discountsorcer
    Cheap! BEGIN By David Archuleta, reduced by 33% at


  49. djafan said

    This is so sweet!


  50. Abrra said

    It was so nice seeing everyone in chat again last night 🙂 I fell asleep after an hour, OOPS! Just been doing a lot of running around lately and it caught up with me 😉 I finished putting BEGIN. songs to video. All 10 are up now. I put them on repeat for a few days in Unplugged.

    WORK? Have mercy woman! You can’t be all healed up by now? What is your current status with your injuries? I think about you so much because I don’t know how I would function with broken wrists. OUCHHH!!!

    I have been wandering around on a public Facebook page lately. Too many to pictures to post, but there are many fan/David pics that I had never seen before.

    I really liked this one.

    DavidArchuletaPictures Facebook

    Thanks for all the digging you do on the press releases for David. It’s nice to see that he is still noticed even though he is away.

    Abrra 597 days


  51. jans11 said

    #47….boy do I miss him!! Dayzee, now I’m being the weenie!! lol Sweet memories for sure!♥♥

    Mailman was good to me, got my 8 albums from Sears today!!! Whoo hoo!! My kids and grandkids were waiting in line!! haha Still have one coming from DB, but they emailed me that it’s on it’s way!


  52. kaycee said

    Oh, Voice friends! I’ve sooo missed commenting on all your wonderful posts, but have been lurking this summer and loving and appreciating every word! I just had to jump on for a minute and say WOW! BEGIN. is so full of love…my heart is just overflowing! How David was able to create such a powerful expression of love and hope in such a short time is surely a testament that it came straight from his heart.


  53. djafan said

    On David’s OS. Who does he think he is???!!!



  54. bebereader said

    Trending Party has started!

    We are trying to trend:

    The Magic Of Begin Continues


  55. betsy said

    Got to walk out of here, I can’t take anymore, gonna stand on that bridge keep my eeeeeyes down below


  56. poof said

    Hi Abrra,
    Just got MRI results back on my wrist, which was really slow to heal and,,,, it is just really slow to heal,,, but nothing new was detected. Both elbows are mostly functional,,,,, straightening them out is still a big challenge and fixing my collar, well, let’s just skip the collars. Otherwise, the only thing I have to cry about are songs that send me straight to heaven and off for the box of Kleenex. 🙂

    Hey everyone,
    Second heads up! Do Not listen to Angel right before you stop to get milk. People stare.
    In fact, from now on I’m listening strictly to “the news” three minutes before I get anywhere!


  57. Abrra said

    Saw this tweet and went HMMMMMM

    Just met one of @GloZell’s best friends Danielle (make up artist) on set for David Archuletta’s music video “Everybody Hurts” #stepstofame
    Just learned how to drive a scooter for David Archuletta’s Music Video “Everybody Hurts” #stepstofame Video will be found on YouTube

    “@DavidArchie: WOW! Release day for BEGIN. and its in the Top 10 on @itunesmusic Pop Charts! Thanks everyone! Filming music video today!

    Thanks for the update. It has to be stressful for you to manage even the simplest task. I hope you take it easy while that wrist heals so slowly.

    Abrra 597 days


  58. Dayzee said

    HMMMMM indeed Abrra. Getting my hopes up.


  59. 55.oooh Abrra. hmmm, So how does that happen anyway?

    Poof, glad you are on the mend. You are cracking me up!! “People stare” haha thanks for the warnings! :)))

    nice black and white pic there Dja “who does he think he is???!!!” HAHAHA Yeah, just stop it David! (not!!)

    48. Aw, that pic abrra. look at those sweet cheeks!!♥

    jan you not a weenie.haha.
    I went to 2 Wallymart’s, and BEGIN isn’t even there yet. I told the floor managers in both stores they should see if it’s been delivered or if its in the back in a box ,because they are supposed to have it available now!. They just shrugged their shoulders.
    My Deseret cd is in transit also, Sweetonda.

    Hi Kaycee!♥ good to see you :))


  60. PattiNC said

    Been lurking in between moving 2 kids out, numerous a/c problems (grrrr), and life in general. BEGIN. Is amazing. Every song is love, and his voice is front and center where it should be! I think Kurt and John should produce future albums!
    Question…when were we able to preorder on DB? I swear I did it the day we were able and when I didn’t get an email about shipment I looked back in my emails and can’t find anything. Thanks!


  61. tawna21 said

    Finally! Got my ordered DB cd’s today! And, picked one up at Walmart. I have no idea why I ordered from DB when I live 5 miles from 2 of them :/. I ended up with 2 iTunes downloads also. **my brain on David Archuleta’s BEGIN.*

    We’re off to the County Fair this weekend to watch g-kids showing and selling this year’s pigs. Lotsa fun!



  62. tawna21 said

    I agree, PattiNC, >>> ‘Every song is love, and his voice is front and center where it should be! I think Kurt and John should produce future albums!’



  63. Aaron said

    I have received the gift, BEGIN.. Thank you so much to Blueberryice for donating itunes gift cards to The Voice. I can’t wait to download it. May God always bless you all. =)


  64. betsy said

    Guys, I am a slave to this album and Don’t Give Up in particular. Omg.
    You don’t want to know about it but I am sorry to say that the amount of times I have played it and screamed internally is unnaturally high.
    And now the rambling has started.


  65. gladys1961 said

    I found my picture.


  66. Angelica said

    PattiNC, I would call DB or email them to see if they got your order. I had to email them about a question and they discounted my CD’s in a follow up email. Haven’t received yet but got the message they are on the way.

    Poof, glad you are healing and feeling his heart. ♥

    Kaycee, good to see you again too!

    Well I had a most excellent Archulunch today with my usual concert buddie, Biz. We drove 2 hours, (3 for me) to finally meet MT for the very first time! What. a. sweetie. and so fun to talk to! The three of us got so engrossed in convo from 12-2 pm that we closed the restaurant down and didn’t realize it till we were leaving and saw the staff sweeping up and the restaurant empty of other customers. One guess what we were so obliviously talking about. lol! I meant to take pics and forgot, but as usual, Biz snapped a shot of my unhealthy lunch and posted it on facebook. Fried artichokes and fried chocolate pecan pie. Note the 3 spoons. They weren’t much help though so I had to do the grunt work. :@)


    Didn’t get my copy of BEGIN. in the mail till I got home but thanks to iTunes downloaded to a CD, we had it playing all the way there and back!

    Aaron, welcome to The Voice!

    Gladys, LOL!

    “Everybody Hurts” music video?!!! Is it just me or does it seem like he is more with us than ever? Betsy, I know how you feel, it’s his heart beating in your chest when you listen to that and every song on this album. As Libby tweeted…Well done, sir.


  67. bebereader said

    I am in total total agreement with you. Yesterday I said I couldn’t pick a favorite and now I can; it’s “Don’t Give Up”. I never heard of the song before and am now a huge fan of it, but only David’s version. The maturity in his voice is very apparent to me now. Libby and David harmonize so well together and the chorus of Davids in the background is enough to make me keel over. Been playing it non-stop today. It affects me more than the other songs do, at this point. But by next week I may be singing a different tune. Pun intended. 😉

    Yes it’s time to dispose of my snippets for BEGIN. (I just noticed that I still have my snippets for David’s first album! Ha!)

    Angelica! Was waiting to hear about “the meeting” today. Your lunch looks characteristically delish. But shame you had to handle most of the dessert on your own. 😉

    MT, where are you??

    Kaycee, my fellow night owl! Great to see you!

    Is that you with David? I didn’t realize you were so tall. LOL

    Welcome to The Voice!

    Glad to read that you’re on the mend!

    Have fun at the County Fair. (I love county fairs!!!)

    At first I was surprised to hear that there could be a video for “Everybody Hurts”. I mean how in the world…..was there enough time? But now I see that it’s quite possible. We have two albums, a miniseries, music videos, vlogs…David provided so that we wouldn’t be without music. Anything is possible.


  68. marlie7 said

    Everybody Hurts video????

    Oh, yeah! Bring it on!

    I’m in a BEGIN. vortex. I saw a video someone posted on Youtube of Beautiful and posted it on Facebook – one of my friends listened and said, “I had to buy the whole CD”. None of my peeps would download illegally – but I knew I could get someone else to fall in love with that voice. 🙂


  69. SandyBeaches said

    When David sings “I will ease your mind, I am sailing right behind” he means it, we believe it and know it and that is one reason why he is phenominal. The words just don’t have the same meanings from any other singers not any other….

    Caught in the vortex this morning …..



  70. SandyBeaches said

    Somewhere only we know!!! We are the lucky one’s who know …I feel sorry for all the rest but maybe they will know in time…



  71. MT said

    Angelica .. It was so wonderful to finally meet you! 😀

    Now we need a … Concert Road Trip! #DA2014

    Lunch with our own dear Angelica was great! All accounts I’ve heard were absolutely right. She is adorable and so tiny! And so, so sweet! We had lots of laughs and so much fun “talking David.” The time went so fast, the next thing we knew, two hours had passed and the place was empty except for us! They locked the doors behind us when we left. LOL (And that desert tasted even better than it looks! ) And I can’t believe we forgot to take pictures. My camera was in my purse! LOL

    As luck would have it, my hubby checked the mail as I was getting dressed to leave for lunch and my CD came in (I was so excited) so I got to listen to the whole thing on the way there. On the way back, I listened to just 2 songs, Broken & Beautiful, (over and over LOL) and the 1hr 15min ride back went by so fast I almost passed up my own exit cuz I didn’t think I’d be home yet and wasn’t paying attention to the exit numbers, haha just driving along and singing with David.


  72. djafan said


    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    There is a TV commercial for BEGIN. that started airing on release day. Has anyone seen it? Let us know! (ks)


  73. 64. Angelica. hahaha! hey, the grunt work looks mighty fun in that picture(mouth is watering, now)
    So happy you and MT got to meet up!♥

    My cd is now in the vicinity,hopefully on its way to my mailbox today, I haven’t read what David said (the liner notes)in the post yet,wanted to read it all when I get to open up my own cd:)))

    MT♥ haha! glad you made your exit! just imagine if there was a big ol billboard of David (Bench)on the side of the freeway like in Manila! ha! you could have ended up in the next town.

    ahhh ,D has made driving in the car SO much more enjoyable.♥


  74. MT said

    “just imagine if there was a big ol billboard of David (Bench)on the side of the freeway like in Manila! ha! you could have ended up in the next town.”

    The next town? I’d be afraid I’d end up in a ditch not paying attention to the road! Now if it was on the back of an 18 wheeler in front of me I might have driven all the way toTexas following happily along. 🙂 LOL


  75. bebereader said

    I’m really enjoying my digital BEGIN. but want to get my hands on a real copy and having heard nothing from Deseret Books about my order, I decided to call Barnes and Nobles just in case they had some lying around. Well guess what? They sold out on Tuesday and are waiting for a new order. I proceeded to call Best Buy to be told that it’s also on back order for the same reason. Apparently the stores weren’t prepared for this.

    Regarding the TV commerial for BEGIN., I wish I knew what network folks saw it on so I could go to that channel and check.

    Angelica and MT! So happy you guys got to meet up!

    Found this blog while on Twitter this morning. Good read about BEGIN.

    “David is one of my favourite singers and personalities. There’s something about his voice that is so confronting and calming; he is like the best friend you never had but always wanted by your side. That aspect of his character is greatly showcased in BEGIN….”

    Go here for more:


  76. bebereader said

    Imagine #DA2014 ‏@RamblingDA

    David’s been stuck at #22 on Walmart Best Sellers for a while, but he’s just moved up to #12!


  77. 72. oh MT! hahaha!

    My hot cd just came! from the hot mail truck! David must have been riding around since morning with no air-conditioning poor baby.!But he is inside now! woo hoo!♥♥♥


  78. Lar said

    I still can’t figure out why David had to go on a mission when I see all he is able to do for us when he’s right here with us. I firmly believe that GOD sent him directly to teach ALL of us. David is love, kindness,blessings all rolled into one and showing us all how to lead our lives.


  79. dorazsea said

    Guess what came in the mail today?? Woot woot!! Thought I was losing my mind..remembered ordering it the first day of preorder with DB…could find no mention in my email of preorder or email about shipping!! Thankfully I’m still semi sane! 🙂


  80. pattiNC said

    ^ that’s me 🙂


  81. emmegirl14 said

    poof, lol, thanks for the heads up! Hope your mending stays on track, sounds like you are hanging in there.

    joymus, if I could, I would kiss you. twice.

    Everything about this album, from the inside out, is beautiful and stunning, and moving.

    Each song has this moment or moments, that just grab you by the throat – causing a deep breath, so you can breathe again.

    Can’t pick a favorite, but Betsy and bebe, Don’t Give Up… external screaming.

    Said it before, love the vocal booster on itunes equalizer.

    This album alone could sustain me for the duration.


  82. MT said

    “Do Not listen to Angel right before you stop to get milk. People stare.” << LOL I’ll keep that in mind. And I’m so sorry to hear you’re still suffering. 😦 I hope you’re all better soon.

    SweetonDA, Did you ever get your hands on a CD? I hope everyone gets theirs soon. It is bea-u-ti-ful!

    Abrra, Bebe, Dja, Thanks so much for those lovely, lovely pics and all the tweets, vids, and updates. Woo Hoo for his numbers going up! And I hope that rumor of a MV for one of the songs is true. That would be the icing on a very sweet cake. J

    “You don’t want to know about it but I am sorry to say that the amount of times I have played it and screamed internally is unnaturally high. And now the rambling has started.” Yep, there seems to be a rash of that going around. LOL I have had this CD plugged in to my ears for a while now and I think it has befuddeled my brain.


  83. kaycee said

    Loving every single song on the CD! No favorites yet!

    Emmegirl…”Everything about this album, from the inside out, is beautiful and stunning, and moving. Each song has this moment or moments, that just grab you by the throat – causing a deep breath, so you can breathe again.”

    Funny story…I had lunch with an old high school friend the other day. We hadn’t seen each other in quite a while, so we were catching up and I inquired about her siblings. She filled me in and then took a breath before talking about her final sister. She said that her sister had had some sort of break down…she all of a sudden started following some young guy from American Idol from several years ago. She then asked me if I remembered David Archuleta from Utah. Haha! My daughter softly kicked me from under the table but didn’t give me away! She said that her sister would buy everything he put out, go to all of his concerts, drive long distances to visit with other fans, follow every step of his career, and *gasp* even go to fan sites! Haha…so which one of you is the “crazy sister”?!

    I also have another funny story…about the magic of Matt Clayton! I lost my wallet about a month ago. A few weeks later I received a call from a local college campus security office. They had found my wallet! They asked me to check and see if anything was missing…haha, the only thing missing was a picture Matt Clayton had taken of my daughter! I wasn’t sure if it was funny or creepy! But, one thing is for sure, Matt sure has a way of capturing the real essence of a person.


  84. kaycee said

    Oooops, I meant ALL the songs are favorites so far…not a single song I don’t like!


  85. 81. Kaycee! ROFL!! hahahaha!!! “her sister had some kind of breakdown” Omg ,that is the greatest story ever! How did you hold it together!? I am falling off the chair just reading what she said. haha. My younger sister thinks I need
    thanks for sharing that story Kaycee,♥


  86. djafan said

    MT, I think I may be a little obsessive, you think? haha

    Aaron, Thank you!

    Emmegirl, I can’t pick a favorite! I love them all for different reasons.

    Kaycee that is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while lol What are the odds? A breakdown? Is that what they’re calling it? haha

    Hi Lar! David sure is a teacher, the best kind by example.

    Dorazea, I think I ordered one from Deseret to lol I did get the one I ordered from Barnes and Noble!!! It’s beyond beautiful. I love the packaging, the pictures the booklet. Everything!!!!

    Sky, What is he going to do with us when he gets back? lol


  87. sweetonda said

    MT, I actually got my 5 early from Sears but was just checking around town to see who had anymore available. Walmart and Best Buy didn’t and I was going to check out Deseret Book today but needed to stay home with my mom who wasn’t having a great day. I’m sure they should have a nice supply but you never know. I am still waiting for my order from Deseret Book to come in the mail. I’ve already given 4 hard copies away and gifted a couple. I’m going to need more to have on hand. You never know when you might need one of those puppies! 😉

    My favs right now are Everybody Hurts, True Colors and Be Still My Soul. Of course Broken is at the top of my list! I’m just enjoying all of it. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect album.


  88. jans11 said

    Poof, you have had one heck of a summer. So glad you are doing better.

    Kaycee, I about spit out my ice I was eating when I read your story!! So funny! I think all of us “sisters” are the “crazy” one! lol Did you ever confess?? hehe

    Hoping for that new video in the near future! And the dvd of NA!♥ But right now I can’t hear the new album enough! ♥♥ And on earphones it is just fabulous!♥ He takes me to a whole other world!!


  89. emmegirl14 said

    kaycee **waving**
    That may be the funniest D story I have heard – love the part about your daughter kicking you under the table – how did you keep a straight face??

    Doesn’t surprise me, your daughter is adorable – probably a young man out there somewhere proudly showing off a pic of his cute “girlfriend.”


  90. sunny said

    Broken is on @WISE_RADIO’s Music Challenge until 8 pm ET, 8/10. You can vote as many times as you want to. Download Firefox as your browser & write in: It is currently #2.

    @WISE_RADIO is doing a feature on BEGIN. on Saturday, 8/11 at 2 pm & 10 pm. Listen online:

    They have been amazingly supportive of David and his music!! 🙂


  91. sunny said

    The correct link to listen to @WISE_RADIO is:


  92. poof said

    I just got home from my small town Walmart and about fell out of my shopping cart when I saw, not only his CD in the top row, but his name officially above it! I got confused about what to do, because I tried to move it to a better spot but it was already in A for Archuleta as you come in the department. They also had a copy of The Other Side of Down!
    I was so confused I forgot I already have multiple copies and bought another one. Who knows when you might need a spare. It’s kind of like that banana I keep in my glove compartment for emergency snacks. Only it never gets mushy.


  93. 84.Dja, “Sky, What is he going to do with us when he gets back? lol”
    HAHA IDK Dja, but if he intends to sing any one of these songs from BEGIN. when he returns to the stage, he won’t have to worry about it, we will all be laid out on the floor.

    I daydream often,of what his return will be like, for him, and for us.Our love for David continues to grow ever stronger, in his absence, and we have a long time to wait.But honesly, I can’t even imagine what it will be like , the day he returns to us again♥
    can you??! mercy


  94. skydancer1x said

    oh, and Angelica, thank you for posting the liner notes .had to really strain to see them clearly in the pamphlet.( my eyesight is so bad)


  95. bebereader said

    Archuleta Fanscene has the promo TV video for BEGIN., shown only in Utah.


  96. mspoohbear said

    #70 – Djafan, I saw the commercial of Begin. posted at Love it, especially David’s smile at the end of the commercial. WooHoo!

    I love Begin. so much! I have 2 1/2 hour drive and that’s all I’ve been listening to and from work.

    I have 2 extra CDs of Begin. Anyone who knows that might need gifting, you may contact me at I might stop by at Walmart on my way home tonight to see if there are any copies of Begin. still available. I’m thinking about picking up some more copies to give away to friends and families. Gotta put @davidarchie on top of the best seller’s list!

    By the way, I enjoy reading all your comments here! 🙂


  97. djafan said

    sky, I wasn’t able to read until Angelica posted them here lol. I was remembering what you said about throwing yourself on stage haha.

    Poof, What a great story! I have 3 Walmarts close by I’m going to check them this weekend.

    Thank you Sunny for the links! Voting away!


  98. bebereader said

    Yes, Jennifer, David most definitely makes us feel!

    Jennifer Lopez on David Archuleta from Entertainment Magazine, dated January 11, 2011

    “Lopez also says that while several Season 10 contestants boast big voices, she’s looking more for exciting performances. “One of my favorite moments ever on Idol was not a big-voice moment but a beautiful-song moment, which was David Archuleta singing Imagine,” Jennifer says. “That was something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life, that little kid at that little age taking that classic song and singing it in such a way that it changed my everything, like Steven loves to say all the time. That’s what we need to focus on getting: not big voices, not singer-songwriters, just what makes us feel something.”


  99. djafan said

    NBC Latino

    Also in this week’s edition – is cutie crooner David Archuleta really back and bigger than ever with a brand-new album?


  100. djafan said

    BEGIN. hanging tough! There is talk of a buying party will keep you posted!

    We WW trended yesterday and today!!!

    Trending party planned for tomorrow. We Feel Your Heart David Archuleta 7pm Utah time.

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #34 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)

    #1 in Music > Pop > Adult Contemporary > General AAS
    #2 in Music > Pop > Vocal Pop > General
    #2 in Music > Broadway & Vocalists


    #12 Best Seller BEGIN.
    by David Archuleta
    Release Date: 08/07/2012


    #8 top pop albums
    #35 albums overall


  101. Dja, lol! can’t promise it won’t happen, that’s for sure! I just hope I am in still in condition to fling myself up there, you may have to chair scoot me.haha

    96. Bebe,♥ ” uhh, you got a text.”
    I like what Jennifer said about David, even better than the last time.


  102. skydancer1x said

    I have the urge to go to Walmart again crazy sisters.


  103. poluck8 said

    Good morning, Is anyone having trouble accessing the fod website? I keep getting [forbidden 43] I am not too good on the computer so I don’t if it is something I did or if it is the website, Thank you,


  104. davidstopsmyaging said

    Thank you for all the links and all the updates everyone. I’m elated that BEGIN is doing so well. It is such a heart-wrenching album—-it is so nice to listen to the songs and feel close to David.

    Poluck8, I can’t get into FOD either. 😦


  105. poluck8 said

    potluck8 here again, I can’t remember if I have ever posted here, but just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoy reading and lurking every day.


  106. Djafan said

    Hello poluck8 and welcome to The Voice!

    I saw on twitter that FOD is down and is inaccessible. They’re working on it.

    Dsma, it is a heart wrenching album. I just can’t get enough of it.

    The iTunes gift cards were all gifted without a glitch! Thank you for such a wonderful thing to do 🙂


  107. poluck8 said

    Thanks so much , I am glad to know it is not my computer. Just love David’s new album and glad to hear all the buzz about it, he is just such a swwetheart!


  108. poluck8 said



  109. Aaron said

    @Angelica, @Bebereader, Thank so much you guys for welcoming me here.

    @Djafan Thank you too. =)


  110. djafan said

    David Archuleta | Words are not enough |

    Published on Aug 10, 2012 by ohnopurple


  111. cq#DA2014 said

    djafan, of my gosh, that video just makes me miss his vlogs all that much more, but I love anything that is but out there about him. It’s just so good for his career if the interest is kept high while he is away.


  112. bebereader said

    Re: Video in #108.
    Oh be still my heart!

    Poluck8, Welcome to The Voice!


  113. jans11 said

    #108 OHHHH!!! I. SHOULD. NOT. HAVE. WATCHED. THIS. RIGHT. NOW!!!!! I have to get thru the rest of the day!!!! (sob, sob)


  114. MT said

    108. awwww … I miss him.

    Now I have to go watch some of his vlogs.


  115. MT said

    Testing new Avi. >>>>

    I got it from one of the vlogs. 😀 Can you guess which one?


  116. cq#DA2014 said

    YIPEE! got my cds today. Have be listening to BEGIN. on my ipod, but now I can listen to that glorious cd while I’m in the car, happy dance. Oh, btw, those pictures, GAH! the man is SMOKIN HOT!!!!


  117. djafan said

    Jan, I know ;(

    MT, love the avi. One of my favorite vlogs 🙂

    Cq, Yay!!! I love the ipod but I also love blasting it in my car for everyone to hear!!!

    The BEGIN. commercial!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Here is the TV Ad for BEGIN. airing in some cities but wanted to share it with you all. Check it out here —>

    Published on Aug 10, 2012 by theofficialarchuleta
    Here is the TV Ad for BEGIN. that is out now. I hope you guys will enjoy the album.


  118. MT, love your avi. N.A.behind the scenes tour of the set vlog?
    114. CQ yes the man certainly is! haha. and ditto for me with cranking up the cd in the car.It’s become an initiation ceremony for all David cds for me.:))

    That TV ad is awesome. “hope you guys will enjoy the album”, and that beautiful knock you over with a feather look and smile….gahhhh!! Yes David,I am enjoying the album…my socks blew off, like my feet were rocket launchers. May never recover them, or recover period.

    108. ♥.♥.♥.

    Potluck, and Arron, adding my welcome HI!!


  119. MT said

    Yay! IPods are nice, but don’t you just love having it in your hands?

    Dja & Sky,
    You both knew!! Okay, which one of you is the crazy sister? LOL


  120. cq#DA2014 said

    MT, I sure do. Listened today while in my car that has a good sterio system, cried like a baby the whole time. Man, wish he would come back soon. Waiting never been my strong suit, lol.


  121. Abrra said

    I am in Unplugged for a bit. Come if you wish 🙂

    Abrra 595 days


  122. pocoelsy said

    Hello all,

    Come by to report on my quest for “BEGIN.” I had searched high and low for days to buy it ilegally after so much dissappointment from Itunes and practically everywhere, I finally got my mp3 download from Deseret book eeepppp eeekkk, I’m sorry to say that this is not an easy listening as David claim or want it to be…how can it be easy !!! from the first note of the first song to the last note of the last song…it’s heart wrenchingly beautiful:) he drags me down to the bottom of the deepest emotions with my emotions and then carefully tenderly bring me up for air (before I turn bul hehe)…gosh he’s too much.. we have to invent new adj. to descripe him, the existing ones doesn’t do him justice!!!


  123. djafan said

    David hopes we like his album. David we adore your album!!!

    Pocoelsy, easy listening, sometimes he’s so funny lol

    We trended! I have to say this one was tough. I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong.
    Non the less we WWTT #4!


  124. bebereader said

    It took a while djafan but we finally trended!


  125. marlie7 said

    Won’t be at unplugged tonight becuase we are going to see Joe Walsh, but I’ll check when I get back and see if any diehards are still there. I’ll miss you!


  126. Abrra said

    Joe Walsh puts on a good old fashioned rock n roll show. You will have a blast!

    We will miss you, hope you make it later.

    Abrra 594 days


  127. There is only three words that i can say about Begin ! BEAUTIFUL,BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! Way to go David !!!!!


  128. loulou said

    Emmalou is me !!


  129. annmargaret said

    djafan~ I just love the ad with David. When he speaks at the end then gives his megawatt smile, he makes my heart smile. He is becoming more comfortable speaking in front of the camera. Yes David, we really really love your new album!


  130. dakgal said

    As unusual I’m Tail End Charlie—after reading all the comments-I feel every adjective known to man has been used to describe this album and David’s voice—so I’m stuck with all that’s left!


    It fills me with an emotion I’ve never felt before—and I can’t quite lay my finger on what it is– maybe a whole bunch of emotions all rolled into one—my heart may burst. 😯


  131. Abrra said




  132. sunny said

    @WISE_RADIO did a feature on David today at 2 pm. Part 2 is on at 10 pm ET. The lst part was 2 1/2 hrs long & included music from BEGIN. intermingled in with David’s older music including songs from Forevermore. People were tweeting during the feature & it was really fun!!! Be there tonight at 10 pm ET, 8 pm MT or 7 pm PT. Listen online: or download their app.


  133. kaycee said

    Aaahhh! I just got home from a 3-day road trip with my 11 year-old daughter! So much fun and so exhausting…school starts next week, so we were determined to finish off the summer with a bang! Can you guess what the soundtrack of our trip was?! Haha! We stopped off in Salt Lake City to visit my oldest daughter and did a little shopping at a local mall I stopped in at the Deseret Book Store to see how they were treating our guy…wow, I must say that they are treating him very well!. He was the highlight of the main window as you walked into the store. Of course, his music was playing. He rightly claimed the coveted #1 bestsellers spot, easily seen while entering the store. At every register, there were generous stacks of Begin…and an additional CD displayed right next to the computer screen that informs you of your total purchase price. And to top it all off, a cheerful voice over the sound system informed us during our visit that David’s new CD was a treasure not to be missed! She went on to mention many of the wonderful songs and even talk about him serving a mission in Chile. I was so happy with their enthusiasm…and as I drove out of Salt Lake City, my daughter yelled and pointed…to a full size billboard promoting the new CD!


  134. 131 Kaycee That sounds fabulous!! Fantastic!!


  135. tawna21 said

    umm, Angelica…. the ‘little’ piggy that my grandson sold at the county fair today weighed in at 319 lbs. I can’t believe you can eat that kind of food and stay so little. 😉

    We made it thru the shows and the auction. I’ve breathed more fair arena dust than anyone should have to. It’s so fun though to see all of these kids doing such good things with their time.

    I have had BEGIN. on my iPod at various downtime moments and my daughter had it playing at her house this morning when we met up. Loved it!

    Off to take in some family time.



  136. Bychance said

    Tawna…..I just read what you wrote on #36, and just have to say thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel about BEGIN. but could’nt express nearly so well. Thank you!!!

    The words are not enough vid……, so touching…….need tissues.

    I rarely comment, but sure love lurking and reading all your great comments. Oh, …….I tried to join Unplugged last Wed. and coulnd’nt ever make it work. Is it because I was on my iPad (all I had) or is there some trick to it that i’m just not getting? Thanks.


  137. Abrra said


    You would need to view Unplugged from your computer. The site uses Flash Player plugin to play the videos and run the chat client. It does not work with iPad or iPhone. Hope to see you sometime when you can use your computer.

    Abrra 593 days


  138. PattiNC said

    So today is my new BEGINing…I’m driving a rental moving truck 2.5 hours to move my 18 year old son and his roommate’s things into their college apartment. Nine days ago I moved my 21 year old daughter into hers, thankfully in town. It’s been just the three of us for 8 years (no other family for me here) and I put my life on hold to raise them and give them 100% of me…it’s going to be weird not seeing them everyday!! But I’m excited for them, and ready for the next chapter in MY life to BEGIN. If I could just capture in a photo all this I’d send it in to the OS!! David will be my co-pilot today. 🙂


  139. bluesky said

    136 PattiNC

    I hear you! Just got back from a conference where one of the presenters spoke on the importance of “bonding” in a child’s life. As part of the discussion, one participant suggested that we can only truly “bond” with another person when we recognize that we are individuals: One has no need to “bond” with their own foot, hand, nose, etc. (although Poof may need a few more weeks to get reacquainted with her arms!) was a fun thought for me to consider since my youngest is soon to be 22. It sounds to me like you have a great attitude and a wonderful family. All my best!

    (Dear DA: Thank you for consistently holding your individuality amidst the chaos and demands that have surrounded you for so much of your life. It is you, yourself, that I admire ((though I cannot help projecting now and then!)) and how your courage, love and devotion give strength to the unfolding petals of your gift. LIke so many of God’s gifts, you continue to amaze, delight, heal and inspire. bluesky)


  140. emmegirl14 said

    kaycee, I’m liking the sound of that.

    PattiNC, exciting new beginnings for you and your children. David riding shotgun, sounds like a great trip!

    A beautiful morning, windows are open….a cool breeze and BEGIN. are floating through the house.


  141. djafan said

    I missed chat last night!

    Sunny I was able to catch part of the Wise Radio tribute to David playing all his songs including BEGIN. Sounds so good on radio. Thanks for the reminder.

    Kaycee, YES! A billboard that is something we need all over the US. I wonder how much it would cost to sponsor a billboard. Hmmmm… I think I need to do some research 🙂

    Tawna, that sounds like a big pig! BEGIN. a family affair, love that.

    They’ve added Broken to the voting and is being played on Phil’s radio!

    I’ll Never Go fell out of the top 10! Please vote!


  142. djafan said


    BEGIN. floating through the house, beautiful.

    Off to the beach with family, ipod and earphones. Going to try to “listen” to what David is saying to me 🙂 I love him.


  143. poof said

    After a hot afternoon not doing much of anything except listen to a beautiful CD I personally own :), I have a couple of observations to share.
    How Brave is David to put his own song in the middle of all these amazing “classics”. And yet, even in the midst of these gorgeous and profound songs, Broken “shines through”. David is such an amazing combination of wise, humble, knowing and just plain “brave”. His true colors always come shining through.

    My other observation is that husband is very tolerant or becoming a wee bit “odd”. He gets no choice, Begin is on, loud and beautiful, and I hear nothing but the occasional whistling along.


  144. bebereader said

    Is everyone watching the closing ceremonies of The Olympics?

    Kaycee, Glad to hear that BEGIN. was front and center at Deseret. And a billboard too! Would love to see a pic of that billboard!

    ByChance, Hope to see you in chat one of these Saturday nights.

    PattiNC, Best of luck to you on your new BEGINning!

    Poof, So your husband is at the whistling stage? Sounds promising to me!

    Been a busy weekend with family and I did not get a chance to listen to BEGIN. I’m going through withdrawal right now. As soon as I post this I will put it on full blast.


  145. kaycee said

    The BEGIN TV commercial played here in Utah during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics! was during the break right after “Imagine”!


  146. djafan said


    BEGIN billboard it was awesome had to pull over to get a picture 🙂
    Shaunie Jake ‏@Davidsballerina



  147. MT said

    142. Bebe,
    Yes, was watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. They put on a spectacular show!

    One day David will be a part of it. I really believe that. His talent can not be denied and one day the whole world will be aware of it. ♥

    haha Do you think one household can handle two people with ODD?


  148. MT said

    So glad David is getting prime time promo in Utah. 🙂

    That is one beautiful billboard. And it’s all lit up. 🙂
    I need one by my house!! Who do I need to talk to?


  149. bebereader said

    New article ——->>>>>


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