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David Archuleta y La Musica de Chile

Posted by bebereader on Thursday, August 2, 2012

Come with me to sample some Chilean music!  From traditional folk music to the music of hometown Chilean musicians, to the popular music that’s hitting the airwaves in Chile today, the music of Chile is as diverse as the country’s identity.  Here is what Elder Archuleta might hear on the radio or audio system in a public place, or in someone‘s home where the music is playing.

Folk Music

Los de Ramón
Los de Ramón, a Chilean folklore group formed by the Ramón family of Raul, his wife and their two sons, was dedicated to preserving Chilean and Latin American folklore by interpreting its songs with the typical instruments of each country. During their shows they would interchange more than sixty instruments according to each country.

They gave over 90 concerts in the US, Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Los de Ramón have a special space in Chilean folklore history. Here’s a sample of one of Los de Ramón’s songs, “El Camaron”, (The Shrimp) In my opinion, between the rhythm, tempo and style, it resembles music from Italy. What do you think?

Inti Illimani

“Illimani” is the name of a mountain in the Andes. For over 30 years, this band, whose name means “Sun of Illimani” has been at the forefront of Chilean music, both traditional folk and contemporary. In the seventies they were very outspoken lyrically and were forced into exile for 15 years. They moved to Italy, continued to record and tour and became unofficial ambassadors of Chilean music. They performed with Pete Seeger and were included on the famous 1988 Amnesty International Tour with Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel and Sting.   Catchy beat on this!  “Bailando, Bailando”  (Dance, Dance)

Current Popular Chilean Musicians

Los Bunkers (band)
Los Bunkers is an alternative rock band of five musicians that originated in Concepcion, Chile in 1999. Brought together by their common love for The Beatles, they’re known for playing classic rock music with a new freshness.  They have released six studio albums and have covered several Beatles songs including “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Here Comes The Sun.”

Myriam Hernandez – solo artist
Singer/Songwriter Myriam Hernández hails from Santiago, Chile and is known for her romantic ballads. She has had an enormous career since the late eighties when she was eleven years old. She was named Best New Artist by the Chilean press before she even recorded her first album. Her songs spent months at the top of the music charts in Latin America and the US, and her albums have gone quadruple platinum in many countries including the US. Her second album, which she collaborated on with David Foster, went platinum. She founded the School of Vocal Arts with her voice instructor and voice therapist. In 1996 she was asked by Paul Anka to collaborate on an album of Spanish hits called “Amigas”. She was even named one of Latin America’s 25 most beautiful people in the June 1999 issue of People magazine en Español. With all these credentials and successes I was curious to hear her voice and see what she looks like!  Que bonita!
“Mio” (Mine)

Alberto Plaza – solo artist
Born in Santiago, Chile, Alberto Plaza is a singer/songwriter who is known as one of the main pillars of Hispanic music, with more than a thousand concerts in Latin America and more than a million CDs sold. He started singing and playing guitar at age five and began writing music at 17. His professional career began in 1985 when he performed before 12,000 people at a song festival and his song “Que Cante La Vida” (We Sing Of Life) became an all-time classic. Fifteen years later the same song was awarded “Best Chilean Song” and nine years after that, was chosen one of the top ten Chilean songs in all Chilean history. Plaza was named “Cultural Ambassador of Chile in the US”, a title granted by the Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce.  He has garnered numerous awards, including Best Songwriter, Best Album of the Year and Goodwill Ambassador of the Latino American Culture”, in honor of his valuable contribution to Hispanic music through his songs. Alberto Plaza is currently based in the United States, where he has lived for the last twelve years. I was curious to know why his song “Que Cante La Vida” was so popular. It’s a feel good anthem song and was sung by 28 Latino artists two years ago to come to the aid of victims of a Chilean earthquake.
“Que Cante La Vida”

Here’s another song I took a liking to by Alberto Plaza, “Bandito”. (Bandit)

Popular Music

Finally, I was especially interested in the music that plays on the radio in Chile, to see what Elder Archuleta might hear in his travels. I checked the Billboard charts to find the Top 20 songs that are currently playing in Chile. These are not necessarily by Chilean artists, although I see a song by Los Bunkers on the list. You’ll notice some artists on the list who are popular in the US too, like Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Adele and Pitbull. I found all the videos, played all the songs and provided the videos for my favorites.  Hey, it‘s my article.  Enjoy!

Chile Singles Top 20
Week 31, 2012

1.  Corazon Sin Cara by Prince Royce
2.  Amor Clandestino by Mana
3.  Ven Conmigo by Daddy Yankee
4.  Te Voy A Amar by Axel

5.  Amiga by Alexander Acha

6.   El Amor by Ricardo Arjona
7.   Paisaie by Vincentico
8.   Amor Del Bueno by Revli Barba
9.   Respira by Luis Fonsi
10. Amarte Bien by Carlos Baute

11. You by Romeo Santos
12. Party Rock Anthem American by LMFAO
13. Rolling in The Deep by Adele
14. Estrellita De Madrugada by Daddy Yankee
15. Nada de Nada by Marco di Mauro
16. Ayer by Enrique Iglesias
17. Angel Para Un Final by Los Bunkers
18. Give Me Everything Tonight by Pitbull
19. Dame Un Beso by Fuego
20. On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez

Since Spanish is not my first language, I went into this project with the notion that I won’t understand the songs since I won’t be able to understand all the lyrics. Surprise. Surprise. I came away with a respect and an appreciation for Chilean music, from their traditional folk music to the music of their native musicians. It doesn’t matter so much that I don’t understand all the lyrics; their passion for life comes through loud and clear in their music.  And I love that.

Razor TV interviewer to David on 2/8/12:

Are we going to finally see a Latin/Spanish album finally?

David:  Oh man, you know, I keep wanting to do that but it’s like I want to be more prepared. I want to be really ready for a Latin album.  I did some writing for some Spanish music but maybe I should at least record one Spanish song before I leave. When I get back I’m for sure going to. I’m going to definitely record a Spanish album when I get back just because I think I’ll have some influences when I’m gone.

Be very afraid. 😉

99 Responses to “David Archuleta y La Musica de Chile”

  1. tawna21 said

    Wowzers Bebe!! You’ve been doing your homework! 🙂 It’s going to take me some time to get thru all those vids. Can I just say this for now?
    I don’t need to wait until David gets home and records a Spanish album to be afraid. I am very afraid for Aug. 7th to get here and I listen to BEGIN. in it’s entirety! I am planning now where I will be when I listen to it so my thud to the floor will be a short distance and a soft landing. Maybe I should just start in a reclined position. 😉 That clip of Angel nearly did me in. Gorgeous-ness ♥♥


    *back to check out the vids*


  2. 2. WOW! Bebe, this is fabulous! I started getting into the videos late last night, and was having so much fun! What an excellent job you did. I’m with Tawna! A+ on your homework,you have produced a gem for the whole class to enjoy. Thank you Bebe♥.

    I did think of Italy when listening to “El Camaron” (sounds like a good grape stomping song to me)
    “Bailando Bailando” (you know, I can actually see them performing their music WITH Sting,and not alongside him especially on his later years, musical performances.
    I liked “Bandito” too.
    My favorites though were hearing the current top singles. I can picture David singing along to these songs,and having a successful single in Chile one day, and one day returning to sing for the people he has served while on his mission♥ I just can’t help it. Seeing Axel sing at the piano, I see and hear David singing that song,. so beautifully!…”Te Voy a Amar” eeek!


  3. marlie7 said

    Bebe – I know what I’m going to be doing tonight! Going through those videos. Thank you!

    The clip of “Angel” is stunning, heart-stopping, intense. On the last thread I read someone ask if perhaps they had the whole video… Oh, please yes.


  4. Thanks so much Bebe for all your research and sharing so many of the Artists with us. Have listened to a few of the Artists and will stop back but for now wanted you to know how much I appreciate the time and effort this took. Are you a Teacher??? I’ll be your student:)) and can picture David enjoying this rich culture. :))


  5. MT said

    This is such an interesting article. Yes, you did your homework well. I haven’t had time to listen to the whole songs yet but I listened to a bit of each and ALL of Amiga.

    I can absolutely see David being fascinated and falling in love with the different instruments, sounds, and the rhythms in this music. I particularly love Amiga. I can totally see David singing that and doing a video like that.

    *Adding that to my wish list.*


  6. Yasmín said

    I love knowing that you can hear our music avid Chilean, I hope you continue to enjoy all there is here in Chile!


  7. bebereader said

    Muchas Gracias for your comments! Don’t laugh…I woke up this morning and had the melody of El Camaron (The Shrimp) in my head. Had to hear it! I grabbed my IPod and listened to it plus all the songs in the article. La musica de Chile is officially under my skin and there to stay, thanks to David. He has no clue he gave me this gift now does he? LOL

    It started out as homework but ended up being a pleasure. Do I get extra credit? LOL Great idea to plan for a short distance THUD when we get our BEGIN in just four more sleeps!!!

    Glad you’re enjoying the videos too. Wasn’t sure at first if everyone would like the ones I chose but since we all have similar taste in music and one important thing in common…our favorite singer, how could I go wrong? Like you, of the popular Top 20 songs, my favorite is “Te Voy A Amar”! Imagining David sitting at a piano, singing a song like that is almost too much to bear. Can you imagine him throwing the piano stool away like Axel did?

    Note: The video for “Te Voy A Amar”, song #4 is ADORABLE and not to be missed. It follows a couple from childhood to old age. That’s my interpretation anyway. LOL

    Have fun tonight! Let us know which ones you liked. 🙂

    So, “Amiga” got to you, too? I liked it at first listen. “I can absolutely see David being fascinated and falling in love with the different instruments, sounds, and the rhythms in this music.” I cannot wait to recognize the Spanish influence David referred to in the Razor interview.

    Gracias y Welcome to The Voice! The music of your country is beautiful and reflects upon the people in Chile who are full of life and love.


  8. MT said

    Spanish influence? Yes. Hmmm… is it possible that we have already some Spanish influence?

    I dont’ know why it never really occurred to me before now but, maybe all the riffs and runs is already because of the Spanish inluence in the music in his life since youth. Maybe that’s what’s responsible for the beautiful things he does with his voice that I dont’ know the name of but have always loved. And if it becomes even more prominent in his singing, with some latin rhythm thrown in? I will be a gonner!

    IDK LOL Just a random thought.


  9. jans11 said

    Bebe, super in depth article! I have always enjoyed latino music. Anything with a guitar and the songs are either very romantic or else making you want to kick up your heels!! David putting out a Spanish album would be another great fete that we can’t believe!! He always steps it up a notch every time and when we think he can’t get any better, he does!♥ OOOOH David, that voice of yours….WOW, you are the best, EVER!!!!!♥♥


  10. djafan said

    Bebereader, Great job!!! Loving going through each and listening to what David may getting exposed to for that spanish album!!! I think Amiga is my favorite right now though Bandito is a close second 🙂

    Bienvenida a La Voz Yasmin!!!


  11. cq#DA2014 said

    I have a feeling that when David returns he will have a clear vision in what direction to go….something fresh, new and different with a lot of Latin influence. The next big thing/sound of 2014, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Blueberry Ice said

    Happy August! Another month down and another day closer to BEGIN.! Woohoo!

    Bebe! Lovely writeup & so interesting to learn about the musical flavors of Chile! A Latin infused vibe to David’s singing may just wipe us all out, lol!

    Listening to Broken has been an experience like none other. How can I explain it? Even after the initial listen, it felt like I knew this song from somewhere even though it was brand new … a perfect fit for his voice, like he’s sung it before or in my mind I knew he was meant to sing this or the thought that finally someone wrote a song perfectly suited for showcasing his magnificent voice, range and tone … who better to do that than himself. Yet each time it’s like a brand new feel … refreshing, enlightening, gut wrenching, so exquisitely sung that it begs to be repeated. I don’t know but there’s something timeless about this song … that it will stand the test of time no matter what era or what music trends that may come and go. Maybe this is the sound of David … timeless … a sound so special that we immediately recognize his artistry, one that has always been there but now unfolding for the whole world to discover. I don’t know what I’m saying but it sure hits you in your heart & lingers there …

    Gladys; You are precious beyond words!

    Dakgal; Love how your brain thinks … please share more.

    Lynella; Your poem was just beautiful … thank you.

    Djafan; Hope your Dad is feeling better!

    No matter where we are at in our lives, David’s voice, music and spirit meets the needs of whatever situation and feelings we may be experiencing … so thankful for who he is, for all the blessings that he brings to our lives and for meaningful connections made.


  13. djafan said

    Trending Tonight! Sing David Sing Begin 7:00pm Utah time


  14. djafan said

    Spanish album 🙂 at 3:20 on 🙂 🙂 🙂


  15. sunny said

    Ology is extending the Favorite AI Contest between David, Jessica & Lauren until 8/6 midnight ET. Please go & follow, post & follow on David’s link. He is currently #2:

    To get David 25,000 more points we are going to trend Archies Rock Ology tomorrow night. Not sure of the time yet, but probably 7 pm MT.


  16. cq#DA2014 said

    Djafan, maybe we’ll get a Spanish song released from David in 2013. He did say he was going to try to record one before he leaves, Hehehe, that would be awesome.


  17. bychance said

    Djafan, thanks so much for posting this interview. I’ve never seen it before, and love how sweet and sincere he is. Oh, so happy he says he will for sure do a spanish album! It will be amazing, and I do hope he really did record a spanish song before he left. Something to hope for?!

    Bebe, looking forward to listening to each song you posted. Thanks! Been going to a Zumba exercise class lately and find myself thinking about David the whole time! Him singing that music!!!!…… the class goes by very quickly that way!


  18. djafan said

    Cq and Bychance,

    That little interview is so full of David being…you all know what I mean lol It gives me hope that there may be a surprise for us down the road 🙂

    Blueberry, Great to see you here! Dad is doing much better thank you!


  19. davidstopsmyaging said

    Bebereader, this is such an informative article. One reason why I love The Voice so much is because all the articles are fun and full of great information–and they make me laugh. I have learned so much about different kinds of music from all over the world. Te Voy A Amar is so touching—looks like the kind of song David might sing. Can’t wait for his Spanish Album. I tell you what—those South American men are sure pretty nice to look at. But, they can’t measure up to our spicy little nacho. David doing a Spanish music video will certainly be the end of me….


  20. gladys1961 said

    Hi girls, I wanted to mention that the singer called Axel is Argentine. His way of speaking and singing is totally Argentina. Long ago he is singing throughout South America and is well known. His voice is very soft and lovely.
    I think it looks like someone we all know.


  21. bebereader said

    You may have a point there! But from the razor interview I think he’s looking for something more. We shall soon see.

    Thanks for your comment. I agree; Spanish music is so romantic and passionate, just like the people who sing it. 🙂

    Great song choices! By the way, thank you for your help with the espanol in this article and for posting the Razor interview I referred to. The quote I used at the bottom came straight from the video.

    I have a feeling you’re right!

    Blueberry Ice,
    I loved your critique of “Broken”. You’re always so spot-on! And this, ” A Latin infused vibe to David’s singing may just wipe us all out, lol!” How will we ever survive BEGIN??

    Let us know how you like the songs! David and Zumba FTW!

    So you’re stuck on Te Voy a Amar too!
    “…those South American men are sure pretty nice to look at. But, they can’t measure up to our spicy little nacho.” <<<< Totally agree!

    Gracias por la información sobre Axel. Tenía la esperanza de que usted lea el artículo y nos dan algunos consejos más sobre la música de Chile.

    (Thank you for the information on Axel. I was hoping you would read the article and give us some more tips on the music of Chile.)


  22. jans11 said

    Watching that Razor video for 4:15 with David’s sexy “morning voice” made it seem like it was over in…2seconds!! lol♥


  23. Abrra said

    Oh MY! This is a musical buffet of the finest order 🙂 I enjoyed watching every video and i am still working on looking up the top 20 on youtube. Thank you Bebe for sorting out some of the best Chilean music to share with us.

    My favorite right now is Te Voy A Amar by Axel. It took me 2 seconds into the video to “go there” and imagine David was sitting at the piano. The cut scenes with the couple from childhood to old age were sweet. Of course I substituted David and Jasmine in place of the actors. 😉 When Axel (David) is standing and kicks the piano stool away, is HAWT!

    A girl can dream, right?

    #14 Djafan Thanks for bringing over the video. David was no doubt exhausted from the hectic schedule he was keeping. He looked so serene despite everything. Of course I had to scream cap it!




    #12 Blueberry Ice
    I was playing Broken on repeat this morning in the car. The best ideas come to me when I drive ahha! I was thinking back to the 70’s when I went to see
    John Denver in concert. He did something I had not seen before on stage. As he sang some songs there was a projection screen playing behind him. What stands out to me, and is burned into my memory to this day, was when he sang “Matthew”. A song about a farm boy who dearly loved and lost his favorite uncle. The slideshow images that came up on the screen were perfectly matched to his lyrics. Sort of like what we try to do with our fan videos today.

    I can see David doing something like this as a fund raising aid in concerts like he did during MKOC tour for Child Fund.
    Just imagine David alone in the spotlight on stage with his vocal track playing behind him. Images flash depicting the situation that befalls the children who are forced to carry guns and fight for a cause they know nothing about. Heavy? Yes. Some things just need to be shown if any change is to be had.Near the end of the song, David reaches off to the side of the stage for a big kettle drum. He bangs the drum with sticks ( a la Little Drummer Boy) to drive home the passion he feels when he sings:

    Do you see what I see?

    Do you feel what I feel?

    It doesn’t matter until we see broken lives heal.

    Ah yes, I’d love to see David evolve his concerts to include multi media presentations.

    Abrra 605 days


  24. Abrra said

    David Archuleta talks about his upcoming BEGIN. album and more. Pt.5

    David talks about why he put his favorite hymn Be Still, My Soul on the BEGIN. album. It’s a song close to his heart and captures what he is feeling inside.

    (scream caps soon ! )

    Abrra 605 days


  25. Bebe, Thanks again for all your research and gifts to us. Have listened to all the songs you posted. Love the Variety. The Folk songs reminded me of a Folk dancing group I was in for a while years ago. I was tickled with the Chileans imitation of the Beatles.:)) Thanks for pointing out 4. Lovely story and singing. Oh and I loved the couple with the Flying Kite!! And those Male singers not to shabby either. Will be listening again…….
    Thanks for your input Gladys
    Thanks Djfan for the interview and Abrra for the Screencaps 🙂
    Could relate to the feelings about Broken Blueberry Ice.

    Bebe Hope you read my earlier comment of Thanks and the email I sent. Also thanked you and TheVoice on Twitter and RT your article.

    I’ll be listening to the Music some more and save some of the You tube favorites.


  26. Abrra, you made me gasp with these screamcaps ,because I was just about to say… that closeup, from 2:42- 2:50 (immediately following the SBL video shot)almost had me almost sliding out of my chair onto the floor. eeek He is so gorgeous.


  27. skydancer1x said

    ahh and now we have part 5.YEA! I love that we are getting these in snippetsright now. I can’t believe how amazing the lead up/lead in to this new cd has been. Love what he had to say about BSMS.♥


  28. Angelica said

    Love the part 5 Be Still My Soul interview. That’s one of my favorite hymns too.

    Blueberry Ice, your review of Broken is just so perfectly stated, I have to repost it.

    “Listening to Broken has been an experience like none other. How can I explain it? Even after the initial listen, it felt like I knew this song from somewhere even though it was brand new … a perfect fit for his voice, like he’s sung it before or in my mind I knew he was meant to sing this or the thought that finally someone wrote a song perfectly suited for showcasing his magnificent voice, range and tone … who better to do that than himself. Yet each time it’s like a brand new feel … refreshing, enlightening, gut wrenching, so exquisitely sung that it begs to be repeated. I don’t know but there’s something timeless about this song … that it will stand the test of time no matter what era or what music trends that may come and go. Maybe this is the sound of David … timeless … a sound so special that we immediately recognize his artistry, one that has always been there but now unfolding for the whole world to discover. I don’t know what I’m saying but it sure hits you in your heart & lingers there …”

    Bebe, what a feast you have laid out for us to enjoy! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this article. I give you an A+ too. And a gold star. (*)

    I’ve listened to all the music and videos you’ve selected. They named “Bailando, Bailando” (Dance, Dance) right because my feet, which were propped up while I was sitting could not keep still the whole time. I even tried to will them to Be Still My Feet and with the hardest effort they finally stopped…and my knees took over. LOL. I defy you to listen to that and not move.

    My favorite of all is, “Amiga” by Alexander Acha. The melody when he sings so soft and low in the beginning and returns to do that again and again between the soaring, joyful refrain of “Ammiiiiggaaa!!! I love the video and can’t stop watching. Just my own personal interpretation is a couple who are in love but when the storms of life come, their love does not survive. Or the guy dies, not sure. But it is so beautiful to see the way Acha sings and performs as an almost omniscient god-like figure who cares but can do nothing to interfere with free-will or the inevitable.


  29. bebereader said

    My apologies!!!
    I inadvertently skipped your comment#4! So sorry!
    You’re welcome; it’s a pleasure to share my research findings with you. No, I’m not a teacher but am married to a music teacher so idk maybe I’ve been influenced. haha In addition, thank you for the shout out on Twitter and for tweeting and re-tweeting this article! The promotion you do for David does not go un-noticed and is very much much appreciated.

    Well it’s been a few days now and I can’t shake this Chilean music. I think it might just stay with me and that’s not a bad thing. I’m going to have to purchase some of my favorites on ITunes.

    Abs, I remember being at a John Denver concert where the jumbo trons were filled with images depicting the plight of wildlife, aquatic life, forests and other causes John deeply believed in. Thanks for bringing those memories back to me. And to others I’m sure. We once did a silent poll here and by the comments we realized that there are a lot of John Denver fans among David’s older fans.

    Oh Abrra, emergency scream caps needed for Part 5! (jadjfadjfjajdjreljf)

    So “Bailando, Bailando” grabbed at you, too! I love the progression of a new instrument added each time to the repeated melody. And if you listen closely, it has a hint of ragtime a la Scott Joplin. I’m going to give “Amiga” another listen with your theory in mind. My youtube is going so slowly today. Arggghhh.

    I was going to say three more sleeps until BEGIN. but if you pre-order on ITunes, I’m assuming they will have the music ready at midnight on Monday night. If so, that would mean two more sleeps…tonight and Sunday night!!!


  30. emmegirl14 said

    blueberry ice, thank you for “not knowing what I’m saying” yet saying so perfectly what I feel for Broken.

    Gosh bebe, you burned the midnight oil on this one, wonderful job! I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed each and every one…they have that beautiful Latino lilt.

    He already has a strong Latino influence, but I can’t imagine what we will see after two years of eating, sleeping, breathing, living it. aaaiiiyyye.


  31. emmegirl14 said

    …and I loved this bebe, so true, “It doesn’t matter so much that I don’t understand all the lyrics; their passion for life comes through loud and clear in their music. And I love that.”

    bebe, was thinking this is gonna be a gooood week – we get BEGIN., and the first digit on Abrra’s countdown changes.:)


  32. Abrra said


    “Oh Abrra, emergency scream caps needed for Part 5! (jadjfadjfjajdjreljf)”







    /le sigh

    Abrra 605 days


  33. emmegirl14 said

    There are other beautiful singers out there, but NO ONE looks as beautiful singing.


  34. /le thud. 0–>—<


  35. No problem Bebe, Just wanted you to know my appreciation. Love that David is in a Musical culture an will be listening to these songs again.

    Meanwhile…..A couple of fans got CD’s in the Mail today and are squeeing on twitter. My Mail lady has since come and gone and I avoided jumping in the Truck to help her look through her Bag for my order. :)) There is always Monday………

    Oh Dear the Screencaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Abrra!!


  36. bebereader said

    Muchas Gracias Abrra!

    Just beautiful! One of my dreams is to watch a video of David in a recording session. We’ve seen snippets here and there but I mean a video of him recording a whole song, the whole enchilada, from the beginning, including do-overs, to the end. Hope it’s not too far from our reach. We need a live BTS DVD. There is certainly enough footage by now to compile for a DVD!

    Emmegirl: Think “Good Week”! Thanks for your comments.

    Sky, Wake up! LOL

    Was lurking on Twitter and it seems some have already gotten their copy of BEGIN. And then this turned up on @janey79’s account:

    SPOILER ALERT: Note: It’s a tumblir page playing the long snippets from BEGIN, PLUS it has a new pic, maybe from the album.

    And one more:


  37. Actually 601 Days Total Days of Service 129 :))


  38. Abrra said

    This is why I stopped posting the days 🙂 My App is set for 4/1/12 because I think realistically he will be back on that date in 2014.



  39. cq#DA2014 said

    Abrra, I think as soon as he spends some time with his family and friends, he will then do a vlog for us fans when he returns.


  40. Abrra said

    credit BEGIN. booklet

    I copied some spoiler pics from BEGIN. from twitter. I’ll post them tonight in Unplugged for those who wish to see.



  41. sweetonda said

    Just got my mail and received my 5 CD’s from Sears! I’m so excited to listen to this, but right now I’m just looking at it with a big smile on my face. 🙂 Don’t think I can wait til Tuesday. Going to listen to this baby tonight in bed when I can totally enjoy it all by myself! Wasn’t expecting this at all. It has sure made my day which has been not so great! Spazzing is in the outlook with tears on the side and a big smile to boot!!!


  42. bebereader said

    Sweetonda {{{hugs}}} So happy for you! Hope listening to BEGIN will turn your day around!

    Found this on Twitter from the liner notes. Posting it only because it feeeels so good!

    Most important part of David’s thank yous,

    “I want you to know that I won’t stop music and will continue when I get back.”


  43. betsy said

    Bebe I loved this article! When I get home I plan to listen to this music, it’s not doable just yet. 2 more days.

    Many the miles and I cannot get Broken out of my head. >33


  44. djafan said

    David WWTT again! Archies Rock Ology

    Twitter is spazzing with the news that some have received there BEGIN. album. Love what I’m reading.

    Sweetonda, lucky duck! I didn’t order from Sears. Walmart says it’s been shipped so lets see how long a takes.

    Abrra, le le le sigh le…ayayay. That unplugged picture is something else.

    David Archuleta talks “Be Still, My Soul” – David’s new album “BEGIN” — which consists of covers of some of his favorite tracks — is coming out on Tuesday, and as a way to promote it the season 7 star chose to record a number of videos before leaving on his two-year Mormon mission earlier this year.

    In the clip below, you can see Archuleta explain why he wanted to include an expression of his faith on the album courtesy of “Be Still, My Soul” — a song that is clearly powerful and also perfectly suited for his voice.

    mjsbigblog: David Archuleta talks about his upcoming BEGIN. album and more. Pt.5


  45. Lynnella said

    Thanks for the kind words about the poem. Haven’t had much time to comment lately. I just embarked on a bit of an adventure myself. I just got married. After having been alone for the past 20 years, and at age 70, this is a BIG change. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t share my love of David, but doesn’t try to discourage my listening to him. He’s not a fan of vocal music, only instrumental. I’m praying he will change his mind. No matter, I will always love David’s voice more than any other sound on earth. When I listened to the download of Broken, it was so beautiful, I could hardly imagine it came from this earth. His voice has an ethereal quality to it that just makes it sound heavenly. I’m so looking forward to hearing the whole album. From the snippets, I think, along with Broken, my favorites will be Angel and Be Still My Soul. I love this site. It’s like a lifeline, since none of my friends or relatives share my love of all things David. Thank you so much for keeping it going.



  46. Angelica said


    So happy for you! God bless you both! It’s never too late to find love and happiness. ♥


  47. gladys1961 said

    Today, after the girls left, I chat a while with jstme. Each person who enters my life has wisdom enough to make me feel important. When I chat with her, I feel that I reflect and accommodate all ideas turning in my head. She told me that I had accomplished some goals and I must say she is right.
    Now I realize that there are no limits to achieve all my goals. Things happen at the right time and not before.
    jstme thanks.

    Then a little later I saw a movie to kill time, Sex and the City 2 and near the end, Cindy Luper sang true colors.
    All roads lead me to david.
    (I miss the talks with djafan, too).


  48. Abrra said

    Best wishes to you and your husband!

    I really enjoyed chat last night in Unplugged. It’s a great way to touch base with those who come by to visit with David. We watched a few of his summer concerts in Arizona and Myrtle Beach. I was able to link all the BEGIN. BTS videos into one long set. i do enjoy making up special surprises for Unplugged. 🙂


    Gladys, I am happy that you had some time with jstme. I know how hard you work( with translate) to keep up with the conversation. It’s nice to just talk and not think about every word in both languages. I am temped to install Skype, but you have to convince me. I can’t do anything but jibber- jabber in English. I have no Spanish language skills.

    Abrra 600 days


  49. Blueberry Ice said

    Abrra; #32 Double sigh! As lovely as it is to hear his voice, those pics show why a musical experience with David needs to be experienced visually … live, in person and up close.

    Sweet; #41 Oh my! So happy for you & can’t wait for mine … there’s nothing better than to have David brighten one’s day. Sending you a big hug!

    Lynella; #45 How wonderful … all the best to you and hubby! To celebrate, I’ve made a batch of buttermilk blueberry muffins w/ streusel topping … enjoy & plenty to go around! “I love this site. It’s like a lifeline, since none of my friends or relatives share my love of all things David.” <—— I echo these sentiments too … well said!


  50. Congratulations Lynella!! So happy for you and your new husband :))

    Happy for you Sweetonda!! Just dawned on me that you name is Sweet On David Archuleta!! Ain’t that the truth!! Can’t wait for BEGIN.

    I’ll have one of those Muffins Blueberry Ice……..sounds yummy!!

    Oh My Abrra, The screencaps are lovely!!

    Bebe,I loved that quote from David. “I won’t quit Music and will continue when I get back”” Music to my ears.

    Happy for you Gladys that you made a connection. So meaningful for all of us..


  51. sweetonda said

    Bebe, It most certainly did the trick! I can’t wait for all of you to have your CD’s in hand and listen to that beautiful voice do it’s thing! The songs are wonderful each and everyone in it’s own way. Loved Beautiful, True Colors and Be Still My Soul. Those did their magic last night. Thank you David for this amazing gift.

    Blueberry, ((((hugs)))) right back at ya! I’ll take one of those muffins too. You are so sweet!

    Lynnella, Congratulations! Sounds like you will have to work on that new hubby and break him down to enjoying David. If not, we will always be here for you.

    Heidijoy, lol. yep, lots of people wonder what my name is all about. Glad you finally figured it out. 😉

    Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday to enjoy. I truly love this site and all the admins and fans that help lift each other up in good times and bad. It’s a blessing, thank you.


  52. MT said

    Congratulations on getting married! Wishing you both much happiness. ♥

    Sky, Tracking says my CD is in Texas at the moment. haha Can you pick it up for me? 🙂

    I was hoping someone would string those bits together, but I was so tired I left chat early and missed it. Is it on Youtube? I’d love to see it.


  53. Abrra said

    Its not on Youtube. It will be around in Unplugged forever 🙂 I chopped off the promos at the end of each one to save data space. I don’t want to put it on Youtube in that condition.

    Abrra 600 days


  54. jans11 said

    Nice to be on chat last night and, Gladys, it was good to hear you finish your story. You are truly a special person!♥

    Blueberry muffins..I love them! Thanks

    Lynella, Congrats! I’ve been hoping that I can find someone again. My husband of 47 yrs has been gone for 4 yrs and it’s like my right arm gone. Love can come at any age and here’s hoping for many years of happiness to you both! “””Cheers””” to you both!!♥

    That mailman better bring me some good David stuff tomorrow from either Sears or Walmart…they are on the way!!!


  55. SandyBeaches said

    David’s album linear notes are posted on AFS …

    Quite awesome and nicely posted.

    He has thanked everyone and now we know all the people who he has been working with.



  56. MT said

    Thanks for letting me know. I guess I’ll go sit in unplugged for a while and see if it comes up.


  57. Abrra said

    I can go in and play it for you. Otherwise you have a 1 in 500 chance of it coming up 🙂



  58. Lynnella said

    Thanks for all the well wishes. That’s what I love about this site. Everyone is so sweet, caring, and sincere. No divas in the bunch. Jans11, as the song says, Don’t Give Up. You never know who’s right around the corner. I was working in a retirement home, when a man I knew from high school came in for a tour. That was in Jan. and we married in July.



  59. jans11 said

    Lynnella, it’s hard to keep putting “one foot in front of the other” sometimes, but I keep on. That’s a good story and runs kind of parallel to my mine. I’m a beautician in a nursing home and hope that someone’s son or brother might “show up”. lol The only thing that’s fun right now at work is that my boss looks like David! haha David has helped me so much the last 4 years. It’s hard to believe that a person many yrs younger than I can be so much comfort by just being himself! (does that make sense?) He’s so awesome!♥♥


  60. MT said

    57. Abrra.
    You are a doll. 😉 And thanks for … well… EVERYTHING. LOL


  61. marlie7 said

    Had fun at chat last night – had to “abandon” my relatives at my brother-in-law’s house to get on – I’ve missed two weeks! Holed myself up in their basement office and logged in – I feel so much better now! LOL

    Bebe: I finally had time to go through all the videos above.I’ve always enjoyed the rhythm and sound of Latin music – Marc Anthony when he sings in Spanish, the Spanish “We are the World”, and of course, David singing Contigo. These were very good and I think I have a little crush on Alexander Acha 🙂 Thanks for doing all the work of finding these and writing up the interesting reviews and explanations. I’m hoping for a Spanish album from David someday.


  62. fenfan said

    Has anyone read the liner notes over at AFS? I am trying very hard to abstain but I am not sure I can hold out for up to 45 days waiting for my CD to arrive.


  63. djafan said

    Chat was fun last night!

    Gladys…I miss our chats toooooo! I’m going to test skype on my laptop and let you know as soon as it’s up 🙂

    Lynnella, beautiful poem and congrats to you on your nuptials!

    Jan, you keep putting that foot in front of the other 🙂

    Sweetonda, I can’t wait for my cd so we could all squeeeeeee!

    SB and Fenfan, I read them, once, twice, lost count haha. I love him.

    There is tons of buzz. Picked up by CNN blog. You could leave a comment!!

    Ahead of the curve: Weekly pop culture calendar

    Here’s what else you shouldn’t miss this week:

    In new music this week, you’ll find: “BEGIN” by David Archuleta; “Perfectly Imperfect” by Elle Varner; “Renaissance” by Marcus Miller; and “Now 43: That’s What I Call Music.”


  64. Angelica said

    Fenfan, they will be posted here when the album drops which is tomorrow night. So spoiler alert if you are waiting 45 days. I’d say go ahead and read them now or tomorrow or avoid clicking on AFS or The Voice.

    Marlie, et tu? Acha! Archuleta!! Ahh!!! I bought Acha’s album, “Le Vida Es” on iTunes last night and cranked it up in the car a little while ago. So getting into this Latin vibe! I was singing along with his Spanish (gibberish, haha) and moving my head, torso and hands to the rhythm. Luckily, it was night and no one could see me. :D I also downloaded a Spanish app for my iphone. It’s all my strategy to prepare myself for David’s Spanish campaign to conquer all of North, Central and South America when he returns. Those beautiful melodies sung with so much passion! I am soooo not ready for a sultry, suave, soft consonant speaking and singing Chilean/Honduran David, but in two years, I will be.



  65. Bebereader said

    Waiting for my copy of BEGIN. from Deseret Books or ITunes, whichever comes first. Didn’t even read the liner notes, nope. I want the full impact! But from what I’m hearing, I’m gonna love them!

    Was glad to see you in chat Saturday night especially since you were at a family gathering. We have to do what we have to do sometimes. haha Glad you liked the Chilean music, too!

    Since we’re talking about David singing Latino music…

    credit thop1984

    Hey Betsy, Safe Travels home!

    Congratulations on your marriage! All the best to you and your hubby!


  66. emmegirl14 said

    Lynella, what a lovely story, congratulations!

    15 hours and counting….


  67. bluebar said

    Another favorite:.

    vd by MonicaSaldivar


  68. djafan said

    Remember Skygirl? Nice tweets.

    ★SkyGirl★ ‏@LisaMurray
    Okay… The new David Archuleta @DavidArchie cd, “Begin” is available NOW for preorder on iTunes (releases Aug 7)

    ★SkyGirl★ ‏@LisaMurray
    RT @DavidArchie: BEGIN. pre-orders now available here on US iTunes … w/an automatic download of Broken w/order. (ks)

    ★SkyGirl★ ‏@LisaMurray
    Upcoming artists, pay attention to David Archuleta fans… They are an AMAZING group of people worldwide. Loyal fans rule.

    Japan spazzing!

    Gray ‏@GrayAAA
    AHHHH Just got David Archuleta’s album BEGIN. downloaded on iTunes Japan!! I’m listening now!! @DavidArchie @kariontour

    rubi carnites ‏@rubi_DA2014
    @GrayAAA @DavidArchie Ahhhhh, downloading. OMG, Am shaking.

    Gray ‏@GrayAAA
    @rubi_DA2014 @DavidArchie I know! shaking!

    rubi carnites ‏@rubi_DA2014
    @GrayAAA @DavidArchie Ahhhhh, downloading. OMG, Am shaking.

    rubi carnites ‏@rubi_DA2014
    @GrayAAA @DavidArchie #NP BEAUTIFUL… Ahhhhhh, Soooo beautiful.

    Still doing well on preorders. Buying itune party tomorrow!

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #116 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)
    #3 in Music > Pop > Adult Contemporary > General AAS
    #6 in Music > Pop > Vocal Pop > General
    #8 in Music > Broadway & Vocalists

    McKenzie Harris
    @DavidArchie David Archuleta BEGIN. cd #79 iTunes pop. New single Broken #107. CD out Aug7. Dwnld …

    Trending Party tonight! Credit ohnopurple!



  69. Glad everyone had a nice Sunday! Congratulations on your marriage Lynella! So happy for you, that “love walked right in ” ♥So happy for you both♥

    I would sit outside and wait for the mail lady so I am keeping an ear perked as I do my chores. I actually have butterfiles in my stomach. why do I have butterflies for heavens sake!? If I go get the mail and its there today, I know I am gonna let out an eeeeeeeek! and do a happy dance back into the house.Of course whenever it comes, thats the case, but I want it todaaaaaaay:))

    Hi Blueberry!! {{waving}} love what you wrote, what you said. so beautifully describes what Broken does to moi! …that voice.

    67. Bluebar….love that song!
    got to go now, need to watch for da mail!


  70. bebereader said

    No “Nandito Ako” chat tomorrow night as usually scheduled.

    Special Unplugged for squeeing, tonight and tomorrow night!!

    Stay tuned for details!


  71. djafan said

    From the DA2014 Fitclub!!!!

    Hi everyone!!!! As we are all so excited for BEGIN., here is a fun project for fans that speaks to the spirit of the CD! As administrators of David Archuleta fansites, would you please consider posting within the next few days? We would appreciate it!

    Thanks for all you do to promote David!!! Mary Lou/Pastel



    Get ready to BEGIN. the “I’d Walk 1000 Miles For David Archuleta” campaign! BEGIN.ning August 7th, 2012, the @DA2014FitClub encourages you to BEGIN. walking or running to complete, as a group, 1000 miles as a tribute to David and his new cd, BEGIN. We’ll BEGIN. at 12:01 a.m. EDT, August 7th, 2012, so wherever you are in the world, put on your running shoes and join us. Get a pedometer, measure your route or walk on a treadmill to keep track.

    The rules:
    1. You must be following @DA2014FitClub on twitter for your miles to be counted.

    2. Report how many miles you walk/run each day or each week to @DA2014FitClub.

    That’s it. Pretty simple, huh? If you walk in kilometres, we’ll convert it to miles (1 kilometre = 0.62 miles). Also, if you can, please send in a picture or twitvid/video of you running or walking via Twitter to @DA2014FitClub. If you don’t want to show your face, just have someone take a picture of your feet or legs, or you from the back. We’ll update how many miles we’ve gone as a group every week. To help me, I plan to set a goal of how many miles I’m going to try to do every week. It’s not how fast you can go or how far you can go; it’s that you BEGIN. Remember even ¼ mile adds up to a mile if you do it 4 times a week. Set a goal and BEGIN.! We can’t wait to find out how long it takes to get to 1000 miles!

    Who we are: DA2014FitClub is a group of David Archuleta fans who decided to exercise and eat healthy foods to become more fit while David is on his mission. We found there were many fans who wanted to join in on the fun and fitness, so @DA2014FitClub was formed on twitter to allow fans to encourage and motivate each other, to share tips and to report their progress. Join us!!!! No membership fee, just a desire to make your lifestyle healthier!

    *Please note that bicycling or recumbent bike mileage will not be counted in this campaign, but we’ll work on having a biking challenge related to David after the “I’d Walk 1000 Miles For David Archuleta” campaign. All you bikers, please join us with walking or running if you can.

    Pattie (@attwittsend)



  72. bluesky said

    Thanks so much Bebereader for your fun, informative and majorly comprehensive article. You rock!

    (PS I am glad to be back at home from work related travel. *waves*)

    Does anyone else feel, see, sense, hear, a certain creamy nuance to the sounds, syllables, and velvety vocal pathways of these collective artists? Could it be that nature/nurture added a certain soupçon of latin texture to what already seemed to be the perfect vocal “chord”?


    I think I need a drink. And I don’t drink. *_*


  73. djafan said

    Beautiful at the theater!!!

    Angela ‏@ArchAngel121
    WOW they are playing @DavidArchie’s “Beautiful” in the movie theatre!!! #BEGIN awesome promoting


    TheVoiceDA ‏@TheVoiceDA
    VOTE FOR @davidarchie on @WISE_RADIO Poll ~ In 2nd place! >>>

    Vote hourly for ING on Chart Central:

    Vote for ING on MYX:


  74. djafan said

    BEGIN. only album given a 9 out of 10! But currently in second to Mariah. Vote at the link!

    Creative Disc Exclusive Single – 06 Aug
    August 6th, 2012 | 12 komentar
    Kategori: Creative Disc Exclusive Single

    David Archuleta (Alb. BEGIN. / Shadow Mountain Records) – Broken
    This is it! This is the David Archuleta we know. Lagu balada menggugah dengan penghayatan yang prima serta kualitas vokal yang terjaga? Bisa ditemui dalam single terbarunya yang berjudul Broken. Istimewanya lagi, Broken ditulis langsung oleh Archie. How cool is that? Such a double threat! Melantun lembut di nada-nada rendah dan melengking dengan penuh perasaan pada nada-nada tinggi, Broken memang menjadi ajang unjuk vokal bagi Archie. Single ini adalah single pertama untuk album kelimanya, BEGIN. Album yang dirilis pada tanggal 7 Agustus itu sendiri menampilkan lagu lawas yang dinyanyi ulang oleh Archie dengan pengecualian Broken. Single dirilis pada tanggal 31 Juli. (9/10)

    Google translate:
    David Archuleta (BEGIN Alb.. / Shadow Mountain Records) – Broken
    This is it! This is the David Archuleta we know. Evocative ballad with an excellent appreciation and vocal quality are maintained? Can be found in the new single, entitled Broken. Special again, Broken written directly by Archie. How cool is that? Such a double threat! Sang softly in low tones and shrill with feeling on the high notes, Broken was the scene of vocal performance for Archie. This single is the first single for his fifth album, BEGIN. The album was released on August 7, featuring the song itself is sung again by the old Archie with the exception of Broken. Single released on July 31. (9/10)


  75. djafan said

    Hi Bluesky!!!!!

    “Does anyone else feel, see, sense, hear, a certain creamy nuance to the sounds, syllables, and velvety vocal pathways of these collective artists? Could it be that nature/nurture added a certain soupçon of latin texture to what already seemed to be the perfect vocal “chord”?”

    As much as I enjoyed the music up above and I did. I grew up listening to those beats and power ballads but David has in that vocal cord something I have no explanation for.

    I’ll have a drink with you 🙂


  76. emmegirl14 said

    Wow, thanks dja…voting.

    I can’t even imagine how beautiful Beautiful sounds through the speakers in a movie theater.


  77. emmegirl14 said

    dja, ” David has in that vocal cord something I have no explanation for” ….. he is singular in alot of ways.

    ~~twiddling my thumbs~~

    no focus, just waiting


  78. Abrra said


    Hey @jaydurias just looking at some videos and pulled this off. Its you & @DavidArchie recording Nandito Ako. Miss ya!

    Abrra 599 days


  79. djafan said


    New CD releases: David Archuleta, ‘NOW 43,’ Johnny Cash

    David Archuleta, “Begin.” (Highway)
    The “American Idol” veteran puts his spin on emotional favorites by Simon & Garfunkel (“Bridge Over Troubled Water”), U2 ( “Pride (In the Name of Love)”), R.E.M. (“Everybody Hurts”) and Christina Aguilera (an aching, understated “Beautiful”). In a video posted on his website, Archuleta says, “I wanted to still be able to give people an idea of what it’s like for me and find songs that they could connect to as well.”

    Read more:


  80. Abrra said

    How about we have a SQUEEEE!!!!! fest tonight?

    photo edit credit peacelovedavid on tumblr

    What better way to wait for the download of BEGIN. to begin ?

    Abrra 599 days


  81. veeg said

    Hi from Sydney 
    Just to say hello !!!! I am still here loving all the articles and comments

    ………….. Speechless ……Dud … 

    Being on the other side of the world , has the advantage ,we are now August 7 here 

    Love it love it   true colours  then — April fool …  In the name of love 

    Still alive but barely ..  Heavenly 

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  

    Hoping to join everyone to squee Squee squee

    P.s bebe loves listening to all the videos , not understanding anything by imagining ‘thevoicedavidarchuleta’  singing the songs.  Heavenly 
    Back to listening again 


  82. veeg said

    I am broke but not broken ,

    You have friends ( I know David ) I have lots of eFriends
    🙂 🙂
    I am on your sides , when times get rough .

    Sorry can’t help it .

    David can really make rough times easy . He is there when I need him…

    Me vee again

    The David humming ……… 🙂


  83. emmegirl14 said

    Veeg, lol!

    Abrra, loove that 5! and where did that pic come from!

    Hope to make it to the squeefest tonight!


  84. betsy said

    EDIT: BY DJAFAN WHAT??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  85. betsy said

    Vee! Hope to see you in chat! It’s been too long.
    Emme, you too. 🙂
    I feel like I’ve been out of the loop, but really, I haven’t. I checked all the sites on my phone every day of my vacation. Even listened to Broken on my phone while in line for the movies. And I saw 11. 🙂


  86. Abrra said

    Its from tumblr. I credited it below the image. Looks like photoshoot from TOSOD era.

    Abrra 599 days


  87. Abrra said

    Testing for HUGEness 😉

    @kariontour Here is a BTS pic of @DavidArchie during his @benchtm shoot in Manila February 2012

    by David Archuleta

    On Aug 06, 2012

    From the BENCH shoot in Manila. (ks)

    GHA!!! The eyes!! This is now plastered all over my desktop 🙂

    I went poking around and found this beauty on David’s Ology page, posted by Kari.
    @kariontour One more BTS of @DavidArchie during his @benchtm shoot. Feb 2012

    by David Archuleta

    On Aug 06, 2012

    Just want to say thanks to everyone that has followed, posted and commented for this “contest” and everything thing else the Archie’s do! HE GIVES so much because YOU guys do! I tell him about these things and how fun you guys are having even though it has been a lot of work but he said “I am sure the fans are really enjoying that”. I hope you have. I have enjoyed seeing the things you guys have posted! Its not about winning all the time. We know this! THANK YOU! (ks)

    Here is the link to David’s Ology page I had to view it with Internet Explorer. My Firefox refused to display the images. Your mileage may vary 🙂



  88. Bychance said

    Bebe, loved the Latin music, especially Alex……like David at the piano!

    Thanks for posting Contigo……It is perfection!……one of my absolute favorite performances ever!!!!!

    Exciting night!!!


  89. betsy said

    Dja, I know right lol?
    Abs thanks for the gigantisizing.
    Those peepers. 😉
    Stop it david.


  90. Abrra said

    Surprise! part 6 🙂


    The finale clip and the most important is special message to the all the fans out there. I hope you enjoy this album. Thank you.



  91. MT said

    First pic. Hugeness test is successful! That one goes to the top of the list!


  92. MT said

    90. Awwww What a sweetheart. ♥


  93. of the list indeed. My new desktop pic now
    between that first pic and part 6 video, I am just.. toast.Oh David!♥


  94. betsy said

    That vlog ❤
    He is just the best.
    Oh David. ;( 😉
    Don't you just love him? ♥


  95. bebereader said

    Are you still waiting outside? Did it come yet?

    Welcome home! Glad you enjoyed the article! We always think, how can he get any better? But he always does!

    Hope you can squee with us in half an hour in Unplugged! I see you’re walking on clouds by the name of BEGIN. Is it Everything and More, Veeg?

    Imagining David at the piano instead of Alex, too! And I love the song! See you in chat?

    Re: New vlog, Part 6.
    Tearing up over David tearing up! *Sigh*


  96. djafan said


    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice

    David Arhuleta Begin Cd Is Here > buy here > @davidarchie


  97. bluesky said

    I just got through downloading the album. Kinda hesitant about clicking the play button. This is it.


  98. Abrra said

    NEW POST —————————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  99. djafan said

    Blue…oh my gosh that voice.


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