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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Archive for August, 2012

David Archuleta ~ When Dreams Take Flight

Posted by MT on Monday, August 27, 2012

In a 2011 performance for Pandora’s Unforgettable Moments on Ice, David Archuleta did an outstanding job on every song. That came as no surprise to those of us who are familiar with him. His ability to sing pitch perfect time after time, along with a voice that can be both powerful and unbelievably tender is simply a fact. It’s why we are here.

Yet, as familiar with his voice as I am, every once in a while David still manages to catch me by surprise with its beauty. His performance of “Above the Northern Lights” with Mannheim Steamroller was one of those times. When the first clip surfaced, I was stunned. We all have moments in our lives that make us stop and catch our breath. This was one of those moments for me.

credit: smileylanie

I wish I knew the words to describe just how beautiful I think his performance of this song is. Unfortunately, I don’t. But what I can do is tell you how it makes me feel…

When dreams take flight.

Late one evening I was tired and trying to relax. So, what else would I do? I decided to pop in my ear buds and listen to David sing. I chose “Above The Northern Lights” because it always makes me feel good. I turned it on and put it on repeat.

As it began to play, I closed my eyes and felt myself begin to relax, drifting slowly toward sleep, feeling the worries and the world slipping away. By the second play, I was in that place between waking and sleep where reality has faded away, leaving my mind empty and receptive to the sweet melody and David’s voice.

As the first tinkling notes of the song began I could picture it in my mind. I could see the clear northern night, the icy ground covered with snow. Above, a starlit sky, and the northern lights shimmering brightly in the distance like rainbow-colored piano keys waiting to be played. As I drifted further David began to sing, and he brought me there.

Suddenly I was standing on the snow-covered ground gazing up at the mystical lights above. The more he sang, the more enmeshed in the vision I became until finally I could feel it. I could feel the cold, crisp, night air on my skin and … as I listened, as David’s voice and the melody filled my mind and my heart … I became free, weightless, and filled with joy as the magic began.

I was standing there, face turned up toward the heavens, arms flung wide embracing the night as I began floating, twirling and turning, higher and higher up into the northern sky as if on gossamer wings. Finally I was there, floating in and out among the lights, skipping, swaying, and dancing to the music of the night. I was laughing. I was gliding. I was tiptoeing like a ballerina across the multicolored piano keys as the melody played on, becoming a part of the music as I reveled in this joyous abandon.

It was beautiful beyond words. I could have stayed there forever, dancing in the colors of the night. Perhaps it was just a dream, but it was also a moment out of time. It was a moment of complete freedom and sweet joy brought on by the feeling of the song and the emotion in David’s voice. I’m so grateful I was able to remember it when I woke. Now, each time I hear the song it brings back that sweet feeling of joy.

♥ What a precious gift David has given me. ♥

You can see the whole performance of Northern Lights here:

Credit: mrayburn8743

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David Archuleta New Music Video For Everybody Hurts

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, August 22, 2012

credit David Archuleta’s OS

It’s coming!!!

Deseret Book ‏@DeseretBook
Be on the look out for the David Archuleta @DavidArchie new music video within the hour. #excited #music #BEGIN

Deseret Book ‏@DeseretBook
Re-synchronize your watches & look for the new @DavidArchie music video between 7-8 pm EST #apologies #forgiveness #begging

Deseret Book ‏@DeseretBook
Can’t confirm nor deny! LOL RT @nellie1983: @DeseretBook @DavidArchie So that means we shoud expect it at 7:59 right? LOL


Published on Aug 22, 2012 by 

David performs the REM classic “Everybody Hurts” with an orchestra which includes producer Kurt Bestor. The shots of David were recorded in a studio the day before he left on his mission.

“I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music, and will continue when I get back.” – David Archuleta

David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

Here is the official music video of “Everybody Hurts” off of David’s new album BEGIN. out now —>

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David Archuleta’s Begin – A Dark Theme Keeps Me Here ~ I’ll Be Here DA2014

Posted by djafan on Saturday, August 18, 2012

Credit AnnieDAFG

A dark theme keeps me here,

Though summer blazes in the vireo’s eye.

Who would be half possessed

By his own nakedness?

Waking’s my care —

I’ll make a broken music, or I’ll die.

Ye littles, lie more close!

Make me, O Lord, a last, a simple thing

Time cannot overwhelm.

Once I transcended time:

A bud broke to a rose,

And I rose from a last diminishing.

I look down the far light

And I behold the dark side of a tree

Far down a billowing plain,

And when I look again,

It’s lost upon the night —

Night I embrace, a dear proximity

I stand by a low fire

Counting the wisps of flame, and I watch how

Light shifts upon the wall.

I bid stillness be still.

I see, in evening air,

How slowly dark comes down on what we do.

In Evening Air

Theodore Roethke (1908-63)


“Broken” wallpaper, original source unknown

A dark theme permeates David Archuleta’s new album, Begin., despite an interview with Deseret Book, in which he describes it as “easy listening.” To paraphrase a quote by novelist, Wallace Stegner, “Hard writing makes easy reading.” Begin. is to easy listening as hard writing is to easy reading. It is easy to listen to only because of all the hard work and talent that went into it. On this his fifth album his voice, including backup vocals which, as usual, are all him, never sounded better.

Yet conceptually, this is no easy listening album. Distilled into ten songs, one co-written by him and arguably the saddest, he takes on war, genocide, grief, murder, martyrdom, addiction, loneliness, desolation, despair, shame, low self-esteem, depression, bullying, suicide, poverty, homelessness, brutality, corruption and child abuse. That is a ponderous weight of sorrow contained in one brief body of work. Yet it is not, I think, so much a reflection of the darkness within himself, (though for a serious artist, this is essential) as a stubborn refusal to turn away from the harsher realities of life. Begin. is ultimately and overwhelmingly a message of hope.

David has repeatedly stated in interviews and in a video to his fans that these songs are clues to help them understand why he made the decision to go on a mission. He echoes this again in the liner notes: “Some people may not understand why I have made the decisions I have chosen to make, but that is the reason why I made this album…It really comes from my heart and I did my best to help you all know where I am coming from on my mission decision. While I can’t always [say] what I want to say using words, I hope that these songs will help you know.” David Archuleta

David sings of the lost and now he has gone to seek for them. Not as David Archuleta, the celebrity but as a humble servant of God who, in the name of love has sacrificed his all for what he believes: that we are all broke, flawed, imperfect, but we are not broken beyond repair.

We have only to Begin.

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David Archuleta ~ BEGIN. Have A Favorite?

Posted by bebereader on Monday, August 13, 2012

BEGIN. It’s only a week that I have it in my possession and it’s already in my head, under my skin and coursing through my veins. I want to devour it, memorize the lyrics, phrasings and melodies until it becomes a part of me. I can’t get enough of this album. David’s vocals have a more mature sound on these songs that is very appealing. The more I listen, the more I crave and the more I crave, the more I listen. It’s fascinating, intoxicating and captivating. Last week, all ten were my favorites; I could not single any out that I liked more than the others. Now I notice that there are a few that are getting more plays on my IPod than others. My favorite is “Don’t Give Up”. I didn’t know this song existed before BEGIN. although I did sneak a peak on YouTube when I heard it was on the tracklist. It wasn’t a song that I fell in love with but I knew that would change once David got hold of it. I just didn’t realize how much I would love it! The depth and maturity in David’s delivery of this song shows how much he has grown as an artist.

So my top five are:

1. Don’t Give Up

2. Broken

3. Everybody Hurts

4. Somewhere Only We Know

5.  Angel

The one I keep avoiding is “Pride” but I know that will change because that’s the progression I go through with David’s music. I start out loving all the songs, then narrow it down to the ones I absolutely adore and the ones I avoid. Ultimately it goes back to loving each and every song.

What are your favorites and why? Can you pick one? Can you pick five? Do you find yourself skipping any of the songs? Let’s discuss.

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David Archuleta ~ Time to BEGIN.

Posted by djafan on Monday, August 6, 2012

David’s liner notes

There is no one I can thank more than my Father in Heaven. He is my light, and illuminates those hard paths to take so that I know how to get through them. Some people may not understand why I have made the decisions I have chosen to make, but that is the reason why I made this album. I did my best to let people understand where I try to come from through this album.

The next group I’d like to thank are the very talented arrangers/producers/musicians. Kurt Bestor and John Hancock, thank you for having such great attitudes about this. I know it has been alot to handle in such a small amount of time, but you guys have been such troopers. John with your cool choices and ideas you always keep things interesting. And for Kurt, your humor always gets to me. The heart you bring to a song is magical. This would not have been possible without the two of you. I also want to thank Mike Green and Blair for helping out in the studio.

I’d like to thank Gina Orr for helping make things happen, and keeping me in the direction that I feel good about. Thanks for always being caring in how things are done and decisions are made. Also thanks to Kari Sellards for your hard work, helping me stay on track and keeping on top of things. It makes things so much easier to get through with an easy-going personality like yours. Thanks for helping me make sure I have everything I need, too! I also want to thank Jon Hunt for helping me finish up more music. It’s been awesome getting to work on music with you and you’ve helped me be able to stick to who I am not just as a person, but also musically as an artist. Thanks to Steves Rodriguez, Howard Siegel and Kim Tauber for helping things run smoothly, and to the DA official website team, and Roslyn Pineda for all that you do for me. I want to thank my family for being willing to listen and give their input and for being my best supporters.

I want to thank Sheri Dew! Bob Ahlander and everyone at Highway Records for helping make this all possible even while I move on to the next phase of my life. Thanks for being a great support! I’d also like to thank Ron Gunnell and Mr. Mac for your help as well in helping get things started and arranged at the beginning!

Last, but not certainly not least I want to thank all the fans! Thanks to all of you who have supported me these past years and for your dedication. It has meant so much to see your support as I take on this next journey and experience in my life. I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music and empty-handed. I want you to know that I won’t stop music and will continue when I get back. Thanks to those of you who are reading this and for your support of this album! It really comes from my heart and I did my best to help you all know where I am coming from on my mission decision. While I can’t always [say] what I want to say using words, I hope that these songs will help you know.  ~ David


Buy BEGIN. here!


The Voice David Archuleta has received a donation of 10 itune cards for gifting.  Please email if you are not able to purchase BEGIN.  They will be gifted to the first 10 replies.

Thank you!!!

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David Archuleta y La Musica de Chile

Posted by bebereader on Thursday, August 2, 2012

Come with me to sample some Chilean music!  From traditional folk music to the music of hometown Chilean musicians, to the popular music that’s hitting the airwaves in Chile today, the music of Chile is as diverse as the country’s identity.  Here is what Elder Archuleta might hear on the radio or audio system in a public place, or in someone‘s home where the music is playing.

Folk Music

Los de Ramón
Los de Ramón, a Chilean folklore group formed by the Ramón family of Raul, his wife and their two sons, was dedicated to preserving Chilean and Latin American folklore by interpreting its songs with the typical instruments of each country. During their shows they would interchange more than sixty instruments according to each country.

They gave over 90 concerts in the US, Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Los de Ramón have a special space in Chilean folklore history. Here’s a sample of one of Los de Ramón’s songs, “El Camaron”, (The Shrimp) In my opinion, between the rhythm, tempo and style, it resembles music from Italy. What do you think?

Inti Illimani

“Illimani” is the name of a mountain in the Andes. For over 30 years, this band, whose name means “Sun of Illimani” has been at the forefront of Chilean music, both traditional folk and contemporary. In the seventies they were very outspoken lyrically and were forced into exile for 15 years. They moved to Italy, continued to record and tour and became unofficial ambassadors of Chilean music. They performed with Pete Seeger and were included on the famous 1988 Amnesty International Tour with Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel and Sting.   Catchy beat on this!  “Bailando, Bailando”  (Dance, Dance)

Current Popular Chilean Musicians

Los Bunkers (band)
Los Bunkers is an alternative rock band of five musicians that originated in Concepcion, Chile in 1999. Brought together by their common love for The Beatles, they’re known for playing classic rock music with a new freshness.  They have released six studio albums and have covered several Beatles songs including “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Here Comes The Sun.”

Myriam Hernandez – solo artist
Singer/Songwriter Myriam Hernández hails from Santiago, Chile and is known for her romantic ballads. She has had an enormous career since the late eighties when she was eleven years old. She was named Best New Artist by the Chilean press before she even recorded her first album. Her songs spent months at the top of the music charts in Latin America and the US, and her albums have gone quadruple platinum in many countries including the US. Her second album, which she collaborated on with David Foster, went platinum. She founded the School of Vocal Arts with her voice instructor and voice therapist. In 1996 she was asked by Paul Anka to collaborate on an album of Spanish hits called “Amigas”. She was even named one of Latin America’s 25 most beautiful people in the June 1999 issue of People magazine en Español. With all these credentials and successes I was curious to hear her voice and see what she looks like!  Que bonita!
“Mio” (Mine)

Alberto Plaza – solo artist
Born in Santiago, Chile, Alberto Plaza is a singer/songwriter who is known as one of the main pillars of Hispanic music, with more than a thousand concerts in Latin America and more than a million CDs sold. He started singing and playing guitar at age five and began writing music at 17. His professional career began in 1985 when he performed before 12,000 people at a song festival and his song “Que Cante La Vida” (We Sing Of Life) became an all-time classic. Fifteen years later the same song was awarded “Best Chilean Song” and nine years after that, was chosen one of the top ten Chilean songs in all Chilean history. Plaza was named “Cultural Ambassador of Chile in the US”, a title granted by the Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce.  He has garnered numerous awards, including Best Songwriter, Best Album of the Year and Goodwill Ambassador of the Latino American Culture”, in honor of his valuable contribution to Hispanic music through his songs. Alberto Plaza is currently based in the United States, where he has lived for the last twelve years. I was curious to know why his song “Que Cante La Vida” was so popular. It’s a feel good anthem song and was sung by 28 Latino artists two years ago to come to the aid of victims of a Chilean earthquake.
“Que Cante La Vida”

Here’s another song I took a liking to by Alberto Plaza, “Bandito”. (Bandit)

Popular Music

Finally, I was especially interested in the music that plays on the radio in Chile, to see what Elder Archuleta might hear in his travels. I checked the Billboard charts to find the Top 20 songs that are currently playing in Chile. These are not necessarily by Chilean artists, although I see a song by Los Bunkers on the list. You’ll notice some artists on the list who are popular in the US too, like Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Adele and Pitbull. I found all the videos, played all the songs and provided the videos for my favorites.  Hey, it‘s my article.  Enjoy!

Chile Singles Top 20
Week 31, 2012

1.  Corazon Sin Cara by Prince Royce
2.  Amor Clandestino by Mana
3.  Ven Conmigo by Daddy Yankee
4.  Te Voy A Amar by Axel

5.  Amiga by Alexander Acha

6.   El Amor by Ricardo Arjona
7.   Paisaie by Vincentico
8.   Amor Del Bueno by Revli Barba
9.   Respira by Luis Fonsi
10. Amarte Bien by Carlos Baute

11. You by Romeo Santos
12. Party Rock Anthem American by LMFAO
13. Rolling in The Deep by Adele
14. Estrellita De Madrugada by Daddy Yankee
15. Nada de Nada by Marco di Mauro
16. Ayer by Enrique Iglesias
17. Angel Para Un Final by Los Bunkers
18. Give Me Everything Tonight by Pitbull
19. Dame Un Beso by Fuego
20. On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez

Since Spanish is not my first language, I went into this project with the notion that I won’t understand the songs since I won’t be able to understand all the lyrics. Surprise. Surprise. I came away with a respect and an appreciation for Chilean music, from their traditional folk music to the music of their native musicians. It doesn’t matter so much that I don’t understand all the lyrics; their passion for life comes through loud and clear in their music.  And I love that.

Razor TV interviewer to David on 2/8/12:

Are we going to finally see a Latin/Spanish album finally?

David:  Oh man, you know, I keep wanting to do that but it’s like I want to be more prepared. I want to be really ready for a Latin album.  I did some writing for some Spanish music but maybe I should at least record one Spanish song before I leave. When I get back I’m for sure going to. I’m going to definitely record a Spanish album when I get back just because I think I’ll have some influences when I’m gone.

Be very afraid. 😉

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