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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ Man of a Thousand Faces

Posted by dakgal on Sunday, July 29, 2012

It has been kept a deep dark, well-guarded secret that on December 28, 1990, Lupe Archuleta gave birth to dodecatuplets.

Consider if you will, this all too familiar refrain that was Marlie’s #51 comment on Angelica’s recent post, Cover Me.

“The photos – OMG – how many David’s are there?  The man of a thousand (gorgeous) faces.”

There is not ONE person in this world who can change in looks so much–in the snap of a camera.  Near as I can figure there are 11 identical and one fraternal (the one they used on the CFTH album and the new album BEGIN.)   How can one person go from the cuddly little boy look–to the boy next door look –to the hot smexy man look with a face dripping with emotion?  No one person can go from a tousled haired boy wearing the Dennis The Menace look in a striped T-shirt—looking like he just took his dog for a ride in the wagon, to a steamy, suave, sophisticated ( I’ll make your knees buckle) young man dressed in a tuxedo—probably in a matter of hours!!

Now I think I have identified four of them–David–Ricky–Archie and Josh.  Am keeping a keen eye out for the other eight.

This is only common sense–how else could he have kept up the rigorous schedule he has had at times–and the international travel-jet lag–without even a mini bag under one eye?  Always as fresh as a daisy.  Hah!

HEY!  I didn’t just get off the pickle boat—the banana boat maybe.  Some of the media even report him as being in two places at once–which adds fuel to my fire!!

I figure that there are two in Chile—-one at home perfecting the guitar playing (when this one comes out, be prepared for a grand-mal-spazz).  Elsewhere in the world, another is polishing up and learning new dance and swagger/strut moves and leg lifts –to be used at random–one is off writing songs—one is out scouting out restaurants–all this is impossible for one person to do.  Lord only knows what the rest are up to, but I’m sure we will find out in due time—there is a long ways to go yet.

I’m sure some people in Chile are suspicious too.  They are at a meeting or church talking with a rather shy, soft-spoken, humble young man—then he is called upon to sing—he leaves the room for a moment, to check his teeth for debris.  He comes back out confident and in charge of every minute—the piano starts playing and when he belts out the first few notes, they all suck in a collective gasp and as the norm—forget to exhale—but they are thinking “ THIS CAN’T BE THE SAME PERSON!”

Then there is the not so small matter of all those shoes and clothes David has amassed –very rarely is he seen wearing the same shoes or clothes twice.

So!!!  Where are they???

Divided by twelve—THAT’S where they are!!!

And! Who grows their hair that fast in one week? I could go on and on, but you might think I’m nuts.

Or AM I?

I happen to have a VERY RELIABLE SOURCE.

116 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Man of a Thousand Faces”

  1. MT said

    Oh my gosh, what a great article! This is so funny. And it explains so much. I always wondered how he could change so drastically from off-stage David to that Knock-Your-Socks-Off David so quickly. And your VRS looks a great deal like the little fellow who tweeted about riding in David’s backpack. LOL

    And the pics of the clothes! haha I always wondered what happened to them.

    Like I said, this would explain sooo much. hahaha Love it!

    PS If you look closely, I think you can find all 12 on the sidebars. 😉


  2. jans11 said

    Dak, that’s a real cute and funny article! Maybe that accounts for him being my new boss at work and also being Tawna’s neighbor. He is quite the ninja, for sure!
    Your VRS, aka Mr Almond, sure is giving us some good inside info! Bless him!♥


  3. Dayzee said

    But how does a man have 1,000 faces and each one of them be so perfect?


  4. “It has been kept a deep dark, well-guarded secret that on December 28, 1990, Lupe Archuleta gave birth to dodecatuplets.”

    Bwaahahaha! Oh Dak, rofl! I love this.Finally an explanation my brain can grasp. haha, makes perfect sense to me! How else could David have accomplished so much while in the Philippines, and the time prior to his mission? I just knew something was up when he transformed 3 times in front of my own eyes at my MKOC tour stop. (the 2nd half of show hairdid, hello!??)
    That ‘splains it to me! thanks Dak♥

    (oh and please tell Almond I think he’s a ‘snappy dresser’ )

    that clothes and shoes picture! rofl!


  5. marlie7 said

    Oh, dak – that is hilarious! You made my day!


  6. bleubird19 said

    LOL, Dak. I’ve always thought David was twins, but I see now I was off a few. For me, it was always about the harmony. Always wanted him to sing harmony with himself at concerts. I realize now that since he’s really part of “dodecatuplets”, he can not only sing harmony, he can play all the instruments and run the lights, too! Thanks for the laughs this morning! 🙂


  7. ray said

    now that was funny lol.thanks for the monday morning lift


  8. Angelica said

    Dak, you little stinker. You found out his secret and it’s all starting to make sense finally. Like how can the guy in the top left of the collage be the same guy as the one in the bottom right? And how is it he could say on the last Deseret interview vlog that after all he did before leaving he “hadn’t felt at all overwhelmed..”? And what about all those background vocals on the new CD we heard in the snippets. Someone thought for sure he had a men’s choir in the studio with him, but when asked, Kurt Bestor tweeted, “The vocals..all David.” And what about the tweet from someone who questioned the lady who did the album cover for Begin about the facial hair and she tweeted something like, “Lord, I wish I had the skills to turn a boy into a man. That’s all D. Arch.” I guess “all David” is code for “all of them.”

    Oh by the way, folks. That’s not almond the squirrel. It’s a mouse and if you click on Very Reliable Source it will take you to the true identity of the VRS. Another great read by Dakgal.


  9. Dakgal 🙂 So fun!! Now it makes more sense. .Thought he was an Energizer Bunny but now we know. Yes he does Harmonize with himself or one of his other selfs.
    Thanks for the great Photos Angelica!!


  10. nanaweize said

    Hahaha….laughing here. Thanks for this article Dak.
    Dayzee said…But how does a man have 1,000 faces and each one of them be so perfect?,,,,and I so agree with Dayzee!


  11. skydancer1x said

    Dak,my apologies to Viajero! I remember seeing that little cutie now!
    (back when I was still a lurker) lol! loved that article too Dak.
    Thanks for the heads up about Almond Angelica.
    still lovin’ the suit) haha


  12. fenfan said

    I always thought there must be more than one David. But the ever-changing clothes and shoes really puzzled me. Now I know. Even 12 Davids can’t find anything to wear more than once from those huge piles. Is the lack of wardrobe management why his (or their) shirts appear somewhat wrinkled sometimes?


  13. betsy said

    Dak you crack me up. Smart AND funny. 🙂 But it’s all too true. In my first vip pic with him, he looks 15. Maybe. Then an hour later he came out onstage in Grand Rapids all in black and gained 10 years.


  14. bebereader said

    Doing the happy dance; Dak is at it again! David’s alter-egos are all so captivating in that picture Idk what to look at first. Oh the stories we would hear from Viajero. Will someone please kidnap him? haha

    Dak, you always make me laugh. Are you really a famous comedienne, using dakgal as your cover? 😉


  15. Angelica said

    Mr. David Archuleta Tweets

    Looks like we will have BEGIN. on iTunes US! Pre-orders available soon and with a special offer! (ks) 19 minutes ago

    Woohoo! Talk about a happy dance!


    I need that album yesterday and at the very least for a roadtrip/archulunch on the 8th! How can we leave home without it?


  16. betsy said

    Angelica, it will be essential listening for the road trip. You’ll have it. 🙂 Tomorrow I will be roadtripping alone to my film festival. What to do re snippets?


  17. djafan said

    Dak, I so love your sense of humor! David and his many self’s. You’re explanation of all of hims is the best of heard yet. Thank you for making me smile 🙂

    Angelica, you and your cats lol

    August 7th is almost here! Special offer??!! Be still my heart!!!


  18. Angelica said


    That would depend on if you are abstaining or indulging. If you are abstaining, like moi, I would go with a selection from the many tours, including AI or you might want to reprise the first album or give another listen to TOSOD. I am still playing Forevermore because, sans snippets, it’s the closest thing I have to him before he left. I know that doesn’t make much sense but you know, you do strange things when you have ODD. And yes, I still have it after 4 whole years.

    WHY??? I have no idea but I think it has something to do with the topic of this article. The changeling fascinates me and his voice is magically delicious. ♥

    Dj, did you lol at my cat? I weel get up in your face like Josh Archuleta and go “Hah!” Do you know of my many, much more horrible cats that can not dance but they weel keel you in your sleep? Alright then let that be a warning. You are in love with me and you can’t admit it, also. FYI


  19. WOO HOO! go kitty. go kitty. go kitty. go kitty…..:)

    psst, Bebe! I have always suspected “Dak” is somehow related to ” Lucy Ricardo “…(does that count? :))


  20. betsy said

    Angelica, I don’t even know what to call what I’m doing. I listened. I loved them. I abstained for a couple of days. I fell off the wagon, and listened again. I abstained again today. I guess I am just trying to get through this. I get the Forevermore thing. Completely. Sigh. It’s only a week away.
    p.s. I just realized that when I fell off the wagon saturday, our driver had just been robbed out behind our store. I needed it and didn’t even realize. ❤


  21. djafan said


    I think you are archulirious! I save cats lives so they will not keel me, they love me ♥

    and FYI of course I love you 🙂

    Betsy, the wagon, there’s a wagon?? I never got on, I’ve been immersing myself in that heavenly voice. BEGIN. must be listened to on headphones. The background vocals are as exquisite as every sound that comes out of that mouth that needs it’s own zip code as Abrra says.

    Bebe, I think you may be right. Dak just may be a comedienne!

    itunes and a special offer??!! Be still my heart, I love special David offers!


  22. davidstopsmyaging said

    Dakgal, I loved reading this today—so funny. And, I loved reading the article about adorable Viajero. That lucky little critter….I wonder how he’s enjoying Chile. Wonder if he’s made himself all cozy in all the bits and pieces of fan mail Kari is sending David. I always thought that I would love to be a fly on the wall when it comes to David, but I’m rethinking that….think in my next life I would rather like to be a rodent in a backpack!

    So excited today when I went to my mailbox and saw David on the top of the pile of otherwise boring and useless envelopes! It was Deseret Book’s fall mailer. It is awesome that they are sending it out with David’s adorable face on it. Hooray for promotion! I am a tad bit confused, though. Kari said David did not write Broken, but in the pamphlet it distinctly says “…..and a completely original, never-before-heard song written by David,……” It makes me wonder if there is another song on the album that has not been mentioned that David DID write. I believe that originally it was mentioned that there were going to be 11 songs in the album. Hmmmmm — wonder if Angelica’s happy dancing cat knows something we don’t….


  23. silverfox said


    So funny & so true! 😆

    David is a chameleon and I know of no other artist who can transform so easily the way David can and it seems he’s not even aware of it. It just happens according to the situation and especially when he’s performing on stage when he becomes bigger than life. He is also a photographer’s dream. They just tell him what expression they want & he delivers. The camera loves that extremely photogenic face!

    There were a few David “faces” we had not seen before until Nandito Ako. For example, anger, grief & the “in love” face. I believe now we can say we have seen all the many faces of David…even if some were make-believe expressions, they are all extraordinary!

    They say laughter adds years to our lives. Your article added a few to mine, so I thank you, dakgal. 😀


  24. Angelica said


    Hello! So good to see you!


    My happy dance cat only knows about the album being released to itunes. I know David is supposed to have written the music for Broken and you know, if he had even a suggestion for the lyrics, he gets co-credit I think. Don’t know anything else but 11 songs would be sweet! ♥


    I love you too. @};-


  25. Bee said

    Hello! Have read from The Beeben tweet that David Archie is partnering Charice Pempengc for the upcoming movie: The Kane Chronicles Book 1: The Red Pyramid. Do you guys know about this? Is this true or just a fandom mongering? Your input is highly appreciated. Thank you.


  26. Bee said

    If true, is Kari Sellard keeping secret for this particular news?


  27. Bee said

    What happened to David fandom? Why is it that we can’t take I’ll Never Go to its rightful place #1. This song glued below #5. When some fansites in different countries wanted to trend, nobody’s participating. Thought there are over one million fans of David. Where are they now? Are they just good in lip service than doing deed for their idol. ? I’m wondering!!! DA fans you are tested if you all are real to goodness fans of David.


  28. betsy said

    Bee, not everyone who follows David on twitter is a fan. It would be NICE, but it’s not true.
    I have a lot of friends who tweet and follow David and never were fans, just saw his name and followed him. Nothing wrong with that.

    And unless the movie is scheduled for filming in 2-3 years, I doubt he’s signed up. 🙂


  29. cq#DA2014 said

    Bee, I’m sure that he still has a lot of fans, but he made a decision to leave, so I’m thinking a lot of fans just don’t see the point…no appearances, no tour, no vlog, he can’t even communicate to his fans. I’d venture to say that he has a lot of non Mormon fans that really don’t understand the whole mission thing, including me. What the heck, I’m a diehard fan and I have doubt as to why I stick around at times, but I am here and plan to stay. Let’s just hope they come back when he returns.


  30. Angelica said

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

    Part 3 of David talking about his upcoming BEGIN. album. Check it our here —> (ks)


  31. davidstopsmyaging said

    Angelica, #24—I know that Happy Dance Cat doesn’t know anymore than anyone else. I am just wishful thinking maybe.


  32. Angelica said

    The phenom at work.



  33. dakgal said

    Thank you everyone for your nice comments–and a special thank you to Angelica for her help. The subject of David can bring out so many different emotions from people–I am not a person who could write an in depth serious article about David like so many talented people here can, and they do it beautifully , each in their own way. I usually have these crazy whimsical thoughts about him rattling around in my noodle –until they pop out.

    It is truly magical how David affects us–and what he brings out in us.


  34. MT said

    LOL Are you sure that cat doesn’t know something? haha Maybe he’s holding out on you. 😉 He sure looks happy. 😀

    And Yes, music for road trips is a must!

    I can’t wait for my CD and to see what the surprise is. I hope it’s not something just for iTunes since I dont’ have iTunes and I want whatever it is too. *fingers crossed* again LOL

    I love the vlog bits we’re getting. But they are so short. They need to be strung together once we have them all.

    PS Thanks for the great screen caps!
    Yes, our phenom at work. 🙂


  35. betsy said

    Go to itunes!!!


  36. dakgal said

    Just a little info–that I didn’t know.

    According to Kari a person named Jon Hunt wrote the words to Broken( tried to copy and paste the tweet–but it won’t work).

    BUT—David did write the music.

    @kariontour did you say David wrote the music for Broken? It’s such a great song!

    Kari Sellards @kariontour

    @Maureen_abms yes, he did.

    Some one asked –he asked if he couldn’t really read music—how could he write the music?

    Kari Sellards @kariontour

    @janinachos not really does not! He just sits behind the piano and just starts playing and works things out.

    I find that amazing–and when did he have the time???—– OH, maybe I should read my own article—Haha


  37. betsy said

    If you preorder, you get Broken (full song) immediately. Nice gift. ♥


  38. dakgal said

    Betsy–I’m not seeing anything about a bonus song says ten songs– am I in the wrong pew?


  39. tawna21 said

    Dak, it’s bedtime, and I’m just reading your article which is making me laugh and waking me up! 🙂 We now have the answer as to how David seems to be here, there, and everywhere at the same time. Thank you for the clarification!!

    That mountain of clothing up above…. yeah, it doesn’t come close to the piles of laundry I’ve done for my son’s family since his wife had surgery 2 weeks ago. It turned into a more serious situation than they thought it would be. She is home now (home health care has to come in each day to check on different things). I swear I’ve done more dirty laundry in the last week than I think I’ve done in the last 10 years!! *The things we do for our kids*

    I’m wishing my life away, I know, but I really, really want Aug. 7th to get here!!

    Angelica, screamcaps FTW!!

    (sure like to know why WordPress is causing me such grief lately)


  40. jans11 said

    Glad you straightened me out about Almond! But they all look the same to me and with VRS all dressed up thought it was Almond. Love the other post about VRS, it made this post even cuter! It was posted before I joined here on the Voice or I would have known the difference! He is really cute, but I still hate mouses!!! Scared of them, even tho he seems rather friendly! lol

    Today I recieved a Deseret Book fall catalog with David’s beautiful face on his album cover smak dab on the front in all it’s glory!! ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!


  41. betsy said

    Dak it’s an automatic download. It just does it.
    Might I add that this is the best thing David has ever done musically.
    Radio will play this, it’s so relevant and gorgeous.


  42. betsy said

    Did it work dak? I hope so! Tell me what you think.
    Omg omg omg
    This whole song makes so much sense.
    Can I just say one thing? Invisible Children.
    I love him so much. <3333


  43. betsy said

    Cover your eyes if you don’t want the lyrics to Broken.
    Thanks to Muldur. ♥
    Credit to @muldur for the transcription.

    I know you don’t wanna say goodbye yet, but she can’t survive here with just a petal

    You still have one wish but it’d be useless, more than roses have died in this desert.

    Child, it seems that younger and younger, they start to wipe your minds clean. But how, I wonder, just barely under, do your eyes
    continue sparkling?

    And i-i-i-i-i don’t want to open up your eyes, everything’s broken.
    and i-i-i-i-i never want to open up your heart, everything’s broken.

    I don’t understand why they are gone, or what reason there is to be strong. I still try to love but i’m in a place
    doing what’s right is so wrong.

    But if you see me (?) ignore the gun, we are still fighting for life.
    heeeerrrre’s our wish just to exist in more than our eyes.

    And i i i i never want to open up your eyes, everything’s broken.
    and i i i i never want to open up your heart, everything’s broken.

    Do you see what I see? Do you feel what i feel?
    It doesn’t matter until we see broken lives healed
    Do you see what I see? Do you feel what i feel?
    It doesn’t matter until we see broken lives healed

    ohhh ohhh ohhhh ohhh ohhhh
    oh noooo, oohhhh, oh oh ohoh yeah, (yeah).

    And i i i i found it hard to open up my mouth, will they hear what’s spoken?
    but i i i i saw when i opened up my eyes, invisible children.

    broke, but not broken.
    broke, but not broken


  44. bebereader said

    Just did the pre-order and got my surprise…”Broken”.
    Gorgeous gorgeous vocals!
    I am absolutely amazed that the entire world doesn’t know about this incredible talent! The world has gone mad! This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard! I am just….. THUD!


  45. betsy said

    Everyone in the world should hear this.
    I cannot. Take it.
    Gorgeous beyond anything.


  46. bebereader said


    Thanks for the lyrics!

    “Broke but not broken.”

    Powerful words!


  47. stenocruiser said

    It became available for pre-order on ITunes Canada also. Ordered mine. Didn’t get an automatic download of Broken but it was available to purchase anyway so I did. Oh, I am so glad to have it — it is beyond beautiful — the words, the music, The Voice! Yes, David is a phenom, a genius.


  48. funfee said

    OH WOW!!!! Broken… what can I say? Just absolutely beautiful. This man has proven once again how beautiful his soul is … I am in awe of him.


  49. djafan said

    This absolutely amazing!!!! David’s voice is not of the universe, something not ever heard!!!!!

    I can feel his heart!!!!!


  50. poof said

    Trying to describe Broken. I can’t. Unique and beautiful, just like it’s creator. One more listen then off to bed with Broken swirling through me. What a gift he has left us.


  51. sweetonda said

    OMG, BROKEN is beautiful! I’ve got it on repeat and it has taken over my heart and my senses! The words are amazing! The vocals are out of this world! The harmonies…..we are in for great things come 2014!!!

    Dja,you’re right…I can feel his heart too!


  52. sweetonda said

    Dak, I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed your article. It all makes sense now! I loved going back and reading about VRS. Hope he continues to keep us in the loop! 🙂


  53. pocoelsy said


    I really enjoy your post so much it’s funny and haha make me think too hehe. David is indeed making the most of his time as if he has..what..dodecatuplets (learn new thing everyday) 🙂 Funny thing is, over the weekend I was bored so I entertain myself by making a vid with almost the same title as your post here lol, it just confirm to me that many of us think of David “that way”

    To all who’s soooo lucky to get to listen to Broken, you’re killing me, lol


  54. pocoelsy said

    Here’s the vid to go with the article 🙂


  55. Abrra said


    I think your theory of multiply Davids is very possible 🙂 We will meet yet another from of David in 2014 , of that I am sure.Thank you for lifting our spirits!

    Thanks for posting @Muldur’s transcription of the lyrics for Broken. Last week when I heard the longer snippet, I had an awakening about what the song was about.

    “But if you see me (?) ignore the gun, we are still fighting for life.
    heeeerrrre’s our wish just to exist in more than our eyes.”

    I heard this and KNEW it had to be about Invisible Children. It is a beautiful tribute to a horrible life that these children endure. Donate if you can

    The video in from the recording studio was a delight to watch. This is one serious and dedicated young man who holds us in the palm of his hand.

    I made a few screamcaps too!





    Abrra 609 days


  56. Abrra said


    Great video to go with this article! Maybe we can call on you to create something in the future? Good job!

    Abrra 609 days


  57. marlie7 said

    I’m in a never-ending BROKEN loop. Gah! The David “chorus” and the wailing during the last 30 seconds or so. So beautiful. (I need a new adjective).

    Pocoelsy – I’m saving that video for tonight – off to work now.


  58. marlie7 said

    Last full minute!


  59. betsy said

    Definition of RELEVANT
    a : having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand b : affording evidence tending to prove or disprove the matter at issue or under discussion c : having social relevance


  60. pocoelsy said

    Abrra, the screamcaps are stunning and thank you for always giving kind words for my work, and yes I’ll be at your service …very happy and honor to do anything to promote our guy and show a little gratitue toward the fansites who do a great job keeping house fire burning.

    Hi Marlie7, Betsy haha you guys are driving my crazyyy:)


  61. djafan said




  62. tawna21 said


    Yep! Relevant! It cannot be denied!



  63. tawna21 said

    This is a nice read from Pam Pike…

    *back to laundry*


  64. oh Abrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! those screamcaps!! 0–l—–< (I need to lie down a moment)
    (that video did me in.Why do I love seeing him leaning back in that chair swiveling ..looking like"Mr.In Charge", "Mr. I know what I want and I know how to get there".All relaxed,.making his points on/with those beautiful fingers… as you pointed out Abrra, appearing as the pro he is…."serious and dedicated" to his craft.Love hiiiiimmmmmm!!!

    bought it and haven't stopped listening.He is perfection. His heart must surely be made of pure Gold. No one sings like that. Its so beautiful. It's not just a "song",its an incredible musical experience.I don't even know what I am saying, rambling here,…I just want to keep listening to it over and over, because I want to stay IN it.Can't describe that song to anyone, it just has to be heard,and that voice and what it does for ones heart and soul,appreciated. He makes me cry he is so talented.I just…I have never…..

    Undeniably Relevant


  65. ray said

    there are no words to describe broken


  66. Poof said

    Oh Skydance, what you said about Broken, yes! An incredible musical experience, I want to stay In it. I have never heard or felt anything like it.


  67. Poof said

    Sorry Skydancer, I got excited and lost my “r”.


  68. Abrra said

    Sweet collages found on twitter. I use these for wall paper on the video sites 🙂



    Abrra 609 days


  69. Angelica said

    I broke down and listened to Broken after doing the preorder. I believe his voice has become more wondrous. Artistic genius powered and informed by a pure soul. Has the world ever known this phenomenon? Not in my life time..can’t name anyone in the past either. His soul is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.


  70. Loving the Screencaps, video, collages etc. Got my Fall calender from Deseret. Great promotion for BEGIN. and Cover :)) Broken on replay last eve and today. So passionate, so empathetic, so tender, so beautiful…………and what Skydancer said…………


  71. …and what Angelica said…………….We were typing at the same time!! 🙂


  72. bebereader said

    Busy Tuesday for me!
    Stopping by to remind you about “Nandito Ako” chat tonight at 10PM Eastern.
    See you there!

    credit TV5


  73. sunny said

    Agree with your words 100%. I have always thought that about David. He is like a chameleon. He looks completely different on his Forevermore cd cover compared to the BEGIN. cd cover & the pics were only taken a few weeks apart. It is amazing!!

    David has a page on Ology for favorite AI runner up. Go over there & follow David, comment on all the posts & post something if you would like. It is a lot of fun & runs until 8/3. David is currently #3 behind Jessica Sanchez & Lauren Alaina:


  74. ray said

    i just got to say been lisyening to broken all day ,he gives me butterfiles,and one point i thought he was going to come right thru my head phones he was so passionate,wake up world ,the greast musician of all times is in our mist!!!!!


  75. cc halo said

    I love, love, love “Broken”! It’s just glorious.

    However, I hope people will research the Invisible Children organization before they donate. There may be other organizations that do more to actually help children in Africa. The Charity Navigator has rankings for charities, including Invisible Children, and has an article that addresses some of the concerns that have been raised about it, including a video response to the criticisms:


  76. Abrra said

    cc halo

    Are you saying that David made a mistake in mentioning this organization and supporting it with his own money?



  77. ray said

    thers always one downer that shows up


  78. cc halo said

    Abrra, that’s not my point, nor my judgement to make. Certainly bringing awareness to this awful problem has been a good thing. I’m just saying that supporting the Invisible Children organization isn’t a slam-dunk, if you have limited funds to give.

    The Charity Navigator says that around 31% of the money donated to Invisible Children goes to helping programs, the rest goes to publicity (raising awareness) and overhead. If you want to donate to an organization that primarily brings awareness to an issue, that’s fine. Others may prefer to donate more to groups that do more to aid individuals. The organization recently received a million dollar grant, and raised $13 milion last year, so they do have plenty of support.

    Also, the situation has been evolving–Kony currently has only around 200 fighters in scattered groups–no longer in Uganda–and the U.S. now has 100 special forces on the ground to aid in bringing him to justice. It’s a very complex issue.


  79. cc halo said

    Ray, lol. Sorry if the issue of how best to help child soldiers in Africa is a downer. I think the whole BEGIN. album is about shining a light on difficult issues–depression, unemployment, alienation, prejudice. Back in American Idol days when David sang “Another Day in Paradise” about homelessness, Simon criticized him for singing too many downer songs, but I always loved that about him.


  80. bebereader said

    Nandito Ako chat.
    Tuesdays. 10PM Eastern.


  81. djafan said

    Awwwww David!!!!!

    David Archuleta‏@DavidArchie

    Note from D: “I am so excited for BEGIN. that is coming out next week! I can´t wait for people to hear the songs in their entirety!” (ks)


  82. djafan said

    Funny tweet..hahahaha

    Missionary Life‏@MissionaryProb

    There are 20,000 elders with no girls waiting for them. And then there is one elder with 20,000 girls waiting for him. @DavidArchie


  83. mspoohbear said

    Dak, that was funny! I did some research and found out their names (Cutie, Shorty, Rambly, Geeky, Dorky, Smiley, Whitey, Bubbly, Trippy, Foodie, Smarty and Goodie). So, it must be Smiley who had his picture taken in front of Cutie’s huge Bench Ad poster in the Philippines. I’ve always wondered why they look similar but different…you know what I mean…I hope…hahaha…

    On a serious note…with my hectic schedule at work, reading funny, interesting and well-written articles here makes my day. Thank you!

    Djafan, it’s so true and funny…Elder Archuleta has thousands of girls waiting for him…and there’ll be a lot more when he comes back in 2014…


  84. SandyBeaches said

    Got in late with one of my BFF (four legged) still under anesthetic.

    Dak, Your article brought out so much of the fun that is endearing to us.

    The screen caps of David while at his place of musical production need to be framed. My favorites of all times!

    Concerts and touring for singers somehow even for the moment, pale to the life he has chosen and what he is creating. He definitely knows how much we are with him and his music.



  85. SandyBeaches said

    You may find the last comment made by Desertrat on SoulDavid quite interesting, giving interesting thoughts on the meaning of the song while interpretations vary.



  86. Abrra said

    This date in ArchuHistory August 1,2008 Crush premieres on Z100 radio in NYC!


    Abrra 608 days


  87. MT said

    Thanks so much for the ArchuHistory flashback. It tickles me almost as much today as it did that first day to see David so excited about his first song on the radio. No one could possibly be more adorable than he was that day. He was soooo nervous and excited. Can you imagine? Just 17 years old! What a feeling that must have been.


  88. MT said

    Oh, and sorry for cuttting out so suddenly in chat last night. My internet was going in and out, in and out, and finally just OUT. lol Just got it back this morning.

    Nice to have it back. 😀

    As for Broken *sigh* his voice. ♥


  89. djafan said

    Interesting convo…

    Jay Durias ‏@jaydurias
    Watch out for the ReMixeD Colors Of “Rainbow” Coming out soon!!! I’m enjoying the dubstep! @DavidArchie @kariontour

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @jaydurias @DavidArchie loving what I am hearing! Just waiting for input! Brings back wonderful memories! Thanks Jay!

    Jay Durias ‏@jaydurias
    @kariontour @davidarchie Thanks kari! You guys are always welcome…i’ll be waiting 4 ur inputs to finally master the track. Tc always!

    Pastel ‏@pastelpastel
    @LSCtheliverlady @kariontour @jaydurias @davidarchie we could really use some synths right about now haha!

    Jay Durias ‏@jaydurias
    @pastelpastel @lsctheliverlady @kariontour @davidarchie yes definitely synths are very present! 🙂 Bounce to this!



  90. Angelica said

    Ahhh!!! I want remixed, very present synthed, dubstepped Rainbow!

    Don’t know what dubstep means either but I am ready to bounce! Photobucket


  91. djafan said

    David knows about the theater promo 🙂

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Told David about some of you hearing the promo for BEGIN. at the movies and what you said when you heard it. (ks)

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    He replied with: “That´s fun to hear about the clip being played in theaters and the experiences fans have had with it!!” (ks)


    David got me to jump so bouncing here I come 🙂


    That was funny tweet. David may just be the most LDS eligible bachelor ♥


    @ceejsterr: I am auditioning for david archulettas new music video! #wishmeluck #stepstofame


    This is one of my favorite Crush moments.


  92. djafan said

    Lets do this!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Have u pre-ordered BEGIN. & received your instant download of Broken on iTunes? … if you have let @iTunesMusic know (ks)

    Hoping for more of this 🙂

    Jeff LeBlanc ‏@jleblancmusic
    My buddy @davidarchie has a great new album coming out on Tuesday… Hope you all check it out!


  93. Angelica said


    That guy dancing dubsteb is fantastic! Poetry in motion. You can read about dubstep and hear samples on Wiki at this link too.

    Also, per your comment #92…Thank you Jeff LeBlanc! Where are David’s other musician friends he has unfailingly promoted and supported all along. Let’s see if they show up for him. /:)


  94. djafan said

    And this! TT Part today!

    idk, I’m honduran. ‏@OhSweetRain
    ”Pre Order Begin On Itunes” at 8pm est. tweet it exactly like that, and tell everyone 🙂

    Yesterday One Week Until Begin ttww 🙂


  95. Lynnella said

    I’ve been listening to the download of Broken. I love the lyrics and the music. So moving. Here is a poem also inspired by Invisible Children.

    Prayer for Peace

    I thought I heard an angel,
    singing in my ear,
    He sang of peace on earth,
    I dreamt that he was here,
    But then when I awakened,
    he wasn’t here at all,
    I thought that I could find him,
    if only I would call,
    And ask him to come back,
    and make the dream come true,
    But dreams are not reality,
    I guess I always knew,
    That dream was just a prayer,
    a longing in my heart,
    For peace is just a dream right now,
    I wish that it would start,
    To happen in my lifetime,
    and spread throughout the world,
    That peace and love would flourish,
    for every boy and girl,
    Whose life’s been torn apart,
    by living through a war,
    A life they never wanted,
    on their hearts there is a scar,
    For boys and girls should have,
    a life of happiness,
    A time of innocence,
    their childhood should be blessed,
    Instead many are living,
    a life that’s filled with dread,
    I pray that God would hear them,
    as they lie crying in their bed,
    And send someone to rescue,
    and end that dreadful war,
    Before it is too late,
    and the children are no more.



  96. sweetonDA said

    Beautiful poem Lynnella. Thank you for sharing.


  97. djafan said

    We trended worldwide!!! Reached #4!!!

    Some tweets!

    idk, I’m honduran. ‏@OhSweetRain

    vickienatale ‏@vickienatale
    Hey tweeps make sure you check out my friend @DavidArchie ‘s new album. We were on star search together! In 03 & 04

    Monteith Swaggin’ ♔ ‏@FinchelinMyPant
    David Archuleta is still famous..?

    David Becker ‏@FootballNerd18
    Yay the new David Archuleta #BEGIN album is trending on Twitter. I pre ordered the album last week. Thank you @BestBuy!

    8m Bianca ‏@DripsIllu
    who the BLEEP is david archuleta?

    David Becker ‏@FootballNerd18
    Yay the new David Archuleta #BEGIN album is trending on Twitter. I pre ordered the album last week. Thank you @BestBuy!


  98. betsy said

    Hi guys, just checking in.
    Walking down the street in this tourist town, Broken is in my head.
    Maybe I’ll play it right here and now.


  99. djafan said

    Someone help me with some new adjectives to describe the amazing David Archuleta, Man Of A Thousand Faces ♥

    David Archuleta talks about his upcoming BEGIN. album and more. Pt.4

    Published on Aug 2, 2012 by theofficialarchuleta
    David talks about the songs he put on the BEGIN. album. All of them are favorites of his and he enjoyed recording them but see the ones he just loved recording. He wanted to find songs people could connect to.


  100. betsy said

    That clip of him singing Angel is beautiful. <333


  101. djafan said

    Betsy, Beautiful ♥





  102. bebereader said

    Beautiful screencaps, dja! The second one is now on my desktop.

    For me, nobody else in the history of music makes that unique sound David makes when he sings. He is gifted beyond compare.

    It’s funny how the songs I was most looking forward to hearing like “BOTW” and “Angel” have been replaced by songs I didn’t know before like “Everybody Hurts” and “Don’t Give Up”. One listen to David’s snippet version and I’m hooked.


  103. djafan said

    Leave a comment if you’d like 🙂

    mjsbigblog ‏@mjsbigblog
    Headlines: Part 4 – David Archuleta talks about BEGIN and more


  104. fenfan said

    Does it look to you like they could have a video of him singing all of Angel and not just that snippet?


  105. MT said

    Thanks for posting part 4. I love watching him sing. I think that’s what I miss most. As much as I love hearing him sing, I miss SEEing him sing so this is a treat.

    104. Hmmm They might. I wish they had a full recording of the whole session, all the songs, that we could eventually see. haha I’m not being greedy, am I?


  106. SandyBeaches said

    MT et al…I just got a little stab or jab when I saw him singing a few bars of ‘Angel’. I just wanted to see him singing this, oh and all of them of course. It is so good to hear him talk about the songs. There will have to be the biggest trending party ever for David on August 7th.



  107. djafan said


    I feel what you’re saying. Boy he can hit the soul I tell you. I’m all for trending!

    And commenting. Please take a minute to leave David a message on his OS, there’s only 10 😦


  108. sweetonda said

    David has me in tears today with that surprise bit of him singing ANGEL in the BTS video. His voice is just…we need new words…no earthly word does it justice!!!

    Dja, love the screencaps!

    Bebe, desktop pics for sure!

    He looks so peaceful singing that song doesn’t he!


  109. Abrra said

    Thanks Djafan for the scream caps! That small bit of Angel was heavenly. The photographer really knows how to shoot David up close. That’s how we like it! When they are done feeding us these small 1 minute BTS videos, I plan to edit them into one long one for Unplugged.

    I made a few scream caps too. They are slightly different. I like the transition one with 2 david’s 🙂




    Lynnella Your poem was heartfelt and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it here. It’s a keeper.

    Abrra 607 days


  110. emmegirl14 said

    Don’t know what to say.
    Not sure I can say anything.


  111. Dayzee said

    Egad!! What scream caps!!! Thank you, thank you.

    I loved David’s line, “Well they are all kind of my favorites I guess. Otherwise I would not have put them on the album”. Haha. Reminded me of the time an interviewer asked him if he would ever date a fan. He replied it would be kind of awkward to date a girl who did not like his singing. It seems like he would expect us to know the answers to some questions.


  112. betsy said

    Emmegirl I feel you. That is one beautiful raw ,emotional, and if I’m being honest, sad song. His cause. <333


  113. jans11 said

    Abrra, you read my mind..I was going to ask if someone would complile all the short vids together.♥

    Just preodered 8 more albums from Sears!♥ They have them for $8.99 w/.99 shipping for the whole order! But naturally they had to add the tax on it too, but that is paid no matter where you order it.


  114. jans11 said

    I should say, wherever you buy it….or order it…whatever!


  115. Angelica said

    New post>>>>>


  116. emmegirl14 said

    ik Betsy, really, really sad…then it ends with hope… “broke, but not broken.”


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