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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ Talks About The Inspiration Behind BEGIN & MORE…Part 2

Posted by djafan on Thursday, July 19, 2012

David Archuleta Talks About His Upcoming BEGIN. Album

Published on Jul 19, 2012 by 

Here is a look at David in the studio while recording the BEGIN. album. He talks about where some of the inspiration came from with the choices he picked for the album for this next chapter in his life.

BEGIN. Photo Contest On OS

To celebrate the launch of David’s new album BEGIN. we are doing a photo contest Check it out hear —>  (ks)

107 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Talks About The Inspiration Behind BEGIN & MORE…Part 2”

  1. Madeline Alvarez said

    I feel that David will be expressing himself more with this album “Begin”. I can’t wait for its release. I’m sure it will be a success. Thanks to David, we can have many days listening to him.


  2. SandyBeaches said

    Yes! I love where his mind is now with his music! This is a wonderful confirmation that the master of music is in the house!

    It sounds to me like..there is more on the video perhaps??

    Thank you David!



  3. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan…would you be faster with the news next time please?? But actually…You are as fast as lightening!! This is David!



  4. SandyBeaches said

    I have to say it! This is music to my ears!

    Bravo David!! (last comment!)



  5. Abrra said

    Scream caps are a given 😉







    This is truly a unique video. Seeing David in studio singing his heart out.



  6. emmegirl14 said

    The fact that he pretty much hand picked all the songs, new beforehand exactly what he wanted – and also that the title, formatting and all, were directly from him, his idea – makes me love the album even more.


  7. emmegirl14 said

    please excuse my typo. k?


  8. Abrra said

    Bringing over my last 2 posts from previous thread.

    I am glad to hear your dad is on the mend 🙂

    Hope you are feeling much better today 🙂

    Fan video promoting BEGIN.

    truc lee

    How about some sweet pic spam from Maylasia?







    credit naree

    OH my I do hope we are going to get a blog or maybe even an interview from Desert Books. They did a sit down interview for LDS Living, with David for the release of GCT, so there is a chance they were able speak with him about BEGIN.

    Deseret Books

    and how about a wall of pictures? I just love tumblr pages:)


    David’s pal Brooke White writes a blog about the birth of her daughter.


    “It is June 24th… this means that I gave birth to my daughter, London June Ray, exactly one month ago today. How can this be? Everywhere we go, we get stopped by strangers, they look at her with sentimental eyes and they all seem to say the same thing… “they grow so fast” or “don’t blink” and “enjoy every second”, and with every little passing moment I am acutely aware of this acceleration of of time… and it actually causes me a pain in my chest, a physical anxiety, a panic almost and I beg my beloved Londy Loo to please… Grow slow.”

    Read the rest here:



  9. djafan said

    SB, David drives the news!!! What an amazing young man! I never tire of saying it. Miss hearing him speak. But rejoicing in the gifts of love he left for his fans and anyone else willing to open their hearts (and ears lol).


  10. SandyBeaches said

    We know how great a humanitarian David is. We know how he looks at the world and the people who need compassion. I personally feel from the time that he sang Imagine, that this is where his heart truly is and not just for the time he is on a mission. His self expression is on the level of some of the other great singers whose songs he is covering. He mentioned that the only other album of his that compares to this album is MKOC.

    Djafan, my best wishes to your Dad!



  11. Glad your father is Improving Djafan!!
    Love the Vlog. David is so SINCERE in everything he does. He shows so much gratefulness and concern to make sure he shares with us as deeply as he can in the songs he chose and the depth of emotion he shares with his beautiful voice and soul. (Kind of a long sentence-word sometimes are not enough 🙂 )

    Thanks for the fantastic pictures Abrra!!


  12. Isn’t Brooke’s story beautiful!!


  13. SandyBeaches said

    #10 I am not certain which Christmas album he meant, perhaps it was the one with the Tabernacle Choir!



  14. betsy said

    SB – Since he was talking about his albums, and didn’t mention MOTAB, I am sure he was discussing his Christmas album, Christmas from the Heart.

    Loving this video. ♥


  15. Dayzee said

    Drowning in a sea of David. More gorgeousness than a heart can bear.

    A few new comments from coworkers on my computer background:
    “I have been staring at that face trying to find something wrong with it. I can’t find anything I don’t like. It is the perfect face.”
    “Let me tell you what I like about your screensaver. That face shows pure goodness. There is zero darkness in that face.”
    “How come you only have 5 icons on your screen? Oh….I get it. They would interfere or distract from the background.”


  16. emmegirl14 said

    dayzee, lol!

    Since Abs brought the pics over, I brought my comment from previous thread too.

    Thanks Abs, #4 ummm, #5 that chin and neckal area

    dja, so happy to hear about your dad.

    175 – Lol, I remember a couple of years ago when he said that in a radio interview, I think it was in Asia, I was tickled thinking he really is just a regular person (though we all know there is nothing regular about him and no one to compare.)

    Betsy, you motivated me, had my sister (who loved him on AI but didn’t follow him after) listen to the snippets yesterday:

    30 sec in – “oooh, that voice. It’s so pure, so, so thick”
    end of the first snippet – “why did it stop”
    after several more – “you don’t want them to end”
    after “Broken” – “how does he do that with his voice”
    after hearing them all – “I’m getting this, when is it out”

    Joining the resistance – cold turkey till Aug 7.
    “..let’s see how this goes….”


  17. TXNancy said

    What a special blessing to ‘see’ David tonight and hear the calmness in his voice, as he talks about BEGIN. This short video was easy going, easy listening, peaceful….I loved the background music. It was exactly 7 months ago tonight, when David made his mission announcement.
    Djafan….praying for your father’s recovery……


  18. #2 SB,”It sounds to me like..there is more on the video perhaps??”
    I was thinking the same thing SB., .. Maybe we are going to get more….in “snippets”? :)))

    11.Heidijoy, YES it is beautiful! Brooke looks so happy and content, that’s a precious picture.

    Abrra, those are killer screencaps off the new video.Thank youuuuu!, and thanks for bringing naree”s fabulous eye treats over! gulp.

    1. Hi madeline! welcome!
    “Thanks to David, we can have many days listening to him.”
    isn’t it wonderful?….♥


  19. betsy said

    Emmegirl, yaaaay!
    The thing is, my sister has read COS, bought his cd’s, and goes through periods where she’ll say (like last year, Stadium of Fire videos) “I am going with you the next time you see him, I have to)
    never talking about him again until I bring up something like the snippets and she goes crazy again about him. Well – his voice. We watched him together on AI every week (via phone) and loved him. She also liked Cook. Bought his cd, too.
    It’s like this: You almost have to be born genetically disposed to really become a fan like us. Like us, lol.That sounds strange. 🙂


  20. bebereader said

    Registered Nightowl here!
    I’ve had it! I’m not going to listen to those long snippets anymore. I dearly love the person who sent them to me but am slightly annoyed that they were released. Why were they released anyway? We already had snippets. I want the real thing and I want it now! LOL 18 more days to this wonderful gift.

    David sounds better than ever on this album; it’s just David’s voice, front and center, the way it should be. Finally free from the constraints of a label, he can finally sing what he wants, the way he wants.

    Love the new vlog! Very mature David. When I think back to the interviews he did for AI, he’s sure come a long way! That shouldn’t surprise me; when he grows he does it by leaps and bounds.

    SB#2 and Sky#18 More and more I think you’re right. Perhaps there’s more pieces to the video!


    “You almost have to be born genetically disposed to really become a fan like us….”

    Hmm Betsy. You may be on to something there…


  21. SandyBeaches said

    Early morning shift checking in….releaving our Nightowl!

    Oh Sky that is funny…more in ‘snippets’…the well known word of summer 2012.

    Easy Listening = Contemporary Adult … Oh how gently he makes the shift so as not to make a panic in the streets!

    Dayzee…love those funny co-workers you are with!

    Wow Betsy, genetically disposed! Got to give that some thought! As Bebe said, you may have something there.

    Shift over…



  22. Abrra said

    A vblog from July19,2100. Sleepy David 🙂


    Can he get a bit closer to the screen? Haha!



  23. bebereader said

    Get ready for another Trending party tonight!

    9pm Eastern Daylight Time

    We are trending these words:

    With Pride Presenting Begin David Archuleta

    Help us make it to #1


  24. djafan said


    Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers, so much appreciated ♥


    I like to include links to David OS or any other relevant link in my trending tweets. Also make sure to include @davidarchie in your tweets to make sure they reach the 1,167,552 followers.


  25. djafan said

    BEGIN. photo contest gallery. Check out the submissions so far and send one in, I am!

    From David’s OS:
    Important Note: Because of the popularity of this contest, we had to create a new email address to handle submissions. If you sent your photo to and got a “mailbox full” warning, you should send it again to If you did not receive a message from the “Fans” address, keep checking the gallery and if your photo does not appear soon, you may resubmit it. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for supporting David and BEGIN.


  26. Angelica said

    Love the short video of David talking about BEGIN. So calm and sweet. Hope there is more to come as they cut him off while he was still talking. 🙂 I was just over to the OS looking at the photos for the contest people have already sent in. I was struck again by what a wonderful group of people make up David’s fans.


  27. Angelica said

    Very sad news of the tragic shooting in Colorado. My heart goes out to all the victims, families, friends and the entire community. There is talk of postponing the trending party tonight in the wake of it. Stay tuned.


  28. 27.will stay tuned Angelica, thanks.


  29. bluesky said

    It is comforting to know that for every instance of needless insanity, there is somewhere a “David”.
    Life and goodness may seem fragile, grief is very real; never-the-less – we were made for life: to give life, to promote life, to believe in life, to nourish life.

    Like the words in many of the songs we have been listening to through DA, the precious blessing of joy becomes even more precious when seen side by side with mindless destruction. We become even more committed to upholding the face of our inner light to its’ source, both for renewal and as promise.

    Thank you, Angelica for all you do.

    much love,


  30. Abrra said


    “the precious blessing of joy becomes even more precious when seen side by side with mindless destruction. ”

    Jason and Madeline Emilia Castro

    I am glad the trending party is rescheduled. It’s not the right time. And enough with 24/7 attention to the wrong person in this tragedy.



  31. tawna21 said

    This vblog from David…. the words and feelings are just so special, so intimate, and if I may, so reverant, in the way he presents them. I’m in heaven. 🙂

    I still haven’t listened to the long snippets. *sigh* Glad to have company in the room with me. 😉

    Djafan, best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery for your dad.

    My daughter-in-law is in surgery right now to repair some problems from a surgery she had last week. By the time they got to the hospital this morning, it had turned into an emergency. My son is beside himself with concern. I wish I was with him to absorb some of his pain. ♥ I’m just glad that we are home from our vacation to help with his kids if it needs to be.

    Yes, Angelica, very sad news out of Colorado. Why does it have to be this way?

    Abrra, what day are we at? You haven’t posted it today on your comments.



  32. pocoelsy said

    Hello all,

    So sad to hear about the tragidy in Colorado, my heart goes out to those who effected by it, this is senseless.

    So nice to get vlog from David, thank you Djafan, those screencaps from Abrra are to die for, only David can pull off those close up, his skin is flawless 🙂

    emmegirl14, betsy, it’s fun to hear about your sisters’ story, I think there are a lot of David’s casual fans out there who will probably buy his BEGIN at first listen, only thing is they need to hear it..they’ll come back.

    Dayzee. love what your friends have to say about your comp background pics, if you don’t mind just show us which pic you chose for your screen saver 🙂


  33. Abrra said


    I stopped posting it cuz I keep seeing different numbers on other sites and some said the big number was depressing. I didn’t want to cause confusion. If you want I can go back to posting.

    Hoping your son’s wife get what she needs from today’s surgery. Keep us updated, ok?

    Abrra 620 days


  34. emmegirl14 said

    tawna, hoping all goes well with your daughter-in-law.

    Abs, I like it. The only digit I pay attention to is the first one, and when it changes, I get reeeeal excited.

    SB, yes, the transition has BEGUN. 🙂

    I live 50 mi north of Aurora, CO. An unspeakable tragedy.


  35. bluesky said


    What a beautiful picture of Jason and his daughter. Thanks for including it.

    ((((hugs to you!))))


  36. Abrra said

    Isn’t it sweet? I look forward to the day when we can have a picture of David and his baby. He will be the best daddy ever!

    Abrra 620 days


  37. bluesky said

    And Abrra…

    I never count the days… just the almost months. So by my reckoning, we are very close to being 4 months in. Which means: 1/6 of the way through! And… as everyone knows… one sixth needs only to be doubled (since we have done it once already.. that is easy!) to become 1/3!!

    And… everyone also knows (who has ever done their own cooking… how VERY close 1/3 is to 1/2.

    That is all I have to say about that.



  38. krbdavid1 said

    Tawna… Hope all goes well with your daughter in law

    Bluesky… I like the way you think 🙂


  39. Angelica said

    Tawna, hope all goes well with your daughter-in-law’s surgery.

    Trending party is postponed.

    I like the way you think too Bluesky. :-?


  40. MT said

    I hope everything went well with your daughter’s surgery. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

    I look at it the same way. I am a numbers person and I like to think of it in fractions as each month passes too. I remember when it was 1/24, then 1/12, and now we are almost at 1/6. Time is passing.

    David, via Kari, is helping by doling out the goodies at a nice pace.

    Random thought >> Did you guys read the article about David recording with just a sampling of music? I read that the finished music production was completed after he left. Well, just a thought here, but maybe it’s why this album came out so well. Perhaps Kurt Bestor designed the music as dressing for David’s voice instead of David having to make his voice fit the music.

    Not sure if I’m saying that right but I think you get my drift. IDK, like I said, just a random thought. LOL Either way, Kudos to Kurt Bestor (and David of course) for a job well done. I am loving everything I’ve heard so far.

    David’s vlog. ♥ That’s all, just ♥


  41. tawna21 said

    Nice figgerin’ Bluesky! I like that kind of accounting.

    Abrra, “I look forward to the day when we can have a picture of David and his baby. He will be the best daddy ever!” So true!! Can you imagine the smile on his face?! I just don’t know that we will see the “quiet” look that Jason and Brooke have with their precious little ones. I’m of the thinking that David will have that “crinkle-the-corner-of-his-eyes” grin, that announces “look who is mine”, as he holds his most beautiful little one!

    Thank you all for your wishes for my DIL. She is out of surgery and in her room. She had a lap band removed last week that had eroded a hole in her stomach. They repaired the hole, but it was too thin to hold and broke open, filling her abdomen with fluid. They went back in today and took 4.5 hrs. to do a major repair by using a patch and also found a hilatal hernia in there. Sooo, she will be there for a few days, and probably be having a strong dislike for life for the next few weeks (I think I would be). If I could convince her to be a David fan it would be much more pleasant for her (we all know that is a given).

    Abrra, I only pay attention to your numbers, and I like to watch big numbers get smaller. 🙂 Thanks for bringing it back.



  42. pocoelsy said

    I made a tribute vid for those who effected in the Colorado tragedy, using Broken …I think the song fits the situation, but if you all think I should take it down for some reason just let me know, don’t want to offend anyone or deepen the wound, it’s done with good intention, so here it is :

    WARNING : I used 90 sec clip of Broken as the music in the link above , DO NOT click if you want to be spoiler free!!!


  43. Angelica said


    Just beautiful. Thank you. I watched without sound and it was still very moving.


  44. bebereader said

    So saddened by the horrific news in Aurora. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

    Your words are comforting. Thank you.

    Prayers and best wishes to your daughter-in-law. Glad the surgery went well and wishing her a speedy recovery.

    “Did you guys read the article about David recording with just a sampling of music? I read that the finished music production was completed after he left. Well, just a thought here, but maybe it’s why this album came out so well. Perhaps Kurt Bestor designed the music as dressing for David’s voice instead of David having to make his voice fit the music.”

    I think I read the article but not sure. Can you bring the link here? From the snippets, the music seems to complement David’s voice which is what we ultimately want. I like the sound of the album; the orchestration, David’s background vocals and of course his stunning voice, front and center. 17 more days!

    I was looking forward to watching your video but when I clicked on it, there was a message saying that it’s been removed.

    I was over on David’s Official site just now and was impressed to see that so many BEGIN. pics have been submitted.


  45. pocoelsy said

    Sorry all, here’s the new linke to the tribute vid :


  46. MT said

    Bebe, sorry, still don’t quite have the hang of things when it comes to quoting things. I looked and found the link. It’s an article on FanScene.

    Dean Kaelin answered some questions about David recording.

    This is the part I was referring to: >> “Kurt put together quick arrangements so that there would be something for David to sing to. Then David sang all the songs. After David left, Kurt and John finished the arrangements and orchestrations, mixed and mastered it …”

    IDK if I’m right about this. But the thought that the music might have been tailored to fit with David’s beautiful voice makes me happy. I really like that idea.


  47. bebereader said

    Great job on the video! The pics were so heartfelt.

    Thanks for the link. I really love reading Behind The Scenes info and anything related to Dean Kaelin and David. What Dean said about David’s vocals makes me happy too. Never met the man, but I have a soft spot in my heart for him, as David’s first vocal coach. The entire article from AFS bears repeating here:

    “Dean Kaelin shares on David Archuleta and BEGIN.

    Dean Kaelin David’s long time voice coach, was kind enough to answer my question to him about his involvement with BEGIN. Here is an excerpt from our correspondence:

    I am afraid that I won’t be very helpful on this at all unfortunately. Kurt and John are great and very talented, so I am sure the album came out well, but I haven’t even heard the finished project yet. My only involvement really was warming up David and keeping his voice in shape throughout the very compressed recording process.

    David’s part of the entire album was finished in the last 2 weeks before David left on his mission. In fact, even on the Monday before he left he was doing some finishing touches. Kurt Bestor and David selected the songs to record. Kurt put together quick arrangements so that there would be something for David to sing to. Then David sang all the songs. After David left, Kurt and John finished the arrangements and orchestrations, mixed and mastered it and Deseret Book put together the artwork, CD duplication and marketing.

    For David’s part, he did an amazing job. On the recording session I attended David sang the song 4 or 5 times so that Kurt would have different takes to choose from. I felt that any one of the takes could have been used for a finished product. David’s tone, interpretation, pitch and control were so great that each take sounded like it was ready for the album This is EXTREMELY unusual in today’s music world. Most singers go over and over a section trying to get it close, then the engineers use electronic tools to tune the voice and make it sound good. The fact that David did this so quickly will definitely give the album more of a ‘live’ and an honest feeling. It isn’t ‘manufactured’ and perfected by electronic gadgets, but David’s soulfulness, emotion, passion and interpretation come through clearly and naturally. I am quite certain that his fans will really enjoy it.

    My very best to you and all you are doing.
    Dean Kaelin

    Thanks, Dean! As always, your insights are like no other. Keeping David’s voice in shape those last couple of weeks, with so much going on is contribution enough. Thank you for that.

    In a follow up question, I was able to ask Dean which song David sang in the session he attended. He replied that it was “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.”

    Thanks to Janey from AFS for sharing this.

    Thanks to MT for the great find!


  48. SandyBeaches said

    Pocoelsy…a beautiful tribute video. Just the start of seeing how wonderful and appropriate the song ‘Broken’ is for our society. From ”Imagine’ to ‘Broken’ and now we can see that his album has a great destination.



  49. Tawna, Prayers for your daughter in law. Glad she made it through surgery alright.

    Prayers for the people in Aurora,Colorado!! Thanks for the tribute Pocelsky. Snippet free til Aug 7, but appreciate the gesture.


  50. poof said

    The tragedy in Colorado has left me with a continual lump in my throat. For the first time since David has been gone, I “miss” him, really miss him.
    When the world gets crazy and wrong, I immediately think of David. I miss his guidance and strength. David reminds me, just by being who he is, that individuals go wrong, the world isn’t “wrong”. My moto the last four years has been, “What would David do, what would David say?” to guide me through situations that are tough. I miss him. Yet, I know what David would say, and it helps.


  51. MT said

    I am heartbroken at the events in Colorado. Such a senseless tragedy. My heart and my prayers go out to everyone affected.

    I think, in a way, that David’s new song Broken may relate to things like this. We don’t have all the lyrics, (so this is just one possible interpretation) but when he says, “I never want to open up your eyes, everything broken” I get the impression that he wishes people didn’t have to see all the tragedy and heartbreak in the world. That he’d like to be able to protect them from it. He wants “your eyes to continue sparkling.”


  52. gladys1961 said

    from Sunday July 15 has been around an idea in my head. Still I have in my memory every gesture of david, every smile, every song, every pause. It is something to fill my soul in difficult times. And I will draw on those beautiful memories when needed.
    But this idea today took shape, almost a week later.

    I think I was a privileged witness of the first concert of david in Spanish.

    Spanish songs will we have when he returns?
    His Spanish was heard very well, is lighter and safer.
    There was no word spoken or learned by phonetics, he knew the meaning of every word.
    He put much emphasis on every song, to see him standing there, in the pulpit and sing, almost a cappella is the most precious gift I have received,
    thanks david.


  53. emmegirl14 said

    Gladys, your writings about David are so simple and so beautiful, and simply beautiful.


  54. djafan said

    Tawna prayers for your dil.

    Dad is progressing slowly but mo in the right direction.

    What a horrific tragedy in Colorado. Praying for all affected.

    Pocoelsy. What thoughtful tribute using Broken, what a healing sound.

    Gladys, just reading your words about last Sunday prove at least to me that it was no coincidence that everything aligned itself just right for you.

    I want to thank Andrea for her help with translation of Gladys recap. Working on it today!

    Going to immerse myself in those longer previews for a bit. 🙂


  55. Abrra said


    Abrra 619 days


  56. bebereader said


    “I think I was a privileged witness of the first concert of david in Spanish.”

    Yes, you were, Gladys! Absolutely!

    Since you couldn’t come to see David in the states, very simply, he came to see you.

    Reminds me of the old Muslim expression: “If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed.”

    By the way, do you feel like you’re floating or walking on air or having any other euphoric sensations? This sometimes happens after meeting David.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  57. gladys1961 said


    every time I think about David, I think the best day of my life. I wanted to see him again, I miss him a lot.
    I think I suffer from post-david symptoms. I imagine all the things I could say, but I got lost in his eyes.


  58. stenocruiser said

    Oh Gladys — your absolute joy at seeing, hearing and actually meeting David comes through in your words, so delightful to read. We are all looking forward to your full report when it is posted. Talk about a ‘precious gift’, that is you, Gladys, sharing such a special experience with us. Oh my, how we thank you and love you.


  59. fenfan said

    Guess what I just found in my mail box???? David’s COS sent by Abrra!!! Thank you so much Abrra!!! And those surprise CDs – wow – you are too good to me. Now I can have David’s gorgeous voice singing “live” in my ears while I read his book.
    And thank you Bebe for the sweet little David heart. I will use that as a bookmark for when I read COS!
    Once again thank you Abrra and Bebe!
    I will be busy reading and listening while I wait for BEGIN.


  60. Abrra said

    Glad it arrived! It was fast 🙂 I was happy to send it and the Cd’s.

    Abrra 618 days


  61. bebereader said

    You’re welcome. Glad you liked it!

    #57 “I imagine all the things I could say, but I got lost in his eyes.”

    Do you mean that you were a recipient of an Archugaze?


  62. What a wonderful time in Unplugged last night. ‘standing room only!’ and the warmth of everyone’s smiles, and love, was palpable in our little chat room, as we relived Gladys’s special moment with David♥ It was just an amazing night. thank you Abrra, for bringing that moment to us in an in an MGR way. :)))

    58.Steno, couldn’t say it better,your words to Gladys are what I feel too.♥

    [{{hugs to all}}}


  63. marlie7 said

    Had a great time in unplugged last night. Sorry I had to leave – my eyes were getting a little crossed with the slow-mo video LOL But, boy, did I love seeing David, again. 🙂


  64. ray said

    i was lurking in unpluged last night


  65. fenfan said

    Unplugged was super fun. I can’t believe that video was played for 2 whole hours! Are we going to see it again next week? LOL.


  66. cq#DA2014 said

    Good morning everyone! So excited about BEGIN. Such a great gift he left for his fans. I just hope that it will be successfull enough to make him money so that when he returns, he can continue with his career and be able to get a tour going in 2014.
    BTW, I’m having trouble getting into the Fans of David Archuleta site, I’m wondering if something happen to that site or if it’s just me.


  67. Great time in Chat!! So happy for Gladys. So appreciative of you Abrra for the video and organizing everything. Thanks all for being there. Happy Sunday!!


  68. said

    cq~ I couldn’t view FOD either.


  69. cq#DA2014 said

    Annmargaret, it did come back, but now I’m unable to open. I think the site is having some problem. Hope they fix it soon. David needs as many active sites as possible and that site, like this one, is so good for David’s career.


  70. gladys1961 said

    Josh Bradley was born on July 15, the same day the devotional music of Chile, is a coincidence?
    That day has special meaning, may be the beginning of something new in the life of david? maybe the songs in Spanish, I know that were were religious hymns, but time will answer.


  71. Love Holy Coincidences Gladys!! :)) Thanks for sharing your memories and thoughts!!


  72. bebereader said

    Gladys, Anything es posible!

    Just for fun!

    credit aldrienjon


    Handsome, Handsome, Handsome

    credit VlogsbyJoli


  73. jans11 said

    Enjoyed sharing Gladys’ video for 2 hrs. It was so good to see David and that smile again and again!lol Loved it all. I really think you made history seeing David in his first “Spanish concert”!♥ Just made my heart swell seeing how excited you still are even after 2 weeks from meeting him. Believe me, it never goes away! He is habit forming and you just want to see him again and again!
    Dj and Tawna, so glad your loved ones are on the mend.♥
    Fenfan, we are lucky to have Abrra, for sure! Those cds she sends out are the best! Enjoy the book, I’ve read it twice and go back to different chapters for “reference”! Thank you Abrra for the mgr of the video. I woke up this morning with Broken going over and over in my mind. Just love that song and just 2 more weeks to hear all of it!


  74. Abrra said

    I loved that HANDSOME video 🙂 I might have to clip the audio of her repeating it x4 and use it someplace.

    Sorry for your “car sick” feeling after a few views of the special video. No one wanted me to change the video. We have a habit of studying him until it becomes part of our DNA.

    We had twice the usual number in Unplugged on Saturday. It made me happy that so many got a chance to see part 2 of Gladys adventure. Watching David videos is something we all enjoy. It is really fun to watch with other fans 🙂

    I watched a video of David at a mall appearance last year in Asia and had to make some scream caps, naturally! Having his HUGE face as a background, looking over his shoulder, is the best!







    Abrra 617 days


  75. Angelica said


    Thanks for the scream caps, those are great! I really like the golden-faced one.

    I added the new vlog to this post beneath the first one. I told ya there would be MOAR! 🙂 Love his mature demeanor and soothing voice on these.


  76. Abrra said

    I can’t wait for more “David speaks” videos. I want to string them in to one long one and then make am mp3 of that. His voice is soothing here and it shows an inner peace with his decision, despite the rush to finish the CD and pack up to go to the MTC.

    I had to catch the scream cap you mentioned because it looks like David’s inner glow was leaking out on stage. 🙂 That might be a first!

    Abrra 617 days
    I blame all errors on my iPhone


  77. OOOOOOH! this is screamcap Heaven♥ Thanks Abrra. May have to change my desktop pic out again:)) What to do, what to do!?
    Angelica, I love the one with his face bathed in that golden light,its gorgeous. the shadows on his face and oh wow ,look at those teeth! I like a lot about that one.
    I love getting these clips of the interview this way.Hope it was a long one, and that he has alot more to say♥ talk to us David,talk to us♥:)))


  78. pocoelsy said

    Hi all,

    I missed the livestream on Sat since daughter’s back to spend weekend with us and what a nice weeked we had, I’m so happy for Glady, seems she’s still on cloud nine hehe.

    Thank you all for your nice words about the tribute vid, my intention is to comfor-calm-sooth those who effected and David’s voice sure deliver, what a voice he has.

    His newest vid also showed off his talk voice whic has the same effect, this guy is really gifted with extraordinary talent ..”the voice that can calm even the angriest troll”

    Abrra, thank for the scream caps, I love double David:)


  79. pocoelsy said

    I think that everyone knows this but I have to say again that David’s eyes are so beautiful…looking at Abrra’s last scream cap, I’ve been staring at that pic for a while now…sigh..


  80. djafan said

    Good Morning!

    New vlog!!!! Isn’t that the most soothing voice ever??? David looks so at peace, not overwhelmed, decision had been made and it’s obvious now that it was a decision he needed to make.

    Leave a comment!
    @mjsbigblog David Archuleta on BEGIN & more, Chris Colfer Teen Choice red carpet (VIDEOS)

    More Pre-order Options from the OS!


  81. djafan said

    The pictures are really great. I’m fascinated with everyone’s take on BEGIN. Submit one if you haven’t. And David knows all about it 🙂

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Just filled D in on the amazing response to the BEGIN. photo contest. Just luv your take one BEGIN. Still time —> (ks)


  82. djafan said

    Voting needed here!

    And join ology for David!!! I loving this for promo!

    by The Ology Team .
    On Jul 23, 2012
    1. Jessica Sanchez – 8350 Points
    2. David Archuleta – 8290 Points
    3. Adam Lambert – 2505 Points
    4. Lauren Alaina – 730 Points
    5. Haley Reinhart – 535 Points
    6. Kellie Pickler – 220 Points
    7. Chris Daughtry – 100 Points
    7. Danny Gokey – 100 Points
    8. Jennifer Hudson – 50 Points
    8. Joshua Ledet – 50 Points

    At the start of this contest we saw a lot of post supporting Jessica Sanchez. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you look at the rankings and see her sitting at the top, ranked first. Both Sanchez and Archuleta gathered the most support over the weekend. In fact, they both are receiving an extra 1,000 points because they were able to get 100 members before midnight, today. Even better news… you all still have the chance to get the same generous gift! Time is running! So get out there and get that support!

    As of right now, it’s a super close between Archie and Sanchez. It’s only a 60 point difference. Lambert is in third, but he’s pretty behind in numbers. All the other singers come in behind Lambert with some very low numbers. THIS CAN ALL CHANGE. This is just the start of the contest. Please, please, don’t quit! Get together that fan-army and SUPPORT your favorite singer.

    Friend us on Facebook at for the latest updates and other contest giveaways!

    –The Ology Team

    P.S. If you’re new to this contest and need a refresher on how to earn points for your favorite female singer, here’s the original contest link with all the details:


  83. djafan said

    Any bidders???

    Items Signed by Adele, Katy Perry and Others Available in Grammy Charity Auction

    The “back-to-school” auction includes framed magazines signed by Katy, Bruno Mars and Alicia Keys; microphones autographed by Kelly and Jennifer Hudson; a guitar signed by Katy; and CDs autographed by Adele and David Archuleta.
    Bidding runs through July 30 on

    A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Grammy Foundation’s Grammy in the Schools programs for high school students.

    Copyright 2012 ABC News Radio


  84. Abrra said

    Loved the video they used in this article!

    Mariah Carey Is The New ‘Idol’ Judge: 5 Reasons Why She Actually May Be Good
    Read it here :

    Abrra 617 days


  85. MT said

    Thanks, guys. Love the new vlog, part 2. Hope there are many more parts to come. He does sound so at peace, althought the *hands out* “cant touch for two years” part got to me just a little. Miss him. ♥

    Love that they used David in the video for David. I can’t believe they used his whole segment! Awesome. Maybe Ms. Parker is a fan! But it’s a great reminder of just how beautifully David sings. That’s one of my favorites from his time on idol.


  86. MT said

    hahaha Oops! That should say “used David in the video for Mariah.” LOL

    Proofread, MT, Proofread!


  87. djafan said

    What’s VO????

    EDIT: VO = Voice Over

    Brad Ziffer ‏@BradZiffer
    In the studio, recording the VO promo for David Archuleta’s latest album, BEGIN…


  88. Angelica said

    A voice over is someone speaking I believe djafan. Great news that they’re gonna do promo for the album!!?


  89. bebereader said

    After watching Part 2 it hit me that David is a man who knows what he wants and what’s important in life. I’m so proud of him for having the courage of his convictions and for following what was in his heart.


  90. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  91. Angelica said

    Oh, I just watched that vid and read Lyndsey Parker’s article. Don’t think she’s ever been a fan, MT. I recall her being a big Cook fan that season but she knows talent when she hears it. I use to read her articles faithfully during season 7 and sometimes after because I like her writing. So they got Mariah after all. Last I heard, another diva, Aretha Franklin had declared herself very interested in the gig and Mariah was too expensive to get. I really have to agree with Parker that she is a good choice. Finally they have someone judging who can actually sing. And of all the mentors on season 7, I think she gave David the best piece of advice, which was not to be afraid to use his falsetto. Boy, did he take that to heart and run with it! And aren’t we all glad? Thanks, Mariah!


  92. emmegirl14 said

    Thanks for the link dja, would love to see him take this one!

    Watching this latest interview segment – makes me feel all kinds of peace and calm inside. ♥ him.

    pocoelsy, agree about the “talk voice.” 🙂

    2 weeks to BEGIN.


  93. JennyJ89 said

    Hi everyone! This is my first time commenting on this site. I’m Jenny, I’m a huge David fan from California.


  94. gladys1961 said

    I give you welcome to this beautiful place, I assure you never want to leave.
    Gladys from Argentina.


  95. MT said

    JennyJ89 … Welcome!!

    Glad you’ve come out of lurkdom to post. 🙂
    I hope you’ll continute to comment.

    I didn’t know she wasn’t a fan. During AI I didn’t read blogs. Well, for someone who isn’t a fan, she sure has a whole lot of David in that video. 🙂 Nice!

    And Voice Overs mean Promo! Don’t know what it’s for, but it’s nice to hear they’ll be doing some promo for BEGIN.

    Thanks for doing Tuesday night NA/chat again. I’m sure gonna try to be there tomorrow. I love chat nights. ♥


  96. 93. Hi Jenny from California! Welcome to The Voice! ♥ Nice to meet you 🙂


  97. JennyJ89 said

    Hi! Thanks everyone! I’m so excited for BEGIN.! You can follow me on twitter it’s @JennyJin89

    I’m actually traveling to NY this December, and I’d love to meet some Archies from that area (and of course everywhere else, too)! Hope to hear from you guys! 🙂


  98. Dayzee said

    Welcome Jenny! I’m sure you will find this is a good place.

    Abrra, you really put the SCREAM in those screamcaps. You always find the bestest ones.

    David sounds so mature in the new vlogs. MT, that “can’t touch for 2 years” struck me too. He has become so adept at relating his thoughts.

    Angelica, when Mariah mentioned the falsetto you could see David absorbing that idea. And then to listen to it come to fruition was just plain fun!

    David helped me paint my house this weekend. I know he is far away in Chileland, but he was so kind to leave us so many treasures. Isn’t it always so much easier doing a mundane task when you have a pocketful of David? My tiny Ipod is overflowing with all I need to make a chore more pleasant.


  99. Angelica said



  100. JennyJ89 said

    Thanks Dayzee and Angelica! 🙂


  101. MT said

    “David helped me paint my house this weekend.”

    LOL Well isn’t he the hard worker! He’s going to help me paint my bathroom this weekend too!


  102. Angelica said

    He’s helping me paint my bedroom this weekend. 🙂


  103. gladys1961 said

    I am studying law with David, I think he and I learned everything about Roman law.


  104. davidstopsmyaging said

    Dayzee, MT and Angelica, David helped me start to set up my classroom set up today! Sure made the time go by easily and calmly.


  105. bebereader said

    Think David’s good at cleaning out closets?
    Well, that’s what I have planned for him for this weekend. LOL


  106. bebereader said

    JennyJ89 ~ Welcome to The Voice!


  107. Angelica said

    New post>>>>


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