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David Archuleta ~ Cover Me

Posted by djafan on Monday, July 9, 2012

“I believe that the only excuse we have for being musicians and for making music in any fashion, is to make it differently, to perform it differently, to establish the music’s difference, vis-a-vis our own difference.”

Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould (2009) Directors:Michèle Hozer, Peter Raymont

Glenn Gould

I recently watched a documentary on the life and work of Glenn Gould, 1932-1982 and naturally, I thought of David. I could be watching a documentary on the etymology of tsetse flies in Tswana and naturally think of David too, but that is beside the point. The similarities between David and Gould were hard to ignore: both musical prodigies and both possessing a combination of good looks and extremely winning personalities.

According to Wikipedia, “At the age of 10, he began attending The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.. Gould passed his final Conservatory examination in piano at the age of 12 (achieving the “highest marks of any candidate”), thus attaining “professional standing as a pianist” at that age. One year later he passed the written theory exams, qualifying for an ATCM diploma.”

In his twenties, Gould came to New York and set the world of classical music on fire. All classical musicians spend a good deal of their time “covering” others, and most take pride in being faithful to the original composer. Not Gould, as the above quote by him reveals. No one had ever heard Bach played with such absolute freedom and disregard for convention. He became something of a superstar, an iconic exciting figure, packing concert halls in North America and Russia way beyond the fire code limit. He wrote and arranged a number of original works as well and won a Juno Award for Best Classical Album of the Year in 1979, 1983 and 1984. He won four Grammies, three posthumously before his untimely death at age 50.

Philosopher Mark Kingwell writes that “his influence is made inescapable. No performer after him can avoid the example he sets… Now, everyone must perform through him: he can be emulated or rejected, but he cannot be ignored.”

This brings me to the subject of David doing covers. He recently recorded Forevermore, an album of original Philippines music, fittingly named by how often I play it. I mean the thing never gets old. From comments on YouTube and elsewhere, he seems to have stayed pretty faithful to the originals. If the snippets off his upcoming album Begin., recorded in the US before leaving for his mission are any indication, these covers will be more uniquely his own. They were all specially and lovingly chosen by him to convey his feelings at this unique time in his life.

Whether a classical musician, a seasoned performer or a young man on a mission with not a lot of time but an awful lot to say, doing covers carries the same challenge. Glenn Gould’s words bear repeating…”I believe that the only excuse we have for being musicians and for making music in any fashion, is to make it differently, to perform it differently, to establish the music’s difference, vis-a-vis our own difference.”

Two years ago, Peter Gabriel, who David covers on Begin. with “Don’t Give Up” did an entire album of covers. Of it Jon Pareles of the New York Times had this to say.

“For many singer-songwriters there comes a time to make an album of other people’s songs. That’s what Peter Gabriel does with “Scratch My Back” (Virgin)…A covers album can be a tribute or a miscellany, a throwaway or a statement about what a songwriter holds dear. The production can imitate the original arrangements; the way Seal and Rod Stewart did on their recent soul collections, or apply a distinctly personal approach, as Rosanne Cash did on “The List.” Meanwhile, in recording company offices, hopes arise that a familiar voice and a familiar song can add up to radio play…

When he eventually decided to make a full album of covers, Mr. Gabriel ruled out drums and guitars. He went on to renounce the funk, soul and world-music elements that have filled his past albums. He was determined to strip the songs down to the bare melody and lyric.”

On the following audio tracks, listen to the song in its original recording by Paul Simon. Then listen to Peter Gabriel’s cover. This is not about who has the better voice or which one you like best or which has a good beat and would be easy to dance to. It’s not even a competition. Both artists are geniuses in their own right. This is about what was brought to the original, and whether what was brought made you hear the song and its words differently. Did the one who did the cover of the original bring something new to the song emotionally, and did he make you understand it in a way you didn’t before?

Paul Simon  The Boy in the Bubble

Peter Gabriel  The Boy in the Bubble

I have such a good feeling about Begin. I think this just may be the start of something good getting even better.

151 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Cover Me”

  1. betsy said
    The newest snippets, released a few minutes ago.
    BOTW and Everybody Hurts.


  2. betsy said

    Angelica, I am still blown away by David’s musical taste, his choices. Most people his age have barely even heard of Peter Gabriel. I’ve always loved him. Especially In Your Eyes.

    “A covers album can be a tribute or a miscellany, a throwaway or a statement about what a songwriter holds dear.”
    And now the singer has shown us what he holds dear. This was quickly done, but far from carelessly chosen.
    I want everyone I know to hear it.


  3. bluebar said

    One of the most enjoyable experiences from the articles here at The Voice, is always learning new and different things about people and places. I had never heard of Glenn Gould, which actually surprised me because I’m very familiar with another concert pianist, Van Cliburn who is his contemporary.

    Both geniuses in their devotion and dedication to music; traits we find in David… as well as the earlier familial influences on all three. Van Cliburn was taught piano by his mother. The same with Gould. And, we definitely know how influential Lupe Archuleta is to David. However, according to Wikipedia, despite his talent and creative abilities, Gould was also very troubled, demanding and eccentric. All things I can never imagine in David.

    There is one exception. Gould had a habit of humming while playing the piano which would annoy sound technicians who were trying to record his works. Gould’s mother had encouraged him to sing while playing… and, at times, he “practiced the piano” without the instrument – only hearing the music in his head. We do know David rather sing than talk and at times even annoyed his classmates, and without a doubt his siblings, too! No wonder David ended up in his room or in the backyard singing to his dog! Lucky for us: The dog was all ears!! And, so are we.

    Looking forward to David’s BEGIN.


  4. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica, the information that you have written on ‘covers’ is important and needs to be read so that we have the best understanding of David’s fabulous new album.

    I have a longer comment when the ‘dust’ settles later today. David’s new snippets are over the moon for now and they fill your head with his magic!!


  5. bluebar said

    We all know what David did to One Republic’s “Apologize.” He made it his own! Sometimes singers re-release their old hit music and make it new again for a next generation of listeners. “The Twist” by Chubby Checker is an example and certainly “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King, which I especially
    loved then and then again… but when David sang it? Holy guacamole!! It’s only David’s version I want to hear now. I’m fascinated by song covers that become better than the original.

    “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel is one of the best songs every written and recorded. When Clay Aiken sang it on American Idol, Season 2, Paula Abdul said it was like hearing it for the first time, and that he had made this song his own. Although a very nice rendition, there will be no comparison with what David can do. David tempers the music… and as explained on page 126 in “Chords of Strength,” he finds “ways to build unique and special moments into each song” which David does better than anyone!! Only then the song is his own!
    Of course, the new BOTW snippet has me captivated. It is “fabulously David” just as all the BEGIN. covers will be.

    btw… I have become a little tiny fan of Clay Aiken after reading his book,Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life.

    Bridge Over Troubled Water…

    credit: spam219


  6. bleubird19 said

    Angelica, I enjoyed your thoughts about these artists and covers. The contrasts of the “Boy in the Bubble” versions was amazing. It will truly be interesting to see what David comes up with in future years as he ages, learns and has time on his side. As for now, I am looking forward to hearing David’s voice, literally and figuratively, on BEGIN.

    “I could be watching a documentary on the etymology of tsetse flies in Tswana and naturally think of David too …”. I cannot wait to read your blog on that one!!! lol


  7. bleubird19 said

    Sorry didn’t think the first time I commented had gone through. lol. Just erase one of them.


  8. 4.SB, does that mean you have been taking a little ‘snip’ here and there? Huh? :)))

    you enlighten me,every time you write.Such an interesting article. Like Bluebar, I had not heard of Gould either.Always interesting to learn of people who were, and are, geniuses in the world of music/the arts.
    Love the example of Simon, and Gabriel. I had not heard that song before. Such a stark difference to me.Listening to “The Boy in the Bubble” was a perfect example. Gabriel makes you perk up your ears, and listen to the lyrics.The music is haunting, a totally different feeling. The comparison brought to my mind immediately Gnarls Barkley…. and David’s cover of “Crazy”
    I love what he did with that song! Better than the original, in its message in the lyrics.Powerful
    “Did the one who did the cover of the original bring something new to the song emotionally, and did he make you understand it in a way you didn’t before?” YES
    I too, have a really really good feeling, about BEGIN.♥


  9. SandyBeaches said

    Sky, I CAVED in!! Not TOfan though. Getting a tweet early on a Monday morning was too much!! Somehow those two bring it all together and there are more to come…

    So hot outside now. How do some people love this?



  10. loulou said

    Sorry i havent written anything ! My sister is in intensive care and i need alot of praying for her. I am getting ready to go see her ! I miss David so much he always makes me fell better !!


  11. djafan said


    I don’t even know where to start. Everything you’ve said, explained, highlighted is what the world needs to hear about singers singing covers. Singing covers is not for has-beens as some would like to say. David is the master of covers, he’s proved it time and time again. Not to say that his originals are not great. I love Falling which he wrote and age 14. My Kind Of Perfect is beautiful. The Other Side Of Down, Good Place, lol I could go on and on. These snippets have me holding my breath in anticipation. Thank you Angelica for attacking this subject so spot on.

    Betsy, perfect choice to highlight.

    “A covers album can be a tribute or a miscellany, a throwaway or a statement about what a songwriter holds dear.”
    And now the singer has shown us what he holds dear. This was quickly done, but far from carelessly chosen.
    I want everyone I know to hear it.

    SB, welcome to the other side lol.

    Bleubird, David fans have become pros at linking David to any conversation or topic 🙂

    Sky, “I too, have a really really good feeling, about BEGIN.♥” Me too!


    “Although a very nice rendition, there will be no comparison with what David can do. David tempers the music… and as explained on page 126 in “Chords of Strength,” he finds “ways to build unique and special moments into each song” which David does better than anyone!! Only then the song is his own!”

    Apologize is a perfect example of David making you forget there was another singer there. Crazy has been driving me crazy since I first heard David’s rendition.

    This one blew me away.


  12. djafan said

    So sorry Loulou. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.


  13. SandyBeaches said

    Loulou…the power of prayer is very strong! Prayers and thoughts go out to you today!



  14. SandyBeaches said

    In BOTW, David sings miiiiiiiind from the 10 second mark until the 21st! Quite wonderful really .



  15. djafan said

    SB, “Quite wonderful really” Are you ok? lol

    International buzz for BEGIN.

    Vietnam (nice before and after pictures)






  16. djafan said

    I have a good feeling 🙂

    BEGIN. continues at #2 bestseller and #1 preorder at Walmart.

    At Amazon it’s at #42 best sellers in easy listening and #39 in best seller general ASS, whatever that means.

    EDIT: It’s now at #12 in Best Sellers!!!!


  17. MT said

    Thanks for this article. It has made me look at covers a whole new way. I love both the top photo and the quote under it.

    And this … “Now, everyone must perform through him: he can be emulated or rejected, but he cannot be ignored.” That is quite a compliment on his genius.

    I have faith that one day people will be making this kind of comment about David, too. Not that exact comment, of course. But one about his impact on the music industry, because I believe he will have a real impact on it one day, one that the music industry will recognize and acknowledge.

    9. SB
    Welcome to the CAVE. lol I don’t know how anyone could resist. TOfan has more willpower than me, that’s for sure.

    BOTW, I honestly didn’t understand why everyone was so excited to hear this one. I thought I would be kind of … meh … about it but man, that miiiiiinnnddd is just amazing. I can’t wait to har it now. And I love what I’ve heard so far of Everybody Hurts, too. I am REALLY looking forward to this album.

    Oh Loulou, I’m so sorry to hear that. Will add my prayers for your sister. I hope she gets better soon.


  18. emmegirl14 said

    Angelica, a remarkable story, loved reading about Mr Gould and his genius. You had been quiet, and I knew you were working on something wonderful.

    Based on covers we’ve heard since we first met a barely 17yr old David, he has that remarkable ability to make the song his own while respectfully maintaining the integrity. You easily recognize the song, yet the differences are crystal clear. And the ante always goes up emotionally on anything he sings.

    Just wanna repeat this,
    “A covers album can be a tribute or a miscellany, a throwaway or a statement about what a songwriter holds dear.”
    And now the singer has shown us what he holds dear. This was quickly done, but far from carelessly chosen.
    I want everyone I know to hear it.

    Just keep listening to the snippets in succession on OS….can’t shake the chills.

    SB, welcome back.

    loulou, prayers for you and your dear sister.


  19. SandyBeaches said

    The cave dwellers are here! Room for you TOfan!!

    Somehow those two snippets made all of the snippets sound extra special!

    Back about Mr. Gould tonight.



  20. djafan said

    SB, Aren’t they and he amazing???!!!

    Emmegirl, “can’t shake the chills” ♥

    Want to share this comment from MJ’s from a James Durbin fan. One at a time 🙂

    “The sample of “Bridge…” is too short to make a judgement, but I will anyway. David’s sound is the first I have ever heard to equal the original.”


  21. sweetonDA said

    Angelica, loved reading about Mr. Gould and how you related him to David. I was unfamiliar with him but will have to read up on him and his genius. You along with the other contributors here at The Voice always give us ‘Food for Thought’.

    I’ve been listening to the snippets whenever I can and I must say this album is going to be my favorite yet! David sounds amazing. His covers are so good. I read somewhere that this album brings back memories of his vocals during AI and I would have to agree. David and covers are simpatico.

    Been crazy busy taking care of my mom who had a stroke last Saturday. I moved in with her about a year ago because I could see she was forgetting things and I was worried about her living alone. Saturday she went out in the backyard to rake up leaves when she started feeling strange. She walked in and told me she didn’t feel right and that her hand was numb. I asked her a simple question and she couldn’t answer me so I knew she was probably having a stroke. I got right on the phone and called 911. She’s home now, but has some challenges to face and overcome. Bless her little heart. I’m so glad I was home that day. Anyway, I played her David’s snippets and she said, “I know that voice, but I can’t think of his name. He always sings so lovely.” The stroke affected her by not being able to remember names and certain words, but when I showed her a picture of David she said, “That’s him, what’s his name?” It hurts to see a parent go through these things. Can’t wait to get David’s album because I know it will give her some peace when she is feeling anxious about what’s happened to her and if she can get better. Hopefully physical therapy will help with that too.

    Loulou, I know what it’s like having someone in ICU and my prayers are with you and your sister.

    Djafan, I love seeing you all over the place leaving comments. You rawk!!!


  22. archiesfan4life said

    Loulou – my prayers for you and your sister.

    SweetonDA – my mother had several strokes and I lived with her and was her care-giver for many years so I understand – my prayers are with you and your mom.


  23. Angelica said


    So sorry to hear about your mom but glad you were there and acted quickly. Will be praying for her improvement in every way.


    I will pray for your sister in ICU too and for strength for you and SweetonDA too. I hope you have David’s music with you there in the hospital.

    Thanks everyone for the comments on the post. I have been great with it ever since I watched the documentary and was so relieved to finally go into labor and deliver it late last night. lol.

    HOW ABOUT THEM SNIPPETS???? He blew the roof off BOTW with that long glory note…I noticed it continues and gets snipped off a bit too by the snippet. Everybody Hurts hurts so good. I so love the violin in 3 notes after the word “soul” in BSMS. And we still have, Beautiful, Broken, and Pride in the Name of Love. Have mercy on us all when August 7th arrives. I plan to take the day, or several off to rejoice and recoup. Partay at The Voice! And all the other sites. 🙂

    Gladys! How you doin? ;)


  24. PattiNC said

    Favorite word of the day “mind”. The two new snippets are all of them! SB..welcome to the dark
    Loulou..hope your sister is well soon. SweetonDA…David’s new CD will be so good for your mom, and for you! His singing certainly has a soothing affect on people.
    Can’t wait for 8/7..smack dab in the middle of my kids moving on the 1st and the other on the 14th. Think I’m gonna need some soothing!


  25. MT said

    I just want to say again how much i loved your David vlog video. Is there any chance you have an MP4 of it? (that’s the video version for download, right?)


  26. Dayzee said

    Angleica’s “babies” are always beautiful. Your efforts are appreciated. I love the choices David makes on his cover songs. Each one has been exceptional. I am always amazed at the change and insight he shows. He brings this not only in song, but on his entire outlook of life. He adjusts my perspective in all things.

    I had this “patience” thing down really good until today’s snips. Not a shred of patience left. Where is that CD? Why do I have to wait until 8/7 ? Who made that the rule? Where is the mercy?

    My prayers are with Loulou and SweetonDA. It seems life’s river is always turbulent. Time to lean on good friends.


  27. Abrra said

    Last week when you mentioned the documentary about Glenn Gould to me, I was intrigued to watch it on Netflix. I didn’t make it to the end, but I did learn that he was a phenom in musical ability. I will have to go re watch the whole movie again. It’s true that he became a tortured soul at some point in his life, but I am not surprised as many genius types suffer this fate. One can only wonder if he had missed out on something he truly wanted to accomplish and this caused him to turn to substance abuse. I mention this to point out how good it is for David to do the things he finds most important to him, before its too late and life steps in to keep him from what he feels he must do. I wish for him to never feel the regret that he didn’t take the opportunity for happiness.


    You mentioned that David stayed true the Forevermore cover songs. Could this be his way of showing his profound respect to the artists and the Filipino people who grew up hearing these wonderful songs? Not straying from the familiar, in this case, was a calculated move to honor their culture.

    I agree with those who say that BEGIN. is going to be his best album to date. From what I have heard in the snippets released so far, he is putting his “David Touch” on these songs. His voice has such strength in each song! As if he had sung them all his life. He takes possession of the lyrics and make us understand them. 🙂 I like what you picked to demonstrate how an original song and a cover can be entirely different, depending on the singer’s interpretation. I think Paul Simon lost his song to Peter Gaberiel in a good way. It became a new song by slowing the tempo and stripping away most of the instruments. What David did with Imagine, could very well be the same result for BOTW. By singing a cover song like no one has ever heard it sung, David shows us he has great musical depth.

    Loulou and Sweetonda I hope you keep us updated on the progress of your loved ones. They are in our prayers.

    I love that you found similar poses in the images you put into the article. So well done 🙂


  28. bluesky said

    So.. I have been listening to the snippets and I just now realized (after BOTW) that there really is a full orchestra with him on every song so far. I never heard it till now. I had to go back and check the others.

    What a great tribute to DA and to Kurt: setting the table complete with napkins, silver, china and crystal.. but once you taste the meal, you forget the setting completely and become immersed in the repast. DA’s voice, soul & sound, is appetizer, main course and desert. Kudos to Kurt for being able to complement, not compete.

    Of course I haven’t heard them all yet. But I will be happy to feast and gain a few dozen musical pounds while putting this all to the taste test.

    Any one want to join me on my new diet?


    loulou and sweetonda – tender times. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for letting us know.


  29. Abrra said

    MT #25

    David Archuleta Vlog Mashup.mp4

    I’ll get the BOTW and EH snippet mp3’s up tomorrow.



  30. mspoohbear said

    Angelica, you seem to amaze me each time you write. It’s interesting how you can see someone or something and relate them to David. You see things in a different light or angle than most people (most means “me” LOL). I will definitely research more on Glenn Gould…an interesting character.

    Talking about cover albums, I like what Emmegirl14 said, “Based on covers we’ve heard since we first met a barely 17yr old David, he has that remarkable ability to make the song his own while respectfully maintaining the integrity. You easily recognize the song, yet the differences are crystal clear. And the ante always goes up emotionally on anything he sings.” This is so true! Whatever song, even unfamiliar song he covers, he makes it his own. A good example is the “Forevermore” OPM. Not only I am amazed by the short period he had to learn the songs in the album, he brought something new emotionally to the songs without staying far from the originals. The songs are perfect for his voice.

    And now, we have “Begin.” coming up pretty soon. The snippets just blew me away! I really love David doing cover songs. Somehow, he has the ability to make them sound better than the originals. No kidding!I can’t wait for my CDs to arrive in the mail.

    LouLou and SweetonDA, my prayers go out to you and family.


  31. betsy said

    Angelica, I love documentaries and am excited to have another to watch.
    One more thing. It’s in regard to the top picture, which I love by the way.
    Could his hand be any more dadgum huge??!!
    p.s. Yes, I said dadgum. I was quite excited to do so. 🙂
    p.p.s. Maybe I should’ve used daggum. Not sure on the proper usage as I’ve only heard it in movies and written on Twitter by the North Carolina basketball coach. 🙂 It was used both ways and now I’ve gone on way too long on this subject, as I am wont to do.


  32. Angelica said

    Not naming names, (cuz it’s too much trouble, lol) but thanks again for the kind words.

    Betsy, I fixed your typo. 🙂 I believe the correct pronunciation is dadgum, and no, his hand could not be more huge in the absence of a glandular disorder. I like the hair and the sideburns in that pic. Looking all 50’s delinquent. B-) heh.


  33. MT said

    Abrra, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for that MP4. You’re a doll! 🙂

    AS for that top pic, yes I was noticing the sideburns too, and the sides brushed back (and what looks like a white streak in his hair?) Anyway, yes, definitely love that look on him. 🙂


  34. bebereader said


    Bravo on another great article, including pictures showing similarities between the two artists! Interesting read, about the genius of Glenn Gould and the way he covered classical compositions.

    I love that David did two cover albums! I used to say that I wish he would do a cover of every song every published and now my wish is beginning to come true. LOL He instinctively knows how to make any song sound better than the original while keeping the integrity of the song intact. That’s part of his genius.

    I usually focus on the melody of a song first, instead of the lyrics. But David’s interpretation of any song forces you to hear the lyrics too because of his phrasing. His voice is so captivating that it sometimes takes me three or four times to listen to any song he sings.

    I was waiting patiently for BOTW and wow did David deliver the goods! There’s a cry in his voice in all these snippets; he really sang his heart out for us when he recorded these songs, the night before he left for his mission.

    Prayers are with you and your sister for a full recovery!

    I’m so impressed that news about BEGIN. including samples of the snippets have gone so far as Vietnam, Malaysia, Germany, Brazil and Poland!

    Are you now up to date on the snippets? Welcome to this side of heaven!

    Bless you for playing David’s snippets for your Mom. She may have forgotten a few words for now but hearing David’s voice on these songs is sure to speed up her healing process!

    I just love this:
    “…I am always amazed at the change and insight he shows. He brings this not only in song, but on his entire outlook of life. He adjusts my perspective in all things.” <<< One of the reasons for me, that he is so loved!


  35. bebereader said

    Off topic but I found this cuteness overload last night and have to share! Pic is from American Idol during Season 1 when David visited the set!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David with Tamyra and Christina

    credit jdanton2/Idol Forums


  36. djafan said

    Thank you Abrra for getting that mp4 to MT and thank you MT, I love watching it 🙂

    David at Amazon

    #19 Best Sellers in General

    #3 Best Sellers Easy Listening

    #23 Best Sellers Vocal Pop

    David at Walmart

    #2 Best Seller Overall

    #1 Best Seller Preorder

    I think this is incredible without any promo, well us fans 🙂 So excited.


  37. djafan said

    Hey Sweetonda,

    My prayers and thoughts are with you. Thanks, I’m kinda ODD about putting his name everywhere he is mentioned. It helps with the keeping his name relevant 🙂


  38. Abrra said

    Oh? The picture at the top of this article is fabulous. If he had longer hair he could have pulled off the duck butt thing that Bench Fix likes so well 😉

    When Angelica says she goes into labor, she isn’t kidding. When she publishes an article is is usually at 2 am after she has painstakingly revised the text or art work several times. I want to share what she worked hard on but didn’t use for the top picture. I know this because it came through to my phone when she published the article the first time.


    When I saw this blended image from his photo shoot at Coney Island, I knew something special was to follow. The image represents to me the 2 sides of David,playful and serious. I love the ghostly quality of the image. It is a reminder that while David is not actually here, he has left us with the best part of himself, his music.

    Glad I was around to pick this one up from the cutting room floor.



  39. SandyBeaches said

    I missed coming back last night with our big boy dog becoming ill. All is well this morning so far. No empty nest here with our menagerie of critters. I studied up on his breed more deeply and he doesn’t take too well to stress. So gentle music may be required!

    Anyway, thank you Angelica for bringing the Canadian icon Glenn Gould on to the same page as David.



  40. pocoelsy said

    Hi all,
    Here’s “Bridge over troubled water MGR.” for your easy listening 🙂 , I still haven’t recovered from “What Just Hit Me!!” at the first listen…mannn who sing like that, Oh well we all know who!!! but yeah, enjoy 🙂


  41. betsy said

    Pride, snippet #8


  42. Thank you night owls and early birds for all the goodies! scrolling up here…..
    40. Pocoelsy, BOTW mgr…very nice. wow! he was in sync through almost the whole thing!, shows how long he holds that note in the snippet! Great job on this preview!♥

    39. SB awww glad to hear your big-boy doggie is doing better this morning.I know animals get stressed too.David is a good ‘de-stressor”.. when my cat won’t get herself settled at night, I play ‘Contigo’ (her favorite),on the iphone and she finally lays still and calms down.(me too, haha!)

    Abrra, love that pic. glad you picked it up off the cutting room floor too! David looks so awesome, and

    Betsy and Angelica…those huge hands are dadgum fabulous.i In Tx. we are always sayin’ ‘dadgum it!’, or ‘that dadgum thang’haha

    Dja, thanks for all the info! amazing♥

    35. Bebe, that is the cutest picture!! aww look at himmmm♥and the girls look darling too.

    loulou and sweetonda, thinking of you and your loved ones♥

    MT.that top pick makes me go crazy.those sideburns,that hair!gahhh

    Dayzee,“…I am always amazed at the change and insight he shows. He brings this not only in song, but on his entire outlook of life. He adjusts my perspective in all things.”
    I love that Dayzee♥


  43. bebereader said

    Here’s JR’s new promo for Pride! You’re fast, JR!


  44. kaycee said

    Angelica, I finally had the time to read your wonderful post. You have such insight and perspective…I always look forward to your thoughts. There is always such food for thought on this site…it’s a wonder I have to eat at all!

    I had to second this…”Forevermore, an album of original Philippines music, fittingly named by how often I play it. I mean the thing never gets old.” I had a funny experiences the other day along that note (an “EDE”–embarrassing David experience if you may, haha!). I had arrived early to a training meeting, so I decided to listen to a little “Forevermore” in my car under the shade of a tree in the parking lot…far away from other parked cars. I cranked up the volume (as is always best when possible), and pulled out the “wonderfully illustrated” lyrics book to check a few phrases I couldn’t quite get. Well, I must have been a wee bit tired (or perhaps overcome by the voice) because the next thing I knew, my co-worker was knocking hard on the window…observing me clutching “David’s face”, with him wailing (beautifully I may add) in the background. The look on her face was hilarious!

    Are we spoiled or what? Those snippets are amazing! This is hardly the drought I was expecting when David left on his mission! I have to admit, when I heard the snippets of CFTH, although i thought they were beautiful, I was a little disappointed…only to be thoroughly amazed when the actual album came out. However, hearing the recent snippets from Begin, I’m already blown away…I can’t imagine what the album holds in store for us!

    Prayers and hugs to those “Voice Friends” and their families who are struggling at this time.


  45. bluesky said

    So over my head with work right now… I have not had time to really read your article Angelica. I tried, but then realized I wanted time to enjoy and savor as I read. I hope to be free enough soon to read both the article and everyones posts. Thanks so much for the great work you all do.

    much love,


  46. Mb said

    David has the talent to do any song and make it his own,his voice is both rich and powerful and can touch anyone’s heart and soul and make you think about the words he is singing.


  47. cq#DA2014 said

    Angilica loved your article and that picture at the top, WOW….jaw dropping. LOVE ROCKSTAR DAVID…………PRIDE SNIPPET…AM TOAST!!!!


  48. MT said

    haha I don’t know about the duck butt thing, but those two pics are just plain D gorgeousness, right there, just as they are.

    Welcome! Glad to “see” you here. And i agree. David has the talent to do any song and make us feel every note.

    Forevermore … yes, i am endleessly listening to those songs. I love every last note of every last song. I never dreamed that David would ever put out an album that I’d love as much as that one. It is exactly the album I had been waiting for. So imagine how surprised I am that the BEGIN. snippets have me anticipating these songs at the level that I am. I can’t believe how excited I am about this album!

    This latest snippet? OMG, one of my top three, to be sure. I just love his voice on ALLof them though.


  49. Angelica said


    Ah…that Pride in the Name of Love snippet. I would love to just see him throw down onstage with that! Holla and hunker, strut and stomp, and always, always let em see you sweat! I predict, after this little season of music deprivation (pop, rock, jazz, funk, soul) and reigning in his natural-born charismatically delicious performance skill, we are going to see and hear some next level mojo of epic proportions. I mean it’s still in him, it’s not going anywhere and it’s going to just keep growing and evolving and making adjustments in the background till he saunters out on that stage again in that slow way he does like he’s just passing through. Personally, I plan to be there. 🙂


  50. Mb said

    Just wanted to say that I watched The story of Glenn Gould on Netflix today and found many similarities to David,however I have never actually met him unfortunately still watching him in interviews and seeing him live in concert you can see some of that “quirkiness” everyone seems to notice and his innocence as I call it.I know that David has referred to himself as a “nerd” many times,but to me that may be his “genius” as many nerds are.


  51. marlie7 said

    Angelica – as always you uncover some interesting tidbit and relate it beautifully to David. Loved this post!

    The photos – OMG – how many David’s are there? The man of a thousand (gorgeous) faces.

    Is there a NA viewing tonight? I know I missed at least one week.


  52. Thank you Angelica for the most interesting and timely article. Timely because it is the right time to perhaps learn more about David. Glenn Gould became a household name when I was growing up here in Canada. I lived in a family of musicians where I was the least talented but that did not stop the presence of Glenn Gould from influencing my interpretations of music and the appreciation of it for the rest of my life. If I had not studied his music or sat watching his specials on the CBC until it became ingrained in my mind, I might never have travelled by myself from nearly one coast to the other to watch David’s first appearance with a choir and orchestra. Without knowing why, I identified something in David that had not touched the musical part of my life possibly since Glenn Gould. When I sat and watched David sing Ave Maria for the first time in Salt Lake City, I know now why I had to be there. Glenn Gould was influential, unique and his extraordinary interpretations of music highly influenced a generation of musicians and audiences.

    You may well remember the times when we have watched videos of David, especially the ones of him as guest singer with the MOTABS, when we would notice David’s hands moving as if he was ‘conducting’ while he sang. This has been said about Glenn Gould although to a greater extent, “Consider the way Gould would elevate his left-hand and make conductor-like gestures with it while he was playing with his right hand – as if each hand had a mental life of its own”. Those words sounds so familiar.

    Oh and doesn’t this sound at least a little like David? “For Gould, concentrating did not principally involve shutting one thing out to hear another. He had the ability to attend to many different voices simultaneously”. For David, singing and talking have sometimes been noticeably intertwined.

    If we knew more about the personalities of some of the greatest musicians we would possibly learn more about David. Perhaps some night when the wind and snow is gusting around us we can appreciate more about these two, because they are in a musical place of their own.



  53. Abrra said




  54. bebereader said

    Thanks for posting the notice, Abs!
    See you tonight for the last installment of “Nandito Ako”.


  55. djafan said

    Busy busy busy today! Love Pride!!!!!! I am ready to BEGIN.!!!!!!!

    Welcome MB!!!

    Bluesky!!!!! Hope things lighten up for you!!!!

    Who can resist that face at 53????

    The Voice in all it’s magnificence >>>


  56. djafan said

    David Archuleta now buzzing on Wonderwall!!!!!


  57. bebereader said

    Join us at 10PM Eastern for “Nandito Ako”!


  58. djafan said

    Bringing this over from FOD. This is why I vote, comment, view, type David Archuleta everywhere he is mentioned 🙂

    Rapport says:
    July 10, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Take it from someone who does this for a living — you are doing exactly the right things to promote, publicize, share, like, comment, chat, flag, tweet, WWTT, vlog, blog and log about David’s new album. Social media is his greatest promotion and publicity vehicle right now. And, man, do you guys know how to wield social media to David’s advantage.

    You’re right that only a certain limited pre-sales and sales universe exists right now, but as long as the buzz keeps blazing, there will be meaningful ink. And, when there is meaningful ink, there is mainstream interest and attention. And, when there is mainstream interest and attention, there’s a mainstream radio guy who’s going to play tracks from the album.

    I am assuming Shadow Mountain and its subsidiary, Highway Records have some sort of relationship with radio music and program directors. Still, David’s best sales tool has been — and will always be — his fans. Never forget that.

    Now, go do that stuff you do so well. Boast and squee.


  59. mspoohbear said

    #58 – Djafan, this is really cool! Good for you! We should make ourselves heard everywhere to keep the buzz going. No matter how busy I get, I try to tweet, comment and vote. It’s the least I could do for David. It would be really cool to get David’s albums reach platinum while he is gone.


  60. tawna21 said

    Angelica, I finally got a hotel room with hardwire capabilities (WiFi–ugh!) so I could read thru your article (and comment without losing the server)…..amazing as usual. I had never been aware of Gould, but I’m glad that you introduced us. Again, the pictures are gorgeous.!!

    Thank you to all of you above for the comments that have been made– so meaningful.

    SB–so glad your big-boy is okay
    Loulou and SweetonDA–best wishes for your loved ones.

    Must get off and into bed. We have an early morning tomorrow to get into Canada for the rodeo. (I’m so excited). We’re in Montana tonight in an interesting little town. This country has some beautiful scenery.


    btw–hope you all have read Snowanglz latest post—pretty dang good!


  61. Suzanne said

    The comparison of the two versions of The Boy in the Bubble was a fantastic illustration. From the snippets, I don’t think there will be Peter Gabriel’s level of re-imagining of these songs on Begin. however. David is a magnificent singer, but the arrangements seem to sound a lot like the originals. I also think that the messages of the songs are similar. Personally, I was hoping for more variety in song selection and musical arrangement. I am still looking forward to hearing the album as a whole, though, because as I said, David is a magnificent singer.


  62. Abrra said

    So much fun last night in the NA chat. I apologize for falling asleep after about 90 min. Going back this morning to read the chat text was almost as fun as being there :). Pocolesy joined us for the first time. I just love that! I am sad I missed my sister Gladys. She brings in such energy with her from so far away in Argentina.


    Fenfan please send me your mailing address to I think its a crime that you don’t have a copy of COS. I have and extra copy that I would love to send. You have given to us with your beautiful videos. I want to show my appreciation.



  63. marlie7 said

    Good times at the NA showing last night – thanks so much! Lots of fun chatter and squeeing. I love it.


  64. betsy said

    So much fun last night. 🙂
    Love that it finished, started over, and we wouldn’t leave.


  65. pocoelsy said

    Hello all,

    Angelica, Thanks for a well written and informative article, I never heard of Glenn Gould before, what a remarkable musician he was, as for David; all I can say is “nobody does “cover” better than him, the voice-passion-emotion he put into each word just bring the same old song to the new level, the way he sings “cry” in Everybody Hurts is!! I dunno..make you get the picture of what the word “cry” really mean eventhough I knew it since my kinder garden year lol.

    Abrra, I had a very good time at chat last night with you all, so much more fun than watch alone and if I have to cry you all won’t see it anyway haha


  66. djafan said

    Great fun last night! Never tire of Nandito Ako or of chatting with my fellow archiefans.

    Kari tweets!

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    Good morning everyone. Looks like it could be a beautiful day.


  67. pocoelsy said

    Djafan, thanks for the tweet, Kari is such a teaser lol I love her, can’t wait to see (hear) how “beautiful” today gonna be, rub hands together 🙂


  68. TXNancy said

    OH MY GOODNESS! “BEAUTIFUL” is……….out of this world “BEAUTIFUL”


  69. betsy said

    His voice is low and perfect here. The runs. Omg.


  70. Angelica said

    Did you hear that Beautiful?!! Shiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnee!! The soulful runs!! gggaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! We have country, pop, ballad, rock, gospel and funk on one epic album, my friends! I am so stoked right now I could bust!

    I ♥ him so much today.


  71. kaycee said

    “Beautiful” is…aahh, so beautiful…from one who is truly beautiful. Can’t wait for August 7th!


  72. gladys1961 said

    I have been advised of all the dangers involved, to have David in front of me. But I decided to take a chance and stand before him and say THANK YOU
    My biggest fear is that he answers, you’re welcome in Spanish.
    I do not think my psyche could withstand that situation.
    I need advice, please.


  73. SandyBeaches said

    Gladys….He will speak those words in Spanish so concentrate on responding to those few seconds by being very aware of him so don’t lose those precious seconds by going into a trance! Be just as aware of him as he will be of you! Take a few deep breaths of air before and remember that you will remember those seconds forever so be as you would want to remember you were.

    Give your best and longest smile! He remembers people for some things!

    When you are watching him sing, never look away so that you have every moment to remember…Don’t respond to anyone talking next to you or you might just miss something!



  74. emmegirl14 said

    heavens to betsy.


  75. SandyBeaches said

    Gladys…Almost forgot, after musical performances it is common to extend your hand out to him and shake his hand as you say thank you. Then don’t use that hand until you can no longer feel the handshake. That could be a couple of hours. True! Handshakes are amazing and proper after artists perform and one fine memory!



  76. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra #62…first picture. That is a real show stopper! I neve realized before how grand it is. Brave girl!



  77. loulou said

    I want to thank you all for careing about my Sister ! She is doing so much better !! Davids fans are the best !!


  78. djafan said

    David Archuleta is Beautiful!!!!!!

    The sound he makes is not of this world. He sounds and emotes like no one I’ve ever heard. I’m so lucky to been chosen.

    Gladys ♥♥♥


  79. emmegirl14 said

    I’ve heard enough. More than enough. This album is my favorite.


  80. Abrra said

    I finally got caught up on making the mp3’s of the snippets. You can download them all from this folder

    BEGIN. Samples



  81. silverfox said

    “Beautiful”! I wonder if Christina knows her song is no longer “hers”?? That is the David I have come to know & love! The runs, the riffs, the POWER in those few seconds! WOW! And I thought this album was going to be all about “peace & serenity”. Well there is that for sure, but it’s also rockin”!! It definitely looks like David easily took these songs & made them his own. Genius that he is, he just can’t help it! 😀

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the new album and as I listened to the snippets I really don’t think he expects his album Begin to be a critical or financial success. He probably expects his fans to be the only ones who will buy & listen to it which is why he recorded it. David’s vocals on snippets are fantastic but I can tell the production was less that it could have been if there had been more time. But I love that his vocals are front & center and not over-produced. In fact, he sounds “live” in some of the snippets and we all know how David is at his best in his live performances. David recorded the album thinking it would not be a perfect product. There simply was not enough time. I don’t think he was looking for complete perfection & only wanted to leave something for his fans to show his appreciation and where is mindset was at the time. David has shown how he goes through changes and his musical tastes also change. He was at a crossroads when he chose the songs & I believe David will be at a crossroads again when he returns. What he will choose to sing in his first concert appearance will be interesting. I guess it will depend on where he sings on stage for the first time. However, I believe we will see a completely new stage presence from David , still amazing, still intense, still other-worldly, & still beautiful but a new and brilliant performance by a new & mature David. I just can’t BEGIN to imagine & wrap my mind around the fact that David has not yet reached his peak and it’s almost unfathomable. It kinda makes me crazy.

    Also, since Missionaries are not allowed to play or listen to secular music, it could very well mean he hasn’t listened to Begin since it wasn’t mixed until after he left. He may not be able to listen to what he created until he returns! Now that is crazy! 😆

    Gladys…Buena are going to need it! And after you see & are lucky enough to meet David for the first time, you will never be the same, I guarantee it! Estoy mucho gusto para ti.


  82. Dayzee said

    Loulou, good to hear your sister is improving. Hope things continue in that direction.

    Dja “the sound he makes is not of this world”…so true. We are lucky indeed.

    Hope Gladys is writing down all these helpful hints for survival. Because I know from experience when her eyes see David her mind will become inoperable. Am wondering how long it will take for her to convey anything intelligible back to us.


  83. poof said

    Hi everyone,
    Because of my broken elbows and messed up wrist, I have become quite the lurker. I can quickly get into the mode that “Someone else will say it”, or
    “Someone else will say it better than I could”. But, that is letting life pass you by, and even if you are only adding “Hip,Hip!” to what is being said, it is good to join in.
    So, rusty as I am, here is my own lilttle two cents.
    I love every snippet. I would have to because it is David’s voice I hear. I also love these snippets because of the passion I know he put into choosing them and the passion with which he sings them. The song I seem to play the most is, Don’t Give Up. I am not always a country music fan, but that song just fits him like a glove. I have always believed that David could sing any genre and he does Beautifully. I think, though, he could quickly be the King of Country. All that passion and angst, all the intense lyrics make it perfect for him. But then, again, Perfect and David are one in the same in my eyes.


  84. Abrra said

    Oh my gosh, Poof!
    ““Someone else will say it better than I could”. But, that is letting life pass you by, and even if you are only adding “Hip,Hip!” to what is being said, it is good to join in.”

    I had tears of joy when I read your post. We run this site in appreciation of a special young man and his gift of voice.


    We promote him on the sidebars in order to inform visitors of his accomplishments and where to buy his music. We write articles that relate to his life and career, as well as our opinions on related topics. Our goal is to make this a pleasant place for all who visit.

    But there is one very important part of the site that gives fans a chance to share their thoughts. The comments. They are in the center of the page and represent the heart of the site. We try everything to encourage fans to leave a comment and add to the conversation. The comments are what make the site breathe. It’s the place where fans can speak their mind or squeee over the latest picture, video or song. It is more important than ever, with David being away, that we keep the site going with interesting chatter in comments.

    Poof, you said it all. Thank you to all who come here daily. I have hope that more will join in and keep the conversation going for the next several months.



  85. poof said

    Dear Abrra,
    Never for a moment think that all you do is not Truly Appreciated, including, and perhaps particularly by the lurkers. If it is from a broken bone, or an illness or a vacation or too busy a schedule that is keeping us from posting, that you are here squeeing away, as dependable as the man himself, can make our day. David and his music “sooths my soul, gives me peace and makes me joyful”. All that you do gives me a place to experience so many more and new examples of why he does this for me. Thank you a thousand times. (And thank you Angelica for another incredible article that makes me smarter.)
    So to again de-lurk; Country singer, Luke Bryan sang the Star Spangled Banner yesterday at the MLB All Star Game. Hearing it, made me literally run my little fingers over to youtube to find David singing it last year at the Stadium of Fire.
    I would post both,, but I am sure someone else “could do it better”. (That means “knows how, cuz I don’t” 🙂 )


  86. Abrra said

    Thanks for the kind words. I just wanted to thank you and everyone who visits and know that what you share in comments is what keeps things interesting .

    Here is the video you mentioned.


    Let David show him how it’s done 😉


    To post a video in comments, all you need to do it copy the link at the top of the youtube page where the video is playing and then past the link into the comment box here.



  87. bebereader said

    The “Nandito Ako” chat concluded last night with the final week of the miniseries. It was even better the second time around for me. Pocoelsy, glad you made it for the last installment. Since we’ve had so many inquiries, we have decided to run the whole miniseries again soon. Watch for details. Thank you, everyone for showing up. It was my pleasure to be your host 🙂

    “Beautiful” was one of the snippets I was waiting (im)patiently for and it delivered in spades! BEGIN. is way more than the sum of it’s snippets.

    We’ll be thinking of you this weekend and hoping you get to say all that you want to David. It’s a surreal experience for sure. Please remember to stop by afterwards.

    I love all the advice you gave Gladys. I just might use some of your tips next time. 😉

    I’m very happy your sister is doing better. Best wishes for her continued recovery.

    I loved your entire comment, especially this, which gave me chills when I read it:

    “However, I believe we will see a completely new stage presence from David, still amazing, still intense, still other-worldly, & still beautiful but a new and brilliant performance by a new & mature David. I just can’t BEGIN to imagine & wrap my mind around the fact that David has not yet reached his peak and it’s almost unfathomable. It kinda makes me crazy.”

    I can’t even imagine what he will be like when he reaches his peak! Oh my!

    Poof, Good to hear from you.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  88. mspoohbear said

    I agree with you Poof. Most of us have busy schedules or illness that prevents us from posting comments or join in the fun of chatting or watching Nandito Ako. For me, lurking during short breaks or lunch at work keeps me posted with what’s going on in this site. Just like right now, I’m still at work, but I needed a break, so I started reading everyone’s lovely and interesting comments. Just like you, I can quickly get into the mode that “Someone else will say it better than I do”, so I just end up lurking. But there were also times that I feel the urge to sneak in short comments just to join the fun and let everyone know I haven’t abandoned this site. It’s like saying, “Hey, I’m still here!!”

    I truly appreciate the welcoming environment in this site, the generosity of the moderators and fans (thanks again Angelica and Abrra!), the fun and interesting topics whether it’s David or non-David, the nice vibe each and everyone shares. I can go on and on, so I’ll stop here for now so I can go home to my kids. LOL!


  89. bluesky said

    84 Abrra

    And it is the heart and soul of you fine admins who echo, reflect and ‘turn up the volume’ for us all on DA’s voice.
    Thank you, just never seems enough.

    I’ll be back… ^_^



  90. Dayzee said

    I just want to say David covers the SSB better than anyone ever and has been doing so for more than10 years. I will never forget the SOF rendition, with the best of both Davids. I have always thought my favorite person to perform with David is David himself.

    And add my thanks to all who make this site such a terrific place. Everyone adds something special. So great to see new people dropping in. There is not a better place to be than right here when the temporary loss of David seems to be too much. And no better place when the joy of new material is overwhelming. TY


  91. betsy said

    Emme favorite album of all time. I am with you on this.

    Last night I sent the link to David’s soundcloud to one of my sisters. (Oh and this video that I shall post. It was in the previous comment section but should be posted often. Maybe daily.) She never emailed me back, but today she texted me “WHEN IS DAVID’S ALBUM COMING OUT?”
    Then proceeded to spazz quite nicely. Sweet. 🙂

    credit QuinnBlairWaldorf


  92. poof said

    #86,, The clip of Luke Bryan I saw on AOL showed him checking his hand for the lyrics and his watch for the fly over timing. David kind of has all that down pat. (Not to mention nobody sings it better 🙂 )


  93. fenfan said

    #62 Abrra – what a lovely surprise when I scrolled up thread and saw your post! Thank you so very very much. You are indeed a truly generous soul. Your gift of COS will be treasured beyond measure. Once again, thank you thank you thank you!!!
    It’s a privilege to have been able to share my David videos. I don’t know if anyone here has seen this particular one. Hope you like it!

    I am still looking for the videos I took at the two Davids concert in Manila and at David’s first mall appearance in Singapore. They seem to be lost in the depths of my computer after a bout of desktop viral attack! I will upload them to youtube if I ever find them.


  94. MT said

    I will add my thanks to all of our lovely admins. This site, and our great chat rooms, are one of my happy places. 😀

    David + you guys = ♥

    And I love the new clip of Beautiful. It’s one of the ones I most anticipate hearing. I love all the interesting things he does with his voice in it, at least what I’ve heard so far.

    I’ve said it before, but it can’t be said enough. I am sooooo excited to get my hands on the CD!I seem to spazz a little more with each snippet.

    Do you think we’ll actually get a little snippet of Broken tomorrow? haha *excited* *hopeful*


  95. pocoelsy said

    Hello all,

    How are you all been doing after “beautiful”, I’ve been in my little heaven since “somewhere only we know” and now with beautiful came out, I’m speechless with his abilities, this album is da bomb !!! having said that some of the songs I love most from David are from TOSOD, yup those songs he wrote. This one though shows off his vocal genious like never before and the production is “A” class too.

    Abrra, thank you for the good time in chat so what are we going to do next 🙂 ? Oh and thank you too for all the mp3 you made for us, I know I can count on you ❤

    Been busy editing my BEGIN promo vid haha waiting for just another song to be revealed and then my job's done (for now), wish I could do more to promote David and his work, more people should – must know about this young man…but how!!!? Oh and didn't Kurt Bestor said it's 11 songs on the album!!!ummm..

    Glady is really going to that concert, isn't she? Haha hope she survive the glow and the greatness, haha she aint kidding when she asked me to send the letter through her..oh well not enough time anyway, it'll take like 10 days to reach the US — Argentina prolly about the same!!! but I doubt that she can say something to him when everything will turn into "slow mo" at the first meeting…beware the power of the "Archuleta" lol that happen to everyone….I think 🙂 Good luck Glady 🙂


  96. davidstopsmyaging said

    Poof, #83—-your words spoke to me. I am one of those folks who lurks often, but hardly ever comments, usually for the reason you stated: “Someone else can say it so much better than me!” So, I am now going to make a resolution: (raise right hand) “I will comment on The Voice” There it is—I said it. If you can comment with broken bones and wrists, then I can step out of my rediculous insecurities and write a few blurbs here and there.

    Can’t wait for BEGIN. David is just so talented, and he has me hook, line and sinker. The snippets
    are beautiful. I, too, think it will be his best album to date, and I wish all 1 million plus fans who follow David on twitter would go out and buy the album on the first day—wouldn’t that be something!?!

    All those who work so hard on this site–you are my heros.


  97. davidstopsmyaging said

    Oh—and I am SO excited for Gladys!


  98. fenfan said

    I don’t know who is Luke Byran and I don’t think I want to know after watching that video in #86. Thank you Abrra for posting David’s version as well. I needed that to erase the Luke Byran rendition from my ears.
    Loving the snippets from BEGIN.! I feel much better about BOTW now. Looking forward to hearing the whole song – all the songs!!


  99. krbdavid1 said

    Poof #85…..ditto to everything you said:)


  100. pocoelsy said

    #99 Krbdavid1, second that…Poof…#85 well said

    Fenfan : Hi, I don’t know Luke either lol that’s ok!! hey do they have “BEGIN” in music store in Singapore, is there any buzz or any promo there? Here is awfully quiet, Sony starts advertising for 1D now their album drop the same day as David’s…sighhh but that’s ok we have Amazon to fall back on but the wait would kill me lol I want to have that cd on 7 Aug…arghhh…sorry for the rant hehe.


  101. mspoohbear said

    I am so excited to hear a snippet of “Broken”. I hope we get to hear it tomorrow! Crossing my fingers and toes!!!

    Fenfan, love your video! I hope you find the others and get it uploaded here for us to enjoy.

    Gladys, I am happy and excited for you, but at the same time envy you. You’re going to see David!!! I have to wait til he comes back in 2014. I haven’t seen or met him or been into any of his shows, basically a new fan. I’d like to ask you a favor to please tell David that he has a new fan (and possibly a lot more) out here waiting for his return. I’m dying to see him! Tell us your experience in meeting David when you come back. I just hope you don’t go “blank” standing in front of him! LOL

    Loulou, I’m glad your sister is getting much better. We’ll keep praying for her full recovery.


  102. jackryan4da said

    Hi guys!

    BEAUTIFUL promo vid. WARNING – there may be 1 or 2 swoon-worthy shots in this footage


  103. jackryan4da said

    Dear Angelica,

    I have always admired your writing. You always bring a fresh perspective to your narrative.Then you obviously put extra care in choosing what images to accompany your article.The result is both informative and engaging. I so appreciate your “labors of love”

    ps: Oh, and thanks as well for putting Gould and Archuleta on the same page 🙂


  104. betsy said

    Nice job, JR!
    Also, apropos of nothing, I am once again stuck on this video.
    Giving it a shout out. 😉

    credit to DavidArchuletaSpain


  105. djafan said

    Buenos Dias!!!!

    SF, Yes, yes and yes ♥

    SB, I’m also loving your advise to Gladys 🙂

    Gladys, We will all be with you in spirit. Enjoy being in the presence of the Archuleta!

    MSpoohbear, I love hearing new fan stories. I tell you it’s all a plan 🙂

    Bluesky, 12 steps, oh yeah 🙂

    Bebe, love the pic you used to welcome Suzanne! And yes welcome to The Voice!

    Betsy, Is that David? It sure walks like him lol It’s a great video ♥

    JR, Thank you for your vids! And for bringing them here 🙂

    Poof, Hope you’re healing is going smoothly!

    Pocoelsy, Keep those promo vids coming!

    Dayzee, I was lost in David’s covers last night. Maybe Abrra can do a covers storyboard in livestream one day 🙂

    Fenfan, So great that you were there to see and hear David. I confess I think I love hearing him speak almost as much as I love hearing him sing. Hmmm that sounds like another storyboard for livestream lol

    KrbDavid1, Adding a ditto of my own to yours 🙂

    MT, Waiting impatiently for the Broken snippet!!!

    Davidstopsmyaging, Keep the comments coming 🙂

    Lurkers, delurkers and commentors,

    I know on occasion I’ve been absent due to family and other obligations as we all have. But not commenting because you think someone else already said it or you think they will say it better should never deter you from commenting. As an adm and fellow archie I value and appreciate all of your points of view and your individual ways of expressing them. Nothing can be overstated when it comes to David IMO.

    For instance BEGIN. it is a gift of love from David to his fans and the world needs to know ♥

    Again thank you all.

    A Aching for Broken snippet 🙂


  106. Dayzee said

    A couple of weeks ago I stole one of Abrra’s screamcaps and used it for background on my work computer. David’s face covers the entire screen and it is absolutely gorgeous! However, every time that background came up, it was like a jolt of electricity and my mind lost it’s direction. I noticed the same thing happened to others. In the midst of a work-related conversation someone said, “Is that David Archuleta? Wow! He’s grown up!” And another, “That’s David Archuleta….I LOOOOVE him!” And yesterday, “I see your friend gets better looking every day.” I realize this is not work appropriate and accept that I must delete David and replace him with some inocuous landscape. But not today. Not tomorrow either. Thanks Abrra.


  107. I don’t see my comment from yesterday,but I was here.guess I didn’t log it in,oops.
    … remember going to a video, and then another….Does absent MINDED count?? falling into the vortex and getting lost in that buttery voice and gorgeous smile? and most importantly,does listening to these snippets endlessly,make me a sniper?
    ” Hi and welcome to lurkers,delurkers,and commentors”
    (and people who forget to log in their comment).lol

    we need a ‘countdown’ for Gladys! Gladys….I am so excited for you my heart could burst!♥


  108. skydancer1x said

    106. Dayzee,hehe. He is so ‘dadgum’ distracting! So.. which picture is it?lol


  109. Angelica said

    I appreciate all who comment also but I can feel a hush all over the fandom today. We are so spoiled. Everybody waiting for the next snippet to end all snippets with the original song. The one Kari said she liked best of all the songs on the album. I keep looking at my phone thinking it’s BROKEN. haha.


  110. djafan said



  111. bebereader said

    I love your idea of having storyboards for 1) David’s covers and 2) for David’s interviews. I just hope Livestream will cooperate. 🙂

    Such a funny story about David’s face on your monitor being a distraction to you and your co-workers. It reminded me of something that happened in the manicure place last week when I was waiting for my appointment. A neighbor who was waiting with me asked to see recent pics of my granddaughter. I whipped out my IPhone and started flipping through the pictures when the neighbor stopped me and said “IS THAT DAVID ARCHULETA??”(Okay so I keep pics of David on my IPhone too. LOL) “Yes”, Do you know him?” I say. And then a crowd formed. Apparently many remember him from American Idol. The consensus was that he really grew up!

    Confession: Betsy and I were spazzing on text message this morning about the “Shout To The Lord” video! Can’t ever ever get enough of that song and video. (#104) I have listened so many times and decided that David (A. of course) had four solos. Agreed? If wrong please let me know. That video is a sweet obsession of mine.

    credit to DavidArchuletaSpain

    One more thing…

    As an Admn on this site since the early days, I can relate to lurkers who find it hard to post often. I was a lurker myself when I started online on message boards back in 1998. One day I got brave and started commenting and realized it’s more fun when you join in. So please…come out and play with us! We’re all here for the same reason, our love for one amazing young man!

    26 more days until BEGIN.


  112. mspoohbear said

    Dayzee! It’s funny and interesting how David’s picture can affect our daily lives. You should see my computer wallpaper background! It screaming DAVID big time! LOL! I drive 2-1/2 hours in traffic in the morning every day (enough time to listen to all of David’s albums in the car), so by the time I get to work, I’m exhausted. Seeing David when I turn my computer on just brightens up my day and puts me in a good mood. I always say, “Good Morning Mr. Archuleta!” (Sometimes I wish he would talk back to me! LOL!) He is my stress reliever! It’s interesting how many people had stopped by my desk and know David, well maybe not by name but his beautiful face. They always ask, “Was he that cute teenager from American Idol?” Some co-workers think I’m crazy…a 50-year old woman with a big picture of a 21-year old man on her computer. Some were laughing as they approach my desk and I ask why. They said that they can see from afar David’s face on my computer from the reflection on the window opposite my computer. LOL! They’d even asked me where’s the picture of my hubby bcuz all they see are Archie pix on my desk. Even my coffee mug has Archie pix on it. Hahaha! Luckily, our company tolerates pictures as desktop wallpaper background, as long it is not obscene.

    Djafan, one of these days, I’ll tell my story how I became an Archie fan. I really would like to meet David in person.

    Thank you all for giving Gladys the pointers which I have imbedded in my brain, so when my turn comes, I know what to do in David’s presence. Yeah, right! As if I will remember all that once he’s in front of me! LOL!


  113. Dayzee said

    Sky, the background pic I stole was in the article “I’ll Never Go Music Video Premiere”. It is the 8th of 9 screamcaps shown on posting #5 by Abrra, dated 6/24/12.

    However, any one of those would work for me.

    I love hearing your stories of how David pics decorate your lives.


  114. sweetonda said

    Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my mother. She has improved but still has some memory problems.

    I have to share something she said the other day, My sister was here helping out and we were talking about her son that just got off his mission in Jamaica and how proud she is of him and the growth he has shown. I’m the only one in my family who didn’t have children, therefore, I’ve adopted David as a son, lol. It’s all in good fun and my family knows that. So, my sister asked me how my son was doing on his mission, meaning David. Anyway, we were talking and all the sudden my mom said that it was kind of weird that I’m always saying David is my son. She reminded me that I didn’t have a son. haha. This stroke has caused her to forget certain things, so I explained to her why I say that and how I admire him for his singing and all his good qualities, and how if I did have a son I’d want him to be just like David. She was nodding her head yes like she understood then said, ” Well, you’ve got to admit it is kind of weird”. (I wonder how many times we will have this conversation in the future) 🙂

    So, I’m glad I can come here and be “weird” with everyone else about my feelings for this amazing young man that I would love to have as a son.

    I can’t wait to hear Broken. I hope we don’t have to wait too much longer!

    Loulou, so glad to hear your sister is doing better.

    Betsy, #104 – Thank you for bringing that video of Shout to the Lord to our attention. I’ve never seen it before. I love all of David’s vocals in that song.

    I want to add my thanks to all the wonderful admins that keep this site going for all of us. It’s a great place to hang our hats when time permits and catch up on news about our guy and just enjoy the comments by everyone.

    Gladys, I too am jealous of you. Have fun and follow SB’s suggestions. You will never be the same after that meeting! We want details!!!


  115. Dayzee said

    Angelica, my phone is also Broken.

    An epidemic.


  116. Abrra said

    Here is Dayzee’s desktop.


    I have added Shout to the Lord to the Candy Jar.

    AmerIcan Idol Gives Back Shout to the Lord.mp3



  117. stenocruiser said

    Okay, okay already – you all are really flushing out the lurkers! Nandito ako. Every morning first thing I head to this site – and when there is a new article I am thrilled because all the writers are fabulous. I always say to myself: self, you really must comment to show your appreciation for the fine job the writer has done. Then I read the comments and take that aforementioned cop-out about everyone else having already done it so well. So I continue lurking here and everywhere I can find word of David. Loving the snippets and so anxious for release date. Hope the CD is on iTunes because I’m sure it will take a while to get my six copies from Deseret, music which I will yet again spread around my family (I keep trying!).

    Absolutely love chat nights – thank you Abrra and Bebe. I enjoy the company so much – everyone is such fun and so loving – a real David family – look forward to the party every Saturday and to NA nights again. Amazing to have fans join in from Singapore, Argentina and more, sharing all the David love and music.

    Oh, Gladys – I have not met David so I am no voice of experience with advice but others seem to have lots of help to offer. I’m sure you will do very well – just breathe – well, maybe have your rosary in a pocket along with a St. Christopher’s medal, Star of David, rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover. No, you’ll be just fine. Vaya con Dios, sweet lady.


  118. MT said

    116. If that was my desktop, I’d never get anything done. Just sayin’.

    He’s VERY distracting. And sniper? LOL How about a snipper?

    Have a wonderful trip! I’m jealous too. I’ve never met David either. Enjoy it enough for both of us. 🙂

    Steno!*waves* Nice to “see” you here!

    Hmm .. guess we’re not getting that snippet of Broken today. It looks like she’s gonna make us wait. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow.


  119. bebereader said

    Oh Steno, it’s so good to see you here. I enjoy our Saturday night dates in The Voice Unplugged, too. You are the voice of reason and I always hope that you will join in the conversation in chat. But that’s only once a week. We can talk more here in between Saturdays.

    When a new article is published here I try to make my comment before reading the other comments previously posted. This way I don’t get influenced by them. Also since I won’t know if my idea was already mentioned I can still post it. I learned this the hard way. I used to read all comments before posting my own. Then I was stuck with ” What could I possibly write that hasn’t been said already?” So glad I resolved that issue but that’s just what works for me.


  120. Thank you Dayzee! and thank you Abrra for bringing Dayzees pic here, you’re the best!
    I had the Begin. photo as my desktop, but now I have this one♥ he’s nice and close. And you are right Dayzee,covers the whole screen, perfectly.


  121. mspoohbear said

    Sky, MT, he is very distracting indeed! Sometimes I find myself just staring at his beautiful face on the monitor. Hmmmm…….productivity going down, blame it on Archie! LOL!


  122. Angelica said

    ITS HERE!!!!!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

    Last but certainly not least the exclusive preview of Broken from David’s upcoming album BEGIN. —> (ks)

    All 10 snippets are in the Candy Jar for download:


  123. pocoelsy said

    Hi all,

    Since I think we’re not gonna get “Broken” anytime soon, here’s the promo vid of all 9 snippet I put together for your easy ref and listening


  124. pocoelsy said

    Angelica, Haha how embarassing I spoke too soon, thanks for the link and good news 🙂


  125. Abrra said


    Haha, been there, done that.

    Mspoohbear sent in her desktop.

    “Attached is the desktop picture (actually a sketch Roselyn Garcia did for me) of Archie that I was talking about in my post earlier. As you will see, I have two monitors side by side, so WHOAA!!! Who wouldn’t be surprised to see his face that big and plenty on the monitors. LOL!”

    Thanks Mspohhbear!



  126. bebereader said

    Broken! They saved the best for last! David poured his heart and soul into this song and if I’m not mistaken he’s accompanying himself on piano! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear this in person!!!! Spazzing here! Is anyone else out there???


  127. mspoohbear said

    Bebe, I just went to heaven! Can someone please pull me down? LOL!


  128. bluesky said

    And Iiiiiii – never want to – open up your heart – everything’s broken —— do you see what I see?

    At first I wondered if he was saying: hurt rather than heart. Either would make sense, I think.

    But…. gosh, DA… just jump off the deep end. Just swipe my feet out from under me, leaving my heart wandering around in midair on it’s own. Or is it ‘wondering around in midair’? Wondering how you dive so deep and yet reach so high. Did you come down to find me? Or are you lifting me from above? Whether I look down or up – you seem to be there ahead of me, filling the world with both colors and sounds that I was unaware could exist at either those depths or heights.

    Spare time? Is that what you used to create this music? Your ‘spare time’ is about as ‘spare’ as a stable, a sunset-sunrise, a galaxy of stars … or a heart.

    It is like you are trying to mend another’s heart with your own.

    Where do I begin?


  129. cq#DA2014 said

    ME, ME! I’m spazzing, yes GORGEOUS, I want to listen to the whole song NOW!!! DOING A HAPPY DANCE!!!!!


  130. I can’t even speak.I think I just had an out of body experience.


  131. stenocruiser said

    Can’t imagine how amazing the whole song will be — no wonder Kari said it was her favourite on the album. There is nothing like David’s voice anywhere in the universe. God bless that single vocal chord!


  132. tawna21 said

    THE snippet!!!! what a perfect way to end a long day spent walking thru the ah-mazing Calgary Zoo (it’s t–h–i–s big!!!). I really don’t think my hips and legs could have taken one more step.

    I really, really, seriously suspect that ‘Broken’ will be the first song I listen to on Aug. 7-after I’ve managed to finally rip thru that dang cellophane wrap– on my way home from Deseret Book. *note to self–take pocket knife for opening wrapper*

    This snippet and Dayzee’s wallpaper I’m hoping will be in my dreams tonight.



  133. MT said

    Bebeeeee, I’m here too. Oh My Gosh! How gorgeous!! That first roller coaster note about did me in. Gahhhhh

    haha I was so nervous before listening. That’s so funny, because I wasn’t nervous about listening to any of the others. But this one? It’s his baby, and I was afraid to listen! LOL but of course I had to and boyyyy am I glad I did. It’s absolutely divine. Ahhh .. David … ♥


  134. goodkarmaseeker said

    Just checked in on my way to bed and oh my gosh!!!!, this bit of “Broken” is unbelievably beautiful. Now I truly am looking for the fastest way to get this cd. His voice just heavenly.


  135. TXNancy said

    Remember this twitpic from Kari back in March? Now, we have 18 amazing seconds of David’s glorious voice, singing “Broken”! How can we go to sleep tonight? How can we wait 26 more days to have BEGIN. in our hands? I, for one, can hardly wait to read the liner notes, as I expect David’s words to be exceptionally heartfelt and emotional.



  136. stenocruiser said

    Gosh, wonder which track will be the first one played when we get our CD’s?


  137. mspoohbear said

    HELP! I can’t stop listening to “Broken”! Is it August 7th yet?


  138. pocoelsy said

    Hey all….here’s BROKEN mgr for you :


  139. cq#DA2014 said

    TXNancy, I love that picture, it reminds me of a picture my friend has of John Lennon.


  140. funfee said

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, that’s as eloquent as it gets from me tonight!! Broken is beautiful!


  141. poof said

    Bluesky, Hip HIp Hip HIp!
    Why is it soooooooooooo short!


  142. MT said

    #135 He actually looks like he might be hitting that high note in that picture.

    Gahh … Imagine being in the same room with him singing that. Lucky Kari!!!!!


  143. TxNancy thanks for bringing that pic with you. looking at him, sitting at the piano ♥ somehow seeing that makes what we heard extra special tonite
    136. Steno, haha! won’t be able to get to BROKEN fast enough!

    Tawna, those zoo’s can wear you out! Hope you’re having a great time! Is it nice and cool there?
    ” *note to self–take pocket knife for opening wrapper* ROFL!

    MT,I didnt have time to work up nervous I jumped on it so fast. haha I understand what you are saying though, this was Davids “baby”, and baby, did he ever deliver! Unbelievable.

    Bluesky,”But…. gosh, DA… just jump off the deep end. Just swipe my feet out from under me, leaving my heart wandering around in midair on it’s own. Or is it ‘wondering around in midair’? Wondering how you dive so deep and yet reach so high. Did you come down to find me? Or are you lifting me from above? Whether I look down or up – you seem to be there ahead of me, filling the world with both colors and sounds that I was unaware could exist at either those depths or heights.”

    Cq. I would happy dance right along with you,
    if I weren’t still in a fetal position.


  144. skydancer1x said

    MT. I thought the same thing!♥


  145. Dayzee said

    Oh yes Nancy!! The liner notes! and the pics! This is going to be the best ever! And Poof! “Why is it sooooo short!” That is exactly what came to my mind. Is it over? That’s all for now? Gotta work on this patience thing. I just know it will be worth it. That is all that keeps me from internal combustion.


  146. sweetonda said

    I’m loving the snippet of Broken. How can they tease us like this! His falsetto is heavenly.

    MT, I was thinking the same thing about that pic. It does look like he might be singing a high note.

    Has anyone thought about what the song may be about? I was wondering if it might be about the breakup of his parents. Hmmmm… let the speculation begin!


  147. jans11 said

    Just Glorious! That voice is showcased in every one of those snippets….love them all! But there is a special place in my heart for his “baby”, Broken!♥♥


  148. MT said

    Abrra, Thanks so much for the MP3s. Broken … in headphones .. wow!

    LOL Well, the nerves didn’t stop me for long. About one breath. Stomach quivering, and then I heard that note! Oh man, that whole 19 seconds is just heavenly. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing. I can’t stop listening to it!


  149. pocoelsy said

    Oh my my, I’m speechless all I can say now is that I agree with all the comments above, and to think Broken came from a 21 year old guy is mind boggling, he really is a musical genious.


  150. davidstopsmyaging said

    “Broken” is hauntingly gorgeous. The deep rumbles in the background contrast with David’s falsetto, and the result is so emotional—like the song is taking the listener on a journey—it sounds like it could be a movie track. And, that is from a snippet. It’s embarrassing how many times I’ve listened to it already.


  151. bebereader said

    New article ——–>>>>>


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