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The 4th of July ~ A Celebration in Song ~ David Archuleta

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Independence Day To All!

Here are some favorites and a mashup by Abrra for you to start your 4th celebrations.  No one sings Patriotic like David Archuleta!

Enjoy and be safe!

Star Spangled Banner Mash Up

by Abrra

My Country ‘Tis Of Thee ~ America The Beautiful Stadium Of Fire 2011

by 8throwcenter

America The Beautiful

by r2rod2

Star Spangled Banner Stadium Of Fire 2011

by 8throwcenter

God Bless America

by oldphatone

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

Smilebox by Angelica

29 Responses to “The 4th of July ~ A Celebration in Song ~ David Archuleta”

  1. tawna21 said

    dja, perfect! and so true that ‘nobody does patriotic like David’. My husband and I will be attending the SOF tomorrow with our oldest son and his family, but it just won’t be the same not hearing David do the patriotic part of the program. Alex Boye` is good, but he’s not David.

    What a great audio/video of David’s 11yo voice belting out God Bless America. Maybe we could talk Abrra into an mp3 of that voice. 😉 And, thanks for the mashup. Dang! he looks good!!

    Happy 4th to everyone, and have an enjoyable and safe holiday!


    p.s. I can honestly admit that I enjoyed the Beach Boys as a teenager, but I am not a teen, and they are in their 70’s… somebody give me strength to get thru this tomorrow night. I will definitely be grateful that Scotty McCreery is there. *idea — play a video of last year’s show 🙂 *


  2. jans11 said

    Happy Independence Day to you all! Hurry up 2 yrs so we can hear David live singing these great songs that he does so well!♥ Thanks DJ for posting all these patriotic songs, I love them all! And thanks for the Star Spangled Mash up, Abrra. Love it! My favorites are at the U S Open with flag being unfurled and at the Pro Bowl game with the jets going over. Me and my husband always wanted to go over for the pro bowl game and never did. And when I found out (too late to go) that David was going to be there, I was glad for him and but upset for me. So, last year I finally got to go…it wasn’t David, but I was surprised when they introduced Kris Allen! Yea! He was great and so was the game!

    Thanks DJ for the update on the previous post.♥

    And that snippet………..GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! David you’re the best!!♥♥♥♥


  3. Abrra said

    July 4th wouldn’t be the same with out some candy now would it?

    Image created by James Ortega, better known among David’s fans as Rabid4David or simply R4D. He’s a Filipino artist who has created many digital art posters of David Archuleta.
    More >>>
    How about a small taste of the best candy in the world?
    Somewhere Only We Know Sample.mp3

    Angelica Lovely tribute to BEGIN. 😉

    Tawna I liked the Beach Boys too! Last saw them in concert in 1967 😉

    Thanks Jan, I was happy to make the mash up!

    Abrra 632 days


  4. SandyBeaches said

    Happy July 4th American fans! Have a very special day.

    On the ‘exclusive preview page’, there are 108 comments at this monent, directed to David and the snippet. These comments are clearly written and not in fast twitter form that keep rolling on. It is easy to see comments coming in from around the world.

    So, please comment on that page because the numbers should be much higher by now. It is going to be a fabulous album that will carry us in listening for a long while.



  5. PattiNC said

    I miss David singing patriotic songs…still hoping for Super Bowl one day!!


  6. gladys1961 said

    Happy July 4th to all. USA is the birthplace of David and so I will be eternally grateful for sharing with the rest of the world.
    Thank you very much.


  7. fenfan said

    Happy July 4th to all my American David friends! Thanks to David I can now say I know how to sing the Star Spangled Banner! LOL.
    And may I say that little snippet is the best little snippet in the whole wide world. My ears are truly very very happy. August 7 where are yooouuu????


  8. Happy Independence Day!!
    Dja, thanks for the lovely post.and the videos, and may I just say,that top picture of David is all kinds of awesome!…beautiful.
    SB and Gladys, thank you♥

    Have a WONDERFUL DAY today ,everyone!
    I can honestly admit that I enjoyed the Beach Boys as a teenager, but I am not a teen, and they are in their 70′s… somebody give me strength to get thru this tomorrow night. I will definitely be grateful that Scotty McCreery is there. *idea — play a video of last year’s show ”
    *haha big Beach Boy fan too♥ Oh my, how time flies by. Hope you have fun, and let us know how the show was. I hope the BB’s can still walk out onto the stage without assistance! LOL


  9. skydancer1x said

    Fen, thank you also!
    Can’t EVEN wait for the new music!


  10. MT said

    Happy 4th of July!!!

    Great post. Love all the patriotic songs David has done, particularly the one with the flag being unfurled, such an emotional, heart-tugging performance. You’re right, no one does partiotic like our David. ♥

    3. Abrra,
    Love, love, love that pic of David with the guitar. Wouldn’t you love to see him walk out like that one day and play for us?

    I too was a Beach Boys fan. “Wthey all could be California girls …” I used to want to move to California to be one every time I heard that song. haha

    Have a great day everyone. I’m gonna spend some more time listening to a certain little snippet. 😉


  11. MT said

    Geez, what happened to what I typed?

    * Should be “Wish they all could be”


  12. Abrra said

    The picture I posted is not my creation. It’s from Rabid ( thanks for refreshing my memory, Angeluca) . It’s so old that I for hey whose it was. I should have credited it as unknown earlier.
    I will correctly credit it when I am home from work.

    I blame all errors ont iPhone.

    Abrra. 632 days


  13. Angelica said


    I gave him credit in your post. I for hey whose it was too so I checked to verify.


    I blame all errors on Abrra’s iphone.

    Hope everyone is having a fantastic 4th of July!


  14. heading out, but I’ve been meaning to comment, on the AWESOME newer pics on the sidebar!♥
    Very very nice! Woo Hoo! Love all of em!


  15. Abrra said

    Angeluca Thank you. I think 😉

    Everyone see how she mocks me??? 😉


    Thank you. I am teaching myself how to add pictures to the side bar. There is a lot of technical stuff to learn when you help manage a web site. I am a novice.

    Some 4th of July pic spam




    credit Lily (found at FOD)

    Abrra 632 days


  16. bebereader said

    David in a vest. There’s nothing like it!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thanks for the fresh and crisp Fourth of July post. Loved the smilebox too, Angelica!

    “Love, love, love that pic of David with the guitar. Wouldn’t you love to see him walk out like that one day and play for us?”

    I’m imagining it now…

    Madison Square Garden. Full house. Intermission is just about over. Audience scampering for their seats. Lights go black for awhile. Then a spotlight appears, focusing on a platform set up right in the middle of the audience. There stands David, with a guitar, ready to sing his next number. When the lucky fans who are sitting close by realize that David is so near, they scream! The screaming continues as more and more of the audience notices. Then a picture appears on the jumbotron and the audience goes crazy. It’s David with his million dollar smile, strumming his guitar, waiting to begin singing….

    I just got chills while typing that! LOL

    Have fun at SOF tomorrow, even though the best singer in the universe won’t be there this year.

    Still listening to the snippet. Sky, I agree with you! I hear a little Paul McCartney in there! Was it intentional? Hmm…

    SB, Gladys and Fenfan, thank you for the holiday sentiments!

    Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


  17. pocoelsy said

    Hello all,

    Hope all my American friends has a very nice celebration on 4th July.

    Djafan great patriotic post, love David’s Star Spangled Banner at Stadium Of Fire whoever behind this arrangement was a genius !!

    Abrra #3 never seen that pic before, very nice editing from R4D love to see David play it (full song) oneday 🙂

    Bebereader, love your imagination…David and his guitar-full house audience-screaming fans…

    I made BEGIN album promo with snippet of “somewhere only we know” that I’d like to share hope you all don’t it is..


  18. Abrra said

    Love replaying all the David videos in the post, Djafan! Thanks for putting them up 🙂

    I saw a tweet from P2 that he will be performing on PBS at the Capitol 4th concert tonight in Washington, DC . I’ll be tuning in to hear him sing.


    Star-Spangled Banner (David age 11).mp3

    I listened to the snippet and I heard a McCartney influence too. Reminds me of this Wings song.


    Awesome job on the promo!!! I am going to tweet it 🙂

    Abrra 632 days


  19. mspoohbear said

    #16 Bebe, great imagination! Made me feel as if I was there! LOL!

    Happy 4th of July everyone! Have fun and be safe!


  20. Abrra said

    Another great promo tribute for BEGIN. by JR at TDC

    Nice job JR!

    I saw this posted on twitter. David Osmond ( who opened for David in Rexburg) is featured. Very nice video!

    credit SaltLakePops

    Abrra 632 days


  21. tawna21 said

    Abrra #18 mp3…Bless you!! listening to it and viewing the picture at the top of this post brings goosebumps. 🙂



  22. Abrra said

    Most welcome, Tawna! It has a permanent home in the Candy Jar.

    Abrra 632 days


  23. MT said

    Sir Paul, yes, I can hear it too. My first thought when I heard the clip was … just like we find him a many of many faces, he is also “a man of many voices.” He never fails to amaze me. There are so many different ways he sings, and each one seems more beautiful than the one before. (Or maybe that’s just the ODD kicking in. lol)

    Love the fan vids with the Somewhere Only We Know clips. Hmm … I think my last comment in chat last ngiht was, I need a MGR of that clip. LOL Thanks Pocoesly and JR for obliging. 😀 I am in love with that snippet. (Hmmm … Can you actually be in love with a snippet? haha IDK, but I think I am. ♥)

    You have a great imagination. I’m with you. *Chills* haha I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

    15. Those pics are a nice addition. You can NEVER have too many David pics. 😀 And I agree with Sky, sidebar’s lookin’ good!


  24. Blueberry Ice said

    Hellooooo! Happy 4th to everyone! Good to be back home after a wonderful vacation … though sorely missed my David time with all of you! Have to say that no matter where I was, there was always some little reminder of D around. Just wanted to thank & send hugs to Besty, Dja, FG, MT … what each of you shared on your previous posts was very special & meaningful!

    Dja! No one makes patriotic songs sound this good. His God Bless America from the Arizona Constitution Fair 2011 is one of my favorites but that one from when he was 11 yrs old is just … WOW!

    Mspoohbear! Glad you had fun at the SoCal gathering … certainly looking forward to meeting you one day!

    I can’t get SOWK out of my mindddd! So there I was waiting for my flight, looking all pretty with my green D shirt & SB’s bracelet when I saw the tweet about the snippet. Darn phone would freeze & sputtered as I tried to listen. Shook it & turned up the volume only to have my daughter give me a horrified look, trying to shush me in the crowded airport but sorry, couldn’t help myself, lol. Finally I got to hear it straight through & it was pure HEAVEN!!!! What torture not being able to replay it but I’m sure making up for it today, haha! Such a dreamy voice … who needs vacation when you can have That Voice!

    MT; #10 … It’s never too late to move to Cali … Thought David would laugh at this postcard I set him


    (Abrra, can you post it for me, TY!). Appearances can be deceiving … remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts, lol! So glad Kari is still forwarding the fan mail.

    Sky, Abrra; Love the new sidebar pics but for whatever reasons, I never can see them on my silly phone.

    Bebe; Ooooh, Madison Garden? Would die to be at that concert! Also, I’d love to see him perform in an outdoor evening venue such as Arena at Pula in Croatia … it’d be so romantic.

    BEGIN. can’t get here soon enough! Love all the fan promo … nicely done Pocoelsy & JR! Now all I need is a BEGIN. T shirt to wear!


  25. Abrra said

    Blueberry Ice

    Assuming you have an iphone

    By default, Safari runs sites in Moblie view to save loading times. Also battery and data usage are conserved in Moblie view. Less content to load. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page on your phone it will have a link saying View Full Site. If you click this the page will reload and you will see everything on the page, including sidebar content.

    If you have a different phone, I bet there is a similar Moblie/Full Page View option.

    Abrra 632 days


  26. bluesky said

    Happy Fourth of July, to everyone here in the USA! Going to go see some safe fireworks with my own David!! ^_^


  27. hey Blueberry! welcome home! That picture postcard is a hoot! hahaha. David will get a big kick out of that.

    18. Abrra, that’s it! ♥thanks for finding, it was driving me crazy. haha
    ok, fireworks are starting, gonna walk down to the end of the street for a clear view.and get sweaty.


  28. emmegirl14 said

    David is in the top echelon when it comes to these types of songs.

    Nice vids guys! I am a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d. to that blissful 20 seconds.

    Abrra, you are a tech wizard in comparison to myself. Not that long ago I thought it was “MyFace” and “Spacebook.”


  29. skydancer1x said

    Back! daughter and I watched fireworks together.We have a good spot where only a few from the neighborhood go, and there is a little lake that reflects the fireworks. Nice, and away from the crowds. My neighbors with their 2 English bulldogs were sitting nearby, on a blanket, and the dogs fell asleep.Then one started snoring. What a sound that was! snore/slurp/snort/ then heavy breathing. haha! kinda reminded me of my ex

    16.Bebe, loved your scenario/story!! I would be so shocked to see him sitting there with a guitar. Fans would go bonkers.

    Pocoelsy, and JR great promo vids.♥

    18. abrra, tuned in to PP. I like that song of his, but it was hard to hear him .so may people on stage with him singing.
    I will say this… unlike some other songs theIdol winners have had to put out for their first recording,I think PP got one that appealed to many.He was playing the heck out of that guitar wasn’t he?
    oh and thank you! for making that mp3 for us. So many goodies here, gonna look around now.
    nighters all!


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