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    jans11 on David Archuleta and the Millen…
    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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David Archuleta’s Forevermore Growing Fanbase ~ Spreading His Branches Into the Philippines and Throughout the World

Posted by betsy on Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Everyone has been talking about David’s huge increase in Twitter followers. Pretty sure I hit on part of the reason after reading hundreds of comments on his new Forevermore songs on YouTube. I’ve been stuck in the vortex of the Forevermore video, and every other video of every song from that CD. The fans have been busy. So have the non-fans. I really should be calling them new fans in the making. I started reading the comments. Hundreds of them. More than that even.

It is so interesting to me to read what people think of these songs. I started noticing a pattern. David really brought back memories to the people who loved these songs by the original singers. High school memories, first loves. The original singers are mentioned a lot, and have a special place in their hearts. They are respected, as they should be.  I had to bring some comments over:

i’m crying. #DA2014 (had to throw a fan comment in)

Mad respect to this dude for shining light on original Filipino music. Much love.

OMG This is a pleasant and wonderful surprise to stumble on David Archuleta singing OPM. Lovey you David!

 wow nice voice

I wanna cry!!! I loved this song!

wow… great rendition

that’s a fililipino soul with foreign heart..

i dedicate this song to my girlfriend

it’s nice to know that some international singers are singing our Filipino song. it seems like we are very important in a way.

i like the version of david …super like ..

woah!!!! that’s a filipino song!! i’ll gonna buy this album for sure!

its so gooooooood in my ears !!! ❤ ❤

wow! i was surprised! my heart melted… ang galing nya..

My all-time favorite song. David did an awesome rendition of this song. It gives me goosebumps.

it makes me remember my girlfriend.

Adopted prince of OPM. (I saw this comment A LOT!)

I shall now roll myself up into a carpet and have it delivered to him. ❤

i can feel the pain when he sings.

his voice makes me feel in love… ❤

I just realized that you don’t listen to DA, you pull the music around you and wear it. What a great feeling.


And this story shared with me from a familiar voice in the fanbase:

“In Dec 2011, I gave him the sheet music and mp3 of Forevermore and Warrior is a Child. Two years ago I gave him You Are My Song and another one that escapes me now. Forevermore was one of the first songs David chose and he was surprised he was familiar with the song already. He said he was sure my gift had something to do with it. Of course that tidbit thrilled me. The Ivory exec told me that they started with a hundred songs and whittled it down to 40 songs for David to choose. We Filipinos are suckers for our love songs. We love big emotional declarations yet we are also huge on wallowing in our pains, and love angst, LOL. That’s why we have tons of heartbreak songs. The tracks of Forevermore — we have lived through these melodies – falling in love, falling out of love, etc.. And I think that is the key: the tunes, the stories struck a chord. Filipino or not, anyone can relate to the songs. They are simple declarations of one’s love highs and/or losses put in melodic format. Honest and pure emotions. That’s why the songs connect.”   JR (JackRyan4DA)

There was one section of back and forth comments that was so funny. People were stating quite strongly that David is half Filipino. Another said he was 100% Filipino. Yet another that he was Mexican. They are just learning, lol. I give them another month and they will know everything about him.

He seems to be gaining fans so quickly and I have a feeling that his new Forevermore music is the main reason. His Twitter followers stand at 1,123,420 tonight. This makes me wonder what will happen in August, when the new CD, “BEGIN.” is released. Will his US followers increase substantially? I hope so. But people have to know about it. I hope there are plans for some type of promo, any type of promo. He deserves it. I just know this music is going to be beautiful. Maybe his best work yet.

89 Responses to “David Archuleta’s Forevermore Growing Fanbase ~ Spreading His Branches Into the Philippines and Throughout the World”

  1. marlie7 said

    betsy – I had to laugh thinking about you (or any of us) stuck in the Forevermore vortex. David’s approach to these songs was so respectful and I loved reading the comments you brought over from youtube. Now I think I have to run over there myself and just skim through, reading people discover what some of us have been lucky enough to know for 4 years. I love that he keeps getting followers.

    Had fun at the NA viewing last night – thanks!


  2. Abrra said

    Thanks for putting into words what I have tried to pinpoint about the rise in followers since David left for Chile. It makes perfect sense that his popularity has snowballed since his recent Asian appearances. By making the Forevermore CD he has touched a whole new fan base and generation. Another stroke of genius was when he joined Ogie and his wife on stage to sing Nandito Ako. It was memorable and iconic for those who knew the original song and were introduced to the next “owner” of the song.


    I think that promo isn’t so much of an issue for now. When David returns, he could present both Forevermore and BEGIN. as “new” music. Die hard fans will already know about them, but the rest of the population just might find something they like as well in these albums when the time comes.

    Abrra 646 days


  3. SandyBeaches said

    I think that many people will be surprised with the upcoming success of ‘BEGIN’.

    Now that more tweets are in English and the attention to a super album of known content is on the horizon, success will be inevitable and not surprisingly so. The recipe is the best of the best wait and see.



  4. Betsy,Love it! ( I consider you an expert on this subject:)))…thinking of all the gems you have found for us in “the vortex”♥
    I love reading the comments about the OPM songs too, and I think you are exactly right
    ” I started noticing a pattern. David really brought back memories to the people who loved these songs by the original singers. High school memories, first loves. The original singers are mentioned a lot, and have a special place in their hearts.”

    It is obvious David took meticulous care to pay his respect to the original artists of these songs.He is so intuitively connected to the music and so respectful of the original artists…what better gift for the Filipino fans than to sing the songs they have loved. what is the saying? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and he has now reintroduced the rest of the world to these beautiful songs!
    I love JR’s story!! That is so awesome!!
    ………”I think that is the key: the tunes, the stories struck a chord. Filipino or not, anyone can relate to the songs. They are simple declarations of one’s love highs and/or losses put in melodic format. Honest and pure emotions. That’s why the songs connect.” JR (JackRyan4DA)

    cannot wait!


  5. skydancer1x said

    speaking of tweets! haha I love the latest one!
    and we worried about him not getting enough to eat! lol


  6. nanaweize said

    I love this article Besty and I love Forevermore too. This comment is the way I feel…I just realized that you don’t listen to DA, you pull the music around you and wear it. What a great feeling.


  7. djafan said


    “I just realized that you don’t listen to DA, you pull the music around you and wear it. What a great feeling.”

    Beautifully said. Wear it, inhale it, swim in it, consumed by it ♥ I’ve also noticed the comments by the new fans in the making because of Forevermore. Thank you for putting it all together in this great article 🙂

    I’ve also noticed an increase in Spanish tweets since David arrived in Chile for his mission. I’ve been tweeting with them and they love Forevermore songs of love and messages to his fans.

    Kari has been tweeting BEGIN. quotes in preparation I’m sure for the release of BEGIN.. I’ve retweeted them and added a link to his OS announcement with tracklist. I hope that with this release we see the same results as with Forevermore in NA, I have a gut feeling that we will 🙂

    In the meantime we have I’ll Never Go release this Sunday!


    Freshly Pressed: David Archuleta’s “I’ll Never Go” music video to premiere on
    Posted on: June 14, 2012
    By: Team
    American Idol Season 7 Runner-up and international artist David Archuleta releases “Forevermore”, a collection of classic Filipino love songs translated into English and composed by some of the Philippines’ renowned songwriters, such as Ogie Alcasid, Louie Ocampo, Jay Durias, Jimmy Antiporda and Cecil Azarcon.

    This month, Ivory Music & Video is launching the album’s second single “I’ll Never Go,” originally done by the now-defunct band Nexxus.

    Archuleta’s fans and followers can exclusively watch the worldwide music video premiere of “I’ll Never Go” on SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2012, 8:00 PM Manila Time on this page. Everybody can now watch the teaser at the video box below


  8. PaulaFOD said

    Great article, Betsy! So exciting to meet the Pinoy fans, so exciting to see his fanbase grow even while he’s away!!!


  9. What a beautiful article. Thanks for gathering all of those comments!! This you said struck me like deja vu, since isn’t this how so many of us felt when we heard David on Idol “David really brought back memories to the people who loved these songs by the original singers. High school memories, first loves. “. David hooked me on Imagine for the same reasons. It’s wonderful that David was able to make many who had a different set of old favorite tunes and artists feel the same way that we felt watching him sing Imagine. I hope that made sense 🙂


  10. mspoohbear said

    Winniepoohbear here, just in case Mspoohbear appears as my user name. LOL

    Betsy, I am one of those new followers of David. After AI, I never followed David (like most of you do) until Nandito Ako and Forevermore. Heck, I never followed any AI contestants at all to be honest. In AI history, I only voted for two contestants, David A. and Jessica Sanchez. I am just starting to realize how much I have missed on those four years that I did not follow David. Getting to know him now seems a far distant travel I have to trek until he comes back from his mission. I am captivated by his persona. Then this Forevermore album came out which brought back memories of my younger years in the Philippines, first love, break-up, true love, etc. In an interview, David mentioned that he was worried if he did do justice to the songs and original singers. I’ve listened to those songs of the original artists before and I can attest that David did a wonderful job, not only introducing those lovely Filipino songs to the world, but putting such wonderful emotions to the songs which added new flavors for younger and mature followers to listen to. These songs never seem to fade away and encompass generations of listeners. Now with his new album “Begin” coming out soon, I can bet that David’s fanbase will grow so much more. I can’t wait for “Begin” to begin!


  11. MT said

    Hmm .. not sure if I comment here or on the next one? I’ll try here.

    Great article. We’ve all been noticing how David’s followers have been growing in number and I think you maybe right. This beautiful, heartfelt renditions of these songs bring back so many feeling and memories for so many people.

    And the vortex? Yes, I have been there many times. It’s hard to find your way out once you go there. lol

    Like you, I hope BEGIN. is promoted enough to catch the attention of the U.S. fans/non-fans in the same way. While I haven’t heard them yet, I’m confident that these songs will be sung beautifully, and emotionally, while still remaining true and complimentary to the original songs and artists, just like the songs on Forevermore.

    If I love the songs on BEGIN. half as much as I do the songs on Forevermore, I’m going to be 😀


  12. MT said

    Geez, I need to proof read before hitting submit. 😳


  13. tawna21 said

    Betsy, perfect article for all that is going on—- Twitter followers growing, new fans accumulating, new video about to be released, new tweets from DA(ks) about food no less, new photos popping up, and BEGIN. on the horizon. I love the idea of being ‘wrapped’ up in David’s music. That is such a cozy thought. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing JR’s story. I love back stories. It brings new and different perspectives to things.

    …..poohbear (don’t ‘ya love WordPress? you never know who you might really be), “I can’t wait for “Begin” to begin!” I’m with ‘ya…. is it Aug. 7 yet?



  14. emifriend said

    A fun read Betsy! Thanks for writing this article.

    I am so glad to hear that David has been given The WARRIOR IS A CHILD.. It is a beautiful song that has often reminded me of David’s heart and has walked me thru some of my life’s heartaches.

    I love the notion of wearing David’s music.. being enveloped in it all. I love that second language translations will bring us new metaphors and words and thoughts about David and his music. This will be fun!

    and Oh I am so excited about BEGIN! What a great gift to us.. Bridge Over Troubled Water has been a favorite of mine since I was a child and my brother and sister sang it to me as a lullaby. We have so much to look forward to!

    Archielove to one and all


  15. betsy said

    Marlie – Sometimes you and I are in the same vortex at the same time. 😉
    Abs- I love that video of David singing with Ogie & Regine. Respect all around.
    SB- Hoping for big things with BEGIN.
    Sky – you are the sweetest. ♥
    nanaweize – It IS such a great feeling.
    Dja – I LOVED putting the comments together! TBH, it started off as a comment of mine about a month ago that went insanely long, lol.
    Paula – LOVE the Pinoy fans. 🙂
    Violet – It made PERFECT sense to me.
    Poohbear – One of my favorite things is to hear/see new fans. Not just casual fans, they would just listen to his music. But a new fan who is commenting on fansites. It’s just the best. And we can ALL relate. Everyone here has delurked at one time or another. Doesn’t matter when. All are welcome, and I hope it continues, that a year down the road YOU are welcoming new fans. 🙂
    MT – That vortex is a killer. And I cannot wait for Begin.
    Tawna – So glad to see his following increasing daily. To be honest, last December, I couldn’t have imagined this happening. Surprises are good.
    Emifriend – “Wearing his music” yep, it fits pretty good. 🙂


  16. bebereader said


    Thanks for showing us your findings in such an interesting article. The pattern you started to notice in the YouTube comments makes so much sense. It’s evident that David picked up more fans from the Forevermore album.

    So what is it about this album that brought more followers from fans in The Philippines? I think JR was right when she says “Honest and pure emotions. That’s why the songs connect.” You can always count on honesty and sincerity from David. That is who he is.

    Thank you to all those who attended the Nandito Ako chat last night. We always have so much fun together, in any chat room. Looking forward to next week when the good stuff BEGINS to happen.. LOL


  17. Abrra said

    I am sitting in Unplugged for some David-ness. Come sit with me for a bit if you wish.Sometimes I just miss him.

    Abrra 646 days


  18. mspoohbear said

    #15 – Betsy, delurking comes easy in this fansite. LOL! You guys made me feel welcome.


  19. Nice Article Betsy!! Love that David is getting new followers. Thanks for pointing out the comments under you tubes. I’ve noticed on TDC that some fans have become more interested since David announced his Mission, which was a pleasant surprise. It’s fun to see the excitement that many of us felt from Day one, surfacing now. JR rocks!! Giving David some of these songs, I’m sure sparked his interest. Mr. “Jute Box” registers everything in his Musical Being. The “Google” of music. Seeing the enthusiasm of new fans and dedication of “old” fans warms my heart. Thank You!! for giving pause to these thoughts and sharing with us. Warms my heart!! Still having trouble at times getting kicked off the site and have difficulty getting on. Could be just me. Sent a note to the Site.


  20. gladys1961 said

    What I can I say?? david is a maze. I never want to find out, because in each corner can be a surprise.
    Since February 2008, I have enjoyed every one of the surprises that David has given me.
    Do you know someone who wants to come out of this maze?


  21. MT said

    Gladys! Hola! We were missing you in chat. I hope school is going well for you.

    “David is a maze.” I like that. I agree that it’s all the little surprises that make this adventure with David so interesting. And nope, don’t want to come out. 🙂

    Abrra, thanks again for chat last night. It’s always fun. Glad you found your program, too! That means more goodies for us. 😀 Bless your sweet little video-editing heart. ♥


  22. PattiNC said

    Great really is amazing how many followers he’s picked up since he
    left! Forevermore is such a great album…beautiful songs interpreted perfectly by David. I’m truly hoping that BEGIN. will have the same effect here in the states. I’m dying to hear those covers!
    Fun thing.the other day I was listening to the radio and they had a little commercial for the station..played snippets of 3 songs for examples and one was Crush!! 🙂


  23. Abrra said


    @DavidArchie Here is another BTS picture from the video I’ll Never Go that will be premiering this sunday? (ks)

    Abrra 645 days


  24. betsy said

    #23 Do I spy a motorcycle helmet and guitar?


  25. betsy said

    Bebe – My unofficial research, lol. This is what happens when one spends too much time on YT.
    Heidi – New followers/fans FTW!!! (Yes, JR rocks. She’s the best!)
    Gladys – A maze, hmmm? True that.
    Patti – Yaaay for a Crush snippet!

    I’d like to add one more thing. I love that David has followers/fans from every culture, country, religion. Something David knows, loves and appreciates. I LOVE that there are comments in so many different languages on his videos and on Twitter. ♥
    Kinda what he was singing about in Imagine. ♥


  26. Angelica said


    “TBH, it started off as a comment of mine about a month ago that went insanely long, lol.” Thanks for taking the time to expand your comment even further (and our view) by collating so many other comments from new fans. The whole world needs to hear and feel David’s voice. How many people have been changed for the better because of this young man voice and genuine goodness! I want that to happen on a global scale and I see it coming to pass. First North America, then Asia, and now with his mission in South America, I think he will draw more attention from those on that continent, especially when the Spanish album comes out. What will happen with Begin. in the US remains to be seen. We are a big pond and a murky one at that. I think the music industry here has become stagnant because it has damned the very artists who could open people’s hearts to real music again. Just as in the Philippines, with Forevermore, I think David’s covers on Begin. may begin to usher in a new/old appreciation of what music once was in this country and still can be. It has to start somewhere. I’m enjoying these tweets.

    I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else. Pablo Picasso

    Not until we are lost do we BEGIN. to understand ourselves. Henry David Thoreau


  27. bebereader said


    “…I love that David has followers/fans from every culture, country, religion. Something David knows, loves and appreciates. I LOVE that there are comments in so many different languages on his videos and on Twitter. ♥ Kinda what he was singing about in Imagine. ♥”

    Good point, Betsy.

    “Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…”

    On Twitter, I’ve been noticing more and more tweets from Egypt, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Africa and many South American countries. Same for the comments on David’s youtubes. We were discussing in chat the other night about how David’s fanbase is growing slow and steady. (Yes, we do have serious discussions in TVU! LOL) Slow is alright with me, as long as it’s steady, too. WordPress keeps track of where our viewers are from and lately there’s been an increase of hits from a diverse group of foreign countries. Sounds very promising.

    On another note, Gladys was kind enough to translate for us, the passage in Spanish that is on Jeniffer Barry’s calendar from the last article. I’m glad to bring it over here to share with you. Gracias, Gladys!

    Comment #48 from last article:

    thank you very much for the Spanish words are very uplifting.

    “When you share the happiness with the neighbor who has nothing, there is a spiritual rebirth that will never die.
    We are all born humble. But the greatest virtue is to retain that humility forever as a precious gift that comes from God. “


  28. djafan said

    Thank you Gladys! I saw that Jen said this was a quote from David’s abuelito.

    A true international celebrity. That is what I see in development, slowly but steadily David is receiving recognition from many parts of the world. I believe that this international attention will gain the attention of the media in the US and in turn remind others or introduce them to David.

    A woman at work spotted my desktop picture (BEGIN. cover) and asked who that was. I shared a little and she said she loves music and could really use some good music. She asked for his name because with a face like that he must sound good and she was going to look him and his music lol. I know some don’t care for the cover but I hope it does what I think it will. BTW I love it 🙂

    Here’s a graph of the visitors to The Voice from all over the world, some surprising to me.



  29. Abrra said

    Hah Kari even takes back shots of David!


    ‏@suttygal @kariontour Hi! I really like today’s ING bts pic!! Soo much emotion & ❤ the shirt @DavidArchie is wearing! is there a hood in back? thx 🙂

    @suttygal @DavidArchie it was a hoodie. This might help everyone cause I have got the question before. Hope this helps!

    Abrra 645 days


  30. betsy said

    Another country, singing along with D, note for note ♥


  31. Interesting Map Djfan!! Definitely Surprises. Couldn’t figure how to tell the numbers. Our worldwide star who is following his heart. Bless his heart!! ♥


  32. veeg said

    Hi ms abrra and SB

    I got my bracelet today , maraming maraming salamat po ( many many thanks )

    Vee frOm Sydney 🙂 🙂


  33. cq#DA2014 said

    Djafan, I love the album cover for BEGIN. too. It commands your attention.


  34. Dayzee said

    Love the map dja. So many flags! Great to see the expanding world of David.


    Oddity and I went to the Murray Amphitheater tonight to see Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. We are so needy we are interested in anything remotely attached to David. It was a fun performance, but our eyes and thoughts kept returning to the “techie” working the lights. Haha.


    Oddity figured if he had not quit that job, he would have gone on a mission when he turned 19, and thus would be back with the lights by now.


  35. bebereader said


    Luckily for us, he did quit that job, auditioned for American Idol and the rest is history. 🙂

    credit bdsherlock


  36. pocoelsy said

    Hi all, hello Betsy,

    Nice article and it warms my heart to see the number of “new fans” keep growing and thank you for the collections of the heartfelt and interesting comments on youtube here.

    #26 Angelica, what you wrote there is giving me goosebum for some good reasons, he’s spreading goodwill slowly but firmly all over the world now and like Betsy said just like when he sings “imagine” no country, no religion.. I hope with BIGIN.dropping, it will open doors for David as well as open non fans hearts and eyes so then they’ll realize what they’ve been missing all along.

    Djafan I like what your coworker said “with a face like that he must sound good ” how true 🙂 I love looking the map !!!niceee.


  37. Abrra said

    Love that video and song! He took control early so he could hear the music 😉



    Happy to know your bracelet the mail!


    Oh my! I am so envious of where you live, I would be a stalker for sure hahha


    That map SHOUTS world community !! I know that I would never get the chance to have so many friends in many countries were it not for David’s fan base.

    Abrra 644 days


  38. pocoelsy said


    Since the topic is about David spreads his wing the world over, we heard him sang in Spanish, French and the newest addition is NA in tagalog, and he sings them so well in any language so far, I have a dream as international fan that I’d like to hear him sing a song in my own language…man I’d be on cloud nine…David and his adorable accent sighhh… What about “one language one song” that would be awesome :)…haha now I’m really dreaming.


  39. Morning, my fellow archieholics! oooh, lots of goodies here from last night!
    37.Abrra, love when he took control of the crowd with that sweet smiley “shhhh”♥ He knows its hard for his fans to contain all that excitement and love we have for him,doesn’t he?

    Betsy, I sooooo love Crazy!! Funny, I never paid attention to the original song that much, but since David’s version,omg,it is one of my favorite covers from David,gives me chills every time…uhhh! (that high crazaaaaay♫ slays me.)

    That map!! Love seeing that..warms my heart so much. Took me by surprise too, seeing some of the places on there. Thanks Dja!
    Abs, it does SHOUT world community. and who of us would have ever thought that we would cross vast oceans to come to know each other, as if we were all living in the same place?….wait, on second thought, in our hearts,we are.♥

    35.Bebe, that ANGELS!! never get tired of watching that performance from Tulsa. Epic!

    35. Dayzee! that is so cool you went there. Thank you for posting those pics! Always wondered what the amphitheater looked like where David worked:) you are so fun!


  40. Pocoelsy♥ I like that thought.
    For me,as long as I can listen to that VOICE, it doesn’t even matter. When David speaks, or sings,or smiles….. it feels already like “one language one song” ♥
    (I am still amazed at how perfectly he sang a song so beautifully in tagalog. Who knows, he may surprise you one day..hold on to that dream.:))


  41. bluesky said

    34 Dayzee:

    “Oddity figured if he had not quit that job, he would have gone on a mission when he turned 19, and thus would be back with the lights by now.”

    My take on it:

    He did return to the “lights” – just from the opposite position (AI, etc.) And he is serving as a “light tech” now – for just a bit – so that he can shine, shine, shine even more. *sigh* Blessed be the source of all the light that shines on him.


  42. Aw! Dayzee, Love the Picture of the Tech@ Murray Theatre. For a minute, I thought someone had taken a picture of David when he was a Tech. He was so proud of that job.:)) Glad he tried out for Idol!!


  43. skydancer1x said

    “He did return to the “lights” – just from the opposite position (AI, etc.) And he is serving as a “light tech” now – for just a bit – so that he can shine, shine, shine even more. *sigh* Blessed be the source of all the light that shines on him.”

    Amen sister♥ I just love you to pieces.. that’s all.:)


  44. Dayzee said

    Bluesky, I loved your “take” on David’s career in lights. I was reminded of the time I saw him at the Deseret Book signing after the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas performance. He had such a glow he lit up the entire section where he was sitting. It was heart-stopping to see.

    Abrra, I too am thankful for my David family of friends. From Murray to countries that are no longer foreign to me. Last night I was thinking of how different Oddity and I are. She is too hot when I am too cold. She does her stuff late, for me it is early morning. She has one daughter and a couple of grandkids, while my sprawling family is huge. Yet we are sisters, holding hands in the David vortex.

    It is such fun to share all things David here at The Voice.


  45. bluesky said

    44 Dayzee: It is because of loving people like you that we are able to make such life-warming connections.

    Skydancer: Sisters. Totally! (((hug)))


  46. PaulaFOD said

    Today is the last day of The Singer and the Song Project. If you would still like to donate, you have until midnight central time tonight! Instructions on how to donate are here: I also tweeted last night that I am hoping to have some 8×10 prints available. I took the painting to be professionally scanned and printed and I am very pleased with the results. Tossing around a couple of ideas…

    Thank you all for your sweet support of this project. You’ve been a blessing to the campers and staff of Camp ASCCA and to me. Hugs to you all!


  47. angelofdja said

    #41 Bluesky,
    “He did return to the “lights” – just from the opposite position (AI, etc.) And he is serving as a “light tech” now – for just a bit – so that he can shine, shine, shine even more. *sigh* Blessed be the source of all the light that shines on him.”
    Awwww…I like how you think 😉

    Djafan, I love the map showing how far and wide David’s light has shined! It’s so amazing how his followers have continued to grow while he isn’t even here! I can only imagine how many more flags will be added to the graph as 2014 nears?!

    Betsy, Great article! Some time ago someone said David would reach all nations one song at a time. He has many more fans since Forevermore was released. IMHO, he shared some of his best vocals ever on that little gem! Knowing that, I am even more excited for his take on his Begin tracks. Especially Broken!


  48. PaulaFOD said

    How do you add a picture to comments? I was going to add one today of a very smiley David, but I couldn’t figure out how.


  49. djafan said

    The link to the map and other charts for The Voice is at the bottom of the right sidebar 🙂

    The presale for BEGIN. is beginning!!!

    72 HOURS ONLY! 30% OFF One Item
    >>CLICK HERE to add your discount



  50. MT said

    Has anyone tried ordering BEGIN. It’s asking for a promo code. Do we have a promo code? My checkout basket keeps coming up empty without it. Am I missing something? Is it too soon? What am I doing wrong?



  51. MT said

    Oh, got it! Promo code is: JUNE30

    🙂 🙂 🙂


  52. djafan said

    YAY MT!!! I’ve got my pre order in!!!!!!


  53. bluesky said


    I loved your fun, informative post! What a great idea to share some of the thoughts, etc. from peeps around the world that you are gleaning from the youtube, etc. sites. He hits us all in the same place, and all at once my heart has rooms and vistas that I didn’t know were there.

    Thanks for your lovely contribution. And the smiles. And the “hands across the water” view.



  54. MT said

    Dja, YAY! And now the wait BEGIN(s) LOL


  55. Abrra said

    I got all the way thru the order, then they say oh extra 3.75 each for the pleasure of pre ordering. “cancelled” 🙂

    I can wait.

    From @SunnyHilden She found an older picture displayed.


    Festive finding this today:) I was there that night, after seeing “This is It” with him & his band.

    Abrra 644 days


  56. djafan said


    I didn’t pay a pre order fee, it was never even mentioned. It was $11.89 for one with discount (promo code JUNE30) and then you pick your own shipping. Took a few minutes and done.


  57. Where do I go to pre-order “Begin”? :-))


  58. djafan said

    Here Mspoobears!


  59. Abrra said


    On the page where you select shipping it says :

    “You will be charged an additional $3.75 to ship each pre-ordered title. See explanation on the right side of this page.”

    The box to the right says:

    Additional Shipping Information:

    Estimated arrival time and choice of carrier may vary from order to order.
    Shipping times quoted are for in-stock items only.
    You will be charged an additional $3.75 to ship each pre-ordered title in your order. This is because preordered items will ship separately from the rest of your order, when they become available.

    It reads to me like they want more money for pre order.

    When I click continue it shows this total. I was ordering 2 CD’s. One at the reg price and one with the discount.

    $3.75 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Order Subtotal:
    Preorder or Large Item Surcharge:
    Estimated Tax:

    I cam wait and just buy it when it comes out. It bugs me to be asked to pay for the privilege of guaranteeing them a sale 😉

    Abrra 644 days


  60. mspoohbear said

    Done…ordered my copy. Yippeeyy! Thanks!


  61. djafan said


    I ordered one. These were the charges.

    Order Subtotal: $11.89
    Order Discount: -$0.00
    Shipping: $4.25 (I picked this one)
    Preorder or large item surcharge: $0.00
    Shipping discount: -$0.00
    Shipping credits: -$0.00
    Sales Tax: $1.10

    Order Total: $17.24


  62. Abrra said

    I went back and changed my order. Because I wanted to buy a 2nd Cd, that triggered the surcharge widget. I’ll buy the 2nd one when it is released.



    O.M.G. My avatar is back!! I did some messing with my settings. WordPress finally got the memo.
    Abrra 644 days


  63. bebereader said

    Just ordered my copy! Total was $14.88.
    So excited; August 7 is getting closer and closer!

    MT, Was it you last night in chat who said “We should be getting the notice about pre-orders soon.”?
    Your timing is impeccable! 🙂


  64. Djafan said

    YAY for your avatar! And glad you got your order in for BEGIN.!

    Mspoohbear you got yours too!

    Bluesky, I’m feeling the light 🙂


  65. Angelica said

    Abrra, hurray for your avatar finally arriving! WP works in mysterious ways, its wonders to perform.*

    Ordered 2 Begin. So excited! Promocode? Paula, send your photo to me or to the voice email and we will post. Only admin can post pics. Just the way WP works here.*

    Went to my monthly Archulunch with my long-time concert buddy in the next town who, no matter what kind of restaurant we go to, always gets salad without dressing and a glass of water. This time she got something different but still uber healthy. She took this pick while I had left for the ladies room and I didn’t know she had done it till I saw it on her facebook. As she points out there, BTW, the unhealthy food in the background and the diet coke with lime is (mine). Yes, I had the “Hey Ricky!” Archuleta Spanish omelet with sour cream and buttered English muffin with greasy homefries. I finished it off with a side of fried Beignets rolled in powdered sugar. yum! 😛



  66. sweetonda said

    I got my copy ordered. I hope they release some snippets soon. Another 45 days is just too long! This album is going to be a keeper for sure, well…all his CD’s have been keepers for me.

    Betsy, loved reading all the comments you brought over from the Forevermore video on youtube. I love seeing his numbers increase too on twitter. Oh how I’m missing him!

    Abrra, I had to stow those screencaps from that ‘Crazy’ video away for safe keeping. He’s just too cute for his own good!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend ladies and gents!


  67. kaycee said

    *Raising Hand* Feeling the light too, Bluesky!!

    ((Sky)) “When David speaks, or sings,or smiles….. it feels already like ‘one language one song’ ♥”

    Betsy, thanks for gathering all those great comments. It truly is amazing how rapidly David’s numbers have grown on twitter! Hope they just keep growing…what a great homecoming present for David!

    Djafan, that map was so interesting…and quite incredible! True international star!

    I dreamed last night that I was trying on shoes with David last night at a department store! Haha! Interpretations?!


  68. kaycee said

    Haha, Angelica…now I’m not only feeling the light…I’m also feeling the hunger pangs!


  69. MT said

    Yayyy for you getting the CD!! And your Avi! Plus you got your MM program back! You’re on a roll!! haha

    Did i metnion pre-sale? Hmmm … maybe I did. (I have definitely been waiting for it.) Can’t remember. If I did, I am both Archu-psychic … and forgetful! LOL

    hahaha I’m on your diet! In fact, I’ll have one of everything I see on the table PLUS the fried Beignets rolled in powdered sugar. Yum! is right. 🙂

    Maybe your dream is because you want him to put his walking shoes on and march himself back home. LOL (JK)


  70. well, eeek! lots happened since this morning here. Pre-orders ftw!
    .98tax (estimated?)

    my calendar arrived Paula. I love it!! ( that was fast:))

    ok, Angelica, that picture made me hungry, time for a late night snack♥ (I would have ordered what you ordered) haha
    the “Hey Ricky” Archuleta spanish omelet! rofl!
    but… I have to admit… that strawberry-ice cream?-vanilla-yogurt?-fruit-on top- thingy looks mighty tempting and delicious.


  71. funfee said

    Pre-ordered BEGIN. SOOOOO excited!!! 🙂


  72. skydancer1x said

    MT, Archu-psychic … and forgetful! LOL hahaha! I don’t remember you mentioning it,so I guess I am just forgetful, haha

    Kaycee, we need more details on this dream of yours! hahaha.


  73. emmegirl14 said

    Good stuff Betsy, It’s so exciting to see the interest in him and his followers growing. I’ve often thought about the profound effect he has on us and how the world would be a better place with more David fans. And have been thinking the same thing, BEGIN. might be his best yet.

    Blimps, roller coasters, gravity free rides, possible skydiving…I can see motorcycles….have wondered if he took a guitar with him….I am just guessing yes.

    Wondering if there has been any thought to gifting BEGIN. to hospitals and such as we have done in the past.

    Got in my preorder. Hope we get a few snippets sometime in the next few weeks, I think….don’t know if it will help hold me over until the release or if having to wait after hearing them will make me completely insane.


  74. Winniepoohbear said

    Angelica, the autographed COS book finally arrived along with other Archie goodies. My husband was laughing at me when he saw my expression upon opening your box. I was so excited and grinning from ear to ear. I can’t thank you and Abrra enough for your kindness and generosity. For someone to spend the money and time to mail those stuff to me who is very new to Archuworld says something about a person’s character. You ladies are awesome! Now back to lurking! haha


  75. marlie7 said

    Pre-ordered my copy, too. Can’t wait to hear these songs! I’d be interested to know how the numbers are shaping up for pre-orders. I suspect there is a little bit of an ordering blip for Deseret Books! LOL


  76. 70.haha well, I meant to say “my calendar arrived JEN” LeighBarry. (what is wrong with me?) sorry, got mixed up.
    have a good Saturday-day everyone!


  77. ray said

    pre-ordered my copy too. hehehe


  78. fenfan said

    pre-ordered my copy. Total us$20.64. i chose the cheapest shipping rate – $8.75. the cd will be taking the scenic route to my house! lol.


  79. MT said

    76. Sky,
    Are you a sister from another mother? We appear to be forgetful AND confused. LOLOL

    Fenfan, LOL @ scenic route. Well, as long as it gets there, it’s all good. 😀


  80. Dayzee said

    Got my pre-order in. As soon as I hit “confirm” I asked myself why am I having Begin mailed to me when I live around the corner from a Deseret Book. It will be interesting to see which will reach my CD player first, the one in the mail or one of the CD’s I pick up. Haha. Of course, I want the number of pre-orders to astound Deseret Book.


  81. MT said

    David’s fans, always thinking ahead. LOL

    I saw a comment that it’s also going to be available on iTunes, Amazon, and at large stores l ike WalMart!! The comment said Shadow Mountain Records on facebook posted a comment about it. But I can’t find it. I hope it’s true. I want the CD to be EVERYWHERE!


  82. Abrra said


    Abrra 643 days


  83. MT said

    Everytime I load the page again and see your sign for unplugged, I giggle.

    The “Join” is in a dark area and I didn’t see it the first time, so as it flashed by I read it as “us tonight in Unplugged” LOL With that pic .. and that caption … my first thought was “yup, after a couple of those vids, that’s exactly how I feel.” haha

    And speaking of Unplugged, hope to see you all there. 🙂


  84. bebereader said


    Did you ask us to join you tonight for fried ships? hahaha
    Fried ships sound really good but I’m watching my cholesterol.
    I’ve had fried ravioli before and I like me some fried chicken but I’ve never \had fried ships before.
    It’s okay though because I’m adventurous enough.
    What time do these fried ships dock?
    You didn’t give us a time. 😉


  85. Abrra said

    Oh crap.


    Abrra 643 days


  86. pocoelsy said

    Skydancer1x For me,as long as I can listen to that VOICE, it doesn’t even matter. When David speaks, or sings,or smiles….. it feels already like “one language one song” ♥, this is so true 🙂

    fenfan, Hi one question if you please, where is your location, Singapore? I’d like to order too but wouldn’t dare hit the button yet because of the shipping fee!! should I wait for amazon or better still will it be sold here in Malaysia!!! so far there’s no news of BEGIN here as far as I’m concern.!!!


  87. fenfan said

    hi Pocoelsy I am in Singapore. I don’t know whether the album will be sold here or in Malaysia. It might be cheaper to wait for the local release. His other cds were released simultaneously here and in the US but I am not sure about this one since it’s not under a major label.
    I bought the MOTAB cd from Deseret and it came quite promptly. This order would likely be the same.


  88. djafan said

    Hey all,

    Found this on FOD. Looks like a great roll out. I can’t imagine there won’t be some promo and of course us, the fans!

    DFT says:
    June 23, 2012 at 1:13 pm
    Hello everyone!
    Really A Lurker: I found this on Shadow Mountain Records Facebook. Someone asked:
    Can’t wait for David Archuleta’s BEGIN. album to come out August 7! I wonder though where we can buy the album. Is it through major retailer stores like Best Buy and/or through Deseret Book online? Sorry if I’m asking too much lol It would be greatful though if you can answer it for me.
    and Shadow Mountain Records replied with . . .
    Shadow Mountain Records Hi Shad, we’re glad you’re excited! You’ll be able to get it at, iTunes,, and large retailers such as Walmart.


  89. djafan said

    Love this niews from David and Kari!!!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    12 hours until I’ll Never Go premieres on & once premiered u can go to 2 C it again. (ks)


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