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David Archuleta ~ Minus One is the Loneliest Number

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

David Archuleta in the studio recording Rainbow. Photo credit @Kariontour

You don’t know where on earth you are going, but by traveling at the speed of sound set at dangerous decibels, you know you will end up in paradise.

The day my Forevermore CD arrived, that’s exactly what I did. From the mailbox to my car CD player to US Route 61, the famous “Blues Highway,” I headed north to nirvana. With the first carefully caressed words I could feel my inner GPS intone, “Arriving at destination!”

Forevermore.  Rainbow.  I’ll Never Go.  On and on he sang, one beautiful song after another. On and on I drove until I arrived at the karaoke tracks, and that’s when the train wreck occurred.

Forevermore.  I’ll Never Go.  Rainbow.  (minus one)

Minus one.  Minus: The Voice.  I knew there were bonus karaoke tracks on The Other Side of Down, but they were on a separate disc I never played. On Forevermore there is no escaping them. The pain took me by surprise, a groundswell of despair rising from the depths in an unrelenting wave like some monstrous emotional tsunami. I had understood and accepted his going fairly well until listening to these same songs conclude the album they had begun, but without HIM. The music with the Voice silenced. Minus one? Might as well be minus a thousand when that one is David Archuleta.

Yet something about the pain held me like a consoling embrace. After the initial shock wore off, it still hurt, but it hurt so good, I kept hitting replay. Maybe this was something I needed to feel. Carried to me on the sound of music, poignant and lovely, came the loss I had accepted intellectually, but emotionally had avoided.

I began to see a beautiful composition unfold in the placement of these three songs, like bookends, at either end of an album intended as a parting gift for his fans. In the beginning is Forevermore, the title track that also begins the karaoke set at the end.

I realize these songs are covers written by others, but I can envision David closely examining each one in turn, like jewels chosen lovingly for his fans. “There are times,” even now, when I think he still views us as some elusive dream of youth, never imagining that one day he would be so fiercely loved by so many, for so long.

I just can’t believe that you are mine now

You were just a dream that I once knew.

I never thought I would be right for you.

Time and again

There are these changes that we cannot end

As sure as the time keeps going on and on

My love for you will be forevermore

We need to know that he takes none of us for granted, grants none of us more value than another, that we are all his song and the reason he does what he does. We need to know that he loves us and that our knowing this is important to him and always will be. Forevermore. Period. The End.

I’ll Never Go, an ethereally tender ballad that rocks out hard at times is the third song in the trilogy at the beginning of the album, and placed second at the end. There is a new-found depth to David Archuleta’s lower register on this song that can trigger sudden, involuntary, open-mouthed, head drops, accompanied by enlarged eyes and a vacant downward gaze. Not even kidding. Luckily these episodes last only a few seconds but take precautions while driving. I mean, how can one even begin to describe his voice on this song? Think of sailing on a sea of deep, dark, velvety smooth ganache beneath a night sky without a star and only his voice to guide you.

“Only wait awhile and listen.”* It is there. Even on the karaoke tracks, David has not left us completely, nor will he ever. On the “minus ones”, where for me the sea was not calm and rough waves pummeled repeatedly the sad refrain, he is gone…he is gone…I heard a familiar voice…

I’ll never go far away from you,

even the sky will tell you,

that I need you so,

for this is all I know,

I’ll never go far away from you.

Even the sky will tell you.

Wherever we are, he will find a way to be near. The emotional connection between David Archuleta and his fans is real, as anyone who has ever attended one of his concerts or watched them on YouTube understands. It is a connection that transcends time, space, and any circumstance.

“Please tell the fans…a part of my heart will always be with them.” Tweet DavidArchie/(ks) on 5/9/12

On these minus one tracks at the album’s end, David’s not quite minus voice singing, “Even the sky will tell you” is followed, not coincidentally I think, by Rainbow. Of the three songs placed at the beginning and end of the album, Rainbow, with its message of hope seemed to have had particular importance for David and was perhaps the one he most wanted his fans, for our sakes, to embrace. From all accounts we have and even with the time constraints, it was the song he seemed to take the most care to get right. Tweets by Kari, dated April, 27th, after posting the above photo of David in the studio recording Rainbow, stated that there were, “a few versions of Rainbow recorded.” Also, on a photo taken with his driver in the Phillipines, David wrote the words, “Sherman, Thank you for helping us get to where we need to safely for the last month and for playing Rainbow all the time. haha. I wish you all the best!” In a vlog recently posted but filmed before he left, he spoke of his concerns for our welfare while he is away. He is very cognizant of how much a part of our lives he has become and what a great hole he has left for us to fill. He never intended to hurt us and I think his tender heart is pained by this inescapable fact. Did you know that he worries about us too?

“I’m worried about it because I do worry about my family and people I care about and even the fans you know? Wondering how everyone’s gonna continue with life as I’m not that normal part of it anymore, but, I can’t wait to bring back the person I become.”  Vlog, May 28, 2012

So I think the moral of the trilogy is that David will always love us, and in whatever circumstance will find a way to be near us. But most of all, he wants us to live happily ever after, forevermore, even while he is away, because…

oh, can’t you see

That no matter what happens

Life goes on and on

So baby, just smile

Coz I’m always around you

And I’ll make you see how beautiful

Life is for you and me

Take a little time baby

See the butterflies’ colors

Listen to the birds that were sent

To sing for me and you

Can you feel me

This is such a wonderful place to be

Even if there is pain now

Everything will be all right

For as long as the world still turns

There will be night and day

Can you hear me

There’s a rainbow always after the rain.

*Galway Kinnell, from the poem, Wait.

184 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Minus One is the Loneliest Number”

  1. veeg said

    Good morning everyone (12:59 am
    Sydney time) 

    Love I’ll never go .  

    Bebe , no One by U2 in the BEGIN. Album buy another U2 song . Ms abrra could you please see if the link works ? It also have a blurred picture of David ,  

    ‘VOcal pop sensation David archuleta releases. His first inspirational album. Begin. 

    Track list 
    Beautiful (Christina Aguilera)
    Bridge over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel)
    Pride (In the Name of Love) (U2)
    Everybody Hurts (R.E.M.)
    Be Still, My Soul (Sibelius)
    Angel (Sarah McLachlan)
    Don’t Give Up (Peter Gabriel)
    Somewhere Only We Can Know (Keane)
    Broken (David original)

    Now I can sleep . 

    Vee 🙂 : )

    K- kilig 


  2. bluesky said

    Beautiful, articulate, mesmerizing, gut-wrenching and soul-comforting: Angelica, as always.

    “You make me smile with my heart.”
    (from Funny Valentine)



  3. emilyluvsarchie said

    Angelica, This is just beautiful!


  4. veeg said

    Sorry ( blame my iPhone)

    Not buy , it should be ‘but’ .

    Another tweet from David through Kari

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    If you have not seen the preview for the MV for “I’ll Never Go” you can check it out here —> (ks)

    Angelica I always skip the three minus one songs specially in the morning going to work . But going home , love the music and I try to sing ( karaoke style ) the songs .

    Now really I am going to sleep now .
    Vee 🙂


  5. bluesky said


    To all of the doubters, wanderers and shakers of heads, DA has his own one word answer to the question of his dedication to the art and practice of music (But what will he DO?!!!) : BEGIN

    (might as well try to take the air from his lungs or the beat from his heart as to try to separate DA from his music…. and those who want to hear it.)


  6. SandyBeaches said

    The tracklist…now this is David, what he feels, what is real to him, what he wants to say. The list is powerful and he will make them his own. There will be his emotions like we have not seen in awhile. Fabulous choices and for one just listen to Sarah McLaughlin’s ‘Angel’…then imagine David singing it and he will have every note just as beautiful. This will take listeners to at least Christmas and on…yes, begin the songs that David must love. A very soulful album from the phenom. no wonder Kurt bestor was so excited



  7. djafan said


    Now that I’ve composed myself after reading the handbook everyone should have when listening to Forevermore. You’ve done it again, thank you ♥

    I listen to Forevermore and know he’s speaking to us. These songs were chosen by him from all accounts with a message. You spelled it out so concise, linking every emotion in those words to us, to our hearts. I skip the minus one songs because they hurt to much without his voice but today I will listen thinking of your words.

    David loves us and he is a genius or like Bestor said “a phenom”.




  8. bluesky said

    Somewhere Only We Know
    by Keane

    I walked across an empty land
    I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
    I felt the earth beneath my feet
    Sat by the river and it made me complete

    Oh simple thing, where have you gone?
    I’m getting old and I need something to rely on
    So tell me when you’re gonna let me in
    I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

    I came across a fallen tree
    I felt the branches of it looking at me
    Is this the place we used to love?
    Is this the place that I’ve been dreaming of?

    Oh simple thing, where have you gone?
    I’m getting old and I need something to rely on
    So tell me when you’re gonna let me in
    I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

    And if you have a minute, why don’t we go
    Talk about it somewhere only we know?
    This could be the end of everything
    So why don’t we go somewhere only we know?
    Somewhere only we know

    Oh simple thing, where have you gone?
    I’m getting old and I need something to rely on
    So tell me when you’re gonna let me in
    I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

    And if you have a minute, why don’t we go
    Talk about it somewhere only we know?
    This could be the end of everything
    So why don’t we go? So why don’t we go?

    Oh, this could be the end of everything
    So why don’t we go somewhere only we know?
    Somewhere only we know
    Somewhere only we know

    (Ahhh, yes, DA: somewhere to “begin”. You deceptively simple, ingeniously lucid, dangerously passionate being, you.

    You don’t just “invite” us. Cupid’s arrows drove feeling into their victims. Yours pierce us with our own pain… and heal us with a share of His joy.

    That joy you seem to carry around with you ((as effortlessly as Santa carries his always bulging cornucopia of ever-wonderous gifts)) is not all yours, I know, yet it is so much a part of you that your only desire seems to be to share it with others.

    “Thank you”, never seems to be quite enough.)


    PS Can I brag that Keane is one of my son Joey’s fav bands?


  9. bebereader said

    “Forevermore” is a feel-good record, made better by the depth of your analysis. Gracias, Senora. 🙂

    “Carried to me on the sound of music, poignant and lovely, came the loss I had accepted intellectually, but emotionally had avoided.”

    I have my emotions under control about this two-year wait; I do. Mostly. But when I hear the cry in David’s voice in songs like “Tell Me” and “Maybe”, all bets are off. Now I see it as a necessary release.

    It’s no question these songs were hand-picked by David, each one sending us a message. We already learned that David heard “Rainbow” in a cab in The Philippines and asked the driver about the song. Voila, it’s on the “Forevermore”. And just yesterday, Kari posted this on Twitter:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    Great make me do it! Haha We just arrived at Ocean Park & there was a 2 piece band playing in the lounge area …where we were holding & a lot of the cast & crew starting singing along w/ the band. @DavidArchie looked around & said “what is this song? How come everyone knows this song?.” He asked @MyDearWriter what the song was all about & she explained it & told us it was used in a movie. Our wonderful Macky & @JoAnnBanaga sang it to us! It was a song that stuck in his head when asked to record the album. We asked if he could record it and the rest his history! Memories!”

    No “One”. I thought of that too! LOL
    But I’m gobsmacked at the collection of songs on the track list, each unique and special in it’s own way. I know almost all the songs, save one or two.


  10. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  11. Suzy-Q said

    I had understood and accepted his going fairly well until listening to these same songs conclude the album they had begun, but without HIM. The music with the Voice silenced. Minus one? Might as well be minus a thousand when that one is David Archuleta.

    You read my mind. I never felt sadder than when I heard those songs without David’s voice. I just made it final that he was really gone. Tears


  12. Abrra said

    Lots of twitter activity today!

    @DavidArchie Here is what the album cover for BEGIN. looks like.

    When you told me last week that you wanted to get Forevermore CD onto your iPod, I didn’t understand why the 3 Minus-One tracks meant so much to you. Now I get it. Hearing the familiar music, standing on its own is beautiful. My favorite is I’ll Never Go when David’s back up vocals come in. It sounds like a sacred chant, calling out.

    Abrra 654 days


  13. djafan said

    Ok I’ve lost!!!!!


  14. Winniepoohbear said

    Very well written Angelica! It made me cry, but a good cry. I know how each and everyone of you feels because I feel the same way even though I’ve only followed David for a short time. He left a big hole in my heart! Why? Because I never got the chance to know him better and longer. Never got the chance to see or hear him sing at his concerts, because he had to leave for his mission. I’ve only known him from AI as a favorite contestant, but never followed him after that until Nandito Ako. Learning things about him thru the internet, YouTube, videos, interviews and magazine articles seem not enough. The only thing I have of him are his songs in the CDs I bought. I must have played those songs gazzilion times in the office, in the car, at home, even during our recent camping trip. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to his songs. Forevermore and Begin are labours of love from David to his fans. I really believe he planned it to be this way, so we have something to hold onto while he is away. He is indeed an “Angel” in disguise!


  15. marlie7 said

    The ever-ambitious JR has posted a video of each of these songs by the original artists on TDC. Take a look –

    When I read the words “Inspirational” I had a little sinking feeling in my heart. What did this mean? But when I looked at the track list and listened to the music, I realized that David has lent a broader meaning to that word – he encompasses all religions, all beliefs, and touches the spirit of “inspiration” in his choices. He includes all of his fans, regardless. I love him so much for this part of his mind and heart and his special spirit. We are all so lucky.


  16. Abrra said


    Welcome to The Voice!

    I think I have something you might like to own. Back when David did his CFTH tour in December 2009, some fans gave me their VIP tee shirts to give away to fans who missed out on the tour. It looks something like this:

    If you will send me your name and mailing address to I will send it to you. I only have size large left. I’d be happy to send it.

    Abrra 654 days


  17. djafan said

    New clips of rumored Rainbow MV!!! Hold on to something hehe. What a day!!!


  18. bluesky said

    12 Abrra

    And now I am supposed to finish my work projects?

    Would you like me to use your name or DA’s on my “release from work” form?



  19. Angelica said


    Abrra beat me to it, I see. I think I might have something you might like too. Are you the one who competed with me for the pillow? Still looking forward to that in the mail but I would like to give you the autographed copy of Chords of Strength if you are interested. I already have one of those. Please send us your address at the email link above.

    That album cover is drop dead gorgeous. Photobucket

    Bluesky, loved everything you said in your comments and you are so right..he is a “deceptively simple, ingeniously lucid, dangerously passionate being..” And a fan killer. And Kari and Matt Clayton are his accomplices.

    Marlie, thanks for sharing that and thanks to JR for compiling all the original videos of the album covers on TDC. I spent the morning searching for and listening to them on YT. I am soooo impressed with his song choices too. I have to admit, I’m almost afraid to hear his voice on some of them, especially Everybody Hurts, Don’t Give Up, and Angel.

    Doesn’t feel much like a drought, does it? Feels like I’m dancing in the rain! I love this gif. This is your heart on David.

    Couple dancing in Rain gif Pictures, Images and Photos

    Thanks for the comments on the article. It was many months before I could listen to the karaoke tracks without feeling the pain but I couldn’t skip over them. It was MY pain and I wanted it, ya know? Now I have come to love them so much more than I would have imagined. The arrangement on I’ll Never Go is especially beautiful. And of course, there is the Voice to look forward to, as Abrra said.


  20. Abrra said

    I put that picture on my desktop. It covers the entire screen 🙂 Doing that at work might help you stay there.

    Abra 654 days


  21. bluesky said

    12 & 20 Abrra:

    About as far as you can get from “let me hold this wall up with my smoldering epic-ness” (‘cept really I am so tired of them trying to “image” me, I kinda need the wall to hold me up! ((and… this was the only pic I thought made me look sort of my age…. *sigh* ha, ha!)) ).

    Now, DA — he is more smoldering in his open, just him, way than a thousand poses by dark walls in red shirts could accomplish. Just sayin’.

    (No wonder the photog put him in green… trying to cool things off? Futile. Was this really MC, Angelica? Didn’t even try to soften the blow, did he? Whoever it was. *sniff*)


  22. MunkFOD said

    Saw this tweet and thought you guys would like to know! I guess Matt’s pics are for something else! more surprises!

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @zerogravity1 the cover photo and all the pictures for BEGIN. were done by a wonderful photographer named Russ and @K_80 designed the cover.


  23. MunkFOD said

    PS! Angelica! I lover your article! I lurk here everyday! thanks so much for your comments! Its been a fun awesome day! 😀


  24. 16.Abrra, you are the sweetest.

    I am smiling and sniffling, at the same time.What you have written…is just beautiful. thank you♥
    the first time I listened to these songs,I could feel his heart in them in a different way. They feel so personal, so special, No doubt about it, he loves us back.
    “We need to know that he takes none of us for granted, grants none of us more value than another, that we are all his song and the reason he does what he does. We need to know that he loves us and that our knowing this is important to him and always will be. Forevermore. Period. The End.
    one of the things that fills me with joy, is to see someone accept,receive,and embrace, the gift of love, from someone, or as in Davids case, so many.Love is easier to give,than to receive. I take comfort in knowing that it finally hit home with him in the months before he left, that we are fans forevermore, and that part of our hearts too, will always be with him.


  25. cb said

    I enjoyed the thoughts in “minus one” very much. Thank you.
    I am feeling pretty sappy, over the top sentimental today after listening to the leaked unofficial songs, and imagining David singing them. For four years now this beautiful, shining person, and his gorgeous voice have brought me joy, peace, love, friendship, comfort, and happiness. As someone said,”he has become the soundtrack of my life.”
    May God bless and take care of him. He is a once in a lifetime gift.


  26. tawna21 said

    Angelica, I’m going to start here at the bottom before I read the other comments.

    First, that picture at the top is one of the most beautiful ones (imho) I’ve seen of David. He’s gone to where he goes with his music. He is ‘working’, and Kari (and David) has allowed us to be there. ♥

    Second, thank you for a most inspirational post. Thank you for putting us in the passenger seat as you, and David, traveled along US Route 61. Your thoughts are, as usual, right on the money. I’ve not put the minus one tracks on my iPod. I want to hear The Voice. ♥♪♥♫♥

    Third, BEGIN is beginning!! It’s really going to happen 🙂 Can we hang on ’til Aug 7? Yeah, but it’s going to be tough. I, for one, will be counting the days (along with watching Abrra’s mission countdown). 🙂


    back up to read everything else


  27. Betty said

    BEAUTIFUL! (Speechless Joy)


  28. Angelica said


    Wait. Am I to understand that there are two photographers involved and one of them named Russ did the album cover and one of them is Matt? Well goshalmighty, what were the Matt Clayton photos for? 1sm120fear Pictures, Images and Photos

    And djafan#17, there is actually a RAINBOW video coming too of the third song in the trilogy? In that black blazer with blue tee and impish smile. Is that…is he starting to dance a little in that too?

    When did he find the time to plot our demise with such meticulous care?

    Tawna, “Can we hang on ’til Aug 7?” We will hardly be done wiping the barbeque sauce from our lips from the 4th of July before we have only a month to Begin.!!


  29. betsy said

    Beautiful article, Angelica. I’m kind of speechless today, so I’m gonna leave it at that. ♥

    Hi Betty, just saw your comment, lol I promise I didn’t steal your words. We think alike. 🙂 🙂


  30. Abrra said

    Djbell sent me this link today. It shows a snippet of Rainbow video (not sure if its official) with a random track.

    Abrra 654 days


  31. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Use this link:

    See you soon!


  32. Winniepoohbear said

    Matt Clayton photos are probably for more surprises to come in the future! David really knows how to keep everyone busy and excited while he’s gone.


  33. xaris2014 said

    Lovely article, Angelica, and very comforting, too, so thank you for that. Oddly enough, I did not skip the bonus tracks, because I liked the mellow, low-key production (other than that odd little noise at the beginning of Rainbow), and I think they are responsible for a tiny revelation I had. I was listening to and thinking about the Forevermore CD one day, how much I truly appreciated the song choices as well as David’s vocals, when I realized I just plain don’t like modern pop music. I’ve tried for the past four years to find something to like about it because that was the genre Jive was pushing David toward, but I really can’t and I’m not going to try anymore. Most of the ‘singers’ on the radio need all the clapping, synthesizing, reverberating bird-twittering the production guys can cram into a track to disguise the fact they aren’t vocalists, but the longer David was at Jive the more I resented the production on his pop CDs. I’ve become very good at tuning out the backing tracks in David’s songs and concentrating on him-LOL! I know the Forevermore CD was a rush job, but even so, it’s production supports and enhances David’s flawless vocals. I just love this CD and can’t wait for BEGIN.

    I am so ADD right now trying to figure out what to spazz about–I’ll Never Go MV, tracklist, album cover (have mercy). I am also sitting here between HS graduations and wedding activities with a house full of company. Would it be rude to give them my car keys or a deck of cards and tell them to go play amongst themselves for a while so I can have some quality ODD time?

    Cheers to all!


  34. Angelica said

    Abrra, yes that is the one djafan posted in comment #17. In the last nano second of that teaser is something blurry I managed to freeze. Go ahead, tell me I was looking way too hard, but somebody’s got to do the hard work. Is this a part of the Rainbow video in a different outfit?



  35. bebereader said

    #34 Huh? Is it an optical illusion or is David’s shirt unbuttoned? GULP!


  36. Angelica said

    There is a shirt underneath. But are those shades he’s holding?

    The plot thickens.

    Well, off to watch NA and chit chat. Come join us! see link at #31


  37. dakgal said

    Speaking of unbuttoned shirts–in the last thread –the I’ll Never Go MV teaser

    David never has an open shirt unless he has a Tee on that goes up to his neck. This is very different–very low cut and white–I’m wondering if it is his “special garment”…..that we see the outline of under his Tee shirts?—Or am I all wet? Would David even show this? Just asking???

    Angelica–your article leaves me speechless—I’m not good enough with words to properly write a comment –other than ….HOW DO YOU DO IT? __ BEAUTIFUL!!


  38. jackryan4da said

    Hi DAKGAL – I also thought it was his “special garment” though am not sure they are allowed to show it. Perhaps another undershirt over his “special garment” But just the same, the open polo also surprised me


  39. MunkFOD said

    #37 Kari said it was a v neck t-shirt.. Hope that helps!


  40. Angelica said

    Thank you Dak! Just came from Nandito Ako chat. Nice going back together. Missed you!

    No he would never reveal anything but the outline of his garments under clothes. There are many different styles and if you notice on the Thought vlog, he chooses to wear a very low cut style. What you see on the I’ll Never Go video is a white tee on top. Hope that helps!


  41. poof said

    Angelica- When I see that you have written a post, I get a grip on my chair. I know you are going to tell me something I already knew, but hadn’t figured out yet. Thank you for putting yourself “out there” and sharing your thoughts and feelings. It helps me make sense of my own.

    So, if David is sending us messages through the songs, what about my favorite “heart ripping out of my body” song “Tell Me”. Is it for those fans who say they will be there for him when he returns, but won’t be? That he will “let it go with their goodbye”? ( forgiveness, acceptance, moving forward ) Interesting to speculate. Is there any human being more interesting than David? Or beautiful? Oh my, that cover.

    (I am typing with two hands and two improved elbows!)
    Thanks Angelica. Please keep sharing.


  42. bebereader said

    We had a big turnout for the “Nandito Ako” chat tonight! I saw scenes that I never saw before. Must have dozed off the first time I watched. LOL It really was so much fun watching together. Thanks to all who attended. Next Tuesday we will start off with Episode 6.

    Thanks again for the translations. It made all the difference for us here in the states to figure out the dialogue. With the translations, the scenes came to life for us. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

    Typing with two hands FTW! Glad you’re back in action.
    “Tell Me” is my favorite heartbreaking song, too on “Forevermore”. I never thought of it as a message song to the fans from David but your analysis makes sense. Now you have me thinking. Hmm…


  43. Betty said

    My mind is mush. Missed the Nandito Ako Installment. Any possibility of a rerun or copy or something to catch me up?
    If there were scenes you don’t remember, maybe they weren’t in the daily soap opera version. If they are getting the entire show ready to market, maybe it is just finally put together as they intended in the first place. Showing short bits every day on the show, I’m sure there were things spliced out of it due to time restraints, commercials, etc…
    Any way I can catch up? ideas? Thx. B


  44. bebereader said

    What am I still doing up? I think I caught the Josh/Anya fever!
    This is adorable!

    credit ohnopurple
    And that’s Colbie Caillat singing “Falling For You”

    Sorry you missed tonight’s chat! No plans yet to re-run. When that happens we will announce it ASAP. Meanwhile, you can use the link in #31 and watch the show 24/7.


  45. Betty said

    Sorry for the crazy hour…thanks for your help.


  46. jackryan4da said

    BEBEREADER – Oh it was my pleasure. Can’t leave you guys clueless while we spazz here in Manila 🙂

    I also had an NA marathon the last time we had a long weekend. I still got the “kilig” when I watched David “fall in love” or get angry, LOL


  47. Abrra said


    As Bebe mentioned, it runs continuously here

    Glad to hear you are progressing !

    This morning there was an update on my screen for Adobe Flashplayer ( a browser plug in). After I took the update, the chat rooms and you tube videos did not play for me in my Firefox browser.I’d suggest if you see this update come up, do not take it. I don’t know if it affects Internet Explorer the same way, but I wanted to post my experience. In order to see video’s again I had to do a system restore. Its a simple thing but not something most folks are comfortable doing. I will decline all further updates for Flashplayer for now. This is why I keep Google Chrome browser installed as a back up for viewing video.
    Abrra 653 days


  48. Betty said

    Bebe: Thanks for the heads up. Sorry I’m not swift enough to be in the “know how to find things”.

    Angelica: Meanwhile, I’m still blown away Angelica…are you a writer by profession? If not you should be and if you are, I’d love to read some of your work. I’m a nobody so I wouldn’t have any positive affect on your career–just a “somebody” mesmerized by your command of the English languish. The rest of us sit here with our mouths hanging open, knowing what we feel about David but struggling to express it. You come along and all we can do is nod yes with that hanging jaw! I’ve never read anything as beautiful. Thanks


  49. 48. Betty re:your comment about Angelica,
    “The rest of us sit here with our mouths hanging open, knowing what we feel about David but struggling to express it. You come along and all we can do is nod yes with that hanging jaw!”
    yep Betty, haha that would be us!
    ( I defer to Bluesky’s spot on comment at #2) on Angelica’s writing “Beautiful, articulate, mesmerizing, gut-wrenching and soul-comforting.”
    Angelica is an incredibly gifted writer♥ Just one of her many talents:))

    Loved watching Nandito Ako episodes last night with so many there.So much fun!

    ok, I have a confession to make.When I first took a gander(look) at the BEGIN. cd cover,my first thought was it doesn’t look like David. I was kind of startled for a sec. Something about the face, his nose, or the lighting or something. Call me crazy. I love the cover, but his face just looks different in this pic.does anyone agree? just wondering
    Or,am I nuts?
    Nevermind, don’t answer that.


  50. Abrra said

    If you can find The Voice you can click that link for Nandito Ako. 🙂

    I blame all errors on my iPhone

    Abrra. 653 days


  51. MunkFOD said

    It is official!!!!! yippeee! Same songs, different order! yay!!! I am so pumped!


  52. xaris2014 said

    Okay, I’ve decided to spazz about the tracklist. I’m unfamiliar with several of these songs, but I’d pay the full price of a CD just to have a good recording of David singing BOTW, Angel, and BSMS. Everything else is lagniappe as far as I’m concerned.


  53. MunkFOD said

    #52 Hi! Here is a youtube video list of the songs David covering.. not in the order on the official track list but maybe this will help! they are great message songs!


  54. Angelica #48 What Betsy said!!

    MunkFOD #53 Thanks for the You tube Playlist


  55. Abrra said

    I had the same first impression. Too much airbrushing and saturation. I agree with your critique. The eyes are too light and the angle of his head is strange which might explain the lack of definition of his nose. It reminds me of the technique used on CFTH cover art.
    I think its just the artistic style of the photographer here. I prefer the simplicity of Mart Clayton. He is able to capture the essence of David’s whole being in his work.

    All that being said, the cover art does portray David with a more mature look. It looks fabulous on the desktop full screen.
    I blame all errors on my iPhone

    Abrra. 653 days


  56. MT said

    I completely agree with Bluesky, Betty, Sky, and the rest of you about Angelica’s writing. She truly has a gift with words. I wish I was able to express myself so well and so beautifully.

    Love the article Angelica. I am not as big a fan of the minus one songs, I want that voice in everything I hear. But I can understand how you feel after reading this.

    I love the tracklist for BEGIN. and am really excited. He has taken on quite a challenge with these songs but I know he sang them beautifully for us. He would never release them otherwise, so I know we are in for a real treat.

    As for that cover, I love it! Yes, it looks a little different than the David we usually see. But perhaps it’s the beginning of a transition for the public so that they realize when he comes back he will be an adult, no longer a boy. I really like the slight 5 o’clock shadow, the cleft in his chin showing, the serious look, and that fabulous jawline. Oh, and the hair is gorgeous there. The eyes are a little strange for me. The pupils are so small, probably because of the light in his eyes. But it’s really beautiful. I can’t wait to hold that beautiful CD in my hot little hands. lol


  57. MT said

    One more thing, NA chat was fun last night. I want to add my thanks to JR for the translations. Without them it wouldn’t have been nearly as wonderful to watch. Thanks for all your hard work, JR! And thanks to our Admins for doing this for us. ♥


  58. djafan said

    Nandito Ako viewing party sounds like it was tons of fun! Wish I could’ve been there. Thank you Bebe for hosting!

    Munk, thank you for the playlist link! I’ve been listening to and just imagining David’s voice on these songs and I makes me want to scream! So excited.

    Poof, Happy to hear you’re able to use two hands!

    Dak, Have I told you how much I’ve missed you?? Well I have 🙂


    I must be completely biased or something lol I see all David here. The most natural, serene, confident expression on that gorgeous face. Maybe a different angle than we’re used and the eyes? I’ve seen them that color not of this world.

    Katie the album cover creator answered some fan questions. I like the answers 🙂

    @K_80 Are u sure about David A cover? Eyes are too light and scary, to be honest. Can you give us choices then fans vote for the best?

    @joableeson ha, well that’s what the kid looks like. sorry if it’s scary.

    @K_80 were the eyes photoshopped or was he staring into a light?

    @0o0bluedots0o0 staring into the light. (he is an angel, you know)

    @K_80 I have to ask… Did you put the 5 o’clock shadow on @DavidArchie’s BEGIN. cover or is it natural? He looks so manly. 🙂

    @northernangel1 @DavidArchie hahahaha. lord, i wish i had the skills to turn a boy into a man. that’s all D-Arch.


  59. bluesky said

    I agree with k_80: that’s all DA.

    He has the mad skills to appear as several different incarnations of himself. What else? His ninja “now you see me, now you don’t” skills extend to “which David do you see now?”. Devilishly clever of the little tyke, don’t ya think? Sneaks up on us and says “Boo!” just when we get all comfortable.

    Makes me happy. ^_^


  60. djafan said

    Twitter is a tweeting!

    Love these from Nandito Ako writer.

    MyDearWriter ‏@MyDearWriter

    MyDearWriter ‏@MyDearWriter
    My timeline is officially buzzing with excitement. There’s a ‘BEGIN Festival’ in the fandom. ☺

    MyDear Writer ‏@MyDearWriter
    BEGIN each day with a positive thought that no matter how BROKEN your heart is, life is still BEAUTIFUL. There is always an ANGEL out there.

    Kari says they’re all amazing. I believe her.

    Cindy #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie
    @kariontour do you have a favorite on BEGIN.??? I’m sure he knocked all the songs out of the park!!!

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @CanadianArchie Hard to say. They are all amazing. Cannot wait for you all to hear them.


  61. djafan said

    More! An orchestra!

    Bonnie ‏@archftw
    @kariontour Does @DavidArchie play piano on any songs on BEGIN.?

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @archftw @DavidArchie yes he does.

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @Maureen_abms yes, on a few of the songs.

    Maureen_#DA2014 ‏@Maureen_abms
    @kariontour Is an orchestra used in any of the songs on BEGIN.?

    Deseret Facebook,

    If you’re a David Archuleta fan, set your calendars for August 7th for his new album BEGIN and let us know if you “Like” the new cover for his album!



  62. djafan said

    Angelica, I listened to the minus ones and cried. It’s all your fault! lol David singing in the background repeating the lyrics wow. I also thought Angelica was a writer from the first time I saw her writings back in the Noting David days. I thank you for seeing, feeling and sharing your insights on David in such beautiful fashion. Now about that coughvideocough.

    More BUZZZZZ. Leave a comment if your so inclined. It increases his social media status.

    And this from Jonerz… I’m getting one!

    @kimak @KaleiLuvsHawaii @CanadianArchie @pabuckie Click “for preview” in lower left corner!!


  63. Abrra said

    I like this edit of the cover art. His eyes are more natural looking. Amazing what a slight change in the lighting can do. Nice job!

    @HanneDenmark ENLARGED @DavidArchie’s album cover for BEGIN. So different and looking his age ♥ ツ

    Abrra 653 days


  64. Angelica said


    Thank you for your lovely comment! And for everyone elses.♥♥♥
    I am sorry for not welcoming you earlier but I must have confused you with Betsy!

    Djafan, I lol’d at those responses to questions about the album cover! More on that later. Right now I have to run to the post office before it closes. Got a package for me! ;)


  65. Winniepoohbear said

    I know we all want to be polite, kind and respectful of the photographer who took David’s picture for the album cover, but I would rather be honest. What I am about to say is just my opinion and in no way meant to insult anybody including the photographer. I think the picture could have been taken in a slightly different angle. Somehow, David looks chubby and much older (as if late 20’s) than what he actually looks right now. We’ve all seen pictures and videos of him prior to leaving for his mission and he does not look like that. I love the lighting, background colors and all except the angle. I know it’s probably too late now to change the album cover, so I guess I just have to embrace and love it as long as it is anything David!


  66. skydancer1x said

    55. Abrra, “The eyes are too light and the angle of his head is strange which might explain the lack of definition of his nose. It reminds me of the technique used on CFTH cover art.” YES that’s it Abs!!!!

    Love the adjustment to the light in the edit. Lord knows he is gorgeous as all get out!
    I changed my desktop to the one at #63 ♥ I keep thinking its a darn good thing He isn’t looking directly “at us” in this cover or the sounds of fans falling off there chairs, would be heard everywhere. GAH!
    Dja, those tweets are funny.. love this one….
    @northernangel1 @DavidArchie hahahaha. lord, i wish i had the skills to turn a boy into a man. that’s all D-Arch. Hahaha

    53. thanks Munk! Can’t wait to get this cd in our hot little hands!eeek!


  67. Spirit said

    I’ve been out of town and on the go quite a bit lately (which helps the DA MIA time to go faster!), but have been lurking as often as I can.

    Angelica – Thank you for this beautiful article. I usually skip the minus one songs, but will listen to them with a new insight now.

    I love the track list for BEGIN. It’s going to be fantastic! But have to say that I’m still trying to like the album cover. Over the past four years there have been thousands of wonderful photographs taken of David that capture his spirit so beautifully. As others have pointed out, it may be the lighting or the angle, but this photo looks artificial to me. Just hoping that it grows on me!

    The Voice staff – I would like to request that you never remove the right sidebar picture showing David turning and smiling as he hears his song as a ringtone. It’s one of the first things I look at when I come onto the site and it ALWAYS puts a big smile on my face!!


  68. xaris2014 said

    WRT the album cover, I wonder if David chose it because it does NOT look like the thousands of photos of him which already exist. Perhaps the fresh angle and lighting reinforce the concept of ‘Begin’ or new beginnings. I’ve done a fair amount of photography, and one thing I have tried to teach my son when we shoot together is to go at subjects from varying angles so he doesn’t get a stock look. I like the photo because it’s a new look for David, but I can understand why others may not like it as much.


  69. SandyBeaches said

    The album cover picture of David is perfect. He obviously loves the songs that he has chosen that are also loved the world over. David will most likely take them to new heights renewing our love for the songs and setting his own bar even higher. They will sound like his songs making some previous recordings pale in comparison. Most likely David used all of his musical skills in recording this album.

    It is amazing how much attention he is receiving in absentia which is a testimony to the high degree of his artistry. I am thinking that the sales of this album will be over the moon.



  70. betsy said
    “American Idol celebrates it’s 10th Anniversary” – guess who is the only one pictured, top of the article. 🙂

    Also, take a gander at this music video – It’s called Emma Watson, it’s got a little surprise @1:25 ish.



  71. emmegirl14 said

    Angelica, you weave magic with your words. Beautiful.

    Love the cover – classy, serious, mature – slight mystical look to his eyes, the textured look of his skin, lips, shadowing that reveals every elevation in that beautiful landscape (not-to- mention the five o’clock shadow.) He truly is a man of a thousand faces. This cover will definitely draw a second glance on store shelves (and that is just the wrapping. an even bigger kaboom waits inside.)

    ♥ @MyDearWriter

    Cannot cannot wait for this album. That is all.


  72. Abrra said

    Sent to me by djbell. She found it on tumblr. She says to sit down while viewing lol


    Abrra 652 days


  73. bebereader said

    Let’s face it; the man cannot take a bad picture. David is a photographer’s dream. He doesn’t have a bad angle; his skin is flawless; he has a different facial expression for every day of the year, and then some. I can see why some are a little thrown off by the crystal-like appearance of his eyes but sometimes they look that way and this photographer went where others chose not to go when she dared to make his eyes a priority. There’s something surreal about the picture that I can’t define but I do like it for an album cover, especially the edited copy in comment #63. It shows a mature, introspective side of David. Bravo!


  74. betsy said

    I do not notice a difference in the edited picture. And I’ve studied it.
    (my eyesight is crappy though)
    I love that Katie. She’s funny. “It’s all D Arch.” I remember her tweet about staring into many photos of D’s eyes. Now I get it. 🙂

    Emmegirl ♥


  75. Spirit said

    Hmmm….I’ve spent some more time looking ……..gazing, staring, gaping…. at the album cover and have found that it is starting to grow on me! Don’t know how to explain it, but it is mesmerizing and intriguing…..just like David.


  76. poof said

    I think if i came across that album cover, and knew nothing else about the artist, I would Want that album. David finds fans in many ways. I think he has found a new one. I think it is stunning.


  77. loulou said

    I love the cover of Davids new album !! { he is the man } !!!!


  78. paulafod said

    Hi everyone! Just wanted everyone to know that JenLeighBarry has donated one of her amazing calendars to The Singer and the Song Project benefiting Camp ASCCA! One person will be chosen at random from the donors to receive one of her XL calendars. So very generous of her! As of yesterday, we had received a total of $1,160.00!! Ninety five percent of all campers receive some form of financial assistance, so every donation is so important!

    I’ve been out of town on business this week and feel a little out of the loop…but let me say….the album cover and the album song list are awesomage!!! Woo hoo!


  79. djafan said


    “The album cover picture of David is perfect.”

    I think so to.

    Poof, I agree. I think this picture will make even non fans stop and take a look and after looking at the track list buy!

    Betsy, confessing time lol I don’t either with or without my glasses.

    More BEGIN. buzz


    M Magazine


    Forevermore is Gold!

    Mika ‏@frozenat17
    David Archuleta’s Forevermore is now certified Gold!

    I’ll Never Go music video premier!!! Been listening to this and I hear Angelica’s words between David’s beautiful voice 🙂

    Published on Jun 13, 2012 by Juicedotph
    Watch our for the premiere of the music video of “I’ll Never Go” by David Archuleta on June 24, 2012, Sunday, 8 PM Manila Time on

    It’s also on David’s OS!

    “I’ll Never Go”, David’s new music video from the OPM album “Forevermore” will premier on June 24, 2012, Sunday, 8 PM Manila Time on
    In the meantime, watch the teaser below:


  80. djafan said

    Pocoelsy made a BEGIN. promo video! Very nice Poco!


  81. Angelica said

    Guess what came yesterday! It is beautiful! Photobucket

    Winnie, your autographed COS will be in the mail to you this weekend!

    Now I can finally finsh the last two Twilight books and start on the Hunger Games. I was kind of obsessed with the Twilight books but after the second book, a new obsession took over. It was like Edward Cullen vs David Archuleta <<< Photobucketand of course, you know who won that contest.


  82. djafan said

    Angelica…beautiful. The Archuleta of course! Cullen needs contacts for the “eye” effect our David is a la natural.


  83. MT said

    Angelica, Yayyy!!! It arrived, and it’s beautiful! Looks like the room matches the pillow. 😉 Very nice.


  84. djafan said

    Who would’ve ever thought we’d see these faces. I least I didn’t lol.


  85. bebereader said

    Congratulations, proud owner! Wishing you many hours of quality reading time while relaxing on that gorgeous pillow.

    Thanks for the tweets! Regarding BEGIN., Wonder which songs David plays piano on and which songs have an orchestra?!?!

    #67 Spirit
    “The Voice staff – I would like to request that you never remove the right sidebar picture showing David turning and smiling as he hears his song as a ringtone. It’s one of the first things I look at when I come onto the site and it ALWAYS puts a big smile on my face!!”

    We enjoy that gif too! It’s a nice reminder of one of djafan’s book signings. That smile is priceless and one I’m sure she will never forget. Haha

    #69 SandyBeaches
    “It is amazing how much attention he is receiving in absentia which is a testimony to the high degree of his artistry.”

    Ain’t that the cha-ruth?! Loving all the buzz!

    #74 Betsy
    I do not notice a difference in the edited picture. And I’ve studied it.”

    It’s all in the lighting, Betsy. The glare is almost gone in #63. Please check your email. 🙂

    #78 PaulaFOD
    WTG on donations for the camp!


  86. Angelica said


    I know, right? He don’t need no stinking contacts and he even has au natural fangs! It was in the early stages of my ODD, and as I read the books, I always saw David in the role of Edward Cullen since Edward was described as being so breathtakingly, dazzlingly, beautiful, that he almost seemed unreal. How could anyone be that beautiful? Come to find out, he WAS unreal, a (good) vampire with super human powers and extremely high morals and ethics. Very Davidian in that way. Then the movie came out and I was like, “That’s not Edward Cullen!” lol.

    Which leads me to my take on the album cover. EEEEEK!!!! There. he. is. Just as he appeared in my mind. Like others have said, there is something surreal about the photo. Beautiful but a little disturbing and that’s a GOOD thing. He needs to start disturbing some folks. It’s time for many who may have written him off as just that kid from AI, to Begin. to see him, REALLY see him in all his gorgeous, jewel-eyed, 5 o’clock shadow around that chiseled jaw and sculpted mouth, maturity for the first time. Like poof said, “I think if I came across that album cover, and knew nothing else about the artist, I would Want that album.” Be disturbed. Be very disturbed. Let it Begin.

    You know, Edward’s eyes would change color dramatically too. They would be really dark after he had fed, and light when he was hungry. That’s when he was most dangerous. Wait my bad. Tells you how many years it’s been since I finished the second Twilight book. I checked and it is when he is hungry that his eyes are black and they get light after he has fed on lions and tigers and bears and such. He gave up humans for humanitarian reasons. 🙂


  87. Angelica said

    MT, thanks but that’s not my room. That’s the original photo from the auction. I do have plans to redecorate the bedroom though with the go ahead from hubby. I think a color scheme in beige and black would be nice. 😉

    Oh yeah. On the album cover he also looks to me like how an angel would appear if one came down to earth to walk amongst us. But that’s not really fiction is it?


  88. 83.Angelica! YAY! The PILLOW, has arrived at its final destination. Looks right at home to me♥ :)))

    Daughter just left for work, time for me to crank up the volume on the cd player and fill the house with David! Maybe I’ll even give the cats a little *twirl*. “here kittykittykitty! I know you like it , you can’t fool meeeeee!”


  89. Angelica said

    This just in:

    @DavidArchie: Hey guys! Got the news about the Forevermore album going GOLD the first week in June and told David. (ks)

    @DavidArchie: Just had to wait until we had certification from the label to post his message! (ks)

    @DavidArchie: From David: That’s great to hear! Please let the fans know I say thank you for all of their support! (ks) Thanks everyone!!!


  90. skydancer1x said

    89.Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! great news Angelica. thank you!!


  91. Winnie Ward said

    Angelica, thank you so much! It means a lot to me! You and Kara are awesome! Hoping to meet you ladies one of these days! Take care!


  92. sweetonDA said

    I love the cover and I love the tracklist. This is going to be a fantastic album. I can just hear his voice already on all of them. I was wishing that David would cover Angel, but didn’t think it would happen. I’m in 7th Heaven knowing I’ll hear his voice on that on too.

    Angelica, once again you have delivered an extraordinary post. This is one I’m copying and putting with “all things David” that I have accumulated. Thank you for your wonderful insights and your love of DA.

    So, I was wondering if David will have someone singing with him on “Don’t Let Go”. I love that song, well I love them all. Anyway, I was sitting here thinking who would have been available on short notice and I thought maybe Lupe took on that part. What do you think?

    Poof, so glad you are getting better.

    I had my own little NA marathon last weekend. I copied all the episodes onto a DVD and watched them one right after the other for 3 nights. I even noticed some scenes that I didn’t remember at all. I was laughing, awwwwing and crying through it just like it was the first time. David is so handsome and got so good in his scenes. I say, bring on some more archu-acting when he gets home. 🙂

    okay, I’m off to put together a playlist of mp3’s of the songs David will be covering so I can listen and get real familiar with each of the originals. that way I can spazz when BEGIN. comes out and David owns them all. This is so much fun!!!

    First, I want to thank all the admin here at The Voice for all you do, and a thanks to all the commenters too. You all make my day when I come on and read your funny, thoughtful and beautiful posts.


  93. djafan said

    Buzz in Brazil!!!!

    David Archuleta divulga capa e tracklist do álbum “Begin”Em 14/06/12 às 15:15 Por: Leonardo Torres | David Archuleta, Yeah! Notícias SHOPlineCompre na Regards VIDEOSEntre no POPTube MAISAcesse a mais conteúdos 5

    O cantor David Archuleta, fruto do programa “American Idol”, deixou muito material gravado para ser lançado enquanto cumpre sua missão mórmon no Chile. Prova disso é a divulgação da capa e da tracklist de mais um CD.

    Com 10 faixas, “Begin”, como se chama o álbum, trará vários covers, incluindo “True Colors”, da Cindy Lauper, “Angel”, da Sarah McLachlan, e “Pride (In the Name Of Love)”, do U2. O lançamento está marcado para o dia 7 de agosto.

    Confira a tracklit:

    1 – “Beautiful”
    2 – “Somewhere Only We Know”
    3 – “Everybody Hurts”
    4 – “Don’t Give Up”
    5 – “Angel”
    6 – “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
    7 – Broken”
    8 – “True Colors”
    9 – “Pride (In The Name Of Love)”
    10 – “Be Still My Soul”


  94. djafan said

    And from ABC News Radio.

    David Archuleta Covers U2, Aguilera, Lauper, McLachlan on New Album, “Begin”

    David Archuleta is currently in Chile, serving a Mormon mission, but he’s left some music behind for fans to enjoy. On August 7, he’ll release an album called Begin, which is made up of cover versions of songs designed to “musically portray David’s connection with God.” David recorded the album before he left on his mission.

    Most of the tracks on Begin are big pop hits that have an inspirational flavor or message; there’s also one original called “Broken.” Among the hits Archie covers on the disc: Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful,” Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors,” U2’s “Pride (in the Name of Love),” Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” and Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t Give Up.”

    David wrote on Twitter that he hopes his fans are “excited” about the new disc.

    Here’s the track listing:

    “Beautiful” (Christina Aguilera)
    “Bridge over Troubled Water” (Simon and Garfunkel)
    “Pride (in the Name of Love)” (U2)
    “True Colors” (Cyndi Lauper)
    “Everybody Hurts” (R.E.M.)
    “Be Still, My Soul” (Sibelius)
    “Angel” (Sarah McLachlan)
    “Don’t Give Up” (Peter Gabriel)
    “Somewhere Only We Can Know” (Keane)
    “Broken” (David original)

    Copyright 2012 ABC News Radio

    Read On ABC News Radio:


  95. betsy said

    Winnie, they really are awesome. ♥


  96. emmegirl14 said

    GOLD! yabadabadooo!

    {waves} Betsy.


  97. Well my news is news to me and yes it was a surprise…Djafan, remember the bracelets that we gave out in Arizona? The black ones that were fashioned after the saying “Nobody Does It Better” and after a short thought on singing that to him (after him being away for so long),it was decided that the words on a bracelet would be “Nobody Sings It Better” and no one had to sing or we just changed our mind on to something else…

    Well, you can buy my bracelet on “David Archuleta Vietnam” merchandise page if you wish!

    Well like I said that isn’t much for news but is sure was to me when I saw the pictures. It is like looking in a mirror. So if you want one and didn’t get one, here it is, well the wording…Đã bán) vòng Nobody Sings It Better – David Archuleta, chất liệu silicon, màu đen.
    Giá: 59.000 đồng…I am pleased that they like it.



  98. PattiNC said

    Came back to David land just in time for all big news!! Survived my baby’s graduation without too many tears..that may change in 2 months when both my kids move out!! Just me and my 2 side; I can play Begin. In the house all I want!!!
    I LOVE the CD cover…shows the mature “on stage” David that most people don’t know exists. The setlist…oh my just love. I fell in love with that Keane song when Blake Lewis sang it on AI..David is going to blow these songs out of the water!! So excited!!


  99. dorazsea said

    Regarding Matt Clayton’s pictures which evidently are for “another project”…I’d bet money there is another CD coming out next year. After David left Jive and he said he was “building a foundation”, i think he was probably doing some recordings (remember he was in Jimmy Osmond’s studio in March of last year). Just don’t think BEGIN. would come out in August then nothing else the rest of his mission. David’s way to smart…he’s got something planned. 🙂


  100. pattiNC said

    Dang WordPress..above comment is me!


  101. cq#DA2014 said

    Dorazsea, I agree with you, I’m thinking we are getting something next year, too. We are such lucky fans.


  102. dakgal said

    Off topic—but a story:

    When I called my phone company today, to find out about overseas rates–a young man with a nice voice answered and said ” Hi, This is David, how can I help you?…………….WELL,I about swallowed my tongue and my brain froze!!! I’m sure there was even a little audible gasp. It took me quite a few seconds to regain my wits enough to continue with the conversation………..For someone with one David on their mind all the time –I was not expecting to hear that–threw me for a loop—–now how silly is that!!!

    So Abs —is the booth open? I think I need to spend a quarter. 😉

    Chapter two: My son , who lives in an apartment complex, was rudely awakened last night by the buildings fire alarm.
    Everybody in the building was out in the parking—–WELL — no fire—-It seems that when the LDS missionaries, who live there, came in the entrance door–one of their back pack straps had gotten caught on the fire alarm lever and set it off.

    The poor guy was so embarrassed—but said ” Well , at least I’ll have something to tell Mom about.


  103. Angelica said

    From our own winniepoohbear, her first video and she is SINGING the song to it!!! Beautiful job! Check it out!


  104. PattiNC said

    Dak..funny stories!!! At least he didn’t say “hey…it’s David here”. Lol


  105. dakgal said

    PattiNC –if he had said that——I might have had to go change something. 😯

    Angelica–you mean winniepoohbear is actually singing that song–for real—her very own voice?—very good indeed.


  106. betsy said

    Random OS news. 🙂 🙂

    Emmegirl “waves back”


  107. betsy said

    OK, 23 seconds into Winnie’s video and I had to stop it to comment.
    Really amazing pipes you’ve got there!


  108. Winniepoohbear said

    Hello! Vacationing right now but then I stopped by to peek here at The Voice and saw your comments about my video. Awwww, thank you! It’s amateurish but I’d do it for David/Jonya anytime. Just glad you guys like it!


  109. 103. Wow Winnie! You have a beautiful voice! Loved the video.You are really talented.

    102.Dak, funny stories,that phone call…haha
    Patty, you AND Dak, are cracking me up!

    106.Betsy, that is an interesting little tidbit there on the OS, how cool is that!? So many interesting and exciting things happening while David is away. It’s awesome.

    97.SB. Wow.I think that is really something♥ Fabulous.

    I don’t know why I am still awake! (why can’t I do this on Saturday nights?)


  110. djafan said

    Wow Winnie! I really enjoyed your video and your singing is very very good!

    David’s Elevator in commercial. It’s like it’s David time everywhere 😉


  111. djafan said

    SB, Well it’s sounds like news to me. How did that happen?!


  112. Angelica said


    Ka ching!!


  113. SandyBeaches said

    You have late nights and I have early mornings…

    Anyway Djafan, I don’t know ‘how’ but it is rather easy to reproduce!

    All I know is that there are no truer words that I can speak about David. Looking back through these few years one at a time and singer by singer…nobody sings it better…

    Your voice and video are lovely Winnie and now one of a kind!!



  114. SandyBeaches said

    #109…I meant to say, ‘thanks Sky!’



  115. FunnyGirl said

    Hello my lovely people!! Major glomping hugs! I have been so busy but the kids are almost done with school and I’ll be home more after next week! We are going to Disney next week – 1st time for the kids and we went on our Honeymoon 20 years ago! We just celebrated our 20th anniversary a few weeks ago!

    Angelica – your article is brilliant. You are amazing. I love every word.

    It is so good to see us all here, still alive, even though it feels like an eternity since he left. I cannot wait for the new album. I am ready to cry my eyes out. He always choses the best songs!! He is too much!!!

    Hugs to you all – be back soon! 🙂


  116. Abrra said


    Awhile back, this picture was posted on twitter. I wonder if this is David recording “Broken”. I sure hope so. It would be the prefect storm, singing his own song and accompanying himself.

    Awesome video with the right spice of your beautiful voice. Bravo!!

    Abrra 651 days


  117. Djafan, as a better answer to your question #111…

    I am checking out the legalities on selling the bracelets as the price is more than I paid and there was a middle man included. I don’t see how you can make a profit or charge for something that is not registered in David’s name or has his approval on it. I may be passing it along to Kari in my name only beause anything sold has to be profit for David directly.



  118. xaris2014 said

    Wow, Winnie! You have a beautiful voice. Thanks for the video.

    Abrra, the Kari confirmed on twitter that the pic in 116 was David recording Broken. Is it August yet?

    Have a good day all! I’m hoping to make it to chat if there is anything of me left after company leaves on Saturday.


  119. Angelica said

    Morning all! Helloooo, Funny Girl! Have fun in Disney and congrats on your 20th anniversary! Hope to see you around more now that things have settled down. You have been missed!

    Sharing this message from David for Brittany, posted yesterday on The Pinoy Archie site, by Kari



    RIP dear one.


  120. Winnie Ward said

    Thank you all for the nice compliments! David does inspire many people to do things they’ve never done before, including me. I’ve never done music videos or uploaded anything on YT before. I tried to learn how… for the love of David. What’s funny is that I love singing, but just like David, somehow I don’t like the way my voice sound. I guess it’s true for a lot if people (and that includes me) that we long for gifts that others have more than what God already bestowed upon us. Human nature. Unlike me though, David went out there to pursue what he loves to do that is why I admire him so much!

    If there will be a So. California fan get together at the end of June as mentioned on FOD, I would like to meet y’all there.


  121. Winniepoohbear said

    115 Funnygirl Happy 20th Anniversary! Have fun at Disney!


  122. angelofdja said

    Happy 20th Anniversary Funnygirl! Have a terrific time in Disney with your Family! 🙂


  123. betsy said

    The making of…

    credit to sdlighter


  124. Blueberry Ice said

    Angelica; Like Heidijoy, I’ll second what Betty said in #48 . It’s strange how I used to skip over the minus tracks but I’ve played the CD so often that now I can hear his voice fill that dead space in my mind’s ear so it doesn’t bother me as it used to. I know, I know, I hear ‘voices” … gotta see doc Abbra for help!

    Veeg; Hello to you in Sidney & thanks for keeping us up on any new info from where you are at!

    Pocoelsy; Nicely done on your video!

    Poof; Yay for two hand typing and improved elbows!

    Bluesky; #59 … “He has the mad skills to appear as several different incarnations of himself” which is why it’s hard not to marvel at how he does that so effortlessly and naturally.

    Paula; #78 … Wow! That’s great news for Camp ASCCA!

    Sky; #88 … Haha! Think I hear your cats squeeling all the way over here!

    PattiNC; #98 … Congrats on your grad! Sad for empty nest but you’ll have BEGIN. by then to keep you company.

    Dakgal; #102 … Love hearing about your phone call … those David moments happen to me too. He’s so intricately entwined in our brain cells isn’t he!

    Winnepoohbear; #103 … Gorgeous voice … hope you have more to share & so glad you got hooked on David because isn’t he the best! Disappointed that I can’t make it to SoCal gathering but maybe there’ll be another one.

    FunnyGirl! Woohoo … congrats on your 20th anniversary & wish you many more!

    I am so EXCITED for BEGIN! Somehow, this album feels extra special … for what David wishes to convey, for the original song Broken, the title seems to say so much & for keeping this connection with his fans. Sometimes for me the lyrics of a song gets lost in the music itself but when the tracklist for BEGIN. was shown, I printed them out for each song so I can understand why David chose them. I am overwhelmed. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive but there is so much food for thought … I am holding onto his heart closer than ever.

    Dja; So we’re twittering “We Will Never Go David Archuleta” for tonight at 8 pm ET? Great … was starting to miss seeing his name trend, lol!



  125. betsy said

    These songs David has chosen to cover are some of my favorite songs. With the exception of 2, they have all been favorites at one time.
    I love his taste in music.
    I feel like I have said this before. Sorry for my repetitive nature.
    p.s. He is going to KILL these songs. In a good way. 🙂


  126. betsy said

    One more thing before I head off to work.
    Do not miss this video! I dare you to not smile watching this new video. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    credit to brucileh17
    p.s. I forgot how great this song is. LOVE IT.


  127. bebereader said

    Deseret Books got to sit in on some of the songs David recorded for BEGIN. Here are some pics from their facebook page.

    “We got to tag along with David Archuleta today as he spent the last day in the studio before leaving on his mission.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “David Archuleta hits the studio one last time before leaving on his 2 yr mission. Such a powerful performer!”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “David Archuleta worked with Kurt Bestor and a string orchestra. Sounded incredible!”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “Kurt provides a little comedy just before David leaves the studio.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “Here you can tell David is singing his heart out. Deseret Book was grateful to be able to spend these moments with David before he leaves on his mission and we wish him well!”


  128. djafan said

    Betsy, smiling from ear to ear. What joy ♥

    Blueberry, YES!!! Trending party today!!! I was feeling guilty because we’ve been trending him once a week and didn’t last week.

    We Will Never Go David Archuleta ~ today at 8pm EST

    Get your tweeting fingers ready!!!

    Angelica, That poor girl and family. Some fan to think of David even under such heart wrenching circumstances and David’s message to her and us.

    SB, I’d like to think the intentions are good, they are die hard David fans. Hope all is in the up and up.

    Winnie, So Cali neighbor here! I’m hoping to make the June 30th date. Waiting to hear the details.


  129. bebereader said

    From Steve Robinson on Twitter (David’s ex-drummer)
    Working on the drum reel, and going through all of the @DavidArchie tour videos of 2011. (sigh) memories! I miss it! @kariontour


    Loving all the buzz for BEGIN!
    I’m impressed that ABC News Radio reported about the cd. (re comment #95)

    Great to see you! Missed you last Tuesday at the NA chat. Hope to see you this week.

    #103 Winnie!
    Loved your rendition of “The Look of Love”! If you have any more, please send them our way.

    Happy 20th Anniversary!
    Say hi to Mickey in Disney!!


    Trending party tonight 8PM EST!!!

    We’re trending this phrase:

    ”We Will Never Go David Archuleta”


  130. Abrra,
    I.forgot to mention before….. that tumblr at #72 is a killer! Mercy!

    124 Blueberry Ice!!♥ hahaha (cats try to pretend they don’t like to dance,but they doooo!)

    Congratulations on your 20th FG!!, Say hi to Mickey and the gang for us at Disney!

    Betsy,thanks for the smiley video. I could look at his smile forever♥
    and I agree,”he is going to KILL these songs, in a good way.” eeek I can’t wait!


  131. marlie7 said

    Just popped in to say hello and found that Smile video – brucileh17 made my day! What great pics of David!


  132. funfee said

    Hi everybody! Really enjoying reading everyone’s posts! Found out yesterday that I have a blood clot in my leg so will be doing a lot of sitting around for a while! 😦 Thank goodness for all the David stuff to read!


  133. tawna21 said

    Stopping by for a brief ‘read-thru’..Wow! some great comments, gold album info, videos, pictures, and a smiley video. 🙂

    That tweet from David re: Brittany stopped my heart and caused a huge lump in my throat. Prayers for her family. ♥

    Winnie, your video and voice are super! Please don’t stop at one!!

    Congrats to FG on #20! Enjoy the happiest place on earth. 🙂
    I’m about to double that, but hey! who’s counting at this stage of the game!!

    Funfee!! take care of that leg and do exactly what you are told to do and no cheating! Nurse Angelica will be watching, and I have a feeling she can be tough when she needs to be. 🙂

    Off to finish the afternoon



  134. MT said

    FG, Happy Anniversary! Have fun, and say hello to Mickey and Minnie for us. 🙂

    Winnie … What a beautiful video, and you did a great job singing in it! Love your voice. I wish I could sing on key. lol

    Betsy, I just love that video in 126. I have always loved that song and David’s smile is the best.

    130. Sky,
    “(cats try to pretend they don’t like to dance,but they doooo!)” hahahaha

    132. Funfee, I’m so sorry to hear about your leg. Praying it all works out okay for you.

    That is so sad about Brittany. Her message for David is beautiful and so is his reply. Rest in peace, Brittany.


  135. djafan said

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kurt Bestor ‏@kurtbestor
    We just finished mixing David Archuleta’s new CD “Begin.” Will miss working daily with such a great talent. La paz y la buena suerte, David.


  136. MT said

    Thanks for the Kurt Bestor tweet. I can certainly understand when he says “Will miss working daily with such a great talent.” Once you get used to listening to David’s voice every day, it’s hard to go without! haha

    Hmmm … I’m wondering if David will get to hear the songs before the album is released? Wouldn’t he usually have final approval? Do you think David will get to listen to them first?

    I am excited to for the release of Begin. but I’m not as impatient as I usually am. I guess it’s because I’m not through with the Forevermore album yet. (Not sure I ever wil be) That’s the album I’ve been waiting so long for, an album of love songs. His voice is so beautiful on them. At certain moments, I can almost see him in my minds eye, closing his eyes and opening his heart to release the passion for the words in those songs. *sigh* Can you tell I’m still in love with them all? lol ‘Cuz I am!


  137. MT said

    Oh, BTW, speaking of David’s songs on a Karaoke track, did you guys know there is a CD with the Karaoke track of Crush on it? I actually have one. I got it about two years ago when someone gave me a Karaoke machine and my grandson wanted some POP music to sing. LOL We were quite a sight singing those songs together.

    I got mine at Best Buy but it can be found on Amazon, too.

    Crush is third from the bottom on the right side of the list. 🙂 I thought I’d post it, just in case someone out there didn’t know.


  138. tawna21 said

    # 135 — “La paz y la buena suerte, David. ” (Peace and good luck, David). Why did that make my heart swell with love and my eyes fill with tears? David is sooo loved. ♥♥



  139. kaycee said

    Help! Life has taken me prisoner and is not being very sympathetic to my nightly “Voice Therapy” needs! I’ve sooo missed reading everyone’s wonderful comments and visiting with all of you on Saturday nights. I’ve tried to slip on here for a moment or two each day to catch the latest article (thanks and hugs to all the wonderful writers who have an uncanny ability to say what is in my heart) and pictures, but I’ve missed commenting and reading everyone’s comments. Thanks so much to everyone who keeps this fun and inspiring site going.

    I just had to share tonight with people who would understand…that no matter how rough a day I might have, no matter how stressed or discouraged I might be, there’s just something about that voice that makes me smile and makes me feel like everything is going to be all right. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten into my car at the end of a hard day, only to hear that voice from the car speakers reminding me “how beautiful life is for you and me”. Thanks, David.

    Hugs to all and just adding my full-on “squeeing” about the upcoming album! Can’t wait!!

    PS: I was out in 103 degree weather the other day, and thanks to Abrra’s candy jar, I was able to “keep it cool” by listening to the MKOC concert! Ah, such great times! And, somehow I had missed David’s rendition of “Chestnuts” for what must have been a VIP…Holy Cow! What an amazing impromptu performance!


  140. bebereader said

    Take care of that leg!

    Thanks for the karaoke link. I’m not really into karaoke but was so glad to see “Crush” included among all the hits on that CD.

    Kaycee, my fellow night-owl! You’ve been missed around here lately! Glad to see you tonight! Chestnuts was on the set list for some of the shows on the MKOC tour. For other shows David sang it at VIP.
    Oh snap! Now I have to hear it again! haha

    This is from the Irving Plaza, New York City show:

    credit djbell


  141. Winniepoohbear said

    Here’s a YT link to another David inspired music video – My Funny Valentine. Why I chose this song? Because David is my funny valentine…hahaha…I love the way he laughs, giggles and rambles about random things. He’s funny!!!

    I apologize for the quality (kinda muddy) as I had the song recorded a long time ago. Since I don’t have any picture of David because I haven’t met him or been in any of his concerts, I borrowed one of Nareejo’s pictures as video background. Although they are not David inspired, you can check out other music videos I uploaded on my YT channel MsPoochiesan. Hope you guys like them.

    Next chance I get, I’ll try to do a cover of one of David’s songs on Forevermore OPM.


  142. Abrra said


    Long time ago I made a slow motion video using Melinda Dolittle’s version. I like your version so much better!

    The teaser tweets have begun!
    @kariontour I BEGIN. with an idea and then it becomes something else. – Pablo Picasso.

    Abrra 650 days


  143. dakgal said

    OK—These kilt me—I’m daid for the rest of the day!!!!! The sound—Spaaaaaz—and THE VOICE




  144. Winnie, that was beauti-ful! I love that song. (I agree with Abrra, I like your version much better!)
    Abrra, that slo mo kept me glued to my chair.HA! I watched it more than know… in case there is a pop quiz at some

    Kayceeeeee♥ missing you around here! {{{hugs}}}back at ya. Watch that heat index out there, ‘specially when you are listening to David. haha .
    Thanks Bebe for posting that video of dj’s He is so fabulous. ~sigh~♥

    Have a great day everyone!


  145. skydancer1x said

    Dak heyheyheyyy! haha Thanks! I was watching tour videos yesterday.(checking out the screams whenever David would appear)
    ok, going back in …:)))


  146. skydancer1x said

    DAKKKKKKKK! this is the best video of WYSYLM that is out there,and SBM Thanks for finding these gems.
    DAID, omg
    Stick a fork in me,I’m totally done__________________


  147. Winnie Ward said

    Thanks Kara! I’ll check u’r vid when we get back 2 hotel 2nite.


  148. bebereader said

    Thanks for the AI Tour videos! Great sound! Saw those late last night; great find! There was one more, “Apologize”, Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA:

    credit pabloh007

    You have a lovely voice! Wonder how many more of David’s fans have talent?


  149. emmegirl14 said

    Winnie, good job on the videos, and goodness your voice is just beautiful.

    kaycee, happy to hear from you, missed you.
    …”there’s just something about that voice that makes me smile and makes me feel like everything is going to be all right”….it truly is a soothing balm. Rarely go a day without hearing it.

    Think I’m gonna have to have a This Christmas and The Christmas Song marathon tonight. Can’t wait.


  150. cq#DA2014 said

    So nice going down memory lane with the AI tour. I have to say it one more time: I LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA’S GOLDEN VOICE!!!!! there, I feel better, lol.


  151. Angelica said


    GET OUT!!!! Your voice is amazing! Hope you’re enjoying your vacay!

    Kaycee, good to see you again! Hope things calm down for you. I can totally relate to this:

    “I just had to share tonight with people who would understand…that no matter how rough a day I might have, no matter how stressed or discouraged I might be, there’s just something about that voice that makes me smile and makes me feel like everything is going to be all right. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten into my car at the end of a hard day, only to hear that voice from the car speakers reminding me “how beautiful life is for you and me”. Thanks, David.”

    That has happened to me so many times not to be real.

    Funfee, I hope you are staying off that leg! Tawna is right…Nurse Angelica is watching.



  152. Abrra said


    Abrra 650 days


  153. eeeek! that cat!! hahaha
    Funfee, I KNOW after seeing that, you won’t EVEN!
    Take care of that leg.♥


  154. Abrra said

    This was in my mail. I like the song by Kris Allen and the video 🙂


    Abrra 650 days


  155. Angelica said

    Nice vid! I used the like button and left a comment. Like the song too.


  156. Winniepoohbear said

    142 Abrra, thanks for the compliment, but I don’t think my version can be compared to Melinda Doolittle’s version. She’s professional and really really good. I sing in the shower! hahaha! I love the video you did, especially the slow motion effect!

    144 Skydancer1x, 148 Bebereader, 149 Emmegirl14, 151 Angelica – Thank y’all for your compliments!

    I regret that I did not follow David after AI; been busy raising kids. I could have been one of those screaming peeps on pabloh007’s video! hahaha!


  157. funfee said

    Here is a pic of my friend and neighbor, Val on her birthday! She loved the gift I made her!!!!



  158. Winniepoohbear said

    157 Funfee – Your gifts to your friend are awesome. I like the mug and the birthday card. Did you make them yourselves? How did you do them?


  159. funfee said

    Hi Winniepoohbear! I made them on, took pictures off the Internet! It was fun!


  160. Winnie Ward said

    Funfee – oooh oooh I want to have one done of the David cup. It looks really cool! I’ll do the same. Thanks for letting me know how you did it.


  161. Good Sunday morning!
    A shout out to our resident rooster RAY….Happy Fathers Day Ray!!!!
    Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads in our David Archuleta fan family.♥

    I love your gifts to Val! Boy, they turned out great! What is printed on the cup? I love the card! Gonna have to check that out. You were so sweet to do that for her♥
    (That’s such a cute pic of her.)


  162. angelofdja said

    Good morning and Happy Fathers Day to all Dads in David-land!
    I wanted to apologize for not saying goodnight in chat this a.m. My computer decided to disconnect right before Abrra was about to show something special! Dang-it! One more thing, I wondered if I offended when referring to David’s ”Church pants”? I only called them that because I remember that’s what David called them when someone questioned him. I’m hopeful the ”stoopid” comment wasn’t directed at me saying that.
    I love this site and get here as often as I can. The last four years have been busy with this wonderful David journey, and my hectic life! Thanks for being here.


  163. Angelica said


    No! You did not offend AT ALL! The “think we’re stoopid?” comment by me was aimed at David for calling them that when someone questioned him about them.

    I have to apologize for leaving sometime later without saying goodnight too, but my computer was working fine so I can’t use that excuse. It was so fun watching the old Ford commercials from AI, most of which I guess I missed from taking kitchen and bathroom breaks so as not to miss David’s performances. lol.

    Happy Father’s Day.


  164. Abrra said

    Some of us even pass out asleep in our chair 🙂

    We are there to let our hair down in chat! Never worry, just enjoy the company and David.

    Abrra 649 days


  165. angelofdja said

    I thought I was ODD enough to say that I have seen every video David’s face has ever been on! Hah! I was wrong! A good percentage of those Ford videos were new to me! It is more than possible my excuses for missing them were similar to Angelica’s, although there may have been some “dogs-need-to-use-it breaks too! Thanks Abrra! Your YouTube Ninja skills are the best!” 😉


  166. betsy said

    Happy Fathers Day to all fathers, father figures, and mothers acting as fathers. :)))

    Angelofda – it was so good seeing you in chat!
    Btw, I sneaked out without a word. Overcome with tiredness all of the sudden.

    Fee, glad to hear you made use of walgreensdotcom. 🙂 (i had to spell it that way, I want no pingbacks to/from them, lol)
    Off to that very place now
    Have a great day, all.


  167. MT said

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. I hope every one is having a great day with their families.

    That conversastion about the “church pants” has gone on more than once. haha It comes up every time that vid plays. Can’t prove it one way or the other, but they sure are some snazzy church slacks. LOL

    Abrra LOL Unplugged is a great place to let our hair down. Thanks again to all the admins and to our resident video guru, Abrra, for holding chat for us. For anyone who hasn’t joined in yet, it’s a great way to spend a Saturday night. You should try it! It’s always lots of fun. Although I do occasionally get put in the corner. 😉


  168. MT said

    I just saw that there is a David Archuleta blog in Poland!! Awesome! It just makes my heart swell to know he has so many fans around the world. ♥

    And I want to say Happy Father’s Day to David. I know he’s not a dad, but he cares about the children of this world and, through his charitable works, is doing what he can to help those kids who either my not have fathers or whose father’s are unable to provide the help their children need. His work with Invisible Children, Child Fund, Children’s Miracle Network and others benefit so many kids.


  169. djafan said

    Hello all!!!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve had graduation party’s back to back at my home so I’ve hadn’t had a chance to be online. You don’t want to know where I’m at sneaking in a few minutes haha. I’m going through withdrawals, my ODD needs a fix haha.

    Happy Father’s Day! Celebrating at my house with immediate family which entails the rental of tables and chairs lol

    Have a great day and see you all later 🙂


  170. Angelica said


  171. gladys1961 said

    thanks for the video, made ​​me think.


  172. funfee said

    Sky, I had “Happy Birthday Val, love Fi” printed on the mug! Thanks for chat last night everyone! It was great!


  173. ray said

    just got back from dinner son took me next week daughters turn,we will go over there ,wish some other guys would delurk how about it guys,thanks for the good wishes guys , had a good day,with that cry in his voice david is going to do us in ,with the new album BEGIN>


  174. Angelica said

    Glad you had a good Father’s Day, Ray. You are so right about those songs with his voice. I don’t think there is any way to prepare ourselves for it. Do they make Rain-X eye drops? How am I gonna get through this with that cry in his voice?


  175. Angelica said

    Speaking of R.E.M. – my favorite song of theirs and probably imo one of the best music videos ever made.


  176. betsy said

    #175 Angelica, I concur.


  177. emmegirl14 said

    Ray, sounds like a lovely Father’s Day.
    BEGIN. That cry. I will.


  178. marlie7 said

    Happy Father’s Day, Ray!

    #162 AngelofDA – Church pants – oh, heck no I wasn’t offended. Those pants have been a topic of discussion for the last 4 years /wink. It was nice to see you in chat!

    Had load of fun in chat last night – thanks for the chuckles and (sigh) gorgeous videos of David. Abrra knows how to pick ’em!


  179. betsy said

    Emme I was just thinking of you, as I was in an Anaheim This Christmas vortex. 🙂
    Then the memory of this popped into my head and I had to watch it.
    Oh David. Be kind to us with that cry in your voice. It’s ALL OVER the place in this Crazy.

    This was, for me, his best ever performance of Crazy. Even though he was hemmed in, and all the loud talking, he lost himself in it. Glad he felt like being loud.


  180. bebereader said

    It’s been a busy day!
    Wanted to get this in under the wire, before the day is over…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hope everyone had a relaxing day.

    Remember to join us this Tuesday, June 19 for the second installment of “Nandito Ako” at 10PM EST.


  181. Angelica said

    #179 Betsy, I concur.


  182. betsy said

    love ♥


  183. emmegirl14 said

    betsy, you are a gold digger.
    and I mean that in the nicest way.


  184. Betty said

    I got my calendar. Love it. I don’t speak spanish and would appreciate a translation on the words from David’s grandfather that are in the calendar I purchased. Thanks. Betty


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