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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ Chords of Strength for Rising Star Outreach

Posted by voiceadmin on Wednesday, May 23, 2012




How many of you remember those words….the first words you probably read on the inside of the jacket of David’s N.Y. Times Bestseller… “CHORDS OF STRENGTH”?

As we opened to the introduction, we saw David’s first heartfelt words:

“I have no idea why I’m doing this, but I know I need to be doing it for some reason.” David Archuleta

The reason to me was loud and clear. No other person has ever inspired me the way David has. I have been around many years now, and have not ever felt the power of another person …as I have felt with David. His heart is full of wisdom, honesty and purity. To share his thoughts, experiences and dreams with fans and others…in a book…. was a beautiful gift. It felt as if he were chatting with us…. anywhere in our WORLD. The readers were treated to his strength of character  and inner spirit. We could even feel the warmth of his smile and see his glow as we turned the pages….even the ones without pictures.

The picture he painted for us…was real. David is real….and that is what we love about him. He definitely left a “heartprint” with us in this book….as he has done with every song he sings and how we watch him live his life.

His wonderful personality captured our attention …and we didn’t want to finish the book and have it all over.

Are you ready to read Chords of Strength for a second, third or maybe even fourth time? How about giving his great book to family and friends who are graduating from high school or college this year? It is a special book to give to people of all ages…for any reason…or just because it feels so good to introduce David to others. Let’s all create more buzz for David during this special time of Chords of Strength’s 2nd anniversary. I am sure there are many of David’s new followers who are not aware that he has written a book. Now is a great time to let them know.

To celebrate the anniversary of David’s bestseller, which is June 1st, one of David’s fans has created a special book pillow to put up for auction. Another fan has generously donated an autographed copy of Chords of Strength. The two of them will be auctioned together for two weeks prior to June 1st. The proceeds of this book pillow and book will be given to Rising Star Outreach (RSO).

David and his mother spent some time at this school in India during Jan. of 2011. They were there to help celebrate World Leprosy Day. They walked the Pathway of Hope that was built in part from bricks donated by many many fans.  They spent time with the children in the school, as well as helped the people who have been afflicted with leprosy. Many of David’s fans have continued to support RSO with sponsorships, bricks and other donations for their new school. This is one of the organizations that has been dear to David’s heart. They still need our help…so we are hoping that fans will help contribute with this auction…. keeping David’s caring spirit active while he is away.  Please pass the word around to others via twitter and help us help others.

You will not only be giving to others….you will have a chance to receive a one of a kind special remembrance to celebrate David’s NY Times bestseller….  “Chords of Strength”.



It is a large pillow that is approx. 21 x 21 inches. David’s sillouette is the centerpiece of the pillow…bordered with piano keys and musical notes. The pillow is all black and white.

Attached are rawhide Chords (of strength) that will hold a book while you read it ….or just use it to decorate your home.

The back of the pillow is made of black denim, and has two pockets. (not shown in pictures)

Included with the pillow is David Archuleta’s …..NY Times Bestseller….”Chords of Strength.”

The proceeds from this auction will be given to Rising Star Outreach….whose main office in now located in Provo, Utah.



Bidding ends June 1st!

The donor of this pillow for auction wishes to remain anonymous.

113 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Chords of Strength for Rising Star Outreach”

  1. Abrra said

    This is a wonderful project! Who needs a Kindle, give me a David pillow! I’m IN. 🙂


    Abrra 674 days


  2. betsy said

    This is a lovely project. ❤
    Thanks for telling us about it.

    "May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace. May your troubles grow few as your blessings increase." #IrishBlessing

    (just something I saw and liked)


  3. MT said

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s wonderful to see that fans are doing such generous things in David’s name. The pillow is lovely, and the silouhette of David from the cover of his book was a really nice touch. I hope it makes a lot of money for this worthy cause.

    I really like that Irish Blessing. Thanks for sharing.

    A – Archuleta fans ♥


  4. Angelica said

    Piwwow nice! I could read in bed and then curl up with that. 🙂 I always have to have something to hug against me to sleep. Sure beats the plain blue oval pillow I got from Bed, Bath and Body. Love the chords of strength used to hold a book open too. Sweet! It’s now at $80.00 hmmm… I know we can do better than that!


  5. Angelica said

    Lest we forget. I just love his quote on the back cover of Chords of Strength…

    “There are no hot lights shining in my eyes, no microphone being held up to my face, and no screaming media people barraging me with questions. It just you and me.”


  6. cq#DA2014 said

    Just love the wonderful relationship David has created with his fans. He’s one in a billion.


  7. bebereader said

    What a neat way to keep David’s name out there!

    Has it already been two years? I went to the book signing in New Jersey the very first day COS hit the stands, June 1, 2010. Here’s my recap:

    Which reminds me that I really want to read it again. I read it quickly when I received it because we were having a chat about it in TVU that night. For the second read I’d like to savor every word on every page.

    That pillow looks very comfy now….


  8. Abrra said

    I’d pay $100 for a picture of Angelica curled up and hugging a blue oval pillow 😉 Make it happen!

    B- Bed Bath and Body

    Abrra 674 days


  9. skydancer1x said

    Thanks for letting us know about this guys! RSO ,is so close to Davids heart, and one the fans feel a close heart connection to I think, with the “Pathway of Hope”
    aww The 2 year anniversary of COS! wow. I hope these two years we are going through now, as we WAIT for David, go by as quickly.
    I I have actually been re-reading COS for the past 2 weeks or more. Just read a little each night to savor what I have read.♥
    2.Betsy, I love that Irish Blessing, thanks for sharing it!
    7. Bebe,”That pillow looks very comfy now….” yes, it does…

    8. Abrra,haha! “I’d pay $100 for a picture of Angelica curled up and hugging a blue oval pillow Make it happen!”

    Angelica♥ “There are no hot lights shining in my eyes, no microphone being held up to my face, and no screaming media people barraging me with questions. It just you and me.”
    (I love the back cover picture including that quote, on the back of the book♥


  10. skydancer1x said

    so we must have
    C- reading COS with a COMFY pillow


  11. gladys1961 said

    SandyBeach (thanks, I have no more words to thank you)

    DAVID + You have become a part of my soul +

    In the morning the mail brought the bracelet, thank you very much. Photo of david is beautiful and the message too.
    This gift means a lot to me, I feel I am part of something great and that feeling makes me feel very very important.
    long ago that I did not feel this.
    Of course, thanks abrra, for having me in mind.
    Girls of the voice, I have them in my heart, to all.

    I’m thinking about doing a video with all my possessions.


  12. djafan said

    What a great project! I love COS and I read it lots lol

    I still get the chills when reading this. “It’s just you and me” What an incredible young man.

    “There are no hot lights shining in my eyes, no microphone being held up to my face, and no screaming media people barraging me with questions. It just you and me.”

    D David James Archuleta


  13. djafan said

    3 Forevermore’s and bracelets have been gifted to South America. I have a story to tell about this but more on that later. What has happened is that I have two more requests for Forevermore and bracelet from South America. So does anyone have a Forevermore CD for gifting and SB do you have two bracelets to spare? If so email



  14. djafan said

    I miss him.

    Published on May 23, 2012 by ohnopurple
    It’s been a while since I made a Jonya fanvid. So while I still have time before school starts, I decided to make one! I miss Nandito Ako :\


  15. Abrra said

    Memories of AI7 from @SunnyHilden

    Another fun Idol 7 Finale memory with David Archuleta’s family, friends & future brides:)

    Recalling the joy of being there & voting for 4 hours for @DavidArchie after his Idol Finale

    Abrra 674 days


  16. SandyBeaches said

    Gladys…I am so pleased that you have received it!! I was waiting to hopefully hear from you.

    It was mailed on May 7th so we can see how long the mail takes!

    Yes Djafan I have 2 more for you! Mail going out tomorrow!



  17. Dayzee said

    So nice to see the RSO pics. What a great cause this is and there is our David showing us by example.


    Djafan, I miss Nandito Ako too. Great to know Abrra has it available for us.


  18. gladys1961 said

    ohhhhhh almost forgot

    Abrra, thanks for the link, of Nandito ako in Spanish, I discovered that reading English is not that complicated. In my head I had almost all conversacions translated.
    Well, not all but most. And I found also that chapter two, is also translated in full, I say this because there was no translation in English in some parts of the chapter.
    Sandrita Congratulations and thank you very much to Abrra for the tip.


  19. archiesfan4life said

    Bebe #7 – two years since that book signing! I miss you 😦


  20. MT said

    Did any of you watch the AI finale?

    Awww, They showed David’s face. ♥ 🙂 It showed him as one of the few that Randy said could “sing the phone book.”

    F – David’s Face on Idol Finale. 🙂 😀


  21. gladys1961 said

    What is the name of the drink takes sunny? or will sleep in a capsule filled with formalin??
    She has not changed anything. She is always the same. It has the same hair color, the color of my hair only lasts 3 months, and is a miracle.


  22. bebereader said

    Yes MT, I saw the Idol finale tonight! The entertainment was good but the best part was when they showed David on the screen and said he was able to sing the phone book!

    Ahh to see his face on the TV screen again makes me miss him even more!

    Archiesfan4life, I miss you too! We had a blast together that day at the book signing!


  23. pocoelsy said

    Hello all,

    Delurk for a bit, thanks to Abrra who encourage me 🙂 I need a push hee hee , sorry haven’t commented in a while but lurk here at any chance I get (like everyday haha).

    Thank you everyone here who keeps the “house fire” burning so brightly, David has the best fans any artist could wish for ❤ <3.

    Not good with words nor making vids but at least making vid I don't need to worry about the grammars or open dictionary very so often haha so I make some vids as my way to say I'll be here waiting for his return in 2014. Here is one of my works I did a while ago, hope you like it 🙂


  24. Angelica said

    Gadys, I don’t know but she’s drinking the same stuff his mom drinks.


    “I’d pay $100 for a picture of Angelica curled up and hugging a blue oval pillow 😉 Make it happen!”

    Make it happen indeed, for as it happens, a thought occurred to me this morning along those very same lines that I have been mulling over all day. Not the picture though. I have already posted pics of me as biker chick, red hat mama and in a swimsuit with boots. I think that’s more than enough, especially when we have a subject muuuch more photogenic than moi to look at. But I DO have a clever plan to raise the bidding for the auction to help RSO AND make it easy and affordable for everyone to participate. 🙂 Here then, is my cunning plan. Everyone on the site pools their resources and together we come up with enough money to buy the pillow. Only consider all the money we are saving this year on concert tix, VIP’s, hotels, dining, gas, car rentals and airfare! And it’s for SUCH a good cause. Once we obtain the pillow, all of you donate it to me as a gift. Isn’t it perfect?

    Taking back my earlier statement above, for that I would pose curled up with BOTH pillows wearing a swimsuit in boots and a red hat on top of the Hog.

    G Grinning and Grateful


  25. tawna21 said

    SB #16…How interesting that it only took a couple of days for Gladys to get her bracelet in Argentina than it did for me here in central Utah..not to mention that other parts of Utah, and even California got their’s sooner…interesting mail system here in my little ol’ town. :/ Oh well, I got them, and I’m finding mine fits really well on my wrist. 🙂
    Thank you, again



  26. MT said

    23. pocoelsy
    Loved the video! Thanks for sharing.

    “Once we obtain the pillow, all of you donate it to me as a gift.” hahahahaha Sounds like a plan!!


  27. tawna21 said

    Pocoelsy, your video is beautiful! I love the pictures, clips and music that you used. It all came together perfectly (hard to go wrong when David is the subject). 🙂



  28. fenfan said

    Hey SandyBeaches I got the bracelets! They arrived yesterday, 23 May. Love them and the gorgeous pix! Thank you Thank you Thank you so much!!

    #23 pocoelsy that’s a lovely video. I enjoyed watching it. Think of Me is one of my favourites.


  29. Abrra said



    David’s face made a brief appearance on the Idol finale last night. Karin captured it from her TV. David is at :15

    My favorite, Skylar, was not in the final 2 . She had a great duet with Reba McEntire where she gave an dynamic performance. I am still trying to understand why PP was there and not Joshua. Congrats to Pp on the win. Congrats to Jessica for joining the club of number 2’s. Not a bad place to be, right? Good luck to both of them.

    Abrra 673 days


  30. SandyBeaches said

    Tawna….but you received the bonus gift!! Our big boy Captain doesn’t share with everyone!!

    Fenfan…that’s great!! Your card had a very long trip!



  31. skydancer1x said

    29. Abrra, wow. He looked so awesome that night♥ Great pic.(was he singing Apologize in that second pic?) and the first handsome.
    nice neck shot huh, Dayzee?

    Abrra, I loved Reba and Skylar’s song last far as duets(Ms.Holiday scared me though)
    I believe that David was the first one who ever had “you can sing the phone book” said about him, by Randy. David of course had alot of “first” comments from all the judges.♥ Loved seeing his face on the monitor last night.♥
    “Congrats to Jessica for joining the club of number 2′s. Not a bad place to be, right?” :))

    Angelica, ROFL! hahaha!

    Pocoelsy, good to see you:)) beautiful video.beautiful song,beautiful David.~sigh~♥



  32. xaris2014 said

    Good Morning All! After unpacking my son from college last weekend and helping him repack for a trip, I finally have a quiet morning. I swear, at one point I just had to ask if his college had any washing machines on campus. I’ve been saving COS to read again during this extensive drought, so I’m looking forward to starting it tonight.

    Djafan, I emailed admin last night that I do have extra Forevermore CDs if you still need them.

    Betsy, here’s another Irish blessing my family always liked:

    “May those who love you always love you. And those who don’t, may the good Lord turn their minds. And if He can’t turn their minds, may He turn their ankles so you’ll know them by their limping.”

    Probably tells you all you need to know about my family…



  33. Angelica said

    Xaris, LOL! I think I would like your family.

    Sky, yes. He is singing Apologize in the second pic. Never get over that entrance and performance. Never. And I don’t won’t to.

    MT and Sky,

    Y’all think I’m kidding? To quote Jacobo from “The Count of Monte Cristo, “How is this a bad plan?”


  34. emmegirl14 said

    Angelica, haha! When you posted “the plan” it I actually thought it was a great idea, even if you were only joking. If we pooled our money if would be a wonderful contribution to his charity. I am cool with wherever the pillow goes as long as it is to a loving family. 🙂


  35. skydancer1x said

    haha Angelica, hey, I’m in! to quote David after singing Imagine…(and I am imagining,haha)
    “more than anything..ah that was worth it♥”

    34. let the ‘pillow pool’ begin Emme!:))


  36. betsy said

    He is such a love – I hadn’t seen in in a long time. The EKS Challenge in DC. The fist pumps, the high fives, the beautiful words he speaks to them when he sits down at the keyboard. I love him.

    credit to daai08 – thank you x 100000


  37. betsy said

    Angelica, I am in. If you promise to use the word cunning a little more. 😉 (it reminds me of Little Women)


  38. skydancer1x said

    Think David should go for a swim here. Where is Algarrobo,Chile?? 95 in Texas today. Looks like a good place for a vacation,si?


  39. goodkarmaseeker said

    Pocoelsy, #23. I loved your video. In the middle of a busy day getting ready for family to come, there was your video and it was a wonderful gift. It made me smile, that great big special David way and just feel sparkly. It also made me cry when David was thanking everyone of his fans and getting ready to leave.


  40. breanne said

    Summer, one of the djs from @WISE_RADIO, is asking their listeners to email their requests for the artist they would like featured on Thursday, May 31st. Use all your email addresses & be sure to let her know you want David to be the featured artist. You can send in your requests today & tomorrow. Their email address is: David & Lee Dewyze were the #1 requested artists of the week on their station this week. If you are on twitter, follow them & when you notice they are taking requests, be sure to tweet them your requests for David songs. I have requested 4 of David’s songs in one tweet.


  41. tawna21 said

    SB, Please tell Captain ‘thank you’. I will treasure his gift (really, it’s stuck on the back of David’s pic) forever. He’s a very good friend to share. 🙂

    Angelica,,, the plan … you should work for the government, they could use someone with a ‘plan’ that involves the wise use of other peeps money 😛



  42. Dayzee said

    Tawna you are onto something there. Angelica for president!!

    It’s so great to come here, just put my feet up and soak in the ambiance. Lovely David pics, Sky looking out for neck sightings. The daily videos that appear here always brighten my day. Thanks to all who keep this site so special.


  43. bebereader said

    I just read a good article about “American Idol” and the WGWG (White Guy With Guitar) factor. David was mentioned so I’m attaching here.

    The issue with a WGWG winning year after year (starting with Cook, then Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty and now Phil Phillips) is that they’re chosen according to popularity, not talent. When that so called winner gets out into the real world and starts making music, can they sell records based on their popularity alone?

    ‘American Idol’: Why Phillip Phillips And The White Guy With Guitar Trend Are Bad For Business’

    Posted: 05/24/2012 8:47 am

    by TheLaura Prudom.

    Associate Television Editor, The Huffington Post

    “Last night, America crowned Phillip Phillips, the 21-year-old pawn shop worker from Georgia, as the latest “American Idol.”

    This should’ve come as a surprise to exactly no one, given that Phillip is now the fifth in an uninterrupted line of “White Guys With Guitars” who have snagged the coveted crown over the past few seasons. I was noting the bias towards “WGWG” way back in my recap of the Top 24 — although in those halcyon days, I was foolishly giving the edge to Colton, just because he was more conventionally attractive (and more annoying), even going so far as to note: “He’s white, male and can play an instrument, so he’ll probably win.” Close enough, right?

    Clearly, I was discounting the sympathy votes Phil-Phil would earn for his kidney problems, but I did note that he had one of the stand-out performances in the first live round. I’ve enjoyed a number of his renditions over the course of the competition, but I haven’t had a horse in this race since Elise Testone was eliminated, so I’ve been watching the season progress with an air of detached interest, wondering if Jessica might be the one to break the cycle. This show has always been a popularity contest more than a talent contest, with the attractive, marketable guys given an edge, even over superior voices. David Cook versus David Archuleta; Kris Allen versus Adam Lambert; Lee DeWyze versus Crystal Bowersox; Scotty McCreery versus Lauren Alaina, and now Phillip Phillips versus Jessica Sanchez; in most, if not all cases, the artists with superior range or technical ability lost out to an army of increasingly indistinguishable White Guys With Guitars, each (with the exception of country crooner Scotty McCreery) trading in the same inoffensive soft/alt-rock melodies that can easily get lost in an already crowded male marketplace.

    Why is this an issue, you may ask? Why not let the excitable teenage girls (and the older women who should probably know better) have their fun and flood the phone lines with votes for these attractive, guitar-plucking fellas? Simply put, because those attractive, guitar-plucking fellas don’t actually do that well once they’ve ventured out of “Idol’s” protective embrace and are expected to sell albums under their own steam — and that’s a problem for “Idol” as much as for the winners themselves.”

    Read the rest of the article here:

    How ’bout a little Sunshine?

    credit QuinnBlairWaldorf

    Loved MyDearWriter’s tweet last night:
    MyDear Writer ‏@MyDearWriter

    When you are destined to be a star, you will SHINE no matter what.. even when you go on a 2-year mission. #DavidArchuletaIsATrueStar

    Stay tuned to see if it we will try to trend it on Twitter.

    Pocoelsy, Please delurk more often. I really enjoyed your video!

    Skye, Huge pool! Isn’t it winter in Chile now?

    Breanne, Thanks for the link to WISE radio!

    I Imagine


  44. loulou said

    Hi every one hope you all have a wounderful week end !!!


  45. pocoelsy said

    Hello all,

    Thank you so much for taking your time to watch my video, I enjoy making them and yes Tawna21 it’s hard to go wrong when David is the subject…look at the pics at #29 Abrra post…can I say perfect!!!

    Thanks for bringing that blog here. So The guy with the guitar won again this year !!!mmmm.
    I don’t watch AI anymore lost interest after season 7 , but heard about the guy who (try) sang “imagine” cause there’s a lot of buzz …apparently not a good buzz for him but for our David!!!, So the winner is WGWG again!!!, Idk, when we’re in the car with the radio on I always have to ask my daughter..who sing this song Daughtry, Cook so and so,,,and we looked at each other and laugh cause sometime we have no clue haha they all sound the same. I take the guy who plays piano -sing like an angel-has a smile that can light up the whole world…anytime 🙂

    Have a good day or night everyone 🙂


  46. potluck8 said

    I agree with most of the WGWG blog with the exception that David Aachuleta was and always wii be more ATTRACTIVE than David Cook


  47. Angelica said


    “Angelica,,, the plan … you should work for the government, they could use someone with a ‘plan’ that involves the wise use of other peeps money.”

    If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve. But thanks for the endorsement!


  48. Abrra said

    Sorry, I have been away from the site today. Here is a gem of David at the finale singing Apologize!

    And this is for Angelica. I put this in the Candy Jar by request just now.


    Abrra 673 days


  49. djafan said

    Thank you for the CD’s the first two that emailed me 🙂 And SB thank you for the bracelets. I’ll be mailing them out as soon as I get them. I’ll be giving you all the details of this wonderful project that was born because of David’s wonderful fans!!!

    Pocoelsy, I love watching David fan videos, thank you 🙂

    Betsy, David is so genuine interacting with those great kids. His compassion shows.

    Hey Breanne! Nice seeing you here 🙂 Thanks for the wise radio info.

    Bebe, I guess we like singers who can sing or in my case a singer who can sing the phone book! I was shocked they showed David.

    Potluck, David definitely is the attractive one 🙂


  50. Dayzee said

    Bebe, nothing like a little sunshine on a cloudy day. TY

    I spent an hour trying to find David on my Tivo’d AI from last night. Finally found him. His face was there for such a short time, but by stopping it and going forward one step at a time I could make his blink last for two minutes. Super!! This stuff keeps me so busy I don’t know when I am going to do that laundry.


  51. Abrra said

    Kari tweeted a memory 🙂

    @kariontour My first trip with @DavidArchie first stop Singapore! ‪#throwbackthursday‬

    EEK! Gives new meaning to the word Crush 😉

    @kariontour 1st time in Manila w/@DavidArchie playing the SkyDome where we got @ go back when he performed on Talentadong Pinoy

    Our very own PaulaFOD painted David’s portrait. Nicely done, Paula!


    Abrra 673 days


  52. tawna21 said

    Abrra, if those 2 big boys came together at the same time, David would look like a crushed can of Crush headed to the recycle bin! EEK! is right!!



  53. Abrra said

    Those are his bodyguards LOL



  54. Yikes! that Crazy gives me chills. I love the break in his voice at 2:29 gahhhhh! chills all over me! that night he was a wee bit hoarse from talking he said. Well, phpttt! I say allergies ftw on Crazy! that was an awesome performance.

    Bebe, haha yes, would be cold over there in Chile , I tend to forget. Got carried away when I brought that link over here..(
    mea culpa admin)
    all it took was seeing where it was on Yahoo CHILE this morning CHILE and wee hee!
    awesome though isn’t it?I didn’t know such a ‘pool’ existed. My kind of water(no fishies swimming around to nibble at your toes, or anything to bite you or sting you or bump into you! no seaweed… David wouldn’t get into a bathing suit nevermind.haha

    Pocoelsyand Potluck, agree on both counts, Cook, Daughtry, whoever…they start to all sound the same.
    and yes ,David is the more attractive.of like… everyone, anyone, that has ever been on that Idol stage♥
    Maybe its because I did watch this season, but by the end of AI. I was already tired of everyone’s “sound”Plain and simple, there just isn’t anyone else I really care about listening to anymore, but David.
    My other cd’s of other artists.. just sat around collecting dust, until I finally just packed them all away in a box, except for David’s. Why keep just dusting them off? I get everything I need from Davids music alone.Crazy.


  55. skydancer1x said

    wow! huge pics, fabulous!
    I am so impressed with PaulaFod’s painting. Holy cow! beautiful


  56. bluesky said

    Dear DA

    It has been a day. It has been several days.
    Thanks for making me smile.



  57. djafan said

    Blue, hope things get better.

    Dak and Silverfox, hope all is well with yous to and everyone else we haven’t seen for a while, miss you all.

    I hadn’t seen this one in a very long time.


  58. Angelica said

    (((Bluesky)) glad he made you smile. Hope you have better days ahead.

    Paula, stunning painting! Can’t wait to see the final results.

    Sky, I made that pic from Chile you posted my desktop at work. Hijoles, that is a big swimming pool!

    Now I must confess for real and for all that my “cunning plan” was a joke. Betsy, does that phrase remind you of Little Women? I get it from the hilarious British sitcom, The Black Adder, featuring Lord Edmund Blackadder and his trusty squire Baldrick, who is always coming up with a cunning plan that usually fails miserably. Rowan Atkinson plays the Black Adder, Tony Robinson, Baldrick, and His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales is played by Hugh Laurie of “Bones” fame here in the US. Funniest British sitcom ever, and that is saying something. Here are a few lines from the series:

    Blackadder: “Baldrick, have you no idea what irony is?”
    Baldrick: “Yes, it’s like goldy and bronzy only it’s made out of iron.”

    Blackadder: “Mrs M, if we were the last three humans on earth, I would be trying to start a family with Baldrick.”

    Blackadder: “Let’s try again. If I have two beans and then I add two more beans, what does that make?”
    Baldrick: “Umm… a very small casserole?”

    Flashheart: “She’s got a tongue like an electric eel and she likes the taste of a man’s tonsils.”

    Prince George: “What can I do to a woman that I can’t do to you?”
    Blackadder: “I cannot conceive, sir.”

    Black Adder: “I have come up with a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel.”

    Of course, just because I was teasing about the other doesn’t mean I don’t have an actual plan for obtaining the pillow. As plans go, it is not QUITE so cunning but a lot more effective.


  59. jans11 said

    Text from ganddaughter…”I’m listening to “Something Bout Love” at Penny’s! ♥♥

    J- Jan loves David


  60. poof said

    Top of #51 “He is Joy.” Couldn’t agree with you more.
    I tried to comment on your post from the last thread,, but it disappeared! I always enjoy your comments. May they never again “disappear”!


  61. Angelica said

    Poof, sorry. Abracadabra, here is the comment. Karlox is in quotes. I often throw things in the trash. But only what I write, not others.

    “We may feel down when we equate success with being in the limelight, because truly David deserves to be in the limelight across the globe and right here in the USA. Nonetheless, we all know David doesn’t equate success with being in the limelight so ultimately, if David is content, we’re content.”

    This is one of the things I love most about him. He is so grounded in his own view of the world as something that can not seduce him into being what he is not. I feel confident that like you say about producers, he has been told, “Hey David, dress, act, walk and talk this or that way and it’ll put you in the limelight.” I am sure he has many, many times been offered the world on a silver platter if he would only adopt the ways of the world and be what the world wants him to be. I remember that song he sang once at the idol after party, that went, “If I could only be what this world wants me to be, would I finally be free and live in harmony?” He chooses his lyrics and songs carefully to convey messages. I think this song was his way of saying he knows the answer is a resounding no, and with all the adoration and temptation that comes his way, how wise of one so young to grasp this amazing truth. Some of us never learn it.

    And this:

    “For someone to spend money to go to his concerts as often as they are able, shouldn’t be judged. If David were a flirty type of guy, perhaps one could be considered a stalker. But no, David represents all that is beautiful, good and true about life. It’s for this reason that fans want to see him often and get to know him better. A person who follows David IS in their right mind, a very sound mind.”

    Amen! So many of us tolerate family, friends, and acquaintances thinking we are crazy to love him and support him as fiercely as we do. I’ve learned to live with that and so have they. Once a friend who asked me WHY? told me she finally understood when I answered her with, “He is pure joy.” His voice, every song, every smile, every long anticipated concert, every fan get-together, every tweet, vlog, laugh, all the love he shows to his family and to us is just joy and no one is going to steal my joy ever again.


  62. cq#DA2014 said

    Paula, you have mad skills, beautiful portrait of David.


  63. poof said

    Thanks Angelica! Many magicians around this place!


  64. bluesky said

    57 Djafan – thank you. (hugs to you, too, Angelica.)

    Wet eyes. A ‘blue vid’ for a sunshiny song on a rainy day.

    Bless DA’s little musical cell-bodies.

    (Can’t you just see them dancing around as his mitochondria transfer the “living breath of his music” into “the living energy” of his life? Or is it the other way around? (*_*) )

    “…time-lapse studies of living cells have demonstrated that mitochondria change shape rapidly and move about in the cell almost constantly.” (quote from: Michael W. Davidson and the Florida State University)

    Since mitochondria convert all oxygen and nutrients into energy for our cells, it would be no surprise to me should DA’s little cells ‘rock’ to a different beat than most: fed as they are by the life-breath of his song, and environs of the rhythm of his heart.

    (yours in blissful non-sequiter)



  65. kaycee said

    (Bluesky))…hope you’re having a better day! Loved your mitochondria reflections…”DA’s little cells ‘rock’ to a different beat than most: fed as they are by the life-breath of his song, and environs of the rhythm of his heart.”

    #61…good stuff, Poof!…

    “We all know David doesn’t equate success with being in the limelight so ultimately, if David is content, we’re content.”

    “A person who follows David IS in their right mind, a very sound mind.”

    “He is pure joy.” Yes!


  66. MT said

    I love the way your mind works. I love the picture I get of the dancing cells. I’ve always thought of him as having music in his blood, in his bones, but you have brought it to the very depths of his being. Yep, sound just right.

    I love your whole comment. I remember an interview also (I wish I could find it) where an interviewer asked him something and he started singing “If I could only beeee” and then finished it talking “what the world wants me to be” while very lightly shaking his head. I can still hear him in my head saying it. Something about the way he said it tells me that you could be exactly right. That they told him he could have it all “IF”, but he said no.

    He is who he is. And yes, he is most definitely pure joy. ♥

    I hope you get your pillow. *keeping fingers crossed for you*


  67. Abrra said

    Missing David 1

    Abrra 672 days


  68. poof said

    Hi MT and Kaycee,
    Just to make it clear, #61, I’m not the creator,,, just the appreciator! Angelica Rocks!!


  69. djafan said

    Hello all,

    I don’t know if you remember Zully, sh was the girl that came from Honduras and was able to go backstage with David when everyone tweeted his then management, Melinda. She lost her mom to complications of Diabetes on Tuesday. Pastel has a group card started for her. If you’d like to sign the card, follow this link :

    I met her and was able to buy an extra ticked she had closer to the stage. Very sweet girl and fan of David.


  70. bebereader said

    Thanks dja. Saw the news about Zully’s Mom yesterday. 😦 Signed the card already. Never met Zully except for on Twitter.


    A few of us are in The Voice Unplugged right now. Join us if you want. We’re all missing David and listening to his voice, watching him on video. It helps. A bit.


  71. PattiNC said

    Take 2…still hate WordPress! Been crazy busy with my baby graduating in 2 weeks…so many “lasts”….I’m an emotional wreck..haha
    I need you tech savvy people’s HELP!! I need to make a slideshow of pictures with music that must be able to be burned to a DVD so that I can play it on a TV (DVD player). Can anyone suggest a program to use?? I need to make three different slideshows and I only have 2 weeks! Thanks!!


  72. Abrra said

    I did a quick search on Google and found this info:

    Just like Dorothy, you just need to click your heels 🙂 You always had the power ! As long as you have Windows 😉


    Abrra 671 days


  73. Blueberry Ice said

    Karlox; Really enjoyed your reflections on appreciating David & all his fans.

    Pocoelsy; Nice job on your video … you sure captured some memorable moments!

    Emme, Sky, Betsy; Count me in towards adding to the money pot for the pillow! Angelica; Love it when you have a plan!

    PaulaFOD; Your painting is just beautiful and I would bid on that!

    Bluesky; The visuals your words create is something special …

    Can’t believe that it was just last Memorial weekend when we were wow’d by David’s spectacular Myrtle Beach show! I remember watching the bits & pieces of garbled livestream then staying up late waiting for a clear version to be posted on You Tube! Still recall how I couldn’t stop replaying his captivating Everybody Wants to Rule the World, energized Gotta Get Through This or the sublime Blackbird … Can’t help but miss him.

    This Memorial weekend, remembering and appreciating all those who have served and are still serving our country.


  74. Lar said

    Instead of giving money to our school library, I bought (another) copy of Chords fo Strength and donated it. I feel that every young person can benefit by reading this book. Of course, I kept mine for myself.


  75. bluebar said

    *Not exactly off topic. My comment relates to “writing” and “song” And… David, of course!! 🙂

    Prompted by this tweet, I looked up the lyrics of “Some Kind of Wonderful.”

    “MyDear Writer ‏@MyDearWriter
    Some kind of wonderful will Begin In August…. new melodies, new memories. Every minute is worth the wait.” ☺

    “Some Kind Of Wonderful”
    (by Carole King and Gerry Goffin)

    All you have to do is touch my hand
    To show me you understand
    And something happens to me
    That’s some kind of wonderful
    Any time my little world is blue
    I just have to look at you
    And everything seems to be
    Some kind of wonderful

    I know I can’t express
    This feeling of tenderness
    There’s so much I want to say
    But the right words just don’t come my way
    I just know when I’m in your embrace
    This world is a happy place
    And something happens to me
    That’s some kind of wonderful

    I first heard this song in 1961 recorded by the “Drifters.” (One of my favorite groups from the rock n’ roll days!!) It has also been sung by many other artists David is very familiar with, I’m sure!

    According to wikipedia:
    “Notable covers include versions by Marvin Gaye (1968), Jay and the Americans (1970), Carole King (1971), Peter Cincotti (2004), Aled Jones featuring Cerys Matthews (2007), and Michael Bublé on the deluxe editions of his fourth studio album Crazy Love (2010).”

    Although “Some Kind of Wonderful” is an older song, I hope David will bring “new memories” to it in BEGIN.


  76. Angelica said


    What an excellent idea! I’m going to do the same thing. A few years ago I was asked by the Bishop to go with him to donate some beautifully bound and illustrated books on LDS Church history to my local library. I recall how gracious and grateful the librarian was to receive them. I’m sure she would be thrilled to have a copy of COS as well. They loan out CDs too! Thanks for sharing that with us. Giving you a gold star!


    Do you think she meant to hint that it would be one of the actual songs on Begin. ?


  77. djafan said

    First Forevermore CD and bracelet arrive to So. America!!!!!!

    More on that later 🙂



  78. Bebereader said

    Blueberry Ice,

    Thanks for pointing out that it has been one year since the show at Myrtle Beach!
    Here are the videos for the three performances you noted:

    Everybody Wants to Rule the World

    credit Jonerz

    Gotta Get Through This

    credit emilyluvsarchie


    credit Jonerz


    Is MyDearWriter suggesting that “Some Kind of Wonderful” is one of the covers on BEGIN?


  79. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra 671 days


  80. What a great idea Lars!
    Think I will do that for the local high school here in my little town. Very cool.

    Bluebar, I love that old song, and same as you I first heard it, by the Drifters. Ah we sure grew up with some great music didn’t we?
    Thanks for writing out the lyrics:) David always surprises us when it comes to covers.We know he loves to listens to those “oldies but goodies” on the radio,I am happy our “soul man from Utah”♥ is familiar with tunes that many of us grew up with.
    Whatever he covers, it will be awesome!

    Good memory Blueberry! haha It sure was exciting to see him perform that day! Wow! Remember how excited we were for the new band and new music?.♥


  81. Lynnella said

    I’ve been reading all the posts, and if this is in there I missed it. Why not have everyone pool however much they can, and then if the group wins, draw one of the names out and give the pillow to that person. (Sorry Angelica). It would be like a raffle. If you want, you could suggest a certain amount that everyone could afford, and however many times they donate that much, they get another chance to win. For instance, if the base amount is $5, and they donate $15, then they get their name in the pot 3 times. Just a thought. I love this site, thanks for all the work you do to keep it open.



  82. emmegirl14 said

    Makes you ponder…wouldn’t be surprising if @MyDear Writer is in the loop…hoping it tis indeed a hint. Just thinking about what D would do with that song. To quote Bestor, “the kid is amazing.”


  83. emmegirl14 said

    Love your idea Lynnella – just point me to a paypal direction.


  84. Angelica said


    What do I do with the $125 I’ve already bid? I will withdraw my bid if you want to hold a raffle of $5 dollar chances as that would give me an unfair advantage I think.

    (sorry Angelica) ??? How many times do I have to say the cunning plan was just a joke? I never wanted or needed anyone else’s money. I was attempting to be humorous. Did I fail?

    On second thought, I will keep my bid in (so that RSO still gets the money) 🙂 and if I win, we can hold a contest or raffle of sorts and I will remove myself from the drawing.


  85. betsy said

    Angelica. 🙂 I totally got that you were joking.
    I vote for leaving the original plan in place.


  86. Lynnella said

    Sorry Angelica. I guess I didn’t read it right. Didn’t mean to cause a problem.



  87. djafan said

    Beautiful poem and picture. Thank you MissBianca 🙂

    Bring tissue…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  88. Angelica said


    No problem. I will buy the pillow and give it away. Send your name to if you want to be in the drawing.


  89. djafan said


    I know you were kidding and I think that if you’re the highest bidder the pillow is yours to keep. Thats my opinion.


  90. bebereader said

    Dja#89 Agreed!

    Beautiful beautiful poem by Margy! Thanks for posting.

    So true that everything reminds us of David!

    I especially loved the last verse…

    “I saw a raindrop fall today
    It reminded me of you;
    And the tears we fans cried that day
    We finally bid you adieu.”

    Grab a kleenex for sure!


  91. bluebar said

    Re: my comment at #75.

    Just wishin’ and hopin’ “some kind of wonderful” was a clue from @MyDearWriter!
    I was most intrigued by the touch my hand phrase in the first line of this song… as well as all the lyrics. They sure sound like the “kind of perfect” words David would take to heart and sing!

    On the other hand, I have no idea what will be included in BEGIN.. It is simply fun to ponder.


  92. emmegirl14 said

    My bad, apologies. It’s all good.


  93. bluesky said

    Words are cool. They can express a lot. But often not enough to keep concerns at bay. But… (again)… with patience all comes clear.
    The admins of this site are SO very cool.
    And the posters.
    Misunderstandings are inevitable. But (again) love is optional; and here, love is in abundance.

    Thank you, DA for inspiring such a site.

    (They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, then I wonder how many words a musical phrase is worth? In the case of DA, a couple of million hardly seem sufficient. love to all. bluesky)


  94. bebereader said

    Happy Day! Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, depending on where you live! 🙂 Hope you’re having a nice holiday weekend!

    Fun time in chat last night! I left after 3 and a half hours and it still wasn’t enough. Nice new videos Abrra added to the collection to feed our ODD. 🙂

    Just found this new one on youtube. All I can say is “Oh, David!!!”

    credit 0o0bluedots0o0

    First comment on video:

    “he is the cutest human being ever walked the face of the earth **”


  95. Bebe …so cute, that video♥ I miss him so much.
    so today I pull up to a traffic light and next to me is a man about my age on a big ol shiny black glistening motorcycle.So what goes through my head? .Angelica♥.lol

    Bluesky,may I just say…I just love how you use the alphabet♥:))
    I love this place.So much love for DA and for each other.
    …heading out for a ride in the car with David this afternoon♥


  96. Angelica said


    Please forgive me if I made you feel bad over a silly misunderstanding. I realize you didn’t mean any harm. You too Emmegirl…you know I love you and your comments always make me smile. I don’t know if I can explain but I will try.

    As I was loading this post in drafts I had a long time to examine the pillow. I just fell in love with it and maybe that made me want to talk about it in the comments. Maybe I was wrong to joke about everyone pooling their resources and donating the pillow to me. I never in a million years thought anyone would take me seriously. I had already bid on the pillow. I even bid against myself! lol.

    The admins and I often conference call to talk about the site and just to talk because after all these years, we have become so close. Don’t know how I would have started or kept up a fansite with zero experience without their love and support. Last week when we talked, I told them I had bid on the pillow and why. First to help RSO, of course, which of all David’s charities, gets the bulk of my contributions. I just believe it’s such a great program and I will never forget David and his mom going there themselves or the pic of him washing the feet of the leper. I think it changed him and me too. I keep a jar labeled Rising Star Outreach on my desk at work and have bought many bricks with my own funds as well and used this site to raise money with our own group on Angels for a Cause. So I don’t need any incentive to give to RSO, nor ever wanted anything in return. Second, I bid on the pillow because I simply love it.

    I know it may sound crazy, but the pillow represents to me all that I love about David. Maybe I am missing him just a little too. I love that his image is not an in-your-face pic, as David would say, “here’s my face.” The silhouette represents the mystery that he remains even after all these years of following him as fans: we still don’t understand completely the powerful hold he retains on us, even while absent. It also represents the mystery of who he will eventually become as an artist. That is ever fascinating to me. An added bonus is the silhouette is also something I feel would be perfectly fine with my husband, who never tells me no about anything David related, but I respect what feelings he won’t let on. It can’t be easy living with someone with ODD, lol. I love the music notes, like hieroglyphics for his soul. I love the keys to the piano he plays with such feeling. I never heard anyone transport so much emotion into inert ivory of black and white. I love the starkness of the black and white, simple and powerful, like him. Lastly, I love the chords of strength attached to the front to hold a book, symbols of his miraculous vocal chords and his strength of character. I have neglected my love of reading since starting the site, and I have the last two Twilight saga books and the complete hard cover set of The Hunger Games waiting to be read. I could see myself easing back into this old love with the help of my David pillow.

    One good thing that has come of this whole misunderstood but well-intentioned on everyone’s part drama is that I finally found the ability to cry again. I have told Djafan several times over the past year, especially with his leaving, that I just wish I could cry! I have often wanted to and felt deeply enough to bawl my head off over a song or just missing him, but for some weird reason, could not do it. Then, after trying to cheer myself up in unplugged last night, I finally went to bed with a heavy heart and woke up crying and haven’t stopped since, even while typing this.

    This is too long but in short…I’m keeping the pillow.

    Self Admin edit: That is, if I can hold onto it by Friday.


  97. emmegirl14 said

    Angelica, no worries. If your bid needs a boost, please please let me know. The check will be in the mail asap. What I wish for is a nice donation for RSO and, as I said earlier, the pillow to get a loving home. Hope it finds its way to you Angelica, my wish will be granted.


  98. xaris2014 said

    You wrote a beautiful explanation, Angelica, and I’m glad the situation provided some emotional release. I hope that pillow is yours on June 1st. I enjoyed your “cunning” plan, however-ha! Every time someone uses that word, I hear Hugh Laurie in the Jeeves and Wooster series exclaiming to Stilton Cheesewright, “But I haven’t got a cunning, fiend’s brain!” If you like Laurie and Stephen Fry, you need to watch J&W.

    “we still don’t understand completely the powerful hold he retains on us, even while absent”–When someone figures this out, please let me know because it drives me nuts sometimes wondering if my bubble is slowly slipping off plumb. I swear I am the most boringly practical person you could ever imagine.

    Would anyone like some 17-year cicadas? We have about a million and would happily share.

    Cheers Everyone!


  99. MT said

    Awww … I really hope you have the winning bid and get your pillow … and that it brings you many days and nights of smiles. 😀 ♥


  100. MT said

    Boy is it nice to have my internet working properly again. It’s been cutting out on me almost every time I tried to post in the last 3 days. (Luckily it worked for chat last night.) But I think it’s back to normal now.

    So …… Nandito Ako (here I am ) 😉

    Someone posted this link in the FOD comments. I either forgot this one or never saw It so I thought I’d share.

    1:08-1:14 and 2:15-2:22 are interesting.

    I miss him.


  101. jans11 said

    Had a great time in chat last night! Was a good 4 hr therapy session!♥
    Angelica, hope you are doing better with your ODD and that you will own that great pillow! {{hugs}} I was lucky enough to get 2 personalized COS books and gave one to my sister. The pillow book holder is awesome!
    MT glad you posted the video. I had seen it before, but forgot about it. He is so subdued in it…something always grabs my heart string and twists it up when he talks about being gone for 2 yrs!
    Margy, I love your poem! The words are so true. Everytime I see or hear something, it reminds me of him, in one way or the other. Someone can be talking about something and I want to interrupt them saying “that reminds me of David” doing or saying this or that. A lot of the times I just don’t say anything or I would be interrupting all the time! lol

    I miss him too…so much!♥♥

    K Kari…is so great


  102. Abrra said

    Margy, Another wonderful poem by you!

    Angelica I KNOW you will win the auction! You have to, so that I can have a picture of you curled up ,hugging it!

    Thanks to everyone who joined us in chat last night in Unplugged. It’s always a blast. 🙂

    Guess the event time! Do you know where David was and what he was doing? I love scream caps 🙂




    Abrra 670 days


  103. SandyBeaches said

    Yes, it was really a good time on Unplugged last night even if I was late (2 am here) for the party! In Fenfan land it was time to have lunch and go shopping!

    It has nearly been two months now and it seems more to me like 6 but without magic I can’t make this particular time go any faster!

    There is another artist who has done a video in a street, a favorite place sometimes. So knowing the underlying conditions I can’t do very much so I call upon Coldplay to “Fix You”. The words are heartfelt…

    Embedding help might be needed!! TY.



  104. Abrra said

    That links to a removed video.

    Abrra 670 days

    Admin Edit: Posted a better link for SB, for same video. 🙂


  105. bebereader said

    For anyone who does Twitter, we’re having a Trending Party right now using the words:

    David Archuleta is Our Inspiration

    Please join us if you can!

    We started twenty minutes ago and it’s already trending World Wide.
    David’s fans are the best!


  106. betsy said

    He’s still trending. ❤
    Here are a few interesting tweets:
    How is David Archuleta trending? Isn't he on his mission?

    How is David Archuleta trending? I'm just surprised he has the fanbase to create a worldwide trending topic.”

    I guess this is how people find out. 🙂


  107. bebereader said


    I didn’t see those; thanks for sharing!
    That’s just what we want! To promote David in any way we can while he’s away and to keep his name out there in the public eye and in the media. The Trending Parties probably have a lot to do with David’s Twitter followers increasing at lightning speed!


  108. MT said

    Hmm … Bebe, good theory.

    Maybe you’re right and it does have something to do with him trending all the time. Maybe some start following to see what the ruckus is about, and maybe some others so they can take part in the fun of trending. But however it’s happening, these new followers will become interested and when he returns, he will be familiar, part of their circle by then, and they might start checking out his music.

    haha Lots of maybes in there, but … maybe it will happen. One can hope. 🙂


  109. well, I am late to the trending ‘partay’,:( but I tweeted anyway.)

    Angelica,crossing my fingers and toes that you get your pillow girlfriend♥

    MT love that interview, and I would agree with all your “interesting parts” haha
    If he comes back more daring, and free, as he wonders……..eeeeeek!


  110. MT said

    Daring David could be fun!! LOL
    Double eeeeeeek!


  111. Angelica said

    Bebe, I’m not much of a tweeter but I joined the party.

    Betsy, sometimes I love it when people don’t get it.

    Thanks Emme, Xaris, MT, Jans, and Abrra and Sky!

    Xaris, I have seen Hugh Laurie in the Jeeves and Wooster series only a couple of times. I liked it a lot but when I looked it’s not on netflix like The Black Adder.
    P. G. Wodehouse is my favorite author next to Jane Austen. Love all his books, but especially the ones about Jeeves and Wooster. Even funnier in print. Will have you


  112. bebereader said

    MT#108 “Hmm … Bebe, good theory. ”

    Sounds like a good theory MT. But I can’t take full credit for it as much as I’d like. Djafan and I came up with it one night during a brainstorming session. Sometimes we don’t remember who exactly said what but it’s all good. In this case, since she’s the Twitter Queen I’ll give her the edge. 😉


    I fell upon this adorable video tonight:
    11 year old David on Jenny Jones

    “Jenny Jones: I hope you want to be a singer when you grow up because you sure got it.

    David: Yeah I want to be a singer.”

    And the rest is history!


  113. Abrra said

    New post ———->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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