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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Three Performances of Imagine ~ One David Archuleta

Posted by djafan on Thursday, May 17, 2012

Imagine – see or hear something unreal.  ♦



107 Responses to “Three Performances of Imagine ~ One David Archuleta”

  1. djafan said

    This was unbelievable then and now. I’ve been reading twitter and idol blogs and even non “Archie” fans said it should be retired.

    Trisha Cyryl Bermejo ‏@i_m_TRISHZ
    I like David Archuleta’s IMAGINE than Josua Ledet’s version….

    Jed Constantino ‏@constantjed
    No one sings IMAGINE as better and heartfelt as David Archuleta in #Idol. Joshua Ledet on the other hand, brutally murdered the song.

    @SunnyHilden the judges liked it because it was Joshua. He sang it nice, but still it just was too hard to not compare it with David.

    @Nellie1983 Yeah, David’s version of Imagine was so beautiful, so moving it changed people’s lives. I saw the letters! ♥♫☮

    Simon Cowell ‏@IdolBlogs
    David archuleta’s version of Imagine was way better than Joshua’s. But I’m glad he ddnt scream on the song.!/IdolBlogs

    NJ.COM Singing “Imagine” by John Lennon

    Joshua’s rendition of “Imagine” was good but nothing to go crazy over. Such an iconic song, especially one that is known for being so pure and simple, is difficult to do justice and although his rendition was solid, there were times when I felt he was trying to do too much with it. The scream was not necessary. I’m not sure this was the right song to propel him into the finale, either. “Imagine” has been done before in more memorable fashion (David Archuleta comes to mind). Although it was controlled and had beauty to it, it was not unbelievable.


  2. bluesky said

    Dear Angelica and all you lovely people:

    Perfection indeed. I have missed B-days and other fun times it seems, but my heart and good wishes are always with you fine people.
    I will come by as I can.

    Love the Imagine. It is what first broke my (futile) resistance. I had no time for the young man from Murray Utah. Or the song, which I thought was a mistaken choice.

    *sigh* I love it when God has such benign ways of shattering my take on “what works” and what does not. DA always puts God in the drivers seat. Which is why the vehicle of his voice unites worlds and opens by-ways I have never seen opened in just such a way; people sharing both expanding views as well as intimate, emotional, “road trips”.

    It all began in your heart, DA.

    I think I can hear it beating even now, all the way from Chile. No doubt in my mind whose heart you listen to.


    Thanks one and all for keeping this such a fine place. Will be here as I can.


  3. Abrra said

    Love the pairing of David and John Lennon. Not for the song, that is a given that they are both musical geniuses. It’s how they each represent the “rebel” in their generation. Staying true to what they believe despite what the majority define as “normal”.

    I have been wandering again in the world of pictures. My favorite collages are by @HanneDenmark. She makes many “historical” combos about David’s journey.




    And this beauty of pictures by @kimmiedavid

    See more here :

    Abrra 680 days


  4. SandyBeaches said

    Sometimes in life there is only ever “one” of something and for that I am truly grateful.



  5. goodkarmaseeker said

    #4 SB, how true about our one and only David and his sharing of “Imagine”.
    And by the way SB, thank you sooooo much for the most exciting letter in the mail the other day. I love, love, love
    the bracelet and message! The bracelet goes with me everywhere just like my love for David and all the fans of this site.


  6. betsy said

    Great sound, clear, and his voice…….. ♥

    credit to calpilotmike


  7. SandyBeaches said

    Gooodkarmaseeker, I have enjoyed connecting with everyone and throughout the months we will find other ways to ‘get together’, heaven only knows what but like David I think that we can have good imaginations.



  8. SandyBeaches said

    “Imagine” was a dream for David once but now it is his reality…



  9. djafan said


    “Imagine” was a dream for David once but now it is his reality…

    I can’t believe I had never seen this.


  10. djafan said


    After seeing the BENCH FiX Billboard on the last day in Manila. We had Sherwin our driver drive by it a few times. Just could not believe how big it was. Its just crazy.

    Seeing the BENCH billboard.

    Some of u posted pix in front of @DavidArchie BENCH ad. We pulled over on the hwy 2 get this. TY @benchtm & @BCbench 🙂
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  11. skydancer1x said

    Dja!!! Love the video,17 seconds of Heaven!! love love love that picture! haha so awesome!


  12. MT said

    SB, yep, sometimes one is all that’s needed. ♥

    Angelica, thanks for the stroll down the “Imagine” memory lane. I think David’s Imagine is one that will go down in Idol history as one that just can’t be touched.

    Love the collages. I particularly like the ones made from screen caps of him singing, capturing all the emotion in his beautiful face.

    Isn’t that video from SYTYCD just gorgeous? I saw it when it aired. David’s singing really complimented their beautiful dance.

    And the video!! I can’t imagine what that feels like to see your face in a Giant pic on the highway! haha Love his “I can’t believe this” grin there. Too cute.


  13. skydancer1x said

    that big smile at the end.I can’t stop watching it over and over again.
    Dja, I had not seen that video of the dancers with Imagine either! great find!


  14. xaris2014 said

    Thanks DJA for making that picture nice and BIG! I smile every time I see that Fix ad not only for the obvious reason but because the words David and grunged just don’t belong on the same billboard-LOL! He’s just gorgeous in that photo.

    Thanks for the nice walk down memory lane with Imagine. I remember that I was hooked by WOTWTC, but I wasn’t reeled in until the night he sang Imagine. Figured I was caught for life with that one.

    Bless Kari! She’s doing such a good job fan-sitting.

    Have a good day, y’all!


  15. Abrra said

    And we have scream caps of that smile 🙂




    Abrra 680 days


  16. bebereader said

    Love the well-deserved tribute to David’s “Imagine”, Angelica! David changed many lives for the better from this one performance; it is fitting for it to be honored in this way.

    Marlie mentioned Simon Cowell’s tweet at the end of the last thread and djafan found it and brought it here:

    Simon Cowell ‏@IdolBlogs
    David archuleta’s version of Imagine was way better than Joshua’s. But I’m glad he didnt scream on the song.

    I find it interesting that Simon Cowell is on Twitter and tweets excessively about his old show after leaving to do XFactor. I always knew he thought highly of David from the look on his face at David’s first audition to the look on his face at David’s Heaven and then later on at the finale when he called David’s performances a knockout. I believe he meant those words and that they were not part of a set-up many people believe was brought about to make Cook the winner. When David came back to sing “Imagine” two years later on Beatles week, Simon had that same look on his face, one of utter amazement. He may be brash but he could spot talent a mile away.

    Bluesky, So good to see you! 🙂

    So saddened to hear the news about the passing of Donna Summer. 😦


  17. skydancer1x said

    OH ABRRA♥ you just made my day!!! EEP look at hiimmmmm! Hi David!! yousweet-gorgeous-smiley-hunk-you-make-me smile–from ear-to-ear-man! :)))


  18. jans11 said

    SB, Got your package and it is all so exciting! That picture is one of my favorites and love the bracelet!♥ David has the best fans, for sure!!
    I put my comment about Imagine on the end of the last post, but will say that I know that no one will ever out do David! He owns every song he sings and that is one song they do need to retire! We are so blessed! I was thinking the other day on the way things have turned out with David’s and our lives running parallel to each other. All of us fans were destined to meet either in person or online, so we can keep the “home fires burning” while he is away. Here is just the best place to be!♥


  19. cq#DA2014 said

    I’m sure that wasn’t a Simon Cowell tweet….a fake. but still nice to read, and of course, so true. It doesn’t make sense that he would bother.


  20. bluesky said

    Good to “see” you, too, Bebereader! And Abrra, (love the screamcaps!) and Sandybeaches and Djafan and MT and Skydancer and Jans11 and… ALLLLL of you!

    As always my life takes me out for a while and then I can come back. But I am never far away. Always checking in to see some of my favorite people. Sometimes I wish I could schedule my life differently… but I have to believe that it is good as it is. I am glad that so many of you can be here when I cannot … so that I have a place to come back to.

    Wish I could more fully express my gratitude. But …. I can’t.
    I just love you guys.



  21. veeg said

    Fox 25th anniversay 2012, which of the sOngs and abd which of singers used to highlight American idol’s contribution to Fox studio — IMagine and David Archuleta

    thanks to JR.

    Sent from my iPhone
    Vee from Sydney

    A- Ang sarap ng ngiti niya ( I can taste his smile, love his smile )


  22. Abrra said

    CQ is correct.

    That is a fake Simon Cowell account.!/IdolBlogs Its not verified. The fake tweet is about 20 in the list.

    The real Simon Cowell is verified. He has nothing to say about Idol.!/SimonCowell

    Abrra 680 days


  23. djafan said

    Yes, I and hundreds fell for the fake tweet. Sorry.


  24. archiesfan4life said

    Xaris2014 #14 “Bless Kari! She’s doing such a good job fan-sitting.” I love this – fan-sitting :).


  25. skydancer1x said

    20. Bluesky♥ {{hugs}}!

    CQ,and Dja, thought for awhile there that Simon had a bit too much time on his hands lol but I guess it was someone else who has time to spare geez what is wrong with people?

    Vee, forgot that the powers that be used Davids Imagine on the anniversary show. What was Joshua thinking anyway, when he picked that song for himself? (Guess he wasn’t, )

    that 3rd picture at 15, just makes me giggly!! tee hee! ♥♥♥


  26. lani said

    Thank you Abrra for posting those collages and scream caps….my gosh, those pics…I wanna screammmmmm!!!

    Thank you Angelica for the Imagine videos. I love all three performances! I never tire of watching them.

    And I love…love his 10secs of I’ll Be There too. I want to hear him sing the whole song, I know someday he will …

    Again thank you Abrra for this merger. I keep revisiting this video. He is just…beautiful


  27. annmargaret said

    Sandybeaches & Heidijoy ~ I received the bracelets, the lovely card and the gorgeous pictures of David today. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!. I’m wearing mine now and don’t intend to take it off until David returns. I will distribute the other bracelets pronto. Ladies you rock!


  28. SandyBeaches said

    That’s great to hear that you are receiving your cards with his picture and bracelet included.

    Blueberry Ice, you will be receiving yours any day now and I know you have several people who you are gifting to!

    Bracelets are still available!!



  29. gmax4 said

    SB…and to everyone who was responsible for spreading some love for David…Thank you so very much for your gift that I received in the mail today!!! I just love it!!! I am now wearing 2 bracelets…the one you gave to fans for the Constitution Fair, and this one. I have been wearing “Nobody Sings It Better” since the day that David left. Now I have “You Have
    Become a Part of My Soul”! It is Perfect!

    Also….Thank you a million for the beautiful picture of DA!!! What a wonderful surprise that was!! It was the icing….and so very sweet of you all! 🙂

    David’s fans are just so giving and caring!!! We sure are a blessed group of fans aren’t we! Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and generosity! It felt like a big hug!!! 🙂

    You sure do have a cozy little home here! Thank you for always being so welcoming! 🙂

    WAITING—> <—#DA2014


  30. Dayzee said

    Watched AI tonight. Some nice singers. But none that reached out and grabbed your insides and stomped on them. I can’t “Imagine” any one of them prompting a sane, adult woman to distribute bracelets inscribed “te has convertido en una parte de mi alma”. Can you?


  31. tawna21 said

    Angelica, thanks for the videos….I will never, ever, ever tire of ‘Imagine’ by David. While I love John Lennon’s original, I absolutely LOVE David’s cover.

    Abrra, thanks for the collages and scream caps! Gorgeous!!

    SB, ‘Sometimes in life there is only ever “one” of something and for that I am truly grateful.’ Me too.

    ** (still waiting for my bracelet pkg.)** :/

    Love ya’ll and the way this lovely place just keeps on tickin’ 🙂



  32. SandyBeaches said

    Dazee, you are so very funny. Not certain about the sanity issue though!!

    No, there is no one else in this world who I would do that for. He has inspired me to do a few unusual things like fly to SLC a few years ago just to hear him sing with an orchestra and choir and that was before The Tabernacle Choir. It was amazing to fly thousands of miles and never wonder what was I thinking about??

    Tawna, it has to be close by!!

    Time for a little music and sleep.



  33. SandyBeaches said

    Gmax4…I just scrolled back and read your comment.

    I am pleased that you are enjoying your bracelets!

    David means so very much to all of us!



  34. Dayzee said

    I love you SandyBeaches. I appreciate all you do to enhance our ODD. What an enormous undertaking that was for you, and you did a terrific job. You have lifted the spirits of so many fans around the world.

    Thanks to Angelica for bringing the 3 performances together for us. They are just unbelievably perfect. There is an especially fine view in the first one at 1:42.


  35. skydancer1x said

    30 Dayzee, bwaahaha!! omg, you are such a riot!
    and “can you?”
    no way♥ none of them could even prompt my cats to move off of the sofa.

    no bracelet here yet SB, but David has taught me good things come to those who wait♥

    B- bracelets♥


  36. gladys1961 said

    the best days of my life, the American Idol tour (so I thought at the time)
    gracias archieandcook.

    Millions of women said,!! He pointed to me!!!!
    I think it was one of the first flirtation of david. At that time David, still had 17.
    At 17, David began to transform my mind and thoughts, oh god, I’m going to purgatory, but with an eternal smile.


  37. kaycee said

    Tough day. #10 and #15…just what I needed!

    “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” –Mother Teresa


  38. annmargaret said

    Xaris2014 ~ kari is our “fan sitter”. She is doing a great job too.


  39. Gladys#36 – “…the best days of my life, the American Idol tour (so I thought at the time).” I know what you mean. Felt the same way back then. His set was/must have been amazing live.


  40. marlie7 said

    So I had a five-hour drive home from NYC last night and I had listened to a book on tape for a while. I got bored with it. Put on my playlist of David Archuleta songs and realized I had 235 of his songs on my iPod. Some were the albums (multiple copies, I noticed), a lot were mp3’s of live performances (some thanks to Abrra!). So I decided to listen to them alphabetically and the first one was Angels. Right away that brought tears to my eyes… and I had 8 versions of Angels. 🙂

    Then a little ways after that was Ave Maria from SLC – sheesh. I’m driving,I can’t tear up!

    But it was funny when Ave Maria ended, the next song was Barriers, and the contrast was fabulous – David can sing anything! I only made it to Desperate before I got home, but it was fun! Made the last part of the trip go by quickly as I remembered each performance. Also, I realized that most of the time I watch David sing on videos. Just listening was a slightly different experience and I heard things I hadn’t heard before because I was too busy watching that beautiful face!


  41. Abrra said

    Time for Name The Event game 🙂

    Where was David when he performed? Extra credit if you know what he sang. I have locked Bebe in a closet because I know she knows. Betsy is sitting next to her. LOL



    Abrra 679 days


  42. xaris2014 said

    So Abrra, was the event Good Things Utah? David was singing Falling Stars. This was the performance which made me like that song. It should have been recorded this way, with his vocals front and center.


  43. skydancer1x said

    Abrra..hmm wild guess.He was in SLC? on that morning show? he sang Falling Stars?…. and after looking at these closeups my mind is fuzzy wuzzy.I think I need to go lie down now.


  44. goodkarmaseeker said

    Gladys, #36, “David began to transform my mind and thoughts, oh god, I’m going to purgatory, but with an eternal smile.” This is just awesome!!! I will join you in purgatory and it will be worth it. Watching the WYSYLM video and
    reading your comment made me realize how much David has kept a passion in and for life flowing in me and it’s way worth it.


  45. Abrra said

    Xaris & Sky

    Abrra 679 days


  46. betsy said

    Ana Guillen Feleo ‏@anagfeleo
    who do i miss?:((

    These tweets crack me up. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  47. betsy said

    Currently listening to my forevermore cd while planting flowers. Gorgeous day. Garden texting. 🙂


  48. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy, let me jin you, I am also listening to my Forevermore CD while gardening! Today I am wearing, Alfred Sung…no no I am wearing…”Nobody Does It Better”…A beautiful sunny day with the wind in the tall pines.



  49. SandyBeaches said

    Rather, let me join you..I think that my glasses are needed.



  50. jans11 said

    #36 Gladys, “At 17, David began to transform my mind and thoughts, oh god, I’m going to purgatory, but with an eternal smile.” What a perfect synopsis!♥♥

    And #44 Goodkarmaseeker, “your comment made me realize how much David has kept a passion in and for life flowing in me and it’s way worth it.” So true!!!♥♥

    C Crush


  51. Just a note of thanks to Sandybeaches and The Voice for sponsoring and advertising the Bracelet to show support to David and his fans who are supporting each other. I spread the word to a few other fan sites and got requests from a number of Golden Archies who are thrilled to receive a wrist band and Matt Clayton photo . I feel like Santa’s helper getting to assist and am getting Thank You’s which I am sharing with Sandybeaches and my tour buddy Grateful4all_DA. I appreciate those who have donated to the project.

    D Donaters Is that a word Those who Donate. Blessings


  52. Abrra said

    I saw this sign today as I was passing a cemetery out in the countryside, on my way to the gym. Thought they were offering house lots, I found it a bit confusing to say the least. 🙂


    Abrra 679 days


  53. tawna21 said

    Betsy #46…. she is so ODD’ed…. I love it!

    Abrra #41…. umm yeah! how is one supposed to remember anything when you’ve got that face filling the whole monitor in front of you?!

    **maybe tomorrow a pkg from Canada**



  54. tawna21 said

    Abrra #52….too funny 🙂


  55. Blueberry Ice said

    SB!!!!!! Yay! I got my package! I can’t tell you how beautiful the card that you made & included with the bracelets! Just absolutely lovely and a definite keepsake! Your labor of love is sincerely appreciated and I’m so proud to be able to share with others. Salamat po! 🙂

    Angelica; Love the subtle differences in each performance which showcases his incredible ability to interpret and re-interpret the same song while making it sound so natural and new each time, making it extremely difficult to choose a favorite one! Still feel sorry for myself on missing out on the whole American Idol experience, but I can only imagine what it was like for those of you who watched it live. What an iconic moment it must have been!

    Bluesky; Always good to see you!

    Kaycee; Sending a smile back to you … {{{hugs}}}

    Gladys; Speaking of smiles, your smile is just beautiful! 😉 video # 36 Hmmm … there’s just something captivating about how his voice caresses each note as his hands clutches onto that mic and those raw emotions etched on that beautiful face just grabs your heart …

    Marlie; Hmmm … I like your Ipod much better than mine, lol!

    Heidijoy; So glad to hear the excitement for SB’s bracelets … wouldn’t it be neat to see all the fans wearing them on David’s first concert back!

    E – Effervescent


  56. SandyBeaches said

    Tawna…I remember doing up your package of four. We will give it one more week and I will do it again.



  57. emmegirl14 said

    I get such a flood of emotion watching those Imagines….hard to explain or describe.

    Bluesky #2, if only I could express myself as beautifully as you.

    Lani, thanks for those 10 sec of bliss. My wish too, someday.

    Gosh, why does that #10 video make me miss him so much more.

    F- he is one of the finer things in life.


  58. SandyBeaches said

    Usted está Ice Blueberry mayoría de la recepción…



  59. skydancer1x said

    I got my bracelet today too!!! YEA! Thank you so much SB♥ The card is simply beautiful and I love the picture of David.What a treat to open the mailbox and get to squeeee! (I have to admit I gave the envelope a kissaroo! haha)
    So much work and love went into this I know, and it will be treasured always.

    Emmegirl,David certainly is one of the finer things in life, ~sigh~



  60. Gayle122890 said

    Gladys, I hope I don’t have to wait till purgatory to meet you! Ha ha! Gosh, what I wouldn’t give to hear David sing WYSYLM again – Sigh.

    G-Good as gold he is.

    Still hoping to see a little package in the mail. 🙂


  61. SandyBeaches said

    Gayle I am checking out the whereabouts of your package for you and I will get back to you soon.



  62. SandyBeaches said

    Gayle, as nearly as soon as I wrote here I then found that yes your package went out to you but it was in the third mailing so it will get to you and is not lost!



  63. bebereader said

    Busy day.
    Stopped by to post these funny moments from “Nandito Ako”.
    For a new actor, David’s comic timing is spot-on!

    credit Daniel Morales


  64. skydancer1x said

    63.haha! You are so right Bebe.
    “For a new actor, David’s comic timing is spot-on!”

    It would be fun to see David in a romantic comedy one day, on the big screen.♥ His facial expressions are priceless!
    That scene in the bed was one of my favorite in the whole series,and he did he it brilliantly.So happy David said yes, to the acting role in Nandito Ako!
    What a great experience for him.And us!

    H- hilarious!


  65. Angelica said

    Well never say never. I am on my way to Gulfport for my granddaughter’s graduation on the back of hubby’s new Harley. After 15 min on his little Honda shadow I said never again. But suddenly decided last night to go for it! So far I am having a blast! The Harley is so much more comfy. May send a pic to one of admins :). I am biker chick extraordinaire. Haha. Brought the laptop. Will try to make it to Unplugged tonight. I blame all errors on Abbra’s iPhone and David for making me crazy enough to Begin. life again. :). Ciao ! Will check in later. Road trips ftw!!!


  66. emmegirl14 said

    Thanks bebe, Love the look on his face when she drinks his water! sky, a light, romantic comedy would be perfect for him. And he showed in NA that he really could do dramatic roles too. That face and expressions were just made for the big screen.

    Angelica, looking forward to that pic 🙂
    Hang on!


  67. Abrra said

    Ah the ripple effect of being around David continues……..

    From Twitter:

    Tatiana Oropel
    17 years old and I like food. From Symphonie Jeunnesse and Los Gauchose Soccer Club.
    California ·

    @kariontour Thanks to @DavidArchie , Symphonie Jeunesse has been blessed with so many amazing opportunities! We’re preparing for the Sentebale charity event on September 1st, which was organized by a fabulous doctor who saw us perform with him in Anaheim during the MKOC tour back in December 2011. That experience with him encouraged all of us from the orchestra to work harder than ever before so we can succeed and make a name for ourselves in our community. The man in charge originally planned on having David as the main artist for the event so that we could be his orchestra once again, but he’s away on his mission so we found another amazing artist to perform. We’ll also be blessed and reunited with the wonderful band that helped us with so much during the Christmas tour! So.. THANK YOU. Pass the message to David, please? Tell him we all (from Symphonie Jeunesse) say hello and good luck! x

    Abrra 678 days


  68. jans11 said

    #63 So funny! Was cracking up!

    #65 Angelica!! You go girl! I rode on a motorcycle about 2 yrs ago with a guy from church and it was so exhilerating! So much fun. David does help us keep young, trying out different things. Have a fun, safe trip!!♥


  69. mslv said

    So many memories reading this post.
    Thank you Angelica!
    Imagine – this song started it all for me. Now, many years later, I am still here, patiently waiting for 2014.
    Hello Voice family – enjoying all your comments too.
    Take care all of you.

    vlm #DA2014


  70. Abrra said

    Our truly FEARLESS Leader sent some pics of her with the HOG 😉 I spy a David bracelet 😉



    Abrra 678 days


  71. Abrra said


    Abrra 678 days


  72. archiesfan4life said

    Abrra #70 thanks for those pictures. Angelica – now you have “Born to be Wild” playing in my head – LOL!! Have a great time!


  73. bebereader said

    Sky, “It would be fun to see David in a romantic comedy one day, on the big screen.♥ His facial expressions are priceless!”
    A romantic comedy, like “Nandito Ako” is just the type of role I hope David will take. We’ve already seen that he’s a natural in this type of role.

    Angelica, “biker chick extraordinaire”! Have fun and be careful! You’re an inspiration to us all!

    Emmegirl, What a hoot when Anya’s Mother drank the rest of the water Josh had just poured! Josh’s face= deadpan. Hilarious.

    Abrra#67 How cool!

    Well it’s almost time for chat!

    I Internet (What would we do without it?)


  74. angelofdja said

    I’ve always wanted to ride on a Harley! You go Angelica! I hope your trip is everything and more! 😉


  75. SandyBeaches said

    Good Sunday morning…

    Here in Canada it is a holiday weekend called the Victoria Day weekend when her birthday and the birthday of the reigning monarch is also recognized. It is noted as the start of summer at which time we leave our igloos and return to our cottages. Snowshoes are turned in for…sorry for the rambling!!

    Bebe’s alphabet/make a word game is a good start to keep us in tune to our common thoughts. Hopefully the commenters on the site can think of more ways to connect and take part.

    Something new would be to have pictures from you the commenters that were taken of David during concerts or VIP’s etc. even though they are old they would be new to the rest of us!



  76. marlie7 said

    Great time in chat last night! At points I was missing David so much I was crying and at other times I was laughing so hard I was crying. Amazing group of women! I love you all!


  77. Abrra said

    I am without Internet until tomorrow night. It’s like having my hands tied. Lol.

    We’d be happy to post any fan pix here on the site. You can send them to

    We do have some fun in chat! I wish everyone could stop in for a few minutes. I have updated some video sets and I might have caused a few to faint. 🙂

    I blame all errors on my iPhone

    Abrra. 677 days


  78. djafan said

    Happy Sunday!!!

    Been super busy and missed chat 😦

    Archies Love David Archuleta trended world wide yesterday!

    Angelica, why am I not surprised lol You go!

    Bebe, I love that video!

    SB, I received your gift! It’s beautiful 🙂

    Blueberry and SB, the recipients are in complete disbelief. More about that later 🙂

    Abs, Isn’t that great? The gift that creates blessings for others.

    Starometer David Archuleta Tops Pinoy MYX Countdown for 6th Consecutive Week

    May 21, 2012 by cd

    David Archuleta has long been gone but his song “Forevermore” is still on top of Pinoy MYX Countdown. Erik Santos enters the chart at no. 3.

    Keep voting for David! Here and here

    J Jasmine

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  79. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    I think I’m addicted to Saturday Night chat at The Voice Unplugged! The thing is that I go there not only to watch David’s videos and talk to other fans but also because it’s a good outlet for my ODD. However, now I think I’m addicted to the very thing that was supposed to help my ODD…the chatroom! hahaha

    That’s not to say that I didn’t have a blast last night with you all. I did!. Thanks to all who stopped by! 🙂


  80. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan, YOU are getting to be just as much a tease as DJA!!!

    The MGR is super!



  81. jans11 said

    I enjoyed chat last night, even though I was in a trance most of the time watching the videos! ♥

    K Karma


  82. bebereader said

    L labios

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  83. cq#DA2014 said

    Bebereader, that picture,,,,SO SEXY!!!!


  84. annmargaret said

    Sandy Beaches ~ I would love to read your account of your Canadian holiday. Please, elaborate!

    I’m wearing my bracelet. Mailed the other 4 off. I’m so appreciative Sandy Beaches and Heidijoy. It was such a great idea and a big hit! Thank you for all the work it took.

    I sent a picture of David taken in Gilbert, AZ last September. So cute, that David!

    In an earlier post thre was talk of a Spanish album by David. At the Mentor’s Gala David sang with his Mom the doing A Puro Dolor. I looked on youtube and found several recordings by Sons by Four. It is the slower version. It is so beautiful and I would love to hear David sing ot.


  85. Angelica said

    Made it home safe and sound. Can’t wait to go again! Weirdest thing, when we got to our hotel, my husband’s bike club was there for a convention. He hadn’t been making the meetings and didn’t know! Busy with the granddaughter’s graduation party, we didn’t make it back to the hotel for any of the fundraising events. We did get there in time to see grown men walking around in drag, with sequined gowns and wigs. Hilarious! There had been a beauty contest I’m sorry we missed. My husband’s club is called Southern Cruisers and everything they do is for St. Jude’s Children Hospital. All their fundraisers and events focus on raising money for this cause.

    It seemed that everywhere we went, at every gas station, restaurant or mall, we were stopped by someone to ask if we rode and what kind of bike and all these really conservative, well dressed couples rode bikes too and could not pass up a chance to talk to others who do too. It’s kind of like David fans, where everyone is united by a common love and you never meet a stranger.

    At the Welcome Center on the way home, there was jewelry on display in a glass case, We found out it was only sold in another town and called the artist to meet us. My husband drove all that way, out of his way to get me there and had to wait 45 minutes for her to show up. He bought me the necklace and earrings I wanted. Later when we got home,he gave me a big kiss. “What was that for?”, I asked. He said he was just thankful I came with him and said he was so afraid he would do something that would cause me to be scared or hurt. Aww….what a sweet guy he is! I think I will make this a regular tradition that every trip we go, I get a gift! We may go to Hot Springs next at end of month. 🙂 Here is a pic of 6 of my grandkids, the 7th and youngest one is missing. And below them is the jewelry my hubby went to so much trouble to obtain for me. They are all my jewels though, including their grandpa.



    What has any of this got to do with David?

    M Everything and MORE

    Thanks Annmargaret. Living for today and waiting for tomorrow and that promised Spanish album. I may have to take some time off work for about a week as I will be utterly useless.


  86. annmargaret said

    Hi. Its me again. I wrote one post but it vanished so wrote it again. Now there are two! Oh well, sorry.

    Admin/Angelica – fixed!


  87. annmargaret said

    Angelica thanks for fixing my double entry and for putting up A Puro Dolor by Sons by Four.

    Your grandkids are darling. You’re a lucky duck to have so many.
    Love the jewelry too!


  88. skydancer1x said

    Good Monday morning everyone!
    Angelica, you are my hero! Sounds like you had a fabulous time, and your grandkids are adorable ♥ Bet they think that you guys are the coolest grandparents ever! I am so happy you shared all these pictures, they put such a big smile on my face. Some beautiful amber bling you have there.:))) hmmm…

    I can just hear David singing A Puro Dolor.(Oh please David!) I love the slow version, its absolutely beautiful.

    Another music icon leaves us.Rest in peace Robin Gibb♥There will never be another group like the Bee Gees, and the brothers Gibb.Such unique voices, and wonderful songwriters. How sad for Barry to have now lost all of his brothers.I loved their music….

    on another subject..
    N- NO ONE but David has labios like that!


  89. betsy said

    Good Morning.


  90. MT said

    SB, I got my bracelet!! I love it!! 😀 It was so generous and thoughtful of you to do this for us. Thank you so much.

    89. Betsy,
    Thanks for posting that video. It’s one of my all time favorites.


  91. SandyBeaches said

    Hey that’s great MT! After lunch here and I was pondering another game to add to out time on here and I think I have one! Then my phone buzzed and you were here!

    A hot weekend here. Oh forgot that it is not a weekend for everyone.

    Well time to enjoy this holiday that we have been given!

    There hs a seafood restaurant right beside the ocean that is calling us today so it is time to meet some tourists! There are usually some from Boston and NY.



  92. Abrra said

    Enjoyed your road tripping story Angelica! My older sister and her hubby belong to a biker club as well. It was quite a shock to see them pull up to my door a few years back. Here was this guy in leathers and a helmet on a bright yellow “trike” style machine with a sidecar that had a clear bubble covering. Never did I expect my 70 something sister to emerge from the sidecar! They even had radio/ mic set ups in their helmets do they can talk as they ride. I don’t know of they still ride as they have moved to Florida. Now they are officially snowbirds! I shall have to ask her for a picture of them in their glory days of riding with the club.

    I know what you mean about having a comraderie in belonging to a club. My daughter and her hubby belong to a car club. They share many occasions as a group just as a family would.
    Then there is me. I belong to the BEST family on earth. I am a fan of David Archuleta. I have met such good people along this journey.

    Argh! I have spent the morning scanning twitter and google alerts. So much I want to share
    but can’t until my tech guy comes over tonight to fix my ailing router.

    I blame all errors on my iPhone
    676 days


  93. SandyBeaches said

    Abrra…how surprised would you be if I pulled up to your door riding on a Harley??



  94. bebereader said


    Loved the account of your weekend that you treated us to! Kind of like a blog, well yeah this is kinda like a blog too. LOL How blessed you are with such a beautiful family! And you have a gem of a hubby to buy you those amber jewels. They are fabulous and remind me of the color of someone’s eyes. 😉


    I heard about Robin Gibb, too. 😦 And,like you, I was a fan of The Bee Gees. Our generation grew up with their music. They gave us many many memorable songs.

    RIP Robin Gibb


    Enjoy your holiday and seafood dinner.


    Come back to us!

    Sharing some new photos that Bench just released.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thank you, Betsy for the link!


  95. betsy said

    Lovely wristband, SB. Thanks.
    My wimpy wrist appreciated the small. 🙂


  96. SandyBeaches said

    That’s great Betsy, I was wondering if you had received it!!



  97. cq#DA2014 said

    love David in any color, but there is something so sexy about him when he wears dark clothes. I think what it does is highlights his eyes and brings out his bone structure, imo.


  98. skydancer1x said

    Thanks Bebe for posting those pics, and Betsy too for the link♥
    I love that 2nd group of Bench pics,yes I dooooo!♫ something about wearing a bit of black shirt or jacket…I love him in black must be the gorgeous head of black hair! Gah. nice belt too, David.

    O- OPM album has my ODD in Overdrive


  99. Abrra said

    Back online!!

    Bebe loved the set from Bench 🙂

    This one is my fav


    I found some other goodies while surfing today on my phone haha!


    Kari said on twitter this was from a possible video for Rainbow. Nothing confirmed.

    Another gem from ohnopurple’s tumblr page. Who could survive hearing that said to them? 😉 Jasmine was so strong.

    And finally some pics found at from david and Kari’s driver in the Phils. David signed a picture with a message. Maybe this is where he learned the OPM songs?



    Ah Robin Gibb will be missed. I am a big fan of the Bee Gee’s. They had a long and prolific career. Their music still stands up today. A perfect harmony blend was a signature to most all their songs.

    Rest in peace, Robin Gibb

    Abrra 676 days


  100. Gayle122890 said

    EEEEP!!! Got my beautiful bracelet today! Thank you thank you thank you, SB! And to everyone else for all the effort that went into these lovelies. I love it. I can’t stop looking at the card. Thank you! 😀

    P- Parte de mi alma.


  101. Gayle122890 said

    PS. Abrra #99: That top pic-Mama mia! Gladys, estas viva todavia?! That kind of rhymed lol.


  102. jans11 said

    Angelica, you are such a cutie! Loved sharing your trip with you and glad it was a fun and safe trip. Your grandkids are so cute! And the picture of you in your boots by the bike was adorable!

    #94 My favorite pic was the 2nd down on the left and after scrolling down to #99, the full one left me just……..speechless!!!!♥♥♥♥

    I read that the driver played Rainbow all the time in the car and David loved it and is the reason he wanted to add it to the album. I love it, especially the “minus one version”. Still sounds like David singing in it to me.

    I also loved the Bee Gees. Used to love to disco dance back in the old days! lol R I P Robin
    I need to schedule a colorectal screening test. It’s been years since I’ve had one.


  103. Abrra said

    I just got a call from Dakgal. She has been a bit under the weather for a few weeks. She is on the mend and will be back posting and coming to chat soon! I told her she has been missed in Unplugged. She is going to catch up on reading posts and articles over the next few days. She will be back commenting once she has caught up on David news.

    Abrra 676 days


  104. cq#DA2014 said

    Abrra #99 that is my favorite also……pass the smelling salts, lol.


  105. MT said

    Hope you’re feeling all better soon.

    Bebe & Abrra, nice pics. 😀


  106. MT said

    haha Got sidetracked by pics and didn’t finish my comment.

    That gif … I am really really hoping that the possible dancing in the possible Rainbow MV happens.

    P – Possible (Oh, please, let it happen)


  107. Angelica said

    New post…^^^


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