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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Happy David Archuleta Day and A Message From The Man Himself

Posted by djafan on Wednesday, May 9, 2012

@kariontour Kari Sellards 2h

Once again a WWTT Archies!!!! Happy Daivd Archuleta Day!!! This deserves a photo and something else special.

Happy David Archuleta Day!

It trended worldwide reaching #3 and in many countries for two hours!

The something special, a message from David♥


Uploaded by on May 21, 2008

130 Responses to “Happy David Archuleta Day and A Message From The Man Himself”

  1. cq said

    I am so proud to be a fan of this uniquely special guy!!! And, Kari is doing such a great job in David’s behalf.


  2. SandyBeaches said

    I brought this over from minutes before…

    In looking up the translation for the quote on the bracelet, there were different versions…One was …”You have become a part of my soul” and another would say…”You have become a part of my heart”! Then he confirms it himself…”A part of my heart is always with them”… So coool…All starting from the beloved song ‘Contigo En La Distancia’…

    Wow, it felt like a connection even if just imaginary.



  3. djafan said

    So many tweets for Happy David Archuleta Day!

    “A part of my heart is always with them”

    Q Quenching


  4. What a special day!! David’s tweet just warms my heart. Love the connection to the bracelet we’ll be wearing.


  5. djafan said

    SB, Not imaginary. You should have seen twitter, there is a connection between us all that connect us to David ♥

    Thank you Kari for the picture. What a happy face 🙂

    R Real


  6. annmargaret said

    I never get tired of watching David’s Homecoming day in Murray. He was so darling. So sweet & funny too. He more than qualifies as a superstar in my book!

    Q ~ Qualifies


  7. SandyBeaches said

    It felt like we have been talking about the quote and then from so far away he said something similar back…Oh he doesn’t feel that far away..




  8. tawna21 said

    No, SB, there is ‘real’ in the thought on these bracelets. The connection is there.♥♥

    T… Tawna #DA2014 🙂


  9. djafan said

    I think they’ve heard it. I see a tear.

    Deseret Book ‏ @DeseretBook
    So good! RT @DavidArchie: BEGIN. Coming out in August. For more information go to Cannot wait for you all to hear it.

    janey79 ‏ @janey79
    @NanDeeAy Seems like Deseret Book has heard the album 🙂

    Deseret Book ‏ @DeseretBook
    @janey79 I can neither confirm nor deny this. ; )

    U Unassuming


  10. djafan said

    JR has a great playlist of David Day!

    V Veins

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  11. MT said

    W – watery eyes

    What David causes when he sends message like that.

    I’m so glad to see those exclamation points. I’ve missed those. And then saying a part of his heart is always with us. See, now THAT’s why I’m still here. ♥ (and of course that gorgeous voice. haha but i guess that’s a given)


  12. bebereader said

    “A part of my heart is always with them.”

    That felt like a virtual {{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}.

    Xtra special. That’s how he makes us feel.


  13. betsy said

    Y – Yesterday

    With one beautiful sentiment from D, today is better than yesterday. ♥


  14. lani said

    (sorry, can’t think of a z word, will go straight to A… lol)


    One of my favorite AI7 DA performances

    Paula: “You just have a beautiful aura about you”
    So true Paula… so true!!!


  15. Abrra said

    Very psychic of you for the bracelet phrase. Good job!

    I brought my scream caps over from this morning 🙂



    B- Beautiful moles 😉

    Abrra 688 days


  16. Abrra said

    Naree posted a link to a “new” set of pictures she took at the Southmall appearance. Over 100 images!!i=1791226170&k=d37vCtD






    C- Captivating

    Abrra 688 days


  17. betsy said

    D – Dang.
    He looks almost airbrushed.
    Love him. ♥


  18. lani said

    D – Ditto Betsy,Abrra

    Sensory Overload!!!


  19. skydancer1x said

    all I am capable of right now. (need a tissue please)



  20. loulou said

    Fabules, Fantastic and Fun !!


  21. djafan said

    Please Vote!!!! and

    G Gorgeous


  22. PattiNC said

    G – Gosh where’d they all park??

    What a happy day in the fandom!! 🙂


  23. funfee said

    Oh that message from David! So heartfelt and just what we needed to hear: he is doing great and is thinking of us! Happy!!
    G – good (such a good man)


  24. Abrra said



    H- Holy Moly!

    Abrra 688 days


  25. emmegirl14 said

    A personal tweet and pic, nobody out there compares.

    Screamcaps, pics.

    I- need oxygen


  26. Gayle122890 said

    Aw…{{{David <— one-arm hug. 🙂

    I-Impeccable. As in MOTAB tux.


  27. emmegirl14 said

    Was remiss in thanking you Lani for the SMM video.

    J- just gave me chills


  28. Blueberry Ice said

    I – Incomparable in voice, beauty & heart
    I – Incapacitated is what he does to me with all those pics Dja & Abrra are posting!

    Poof! Admire your positive attitude … hope you mend quickly!

    Angelica! Glad your gorgeous heart is good as gold!

    His tweet had me in tears of joy! What more can one say about David … he is our kind of perfect!

    SB; Truly feel there is a genuine connection that interlinks us to each other and to David. To know that he feels it too makes it even more special.


  29. Blueberry Ice said

    Oh, guess I was too slow in posting, lol! This is fun Bebe … thanks!

    K – Kilig


  30. emmegirl14 said

    blueberry ice

    L- lol!!!!!


  31. veeg said

    Hello everyone

    Belated happy David archuleta day to everyone . Love the tweet from David . SB I think David is lurking here, telling all of us what was written in the bracelet . Please include me in your mailing list .

    K- kilig , you beat me blueberry ice but no rules say I can’t repeat 🙂
    L- labi ( lips )
    M- mata ( eyes )

    Still here with you all


  32. jans11 said

    ksisienehhtidehruofdhfssildgdghkdksdeori….I’m sorry but these pictures have me all out of control on the a to z thing!!!!
    N Not in control!!♥♥♥♥♥


  33. jans11 said

    Forgot to mention that twitter from David!! lol That had a little to do with the out of control thing too! Just a little, tho! Yea right!! Ok a whole lot……
    O Out of control OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. SandyBeaches said

    Vee, so pleased to see you here!

    Please write to me at… … and give me your address please with your wrist size S, M, or L… If you can’t get the address to work then come back and comment! I am mailing some more out tomorrow.



  35. SandyBeaches said

    P ~ Patience. He keeps trying to teach me patience.



  36. Angelica said

    Super busy day then had to go back in tonight. First time being able to get online. Isn’t he the best? Don’t you just love him? Aren’t we blessed?

    These are rhetorical questions.

    Hey Vee from the land down under! Good to see you!

    Q Quality in great Quantity. He has it.


  37. betsy said

    Hi Vee, you are missed. So glad to see you!

    Angelica, I can answer those rhetorical questions. Yes, yes and yes.

    R – Raw


  38. betsy said

    This was the one I thought I’d posted. So good, djbell. :))))


  39. Angelica said

    Betsy, no problem. It’s all good. 😀

    S So good.


  40. jans11 said

    T Totally awesome!!!♥


  41. mslv said

    T – Totally touched my heart!

    I lurk here a lot – and just had to come out to say my husband saw me shed tears when I read D’s tweet – He thought I was sad because he was going back to the farm – ?!?!?
    (My heart will always be with YOU David!)

    Hello Angelica and Suzy-Q and everyone here.

    vlm # DA 2014


  42. Angelica said

    Hello vlm! 1sm111 Pictures, Images and Photos Been thinking about you and here you are!

    U Ultimate voice


  43. jans11 said

    V Vivacious…..David is so vivacious on stage!♥


  44. fenfan said

    Hey SandyBeaches – saw your message about the bracelets over at the previous thread. Thank you so much. I’ll be looking out for them in the mail.
    So many gorgeous pix, a tweet from David himself!, and that gif at #24!!!! gggaaaahhh!!!

    U ubiquitous everything reminds me of him. he seems to be everywhere.


  45. bebereader said

    Vee, So good to see you! Please stop by The Voice Unplugged! We’re there every Saturday night after 10PM, U.S. Eastern time.

    This is Adorable! We saw it before “Nandito Ako” was run but somehow it’s better now!

    credit TV5Phillipines

    How did I get the X again? LOL

    X Sixteen on Idol


  46. bebereader said

    Oops I skipped W – Whackity Whack


  47. Abrra said


    Y- Young and oh soooo handsome!

    Abrra 687 days


  48. bluebar said

    Z – “Zing! Went the Strings of my Heart”

    When David smiles.


  49. Kaycee said

    A–Almond, the squirrel!


  50. marlie7 said

    Oh, that tweet! I was in a taxi in NYC on my way to a client and I teared up right thereinthe cab. Had to share, so I texted Abrra – we were both Waaaaaa!!!!!

    The pics above – such Beauty!

    B – Beautiful!


  51. emmegirl14 said

    C- cutie patootie


  52. poof said

    good morning everyone
    I was lying in bed this morning, thinking about the challenges awaiting me in the bathroom (I am dealing with a couple broken elbows,a sprained wrist and a split pea colored face 🙂 ) I was thinking of your kind words about my positive attitude about it all. It hadn’t occured to me that I had a positive attitude,,, ya’ just got to get through it the best you can,,, right? Because I still didn’t want to get out of bed and face that bathroom, I chose to “think about” things instead.

    What came to mind was a poem that I heard every day of my childhood on the radio. It ended a live music program that my family listened to at lunch time. We always had the radio on to some type of music. I remembered every word of that poem, though I hadn’t thought of it in years.

    Look well to this day,
    For it is life.
    The very life of life.
    For in it’s brief course lies
    all the verities and realities of your existence.
    The bliss of growth
    The glory of action
    The splendor of beauty.

    For yesterday is but a dream,
    and tomorrow is only a vision,
    But today, well lived,
    makes every yesterday
    a dream of happiness
    and every tomorrow
    a vision of hope.

    Look well, therefore, to this day.

    This morning, (after spending some quality time in the bathroom) I looked up this poem. It was written in the fourth century by the famous sanskrit writer Kalidasa. Amazing. I think this poem helped shape my attitudes as a child. I wanted to share it with all of you as we live our lives, especially in the next couple years.

    C caring


  53. MT said

    Poof, Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    I like the poem, wonderful words to live by. I wonder if David has ever read that one. It sounds a little like something he tweeted a while back about yesterday being gone, tomorrow isn’t here, what we have is today. (paraphrasing, can’t remember the exact words.)

    You could almost finish that poem this way …

    Look well, therefore, to this day. BEGIN.

    Hmmm The title of his new album fits very nicely there.

    D – Deliberate

    I think David is very deliberate in almost all that he does. Could this be close to the theme of his new album? Learn from yesterday, hope for tomorrow, and live today to the fullest and do the best that you can? Just a random thought.


  54. skydancer1x said

    53.MT,I like your random thoughts♥
    “I think David is very deliberate in almost all that he does” yes.( I think so too)
    BEGIN. I cannot wait to hear the songs he has chosen, and written.

    52. Poof, thanks for sharing that very special poem, and I hope you heal quickly♥ amazing how we can recite a poem from our childhood days, but can’t remember where we did with the car keys a minute ago.

    E- we are fans of an “extraordinary” man. ~sigh~


  55. djafan said

    Poof beautiful poem, words to live by.

    MT, Sky, It really is unreal to me on just how deliberate he is. I listen to TOSOD now and I hear so many messages that I didn’t recognize before but they were always there. David was going through a rough time and it hurts now that I realize it. This realization helps me tremendously with the missing him and not only understanding but being happy for David. That picture up top is balm for my heart.

    Thank you JR!

    Extreme Makeover Preview > (Subtitled) When David Archuleta Met Andie (10 May 2012)

    F Forevermore


  56. skydancer1x said

    55 Dja, I know exactly what you mean. So many messages. When you think about it, the messages have been coming since the very first time we saw him on Idol.Aside from the songs he chose, the way he conducted himself at any given moment spoke volumes. Our fresh faced,adorable,polite,sweet,courteous,respectful,and innocent young man we fell in love with was showing us what ‘classy’ was all about. The songs on TOSOD, do speak to a difficult transition in his life don’t they? You are so right…I will forever treasure that album, and I hope he is dayumm proud of it, it’s an exceptional piece of work.

    G- Genius


  57. skydancer1x said

    David’s Twitter followers is presently at one million,twenty-one thousand- eight hundred and 1 followers
    In the time it took to type this, it has probably already changed.

    H- Holy Toledo!!


  58. djafan said


    When David was interviewed during the release of TOSOD and asked about his favorite song he never gave a favorite but he mentioned The Other Side Of Down as a special one to him. I read these lyrics now and tear up just thinking about what was happening. It’s an uplifting song but because its talking about being down and trying to get up. The entire album is like this except for Falling Stars.

    The Other Side Of Down.

    Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, (Down, Down)

    Here I am with all these questions hanging from my ceiling low
    One by one they all keep telling me I told you so
    Everywhere I turn I see red lights flashing over my head
    Oh no, oh no, oh no
    In a whirl-wind spinning,
    yeah somehow it knocked me off my feet
    But I know better than to let it get the best of me,
    I could give up, I could stay stuck, I could move on
    So I put one foot front of the other,
    No, no, no, nothing’s gonna break my stride,
    I keep climbing,
    gonna keep fighting until I make it to the other side of down-own Down-own, Down-whoa-oh-ow-own
    (Down, Down, Down-ah-own)
    In the sky, I’m standing under all I see is endless rain
    I think I spot a silver lining hiding in the gray
    I might get tossed around,
    but I’m always bouncing back
    Oh, oh, oh I could give up, I could stay stuck, or I could move on,
    So I put one foot front of the other,
    No, no, no, nothing’s gonna break my stride,
    I keep climbing,
    gonna keep fighting until I make it to the other side of down-own
    Down-own, Down-whoa-ah-ow-own Down-own, Down-own, Down-whoa-ah-ow-own
    On the other side of down
    It keeps calling me
    Where I wanna be
    On the other side of down It keeps calling me
    Where I wanna be Where I wanna be
    Ohhh, I put one foot front of the other,
    No, no, no, nothing’s gonna break my stride,
    I keep climbing,
    gonna keep fighting until I make it to the other side of down-own
    Down-own, Down-whoa-ah-ow-own Down-own, Down-own, Down-whoa-ah-ow-own
    Ohh, Down, Down Whoa, Whoa Ohh, Down, Down
    The other side of down, down Other side of down-ah-uh-own Ohh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    H Healing


  59. SandyBeaches said

    Sorry Poof that we can’t help you from the distances we are at! If we were there we could at least have a gathering and all that goes with a David fan gathering. Food, laughs and lots of talk.



  60. cq said

    Djafan, TOSOD is my favorite song from that album. I always felt an under current of sadness that comes through. IMO, it’s that sadness that makes the song interesting. Let’s face it, David can sing anything, he’s just that talented, but only singing happy songs, would be a waste. I believe he has more emotions to convey through his music that is yet to be tapped.


  61. djafan said

    CQ, I now hear the under current of sadness. I confess I didn’t when it first came out. I was to busy spazzing 😦 I think we’ve only seen the tip of the gift that he is.

    David is back at #1!

    The 1D team is trying to motivate the fans. Don’t forget to vote!!!

    1D Street Team PH. ‏ @Official1D_PHIL
    It’s 1D vs. David Archuleta vs. Justin Bieber on the Myx charts! Keep on voting 4 Gotta Be You & let it stay at #1 on!

    I Incredible


  62. gladys1961 said

    J – just david


  63. MT said

    Oh, just went over to SnowAngelz and saw that she had the tweet in her article.

    Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.

    Thanks, TOfan.

    K – Kind of awesome.

    Ok, he’s actually VERY awesome, but I’m trying to make that K work. haha



  64. bebereader said

    David Archuleta’s Masterclass Performance Of You Are My Song
    May 10, 2012 by Masterclass Lady

    “You know a singer is doing something right when he can melt away all the stress and fatigue of the day, transporting you to another world of absolute bliss and harmony.

    And no one does this better than David Archuleta. He has such a gift – a beautiful charismatic voice and presence that draws you in to every word he is singing.

    In this music video, featured above, David performs a song titled “You Are My Song” from his OPM album, “Forevermore”.

    It is an absolutely exquisite vocal performance, highlighting the dimension and scope of David’s range. His vocals are pure and translucent, emanating straight from his heart to yours.

    His ability to craft and stretch his phrases is testament to his enormous skill set as a vocalist. Listen to the manner in which he holds the note on the word “song” at the 1:35 mark – centering the head voice and then gently increasing the diaphragmatic momentum to crescendo on the note, followed by a decrescendo.

    This is called messa di voce and very difficult for singers to master. Yet, he makes it sound so easy.

    Thank you to Janey for sending this song my way.

    This song and the entire album in fact is available at DavidArchuleta.Com and Amazon.Com.”

    L luminous


  65. MT said

    M – messa di voce

    Loved MCL’s review of the song. The link on messa di voce tells about just how difficult that is and, as she says, David makes it sound so easy.

    M – also stands for Masterclass performer. That’s our David. ♥

    Oh, Skyyy … another random thought for you. LOL

    I am wondering if David’s album is going to have an official release. Because if it does, don’t they usually release the lead single about a month or so before? Hmmm…. wonder if we’ll hear a song, maybe called BEGIN, in about two months instead of 3? Yep, just another random thought.


  66. funfee said

    Poof, I love that poem! Words to live by!
    Hope you are doing ok and that the bathroom wasn’t too challenging!!!! Wish we could all come and visit you and talk about David!! 😉


  67. funfee said

    Oops forgot:
    M – Maybe (one of my favs!)


  68. xaris2014 said

    Thanks for posting the MCL article, Bebe. YAMS I think finally won out as my favorite, and I am addicted to the way he sings “song” at 1:35. I had no idea there was a name for that little bit of exquisiteness–messe di voce.

    N Nuance, because David is a master of vocal nuances.

    I have company all weekend, so wishing everyone a good weekend in advance!


  69. xaris2014 said

    I should proofread before submitting–messa not messe.

    O Oops


  70. annmargaret said

    David is as close to perfection as can be!

    P ~ Perfection


  71. skydancer1x said

    oh no, not Q! let me refresh!………..(copy)
    ahhh still q,
    Q-David makes me laugh with his
    QUIZZICAL, QUESTIONING look.:)) “huh?”


  72. MT said

    Sky, haha You go girl! You got two Q words!

    R – Roses
    but no stomping them today because “it’s a good dayyyy” lol

    haha I can hear him singing that in my head. Remember that from his vlog? I think it was the same one where he sang Jill Scott’s “Golden”? I miss his vlogs.


  73. kaycee said

    S–smile! And what a great one at that!

    “And no one does this better than David Archuleta. He has such a gift – a beautiful charismatic voice and presence that draws you into every word he is singing. His vocals are pure and translucent, emanating straight from his heart to yours.”


  74. skydancer1x said

    70. Annmargaret ah yes,P- perfection.♥

    72. MT. I keep landing on the Q! haha Roses, thats a good one.
    After 4 years of daily doses of David, I believe we can keep this up for 2 years running, no prob.

    Kaycee,S_Smile. Davids gifts are plentiful, that’s for sure.That is one very special, and gorgeous, smile. Before he ever opened his mouth to sing Waiting on the world to change, he drew me in with that smiley face.Takes your breath away.♥


  75. skydancer1x said

    almost forgot
    T-two- armed hug♥


  76. gladys1961 said

    Today, I heard the most beautiful definition of a singer:
    “a singer is the person who takes out his heart, puts it in his hand and offers it.”
    David did this for four years and even in his absence, he will continue doing it.
    David, have you done to me?
    I do not know, but you kept doing it.


  77. betsy said

    U – Uber Cool
    An adjective describing some of the coolest things on the face of the Earth. Amazing, sexy, handsome, anything in comparison inferior.

    Anybody else out there go back and listen to 1:35 897 times?
    Ok, good it’s not just me. 😉


  78. MT said

    definition of a singer:
    “a singer is the person who takes out his heart, puts it in his hand and offers it.”

    Aww that’s beautiful, and so true about David.

    U – Unbelievable

    I still have the occasional moment, after all this time, when I just can’t believe he does what he does. He has a voice that does things I don’t remember ever hearing before. And like Gladys says, offers his heart up in his songs. And in return, we have given a piece of our hearts to him.

    haha Two years? Yep, We’ve been coming up with words for David for four years already, I think we can keep going with no problem. 🙂


  79. MT said

    hahahaha Betsy, Nope, not just you. 🙂


  80. bebereader said

    Did anyone catch Cook’s appearance on “American Idol” tonight?
    The media is saying that he has been dropped from RCA Records.


    “I still have the occasional moment, after all this time, when I just can’t believe he does what he does. He has a voice that does things I don’t remember ever hearing before.”

    Isn’t that the truth?
    I just never heard it described that way.
    His voice causes a disturbance in us that makes us stop and take notice.

    V vocal chord


  81. veeg said

    Hi everyone ,
    Missing everyone . Djafan , most of the time, my youngest boy’s basketball clash with the chatting ( dang the different time zone ) . Anyway one of this days will be able to join you guys . SB I have sent again my address to you . Thanks in advance .

    W- walking jukebox
    Been listening to old videos and this eight minutes interview showed that anything can make David remember a song . At 0:55 and at 5:57 and added bonus the evil trumpet

    WNCI interview thanks to mymusiclovin(just mp3) to annalisasinger84
    The shorter version and you will see David trying not to laugh and really appreciate the effort of the trumpet player

    Good evening from Sydney
    Vee 🙂 🙂


  82. PattiNC said

    Morning! Bebe saw his performance and heard the news…evidently he only has a 2 record deal. The song he sang last night is being self released. In the beginning of idol last night they showed previous hometown visits (not just winners) and unless I missed it I did not see David. Funny because the only former idol who trended about a hometown visit in the past was David. I still think David will be in the top 10 moneymakers this year of past idol contestants even though he was only here 4 months!


  83. veeg said

    Sorry the second video Thanks to annalisasinger84

    X- eXtra ordinary



  84. Abrra said


    I think I found a new game. Count how many times David changes the subject? 😉

    W- What the random?

    Abrra 686 days


  85. skydancer1x said

    83. Veeg!, rofl!!! that IS an evil trumpet.oh my! hahaha!

    84. Abrra, thanks for putting a big smile on my face today.
    vintage David♥ “Hello everyone. It is David.” and I am talking but I am still asleep. hahaha.He changes the subject 11 or 12 times maybe.?
    remember he was traveling back and forth back and forth during this time,meeting and with songwriters at every turn.Back then we were wondering if he would make a move to Nashville. . I miss him, and his vlogs too.♥


  86. djafan said

    Hello Vee!!!!!

    This time difference is killer 😦 Thanks for the videos they put a huge smile on my face.

    Gladys, this is David ♥ Beautiful.

    “a singer is the person who takes out his heart, puts it in his hand and offers it.”

    Abrra, That vlog is epic David. I can’t unsmile now lol.

    I haven’t watched Cook’s performance but the reviews are pretty mixed. The reports are very interesting for the winner and runner up. I’ve read the record deal is for 2 albums with the labels option for a third. It seems that label didn’t want a third. Whereas David’s label wanted a third and more since they made offers he turned down.

    David’s twitter followers keep increasing > 1,026,382 in comparison to Cook 265,143

    It’s all very interesting to me being a numbers person. David definitely has nurtured a relationship with his fans, this isn’t normal haha.


    ‘American Idol’ notes: David Cook, David Archuleta, and Carrie Underwood

    David’s on his own.

    For the Friday morning edition of “American Idol” notes we are going to be kicking things off by talking about both the winner and the runner-up from season 7.

    Cook moves on without RCA – After some great speculation for the past few months, David Cook finally confirmed following the results show performance Thursday night that he has separated from his label following some weak sales of his second album “This Loud Morning.”

    Specifically, Cook told The Hollywood Reporter that he actually was ready for a bit of a change:

    “It just felt like the time to try something different … I love the creative control, so we’re going to self-release and see what happens from there.”

    For now, Cook is releasing “The Last Song I’ll Write For You” independently to test the waters, and will figure out where he wants to go musically from there.

    David Archuleta’s Twitter milestone – We don’t get many opportunities to hear from David during his Mormon mission, but on Wednesday he did choose to relay a message to his fans to express his gratitude when it comes to reaching the million-follower milestone.

    In a new post on Twitter, here is what Cook’s fellow season 7 alum had to say courtesy of his team (who are managing his account while he is away):

    “No way! That is amazing that it got to 1 million even while I am away! Please tell the fans that I am loving it here and having some really wonderful experiences, and that I can´t thank them enough for the support that they´ve shown even while I´m away! A part of my heart is always with them.”

    Archuleta will have a new album coming out later this year, and the plan is for the team to continually provide some updates along with music to keep people invested in his career in the coming months.

    X eXtraordinary 🙂


  87. djafan said

    David Archuleta’s New Album Out In August

    Published on May 10, 2012 by clevverTV – Click to Subscribe! – Become a Fan! – Follow Us!

    David Archuleta is set to release some new music in August. It might be a bit confusing on the logistic side of things since David’s last big announcement had to do with his 2-year break of sorts from the music industry – due to his mission trip out of the country. That being said, he must have prepped for the trip so that fans wouldn’t be left without a new album. Thanks to the musician’s official website, we know that the album is titled Begin and it will hit the States on August 7. Believe it or not, this will be DA’s fifth solo album and it will feature original tracks and cover songs. Of course, the website does leave us all hanging a bit because that’s all of the details dished. Alright so let us know if you’re looking forward to this new music from David Archuleta, and for more music updates, keep it here at ClevverTV. I’m Dana Ward, bye for now!

    Hosted by: Dana Ward


  88. ray said

    can some one help me want to desing bumber sticker at vistprint not geting any where,want pic of david on it saying comming aug.7th BEGIN . help will pay you for them dang it anyway


  89. Abrra said


    I watch American Idol. I saw David Cook’s performance.

    It just ok for me, but then I am not one who buys his music. Breaking away from RCA should have been months ago when his sales were poor .Whatever the promotion was that he got in support, wasn’t enough to keep him on the radio. This new song is “different” from his hard rocker style of music. He seems to be stretching his wings now that he has the freedom. I hope he has better success on his own.


    David was smart to expand his horizons with a book deal, acting, and product endorsements. It shows more his depth as a performer. Another thing I like is that David doesn’t live behind an instrument on stage. He stands there alone in the spotlight and sings his heart out 🙂 I’d be sad if I had to watch him behind a guitar for every song.

    Y- Your Eyes Don’t Lie

    Abrra 686 days


  90. ray said

    will order ten to give out,for now


  91. MT said

    84. Abrra, thanks so much for posting that video. It gave me the biggest smile. It is random, spacey, smiley, adorable David at his finest. That video is one of my favorite vlogs that he’s done. Doesn’t it just pull at the heart strings? haha

    Z – Zing
    Zing go the strings of my heart … thanks to David and that adorable video.


  92. Abrra said


    When we wanted to make a calendar for the mission countdown we got the word from David’s management that they wouldn’t allow us to use his image on it as he has copyrights.

    A- A Little Too Not Over You

    Abrra 686 days


  93. MT said

    “Let’s just say I like his voice but that’s as far as my connection with him goes”. … “But things took a pivot, as in swiftly and violently, when I heard him sang Nandito Ako.”

    This is my favorite part from this blog.

    You guys should read it. It did my heart good. David Archuleta, conquering the world, one fan at a time. 😀

    B – Brilliant

    David is one of the most brilliant vocalists ever and the world is waking up, one fan at a time.


  94. lani said

    B – Be Still My Soul

    C – Chills


  95. skydancer1x said

    I too watched Cook last night. To be honest, I have already forgotten everything about his performance back on the Idol stage, except his haircut was different, and so was the song.
    Abrra,I really like what you said in your comment.
    “Another thing I like is that David doesn’t live behind an instrument on stage. He stands there alone in the spotlight and sings his heart out I’d be sad if I had to watch him behind a guitar for every song.” (me too)

    All our David needs,is that irresistible,mesmerizing,intoxicating beautiful voice.*sigh*….Everything else is just window dressing.
    MT♥ zing go the strings of my heart.:)))



  96. skydancer1x said

    I left for a few minutes before posting and now we are at D. oops
    D- Don’t Let Gooooooooo!♫♪


  97. stenocruiser said

    E — Everything and More

    That just sums it up as far as David himself and his talent are concerned.


  98. djafan said

    David is a phenom and prodigy. A tweet from Kari answering a question by Nareejo.

    heart echoes ‏ @nareejo
    @kariontour hi kari. i have a question.. in between takes was David be practicing/memorizing the songs for the Forevermore album? I’m

    heart echoes ‏ @nareejo
    @kariontour ..trying to figure out when he had time to learn the songs…lol.. was he singing to you all the time? hehe

    @nareejo well Where you are and NA were recorded first for the series and before he even decided to record an album. it was the last few days of filming when we started choosing songs and getting suggestions from the cast and crew. It was while we were in Singapore we started giving the list of songs to Ivory for clearance. Only really on the way to the studio in the van was when he looked over the words and listen to the track for the songs he was recording on that day.

    A Tweet by @kariontour

    F Forevermore


  99. cq said

    Djafan, couldn’t agree with you more…phenom and prodigy for sure. Can’t wait what riches we fans have in store from this great guy when he returns to what God put him in this earth to do………..SING.


  100. bluebar said

    G – GOSH!!! For every comment, photo, link and video here – between #1 and 100! 🙂


  101. betsy said

    Emmegirl, I’ve always loved that Hooked on a Feeling random singing video. Thanks for bringing it over and thanks for liking such good stuff. 🙂

    #83 Vee – Trust David to throw out some random jazz-fusion artist’s name. He knows everyone. I bet he could teach a class in music history. And he only knows these things because he loves it just that much. Self taught. ♥
    It’s really amazing to me, how much music knowledge is inside of him. Then he sings, and breathes it out to us. 🙂

    H – Heaven


  102. MT said

    “Then he sings, and breathes it out to us.”

    Oh my gosh, yes!!

    That’s exactly what it’s like! Like he’s filled with music and then he opens his mouth and just lets it out. It’s no wonder we always say singing is as natural to him as breathing. LOL

    That tweet from Kari, “Only really on the way to the studio in the van was when he looked over the words and listen to the track for the songs he was recording on that day.”

    Wow, again, flabbergasted when thinking about what he is capable of.

    I – Incredible


  103. Abrra said

    I was surfing and came across this old interview from G.Gordon Liddy from June 2010.

    Runner-up in the 7th season of American Idol, singer, songwriter, author: these are just a few of his titles. David Archuleta (age 19), has accomplished more than most teenagers can even dream of accomplishing. Gordon talks to this successful teen about his new book, his Mormon faith, and the possibility of him doing mission works via his music

    Click the orange “listen to article” icon to hear David. Mr. Liddy presses David about going on a mission at 5:50. I kept saying” David! Just say you have contracts to fulfill!!” 😉

    Changed mine cuz there’s too many I’s 😉
    J- Joy To The World

    Abrra 686 days


  104. MT said

    Sorry, I re-used Dja’s word for I. But it really is just soooo right. Ok, maybe I’ll do another.

    I – I

    I just love that guy. ♥


  105. MT said

    “Changed mine cuz there’s too many I’s”

    rofl 😳 sorry about that

    K – Kissy face (see 1:53)


  106. MT said

    Wow, it’s just not my day. That would be at :23 in the Vangie video.

    (It’s ok, I’m leaving now.)


  107. Abrra said

    I am in Unplugged for a bit if anyone wants to stop in 🙂

    Abrra 686 days


  108. bebereader said


    Thanks for your reply about Cook on AI.
    Question: How is it that the winner get a two- record deal and a runner up gets a three-
    record deal?

    Regarding David playing guitar…
    Truly, a singer of David’s caliber doesn’t need to play an instrument to accompany his singing. His voice is his instrument. But I wouldn’t mind seeing him play guitar just once. 😉


    Thanks for the link to the blog in #93. My favorite part was this:

    “David’s diction and pronunciation of Filipino words are close to seamless, given that he doesn’t even have a drop of Filipino blood. And the voice- Holy Cow that voice! So angelic, soothing, and simply puts you to sleep like a baby being rocked to a calming lullaby. ”

    Ain’t that the truth.
    And this from someone who wasn’t really a fan.
    As Angelica always says, Resistance is futile.

    Those Vangie commercials are hysterical. They’re comical and I love that David gets a chance to play himself. MT, come back! What is David doing at 1:27?

    L Lovable


  109. Abrra said


    Thanks to those who came to Unplugged. I was just sitting there watching him sing and decided I needed company. We were missing David so bad that we had to have some therapy. I fell asleep in my chair as usual 😉

    As of this morning David has 1,030,212 twitter followers.His followers are seemingly going up at a rapid pace. More so than when he was here. I find it strange that David Cook has so much less. His fans were very vocal at one time. They really need to support him now that he is independent.

    Abrra 685 days


  110. MT said

    That’s great about his twitter followers are increasing at such a pace. It’s good to know that there is so much interest, even while he’s gone. But I do have to wonder, where are they coming?

    Are they LDS? Fans from Chile? Fans from Asia? People hoping to work with him when he returns? News sources wondering what’s happening or wanting to get the tweet that says he is returning when his mission is up? All of the above?

    Things that make you go hmmmmm.

    M – Mind-boggling (sp?)


  111. MT said

    Oh, and Abrra? Thanks for the therapy.

    (5) < my nickel for Dr. Abrra for last night. 😉

    N – Nickel


  112. Abrra said

    Cha ching! Thx MT !

    I forgot my word in last post.

    O- Oh my heck!

    Abrra 685 days


  113. funfee said

    Abrra, thank you so much for the chat last night!! Wonderful therapy for us David-missing fans!
    Please keep doing this every now and then, it was so much fun! 🙂


  114. emmegirl14 said

    MT, been thinking about that too. With fans doing such an incredible job of trending him plus all the publicity about the mission it may have peaked the interest of people who never heard of him before – figured they check out who the heck this guy was. And we all know what happens when you start watching dja vids.

    I was just lucky to have stumbled onto him (was not an AI follower, watching it only 3 or 4 times in six seasons) on that fateful night of audition finals.

    The good news is, the more followers he has, the more followers he will get. Capish?


  115. skydancer1x said

    that picture is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Nareejo’s photo’s of David are stunning.

    MT♥ you wake up my ponder brain cells.haha ! another great ponder from YOU! :))

    Emmegirl, I agree the fans trending him and publicity over his mission….are probably a big part of it for sure! Then, when they discover him, and share with others, walla! “The good news is, the more followers he has, the more followers he will get. Capish?” YES! woo hoo!!

    Abrra, thanks for hanging out the shingle last night:)) Group therapy sessions are extremely helpful for what ails us♥

    P. psychiatrist (Dr.Abrra is in the house!)


  116. bluebar said

    Lunch time! We know David loves food!!

    Q – Quesadilla


  117. MT said

    LOL So glad I’m giving your ponder brain cells a workout. 🙂 If you’d like to return the favor, maybe you could help me with my typing brian cells. haha I think they need more exercise. They are getting lazy!

    R – Reaching Out

    Gahh I love that song. HIs vocals in that song just send me to the moon and back. ♥

    PS I saved another nickel for tonight. 😉


  118. MT#78/117 “….I still have the occasional moment, after all this time, when I just can’t believe he does what he does. He has a voice that does things I don’t remember ever hearing before.”

    I LOVE the Forevermore album. There are a group of songs I can’t resist replaying incessantly for the reason you stated in #78. Reaching Out is probably at the top of that playlist. It’s like chills, shivers, breathlessness and pure bliss all at once. Have not heard any other voice that can do that, ever.


  119. lani said

    R -Running out

    I’m running out of words to describe David’s pictures… and David himself

    Me too MT… really luvvvv Reaching Out … my day is not complete until I listen to it


  120. Oops, forgot to post the word.

    s – sensation; the act of responding to a stimuli! Yep, that’s what the Voice does for me.


  121. loulou said

    All you David fans have a wounderful Mothers Day tomorrow !! T- Thanks for being here waiting for David !!


  122. jans11 said

    I want to wish all you ladies out there a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow!♥

    U Unbeatable…..David’s voice is unbeatable!!♥


  123. MT said

    “Me too MT… really luvvvv Reaching Out … my day is not complete until I listen to it.”

    It’s my favorite. ♥

    David, I can’t thank you enough for recording that beautiful album.

    Bebe, I know, don’t you just love all those Vangie commercials? I go back to them regularly, any time I need a smile. 😀

    120. Fandaforeverti48

    I like your S word and it’s definition. haha You get my vote for best S word so far. 🙂

    T – Together

    I think we’re all Together on that one.


  124. betsy said

    I really want to post this video but the C’s are long gone. Gonna have to make up a word.

    I can’t believe what he can do with a soundcheck.
    He never ever ceases to amaze me.
    What what.


  125. betsy said

    Also, I will be sad when the thread changes and the top picture is gone.
    Every time I see it I smile with him. 🙂


  126. Angelica said

    Reaching Out.

    You brighten up my day
    You even help me find my way. <what he does with his voice right here kills me.

    ♥ Something like, idk, eeeeyyuu

    V Vanquished


  127. Abrra said


    W- Where You Are

    Abrra 685 days


  128. betsy said

    Phonetically spelling David’s sounds FTW!


  129. Angelica said

    Betsy, haha. He makes me do these things.


  130. MT said

    Betsy & Angelica hahahahaha too funny

    Yes, I too have a strange love for the way he sings “bri-TIN up my day” and then that “e e eeeee” sends me over the edge lol

    Ok, X again? really? hmmmm…

    X – X marks the spot where he stands to sing and perform. 😀 The only spot on the stage where anyone cares to look.


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