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    jans11 on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Posted by djafan on Friday, May 4, 2012

(djafan edit)

My Dear Writer surprises us with a new David picture to celebrate the One Million followers! Here’s her tweet.

MyDear Writer@MyDearWriter 

Taken after the NA Press Launch. And now it’s official- 1M Followers Are Waiting For David Archuleta. Yehey.

Alicia Low captures the exact moment the twitter followers hit one million!

Alicia Loh@keepmenear

Screencap of exactly 1,000,000:

Within minutes “One Million Archies” trended worldwide!!!  Many tweet to congratulate David with a twitter frenzy!

MyDear Writer@MyDearWriter

Show of force using the power of love –>> 1M Followers Are Waiting For David Archuleta | One Million Archies

Channel [V] Int’l@channelVHD

Congrats to @DavidArchie for 1M followers on twitter!

Jennifer Lee@Jennilee19

@snowstorm2965 bring out the fireworks!!!!!!!!! whooooo hoooooo!!!! One Million Archies!!!! 😀


ONE MILLION ARCHIES IS WW TT!!! @kariontour @davidarchie congratulations!

Ericka Archie @ericchuleta1D


Wulan 吴岚@elizabethSWulan

One Million Archies on TTWW #2 GO!!

Kari tweets from David’s twitter and we get a new avi picture!

We find out when this picture was taken via these tweets. Awww just before he left♥

Cindy #DA2014 @CanadianArchie

@kariontour when was that pic taken? @DavidArchie‘s NEW avi!!! LOVE THAT SMILE 😀 ❤ SO ADORABLE!!!

Kari Sellards@kariontour

@CanadianArchie just a few days before he left.

It’s Kari’s birthday today!



  1. marlie7 said

    Oooh, I’ve never been the first poster on a new thread here!

    Congratulations to our sweet David.


  2. sunny said

    Congratulations to David for his over 1million followers on twitter!! Love his new avi! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kari! She is the best!! 🙂


  3. ray said

    hey guys you show vistors is that daily ,monthely,or for the year ????


  4. Gayle122890 said

    David’s career is on hold?? It don’t look like it to me! 1 million and counting. Woo hoo! I love that boy ♥


  5. djafan said

    I tried hard to stay up last night to see the 1 mil happen but I faded lol So happy for David and can’t wait for Kari to tell him.

    Congrats Marlie for your first time!

    CQ, thank you!!!!!

    Gayle, nope not on hold. David just keeps keeping on 🙂

    David has gained 1,291 Followers already since he hit a million!

    Ray, It’s daily.


  6. jans11 said

    Yea! David! One million followers and counting!!! He’s not going anywhere but up!!!♥♥ Congratulations David! You’re the best!!! He follows his heart again and is being so blessed!♥
    Happy Birthday, Kari!! What a great birthday present for you! I’m so happy…just a little giddy here! whoo hoo!!


  7. ray said

    yea 1 mil. and he didn,t have his (label ) buy them,like some one else. he he he


  8. emmegirl14 said

    1,000,000 congrats David!

    Love the new avi and can’t not mention @MyDearWriter’s pic #156 last thread. 🙂


  9. emmegirl14 said

    I think his worldwide fans’ hard work trending David the last few months have been a big factor in getting to one million followers – my hats off to all of you twitterers. Well done. 🙂


  10. bebereader said

    Oh happy, happy day! 🙂

    Image and video hosting by 

    So proud of David. Only he can get his followers up to one mil while on a break in his career!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    to Kari, in appreciation of all she does for David and his fanbase.


  11. MT said

    “Only he can get his followers up to one mil while on a break in his career!” I know, isn’t that crazy?

    You go, David!

    And again, Happy Birthday to Kari. Thanks for all you do for David and the fans. 🙂

    Love David’s new avi. ♥ And the pic from MDW.


  12. djafan said

    This is music to my ears!!!!!

    Zahra Albachachy ‏ @ZahraAlbachachy
    @kariontour Hi Kari I have 1 question. Is David allowed to practice singing on his mission so he can keep his voice going and pure??

    Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour
    @ZahraAlbachachy A lot of you have asked this question. Yes! He is singing all the time over there.


  13. Abrra said

    haha! :30 mark

    Looks like this was shot at the NA press launch.

    Abrra 693 days


  14. skydancer1x said

    WOO HOO! Go David,Go David,Go David,Go David!!! Doing the Happy Dance here!♫♪ :))
    That is so amazing! It is crazy MT crazy.
    “Only he can get his followers up to one mil while on a break in his career!” I cannot wait for Kari to tell him the news!♥
    MT It is crazy!

    Dja, It is so nice to hear David is “singing all the time over there”
    Love the lead picture, and love the new avi picture alot♥
    what a nice way to end a crazy week in the fandom.
    Twitter,and a birthday, and pics, oh yeah!:))


  15. tawna21 said

    So much excitement! Yep, David definitely is here to stay if he can be gone and still be here gaining followers! 🙂

    The pictures on here today are breathtaking (that is a serious understatement)!!

    Hope Kari’s b-day is so full of awesome!! She deserves it!! She is one special bird in this flock!! ♥

    Dja, thanks for the info we’ve all been waiting to hear—David is singing!!



  16. tawna21 said

    New from MasterClass Lady and Pamela Pike…

    “It was Top 4 week and the theme was songs by Artists from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. David chose Love Me Tender an oldies love song sung by Elvis Presley, in the movie, Love Me Tender.

    When a singer attempts an Elvis Presley song the first thing you think is how bad will it sound? Elvis songs have a special place in people’s hearts and cannot be sung by everyone, except for David Archuleta.

    read the rest here….



  17. skydancer1x said

    13.oh Abrra, :30, ROFL! oh David!
    “I’m the what?” “What do you mean?” way to go D♥

    smiling confident and handsome.yes he is♥


  18. Blueberry Ice said

    Dja! Lots to squeeee about in this post! Here’s looking forward to reaching 2 million, right! Loving his smile, love knowing that he’s singing, love that his fanbase is growing … just feeling quite content & happy!

    Thanks to Kari with best wishes on her special day … one b-day that I bet she’ll won’t forget!

    Tawna; Nice to see this review on Love Me Tender. It’s one of the AI songs on You Tube that I didn’t see until much later & was surprised that it wasn’t one of the most popular viewed ones because he just sounds absolutely gorgeous & apparently ‘crushed’ the competition.


  19. MT said

    “Go David,Go David,Go David,Go David!!! Doing the Happy Dance here!♫♪”

    hahahaha I can picture you doing this.

    Okay everyone, hands in the air and wiggle those hips. Let me hear you now!

    ♫♪ Go David,Go David,Go David,Go David!♫♪

    Woo Hoo! haha Nice job!!

    And I”m so glad to hear he’s singing all the time. That puts a big 😀 on my face.


  20. potluck8 said

    Happy Birthday kari, I hope it was GRAND! Fantastic David news.


  21. bebereader said

    From Jasmine Curtis Smith to Kari on Twitter:
    Happy birthday @karisellards!! I miss your contagious laugh 😊 have a blast today and see u soon!

    Image and video hosting by 

    Nice pic!!


  22. ncgirlmarylee said

    Happy Birthday Kari ~ You are a GEM! ♥ Wonderful to hear that David has opportunities to sing during his mission ~ singing to him is like breathing ~ please give him our love/appreciation & let him know how much he is missed when you have contact with him again. Thank you Kari ((hugs)) ♥


  23. skydancer1x said

    Bebe! what a beautiful picture of both of them! Kari should send it to David. Look at Jasmine, she looks gorgeous!

    MT, haha you saw me!

    18. Hi Blueberry Ice!! ♥ Love Me Tender was awesome on AI. They had such a closeup of him when he was singing it.
    Funny, how Ryan called him ” crusher” that night
    after Simon said he ‘crushed’ the competition…
    then along comes the song “Crush”


  24. PattiNC said

    Happy birthday Kari!! congrats to David in hitting one million followers!!
    So my son’s high school baseball team will be in the playoffs starting next week…and there is a possibility his team will play the team Scotty McCreary is on!! I’m thinking he should sing SSB too!! Maybe my son will get him out at Going to be lots of new girl fans at that game!


  25. marlie7 said

    #13 Abrra – Bwahahahahahah. Good job, David!


  26. Angelica said

    Sorry I’m late to the party! Congrats to David on exceeding 1 million followers on twitter and Happy Belated Birthday to Kari! Had some chest pain at work and had to take a ride in an
    ambulance Pictures, Images and Photos
    Everything checked out OK though. Cardiologist said my stress test looked great and if I didn’t mind him saying, for a little woman, I sure had a long stride! Even overheard the nurses doing my echo say I had a “gorgeous” heart. haha. Finally got discharged last night kind of late and slept till now. Good to be home! Oh and good to be at my house too. 😉


  27. MT said

    So glad you’re ok. 🙂 And I always knew you had a gorgeous heart. ♥


  28. betsy said

    Angelica, so glad it all turned out ok. ♥

    Now this new video is super cute!

    credit to ArCHAletaShippers


  29. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica, I am very happy for you that you have a healthy heart. There are enough scares going around! We have the biggest challenge of all, to be or get healthy before we meet again in some city, somewhere! Little do we care which one!



  30. cq said

    Angelica, so glad everything turned out ok.
    Wow, just checked David twitter account and his followers just keep going up at a pretty good pace. Now it’s up to David’s team (might be a team of one, Kari,lol) to keep all the newbies interested with goodies that David left us.


  31. bebereader said

    Angelica {{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}

    Betsy, Adorable!

    Here’s a video for the day!

    Waiting for Yesterday/Westbury CFTH Tour 2009

    credit djbell

    This video has me mesmerized and watching ad infinitum. Note the body language, the dance moves, the stance at the mic, the screaming….THE VOICE!

    Gosh, I miss him!

    How much different will David be when he returns from his mission? We’ve already noted that he will probably have a slight Chilean accent when he speaks English and that he will be fluent in Spanish. Anything else? How different will his performance be of the same song? It’s fun to ponder…


  32. Angelica, So glad everything turned out well. Chest pain is scary. Glad you got checked out.
    Thanks for the vids Betsy, Bebe and others. Loving the trips down Memory Lane!! David has grown leaps and bounds as a performer. Check out This Christmas from SLC-/Remember our New Years resolution. Helps me get my Groove on!! 23 months Woo Hoo!!


  33. Sorry! Don’t know how to add videos!! Know how to send them on twitter and email only!!


  34. bluesky said

    Dear Angelica,

    Uh huh. Those are the kinds of excitement one can do without. *_*

    I like your heart just the way it is, thank you! And… we can concur with the Dr.’s observation: you do have a wonderfully long stride. And you encourage us to ‘lengthen’ our own.

    Just sayin’



  35. emmegirl14 said

    So glad everything checked out Angelica. Gorgeous heart, good news. 🙂

    bebe, Westbury, one of his absolute best…oh yes, the stance. And I always loved the way he skittered across the stage (1:39), so effortlessly, almost like he was on water.

    Thanks Betsy, too cute!


  36. emmegirl14 said

    Here ya go heidijoy (and thanks):



  37. Angelica said

    Thanks for the supportive comments guys! After viewing the videos posted today, I highly recommend everyone get a thorough cardiac work-up as well. You have 1 year, 11 months to do it but don’t put it off too long and forget. I have a feeling we will need strong hearts and steady nerves for a 2 year older David in concert!


  38. Thanks Emmigirl14 ! Your welcome!! An all time favorite!!Anytime of year!!..


  39. skydancer1x said

    Oh Angelica ♥so glad everything checked out well for you. Gorgeous heart? Not surprised to hear that:))
    and you are right, we shall all need strong hearts,and strong legs..
    aww just thinking about it makes me sigh~
    His grandest entrance evah! IMO, at the Christmas tour.. was enough to do me in. I can’t even imagine whats to come in 2 years when he faces an audience of we will wait for you David fans once again..
    31. Bebe,
    all you mentioned and more has me pondering and pondering here! Gah! and as good as we are at pondering, you know he always has surprises up his sleeve, and exceeds our expectations….eek, I have goosies!


  40. MT said

    How different will he be? VERY good question.

    I am wondering something, and maybe an LDS fans can answer this question.

    I remember David saying that singing and dancing is how his family on his mom’s side celebrated holidays. Well, if in Chile they celebrate holidays the same way, would the missionaries ever be invited and would it be okay for him to attend and sing and dance on these occasions?

    Because that could result in some spanish influence in his performance. Just wondering.


  41. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra 692 days


  42. cq said

    Good question MT, I’m curious too.


  43. Abrra said

    I am so glad your heart is healthy!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra 692 days


  44. skydancer1x said

    43. gulp..♥


  45. emmegirl14 said

    tawna, thanks so much for bringing MC’s Love Me Tender retrospective, I love reading anything she writes on David. She never has anything but the highest praise and respect for him….”pure brilliance.”

    Boggles the mind he did that at 17.

    (I’ve always felt the gentlemen accompanying him at the piano was showing his own personal respect to David with that bow at the end of the song.)


  46. emmegirl14 said

    You tube and it’s removal of his high view videos is a real bur under my saddle.


  47. betsy said

    #41. Abs, you didn’t ask but I am naming the place anyway.
    Bonnaroo, June 2011. 🙂


  48. annmargaret said

    I have my own YouTube account. When I opened it today there was a message “This account is closed”. I was able to open up my playlists which are almost all David. I was happy about that but does anyone suppose I got that message because it’s all David? I am not very familiar with things like this.


  49. Abrra said


    They usually don’t do that without an email notice, with a reason for closing an account. You will need to write to YouTube support.

    Abrra 692 days


  50. emmegirl14 said

    Annmargaret, hmmm, wish I could help.

    ♥ tweet from Harry Judd


  51. annmargaret said

    Abrra and emmegirl ~ thanks for answering my question. I’m going to try to contact You Tube to get an answer.

    Love the Voice and love you all!


  52. marlie7 said

    Dang – I missed unplugged last night – fell asleep. Grrrr.


  53. Abrra said

    I sent you a wake up text! You might set your phone alarm to wake you with one of David’s ringtones 🙂

    We had a good crowd last night. I am continuing to rearrange the “furniture” to free up some space to add more videos. I made a “best of MKOC Tour” set that everyone really liked.

    Oh, we had quite the discussion about the Spanish language. Gladys told us that there were many accents. Angelica posted this link which gives an idea of some differences in regional accents.

    Abrra 691 days


  54. ray said

    thie old rooster forgot to check in at the hen house last night meany too but got into the tv with son last night,


  55. bluesky said

    40. MT

    Hummmm. Not sure how it might be in Chile or if any rules may have changed….. But! I went to a Spanish speaking mission in the USA and the people we were around were mainly from Mexico. They loved to sing and dance and any occasion or gathering with a few people or families was enough excuse for music and fun. When the members met together for fun I loved it! All ages, all the people no matter who or how would get up to dance. The dancing and the music was the fun — no self-consciousness about who you were dancing with, so you got oldies with younger-thans and littles with bigs of all sorts. Total fun! And yes, my companion and I both sang in church – religious songs. They liked our voices and wanted us to sing at one of their parties. We did. They picked the song. It was probably a little heavy on the romantic side and well, we sang it to please them and because we were young. Our mission president (if he had known) would probably just have shaken his head a bit and asked us, “And what did you learn from that, Sisters?” He was a great guy and so very supportive.

    I think DA’s influence Spanish-wise will come more from the music he hears all around him while he is there, especially from the lilt and melody of everyday communication more than from any actual performing he does. The music of voices is all around you and you cannot help but pick up on it, become infused with it, consume and breathe it.

    He will definitely add much to the repertoire of sound he keeps simmering inside for his lovely, warm, musical muse.
    (How ARE things in the kitchen?)

    (By the time he gets home, he may need to add a few more cooks!)


  56. Thanks Bluesky for the info!! David will love it if the culture in Chile is similar!! I can just imagine how much he will grow spiritually, emotionally, culturally,musically and physically. He will be even more Handsome, of that I’m sure!!


  57. skydancer1x said

    Thanks Bluesky♥
    “The music of voices is all around you and you cannot help but pick up on it, become infused with it, consume and breathe it.” I like thinking about that, in a David way. ahh I am certain he will take it all in… observe,absorb and learn quickly as he always does…he is like a sponge♥

    Ray! we missed you at chat.There was a lot of clucking going on! haha. hope you make it next week. :)) ya gotta represent, man!

    I was wondering….
    if there is a place we can squeeze in the right hand top pic of a fit looking David from the last article. (the on the set tour ) I love that pic.It would look very nice on the sidebar somewhere(maybe?) reminds me of kitty up there, looking out. Just wondering.


  58. emmegirl14 said

    Might be my favorite version of this song. Happy Sunday.


  59. betsy said

    Oh Emme. ♥ Love that one so much.


  60. betsy said

    Remember when that first came out people were accusing him of lip synching because it was so perfect? That voice is so impossibly gorgeous.
    Emme, you’ve started me on something here.


  61. betsy said

    Love him ♥


  62. emmegirl14 said

    I know Betsy, I have company coming and I can’t quit the AOL Sessions, I feel drugged.


  63. betsy said

    Emme I know the feeling. Am stuck on this one now. OMG. It feels new again or something. And the band was sooooo good, harmonizing.

    why is he doing this to us someone helllllp me


  64. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra 691 days


  65. One of David’s dreams is to sing at the Olympics. He’ll miss the next two but would be available for Rio De Janero in South America 2016 Summer Olympics. Do we know anyone from that area??? I know pretty random!! Wouldn’t it be lovely!!


  66. MT said

    Thanks so much for answering my qeustion.

    I love your story and the “and what did you get out of that” part made me laugh. I like the idea that along with his primary mission, there will be some fun social times.

    And this “The music of voices is all around you and you cannot help but pick up on it, become infused with it, consume and breathe it.”

    It will be interesting to see the result of that infusion. I’m thinking we’re gonna be happy campers. 😀


  67. SandyBeaches said


    You have mail!!



  68. bluesky said

    58 Emmegirl14

    I. am. with. you. *sigh* Perfection.


  69. marlie7 said

    Abrra #53: I didn’t get a text. Are you sure you didn’t use the “wrong” number LOL?


  70. djafan said

    So sorry I missed chat. Angelica I’m so glad to hear everything is good. I already knew you had a beautiful heart 🙂

    bluesky, hello there! Infused is the perfect word. David is such a sponge and we can see the Latino blood runs strong in his veins already that the result of this immersion will be of epic proportions.

    I looooove the AOL performances. The accusations of lip syncing are a testament to his talent.

    David is again at #1 ahead of 1D on MYXPH. Keep voting!

    David trended for over an hour last night. The Latino fans started tweeting “Siempre Con David Archuleta”. Always with David Archuleta and everyone joined in.

    David will be on the Philippine version of Extreme Edition on May 13th. Will get details.


  71. tawna21 said

    chat was so fun last night….my computer, however, apparently couldn’t take the workout I gave it, and seriously crashed on me when I shut it down. Windows wouldn’t close, and now it won’t open..back to the hubby’s laptop (uggghh)!!

    Can I share a story that has had me laughing all week? Thanks. My daughter called me the other morning, in tears. She had been feeding her son’s pig that he is raising for the county fair, and it laid down and died right there in the pen. It had been sick,so she was hand feeding it. Anyway, she spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon on the phone with pig farmers all over the state locating a replacement pig. She has one on the way. In the mean time, she has become very educated since talking to all these men about the do’s and don’ts of raising pigs. I have had to laugh at what she is doing. I would never have thought that my daughter, the high school cheerleader, fashion savvy lady, hairstylist, wife, and mother of 3 adorable children, would be raising pigs with these children for the county fair. 🙂 When you think you know something/anything, you really don’t. She told her husband she was going to have to go thru de-briefing to get past the trauma of the morning–he laughed.

    Anyway, that is totally nothing David related. Maybe it is, they were with me at MKOC in SLC, and l.o.v.e.d it—they even met Dayzee and Heidijoy.

    Have a good week, everyone!!! 🙂 🙂



  72. tawna21 said

    dja, can you vote more than once a day?


  73. Funny story Tawna!! Yes I met your lovely daughter !!


  74. Abrra said

    You are right! I have fixed my contact now lol


    Anytime someone tells me that they have computer issues when coming to Unplugged, I have to remind them to use Google Chrome browser The reason being that there is a plug in named flash which is a built in feature of Chrome. It is what your computer needs to play videos on youtube and streaming. Even though you do have Adobe flash installed, it sometimes doesn’t work well with the popular browsers. It must be constantly updated. Out of date flash is the main cause of video freezing and this causes lock ups.

    If you use Chrome for going to Unplugged, you won’t have any issues. It has flash built-in and you never have to worry about updating. Just copy the URL in the address bar and hit enter 🙂

    Abrra 690 days


  75. tawna21 said

    I do use Chrome—it’s an amazing browser. It wasn’t Unplugged. I was just joking that I had overworked it. I took it in today, and it was actually a Windows update that didn’t update right and let some little viruses in that put it out of whack. All better now. 🙂



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