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Spirals of Destiny ~ David Archuleta

Posted by Abrra on Sunday, April 8, 2012

From the time that David announced his plan to go on a mission for his church, I have tried to give solace to those who were disappointed and sad. It’s not an easy task to convince someone that the hurt they are experiencing is temporary. David himself wrote a song about putting one foot in front of the other. You move forward,past the hard times in life, coming out the other side a stronger person. I envisioned, as many will, moving forward in a straight line out to one’s destiny.

Recently I heard something that changed the way I think about this.

It was early morning. It was my day off. Still in bed, listening to a podcast where the topic was a blend of creation and destiny. The heady discussion was enlightening, covering topics about ancient spiritual traditions and quantum physics. I won’t go into all that in detail, but one concept gave me pause. It was about the basic design of all the universe, a spiral. Spirals represented the true nature of time. Cyclical, not linear as we interpret it. The atom, the DNA helix, the solar system, the galaxy, the way your hair grows in a spiral from your scalp, and the way water circles a drain is a spiral.

This gave me the idea that if you can think of David’s path as a spiral and not a straight line, you can take comfort from this concept. He is not walking away. He is moving in a direction that will bring him back full circle to us. A line is singular and a spiral is all encompassing. Think of it this way, no matter how long he is gone, he is never far from the center (us). Speaking recently in a press conference, David admitted he needs to go and experience sacrifice for his personal growth. I admire him for realizing this and doing what he must to accomplish this goal. We fans will have a different form of sacrifice. Less communication from David will be a test of loyalty for some. He understands this and will leave us with some music which will allow us to grab the tail of the spiral and hang on for the next 2 years.

161 Responses to “Spirals of Destiny ~ David Archuleta”

  1. jans11 said

    Abbra, I love your concept in this post. “No matter how long he is gone, he is never far from the center”! Love those spirals, I have a spiral staircase in my home that my hubby built years ago while in welding school. And I give spiral perms! To me, he’s never far from me and my heart and with him “not being far from the center”, that will make him feel even closer. I have totally grabbed on the tailend of that spiral and plan on hanging on for the next 2 yrs with the all goodies he has set up for us to make it easier while he’s gone. What a sweetheart!!♥♥


  2. Love the spiral concept Abrra!! Yes, while David is on his Journey, I will remain loyal and make the most of my own life. Reading COS again and the Alchemist which is so meaningful to David helped me understand David’s need to follow the path that he is destined for. Meanwhile, I must do the same.

    Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Spent time with family in Wisconsin watching a Baseball marathon of nearly 8 hours in football weather and enjoying three generations!!

    Blessings to all!!


  3. cq said

    Abbra, nice concept, great read! Btw, love the picture at the top. such a mature handsome man.


  4. bluesky said

    Ha, ha – Abbra!!

    I was just laughing with my husband the other day about this! While discussing another topic, I told him that only us humans believe in straight lines, God only believes in circles: planets, orbits, galaxies, the minute cells in our bodies, the seasons, flower formations, etc., everything is based on curved paths and circles.

    I even told my kids once that the reason we “age” was to get us to believe in the “straight line” of time. Ah, I know we each get our “turn” at this thing called life. But whether one believes in a God or not, there is just so much around me that displays “renewing”, “returning” and patterns of cycles, that I believe in the time when I will see those I love again. This is not the end.

    Guess I got off topic – sort of – *_* But I really believe that all good things create lasting patterns of circled life. KInd of like the friendships that have been created because of DA. His talent and commitment are one of those “good things”. I may not always see the circles that are created, but I believe they are real. Though I may not know the exact way the next turn of the spiral or circle will present itself, it comes.

    (This gives me comfort when my brain wanders too far. I figure if it is a good thought, somehow it will find its own way back!)


  5. MT said

    Interesting concept. I like the idea that he’s not moving away from music/us, he’s just taking a round-about path and if we just stay put that he will eventually circle back around to us. It just takes patience.

    I hope things are settling down a little for David at the MTC.


  6. marlie7 said

    Excellent perspective, Abrra. And I’d love the name of that podcast! email me. 🙂


  7. marlie7 said

    Squeeeeee! Got my AstroPlus Forevermore CD in the mail today – finally!


  8. djafan said

    Happy Easter and Passover for yesterday!!!!!

    Angelica that first picture. That’s all.


    I’ve always heard that everything comes full circle, hadn’t thought if it in this manner, very interesting. I’m with Marlie, link please.

    Bluesky, I love your ponderings 🙂


  9. MunkFOD said

    Abrra, Love your insight! The thing I love about spirals is that they are always going up! yay! I just know there is a great future ahead for David and I would add… a great present.. even though we might not know what it is. I trust that.


  10. veeg said

    David with child fund in the Philippines ( January 2012 ) .

    David singing bridge over troubled water ( too short ).  There must be a longer version somewhere . 
    Happy Easter Monday to everyone . Here in Sydney , it is now Tuesday back to work after four days of holiday: from good Friday to Easter Monday .

    Love the concept of spiral . We will imagine ourselves with David starting frOm the outside going to the centre .
    Vee frOm Sydney Australia


  11. Abrra said

    Thanks to everyone the feedback today!

    Marlie & Djafan
    I was actually listening to a radio show that was time delayed and delivered thru an app for my phone as a podcast. I have an
    account that makes it possible to listen to past shows. It’s a show that explores many facets of the paranormal among many other topics. You can catch it over night on your Am radio. Link here :

    For those who are interested, I forget who the guest was that day, but I did find a site that explores the Spirals concept in many ways.Link here: I wish I had the original link that took destiny into the equation. All I know was that I had a moment of clarity when the woman spoke about how the pattern of the spirals show up in life and the meanings we take from each. I was feeling the weight of the fans sadness over David leaving us. I saw this as a way to make peace with the feeling of loss and decided to share it here.


    I know his mission is necessary for him to progress in his life. He was talking about being “stuck” with his song writing about a year ago. He had to reset his priorities to what mattered most to him, in order to be the best David Archuleta for all concerned. I know his return to music will bring a renewal of his creativity for writing and if we are lucky, acting!

    Abrra 718 days


  12. Abrra said

    Thanks for the video.

    I’d like to challenge everyone who reads The Voice to think about adopting a child through Child Fund. When someone asks you what you want for your birthday, show them this site What better way to help the world than to help one child.

    Abrra 718 days


  13. skydancer1x said

    Abrra, thank you!really interesting article today!
    I have to admit I wandered here in this morning, but needed a second cup of coffee to get the old brain working on this one, Then I found myself ‘running in circles’ the rest of the day, so there you go! haha
    . It IS comforting to think of the fact that a spiral is all encompassing and how you applied that to David and us.♥
    As you wrote in #11, what you said became more clear to me…
    “I wish I had the original link that took destiny into the equation.<<<<<<<<<(destiny)
    "All I know was that I had a moment of clarity when the woman spoke about how the pattern of the spirals show up in life and the meanings we take from each."

    I actually love listening to or reading about things like this.always fascinating.thanks for the link.

    As for me,tonite I am spiraling out of control over"Tell Me" !! It is soooooo beautifulllll! that voice. IT is all encompassing, no matter where David is. What wonderful gifts he left us to savor.
    and this Child Fund video is awesome. I love when the kids shout out one more! one more!… just like we do! haha
    Being around him is being in the presence of pure joy and love♥


  14. sweetonda said

    Abrra, loved reading your post and it maked perfect sense to me. It reminded me of the new series called “Touch” on the FOX channel. It’s about how spirals, patterns and numbers all connect us. Very interesting.

    Angelica, once again your pictures are amazingly fun and beautiful.

    I’m really enjoying my Forevermore CD. I’ve already given all my extras away, so I guess I’ll be ordering more. 🙂 My favorite is Tell Me, but I love them all.


  15. Bebereader said


    What goes around comes around…

    The Circle of Life….


    Spirals are everywhere in our daily lives if we look for them.
    I enjoyed your article and admire your ability to take the ordinary and turn it into something meaningful. That is a gift in itself.

    I loved loved loved the Child Fund videos and the Bridge Over Trouble Waters clip. Thank you!

    And I just love his smile.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  16. tawna21 said

    What a sensible and comforting article, Abrra. Thank you. Spirals create a really upward vision for me.



  17. betsy said

    What an interesting article, Abs.
    I love this kind of thing. It makes total sense to me.

    Also loved the ChildFund video.
    He is such a love, isn’t he? ♥


  18. MT said

    15. Bebe, Regis once said that David had the best smile in the world. I agree. 😀 There’s just somethin’ ’bout that smile.


  19. Angelica said


    I really love the concept of spirals being the force that “makes the world go round.” The solar system, this earth we dwell on, all spin on their axis while spinning together in a spiral around the sun, which also spins. This within a galaxy that spins in a spiral around itself along with numberless other galaxies that make up the universe. As you point out, our own DNA that programs who we are is a spiral helix and even the smallest form of matter, the atom, is constantly spinning. It has been said that God is without beginning or end, lasting forever, and that His course is one eternal round.

    About David leaving being a spiral that returns: I think that is so true. The most accurate perception is that he is not leaving at all, but returning, and the time gets closer every day he is away.


  20. marlie7 said

    Abrra – thank you! I have a good friend who recommended that site to me in the past but I had forgotten the actual name. Off I go!


  21. kaycee said

    Abrra, I loved your article! What an insightful perspective…just one of the reasons I love coming to this site! Oh, and that David guy is pretty awesome too!

    I was reminded of an analogy today about taking the time to fill our own emotional buckets so there is enough to give others. Boy, David must have one incredible bucket, because he just gives and gives! I love that he is taking time to fill his own bucket over the next 2 years…it is way overdue.


  22. Bebereader said

    Vee, Thanks for the video from when David visited Child Fund. Hope we eventually get the video of the entire “Bridge Over Troubled Water” performance. Here’s a pic from Kari from the Child Fund visit.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    We found some free time in the Philippines so @DavidArchie spent it with some amazing children. Thanks @ChildFund


  23. skydancer1x said

    21 Kaycee,
    I so agree with what you said.
    Look at him.♥ He is enjoying every minute with these kids.So many smiles in this picture,David, the children.The adults.On his free time, when he had so little,he surprises the kids at Childfund. He rejuvenates himself by giving to others. How wonderful is he?


  24. Love the article, Abrra. I really like the idea and will be thinking on it for a while.

    I missed a couple of days of news online — while digging our garden we cut the internet cable. LOL. Glad to come back to find this article and comments, and the great picture of David with the kids. He just lights up, doesn’t he? (And his natural state is sorta glowy so, when he laughs, he’s luminous!)


  25. Bebereader said

    I’m joining the ranks of the fans of the song, “Tell Me”. It’s haunting melody and the cry in David’s voice makes this song my newest addiction.

    No, I still haven’t received my “Forevermore” cd from Astroplus. What would I do without youtube?

    Happy Day, everyone.


  26. xaris2014 said

    Bebe, I just received my CDs from Astroplus yesterday and they were shipped on the 28th. I’m on the east coast. I do remember reading during the pre-order phase that shipping would take about 10 business days.
    Also, JR just posted this on FOD:

    RE late shipments from AstroPlus, I talked to Multiply and Astro a couple of times in the last 2 weeks because I was helping other Archies to follow-up their orders.

    I tweeted that they are neck deep serving the orders of international & local customers, the bulk of which they started shipping beginning March 28.

    Kindly bear with them as they really didn’t anticipate -I was chuckling when I found out about this – the volume of orders. Plus we had a really looooong holiday just last week (Apr 4 – Wed half-day for most offices to Apr 9, Mon).

    Hope that helps?


  27. djafan said

    So there is another music video! I remember seeing a clip where David is singing and dancing. Some think it’s rainbow…babeeeeee!

    Buknoy @SuperBuknoy_FOD
    @MrGud4nothing Aside from Forevermore did @DavidArchie shoot another
    music video for another single?

    jon daza @MrGud4nothing
    @SuperBuknoy_FOD yes. stay tuned.

    I sure do hope we get the entire performane of BOTW. That picture of all the smiles is a testament of the exchange of love from and for David.

    Just a little side note. There has been a lot of discussion on whether to link MTC blogs, here we decided against linking. But that doesn’t prevent anyone from reading them and I am and do. They are easy to find though i do understand the reason why we decided not to.

    There is also a fake Elder Archuleta blogger. There is a post about it on David’s OS.

    Official David Archuleta sources
    Apr 10, 2012
    It has come to our attention that a number of websites, blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts have been set up by impersonators taking on David Archuleta’s identity. Please be aware that they do not represent David, and neither are they managed or approved by David or his working management.
    All official and authentic news about and from David will only be posted on:
    David Archuleta official website –
    David Archuleta twitter –
    David Archuleta official Facebook –
    David Archuleta youtube –
    All other websites and twitter, Facebook or youtube accounts do not represent or originate from David or his management.
    Posted by editor in Press & Misc. | 12 commentsRead More


  28. emmegirl14 said

    “He is moving in a direction that will bring him back full circle to us.” ..thanks Abrra. And thanks for that article, it inspires pondering (didn’t he tweet about pondering once.)

    Xaris, thanks for bringing the info from Astroplus. I haven’t received mine yet and was beginning to wonder.

    Hey Vee – thanks for the video. Love seeing his interaction in those types of things. Love your idea Abrra, will look into that.

    dja, a video with singing AND dancing….really?


  29. xaris2014 said

    I didn’t have time for a long comment earlier, so I want to thank Abrra for this article now! I love the idea that David is moving in a circle back towards us and his music.

    Speaking of his music, I’m having a terrible time trying to pick a favorite from Forevermore. Usually there is a clear front-runner which I play relentlessly until the fixation passes and I can enjoy the whole CD. This time I feel like an ADD squirrel running from one nut to another.

    I was also wondering about the three karaoke tracks. Does that mean that Ivory will release those three songs as singles?

    Cheers Everybody!


  30. kaycee said

    Xaris, I am so with you…”I’m having a terrible time trying to pick a favorite from Forevermore.” It changes almost every time I listen to it. The last few days I’ve been loving: Rainbow, Maybe, and You are My Song. Today, I’m loving “Reaching Out” and how he really lets go at the end…classic David.


  31. angelofdja said

    Just went to the mailbox…SQUEEEEEE! Finally! I’m popping that baby in the player right now!


  32. djafan said

    Don’t forget to vote!!!

    This is funny. David is now part of One Direction on an iphone app lol.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  33. Abrra said

    Thanks all for the kind words today on the article! 🙂 The first thing I thought of was David when I pondered the journey of a spiral. And I wanted to add one more famous spiral to the mix.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    There was a bit of excitement today on my dog walk. I was almost home from my walk when I spotting something walking on the center yellow line of the road. We live on a heavily traveled country road.It was an injured bird who was content to be walking in harms way. My dog got excited and wanted to investigate what this creature was all about. We discovered that she had an injured wing and could not fly.

    I was able to get animal control to come by and take her. The lovely lady named Jane said she knew of a man who would take the bird ( she told me it was a pigeon) and nurse it back to health. The man thinks she was injured by a hawl attack. I was so thrilled when she called me later to say that the bird was put in with other pigeons at the man’s farm. Miss Pigeon was so happy that she jumped around and greeted the other birds! I think she is going to be just fine now.

    It did my heart good to know that there are still people who care for even the smallest creatures, regardless of the reason they come to us for help.

    Abrra 717 days


  34. skydancer1x said

    33. Abrra,thanks for sharing your great story!
    that is the bestest story♥ the fact that you came upon the birdie when you did, no doubt saved its life.I love that the lady with animal control knew who could take the bird. Makes me feel better about seeing animal control coming to pick up any creature.So glad she called you to let you know.That was very nice too. Love a story with a happy ending, especially about all creatures great and small:))

    32. Dja that is so cool!
    ps.did my archuduties…) thanks Dja♥


  35. djafan said

    This email was sent to The Voice by karenc and wasn’t sure if it’d be ok to post. I say yes. I’ve watched and cried. The missionary part doesn’t start toward halfway mark but the entire video has much insight. Bring tissues….oh David.

    Two Brothers
    Uploaded by HHS101758 on Oct 10, 2011

    This is the true story of two brothers Sam and Luke Nelson. This story is part of the 5000 Day Project. No Copyright is intended. This movie is for educational purposes only.


  36. kaycee said

    Djafan, thanks for posting the video. I was really touched when I saw it a few weeks ago, and thought it gave great insight and perspective into what a missionary experiences while on his/her mission…especially in Chile. I really loved how honest the young man was with his feelings. David has quite a journey ahead of him.


  37. josiann14 said

    I love what you wrote Abbra, especially how you used that concept to comfort and give hope to fans! You have a very big heart..
    It also reminded me of the labyrinth concept which combines circles and spirals creating a path that reflects our journey in Life, moving towards the center to replenish ourselves then moving away from center back to the world.The beginning and end of labyrinth is the same. That is why it is so comforting (and enlightening) to walk through one.
    We know which part of the labyrinth David is walking towards to. Can’t wait for him to come back and fully embrace his gift.
    Love, love the Forever more Video! I have watched it…well I better not tell… I love all songs on the CD but especially “tell me” and “you are my song”.
    David’s music book ends my day when I go to work. It greets me as I open my car in the morning and gives me strentgh for the day and in the evening after a twelve hour shift it soothes my spirit and uplifts me. I still need to find a way to “sandwich” his voice during my lunch break!
    I can’t remember much about my life before David and I can’t imagine a life without David. His Light is just too bright, there is nowhere he could possibly hide for too long…
    Bluesky#4, I love your humor, your words never fail to make me laugh. Thanks!
    Good Night all!


  38. tawna21 said

    Dja #35, thank you…. ‘the light is always there, even if we can’t see it’… I’m going to ponder this.



  39. emmegirl14 said

    dja, I cried too.


  40. djafan said

    Just so you all know I also laughed and I feel I understand David a little more and my love for him grows and grows.


  41. djafan said

    Tawna…Pondering with you.

    Emmegirl (((hugs)))


  42. gladys1961 said

    Hi girls, I have my cd, arrived yesterday. I heard every one of the songs many times and I have translated them all. The song I like is “Tell me”. David’s voice is like honey, crystalline, sweet.

    Always dreamed to change my life but this I’m living now, I never would have imagined.
    My life has expanded outward in circles, always around the same idea, and always around my source of inspiration, David.
    He made ​​me look out, and I will have never enough words to say thanks.
    A circle has no end and extending outward, that is my life now. I can look at the center of that spiral and see the point where it started it all, see my way, see my changes, see the people I have met and continue with me. I can also see when I buy for the first time, sneakers, jeans and shirts.
    But one of the many people that changed my life, she introduced me to everyone and said= she is gladys and lives in Argentina=.
    abrra thanks.


  43. djafan said

    Gladys, You are an amazing woman with great perspective. Tell Me me esta matando 🙂


  44. bluesky said

    Djafan and Emmegirl14 and Kaycee:

    Gosh, I loved that Two Brothers video. It describes so much of what we can’t, we that have had our boys go and come back. (Or our girls!) It shows why we support them in going and why we cry when they leave. It is such a mix of feelings. But the main feeling is one of love and acceptance. Love – that they would want to serve and choose to serve. And acceptance that we give them the chance to serve — knowing that they take our hearts with them. And knowing that we come to love the people in those far away places even though we usually will never meet them. Because they have seen and known and come to love our sons. And perhaps we will come to love a place and people in Chile we do not yet know so well, because of DA.

    I think the fans of DA already have a taste of that, just through the love that DA shares in such a generous and gentlemanly way: he has already made the world a little smaller place for us. (I know so much more about the Phils than I ever would have for sure. AND come to love them!) *waves* Thanks, Djafan for posting it.

    Josiann14!!!! I LOVE labyrinths! How did you know!


  45. Bebereader said

    Thanks for the info on AstroPlus and their shipments. Since I wasn’t one of the first to place my order, and I assume they’re mailing them by date ordered, I’m sitting tight and waiting. I think I’ll kiss the mailman when I get the cd. On
    second thought, I’ll kiss the CD. haha

    What an emotional night! I spent a good part of it watching the video about the two brothers going on missions. Thanks for the hint about the Kleenex, dja; I needed it.

    I’ve been listening to “Tell Me”, “Maybe” and “You Are My Song” the rest of the night from youtube. I now understand why the producers and people who worked with David on these songs were so amazed at his voice and at his ability to pick up the music and learn the songs so quickly. They knew they were working with a musical genius. And we are the recipients of the prize. I have been waiting forevermore for David to sing an album of love songs! Thank you, David! You’ve made us so happy!


  46. bluesky said


    I have not received a cd yet either, so I finally broke down this morning and listened to all of the songs on you-tube. But I am going to have to go back tomorrow and listen to them several times more to really get a feel for them. Some of them were surprisingly different to me. I guess I really didn’t know what to expect. How did he choose them and learn them all so quickly?

    It just all needs more study. ^_^

    And…. I have one suggestion for you! To avoid having your mailman run into a tree or off the side of the road, see if you can get the CD into the house before you kiss it!


  47. skydancer1x said

    thanks for posting the video, it was very enlightening. I think that the experiences David has had over the past few years
    will benefit him and the people he will serve during his mission.I know he will touch and change lives over the next 2 years.

    36.Kaycee, what you said.exactly. so ditto!

    37.Josiann, can I just say….I love, love ,your entire comment♥


  48. kaycee said

    In the 2 Brothers video, the missionary said some really beautiful things about love and how it can hurt (51:20–52:20 and 1:11:20–1:11:50). It totally reminded me of “Something “Bout Love”.

    There’s Something ’bout Love
    That Breaks Your Heart
    Whoa Oh Oh Oh
    It Sets You Free

    There’s Something ’bout Love
    That Tears You Up
    Whoa Oh Oh Oh
    You Still Believe

    When The World Falls Down Like The Rain
    It’ll Bring You To Your Knees
    There’s Something ’bout Love That Breaks Your Heart
    Whoa Oh Oh Oh…
    But Don’t Give Up
    There’s Something ’bout Love

    Josiann…”His Light is just too bright, there is nowhere he could possibly hide for too long…”

    And…”‘the light is always there, even if we can’t see it’”


  49. Abrra said


    Thank you for your kind words. I will ponder what your said:
    “It also reminded me of the labyrinth concept which combines circles and spirals creating a path that reflects our journey in Life, moving towards the center to replenish ourselves then moving away from center back to the world.”

    Your friendship is one of the many blessings that inspires me. Keep up your studies with law and English!

    Picture of the day! Tell me where David was and why he was there?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra 716 days


  50. krbdavid1 said

    I think the picture was taken in New York outside for one of the talk shows?


  51. betsy said

    @49 – Yes, Krb, I think you are right. Fox & Friends, and Davidalso sang a snippet of Maybe I’m amazed. 🙂


  52. Abrra said

    Betsy wins! She gave the specific location and event ! Good job!

    Abrra 716 days
    I blame all errors on my iPhone


  53. ram said

    Really interesting article Abrra! The art and graphics are first rate, too. Such a wonderful journey for my mind and pleasure visually for my eyes!

    Abundance of gorgeous hair on the picture of the day- ha ha. thanks for the pic.

    Dja, Tell Me. His voice. Can’t let go of it just yet.

    Krbdavid1, Beth. you guys have good memories.


  54. gladys1961 said

    How many times I can see the sunrise? almost every day of my life.
    How many times I can see my mother breakfast in the morning and see her smile too? every morning of my life.
    How many times have I seen Christmas and new years with my family? I hope that all my life, I am always with them.
    How many years I dreamed of finishing my studies and become a lawyer? almost every day.
    How many times I can hear a song and be happy? daily, for 4 years
    Also sleep, I talk to my dad and tell him things I could not tell when he was alive.
    How many times I have opened a file on my work and my expression was “my god, why do I have to fix all this mess??. But, I do for 18 years, I like.
    How many times I can know a person who changed the rest of my life? I have known many, but only one did see my life differently.
    All previous experiences are part of my life, but David is something new, something different, something fresh, david, now, is part of my family, maybe he never will, but that does not matter.
    Because my love for him has no explanation.


  55. cq said

    AW, David with longer hair, so cute. Love his hair anyway he styles it, though.
    Yes, I also think it was a guest spot on a daytime show (Fox & Friends maybe)


  56. skydancer1x said

    oh yes Abrra! Fox and Friends, he was with Steve,Gretchen, and Brian.He sang “Works For Me”,( I think.) Had his blonde friend playing guitar for him.Off camera he talked about McCartney, and sang a snippet of “Maybe I’m Amazed” at first saying I can’t sing that high and then the next second, he was singing that high.
    Gretchen made a comment about his eyes when he was talking with the fans…and how gorgeous they were.
    Fox and Friends…such big fans of David.

    All that hair..sigh…..

    you are one very special lady.♥


  57. josiann14 said

    Gladys #54 : because my love for him has no explanation, Yes, yes, yes, yes! I have tried and failed. It just is.
    Thank you!


  58. MT said

    Ahhh yes, the Fox & Friends interview where he sang Maybe I’m Amazed is one that got the fanbase all a twitter over that song and his adorableness. I love his hair there. ♥ (and of course his voice and his face 🙂 )

    Right now I’m loving “Reaching Out”. What he does with his voice in that song …. *sigh* Sooo beautiful. I feel like I’m on a hampster wheel, running from song to song. They are all just gorgeous.


  59. djafan said

    Kaycee I thought of Something Bout Love instantly!!

    Josiann…”His Light is just too bright, there is nowhere he could possibly hide for too long…” As we have seen even in his stay at the MTC he’s glowing 🙂

    Ram, there is just something he does with his voice the tone that erases all other sound. On the show The Voice one of the contestants sang EWTRTW he destroyed it but the judges gave him good reviews. I had to immediately go to David’s EWTRTW to cleanse the memory of it lol.

    Sky and anyone else that’s interested here is more on the Nelson brothers.

    MT, Hampster wheel is perfect. Forevermore needs to be listened to with headsets you could here every note every hum every nuance in his voice. I’ve never heard anything like it.

    Abrra, this was a fun day for David fans!


  60. MT said

    Loved your comments. David would be happy to hear it. He really has touched so many lives in a positive way.

    That video of him singing Maybe I’m Amazed is all kinds of awesome. I really like seeing David just being David. ♥ And that last video is so funny. At 1:20 when the interviewer says “here’s my reaction, I mean I knew he was really hot …” his reaction to her comment is priceless. hahaha I love watching him bust out laughing at that. He is too adorable!


  61. fandaforeverti48 said

    Love the concept of your article, Abrra. This respite has given us an opportunity to ponder all those thoughts that occupy our minds from time to time. Just wish I had written my thoughts down so I could contribute something original.

    The Forevermore album is so beautiful & truly one of those keepsakes I will always treasure. Thank you David for this gift of substinance. He really does know how much we love him. Don’t know anything about the production side of music, but I love how the mix of background music compliments David’s voice. Not overpower it. My grandaughter (~7yrs) asked me which song was my favorite. Told her I loved them all – hard to pick one (which surprised her, as I’ve always had a favorite). She likes Rainbows & Forevermore.


  62. fandaforeverti48 said

    Does anyone know if Forevermore music video will be available for purchase? I play it on my iphone when I’m away from wifi and it eats up my limited data plan. I do need to view it often as it’s the best (music/visual) therapy.


  63. djafan said

    Send them an email with your top ten David song list.

    Remember to send your Top Ten song list to us at . You can send them once a day (tues-thurs).

    David’s Forevermore #1 for 4th consecutive day

    1 Forevermore
    David Archuleta

    Yesterday 1
    Peak Position 1
    Days on Chart 8

    Please vote!

    You Are My Song | David Archuleta & Jasmine Curtis


  64. SandyBeaches said

    Is there an update in regards to sending mail to David in Chile?
    Will he be receiving ‘fan’ mail during his time there?




  65. Abrra said

    We have David’s mailing address on the top right sidebar. Kari will forward his mail to him periodically.

    On twitter:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Letter from David Archuleta no less. Gosh hes so thoughtful! I love him tooooo death!!!

    AKA Volta!

    Abrra 716 days


  66. djafan said

    SB, Kari will be sending mail to David in Chile. It seems that she has some flexibility in communicating with him. See the tweets.

    marciami ‏ @marciami
    @DavidArchie @kariontour Will you be sending David’s mail to the MTC or holding it for him to send it to him in Chile.

    Kari Sellards Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour
    @marciami no time for him to read at MTC. What he did not receive before he left I will hold and send when he arrives in South America.

    ♪♥Marylee~#DA2014♥♪ ‏ @Marylee_DA2014 <- @kariontour ~here's a ((hug)) for you & asking if you could pass it along to @DavidArchie from his fans? THANKS! ♥

    Kari Sellards Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour
    @Marylee_DA2014 @DavidArchie thanks! will do. I just filled him in on the 2 year plan and the challenges and all the wonderful support


  67. SandyBeaches said

    Thanks for the update Djafan. I had already written to him from the given address before he left, but was interested to know if there have been any changes.

    Great to see the tweets…Hoping for a newsy tweet from Kari to the fan base.



  68. Dayzee said

    Yayyy!! Finally found cd’s in my mailbox. I’m all tucked in for an evening with David.


  69. gladys1961 said

    send an email to United States and later, this same email sent to Chile, I think it’s a lot of travel to an email from Argentina.
    I think my mail took a more direct way. I have two years to plan this.


  70. betsy said

    A few nights ago I went on a Jingle Ball video spree. I ran across this one and favorited it. It gets really close up about 50 seconds in, and his smile just makes me smile. His random bursts of smile throughout are just beautiful. 🙂


  71. skydancer1x said

    Betsy,thanks for the find. sure enjoyed this one! Now I can head off to bed with a smile on my face….was so very tempted to remain in the vortex, but I managed to find my way out.Tomorrow is another day!

    I have never seen a more beautiful smile on anyone,EVER.


  72. MT said

    Betsy & Sky,
    2:28-2:32 in that video … He stops singing for a moment to beam that gorgeous smile at the screaming fans. lol And yep, most beautiful smile award goes toooo….. David Archuleta!!

    You just can’t help smiling with him. 😀


  73. poof said

    And Skydancer, I have never heard a better bedtime lullaby than Forevermore. It (and Tell Me) have become my warm cup of milk to send me off to bed. Night all. Thanks David.


  74. annmargaret said

    djafan ~ thank you for posting the Nelson brothers video. It was so touching & just like real families everywhere. I can picture David in the Chile setting. I had never really given much thought to young people going on missions before David made his announcement. Now I am feeling excited for him. I’m not LDS but I admire many qualities of the Mormon faith. When my son was 14 we sent him on a mission of sorts. He went to Costa Rica for about a month. It wasn’t faith based but he stayed with a family, spoke only Spanish and did community service. At first he called every day telling us that although the children had no toys they were so happy. He gained a new perspective on life and had more confidence. Two years would be life altering.

    Well, I’m just rambling but I did want to share with you all about my son’s experience. I want to forward the video to my sister but don’t know how. I went to youtube but the video says the owner has not given Permission to show the video. Any help is appreciated.

    Abrra~ thank you for your post on spirals. Very thought provoking. I too thought of the new series Touch on Thursdays after Idol.

    My favorite songs: You Are My Song & Maybe (this week anyway)!


  75. djafan said

    David in COS wrote about going to sing in nursing homes as a child and seeing how the old responded to the songs, they’re pains melting away taking them back to another time. I loaned my book out so I don’t have the exact quote. I will get it tomorrow. David knew as a child what those in this video are discovering now.

    Published on Apr 7, 2012 by ncaavideos2

    Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era


  76. annmargaret said

    Sorry ~ correction. The second fave song should be Tell Me. Past my bedtime.


  77. djafan said


    “It was so touching & just like real families everywhere”

    Exactly. There is so much to experience watching this video. Love.

    To send the video copy the url and paste on email and send away.


  78. annmargaret said

    Thank you dja. It looks like it worked.


  79. fguc said

    Abs I love this! Simply beautiful! Thanks for all you do. As much ribbing as Paula took on AI, the woman was spot-on about David from day one. He WAS and IS destined for superstardom. I’d argue that his acheivements thus far put him in that category already. I have always believed that he was destined to do great things, and he has. 🙂


  80. blueberryice10 said

    Abrra; I remember how much fun it was to do ‘spiral art’ when I was little. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty & lessons learned from our universe. Love how you incorporated the concept of spirals & destiny. I have no explanation of why I am here except to say it was destined to happen. No matter how fast or slow, how big or small, spirals never lose their center around which they spin … just as it is with our unwavering support for David.

    SB; Sending caring thoughts your way …

    Xaris; Thanks for sharing what JR said about Astro. Nice to know that a some of you have gotten your order from them. Guess I’ll settle for being last on their list, that way if I get it any sooner, I’ll be ‘shocked’ and more than happy! Love hearing what your favorites are!


  81. blueberryice10 said

    Well I give up. Don’t know why wordpress keeps changing my name but #80 is still me, blueberry ice, lol.


  82. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you Blueberryice for your thoughtfullness…I am sitting out here spiraling around with the other lurkers in the grey skies for now…but I will be back when the bracelets arrive so that I can show them to you!



  83. skydancer1x said

    75. Dja,”look what you made me do!”♥ that video is amazing.thank you
    “restored to himself, through the power of music”,”back into their own personhood…memories” pretty incrediblle. I loved when he started singing.
    yes,”David knew as a child what those in this video are discovering now.”
    oh Dja, he did!♥

    I showed this video to my daughter this morning.Told her she had better darn well remember to make sure I am never without my David music ever!


  84. skydancer1x said

    80. BlueberryIce,
    it gives me fits too, still haha! thats ok, wordpress just knows that you, are a 10♥
    **admission** (whenever I am on the phone I doodle in spirals.)


  85. TXNancy said

    Djafan….bless you for posting that video in post #75! Although it reminds me of a sad time when my own father was in a nursing home, this video is so special.

    Could someone who has a twitter account, tweet the video link to Kari…….she’s keeping things for David and, to see Henry, would mean the world to David.


  86. betsy said

    Oh Dja, that video. ;))))))))))))))))) Thanks for finding and posting.


  87. betsy said

    Didn’t mean to make a wink. I am actually crying, but my little emoticon shows a wink. Oh, well.


  88. betsy said

    Thank you, Kari. 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  89. betsy said

    New Jonya video, Tell Me

    credit to ohnopurple


  90. SandyBeaches said

    Betsy #89 Tell Me…yes I am working so hard at getting to a happy place and then this? Beautiful and in keeping with the mood of my day even to the jet plane taking off!! He has an amazing number of songs and videos that should be made famous…well just maybe they will be yet.



  91. Abrra said

    Yes! I remeber the spirograph toy my daughter had as a child. She liked it very much. David surely is the center of our universe ! Haha

    Keep finding those gems. The video in 89 will go up on UNPLUGGED asap. Nice touch of editing at the end.

    Abrra 715 days


  92. bebereader said

    My Internet was down last night, along with all the phones in my house. We’re back up and running now but my ODD was in overdrive last night, thinking I missed something!


    Thanks for posting the video about the Nelson brothers and their mission experiences. To me, religion is a very personal issue so I have no intention of discussing that aspect of the video. But this video was more like a documentary; it was well-made, was packed with real emotion and was really interesting! It followed two likeable brothers whose relationship developed over time. In addition, and most importantly, as a fan of David’s, I am naturally curious to learn about what he will be doing for the next two years and what life will be like in the part of South America where he will be living. This video offered a lot of footage of mission life in South America. Being able to watch it gave me a comforting feeling that he won’t be so far from our reach. Crazy, I know. South America isn’t just around the corner but the video left me with a good feeling.

    Sending {{{{{hugs}}}} your way. Just because. ♥♥♥

    I’m with you on your favorite songs from “Forevermore”. I keep imagining those songs performed live!

    Muchas gracias for the new “Tell Me” video you just posted.. Have played it about six or seven times. It’s just beautiful.

    Is anyone enjoying the twitter feed on the right sidebar as much as I? Thanks, dja for a job well done!


  93. jans11 said

    “Tell Me” is my favorite song even tho I love them all! So, I absolutely love the “Tell Me” video! Fabulous!♥ The song is sad but his singing is “gut-wrenching”.

    Working in a nursing home for the last 10 yrs, I can relate to the “old man reacting to music” video. I could write a book on things good and bad, but I get “good” out of the people there. I’m there to do all personal care to do with their hair and shaving, but, they, in turn give back to me so much! Sometimes, I know I feel like David did when he was in India washing the lepers feet or Lady Diana visiting and hugging people in hospitals. I’m not a star or a Princess, but the residents make me feel that way and all I’m doing is treating them the way I would if they were my mom or dad. Some don’t have anyone to visit them and they crave the human touch or someone to say a kind word.
    When I’m walking down the hall and a little old lady creeping along with her walker holds her arms out and wants a hug and kiss from a “pretty lady”, or a guy coming into the shop saying “hello gorgeous”…man, that just makes my day! I’m no “spring chicken” and I’m actually older than some of the residents, so I thank God every day that I can get up and walk on two feet and have no pain of any kind! The residents need all the love and compassion they can get because I know that I could be in their shoes in a split second from a stroke or heart attack. No one knows what tomorrow will bring.
    I don’t mean to be writing a “downer” post here, but this is something that goes on whether we like it or not. I was trying to keep it “upbeat” for how I feel special when I’m with them!♥♥


  94. skydancer1x said

    Jan♥ . You are an angel.♥ and I can just imagine what joy you have given to the residents, who have come and gone, over the past 10 years. Your post lifts my spirits, as do others, who share their talents and smiles with those who need them the most. God bless you for what you do.:))


  95. tawna21 said

    Jans11 #93 ~~ {{{hugs}}} thank you for caring about, and sharing with, those special people.



  96. Bless Your Heart Jan!! Loved that video of the older gentleman too. It reminded me of David’s story of visiting nursing homes and visibly seeing the difference music made to the residents. I’ve witnessed this too in my former life. …and we all know what David’s music does for us!!


  97. annmargaret said

    jans11~ your comments are so appreciated. The lady caregiver was so sweet with the elderly man. I’ll bet you are just as nice!

    skydancer ~ I’m going to tell my daughter to make sure my David music is with me too!


  98. SandyBeaches said

    {{{Thanks}}} Bebe…

    Great storytime Jan!!



  99. skydancer1x said

    Betsy!! kill me once #88 shame on you, kill me twice,#89, shame on me! haha
    I just had to come back in for another look at Mr. Gorgeous,and what do I see but another really good goodie from you!

    I love those Jonya videos that ohno purple is putting out. they are really so good!

    I am hopelessly stuck on the ‘Tell Me’ merry-go-round, and I have no intention of getting off.

    97. Annmargaret, atta girl!♥:))


  100. MT said

    88. Betsy,
    That pic. 🙂 I have to laugh at myself because, no matter how long of a day it was or how tired I am, I just can’t look at his smiling face and not grin from ear to ear. Thanks, that made my day!

    And then that video … Wow, someone did a great job on that one. And like Sky, that’s the song I’m currently stuck on. I seem to have spun the big wheel and it landed on Tell Me. A winner! I LOVE that song, (although it kind of breaks my heart, the emotion in it is just so real) I can’t stop listening to it!

    Bebe, I watched the “brothers” video, too. Like, you, I thought it was really interesting in that it gave me some idea of what he’ll be doing and what life will be like for him. I hope it turns out to be all that he hopes it will be.


  101. MT said

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. Those folks are very lucky to have you around. Treating them like you would your “Mom or Dad” is just what they need. ♥ You can turn their day around with just a kind word, a smile, or a hug. Like David said, you never know how much difference a simple smile can make.


  102. jans11 said

    Thank you guys…Sky, Tawna, Heidijoy, Ann margaret, SB and MT!!♥ You all brought tears to my eyes. Along with you, the residents will keep me going for the next 2 yrs!
    Even though part of my life is with them, I hope and pray that God has a “special someone” in my personal life in the near future. It can get pretty dang lonely! lol Especially when my special “angel” will be gone for 2 yrs! OMG…what is wrong with me right now???? I think most of you know and understand……….thank you for being here!♥


  103. kaycee said

    88…Oh, how lucky the people of Chile are…enjoying that smile for 2 years! May it’s brightness never be dimmed.

    ((Jans))Thank you for sharing.

    Can I just say how much I am loving the Forevermore CD! The more I listen to it, the more I am astounded that they were able to pull it off in just a few days! So many “goodies” in every song…it’s practically brain overload for me to try and take in more than a few songs in one sitting! I love how he is the master of “building” a song. He usually starts out fairly simply, introducing the melody and feel of the song…then, he raises the bar and adds a bit more “David” on the next verse…and then “IT” comes, when he just lets go…that final section that just blows the bar out of the stratosphere. It’s like he’s taking us on an exciting journey with each song…you think you know where it’s headed, but you really have no idea.


  104. ram said

    #88- Gracias Betsy for bringing the pic over for us and to Keri for the pic gift. I love that we still have so much to enjoy while David is in Chile.

    Just noticing how beautifully he stands out against the almost completely white background. The colors of his shirt remind me of the ocean, blues and seafoam green. Makes me think a vacay is in my future. I don’t know but Peru was mentioned as was Greece. 😉

    #103- Kaycee, loved how you explained how David builds a song. It’ always so exciting when we first get to hear a new song. Anticipation since we don’t know exactly where David will take us. Then when we listen again and again we get to experience the excitement as many times as our heart desires.


  105. TXNancy I did tweet the video of the older gentleman to Kari yesterday and told her I thought David would really enjoy it as he talked of seeing this when he sang at Nursing Homes. May send it again!!


  106. SandyBeaches said

    My husband just called…

    The new bracelets were in the mail today!!!

    I have my fingers crossed that they turned out OK!!!

    Of course I won’t see them for a few hours. Why tease me!!? Why me tease you!?

    I will get back to you!!



  107. Keep me posted SB!! Still want to help!!


  108. SandyBeaches said

    I will Heidijoy. As soon as they pass my inspection I will get in touch with you. Thanks …just a thought that I would divide them up and send some out to you and a few others who volunteered to help. Sending a self addressed stamped envelope will do best with your US stamp! It is actually the only way for US fans!



  109. That makes sense!! You have my e-mail !! More than happy to help.


  110. bebereader said


    That is the genius of David Archuleta; he’s able to pull off a full album of songs in a very short time. His voice is music itself so hardly if any post-production is necessary. I loved your description on how David builds a song:

    “I love how he is the master of “building” a song. He usually starts out fairly simply, introducing the melody and feel of the song…then, he raises the bar and adds a bit more “David” on the next verse…and then “IT” comes, when he just lets go…that final section that just blows the bar out of the stratosphere…”

    The last verse of “Tell Me” speaks for itself.

    SandyBeaches! Can’t wait to hear about the new bracelets. I’m wearing my bling now, in anticipation. 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit: naree
    There’s that smile again 🙂


  111. skydancer1x said

    106. Yea! SB! fingers crossed here! haha That wasn’t so easy to do this morning when I used a can of gap and crack filler(foam) on the side of my garage door frame and managed to get it everywhere While taking off the sticky gloves I accidently put my hand on a piece of newspaper covered with the foam and it stuck 3 fingers together.then I got it on my arm,shoe, and a nearby bush.Guess I should have read the ‘destructions’ first.:(


  112. SandyBeaches said

    Sky, that was a bad morning adventure!

    Yeah! I am wearing my new bracelet!!

    We will gets information out very soon!



  113. Angelica said


    Good news on the bracelets being on the way! Speaking of shipments, I got tired of waiting for Astrominus, and decided to take advantage of the 13% off today only (Friday the 13th) deal from WOW HD.

    Happy Friday the 13th all!



  114. tawna21 said

    SB – yipeeeeee!! Can’t wait for further details! ♥♪♥♫♥



  115. SandyBeaches said

    Tawna…Usted tendrá un muy pronto!



  116. kaycee said

    SB…Woohoo! David is lucky to have a fan like you.

    Angelica (113)…You are the master! What a picture!

    Sky…your morning needs to be made into a sitcom episode! Hope your day improved!

    I’m loving Reaching out today…check out what he does at 1:55…such a pro at the little nuances and change ups! Little gems just keep popping up with each listen.


  117. emmegirl14 said

    I thought I was the only one on the planet who didn’t have their CD yet – thanks for the tip Angelica, going to order now.


  118. emmegirl14 said

    LOL Angelica, just sunk it what I just read.


  119. MT said

    Sky, Oh my goodness, your morning sounds like and “I love Lucy rerun.” haha Glad you got your fingers un stuck! (At least I’m guessing you did since you’re typing, or are you typing with one hand?)

    I didn’t even have to look it up when you mentioned 1:55 on reaching out. I LOVE that little falsetto warble or whatever that thing is. I have replayed those few seconds more than I want to admit. Funny how we have listened to his singing so much we notice each and every new little thing he adds. And that one is so simple and subtle yet adds something special to that song.

    Let me ask you guys something. In “Reaching Out”, starting at around the 3:00 mark when he “kicks in” and escalates the song, singing the words “reachiiinnngg Ouuuutt to you”, is anyone else reminded of the Big Band Era sound? The background singers’ build up and then the way he sings those words, just that one phrase. Anyone else? Or am I just crazy? LOL.


  120. Dayzee said

    Excited for new bracelets!

    Have spent two days immersed in the music of the new cd. David has given us a new collection of his musical “babies” for us to love, and each one is beautiful. I tried to pick favorites, but could not. Each one is unique and necessary to the whole. David made such a huge effort to get this cd to us, working long hours when his time was short. Cannot help but feel the love pouring from that cd.

    Jan, I know what a special person you are. You will always enjoy life because you make other people happy.


  121. djafan said

    Trending party! Waiting For David Archuleta trended worldwide and in various countries and states!!!

    Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour
    Love that you Archies are at it again! Way to go!!! Waiting for David Archuleta

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Kari promises a special BTS video! Keep voting!

    Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour
    @ariesWL247 YES! I have a special BTS video if ya’ll get @DavidArchie #1 at the same time on those charts

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit naree


  122. tawna21 said

    Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour
    @ariesWL247 YES! I have a special BTS video if ya’ll get @DavidArchie #1 at the same time on those charts

    Dja– what does she mean ‘at the same time on those charts’? How many charts are there?



  123. djafan said

    The David Archuleta Music Scholarship is proud to announce a hugely successful 2012 campaign!
    We are thrilled to give two-$2,000 scholarships to deserving music students at Murray High School!

    We cannot thank you, THE FANS, enough for your support of this scholarship in David’s name. It is so important while David is gone to keep his name and spirit alive…and you are doing just that through your donations to this scholarship…so…


    Please be sure to check out our website in late May to see who the recipients of these scholarships are!! @DAScholarship on twitter


  124. tawna21 said

    Oh, and the pix in #121—- would ya just look at those golden eyes!




  125. skydancer1x said

    Yikes! well, hello David! nice closeup Dja,______thud.

    Kaycee, ha! have to listen to that one.

    MT, both hands are back to normal lol
    well, that was the stickiest stuff ever! I didn’t think I would ever get it off. Daughter went to Home Depot for help since I was sticking to everything,I couldn’t drive there myself!nightmare city.haha.

    Angelica, rolf, love the cat. and astrominus, haha can’t blame ya.


  126. jans11 said

    SB– can we see a pic of the bracelets?

    Dayzee– thanks so much…you are such a special person.♥ Is # 121 a good neck picture or what??

    Sky– sounded like a bad way to start the morning….funny story

    ordered more albums…couldn’t pass up the sale!♥

    David trending♥♥♥♥


  127. SandyBeaches said

    Jans…I am getting one ready for the site this weekend. There will have to be a bit of a story to go with it. Everything ‘DAVID’ has to have a story!




    WYA & TELL ME are now available for digital download! MyMusicStore is updating the album page as I type this but you can see the listing of the 2 singles from here


  129. Dayzee said

    Well yes, Tawna, I will look at those golden eyes. Because I have your invitation, I won’t feel weird staring at them so long. I just tell myself Tawna said I could.

    Waiting for SB’s bit of a story. Love David stories.


  130. bluebar said

    Sweet video guaranteed to brighten your mood!
    Never say “Goodbye,” but just “So long, David!”

    video by chestravis


  131. blueberryice10 said

    Sky! #84 … I think I love my ‘new’ name now … thank you! ♥ And if you still need help with any projects that involve getting sticky or messy I’ll volunteer my kids since they are very good at that, lol … just hose them down before you send then back! 😉

    Jans! If I ever need to be in a nursing home, I can only hope to be fortunate enough to have someone special like you that will be there. What a blessing you are for all those folks whose days are brightened because of what you lovingly do! ♥

    Dja; Finally got to see video in #75. How touching to see the joy on that gentleman’s face and how music not only uplifts but can have an awakening and ‘healing’ effect … similar to what David’s music does for me.

    Kaycee, Ram, Bebe, MT, Dayzee; Yes, it is everything about his Voice that brings the music to life. It is incredible for David to have learned, interpreted and recorded so many songs in so few days. No wonder Jay Durias called him a genius. I would have loved to have been in the background during that creative process.

    I’ve been thinking about how I decide what I like to listen to. My musical tastes vary but I find it interesting how sometimes it can be either the voice or the music itself that captivates my attention and not necessarily a certain genre. Some songs move me regardless of who sings it. At times it’s how the song is interpreted that makes the difference while in other cases it is the uniqueness of the voice that makes the song. It’s something special to find all these elements together. David is unique in that he makes an emotional impact by elevating every song on the merits of his vocal styling, tone, and interpretation. He will command my attention on a song that maybe I wouldn’t have been interested in. For example, I would never have listened to ‘Gotta Get Through This’ the way Daniel Bedingfield sang it but totally love David’s interpretation of it. He makes each song his own so it’s no wonder he can sing anything regardless of what genre. I don’t know of anyone who can crossover like that and still sound naturally good. In some sense it’s sometimes hard for me to decide which of David’s vocal style I like best … well I guess I just love it all! What is even more amazing is that there are so many different options of what he can sing, write or create so I can’t wait to see which direction he will take us when he returns! Yep, it is definitely worth Waiting for David Archuleta!

    SB; Yay! Can’t wait to see your bracelets! Hope I am on your list!

    JR; Thanks for all the updates! So great to see how well Forevermore is selling there & hopefully internationally too!

    Bluebar; Thank you for sharing as I enjoyed the video and continue to be impressed at how creative David’s fans are!


  132. MT said

    “It’s something special to find all these elements together. David is unique in that he makes an emotional impact by elevating every song on the merits of his vocal styling, tone, and interpretation. He will command my attention on a song that maybe I wouldn’t have been interested in.”

    That’s so true. Even if I just plain don’t like the original, I will usually love David’s version. Each new song he sings holds me captive (been that way since the beginning) for a while and it took me a while to realize that it’s not the song, it’s just the voice. I used to say “oh, I like that type of song for him”, but in reality it was never about the songs.

    While saying that, I do have to say that the songs on Forevermore are different. THIS is, I think, what I’ve been waiting for ever since AI. These are sung in the way he styled his singing on the show, starting off slow and gentle, working his way up to the powerhouse vocals we all know and love. In several of these songs there are places where he either almost takes my breath away by the sheer beauty and strength of his voice and the passion he pours into it, or he has my heart breaking for him.

    Our of curiosity, I went back to listen to several of my prior favorites, and these are by far, for me, the most beautiful. After listening to these, the others seem to have too much music getting in the way. haha Sounds goofy, I know. But it’s true. Theses are simple, emotional, and beautiful. ♥

    MKOM haha My kind of music. 🙂

    (Next on my list, something FUN!!


  133. MT said

    130. Bluebar, Thanks for the video! haha That definitely put a smile on my face. The song goes great with it. And I don’t know about those “long legs” but his “walk” is certainly noteworthy, for sure. Especially the walk at 1:26-1:34. 😉


  134. SandyBeaches said

    You are all on the bracelet list!! Info soon!



  135. bebereader said

    Glad you got unstuck!:)

    You, my dear, are one-of-a-kind. ♥

    Thanks for the info on WYA and Tell Me.

    Snuck on here (been babysitting) to tell you that a very important package called “Forevermore” arrived! Didn’t open yet; as I want to savor it’s newness. Mine came from Astroplus and my address was hand-written. So glad they didn’t make an error to delay shipping any further. I thought it would never arrive; so there’s hope for those of you who have yet to receive your copy.


  136. xaris2014 said

    Yay Bebe! I’m so glad your CDs finally came. I am so in love with this CD. This was such a fast project and I had no idea
    what OPM even stood for a few months ago, so I think my expectations were moderate. David’s vocals are always solid and more often than not simply stellar, so I knew I would not be disappointed, but I’m surprised how much I really love these songs. The low key production gets an A+, and of course, David’s performance is indeed stellar. Plus, several of the songs are
    simply beautiful in their composition. I have narrowed down my favorite to I’ll Never Go, You Are My Song, Hold On, or Tell
    Me. And Reaching Out, just for that last minute and a half. I’m still working on it.

    I saw this at Snowangelz, passed on from @anagfeleo from NA:

    “funny when i passed by astroplus, the saleslady called my attention 🙂 she recognized me from NA 🙂 then she reported that online orders.. ..are by bulks. in 1wk,they’ve already sold 1k in online orders alone! 🙂 🙂 she says she watches NA in the bus on her way home from work 🙂, she says 1 customer ordered 200 copies for shipping!”

    I hope that means Ivory is happy with the sales.

    Cheers to Everyone!


  137. Dayzee said

    Happy CD Day to Bebe!! Much as I love David in concert, there is a completely different facet of David on a CD. Need one as much as the other. Only on a professional CD do you hear that voice so crystal clear, with the delicate nuances that only David can sing. No “I love you David”s to interrupt, although I do find myself smiling when they occur at a concert.

    SB I love you. And your magic bracelets. It was so nice to spend time with you in Arizona. Hope that happens again somewhere, sometime.

    Blueberry and MT, enjoyed your thoughts on David’s talents. Your perspective on David’s unique skills is appreciated. This is truly a good place to be.


  138. Abrra said

    Happy for you Bebe on getting your CD!

    I have spent the last several hours watching Game of Thrones on HBO online. Its about seven noble families who fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Lots of Kingdom politics and battles. If anyone is interested, some clips here:

    I know what you mean about the music getting in the way. I find the techno vibe on Rainbow distracting as well as the “finger snap” thing in Reach Out. David needs no contrived production on these songs. He can carry them with just his voice.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Last week I started at 9pm edt, but I was alone for an hour. I get the hint now 🙂

    Abrra 713 days


  139. kaycee said

    Yay, Bebe!

    My son ironically informed me today that he has applied to several ski resorts in Chile in hopes of finding work over the summer! He loves to ski (and he speaks fluent Spanish)–little did I know that there is great skiing in Chile…during the summer no less!…at least it’s summer for us!

    He emailed me this link of a mountain bike race in Chile. It’s absolutely crazy!


  140. kaycee said

    One other thing I wanted to mention was that while I was talking to my son on the phone today, he was walking across campus and ran into a friend. He asked me to hold for a minute, and I could hear a lot of laughter and fun conversation, and at the end I could hear the other guy say, ” Hey, I love ya’ man.” I asked who it was and he said that it was a good friend from his mission. That is one thing that I am very excited for David is the friendships with other guys his age. The relationships that I have seen with my son and his friends from the mission is so amazing. They truly love and respect each other and have seen each other at their best and their worst and have helped each other through the hard times. David has spent so much of his life with older people in the industry, and before that was quite shy, so I think it will be a wonderful thing for him.


  141. djafan said

    David 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Yay for those who got the voice of heaven in form of a Forevermore cd!!!!!

    Kaycee, that is insane!!!!!!


  142. betsy said

    Jans, I’ve been meaning to say this for a couple of days, but I just couldn’t get the words out. Thank you so much for what you do. I remember when we had to place my mom in a nursing home. It was a beautiful place, the staff so caring. We were lucky. But still it was the hardest thing ever. I remember the first day. I was about to leave, but couldn’t. I kept smiling and telling my mom that I had to go to the bathroom again. I’d go in there and sob quietly for a few minutes, then come back out and try to act normal. She knew exactly what was going on. Moms always do. 🙂

    It’s just so good to hear that people like you take care of people like them.

    Blubar – I love that video too. 🙂

    Abs – you gotta know that my husband is insanely obsessed for Game of Thrones. Sheesh, you two. One day you should have a Godfather and Game of Thrones-a-thon. 😉
    Lastly, It was SO good to hear from David tonight. <333333


  143. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Jasmine Curtis-Smith at her 18th Birthday party. She looks lovely!

    Abrra 713 days


  144. betsy said

    credit to ohnopurple


  145. jans11 said

    Thanks, Betsy. Yes it is so hard for the families, as well as the residents. Some of the residents have alzheimers, each at different levels. I can see the difference in them when I go in each week, how much worse they are. The differences are usually subltle but I know they are going downhill and they really don’t understand what is wrong. Even though I work in one, I hope and pray that I won’t ever have to go in one. It’s just not the same as home. But, we always have our David concerts there!! I play his music all day!
    And they love it!!

    Thank you, David! Sounds like you pretty well like everything you’re doing so far!!♥ I miss you so much!

    Beautiful Jazmine!! Happy 18th birthday!!


  146. kaycee said

    144…the amazing power of a simple smile!


  147. bluebar said

    Lovin’ the tweet from David.
    But, he omitted “SINGING and HUMMING and… WHISTLING” – on the way – to and from – his favorite parts! 🙂


  148. poof said

    Oh oh oh ohnopurple,,,, what a lovely gift for those of us missing his smile. Thank you so much.


  149. djafan said

    David’s smile, powerful.

    Forevermore #1 ON 3 MYXPH CHARTS! KEEP VOTING @davidarchie ‘s 4 FOREVERMORE & THROW IN SOME 4 WAIT! #DA2014


  150. cq said

    Ok, Kari #1 on three charts…..give us something real good, lol.


  151. emmegirl14 said

    ((jan)), we need alot more “Jans” in this world!

    Love #130!

    cq, LOL!

    kaycee, gotta love life’s ironies, hope your son gets to go. And that video – was watching through my fingers through parts of it, thought for sure there was gonna be a crash!

    Had to laugh at his tweet, of course lunch was among his favorites – just wondering though, what is left after everything he listed.

    Fiiiinally got my CD – unwrapped it, grabbed my keys, jumped into my car and drove to town (for absolutely no reason other than to listen in my aloneness.) So beautiful – ran the gamut of emotions, laughing to crying. So very grateful to for it.


  152. skydancer1x said

    150. Cq…”Ok, Kari #1 on three charts…..give us something real good, lol.”
    haha we need treats!! So happy for D, do you think he knows? or wants to know?

    Hope everyone is doing ok in the midwest…crazy storms are spawning so many tornadoes this spring! Terrible.

    Emme, nothing better than being alone in the car with David singing to you


  153. tawna21 said

    {{{hugs}}} to all of you mid-westerners. God bless you all.



  154. emmegirl14 said

    Hoping those in the areas of severe weather are out of harms way. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


  155. jans11 said

    Couldn’t believe last night. Tornadoes were spanning from Texas up to Iowa. That made KC right in the middle of it all and nothing happened here! All around, but not here! We were blessed, that’s for sure.♥


  156. Dayzee said

    Once again I found myself sitting in a parking lot, unable to turn off the car because that would mean David would stop singing. After all these years you would think I could figger out a way to handle this problem.


  157. Dayzee said

    Oh Jan, so glad to hear the weather thing went well for you. I have had you on my mind.


  158. FULL 10-TRACK FOREVERMORE DIGITAL ALBUM NOW COMPLETE for downloading from MyMusicStore for PHP300 or US$6.75 ONLY!




  159. davidstopsmyaging said

    I’m laughing at all of you who get into your car and drive just to listen to David– # 151 and 156. When my CD came a couple of days ago, I drove and drove and drove….just me and David. Didn’t get home until 10:00 p.m. My husband was about to send out the troops looking for me:)


  160. djafan said

    JR! That’s great news!!!! Thank you so much for letting us know and for the links!!!

    Dayzee, There is no way out of this 🙂

    Davidstopsmyaging, The car is my choice for listening to all of David’s music. I love getting the strange looks as I blast it.

    New article >>>>>>>>


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    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to looking
    into your web page repeatedly.


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