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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Gathered Together by David Archuleta ~ What am I Afraid of?

Posted by MT on Monday, April 2, 2012

We all know that David’s leaving has left an empty place in our lives and in our hearts that we are wondering if we can somehow fill for the next two years. I think by now we all know that the answer is no. For most of us here, nothing can replace David. We know that and have accepted it as fact. We feel that small empty place and wonder “how did that happen?” I think that empty place is the little piece of our hearts that we have given to David. Now that he’s gone, he has taken those pieces with him and there’s nothing we can do about it.

But as much as I will miss him, it isn’t ONLY about David anymore for me. It’s also about all of you.

It took me a while to realize that along with the little piece of my heart that I gave David, there was another piece that was in danger of being lost. That’s the piece that I’ve given to all of you. It’s a piece that I’m struggling to hold on to. But as long as you and I are here, that piece is still tied to me and that little place in my heart doesn’t feel empty because in it’s place is all of the warmth and friendship I’ve found here.

I’ll backtrack just a bit here and admit that I was a lurker at David’s fan sites for a very long time. Many of you became posters and writers from the very beginning. Not me. I was a latecomer to posting. Like young David, I was very shy and afraid to talk to people I didn’t know. But, when I finally broke down and joined in, I was welcomed with open arms and found some wonderful friends here. And I’m not ashamed to admit that, right now, that’s what I’m afraid of losing. It’s bad enough for me that David (who has been a never-ending source of joy to me) is leaving for two years. But, you guys, too?

Please, no. I don’t even want to think about that. And I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way. I think one of the things hurting many of us right now is our fear of losing each other after having just lost David.

Through David we have formed bonds, found friends here. In this place, we are among people who understand us and have things in common with us. We are a very diverse group of people from all walks of life, but we have discovered that we don’t need to be the same to be here for each other. Here, we have found people we can laugh with, cry with, sympathize with, and squee with, even though we are scattered across the country and around the world.

We are all joined at the hearts, hearts tied with pretty ribbons that all lead back to David. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to cut the ribbon if it starts to fray. I’m holding on tight. For me, walking away from David or this fan base is just not an option.

So, will we all be here six months from now, a year from now, or two years? I certainly hope so, because I don’t want to be here alone. I need you guys here to squee with me and celebrate when David comes home. And between now and then we’ll be sharing his music along with laughter, smiles, hugs, and tears just like we always have.

We’re still here and we’ll make it through with the help of each other. This can still be our happy place if we let it. I think if we just take it one day at a time, we’ll be just fine.

Our time here for the next two years will be what we make of it. So smile! 🙂 You and I are both still here. And it’s a Good Place.

202 Responses to “Gathered Together by David Archuleta ~ What am I Afraid of?”

  1. gladys1961 said

    I’ve been thinking for a long time that you say. I filled my life with many activities. I will be occupied by more than two years, but knew nothing of David, is very painful.
    The news is that David will be close to my country, but that does not matter. I will respect his privacy, that is my priority as fans.
    Perhaps, this is the only place I can express myself without feeling strange looks.
    In these four years, David has changed my life, I’m not the same, now I think differently, I speak differently, I dress differently, I act different. At this time I have met wonderful people. If he did all this for me and always will do it for the rest of my life, would be very unfair of me to disagree with his desicion.
    Perhaps these two years without david is proof that God imposes on us. The question we should ask is why are we so blessed?
    I have no answer, but I never tire of thank god.
    There is no obstacle or measure of time I push back. There is only one way, and is forward.
    When David returns from his mission, he will have almost 24 years and will still be with us the rest of his life. So, when I am gone from this world, David will be adored by generations.
    David always with me, I try to think two years is a bit, something small and insignificant.
    Every day I tell myself, I should not feel sad, things will get better, David told me.


  2. funfee said

    Thank you for the great article MT! It really helped me a lot. I will definitely be here and treasure these friendships we have. Crying right now but feeling hopeful!
    Gladys, yes, I agree, David has changed us for the better and we don’t want to let go of that!
    On another note (haha), the music he left us is so beautiful! Loving all the ballads!


  3. Abrra said


    Thank you for expressing your heartfelt words. To some people, being a fan of a singer is as simple as listening to music and attending concerts. What David has brought to our lives is a change from the usual fan experience. He has created a fan family among us all. I suppose it’s happened before to other fans, but for me this is very personal. It compels me to reach out in ways I have never done before. I recall reading your comments when you first started to come out of lurkdom. I wrote to you and asked if we could chat on the phone. I was looking for someone to bounce ideas off for articles. You replied that you weren’t sure what you could talk about. I let it go for a few months, until you said you would like to meet on the phone. BAM!!!!! Now look at you? One of the writing staff on The Voice. Reaching out can be a scary thing, but you took the step. I can’t imagine what we would do without your voice here.

    Strangers became family in one call. That is the power of the Archuleta!

    Beautiful art, as always, grace the article. Angelica is so gifted. 🙂

    Abrra 725 days


  4. Abrra said

    @DavidArchie The music video for the song “Forevermore” is out now. You can check it out here! —->


    YAY! Finally a HQ version with no watermarks 🙂

    Abrra 725 days


  5. goldenjane said

    Thank-you for this wonderful article….I too do not want to loose this site and all the friends that iI have found because of that sweet young man. This is just what I needed to hear or read. Thank-you so much. Love it…..


  6. xaris2014 said

    Terrific article, MT. I’m so glad we will all be waiting out these two years together. I know I don’t post much, I’m basically pretty reserved, too, but I do lurk every day and love reading the articles and comments. I have to confess that last summer, when David stopped talking about building foundations and started doing things to thank the fans, I was fairly certain a mission announcement was coming. I thought his exit would be a good time for me to exit the David train as well. Well, easier said that done, because I just could’t walk away. I think you are right, MT. David has stolen a little piece of our hearts, and I don’t want it back!

    Have a good day, y’all!


  7. archiesfan4life said

    MT – thank you for this article! The friends I have made since following David are so very special to me and I cannot imagine not having all of you in my life! I hope one day I will find the courage to post more, but I don’t miss an article or a comment – my day isn’t complete until I catch up :)!

    Thanks and {{{{{HUGS}}}}}} to all!


  8. SandyBeaches said

    A lovely article to wake up to this morning. Great thoughts that bring such good feelings on a Monday morning especially after a busy weekend in our chosen world.

    The art work is intriguing Angelica and surely he does have a lot of fans with each ribbon representing one of us…beautiful work.



  9. SandyBeaches said

    Angelica, those pictures should be framed and added to his gallery.



  10. Angelica said


    “But as much as I will miss him, it isn’t ONLY about David anymore for me. It’s also about all of you.”

    So true for me as well. A huge part of the fun of attending a David concert is planning and meeting up with other fans. I love this community we’ve formed online and off and would never want to lose that. You guys are such a blessing to me. It’s funny how we meant to only love and support David, but like ripples in a pond, or ribbons gathered in his hand, we flowed out to love and support each other.

    I want to ask something of all of you as we go forward. Blogs from other missionaries at the MTC are written for their family and friends. They are not celebrities who are writing with the expectation that what they say will be posted on fansites for the world to read. These are young people who are not perfect but they are trying to be. They are someone’s child, grandchild, brother, sister, niece, or nephew and it’s not nice to be critical of them. I think it also falls into not respecting David’s right to a private experience at the MTC to post these private (for family/friends only) blogs publically. For this reason I will delete them if I see them on this site.

    Some adjustments have to be made as we travel down this new road with David. Squeeing, however has, and always will be, allowed on The Voice, Elder Archuleta notwithstanding. I tried refraining for a day and came close to doing myself an injury. We are, after all, fans of a singer/songwriter/actor and clothing endorsement model. If he wants us to wait, he’ll just have to put up with our fan love – with all due respect, of course. 🙂


  11. Abrra said

    Thanks for clarifying about posting blog links here. I was uncomfortable with that because it is my opinion that it is invading the privacy of the blogger and David’s wish for respect while he is on his journey. To bring attention to them on fan sites brings attention not warranted.

    Stepping down off my soapbox.

    Abrra 725 days
    I blame all errors on my iPhone


  12. kaycee said

    MT…wonderful article, beautiful thoughts. “Our time here for the next two years will be what we make of it. So smile! 🙂 You and I are both still here. And it’s a Good Place.”

    Angelica…”I tried refraining for a day and came close to doing myself an injury.”


  13. Lynnella said

    Where else would we go? I thought about a nunnery, but I’m not Catholic (haha). Other people I know don’t feel the same way I do, only true fans. So, it only makes sense that I go where the true fans are. And, that’s where I am right now. I’m so thankful for The Voice, that I can feel safe expressing my feelings and emotions without fear of being ridiculed. Everyone here understands. I will miss David while he’s gone, but I’ve experienced this kind of loss before. One of my sons, Jason, was in the Army for 20 years, so he was gone a large part of that time. He was stationed in Germany and was in both Gulf Wars. I know how it feels to miss someone and trust God for their safety. God will take care of David as he seeks to do His will, and He will take care of us, as we wait for David’s return. In the meantime, we will take care of each other. Thank you to all of the people here who write the articles and the posters. We’re like one big family waiting for the return of our loved one.



  14. SandyBeaches said

    Just saying…’posting of blog links is not prohibited’…would be easily understood by the posters here as a rule of the site…If someone should not be right here to read these two comments then they might miss out. Just a respectable rule written on the sidebar at this time would be there for people coming and going at different times. Some readers might not be here again for awhile.




  15. SandyBeaches said

    Sorry about the duplicates that happen…no excuses for that!


  16. Thank You for your hearfelt word MT and the accompanying pictures Angelica. I love the Spanish article and pictures of David and family when he entered the MTC Abrra and whoever first attached it. I appreciate all of you and yes joining in with fans on this journey has definitely made a difference in my life. I visualize David soaking in this experience at the MTC. I think he entered at the best time right before the General Conference. I enjoyed the MTC Choir and was so pleased that he was selected, so we could see David and listen to the sessions knowing David was listening too. I am not LDS but decided to listen to the sessions the next day too. I felt closer to David learning more about the lessons that are so important to him.

    As much as I love hearing anything about David, I support the decision not to post what other Elders are saying. I think things will settle down this week and we all know David will be loved by those fortunate enough to get to know him. Things probably changed after hearing the General Conference and the lessons that applied. I had to remember I was listening to learn myself!!


  17. fenfan said

    Thanks MT for your heartfelt assurance that you will be sticking around for this long wait. You won’t be alone.
    Like you, I spent a long time lurking, reading everyone’s comments before I plucked up courage to join the conversation. I intend to stay right here waiting. Maybe one day we will see each other at our favorite singer’s comeback concert!


  18. cq said

    Thank you MT for assuring us that you will stick around for the long wait. I will come and enjoy and at times comment at this wonderful site. Love being a diehard fan.

    I’m still blown over by the FMV, so simple and so incredibly beautiful. My favorite video of David’s so far.
    I’m such a sucker for romance, lol.


  19. Bebereader said


    Bravo! You wrote what I was feeling a few days ago when I posted a similar comment here. The silver lining to David’s absence for two years is that he left something for us. Countless friendship have been made thanks to him, when all we signed up for was the music. We’re here for each other; we support each other; at times we spill our guts to each other and it’s a nice warm feeling to know that we’re in a safe place to do so. Thank you, MT, for this beautiful article and to Angelica for her brilliant artwork.


    I love what you said about respecting privacy and about not questioning but giving thanks instead. You are one smart lady!


    “What David has brought to our lives is a change from the usual fan experience. He has created a fan family among us all. I suppose it’s happened before to other fans, but for me this is very personal. It compels me to reach out in ways I have never done before.”

    I’ve been a fan all my life and have gone through the fan exerience before. I’ve even made friends online in other fandoms, prior to this. But it’s very different this time. David’s fans are a rare breed who have something similar in their personalities that makes it feel like…yes, family. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David in The Philippines
    in his hairdresser’s car
    credit @pinantonio


  20. MT..your thoughts are beautiful..brought me to tears as if there are any left to cry! Where do they all come from? While reading your words, I remembered something I copied to my Twitpic account a long time ago & pretty sure it came from THEVOICE. You may recognize it. Wherever it came from, I feel it symbolizes how the fans may be feeling today & I bring it forward again because I love it so much.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  21. sweetonda said

    MT, thank you for expressing what many of us are feeling right now. The friendships we have made are very dear to us and I would not like to lose anyone of them. I don’t comment a lot, but I know I can count on coming here and being uplifted when I’m feeling a bit down. There is just something wonderful here. It’s like knowing you’ve all left the light on and are welcoming me home, if that makes sense.

    Angelica, Love your artwork! It goes so well with what MT said, “We are all joined at the hearts, hearts tied with pretty ribbons that all lead back to David. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to cut the ribbon if it starts to fray. I’m holding on tight. For me, walking away from David or this fan base is just not an option.”

    Amen to that!!!


  22. Angelica said


    That is from here. It’s on the top left side of the banner. Click on “About The Voice.”


  23. lani said

    A poster sometimes, a lurker most of the time but I am here everyday and will always be here.

    MT, “You and I are both still here. And it’s a Good Place”. YES INDEED….IT IS!!!


  24. lani said


    Beautiful beautiful artwork too, as always!


  25. tawna21 said

    Thank you, MT, for this reassurance. It would be more that sad to lose what has built up here for the last 4 years. The friendships that have been built are priceless–even those that still remain as e-friends. I love it here!! ♥

    I’m of the thinking that we are not going to be left without any visuals for the next 2 years. Elder Archuleta sightings are going to be out there and posted. Like Gladys said, however, as fans, it is our responsibility to be very respectful of David’s wishes and provide him his privacy. I know of a houseful of awesome people here at The Voice that will do just that. We will wait for whatever happens on the internet to be our sources.

    I’m wondering if anyone has any idea if the Forevermore video is going to be available for download in other countries.



  26. djafan said

    Forevermore at #4 PLEASE VOTE!!!!


  27. tawna21 said

    Dja—voted—-yep, I’m signed up on yet another website. Hey! Why not?!

    Angelica, thank you for the blog parameters. When I read that first one that had most of us all in a dither, I was glad he didn’t have a comments link…I was pretty ticked off. Then, I noticed that his MTC address was listed, and it made me laugh. I thought, “Tawna, why in the world would you even think of commenting or writing a scathing letter to young Elder Jason Whats-his-head and ripping on him and giving him a piece of your ‘older lady’ mind? What a stupid thing to even think about.” So, I repented, and enjoyed Conference.

    Heidijoy, thank you for your comments in #17. They were so sweet. I hope you were able to gain a feel for what Elder Archuleta will be teaching over the next 2 years to the beautiful people in Chile. It’s really nothing new from what he’s already been teaching us thru his music and his example— God and family. That’s what life is all about.

    Thank you, Angelica, for the awesome artwork. It’s perfect.

    I planted (actually, my hubby did it for me) some strawberry plants to grow while David is gone. I’m going to take pictures as a growth chart for the next 2 years. He wouldn’t let me plant a tree. 😉



  28. skydancer1x said

    MT.♥ “We are all joined at the hearts, hearts tied with pretty ribbons that all lead back to David.”♥ aww MT,YES we are, and I loved what you shared from your heart,in your article.
    I love that David helped us find each other.♥
    When I first discovered this site, I was looking for more pics of David, and was told “go to The Voice, they have great pictures!!!” haha I don’t even remember when that was now.I got here and found my eye treats LOL and so much more….like I am not the only mature (stop laughing) fan out there, thinking about this remarkable young man and his voice There ARE crazy people just like me that are obsessing over! Yea!! And now, you guys feel like family to me♥Love you all.
    yep,I am staying right here till David comes home♥

    Just voted DJA. thanks! I have more international sites bookmarked than you can shake a stick at! (as we all do of course)Hope to remember what they all are.LOL


  29. mslv said

    I am also a regular lurker – I come here before I really start my day –
    Thank you MT for putting into words what I have always felt. I found friends who share my love and admiration for David. Thanks Abrra for your email, Angelica and Suzy-Q for your kind words. JR,maraming salamat. I enjoyed our short talk yesterday.

    I do not have anybody here in Cebu who share the same passion. I find it hard to be secretive. I tried to promote NA while it was still showing but everyone liked the other shows shown in the other stations. I got a few smirks, frowns and more of “you are really crazy.”

    This is the place where I truly belong.
    From the other side of that great ocean, my deepest appreciation.



  30. dakgal said

    Is it 2013 yet???

    MT–thanks for writing what we all feel:

    “We’re still here and we’ll make it through with the help of each other. This can still be our happy place if we let it. I think if we just take it one day at a time, we’ll be just fine.

    Our time here for the next two years will be what we make of it. So smile! 🙂 You and I are both still here. And it’s a Good Place.”

    Heavens knows David left use with many treasures, so we will all have to get out our shovels and start digging through our stash and find those gems that maybe we forgot about or that deserve to be seen again and again–maybe some we haven’t seen or heard in a while—–even older , beautiful articles from the past.

    He has kept us entertained for the past four + years—( more like spoiled us) so now we have to entertain ourselves–and we are loaded with material.

    Saw this video on another site and don’t recall seeing it here —but it sure fits into today and your article—SO SMILE!!

    by marcella


  31. silverfox said

    MT, Great article!

    You say you were more of a lurker from the beginning and now look at you! You are counted as one of several very talented and accomplished writers on TV.

    David is a phenomena. There is no one like him. He is a rare human being & if we were to check out the fan sites of other artists, I doubt we would find the camaraderie between their fans or fans who have become life-long friends.

    Since David’s announcement, I have been reminiscing, going back to the beginning when all this was new. It was truly a magical time. I was one of the crazy fans who spent all my spare time surfing the net for anything and everything I could find about David. I was desperate to find others who felt as I did. And miracle of miracles I found his first fan sites and others who were as mesmerized by David as I was. I was not shy about posting my admiration of this beautiful young man who turned my world upside down. I couldn’t explain it. I just knew I had to be part of the phenomena known as ODD along with all these other wonderful people from all walks of life, people of all ages, genders, races, the religious & the non-religious. It was crazy fun. It was nerve-wracking. It was seriously intense. It was wonderful. And it was amazing the way David’s fans connected with him and through him, we connected with each other. When he started touring after AI is when fans actually met each other and many have become life-long friends.

    There are some fans from David’s original core fanbase who are no longer active or as active on the sites as in the past due to family, work, health or other personal issues, but believe me, many are still here as lurkers and still have contact with fans who are still active. I have become more of a “lurker” myself, however the friendships I have made because of our mutual love and admiration for him has been one of the great joys of being a fan of David Archuleta. I would not trade the last four years for anything and look forward with much anticipation to David’s safe return. His return concert will be unlike anything we will ever experience. It will be what fantastic dreams are made of.


  32. emmegirl14 said

    MT, love your article. You beautifully expressed what many of us have been feeling for awhile.
    There is no way I could leave his fan family. You all are too much a part of my daily life – sharing all that I do with you and in turn, hearing about you and yours. Thank you all for your friendship and support.

    ((mslv)), glad you’re here!

    kaycee, so happy to hear all is well with your family.♥


  33. #28 Thanks Tawna Yes David has been an inspiration and role model for sure. There was something very spiritual listening to the MTC Choir with David in it, thinking back to the last time he was on that Stage as the featured singer with Motab and now starting his Mission in the same Hall. The Humility in both was beautiful to witness. Saturday afternoon as I waited for each song, I of course listened to the talks. Even though I knew David wouldn’t be singing Sunday I was drawn back to listen and knowing David and the young Missionaries were listening at the same time made it so special.

    I love that you settled on a Strawberry Bush when you couldn’t get a tree!! ha! ha! Take pictures.

    Loving all the community responding to your invitation MT. I plan to be here.


  34. davidstopsmyaging said

    MT, what a great article, and Angelica, the artwork is magical. I wonder which one of those ribbons I am??

    I am a lurker, too, mostly, but I feel so connected to all of you here at The Voice anyway—I chuckle to myself sometimes. The Voice and David are parts of my life now, and I don’t want to be without either.

    Two years is a long time, but it isn’t either—if that makes sense. My daugther left to volunteer with the Peace Corps in Ethiopia two years ago, and she will be home this Christmas. When she left, I thought 2 1/2 years was forever—but it has quickly gone by. I’m feeling so melancholy about David and his mission, but I know it really won’t be too awfully long before everyone is buzzing about his return.

    I just pray for David that he can serve his mission in peace—like any other missionary—and not always be the center of attention wherever he goes. I felt sad reading those blogs, because I am sure “being famous” must be difficult to contend with, when this is so personal for David. I wish he would leave for Chile already, so he can become anonymous to some extent. Maybe as time goes by, people will calm down, and David will be able to be a 21 year old missionary, rather than a famous one.

    Love you all—-


  35. jans11 said

    MT..a great heartfelt article!♥ I’m more of a lurker, but I have to lurk many times a day! Just have to come and see what’s going on!! How would I ever leave? Thanks to all that make great posts to comment on, you guys put in so much hard work for all of us.

    I have made so many friends through David. This is such a bonus that I never dreamed of doing when I was searching everything about David Archuleta. I have flown by myself to concerts to meet people that I didn’t even know and they never let me down. David’s fans are just exceptional people that all feel the same thing in their own hearts, something that I find so rare but beautiful. Only we know how that feels and I’m so glad I am one of the chosen ones!

    I have my own busy life to help time pass the time. A new great grandbaby is due in Nov. Every month has their special days and it seems like the days fly by. I work at my shop here at home and I work Mon and Tues at the nursing home and I mark those days off when I get off. So when I go back the next Mon, I can mark off Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun all at one time. Wheeee! That was a fast week!! lol I will always listen to David’s music no matter where I’m at, and watch him on youtube. Not being able to plan on going to another concert soon or watching for his tweets and vlogs are the things I miss. I did get to go to a fan luncheon Sat. and we had a lot of fun getting to see each other again.

    Love seeing David on tv Sat. and enjoyed the talks too. Even tho I’m not lds, I thought they were very interesting and I can see where David comes from. He is so special!!♥

    So, I will always be here as long as this place is open. The homecoming concert will be so awesome, and I plan to be there where ever it may be.


  36. MT said

    Angelica, Abrra, Bebe, Djafan, Skyyyy, Gladys, Funfee, GoldenJane, Xaris, AF4L, SB, Kaycee, Lynella, Heidijoy, Fenfan, Cq, Marylee, Sweetonda, Lani, Tawna, Mslv, Dak, SF, Emmegirl, Dstma, & Jan, thanks for commenting and thank you for being here. It’s nice to know I have such good company on this journey.

    To all you lurkers out there, please feel free to join the party any time. And Chat on Saturday nights is oodles of fun, too. 🙂

    For those of you who don’t often post, I understand it. But, you don’t have to post a huge comment for it to be worth posting. If you want to just say “Love the pic!” or just “Hi”, and nothing more, we’d still love to hear from you any time.

    3. Awww … Abrra, ♥ Thanks so much for barring that door and being the very first one to welcome me. If not for you, I’d probably still be just lurking. (Although sometimes I think you may be sorry, haha can’t shut me up now. 😉 )

    “I love that David helped us find each other.” Yep! I wonder if he has any idea how many friendships have been formed because of him.

    SF, yes, That first concert when he returns is really going to be something else!

    Spanish words of the day:
    friend = amigo
    community = comunidad
    here = aqui


  37. Abrra said

    A perfect example of what fan friends mean to each other happened today for me. Back during one of David’s Philippine’s mall shows to promote Nandito Ako, Lorms surprised me with a picture of a signed card from David.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Today it arrived in my mailbox in a large envelope.It meant the world to me that she took the time to have him sign personally, not just for me, but many fans here in the US. Thank you Lorms! for that wonderful gift and the poster and promo card, too! Total surprise because I would never ask for such things because I fear it would take away from her time with David at the signing table. She is so thoughtful. 🙂

    Abrra 725 days


  38. angelofdja said

    Beautifully said MT! I’m here almost daily and find great joy in being a member of this extended, wonderful family! It’s so nice to know there’s a place to go and share in all things David!
    A comunidad of amigos aqui! Si tan cierto!
    A community of friends here! Yes, so true!


  39. Pattinc said

    Great post MT..never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be so attached to a singer and his fan base! I too have met some great people on this journey, and chuckle at the time in Myrtle Beach when I was scoping out SF…and I found her and went up to her and said..”you must be SF”…haha Also was lucky enough to meet SB too. Still have the chair you gave me! Meeting others by introducing using twitter names or screen names!, so fun!! Not going anywhere…my daughter will graduate college in two years so I have 2 things to look forward to in 2014. 🙂 Still waiting for my cd from CdWow ….


  40. betsy said

    Beautiful article, MT.
    The friends I have made are lifelong. This I know. It’s not like moving into a neighborhood and being friends with people because they are in the same vicinity.
    This is finding others in the world who have similar thoughts in their heads, similar feelings about many things. Feeling like you can’t go another minute without listening to that voice. Loving David. <33


  41. skydancer1x said

    Betsy, love what you said. YES similar thoughts, feelings, and definitely ” Feeling like you can’t go another minute without listening to that voice. Loving David. <33" ♥ : ))

    just a personal tidbit I would like to share……..:))
    ***I found an e-mail from my sister tonight before coming here . I had sent her the link to Forevermore. I have sent other songs of Davids too, but she usually doesn't respond like this:
    "WOW!! Great song. He has such a smooth voice. Gave me goosebumps." YEA! shes starting to crack, I can feel it!
    so happy..night ya'll!


  42. kaycee said

    I so appreciate this place after a hard day! Thanks to all who run this site, and all those who comment…such inspiring and uplifting words, and such support and appreciation for one another.

    Marylee, 21…so beautiful.

    (((Mslv)))…”This is the place where I truly belong.”

    Dakgal…”He has kept us entertained for the past four + years—( more like spoiled us) so now we have to entertain ourselves–and we are loaded with material.” So true. And I absolutely loved the fan vid you posted.

    Silverfox…”His return concert will be unlike anything we will ever experience. It will be what fantastic dreams are made of.” That gave me the chills! I can’t wait! Let’s see…Abrra, how many days left?! Oh, 725!

    Heidijoy…”There was something very spiritual listening to the MTC Choir with David in it, thinking back to the last time he was on that Stage as the featured singer with Motab and now starting his Mission in the same Hall. The Humility in both was beautiful to witness.” I felt the same as well.

    (((Emmegirl)))…thanks so much!

    There’s something so calming and healing about the Forevermore video. With the somewhat somber tone, I thought it would make me feel sad, especially after his departure for 2 years. Strangely, it has the opposite effect on me–a feeling of hope and peace.

    Admins, please, please oh please don’t forget to put the picture from the last post (red v-neck shirt pic) on the side bar! I just love the feeling that picture evokes!

    Over the next 2 years, I would love to hear what particular performances/songs have had a special impact on those who visit here and the stories behind them.


  43. annmargaret said

    Kaycee~I just read your comment about telling what our favorite performances are. Ever since David’s MKOC tour I have watched him sing This Christmas in Anaheim. Recorded by You Can Call Ma Tina. It is recorded in the front row and the sound is excellent. I love listening to Asof play his piece ( after David says “let’s hear it Asof”. Finally I love when David sings “all throoogh the night”. The last thing is when he sings the yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. He really let’s loose. The crowd goes nuts and the big smile on David’s face is the cherry on top of the icing. So, there you have it!


  44. annmargaret said

    Sorry. Correction. S/b “You Can Call Me Tina”.


  45. bluesky said

    Excellent article, MT! I could really feel your heart, love, caring and imagery. So glad you wrote it. Thank you. ^_^



  46. sweetonda said

    Annmargaret, I go back to that same video over and over again. It brings back so many great memories of that night sharing it with my two sisters. Of course they think I’m loony to be so drawn to David, but they thoroughly enjoyed the concert also. One of my sisters took a picture of me while I was listening to him sing and posted it on her facebook. She said it was so cute and showed my total joy! Ha….I think I looked stupid, but I can’t dismiss that I did have total JOY, LOVE and ADMIRATION that night for one David James Archuleta. Those videos of the MKOC tour will be what gets many of us through the next few years. So glad for the fans that take them and share with us who have no talent in doing so.

    Hope today is the day my Forevermore CD decides to show up in my mailbox. 🙂


  47. cq said

    Good morning all……The more I listen to the Forevermore cd, the love grows even more.
    I’m hoping that we can buy the FMV here in the States…that would be awesome.


  48. TXNancy said

    What a ‘good place’ this place is! The Voice really feels like a home to me, as I have exactly the same thoughts and feelings about David and all of you, as you all do!

    Skydancer…..I had the exact same thing happen to me yesterday! I forwarded the “Forevermore” music video to my sister and, for the 1st time, she loved David! I’ve sent her all of David’s CDs, DVD, etc. and she never even opened them! In a few days, I’m going to be seeing her, for the first time in almost 4 yrs, and I have a feeling that we’ll have some special moments, because of David.


  49. Davic123 said

    My Forevermore CD has arrived! Listening to David sing those beautiful love songs right now!!


  50. fenfan said

    oops #50 Davic123 is me fenfan. LOL!!


  51. djafan said


    “We are all joined at the hearts, hearts tied with pretty ribbons that all lead back to David. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to cut the ribbon if it starts to fray. I’m holding on tight. For me, walking away from David or this fan base is just not an option.”

    SF, “His return concert will be unlike anything we will ever experience. It will be what fantastic dreams are made of.”


    You all have made such wonderful comments ♥

    Thank you MT for such a heartfelt message. Nope not cutting that ribbon, no way no how. NOT.AN.OPTION. I also hope everyone sticks around. There will be some huge missing David times but we just hang on to those ribbons and stay active. For starters…

    Can we do this??? We sure can.

    Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour
    Hey! Lets see if we can make @DavidArchie 2 videos the #1 OPM video and #1 foreign video at the same @IvoryMusicVideo

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  52. djafan said

    FYI- Prayer by Silverfox is linked with the beautiful picture by Angelica up at the right sidebar.

    VODPOD videos right sidebar – It’s Not Goodbye, Forevermore MV, Elder Archuleta, Final Destination


  53. djafan said

    David Archuleta, the gift that keeps on giving ♥

    ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Philippines’ – Builds homes, changes lives

    For the first time in the Philippines and Asia, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Philippines is finally set to hit the small screen. Based on the original Endemol international franchise, the Philippine edition follows the hit US version’s goal to change lives one home at a time.

    Aside from its heart-warming stories and inspiring heroes, the show also features a roster of big stars to meet and greet the family. Some of the Kapatid stars you’ll see this season include Megastar Sharon Cuneta, Superstar Nora Aunor, and “American Idol” finalist David Archuleta.

    Be sure to catch “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Philippines” as it debuts on April 15 after “Talentadong Pinoy” with a daily 10-minute primer airing on primetime starting April 9 on TV5.–builds-homes-changes-lives


  54. MT said

    Hmmm … Awesome to see his name there but I wonder when David could possibly have had time to do anything with Extreme Makeover? Unless it was his rare day off? Bless his sweet heart, it sounds like something he would do.

    Angelica, I didn’t thank you for the beautiful artwork, so Thank You. I love the imagery, seeing David with his hands in a huge pile of ribbons, touching people’s hearts. ♥

    Sigh, The Forevermore MV. Just.So.Beautiful.


  55. sweetonda said

    No Forevermore CD’s in my mailbox today. 😦 I don’t know how much longer I can wait. Don’t they know the delay is causing added stress to my ODD condition? Going to listen on youtube some more, but it’s not like having your own copy in hand. Does anyone know if Reaching Out is on youtube? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    MT and Davic123, I’m glad you got yours today. 🙂


  56. I’ve been listening to my Forevermore CD most of the day. Prior to its arrival I was spending a lot of time on memory lane with videos. Like you, SF, I would not trade a moment of those magical four years. The trips, the concerts, the meeting up with strangers with the sole purpose of talking all things David. Sometimes I couldn’t believe it was me, having never been a fan before, but I was in it full throttle. I’m making the adjustment and while I might not be making many comments, my heart knows that like my sign read in the video, I’ll Be Here #DA2014. I’m so glad you’re all here too.


  57. poof said

    Since David’s departure, I keep thinking about a scene in the movie “Tootsie”. In this movie Dustin Hofman plays an out of work, not so nice a person, actor, who impersonates a woman, (kind, caring and strong), 24/7, to get a woman’s part in a t.v. series. (If you are going, “Huh?”,, go check this movie out, it’s great.)

    Anyway,,,, After he does this, and is relating why he did it and what came from doing it, he says, “I was a better man as a woman than I ever was as a man. Now, I just have to learn how to do it without the dress.”

    This is kind of how I am feeling right now. For the last few years, I have stopped myself many times, and thought, “What would David say? How would David handle this?.” By his example and encouragement I have changed for the better. Now,,, I just have to learn how to do it “without the dress.”

    I sooooooooooo love Forevermore..


  58. xaris2014 said

    Yay–my Forevermore CD was in my mailbox today! I just had to come squee! David’s vocals are so good; I love how he can alter his tone to accommodate the mood of a song.

    Sending out good thoughts to all of our Texans in the crowd. Dallas-Fort Worth area was hard hit by a supercell storm today. I hope everyone is safe and their homes escaped damage.

    Cheers to all!


  59. Angelica said


    Thanks for getting up the 24 months on the right sidebar which will get shorter with each passing month! It gives me a whole new perspective. According to my calculations, using the space-time continuum, he will only be gone for 9 inches!


  60. CindyW. said

    First of all… Just let me say THANK YOU to The Voice for being here! I LOVE this site and visit here many times a week. I am what you all call a lurker… although I hate that label. It makes me feel like a peeping Tom, an invader, an intruder of things I don’t belong to… So in my mind of being “labeled” I was even more retracted back into the “lurker” mode, “if that makes sense… as David puts it.
    The night before David went to MTC I was here in a chat with you guys and I participated in the conversation and had so much fun. It felt like I was part of the comrades of David fans. 🙂 It was so much fun joking around with you guys, and being serious with you guys, and being heartbroken with you guys, and being proud respectful fans with you guys, and strapping on my seatbelt with you guys while he walked the walk… hmmmm ;). Anyway… It’s very comfortable here. And I hope The Voice is here forever… F O R E V E R R R R!!


  61. josiann14 said

    Thank you so much MT for your article! Even though I have been a “lurker” the past 4 years, the thought that this fansite wouldn’t be here to get my daily fix of David was worse for me than having David leave for 2 years. I know he will come back! Will you all wonderful commenters still be here to express what I feel about David on daily basis?
    You have been a resounding board for all my feelings and love for DA and so many times I read a comment that expressed exactly my heart. But you said it so much better than I could ever express.
    So thank you all for being here, for allowing me to squee in front of my computer, to laugh and cry with you all. And lately there has been many tears, but also hope, pride and gratefulness to be part of the journey of this wonderful human Being that is DA. Love to all.


  62. MunkFOD said

    MT, Thank you for your wonderful heartfelt thoughts. I don’t comment very much here but I am always here. 😀 What would we do without our “David family”? I have met so many wonderful people thru David. It has been great! Thanks to all of you for your comments! David has brought a great group of people together… friends forever! 😀


  63. archiesfan4life said

    My Forevermore CD arrived today! I LOVE it!!!!


  64. Bebereader said

    Behind The Scenes: David Archuleta for Bench

    credit BenchTV

    Oh David!


  65. marlie7 said

    Bebereader #65: Gah! That FACE! (And the hair is lovely, too)


  66. marlie7 said

    Sweetonda #56: No CD for me, either. 😦 Soon!


  67. betsy said

    Bebe love that Bench video. 🙂
    Have a video from Paul the PR Guy
    I missed this one, it went up 3-4 days ago.

    (Good Place/Let it Be – David’s gift that keeps on giving)


  68. djafan said

    Mari, CindyW, josiann14, MunkFOD you make up part of this great experience. Love your comments and hope to see you more often 🙂

    Archiesfan, I received my second one!!!

    Sweet and Marlie 😦 I ordered one from Odyssey and received it last week. Then I ordered one from WOWHD and recieved it yesterday.

    Forevermore is pure love from David. I know he didn’t write any of these songs and I did listen to the originals and no offense to them but David just blew life into them. His voice is exquisite in every single song!


    Thank you! One month at time!


  69. MT said

    Hi Cindy! *waves* Chat is always so much fun. It took me a while to join in to, but now I look forward to it each week.

    Josiann, Thanks for the lovely comment. Join in anytime. The more the merrier!

    Hi Munk, good to “see” you here. 🙂

    Bebe, Don’t you just love those BTS snippets? He always looks like he’s having such fun that it makes it fun to watch. And those Bench outfits look great on him!

    68, Betsy, that video …. ♥


  70. gladys1961 said

    I sent an email to davidarchuletachile and they have answered. It is written in Spanish, so if there is someone who can translate for everyone to read, I’ll be grateful.

    Gladys Yelma 2 de abril de 2012 2:11
    soy gladys, quizas ustedes me conocen como gladiola o gladys1961, he escrito nos artículos y ustedes han publicado algunos. Solo queria decirles que estoy muy contenta (si es cierto el rumor) que david haga su mision en Chile. Lo unico que me pondria triste es si alguna persona publicara una foto de david durante su mision en su pais. Pero yo se que los fans de david no se distinguen por paises, los fans somos unicos en todo el mundo y si david pidio privacidad y respeto, eso es lo que tendrá, no importa en que pais vivamos.
    Gracias Chile.

    gladys yelma.

    David Archuleta Chile 2 de abril de 2012 16:52
    Hoola Gladys 🙂 , quiero que tengas siempre presente que trataremos como Fans Club de impedir que se le acerquen o interfieran en su misión, lamentablemente no puedo seguir a todas las Fans de mi País xD pero haré todo lo posible para que todas entiendan lo`importante que es esto para David :)… al igual que tu estoy muy feliz que sea aquí su misión pero a la vez triste porque me da miedo que alguna se deje llevar por su fanatismo y haga algo que no corresponda u.u …. creo que hubiese preferido que fuera a un país donde tiene menos fans, no por mi sino por el ! … de todas formas apoyaremos con todo a David como siempre! es bueno saber que tenemos el apoyo de todos los Archangels internacionalmente♥ 🙂
    saludos y bendiciones

    Atte. Natacha .-


  71. Bebereader said

    Welcome, de-lurkers! It’s really nice to see so many new faces of people who de-lurked today. MT, it’s to your credit that they did so, after reading your article.

    To the de-lurkers: I was one myself way back. I thought that if I spoke with my heart, that my comments were too revealing. But I learned that’s not the case. When I started commenting, I found to my surprise that my comments actually helped other fans. What a good feeling that was! So I encourage you to comment, even if it’s just one line; nothing fancy. Just so we know that you’re still here. 🙂

    I haven’t gotten my cd yet either. 😦

    MT and Marlie,

    I think I’m addicted to the BTS videos!


  72. dakgal said

    Hola Gladys—this is what I got from Google—hope it helps–am up late–so I thought I’d try it! 😉

    Gladys Yelma April 2, 2012 2:11
    gladys am, maybe you know me as gladiola or gladys1961, articles we’ve written and you have been published. Just wanted to say I’m very happy (if the rumor is true) that David made ​​his mission in Chile. The only thing I would be sad is if someone published a picture of David during his mission in his country. But I know that fans of david not differ by country, fans are unique in the world and asked if david privacy and respect, that is what you get, no matter what country we live.
    Thank Chile.

    gladys yelma.

    David Archuleta Chile April 2, 2012 16:52
    Hoola Gladys :), I want you to keep in mind that as Fans Club will try to prevent or interfere approaches him in his mission, unfortunately I can not follow all of my Country Fans xD but will do my best to understand what `all important this is for David 🙂 … just like you I am very happy to be here its mission but also sad because I am afraid that some get carried away by fanaticism and do something that does not match …. uu I would have preferred to go to a country that has fewer fans, not by me but by the! Anyway … we will support all David as always! good to know that we have the support of all the Archangels internationally 🙂 ♥
    greetings and blessings

    Atte. Natasha. –


  73. Bebereader said


    You’re fast!
    I was just about to post my translation from Google when I saw your’s.



  74. jans11 said

    Finally got a cd today! Four out of ten, so far.♥♥♥♥ It is just out of sight!! Love it…so much better than listening to it on my computer! Love the extra guitar music in the middle of “Wherever You Are”…just love them all!

    And that Bench video….GAH!!! That camera loves you almost as much as we do, David!!!♥♥


  75. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I am thrilled you are now an official commenter here 🙂


    I can’t believe I slept at a stranger’s house. 😉 You were so kind to have me stay over for the Westbury show.

    Abrra 723 days


  76. PaulaFOD said

    I loved your article, MT! My first reaction as I listened live to David’s mission announcement was “please don’t let this mean that I’ll lose touch with the Archies I love”. Every person is so important. I finished an article for the voice and turned it in just before yours was published and saw that we share many of the same feelings!

    One thing I learned from David is that you don’t have to agree with someone to show respect for them. Bloggers are people, too. There is no way to know if anyone posting David’s name means for it to be shared only with friends and family or to gain attention. Since D wants to be part of the whole and not singled out, I have stayed away from MTC blogs and comments. I’m not upset if someone quotes something nice said about D in a blog, either. For me, I think D is asking us to treat him like everyone else.

    Have a lovely day!


  77. MunkFOD said

    #69 Djafan.. thanks! I am really excited for David’s adventure to begin. The MTC is like an intro.. the adventure begins when he will finally arrive in the country immersed in the culture. No matter how prepared you think you are, there is always a little culture shock.. feelings of being overwhelmed.. but I think D is going to love it so much! I hope he keeps up his journal! Hoping and praying for his safety and that this experience will be all that he is hoping for!

    Loving the “Forevermore” CD! He did a tremendous job!


  78. blueberryice10 said

    MT! Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. I never expected to find myself with another ‘son’ to love and an expanded ‘family’ to cherish and share in this wonderful journey of David. I know for those times when my heart aches a little more than usual, I can always count on coming here to lift me up. I am here for the long haul and so glad to know that I’m in great company with the rest of you!

    Angelica; Your artwork is lovely as always.

    I have to say how much I love the stories that you all share so keep them coming!: Lynella, about your son in the Army; Heidijoy, about listening to General Conference sessions; Tawna, about planting strawberries (that sounds good … I think I’ll look for another blueberry bush to plant!); VLM, about supporting all the way from Cebu (waving hi to you); Silverfox, about your early fan memories; Davidstopsmyaging, about your daughter in Ethiopia; Jans11, about your expected greatgrand baby (how exciting for you!); Abrra, about the lovely signed photo from Lorms (lucky girl, you!); PattiNC, about your daughter graduating in 2014 (woohoo, a double celebration for you, hurray!); Sky, about your sister finally starting to ‘crack’ (yay! maybe there is hope for my hubby); Annmargaret, about your MKOC Anaheim memories (yes, I agree he was phenomenal that night!); SweetonDA, about that photo your sister took (would love for you to share it); TXNancy, about your sister finally loving David (resistance is futile, right? wow, how special it’ll be to see your sister again!); Mari, about ‘sometimes I couldn’t believe it was me, having never been a fan before’ (that’s what I say about myself too!); Poof, about saying ‘What would David say?’ (ahhh, it’s strange but I have done that as well … never imagined how much he is an important part of our lives); Xaris, about the serious storms in Texas; (prayers for all those in that area to be safe); CindyW, about lurking (yes, I wish there is a better word but that was me for a while before I got the courage to post); Josiann14, about supporting behind the scenes for 4 years; Gladys, about your email to Chilean fans (appreciate how respectful & supportive David’s fans are worldwide) and etc.

    GoldenJane, Cindy W & Josiann14; So glad to see you here! Loved what you all shared and hope you stop by more often.

    No CD’s yet for me. Well that can only mean there is such a DEMAND that they must be scrambling to fill their stock up which is a good thing, right? I’ll just keep patiently waiting or just might need to order more from WOWCD.

    Can’t believe it’s one week since MTC day … sigh; gonna go watch forevermore video again.


  79. Blueberry Ice said

    Ok so now I have to sign in through wordpress & my named got changed to blueberryice10 but it is still me blueberry ice, lol!


  80. Fortunate to receive three Forevermore CD’s so far!! woo Hoo! Listening on my Car radio was so great yesterday!! Also heard Wherever You Are on line radio !! David has now been at MTC one week!! I visualize him very enthused about beginning this part of his journey. So entertained by twitter and updates here, Also and David’s facebook are being updated with pictures, music etc. Loving it!!

    Blueberry Ice: So sweet of you to acknowledge each poster!!

    Thanks for the translation of Gladys’ interchange. Things will work out for the best and David will handle it graciously of that I’m sure. Prayers for all .


  81. ram said

    MT- Thanks. It is reassuring to know that there is this Good Place to come and share.

    (((abrazos))) hugs is my word for the day. I will be generous with these cuz I know peeps feel good when they get them. They are a good thing to share.

    And Tell Me is breaking my heart. My antidote : Rainbow. ¡Aiii corazon! lol

    Dja- Gracias for David’s pic on the bio. Wasn’t sure who to credit.

    Have a super day! 🙂


  82. cq said

    Great week so far…still getting some great stuff about David. I hope Kari keeps stuff coming to us at regularly to keep the fan base interested throught the long two years drought.

    So happy I have the OPM cd and the video to keep me going until Fall.


  83. skydancer1x said

    80.Blueberry Ice, or BlueberryIce10, I would recognize you anywhere <333
    ,Cindy W and Josiann14. so happy to see you♥ I loved all your comments. This is such a welcoming place.( and BTW I love the picture of David, Abrra posted in your Welcome. One of my all time fav album pics that one, yessiree. 🙂

    I posted last night, but forgot to log in so lost it all. I seem to be 'stuck on stupid' when it comes to WordPress and checking to make sure I am logged in before posting.
    crazy day here in my neck of the woods yesterday.Nothing like watching tv news and seeing huge semi trailers being tossed a hundred feet in the air like toys about 20 miles from your house,hearing distant eerie sirens going off, and having the street lights flicker on and off under dark and ominous looking clouds…..fortunately did no damage to my area, and only produced a short lived hard rain in my neighborhood.:)

    TX Nancy, hope all is well with you, too.

    "And that Bench video….GAH!!! That camera loves you almost as much as we do, David!!!♥♥" (me thinks it most certainly does.)
    "think I’m addicted to the BTS videos! "
    Bebe, I know!! kdhfjdfnvmuedlx!
    he is such a natural in front of the camera. Look at him! He looks so comfortable.
    ok going back to watch it again.


  84. davidstopsmyaging said

    Skydancer, glad you are safe. We used to live in Plano, Texas, and I remember those eerie sirens.

    Angelica, #60—I laughed! Yes, a few inches is a much more satisfying concept to grasp!

    Gladys–thanks you so much for all the writing and translations—I look forward to reading all your posts so much. You are really funny, too…

    It’s been one week—hope things are calming down at the MTC for our guy as he prepares for his journey.


  85. fenfan said

    Can’t stop listening to my Forevermore cd. Rainbow is still my favorite. Can’t they just release this album worldwide? Rainbow needs to be on radio everywhere. It would be a hit!


  86. cq said

    I also love the 24 months on the sidebar. #85, yes, the concept is easier to grasp.


  87. Lynnella said

    #79, Blueberryice 10. So enjoyed your post. We are for sure a diverse group, but bonded together forever by one David James Archuleta. I can barely remember my life before I saw him sing WOTWTC. That did it for me. Every new song only confirms my first impression, and makes me know I will never forget about David and his amazingly soothing, beautiful voice. I pray that he will be protected and safe during his spiritual journey, and know God will bless him abundantly for his sacrifice. Can’t wait to see how.



  88. TXNancy said

    Skydancer, I’m relieved to hear you suffered no damage from yesterday’s storms! (We are fine, way down here in San Antonio.) There are other David fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and I pray they are safe. Does anyone know if David’s aunt, on his father’s side, still lives in this area?

    Angelica,Abbra, admins: I agree 100% that MTC blogs should NOT be posted on fansites. In fact, I am hoping that, once David arrives in Chile, that he can serve his mission, being totally respected by those around him, that his privacy is guarded, and that he will be safe. This time is extremely important to him. I did read the following blog this morning and it brought me to tears every time I’ve read it. It is NOT from an MTC missionary. This was written by an LDS father, who has had this blog for some time. Once you get past this father’s first few comments and read to the very end, it’s a beautiful story of how one felt by the end of the conference on Saturday. Admins: feel free to delete, if you feel this is wrong.

    OK, off to listen to my CD that just arrived !!!


  89. josiann14 said

    Just received my CD!!! and listening right now, can’t think…. so I will have to comeback later! The beauty of his voice is overwhelming….
    Thank you all for your warm welcome, you are a special bunch!


  90. Abrra said

    Kari tweets a picture of David with songwirters

    @kariontour Here @AndreaFOD @davidarchie w/ writer of “Tell Me”&”You Are My Song” Louie Ocampo & my fave @jaydurias @JoAnnBanaga

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra 723 days


  91. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I just love seeing new names on the site! Thank you for joining us.

    Abrra 723 days


  92. bluesky said

    It is so cool to see all you “new” posters!! Thanks so much for tackling those keyboards. Do you have any idea how much it helps to have your voice on here? It just makes me happy. ^_^

    I do not have my FM cd yet. Sad. But it will come.

    79 Blueberryice : you said it!


  93. xaris2014 said

    TXNancy, that is a great blog from the LDS father, a thoughtful well-written perspective of David’s mission. I saw where he posted comments on FOD and specifically said he did not mind the link to his blog. I’m glad you Texas folks are okay.

    I just love the Forevermore CD. I like how several of the songs start with a pretty yet simple piano intro and David’s voice stays front and center. I was always a little anxious about what Jive would do on his CDs. Somebody there was overly fond of that clap-track button, and then there was the parrot squawk in the background of Jordin’s Tattoo. If I had a car full of kids when Tattoo came on the radio, they would all start making parrot noises, too. I would have had to hurt someone at Jive if they put jungle noises on one of David’s tracks-ha!


  94. dakgal said


    Thank you so much for posting that blog and Adm. for leaving it–I enjoyed it and the comments very much!

    I an hoping now that a week has passed , that things have calmed down and David is becoming just another face ( although there is none other like it) and is able to make some meaningful friendships.

    Had a thought this morning –that one week ago David’s thumbs had to give up tweeting and texting–COLD TURKEY!!! Seeing my grandkids with their cell phone and how they seem to be an extension of their arms, this could not have been easy!!! Bet he found his thumbs twitching a lot–I can picture him sleeping-with his thumbs moving. Haha

    Angelica–#60 LOL–“According to my calculations, using the space-time continuum, he will only be gone for 9 inches!” Funnnnnnnie!!!!!

    No CDs for me yet—am getting a little upset–thankfully, I kept my order confirmation numbers from both places–I know–I know patience–but I want them like yesterday!

    Sky # 84–“I seem to be ‘stuck on stupid’ when it comes to WordPress and checking to make sure I am logged in before posting.” LOL HEY, get in line–cause I’m the first one there—no jumping ahead in line allowed.

    As Betsy says—Carry on.


  95. dakgal said

    OK–so I’ll carry on–time to kill before supper–

    MT– I hope you didn’t think I misunderstood your article when I posted on it—I know it was about friendship and this life saving place to come to–I know if I hadn’t had it to go to this past year ( I mean week) they would have to cart me off to the funny farm.

    Sooo-with my warped mind going to work again this is for all of you Archunuts:

    Can’t decide if I want to be Lucy or Ethel Haha


  96. MT said

    So glad to see we have some new posters! And when you guys post, we get Abrra’s welcome signs with those gorgeous pictures of David. It’s nice to come here and have something so pleasing to the eye to make me smile again after a grueling day.

    Sky, WordPress? Haha, i am cheating now. I made a new e-mail address that wordpress doesn’t know about and I’m all good. 😀 No more losing my comments. Can’t count how many I’ve lost.

    96. Dak, not at all, You’re right on target. It’s about you and me and all the rest, hanging in there together and enjoying all things David. There is a treasure trove of goodies out there to carry us through.

    And I don’t know where you how you found that video, but it’s perfect! haha Love it! 🙂


  97. betsy said

    Welcome to our new friends, Cindy, Josiann, and goldenjane. 🙂

    Guess what I spent my morning doing?
    I watched the entire Cambio chat. When I was done with that I watched the entire ustream chat from from 10/10, Tosod release week.
    Then my cd came in the mail.

    All in all, a very productive day.
    Not. 🙂
    (but most enjoyable)
    Carry on, lol.

    p.s. Sky, so glad the worst of the weather stayed away from you.


  98. tawna21 said

    My cd came today!! whoo hoo!

    I’m so enjoying all the comments here. Welcome to our new friends. You are definitely needed here amongst us.

    Gladys, thank you for your care and concern for Elder Archuleta as he gets to Chile. You are such a guardian angel to him. ♥

    Took a picutre of my strawberry plants one week later…they haven’t grown much…I’m sure David has though in his learning experience at the MTC.

    dak, that video is priceless 🙂

    back to listen to the cd again



  99. tawna21 said

    forgot to wish the very best to all of our Texas friends…God bless all of you. {{hugs}}



  100. Bebereader said

    Love Lucy and Ethel anything!
    Thanks for posting that video!

    Glad the weather isn’t affecting your area. Prayers to those affected by the storms.

    Welcome to all the new posters. It is a pleasure having you onboard.
    The sharing of new viewpoints only adds to the fun we have here.

    I love this pic! Just saying!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    StarWorld American Idol Party

    Feeling a little melancholy tonight. If anyone is looking for me I’ll be in The Voice Unplugged. Join me if you want.


  101. Pattinc said

    Got my CD today :). ..will listen to it on way to work tomorrow..too bad commute is only a mile!!! Not even far enough to listen to a whole song!


  102. jans11 said

    I know what you mean, Pattinc. I had to go to the PO which is only a mile away and it was playing Rainbow when I got home. (2nd song) I was sending a bd card to my son that lives down by Dallas. He and his family lives in a suburb of Dallas, Rockwall, which is northeast of Dallas. They are all ok. The tornadoes were mostly west of them. But they were really bad and I pray for everyone that lost homes and belongings. Thank God that no one was killed!


  103. sweetonda said

    What a busy day! This is the first time I could get to the computer this evening and I just wanted to say, WOOHOO! I got my CD’s today!!!! I’m going to turn in and listen while I lay in bed savoring his beautiful voice singing these gorgeous songs.

    Blueberry, I might email you what that pic looked like, but not posting it….nope, not doing that. 🙂


  104. kaycee said

    101…Oh! I absolutely love that picture! Just makes me smile! So happy for those that get to enjoy that smile over the next 2 years. And oh, those poor girls in the MTC…nothing can withstand those pearly whites!

    Woohoo! I got my CD today! Isn’t it so great! I’m so impressed with how it came out, especially with the amount of time they had to work on it. And the photos are just wonderful!…and I think really capture David.

    AnnMargaret, I loved reading your post! I really enjoy hearing about people’s favorite songs/performances and why they impacted them. I absolutely loved This Christmas too. Probably one of my favorites of the Christmas tour. It showed a real fun flirty bluesy side of David, and the diva hand was in full force. You could tell that he was really feeling it. I would love to see him do more of that style of music when he gets back…it seems to naturally ooze out of him. When that diva hand gets working, you know good stuff is a comin’! I just went back and watched the video you were referring to…and oh wow, he was totally in command of that performance!…I’m surprised people weren’t dropping like flies! I forgot how amazingly confident he was on that tour. I love how he sings with his whole body.

    Admins…thank you, thank you for putting that beautiful pic on the sidebar along with Silverfox’s prayer. I don’t know what it is about that picture, but it just makes me feel that all is right with David. And I love the countdown calendar!…”According to my calculations, using the space-time continuum, he will only be gone for 9 inches!” I like that perspective, Angelica.

    Poof…I loved your comment: “Now,,, I just have to learn how to do it “without the dress.”

    Hugs and waves to all the new posters! This is such a “Good Place” to hang your David hat!

    Bebe, thanks for opening up chat tonight…I was feeling a bit melancholy myself. Nothing cures that better than listening to The Voice while chatting with friends from The Voice!


  105. Pattinc said

    Love the gif under the countdown calendar! Too cute. That’s when he was looking at someone here??
    Saw two elders on Tuesday walking along the road and two last night..probably the same two. Seriously it’s a sign…don’t normally see many around here. My daughter said…so they got assigned here for two years??? Lol. Wanted to honk and wave..wonder why! 🙂
    Have a great day all…


  106. fguc said

    MT! I am so behind! I love the ribbon concept and the article is so beautiful. There is no better place to be than with our kindred archie angel spirits! We are all here to stay! 🙂


  107. MT said

    I challenge anyone to look at that pic in #101 and NOT smile. Go ahead. Try it. haha Bet ya can’t do it!!!!

    I couldn’t! 😀 😀


  108. skydancer1x said

    MT. I couldn’t! Mr Happyface right there!!!


  109. cq said

    Yay, his smile lights up the world!


  110. MT said

    Ok, we have out smile for the day in #101, how about your giggle for the day?

    I just love David’s interaction with fans and this one is a classic. “Fans sing Crush to David”

    credit: trudimoon

    ♥ ♥ ♥


  111. Bebereader said

    Congratulations to those who have already received their “Forevermore” cd! I’m among the group who haven’t yet received it. I ordered it from Astroplus. For anyone else who ordered from there, I saw some tweets last night to Astroplus asking if their international orders have been shipped yet. They said yes, starting last week. FYI

    Kaycee and others who partied with me in The Voice Unplugged last night: Thank you for the fun and the honor of your company. Nothing compares to watching videos of the best singer on the planet with the best fanfriends on Earth! I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. We are the best support group for each other. We all went to sleep with a smile on our faces. 🙂

    PattiNC: That gif under the calendar is a clip from a video taken by our own djafan! Isn’t he the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? I won’t say more; I’ll wait for dja to tell the story.

    PS Oh sheesh I can’t help myself. I will say a little more. LOL The gif was placed in a most strategic place, after the two years (nine inches) are up. It’s like David is saying “I’m baaaaaaaccccckkkk!!! hahaha


  112. Bebereader said


    I was sure I saw all of David’s old videos but I missed that one so thanks for posting! 🙂 I think he was amazed that his fans knew the words to “Crush”. LOL Great choice for “Video Giggle of the Day”!!


  113. djafan said

    Hello All!!!!!!

    I missed chat and everything yesterday and just got caught up reading all the wonderful comments. Thank you all for sharing.

    Glad you Texans here were spared from those awful twisters.

    David has had some serious impact on me from the get go but since his “It’s not goodbye” video I have had some unexpected inspiration and soul searching like never before. I’m still in awe how this young man has guided me and given me focus to the things that matter, priorities. He is incredible. I will always love him for his example and leadership. And he will always have my unconditional support.

    So please vote here!!!!

    PattiNC, I was blessed to have been at the Las Vegas book signing and so close that I was able to video! My alarm goes off on my cell and the rest is history 🙂 Thank you JH for having several books for David to sign!!!


  114. goodkarmaseeker said

    Hi everyone, Thought I’d check in to say I read every day at least once and I so much appreciate all the pictures, videos, articles and comments. It’s keeping me going and upbeat even though we have awhile until 2014!

    For my birthday recently, my daughter, who has a boyfriend from the Mormon faith, gave me the book “Why I’m a
    Mormon”. I think everyone here probably knows that David has a section in this book. It’s pretty interesting and
    reveals that David truly came to embrace his faith from his own reading and reflection and prayer. He prayed before his audition for American Idol and then felt he was guided to do it. I want to share a part of the book that really just got to me:

    “Even though each week on Idol was very challenging, I worked hard to pick songs that allowed the feelings of the Spirit to be there and to make sure people understood why I was there. Especially when I sang “Imagine.”

    I couldn’t believe the response I got from the people who worked on American Idol, and then the judges, and then all the people after that. All I did was sing the songs in a way that was meaningful to me and allowed me to feel that spiritual feeling. People of all ages wrote me letters telling me what they felt. I was shocked by how direct they would be, saying they weren’t sure what it was but they had felt something powerful and strong and beautiful…
    Many said they weren’t sure what they were feeling and they asked me if I could tell them what it was.

    I guess that was one of the most remarkable things for me, to see how the Lord works. I didn’t go on TV and say I was a Mormon. All I did was sing the songs that I felt people would be able to connect to, the same way I’ve been able to connect to things through the Spirit. I didn’t feel like I did this incredible performance there. There was something else coming across to people. It is amazing how the Spirit can communicate in that way.”


  115. Bebereader said

    #114 Did I hear him sing “Zero Gravity” with himself?
    Too fun-nee!


  116. tawna21 said

    This was on my FB this morning 🙂

    A couple of excerpts from an article on ….. it’s a great article with videos… check it out..the link is below

    Pamela Pike’s Recollections

    In February 2008, David Archuleta took a risk and chose to sing a beautiful, yet haunting melody by John Lennon “Imagine”. It is possibly one of the most beautiful works of art ever written. Words can’t describe the emotion connected with this song.

    Rosanne Simunovic’s Recollections

    Although “Imagine” was not my favorite John Lennon song, there were many aspects of this song that did capture my attention over the years. I think these important elements escalated after hearing David’s musical and artistic delivery of this song during American Idol Season 7.


  117. Abrra said

    I’ve been scream capping 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Bench BTS

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Bench BTS

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Forevermore MV

    We had a nice crowd In Unplugged last night. I think we helped Bebe’s melancholy mood. 🙂

    Abrra 722 days


  118. bluesky said

    “We all scream for Ice Cream!” has new meaning for me now.

    Old song: Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those peepers!


    No excuses, DA. You say you can’t “hear” your voice the way we do. Okay. Are you also saying you need glasses?


  119. MT said

    lol at “are you saying you need glasses?” haha My only guess is maybe he doesn’t look at himself in the mirror and give himself “those” looks so he never sees that in his reflection. lol

    (Note: He can look at me like that anytime.)


  120. Bebereader said

    Goodkarmaseeker #116,

    Thanks for the passage about David from the book and Happy Belated Birthday! “Imagine” had such a powerful effect on all who heard it. Here’s the youtube including judges comments.

    Here’s “Imagine”

    credit: Caliniqka18


    I’ve been keeping up with Masterclass Lady’s and Pamela Pike’s new retrospective series, too. Some good writing there! Thanks for posting the link.


  121. djafan said

    Forevermore viewing party!

    What are viewing parties?

    A Viewing party is a way to promote David’s music and to make his videos reach as many views as possible. Viewing parties are divided into four parts: A tumblr attack, a trending topic on twitter, the viewing party and the afterparty.

    First, we will choose a specific day and a specific music video.

    Tumblr attack: This will happen from 6pm est to 8pm est on a specific day. There will be a specic post in this blog, in which the video we want promote will be posted, and which we all have to reblog. Our goal is to get that single post reach 1000 notes. Also, we want as many gifs and pictures of that music video in our dashboards. This tumblr attack will all happen in just two hours.
    Trending topic: This will start at 8pm est, just after the tumblr attack. There will be a specific trending topic announced and we will try to get it to worldwide trending topics on twitter.
    Viewing party: From 9pm est to 10pm est, we will all watch that music video, as many times as we can.
    Afterparty: From 10 pmest to 12pm est we will continue with the tumblr attack, trending topic, and viewing party all at the same time!

    On Friday 6, 2012, we will have our first viewing party Archies!
    Forevermore viewing party!

    Tumblr attack: We will ALL reblog this post [click here]. Remember, our goal is to reach 1000 notes. All the pictures and gifs do not have to be the same. You can create your own edits.
    Trending topic on Twitter: David Archuleta Forevermore MV – This is what we will try to trend.
    Viewing party: You all know what to do!
    Afterparty: get Archuwasted!


  122. Abrra said

    Kari tweets a question from David

    @DavidArchie Question from David today —> How would you explain to someone if they asked “How do you find peace in a crazy world?” (ks)

    It’s simple, I listen to David’s music. It always calms me down.

    Abrra 722 days


  123. lani said

    Forevermore went up to No.3 from 4 today at Myx Top 10. Lets bring him up to #1 guys as where it should be. Thanks


  124. djafan said

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    Question from David today —> How would you explain to someone if they asked “How do you find peace in a crazy world?” (ks)

    My tweet…
    djafan#DA2014 ‏ @djafanTheVoice
    @DavidArchie ♥ Prayer ♥ Quiet Time ♥ Family ♥ Your Voice ♥ Your Songs ♥ Love and Miss you.

    David was seen today!
    Daniel Scott Keele ‏ @Danief_
    Lol i just passed david archuleta in the crosswalk by the mtc.
    23 minutes ago


  125. kaycee said

    Hmmm…let’s see if this works…

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @mattclayton21 “3/22/12”


  126. jans11 said

    #111 ah…the sweet memories! Thanks David!♥♥


  127. josiann14 said

    Poof, I really could relate to your comment in #58. When I heard the mission announcement, I felt immediately a sense of great loss, like impending doom for me. I never doubted that he was making the right decision, I knew he was and part of me rejoiced for him. It took a few weeks before I had the courage to look deep inside myself and find out why the perceived “loss” was affecting me so much (tears, sadness, loneliness..)
    I realized that I had been riding on his sunbeam for the past 4 years, and it was exhilarating! I had never been a fan of anyone before, it never was my type of thing( plus it would take a pretty amazing person for me to fall for). But David took me in a whirlwind of pure undiluted joy, fed my senses with his velvety Voice, his Beauty both internal and external. Yes, let me admit it. This journey with him was addictive (and I am a strict non addict apart from may be chocolate…) And now he was leaving (me..)????
    I have to create now my own sunbeam to sustain me as it really is meant to be. David is going to do some growing up, so will I ( even though I am WAY older than he is). It was scary to let go of David’s sunbeam but I did. (had to really!!!). It feels right. David will always be in my heart, forever. But I am a big girl now and am looking forward to the next two years with hope and anticipation. Delurking was one part of creating my own sunbeam.


  128. djafan said

    Great find Kaycee!!!!

    Awwww David.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  129. bluesky said

    Yea, Josiann14!!!! Sunbeams R us!!

    (Well, flashlight, maybe. *_*)


  130. bluesky said

    Does MC have a mother? Does he need one? Would he like some cookies? A knitted sweater? A large helping of funeral potatoes?

    Somehow I don’t think I am going to be able to repay him. *sigh*


  131. bluesky said

    Kaycee!! I meant to name you in the above comment. You. are. —————- (think of something really nice!)


  132. djafan said

    Josiann! David and sunbeams belong in the same sentence 🙂

    Bluesky, how about a huge fog light? lol

    Matt must have tons a pictures.. Bluesky, maybe he’s been instructed to release one at a time monthly? biweekly? I’ll take it 🙂


  133. skydancer1x said

    118.Abrra, those definitely are screamcaps alright.eeeep!

    129.wowsa! loving that picture! gahhh gorgeous!

    131.haha! Kaycee.♥
    133, Dja, dont you know he must have a treasure trove of goodies on hand!? What a beauty this one was♥.Hope he keeps ’em coming!

    riding on his sunbeam…I love that.♥

    115. Goodkarmaseeker, I love that passage from David. Thanks for sharing it♥
    Bebe thanks for bringing Imagine over! I think we will forever remember that moment.It was just magic.


  134. ray said



  135. davidstopsmyaging said

    Oh my gosh, I just listened to “Tell Me”—-about 20 times!! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more beautiful song. The emotion David puts into it is just beyond words.

    I love “My Song”, too…the growl at the end…

    I have completely immersed myself is David’s music tonight curtesy of YouTube

    I wish my CD’s would come already……..


  136. poof said

    Hi Kaycee and Josiann
    I’m glad you were able to figure out what i was trying to say in #58. I agree with everything you said Josiann.

    I am wondering if David is on two missions. One mission is in South America.

    They say it takes about six months to change a new behavior into a habit. I am wondering if David’s second mission is to show some of us we haven’t “needed the “dress” ” for a long time. I have been asking myself, What would David do in this situation since January 2009. Perhaps it is overdue that I ask my “better self” those questions instead. I know the answers now.

    I love “Tell Me”, though I cry everytime I hear it. I don’t have my CD yet,,,,, I can’t find it on youtube. Any help anyone???


  137. Abrra said

    How about a game? I post a picture from my collection, and you tell me where David was that day? Put as much info as you know about the picture and the event David attended. It will be fun to see how much everyone can add to the comments. Thanks to Bebe for the idea. 😉

    “Can you guess the event?”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Abrra 721 days


  138. Abrra said

    Very nice collage by @HanneDenmark

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Collage of @DavidArchie’s beautiful FOREVERMORE music video

    Visit her twitpic page for more lovelies:)

    Abrra 721 days


  139. veeg said

    Good morning everyone ( 1:19 am here in Sydney, Saturday)

    Ms Abrra here is the link of that picture , #138
    thanks to
    American idol season 9 finale, 25 May 2010.

    By the way , MT love you article ❤ especially this
    "Through David we have formed bonds, found friends here. In this place, we are among people who understand us and have things in common with us. We are a very diverse group of people from all walks of life, but we have discovered that we don’t need to be the same to be here for each other. Here, we have found people we can laugh with, cry with, sympathize with, and squee with, even thought we are scattered across the country and around the world."

    Angelica, can I have the red and green ribbons please?

    From NO 4 yesterday to No 3 today- MYX Daily TOP 10.

    Good day everyone.

    vee from Sydney, Australia, April 7, 2012

    P.S. Got my Forevermore CD yesterday……for WOW HD (mailed from Hongkong)…..Loving every song especially TELL ME!!!!

    🙂 🙂


  140. betsy said

    #140 – FYI, I heard that the family didn’t want those pictures shown anywhere. They were originally posted on FB by a family member and some fans grabbed them and they were given to a magazine.
    Just wanted to let you know. 🙂


  141. kaycee said

    I just had to hop on and say that I am loving the Forevermore CD! And the fact that he did this for his fans with the precious little time he had left before his mission makes it all the more special.


  142. goodkarmaseeker said

    So frustrated that my CD’s have not arrived yet!! I ordered them awhile back and paid a hefty price for shipping.
    I bought the Asian edition of TOSOD through WOW and wish I would have waited to place an order there!!! I was afraid I couldn’t get it anywhere else!


  143. goodkarmaseeker said

    Kaycee, where did you order from? I ordered from Astro whatever.


  144. kaycee said

    GKS…I ordered through WOW. I’ll cross my fingers that you get it this weekend!


  145. Abrra said

    Vee #140

    Yes. you found it 🙂 I was hoping for some discussion on what you recalled about what David was doing on that day.

    I did remove the link to the family picture. David asked us to respect his privacy, and that picture was private and not meant to be picked up for fan sites. He was not posing for anyone’s camera and was unaware it was being taken. I want to remind everyone of Angelica’s request to not post links that invade his privacy while he is away serving his mission.

    In comment # 11 Angelica said:
    “I want to ask something of all of you as we go forward. Blogs from other missionaries at the MTC are written for their family and friends. They are not celebrities who are writing with the expectation that what they say will be posted on fansites for the world to read. These are young people who are not perfect but they are trying to be. They are someone’s child, grandchild, brother, sister, niece, or nephew and it’s not nice to be critical of them. I think it also falls into not respecting David’s right to a private experience at the MTC to post these private (for family/friends only) blogs publically. For this reason I will delete them if I see them on this site.”

    Abrra 721 days


  146. archiesfan4life said

    One of my friends on Face Book shares post from and here is her post from today:

    Archie is an adoptable Beagle Dog in (my area). Archie is a sweet adult beagle guy looking for a new home.He is a good boy and gets along with other dogs.

    Now don’t you all think Archiesfan4life should have this dog named Archie??? 🙂

    Problem is Mr. AF4L does not agree :(.


  147. bluesky said

    Dear Mr. AF4L:

    This could be a life changing opportunity for you. By inviting this loving creature into your home you could be sheltering an angel in sheep’s, er, dogs clothing. You never know!

    (Dear AF4L… is it working?)


  148. Josie said

    Oh my…what a beautiful post! I was one of the crazy early fans with ODD. All thanks to my wonderful Momma, Noni. Some of you here have met her at concerts and have been so very wonderful to her. Xo. I went from crazy fan to “balanced” fan, not because I love David and his music less, but rather life has happened. But there has not been a day, not one single day, that I haven’t listened to at least one of his songs.

    In these past 4 years, I’ve seen my two girls graduate from college, worked through a very difficult 2 years of being laid off from what I felt was my “dream” job, actually found my “dream” job, lived through my baby sis having and beating breast cancer, and most recently, moving my sweet Noni into an assisted living so she can have some quality of life as she deals with rheumatoid arthritis. All the while I have found and KEPT friends I’ve connected with through David, some of whom I’ve never even met!

    I’ve said this before, but if David were to never utter a musical sound again (but he will), I have made friends that are forever.

    Thank you to everyone at The Voice for many wonderful hours of lurking and many more to come. You warm my heart.

    Josie xo


  149. Dayzee said

    MT…this David family is so precious to me. I can’t imagine being without each of you. I look forward to your visits as much (or more shhhh) than I do visits from my bio family. Nice to see you have put fingers to keys and reminded us of how great it is to contact others with ODD.

    In the collage at #138 in the upper right corner is a terrific pic of my favorite neck. Wow!! That is going in my Easter basket.

    I see the MC pic Kaycee posted at #125 at 5:58 p.m. quickly turned into a solo picture of David thanks to Djafan at 6:14 p.m. It reminded me of the Elle AI Season 7 photo shoot. A picture of David and Kristy Lee showed up on the internet and within a few minutes someone had photoshopped Kristy right out of there. There was David with only his leather jacket. It doesn’t matter to me. I only see David anyway.


  150. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I had the pleasure of meeting you and Noni in Manchester, NH in 2009. I loved speaking to you both, especially Noni! She has a cheerful, sweet spirit! I hope she is happy and doing well in her new home.

    Abrra 721 days


  151. djafan said

    David in People Mag! I’m surprised that they picked a picture that’s not dated 🙂 I bet many will go “What happened to little Archie?” lol Maybe they’ll check out what his been doing 🙂

    rhiminee ‏ @rhiminee
    Helloooooo look what I just found at the grocery store!! And that picture!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  152. Abrra said


    Some day when I am all grown up and have my big girl pants on, I will fly to Utah and move in with you 🙂 I show the picture of your room to anyone who will look. HA! Confession: I say “Look. I am not as crazy as this woman ! Just look at HER room!” Just teasing you of course, Actually I am very JEALOUS!!!!

    Abrra 721 days


  153. Bebereader said

    Welcome to The Voice! I never had the pleasure of meeting you but I used to enjoy reading your comments including those about Noni when I first found the online blogging sites for David four years ago. I wondered why we stopped seeing you online but I know; life happens. In any case, good to see you again and hope you’re able to de-lurk more often. 🙂

    I hope you can adopt Archie, the dog, because I can sense how much you want him. I’m an animal lover myself and am of the belief that one or more animals per person should be the norm. 🙂


  154. Dayzee said

    Abrra….you would always be welcome in my home. Some day I might send you a pic of my guest room.


  155. Abrra said

    Abrra 721 days


  156. djafan said

    Tweeters get ready!!!!

    Today twitter trending party 8pm est. “David Archuleta Forvermore MV”.


  157. djafan said

    Abrra, thanks for repeating the blog links clarification.

    TXNancy, the link you posted was fine as it was not from a MTC blog. MMM as he calls himself posted another blog. He is quite humorous but I think he’s under the impression where young and not very bright haha. He wrote a follow up.

    MMM Meets the “Archies”


  158. cq said

    So glad that People Mag. picked that updated picture of David, love that picture, by the way.


  159. Pattinc said

    So I’ve listened to the CD today while working on a little bathroom remodel project. My Song hit from the first time heard it…so beautiful! There are others as well…he sounds amazing. I have a confession..the first time Rainbow came on in my car I thought something was wrong with the CD!!!! LOL. The opening music made me think that…anyone want to come clean, and say they thought the same??? 🙂


  160. djafan said

    David Archuleta Forevermore trended worldwide and the view count on the video went up over a thousand in minutes!!!!

    Worldwide trends
    David Archuleta Forevermore MV
    Johnny Ace
    Drake and Rihanna
    HYFR Video
    John Laurinaitis
    The Take Care


  161. dakgal said

    Abs—#137–When it comes to these pictures of where was he–I’m dumber than a door knob. 🙄

    My answer to this one is–somewhere in the United States–where was I?–in front of my computer mesmerized!

    My Question is –has David ever worn the same shirt twice? I know he wore a certain reddish jacket twice. 😕 Does he have a shirt storage rental unit? And shoes –he’s worse than Imelda–

    Abs–You are the shirt queen–blows me away!!

    I have fallen down the rabbit hole of “Forevermore” and I can’t get up! Am going to look into a way to send it to “Delilah”…Absolutely perfect for her program – I’ll send her the whole CD-if I can find a way–any suggestions?

    Does anybody else find themselves-at different times of the day–having random thoughts –like ” well, I suppose David is eating lunch now–or “well he’s in class now-“-wonder what he does between supper and bedtime?” Do they have movies?–play games?–study?– have some fun time?

    Am I sick?

    Done rambling. 😉 Carry on.


  162. Pattinc said

    Dakgal I too think about what David is doing during his time in MTC. I also thought of him last Sunday when I was raking and weeding..thinking of the neighbors he has helped doing those things!!


  163. archiesfan4life said

    Bluesky #147 thank you for your help! After some serious thought I think I should adopt “Archie” the dog and put Mr. AF4L up for adoption 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Bebe #153 – yes, I do love animals and I miss my little dog so much – I had him almost 17 years!!


  164. archiesfan4life said

    Gee, Word Press gave me trouble again when I went to post #163 – must have been the comment about Mr. AF4L LOL!


  165. skydancer1x said

    Dak, “I have fallen down the rabbit hole of “Forevermore” and I can’t get up!”
    ~was that you Dak? I noticed someone laying there…was going to offer assistance, but you looked so happy and content I didnt want to disturb :)) so I just stepped over. (btw..did you happen to run into the Easter bunny down there?)

    Pattinc, …..” I also thought of him last Sunday when I was raking and weeding..thinking of the neighbors he has helped doing those things!!” aww yes! why do I picture him singing or humming when he was helping out? So sweet♥

    AF4L….. Archie!? It’s a sign! aw beagles are the sweetest! I had a beagle growing up, named Barney.maybe you could be a foster home for Archie?(till Mr. AF4L falls in love with him?)

    Abs,thats a fun game! I like it even though that one had me stumped.haha
    Vee, congrats!
    I can’t remember where he was when he did that interview though…hmm what event…that face is such a distraction

    ok, I was listening to David sing songs in my ear to me, all day long as I painted my garage door.I highly recommend this to anyone. so many songs, so many paintbrush strokes… (my right hand/wrist arm feels like it’s still got a brush in it…kinda got a David diva hand thing going on!

    Dja♥ so cool he is in People! thanks for the big pic, I can even read the article! (I love that picture)


  166. dakgal said

    I like to post videos that I really like—- that I think maybe some of you haven’t seen–of course they are from other sites.



  167. dakgal said

    Now why else would David wear a bunny suit—-

    @ArchuletaCrazy: David wishes his fans a happy easter:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Sky–thanks for not stepping on me and —no–I didn’t see the Easter Bunny—just “Bugs” asking me

    ” What’s up Doc? ” and I said “obviously not me!!!”


  168. betsy said

    This QuinnBlairWaldorf has a real talent. ♥
    Thanks for the find, Dak.

    “I can’t take the distance, I can’t take the miles, I can’t take the time till I next see you smile.”


  169. betsy said

    Happy Passover to all my friends who celebrate. ♥ ♥


  170. emmegirl14 said

    abrra, #137 – any chance it was during the interviews before the acoustic performance at the Idol media event – where he sang “If I Could Only Be”, “Hey Soul Sister” and “Gotta Be”?

    Been gone most of the week and just catching up on the pics *sigh*, videos **double sigh**, and all your wonderfully engaging comments…thanks guys, this is so nice to come home to. ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and my heart in a good place.

    Still waiting too on my CD….thinking it must be a test. If I don’t get it soon, it could get ugly.


  171. emmegirl14 said

    Dak, Betsy, a stunning video…makes me feel..wistful.


  172. skydancer1x said

    are you sure he didn’t say AAh ,whats up “Dak”? 🙂
    obviously not me~rofl!

    very nice video… so many tributes to David out there, I hadn’t seen this one! I hadn’t heard this song before either. Gee, Davids fans are so talented.

    Betsy,“I can’t take the distance, I can’t take the miles, I can’t take the time till I next see you smile.”
    I loved that line most of all♥


  173. Angelica said

    Josie #148

    Gosh so good to see you! What a lovely surprise! Yes, life does happen. Hugs to you and Noni too. Hope you will keep us posted on her and you as well. Miss your wonderful comments from earlier days.


  174. emmegirl14 said

    tawna21 116, thanks so much for the MCL (♥ her) link with the critiques of his Imagine performances. It always amazed me how he sang that song on AI three times – three amazingly hauntingly beautiful performances – each version standing alone in it’s brilliance.


  175. fenfan said

    #159 Pattinc “…the first time Rainbow came on in my car I thought something was wrong with the CD!!!! LOL. The opening music made me think that…”
    Actually I thought that when I first heard it on the livestream and then on youtube. I thought that was just because of the low quality of the stream and vid. Then I have my CD — same thing! Nonetheless it is a beautiful song and still my favourite and most played on the album.

    #161 Dakgal Random thoughts? You are not alone. When I wake, I do a quick time check, 7am my time that’s 7pm est so it must be 5pm David time. Could he be just finishing classes and getting ready for some exercise before dinner? And so it goes…random moments, random thoughts. Sick? No, just another normal trait in the kingdom of ODD!

    I am now quite good at calculating US time. Soon I’ll have to figure out the time in that South American country that shall not be named!


  176. veeg said

    David Archuleta’s Inspiring New Video: Forevermore.

    ( I know we have seen and heard this video, but I do love this)

    In the midst of all the singing competitions, if you feel that you need to be reminded about what a passionate and gifted singer sounds like, then press play on the video above.

    I guarantee you that David Archuleta’s performance of his new song, “Forevermore” will move you in a very special way.

    He sings like angel and communicates this song with sensitivity and artistry.

    Those ascending scales in the melodic line are vocalized by David with expressive clarity and precision He really understands the importance of head voice – he moves up and down through the melodic line with pitch-perfect ease and consistent focus. His voice sounds seamless and pure at every step of the way during this performance.

    Play this song before you head off to bed. David’s soothing voice will relax and inspire you before you sleep.

    Or, if you are reading this during the day, then rest assured that this video will absolutely banish any level of stress you are presently experiencing.

    Congratulations David. You are one in a million plus!

    Give MasterclassLady some love.

    vee form Sydney, Australia 🙂 🙂


  177. gladys1961 said




  178. Angelica said




  179. loulou said

    Hi every one ! Have a good day !!


  180. Abrra said

    @kariontour tweeted and older BTS from NA shooting.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @rhiminee We were in Manila filming NA & Cynthia the interviewer was in Australia so this is him doing the interview via skype during lunch break on the 2nd day of shooting. Just some BTS info 🙂

    Abrra 720 days


  181. bluesky said

    This is a wonderful year and a wonderful time. Thank you all so much for sharing it with me in some way. I want to wish you all a Happy Easter with all my heart. May the peace and love and joy of this time be with each of you and your families… all your loved ones.

    Be safe.

    Be together.



  182. jans11 said

    Thank you Kari for keeping us informed with all the goodies!♥

    I’m loving my album, just about got it worn out!!

    To all my David friends, have a blessed Easter!♥♥


  183. emmegirl14 said

    Jan “I’m loving my album, just about got it worn out!!” ♥


  184. Gayle122890 said

    Yay…PC time! Just a quick hello while I have the computer to myself. I mostly use my faithful little phone to keep up with things. I can read text and look at some pics and sometimes video but cannot post :(. Some times it feels like I’m looking into all the happenings here at The Voice through a key hole, ha ha! Anyway, just checking in. I’m still here. Always will be.

    There have been times when I really wanted to express what was on my mind. Especially on the week of David’s departure. At the beginning of the week, I had been caught in Abrra’s MP3 of David’s performance in the video below. Though it is one of my very favorites for obvious reasons, what kept catching my attention was how emotionally charged the audience seemed to be there. On Wed. of that week I remember feeling ok and contently unemotional about his leaving. Then I got his tweet. God, it always surprises me how I become someone else when it comes to certain things David. I was glad I was alone at work because when I saw the tweet was from him I knew he was coming to say good-bye. I let out this whimper and I held the phone to my heart for the longest time before I ran out to my car to open the link. I listened to him, then I cried.

    On that day FenFan had posted this: “I LOVE YOU DAVID ARCHULETA. Godspeed, David. Go with my heart.” Exactly what I wanted to say to him. Thank you, Fenfan. The love that is shown by the audience in the video made me think of how all the fans must have been feeling on that day. And I wanted to shout out to David as well. The voice of the girl at :56 sums it up all for me.

    Well, too much blah blah from me already. I love this place. I love you all. I’ll be here.


  185. lani said

    Happy Easter everyone!!!


  186. jans11 said

    Gayle, thanks for posting “Desperate”! It’s one of my favorites. “Tell Me” is my favorite on the Forevermore cd. I think each song has it’s own flavor and love them all!

    I think that cute little smile up there under the months is going to help me out for next 2 yrs!!♥♥


  187. Abrra said

    My Forevermore CD arrived today in the mail. I am on the east coast, so I know this means that if you have not received yours, you will very soon. 🙂 Finally, I have all the songs on my iPod 🙂


    I recall the day David tweeted his last blog. It was a “be careful what you wish for” moment. We were so concerned that he wouldn’t have time to make a last video, but we knew he would make the time. Then when it came, we dove into youtube and listened to it several times. Hoping the meaning of it would sink in our brains that this was really IT. It was time for him to go and seek his dream with out us. The best thing he left us was our community of fan friends. If not for that, we’d be a sadder bunch.

    I am glad you enjoyed the mp3. I try to pick the best audio for each song from youtube. That version of Desperate is hauntingly beautiful. They were so stunned to hear a new live version from his Cd. It took awhile for someone to recognize the song. “Oh my God, it’s Desperate!” What a joy it is to hear a song done live.

    In other news………………………

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    photo edit by Jen Barry

    Abrra 720 days


  188. SandyBeaches said

    Happy Easter to David and to you all who gather here…

    I think that I will write a book, well maybe. I think that I will call it..”.Fathers and Their Brotherless Sons”…that should sound confusing enough. Six well known, close friends of six close father’s have passed away in nine years and all suddenly. There are two remaining and one is my husband. They were very close friends since the sandbox days, ever close by, ever standing up for each other. On Tuesday we had a tragedy that has placed the town in shock and grief again as another life was lost tragically. They were all in their late 50’s…

    I had a feeling that when David left there would be challenges, I just felt it. These two years will have so many things go on that we should keep a journal for David somehow of North American happenings. This entire week is life changing and you see that there is so much more that can happen beyond David leaving for awhile…



  189. bluesky said


    I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine how your dear husband must be feeling. I will be thinking of you and sending my love and prayers.



  190. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you Bluesky, right now everyone is still in disbelief. We went to communion on Thursday night and sat with his wife.. The entire congregation was totally subdued. I thought that the minister might not be able to finish. He was also a close friend and presided over all of their funerals with this one to take place at Easter. Well we all had many wonderful years together. But for now, it is totally haunting.



  191. djafan said

    SB, so sorry. Sending my thoughts and prayers.


  192. TXNancy said

    SandyBeaches…..may all our prayers for you and your husband be a source of comfort during this extremely sad time.
    Perhaps the following words may be meaningful to you (this is the 3rd verse of a hymn, that I first heard at a funeral yrs ago)…..
    In our end is our begining; in our time, infinity;
    In our doubt there is believing; in our life, eternity.
    In our death, a resurrection; at the last, a victory;
    Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.

    I’m also thinking of what we’ve heard David say a few times, how we do not know what lies ahead. You’re right, SB, all of us will have a lot of experiences during the 2 yrs David is on his mission. During such a time as this, David’s “Be Still, My Soul” can help.


  193. Angelica said

    So sorry, SB for the sudden loss of a loved one. Prayers going out for you and all who knew and loved him.


  194. Bebereader said


    I’m so sorry. Sending you {{{hugs}}} and prayers on your loss. TXNancy had a good idea. I hope this voice singing this song helps you.

    credit 15263457689


  195. stenocruiser said

    I’m so very sorry, SB — God bless you, your husband and family. I’ve just returned from Easter Vigil Mass and we again are reminded that there is God’s beautiful heaven waiting for your loved one and for all of us when our time comes. Take care.


  196. stenocruiser said

    Happy Easter, everyone here.


  197. SandyBeaches said

    Thank you to everyone for your kind words including verses and ‘Be Still My Soul’! I think that he has a song for every occasion. Miss him!

    Happy Easter,



  198. jans11 said

    Sb, I am so sorry for you and your loved ones. Sending prayers your way, it is so hard to lose a loved one.♥ {{{HUGS}}}


  199. tawna21 said

    SB, I am so, so sorry for this loss. My prayers and hugs to you, your dear husband, and family.

    Thank goodness for good music! “Miss him!” Me too, SB, me too.



  200. cq said

    Wishing everyone on this wonderful site a Happy Easter.


  201. nitaweaver said

    delurking to wish everyone a Happy Easter.


  202. SB, So sorry for your loss. Will keep you and your husband and all affected in my prayers.


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