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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta @DavidArchie Last week of Nandito Ako! Hope you all enjoy it!

Posted by djafan on Sunday, March 18, 2012

Team #DA2014 is putting together a video to highlight the incredible size and diversity of David’s fan base and will be using it to launch the DA 2014 campaign on Friday, March 23rd.  DA 2014 is a new campaign that is being created to unite ALL David fans around the world together over the next 2 years around one idea:



Original Post edited by Angelica

Anyone who doubts that forces greater than this world guide David’s destiny should consider this: what would the past 2 months have been like without this mini-series? On the heels of his mission announcement, he arrived in the Philippines in mid-January, setting off a daily avalanche of updates, mall appearances, photo shoots, interviews, and performances. Once rehearsal got under way, cue a plethora of pics and tweets from David, Kari, the cast, MyDearWriter and director, Mac Alejandre. I don’t think Nandito Ako was a coincidence that serendipitously came together at just the right time. I believe Somebody up there knew, not only that David needed this experience, but his fans needed the distraction during the run up to his mission departure. I believe Somebody prompted the events that unfolded and that we are the recipients of a multitude of tender mercies for standing by this young man these past four years.

Relates Perci Intalan, TV5’s, Creative and Entertainment head, “It started back in August 2011 over a casual conversation with Sony Music Philippines’ head honcho Narciso Chan, following David’s sold out concert in Manila. It was just an idea—a proposal out of the ordinary—but I told Ciso, ‘I’m serious’ if you are’,” Intalan recalled. “Before we knew it, we found ourselves negotiating with David’s lawyers in New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong; and by December, we were told he had accepted our offer.”

The Manila Times

Asked how much TV5 was paying David, Perci was mum, saying, “Mahal but it’s worth it.”

Fearing that David would be mobbed during the mostly outdoor shoot, TV5 offered to assign a few bodyguards to him but David declined.

“He arrived with only one companion,” added Perci. “Walang entourage.”

After the shoot, David said that he wouldn’t be doing any other showbiz-related projects since he would buckle down to his mission to serve God.

“I made the promise even before I decided to come to the Philippines,” assured David.

The Philippine Star

“He arrived with only one companion,” is not precisely accurate. Somebody else was with him. Somebody he made a promise to and when David gives his word, he keeps it. He’ll be back. He has other promises to keep.

Salamat po, Lord, for tender mercies and the promise of happy endings and new beginnings. Meanwhile, on with the show!

240 Responses to “David Archuleta @DavidArchie Last week of Nandito Ako! Hope you all enjoy it!”

  1. Very sweet of you Djafan. Sent a VIP picture in to DavidArchuleta2014 and the info and someone ( I think Mary Lou) will add the text to my picture.

    Appreciate that you realize some of us are technically challenged. Won’t need your help this time but appreciate the offer.

    I made a poster but didn’t have time to get the picture taken and sent in time. Will save it for another time.


  2. lani said

    yahoo… already sent mine to monica… am so happy. thanks, i wish all fans will join this, it will make david very happy


  3. Angelica said

    Thanks for the reminder Djafan! I sent mine in and got a reply that it was received. What a great idea this is for all the fans to show their love and support! heart morphs to smiley Pictures, Images and Photos


  4. Bebereader said

    Dja, Thanks for the new article!
    I haven’t done my pic and sign yet but will get it there on time.

    Please note that the deadline is tomorrow, Monday, March 19 at noon Pacific Time. For those on the east coast, however, that would be 3:00 PM EST.

    Matt Giraud. I knew I liked that guy! I remember a connection between David and Matt. They are fans of one another!

    From Matt’s Twitter page:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Here’s the pic of Archie and I. Will any Twitter folks be out at the red carpet today?! I’ll be seeing you guys out there! [Kid’s Choice Awards 2009]

    David mentions Matt first here, as one of his favorites:

    credit nafahmi87


  5. SandyBeaches said

    I think that you are all very brave and have good faith and hopefully that will make a big difference in his next decision making time. I am thinking that he could possibly make an announcement maybe after a year or two, that he has had a further calling for another direction. You are all great fans and after not seeing him for so long and investing your hopes in his return, I hope that he certainly does. His age, yes his age is at a pivotal point that could take him anywhere as it does with the adventuresome 21 year olds.

    Just don’t go and get yourselves hurt with yet another announcement. I have sent him a note and a Nova Scotia card. I plan on sending another in awhile…

    “Happy Belated Birthday Greetings Tawna”…I was having trouble with WordPress as well.


  6. lani said


    I know in my heart that David will not stop making music, it is what he is. Whether he will marry and have kids, whether to a big or small audience, whether pop, gospel or whatever genre, he will SING, and I will be here listening to him. Thanks for the reminder though. David is worth it all!


  7. jans11 said

    I sent mine in and got my reply from Monica too. My daughter came down(the street) and helped me get it done. She makes it look so easy! lol I just used the pic taken with David at the SLC MKOCC.

    SB, naturally I hope David comes back to music, but whatever his calling is or will be is his choice. If he never came back to music I would be so disappointed; not being able to go to concerts and watching him grow in his industry. And if he doesn’t, I will be forever grateful for the last 4 yrs of the David world that was opened up to me when I needed it. I will always cherish the good times it has given me and will always have his music to listen to and pics and videos to watch. I guess it would be like “Forever” instead of 2 yrs. But I’ll hold onto what he is saying now, that he will be back!!♥♥


  8. Bebereader said


    21 year-olds can be flighty but David is one of the most grounded 21year-olds I’ve encountered.

    That said, it’s not likely but I can pick up and move to New Zealand or take up ballet or become an animal trainer at this stage of my life. As human beings we can change our minds at any time. David deserves that right, too. If he chooses to leave music, I might not like it but I respect him and love him so I will deal with it. When you love someone, you have to be willing to set them free.

    I have not invested these four years with any guarantee that he will be here for me when he finishes his mission. I’m here because this is where I want to be. He has given me so much.


  9. Not sure what we should be afraid of???? Paying tribute to someone I appreciate for changing my life and bringing so many beautiful experiences is my pleasure. David says he will be back and has projects lined up. Not going to worry about David changing course if that’s his calling. Life is too short!! New Music is coming and The 5th week of the Mini Series. Hundreds of fans are sending messages that we will be here, just as we sang in Beaver Creek.


  10. betsy said

    Wow, I don’t understand this. Supporting David will get us hurt? Showing David that we believe in him and will wait for him will get us hurt? He doesn’t have to open a vein and write in his own blood that he’ll be back and making music.I believe him. As of right now, that is his plan. He loves music, wants to make music. AFTER he’s done doing what he’s wanted to do for so long. What he feels in his heart he must do.

    IF he alters his course, as some people do, then I know that we have been blessed with the best 4 years of love, music, and so much humanity that some days I still shake my head and cry. I’m a big girl, I’ll be fine.
    I’ve got his back.


  11. sweetonda said

    Thanks for the reminder Dja. I just made a sign and had my mom snap the picture. Looks a bit dorky but that’s the way I roll, lol.

    Lani, I’m with you. David is too entwined in music to not return to it when he gets home. He will be back, and I will be waiting for his first concert. My DA tour money jar is already getting full. 😉

    Can’t wait for the last week of NA. I really don’t know which girl, if any, he will end up with. I’ve really enjoyed the series. It’s something that I will re-watch while he is gone, along with all the music he has left us with.

    My postcard is sent and I have more for the coming months, Yes! He will not forget his fans with all the postcards and letters coming to him. I bet you we are in his prayers also as he is in ours.


  12. SandyBeaches said

    I don’t believe that it was said that he would not return to music, or that one should not pay tribute to him. I believe that I have done that quite nicely in many ways in many places over the last 4 years so paying tribute is well known. There is nothing that anyone has to prove, but he has taken different directions in the last year and it was just a mention that he could. I enjoy paying tribute to David and the first bag/box of cards and letters came from a lot of work from a few in Arizona so the idea continues as we see from his twitpic. Don’t forget that people already, whole heartedly, set out to show David how much everyone supported him months ago. The hurt? Well the announcement in December perhaps could be called something else but there are some who still cannot listen to his music. I can and do, but there are others who still can’t.



  13. SB It sounded like you were giving us a warning not to get hurt and the topic was the 2014 tribute.
    That’s why all the question marks??????? and the assurance that I’m not worried about getting hurt.

    I wasn’t saying anything about you not doing anything.

    Sad for those that can’t listen to David’s music and your fears.


  14. emmegirl14 said

    He has said music is his passion. He has said he will be back and can not understand why some think he wont’ be. He has said he has various things lined up for when he returns. He has said he wants to do music his entire life.

    No one can predict their future – not us, not David. Sometimes best laid plans are merely that, plans, that for a million and one reasons never become reality. And sometimes our best laid plans do become our reality, along with life’s inevitable detours that are a part of that reality.

    I think David truly feels he has been given his gift of voice for a reason, that this voice was miraculously returned to him for a reason – to inspire others.

    When he says he needs to do this, that it will make him whole – I believe him. And when he says he will resume his career when he comes back – I believe that too.


  15. skydancer1x said

    Mine is sent, and my sweet 90 year old neighbors too♥ though I had to have some help:)) thanks Abs♥.It appears I am not only computer challenged, but iphone challenged too.:( (I am glad I can use a microwave oven or I would starve to death)

    I am very happy this whole video thing came about.It will be a nice gift to David.

    5.Hi SB. I hope you are going to participate in this DA2014 project. Gotta have SandyBeaches included in the video!…familiar faces David knows will certainly bring him much joy!♥ I was thinking we could have some “I’ll Be Here” DA2014 bracelets project going while he is away, maybe? what do you think?

    8.Bebe…just {{{{hugs}]]]
    I have not invested these four years with any guarantee that he be here for me when he finishes his mission. I’m here because this is where I want to be. He has given me so much.”

    David has done all he can to reassure us that he will return to music.If that wasn’t his intention, I don’t think he would be making the effort he is making now,working so hard to be sure we have music while he is away.
    Nothing in life is certain, but I believe music is the way he will earn his living when he returns.

    Then there is that little “thing”
    this feeling inside me…
    I have always believed there is a real reason for all of us being here the way we are, something like destiny I suppose, in my mind, because David has affected so many of us, and our lives in a way we had never dreamed of, or even knew was possible
    I know for certain, it is a beautiful gift. I can’t turn away from it….need to be here, I desire to learn why it was channeled to us, through this awesome human being whose solitary voice speaks to my heart and my soul like no one else has ever done before, ever!.Why? why us?
    IDK Maybe, just maybe, in 2 more years,we will understand.


  16. djafan said

    Hey all!!

    We’ve all participated in showing our appreciation to David in one way or another and I for one feel the need to. It’s unexplainable, like I don’t have a choice, it’s something I have to do. So this time is no different for me, it’s not an act of courage. I’m taking David’s word at face value, he says he’s coming back to music and has some projects in place for when he returns and that’s that. In retrospect I’ve come to a realization that David has always planned on going on a mission but circumstances didn’t allow for it until now. I was in complete denial and wasn’t able to listen to his voice for about a couple a weeks. But I missed it so much that I listened and his voice healed and filled the hole I’d been feeling. I still shed tears but with them I feel an enormous amount of appreciation, pride and love for David. I’ll be here during his time away and ready for whatever may come upon his return.

    I’ve received some emails for signs, thank you!!!

    I’ll have them done after dinner 🙂


  17. djafan said

    Trending topics for tomorrow!

    Love may be complicated but it’s always worth it. Do Not Give Up Josh Bradley | Nandito Ako Week 5

    Tomorrows preview!

    anagfeleo Ana Guillen Feleo
    BTS, team chillosh jamming before the take. 🙂 every moment was priceless.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  18. djafan said

    Ben Chan ‏ @BCbench
    @benchtm @archuletaphils Just arrived Manila. Guess who greeted me @DavidArchie

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  19. tawna21 said

    Got my picture/poster in thanks to some outside help. I had it all done last night, but it was so little that I decided to re-do it. By 2 am my frustration level peaked, I went to bed, and woke up this morning with an offer in my email to help me out. I’m happy to be able to participate in this campaign–even if it means putting my picture out there.

    Lani #6– you’ve said well.

    I will be here when David returns. I will be here to hear any announcements that come from his lips, his heart, and his soul. David will return to music. It may be different, but it will be music. I trust him. I believe him. Whatever course David Archuleta takes in two years will be the one that is going to take him where he feels he needs to go. Heaven help us when he starts that new engine up. I think his next ride will be a fast one.



  20. Abrra said

    Behind the scenes pic of David on set

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    found at ArchuletaVN no scource given

    Thanks for posting the info here at The Voice. It’s the best time for all fan sites unite for a single cause to support David and his decision. There will be individuals who will lack the patience and desire to stay on board while he is away. I am not one of them. We will need constant support on the fan sites to keep the light burning until his return.


    I was saying the other day that I hoped we got a picture of David every 6 months so we can see the changes in his handsome face. Heaven help us if he just came back after 2 years and we had to deal with the changes in a single shot. 🙂



  21. skydancer1x said

    morning, just stopping in on my way to TV5! woo hoo!

    20.Abrra,love that pic,haha, he’s all kinds of colorful in that ensemble 🙂
    and love this>>>>>>
    “I was saying the other day that I hoped we got a picture of David every 6 months so we can see the changes in his handsome face. Heaven help us if he just came back after 2 years and we had to deal with the changes in a single shot.”
    times up time for tv!


  22. skydancer1x said

    wow. todays episode…need to see this again with translation, several “really need to know what they are saying” scenes!!

    Abrra, I meant to say at #21, David in a single shot,after 2 years with no pictures… might just pass out right on the spot.
    I sure hope we get something to ease us into his return.I am shaking just thinking about what he will look like .Yikes!


  23. djafan said

    What an episode! David is incredible and so is the rest of the cast, well maybe except for uncle stevil…lol

    kariontour Kari Sellards
    BTS of Episode #21 Nandito Ako Week 5 | Do Not Give Up Josh Bradley I wonder what will happen in the next 4 episodes 😀

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  24. djafan said

    David sure stepped out of his comfort zone. What a sweeeeeeeet scene.

    JoAnnBanaga JoAnn C. Bañaga
    @jascurtissmith – i like this look too. may pa touch touch pa ha — ganda mo teh!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  25. betsy said

    Red stripes and guitars. 🙂


  26. SandyBeaches said

    Sky #15…plans are starting for a new bracelet for the fans. Searching out what could be a little different and pondering the words. You can only use a few so they have to be just right. Maybe a poll would be helpful in a little while especially for the color and the quote choice.



  27. Angelica said


    I think that’s a very good idea. Thanks for offering.


  28. SandyBeaches said

    You are welcome Angelica…see you in awhile.



  29. ray said

    i will be here for david and anyone else that needs an up lift


  30. Abrra said

    A most convincing actor 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @JoAnnBanaga @anagfeleo @jascurtissmith — here’s it is. – the answer to Anya’s “look”

    You make me smile 🙂



  31. djafan said


    Thank you for all who asked for a I’LL BE HERE SIGN! They’ve all been sent 🙂


  32. skydancer1x said

    32. acting or no acting, I don’t know how Jasmine’s legs held her up, looking into those gorgeous eyes of his…while he’s looking right at you…. like that…
    I can’t even…


  33. Suzy-Q said

    SB Can I suggest that the color of the bracelet be black and the lettering white and in the same font as the missionary ID tags?


  34. Loving all the Josh/Anya pictures. I’m with you Sky! How does she experience those eyes and hugs and still be standing.

    SB Love the bracelet idea. Agree Black with white lettering. How about “I’ll Be Here” DA#2014 Forevermore


  35. kaycee said

    Wow, David! Just. Wow. Talk about stepping out of his comfort zone!…it’s more like he catapulted out of his comfort zone! He is doing such a great job with all those romantic scenes, and they couldn’t have been very easy. He’s very believable. My 10-year old daughter turned to me during the confession scene and said, “Can’t you just feel it?!” And can we talk about the serenading scene?!…wow, he is so on his “home-turf” there! No awkwardness at all! It was such a beautiful acoustic rendition too.

    And Sky, 32…yep! I’m so with you! “Acting or no acting, I don’t know how Jasmine’s legs held her up, looking into those gorgeous eyes of his…while he’s looking right at you…. like that…I can’t even.”


  36. ray said

    us diehards are the chosen ones,o yes we are.


  37. tawna21 said

    SB #26 {hand to heart} you are an amazing person ♥♥

    Holy Schmoly!!! My heart is pumping out of my chest! Today’s episode—–breathtaking! So much happiness and yet a lot of sadness. Wow! This plot is twisting and turning like a cooked noodle!



  38. tawna21 said

    Oh. One more thing. Can I just say — I . Love . Billy and Chit!!! They made me just crack up in the confession scene. LOL!!



  39. dakgal said

    Will some one post a link to todays episode–I can’t find it anywhaere–I’m in tears I’m sooo dumb


  40. ram said

    I watched this last episode and came to the conclusion (duh) that it’s not only about David’s singing voice or else how can I ex’splain my spazzing over this soapie!

    Sky-Jasmine obviously has a strong professional work ethic (NOT!!!! She is probably walking over to a quiet place somewhere and collapsing. ) That’s my explanation.


  41. ram said

    Hope this works.


  42. djafan said

    Thank you Ram!

    “Wow, David! Just. Wow. Talk about stepping out of his comfort zone!…it’s more like he catapulted out of his comfort zone!”

    Yes he did! This preview is just killing me. I don’t want to see Josh hurting 😦 Oh David ♥


  43. djafan said

    “I watched this last episode and came to the conclusion (duh) that it’s not only about David’s singing voice or else how can I ex’splain my spazzing over this soapie!”

    lol I haven’t found an explanation for this but maybe Ray has “us diehards are the chosen ones,o yes we are.”


  44. Abrra said

    Thanks for the link Ram. I brought over the videos from youtube.



  45. Suzy-Q said

    Suggestion for words on bracelet: Waiting Forevermore #DA2014


  46. Abrra said

    New blog!



  47. djafan said



  48. ray said

    he just did me in with that vblog,,dang was doing good too,,going to need a boat next week


  49. annie318 said

    I tried to post last night on my phone but it vanished. Now I’m at the library and I think it is looking good for posting!

    My friend JoyLuck posted a picture of 4 of us with David in Arizona for the We Will Wait Forevermore project. We were sitting in the hotel lobby after the concert and in walked David and the band. I felt like I was in a dream! David was his usual sweet self and was happy to take a picture with us. It was like our own little VIP. I will never forget it and I’m sure my friends won’t either.

    I really want to see today’s episode with subtitles. It looks pretty dramatic.

    David’s vlog with his sisters was so sweet & touching. Calling them his best friends. I love to see his sisters give him a little grief too. Reminds me of my own kids.

    The bracelet idea is great! Count me in!


  50. emmegirl14 said

    Bracelets, great idea sky! Thanks SB!

    Ray, sniff, that vlog…I hear ya. He really is the best, isn’t he.
    Jazzy and Amber are adorable. *His eyes*

    #30, ahem! And thanks for making it easy for us and posting today’s episode. Off to watch now!


  51. Abrra said

    Scream cap!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    If you send your picture with David tp I will post it here. 😉


  52. Spirit said

    Abrra”a “Scream cap” at #52 – I’ve been staring at this picture for the last 10 minutes. I can’t even imagine hearing the doorbell ring, opening the door, and seeing THAT FACE! His inner and outer beauty is just so powerful and overwhelming. He looks so happy and content……and in a good place.


  53. djafan said

    If you haven’t received a confirmation email from me about your #DA2014 sign email me please. They’ve asked if they don’t send one to email again.



  54. djafan said

    Tomorrows trending topics! Catch The Heart Of Josh Bradley | We Love Nandito Ako | DavidArchie In TV5 Manila

    If you don’t have a twitter please create one! Trying to get David’s followers to 1 million! He’s at 929,085 followers.

    If you need help creating one let me or any of the admns know. We’ll walk you through it 🙂


  55. bluesky said

    DA makes normal look so beautiful. This “normal” is what keeps him grounded, plus his faith. Thank God for family. Thank family and God for DA.



  56. Bebereader said



    SB, I love your bracelet idea to tie the fandom David’s absence. Count me in!

    I was on the edge of my seat watching today’s episode. To quote Tawna, “So much happiness and yet a lot of sadness.” David’s face when Anya said she loved him too…the smile of all smiles. I was laughing and crying at the same time. He is a perfect romantic lead for the big screen!

    And poor Holly, battered and unloved by her Mom, then rejected by Josh and now cancer.

    Loved the story you told of taking your pic with David in Arizona. He takes so many pics I imagine he would get tired of it but instead he’s so willing to do that small gesture that goes a long way for his fans.

    All kinds of awesome; that’s how I feel about David’s new 7 and a half minute vlog. Spending time with his sister, hanging out, eating Hondurian food, laughing, talking. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. He really knows how to do the family thing. You can tell how much he cherishes his family.Just one more reason to love the guy.


  57. sweetonda said

    That vlog was pure adorableness! He looks so happy and relaxed. Spending time with family now should be first priority since he doesn’t have much time left, although it didn’t sound like would be leaving on the 28th. Did anyone else get that vibe?

    SB, love the bracelet idea. I like the black and white theme also.

    Can’t wait to see the #DA2012 video and everyone’s signs for David.

    Abrra, thanks for the screen caps.


  58. sweetonda said

    SB, forgot to add that I’d love to help with cost on those bracelets.


  59. fguc said

    OHMYHECK I have been in WordPress jail
    Hellllllo everyone! I am alive! I dunno how Jasmine is though…geeez. What an amazing ride!!


  60. fguc said

    OH and BTW FGUC is me FG, I have no idea why ny name is different LOL


  61. Abrra said

    Reference #49 Annie318

    She sent in her group picture with David to our email!

    Hi there,
    Attached is the picture we submitted to the DA2014 campaign. My friends and I attended the Constitution Fair in Az in Sept 2011. After the show (where David was nothing less than amazing!) we decided to go over to the Hilton for a drink. We were sitting in the lobby when who walked in?? David, Jeff and his band! He was looking really tired from doing the show we suspected but was still gracious and took this picture with us and stayed for a few minutes to talk. It was a night to remember for sure! Enjoy.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  62. emmegirl14 said

    Angelica, your addition at the top of this thread has brought me to tears this morn.

    thank you


  63. emmegirl14 said

    FG, I was holed up in that jail for awhile too…it’s awful. I felt so desperate and really began to panic, lol.


  64. Spirit said

    Bluesky – I agree.

    “DA makes normal look so beautiful.”

    I don’t know if his inner beauty is spiritual in nature or that he is so authentic, but it certainly shines through in all that he does.


  65. Abrra said


    ““He arrived with only one companion,” is not precisely accurate. Somebody else was with him. Somebody he made a promise to and when David gives his word, he keeps it. He’ll be back. He has other promises to keep.”

    Thank you for updating this post with words that must be said. One thing I learned is that David will keep his word. Just ask Singapore fans 😉

    Did you hear the good news? David put a password on his laptop. No more sister tweets!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    @zerogravity1 While we’re waiting… WOWWWW!!! About 600 pic’s sent in for the I’ll Be Here Video!!! THANK YOU!! This is gonna be AMAZING!!




  66. ray said

    angelica. someone else was with him,YES and that someone was the one who chose us to stand by david for all time. thats why we have this feeling for david of which we can not explain


  67. ray said

    DJAFAN have recived con .on my pic,it seams my emails go into siber space,have sent 5 to jr and still no reply .lol


  68. Abrra said


    JR had issues with her gmail acct being put on hold due to too many files going thru. Once it gets sorted out she will respond I am sure.



  69. djafan said

    I feel like punching someone today grrrrrrrr!!!!!

    Bench/ ‏ @benchtm
    Proud of our @DavidArchie trending WORLDWIDE #DavidArchieInTV5Manila #CatchTheHeartOfJoshBradley & #WeLoveNanditoAko

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  70. SandyBeaches said

    I am pleased to see the interest and support for the next fan bracelet.

    I have been thinking about the quote that will be printed on it with his name. I am thinking about what each of you would like to read when he is gone, when you miss his music (that for starters). What might put a smile on your face? So there is a lot to consider when trying to decide.

    But, I am getting closer and any suggestions would be fine. The picture of our first bracelet is on the right sidebar near the top.


  71. Thanks Angelica for your addition top thread. I can’t help but think about the decision for the Mini Series being the last thing you would think of just prior to a Mission and just how important it was for David and his fans. The Spiritual Connections along David’s journey are amazing.
    Re-read COS recently and one thing David said about his fans struck me again: “More than fans they felt like a team of Morale booster’s who would always be around to remind me of my worth”

    It is quite a relationsip and exchange as I feel he is our Morale booster and role model. We are on this journey together and I will be here now, while David is gone and when he gets back.

    Thanks to all for being here.


  72. funfee said

    Angelica, your addition made me cry too! So true, Somebody knew that we would need the distraction of this show to help us get through this hard time.


  73. ray said

    djafan,#67 that should read have not ,lol


  74. gladys1961 said

    This week is proceeding slowly, very slowly. I have that feeling.

    I wish to send a photo with a sign saying, “David, Argentina is waiting for you”, but could not because:
    1) I do not know how you do that
    2) I was angry.
    I said this many times here, that at this time does not matter.

    abrra, thanks for your words, arrived at the right time, I was about to resign.

    djafan, thanks for the invitation.

    I’ve always said that I am very lonely, a feeling ugly, these days I felt that way.
    I wanted to express this in Spanish, but I had no chance, I had to do in English, thank god was abrra.
    You do not know what this community is for me. You are my support.


  75. stenocruiser said

    #70 — SB — For the bracelet, maybe the words we already wait for weekly and will anxiously and joyfully look forward to in 2014: “Hi guys, it’s David here!”


  76. lani said

    yay dja, I made a twitter account and follow David! Yes, anything for David….thanks to you. I’d been wanting to do that but just kept holding off, too scary for me,don’t know why


  77. SandyBeaches said

    That sounds really good steno!! I am sure that anyone could almost hear his voice saying it…



  78. Abrra said


    You are here for a reason, just like all of us. If you stopped being a part of us, we would lose your insight and humor. Take the time to be sad if you must. The Voice will be here for you, too. Things are gonna get better! I am a Gladys fan 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  79. Dayzee said

    Lovin the idea of a new David bracelet. And SB was right, I could hear David saying that quote Steno suggested. It made me smile.


  80. Suzy-Q said

    Abrra, I love this . ““He arrived with only one companion,” is not precisely accurate. Somebody else was with him. Somebody he made a promise to and when David gives his word, he keeps it. He’ll be back. He has other promises to keep.
    What a beautiful and thoughtful way to explain it all. Thank you for that.


  81. stenocruiser said

    Oh Gladys, I guess we are all feeling sadness right now but we are here for you and each other. We love you, sweet senorita.


  82. Abrra said


    Sorry for any confusion. I was quoting Angelica’s comments in her updated article. Those are her words.



  83. Abrra said

    Today’s Episode 22



  84. SB#70 – liked what Heidijoy#71 brought from COS…..Morale Boosters…….always around to remind me of my worth.


  85. Bebereader said

    I have faith. I believe David will come back to us. Why else would he go out of his way to keep us happy with two new albums so that we don’t forget him while he’s away? As if!

    Dear Gladys,
    We all need each other now and more than ever in the next two years. And we especially need your insight, your intellect, your hope and your sense of humor. It just may get us through the rough times ahead. Please do not go anywhere. ♥♥♥

    I’m sorry you’re hurting now and glad that Abrra was there for you.


  86. bluesky said

    75 Stenocruiser:

    I like that idea very much.

    On other topics: I had a very good friend by the name of Clyde who used to say to me, “When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout”—– “That should fix it!”

    Clyde was so wise. I can hear his voice still. ^_^


  87. SandyBeaches said

    Searching for words to quote, I came across this from David to you but it could be a few words to David from us…look out for the calendar, rather fitting.


  88. Bebereader said

    David Archuleta~”There will never be a day when I don’t think of you…”

    Well I’m just a bundle of tears now.

    I count “Think of Me” as one of my favorites from AI7. I never thought it would have further significance than simply a song David sang on AI.

    Thanks, SB. ♥


  89. SandyBeaches said

    Bebe, this little number jumped right out of the computer today as if David was actually singing it to me so despite the sadness it might bring, it is really good…and the stick people!!



  90. bluesky said

    That was beautiful, SB. Thanks!


  91. #84 Fandaforeverti48 Glad you liked that line about Morale Booster’s too!!

    #87 SB Great rendition of Think of Me More meaningful all the time. Remember when he sang that in New York too right after Idol and recently reflected back on the Meaning of that song then and now again.


  92. Bebereader said

    HeidiJoy: This? lol

    Think Of Me, Live on The Today Show

    credit idol4life2008


  93. Yes Bebe, That’s the one!! The message means a lot!! both then and now and forevermore for that matter.


  94. tawna21 said

    SB #87, how fitting. Yes, not a day will go by without thinking of him. Thanks for sharing that.

    Be angry… be hurt… be calm… be still. You will feel our support as you go thru trials. We love you. ♥♥

    Man, today’s episode was some sort of angry! IMHO. Whew!! Things are gonna get better!

    Abrra, that photo in the Levi jacket is very …. yeah, that! How come they always make the sleeves on demin jackets so long? I have to roll them too. Maybe it’s just us short people that have that grief. :/

    Someone needs to help Gladys get a poster in!! Someone?



  95. bluesky said

    Here is a link to the preview for the episode tomorrow. ^_^


  96. bluesky said

    DA in a hospital gown? *_*


  97. sweetonda said

    Angelica, love your added reflections on a greater force being there for David and us. I would 100% agree with it.

    Gladys, #74 ♥♥♥{{{{{Hugs}}}}}♥♥♥ You would be sorely missed if you left. Hang in there with the rest of us. Strength comes in numbers and we will all need each others wisdom, humor and love to get through this next little while without DA 24/7.

    SB and Bebe, Think of Me has been playing in my mind for days. It holds added meaning now.

    Steno, I like your idea also.


  98. MT said

    HeidiJoy & Bebe, I always did love that performance and that song. Right now, it could be his theme song. He won’t forget us, and we will definitely think of hem. ♥

    And have you all listened to Forevermore? Gahhh … His voice on that song is all kinds of gorgeous! It’s so beautiful I could cry. Especially that Yeahhh Yeahhhhhhhhh … at the 3:07 mark. *sigh* So beautiful.

    As for our daily soap, lol, David’s skills are continuing to grow. That scene where he bangs on the door and calls for Anya … wow. Really good. It broke my heart for poor Josh. He was all excited cooking her dinner and she came in and broke his heart. I could just whack her one! lol


  99. MT said

    Oops, there’s only one Yeahhhhhhhhh at 3:07. Oh, and then there’s the Nowwwww at 3:25, that warble in his voice that grows in power. Oh, and that thing he does at 4:32 to the end. Oh man … the whole song. ♥

    Gahh, that song is killing meeeeeeee. haha I LOVE it! Wonder if the rest of the songs are gonna be that good? If they are, you can just send the flowers now cuz it’s gonna do me in completely.


  100. djafan said


    I feel better now lol This dang novela is making me crazy!!!!!

    Think Of Me is one of my favorites of all time ♥

    Angelica, “He arrived with only one companion,” is not precisely accurate. Somebody else was with him. Somebody he made a promise to and when David gives his word, he keeps it. He’ll be back. He has other promises to keep.


    Hello Annie! Is that Martee74 next to you! You lucky ducks 🙂

    Bluesky “DA in a hospital gown? *_*” ditto

    Gladys, I’m so sorry your upset 😦 I could of made you a sign!!!

    Ya les avisa a las demas adms que tu me vas hablar en espanol cuando tu quieras, aqui o en chat 🙂

    Las gracias son que aceptas? Porque no estoy segura 🙂

    I’m letting Gladys know that she can communicate with me in Spanish when she needs to. Some concepts and phrases are not translatable to English. This will help her understanding and learning.


  101. Abrra said

    Thank you for helping Gladys. !!



  102. jans11 said

    “Think of Me” is so fitting for us right now. It was my song I played all the time after my husband passed 2 weeks after AI went off. That and Angels, I played over and over. They were my songs, so it brings back a lot of memories from 4 yrs ago.♥♥

    Can’t wait to get the new album..has anyone heard when it is going to be released? I’ve heard 2 or 3 different dates, but so far I guess they weren’t true since I don’t have anything in the mail yet!!

    Gladys!! Don’t go anywhere!! Our gang wouldn’t be the same without you!!♥

    “He arrived with only one companion,” is not precisely accurate. Somebody else was with him. Somebody he made a promise to and when David gives his word, he keeps it. He’ll be back. He has other promises to keep. Just love this sentence…so true!!!♥♥♥


  103. skydancer1x said

    96.Bluesky….”DA in a hospital gown? *_* ” oops,aren’t they open in the back ?………. * _*

    MT “As for our daily soap, lol, David’s skills are continuing to grow. That scene where he bangs on the door and calls for Anya … wow. Really good. It broke my heart for poor Josh. He was all excited cooking her dinner and she came in and broke his heart. I could just whack her one!”
    me too MT,that scene was so well done.
    todays episode had me giving my live commentary to my cat (she was on my lap) “no Anya, don’t do that NO! NO! turn TO Josh, not away! don’t say those things!……. whatever it is you are saying! lol got me so frustrated

    SB, I had not seen that video♥thanks for bringing it here.something about seeing the words to Think of Me written out, and the simplicity of the art work (stick figures being right up my alley) made it so ‘sweet’ and touching

    Bebe.♥ I count “Think of Me” as one of my favorites from AI7. I never thought it would have further significance than simply a song David sang on AI.
    ♥isn’t it uncanny?and yet looking back he really has done that for as long as he has been singing to us. I remember that morning when he sang this on the Today show…and how it made me feel.It was so perfect, and so poignant and so from his heart.It felt like it was his way of ‘speaking’ to the whole A7 experience and the people who supported him.

    That instinct of his, as to what he sings to us…he makes every song a present that makes a full heart circle from him, to us, back to him.
    (oh my…I am running off at the mouth here, sorry for making this so long)
    love all the bracelet suggestions and comments.Love David,love ya’ll♥
    Post now, sky geesh


  104. funfee said

    MT YES! Totally addicted to Forevermore too! Such a gorgeous song! And NOBODY can sing ballads like David! It always makes me cry when I listen to it but it’s so beautiful!
    And I agree, Gladys, we need you to stick around. We will all be needing one another over the next few years …
    Love you guys.


  105. Cassondra said

    how much did you pay to pre order the forevermore cd…i get a P with lines through it and 470.90, then my grand total was 1,745.98 is that how much i have to pay?


  106. Abrra said


    If you are buying from the Philippines the 1,745.98 is Pesos, their currency. That figures out to about $40.50 USD You can convert the amounts here:

    1745.98 pesos = $40.50 dollars

    If you have not completed the transaction , you might want to sign up with WOW HD. Here is their US link: They serve many countries.

    They have Forevermore on pre-order for 12.99

    Hope this helps.



  107. jans11 said

    I bought 5 and the shipping was for one. Total was $72. I ordered on paypal so it came up US dollars so I knew how much it was before I actually bought it for it to be deducted from my account. I don’t know what all those big #’s are!


  108. Angelica said

    Cassondra, Go here. I ordered from Asrtoplus for twice the price plus shipping before WOWHD offered it at $12.99 and free shipping. Will order more from here. I’ve used them before with very good service and quality.

    Gladys,Querida! What would we do without your open ♥ and unabashed fangirling for David? You say you aren’t good with English and I’m sure sometimes it gets frustrating but you have a way with words that transcends any barriers. Djafan will post at times in Spanish for you for clarification. This is a good thing, as one my goals while he is away is to learn Spanish (preparatory to the release of his Spanish album), That and a thorough physical exam to determine my tolerance for *(mxskwjdfgj&fgh@%ljsi!!!

    WOW! Today’s episode was intense! Love angry Josh


  109. Abrra said

    Jr has Episodes 21 & 22 with English subtitles



  110. djafan said

    YAY Lani!!!!!

    David is at 930,394 followers! So happy you created one. What is your twitter name so I can follow you. If anyone else wants to create one let me know. You can use any name you want. Doesn’t have to be your real name.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  111. fenfan said

    Hey Gladys don’t go. Angelica is right “you have a way with words that transcends any barriers.” Hope to see you here over the next two years while we wait for David.

    I hope he includes Think of Me in his cover album. I am sitting in a puddle of tears now after watching the two videos from up thread over and over again.


  112. bluesky said

    74 – Gladys!!

    Mi español no es muy bueno. A veces creo que hay ratones in mi cabeza. Sin embargo su valor y amor son entendidos por todos.

    No estas sola. <3<3<3


  113. gladys1961 said

    Thanks to all of you, I feel overwhelmed and happy. thanks for all your help and all your understanding.
    I could not leave david, he is part of my life now and forever, and so are you.
    My morning routine to get to my workplace, is turn on my computer and move the mouse in the voice. I listen to David all day, every day and work with him all day.
    I am alone in my office, I am on the 4th floor, near a large window, a brightly lit place. And I’m in paradise with the voice of an angel.
    I read your comments, I laugh, sometimes I get angry, sometimes I write a comment. You and David are always with me.
    thanks girls.

    (shhhh, I say this in secret. A little bird told me that Nigel Lythgoe is doing everything possible to bring David to American Idol)


  114. So glad you will be with us Gladys on this journey!! You are doing so well with English. I have more understanding now how difficult that must be as I watch this Mini Series and listen to Tagalog. Thank God for JR for helping us.
    David calls us his Morale boosters!! We are also each other’s Morale Boosters and of course David is for us too!!

    Thanks to all at The Voice administrators and followers.


  115. Abrra said

    Ah, today I am feeling it. Time is short. My excitement and my resignation of what is to be fact very soon.

    I have been listening to Rascal Flatts. I think he wrote this song for all young people who are about to embark on Life’s journey to adulthood.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    When David sauntered out on this stage,he stunned the fans with his charm and musical ability to out sing his duet partner. It’s an iconic moment for me.

    My Wish
    by Rascal Flatts

    I hope that the days come easy and the moments pass slow,
    And each road leads you where you want to go,
    And if you’re faced with a choice, and you have to choose,
    I hope you choose the one that means the most to you.
    And if one door opens to another door closed,
    I hope you keep on walkin’ till you find the window,
    If it’s cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile,

    But more than anything, more than anything,
    My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
    Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
    You never need to carry more than you can hold,
    And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to,
    I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
    Yeah, this, is my wish.

    I hope you never look back, but ya never forget,
    All the ones who love you, in the place you left,
    I hope you always forgive, and you never regret,
    And you help somebody every chance you get,
    Oh, you find God’s grace, in every mistake,
    And you always give more than you take.

    But more than anything, yeah, and more than anything,
    My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
    Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
    You never need to carry more than you can hold,
    And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to,
    I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
    Yeah, this, is my wish.

    My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
    Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
    You never need to carry more than you can hold,
    And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to,
    I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
    Yeah, this, is my wish.

    This is my wish
    I hope you know somebody loves you
    May all your dreams stay big



  116. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Ana G. Feleo

    EP 23 trailer :17 *sigh*



  117. skydancer1x said

    well, David sang me to sleep last night, but I woke up thinking about Josh Bradley in the hospital.I feel like such a playah.
    on pins and needles waiting for today’s episode.


  118. funfee said

    Hahaha sky!!!!


  119. goodkarmaseeker said

    Abrra, thank you for #115, “The Wish”. That captures my sentiments as well.
    I, too, have lately been feeling sad and an impending sense of loss. It’s like a sky full of clouds approaching the
    shining and warming sun.


  120. djafan said

    Sighing…2 episodes left. David Wherever You Are is amazing in this preview of tomorrow.


  121. Abrra said

    The MAN tweets

    @DavidArchie Doing a photoshoot today.

    Oh MY! For the US CD methinks. David is in Utah, so maybe we will have Matt Clayton pics 🙂



  122. #115 Abrra Love that song and the message. It’s what I wish for David and all of you.

    “I Hope You Dance” is another one I listened to this a.m. Never miss a chance to dance!!! My motto.


  123. Abrra said


    I agree!

    Artist: Womack Lee Ann
    Song: I Hope You Dance

    I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
    You get your fill to eat
    But always keep that hunger
    May you never take one single breath for granted
    God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
    I hope you still feel small
    When you stand beside the ocean
    Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
    Promise me that you’ll give fate a fighting chance

    And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
    I hope you dance
    I hope you dance

    I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
    Never settle for the path of least resistance
    Living might mean taking chances
    But they’re worth taking
    Lovin’ might be a mistake
    But it’s worth making
    Don’t let some hell bent heart
    Leave you bitter
    When you come close to selling out
    Give the heavens above
    More than just a passing glance

    And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
    I hope you dance
    (Time is a wheel in constant motion always)
    I hope you dance
    (Rolling us along)
    I hope you dance
    (Tell me who)
    I hope you dance
    (Wants to look back on their years and wonder)
    (Where those years have gone)

    I hope you still feel small
    When you stand beside the ocean
    Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
    Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance

    And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
    I hope you dance
    I hope you dance
    (Time is a wheel in constant motion always)
    I hope you dance
    (Rolling us along)
    I hope you dance
    (Tell me who)
    (Wants to look back on their years and wonder)
    I hope you dance
    (Where those years have gone)

    (Tell me who)
    I hope you dance
    (Wants to look back on their years and wonder)
    (Where those years have gone)



  124. bluesky said

    Yea for music! Yea for life! Yea for craziness and not knowing what will happen next! Yea for the incredible inexplicable-ness of wonder that is and are people.

    (I don’t even care if logic applies here with all that is happening in the world… or the DA world!)

    There is something so real about what is just beyond our scope. There is something so clear beyond false layers of obscurity. We rest in the arms of love and have a home.

    (*Waving* to all of you out there and to DA as he “leaves” and “stays”.)



  125. djafan said


    “(*Waving* to all of you out there and to DA as he “leaves” and “stays”.)” As he leaves and stays ♥

    David Archuleta in Nandito Ako Epi 22 as Josh Bradley with Billy ~credit Ana G. Feleo~


  126. Thanks Abrra!! Love it!!


  127. djafan said

    On a sad note 😦

    Jackryan4DA ‏ @jackryan4DA

    Dear Archies, Naree’s dad passed away this afternoon. Please say a little prayer for our friend, her family and her departed father. Thanks

    If you’d like to leave her a note this is her twitter name @nareejo.


  128. Dayzee said

    Sorry to hear of the passing of Naree’s father. She is such a sweet and talented person. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.


  129. Blueberry Ice said

    Feeling a little extra weepy for a lot of reasons but just had to say that I think ALL of you are very special. Coming here never fails in brightening my day!

    Gladys! You are greatly appreciated! A hug is always waiting for you here as you are never alone.

    Oh Bluesky! I needed your words today … love ya!


  130. djafan said ~ David Archuleta says “I Love You” To His Girl.

    After waiting for so long, finally, American Idol alum David Archuleta said “I Love You” to the girl he loves — the girl who plays his leading day in the ongoing Philippine soup “Nandito Ako.” David is really honing his acting skills in the Philippines. He is believable in this episode, where he serenaded the girl first before saying the magic “I Love You” words.

    The Ram > Culture
    Reality Singing Competitions Dominate Primetime


    “Idol” has introduced viewers to international superstars such as Season 1 winner, Kelly Clarkson, and Season 4 winner, Carrie Underwood. Season 5 finalist, Chris Daughtry, is the frontman of his own multi-platinum recording band, and Season 3 finalist, Jennifer Hudson, is both a Grammy-winner an Oscar-winner. Other popular “Idol” winners and contestants include Jordin Sparks, Scotty McCreery, David Cook, David Archuleta, Katharine McPhee, Constantine Maroulis and Clay Aiken.

    Ana Guillen Feleo
    anagfeleo Ana Guillen Feleo
    BTS, at the hospital.. running through our lines.. tryin to keep awake 🙂 pretty blurred. it was my PA who took this 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  131. djafan said


    I know I know….two more episodes 😦 Though I can’t wait to hear David sing at the concert!

    Gladys, Nigel.AI.David?????


  132. Blueberry Ice said

    My deepest sympathies to Naree … sending her much love during this difficult time.


  133. sweetonda said

    So sorry to hear about Naree’s father passing. My condolences to her and her family. May she feel the love and prayers sent her way from all of her fan family.

    I’m going crazy thinking we only have 2 more days of this series. It has been so fun waking up to watch each morning.

    I hate thinking how short the time is for David leaving, it makes me sad, but also happy for him. Glad to hear we’ll have another photoshoot to look forward to along with the CD.

    David on AI? I think that would be a miracle if it happened. Maybe something pre-taped would work. That’s a wait and see for me.

    I Just want to send out a big THANK YOU to all who post here. You all feel like family to me and even though I don’t know many of you personally I love you all and want only good things for each of you. We’ve shared the good time and the bad so I know we will weather the next 24 months the same way we have for the last 4 years.


  134. lani said


    my twitter name is lanidm, still trying to learn the hows of twittering(?) will get there soon lol

    OHMYJOSH I saw a sneak peek of the FOREVERMORE music video on MYX Phils. Surefire Hits…AAAGGHH…. David is GORGEOUS..
    I squealed so loudddddd my son came running and asked me what’s It said coming soon….can’t wait, guess i’ll be glued to my tv
    everyday at 11pm….lol


  135. djafan said

    David’s at 932,851 followers on twitter 67,149 more to go!!!! Signup for twitter if you haven’t already!!!

    TV5’s Nandito Ako airs grand finale this Friday
    21-Mar-12, 1:58 PM |

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    MANILA, Philippines – David Archuleta fans all over the world are abuzz this week more than ever as TV5’s primetime mini-series Nandito Ako nears its much-awaited grand finale this Friday, March 23.

    Top-billed by the American Idol sensation with TV5’s own homegrown stars, Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero, Nandito Ako has become a milestone for the Kapatid Network as it was able to tap a new worldwide market with the groundbreaking show.

    The popular international singer’s first Asian TV project has underscored his charisma here and abroad—marked by Nandito Ako’s unparalleled buzz online, particularly in micro-blogging site Twitter where it has been a consistent trending topic (both in Twitter Philippines and worldwide), making it one of the most talked about Philippine local programs to date.

    Watch out for the remaining tear-jerker episodes of Nandito Ako that will sure to leave a mark on viewers’ hearts. After finding out that Holly (played by Eula Caballero) has brain cancer, Anya (Jasmine Curtis-Smith’s character) decides to let go of her love for Josh (played by David Archuleta), knowing that it’s the only way for the terminally-ill Holly to be happy.

    Anya’s decision to leave paves the way for Josh to get closer to her best friend. But will Josh ever realize that Anya is the young girl who saved him from the fire and owns the missing piece of his watch?

    Meanwhile, as Josh’s benefit concert approaches, news breaks out that he’s set to reveal the real identity of his girlfriend. Will Josh root for his real love Anya or choose to make Holly’s remaining days nothing but full of memorable and happy thoughts?

    Don’t miss the remaining episodes this week of the Mac Alejandre-helmed mini-serye which also stars Gelli de Belen, Aiko Melendez and G. Tongi, with Alwyn Uytingco, Ana Capri, Mon Confiado, Ana Feleo, Joseph Bitangcol, RS Francisco, David Bianco, Byron Ortile, and Ms. Perla Bautista, airing after Wil Time Bigtime on TV5.


  136. Bebereader said

    Hello! Be back soon. After I watch this!

    Episode 22 (yesterdays) with English subtitles, thanks to JR!


  137. jans11 said

    So sorry to hear about the passing of Naree’s father. My prayers go out to her and her family.♥

    Only 2 days left and I’m pretty sure it will end up Josh and Anya, but I was hoping it would be resolved soon enough to see them all happy for more than just 1 minute or just ending that way! Some good scenes to be able to sit back and watch and grin my silly head off! We deserve it after watching all the things that have kept them apart! But, alas, I know, it’s a soap opera.

    Would love to see David sing on AI again! My big screen filled with that glorious voice and face!♥♥


  138. jans11 said

    Picture in #130 looks as if David is praying. Knowing him, he is.♥


  139. Abrra said

    Photo shoot!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    @kariontour @DavidArchie on location shooting for the upcoming album



  140. Bebereader said

    Today’s Episode (Wednesday)
    No subtitles


  141. skydancer1x said

    Very sad to hear of the passing of Naree’s father.Praying for her and for her family.♥

    with just 2 days left of Nandito Ako,tit looks as though the storyline is going to have to come together really quickly for a happy ending.
    I can see myself already having withdrawal symptoms, come Monday morning.

    “Picture in #130 looks as if David is praying. Knowing him, he is.♥”
    I thought that too♥



  142. Bebereader said

    Perhaps Kari is in Utah with David?

    Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour
    Thai food last night now mexican for a late lunch! I wonder what will be for dinner tonight?!

    Yikes…another photoshoot? Will we survive?

    My condolences to Nareee on the loss of her father.
    If you’re reading this, Naree, thank you for the abundance of photos you contribute to the fanbase. Your talents are so appreciated.

    Gladys, David on AI this season? I hope it comes to pass!

    I haven’t watched today’s NA yet. What am I waiting for? I’m savoring each episode and watching them slowly knowing there are only a few left.


  143. If you have twitter and want to send a message to Naree her twitter is @nareejo

    Prayers are with her and her family. She has been quite worried about her father for some time due to a stroke.

    Yes Bebe Kari was at the photo shoot in Utah and sent the picture. First clue was Thai food last eve. ha! David is probably very pleased to see her and I’m sure she brought more mail.


  144. MT said

    So sorry to hear about Naree’s fater. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. ♥

    Abrra, Nice shot there! He’s such a cutie. But I’m kinda hoping for a nice, serious profile shot for the album. You all know how I love that profile. 🙂

    Yep, NA is going to have to quickly wrap this thing up in a nice pretty bow for that happy ending. Still team Jonya, and it looks like little brother is going to be the key to bringing those watch pieces together. I, too, hope that we get a few scenes of their happiness to enjoy. 🙂

    I’m sure ging to miss my soap opera when it’s over. I’ll miss the anticipation of waiting to see what happens and miss seeing his face every day.


  145. bluesky said

    For Naree:

    I hope you will not mind my sharing something I wrote for another friend when their loved one passed this last September. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


    On Grief Sep 2011

    These are tender times. God be with you and those you love. I think He is closer at these moments when our hearts feel torn between two places: the one where we are, the other where we can see them go and cannot follow no matter how we reach with our hearts. But the wonder is – although our hearts ache from that stretching and we feel deeply our inadequacies, still He finds us. He reaches in and even binds together again those tenderly torn places, those loving attachments we have that, no matter how strong cannot hold our loved ones back.

    His love spans and heals those distances be they of life or death.
    May that bright love be with you. And Joy.


  146. bluesky said

    DA: “Ran into an oompa loompa during the photshoot. Who would have thought, haha.”

    Ah yes, DA: repainting ones view of SLC one “haha” at a time. Of course SLC would turn into a bit of the “Chocolate Factory” just for you – it is your own tendency to radiate “Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar” vibes that is to be blamed for effecting everything else around you.

    Just sayin’


  147. Bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Isaac Flores ‏ @isaac_fh

    You know just met David archuleta at the park

    I guess this is oompa loompa? LOL


  148. djafan said

    jambajim wearing David MKOCT sweatshirt. Go leave David comments!!!!

    3D American Idol Recap – The Top 11 – Jermaine Disqualified!


  149. Dayzee said

    Jan & MT, I also would like to have NA continue long enough for us to see everyone be happy, but you know if the soap opera continues there will be more and more problems. We must let go of them if they are ever going to have a peaceful, happy life with no domestic violence.


  150. Abrra said

    I teaser from the Hair and Make Up ladies that did David’s shoot!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    @naturesknockout “Guess who we shot today? 🙂 — hint in next post :)”!/NATURESKNOCKOUT



  151. PaulaFOD said

    Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all had a good week! These NA episodes are killing me!


  152. Bebereader said

    What’s this?
    Nandito Ako in English by Aaron Paul

    credit aaroncathy619

    Aaron Paul is one of the writers of the song “Nandito Ako”.
    He tweeted this tonight:

    Aaron Paul ‏ @AaronPaulSongs

    The project is finished. I will upload it tonight. You guys get to see it first! I hope you guys will like Forever With You! Excited!!!

    Aaron Paul ‏ @AaronPaulSongs

    @percinotpercy With respect to TV5 I waited til the last week to post Forever With You, the english version of Nandito Ako. I hope it’s OK.

    Aaron Paul ‏ @AaronPaulSongs

    To all @davidarchie fans I present Forever With You. Thank you for being so wonderful to me!

    Aaron Paul ‏ @AaronPaulSongs

    The song is not a translation but I kept the story intact. I also added a bridge, if you didnt notice.


  153. Bebereader said

    Behind the Scenes at photoshoot:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    We got permission to share, so we will 🙂 (9 photos)
    This was an album cover shoot we did with ….cutie David Archuleta.. watch for the album to be released this fall! 🙂 and yes, we know it will be amazing! btw–all products used on David’s face and hair were SAFE, Natural, & organic, of course-lol! 🙂


  154. Dayzee said

    Aaron Paul did a great job. Would love to hear David sing this one.


  155. Dayzee said

    Oh boy! New pictures! David, don’t sit in the road! Get up!


  156. skydancer1x said

    147. ahh David in the park.really nice pic of him there. and #150. I see you up there in that corner D.♥looking gorgeous even from from a distance. gah.

    150. hey paula! yep. these episodes are killers. Can’t believe we are down to the wire now.

    149. Dayzee, haha! let them go we must.
    It appears Margawitch has gotten off her broom, Will Uncle Steve go to jail? And more importantly will his hat get the death penalty? Will Josh decide Anya,and Holly have way too many problems going on and beat feet outta there by claiming amnesia from being slapped whacked,pushed,shoved,punched,and run down by a motorcycle? (I think that would not be a stretch )
    or will we get our happy ending?:))


  157. skydancer1x said

    ok, just saw those pictures Bebe after refreshing.YIKES Gorgeous!


  158. kaycee said

    Boy, oh boy! David is sure a photographer’s dream!…megawatt smile, dashing good looks, etc. It doesn’t look like the photographer is Matt Clayton this time…hopefully he is just as capable of capturing the wonderful essence of David (haha, that sounds like an expensive cologne). I mean, come on…look what he has to work with! And, after that whole Bench experience, David is becoming an old pro in front of the camera! Can’t wait to see the pictures.

    Sky…”And more importantly will his hat get the death penalty? Will Josh decide Anya,and Holly have way too many problems going on and beat feet outta there by claiming amnesia from being slapped whacked,pushed,shoved,punched,and run down by a motorcycle.” Thanks, I needed a good laugh tonight!

    Angelica…“He arrived with only one companion,” is not precisely accurate. Somebody else was with him. Somebody he made a promise to and when David gives his word, he keeps it. He’ll be back. He has other promises to keep.” You have a way of saying things that only my heart can feel.

    Naree…thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.


  159. jans11 said

    149 Dayzee You’re probably right, but I would just like the happy ending stretched out for a few minutes to revel in it!♥♥

    152 I want to hear David singing this in english; it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s already so familiar with him singing it in tagalog. Wish it was on the album he’s releasing next fall. Wish I knew when the Evermore album is going to be released…can’t wait! But, like my grandma used to say “you’ll have to, you have no choice”!! lol

    Pictures of the photoshooting are interesting and different. As usual, David looks so awesome. Looks happy and contented.♥♥♥


  160. Abrra said

    Thanks for posting the pics Bebe. I was in bed last night when my phone beeped with a text that had the links. OMJ! it was not easy getting back to sleep hahah I happen to see the timeline of the girl in the park picture with green hair and she said David wanted a picture with her! Nice to see he had fun on the photo shoot.

    JR has posted Nandito Ako Ep 23 with subtitles

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    (No worries in that hospital, you wear your clothes under the johnny) 😉



  161. Abrra said

    David on set of Nandito Ako

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    found on twitter



  162. skydancer1x said

    todays episode felt so… short. Did anyone else experience “off-line” during the broadcast the beginning 5 minutes?
    Did anyone hear me yelling at my computer as I had a full out hissy fit?? thank goodness it came back on.
    there are a lot of loose ends to tie up.Oh, how will it all end?!


  163. djafan said

    Sky, it did feel short. I don’t want it to end! I kept having to refresh.

    But inspite of the choppy livestream it was a great episode! David singing in concert just beautiful…that face…that voice.

    Kari Sellards
    kariontour Kari Sellards
    Ep. 24 BTS pic for today. Wherever You Are Josh Bradley | David Archuleta In Nandito Ako | Alwyn Ana RS In TV5 Manila

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  164. MT said

    153. Bebe
    Wow, those pics are gorgeous. I LOVE the one by the stone wall!! And the one in the field. ♥ Those are my faves.

    “Did anyone hear me yelling at my computer as I had a full out hissy fit??” haha Was that you? I thought it was an echo when I was yelling at mine. 😉

    And yes, too, too short. I have a feeling tomorrow’s will feel even shorter. I can’t wait to see the Jonya happy ending. 🙂

    But I’ll hate to see it end. Don’t want it to be over. I have really, really enjoyed the whole thing from start to finsih. Kari, the cast, and the fans were all so wonderful to give us so much during it all. ♥


  165. skydancer1x said

    MT. LOL!
    Dja, yes, kept refreshing at the start too! Thank goodness the problem resolved itself pretty quickly.

    I can hardly believe this whole Nandito Ako experience from beginning to end..(when did David arrive to film in the Philippines?was it Jan 13th or somewhere around that time?) anyway, this has been such an exciting,adventurous distraction for the past several months, and I am so grateful for every minute of it!


  166. djafan said

    David tweets!

    from last night…missed it!
    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    Finished another night of recording!

    another photoshoot!!!
    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    Doing another photoshoot today. Have to make up for the time I will be gone, haha.

    David and the oomp loompa!!!!!
    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    Btw, here’s my pic with the oompa loompa

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Please leave a comment!

    You are here: Home / Celeb News / David Archuleta / David Archuleta Finished Another Night of Recording
    « “The Hunger Games” Brings in $15 Million in Ticket Pre-Sales Bridgit Mendler Has Vocal Chord Nodules »
    David Archuleta Finished Another Night of Recording
    March 22, 2012 By Julie 1 Comment

    David Archuleta has been busy in the recording studio over the last couple of weeks and fans can not wait to hear the new music he’s recording.

    Last night David tweeted, “Finished another night of recording!”

    The singer was also busy the other day with a photoshoot: “Doing a photoshoot today.” During his photoshoot, he ran into someone or something unexpected: “Ran into an oompa loompa during the photshoot. Who would have thought, haha.” Now that’s funny!

    It was back in December when David announced he would be putting his music career on hold for two years while he went on a mission for his church. He shared, “I would like to make a special announcement: that I’ve chosen to serve a full-time mission. It’s not because somebody told me that I was supposed to do it, not because that I no longer want to do music anymore, but it’s because it’s the feeling that I felt that I need to do next in my life.”

    In a recent vlog he titled “One Month”, David updated fans on what his plans were for the last month before he took off on his two year mission. He said, ““While I’ve been home I’ve really been enjoying spending time with my family, I’m getting to just see them. I have been working on, listening to the masters of the Forever More OPM album. So we’re just working on that, getting the songs finished up. Also working on an album here that we’re going to release in the US, gonna be doing just some good covers that are sort of in tune with where I’m going next in my life.”

    Are you excited about his new music? Are you sad he’s putting his music career on hold for two years or are you proud of him for what he’s doing?

    What a great guy David is!


  167. djafan said

    Please leave a comment On David’s OS – Bench Store Visits

    Posted by editor in News, Press & Misc. | 5 comments
    Bench Store Visits

    Mar 22, 2012

    New Bench endorser David Archuleta visited Bench stores at SM North EDSA and SM Megamall to do some shopping and to meet eager fans. Check out the recap video below presented by BenchTV:


  168. Abrra said

    Today’s episode 24 of Nadito Ako

    I cropped the twitpic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  169. gladys1961 said

    where is the scene of the stairs, when holly slaps in the face josh, and anya is also there??

    in the first video I saw of Nandito ako, I saw many people struggling, a lady gave a strong slap to another lady, I did not see these scenes.

    There are many scenes that I have not seen. We may see them in the last chapter?


  170. Bebereader said


    Good questions. Maybe those were just promos to get people to watch the show? I guess we’ll see tomorrow when we tune in.


  171. djafan said


    Kari Sellards
    | kariontour

    Another photo shoot today. This time @DavidArchie is shooting with Matt. Loving the outcome!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  172. Bebereader said

    Whoa dja! You’re quicker than wildfire! LOL
    Was just putting that pic up!
    So Matt Clayton is baaaaack!
    I shudder to think of the next set of pictures that are coming!


  173. Bebereader said

    Album cover maybe??
    Mucho introspective David.


  174. lani said



  175. MT said

    DJA!!!! Oh Myyyyyyy…..

    That’s all, just ……. *sighs*

    Can’t wait to see Matt Clayton’s shot of that. I sure hope we get to see ALL the pics!


  176. MT said

    I wonder who picks his outfits for the Matt Clayton shoots? Because whoever does? Thanks! 😀


  177. Abrra said


    I have said in the past that I hope we get a few pictures over the next two years so we can be eased into the shock of seeing David’s new maturity. This picture is exhibit A to make my point. If this is a candid shot by Kari, I can’t imagine what Matt Clayton will do with him.

    Dear David,
    Please be nice and have a few current pictures released while you are gone. It will mean more fans to come back to. Otherwise, you will kill off the fan base if you just show up in 2 yrs.
    Thank you,


  178. MT said

    177. Abrra ROFL Girl, I hear ya! I’m sitting here with my hankie, not sure if I wanna drool or cry. Either way I’m ready.

    But, I kinda hope he just gets home, goes straight to Matt Clayton, releases those pics, and sets the world (and us) on fire. hahaha

    Gonna order my plot now. 😉


  179. tawna21 said

    #171 Matt Clayton definitely knows how to ‘capture’ David! That photo is heart-stopping.

    MT… beat ‘ya… I already have my plot! haha

    Abrra, for sure we need gradual re-introducing to David or we will all be gonners.



  180. Abrra said

    Beautiful! Jen Barry told me she did this on her phone. Amazing!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    ‏ @jenleighbarry edit I did of photo taken by @kariontour of David’s photo shoot with Matt Clayton



  181. tawna21 said

    RT @pradafid: The cd will be released by Shadow Mountain in the fall—New @DavidArchie ‘s Album

    “Natures knockout thanks everyone!! He is as genuine as he comes across on camera & stage, very sweet, appreciative and sincere, knows who he is and where he’s going, but very humble. And it was fun making him into a natures knockout too, lol! The cd will be released by Shadow Mountain in the fall—watch for it, these pics were just w/ a phone, but the cover photos will be incredible and the music—ahhhhhmazing! :)”



  182. emmegirl14 said

    You know it’s a beautiful day when you log in and have pics from not one, but two, new photo shoots!
    153 top pic, hmmm. 171 MC is a master at capturing David.

    #177 amen.

    MT, I agree, the outfits in his M Clayton’s shoots are simple and so classy! And how can we get them to show us ALL the pics…any ideas? We need a plan.

    And a fall cover album. Thank you David ♥
    We are blessed.

    I ♥ Kari.


  183. MT said

    Still thinking about that photo by Matt Clayton. The more I look at it, the more I feel like crying. It is gorgeous! But why does it make me want to cry?

    Somehow, to me, it looks like it IS him in two years. I can’t even explain why?


  184. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Dr. Abrra


  185. emmegirl14 said

    MT, thought the same thing.


  186. MT said

    ROFL Are you trying to tell me something? 😀


  187. MT said

    Did you see Kari’s tweet?

    @Jana_OR_DA2014 LOL that was just from my phone a BTS shot. If ya’ll like that just wait to you see what he got with his camera! 🙂 4 hours ago

    I hope we get to see lots of them!

    LOL I see you’re already prepared.


  188. djafan said

    MT, Don’t mind Abrra, you make perfect sense to me so that means you are as sane as I am 🙂


  189. dakgal said

    MT-#183 “Somehow, to me, it looks like it IS him in two years. I can’t even explain why?”

    This is weird–I thought the same thing too!! And I felt another large crack in my heart.

    Thank goodness the psychiatrist is on duty –cause I need her –I haven’t posted lately doc–because I can’t shake this feeling of –I don’t even know what to call it–blues–despair-depression?

    I feel like I got a double whammy –David leaving for two years-without hope of to much communication–then my son in the Air Force announces–come May– he is going to be stationed in Germany for three years. Now I’m no spring chicken–and the thought of never seeing either of them again–scares the be-geebers out of me. I love them both so dearly.

    I don’t mean this to be a downer–just had to get it off my chest–maybe I can feel better.


  190. MT said

    Dak, ♥ Awww Sorry to hear your son will be moving so far away.

    Do you Skype? That might help. That’s what we do with my nephew and his kids that live in Denmark. It’s nice to have them live on camera while we talk to them and it’s even free. No phone call to pay for and you get to see them. It’s great! Next best thing to having them here.


  191. Dayzee said

    Did anyone notice that lovely neck sticking out of that open collar in the first photo at #153? Dangit I am gonna miss that neck. I do have a couple of pics to help get me thru.


  192. MT said

    188. Dja,
    Haha Thanks! Good to know! So, either we’re both sane or I’ll have company in Dr. Abrra’s waiting room. 😉

    Dayzee, hmmm lovely neck? Yep I might have noticed that.


  193. emmegirl14 said

    Dak, it is so very difficult to have those you hold so close so far away.

    MT, saw her tweet. Can’t imagine.

    Dayzee, noticed.


  194. emmegirl14 said

    MT, have a feeling that waiting room’s gonna be SRO.


  195. skydancer1x said

    171. nice picture….been studying it♥ for about 20 minutes. I hope lockjaw is not a permanent condition..

    183. MT♥ only because we know that David is even more beautiful on the inside, than he is visibly, on the outside… may be why we feel like crying.The whole package is almost more than I can take
    and this is just with Kari’s iphone!? what is Matt Clayton s pic going to do to us?.

    Oh Dak♥ I am sorry your son will be going overseas.
    MT’s suggestion of skype sounds good.I have a friend from Holland who uses Skype once a week with her siblings still over there, and in France. (Germany, is a beautiful place for a vacation) .:)


  196. poof said

    The last few weeks I have kinda been stuck on that pretty DJA face in all the NA exposure and now these beautiful photos. But I tell you, the song Forevermore has me totally addicted. Talk about a voice as smooth as butter, nope this one is a hot buttered rum. Perfect tonic for all that ails you. hmmm, That kind of fits him, I’m thinking. “A perfect tonic for that ails you.”


  197. jans11 said

    MT, I was thinking the same thing about David looking older, he looks very mature in that picture.♥ Drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dayzee, for some reason when I see a good neck picture of David, I think of you!! lol

    Dak, sorry your son will be gone for 3 yrs. Skype sounds like a good solution, even tho I’ve never done it, they say it’s great. I have a son situation that is the opposite. My son and family has lived in TX for 11 yrs and then he got a position back up here. So he is staying with me since his twin boys are srs in hi school and their oldest daughter will be a jr next yr so they want to stretch it out up to 3 yrs with him commuting back and forth from KC to TX! After living by myself for almost 4 yrs, it’s taking some adjusting. So, son is here and David will be gone. What a big change for the next 2-3 yrs!


  198. kaycee said

    Wow, what a beautiful, thought-provoking picture. Matt Clayton really has a way of catching the “essence” of David. My daughter has had the opportunity of working with him on several projects, and I have to say that he is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth guys you’ll meet…kind of like David.


  199. Bebereader said

    From JR!
    Sneak Peek of Forevermore video!

    Back cover of “Forevermore”
    JR has a copy!
    JR, you lucky duck! 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  200. Lots of changes Dak and Jan!! Plus David leaving. So glad we have the support here.
    Dak If someone can help you with Skype that would be a God-send. If they do Hope we get a you tube of you learning!! ha! Not too long a go there was a hysterical video of a couple learning and they are famous.

    What an adjustment Jan but maybe a God send too!!

    Last day of Nandito Ako!! Wow! It’s been a ride.

    Glad you are open for Psych help Abrra!!

    Thanks TheVoice for being here.


  201. Bebereader said

    About to watch the finale. Is anyone else with me?


  202. kaycee said

    I’m with ya’ Bebe!


  203. Bebereader said

    Good Morning Kayzee! Oh man I’m so emotional already and it’s only fifteen minutes into it.


  204. kaycee said

    Oh, Bebe! I need someone to hug right now!!


  205. skydancer1x said

    No translations needed for the final episode, just plenty of tissues…
    Kaycee and Bebe {{{hugs}}}


  206. Blueberry Ice said

    Oh Bebe, Kaycee …… no words …. just gobs of tears; group hug please!


  207. Blueberry Ice said

    Sky! Just missed you … starting to flood here & gonna need a lifejacket as I can’t swim.


  208. Bebereader said

    {{{{{Group hug}}}}}

    That was a beautiful, satisfying ending. Kudos to MyDearWriter for pulling it off. Earlier in the week I was not too sure it could be done.

    David’s acting in the last few scenes was amazing. I sure hope he does more acting when he gets back. If he has the ability to be this good now, in a few years from now he will be unbelievable!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Credit kariontour
    “This was the last scene that @DavidArchie filmed. Very emotional night! Thank You TV5 Manila | Nandito Ako Finale”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “A farewell’s necessary b4 we can meet again. When u touched r hands u touched our hearts too. HastaLuego @DavidArchie.”
    Credit: @JoAnnBanaga


  209. funfee said

    Hi everyone! Feeling emotionally exhausted right now! Wow that last episode was so intense and emotional! Loved it.


  210. SandyBeaches said

    OK, I have been doing battle with my computer but I might be here!

    Awesome ending. So now we are moving along and I think that I have come closer to the fan bracelet design…Something that Bebe said for the wording…done in a color that David so handsomely is wearing and you will be cherishing the look in the fall…it will go with your summer colors…There, David likes symbolism and we will have our very own.



  211. MT said

    Definitely an emotional finale, but we knew it would be. Sorry Holly died though. 😦 But Happy for the Jonya happy ending. 🙂

    Congratulations, David! I think David and the whole cast a fabulous job!

    Ummm… what happened to Uncle Steve though? Did his tie turn into a propeller and “take him away”?? hahaha He may be flying overhead as we speak.

    Loved the way they finished it off with the bloopers, too, and left us with a smile. Those were really cute, especially David’s wave at the end in the buny suit. ♥

    I will miss this show and seeing David’s face every day.

    {{{hugs to all of you}}}


  212. Bebereader said


    New Vangee commercial!

    credit dreamskyhigh


  213. SandyBeaches said

    When I first saw the wave it looked like a cast, but no, the bunny suit…

    Thanks for the quick pics.!!



  214. djafan said

    WOW!!! tears were flowing all over the world. Trending was awesome, random people were tweeting wondering why David was trending.


  215. djafan said

    Oh and the bloopers? Awesome!!!!!


  216. MT said

    OMG can I just say how much I love those Vangie commercials? hahaha Adorable!!!!!!!


  217. skydancer1x said

    Dja, the bloopers, we needed that! those were great. haha! the bunny wave so cute!

    Bebe, love the new commercial!
    Video coming out today…we will be here!♥
    looks like an emotional day ahead.

    MT♥ “I will miss this show and seeing David’s face every day.” Me too MT!


  218. skydancer1x said

    I love how David covers his mouth when he is chewing in the video! lol


  219. Abrra said

    Finale! Episode 25 of Nandito Ako



  220. kaycee said

    So true, Sky…”the bloopers, we needed that!” With the emotional ending to Nandito Ako, and the reminder that we won’t be seeing his face every morning, not to mention the knowledge that our time with David before his mission is fast approaching, those bloopers were just what I needed!! Bunny suit wave FTW!

    By the way, I thought he did an amazing job in today’s episode. His acting was so believable and heartfelt. And can I just say that he has truly mastered the two-armed hug! Who knew a hug could radiate such emotion?!

    #218…always the gentleman!


  221. Abrra said

    Here are more of JR’s pictures of the Forevermore CD cover and the inside booklet

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This one is a mirror image, the text is backwards?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thanks to JR !



  222. kaycee said

    Oh my goodness!…the goodies are never-ending today! I must store up some of this amazingness for the drought!

    And, I just had to add…5:20-6:15!…ah, totally melting! They look so happy together!…finally! Look at David (ok, Josh), all comfortable with his snuggling and mahal kitas!

    Does anyone know what the director was saying to David during the swing blooper?


  223. djafan said

    Oh Abrra!!!! I can’t wait for my CD!!!!

    David tweets!!!

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    I hope everyone enjoyed all of the work that we’ve put into the “Nandito Ako” mini-series! It was an awesome experience! Thanks everybody!

    Kari Sellards Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour
    Everyone in the cast and crew of NA U are all so wonderful & amazing. Thank you for excepting us into your family. We will never forget u.
    Retweeted by David Archuleta

    David Archuleta David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    Wow, can’t believe that the last episode of Nandito Ako will air tonight, Filipino time! It has just flown by!


  224. ray said

    knock knock,here to see the psychiatric, do you make house calls,can,t move after seeing #171


  225. betsy said

    Here it is. <33333
    Thank you Monica, Pastel, and zerogravity.
    And to everyone who made time and contributed to this video.
    And to everyone who helped others make their signs. <33333
    It's truly a beautiful thing.

    Uploaded by StarryNites01 on Mar 22, 2012
    Thank you for everything David! Especially for bringing this wonderful group of people together. We love you and WE WILL BE HERE when you get back!
    Thanks to all of the fans who sent in photos for this video!

    It's a kleenex parade.


  226. bluesky said

    Dear DA

    “What’s a moscat?” you ask?

    Veerrrry simple, DA! A “moscat” is the Pinoy version of a “Hush-cat”

    (Dislexics: the ((many)) other sides of down. *_*)


  227. djafan said

    $5 Fab Friday for The David Archuleta Music Scholarship!!!!!

    Hey David Fans!!!!

    CHECK THIS OUT>>>> It’s $5 Fab Friday at The David Archuleta Music Scholarship!!!

    $5 is all it takes to help support an aspiring music student at Murray High School…

    AND it’s a FABULOUS way to say THANK YOU to David for all he’s done and is doing for us.

    It’s also a great way to honor David, and “pay it forward” to him!

    Click to go donate:

    The current donor total is 83 and we are hoping to break the 100 mark by this weekend.

    We CAN do this!!!


  228. djafan said

    I love you David ♥

    From Forevermore album liner notes to fans: “Thank you for letting me try new things, and supporting me through it all. The journey would not exist without the relationship I’ve made with all of you. What you all do has exceeded beyond my imagination when it comes to the love and support you can show, and it means the world.”


  229. Bebereader said

    #229 Aww {{{We love you, David.}}}


  230. betsy said

    That video is the real United Nations. <333333
    Pure love.


  231. betsy said

    #228 Dja – “it means the world” This is so genuine.
    Tears all day.


  232. betsy said

    Taken by Ana Guillen Feleo


  233. Abrra said

    Made it bigger 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Taken by Ana Guillen Feleo



  234. stenocruiser said

    David is so loved, and so deserving of all the love. Thank you David for all the music and the fun — Nandito Ako is a treasure as will be Forevermore — how fortunate are we! God bless you David.


  235. MT said

    Have you guys listened to the UStream of the Forevermore album? I really love Rainbow. I haven’t heard it all yet, but I really like what I’ve heard so far.

    Admins, I’m going to post the link to listen. It’s not CD quality because it’s a UStream, but if you still don’t want it here, please delete this comment.


  236. funfee said

    MT, listening right now! OMG!!!
    Think this is going to really help with tiding us over 🙂


  237. sweetonda said

    #228 – Can he get any sweeter? Can’t wait to get my hands on the Forevermore CD.

    JR, you are one lucky lady. Thanks for sharing what’s inside with us.

    The #DA2012 video is a thing of pure joy.

    I’m in tears and my heart couldn’t be fuller with love for DA and all his fans! What a great way to send him off on his new adventure.

    Loved Almond’s picture, lol


  238. sweetonda said

    MT, just saw the link to UStream of the Forevermore album. Yea, off to listen.


  239. djafan said

    New Article >>>>>>


  240. Suzy-Q said

    I guess it shouldn’t surprise me because David’s fans are the best but I couldn’t believe how everyone was so creative in the way they made the signs and such. It was so fun to watch and see how many US states and countries I could count. I saw a lot of fans that I recognize too and that made it even more special. The whole video was put together with so much thought and love. Monica, thank you and who ever helped you for doing that for us. David is so loved.


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