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Dear DA From Bluesky

Posted by djafan on Monday, March 5, 2012

“I said he’s kind of like me. No two people are the same, and Josh is not me. He’s Josh Bradley.”

(Caveat: I am using this statement merely as an example on its own, with no reference to or implication concerning the words that may have prompted it.Β  ^_^)

Dear DA, Welcome to stardom:

You have to deal with people who care about you in varying degrees wondering who you are, discussing your motives, your dreams, your decisions, your future. Now you have cute Josh Bradley to cope with! THAT is a testimony to your talent. When we see you as Josh (or Josh as you?), you know that you have done a good job, that you succeeded in your effort to communicate Josh Bradley to us and bring the story alive. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I agree with Holly: You are amazing. (She got to say it for all of us. ^_^)

About the downside: well….. I guess it is no different from family: I worry, guess, suppose and project with those I love. And it doesn’t change a thing. They just go ahead and live their lives without checking with me first to see how much better my ideas are. How grateful I am for that!

As for you (and Josh… and all the DA’s I may have concocted in my own brain…) I think you were born with and have continued to develop a great sense of self, which only you can define. I am even more grateful for this! It means I will continue to be surprised with you just as I am with my own family. You just have a really big family to contend with. Thank you for loving us and letting us love you – no matter how imperfectly.

And I will say that I am more impressed each day with your efforts and also those of many of the other actors involved. For me, it would seem a bit like doing a movie voice-over (like Lion King) to have to respond and interact with a language not your own. Thank you so much for taking this on and trying your wings. May you find them ever lifted by the strength of the power that holds you up and carries you onward.


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