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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Posted by djafan on Thursday, March 1, 2012

Uploaded by on Mar 1, 2012

“I wanted to let you guys know March is the last month I have left before I leave. Keeping busy this month to make sure everything falls into place, though! There will be music! Sorry if this is so long and rambly again.”

One Month

We are sorry to report that due to copyright reasons, Bianca will be unable to create a special calendar marking David’s mission. Those who still want to mark the days until David returns are welcome to follow the calendar which will be put up on our right sidebar as we get closer to David’s departure. 

LDS Mission

The LDS Mission Countdown iPhone application is a virtual calendar that allows you to watch the days go by until your missionary’s or your own mission is complete!



  1. nanaweize said

    Awwwww…so sweet!


  2. stenocruiser said

    Oh my, David, I start watching and I can’t stop smiling. Then you talk about your mission and I feel sad that you are soon leaving — until I see how excited and happy you are about it. Then I smile again when you talk about the music you will be leaving for us. Then I laugh when you run to get the cat to show us. My goodness, you are so special. May God bless you and keep you, David.


  3. tawna21 said

    Oh my heart…. be still my soul…. such a sweet vlog!

    I wish there was some way to ‘encourage’ TV5 to really, truely come out with a subtitled DVD. Any ideas?



  4. sunny said

    Wow, this vlog really brings up a lot of emotions for me!! Happy that David seems so happy but sad to know he is leaving so soon!

    EXCITING NEWS! @WISE_RADIO is doing a feature on David this Sat. March 3rd, at 2 & 9 pm EST. It is an online station that plays amazing music by David, Cook, Adam Lambert, Lee Dewyze, etc.!! To listen online: or download their app: They have been amazingly supportive of David’s music! You can tweet them requests everyday/night to @WISE_RADIO Be sure to listen this Sat, March 34d, at 2 & 9 pm EST!!


  5. kaycee said

    *Sigh* What a guy. Love him. Never change, David.

    Steno…totally understood your (our) emotional rollercoaster!

    Tawna…yes, please…subtitled DVD!


  6. Heidijoy said

    Love the Vlog!! Glad he is announcing that it’s his last month, so we can gradually adjust!!
    When he tweeted the Box number, I was afraid for a bit, that he was just going to take off.

    Loving the news about music and him saying he is not feeling overwhelmed but that things are falling in place. He seems quite happy.

    Happy he can be there with his family and friends while he is doing the music.

    I’m with you Tawna on the subtitled DVD. I’ve sent tweets periodically to @Percy from TV5 as have others and he keeps saying he hears us and is seeing what can be worked out. He mentioned legalize at one point and I’m sure since it wasn’t in the original contract, they would have to everyone’s approval. Not sure if that’s the full twitter title for him but will look. He sends out at least one tweet a day related to the series.


  7. djafan said

    Beautiful, wonderful, amazing David ♥ Doing so much, album of covers, new music and all the other things and yet you could see him sparkle. He makes me smile, laugh, cry and sigh all at once 🙂

    Steno, I hear you.

    Sunny, thanks for the info!

    Heidijoy, enjoy running into you all over the net 🙂 We’ll be very busy making sure David Archuleta stays on everyones mind.


  8. Annie318 said

    hi archupeeps~ this vlog is so sweet. it gives me a lump in my throat.

    a while back there was talk of getting david on television before he goes. I’ve been thinking about it and I have a thought. I watch the bill o’reilly show on fox news. at the end of the show he does a little segment called “Pinheads and Patriots”. A couple of weeks ago he named Taylor Swift as a patriot for all of her good works. I think David more than qualifies as a patriot. If we all sent emails in maybe it could happen!

    Since O’Reilly gets a lot of emails he has said if we wish to write to put the subject in ALL CAPS and to make it eye catching and short. I thought I would put :


    We could say David is a patriot because of all the charities he supports and in addition nobody sings the national anthem like he does!!

    If you want to send an email to Bill, his address is:

    You must leave your name & town.
    What does everyone think about this idea? If we all do it, maybe Bill will name David a patriot!



  9. sunny said

    NanditoAkoSeriesTV is on facebook with Episodes 1-8 with English subtitles. Like their page & watch:

    Bench has a facebook page with 4 of David’s pics from his photoshoot. Like the page & scroll down a bit & like where they commented when they updated their page to show support for David!


  10. djafan said

    Please leave a comment ♥


  11. jan said

    My iphone is just wanting to work when it wants so sneaking in a comment while I can. Will be home tomorrow night and will catch up on the miniseries. Love this vlog..he looks so happy and I’m happy for him…can’t wait to start marking off my calendar..the sooner he’ll get back. Good idea about contacting O’reilly. He’s my #1 patriot!! It’s another good way to keep his name out there!!


  12. sj said

    sj Says:
    March 1, 2012 at 8:14 pm
    Want to pass along some fan excitement from FOD. Kimk a regular poster over there suggested we all send postcards from where we are from. We could start this now kind of as a send off and it could be pretty awesome if he had stacks of well wishes from all over the world. Then those that wanted to throughout his mission could send postcards from places they visit or an update from their city or whatever.

    Seems like something he could get the gist of without burdening him with long letters which he probably won’t have time to read anyway. Just wanted to share and please pass it along to all fansites you visit.



  13. PattiNC said

    Annie love that idea!! Love that vlog…he is so giving!


  14. Dayzee said

    I just can’t help it. When David is talking to me I just have an enormous smile. Even when he is telling me goodbye I am still smiling. He seems so dang happy and satisfied with the adventures of his life.

    And here he is down to the last few days and still filling up our goody bags for when he is gone. He gives and gives and gives.

    Tawna, so hoping for that subtitled DVD.


  15. Abrra said

    Thanks for posting Djafan!

    It’s refreshing to see David’s famous smile back in full force. Seeing him looking glum on the series has made me miss that smile.



  16. Heidijoy said

    Nice seeing you out and about to Djafan!! Have tried talking Brian Mansfield into doing a phone interview of David before he leaves.
    He always does a nice interview of David.

    SJ Like the postcard idea!! I’ve made sure David has had a number of Iowa postcards over the years. ha!ha! Hinting at stopping by. But yes while he is gone that would be great as he won’t have time for letters etc.


  17. djafan said

    SJ, that’s an idea everyone can do!

    Heidijoy, I hope Brian can get the interview or Fred Bronson would be good, they both treat David with the up most respect.

    Annie Great idea!!! We need to tweet it out to the awesome David fans! Look what trended tonight without any planning!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  18. Annie318 said

    djafan ~ I think it is a great idea to tweet the DAVID IS A PATRIOT out to all the fans. The only problem is I don’t know how to send it out. If you could do it for me I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you, annie


  19. MT said

    Awww, David. He is such a sweetie. Love the vlog. So funny when he was talking about the snow, and the Bunny Suit. lol and he seems happy. I’m glad for that. But the mention of him leaving, made me a little sad. I’m gonna miss him. But then I went back and watched the part about the bunny suit and found my smile again. 🙂 It’s just such a joy to see him smiling and laughing.

    I like the postcard idea. Not too bulky, and easy for him to read quickly. I think I’m going to do the postcard. Thanks for the idea!

    So cool that he’s trending again! It’s amazing how much David love is out there. ♥ I hope he knows/sees all these TTs.


  20. Bebereader said

    He went over six minutes?
    David, you can vlog for six hours and it would be fine with us! LOL

    Thanks for the vlog, djafan.

    Image and video hosting by 
    Pilipina Antonio ‏ @pinantonio
    Hair by PIN ANTONIO of Salon de Manila…. In his Nandito Ako teleserye ..

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour
    Late I know but here’s pic of the day from todays episode of Nandito Ako. @DavidArchie running lines before a scene

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Pilipina Antonio ‏ @pinantonio
    My fav!!! Love u !


  21. WONDERFUL VLOG thanks. David, you are so good to us.
    and now we know when.
    I LOVE the postcard idea. picking some up tomorrow. plan to do a lot of writing.
    I love seeing all the ideas here in comments.

    and…. just drafted my short letter to O’reilly.


  22. sj said

    Thinking it would be great if everyone included somewhere, maybe at the bottom or top of the postcards

    “you’ll ALWAYS have a fan in _________”


  23. Abrra said

    Trailer for EP 10



  24. looks like everyone is catching some zzzzzzzzz’s this morning?
    Just watched today’s episode. Cannot wait to see the english subtitles on this one!
    May be my favorite one yet, with a some lighter moments and lots of David smiles♥

    and now we must wait through another weekend waaaaaaah!

    have a good day everyone!


  25. Abrra said


    I am checking in 🙂

    Here is today’s translation chat box

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    My favorite moment today was the last scene in the preview. Josh is in trouble and Anya yells for help as we see his MOM come into the scene. Someone is always saving his hide! 😉 I suspect that his Mom is hiding from mean Uncle Steve by living on a remote island.



  26. betsy said

    Abs, I suspect you are right. 🙂
    Today’s episode was my favorite.
    David was funny. Loose.


  27. betsy said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit: someone on Tumblr. Not sure who, but thank you whoever you are. 🙂


  28. bluesky said

    FYI (^_^)

    Just read a very interesting article about a workshop given by John Mayer at Berklee. Gave me some things to think about. Here is a quote and a link, if you are interested:

    • The Idea of “Right Time, Right Place”
    “Not true! That would be true if you only played one show for your entire life. Then, the mathematical construct would make sense that you have to be in the right time at the right place. Forget about right time right place – it doesn’t exist! You create your place and you create your time through what you’re doing. It’s not about getting your foot in the door or meeting a person and them giving you an opportunity. Doesn’t exist. Does. Not. Exist. Nobody is going to sign you at a record company anymore – they’re not in the business of building an artist from scratch anymore. You got to bring them what you already have. “
    Instead, John Mayer encouraged students at Berklee to focus on their craft and to prepare themselves for their career without concern for depending on others for a lucky break. Mayer concluded that this first myth is “dismissive of what you can actually do. It’s dismissive of your actual talent.”

    The link to the whole article is here:


  29. Abrra said

    @kariontour tweeted some BTS’s pics today

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @macalejandre @oheulacaballero @msaikomelendez and @DavidArchie going over the scene before Josh had to hide!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    The Nandito Ako Syndrome is still trending so for ya’ll with the Josh Bradley Infection asked for the pedicab scene.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    & just because there will b no Nandito Ako for 2 days another pic of the day. Right after they called cut.



  30. djafan said

    Today’s episode was epic!!!!! David can do anything!

    Uploaded by elzzdhoo


  31. djafan said

    There was an edit on David’s OS regarding mail, no parcels. So SJ I think your postcard idea is great! I’m going to tweet it so all can join in. Lots of peeps are talking about it. It will be great for David to receive postcards from all over the world!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  32. djafan said

    A reminder about the David Archuleta Music Scholarship.

    DAScholarship ‏ @DAScholarship
    Fans Unite- how can u give back a little to @DavidArchie – support The David Archuleta Music Scholarship check it out


  33. djafan said

    David tweets!

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    Happy birthday Dr. Suess! Did you know the first documented time of the word “nerd” was in his book “If I Ran the Zoo”? Just learned that.

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    @pinantonio Pin! I miss you guys! Hope all is going well! I hope you’re keeping up the videoke haha


  34. Hi All! I love your idea about writing to Bill O Reilly! Can you pass that idea along to the other sites with information on how to contact him? I would love to help do this.

    I love KimK’s idea of sending David postcards!
    That is just brilliant! I can’t imagine the mail he is going to get!

    David’s vlog is just another reminder of how much David does for others. There is no one like him. He is a giver and a pleaser.

    The David Archuleta Music Scholarship campaign began yesterday, so I would like to encourage all of you to help us give some music students at Murray High (DA’s high school) a scholarship in his name. It will be nice to help others who love music to pursue their dreams as David has done. We have a goal to reach 300 donors before David’s leaves on his mission. Please join together with fans around the world to show David some love. By gifting others, we are really gifting David too. This was inspired by David’s generosity to others. We are just trying to “pay forward” his goodness. I think everyone wants to “give back” to David. This is one of the ways fans can do this.

    Please help us…even a little from a lot does make a difference.

    Thanks everyone!! Have a great weekend! 🙂

    There is a link on the margin of this site too!
    Thank you for putting it there.


  35. angelofdja said

    I’ve sent my short but sweet e-mail off to Bill O’Reilly. I’ve also made made my donation to the music scholarship for David’s high school.
    The excitement in David’s voice and the smile on his face has warmed my heart. He is so giving! I can’t be nothing but happy for him!


  36. ram said

    I think it’s great that we want to recognize David for his talent and achievements but I personally don’t feel that The O’Reilly Show as it one those political shows is the way to do it. Of course, everyone each to his/her own opinion.


  37. Abrra said


    I agree with you. From my experience, watching him on TV in the past, Mr. O’Reily is not very David-like in his demeanor.



  38. Blueberry Ice said

    David’s vlog … he is just too precious! Gonna miss these vlogs so much!!!!!

    Sj; Thanks for sharing the postcard idea … grateful that we can show our support to David even while he’s gone!

    Bluesky; #28 … Hmmm … interesting food for thought; makes me think that David is in a good place and thankful that he has the guts to be true to the kind of artist he wants to be.

    Dja; #30 … Watching these episodes is even better the second time around, though wish it was more in focus or maybe I just need my eyes checked or do I just chalk it up to the Josh Bradley Infection, haha!

    One of my favorite moments is when Holly says to Josh, “your smile is more than enough!” She gets him like we do! 😉

    Betsy; #27 … Nothing tops sassy David sticking out his tongue behind Anya’s back … after all the drama, sure enjoyed this lighthearted side of Josh!

    David is doing so well isn’t he? Every different expressions and emotions seems to come so naturally. Kudo’s to him for not only for taking on this dramatic role but for convincingly pulling off all the interactions with his fellow actors despite not knowing any tagalog. Even with the dialogue translated, it’s got to be challenging but the scenes flow so easily, the timing on cue and the delivery effortless … no wonder the director & the other actors were so impressed! Gosh, next week sure looks like it’s going to be gut wrenching!

    Well, gotta say that twittering is more fun than I expected … so great to see David & Nandito Ako trend worldwide for the past two weeks!


  39. Heidijoy said

    Love Episode 10!! Especially the last scene with spunky Anya and Josh’s reactions.

    Not in favor of an appearance on Bill O’Reilly who is currently caught up in too much Political stuff and Women’s issues.

    David is enjoying his last month at home and I would hope some respected media such as Brian Mansfield of Idol Chatter could do a Phone interview.

    Nice piece on Think Of Me How appropriate!


  40. Bebereader said

    HeidiJoy#39 Thank you for pointing us to Masterclasslady’s column. I really enjoyed the article.

    JR just posted this on her youtube today.


  41. Bebereader said

    This is JR’s own footage from the audience. She was there for the taping! Lucky JR!!!!!!

    credit JR

    David’s voice blows me away!


  42. angelofdja said

    David would not be appearing on the O’Reilly show. His name would be mentioned at the end of his show where Bill has his patriot segment.


  43. Spirit said

    I’ve been out of town the last few days and away from my computer, so have spent the evening catching up on everything here in Archuleta land. I was admiring the picture of David in the top left sidebar (actually staring at it for an unknown length of time!), and then I finally read the quote that was posted under it. Was so surprised (and excited) to see that it was my quote!

    I had mentioned that I saw Kenny Loggins recently. Another of my favorite artists from the past is John Denver. If David ever covers “Perhaps Love”, I don’t think even the paddles would help me!!

    I want to thank all the administrators again for all that you do to make this site so special.


  44. Bebereader said

    Spirit, Glad you noticed your quote! 🙂

    John Denver is so dear to my heart. I was a huge fan of his from way back. “Perhaps Love” is one of my favorite songs he did so thanks for posting. The subject of John Denver crossed these pages many times and we realized that many of David’s fans were also fans of John Denver.
    Coincidence? Hmmm….

    I hope David will one day cover one of John Denver’s songs. This Old Guitar, Sunshine on my Shoulders, Sweet Surrender, How Can I Leave You Again and many more songs come to mind.

    Hey a girl can dream. LOL


  45. kaycee said

    40, 41…*melting* So beautiful. (Bless you, JR)

    Such a great episode of Nandito Ako today! Can’t wait for next week! They’re not making it easy for poor Josh to choose between the girls!…Holly, so devoted and willing to help against all odds and it looks like sick as well…and Anya, the destined girl from the fire, fiesty and the underdog. Both so beautiful and with great chemistry. And, we’re not even half way through! I can’t wait to see the evolution of Josh’s relationship with Anya begin now…haha, it looks like it starts out pretty rocky!

    My poor body doesn’t understand weekends–it’s so accustomed to waking up early now that I can’t turn it off! Actually, after the first week of the show, I decided that it would be much easier to watch it after work, without all the commercials and delays, and get a bit more sleep, but my body keeps waking up at the early starting time each day! As a matter of fact, Iast night I actually dreamed that I woke up at 6:15, worried that I’d missed the beginning of the show, but then (still dreaming) realized I could go back to sleep and catch it later, only to wake up right at 6:00! Aaaahhh! I think I need intervention!…Archuvention!

    I’m so amazed at all this young man has done and is doing for his fans before he leaves on his mission!…always thinking of others. What a great example to the young (and not so young) people of the world!


  46. Gayle122890 said

    The covers album-what a thoughtful way for us to stay connected to him that David will be leaving us. It will be something special. And as he said, also for us to think of where his mind will be as he goes about his very different and separate task that will be his mission. Spiritual songs? Lovely pieces like ‘Perhaps Love”? God bless you, David. Please take with you the assurance that we WILL be waiting. Counting down the days til that day when it will be announced throughout the fandom: DAVID IS BACK!! I wonder if anyone has suggested to David to book a large venue for his first concert appearance upon his return? I mean, everyone of us fans have 2 years to plan, save, do whatever we need to do to be able to attend that first show when he comes back. Wherever that may be. Hey, now there’s a plan for me! Wouldn’t it be something if thousands of us fans would pack an arena and gave David the biggest, most loving-est welcome any artist ever got? We have 2 years, peeps. Just a thought.

    Going to sleep now, with that beautiful, soothing, WYA and that soft velvety voice that will be my pillow.


  47. Gayle, beautifully said!


  48. KH said

    This is one of those posts where I opened the page and saw the photo, tried to scroll down and scrolled back up to look at the photo, tried to scroll down and scrolled back up to … etc etc. LOL! Such a great photo of David there!!

    Bebe, I am so with you on the John Denver songs. His was my first concert and his songs have been favorites for most of my life. Songs I’d want David to cover (that you didn’t mention): music love because he sings about nature, which I love. I’d add

    Gayle, I adore that thought and I’ve had my change jar going since a few days after his announcement. I think, as hard as his leaving is going to be, we will adjust and the anticipation and excitement surrounding his return are going to be cuuuuu-raaaaaaaaaazy good.


  49. KH said

    LOL that I forgot to add the songs. Had a few in mind but wanted to look at my iTunes lists and then forgot because I wanted to address Gayle. BB in a minute with an actual list.


  50. angelofdja said

    Amen Gayle!


  51. KH said

    Okay. Here’s an addiction to Bebe’s list: I Want to Live, Farewell Andromytta, Like a Sad Song (I don’t know if I’d ever recover, though.) I love Annie’s Song but I guess that one feels too personal to John, I guess.


  52. KH said

    I did far too much cut and pasting and made no sense. Sorry. Sorta embarrassed but I know I’m among friends so I’ll just wave hello and wish you all good days.


  53. MT said

    Thank you, Bebeeee! Nandito Ako has now been relocated (I think it moved next door so it can visit any time it wants) and Wherever You Are has taken up residence in my head. lol I LOVE his voice on that song. ♥

    And the soap, well, feisty David … and Anya treating him like he’s nobody special … is all kinds of win. David/Josh was so funny! That was the best scene so far.

    Oh, and I love Holly’s nanny. Fangirl, big time. haha I thought for a second she was gona kiss him!


  54. 42. Angelofdja
    “David would not be appearing on the O’Reilly show. His name would be mentioned at the end of his show where Bill has his patriot segment.”
    thanks for clearing that up angel.yep Its just a short segment at the end of the show.I sent a short few lines to The Factor about David’s charitable giving heart, and the way he sings patriotic songs so beautifully and the great respect he has always shown our troops.and that he is putting his career on hold to do missionary work.
    8. annie318 so Annie thanks for the sweet idea,IMO, I really don’t see anything wrong with it.and the show has huge viewership.

    Gayle….”Going to sleep now, with that beautiful, soothing, WYA and that soft velvety voice that will be my pillow.”
    WYA has been my nightcap since David first sang it♥

    Bebe♥ I so agree.can you just imagine Sunshine on My Shoulders! eeeeeeeek!
    Denver too had that contagious bright eyed zest for living life to the fullest,and singing and writing from his heart about things he cared about like David.I can see how many of us were Denver fans. all those songs you mentioned…ahhhh would love David to cover a Denver song one day! I was a huge fan,bought all his records went to his concerts. but still never felt about him, or anyone else the way I do about David:))


  55. emmegirl said

    Just got caught up on the episodes, it is really getting exciiiting!
    Love the lightheartedness and bit of sass in the 4th video after all the drama. Next week looks to be epic.


  56. Abrra said

    A Saturday gift from @kariontour

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Just because its Saturday 🙂 During a video shoot.



  57. djafan said

    This video! You could see at about 3:16 the part of the video where he’s wearing the outfit above. I’ve watched that part about 100 times already, I can’t wait for Forevermore! David segment starts at 1:17.

    Uploaded by mytv5channelkapatid on Feb 18, 2012


  58. djafan said

    Wise Radio playing David! Listen here!


  59. emmegirl said

    dja #57 – forgot we have a music video coming too…and what about 3:01.


  60. cowboys4 said

    bebe- I’m pretty sure we’ve talked in the past about our John Denver love. lol Sweet Surrender would be an AWESOME David cover and because it’s my personal favorite, would love to hear him do Annie’s Song. ♥


  61. emmegirl said

    Thaaanks dja, listening!


  62. emmegirl said

    Aaah, just heard Desperate, sounds incredible!


  63. emmegirl said

    oh Somebody Out There was soooo beautiful. Now WFM!
    He sounds so goooood on the radio!!!!!!!

    *sorry guys, out of control here*


  64. djafan said

    Emmegirl…out of control with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Elevator goes up elevator goes down!


  65. djafan said

    TOSOD!!!! HA! Not there I just have to insert for him when listening to studio version lol


  66. Annie318 said

    # 54 skydancer1x ~ thank you for clarifying what the o’reilly show patriot segment is. bill is a very big charitable giver. I know he would respect David for that. Also saying that at the height of David’s career he is leaving for 2 years to do missionary work. I didn’t think my original post all the way through. Thank you sky for including all the most important points. the o’reilly show has been the # 1 cable news show for the last 10 years. This would give David tremendous exposure and keep his name & beautiful face out there.



  67. Abrra said

    I just tuned in to Live 365. It sounds like someone has had their hand in Abrra’s Candy Jar 🙂



  68. emmegirl said

    dja, such a great mix of recorded, acoustic and unreleased songs! Just heard Running, wow, he just sounds so freaking good! Now Love Don’t Hate!

    abs, lol, am thinking the same thing!!!


  69. emmegirl said

    Well, now that the live365 “concert” is over…watching the 4th part a couple dozen more times. 🙂

    (Eula and Jasmine are terrific young actresses – I am really enjoying Jasmine and her character.)


  70. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  71. sunny said

    Just wanted to let everyone know that @WISE_RADIO had a 2 1/2 hour segment on David earlier today! It was beyond amazing!! The are having Part 2 tonight (3/3) at 9 pm EST. Use this link to listen:

    Abrra: Is there anyway you can do your MP3 magic on the songs they play? Seriously, it was such an amazing 2 1/2 hours! They had old songs, new songs, acappela (spelling), live stuff! I was in “Heaven” & oh by the way they played a live version of that too!!!


  72. Abrra said

    The file would be too large to work with, for me. If you listened today, you could hear pretty much what I have in the Candy Jar as far as live songs, including many “Heavens” 🙂 Sounds like “shuffle” on my iPod. 🙂



  73. tawna21 said

    David’s on the radio — RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Thanks Sunny! 🙂


  74. Bebereader said

    For those who missed the Wise Radio show, it’s on again now at 9PM EST.
    Listening here:
    Thanks to all who posted links.

    “Works For Me” is playing now. 🙂

    Neat list of songs by John Denver. Any of of them would make a great cover song. Don’t worry about your copying and pasting;I understood you perfectly.

    “Annie’s Song “would be awesome!

    Ditto for “Sunshine on My Shoulder”.

    See you in chat later.


  75. emmegirl said

    Last tweet – love his dry wit.


  76. Spirit said

    Bebereader an KH – You had some great John Denver songs on your lists. They are some of my favorites, too. I don’t think that anyone has mentioned my all time favorite song of his, Looking for Space. The lyrics always remind me of David and the journey that he is on in his life. These lines especially:

    On the road of experience trying to find my own way
    Sometimes I wish that I could fly away

    And I’m looking for space and to find out who I am
    And I’m looking to know and understand

    Also- “sometimes I fly like an eagle” because David seems to frequently incorporate flying into his songs.


  77. bluesky said

    Spirit: love it! <3<3<3 ^_^


  78. djafan said

    Please read the calendar update in the article below the collage. Thanks.


  79. Bebereader said


    How could I have forgotten “Looking For Space”???
    Wonderful,wonderful song.
    One of my all-time favorites!
    Thank you for the video!


  80. Abrra said

    Looks like Dayzee won’t be needing a countdown calendar! She sent me this picture of her paper chain !(Her room looks a lot like mine )

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    She says, “I have hung up my 730 link paper chain to track David’s mission time. Looks like a loooooong time, don’t you think?”

    Thanks Dayzee. We love getting things to post 🙂



  81. bluesky said


    One word: Impressive!!!!

    (I like how there is no ‘mirror’ in your mirror: when you look for yourself you just see DA.)


  82. jans11 said

    Dayzee! Love your paper chain idea!♥♥ I just may steal your idea! Okay???


  83. Hi guys!

    I had this for weeks now, Didn’t have time to upload

    DA’s Week04 Recap @ Paparazzi (18 Feb 2012) w/ a sneak peek of the OPM MV

    More media buzz vids are up


  84. lani said

    Wow, Dayzee, very nice room you have there!! I can stay in that room 24/7!


  85. Jen A said

    Dayzee you have some mad interior decorating skills going on! Heh, that would be a fun contest to see who has the most “artful decor” in the land! 🙂
    Let’s just say that Dayzee’s decor wouldn’t fly with Mr. A…

    Spirit, hearing that song from John Denver’s “Windsong” album just took me back to my parents’ empty living room where I would sit and listen to that album over and over with the honking big stereo headphones on. My son is almost the same age I was when that album came out so it made me smile and I wanted to thank you for posting!

    Even as a 10 year old I could appreciate the beauty and imagery of the lyrics and how John’s soothing voice made me feel. Happy Sunday!


  86. Dayzee said

    I told you I had more pictures than Holly.


  87. Spirit, thank you so much for reminding me of how much I used to love listening to John Denver!! Looking for space is such a beautiful song. I’ve just gone and downloaded a John Denver album on iTunes!!


  88. emmegirl said

    Jay Durias on David, “He is like a genius! Actually he IS a genius! He is.” ♥

    ….not the first time we’ve heard that.


  89. emmegirl said

    Dayzee, lol! No contest!


  90. djafan said

    Was able to get to chat last night! Thank you all for a great David time 🙂

    Dayzee, your room is all kinds of awesome! David, David, David and more David!

    Trending has started in Asia! So get ready to trend >> Craving For Nandito Ako Week 3 and add @davidarchie or David Archuleta to your tweets!

    Here’s a preview of Nandito Ako episode 11…5:00am here I come!

    Craving for Nandito Ako Week 3


  91. Bebereader said

    Another great night in chat! We watched old and new videos until the wee hours and when I left, which was rather late, there was still a full house.

    Dayzee, Thanks for the glimpse of your David wall. It immediately put a smile on my face as I’m sure it does to you when you’re there. Kudos to you!

    For those interested in NA with English subtitles (someone
    asked about it in chat last night), it’s on facebook with Episodes 1-9 subtitled in English plus the first half of Episode 10 subtitled in English. Here’s the link:


  92. Spirit said

    Bebereader, Jen A., Cowboys4, KH, FunfeeFiona, Bluesky, Skydancer1x – Wow! A big group of John Denver fans here!

    Skydancer1x – I really agree with your comment:
    “Denver too had that contagious bright eyed zest for living life to the fullest,and singing and writing from his heart about things he cared about like David.I can see how many of us were Denver fans. ……….. but still never felt about him, or anyone else the way I do about David:))” Yep….David is in a league of his own!

    FunfeeFiona – I have recently downloaded a few John Denver songs, too. Since 99.9% of my ipod is David, had to squeeze John into that .1% .


  93. tawna21 said

    Dayzee, verrrry nice room! Made my hubby laugh. I have an 8×10 hand drawn sketch by my computer that was given to me (it’s gorgeous), and that’s all I display. I just play his music all the time. Everyone knows that I have my ‘David Box’ that is popping it’s lid off it’s so full (I’ve got another one ordered).

    Chat was fun last night. It’s going to be interesting to see how close the NA story line comes to matching what was discussed last night. 😉

    It’s almost time for week 3— deep breath, ready, set, GO!!



  94. djafan said

    Twitter party for before Nandito Ako!!!

    ArchuletaPhilippines ‏ @archuletaphils
    Nandito Ako Week 3 Is Breathtaking // #followdavidarchie // (let’s try sneakin a 3rd trend!) Sneaky Josh Bradley — .March 5 TT 🙂

    New Bench picture! David looks good in green 🙂
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  95. PattiNC said

    Evening…Count me on the John Denver bandwagon! (think I’ve mentioned it before) I caught his PBS special and found myself in tears. I was obsessed (OJD???) with him, had every album, knew every word and could probably still sing along today. I even had his I Want to Live display album jacket from a record store in my room! 4 ft x 4 ft!! 🙂


  96. Angelica said

    Been very busy lately at work. More of that later. Have missed you all but have not missed a single episode of Nandito Ako. haha. Priorities are important.

    Loved John Denver. This was my favorite song of his that never failed to bring a tear to my eye whenever I listened to it. I think we all know someone like Matthew who touched our lives long after they were gone.


  97. PandasMama said

    What is this. I’m MIA for one day and miss out on the John Denver Fan Club convo. I was a huge Denver fan. Still am. I have always thought David would sound incredible covering any of Denver’s songs. I was so lucky to have front row seats for JD’s concert here in Austin back in the day. It was in the round at our then brand new arena at the University of Texas. That show stills the record for the largest attendance of any show at this venue. The record has held since 1978. Not even Taylor Swift or George Strait have broken it.


  98. djafan said

    Complete episode 10 with English subtitles! I’ve watched several times 🙂


  99. MT said

    Chat was fun last night. We saw some of the odler videos and I had forgotten how awesome he was from the very beginning. Yup, he always had it, and always will. ♥

    Dayzee, I really like your paper chain counting the days. That’s a great idea. And you have a great room!

    I wasn’t really a Denver fan. I don’t really know why, althought I am definitely familiar with some of his music and he has a great voice still. I guess it was because I was more of a rock fan when I was younger? But listening now, I can see that some of his songs would sound great with David’s unique voice and his own spin on them.

    I’ve been re-watching the last few episods of NA now that all have subtitles, all the way up to #10, and I am just amazed at how David’s skill is improving day by day. Plus, the story line (& David’s gorgeous face, of course) has drawn me in, hook, line, and sinker. lol I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. I.Am.Ready!


  100. MT said

    Goodness .. I am re-reading my posts. Ugh, I can spell, I really can.


  101. PattiNC said

    Besides a unique voice, David and John have something else in common…great skin!


  102. bluesky said

    Djafan: me too. Looking forward to there being even more episodes as awesome!

    Ah… John Denver: Days cleaning the house with my older sister, the windows open, the music surging outward, rumbling the floor as we danced like the curtains in the breeze. Such a joyful sound.

    I remember being unashamed of joy. John Denver: a deliberate gift of love.

    Now… let me think… um… uh… who does that remind me of?

    (You guys… anyone feel like dusting with me?)


  103. PattiNC said

    Senior skip day with a transistor radio glued to my ear trying to win tickets to a JD concert! I did go, guess I paid for it…concert in the round..Hollywood, FL


  104. Spirit said

    PattiNC, Angelica, PandasMama, MT (newest convert?) – Welcome to the John Denver Fan Club! lol

    #94 – newest Bench picture of David – Holy Moly!! Is there any color that David doesn’t look fantastic in? Years ago, there was a book called ” Color Me Beautiful”. The theory was that each person has a “seasonal” color palette in which they look the best. Spring and summer colors were usually more pastel while winter and fall colors were bolder. Anyway….David must be a winter, spring, summer, and fall guy! That shouldn’t be possible, but as we know, ordinary is not a word that describes David.


  105. Spirit said

    Point of clarification on my last comment concerning the Color Me Beautiful palettes. Sometimes a person does get to be a combination of seasons such as a spring/fall or a summer/winter, but NOBODY ever gets to be every season except apparently Mr. David James Just Put Any Old Thing On Me And I’ll Look Gorgeous Archuleta. (Oh, and to top it off, then I’ll smile.)

    OK…I’m done.


  106. Abrra said

    Nice HQ video from the Bench Fix launch !




  107. kaycee said

    106. Ok. I’ve seen those songs from the Bench launch at least a dozen times…and yet, I’m left speechless each time! The energy, the emotional connection with the crowd, the pure joy in his countenance, and of course the VOICE! As a matter of fact, no matter what song I watch him sing, he just has that ability to bring me into the moment and make me feel that joy he feels when he sings.

    My son, who returned from a mission to Central America not long ago would often leave the people he was serving or teaching with a song. Can you imagine if David did the same?! I can see the headlines now…”A strange unexplained malady hits the area with mesmerized people walking around in a smiling breathless stupor! “Haha!


  108. kaycee said

    Wow, episode 11 was great!! Lots of David…and fiesty Anya! Not to mention double cheek caress…and killer stares from Josh!


  109. MT said

    Don’t ya just love it? Fiesty Anya, Josh getting pummelled with a broom, Anya’s mom fangirling bigtime, Anya wrestling Josh to stay, Anya’s dream and the double cheek caress, the water throwing ….

    Yep, going to go watch it again. 🙂


  110. todays episode…..whew! this keeps getting better and better. Can you say on-screen “chemistry”? Holy cow!
    Kaycee, those stares got to me. need a drink of water! haha
    Scene with Anya’s Mom and Josh….epic
    David keeps getting better and better.


  111. MT heading back in myself! haha So much David today♥


  112. djafan said

    foksjdfio3eqnfcowinvoewinrfoawenfowehro;iwNFEO;NFo;whoifdnoi3ere0ow;inv oWEU;RHOE


  113. gladys said

    dja, your talgalog is better and better, like mine.


  114. djafan said

    They’re up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great episode!!!! OH DAVID!!!!!!


  115. djafan said

    Gladys!!!! jajajajajaja

    David has a twitter party!!!

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie
    Week 3 of Nandito Ako! In the middle of the mini-series already.

    heart echoes ‏ @nareejo
    @DavidArchie why didnt you remove your shoes when you went to bed (in anya’s house)

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    @nareejo Because Josh was somewhere new and didn’t feel entirely comfortable yet relaxing, sleeping at a stranger’s house on a hard surface

    ❥ Tessa Peña 亜錦美 ϟ ‏ @TessariePotter
    @DavidArchie Nandito Ako was trending worldwide (again!) hours ago. :))

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    @TessariePotter Oh no way! Awesome!

    Jean. ‏ @omyheckjean
    @DavidArchie You’ve been with Anya for a day and you guys are falling in love already? It was so adorable tho haha

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    @omyheckjean There’s a connection from long before that, though haha. It makes them even more drawn to each other.

    Salamahafifi Y ‏ @Salamahafifi
    @DavidArchie Josh said he could sleep anywhere and he didn’t mind. Hmmmmmmm…..right.

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    @Salamahafifi I think he was just trying to be nice, haha. He obviously couldn’t.

    @emmmiley’s tweets are protected so by David’s answer you could get an idea of her tweet. You tell her David!

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    @emmmiley I said he’s kind of like me. No two people are the same, and Josh is not me. He’s Josh Bradley.


  116. djafan said


    Cianelle Maala 🙂 ‏ @greenpantsuits
    @archuletaphils Look what’s trending worldwide! P.S. My Twitter App’s trending topics are delayed

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  117. Gladys! ROFL! HAHAHA!

    dja, know exactly what you mean! haha (still laughing at what Gladys said)…so funny!


  118. djafan said

    Sky and Gladys we seem to speak the same language lol.

    I love Nandito Ako. Who would’ve thought we’d be seeing David in a novela and acting. He does dramatic, angry, comedy, sad, crying, love, all of it with perfect timing…perfect everything. Rambling here haha.


  119. djafan said

    kariontour Kari Sellards
    Pic from BTS of Nandito Ako 2day. We just luv Byron Ortile! He is going 2 B a superstar 1 day and his little brother.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  120. angelofdja said

    Ditto this Bluesky:
    “Thank you so much for taking this on and trying your wings. May you find them ever lifted by the strength of the power that holds you up and carries you onward.”
    I loved your whole post. The end was perfect for how I’ve been feeling about David’s future.
    I wish him everything good as he moves with his heart.


  121. djafan said

    NEW THREAD >>>>>


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