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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ Ageless

Posted by djafan on Monday, February 27, 2012

 Week 2 of Nandito Ako!  Watch here.

Don’t forget trending party tomorrow US time before Nandito Ako begins.

  Any combination of:

David Archuleta In Bunny Suit


Excited For Nandito Ako Week 2

Make sure to capitalize the first letter of each word.

Bench gives us a teaser!!


Happy Monday everyone! Let’s start the week right with @DavidArchie‘s behind the scenes video during his shoot!…


It’s a beautiful sunny Wednesday morning! And it just got brighter with @DavidArchie‘s Summer BTS video!…


143 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ Ageless”

  1. djafan said

    bluesky said
    Monday, February 27, 2012 at 1:39 AM e

    So… I suppose they just came up with the “ageless” tag after taking all these photos and trying to decide how old DA is?


  2. djafan said

    Bebereader said
    Monday, February 27, 2012 at 1:48 AM e

    PS The Bench photoshoot video in #104.

    Don’t be fooled; HE IS SUCH A HAM.

    That man was born to be a performer.

    Singing, dancing or acting, he has natural talent oozing out of his pores,


  3. djafan said

    migspastor miguel pastor
    With two of @Benso_Haler @archuletaphils Two of the newest endorsers of @benchtm It is rare to see them together.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  4. Abrra said

    I won’t be able to watch today 😦

    Love this !! Djafan please find a prominent spot on the upper sidebar for this??

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Awesome work



  5. emmegirl said

    that video, that video, that video..that face. that biceps.

    concur with bebe…HAM 🙂

    we’ll wait.


  6. emmegirl said

    dja, your tags, love ’em.

    It is amazing the number of completely different expressions, natural expressions, his face reveals in this short clip.

    *screams* put this guy on the big screen when he gets back!!!


  7. GAAAAH! he. isss. goinnnng. toooo. keeeeeell .meeeeee!!!!!

    3..Dja.that pic is precious of David and Lucy,but.have you cleared it with Dayzee?

    on a personal note
    Had my iphone and some cash stolen yesterday from my big sweater pocket…. standing in a crowd, where I thought it would be safer to not carry a purse.. 😦


  8. Oh no sky! So sorry about that, iphones are very important to us Archies! 😦


  9. Abrra said

    I texted your cell and told them to give it back now!!!

    Pls call you provider ASAP and ask about zapping the phone to make it stop working. It will be useless to them. Provider might be able to get a location on it with gps

    Good luck sis. 😦

    Abrra I blame all errors on my iPhone


  10. thanks fi, and abrra calling my provider now, then going to see about a replacement. I miss texting, and my David music most of all 😦


  11. angelofdja said

    Oh Sky! Sorry some people suck!
    “What comes around goes around”. Something “bad” will happen to the perp. Sooner or later…
    You will get through this!


  12. Bebereader said

    Sky, So sorry! How dare they! {{{Hugs to you, my friend}}}

    I missed Nandito Ako this morning but just watched the trailer.

    credit TV5Philippines

    Running to find a link for this morning’s show.


  13. Dayzee said

    Sky…you know I am always willing to share 🙂

    So sorry to hear someone has taken your phone. When I misplace my phone or Ipod my main fear is loss of David stuff.

    Loved the teaser from Bench! My favorite kind of clip–all David. That sideways look at the end of the whistle (about 44) needs to be captured.


  14. Abrra said


    Check your mail. I did a scream cap from my phone.

    Abrra who wishes she can post pictures from her phone to the site.
    I blame all errors on my iPhone


  15. Bebereader said

    Here’s the link for this morning’s/last night’s show.
    I just watched.
    Things are heating up. 😉


  16. bluesky said

    That link won’t work on my mac. I will waaaaait for another. ^_^


  17. Dayzee said

    Abrra, I could not find anything in my mail. I patiently looked and looked (ok I lied about the patient part) but could not find it.


  18. djafan said

    David was tweeting early today.

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Nandito Ako week 2! Hope you guys enjoy!

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Just one more thing, I wanted to note that it was my brother’s 18th birthday yesterday! Congrats to him on a big year!

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie
    Noticed that my other sister snuck onto my laptop while I was gone last night.. and was on my twitter!! lol sorry again guys.

    Awwwwww and this is why it’s good to trend 🙂 David Archuleta in bunny suit and Excited for Nandito Ako Week 2 trended WW at the same time and for quite a while.

    Was just seeing if the Sacha Baron Cohen thing was trending and it wasn’t. But #Proud of David Archuleta was. How random is that. I’m proud of u too @davidarchie

    Hmmmm…Don’t like this guy.

    Just heard on Elvis Duran radio show. Elvis:”Let’s see who is trending now.David Archuleta in a bunny suit” Hostess:”Whyyy?”

    Disney Dreaming ‏ @Disney_Dreaming
    We love that David Archuleta In Bunny Suit is trending!

    Sheena Ramos ‏ @sheenalogy
    AMAZING FANS of David Archuleta. JUST. BLOWS MY MIND. EVERY NIGHT! Worldwide trending topic!

    This is why Josh picked Anya for the date. It seems so David to me lol Anya’s entry:

    “I don’t know you and I don’t care who you are. My father’s dead. My mom works hard to send me and my brother to school. I have many important things to do and to think about. I don’t care about this date.”


  19. djafan said

    Bummer Sky!

    I reallllllllly love this BTS video and want the entire thing soon 🙂

    ArchieSpain DavidArchuletaSpain
    @DavidArchie con “FIX products” aplicado en su pelo durante el photoshoot de @benchtm(He looks awesome!<3)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  20. djafan said

    New interview…. trying to remain calm hahahahahaha…hope it’s an error!

    David leaves Phl with a heavy heart
    FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo The Philippine Star Updated February 28, 2012 12:00 AM 0 comment to this post
    David Archuleta was smiling teary-eyed during this exclusive farewell interview before he went back to the US.

    In the TV5 soap Nandito Ako in which he plays a Fil-Am singer tracing his roots in the Philippines, American Idol alumnus David Archuleta delivers his dialogue in English and whoever is in the scene with him does so in Tagalog. Interestingly, they understand each other perfectly well. How do they do it?

    “Before the shoot,” David told Funfare during a farewell interview a few days after he went back to the States, “they explained to me the scene and what the other actor was saying, and that’s how we understood each other.”

    They did the same before David recorded the soap’s theme song of the same title, composed by now-US-based Aaron Paul del Rosario.

    “So I knew the meaning of the song and I sang it straight from the heart,” said David.

    Supposed to shoot for the soap in three weeks, David stayed for more than a month to record an album of covers (titled Forevermore for Sony Music, set for release tentatively second week of March) and managed to accommodate other projects including a pictorial as endorser of Bench’s hair-styling product Fix and gracing the Close Up Pyropalooza.

    When Nandito Ako premiered on the Kapatid Network Monday last week, TV5 PR girl Peachy Guioguio texted Funfare, “Hello! Nandito Ako is trending in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, The US…worldwide!”

    Sadly, David didn’t catch the airing because he had left by then to fulfill his two-year service for the Mormon Church, during which he’d be shut off from showbiz…well, partially.

    “I’m leaving the Philippines with a heavy heart,” admitted David who has been embraced by Filipinos as a kapatid.

    More on David:

    After Nandito Ako, what?

    “At first, I thought, ‘I can’t act? Why will I ever do it?’ I was so scared to act. Doing Nandito Ako was so much fun. It gave me confidence as an actor. I would love to come back and do another drama series.”

    What role do you want to do next?

    “Whatever character they make me portray. Who knows, maybe some kind of a sequel to Nandito Ako. But it depends on how well Nandito fares in the ratings and how much people enjoy it.”

    In your free time, you took the jeepney to a wet market (in Novaliches). How much else did you see about Metro Manila?

    “I wanted to see the real life in Manila, and not just the nice places that people brought me to — you know, the five-star hotels, etcetera. I went to eat halo-halo at a small store in Pasay City. I tried the balut but that was for a scene in Nandito. I didn’t eat the whole thing, though.”
    David Archuleta was smiling teary-eyed during this exclusive farewell interview before he went back to the US. After shooting the TV5 soap Nandito Ako, he managed to grace the Close Up event Pyropalooza (above) and the presscon for Bench’s hair-styling gel Fix which he’s endorsing (left).

    You’re doing a two-year mission for the Mormon church. Will it cut you off from showbiz?

    “I will be in seclusion but not totally. I can use the computer once a week. I can write letters to my family and friends. I can tweet my fans to update them on what I’m doing. Mostly, I’ll be doing community service and help bring people closer to Christ. There’ll be time for to reflect on myself and my relationship with God.”

    Why did you decide to do that service?

    “It was more about the sacrifice. I was raised a Mormon and I think my parents did a very good job in teaching me to remember what’s important in anything that I do. God has given me so much. Time to give back, time to share with others what I’ve learned about my relationship with God.”

    As a Mormon, what are you supposed to not do? Does it limit the kind of songs that you choose to sing and now the kind of roles that you have to portray?

    “It’s more up to you to choose the right songs and the right roles for you. When people look up to you as a role model, you have to be careful with what you do and what you say. I try to relay a positive message in my songs.”


  21. Abrra said

    I might have a wrong address on my phone email me and I will add the correct address. I made you a pretty picture.

    Abrra whose iPhone does not know Dayzee
    I blame all errors on my iPhone


  22. Bebereader said

    Re interview in comment #20, I took the liberty of highlighting an interesting part.

    Here it is again:

    You’re doing a two-year mission for the Mormon church. Will it cut you off from showbiz?

    “I will be in seclusion but not totally. I can use the computer once a week. I can write letters to my family and friends. I can tweet my fans to update them on what I’m doing..”

    I hope this interview was a literal translation of David’s answers. If so, he can tweet us!


  23. Bebereader said

    “Joining the international list of Bench’s endorsers for its clothing brand and professional hair care label Bench Fix is American Idol’s season 7 runner-up David Archuleta. As we all know the singer, now an actor – all thanks to TV5’s Nandito Ako, has made the Philippines his second home (just for a month though). Having a wide fan base in the Philippines, Archuleta is surely not gonna be missed (much) by his Filipino fans contrary to his declaration of a retirement of some sort because of a recently wrapped up TV series shoot, an OPM album in the works and now… as endorser of Bench!

    Here’s a behind the scene peek of his shoot for the brand:”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    More behind the scenes photos and a blog at this link:


  24. Bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Too many to handle. *Sigh* More here:


  25. xaris said

    Okay, this is the first soap opera I have ever watched in my life, and I feel like my head is about to explode, even with subtitles and translations. I’m dying laughing at myself, because I get excited when a character starts her dialogue in English–like today: “Margaret, it’s been more than ten years, walla walla puro, hatred, banga banga.” Apparently, I need to brush up on combinatorial math to figure out who has fathered which child by which woman. I swear, I have never enjoyed TV this much.

    Happy day to all!


  26. Bebereader said

    For Dayzee from Abrra

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  27. djafan said

    Xaris hahahaha… Thank you for the morning laugh!


  28. betsy said

    All these pictures, I can’t. Just when I decide that I love the gray sweater pic the best, I change my mind because really, that orange red plaid is too gorgeous But then.
    Dear David,
    You can never go wrong with the jeans/blazer combo. Just saying.
    anonymous fan. 🙂


  29. betsy said

    Xaris, I know, right? That was hilarious. 🙂
    They are truly a bilingual society!


  30. MT said

    Oh Sky, how awful for you! 😦 I’m so sorry to hear about someone picking your pocket. It breaks my heart to see bad things happen to good people.


  31. Abrra said


    Bebe Ty for posting for me

    Up til now you have lived the good life by avoiding soaps. Lol Its fun to roll around in the humanity of complicated relationships. You made me laugh out loud.


    No matter what he wears he looks fabulous! It must be the skin, hair , teeth, smile and tight psyique. And that’s just the view from the front 🙂
    You fail at anonymous.

    Abrra I blame all errors on my iPhone.


  32. djafan said

    Today’s episode!


  33. MT said

    Thanks for the post and that TOP PIC! Oh my, how cute is that Bench BTS vid! He is definitely quite the ham. 🙂 The photographers must really love working with a subject that you just can’t take a bad picture of. haha

    Those pics in #19 & #23, and that pic in #26, whoa!

    ” It must be the skin, hair , teeth, smile and tight psyique. And that’s just the view from the front 🙂 ” Yep, all of that and more.

    And I just finished watching todays’ episode of NA and really, after seeing those pics, who turns down a date with THAT guy? haha Well, we know they meet eventually cuz you can’t cheat fate. I’m really getting into it. I’ll hate to see it end!

    BTW If any of you win a date with David and don’t want to go … Call me! haha I’d be happy to take it off your hands. 😉


  34. jan said

    Hate to hear about losing your phone. Cannot believe people nowadays…hope it gets strightened out soon. ID theft is terrible. We had mail stolen from our mailbox and they were printing off checks from ours when the cops caught them. Had to change checking accts..we actually changed banks too. Such a hassle! Love the lead pic! Looks as if he’s throwing us a kiss..that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!! Love that David will be able to tweet once in awhile!!! YEA!!! I’m here in Vegas but here I am checking out David stuff…its free and sooooooo interesting…gotta get my ODD fill!!!! Like Abrra, all errors are blamed on my iphone!!!! Lol


  35. Lynnella said

    #25, Xaris. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. How were you able to match the dialog(lol), they go so fast. That is what it sounds like.

    #3, that pic of David and that sneaky Lucy Hale. Did you notice she has her fingers on his neck. Someone is going to be in a snit.

    These pictures are killing me. If he had finished school, gone on his mission, and then went on Idol, he would have won hands down. Although he was by far the most talented in Season 7, he was the youngest and not considered sexy enough by many, my sister included, to win the title. I didn’t realize it was about sexiness, but thought it was about finding the best singer, who was DA. Whatever, that sexy thing would no longer be a problem.



  36. Dayzee said

    Found that gorgeous pic at #26. Set it to my desktop. Now can’t seem to concentrate on my job. Whatever that is. What’s more, I don’t care.


  37. 25.Xaris,
    “Margaret, it’s been more than ten years, walla walla puro, hatred, banga banga.”
    hahaha omgosh.. so funny ! thx, I for the days funny.

    Bebe,and dja,all these pictures are so awesome. The man is certainly a photographer’s dream.uh David,

    Gladys…. I think David may need some help with those buttons

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.Watching this drama unfold is just the most fun ever! lots of storylines coming into play, and I am really enjoying all of the characters.

    Betsy, Dear David,
    You can never go wrong with the jeans/blazer combo. Just saying.
    I”M with you on that sister!:))

    MT, fat chance! haha

    well, I have replaced my phone with another one, just like it. Already been back to Abrras Candy jar♥, so I have my David music on the new one now already..


  38. Gayle122890 said

    Hello all. Was wondering if the link to the translated episodes for NA was still available. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. Probably right under my nose but keep missing it.

    Well that Ageless video is a nice little morsel for this hungry beak. I’m specially enjoying his display of split-personality. Going from boy-next-door to mature, handsome, hurts-to-look-at older guy as in :36 (my fav) and :41.

    Well stayed home from work today. The reason: I became a first-time Grandma overnight! Was there for the delivery. A baby girl. Wow, what an experience!

    #4 Abrra, I love that. How can we not…?


  39. dakgal said

    Oh!! My gosh–I can’t wait to hear what was actually said on today’s episode—I do like your version tho– #25…Xaris—-“walla walla puro, hatred, banga banga.” I have a feeling this series is going to have more twists and turns than David’s favorite roller coaster ride!!!

    I have taken the liberty of renaming him….David+ Josh = Dash Archadley 😉

    Thanks to all who are keeping me in the loop –as to where to go to see the latest episodes…….. I’d be lost without ya—everywhere I go it’s a no go. 😥

    Had my nose in a book when I was suppose to be chatting Sat. nite–when I looked up it was toooo late and my eyes didn’t work anymore—thirty lashes with a wet noodle!



  40. skydancer1x said

    jans, good grief! that’s awful. boy talk about good timing, glad they caught them.

    Lynella ,yes.interesting scenario….and yes, those pictures are killin me too.
    remember randy to our David♥
    “You are exactly what this show is about…its about finding the BEST singer, and the BEST singer of season 7 is RIGHT THERE!!!


  41. skydancer1x said

    Gayle! Congratulations on your first granddaughter! How wonderful! What is her name?♥

    “Dash Archadley” 😉 hahaha! I like it…. sounds like the dashing hero in a great romance novel♥.you know, kinda Rhett Butler-ish….


  42. Gayle122890 said

    Sky, thank you! 🙂 Her name is Emily.

    Xaris you so funny!! When I’m watching without translation, I keep yelling, “Ah, what are they saying?!” I think I have a pretty good idea, though. I always replay the David parts. Over and over and…


  43. MT said

    Gayle! Congrats on your first granddaughter!


    If you still need to see today’s episode, here’s a good link.

    Save the site. It’s good for each day. (You just need to change the date in the link for tomorrow and the next day, etc.) It will show one piece/vid, then the next will automatically follow when it’s done.


  44. betsy said

    Gayle, congratulations on your new granddaughter. Someone new to love. ♥


  45. Spirit said

    My sweet hubby took me to see Kenny Loggins this past weekend. He’s been one of my favorite artists since the 1970″s, and he still puts on a great show. Guess who I was thinking about while he was singing “Celebrate Me Home”.

    Home for the holidays, – (Easter 2014?)
    I believe I’ve missed each and every face,
    Come on and play my music,
    Let’s turn on the love light in the place

    It’s time I found myself,
    Totally surrounded in your circles
    Whoa, my friends

    Looking forward to a big welcome home celebration in 2014! I’ve enjoyed many musical artists through the years, but none have touched my heart and soul like David.


  46. emmegirl said

    Congratulations Gayle! My only grandbaby, a little girl, just turned one this month – what a joy! It’s everything you’ve heard …and more!

    Just finished watching, this is gonna be a fun week!

    dayzee 36, lol!

    Lynnella, noticed that sneaky Lucy too 😉
    (you certainly can’t blame a girl)

    sky..bummer 😦


  47. tawna21 said

    has anyone been able to bring up the subtitled vids for #6 yet?

    Congrats Gayle!! baby g-daughters are awesome little beings to have in your life! ♥



  48. betsy said

    Emmegirl – she’s a year old already??
    Ok, time officially flies.

    Also this:
    Nandiiiiito akooooo umiibig sa iyo
    Kahit na nagduuuuuurugo ang puso- whoooaa

    Kung sakaling iwanan ka niya
    Huwag kang mag-alala
    May nagmamahal sa iyo
    Nandito akoooo

    Just doing a little serenading.

    Sky, so glad you already got your new phone. That was terrible.

    Spirit – I always just loved Kenny Loggins. He also had a small Asian tour in 2011. 🙂


  49. Bebereader said

    Sky, We become so attached to our cell phones that we can’t leave home without them. (I can’t even leave a room in my own home without mine.) So glad you already have a new one! BTW, your “dashing hero” comment is spot-on! (Thanks to Dak,too!)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Gayle, Congrats, Grandma, on your new grand baby!

    Emmegirl, Happy First Birthday to your granddaughter.

    Spirit, Beautiful lyrics! “I believe I’ve missed each and every face..” <<< Aww

    Betsy, keep serenading us!


  50. CONGRATS on your first granddaughter, Gayle!!!!!!! 🙂


  51. Blueberry Ice said

    Dja; Whoa … just love the Bench photoshoot & video! As gorgeous as he is, how much more is his hotness factor & beauty magnified because of his charisma, genuine character & pure heart!!!!! What a lethal combination!

    Sky! #7 … How horrible about your phone! Glad that you got a replacement … I can’t imagine life w/o one … hugs!

    Bebe; #22 … I think my heart skipped some beats when I read that! Keeping my fingers crossed that he truly can tweet while away but hope David can confirm it himself.

    Xaris; #25 … This is my 1st soap too! Where was I all these years, haha! Too funny about the “combinatorial math …“ as I was thinking I needed to see a Mendelian family tree diagram to figure out how & if they are all related, lol!

    MT; #33 … Did I not recall you saying in the past that you’ve never been to his concert? Then certainly, you deserve a date/VIP w/ David!

    Jan; #34 … Glad that you can keep up on David stuff while in Vegas … hope you’re having fun!

    Betsy; Not a bad angle on any of those photos, right? Just too hard to choose a favorite one! #48 … Oh, your tagalog is sounding mighty good!

    Gayle! #38 … Congrats on your 1st beautiful granddaughter! Babies are so precious but grandparents are such a great blessing too!

    Spirit; #45 … It will certainly be one epic welcome home celebration that I will definitely not miss! Hurry up 2014!

    Emme; #46 … Awww … 1st b-days are always so special … they grow up so fast!

    Ok … getting settled for another episode! Abrra, hope you are able to watch it today!


  52. djafan said

    Blueberry I’m up!!!

    Congrats Gayle!!!!

    kariontour Kari Sellards
    I think we are all waiting to watch David Archuleta In Bunny Suit on Nandito Ako Week 2 Here he is getting suited up!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  53. poof said

    OMJ !!! It’s my birthday,,, what a bunniful gift! Somebunny loves me!!! Hop you have an awesome day everybunny!!!


  54. Blueberry Ice said

    Dja! Good morning! Wow, took a while for the show to start but it was sure worth the wait, wasn’t it?

    Poof; ‘Hoppy’ B-day to you! Hope you got your IHOP personal call from David too! Have a special day! 🙂

    Halo Halo anyone? I can make a pretty good one, lol!


  55. djafan said

    Happy Birthday Poof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have bunniful day!

    Blueberry, Loved this eposide!!! Will need to watch it at least 1000 more times!!!! It was kilig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  56. Hoppy Brithday to you Poof!!!!!
    Have a bunniful day♥

    Dja,I’m with you, today was great!!
    “Loved this eposide!!! Will need to watch it at least 1000 more times!!!! It was kilig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    that screaming scene was hilarious.! so many good ones today.hahaha

    Blueberry, and Dja,
    was it 30+ minutes late coming on today?I get the LIVE episode later and later each day here.
    Does Will Time trump Nandito?


  57. Dayzee said

    Poof!! Happy Birthday! How nice that David wore his bunny suit for your party.

    If you stare at the pic at #26 long enough, David will wink and give you a sly smile. I hesitate to mention this because if you people at the voice feel I have gone over the edge, I probably have.


  58. Dayzee said

    Sky….we need to donate a clock to TV5


  59. MT said

    51. Blueberry Ice,
    Aww, thanks. 🙂 And you are correct. I haven’t seen him live, yet. But when he comes back? VIP, Here I come! haha

    Happy Birthday, Poof! Hope you have a very HOPPY day! 🙂

    Todays, show. OMG, how adorable was he? The chase scene! The bunny costume,! and Holly grabbing him and running out of the restaurant, were some of my favorite moments. ♥

    But the scene where he talks about being just a normal guy kind of hit home. My very first article was about wondering if he could have it all. The fame, but still be “just David” in his off time. I know it’s a scene about Josh, but it seems very “David” too.


  60. Poof said

    Holy hoppin’ rabbit! Thanks everybunny!!!! Now I am going to check out #26 again.


  61. Heidijoy said

    Happy Birthday Poof!! Loving the Mini Series!! David putting on the Bunny Head and you can see his beauty there.

    Yes Dayzee scrolled back up to#26 and David winked at me with that right eye!! HA!!


  62. Abrra said


    Thx for the link. I was a tad confused, but I see now that all parts play in succession.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  63. Happy Birthday to you, Poof!!!!!!!


  64. tawna21 said

    Happy Birthday, Poof! It’s a great day for a birthday!



  65. sunny said

    Love that teaser vid Bench put up!! David looks amazing in it & I love how playful & fun he was!

    NanditoAkoTVSeries has it’s own fb page. Episode 1-6 are up now with English subtitles!! Like & watch:

    Bench has a fb page with one of David’s photoshoot pics as its avi. Like & see David pics, etc. Be sure to leave comments about David!!


  66. betsy said

    Happy Birthday, Poof. Many more. 🙂

    Observation: The candle at the top right of the page looks like it’s lighting David’s face to the left of it. ♥


  67. Gayle122890 said

    Poof- “You’re no bunny till somebunny loves you!” Happy birthday!

    Best episode so far! Did you guys catch his bunny tail as he’s climbing into the limo? lol! And Chit: “Fix your hair!” and he has no hands to fix it with. lololol! I hope this episode is seen EVERYWHERE, it’s priceless. :D.

    Thanks everyone for the congrats. 🙂


  68. angelofdja said

    All the best to you Poof! May you have a fantabulous birthday! 😆

    This series is so good! David and his fellow cast members have done themselves proud! The idea of a soap opera was tough for some of us to grasp, myself included! I can’t help giggling out loud, cheering with him or crying along as his scenes unfold! David stepping outside his comfort zone has been a blast to see. He is one smart cookie leaving us with all these gems to enjoy!
    I sit here, one content, very appreciative fan. Thanks David. 😉


  69. Dear Josh
    ♪♫♪♫”Don’t you want somebunny to love?♫♪dont you need somebunny to love?wouldn’t you like somebunny to love?♪♫
    you better find somebunny to looovvvve!”♪♫♪

    “Fix your hair!” and he has no hands to fix it with. lololol! ”
    HAHA! I know! that was too funny!

    65. thanks for the links sunny!
    gotta go rewatch….

    66. Betsy,how observant you are, it does!
    aww he’s standing in our lovelight♥ his skin has that candlelight glow:))


  70. djafan said

    New trending plans since I think twitter peeps caught on to us.

    ArchuletaPhilippines ‏ @archuletaphils
    #ArchieOnTV5 for Feb29 (leap year! bunny hop now, everyone!) — #ArchieOnTV5 — lets switch it up for a few days to get back on WWTT! 🙂

    Angelofdja, “I sit here, one content, very appreciative fan. Thanks David. :wink:”

    Very much so.

    David called several of my family members this morning lol Here it is if you didn’t get one.


  71. Abrra said

    Thank you for the link to Ep 6 with subtitles. I am saving all the videos,but could not find any with subtitles past ep5. Much appreciated!



  72. emmegirl said

    Favorite episode so far, loved every second! Won’t be able to watch for a couple of days, it’s gonna drive me crazy!

    poof, as it should be… the bunny episode on your birthday!
    HoPpY BiRtHdAy!


  73. betsy said

    Uploaded by BenchTV on Feb 26, 2012

    Behind the scenes of David Archuleta’s shoot with Bench



  74. betsy said

    Remix of TOSOD.
    Amazing video.
    Watch this.


  75. betsy said

    Where is everyone? 😦


  76. gladys said

    here, always, why?


  77. bluesky said

    73: Betsy

    Nice late night movie!

    Like he says: Just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary job.

    Lucky us.


  78. emmegirl said

    Betsy, I’m on the floor. Only got to the 38 sec mark of that video.


  79. stenocruiser said

    #73 Betsy — Wow! Amazing video — gorgeous David and that remix! Wow!


  80. betsy said

    Okay Emme. Just don’t even think about pausing it at 1:34. DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!


  81. stenocruiser said

    #78 — Well, Emmegirl, if you watch the whole thing, guess we won’t be hearing from you for a long, long while! Gosh, he’s so playful, so beautiful.


  82. emmegirl said

    I’m in B – I see your 1:34 (actually I’m not seeing anything, I might have gone blind), and raise you a 1:09+.49.


  83. MT said

    I’m here. haha Just lost in that video! But I can’t seem to get past 1:09. It has me spellbound! Good grief, he has reached a new level of gorgeousness. Wow! His eyes are gold!! And his skin is … !!!

    Ok, I finally got past 1:09. And I started to wonder, where Did our sweet, cute little David go? And at 2:29, I found him. 🙂 Too adorable.


  84. emmegirl said

    Steno, they can let all their other male models go. No need for anyone else on the payroll….

    …ok, except maybe the swimsuit models.


  85. angelofdja said

    David is so playful with the camera! He seems to know exactly what he’s doing…
    Smelling salts? Anyone? GAH!!!


  86. MT said

    Yep, He knows. Wonder what he thinks when he sees those pics? Does he laugh and say, “wait till they see THESE pics”? haha

    And yes, pass the smelling salts please.


  87. emmegirl said

    Angelofdja, he looks so relaxed and like he was really enjoying himself. Whatever they did to make him feel comfortable, it worked. 🙂


  88. betsy said

    Emmegirl – and the cologne models.


  89. xaris said

    I’m with you Emmegirl–even for David, 1:09 is a whole new level of gorgeousness!

    This tweet made me laugh. Oh, some of the words I would like to insert….

    janey79 ‏ @janey79
    Thank goodness @benchtm saw in David what (insert your own word) in the US did not.

    I’m getting the hang of this soap opera thing. I’m now rooting for Evil Steve to hook up with Holly’s mother and have a child. They could name it Damien.


  90. Abrra said

    Thanks for posting the video Betsy!

    You know you want it. From Abrra’s Candy Jar!

    TOSOD Remix Bench BTS.mp3



  91. emmegirl said

    His hair swept up off his forehead like…somehow it just sets off all those gorgeous features even more.

    janey’s tweet, lol!

    xaris, “They could name it Damien.”. LOL!

    Betsy – and the hair product models.


  92. Lynnella said

    My sister I told you about, who didn’t think David was sexy, well, I emailed her that Bench video and she said, “yes, he’s NICE looking”. Some people just can’t admit they’re wrong, no matter what kind of evidence you show them. I’m actually thinking about having her committed, or at least banning her from my home. It makes my blood pressure rise to think anyone won’t admit how gorgeous he is. Are they crazy.

    Okay, rant over.



  93. betsy said

    Xaris, what cracks me up about Uncle Steve is that he looks 23 yrs old in the flashbacks, and he still looks 23 now, lol. They put a hat on him to make him look older, but that makes me laugh even harder. He’s been raising Josh for 15 years. Hahahaha I can’t.


  94. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    screen caps by Abrra

    Oh yes , he knows!

    Also this , sent to me by djxoxoxoxox
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    (All images credit BenchTV video)



  95. Bebereader said

    #73 Gasping for air! sdfjfjgsdfjldjgsdjglj
    And may I remind you that was no Josh Bradley; it was David all the way.

    I watched part of American Idol tonight and one of the contestants sang a poor rendition of “Angels” which the judges liked. (That’s the problem with AI ever since Simon left. The judges like everyone and rarely criticize.) I quickly found David’s “Angels” from Top 8 week to wash away the version I saw tonight. You don’t toy with perfection. You don’t try to copy from the best because you’ll end up failing. You’d think the contestants learn this basic principle before they choose their songs.

    Anyway…visually, I don’t see a hint of AI’s David in the video in #73. Oh yes the hair and skin are the same but he has grown in all ways by leaps and bounds.

    Do you realize that he’s killing us and then saying “See ya, for a while.”?

    That’s okay, David. We’ll wait for you forever.


  96. Lynnella said

    Thank you Abrra, for those screencaps. Just what I needed to lower my BP. Especially, the second one. I was hoping for a screencap of that one. I just need to stop letting my sister push my buttons, and realize she’s blind and deaf, just like a lot of Americans, or David would be all over the radio, TV, and the big screen. I remember seeing Mel Gibson in Mrs. Soufle, when he was about 24. I thought he had the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen. I think they’ve met their match. I’m not even sure I could handle those eyes in a closeup on the big screen. But, I’d sure like to find out. They’d have to sell smelling salts in the consession stand.



  97. angelofdja said

    Abrra, your warning was very kind. TY. Going back for another look/listen… 😉


  98. MT,Emme,Steno,Betsy! Xaris.LOL!
    HAHAHA! you guys are cracking me up!
    eeek! Damien
    (reminds me of my daughter’s devil cat!)

    as I was waiting with baited (morning) breath, for TV5 to start Nandito Ako, the phone rang, and all I could think was “who’s calling me this early?! dang telemarketers.
    It kept calling me back, so aggravated, I picked up and said HELLOOOO!!!? then I hear Davids sweet recorded voice♥ oopsie.

    Gladys, hola! {{waves at Gladys}}


  99. 99 !!!$%^*(__)*&%$^(*I^%$RBG^))_*&%#$^_)_+IY^%$##@$%^&*(!!!!


  100. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Hey guys, so I got an address where you can send mail to now and also while I’m gone. You can send it here: PO Box 4297 Apopka, FL 32704 USA

    You guys might say “Why Florida?” but my manager’s down there & people I know that”ll make sure I get it before I go and while I’m gone! 🙂



  101. I mean 94 not 99. 99 was me,I mean. I don’t know what I mean.I can’t.


  102. WONDERFUL NEWS ABRRA!! OMG! YES!!!!!!!yes!!!!!♥♥♥


  103. poof said

    Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. I had a great day, and topped it off this evening with the David “trifecta”. First, I watched Nandito Ako, where David’s goodness shines through in every word he utters. Then I listened to my newest latest addiction, “Wherever you are”,,,, there are just no words for that experience. And now I see that incredible, beautiful face shining out of #94. David, dear one, you light up our lives. Thank you for all the joy you give us.


  104. kaycee said

    Hard day…hard week actually. So nice to spend a few moments in this happy place!…episode 7 of Nandito Ako, the new BTS Bench video, the iHop recording, and all the beautiful pictures and warm comments,,,just what the doctor ordered! Thanks all!

    Poof…hope you had the happiest of birthdays!


  105. djafan said

    Hello all! I thought I commented but I don’t see it! I’m so behind in sleep that I could be cast in the Walking Dead haha

    I saw or better yet experienced the “video” WOW. Love TOSOD in the video.

    Thank you djx!!!! Beautiful pictures!!!!

    The address happened!!!!!


  106. PattiNC said

    Morning! Yay for an address…hope that little Post Office in Apopka, FL is ready!!!!!
    After seeing these Bench pics, you just have to wonder…why doesn’t everyone see (hear) what we do???? Oh well, guess we’re the fortunate ones with good taste!
    Happy belated birthday Poof…I forgot I shared mine with Daniel…he’s a little younger 😉


  107. Dayzee said

    Great day!! We had the date scene and the concert in the same episode. Things are moving right along.

    My favorite part of the video at #73 is the extended arm at 144/145. So perfect. Took my eyes right off the neck for a short time.


  108. emmegirl said

    Lynnella, no problem – that’s what we’re here for.

    Thanks for the grins this morning ya’ll.

    We can send letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  109. Abrra said

    Send me an email? I don’t have yours on my phone. I sent a scream cap of that arm image to Bebe to post. I’d rather send to you lol In case she isn’t home.

    Abrra I blame all errors on my iPhone except when I make scream caps on it


  110. MT said

    95. Bebe
    “Do you realize that he’s killing us and then saying “See ya, for a while.”?”

    haha Yeah, and then he’s gonna come back as 24 year old David and finish us off!

    Kaycee, Hope your week gets better. ♥

    We can send letters? Yayy, I’ve never written to David, but I think I’m going to.

    Already watched today’s episode (hubby had to work early today so I got the computer early! haha) and he is getting better and better. Love the attitude when he told evil uncle “I’m not a stranger in this country”. And, from the preview for tomorrow, looks like he’s gonna “run” again. Go Josh! Find your mom!

    hahahaha I’m laughing at myself here cuz I am really getting into this!

    101. Sky, hahaha Looks like we are both numerically challenged. I goofed with my number in comment 83, said I found sweet lil David at 2:29 and should have been 1:41. LOL 2:29 is the end of the video. 😳


  111. Bebereader said

    Betsy #93 “They put a hat on him to make him look older, but that makes me laugh even harder. He’s been raising Josh for 15 years….” <<< Obvious miscasting of Uncle Steve. The actor should be at least ten years older. But I love the Cook reference.

    Poof…Happy Belated Birthday!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    So we can send letters. We got it directly from David on a tweet! I haven’t written a real letter in a long time. So busy doing emails. Looks like I’m going to get into the swing of it again. I want David to know how much we miss him.

    I’m off to watch today’s “Nandito Ako” episode.


  112. Bebereader said

    To Dayzee from Abrra

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  113. Bebereader said

    What’s this? Josh Bradley’s family. Pic found on
    DavidArchieVenezuela ‏ @DavidArchieVzla

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  114. 112. good grief. whatever he is doing, he needs to keep doing it.


  115. djafan said

    Hellooooo!!! Was up again this am! This Nandito Ako is getting better and better. I say David is ready for the big screen myself, my gosh, I knew he could do it just didn’t imagine he’d be this good so fast lol dummy me David learns in hours what would take most a lifetime.

    I added the second Bench video to the one on top for easy access. What a man ♥

    Kari Sellards ‏ @kariontour

    @macalejandre showing…or should I say directing @DavidArchie how to eat Balut (pulled from my videos so not 2 clear)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  116. djafan said

    I love that even though David’s name might not be in the trending topics when you click on the topic it gives you a synopsis of the trend. Today Run Josh Bradley Run trended worldwide for some time 🙂

    Here to give out tips/tricks in voting for THE archuleta!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  117. Abrra said

    Watch today’s replay here:



  118. djafan said

    On youtube for awhile!


  119. djafan said

    People are asking about the “Thing” lol

    MyDear Writer ‏ @MyDearWriter
    @angedafan LOL! Don’t think about it yet- focus on how to survive the awesomeness of Week 2. Then brace for Week 3- Run Josh Bradley Run!

    AI tweeted this last night and you could just imagine the onslaught of tweets. They’re still being tweeted. Even Fred Bronson tweeted them.

    American Idol ‏ @AmericanIdol
    I know it’s probably not, but I really don’t remember anyone performing a Robbie Williams song before. Correct me if I’m wrong! #Idol

    Fred Bronson ‏ @FredBronson
    @AmericanIdol how about David Archuleta singing the same song?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  120. Hi lovely people of The Voice. Just dropping by to say hello…
    … and also check if you guys are still alive after Bench unleashed that beast of a BTS photoshoot vid
    LMAO, I know… it is hard to choose. I started screencapping and I had to stop cos… well I had to sleep!

    POOF – belated happy bday

    SKY – sorry to hear about your pocket getting picked. Hope you didn’t lose too much

    Anw, gotta go. Brace yourselves for more exciting things… that’s all I have to say about it 😉


  121. Abrra said

    OH Look what I found!

    LDS Mission

    The LDS Mission Countdown iPhone application is a virtual calendar that allows you to watch the days go by until your missionary’s or your own mission is complete!

    Getting it!



  122. Dayzee said

    Gee whiz that’s a beautiful arm!

    I was thinking if I was in charge of David’s life I would not be greedy. He would come over every Wednesday night. Yeah. When I heard the doorbell at 7 pm I would know David would be on my porch with Chinese, Pizza or Thai. We would eat and talk and he would sing and play with my grandkids, being a good role model and showing them the best path. Every Friday he would perform in a concert. I would be in the center of the first row, surrounded by all David’s terrific fans. After, all of us fans would gather and discuss how great the concert was. Sometimes we would have a Saturday lunch to talk about his awesomeness. That would leave him with Sunday for churching, Saturday for dating and the rest of the week for education, practice and running.

    But since no one hired me for that job, I guess I will just have to support him in what he chooses. Go David. Be a great missionary. Come back when you are ready. Call me when you get back and maybe we could work something out


  123. tawna21 said

    Dayzee #122!! can I just say —> I {♥] U. You just make me smile and chuckle. 😉



  124. Bebereader said

    Dja, Love the collage 🙂

    JR, Thanks for the warning! I don’t think any kind of warning could have prepared us for the last BTS Bench photoshoot.

    Dayzee, I’d hire you in a nanosecond. You are one smart lady! :))

    David tweets:

    David Archuleta ‏ @DavidArchie

    It’s quite a challenge trying to see how much music stuff we can get done in a short amount of time that’s left, but I’m excited! Busy time!

    52 minutes ago!

    He’s making music!!!!


  125. dakgal said

    SCREAM CAPS!!!—-Haha But so true—jeepers creepers ….where’d he get those PEEPERS. 😯

    David is so full of good news –I can hardly stand it.— Makin music—a place to write to him—what a doll!

    Because I’m the WHO-WHAT-WHY AND WHERE lady….I need help—-who is and where did the person come from all of the sudden… yelling to Josh about his Mom being alive..and looking for him….how does she know Josh is the son?…and I saw her give Josh half of a picture…where did he come up with the other half????…aaaand one half was of just the mother and the other half had Josh and his Dad–which half did he have???? Wouldn’t it make sense if he had a half a picture with he and his Mom? OH, the drama—- Half a watch and now half a picture—– My hair is getting grayer by the minute……. I feel like I’ve missed a whole episode. Can anyone splain this mess? Am I taking this too serious??? Do I need an intervention???


  126. Bebereader said

    Dak, I’m a little confused too…the blind leading the blind but I’ll try. LOL

    I usually don’t watch the show in the morning in real time because of all the commercials. I watch it in the afternoon, and watch the previous day’s episode again to keep the continuity going in my mind.

    ‘Because I’m the WHO-WHAT-WHY AND WHERE lady….I need help—-who is and where did the person come from all of the sudden… yelling to Josh about his Mom being alive..and looking for him….how does she know Josh is the son?…and I saw her give Josh half of a picture…where did he come up with the other half????…aaaand one half was of just the mother and the other half had Josh and his Dad–which half did he have???? Wouldn’t it make sense if he had a half a picture with he and his Mom? OH, the drama—- Half a watch and now half a picture—– My hair is getting grayer by the minute……. I feel like I’ve missed a whole episode. Can anyone splain this mess? Am I taking this too serious??? Do I need an intervention???”

    That woman is probably a friend of Josh’s mother. Idk how she knows Josh is the son but maybe that part of the story will eventually unravel.

    I’m assuming that Josh saved that part of the pic. Funny that he happens to have it with him but not so funny if you think about it. Knowing Josh, he has always carried that half pic around with him to remember his Mother.

    Hope this helped.


  127. Abrra said

    WTG fans!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hoping for 1 million before he leaves.

    Today’s trailer. It’s all in “the look” isn’t it?




  128. djafan said

    Here is todays episode!!!!!


  129. djafan said

    Episode 9…no lagging!!!


  130. MT said

    Dja, thanks for getting today’s episode here so quickly. 🙂

    “Do I need an intervention???”

    LOL I don’t know about you, but I think my hubby might think I need one. He came in while I was watching and asked “what is that?” I said, “a soap opera”, he said, “but it’s not in English!” haha It took some explaining, and the name David. Then he just rolled his eyes and said “Oh.” lol

    As for the picture, I’m confused too. He and his mom were separated in a fire, no warning. How did they each end up with half of that pic? And if his mom is looking form him, why wasn’t SHE there instead of the friend? If the friend could find him, so could the mom, right? So, why couldn’t she come?

    Guess if we want answers we’ll have to “stay tuned for the next episode of … Nandito Ako” haha


  131. xaris said

    Dak and MT–LOL! My husband gave up worrying about intervention and is just grateful I don’t behave oddly in public. So far he hasn’t noticed I’m watching a Filipino soap opera, but the other day he came into the kitchen while I was yodeling away at Nandito Ako. Unfortunately for me, my husband knows quite a few languages, so he says, “That’s pretty, but are you singing in….Tagalog?” I thought I could bluff my way out, so I said, “Well…yeah. It’s Nandito Ako”–like, pfft, doesn’t everybody know this song. No luck. He stared for a second, then smiled and asked if it was something David had sung. He’s a keeper.

    Speaking of keepers, David is doing such a great job in this series. I’m really enjoying Eula and Jasmine as well, Jasmine in particular seems very talented.

    Have a good day everyone!


  132. Wow! thanks Dja♥ Just finished watching!

    MT. “what is that?” I said, “a soap opera”, he said, “but it’s not in English!” haha It took some explaining, and the name David. Then he just rolled his eyes and said “Oh.” lol” HAHA! no other explanation needed….”David”

    125.&126. Dak and Bebe,
    now that I have read both your comments I am more confused then ever! haha!
    (I blame all confusion on the diabolical Uncle Steve)

    Dayzee,sounds like a fine plan you have there.I likey.♥

    JR.♥ thanks

    900,000 ….wow!


  133. Abrra said

    Alternate link for today’s Episode 9

    He is a movie STAHHHHHH !!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  134. MT said

    131. Xaris,
    “My husband gave up worrying about intervention and is just grateful I don’t behave oddly in public.” ROFL I bet mine is too!!

    132. Sky, Yep, David’s name is the explanation for any of odd (aka ODD) behaviour. hahaha

    I am getting all into this thing now. The acting by Eula & Jasmine has really impressed me. And our David of course. But it gets to me every time he cries. 😦 lol He needs to stop that! (JK of course) I already can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. I want to see him pick up and carry Holly! ♥

    And Sky,” (I blame all confusion on the diabolical Uncle Steve)”

    LOL Finally someone besides Abrra’s IPhone is getting the blame for something.

    One more thing, back to those pics in #94. I am now getting used to the gorgeous face but just have to say The Hair, The Hair, The Hair!! ♥ Love the hair! Not even going to talk about THE ARM in #119. 😀

    Oh! One more thing, how do I get Nandito Ako out of my head!?!? If I have one spare second where I’m not thinking about anythng else, it invades my mind. Anyone got any ideas?


  135. dakgal said

    Well—that was as clear as mud!!! Without the English translation. 😦 Thanks Dja –that’s the fastest that I’ve seen an episode without commercials.

    Did I hear Josh call the woman ” Auntie”?

    Maybe she is doing this without the Mom’s knowledge–to surprise her! She must have caught sight of Uncle Steve ( who is a cross between Snidely Whiplash and Groucho Marx) somewhere and knows who Josh is……

    Personally , I’m waiting for the day Uncle Steve and Margarite ( who is a cross between the evil queen and some opera diva) and get SMACKED and banished from the kingdom—-oh–bring it on– I feel like pulling some hair myself!!!

    This is so entertaining..and I have several favs…David , of course, his road manager the guy—-don’t know his name–and the neighborhood hair dresser…..With basically NO training in acting David is hitting it out of the ballpark!!!!!

    Carry on…


  136. Abrra said


    Scroll down and find the Episode 9 Cover It Live box . Click it to read.

    Check back daily for translations.



  137. dakgal said

    Thanks Abs—I know about the site—but sometimes not too helpful–miss a lot.

    My biggest laugh yesterday—someone on FOD said ” Oh, my gosh–Josh’s Dad is Justin Beiber. BWhahahahahahaha


  138. djafan said

    Dak lol the unknowns are part of novelas. Little by little you’re able to start connecting the dots even though sometimes a dot might be missed 🙂

    Sky, I’ve been up at 5am going on my second week now. I do not ever do that just for anything because I am not a morning person! I’m so enjoying watching David Archuleta the actor. He really is doing sooooo good. I’m praying the DVD with subtitles comes through.

    I’ve added David’s fan mail address up top on the right sidebar for quick access.


    Perci Intalan ‏ @percinotpercy
    @DavidArchie Everytime I thank your fans, I get dozens of thank you’s back! It takes a good guy like you to attract good people like them!
    30 minutes ago

    Vote for Wait MV here!

    Worldwide trend today!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  139. djafan said

    I hadn’t seen this one and just can’t get enough of David’s Nandito Ako. I love the different view here.

    David Archuleta sings Nandito Ako w/ Strict Bodyguards credit goldwin818


  140. Dak ” ….Uncle Steve ( who is a cross between Snidely Whiplash and Groucho Marx)” ROFL! haha!
    actually, if I remember, Snidely had a better looking hat.

    Dja, I am having trouble getting up at 7am central time this week. forgot you are 2 hours earlier than me!
    the story is getting better each day.
    I must admit that the scene where josh and Holly and Anya are standing there together in the road.. I thought it would be later in the story. I so am impressed with everybody’s acting skills…♥Can’t wait for tomorrow.:))


  141. dakgal#135 – I believe the Filipinos use auntie when refering to female adults they are fond of.


  142. ray said

    he,s so dam good at acting he makes me cry and i know it,s a soap,LOL


  143. Bebereader said

    Go to next article ——>>>


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