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    jans11 on David Archuleta and the Millen…
    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
    jans11 on David Archuleta and the Millen…
    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ We Thank YOU!!!!!

Posted by djafan on Monday, February 6, 2012

David Archuleta meets! (07 Feb 2012)


David Archuleta Interview/Live Chat

David Archuleta – Interview with MSNentertainment SG (07 Feb 2012)


131 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ We Thank YOU!!!!!”

  1. Abrra said

    Thank you, David!
    x 1,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    We are here for you always.



  2. bluesky said

    I feel impelled to comment without knowing what I can possibly say. “We have changed his life.”

    I guess that is what we do: change each others lives. How blessed I am to live here and now with the chance to make that kind of an exchange with such a one as this.

    You are in my heart, DA and I don’t think that will ever change. LIke the fox from the “Little Prince”. You have tamed me. And it wasn’t easy. But oh, the sweetness of surrender to your unaffected heart.

    (Well, I don’t know… maybe after all it will take a few thousand more years to complete the task. That is why you just Have to come back. ((^_^)) … Besides, you make me believe in angels.)


  3. archiesfan4life said

    Oh David, we will always be here for you! There are no words – just thank YOU David!


  4. emmegirl said

    We can’t wait either ♥


  5. Lynnella said

    I’m one of David’s older fans. I was around when Elvis started, and the Beatles, and many others, but have never been a fan like this before. I had some of their “records”, but didn’t need to have everything they put out. With David, I HAVE TO HAVE ALL OF IT. I have to hear his voice and see all the videos. He touches my very soul. No one else has done this. But it’s more than just his voice, as we all know. It’s the sum total of who he is, and what he stands for. So, to David I say, where would I go, and to whom would I listen to get what he gives to us. There is no one else like him. I will be his fan til the day I die. And, I hope that’s not before he gets back, because I can hardly wait to see what he’ll have in store for us. You have been a true blessing for all of your fans. Go with God David.


  6. krbdavid1 said

    Kari just tweeted that they are going to put the live chat on youtube in a couple of hours.. Have a good night all


  7. TXNancy said

    Great new interview and AWESOME 5:15 video David made in Singapore!!!!!!


  8. MT said

    There is something magical, mystical, about David. It doesn’t matter whether he’s singing his heart out, rambling on a vlog, or talking to a squirrel, I’m all ears. Something in his voice and spirit feeds my heart. ♥

    Thank YOU, David, is so right.


  9. poof said

    Lynnela, That was so “right” and certainly said it for me, as well. He touches our very soul. It doesn’t matter where we live or how old we are. What David “is” cannot be described, but only felt. I feel like some part of me “woke up” when he came into my life. How do you thank someone for that.
    I must admit that vlog felt like “the ripping off of a bandaid”. All the fun of the past few weeks made it easy to forget the reality that is coming. Yet, it is with huge gladness and greatfulness, I see him on his way.


  10. SandyBeaches said

    Was this vlog for Manila and Singapore because he had not addressed his fans at home yet so maybe he is still in their vortex. I believe he thinks that his life has been changed while over there as I read somewhere.



  11. Abrra said

    I wasn’t able to connect to the chat that David did in Singapore.
    Here is a twitvid of him singing a bit of Good Place and some talking. Maybe we will get something from his OS later.

    This from @kariontour
    Hey guys! If you could not see the chat they have told me they will have it on youtube in the next few hours so you all can view it.



  12. betsy said

    Thank You David. ♥
    I’m here, no words are coming to me because of that bandaid thing Poof mentioned.
    Oh, except I CAN say that his morning voice is flawless and he should NEVER apologize for sounding like a perfect thing. Other singers would pay millions to be able to sound half as good.
    That song that song. Still kills me.


  13. Heidijoy said

    What a sweetheart!! There is also a longer interview up now at
    Love his answer about his career and how his mission will affect his career for the better.


  14. jans11 said

    Aw, my dear sweet David..leave it to you to be thinking of us again. You have a day off and here you are giving us another vlog! Thanking us for we have done for you…you just don’t know what you have done for us. Even though we have told you in letters and cards and even in person, you still don’t really know. How can you, when it’s even hard for us to explain what has happened to us the last 4 years. We all have our own stories and feelings and they pretty well add up to the same thing. It is a marvelous feeling deep inside that we get when we hear your voice and see your sweet smile. You are truly an angel given to us by God and I will cherish you for as long as I live. Being an older fan, I hope and pray that I will still be around when you come back in two years. I want to continue on this fabulous ride that I’ve been on ever since WOTWTC!! ♥

    Poof, it really was like “ripping off the bandaid” and if/when he addresses us here in the US, I don’t know if I can take it again!!


  15. davidstopsmyaging said

    I agree with you, Poof, about the ripping off of the bandaid. My heart sank to my feet—again. I’m happy for him, but sad, too, and I know that sounds really selfish.

    David, you have no idea how you have changed the lives of countless people. You are a treasure, and I, too, will be here waiting when you get back. I hope you have the time of your life….


  16. gladys said

    I met a boy in 2008 and now in 2012 I see a man. Argentina girl not ready for such radical changes. I can not imagine how they will be Jazmine and Eulla. After meeting David, her taste in men as there will be increased. I hope that all women who are still looking for a partner (like me), we have the patience to find ANYONE like that.
    David made ​​me raise my standart of quality in men.
    You believe there is (in this world) some human like david?

    (the only thing I want to do is draw a smile with the nonsense I write, but sometimes my nonsense is true.)

    David, when people gives you your song, and you honor that gift with your magnificent voice, that is called tribute. Tribute to your fans, tribute to art.

    Never lose hope to hear you sing “the day that you love me” sang a man who died in 1935, his voice was not of this world.
    When I hear a tango (sung by him) on the radio, always say the same sentence, Carlos Gardel, every day, sings better-


  17. betsy said

    New vlog how can he keep this up? ♥


  18. fenfan said

    He wore a green jacket (khaki, I think) over a blue checked shirt in chat. His voice was right on point, gorgeous as usual – morning voice ftw!
    He said there was a stunt double for the motorcycle scene in NA but none for the emotional ones.
    He is going to take a camera with him on mission. He will send pictures and messages but doesn’t know how often.
    Sounds like there will be more than one performance today. He said he is doing some acoustic sets including one for fans.
    Now I am wondering if there is a separate performance for the fans who won tickets at Sunday’s signing. I see on twitter they have been told to be at Avalon to register at 5.30pm for the event at 7pm. But my invitation says reception starts at 8.45pm followed by his performance.


  19. tawna21 said

    Lynella #5… you’ve said it all right there.

    David is love. To know who David is, is to know what love is. Whether a person has ever had the great opportunity to meet David in person, really isn’t necessary to be able to say you ‘know’ him. His spirit can be felt throughout the universe through the sunbeams and the moonbeams and the stars. (where’s that link to Angelica’s post about the radio waves?) He is so radiant. Just need to thank him for who he is and what he stands for… faith, hope, and charity.



  20. davidstopsmyaging said

    #7—that video is all sorts of amazing.


  21. gladys said


  22. TXNancy said

    Oh my goodness, ANOTHER Vlog, #3, from Singapore today! Sound on this one is bad but oooooooooh, who cares—-we get to see David!


  23. TXNancy said

    OOPS…….# 17, sorry Betsy, I didn’t see that you’d already posted the Vlog.


  24. Bebereader said

    Lots of great comments today!

    We changed his life? Well yes we may have helped his career by buying concert tickets and cds but it was only money. You cannot put a pricetag on what he’s given back to his fans. Saving lives the way he has and bringing peace to people cannot be bought. And he thinks we changed HIS life.

    But oh that cry in his voice in the Star World Blog TV vlog; it hurts me.

    With all the video interviews and vlogs I feel like I can’t come up for air right now. But there will be plenty of time to do that when he’s away.

    We’ll be here for you David. Waiting for as long as it takes for you to fulfill this commitment in your life. Please believe us.


  25. kaycee said

    Wow, another day of Archuleta-amazingness! What wonderful, insightful, heart-felt interviews and vlogs. Sigh…his gentle and tender way of talking about his mission and his two year “hiatus” made my heart ache a wee bit.

    I was in Deseret Book today and saw the book “Why I’m A Mormon”. I didn’t have 20 extra bucks to purchase it, but quietly snuck into an aisle and read the 5 pages under his name. As you would imagine, they were beautiful heart-felt words that made me love him all the more. How can someone so young be so wise?


  26. SandyBeaches said

    Soon he will be gone away. But you know we have extended the 2 years by several months because of speculation. Now the last few months because we have known and that is an unfortunate but I suppose necessary extension of time for preparation.



  27. betsy said

    Acoustic Heaven in Singapore – with guitar. ♥


  28. betsy said

    A capella My Hands, Singapore.
    He needs to never stop singing this.


  29. Skydancer1x said

    Thank YOU, David♥
    ♫♪wherever you go,♪♫whatever you do ♪♫’we’ will be right here, waiting for you!♪♫♪

    “David is love. To know who David is, is to know what love is.”
    Tawna, do you even know how beautiful that is?♥ I want to write it out and frame it♥ !!

    26. morning SB♥ forgive me, if I am a little confused by your comment. I want to understand what you are saying, can you help me? I am lost here..
    “But you know we have extended the 2 years by several months because of speculation.”
    thanks, sky♥


  30. fenfan said

    i just got back from david’s performance at avalon. i have no words. it was the most awesome experience. he sang crazy – AT MY REQUEST!!!!!! but in my excitement i forgot to press record so i have no video evidence that he actually said ok i’ll sing crazy, AT YOUR REQUEST. i want to slap myself for not recording it!!!!!!


  31. Skydancer1x said

    30. Oh Fenfan!!!! that is wonderful! did someone record it? duh,what am I saying? of course someone excited for you♥
    thanks for the great song request! eeeek! the acoustics in that place are awesome btw.


  32. angelofdja said

    Fenfan, don’t beat yourself up too much! I have met David twice. Each time I have coached myself for days before on what to say or how I’ll squeeze in all words possible in my short time with him. Gotta tell ya, it NEVER went the way I had planned! One moment you get eye contact with him, the brain somehow turns to mush and you say something you don’t even remember! LOL! You then walk away with a little pep to your step and some happy tears to your eyes!
    I’m so glad you got to hear him sing the song you requested. How cool was that? 😉


  33. Connie said

    Watching all the videos brings the full range of emotions! It is kind of the same feelings as when my own son left on his mission. Looking back, it did go fast. So at some point this will all be behind us and great things will happen again…More trips to see concerts – Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada! and here at home!
    Lynnella – you are so right! “have never been a fan like this before… With David, I HAVE TO HAVE ALL OF IT. I have to hear his voice and see all the videos. He touches my very soul. No one else has done this.”
    Thank you David!


  34. ram said

    #27 Betsy Acoustic Heaven in Singapore with giutar. ❤ Thank you Betsy.

    Went to heaven with David! ha ha that is all. If you haven't been there in a while, I highly recommend it.


  35. Bebereader said

    TOSOD from Singapore

    Audience singing with him! :))))


    Good Place/Let It Be

    A little banter with crowd…

    credit pinkamech


  36. betsy said

    Better, clearer, nonsideways version of My Hands.


  37. Oh My! That acoustic Heaven is out the 1:05 marker ~are those girls still breathing? I know I wouldn’t be! Dang..he’s guapo but then …you guys know that already. lolol


  38. Bebereader said

    Marylee, I’m barely breathing from all of these videos!!!!!!!

    Here’s “Wait” acoustic

    and another “Heaven”!!!

    and another MKOP



  39. betsy said

    Peace ♥

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  40. Abrra said

    Scream caps!

    He did a look away singing Wait. Turned his head and just came back from “there”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  41. Bebereader said

    Here’s “Elevator”

    credit pinkamech


  42. Skydancer1x said

    35. all I can say is EEEEK!
    these videos are marvelous! I LOVE them singing along with TOSOD. (kudo’s to all you Singapore fans, you sounded magnificient! Wow….everyone in tune, in unison, and you nailed the “HA”! that was just awesome.

    David looks totally relaxed, incredibly handsome, and so happy. ♥I just want to squish him! ♥


  43. PandasMama said

    OK, so I’m totally fed up with my PC today. It won’t allow me to post comments anywhere, so I’ve highjacking hubby’s Mac til he gets home.

    David is trying to do us all in these last few weeks. Right when I think he can’t get any more amazing, there he goes again. I just might need this two year break to get my heart and brain rewired when this is all said and done.

    As I mentioned on chat the other night, I have been attempting to write a fan tribute to David set to “Crush.” It was a definite challenge, but I think I am finally happy with what I came up with. It’s posted on my blog. Since I admire those of you who write and comment here on The Voice, I would like to get your feedback about my latest work before I send it out into the fan world at large. If you could leave me a comment here or on my blog, regarding anything you think I should change, I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks, Margy


  44. Sunny said

    Hi, I have only commented a few times on this site but just want to say how much I enjoy your wonderful, supportive comments for David!! I loved his accoustic performances in Singapore. “Wait” & “Heaven” were my 2 favorites!! Love the interview vids you posted and the one of him talking to the fans at the top of the post about how much we have done for him makes me cry! David is so amazing!! Abrra, the things you have in your David Candy Jar are so wonderful!!


  45. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    It is good to know that the mission time went fast! I am excited to hear David’s enthusiasm for acting. It gives us something extra to look forward to when he gets back. Thank you for commenting and please do come back often ? 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thanks Sunny! The fan videos have some wonderful live performances. I love sharing the music they provide in the Candy Jar! Love to see new faces in comments. We are going to have to support each other to get through his absence.



  46. djafan said

    Hello posters, lurkers and new comers!!!! It’s going to be an interesting two years but together we will make it work and with David’s promises of staying in touch, giving us music and we can’t forget Nandito Ako are sure to keep us busy for a bit 🙂

    The vlogs, interviews and chats are so enlightening to what David’s thoughts and plans are. I’m so hoping someone here gets an interview with him before he leaves. My two picks are Brian (USA Today) or Fred (Billboard) They have both always been good to David. Asking the pertinent questions not the nonsense others have.

    Now those most recent acoustic performances are… I don’t even know. His voice is so open and rich. Love them and him 🙂


  47. Abrra said

    All your comments went to the spam folder. I did release your most recent one 🙂 Thank you for alerting me via twitter. I had not been back there to clean the spam yet and might have wiped it out by mistake.

    Clear your browser cache and history. Then close out and restart the Browser 🙂 That may clear it up.



  48. Sunny said

    Abrra: Thanks for the welcome picture!! I agree we are definitely going to need each other for support while David is gone!


  49. PandasMama said

    Thanks Abrra.

    I’ve cleared, cleaned, and said a little prayer for patience so maybe it will work now.


  50. PattiNC said

    Wow so many videos to dive into…think I will put watching these BEFORE the “what to expect from your Colonoscopy” video I’m supposed to watch! 🙂


  51. Abrra said

    HA! See? There you are 🙂

    Loved your blog post. Everyone needs to read it !



  52. betsy said

    Who else cannot get NA out of their head?
    “Whooooooaaaaa Nandito Akoooooooo umiibig sa iyo, Kahit na nagdurugo ang puso”
    Why am I started to sing in tagalog?

    Helllooo JR, what is happening to me? 😉


  53. Abrra said

    Thanks @kariontour!! Some pics of David while in Singapore

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This is a different jacket? Ohh maybe more videos of another appearance out there?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  54. cq said

    Love the flood of riches before the drought.


  55. betsy said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  56. angelofdja said

    Betsy, I’ve been waking up every morning for the past 5 days singing Nandito Ako! So beautiful!


  57. Skydancer1x said

    40. abrra. those are mighty awesome pics there
    Panda♥ I loved your blog post and wow,you did a great job on those lyrics! (yes, I sang them)♥

    50. Patti! LOL!

    Betsy, haha!
    OH my!I am so impressed with your tagalog:)) .” “Whooooooaaaaa Nandito Akoooooooo umiibig sa iyo, Kahit na nagdurugo ang puso”
    ♪♫ la la la la la la laaa♫♪ (that’s all I got )

    so that last pic abs…its dark out?did he do a second show at night?


  58. tawna21 said

    This is what I found on my FB about this photo.. apparently he did have a night time show.

    Patti #50 LOL! don’t we all know what to expect from a colonoscopy? enjoy! 😉



  59. PandasMama said

    glad you like my song lyrics. I sang them when everyone else was out of the house so I could tell if they fit the rhythm. That’s when I realized I could no longer hit the high notes.
    How in the world does David sing that song? “Crush” crushed my asperations of trying out for America’s got Talent. LOL


  60. Abrra said

    David tweets

    @DavidArchie How would you describe what true love is? As cheesy as that is, I want to know lol.

    Read his time line as he has a twitter party on the topic of true love.!/DavidArchie

    Interesting, don’t cha think?



  61. fenfan said

    There were three shows – according to the bouncer outside Avalon. One on Monday – that’s when he wore the leather jacket. Two on Tuesday. All the videos above are from the first show on Tuesday. I attended the last one. They were very generous with their door gifts. I got an Otto eSolace, a devise that gives head massages!


  62. emmegirl said

    pattinc, 50 LOL!!!

    Betsy, NA, it makes me melt.

    That Heaven….dang him. Abs, were you thinking of an mp3? And TOSOD, 1:03 that “yeahuhyeah” and the move after.

    All these videos today….that full, rich velvety voice, the rooster hair, that jawline, mega charm, mega confidence (did you see the way he strode in on the arm of his escort, and the lingering hand on her back), dimples that seemed deeper and deadlier….starting to realize this hiatus could be harder than I even imagined.

    And now we have his latest tweet….sigh….
    (if anyone out there has the inclination to post the tweets he is responding to it would be so appreciated, sooo appreciated, by those of us who don’t do twitter…..kinda dying here.)


  63. Lynnella said

    #50 PattiNC,
    Just a word to the wise. Be already sitting on the “pot” when you drink the prep. Because, if you’re not, when the urge hits, you’ll never make it, and then you can get the carpet shampooer out (ugh!)


  64. djafan said

    You ready for another interview?

    TODAYonline » Blogs » Poparazzi » David Archuleta answers fan questions

    by Alvin Chong
    Published at 8:30 am, February 8, 2012

    David Archuleta was in town the past two days for a private showcase in conjunction with Star World’s announcement that they’re airing the next season of American Idol exclusively on Star World, but most of the hype of the announcement was buried under the sheer enthusiasm of David Archuleta’s fans who excitedly caught his final performance in Singapore – his last before he was due to enter his missions trip for two years.

    In Avalon at the Marina Bay Sands, the fans were serenaded by David Archuleta in a slightly longer than one hour acoustic set where David sang some of his hits from various albums, and from his time during American Idol.

    One thing was for certain, the fans (Archies? ArchAngels? Archuletas?) were going to miss David over the next two years or so, and gave their all in cheering him on, especially when he performed a capella.

    Sadly David’s concert has come to an end, and he’ll be going away to an undisclosed location for the next two years. Still, he’s finally managed to perform in Singapore. If you missed his performance, don’t worry, watch our interview above, where we managed to get some clips of the concert just so you can hear his voice again.


  65. PattiNC said

    Dang those pics at 40!!!! Chiseled face ftw!! Is that really the same guy from the vlog…lol. He really has been an actor for a while now….he gets into his songs like an actor gets into a role.
    Ok which one of HIS videos should I start with????


  66. emmegirl said

    dja, 64 – y.e.s.


  67. djafan said

    Emmegirl 🙂

    Nandito Ako translation from JR!!! David is really good singing this, I mean really good 🙂 I’m gonna practice lol

    Mayro’n akong nais malaman
    (There is something I need to know)
    Maaari bang magtanong?
    (Is it ok to ask?)
    Alam mo bang matagal na kitang iniibig?
    (Do you know that I have loved you for so long?)
    Matagal na akong naghihintay
    (I’ve been waiting for some time)

    Ngunit mayro’n kang ibang minamahal
    (But you’re in love with someone else)
    Kung kaya’t ako’y di mo pinapansin
    (That’s why you don’t even notice me)
    Ngunit ganon pa man nais kong malaman mo
    (But despite all that, still, I want you to know)
    Ang puso kong ito’y para lang sa ‘yo
    (This heart of mine is yours and yours alone)

    Nandito ako umiibig sa iyo
    (I am here loving you)
    Kahit na nagdurugo ang puso
    (Even if my heart bleeds)
    Kung sakaling iwanan ka niya
    (Should he ever leaves you)
    Huwag kang mag-alala
    (You don’t have to worry)
    May nagmamahal sa iyo,
    (Somebody loves you)
    Nandito ako
    (Here I am)

    Kung ako ay iyong iibigin
    (If you were to love me)
    Di kailangan ang mangamba
    (You don’t need to fear)
    Pagkat ako ay para mong alipin
    (Cos I am like your slave)
    Sa iyo lang wala ng iba
    (For you and no one else)

    Ngunit mayro’n kang ibang minamahal
    (But you are in love with someone else)
    Kung kaya’t ako’y di mo pinapansin
    (That’s why you don’t even notice me)
    Ngunit ganon pa man nais kong malaman mo
    (But despite all that, still I want you to know)
    Ang puso kong ito’y para lang sa ‘yo
    (This heart of mine is yours and yours alone)

    Repeat Chorus 2x

    Nandito ako… (Here I am… / I am here…)


  68. tawna21 said

    dja #67 .. thank you ..

    JR .. a very big thank you, you’ve been a-maz-ing thru all of this time in the Philippines. Love what you’ve been doing and losing sleep over. 😉



  69. betsy said

    Wake up EVERYBODY!
    The Official trailer is up!


  70. Bebereader said


    Here’s David’s Twitter party from earlier today.

    How would you describe what true love is? As cheesy as that is, I want to know lol.

    @boobearHQ@DavidArchie aww are you in love, david?

    @DavidArchie@boobearHQ Haha, no no no. I’m just curious.

    Robin@myheartsong@DavidArchie Wow, loaded question. It’s unselfish first of all.

    @DavidArchie@myheartsong Ah I like that. It’s unselfish.

    @pastelpastel@DavidArchie It’s about never being AFRAID to put it all out there for that person. And not wanting anything in return.

    @cindyfredlina@DavidArchie Love can’t be describe. But we can feel it

    @DavidArchie@cindyfredlina Hm, yeah it’s interesting how it’s something that’s easier to feel than describe. I wonder why.

    @Palrice8@DavidArchie When you love them so much that you just want that person to be happy, whether they’re with you or not.

    @geomakk@DavidArchie love is what you feel when you please anyone. There is joy, sacrifice, pain, and most of all excitement.

    @DavidArchie@Artistsupporter Sacrifice, I think that would definitely be a part of it.

    @legittlindsey@DavidArchie To me, true love destroys all memories of a beginning and wipes out the possibilities of an end.

    @DavidArchie@legittlindsey So you mean it lasts forever?

    @blisskasden@DavidArchie Listen to the lyrics to the song “The Greatest Love of All”, David. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”.

    Holly@crayontree741@DavidArchie ahh its hard to explain. its loving someone even though they aren’t perfect, but knowing they are perfect for you.

    @CanadianArchie@DavidArchie think everything will just feel right about it…

    @geomak@DavidArchie love is what you feel when you please anyone. There is joy, sacrifice, pain, and most of all excitement.

    @nickuhlakin@DavidArchie i think hate is a choice, but true love is fate. you can’t find true love. true love finds you.

    @tami_lyn@DavidArchie is it eula or jasmine??????

    @refnaf@DavidArchie Love is a decision
    @DavidArchie@refnaf Hm, interesting. So love is a choice? Hate seems to be a choice, right? It’s something you have to choose to commit to, isn’t it?

    @intanmalindaa@DavidArchie true love comes from God and it doenst mean anything till u give it away 😀

    @DavidArchie@intanmalindaa True love doesn’t mean anything until you give it away. Now there’s an interesting thought. Very cool.


  71. Angelica said

    Hi all! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a couple of days but work has become all-consuming as we enter a really grueling phase. Thanks so much to Abrra Kadabrra, Bebebebe, and Patty-Cake, (Djafan) for keeping you all so well informed with vids, interviews, tweets, and photos. I still have a lot of catching up to do myself.

    First – Nandito Ako trailer: Simply amazed at his acting ability with only a smattering of coaching and no real experience in the art. His capacity for conveying emotion is pure genius.

    Second – The vid @ #64: A new level of maturity, i.e., a calm centeredness has taken possession of him that I can only attribute to the challenges he has overcome and all the inner work/discovery that took place in the making of Nandito Ako.

    Third – If his mission brings him even more maturity and self-confidence, as I’m sure it will, we may need that time to prepare, though I’m not sure that’s even possible.

    Finally – I am so proud of him I could bust. Thank you David, for thanking us, for using your God-given gifts to the fullest and for the absolute gift you are each and every day to all your fans.


  72. Bebereader said

    David’s arrival in Singapore!

    credit NL11394


  73. SandyBeaches said

    This is thoughtful from @CathK…thanks to Snowangelz…I love classic quotes.

    “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” ~ Winston Churchill

    So he is leaving in 1 month and he will only have 1 hour of internet access per week and he is using that for family and no time for listening to music on the internet…the winds of change are in the air. Where did those words come from…let me check!

    Wind of Change…

    The wind of change
    Blows straight into the face of time
    Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell
    For peace of mind
    Let your balalaika sing
    What my guitar wants to say

    Take me to the magic of the moment
    On a glory night
    Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams
    With you and me
    Take me to the magic of the moment
    On a glory night
    Where the children of tomorrow dream away
    in the wind of change

    David definately shares his dreams with us and that we appreciate so much.



  74. betsy said

    whoooaaa Nandito akoooooo umibiig sa ayoooo Kahit na nagduuuuuuuurugo ang pusoo whoooaaaa
    Kung sakaling iwanan ka niya
    Huwag kang mag-alala
    May nagmamahal sa iyo,
    Nandito ako


  75. betsy said

    Here is a translation by @urieldavid of the tagalog in the trailer. Thanks uriel!


  76. SandyBeaches said

    I had a look at the officil live video of “Wind of Change” by the Scorpions. David surely knows this band and this song. A full orchestra and rock band, quite a contrast. Millions of hits on other videos. I know that there are several new videos to look at first but the words drew my attention.



  77. betsy said

    Oh, one more thing.
    magandang umaga mga kaibigan!


  78. kaycee said

    I was secretly hoping that David would serve a Spanish-speaking mission–he loves the Latin culture and speaks beautifully, but a bit self consciously. It appears that the chances are good according to this interview:


  79. emmegirl said

    Thanks bebe ♥

    Betsy has gone bonkers!


  80. betsy said

    Emmegirl, you are correct, and that’s not the half of it.

    This is what happens when I work too much and then suddenly get 2 days off in a row and David sings some beautiful stuff and I have nothing to do but listen and then I can’t stop listening and then I start singing in a different language and my husband isn’t even baffled by any of this anymore. 🙂


  81. betsy said

    Emme, I may also have had a bit too much caffeine this morning.
    I shall blame that. AND David.
    Isn’t Nandito Ako pretty? ♥


  82. Skydancer1x said

    Betsy, ROFL!
    Nandito Ako is affecting me the same way Contigo did!
    “Isn’t Nandito Ako pretty? ♥”
    Betsy, I think it is beautimus!♥
    (enjoy your days off) :))

    78.Kaycee, (me thinks you are correctamundo )
    David, we caught that.


  83. betsy said

    One more thing. Go over and visit our sisters at snowangelz. Agent banana has deconstructed the chat. You have to see it. 🙂


  84. angelofdja said

    Angelica, this:
    Third – If his mission brings him even more maturity and self-confidence, as I’m sure it will, we may need that time to prepare, though I’m not sure that’s even possible.
    So true. We’ll need a self-preparing manual for post mission David! 😆


  85. betsy said

    Here is Pt 1 of a 4 part video interview. I didn’t want to post all 4, they are easy to find once you have this. Too many videos slows this place down!


  86. Sunny said

    Here are some David duties:
    “Wait” has been #2 on Chart Central for almost 5 weeks. It hasn’t been #1 yet. We can vote hourly:

    @WISE_RADIO is an online radio station that takes tweeted requests for David’s music. They play David’s, David Cooks, Lee DeWyze, Allison Iraheta’s, etc. music. They are very accomodating!! Send them a tweet and then you can listen to them online at:

    I love Nandito Ako, it is beautiful and I love Jay Durias playing in the background!! 🙂


  87. Abrra said

    EEKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! Close up HQ vids from Singapore

    nurules92 |

    Kaycee & Betsy
    Thanks for the link to the 4 part interview. I am very busy downloading everything posted. I am kind of scared that things will disappear.



  88. Bebereader said

    Oh I hope not, Abs. These videos are gems and must last us for the next two years. There’s more passion in these Singapore videos than I’ve ever seen before. I’m attributing it to David’s lack of sleep and his desire to give his fans as much as he can before leaving.

    Maybe I should just blame it on Abrra’s cell phone. LOL


  89. Bebereader said

    Singapore Autograph Session Part 1

    Part 2

    credit NL11394


  90. jans11 said

    Kaycee and Sky, I caught it too and was so happy to hear it!♥


  91. betsy said

    Abs, those videos are so good! I took a break from the computer and came back to this?! Wow.
    I have achieved nothing today. Wala.


  92. lani said

    Oh my goodness that WAIT HQ video…. my heart’s beating so fast…and it felt so good. How on earth does he do it? Tired and all but his voice is still PERFECT… the voice live… oh how i’ll miss that.


  93. lani said


    Hahahah, i’m impressed with your Tagalog vocabulary. I think after this series, we Pinoy posters could comment here in Tagalog and you’ll all understand. So then we’ll not have nosebleeds anymore trying to speak correct English, lol.


  94. lani said

    speak heheh i mean post in correct English


  95. betsy said

    Lani, I could never do what you do. It’s just too hard. I will never not be impressed with posters like yourself. 🙂
    Please, everyone who has skipped it, WATCH that acoustic WAIT. He meanders through it in such a beautiful way, taking his time to do it so perfectly and naturally and being lost in it. I had to pause it twice just to collect myself.
    This is how he should record his albums. Exactly this way.


  96. tawna21 said

    Jans11, Kaycee and Sky, my heart did a skip beat when I heard it, also! ♥♥

    Hey all, I need to put something out here that’s really bugging me… don’t kill me, just let me vent… I really, really don’t want to hear David screamed at in the airports, etc. and called ‘Josh Bradley’. He isn’t Josh, he’s David. He’s our David Archuleta. The one who’s helped so many of us find a rainbow or a beam of light. The Voice. Please keep Josh in Nandito Ako (and please let that come out on a DVD really soon), and let David be our ‘real life’ hero, singer/songwriter/author/actor. ♥♥

    **Done with my rant**

    (I’ll quietly go find my cough syrup now and quiet this cough)



  97. tawna21 said

    If you haven’t ventured here yet, I would suggest trying it … photo warning 🙂

    Abrra.. if you don’t have that ‘Wait’ vid up.. #87.. for chat and Dayzee finds out she will have your hide… the neck scenes are to die for (just sayin’) 😉



  98. djafan said


    David David David you little ninja. A Spanish album indeed. No question David knows what he’s doing. Gosh I love him.

    The interviews have all been great, the acoustic sets are incredible and David sounds and looks fantastic.

    Gladys!!!!! Where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?????


  99. MT said

    The acoustic vids, pure and beautiful. ♥ In all the time in Asia, with all the performances he’s done, i haven’t heard a single off note, not even a weak one. Just phenominal. You’d think I’d have gotten used to it by now, but it still floors me how good he really is.

    “then I start singing in a different language and my husband isn’t even baffled by any of this anymore.” LOL Don’t you just love how the hubbys have reached the acceptance stage? haha Mine just grins. 🙂


  100. betsy said

    He is full of surprises


  101. Bebereader said

    Thanks for all the links to great pics everyone sent today.
    These are from the link Tawna sent in comment #97 from AFS.

    Some pics from Singapore show:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Thanks to Nurul


  102. Abrra said

    In the mail today

    “Report from L.A.’s Grammy Week: “Crush” songwriter talks about Archuleta

    David Burger

    Published on Feb 8, 2012 05:54PM
    On Wednesday morning, I attended the Grammy Camp: Basic Training event sponsored by the Grammy Foundation at the University of Southern California.

    The event, and accompanying activities held Wednesday, are meant to reinforce the Foundation’s commitment to arts education, with high school students from around the area having the chance to interact with musicians, songwriters, producers, and other veterans of the music industry.

    During the morning session, I jumped at the chance to have a one-on-one interview with songwriter and producer Eman (full name: Emanuel Kiriakou), whose hit singles include Hot Chelle Rae’s “Tonight Tonight,” Selena Gomez’s “Who Says,” and, most importantly for my interests, Murray native David Archuleta’s most popular single, “Crush.”

    Eman has a long history of working with the 21-year-old Archie, with three or four songs on Archie’s debut album, the same number on Archie’s sophomore album, as well as songs on Archie’s Christmas album.

    “I was a huge fan of David on the show,” Eman said of “American Idol.” “I followed him from very early on.”

    Eman said that he has a habit of not writing songs for specific artists — that could be very limiting — but he broke his own rules by “targeting” Archie when writing “Crush.” When he offered the song to Archie, Eman said he loved the song, and by working with Eman “made it his own.”

    Archie’s career has had its ups and downs, and will take a breather when Archuleta goes on a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which Archie announced in December. Eman, who said he still talks to Archie often, said he feels like an older brother to Archie, and Archie has confided to him over the years that he had always wanted to go on a mission.

    Archie’s fan base is “real and staunch,” Eman said, and doesn’t worry about Archie’s fans forgetting about him in two years’ time. Eman, without naming names, said he has gone on tour with other “American Idol” alumni, including some with many more hit singles than Archie, but that they have never matched the intensity and the number of people that come to see Archuleta in concert.

    On the mission, Archie might be able to reflect on music and come to a realization of what kind of artist he wants to be, Eman said, adding that he believed that Archie is still trying to find out where he fits in today’s music landscape. Whatever Archie decides, Eman said, his fans will be ready for him. ”

    Photo gallery on David’s OS has some more pictures from Star World American Idol Party at Avalon, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

    Watch the slide show

    All the videos in #87 are up in Unplugged



  103. djafan said

    I love Emans comments!!!!!!


  104. tawna21 said

    I love knowing the history behind Crush… I certainly hope that David and Eman have more future together. 🙂

    And, that slide show has got pics in it that will take your breath away… go in carefully.

    Thanks Abrra for the links.



  105. tawna21 said

    David tweet: David: Headed for the studio today for a fun Philippines project that you’ll hear about soon.



  106. Skydancer1x said

    oh Dja! I love his comments, too! Awwwww we are “real and staunch”♥ You know it, Eman!!!!

    1 .loyal and committed in attitude
    2. of a wall-of strong or firm construction
    synonyms: loyal-faithful-stanch-firm-steadfast-trusty

    “Whatever Archie decides, Eman said, his fans will be ready for him. ”
    Yes ,Eman

    ok, back to these ‘fantabulous’ videos!


  107. betsy said

    Fave tweet this year.
    jenlalalovesdja Jenn
    @DavidArchie archuleta why you so secretive
    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    @jenlalalovesdja I’m sorry I just can’t help myself, haha.


  108. Bebereader said

    I took the liberty of highlighting these paragraphs from the above article. David’s fanbase is known for loyalty. Even Eman knows it. WTG Eman, for being one of David’s supporters since American Idol.

    “Eman, who said he still talks to Archie often, said he feels like an older brother to Archie, and Archie has confided to him over the years that he had always wanted to go on a mission.

    Archie’s fan base is “real and staunch,” Eman said, and doesn’t worry about Archie’s fans forgetting about him in two years’ time. Eman, without naming names, said he has gone on tour with other “American Idol” alumni, including some with many more hit singles than Archie, but that they have never matched the intensity and the number of people that come to see Archuleta in concert.

    On the mission, Archie might be able to reflect on music and come to a realization of what kind of artist he wants to be, Eman said, adding that he believed that Archie is still trying to find out where he fits in today’s music landscape. Whatever Archie decides, Eman said, his fans will be ready for him.”


  109. tawna21 said

    oh, oh! 😦 I really don’t like this kind of stuff happening —>



  110. betsy said

    I loved Eman’s comments. ♥
    I get the impression that he was defending David to the writer.
    I KNOW I don’t care for that Burger guy (who wrote the article). He is always so mean about David. I see he called him Archie about 20 times in the article. He was mean about the MoTab concert he attended and compared David’s performance to a glass of milk. Pleasant and unremarkable. (Bah, I never forgot it I guess)
    Rant over, sorry guys. I don’t normally rant, but had to for some reason.


  111. bluesky said

    102 Abrra:

    I just smile and sigh and love the way that DA’s life is so full of “why not”? Not the “why nots” that plague so many young people, but the other kind. The magical kind that uplift and elevate and rise above – they raise my eyes to a clearer, better view. e.v.e.r.y. t.i.m.e.

    DA, you are just a physical, multidimensional, extra-sensory validation of life – in every life-affirming way. You wrap me in sound and sing to me words I have never heard, sounds that strike me as new. Then melt that lie inside me with soul-vibrating awareness of the “always known”. You make the uncommon, commonly abundant. You are the Johnny Appleseed of unaffected husbandry: rows of smiling faces blossom where ever you pass, and like obedient sunflowers, our hearts turn towards you and the light you represent.

    Meh… okay, you’ll do.


  112. bluesky said

    Betsy: It is the caffeine drop. Take another video or two and you’ll feel better in the morning. ^_^

    Whatever his reasoning, I am glad Burger did the interview, cause it gave us some cool quotes from a guy we all (and others) respect. Fun to see how DA is seen and experienced by Eman.

    We send you hugs, Eman!!!


  113. Abrra said

    Loved this interview!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    When I see the honesty in his expression, I must scream cap!



  114. poof said

    Bluesky: #111, I think you even out- did yourself with that one 🙂 DA you are just a physical, multidimensional, extra- sensory validation of life, in every life-affirming way. Just the right words! Caffeine never looked so good!


  115. bluesky said

    113 – Abrra:

    It is his honesty that helps to give him that aura of vulnerability. But it is also his greatest protection. And what is so cool, is that I think he knows it (About the protection, I mean. Nothing about him is calculated except how to open himself to the next note.)


  116. betsy said

    Bluesky, I do feel better this morning.
    That first cap in #113. <33333333333
    You called it just right, Abs. The honesty in his expression.

    David was recording last night. More than one song. The tweets from someone who was there:
    jondaza jon daza
    David Archuleta is recording. I'm stoked.
    jondaza jon daza
    annie2 you'll hear it soon.
    jondaza jon daza
    Last song for the day. Loved all the recorded tracks so far.
    jondaza jon daza
    PTo those asking, we'll announce it soon. Stay tuned.


  117. djafan said

    Drive by 😦 So busy… Love you guys ♥


  118. Skydancer1x said

    my attempted drive by has failed. Again.Those eyes, and the “honesty in his expression”~Abrra
    brought me to a brake-burning halt., and I think am stuck, in that chin♥ Think I will rest here for a while……..


  119. Bebereader said

    Wake up, Sky. It’s been almost two hours on the chin. LOL

    Found this on Twitter:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    From Giselle Tongi Thanks to all of the #NanditoAko cast and crew! @gellidbelen salamat kapatid!@anagfeleo @DavidArchie @kariontour

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit CarlValenzona


  120. Bebereader said

    More videos from another show for a select few in Singapore after the showcase.



    “David sings The Other Side of Down at his final showcase at Avalon on 7 Feb. Well, he certainly didn’t put one foot in front of the other for this one! Maybe he was tired. But it was fine by me since he just stood right in front of me almost through the whole song. Haha!”


    credit randomvids2812


  121. Bebereader said


    Contest time and Q&A


    credit randomvideos2812


  122. Dayzee said

    Tawna, thanks for looking out for me. That neck is soooo special. And thanks to Abrra for taking care to make all those beautiful neck videos available on TVU. You two never miss an opportunity to help us neck fanatics get our share of goodies. Actually at first I was a bit miffed that you had been looking at the neck I think of as “my neck”. But I really am happy to share. 🙂

    I feel so lucky to be living in this age where we can “see” David even though he is so far away.
    The videos are awesome and abundant.


  123. Skydancer1x said

    I awake Bebe…haha
    so many goodies here, there and everywhere.
    122.The videos are “awesome and abundant”~ Dayzee ain’t it grand?! I must admit to you Dayzee, that I
    occasionally (**cough**cough** ) look at the neck.:)) ( remember, you said its nice to share♥)

    love the guy in the Heaven video, shouting out to David. it’s such a crowd favorite.♥


  124. Abrra said

    AHHHHHHHHH! KimmieDavid is posting her MKOC pics on twitpic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    More here Click any picture to make it larger on twitpic



  125. Dayzee said

    Sky….loved when the audience fellow shouted out a request for Heaven, and David promptly stops what he is doing to accommodate. “You wanna hear that? Oh, okay.” Such a pleaser!


  126. fenfan said

    #120 Bebe Those videos are mine. haha! I also have angels and crazy, together in one vid. I am still thinking whether to release that because I am really feeling bad about what happened.


  127. betsy said

    Fenfan, what happened? If you can say.


  128. Skydancer1x said

    126 Oh dear! Fenfan, what happened?

    125.nice pics. love the HAIR..ah those were the good old days, when our Prince took to the stage for his MCOC tour with that hairdid…..{{sigh.}} Sure am gonna miss that hair….I hope it makes a comeback one day.♥

    HOOT…yo…hoot? where are you night owls?


  129. Abrra said

    I made some mp3’s of the Razor TV SG Interview. You can find them in the Candy Jar in a folder named Interviews. I will add some of the other interviews he has done recently, soon.

    Here is the link to that folder.



  130. betsy said

    My favorite Nandito Ako video was taken down today. 😦 (talentadong pinoy)
    I thought it was safe. The show tweeted that one out to us. I say it’s a plan to torture us.
    That was the version I was learning, lol.
    Thanks for the mp3’s, Abs. That’s the best interview maybe ever.


  131. Bebereader said

    New article ———————->>>>


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