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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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On the Beach with David Archuleta ~ Final Week of Taping Nandito Ako

Posted by djafan on Sunday, January 29, 2012

The final week of Nandito Ako finds the actors tweeting on the move, headed for the resort town of Batangas, about 3 hours from Manilla. Beach scenes FTW! This should be a very interesting week for David and company. Will he wear beach attire? Will he sing to his love as he strolls on the sand? Stay tuned this week for the final episode of: On the Set of the Bold and  Beautiful, Young at Heart and Still Restless, All My Chillin’ Fans of Nandito Ako.

Batangas at sunset

Eula Nandito Ako

5:35 am and it’s already so traffic? Oh Lord!
WRAP! Done with Regal Shocker. Now heading straight to Batangas for Nandito Ako taping. Thankyou Lord! Everyone be safe! 🙂

Jasmine Nandito Ako

Photo: Go on leave me breathless

MyDear Writer

Getting ready for Day 11. Looks like we will sleep after Valentine’s Day. Or maybe after the airing of the first episode. We ♥ #NanditoAko ☺

Advisory: 21 days to prepare the lungs, the vocal chords, the eyes & the ♥HEART♥. A glass of water may come in handy. ☺

Road trip. ☺

I didn’t know that a ‘possible’ shirtless scene would stir such interest…. Hmmmm…. Cliffhanger! ☺

Note to self: Insert new scene. Description: more skin. Wardrobe: not needed. Props: sun block lotion ONLY. ☀☺

Oppss. That last tweet was for my other script. Was just thinking aloud. ☺

Seriously- u can’t expect shirt & jeans in a beach scene come on! And the story is set in a tropical country- the possibilities are endless!

Sunrise. Rice fields. Perfect. ☺

Magic hour. ♥

Anything could happen. Even… 🙂

I kissed a dolphin and liked it. Ready to up my game. haha.

143 Responses to “On the Beach with David Archuleta ~ Final Week of Taping Nandito Ako”

  1. angelofdja said

    I kissed a dolphin and liked it. Ready to up my game. haha.
    Bwahahahahaha! Hilarious! 😆


  2. emmegirl said


    He’s often talked about his sense of adventure. The beach locale conjures up pictures of all sorts of adventure…yyyep.

    Heck, I would be happy to see him walking though the sand barefoot (or in his MKOC tour boots), wearing tropical print bermudas and an any-color-but-red fitted tee (or MKOC tour pants and vest – sans shirt and tie), hand in hand with his love, strolling off into a beautiful tropical sunset.


  3. emmegirl said

    Screen chemistry….yiiikes!


  4. cq said

    OK, that top picture, KILLER!!!
    Love the post!


  5. archiesfan4life said

    Angelica – “On the Set of the Bold and Beautiful, Young at Heart and Still Restless, All My Chillin’ Fans of Nandito Ako” – hahahaha!!


  6. violet4ever said

    I would like barefoot, pants rolled up a bit, short sleeve tropical shirt untucked and open 1 extra button.


  7. MT said

    This article is all sorts of WIN!
    “Stay tuned this week for the final episode of: On the Set of the Bold and Beautiful, Young at Heart and Still Restless, All My Chillin’ Fans of Nandito Ako.” and “I kissed a dolphin and liked it. Ready to up my game.” hahahahaha

    Emmegirl & Violet4ever,
    Loving the wardrobe suggestions. 🙂

    LOL at MyDearWriter’s tweets. Seems she is having some fun with the fans. 🙂


  8. kaycee said

    Angelica, your pictures go right along with my (oh so tongue-in cheek) scenario from the last thread…right down to “charming the sharks”! Now we just need a few hundred teenage girls feigning distress in those shark infested waters!

    Batangas looks absolutely beautiful!…and dare I say…romantic!

    It’s hilarious to read all the suspicions/hopes/fears in regards to My Dear Writers very cryptic tweets. It will be fun to eventually see what she was actually talking about!

    Hahahaha…”I kissed a dolphin and liked it. Ready to up my game.”…shark or girl…hmmm.


  9. tawna21 said

    You know, although I can’t wait for David to be back on North American soil, I’m sad that he will be leaving behind what he has acquired in the last 3 weeks. The learning experiences, the recording studio, meeting Regine & Oglie, the fun, food, friends and, of course, the fans. But, he has ‘created memories’ that will last a lifetime. Okay, ‘nuf of that. He still has a week.

    Violet4ever #6 ~ I’m likin’ your ideas alot. I would change the rolled up pants to long skimmer shorts–you know, the kind with extra pockets on them, and baggy, and way below the knee. And for. sure.. barefoot!! And the shirt– oh my, you’ve created visions in my head (and they’re not sugarplums)! 😉

    Okay, the ‘Archugaze’ that’s in that top killer picture! Dang! Angelica hit us again! **Just when you think it’s safe to go in the water**

    **moving away from the computer –very slowly –must make myself productive for a bit before bedtime**



  10. tawna21 said

    MyDear Writer Had an early conversation with @DavidArchie. He’s memorizing his lines right now. Exciting scenes ahead! ♥ #NanditoAko

    Here We Go!!!


  11. ram said

    Beach scene: Take One and hand me my smellin salts!

    OK I have been waiting for David to show up with some linen pants rolled up just a bit, a gauzy ( only top three little buttons open he’s a modest young man after all) collarless shirt all in tropical white. That’s all he needs with his own natural good looks. Wow, if only.

    Jasmine/Eula in a silky sarong type long sheath ?(covers her nicely but with one shoulder and both beautifully tanned arms exposed). They are both such beautiful girls.

    As for kissing . . . I can’t even imagine that. Maybe just holding hands.


  12. ram said

    Oh and if they do kiss it’s in silhouette again a darkening sunset sky. : O

    This is fun.


  13. Heidijoy said

    ha!ha! I kissed a Dolphin and liked it!!
    @mydearwriter is enjoying David’s dry wit and the director is talking about Mindset!!

    Should be a great week!! I like the tropical look suggestions!!


  14. bebereader said

    I’m with you, Violet4ever. I think we’ll get…barefoot, pants rolled up, short sleeved shirt untucked and open, with a tshirt underneath. Too much clothing for the beach if you ask me but nobody’s asking me. LOL

    I’m enjoying all the suggestions! Keep them coming!


  15. violet4ever said

    Here’s a scene popped into my head. Some time after they spend time playing or walking in the surf then dry off, Anya sits on the blanket and David gets out the fancy kite he brought, and he gets the kite flying real well in the ocean breeze. He’s really into flying the kite when Anya comes over and rubs her hand down his back and puts her arm around his back and leans her cheek on his shoulder. He turns and looks into her eyes – a long look – then puts one arm around her and leans in for a kiss (almost there) and he lets go the kite spool and the camera follows the kite as it flies away. Fadeout.


  16. Skydancer1x said

    MERCY! Angelica, that top picture… made me audibly gasp for air. that face is insanely beautiful.♥

    “I kissed a dolphin and liked it. Ready to up my game. haha.”
    ROFL! Absolutely hilarious!!! hahaha

    and here II thought that was David doing an on location press conference, with some local female reporters)

    like your choice of beach clothing for David.
    Growing up a ‘beach kid’, I want him to peel off the socks and shoes, and walk along the shore in bare feet.♥

    gnite ♥


  17. jans11 said

    All these great scenes are so romantic! Love reading them all and I agree with Vi mixed with Ram…barefoot, gauzy,linen pants rolled up a bit, short sleeve shirt, untucked and open 1 extra button. All in tropical white and his own natural good looks will finish it off!


  18. violet4ever said

    Sorry about that overly romantic scene – I was flashing to A Little Too Not Over You with the Guitar Hero and a better ending for that type of situation.

    I hope they get nice weather both days – they are there 2 days right?


  19. bluesky said

    Angelica… high five! You hit that one out of the park.

    (So why does that picture above remind me of the scene from “Finding Nemo”? Do we need our own AA club: Archies Anonymous? “Hey! It’s ‘bring a friend’ day!!”)


  20. fenfan said

    My choice of beachwear for him – loose shirt untucked and unbuttoned with NO shirt underneath, loose beach pants to the knees, no shoes. Nobody should wear jeans, tight shirt with undershirt, shoes and socks on the beach unless they want to risk heatstroke. that’s certifiable madness. lol.
    If you ask me he has been wearing too many things all this while in the Philippines. Too many jackets, tops over shirts and tight jeans. At one of the mall visits I thought he even wore a shirt under his t-shirt and jacket. The poor thing must have been melting in the tropical heat.
    Dear Mr Archuleta, please loosen up. Put on some shorts, loose Ts and flip flops or sandals. That’s what we wear most of the time here under the scorching equatorial sun! haha.


  21. Susie Cull said

    Noticed this post so far – does not have a video – So I’m posting one – Just Because……

    Just love watching him command the stage


  22. Abrra said

    David Tweets some lyrics

    @DavidArchie “We move on with no regrets to our destiny, held by the hands of the Father. We share His love and He leads us through all these days…”

    Every Moment
    Joy Williams



  23. Abrra said


    Everyone might be very interested in the last comment on the previous post. @MyDearWriter says she showed the site to David and the crew.

    Abrra I blame all errors on my iPhone


  24. Djafan said

    Brought this over from the previous thread. 🙂

    mydearwriter on Monday, January 30, 2012 at 7:50 AM said:
    Thank you for the warm welcome…. and just for the record- I am not messing with anyone’s head/imagination… seriously! LOL.

    Everything’s all good here at the set.. I showed this site to David earlier- just before our dinner break. I even showed it to the other stars and our production team.
    Yep… last five days of David’s shoot. “Awwwww……..” (got this from him, hahaha)


  25. Skydancer1x said



  26. Thoughts from his vlog…In David’s passion for what he is doing, he sounds like many people of his age who go away and study and experience their form of art or their love for any other education or skill…You see you don’t have to just go away to university to learn and experience and share the wonderful memories with people in your own fields of interest. He is fortunately right there and not behind a text book and sitting at a desk. I was a student and I was a teacher and more and more I feel a bit sad for the students who sit for hours in a chair with text books/pcs and never have this opportunity.

    These are definately the years when memories and friendships are made for a lifetime. By the seaside is a place of perfection and a place to let your spirit be freed with people you admire.



  27. bebereader said

    Happy happy happy David. I love seeing him so exuberant!
    SB, I agree with you; there are many ways to learn than classroom- style and he’s learning so much on this trip.

    So he re-recorded “Nandito Ako” to show more emotion. I thought the 43-second clip was filled with emotion. We’re gonna be blown away, Archuleta-style!

    Some just-posted pics from Naree/heart echoes:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “i raised my hand in the air, like photographers do, to signal “look here”… and he looked at me”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Am I reading this correctly? Did MyDearWriter say that she showed this site, The Voice, to David? jasdjl;asdjlasjl;ajajlajfl;ajfl;ajdljfl

    MyDear Writer @MyDearWriter

    Just finished showing your site to David, Jasmin & the team. David laughed at the ‘scuba’ possibilities. Thanks! @TheVoiceDA 🙂

    Great idea from snowangelz:

    Deb @snowangelzz

    @MyDearWriter Any chance Josh could cover some never-heard-live @DavidArchie songs in the concert scene? lol #LookAround #NoticeMe


  28. MT said

    I am dying here at the thought of David seeing that Scuba pic and it’s caption!!! hahahahahhahahaha Too flunny!!!

    Congrats Angelica, on your fabulous artwork!!! David got a kick out of it. 🙂

    PS I just LOVE MyDearWriter! haha


  29. germanyet said

    David is losing by a wide margin to Cook – if you have time can you vote?

    David Cook
    56.12 %
    David Archuleta


  30. Annie318 said

    Picture#3 ~ YIKES!! Just exquisite, perfection.


  31. bebereader said

    Thanks Germanyet. I just voted and voted and voted.

    MT28 – Even more craziness but I don’t think David was with them…

    So we’re still on the road…

    @MyDearWriter @Attwittsend
    On our way to the hotel…

    Traveling in the middle of nowhere- in the middle of the night… hmmm… now this is why I don’t like watching horror movies! Yay! LOL.

    We are lost. I swear. And it’s scary.

    This is the fault of G & @anagfeleo’s GPS. We followed the dot! We found ourselves going to Jason X! Lost in the woods!

    I listened to @gtongi & @anagfeleo- “just go on. We can see the dot. We’re almost there..” And the road was a scene out of a horror movie!

    Finally found the hotel- after like an hour of being lost in twilight zone! Scariest thing ever! My life is a tv series in action. Sigh


  32. MT said

    It looks like they weren’t all travelling together? It seems David and Kari made it to the hotel without incident. Go Kari!! And I’m glad to see they all finally made it to the hotel.

    Although knowing David, he’d have just seen it as another adventure. haha I love the way he sees life. ♥


  33. marlie7 said

    Okay, I’m a dweeb, but I just would love to see David A. win this one.

    Cook vs. Archie — go vote!


  34. betsy said

    Cupcakes and Corks. A nice birthday treat for D. 🙂


  35. betsy said

    Marlie, so am I, and I HATE polls.

    But I never want David to lose anything to him again.


  36. Skydancer1x said

    Love this vlog!♥

    ooh,driving at night on a wooded road, and being lost and isolated gives me the creepies! GLAD everyone finally made it safely back to the hotel. Yikes!
    Just like David to take a different road, and true to form, to end up in the right place♥ :))

    been voting…going back again!


  37. Skydancer1x said

    oh and Bebe♥
    “So he re-recorded “Nandito Ako” to show more emotion. I thought the 43-second clip was filled with emotion. We’re gonna be blown away, Archuleta-style!”

    So READY! cannot wait to hear it.
    and thank you for the pics.
    (That pink shirt looks so, soft.)


  38. sweetonDA said

    I’ve been checking in every day to see what goodies are here and may I say, you don’t disappoint! Wow, looks like David is having the time of his life. I’m so happy for him. . . and me 🙂 I’m overjoyed with all those exquisite pictures and videos of him. Thanks so much to JR and all the pinoy fans who have kept us up to date.

    I have time tonight to actually vote, so I’m off to open some windows and get our guy ahead of Cook. I’m with all the rest of you on that point!!!

    Welcome @MyDearWriter. Loving your tweets too!


  39. Angelica said

    Violet4ever #15 and #18,

    I read your romantic scene last night and was really impressed. It was so sweet and just perfect IMO. Don’t be sorry for having such a creative mind, k?

    Love the vlog. He seems to get a little choked up talking about leaving all the great folks he’s been working with on this project. I noticed he kinda did that at the mall appearance when talking about it coming to an end. So glad he got to experience some real acting with such warm, supportive people to share it all with.

    Very busy day at work, no time to log on. Came home to the nice surprise that MyDearWriter showed David and the production team and costars the site. Glad he got a laugh from the scuba pic. 🙂 Turned my day right around. Thanks, MyDearWriter and thanks to everyone from TV5, the cast and crew, for making David’s time and effort there with you so enjoyable.


  40. emmegirl said

    Love the vlog – he seems so happy, so relaxed, so at peace, so comfortable. You can tell he will genuinely miss the Philippines and the friends he has made.


  41. ram said

    I too am voting. Can’t help this gut reaction to this poll.

    David re- recorded Nandito Ako to show MORE emotion. : o

    We will survive only to hit the replay button over and over. You know it. LOL


  42. bebereader said

    Been voting for the last hour. I think I’ll stop for a while because David’s numbers are now going lower 😦 on the poll.


  43. PattiNC said

    Loving all the scenarios…especially violet4ever’s :). Those pics at 27..just lovely…and props to David’s ortho!!!!
    Hate to see this trip end….


  44. angelofdja said

    Yes Bebe, me too! I’ve been voting pretty consistently for the past 3 hours. The numbers raise a little, hold steady a little, then they go down.
    The Cookies are giving us a run for our money! A tough bunch! 😉


  45. Djafan said

    Still having Internet issues 😦

    Please vote on the Ultimate Idol poll if you you can.

    They’re up and ready for more Nandito Ako!

    Hope thousands show up for the Josh Bradley concert this Friday.

    And it’s been confirmed that he will have an appearance and performance for World Idol in Singapore and that Fox set this up. I wonder if its affiliated with AI here.

    Win tickets to see David Archuleta at Star World American Idol Party

    If you are in Singapore or other neighboring country, continue reading. David Archuleta will be coming to the sunny Singapore island this coming weekend in time for the American Idol event on February 7 for the STAR World channel (co-owned by Fox).

    How to win a ticket?

    This Sunday 5th Feb, head down to HMV Marina Square, where David will be doing an in-store signing session from 4pm. He will also pick 10 lucky draw winners to attend the Star World American Idol Party and one very lucky winner will win a “money-can’t-buy” experience with David 🙂

    1. Autograph signing is applicable only to The Other Side of Down: Asian Tour Edition purchased at HMV Marina Square on Sunday 5th February.

    2. One copy of The Other Side of Down: Asian Tour Edition along with receipt admits one person to enter the autograph signing session and is valid for one entry for the lucky draw.

    3. 10 lucky draw winners will win a pair of tickets to attend the Star World American Idol Party featuring a special performance by David.

    4. The 10th lucky draw winner will also win a “money-can’t-buy” experience with David.

    5. Entry subject to venue capacity.

    6. The organisers reserve the right to change or amend any aspect of this event at their discretion.
    Posted in: David Archuleta


  46. Djafan said

    Voting on phone. Can’t help it lol

    SB, I agree that there are many ways to attain knowledge. David has been receiving an education that cannot be duplicated in any classroom and it shows. This latest vlog you can see the growth. David’s demeanor, his expressions show a new level of confidence. He states that he’s learned things about himself with this acting project and that makes me soooooooo happy 🙂


  47. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit JosephBitangcol

    Found this on Follow Archuleta:

    “A Closer Look at Josh Bradley
    It’s been a week since the “Nandito Ako” shoot commenced and we now have a clearer idea of David Archuleta’s character, Josh Bradley.

    Josh is your typical young pop star living on the high roads of fame with his impeccable vocal talents and boy-next-door charm. But beneath this poster boy hides an idealistic soul who yearns to break free from his sheltered lifestyle and search for a missing fragment of his past.

    Fortunately, Josh will not go through this journey alone. His feeling of emptiness will somehow be alleviated by the friends he’ll meet along the way, namely, his roadie (played by Ana Feleo) and his best friend (played by Alwyn Uytingco).”


  48. Skydancer1x said

    Been scurrying back and forth from the rabbit hole to the voting poll. sleepy now.

    ” his latest vlog you can see the growth. David’s demeanor, his expressions show a new level of confidence. He states that he’s learned things about himself with this acting project and that makes me soooooooo happy”

    Oh Dja♥ this vlog made me jump for joy! IMO, in a mere 3 minutes 11 seconds,,he shared on a deeper level than he ever has before.This experience has been so worth all of the hard work and dedication he has obviously put into it.The growth/transformation over such a short period of time,is amazing He soaks up new challenges like a sponge.
    I have a permanent smile on my face.


  49. emifriend said

    wow! That Vlog was great! Loved hearing David say “ya’ll” at the start. Maybe he will move to Nashville yet!

    I guess it is time for David to charm some sharks. After all, he has conquered all of us cougars!


  50. FG said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  51. emmegirl said

    dja, skydancer, thought the same thing. From the first word you could see a difference.


  52. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    crop of photo from @kariontour

    What has he been up to? Sand on his knee? David did you fall down in the water? LOL



  53. djxox said

    Abs, lol….Noticed the sand on one knee too….Down on one knee on the beach…. hmmm, what could Josh be up to? 😉

    And is she blotting him?? 😯


  54. Abrra said


    Maybe Josh asked Anya for her hand in marriage? 😉

    Reminds me of MJ with the umbrella guy.



  55. djxox said

    Or maybe, David had to tie his shoe… LOL 🙂


  56. palmtreephan said

    @ Djxox – Oh, to be the individual selected to be the “David Archuleta chest-blotter”…..

    It’s a rough job but I suppose SOMEONE has to do it.


  57. Skydancer1x said

    52. I think I have just found my dream job.. ‘excuse me’? where do I turn in my application? :))


  58. fenfan said

    Maybe he collapsed from heatstroke from being over-dressed and all those people are trying to get the sand off him!
    He is coming to Singapore on Sunday! And he is making me jump through hoops to try to get a ticket for his performance on 7 Feb.


  59. djxox said

    Palm~ LOLz…add THAT to your resume 🙂


  60. Abrra said

    What did they used to say in the movies when someone showed up soaking wet?

    SHHHHHHH Don’t say it.

    Go to for Days 7&8 shooting images. It’s definitely a “where’s Waldo” situation. Not too many of David, but gives some clues to the story.



  61. angelofdja said

    Seeking employment. Credentials include owning my own ultra-absorbent chest-blotters. Can handle highly heated moments. Loyal. Dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction in all areas of blotting. Travel lightly.
    Contact 555-122-8990 if interested 😉

    Admin Abrra Hah! I almost put this in spam. Good thing I read it 🙂


  62. xaris said

    #52- Well, the boy was definitely not standing behind the door when they passed out both talent and beauty, now was he?

    I just had a thought that made me giggle. I’m trying to line up pet-sitters for an upcoming trip, and I wondered if David has been lining up fan-sitters. He could write out instructions for proper care and feeding, when to give medication, etc. You know, “When fans seem to be feeling down or lethargic, release one romantic ballad and two hunk photos.” Something like that….


  63. Heidijoy said

    Like your idea Xaris!! Fan Sitting for the Win!!


  64. Abrra said


    I am a pet sitter. Hope you get a reliable person for your babies 🙂

    Like your idea on fan sitter. See if you can expand your thoughts into an article? All are welcome to submit an article to We would love to have fans help keep the site going with fresh material while David is away.



  65. Hello everyone. I so agree with the comments about his latest vlog..more telling than any other. I found myself smiling the entire time except when a dang tear found its way into my eye…lol ~Well, it’s bound to happen & it won’t be the last time so I’m preparing myself. I know this week will be bittersweet for him..what a learning/growing experience it’s been. I would be willing to bet even more so than he every imagined. 🙂


  66. oops…. >>>> *ever imagined*


  67. djafan said

    “WOW” that’s all ♥


  68. djafan said

    Fenfan, I hope you get in!!!!!!


  69. Sunny said

    David isn’t doing well on the Ultimate Idol Poll. Just dropped by to put the link up to vote. Also, to say I love Angelica’s post. “I kissed a dolphin and liked it.” Hilarious!!


  70. djafan said

    All the details to the Josh Bradley concert have been posted on Follow Archuleta. Love this one.

    I hope many are flying in. Any takers? Let us know?

    Be a part of TV5’s much-awaited mini-serye “Nandito Ako”!

    Join David, Eula, Jasmine and the cast of Nandito Ako on set as they film Josh Bradley’s concert scene!

    For international/local fans flying in for the concert scene, please email your names to before 9pm (Philippine Standard Time), February 2, 2012 so we can reserve slots for you. Proof of arrival (i.e. Passport, ticket, boarding pass, etc) will be requested upon registration on Thursday or Friday.


  71. djafan said

    superduperbuknoy uploaded his videos from the mall shows! Go to the link for the rest.


  72. djafan said

    January 31, 2012

    Regine Velasquez Learns David Archuleta Is a Fan
    David told Asia’s Songbird that he started listening to her when he was 16, even before he joined American Idol.

    After talking with David, Regine found out that he had actually started listening to her songs when he was 16, after watching a YouTube video in which she performed Mariah Carey’s “Butterfly.” He listened to it repeatedly before eventually discovering Mariah Carey’s original version. “He kept watching daw other videos of mine. So, even before [American Idol], natutuwa na daw siya sa akin.”

    More at the link.


  73. djafan said


    “I know this week will be bittersweet for him..what a learning/growing experience it’s been. I would be willing to bet even more so than he every imagined. :)”

    I bet you’re 100% correct.

    Did you all see “the” picture???? Is that wetness on his tee or a shadow? Sand on the knees??

    That expression is one of the most beautiful non smiling ones, completely focused even while they all work on him.

    Ok, need to stop looking at that pic lol


  74. djafan said

    David recorded it.

    jaydurias Jay Oliver Durias
    Just got out from the studio.. will get back later for the mixing of David’s “Wherever You Are” Version 🙂

    And this is what my favorite script writer had to say bout that lol

    MyDear Writer @MyDearWriter
    I heard the finished product last night… of the other song. Tears would definitely roll….

    MyDear Writer @MyDearWriter
    And like the home tv shopping…. “But wait, there’s more!” LOL.

    And this one is at rumor stages that he did or will.


  75. bluesky said

    They have to put these in the movie. They just have to. It is decreed, ordained, written, and…. (as only DA can..)

    that is all.



  76. MT said

    Such beautiful songs, and with David’s voice, well …. I can imagine some tears, and hearts catching fire.

    I wonder if they will release an EP of these songs? or a Mini-Series soung track? To go along with a DVD? Will these, and possibly others, be background tracks in the series as well?

    Hoping, Hoping, Hoping! Fingers, eyes, and toes crossed for all of the above. lol *excited at the thought*

    And I haven’t even commented on that gorgeous photo. LOL Wow, David!

    I also agree with the comments on the vlog. This is turning out to be such a great learning experience for him as well as a lot of fun.


  77. MT said

    Oops!! That would be *sound track*


  78. betsy said

    Beautiful picture up above. The beach one. I wonder what he’s thinking about. What he’s seeing.

    As for the songs he’s been recording, yes, they HAVE to be made available, and used in this show. They HAVE to. He can’t have recorded them for nothing. I’d buy it in any language, known and unknown. 🙂
    Nobody else can make me do that.


  79. emmegirl said

    You guys are hilarious. And he is gorgeous (how many times, how many ways can it be said.)

    Marylee, “I know this week will be bittersweet for him..what a learning/growing experience it’s been. I would be willing to bet even more so than he every imagined”, I think you are spot on too.

    bluesky, that IS all. they must.

    Betsy, “Nobody else can make me do that”…the list keeps getting longer.

    Fans are flying in for the concert scene, OHMYHECK!


  80. betsy said


  81. fenfan said

    Djafan – yes I’m really hoping against hope for a ticket. Waiting for news now about it.
    Abrra – I will write a recap IF I get into the Idol party. Never done a fan squee before; all my writing so far has been the, ahem, “boring” kind.
    That rainbow song is beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes just thinking of David singing it. I hope he recorded it. If he did, does it sound like a sad ending is possible? I want a sad ending.


  82. bebereader said

    Loved the ‘Picture of the Day’!
    Seeing another side of David, and I’m liking it a lot!
    The question is: Will we recognize him when he gets back from Manila? 😉

    I assume those songs were recorded for the soundtrack of the miniseries. It would be silly to have a professional singer as a leading man and not utilize his talents for the soundtrack.

    I know this is ridiculous but I wish the promos would be played in the US (wishful thinking) on US channels so we could get a glimpse on our TVS. I can’t wait!

    I wonder what songs Josh will sing for his concert?(As Abs pointed out somewhere I don’t remember where, he can’t sing David Archuleta’s songs now can he?)

    Fenfan: Good Luck!


  83. betsy said

    Just because nobody is here to stop me. 😉

    I know, I know. Again with the FOG.
    Also, dja, still laughing at #67.
    That’s never all, lol.


  84. Abrra said

    Can you all take more? ( from Betsy’s links in #80)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    “David and Ana”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    “David at ako sa set”

    I said that on the phone yesterday to you about “What songs will he sing?’ I figured they had to have some Josh songs ready for the concert. Nice to see that we get some new music!

    I hope you get to the show! Would really like to have a recap.



  85. djafan said

    Fenfan…positive vibes going your way!

    Betsy, hahahaha just needed a few to recover. Love FOG and yes you can 🙂

    Sounds like all the boxes have been checked.

    @MyDearWriter: Last three days: drama ☑ music ☑ romance ☑ action ☑ fun ☑” <- the usual ;D

    @macalejandre Things are going well. My actors are fantastic. Happiness! I love this show.

    DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!


  86. betsy said

    I just came to a realization after I posted that FOG video.
    That concert was over two years ago. And I am STILL posting it. STILL INSANE FOR IT.
    p.s. That was me trying to convince myself that 2 years is nothing. 🙂
    I do know one thing. There are some things I will never tire of. Never.


  87. tawna21 said

    fenfan—– *chanting… you will get in….you will get in… you will get in…* Good Luck! we’re pulling for you!!!!!



  88. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit macalejandre
    “David eating ampao. He ate balut , too.”


  89. Angelica said

    I’m seeing his hair done in a different style in this final week of filming. More up-combed off his forehead. I recall the movie Roman Holiday this mini-series is based on, had a sad ending. The Princess, Audrey Hepburn, escaped and explored life as a regular person without fame. During her adventures she fell in love, only to eventually return to the obligations and duties of her life before. I wonder if in the end (just speculating) Josh Bradley will reveal his true identity at the concert and realize he has to return to his destiny too. To fame and the spotlight in order to do what he loves…sing and share his great talent with the world.

    The song in #74 is beautiful with a great message. If he records it, I think I will be playing it a lot over the next two years.

    Fenfan, good luck to you! Hope you get into the Idol party!


  90. lani said

    OMG I love love the song Rainbow by Southborder, it’s one of the biggest hits of the band, they were very popular during their time… Rainbow has beautiful lyrics right down David’s alley. I wish wish that David records it.


  91. lani said

    David also recorded this beautiful love song as per Jay Durias’ tweet. can’t wait to hear David’s version..Love,Love,Love

    sorry if this has been posted.


  92. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    More pictures from last Saturday’s mall event. Too many to post. Do I see a teary David?




  93. David definately has a dramatic life that has had him near to or in tears several times and there will be lots more of that this week and in the weeks to come. Perhaps those are the emotions that add to his ability to sing as he does.



  94. fenfan said

    YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!! I am in. See you on Tuesday David!!!!!


  95. Heidijoy said

    Congrats Fenfan!! So excited for you!! Will look forward to your report!!!


  96. Skydancer1x said

    94.FenFan, Yea!! Squeeing for you!!!♥

    (how on earth are they going to keep everyone screaming for JOSH and not shouting out “DAVID”??? I see more than one take happening here.should be interesting…hm?)

    Oh my Abrra, it does look like a teary David. Oh David!♥
    I think we all better make sure, our tissue boxes are handy, as videos/pictures come in this week,from the Philippines.

    84 &*88. love these new ‘expressions’ we are glimpsing♥ oh so many captions for these GEMS, so little time! haha
    me?? what am I eating?(dang!! these are HOT!)
    oh man! Its the big guy!!


  97. angelofdja said

    Congratulations Fenfan! Have fun, and bring us back ALL the pics/video/recap/squeeing moments that you can! I’m so happy for you and all the other lucky fans who get to be there!


  98. bluesky said

    FENFAN!!! I am SO excited for you <3<3<3<3

    Have an absolutely FANtabulous time!

    (Erm…. can I be your shoelace? I don't need to see everything ((my vision goes first anyway: blurry, tears, etc.)) and I promise to not get in the way or come untied or do anything to embarrass you. Promise. I just want to jump up and down while abandoning all my senses to the consuming vibration, sound and wild ride of noisy bliss. ((Then hang limp as you take me home.)) *sigh*)



  99. Skydancer1x said

    98. Bluesky,
    “Erm…. can I be your shoelace?” lol!

    (are you talking to Fenfan or to ‘Josh?” ) :))


  100. fenfan said

    Thank you everyone! I am beyond excited…squeeeee!!!!!!!! I don’t know what’s going to happen at this party. I hope there is a meet and greet. I want to stand next to him to see whether he is taller than me. lol.


  101. bluesky said

    99 Skydancer1x

    Well… I was meaning Fenfan, actually (*waves*). But… going as Josh – DA’s shoelace? Getting tugged and pulled and (Angelica) tied and retied and dancing and prancing up there in the light and sound?

    I will just say this: I actually think that in a way, we are all DA’s shoelaces. I think he thinks about “us” meaning those he sings to, constantly; that we are always with him. Not every moment of every day. … heh, heh: just when he thinks about music.

    In Chinese philosophy (as I have studied it) the “Earth” element is the one that focuses on stability, community, giving and receiving of abundance, “everyone gets a turn” mentality, home, hearth and connectedness. The sound that is associated with that element is: singing.

    I believe that song is to him, DA, as life and breath. And that, integral with that song, is: sharing it with US.

    So I will go happily as Fenfan’s shoelace. I am already part of DA in his song.


  102. djafan said

    SCREAMING HERE FOR FENFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Angelica, Roman Holiday is one of my favorite movies. Awww seems like many on twitter are starting to feel that feeling of knowing David’s departure is around the corner.

    SB, I believe you’re right. We only know the surface of David’s life and even David said he is learning so much about himself. In Chords Of Strength David speaks of feelings and emotions, how they play a huge part in his singing and feeling the melodies and lyrics. I guess acting has come naturally to him because of these same abilities he’s been blessed with. Everyone who spends some time with David speak about his wit, his sense of humor, his randomness, etc etc etc lol I think MKOCT and having to fight for it, turning 21, and this acting project have done wonders for his confidence. He is very much less inhibited. We are witnessing this unfold before us in all the videos, pictures, and this latest vlog. What an incredible journey.


  103. djafan said


    “I believe that song is to him, DA, as life and breath. And that, integral with that song, is: sharing it with US.”

    “So I will go happily as Fenfan’s shoelace. I am already part of DA in his song.”



  104. djafan said

    David is now a singer/songwriter/best selling author/philanthropist/actor/and sometime comic ♥

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    still on set. Hanging with everybody getting ready for the next scene. A lot of the cast has been on set today. it’s been fun.
    3 minutes ago

    kimak @kimak
    @Marylee_DAangel lol we are so toast if @DavidArchie is as good in his acting as he is in his singing!

    MyDear Writer @MyDearWriter
    “@kimak: @Marylee_DAangel lol we are so toast if @DavidArchie is as good in his acting as he is in his singing!” – Well, YES he is. ☺

    Sexynez22 Ynez Veneracion
    David Archuleta..Sooo cute!!! He’s leaving soon haaayy!
    36 minutes ago

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  105. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  106. Dayzee said

    Fenfan! So excited for you! Congratulations

    Oh Betsy. That FOG has always made me cry, and here I am weeping at my desk. And you are telling me it has been over two years? You must be mistaken. How could it possibly twist up my insides like this for two years? Did you notice that if you pause that video anywhere it is a delicious screencap? Every piece of that video is amazingly beautiful.


  107. archiesfan4life said

    Fenfan – sooooo happy for you!!!! Congratulations!


  108. tawna21 said

    Fenfan – way to go!!!!! congrats on getting in!!! we will be waiting for your report! 😛



  109. betsy said

    Fenfan, so glad for you. You must tell us every detail!

    Dayzee, I know it hardly seems like 2 years. OVER two years. That may be my favorite all time video.
    You’re right about the fact that you could pause it anywhere, and it’d be gorgeous. And every note is so perfect.
    Hard to believe that was the first time he sang it publicly.


  110. bebereader said

    Fenfan, You did it!!! So happy for you!

    Bowing to this hard-working cast and crew!
    Saw this tweet several hours ago from MyDearWriter:


    It’s 1:52am & we’re still at the set. Yes, @DavidArchie is still working at this hour. And he still have more scenes!
    #NanditoAko #ProActor

    Did you see the hashtag she used? “#ProActor”!
    If David’s acting is half as good as his singing (and I have a feeling it is), we’re in big trouble!!

    Betsy, I’ve been playing your FOG over and over. He nailed it out of the ballpark first time! He sang FOG many more times during that Christmas Tour, but I still go back to that particular performance when I want to hear it. Beyond exquisite!

    And then I found this on Twitter:

    “Kim Katalbas (@frozenheart25)

    Posted Wednesday 1st February 2012 from Twitlonger

    I just saw DAVID ARCHULETA at Yellowcab Tagaytay last night along with Jasmine Curtis-Smith and I just died! He was just an inch away and I was actually euphoric that time plus the panic attack. Haha. It was just hilarious ’cause last time I was just tweeting about him about when will I be able to see him ’cause I know he’s about to leave the Philippines a week from now, and God answered my prayers insantly. God is really good! However, I’m just pretty saddened about his escorts not permitting us to take a picture with him. My greatest mistake was I should’ve approached David instead of them. Oh David, I swear that wouldn’t be the last time and I’ll see you again, it’s just a matter of time, It’ll happen I swear. I won’t forget that very moment when I’ve seen your pretty face and how you smiled at me. Your just… Enchanting.. This is BEYOND HAPPINESS and THIS CRUSH AIN’T GOING AWAY.. :”””> ♥ ♥ ♥ ”

    As a fellow fan I can sure feel her excitement!!! 🙂


  111. Angelica said

    Bluesky and Skydancer,

    I love the way you both think. ♥


    Fenfan! Photobucket


  112. Heidijoy said

    Thanks Betsy for posted FOG. Love the song and all the meaning behind it for David and for us.
    Love that he discovered the song and Eva Cassidy when he saw Michelle Kwan skating to this at the Olympics. Michelle has always been my favorite skater and she was accepted into the Hall of Fame this past weekend. Of course David is my favorite singer and I love the connections.
    I’m sure David has shared that story with Michelle when he sees her at the Skating shows and I know Eva’s family is so thankful that he honors her.


  113. palmtreephan said

    Betsy, I just adore that Fields Of Gold performance, as well. Many, many thanks to Tina and her then brand spankin’ new camera for recording and sharing it. It’s simply just one of the very best videos of one of David’s performances EVER!


  114. Congratulations to FenFan ~Trust won’t be thinking of who’s taller when & if you get to stand next to him! You’ll know what I mean if it happens.. Good Luck & ENJOY! 🙂


  115. Abrra said

    Fenfan , deep breaths and look into his eyes if you get the chance. It will sustain you for the next 2years, at least. 🙂

    The fellow has beautiful hair, it’s just different 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @DavidArchie and Direk RS Francisco (FREPI Owner) on the set of #NanditoAko. Hope RS would bring David in our office! x

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @DavidArchie @gellidbelen @gtongi @rsfrancisco888



  116. tawna21 said

    oh. my. goodness…. put me in line..PLEASE… I’ll not complain one speck!!

    MyDear Writer What is 1 day of enduring a line just to get a free ticket to a Josh Bradley concert scene? Is that so difficult? Why all these grunts?
    MyDear Writer David has been working EVERYDAY since he arrived- and he NEVER complained. This is an important journey for him- we’re here to support him.
    MyDear Writer And we never meant to make it hard for people to attend the concert scene- it’s just that- there are rules & regulations.
    MyDear Writer We’re not forcing anyone to be a part of the scene- we just thought maybe you’d want to be a part of this. But we have a sched to follow.
    MyDear Writer And this is not just a concert scene- this is David’s lifestory- happening right before our eyes. Someday this is going to be just a memory.

    The last two lines made my heart stop for a couple of beats… it’s so true…


  117. bluesky said


    Some shoelaces might get tied in knots sometimes, I guess. But I know that there is an army of shoelaces out there that are willing to swim oceans, fight the tide, wade rivers and travel upstream just to get the chance to slip into a “good place” and pull it together long enough to connect with the music and magic of DA.

    Never underestimate the fan(s). They will come through.

    Bless you for your patience and willingness to work with us fans, during this groundbreaking and historic time in the life of DA. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done and are doing. (And that includes the whole group of actors, crew and the great director!)

    Thanks for loving DA. Thanks for caring about him and the work and quality of this whole production. If I were there and not a very big ocean away, I would bow to you in gratitude.



  118. fenfan said

    You guys are awesome. I will be holding all of you in my heart as I watch David perform on Tuesday. If I get the chance I will surely look deep into his eyes and when I do, so would all of you.

    This will be the third time I see David live. I was at the David X 2 concert in Manila back in May 2009. But the first time I saw him was on his first trip to Asia the previous month when he performed at a mall here.

    I was standing just metres away, right by his keyboard. That’s when I saw the glow, the aura that marked him as someone special. He was such a tiny thing, even by Asian standards. But he held the thousands of us there in thrall.

    I will never forget the moment when he seemed to look right at me. I don’t know why, but I shrank away somewhat. That look hit me to the core. Maybe it was because I was afraid. Afraid that this tiny little thing with the big voice would somehow know that I would lay my heart at his feet if I could hear him sing to the end of my days.


  119. MT said

    “Maybe it was because I was afraid. Afraid that this tiny little thing with the big voice would somehow know that I would lay my heart at his feet if I could hear him sing to the end of my days.”

    Awwww ..♥ I’m so glad you get to go. Hope you have a wonderful time.


  120. Heidijoy said

    Fenfen, Yes we will be there with you in spirit!!! It is a beautiful experience!! Soak it all in and give him all our love. ♥♥♥


  121. Fenfan ~

    “Afraid that this tiny little thing with the big voice would somehow know that I would lay my heart at his feet if I could hear him sing to the end of my days”.

    Your words are beautiful! You have spoken for me too! *tears*


  122. Angelica said

    “I will never forget the moment when he seemed to look right at me. I don’t know why, but I shrank away somewhat. That look hit me to the core. Maybe it was because I was afraid. Afraid that this tiny little thing with the big voice would somehow know that I would lay my heart at his feet if I could hear him sing to the end of my days.”

    Aww…Fenfan. I know exactly what you mean.


  123. jans11 said

    Fenfan…so happy for you to have these special memories to hold onto for the next few yrs.


  124. djafan said

    Bluesky, that is one beautiful thank you. Your words are always so poetic and soul touching.

    FenFan, that is one of the most beautiful comments I have ever read.

    “Afraid that this tiny little thing with the big voice would somehow know that I would lay my heart at his feet if I could hear him sing to the end of my days”.

    And I would to 😉

    We will be with you in spirit and waiting here for any tidbits you’d like to share 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  125. bluesky said

    Fenfan!!!! (((((((((hugs))))))))))


  126. betsy said

    Fenfan, I have discussed a million times that same feeling, but have never put it so eloquently.
    I think you found what we’ve been trying to put into words for years. That “I need to look away but cannot.”

    Bluesky, thanks for your message to Mydearwriter. It’s beautiful. ♥


  127. PattiNC said

    Fen fen love what you wrote….please enjoy your time in David’s presence and we will feel the love too! Bluesky lovely words to Mydearwriter…really hate to see this all end..but cant wait to hear new music!,(whether I understand the words or not!)


  128. palmtreephan said

    Fenfen, such incredible beauty and eloquence in your words. I think he sees just that when he looks in our eyes……but I truly believe there is nothing to fear in him possessing that knowledge. Our hearts are in a very safe place with him.


  129. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Day 14 on the set. Just one more day of filming of Josh Bradley!

    From David's OS

    David at the Pyropalooza

    David Archuleta will be among the artists performing at the Pyropalooza, at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds in the Philippines on February 11, 2012.
    For more details including ticket purchase, please visit Close Up Philippines.



  130. djafan said

    David ♥

    aiko melendez
    | msaikomelendez

    @gellidbelen @DavidArchie and @gtongi on the set of #nanditoako

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  131. dakgal said

    OK—everyone line up for a big fat sloppy one –plus a big hug!! I was cast out into a terrible place –where there is NO David- no internet family–for five days–I thought I’d die!

    In short my computer died–dang thing kept shutting off on me–so as of yesterday –I have a brand new one–loaded up ready to go–I hope!

    There is so much to catch up on and things have moved so fast–I feel left in the dust! I have a lot of reading to do.


  132. Abrra said

    For those who have followed Pattirae’s story, there is a new entry on her journal blog. She is doing well!

    One Year Mark!
    Hello my dear family and friends,

    Yesterday was the one year anniversary when all my cancer treatments began. I remember having to check into the hospital (IMC Hospital in Murray) the night before my thoracotomy (removal of the upper left lobe of my lung.) Delos and Amy were with me and Amy set up this website while we waited the night away. Little did I know at the time what this site would mean to me, and the love that would transpire between all of us because of it. I can hardly put into words what your expressions of love, encouragement, friendship, prayers, hope and peace have meant to me during this difficult time. Thank you so very much!
    Read the rest here


    Welcome back:) Big,wet, slobbery kisses to you 🙂



  133. Skydancer1x said

    wb Dak! huggies♥and slurpies! before you shake off the dust,and read up go straight to your survival kit, you are gonna need your bib.

    with one eloquent sentence, you landed a bullseye on the target that my arrows have been trying to hit for 3 years, but never quite could! How beautifully you express your heart, and sum up the feelings of love and devotion we have for this man, and his voice.This sentence, is a keeper.I want to frame it!
    “Afraid that this tiny little thing with the big voice would somehow know that I would lay my heart at his feet if I could hear him sing to the end of my days.”
    Have a wonderful time Fenfan!

    now,I too have to catch up on the latest!
    so happy to read Patti’s new blog entry. what an amazing inspiration she is to all!♥

    130.”David’s Angels”♥

    Josh’s concert is going to be epic!Woo Hoo!


  134. bebereader said

    So Josh is going to sing two songs. I’m assuming “Nandito Ako” is one. Any speculation on the other? “Wherever You Are”? “Rainbow”?

    I can’t even imagine what it must be like on the set now. They’re finishing up and feeling sad that it’s ending. This has been a learning experience for David and something tells me that he has caught the acting bug. Three weeks
    went by so fast!

    I’m expecting there will one day be a sequel to “Nandito Ako”. Can you feel it too? And if they are comparing the miniseries to “Roman Holiday” it will have a sad ending. Just speculating here….Do you think one of the girls turns out to be Josh’s sister?

    The words in your last paragraph in comment #118 ring true for so many of us. You hit it right and they bear repeating.

    “Afraid that this tiny little thing with the big voice would somehow know that I would lay my heart at his feet if I could hear him sing to the end of my days.”

    Have a great time and we’re so looking forward to a recap from you! You express yourself with passion and understanding.

    Bluesky, Your message to MyDearWriter was spot-on! Thank you!

    Dak, Wecome back and congrats on your new computer!

    Off to read Pattirae’s blog at Caringbridge.


  135. ray said

    bluesky, amen


  136. djafan said

    Jay the producer/musician is tweeting! Maybe he’ll be a band member for the shoot since he’s going to practice? So excited and giddy for all of this.

    Jay Oliver Durias @jaydurias
    Yes, On my way to practice..catch u guys later.

    Tjia Ern Lau @watermellonbieb
    @jaydurias you’re gonna be at the concert too? 🙂 mind sneaking us a few pics?

    Jay Oliver Durias @jaydurias
    @watermellonbieb will try my best 🙂

    Jay Oliver Durias @jaydurias
    Gud am people… Yes, all these songs are comin out but d official announcement will be made by the david’s mgt. Peace 2 all 🙂


  137. djafan said

    Desperate times call for desperate measures hahaha Deb cracks me up 🙂

    cadthu @CADTHU

    I’m home and ready for Josh’s/D’s concert! Will there be body cavity searches for those in attendance? Cuz we really need at least a pic 😉

    Deb Deb @snowangelzz

    @CADTHU ROTFL … there must be someone willing to take the risk for the team! lol


  138. dakgal said


    “Just speculating here….Do you think one of the girls turns out to be Josh’s sister?”

    Exactly my words–had I been able to post– This has been drifting around in my mind now for a couple of weeks—there has to be some kind of a quirky twist for the end—don’t ya think? 😎

    Am I reading right? David will be in Singapore on Feb. 6th—then back in the Philippines on Feb. 11th? Huh?

    Not having seen recent pictures of David lately–in some that I’m seeing he looks a little gaunt and tired–thinner in the face—poor baby–but never a complaint–he could be walking on his knees and not complain.

    But then maybe, it’s the makeup they have slathered all over his face. 🙄 You just don’t mess with perfection.


  139. tawna21 said

    Dak #138… “Am I reading right? David will be in Singapore on Feb. 6th—then back in the Philippines on Feb. 11th? Huh?” <—- I had the same 'Huh?' Need somebody to 'splain to us 😕

    A sister? That's a very interesting twist….verrrry possible….I sure hope it doesn't take long for the DVD to hit the US!



  140. djafan said

    Mr. David Archuleta

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  141. kaycee said

    Does anyone know what time the Josh Bradley concert is supposed to start? Wow, he sure looks good for a guy who is running on very little sleep! Sounds like they were still filming at 3:00 in the morning! Hopefully the adrenalin takes him through the concert!

    A sister, hmmm…sounds a bit like Star Wars..Luke and Leah?


  142. kaycee said

    Latest tweet from My Dear Writer:

    “Appetizer: Josh Bradley concert: Main course: NANDITO AKO series. Dessert: ‘OMG.”


  143. jans11 said

    Got it!!! Thanks guys!!!


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