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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Counting Down Until David Archuleta Gets Home

Posted by djafan on Monday, January 23, 2012

Inquiring minds want to know: Counting the days – how do we count the ways?

The following is by Bianca, reprinted in part here from her blog site Bearsafloat

I’ve been asked by Abrra of The Voice to do something about a countdown calendar for people to use to track David’s mission. So I’ve been thinking.

My first idea was to create a page-a-day calendar where you tear off a page each day. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that there is only one site I could find to create one and it would cost a minimum of $20 per year per copy of the calendar. They only offer black and white and all the copies would have to be ordered at one time. Shipping would be a PITB.

Continuing with professionally-printed calendars,we could go with a 24 month monthly format (perhaps like the one I did for 2011). Art could be added to the individual dates for the countdown. I do love spotlighting the best of fan photography like this. If you’re obsessive you could cross out each day as it passes. Cost would depend on the quality we chose.

We could have a poster calendar printed for each year. This would be fun to mark off the days,but I don’t personally have space for one, do you?

It could be a desktop calendar like this with not much room to personalize the dates but cute and doesn’t take much room. By the way,yes,I like Shutterfly and similar services because that way I don’t have to be involved in ordering or shipping and I know exactly what you’ll get.

We could create a journal format so you could keep notes of how you’re doing or things you wish you could share with David. Or something that would fit a standard planner binder.

Finally,I could create printable calendar pages that you could print yourself. The thing about doing this is that many of David’s fans do not have good color printers and 24-25 pages would be expensive to print. These could have great art of course–they could be quite customized. But I would need a lot of encouragement from people who absolutely promised to print them.

So what do you think? What would you invest your money or time into?

Please take the poll below to give her an idea of which format you would most like and discuss in the comments. You can also comment and read her full article on her site.

–bianca said

Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 5:06 PM e

I’d like to invite everyone over to my blog for a discussion of ways to countdown the days of David’s mission. Thanks Abrra for the idea and here’s to a fabulous collaboration!

We are just trying to help her get the word out in time for something to be done for the fans.

120 Responses to “Counting Down Until David Archuleta Gets Home”

  1. --bianca said

    Thanks Angelica for posting this here! I’m looking forward to creating something nice with the awesome photos that I’ve seen lately. I’m happy to answer any questions about cost or printing or whatnot. I’m especially good with whatnots.


  2. goldenjane said

    I would love a calendar…I especially the ones with photos of David. What a great idea. Counting down until he comes home. I would buy 3 of them now…..Awesome Idea!!!!


  3. Abrra said

    David and his cast mates participated in an acting workshop

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    screen cap by JR

    Thanks to Bianca for the hard work in researching all the options for a countdown calendar. Having something to keep track of the days til David comes back just might make the wait more bearable.

    When you stop by to read and comment at The Voice please make a choice for your favorite calendar format. I am asking everyone (especially our lovely lurkers 😉 ) to vote in the poll. Be heard in this unique opportunity to choose a countdown calendar.You do not have to post a comment, just be sure to vote on a selection, OK? Bianca wants feedback. She is willing to make this happen for all fans. Spread the word to all your fan friends to please vote? Thank you Bianca for taking on this task!



  4. skydancer1x said

    you are awesome! thanks for all the researching, wow.
    I have your 2011 monthly calendar! awesome pics of David ♥ (and I like the size too.) I love it!


  5. Learning to look into each other’s eyes and holding hands, most likely a must to learn for this series…

    Bianca’s wonderful and fun ideas for a calendar to hold near and dear will bring with it good vibrations from each picture and hence you will smile, guaranteed! A project of this nature brings fans together…time to vote.

    I just want to mention the following which would assure the continuation of some of the sites…The sites will be getting a bit thin on articles that connect directly to him and to each other for that matter. To draw interest and help with the continuation of the sites from the people looking for any news at all, perhaps a monthly calendar could be at the beginning of each site with notes added as they might happen or going to happen such as the weather in Timbucktu (or wherever he is or just Timbucktu). A few expressive kittens added and any other cartoon friends could be added to the special occasion dates. This can be retrieved at any time on our cell phones that we all carry as if our lives depend upon them and sometimes they do! For the fans and their chosen sites, they will have a reason to connect.

    After the fun of the present is finished and he comes away with the great experience of acting, he will be coming home to the US soon and as he has always said, “there is no place like home”.



  6. archiesfan4life said

    Thank you Bianca for taking on this job – it will be such a help for fans to have a countdown calendar!


  7. This little beauty brought over from FOD…”MyDearWriter had also asked about our favourite David Archuleta memory. Our own Joanie tweeted one of her favourite tribute vids from MichelinaMarie (remember her?) which summed up David’s relationship with fans. I MUST post it again since it is so good!”



  8. poof said

    HI Bianca
    Thank you so much for taking on this task (act of love). In truth, I will buy whatever you make 🙂 but I did vote. Really enjoying David’s journey in the Phillipines. What a loving experience for him and for us.


  9. --bianca said

    Happy to see so many folks voting 😀 It would be very very very easy to create both a desktop and wall format from the same set of pictures (I see both formats are popular).

    I have no doubt that many of the fan sites will last the 2 years. I’m sure you’re all busy brainstorming what you can do. I know if I continue to mention David on my little blog I have some fresh ideas for essays and art.


  10. djafan said


    I love your calenders! I’ve printed all your David projects and can’t wait for this one 🙂

    Great to see David looking so comfortable holding hands 🙂

    David tweets!!!

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie 42m

    A new video is now up from the first week in the Philippines! ———–>


  11. djafan said

    The twitter feed for Kari, Jasmine, Eula, MYK and My Dear Writer are on the right sidebar below David’s tweets. I have had fun keeping up with the tweets, sometimes very interesting tweets like the ones between Kari and MyDreamWriter today.


    @MyDearWriter good talking to you! Excited for the “scenes” you are adding to the script! 🙂


    @kariontour Hahaha! Yeah! I’m so happy @DavidArchie is going to do it! In return- he’ll have the ‘scene’ that he wants. Yay! Excited!



  12. bebereader said

    Bianca, Your projects always fascinate me, including this one. I’m sure this project is going to turn out excellent and a soothing balm for the fans during the next two years. Thank you for this initiative.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Mac C. Alejandre | macalejandre
    David, jas, gelli, ana, mon, byron, at ako. 🙂
    from Direc. Mac Alejandre’s twitter feed


  13. skydancer1x said

    ahhh there’s just “somethin’ bout Love” particularly when it pertains to the Archuleta♥
    (a little dark on the indoor clips) but so nice it was posted on the OS. The mall scenes of the crowd I love! So many happy people:)) David, are you sure you don’t have Filipino blood in your ancestry…somewhere?:D


  14. skydancer1x said

    Bebe, nice pic! sweet happy faces! that little boy is so cute!! (The guy with the killer smile behind him, ain’t bad either)


  15. Heidijoy said

    Great ideas Bianca!! Hard to pick!! Did vote but like others said will support whatever you come up with. I must admit I got a little gut ache thinking about it!! I’m enjoying the acting opportunity and news so much that I was pushing David leaving out of my mind for the time being. Like SB I’m also looking forward to David coming back to the States to record new music!! Hoping for some appearances before he leaves.(I know dreamer)
    Thanks Angelica, Abrra, Bebereader,MT, Betsy et all who keep us updated. I like the idea of keeping the Community together!!
    I miss Micheliana – she always did so many wonderful videos etc. If you are out there. Stop by and say hello!!
    One week complete!! Wow! what a week it has been and a couple more to go with highly anticipated scenes. Enjoying @mydearwriter
    twitter and new scenes. ……Oh and one that David wants included!!


  16. djafan said

    Some David buzz!

    Mark Franklin @IdolChatteryd 1m
    David Archuleta (#DavidArchie) posts video showing hero’s welcome in Philppines.

    David Archuleta has posted a video from his first week of filming a TV mini-series in the Philippines.

    All I can say is, wow, what a reception he got. Check it out in the video below.

    Nico Agustin for David Archuleta

    David Archuleta on Wil Time Bigtime

    Sports and Entertainment ‘American Idol’s’ David Archuleta To Begin Shooting Philippine TV Series


  17. Heidijoy said

    Oh and Thank You Djfan for keeping us updated on press, twitter, etc, etc.
    Sent Mjsbigblog the Week in review and someone posted it in the comments of Headlines. Please join in!!!


  18. skydancer1x said

    3, and 5. love the screencap, so cute…
    ,SB, “Learning to look into each other’s eyes and holding hands, most likely a must to learn for this series…”

    Since it IS David, sitting there,holding her hands,she is probably just as nervous as I suspect he is. haha

    Dja, these tweets are killing me! so much suspense! well, I am happy David will “have the scene that he wants” ♥woot!


  19. MT said

    Love the vlog/video loved the view of the crowd at the mall from David’s viewpoint. I can’t even imagine how wonderful it must have felt to see all the support, all the fans out there screaming for him.

    Thanks for those tweets from MyDearWriter. It sounds like something exciting is in the works! I don’t know what the writer wanted (not sure I want to guess) but it looks like there was some negotiation so David would get something he wanted too. And the way the writer put “scene” in quotes like that, I thought maybe it wasn’t JUST a scene.

    You know me, I love guessing games. haha So, here’s my guess (hope). Maybe David said, Ok, I’ll do what you want if you let me give my fans a REAL concert, not just one or two songs, and put out a live cd including the new songs (Nandito Ako and whatever else he records for the series) for them while I’m gone.

    LOL Ok, Ok, I’m probably wrong about that, but a girl can dream, right? 🙂


  20. MT said

    OH!! or a Live concert DVD!!!

    Ok, Probably wrong on that too. haha
    Can’t help it … Still Dreaming. 🙂


  21. djafan said

    LIVE DVD!!!!!!

    Maybe we can tweet these peeps and make a request. What do we have to loose?

    Anything for this guy.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit nareejo


  22. djafan said

    I love him ♥

    credit djhsail


  23. MT said

    Oh My Gosh!! My avitar showed up!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 hahahahaha


  24. djafan said

    hahahaha MT!!!! Sometimes they take a few days 🙂


  25. Abrra said


    I just watched this video from my phone. Its the oddest thing that happened. It plays in slow motion with the audio playing sporadically in “real time”. The length of the video is 18min. I got so excited I ran to my pc to play it on youtube, hoping to see it on a larger screen. It plays normally on my PC and has a time of 9:21. Let me tell you that the slow mo version, that is mostly silent is the most beautiful thing evah!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    He is graceful and smiley with BLACK hair that needs its own zip code. I downloaded it and stuck it in Movie Maker and set it to “slow down by half.” GAH! It needs some soft music to play under the movie. Any suggestions for an instrumental piece?

    If I am making no sense here. I blame David’s hair!



  26. skydancer1x said

    hahaha MT! so happy for you. (happy you noticed)

    guhh,21.Dja ,you ’bout killed me with that black and white pic up there. holy joshamole!!!

    ( I wonder if David is negotiating his way out of a kissing scene?) haha!


  27. MT said

    26. Sky,
    I thought opposite. I wondered if he got negotiated INTO a kissing scene. haha

    Going to think about that music. And lucky you! for having an iPhone that knows there is nothing more lovely than David in slo-mo. lol


  28. MT said

    OH, to clarify, kissing on the forehead, cuz i think his co-stars are under age?

    Ohhh … Wonder if he got talked into wearing shorts!!! NO? hmmmm still thinking on it.


  29. djafan said

    WOW Abrra, it’s doing the same on my iphone. But I agree it’s all David’s fault. Beautiful graceful movements and facial expressions, it’s mesmerizing.


    Meissner will get a chance to rehearse one day with Knight before the actual performance. She found out during the Pandora holiday ice show in November in Phoenix the thrill of skating to live music when she performed to David Archuleta singing “What Child is This?”

    “I have this huge crush on him, so it was hard,” she said about working with Archuleta, the 2008 “American Idol” runner-up. “But he has such a beautiful voice and put so much into his song that I wanted to do that with my program. I think it raises the level of your skating sometimes.”


  30. --bianca said

    Awww, that skating show is really close to where I live! Sure wish David would be there. Sounds pretty fun anyway!


  31. bebereader said

    Regarding Michelina’s video, I hope David will sing WYSYLM again; perhaps he could put together a cd of American Idol favorites some day. It’s always been about giving back to the fans for him. At the AI tour, he said WYSYLM is ‘for the fans’. It’s been four years and he’s still giving back to the fans. The applause is staggering on that video. Reminds me of the sound of the crowd in Manila.

    A concert dvd would be divine and for “Nandito Ako”, there’s enough behind-the-scenes footage collected for the inclusion of “The Making of a Miniseries” as part of the dvd. Are you listening, TPTB? We’d scoop it off the shelves of ITunes in no time flat!


  32. dakgal said

    Been out stompin around the neighbor hood–and –of course–I always find something to drag back home with me–but this makes you want to do a fist pump and yell YES!! 😛

    I also want to thank Bianca for her hard work– and I did vote– I like the desk calendar idea–very portable –going on vacation?? throw it in your suitcase–getting company??–put it on the coffee table so people can ask questions about it–which you will be happy to answer.

    Hummm—Abs songs for your slo-mo– Will it make me cry ( some more)


  33. FG said

    #21 ksjihnbnkn…&^%$$ I.AM.TOAST. enuf I wave the white flag. What is this person???

    Bianca – can’t wait to see your finished product!


  34. archiesfan4life said

    DAK – #32 thanks for bringing that article home to us! I’ll yell YES along with you!


  35. tawna21 said

    Thank you, Bianca, for doing this for us! ♥ Whatever you come up with will be awesome. You do such good things for us. 🙂



  36. Bebe, it is good to be reminded of the days when we heard WYSYLM as it was a huge time in North America for him. The audience was thunderous…

    This is a wonderful learning experience for David, a small academy for acting. We see how difficult it is to break into the world of music or acting in the US and it was good to go where the industry is smaller and ready to take notice. In doing that he is being given the chance to have a series that will lead to a successful future. We have been here for his firsts in music and now acting.

    For anyone who has followed the Twilight series of movies you know the different teams in the love triangle of Team Edward VS Team Jacob with Bella their love interest. They have another movie to be released. So now we have another love triangle of Team ANYA (Jas) VS Team HOLLY (Eula)…with Josh as their love interest. The configuration of the idea has been adapted to a TV series. The Twilight Series has caught the attention of fans all over the world so the concept of such a love triangle is ready to draw the same excitement and fan fever. Perhaps it is my imagination but the initials ‘JB’ meaning Josh Bradley, draw a striking resemblance to another famous star. You have to wonder if all of this is a recipe for a lot of the fun that they started to create in their meetings of last August.

    From the Twilight’s triangle of love we have here just a few of David’s songs set to the videos about Edward, Jacob and Bella…and they also know how to ‘brood’.

    Something Bout Love…





  37. bluesky said

    32 Dakgal…

    I had to go watch again after your link to that great article and the comments made there by some of the people from AI. Thanks for the link!


  38. emmegirl said

    Thanks Bianca for all your hard work. Whatever you come up with works for me, know it will be amazing! Still trying to convince myself these two years will flyyyyy by. 🙂

    MT, can you imagine the twitter universe explosion from any type of kissing scene….forehead, knuckle, elbow…would not matter. They would go craaazy!


  39. bebereader said

    Sadly I didn’t go to the AI7 Tour (what was I thinking!) so I depend on fellow fans for reports about the thunderous applause you speak of. I’ll admit that when I hear someone went to the tour I pick their brains as I have yours a time or two, SB. haha Thanks for the Twilight videos with the awesome background music. 🙂

    No wonder Randy, Paula and Simon looked like they didn’t know what hit them. They just heard David sing “Crazy”, sure to blow anyone’s socks off. And then, a little piece of “Heaven”. Yep that oughta do it.

    Some goodies from Naree’s smugmug account, from the Santa Rosa show.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    We finally get to see the boots up close!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  40. MT said

    “there’s enough behind-the-scenes footage collected for the inclusion of “The Making of a Miniseries” as part of the dvd”

    I like that idea! Concert DVD with a bonus DVD of backstage footage of Nandito Ako. Yes! I’ll have one of those … pretty please?

    LOL Yes, twitter would got nuts! It would be funny to see. (but then I have a strange sense of humor. haha)

    “Still trying to convince myself these two years will flyyyyy by.”

    ^^ Me too. But remember, David is making plans to leave little “kibble & bits” to feed the kitties while he’s gone. It will help the time to go by faster. 🙂


  41. bebereader said


    Your new avi is all kinds of AWESOME! *)*&*&&&(&(&(&(&&)*_*_*_*_*_*_)*_*_*_THUD

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  42. Angelica said


    Thank you SO much for your time and hard work to make this happen for the fans. I can’t wait to see and hold the final results.

    #33 re #21 I’m with you FG. 1sm320whiteflag Pictures, Images and Photos


    Congrats on your new avi finally appearing! Love this,

    “…remember, David is making plans to leave little “kibble & bits” to feed the kitties while he’s gone. It will help the time to go by faster.”

    Looking forward to every kibble and bit he tosses my way.



  43. kaycee said

    Haha, Angelica! Loving the “kibbles and bits”!

    Oh, how I love all these goodies! I love logging on here each night to find out what tweets, pictures, and videos have surfaced during the day! The only down side is that it is not preparing me for the drought to come! Thanks for all the “Countdown Ideas”, Bianca…we’re going to need all the help we can get!

    I had an idea the other day as well. What if we posted a different performance each day while David is gone to discuss, reminisce, analyze, squee over, and keep the old fan juices flowing!? All the Voice frequenters could submit favorite performances to be included and explain why they chose them. Hmmm…with over 60,000 videos on you tube, we’d never run out!


  44. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Day 7 of shooting running smoothly!
    Kari Sellards @kariontour

    David Archuleta’s 4th visit in the Philippines was featured by Dokumentado,a TMZ-styled program which shows BTS real stories as they happen.
    uploaded by JRforDA2012



  45. MT said

    Aren’t I gorgeous now??? 😉 You know me, I love a man in a jacket and I love, love, love his hair like that. Perfect!! My all time favorite pic of him, ever.

    LOL @ the kitties … is that really what we look like? Yup, I guess it is … all gathered round eagerly waiting to be fed … jumping up and down because we know something good is coming.

    I remember that pic of the fat and happy cat laying on your laptop?. I guess that one would be us now because we are being fed really well lately. haha

    JR, just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on the videos. And many thanks for the translations so we know what is being said. You’re a gem. ♥


  46. skydancer1x said

    42. Angelica! rofl!
    I didn’t know there was a video of all you guys at Westbury MKOC!
    ♥ (think I see you in the bottom right corner.)

    MT, love your avi.!! that picture is some kind of wonderful. “love a man in a jacket”… me too.(especially one so thudworthy♥

    36.SB. “it is good to be reminded of the days when we heard WYSYLM as it was a huge time in North America for him. The audience was thunderous…”
    I will forever be kicking myself for missing that… to hear him sing WYSYLM in person…what a moment.
    When David toured with Demi, (the “curtain” tour, haha) I remember the applause was so loud ,when they showed his shadow behind that curtain! oh my gosh.Can’t even imagine what it was like on the AI tour!


  47. Donna said

    Abrra, glad you liked my video. 🙂 Now i’m going to have to watch it in slo-mo too.


  48. Abrra said

    Its 18 min of GAH!! Toss it in movie maker and slow down by half in the effects then play it in full screen.

    Abrra I blame all errors on my iPhone


  49. dakgal said

    Open Question on Yahoo

    Would you consider David Archuleta a hot man or an adorable little boy?

    Now I ask—WHAT kind of question is that???

    If they’d stop looking at pictures that are four years old–there would be only one answer!

    We must invite them to chat some night–to check out some of our videos, from concerts! 😎

    There will be no doubt left in anyones mind!!!


  50. MT said

    Sky to Angelica

    “42. Angelica! rofl!
    I didn’t know there was a video of all you guys at Westbury MKOC!
    ♥ (think I see you in the bottom right corner.)”

    ROFL Is that David’s view from the stage? All those little excited faces. 🙂


  51. PandasMama said

    Dak, I know what the problem is as to why folks are always posting old pics of David and why people outside of the fanworld don’t see him like we do. It’s because the stock agencies don’t have many current pics of David. My husband is a photographer and shoots concerts here in Austin and sometimes San Antonio, too. He shoots for Retna Ltd and Corbis (2 of the bigger stock photo agencies/wire services in the world). Live music photgraphers choose which concerts they want to shoot and then ask for permission from the artist’s PR people to shoot them. It is a total pain to get permission from most of these people. The stock agencies themselves rarely assign photographers to shoot a concert. They might send a photog to an event, like a red carpet thing, if they are sure an abundance of celebs will be there, but not a concert. So photographers generally shoot the kind of music they like and the really big names, if they can get permission for them, which is rare. To be honest, most photographers like Rock and Roll. I know a lot of photographers here in the Central Tx area, and several that travel the country for festivals, and most are around my husbands age and are old time rockers. A good example of their mentality is this: When my husband shot Judas Priest a couple of months ago, there were 25 photographers at the show. Every wire service and news agency was represented. When he shot The Civil Wars last week, there were 4 photographers and he was the only one from a wire service. Right now, the biggest service is Getty and their newest pics of David are 3 from The Ronald McDonald House charity thing with him by the keyboard. The other services have a few pics from the AI afterparty last year and that tennis thing David did in 2010. Not much to work with.

    We as fans need to keep getting our pics out to the world until David can get them out there himself. I’ll do my part by getting my husband to photograph David, if he ever gets near Austin.


  52. PandasMama said

    Oops, forgot to post what I had orginially intended to say here.

    I have a new post up on my blog featuring some creative writing about David. This is my first creative piece that I have completed since mid- December. We all know what happened then.

    I am also writing rambling posts about the AI 11 auditions, if anyone is bored and wants to check those out.HAHA


  53. Abrra said


    I enjoy reading you blog so much! Happy to see that you will be blogging about AI. I’d rather read a common sense review than a pithy hit piece on how bad the contestants are as singers. Your David blog posts are very heartfelt. Thank you!

    In the mail today

    Time for David Archuleta to get out of his ‘likable’ shell
    By: Nestor U. Torre

    The big show-biz news this month is TV5’s bid to add international singer David Archuleta to its roster of contract stars. The “American Idol” second-placer is turning actor by way of “Nandito Ako,” a mini-series in which he plays a young Fil-Am teenager who comes home and gets involved with two lovely babes, played by Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero.

    This is Archuleta’s fourth working visit to the Philippines, so it’s decidedly a case of mutual liking between him and his Filipino fans. His performing career in the States has yet to really take off, so he has the time to further build up his now not insubstantial Philippine base. The money involved in the TV5 deal surely is nothing to sniff at, either.

    ‘Iffy-ness’ plus

    The big question is, does David have it in him to do well as an actor, not just as a singer? The way we size up the young comer, he’s frisky and eager to please, but perhaps too nice and obedient as a talent to come across as exciting and intriguing to behold in performance.

    Well, it’s time for him to get out of his “likable” shell and predictable performing “box”—which could be one reason that he’s laying his actor persona on the line for the first time by way of his Pinoy mini-series.

    To hedge its bets, “Nandito Ako” should be a musical romantic-drama series that banks extensively on Archuleta’s proven skill and charisma. But, there has to be a point in the show when he can prove his worth as an actor—so, it’s time to go out on an acting limb—and fly!

    Adding to the iffy-ness of Archuleta’s baptism of fire as an actor is the fact that his two leading ladies are also relative newbies, so they’ll be contending with their own insecurities. It’s a good thing that veteran actors have been signed up to provide the teen talents the acting support they need to make the mini-series their confident rather than timorous bid for acting stardom.

    Also not so pleasant for us is the prospect of having to watch yet another show in which an imported talent has to mouth dialogue in English, since Archuleta is going to play the umpteenth Fil-Am character to inhabit or visit a local TV-film production. Really now, when are we going to finally get over our avid and rabid postcolonial fascination with imports of every shape, size and speech?

    More here:

    After reading this article, I wonder if someone’s nose isn’t out of joint over “foreigners” invading his TV screen. If there wasn’t a demand for such talent, they wouldn’t be asked, now would they ?



  54. --bianca said

    This line from the article in 53 sums it up. The writer has never seen David perform live: “perhaps too nice and obedient as a talent to come across as exciting and intriguing to behold in performance.”


  55. tawna21 said

    Abrra, #53 ~ I like your summation of the aritcle. Maybe he just needs use his channel changer (they are an amazing device) and find the cartoon network if he doesn’t like what’s on TV5. My husband could give him a really good lesson in channel surfing. He graduated with high honors from that class. lol

    My high point of the day … my hubby and I were taking care of errands today, when out of nowhere, he asked how David is doing over in the Philippines. It’s those types of moments when I’m reminded that he ‘gets David’. ♥♥ He really is a good guy, even if he does channel surf. 😉



  56. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    More mail. She has David’s departure from Manila a bit off, but it’s a balanced report.

    David makes his choice

    by Dinna Chan Vasquez

    We don’t know who’s been taking singer David Archuleta around whenever he visits the Philippines (he’s been here four times) but his taste in Pinoy food goes beyond the usual adobo and lumpia as he has been feasting on tokwa’t baboy, sisig and papaitan. David has also ridden the ubiquitous jeepney.

    When the Philippines was hit by Ondoy, David volunteered to hold a benefit concert for those affected by the floods. He was also one of the first foreign artists to express sympathy via the social networking site Twitter for those affected by tropical storm Sendong late last year.

    Even before he first came here, David says he was already a fan of Regine Velasquez. Of course, he also admires his good friend Charice.

    “It’s always fun for me when I come here,’’ says David to explain the “special treatment’’ that he gives the Philippines.

    “The number one thing in any place is people. That’s always the thing that strikes me; it’s what I remember the most in anywhere I go, especially here in the Philippines. The people here have always been very gracious, very friendly, and just very supportive. Every single time that we’ve come here, it’s always been [a] great and amazing experience,’’ he adds.

    At press time, David is on his last week in the country as he is busy shooting a TV drama for TV 5. In Nandito Ako, David plays an international singer who is half-Filipino. The character that he plays lived in the Philippines until he was five years old when he and his mother were separated by a hotel fire. Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero are his leading ladies. Oh, David will also sing the theme song of the show. The song was composed and originally sang by Ogie Alcasid.

    “We couldn’t have asked for a better leading man. People of all ages like watching David,” says Percy Intalan, TV5 Creative and Entertainment head, who developed the story for Nandito Ako.

    “It was a crazy idea,” admits Intalan. “But we’re here now and we’re taping.”

    David believes that one should “never say never” so despite being an acting newbie, he took the TV 5 offer, but not before taking an acting class. Well, sort of.

    “I sort of took (a class) in New York before I came over here. It wasn’t exactly like a class… The lady that I worked with was great. She helped me kind of loosen up. It made me look forward to doing this and that it’ll be fun.She just really taught me (that) instead of how people sometimes get caught in reading the lines, saying the lines, and acting out the lines, she focused on how I could relate to what the words were even if it wasn’t me. For the most part the character I’m playing is very much me which is nice but there are parts where you have to pretend. So how can you still put yourself in there? How can you still connect? She was great at teaching me to find exercises on how to do that,” he shares.

    In a couple of months, David will take a two-year break from his career in show business to do missionary work for his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    “It’s very much focused on service—service to people in other communities and being able to change them. It’s also very much about sacrifice. For me, it was very hard because there would be a lot to sacrifice but that was my personal reason why I wanted to go—because of what you sacrifice and what you learn through sacrifice. Not having my family, my career, securer things in my life, I know in a way I will grow a lot which I haven’t been able to, yet. I’m looking forward to it,” says David.

    During the two-year period, David will have no access to Twitter and other social networking sites and he will not perform in public. He is also not allowed to disclose where he is going. He says he has talked to his management about the possibility of recording some songs so that his fans will have something to listen to in his absence.

    “This is a huge part of who I am. I admire my friends who did it. I have seen how it has built their relationship with God. It will be hard but humbling,” says David.



  57. bebereader said

    Some new pics up at Follow Archuleta. Most are outdoor far away scenes that don’t involve David. But he’s in this one, sporting sunglasses. Do you see David?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Apparently David had a Twitter party today which I missed. 😦

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie

    I’ve had so many dreams this week. This isn’t normal for me, haha. Can any of you remember dreams you’ve had this week?

    Many replies came in.

    He ended the party with this tweet:

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie

    Thanks for sharing you guys. Task for this week: Write down about a dream you will have as soon as you can.


  58. Abrra said

    HAWTness 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    another find David 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  59. djafan said

    Abrra, I left a comment on that site and it’s gone!

    More promo from the Philippines!!

    David Archuleta – TV5 Nandito Ako Promo Vid 3rd


  60. bluesky said

    53 – Abrra:

    I have spent the last 20 minutes ranting about the article mentioned. I deleted it. …………………………. ‘Nuff said.

    Okay.. I am finished with my rant.

    Dear DA:

    It kinda makes me smile to think of you being in a show that is (possibly) like the ones you have mentioned your Aunt watching. Never say never, DA. ^_^


  61. Abrra said


    Some writers just do not see the big picture when it comes to the entertainment business. I prefer to think of all the jobs that were filled by the project that David is involved in. He is a one man industry while he is there.

    Some nice pictures at PinoyArchies facebook, especially the 4 parts about Nandito Ako and the Mall Tour appearance.



  62. bebereader said

    Jasmine Curtis Smith on David Archuleta!

    credit JR


  63. djafan said

    HD video put up by TV5

    David in Manila: A Recap of Week One


  64. Angelica said

    #53 Abrra,

    I find the article by Torre intriguing. Leaving aside his argument in preference for native Filipino actors, which is not really aimed at David, but at the industry in general in his country, it seems a positive, thoughtful article. He freely acknowledges “Archuleta’s proven skill and charisma” but wonders if he can bring those skills as a singer to his role as an actor.

    “The big question is, does David have it in him to do well as an actor, not just as a singer? The way we size up the young comer, he’s frisky and eager to please, but perhaps too nice and obedient as a talent to come across as exciting and intriguing to behold in performance.”

    I wonder that too. That IS the big question. Can he act the role of a romantic leading man and make you believe him or will he hold back? “Nice and obedient” or “exciting and intriguing”?

    “…there has to be a point in the show when he can prove his worth as an actor—so, it’s time to go out on an acting limb—and fly!”

    Yes!! It might be asking too much on his debut flight, but I too would love to see him “get out of his likable shell” and take some risks in how he portrays a character.


  65. Abrra said

    Teaser tweets!!

    @MyDearWriter So thrilled for @DavidArchie ‘s scenes before the end of the week (shrieking). #NanditoAko. @kariontour #followarchuleta. This is it!

    @MyDearWriter Day 6: Me to @DavidArchie “Hey Kari said you’ll do THAT thing!” He grinned & replied “Oh yeah!” #NanditoAko Thanks to @kariontour Awesome!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @kariontour 8th day of shooting “Nandito Ako”! @macalejandre directing the next scene with @DavidArchie



  66. lani said

    OMJ!! That tweeter pic! I’m dyinggg here..He is reallly GORGEOUS… and so FIT!! Why oh why David are you killing meeee


  67. emmegirl said

    “THAT thing”…??


  68. poof said

    Does he ever take a bad picture?????????????????? NO,,, because I have checked each and every one and they are all GORGEOUS!!

    I agree with your comments Angelica. I just have faith, whatever David takes on, he “gets” what he needs to do.


  69. WoAiDA said

    Oh, Nestor Torre (#53) represents that part of Filipinos who resent foreign artists who come to the Philippines. There are some who protest that their livelihood is taken by foreign acts. But can these said artists forced the viewers and listeners to like them? Some artists attract fans and some don’t whether they are local or foreign. That’s the way it is. How can a person become unlikable and still have fans? The Philippine Inquirer wants to present itself as nationalistic and anti-colonial. Some people always see things very political. It’s better just to ignore him because he will not say good things about David because he has other agenda.


  70. bebereader said

    You brought up really good points about David as an actor. Will he morph into his onstage persona, the one who takes risks and embraces the free feeling of being onstage? Hopefully. In any case, we’ve seen how he delves into everything he takes on. I don’t expect him to have the skills of a seasoned actor yet but I’m sure that we won’t be disappointed either.

    You’re right…”he “gets” what he needs to do.”


  71. bebereader said

    #69 WoAiDA,

    We really appreciate your comment.

    Hopefully Mr.Torre realizes that this project created jobs for local people and has the potential to earn more revenue in terms of the sale of music and dvds on the part of David’s fans outside of the Philippines. The only reason for this is that David is involved. I hope Mr. Torre is able to look at the big picture.

    Thank you for posting!


  72. bebereader said

    Lorma, who selflessly did the Ustreams for us of David’s airport arrival and of the presscon has a blog, “My Kind of Perfect”. It’s filled with all sorts of goodies including this video. Got me all teary-eyed.

    Presenting David Archuleta’s fans

    credit TV5 Philippines

    Starting with the airport arrival to the presscon to the meeting with fans she recaps her experience with such delight, it’s a pleasure to read.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Excerpt from her blog:
    “My favorite part of the day (and probably of his entire stay) is the special meet and greet:

    He sat beside me
    He looked directly at me with his beautiful hazel eyes when we were introduced; he shook my hand
    He looked at me the entire time I was asking my question
    He giggled about the fact that we were wearing almost similar shirts
    Towards the end, he asked me if I wanted a picture with him (*DIES*)”

    Go visit and leave her a comment.
    My attempt at a synopsis here does not do it justice.


  73. djafan said

    Drive by….that pic, “oh yeah” what????!!!!



  74. skydancer1x said

    haha! I have driven by a few times today myself, between chores.

    Checked out Lorms blog,and the video. thanks Bebe. Makes me teary eyed too.
    and that pic of David in sunglasses at 58. wow. you know we can find him anywhere, pick him out of crowd in an instant.
    I’d know the back of that head anywhere:)

    65. whoa, I like these pics. Its got to be going good, better than good. David is relaxed,happy, enjoying this acting stuff. Having fun, and looking so handsome…I can’t wait to see him in this mini series. I think we will be pleasantly surprised, (we always are!:) I don’t think the director would go out on a limb to say the things he has about David, if he wasn’t pretty amazed by what he has seen.


  75. Charlotte said

    Thank you for considering making a countdown calendar. It will be very helpful for fans. I’m one of those who can’t afford to buy one, so please, please, please make a printable one. I was unable to take advantage of your beautiful 2011 calendar for this reason. I have no money to just drop on things like this. I can barely cover my necessity expenses, so fun spending is not in the budget. Please, please, please consider a printable version for those fans with no money or who can’t order from shutterfly due to their location. I will be extremely disappointed if there isn’t one.


  76. skydancer1x said

    67. Emmegirl
    “THAT thing”…??
    yeh, what are they trying to do?, wipe out his fan base in a single tweet??


  77. kaycee said

    “THAT thing”…hmmm. Could be so many things. They love to leave us hanging! What about the fulfillment of one of his New Year’s Resolutions…swimming with sharks!? Haha, I’ll bet sharks would make him a lot less nervous than a kissing scene!


  78. MT said

    64. Angelica,
    Love that whole comment and agree.

    I’m anxiously waiting to see how this mini series turns out. I really hope he breaks out of his shell and puts some of the passion and emotion that he has on stage while singing into his acting. He’d be incredible. But, like you said, it’s asking a lot of a first time actor. But if anyone can do it, I think its David. He continues to surprise and amaze me in pretty much all that he does, so no telling.

    70. Bebe
    “Will he morph into his onstage persona” You put so succinctly what I was trying to say.

    But you know what? No matter how it turns out, it will be our David. And the excitement leading up to it alone has been an absolutely fun time for me. I hope David is having as much fun with all of this as I am.

    Abrra, Thanks for those tweets.

    MyDearWriter is torturing me here. Why is MyDearWriter shrieking? And, I want to know what THAT thing is!! haha The writer certainly knows how to keep us (at least me) engaged. My curiosity is peaked, for sure.

    I think he’s intentionally trying to drive the fan base nuts. It just might be working. 😉


  79. MT said

    77. Kaycee,
    Your comment made me giggle. Don’t think the fan base could handle David in swim trunks!


  80. Heidijoy said

    77. Kaycee I burst out laughing at your comment about David being more comfortable swimming with the Sharks than a kiss!! You could be right since his first kiss to him is so important!!!..and is being saved for His Kind of Perfect!!
    ……and MT I think he would swim in a rubber suit like they do for scuba diving.

    David can not be talked into anything he does not want to do!!! Fun guessing though!


  81. Abrra said


    Like this one?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Not too much of a “stretch” from his pants for MKOC tour outfit 😉



  82. tawna21 said

    #77 Kaycee.. “swimming with sharks!? Haha, I’ll bet sharks would make him a lot less nervous than a kissing scene!” ROFL!!!! 😛

    #80 Heidijoy.. I like your thinking, “David can not be talked into anything he does not want to do!!! Fun guessing though!”



  83. I keep seeing reminders to vote on the calendar, so I cast mine. I really don’t care which kind of calendar, as long as there IS one. Anything the lovely and talented Miss Bianca creates will supersede my cumbersome two-year, 730-link paper chain.


  84. Heidijoy said

    #81 Yes Abbra!! Like that one- oh boy!! ha!ha!


  85. djafan said

    You guys are cracking me up. David will do what David wants to do is what I think. He has done more than I ever imagined he would a couple of months ago. MKOCT knocked the socks out of me and now Nandito Ako has me all in knots. The anticipation with all the tweets is stirring the fan base into a frenzy. They are doing a good job of keeping the excitement up. David had fun yesterday along with everyone else. Wonder what the scenes were. I’d be happy with walking barefoot on the beach in shorts 🙂

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie
    Had a lot of fun filming the scenes yesterday. Can’t wait to see what happens today on set for Nandito Ako.

    David…doughie?! I’d love to see that.
    See you! Let’s have the morning exercise ‘teach me how to doughie’ RT @DavidArchie: Had a lot of fun filming the scenes yesterday. Can’t wait to see what happens today on set for Nandito Ako.


  86. angelofdja said

    I’m one of those that doesn’t mind what calendar idea Miss Bianca goes with. Although I did vote for the desk version. She has a knack for choosing the finest pictures of David for all her projects. I’m a fan!


  87. Abrra said

    Thanks for feedback on the calendar! I hope all those who want one have voted their choice 🙂

    I agree. Bianca’s graphic skilz are top shelf!



  88. skydancer1x said

    81. I am leaning towards the wetsuit…maybe its just the shark in me.


  89. Abrra said

    How about this? 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  90. skydancer1x said

    Abrra eek! my avitar! hahaaha!


  91. dakgal said

    Just driving by with a couple of deliveries— no reason—just because. 😉


  92. MT said

    And it just keeps getting more and more interesting. hahahaha Any guesses on Who’s riding What?

    Hmmm…. the ride of his life. Gotta see this. #NanditoAko #followarchuleta
    55 minutes ago

    Phone keeps beeping. Yes, I’m on my way to –> #rideofhislife. ♥ #followarchuleta #NanditoAko ☺


  93. bebereader said

    Dak, I like your deliveries!

    Found this on Twitter from Jancurtissmith

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    ““On set of Nandito Ako with @alwynzky @DavidArchie @anagfeleo 🙂 ”


  94. skydancer1x said

    thanks Dak! enjoyed that “delivery”♥ hadn’t seen the first one for awhile.
    He sure looked good that night, and sounded so great. (you’ve left me sighing here)

    Bebe, aww good pic. why does his hair look different in every picture to me.(?)
    Really,is it just my imagination? I swear, its making me stupid!


  95. dakgal said


    Is it a bird?
    Is it a plane?
    Is it a bike?
    Is it a horse?
    Is it a pig?
    Is it a roller coaster?
    Is it a wave ( accompanied by a swim suit?) or abs shark suit?

    Stay tuned peeps–Same bat channel–( that’s a channel for batty people)


  96. ram said

    Oh boy! Who’s doin’ the dougie? Sounds like everybody is having a pretty good time.


  97. Abrra said

    @kariontour @suttygal this is what is looks like but not David doing it! 🙂…

    ‘Glee’ Teaches You How To Dougie




  98. Seems like we are going back and forth with our stories from one site to the other and enjoying them immensely…There is a story on FOD that reminds us once again during the present hype and excitment,
    what David’s music is all about…his intense connection with people, even little animals…

    A Special “David” Story From @munkFOD…pay a visit to



  99. Abrra said

    Tweets from @MyDearWriter’s timeline

    And @DavidArchie just said ‘hello.’ He’s wearing green. I just explained ‘the thing.’

    Talking to @DavidArchie now. Just told him about all these tweets about ‘the thing.’Look! @DavidArchie says hello to everyone. #NanditoAko #followarchuleta
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    So @DavidArchie just read my tweet mentions. I showed my Blackberry to him. #followarchuleta #NanditoAko

    Yes @DavidArchie read the Tagalog tweets (aloud) on my phone. Had to explain/translate. He was very happy. ☺ #followarchuleta ♥#NanditoAko

    Josh is getting ready for a ‘sweet scene.’ ♥ #NanditoAko #followarchuleta

    @MyDearWriter’s timeline!/MyDearWriter



  100. Check our their comments on as well, after comments 300 and something!! It was a very big day on the set…

    Worldwide trend: Archie Is Lemperlover



  101. Abrra said

    Promo video for this weekend’s Mall tour.


    Love the slow mo at the end. KILLER!;)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Found this .gif on tumblr
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  102. archiesfan4life said

    Abs – yes, that slow mo at the end sure is a KILLER!!!!


  103. ram said

    Abrra #101- That look, oh poor Jasmine. She is going to be a basket case by the end of all this.

    Imagine having some sweet awesome scenes with Josh and on the receiving end of all that attention. And then David leaves for his mission. She must be one very focused young lady!

    Now that’s a tortured love story.


  104. Abrra said

    More twitter teaser torture!!


    The dashing Mr Josh Bradley is waiting for his next scene. Whew! @DavidArchie #NanditoAko #followarchuleta

    And @DavidArchie is finally done for the day! Tomorrow’s gonna be THE DAY! ♥ #NanditoAko #followarchuleta #thething #JoshDoIt

    Hard fact: @DavidArchie is loaded with heavy scenes tomorrow- including my fave part. #NanditoAko #followarchuleta ♥

    And from @karionour

    Happy Birthday to @DavidArchie tomorrow! LOL they say that if you have the most scenes in a day and Josh has 22! He is in everyone tomorrow!



  105. skydancer1x said

    boy oh boy! MyDearWriter is reaaaaally having fun isn’t she?? UNCLE! tomorrow is “THE DAY??” then there’sTHAT thing, and THE scenes,,,,,and RIDING?? have they no mercy?

    Josh better be getting some good sleep tonite. 22 scenes? wow.
    Happy Birthday to @DavidArchie tomorrow! haha,like that. woo-hoo!!Go Josh!!♥


  106. MT said

    That pic in #99. Who besides me wants to run their fingers through that hair and muss it up a little bit? haha

    I see MyDearWriter is at it again!! THE DAY!?! THAT thing!?! RIDING WHAT?!? She’s having a ball with us and we’re going crazy! I can’t wait to see this show!!

    And we still haven’t heard the whole song of Nandito Ako. (Will he sing it this weekend at the mall shows?) AND … didn’t they say there might be a music video for it? Oh man, still lots to come!! *excited*

    Sky, We need to work on getting that shark in the wet suit as your Avi. 🙂 LOL That is too funny!


  107. Abrra said

    I have finally finished splitting starrynites01 Beaver Creek full concert so that it will fit on 2 CD’s. Be sure to add in the 3 VIP songs I put in the folder. This is a historic show!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    CD BeaverCreek 2 part set (inc VIP)



  108. marlie7 said

    JR just wrote a fantastic article on the marketing efforts of TV5 for the mini-series. Enjoy!


  109. Heidijoy said

    #108 Yes Marlie. Fantastic Article by JR. Very detailed from a very dedicated fan.

    Well worth reading at least once. Will be back to read again.


  110. Jill said

    Abrra- Thanks so much for making the mp3’s!!! I have been patiently waiting for them and appreciate you making them!!


  111. Abrra said

    Welcome Jill 🙂 I will add more shows as I have time.



  112. MunkFOD said

    Abrra! Thanks! 😀


  113. tawna21 said

    Thank You! Abrra!!! ♥ you’ve been working overtime again— greatly appreciated!

    JR’s article is very, very good. Thanks JR!



  114. tawna21 said

    ummm Abrra? is Braver Creek pt 1 the same place as Beaver Creek? *jez wonderin’*(I know, I know, blame it on the iPhone 🙂 )



  115. gladys said

    I read a Twitter, said something like this: “Josh will do something that David did before, two or three years”

    My head began to work, and today I had a revelation about this activity that will make Josh. (I was walking with Emma T, and suddenly emerged a picture of david)
    David playing basketball with his pants to his knees, his socks too high and a very limited vision of his knees hairy (hahahaha, sorry,)
    I hope this time, the clothing is less limited and our vision is broader.
    OK OK OK, Do not blame me if my spiritual visions are not like the Sai Baba, I am more earthly.


  116. Djafan said

    Happy Birthday David! He tweets about the many scenes today.

    Howdy. Another busy day today. Filming a bunch of scenes. Let’s see how it goes!

    Kari is excited too!

    @kariontour: off to the set! Going to be a long day but cannot wait to see all the scenes! Its all coming together!

    Lol all boxes checked.

    Checklist today: Intensed ☑ cool ☑ drama ☑ cheesy ☑ #NanditoAko. ♥ #followarchuleta

    Looks like David will meet Regina.

    myheartsong Robin
    RT @cherry08mariano: Omg omg omg so happy for @DavidArchie!!!!! He’s going to meet his idol, Regine Velasquez on Sunday~ #wootwoot <<YAY!!

    Abrra, thank you for taking the time to put those mp3s together for us 🙂

    Jan. 25, 2012
    A slow and painful death
    by Brittany Cheng, Staff Writer

    "But it didn’t stop there. Not only did AI go on to claim the top seat on season rankings throughout the years – thanks to great singers and entertaining judges, it captured our attention and wormed its way into our hearts. Who doesn’t remember the way season one winner Kelly Clarkson sang “A Moment Like This” as she struggled with tears streaming down her face and feeling so excited for her? Or season seven’s runner-up David Archuleta’s elegant rendition of “Imagine” and how all that raw emotion touched us so deeply? Classic moments like these have gotten the “Idol” franchise to where it is today."


  117. Abrra said

    Thx Tawna, I fixed it.



  118. kaycee said

    That bit of David singing Nandito Ako gives me the chills every time. I can’t wait to hear the whole thing! Oh, how I will miss that voice…but how wonderful for those who will be hearing it for the first time!

    So many intriguing tweets! I’m surprised MyDear Writer has time to work on the script!…he tweets so much!

    “The delicious treat is going to happen this weekend… and I’m not referring to the mall shows. ♥♥ ”

    Hmmm…”delicious treat”. And can I just say that I loved David’s “Howdy” this morning…no uppity celebrity there!


  119. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @kariontour @davidarchie rehearsing for the next scene with @alwynzky @anagfeleo


  120. Angelica said

    Belt alert.


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