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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta ~ A New Year is Here

Posted by djafan on Sunday, January 1, 2012

Original photo credit Jan

Happy New Year Voicelets!

I was feeling a little melancholy yesterday and went for a drive playing David’s TOSOD. I guess things started to hit me. I will miss him but that is part of this journey and I’m staying on this road because that’s what you do when you love someone. Always there has been something unexpected and exciting around the next bend. All of a sudden it began to grow very dark and cloudy for awhile and then I heard him sing, “I know things are gonna get better, life is gonna get better, yeah, we’re gonna be fine.” The clouds opened up and rays of light streamed downward all over the sky and then the sun broke through but still hazy enough to be able to actually look at it in all its gilded glory. My mood lifted immediately. I’m so lucky/thankful to have found this road.

I know he’s just a mere mortal like all of us with worries and challenges to overcome. But we have the same Heavenly Father and that makes him my brother and all of yours. So I just want to take this time to say Happy New Year to you, David. May all your days ahead be blessed and I hope you know how very much we love you.

110 Responses to “David Archuleta ~ A New Year is Here”

  1. Bebereader said


    Yes, we’re here and not going anywhere “because that’s what you do when you love someone.” When I said I was a fan for life, I meant it.

    Thank you for this beautiful, uplifting article!

    Another great time was had by all in The Voice Unplugged tonight! I’m proud to say that we are a great support group for each other and will rely on our Saturday nights in chat to help us get through the rough patches the next two years.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  2. PattiNC said

    Happy 2012!! I will be waiting for David’s return while listening to his music everyday. I have big plans while he is gone…get in shape, finish projects that I’ve ignored around the house, and hopefully meet a nice guy!! I’ve got 2 years!! 🙂
    Gee I wonder how David would sound singing that song you posted..oh yeah he’d own it after, if he did!!!


  3. bluesky said

    Bebereader – I love how your little 2012 numbers have feet. They look like they are going somewhere. ^_^

    Angelica – May your new year be blessed with all kinds of blessedness.
    Reading your article reminded me of something I wrote in my journal years ago. I have always loved looking at the sky. It is a metaphor for me of so many things. So I really related to your words. It was a cloudy day, like the one you described above. I was just ruminating as we drove along and I thought: “It is easier to look at the sun through some obscurity: a cloud. — What?! Have I greeted the storm with a curse?” So many blessings have come to me from those things that seemed to hide the sun in my life.

    And one other: “Though I wandered in my stubbornness through a cloudy day, he sent a sunset through the press; a ray of hope to guide me through the night.”

    I believe that there are many “rays of hope” that will be and are happening in DAs universe. And our own as well. Here’s to sharing both the clouds and the sun.

    Happy New Year everyone!


  4. “My mood lifted immediately. I’m so lucky/thankful to have found this road”. <<<- so happy that you found that road Angelica. I'm working on it so thanks for your encouraging words!

    Happy New Year Everyone ♥


  5. archiesfan4life said

    Thanks Angelica for your encouraging words. I love “The Voicelets” :).

    I wish everyone a very Happy and Health New Year! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}}


  6. Fiona said

    Happy New Year everyone! So grateful to have The Voice! Thank you for all the support and love we feel here every day. Thank goodness for Saturday night chat too! 🙂


  7. Heidijoy said

    Happy New Year!! Thanks for sharing your experience,Angelica. Love the pictures,video, song. How fitting!! Nice to have a support group!!
    Plan to make this New Year special!!
    Like you Bebe, I will be a lifelong fan. It’s more than just David now as I’ve met so many wonderful people on line and at concerts!!


  8. Angelica said

    Happy New Year all of you again. Had a wonderful time in chat last night, but when I tried to relate the above tale, everyone ignored me and went on talking about a certain guy. I finally yelled with my fingers, “Read up, wenches! I’m sharing here!” lol. Decided to put it up as an article. So there. Photobucket haha. Love you guys!


  9. djafan said


    Thank you Angelica! Wishing you all a a new year filled with blessings and hope, lots of hope for us all 🙂

    I posted this last night, well actually this morning in the last thread. David thinking of “his” fans as he entered the new year. Nope, I’m not going anywhere. Here to stay.

    David tweeted at midnight Utah time!

    Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’re all having a good time!


  10. FG said

    LOL Angelica!

    Happy New Year everyone! One digit closer to his return!


  11. Angelica said


    Amen sistah! I received my countdown calendar from Deseret Book Friday. Need a photo to attach to it where it says, “attach photo here.” Now where am I going to get a good picture of him? Photobucket


    Meant to tell you I loved what you said up there.


  12. PandasMama said

    Happy New Year Everyone!!

    Thanks for the fun chat last night. It made what could have been a very boring, lonely evening into a very fun one instead. Everyone here is so awesome.

    As I have been searching my brain for something prophetic to say on this bright, sunny new day and year, an old saying has come to mind. “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Well, I can’t think of any group of people who have more fun than David’s fanbase. I am counting on all of the wonderful people here at The Voice to help keep the fun level on maximum overdrive and make this next two years really fly by. We can do this … Together.


  13. TOfan said

    Happy New Year, “Voicelets” hahahaha, love that!



  14. bluesky said

    pandasmama: yes!


  15. Smanda said

    Loved this. “that’s what you do when you love someone.” Yep!


  16. skydancer1x said

    Angelica I heard you last night! haha but I love seeing you post it this morning♥ and reading about your lovely experience again. The picture, the video,(always loved that song)
    Nature….always the balm for our souls if we just pay attention.
    Be it rays of sunshine coming through the clouds,or rainbows that suddenly appear,such peace is found in taking in God’s glorious handiwork.♥

    Things ARE gonna get better♫
    Happy New Year “Voicelets “.<<<< (love!)


  17. skydancer1x said

    15. Smanda:))


  18. Lorraine said

    Thanks for this post, lovely to read this on New Year’s Day 🙂


  19. Hope said

    Happy New Year everyone. I do not often post but I do enjoy this site. David sure has some supportive fans here.


  20. joymus said

    To Everyone at The Voice: A Happy and Productive New Year, 2012!

    Angelica – Great Post! Of course I had to sing along with the song before posting. It made me happy 🙂 Excellent Choice!

    This fandom road is long and winding with unexpected twists and turns. I’ll step back a bit to make this time more productive for myself, but intend to be quietly waiting by checking for updates and commenting on the fansites as time allows because no matter how we deal with this new twist in David’s road individually,we are all in this together.


  21. jans11 said

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    Angelica, what a good post. They always make my mind start going in ten different directions on things I want to say. But can’t seem to get them out without it sounding like a jumbled mess! So I will say that when I come here I feel the love for each other, sisters and brothers. I love all the fans that I have met up with and the ones that I haven’t met, but hope to. David sure has a way of putting good people together.

    I’ve had lots of ups and downs like everyone. When going through a “down” I try and focus on the positive and look forward to good things that are coming up. Those things are different in each person’s life except holidays. When my son and his family left to go back home to TX. today, I won’t be able to see them for 5 months. That’s because my twin grandsons will be graduating from high school. But before that, there will be Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter and Memorial Day. Also, throw in about 8 birthdays!! So, by breaking up the year into months with good things happening, time goes by faster and 2 months til Valentine’s Day sounds shorter than 2 years til David comes home. May not work for everyone, but it does for me. I lost a daughter 29 years ago and that’s how I resigned myself to do this to be able to get through it. She left 2 small children that we had to raise and I wondered what I did so bad that I had to raise 2 more kids. We still had a teenage daughter at home and had my husband’s uncle here that was 87 and my dad that had had a stroke. So 2 grandkids was making the house overflowing! But by breaking up the time into increments, time went on, not very easily but it did pass, none the less. I know I have losts of kids and grandkids and that always makes time go faster, but I hope maybe those that don’t have lots of people or activities in their lives to try it.

    Also, I wanted to say that, after a yr of retirement and going back to work at the nursing home was divine intervention. I wasn’t planning on going to work, but walked in to visit and came out with a job. And I was happy about it! I was thinking the other day while combing out a lady, that while David is doing his mission, I, too, am doing mine. So, for the next 2 yrs I will keep on serving the people in the nursing home where some are even younger than I, but I feel so blessed when I can get up in the morning with no pain and go to work. So, like Angelica said a couple of posts back, “God willing and the creek don’t rise” I’ll be there and I’ll be here. David is a lifetime commitment to me!!!!!


  22. Heidijoy said

    Jan11 Thank You so much for sharing your plan and how it has worked for you before. You are a great gal and am so happy we’ve gotten to hang out in SLC,these past two years. We have a goal to stay healthy. If Edyth can do it, so can we.


  23. Angelica said


    That’s what keeps you young at heart, you’re a giver. Did you notice you gave the main pic for the article? OK, I stole it and altered it but I gave you credit. Can’t take credit for the quote about the creek not rising though. That was Dakgal.


    Speaking of quotes, thanks!


  24. gladys said

    happy new year.

    david has said many times that his Sundays are days of reflection, days to be with his family or do funny things. David always has many surprises.
    Now I am calm and reconciled with the idea of not seeing David for a while, my heart tells me we’ve heard of david in the future., My heart says that he loves us the same way that we love him.
    And he knows that anonymity is an impossible task, but at the same time knows that I respect deeply.
    He knows that churches and temples are public places, he knows it.
    I know.


  25. Lynnella said

    Angelica, what a very uplifting article. I love looking at clouds. Even the dark ones are inspiring, because you know that they will eventually blow away, and that blue skies will follow. That’s the way I look at this next two years. David will be gone for a while, but when he comes back, he’ll bring the blue skies with him. I tried to retire a year and a half ago, but couldn’t stand being by myself, so I went back to work part time at a retirement community. I love working with the older people. They are so much fun, and I’m finding it a very rewarding job. I’ve decided to start a concert fund, and when David comes back and does another tour, I will be there with bells on.



  26. jans11 said

    Angelica, thanks for using my pic to start your great post. I didn’t even notice it with him with the hat on and all the decorations. It sure looks good!!!


  27. jans11 said

    I wrote a big ol long recap on the SLC concert on the Golden Archies. If you can, bring it over here because I don’t know how. Thanks


  28. dakgal said

    Angelica—from one Voicelet to another–thanks for your article–made me think back when I started to remind myself to start looking at the sky again and appreciate its beauty—all because someone “too stinking cute for his own good” and ” too wise for his young bones” would point out in his tweets how beautiful the sky was all the time– he’s always looking up isn’t he!!

    # 21 –Jans11—That’s kinda how I make time pass ( sometimes I think too fast) look forward to the next thing coming up–be it a holiday or a birthday or whatever and walla it’s here before you know it, then you’re saying “Where on earth did spring go!!”

    On a small side note –for Xmas from my #1 son and wife –I got a new mouse pad –with pictures of my kids and all 12 grandkids aaaaaand a very special 13th grandson–who happens to have a very beautiful smile–wasn’t that thoughtful of them!! We have gone from “the rolling of the eyes” to ” this will make Mom very happy.” And indeed it did —!!


  29. tawna21 said

    Thoughtful post, Angelica. I’m so glad to have found this road, also, and I’m not veering off, regardless of any bends that come.

    Chat was fun last night. Thanks to all who were there for the cheery time.

    In church today, a female duet sang O Holy Night…they did an amazingly beautiful job on it…I just couldn’t help but leak a few tears as I recalled the SLC concert just weeks ago! Things ARE gonna get better!

    Happy 2012 to all. I’m just lovin’ that this site is stayin’ put.



  30. SweetonDA said

    Happy New Year to everyone at The Voice!

    Angelica, another lovely post. Thank you!

    I’ve been playing all of David’s song on shuffle. Everyone brings a different memory and feeling. I just love that young man!


  31. tawna21 said

    Oh yeah, I forgot this was in my local newspaper today….read (or skip) down about halfway…David has not just been sitting around during his time at home…



  32. HAPPY NEW YEAR TheVoice 🙂


  33. Angelica said


    I started to bring your recap over but as it’s so long and you have so many amazing pics as well, I will probably post it as a feature article as I did Heidijoy’s. Thanks!

    On a side note, I just found out I have the day off tomorrow. Woot! Nobody tells me anything. I was making my lunch tonight and my husband asked me what I was doing. So I called my boss and he confirmed it. (prolly 🙄 ) lol I am 🙂


  34. jans11 said

    #28-Dak…great present. I rec’d a similar thing from my son and his wife. A new monitor because he knows “I’m always looking at videos and pictures” and they will look better now! lol He’s the one that thought I was “obsessed, or something”! I told him I am…it’s Obsessive David Disorder!! And he couldn’t believe it..but I haven’t relented and so “if you can’t fight em, join em”!!!

    #33 Thanks, Angelica. I figured it out, but seen your comment so let it be.


  35. I said

    Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!!!


  36. marlie7 said

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    So sorry I missed the chat last night, but had to go to a party at my sister’s house. Next week for sure!


  37. bluesky said

    I —

    Prospero Año Neuvo!!


  38. kaycee said

    Still (happily) swamped with Holiday company…but I just wanted to hop on for a minute and wish everyone a Happy New Year! Thanks for providing a warm and welcome place to laugh, ponder, share and feel the support of others, as we follow the journey of an inspiring young man.


  39. Angelica said

    Wait. What? How did hot mess hair get to be the link to unplugged? Djafan!



  40. djafan said

    Nice doncha think??? hahaha


  41. emmegirl said

    Happy 2012 to all!

    (and muchas gracias to those here at The Voice)


  42. Blueberry Ice said

    Happy 2012! Wishing everyone many blessings and a year filled with friendships, good health, peace and happiness!

    Angelica; Thank you for sharing your feelings as I too have had moments of melancholy but isn’t it remarkable how there is nothing like David’s voice and words to lift one’s spirits up.

    I saw this quote that spoke to me: “All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” Henry Ellis.

    So I’m holding on to all that is good and being grateful for what I’ve already experienced but letting go of what is holding me back from living in this moment and being optimistic for what journey lies ahead.

    Bluesky; #3 … Loved what you said about the clouds and the sun. As I saw my guests off after ringing in the New Year, I took a few minutes to savor the silence of the night and in that short time, my thoughts were about David. I was struck by the peacefulness and darkness of the midnight sky and under that pitch black blanket of the galaxy, no matter where we are in this world, the brightest of stars will shine through for all of us and David to see. My wish is to have the love in our hearts reflect back to each of those stars and wherever David may be, he will see that when they twinkle, dance and set off a magnificent shower of light, he will know and feel the depth of our love which is filled with the deepest of care, support, laughter, and encouragement.

    Sky; #16 … “Nature….always the balm for our souls if we just pay attention.” So true … will plan to take more time to soak in nature’s remedies.

    Joymus; # 20 … No matter where this year’s journey will take us, with everyone on board, it’ll only make for one heck of an adventurous road trip!

    Jans; #21; Lynnella # 25 … How wonderful to hear of your kindness in helping others and reminds me how much David’s fans are as giving and caring as he is.

    Dja; #40 … Ahhh, you’re keeping us on our toes! Love “hot mess hair” pic as Angelica so aptly pointed out!

    Kaycee; Just wanted to say thank you for sharing about your children’s mission experience on the previous post! Having such insight has helped to diminish my fears related to the unknowns about David’s mission. It has never been a question about why he chose to go or how this experience will change him. I have no doubt how much his life will be greatly enriched and blessed during this time. He is so much greater than just a well known celebrity with a beautiful voice. For in my heart, he has become an inseparable part of my family and to potentially not know anything about his well being in those two years leaves me feeling like there’ll be a big void; no different than I how would feel if my children left me and I could not keep in touch. Having said that, I need to respect David’s privacy and space so whether he decides to let us know how he’s doing or not, I will have to suck it up and have faith that he will be safe, healthy, well cared for and having the best experience of his life.

    Marlie & Jackryan; I wanted to say a big thank you to both of you for your dedication in meticulously and faithfully archiving so many wonderful video’s as it’ll help sustain me through his absence!


  43. pam05 said

    Happy New Year! Just dropping bye to say thankyou to all the folks who work so hard to keep this site up and running. I can’t get on the computer as much as I used to or read comments, so it’s great to have fansites that give interesting commentaries to pounder over 🙂


  44. Jans11: I was so touched to read your comment at #21. I can’t tell you what an inspiration it was to me. Just want to say thank you for sharing & God Bless You ♥


  45. betsy said

    Good Morning. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  46. goodkarmaseeker said

    #45 Well, well, well, it is a good morning!!!!


  47. skydancer1x said

    45.Ye GADS and holy smoly!
    Betsy! well, thank you for that eye opener! and my new desktop pic of the day! You made me forget what I was going to say,so I will be back later…after I count all the hairs on his head.


  48. marlie7 said

    #45 – Oh, you can see every strand of that gorgeous hair! 🙂


  49. angelofdja said

    LOL Sky! His hair is AMAZING! Honestly, you really could count each strand of that gorgeous black head of hair!

    I just don’t know how I will act if he gets any more good-looking. I could even get in trouble… 😉


  50. bluesky said

    #45 Betsy – I like how there is a ribbon tied with a bow and a gift card in the upper right corner. Some present he is. ^_^

    #21 Jans11 – I have had time this morning to go back and read more of the posts. Thank you so much for yours. You choices are an inspiration to me. And.. I will definitely have to keep an eye on the GAs site. Tons of life there.

    #42 Blueberry Ice – I loved your comments and ponderings.

    I feel so blessed to in some way, know so many of you. If I could I would just hold a huge party so I could have you all around me for a couple of days.

    But then, there are the cool admins of this site to help us share. Thanks to you all.


  51. Angelica said

    Betsy #45

    I’ve been doing pretty well but when I scrolled down and saw that pic I burst into tears. I will miss him so much and I hope they take good care of him. Haven’t cried in a long time because I’m not a crier but that pic got to me. He looks so innocent and sweet. Gotta go for another drive. Be back later.


  52. Bebereader said

    {{{Oh Angelica}}}} It hits you like that all of a sudden. It happens to me, too. Knowing that we’re not going to see him for two years is like going through a grieving process. Not seeing that beautiful face every day, even in pics, is so much to bear. He’s become part of the fabric of our everyday lives. I hope we find the strength between us to hold it all together.

    I slept right through my usual online last night but woke up feeling fresh and new this morning. 🙂


    “Bebereader – I love how your little 2012 numbers have feet. They look like they are going somewhere. ^_^”

    They are moving “one foot in front of the other and
    nothing’s gonna break their stride.” LOL 🙂

    Betsy#45 Who has hair like that? skdjaljdjajfjafl;j

    I found this timeline fun to read. It’s from @kariontour’s tweets and twitpics from the MKOC Tour. Archuleta Fan Scene has it exclusively at:


  53. Bebereader said

    “Good Place/Let It Be” mashup posted a few days ago, found in my mailbox this morning. This one is from Anaheim/MKOC.


    credit jtmlm1234


  54. Abrra said

    Belated New Year wishes to all. I have been occupied with my other obsession over the weekend, World of Warcraft (on line game). I spent time with my grandson who is also a gamer.

    I, too , sat and sang along with the Hollies video. Good memories from my youth.Love seeing all the names come out to post. Thank you!!!

    Fun times in Unplugged on Saturday evening.Angelica wants David’s black velvet jacket to hold next to her cheek. I think the jacket needs to go on tour 🙂 Gladys claimed the red pants for her own. I can imagine she would wear them for the next two years! Lots of healing happened from watching videos with friends. Many came in and said it was the first time in 2 weeks that they felt ok to watch David. It will get better 🙂

    Thanks for Naree’s picture, Betsy. I saw her tweeting some of the book signing pictures from California. Some of my favorite pictures are with him looking down or in profile. I find them very candid and real. He needs not to smile at he camera to look handsome.

    Sky #16
    I saw what Angelica said. I stared at the screen as the chat flew by with no comments on her words. Then she typed some more about her car ride and the clouds. I stayed silent . I knew she wasn’t going to let this pass unnoticed when she said ” I am sharing something. Read up you wenches!” I fell off my seat in laughter.Knowing she was trying to be serious in all the craziness of chat just hit me just right. Yes, I am EVIL. There might even be a black spot on my soul for laughing 🙂 Not sure if anyone ever did acknowledge her words.

    Jan #21

    Thank you for relating how you make the time pass in small increments. The smaller milestones do seem to make the waiting less stressful. Bless you for stepping in to care for your grandchildren.



  55. Hmmmn…Saturday night was a good night when people were feeling 9 out of 10 and 6-7 and up when I asked for a rating but then every day is a different day and it was a gathering on a Saturday night. This is a Monday after all…better days ahead for certain!



  56. djafan said

    David tweets!

    @DavidArchie 1h

    Task for the week: visit someone you have never gone to visit before

    Angelica, (((hugs))) Today has been emotional. One day at a time. Some one tweeted David to leave us a task a week tweet and have some tweet for him. I like that idea 🙂

    Jan, thank you for sharing.

    Blueberry Ice and Bluesky, Just thank you.

    Everything and More #1 in year end countdown.

    Everything And More is on Number 1 on the “Barangay LS 97.1 The Big 10 Yearend Countdown.” AMAZING SONG! >>

    This from Twilight wish. How sweet.

    Phyllis F., 88, Laverne, CA

    Phyllis is a Veteran of WWII who love’s David Archuleta’s music! She has battled breast cancer and has become too ill to leave her home. Her wish is to have David visit her. She admire’s David’s strength and character and knows hearing the sound of his voice and meeting him in person would be such a blessing. We are looking for any contacts for Mr. Archuleta. His tour will be bringing him to CA very soon! Please contact us if you can help grant this wish.


  57. djafan said

    Lady V tweets David.

    @LadyVmusic 2h

    @DavidArchie hey hun did you see this!! we made the no1 end of year slot Everything and More #1 here,


  58. skydancer1x said

    SB I went from about a 7 to a 2 at one point.During a video.Or something, I cannot remember,But my heart hurt at that moment.
    Today was my mother’s birthday. e-mails from all my siblings came in today and they each wrote a sweet tribute to her, She would have been 88 years old today.She would have loved David, her heart was as loving and giving as his. I sent my siblings the video of David singing “I’m trying to be like Jesus”, because it reminded me of how my Mom lived life.
    My older sister wrote back to me just now…. she said it reminded her of Mom too,and that David sang so beautifully, and sweetly from his heart ,he made her cry. oh, sis…yes…,I know♥

    54.Abrra, I did!. (acknowledge her comment), and she heard me:) ( and said TY sky)
    But I noticed too,what we typed was delayed showing up because we were all ‘talking” at once haha!!


  59. dakgal said

    Why is today being so tough!! I keep falling into that pity party pit.

    I keep saying ” Self….snap out of it.”…But , it doesn’t seem to help. I have David’s songs playing in my head…of course my favorites come to mind first–like Think of Me and it’s lyrics are killing me today. I can’t decide if David should be singing this to us or us to him—either way it really hurts.

    Then one of the last songs he sang to us–Let it Be—“There will be an answer let it be.”

    Having this place to come to and share my thoughts with people I know will understand how I’m feeling…..whether it’s up or down is a blessing.
    Don’t mean to drag anyone down with me to day—sorry!!

    Tomorrow will be better.


  60. Angelica said


    I just want a square of the black velvet jacket to get me through my ODD the next two years. haha. Think he would sell swatches on ebay?

    The Producers – My Blue Blanket

    I’m all better now. Really I am.


  61. Abrra I hope you see this. Shortly after David’s announcement, I had some computer issues. In fixing the issues the technician lost about 80 of my downloads of David’s music. They worked on it for hours and said that they couldn’t get them back. I was devastated to say the least. I spent all day NYE working on it and was finally able to get all but about 10 titles back. The ones I could not find were from this My Kind of Christmas tour. I posted on FOD what happened, etc, and djafan directed me to your mediafile treasure trove. You are my hero, and I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to download from your files. I was so stressed out and so unhappy that it pretty much ruined my New Years. Knowing there will probably be no new music from David for 2 years made it even more depressing to have lost some that I had. Thank you so much for your technical ability. I am somewhat computer challenged as I am 70, so I didn’t grow up with them, but obviously the geek squad was more computer challenged than I. I am one happy camper now.


  62. Abrra said


    I will give you some advice about computer tech help. Seek out someone in your community before you use a “geek” squad service. I found my tech guy from a business card he posted in a local diner. My 2nd choice is to type computer repair (then your city name) into Google. Then call a few places and see if they will talk for a minute about the service they offer ( carry in and home visit) and the cost. If they are pleasant and give you prices, give them your business The trick is to do this before you NEED them. Establish a relationship before the crisis happens. The independent guys are more flexible and prices are fair. As you discovered the Geeks were happy to take your money and they didn’t do a good job. My computer died and my guy was able to take the hard drive and extract all David files, documents, etc to a back up, then installed it all on my new computer.

    I want to suggest you add all your David music files to iTunes. They will always be there on the iTunes server even if your computer dies. If you need help with that, ask a teenager. They are more than happy to show you what they know 🙂

    I am so happy you got what you needed from the Candy Jar! I plan to add more over the next few weeks and will be organizing it a bit. It’s nice to know that my efforts for fans are appreciated 🙂 I know what it’s like to want his music and think there is no way to recreate the files. That is why I made the effort to find out how to make the mp3’s and provide a place to share them.

    I am willing to make an mp3 of his live performances . If anyone has a particular YouTube song or interview that you like, leave a link for me here and I can post the mp3 very soon afterwards. This is a standing offer. It only takes a few minutes so it’s no bother.



  63. dakgal said


    You are the best!!!! 😛

    See I’m already smiling again!!

    Could I have a piece of that Jacket myself?

    Maybe I’ll go buy some black velvet and make some–then we can all have our ” little blankie” to match our black wrist bands.


  64. There needs to be more than one David in this world because there are so many people in all stages of health from good to bad who benefit from his voice and from his wonderful personality. There needs to be maybe one for each continent, maybe each country, especially after such a story like Phyllis’s. Time will tell what will happens.



  65. Dayzee said

    SB, could I have one of those Davids just for me?

    I always liked to poke David’s nose on the link to reach unplugged. Now I am using the little hand to tickle his cheek.


  66. skydancer1x said

    62. Abrra, without you,I don’t know what we would do.Just love you to pieces!!♥

    60. Angelica, THAT, was hilarious! HAHAHAHAHA!


  67. Lynnella said

    Here’s a little tip that might help someone. I went on youtube and found a bunch of my favorite videos from the MKOC tour and copied and pasted the links into an email, along with the titles, and emailed it to myself. That way all I have to do is open the email and click on the one I want to see, and don’t have to search for it. Works like a charm. I will probably add a bunch more as time goes on. Just a convenient way to save the ones I like best.



  68. djafan said

    SB, I want one too 🙂

    Lynnella, I have a youtube account and favorite the ones I like.

    Our David tweets!

    Gotta love family night!


  69. Abrra said

    I got word that someone at FOD said there was something wrong with a link posted from my mediafire. The person’s comments lead me to believe she was not computer savvy about how Norton Antivirus can alert on a file even though there is no virus. Here is my post to her.


    I was informed that there was some issue with downloading from my Mediafire link for David’s Humming CFTH mash up. I read that you have Norton Antivirus? Rest assured that there was NO VIRUS on that file. Norton has a tendency to be fooled about some files and to be on the safe side it freaks out and yells virus. I just tried it out and I got it to download with no problems. All the files I have there are form my own computer, except for a couple from starrynites01 full concert mp3′s. No one has ever reported any viruses from Abrra’s Candy Jar. I am sorry for your scare. I want everyone to enjoy the music and I am careful not to upload anything harmful.

    Honestly, you can pick up more bad viruses from surfing the net. Norton is not enough. You need browser protection such as NoScript and Adblock Plus as well. I hope I have reassured you about why you had this experience.

    Abrra admin at TheVoice

    Please know that I have scanned all the files before they go on mediafire.



  70. marlie7 said

    Lynnella – I do that, too! I started it when I sent a bunch of links to someone who expressed interest in David (people shouldn’t do that to me – I send them 20 links!) So then I realized I had sent some of “the best” of the best and would like to keep that list handy, so I moved the “sent” mail over to my “David folder” and now when I need a quick fix, I go there first!


  71. PattiNC said

    #56. Laverne, CA is near LA…hopefully David will hear about this wish and can grant it!!


  72. marlie7 said

    Abrra – I know you keep up with these things…what is the best add-on downloader for getting youtube videos via Firefox? Thank you!


  73. Spirit said

    Thank you for your offer to provide MP3’s for requested YouTube videos or interviews. Most of my ipod content is from your yummy candy jar! I have always enjoyed the long version of David’s “Hi, Squirrel” interview in Central Park. In it, he talks about his school memories and ADD tendancies. I also love the recent interview in Utah with Ted Capener. David was so mature and articulate and the questions were respectful and thoughtful. I would love to have MP3’s of these.

    Thank you again for the sweet treats!


  74. Abrra said

    I use a separate program It’s got many features, including the ability to rip mp3’s from YouTube links as well as video in several formats. I use it for many things, even screen captures of live streams.

    I use as back up for things that the other one might not cover. Both are free and work nicely.



  75. Abrra said

    Here you go!

    David Archuleta @ UT Conversation (aired 18 Dec 2011).mp3

    David Archuleta ( the squirrel!) on Memories for ‘The Other Side of Down’ Fan Pack Edition.mp3



  76. Spirit said

    Wow!! You are one speedy lady! Thanks again, Abrra.


  77. Heidijoy said

    Thanks for the suggestion Lynella and Abrra. I will start emailing myself and make a folder!! I’m new to all of this stuff and now have another project for the coming months.
    I made it through the SLC videos tonight. First time since the concert and it went pretty well. I no longer have to use energy to avoid reliving that wonderful concert even though some pain still exists.
    I could use a patch of velvet though Angelica.
    Thank God for all these videographers. I remember now what fun we had dancing, cheering etc.during the concert.
    Oh My that was a beautiful show!!
    Still love the groovin during This Christmas.
    David is so gifted !!!!


  78. betsy said

    Angelica # 60. I didn’t click on that link yet, but am laughing all the same. I know that movie by heart. You have extremely good taste. 🙂
    “How would you like to go back to teeeeeaaaasing hair”, lol.
    Dying here. 🙂


  79. skydancer1x said

    53. Bebe!!!! thanks for posting that video.oooh, was my first VIP 🙂 and I am forever thankful for being able to be there.♥


  80. Angelica said

    Heidijoy #77

    “I made it through the SLC vids tonight.
    Still love the groovin during This Christmas.
    David is so gifted !!!!”

    Yes, LAWZ!

    My New Year’s resolution #1

    Make time to watch this video every single day. It will be a challenge but I am up to it.


  81. Heidijoy said

    Hey! I’ll join you in that resolution. We’ll groove together.


  82. gladys said

    .I was watching videos of David, and one of them caught the attention.
    With his new band in Myrtle Beach, in the songs, Gotta Get Through This. David in 6.24 minutes gives a signal to Mark and the minute 6.26 The signal is strong, says that dentega and ends the song.
    With the new band david has a more direct and obviously this command.
    You please excuse me, but I have two years to review videos and see things that I saw before.


  83. Joyluck said

    #1 year end countdown for Phillipines? who cares. He was #1!!!!


  84. gladys said

    I make a correction

    ” he says it stops and ends the song.”


  85. djafan said

    Gladys, He calls mark his music director but I’ve watched David directing pretty consistently. I loved watching how confident David is not only in his performances but in the band and sound he has surrounded himself with.

    I want a velvet square! lol

    Angelica/Heidijoy, I’m currently making time to watch that specific video and Wait daily 🙂 and grooving.

    Great joyluck!

    Sky, it was such a great day!


  86. poof said

    Happy New Year all. (And I’m just sure it will be 🙂 )
    Abrra, I want to thank you for all the work you put into making the candy jar for us. I have been making some CDs, stocking up, so to speak! I so appreciate it.

    My latest addiction is, I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus. I feel like listening to this, just makes everything about David “fit”. He sang this as a child, and sure made “it” his own, his words to live by. I can’t describe how it makes me feel, except to say it makes me cry tears of hope and thankfulness.


  87. marlie7 said

    Abrra – thank you for the links! Off to begin capturing videos to store on the TDC server. I’m so afraid some of them will get taken down that I’m loading them directly. You rock!


  88. FG said

    Oh my heck David! I love you so much.


  89. Abrra said

    From @kariontour

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David with his band

    #82 Gladys
    If David gave you this signal, would you survive? The Archu-nod!



  90. Abrra said


    1 square of David Archuleta’s black velvet jacket worn on My Kind of Christmas tour 2011

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Taking bids on this item!



  91. FG said

    Angelica! The blue blanket…never seen that before. jkfhu6e78bhusdbjjb!! LOLOL Just a small compulsion, I could deal with it if I wanted to. Bwaahhaaaaa! awesome. just ROTFL. tee-hee


  92. goodkarmaseeker said

    Angelica #80, i will join you and take up the challenge to watch “This Christmas” from SLC each and every day for this 2012. It always makes me smile and get some groove on.


  93. Heidijoy said

    #80 #85 #92 Angelica,Djfan,Goodkarmaseeker: Get your Groove on. “Caroling through the night” for the win. Watching This Christmas with the thought of you gals joining in is Funnnnnnnnnn!!!

    #90 Abrra Angelica I’ll have one of those Velvet patches!

    Gladys #82 Gotta Get Through This David taking leadership for sure. I think this may be one of our theme songs now. One Day At A Time.

    Love that picture of David and the Band!!


  94. Angelica said

    The boy could sing, knew how to move, everything
    Always wanting more, he’d leave you longing for

    Black velvet and that little boy’s smile
    Black velvet with that slow (western) style
    A new religion that’ll bring ya to your knees
    Black velvet if you please.


    I need the real cloth Abrra. May have to get my own little velvet blankie to carry in my pocket.


  95. skydancer1x said

    ok please put me down for 1 velvet jacket square,and one groovin’ David Macholetaaaa singing This Christmas!
    Like your resolution Angelica♥Sounds like one I can actually keep, for a change:)

    great picture of David and the band! (love Asaaf… serious guy,)


  96. Bebereader said


    ROFL at that little square velvet swatch!
    SOLD to the short blonde in the David Archuleta t-shirt!

    Oh, that would be me! LOL


  97. skydancer1x said

    94..why do I all of a sudden want one of those velvet portrait paintings? one that looks just like that right up there..


  98. Heidijoy said

    #97 That’s funny, I was just thinking of a frame with Black velvet border around the note I got from David. (or his picture)


  99. djafan said


    SOLD to the short blonde in the David Archuleta t-shirt!

    Oh, that would be me! LOL


    Angelica, You funny lol

    Sky, Machuleta!!!!! Heck yes!!!!

    David, sending you a mental message…A vlog please.

    If you have twitter please tweet David and like, favorite, comment, share his Wait video!


  100. djafan said

    From twitter!!! Maybe an address for fan mail?! Love that Kari!!!

    @Marylee_DAangel 18h

    RT @CanadianArchie Is there somewhere out there where I can send @DavidArchie a card before he leaves? <-maybe @kariontour knows 🙂


    @Marylee_DAangel @CanadianArchie working on this. Will post soon!
    canadianarchie canadianarchie @CanadianArchie

    @kariontour @marylee_daangel omg!!! Thank you SOOOOO much Kari!!!! ❤


  101. skydancer1x said

    fan mail??! ..fingers crossed!! You go Kari!!! post soon!


  102. djafan said



    Glad that a Central American restaurant has opened not too far away! Had a good meal at Cafe Chapin. Guatemalan food 🙂


  103. djafan said


    I’ve added it to the fan archuduties on the right sidebar along with a link to the Wait video for easy access to view and view and view!


  104. emmegirl said

    Abs, if you have a spare minute sometime, an mp3 would be sublime.


  105. tawna21 said

    emmegirl #104 –it’s in the candy jar– I downloaded it from there 🙂


  106. Abrra said

    Tawna is right. Here you go :

    Chestnuts(The Christmas Song) QuietblancMKOP VIP SantaRosa121311.mp3



  107. Spirit said

    Abrra…I have a question that you may be able to answer. I’ve had David’s vlog — audio (from the candy jar) on my ipod for a year or so. Only the first 30 seconds plays however. I noticed that if I play it on my computer or on my itunes site , the entire 7 plus minutes plays. Can’t figure out what the problem is. I even redownloaded it and put it back on my ipod, but it still does the same thing. Any ideas?


  108. emmegirl said

    Thanks guys.


  109. Abrra said

    NEW POST —————————————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  110. Debbie said

    I am one of David’s older fans and the Hollies are a group from the sixties. I have always like the song ” He ain’t heavy he’s
    my brother” and have always wanted David to cover it. I can’t believe you posted it as a tribute to David!! i went crazy, this song fits the
    situation perfectly. Maybe he will cover someday!


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