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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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Heidijoy’s Recaps ~ David Archuleta at SLC and Beaver Creek

Posted by djafan on Monday, December 26, 2011

Credit Pattycake from SLC MKOC show

Recap of Salt Lake City

During VIP I used my photo-op for a small group of us to present David with a Certificate from the Golden Archie project in which we gave the Primary Children’s Hospital 50 of GCT CDS/DVDs, $250 check for the Music Therapy Program and a penciled portrait of David. He was thrilled of course. I was thrilled when I told him I was Heidijoy and he said “Oh I recognize that name.” There were probably about 200 there and no one was rushed. It was fun to watch everyone greet David and pose for their pictures. David sang Good Place/Let It Be mashup which was beautiful. He had a request for How Great Thou Art or a Hymn of his choice. Child of God and Dream Sky High were voted on. Child of God got the most votes and David sang it beautifully.  He then said Oh! I’ll sing Dream Sky High too. Beautiful and heartfelt.

The concert was spectacular!! The Set List was the same as other concerts. The crowd was on fire and we danced to Zero Gravity. David Osmond and Jenny Frogley came out and sang the background vocals like they did on the recorded version of Melodies of Christmas. It was festive! Some of the highlights in the second half of the concert were the Lycum Philharmonic Orchestra, an Adult Choir and a Children’s Choir alternating songs, Mama Lupe and Jonah’s participation in the FA La La La La Song. David’s growth as a singer and performer were out of this world.

The highlights of David’s banter were his appreciation of all of his fans and his gratefulness for us being responsible for all of the success and opportunities that he has had.  He also talked about turning 21 and  said he would just continue drinking water and then added I don’t know why I even said that. David started getting quite emotional prior to Silent Night when he talked about caroling with his brother and sisters and thanked them for being there. He also talked of how grateful he was for the opportunity to sing this song with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir last year and how meaningful that experience was for him. David ended with Drummer Boy which was fantastic. There were many standing ovations, cheers, whistles etc. We were beyond thrilled with the Concert and begged for more!!

When David came back out for the Encore, he told us he would be going on a Full time mission. As he struggled to tell us, he smiled, broke down in tears and got his message out. He talked about the certainty that this is what he was being called to do at the time in his life. The crowd erupted in cheers and I felt like I had been kicked in the gut. What a mix of emotions. Exuberance for the concert, David’s growth and performances and grief at the loss of him for at least two years. David then sang the most beautiful Oh Holy Night with his tears glistening. He left the stage with a big wave and thank you to all. I was sitting in front of Lupe at the concert and told her how much we would miss David. She was very gracious and seemed happy that David has this opportunity. We talked to Sunny too as she had sat with the family for the concert. She said David still has some projects to do including recording in the near future. I got to meet Jonah and tell him what a big fan I was. He was so gracious with a hand shake and appreciation. I of course greeted his Mom too.  Fans gathered afterward and were stunned for the most part. I was glad we were going to Beaver Creek as painful as the grief was.

Here is Beaver Creek

Needless to say I didn’t sleep much after SLC concert and we left bright and early for Beaver Creek. Chats with travel mate Grateful4all_DA were painful and we had a fear of how to handle all these emotions. Lots of tears were shed. We looked forward to Beaver Creek.

VIP  Fans gathered and we sang a song We’ll Be There set to the tune of I’ll be There that two fans had written to David when he entered the room prior to picture-taking. Karin asked David first if it was alright. That was difficult, painful ,tender and very meaningful. David expressed his gratefulness and said it was the first time a group of fans sang to him. I got in line near the front as I wanted to be as natural as possible. I stood in front of David and shook his hand so I could look in those eyes one more time. He recognized me and thanked me again for helping gather all of the CDs/DVDs etc. We then posed arm in arm.  I again shook his hand and offered my wish of the best for him. He thanked me with a big smile.

I then watched everyone else as they greeted and posed with him.  He was very attentive and there was no rush of anyone. We then went into the concert hall for the rest of VIP. We donned party hats and sang Happy Birthday to David and he was touched noting the birthday hats. He thanked all of us for everything and talked of how important it was for him to do this tour in appreciation for his fans. He said that is was very difficult to schedule it because someone was trying to block him from having this tour. (I think that is part of why it was also difficult to hit all the areas he would have liked to include in the tour.) He answered a few questions including did he have his mission papers in and does he know where he is going and he said he did have his papers in and does know here he is going. He said he didn’t want to be more specific at this time. He emphasized that he will still be able to do music during his mission. He then sang Good Place/Let it Be, Mary Did You Know and I’m Trying To Be With Jesus. Oh boy! Nobody can sing more tenderly and with such emotion while having the best vocals on the planet. Words don’t do any of this justice. He was going to do one more since it was the last concert but some guy said NO the doors were opening. It was non-negotiable!!!!!!! Boo! We then readied for the concert and fans were given a Maraca to shake during Fa la la la la.

David was on fire as were his fans. The show was Sold Out!! A side note: This was a thrill for me especially as I had selfishly promoted this concert so it would not get cancelled after I had spent considerable money on flight and hotel reservations which were non-refundable. I had called and written to the local church and schools including sending flyers and David’s CD’s to both P.O.C.’s. I carefully watched the seat charts for months on the Vilar Performing Charts. When the dots eventually showed full, I was thrilled.  When we got to Beaver Creek, we saw lots of promo in papers, posters etc. I was glad that is was promoted so well and I was not solely responsible for filling the place. (ha!ha!)

On with the show. There was no orchestra or Choir and the simplicity of David and the band was perfect for this venue and for us. We sang,we danced, we cheered and we shook our Maracas during Fa la la la la!! It was a celebration. It seemed like we (the fans) gave David a standing ovation for every song. It was so much fun! Alex, Steve and Asaf  joined the children on stage for the Fa la la la la intro and you could tell David was surprised. He was prompted to ask each their name like the kids and it was hilarious as they introduced themselves. Later Stix (the VIP guy) and Jeff LeBlanc came out playing music with their Santa hats on. It added some humor and joy to the number. The kids were adorable as usual.

The concert was special and David ended with Oh Holy Night! It was beautiful. We screamed for an Encore of course. We had worried all during the show about how David would be singing Drummer Boy, because Steve and his drums were behind an Acrylic wall. Luckily they  took that down while we screamed for an Encore. David came running out and the reason for two standing Microphones was answered when Jeff LeBlanc came out to join David.  David said that they had been jamming to a song off stage and decided to add the song to this final show. Waiting On The World to Change. We couldn’t believe our ears. David and Jeff jammed and sang and it was wonderful. Lots of full circle memories for sure. David had said it was his first time to sing the whole song. David then closed with the Drummer Boy and it was spectacular.

Lots of fans decided to wait in the lobby and then by the bus and David did come out by the bus. It was wonderful as fans asked for signatures, pictures, hugs etc. I got an autograph on a picture that was in the big fat Vilar Performing Arts Booklet with David’s full page picture and ad in it. By this time I got a big Hi from David as he now knew who I was. Ha! ha! I also got a big hug and picture taken with David and give my final heartfelt message with a big smile on both of our faces.

We saw Sunny out by the bus and asked her what song David was going to sing at VIP that got cut off, she said Be Still My Soul. Divine Intervention???  She said David was looking for her before the encore and was going to sing it but she had gotten locked out of the back when she has gone out to the Child Fund display area. I guess it wasn’t meant to be but Oh! How we would have loved to hear one more Be Still My Soul.

Joined other fans for a wrap up of the evening. We were ecstatic that this last show and send off was full of Happiness and Joy.

52 Responses to “Heidijoy’s Recaps ~ David Archuleta at SLC and Beaver Creek”

  1. tawna21 said

    Heidijoy, what a great recap! Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

    It was fun to watch the presentation you made to David in SLC. It was also great to meet you there!! And yes, “The crowd was on fire and we danced to Zero Gravity”. In making sure my gdaughter didn’t fall off her seat that she was standing on during ZG, I ZG’ed my hip into a ‘not so good place’ and have been hobbling around for the last week. ;/ It was worth it. My husband, as usual, was very glad to have been there. He had an amazing time. He gets David. My daughter and her 7 yo daughter and 8 yo son had an A-MAZ-ING!! time. They have been long-time fans, but she has given me some grief about my ODD. In fact, she kind of gave Dayzee a ribbing about it. Sorry Dayzee, she felt bad and hoped she didn’t offend you. She really liked you. Anyway, by the time the evening was over, she now ‘gets’ David. I wouldn’t say she is ODD, but she definitely won’t give me grief over mine anymore. In fact, when I talked to her on the phone the next day, she cried because of the spirituality that she had felt the night before. She was truly touched by David’s spirit. So were her kids. They couldn’t quit talking about it the next day. That was the answer to my prayer. That is why I went out on a limb and bought the VIPs. I was hoping that by being in David’s actual presence they would feel what I have felt for the last 4 years. They did. The kids wore their VIP lanyards to school the next day and had lots of “that’s not fair that you got to go to a David Archuleta concert” comments from their friends. She gifted her VIP memorbilia to a couple of young girls whose hair she does in the salon where she works. She decided that her kids both had theirs, and these girls are such huge fans of David that she would give them hers. They cried and hugged it tightly she said. She commented, “I didn’t think you would mind, Mom. And I think David would like it that I gave it to them.” I agreed, and in my head I’m thinking, “Yeah, you get David.”

    Oh, and SB, the kids were elated over the bracelets that Heidijoy had. I think they had them on their wrists before they were even out of her hand. Thank you for this gesture of kindness and good will. The 18 yo girl standing in line with us was so excited to get one.

    This has gotten too long. Heidijoy’s words brought my experience to the surface. I would have loved to have gone to some of the other concerts, but the experience in SLC made it okay that I ddn’t. ♥♥

    I’ll quit for tonight.



  2. Heidijoy said

    Tawna, So nice meeting you too and so glad your family had a great time.
    Nice to hear of converts. Oh and yes SB they loved the wrist bands.


  3. Dayzee said

    Heidijoy, thanks for telling your David story. Reading about David is one of my favorite things to do and I enjoyed your narrative. You brought back heartwarming memories.

    Tawna…I am so oblivious of anything negative about my relationship with David, by the time it sifts through my brain it has turned into something positive. I really had no clue your daughter was not supportive of my feelings. LOL

    Thanks to the admins here I have found a good home for my extra poster, which David signed.

    With all the family Christmas gatherings I was given many questions and suggestions:

    “Will you be moving when you find out where David will be assigned?”
    “You could follow Josh Groben. He’s pretty good.”
    “Can I have your computer now? You only used it for David.”
    “Call me if you want to talk about David”
    “Don’t call me if you want to talk about David”
    “Will you be taking all those pictures down? I was wondering what color those walls are”


  4. Heidijoy said

    Ha! Ha! Dayzee thanks. Sounds like our family gathering. Lots of teasing!
    …and thank again for a great trip to Park City, the Children’s hospital and Thai restaurant.


  5. Lynnella said


    Thank you so much for that recap. I almost felt like I was there. I have never been to a real DA concert. The closest I’ve come was a radio promotion with other performers when he only sang 4 or 5 songs with only Mike on the guitar, a couple of summers ago. Not the same. Also, I wasn’t very close to the front. I was watching the livestream when he made his Mission announcement, but still it isn’t like being there. I’ve decided to start saving now, because, when he comes back, no matter where I have to go, I am determined to see a David Archuleta concert live. That is #1 on my bucket list.

    Dayzee – Loved those questions. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets that kind of flack. My friends and family all think I’m ready for the funny farm. I work at a retirement community, and took the DVD of GCT to show for the entertainment one evening. The ladies, and one man, who watched it were really impressed with David’s voice. And, I think he gained several more fans that night.



  6. tawna21 said

    Oh Dayzee, no, it’s not that my daughter was being mean or unsupportive, she just was giving us ‘oldies’ a hard time about being so OTT ODD, and thought she had upset you. I don’t even remember what was said. I did hear a few comments from some younger people about the older people. Like you, in one ear and out the other. Love you Dayzee–hope you know that. 🙂



  7. Blisskasden said

    Heidijoy, really nice recaps. I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster you were on. I watched the concert on Ustream. The audio was great, but the video was blurry, but I still felt that I was there. In retrospect, I think the reason David broke down when he reminisced about going Christmas Caroling with his brother and sisters is because he knew that he would be away from them for the next 2 Christmases, and would probably never experience that again.

    Having never known anyone who went on an LDS mission, I would like to know , from any of David’s fans who are LDS, what were your impressions of the changes you saw in other young men after they returned from their Mission. For example, did they seem more, for want of a better term, “religious” when they came back? Was there a period of time needed to reacclimate to the world they were returning to? Did their personality drastically change as a result of their experience.? Did any of them renounce the material world completely and choose to devote their entire life to the church.?

    David is a beloved person as he is NOW. Of course we all change with time, but an experience as intense as this Mission would have to have a profound impact on any 21 year old, even one as well traveled as David. I think we, as fans, should be prepared to welcome back a significantly different David in 2014, especially since we will not be seeing him change gradually on a day to day basis as we have over the past 4 years.

    In the ’60s my older brother was gone for 2 years when he joined the Peace Corps. He went to Peru. There were no computers, cell phones, or twitter back then, so we rarely heard form him. He came back a much different person than he left, and it freaked me out. I was only 20 at the time, but he was like a whole other person. I’m sure that experience is coloring my uneasiness about David. As much as I would never want David not to grow and experience life to its fullest, I would hate to see him become a “different” person, if you know what I mean.

    The bottom line is, que sera sera. I have a sneaking suspicion it will all work out just fine.



  8. Heidijoy said

    Thanks Lynnella and Blisskasden. I agree with your hunch on Silent Night Bliss. He was thanking them for being there tearfully.
    Not LDS so not sure about the changes to expect.
    Knowing David as we do I expect he’ll be better but I hope he doesn’t get too poised! ha!

    Sweet dreams!


  9. jans11 said

    Thanks for the great recap, Heidijoy! It was just like I was there!! lol At least I was for the SLC concert and would have loved to have been at Beaver Creek.

    It was great to meet you Tawna and your daughter and grandkids. I was hoping they were picked for the Fa la la dance song, they are so cute.

    Dayzee, remember when we were walking down the aisle to get to our seats and one of the usherettes said “there goes a couple of teeny boppers with their goody bags”!!! We just walked on down and didn’t pay any attention to her. I did ask you “what did she say?” because I couldn’t believe it!


  10. Joyluck said

    Bliss– thanks for your inquiry and comments about a potentially changed David. It has crossed my mind so I would as well be interested in the perspective of those who have experienced first hand the returning missionary. I also wonder if its ever worked in the opposite where young folks return from their missions and loosen up on their LDS beliefs? just wondering about the after effect as you so eloquently pointed out.


  11. Well done Heidijoy, you certainly had a memorable trip while on your tour, one that will stay vivd in your thoughts for some time to come.

    I can’t read the article in full just yet the same as my lack of ability to listen to some of his videos right now, but the time will come for me when I can. I believe that I have a sensitivity level that I have come to know and feelings that I need to keep aside until some stormy day in February perhaps.

    The events have degrees of surprise, shock, happiness and sadness. It is something that is very personal to David, his family and his church.



  12. skydancer1x said

    Thanks for the great recap Heidijoy!♥ This Christmas tour was truly amazing in every way. David “brought it!” for his fans on that stage,at every stop,like we have never seen him before. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to have witnessed what took place at these 2 concerts up close and personal.
    “Exuberance for the concert, David’s growth and performances and grief at the loss of him for at least two years.”
    I too watched events unfold on UStream in SLC. The punch to the gut…..from elation to despair in a matter of seconds.
    Then on to Beaver Creek.just… wow.
    I do have a question for you Heidijoy>>>>
    “He thanked all of us for everything and talked of how important it was for him to do this tour in appreciation for his fans. He said that is was very difficult to schedule it because someone was trying to block him from having this tour. (I think that is part of why it was also difficult to hit all the areas he would have liked to include in the tour.)”
    What did he mean?


  13. Heidijoy said

    Jan11 It was so great to share part of this experience with you and Dayzee!! The highs and lows!! It certainly made the experience more meaningful! You two look like teeny-boppers ha!

    SB Thank You for your support. You were with us in many ways as we wore the bracelets and shared them with others. Many times I even wore the wrist band to bed!! Oh and we gave many talks about DA to shuttle drivers, waiters etc.

    One memory Carol and I have is of two young men sitting next to us who were so enthused about the concert and loving every moment. At intermission they informed us they were leaving because the biggest fan of the pair had to work early. We couldn’t believe our ears as we would have stayed until 3 a.m. even if we had to work. (Especially at their age)
    Their plan was definitely to attend more concerts. We couldn’t help but wonder how much regret they must feel.


  14. Shanny in Australia said

    Thanks for the wonderful recap Heidijoy! I particularly enjoyed your explanations of the encore and how David had wanted to sing Be Still My Soul as one of the encores. I had thought the Waiting on the world to change was the only encore and kind of thought it was a slightly odd choice but now I see he also did Little Drummer Boy and was wanting to do BSMS. That makes more sense to me. Thanks again and I’m so glad you had a lovely time. 🙂


  15. Heidijoy said

    Skydancer and Shanny, Glad you liked the recap.

    Skydancer David told us during the Beaver Creek VIP that he wanted very badly to do a Tour for his fans and that it was very difficult because “someone” was trying to block him from having the Tour. I can only guess who that “someone” was. The music business,music rights etc etc is a complicated business. You know David would not say “who”. He was telling us how important it was to have this Tour for his Fans.


  16. bluesky said

    “The bottom line is, que sera sera. I have a sneaking suspicion it will all work out just fine.”

    Dear Blisskasden and Joyluck:

    The results of serving a mission on a young man are as varied as the individual young men themselves. In my own experience, the vast majority of them chorus the same words, “It was the best two years of my life”.
    What they keep from it and bring to the rest of their lives is really up to them. A mission offers the opportunity to experience a great deal of freedom from the demands of regular “life”. At the same time, the hours are full and the days spent are usually packed with activity. Most missionaries have the opportunity to learn leadership skills, many learn a foreign language, many are put in positions of authority – some over other missionaries, some over men and women who are their seniors in years. Communication is a skill with many facets and as a missionary they get a lot of experience in just about every kind of challenge where communication is an issue. Also, they are always with a companion. Their companion is assigned to them for at least the length of 6 six weeks in most missions. This gives them a lot of experience (or at lest the opportunity to learn!) learning patience and getting along and learning to work closely with someone who may have been raised in a different country with a different set of mores, language and culture. For instance, all three of my sons have been paired with companions who spoke no english and were natives of the country.

    I suppose you could say that it is a bit like a two year “American Idol” experience for them: intense, hard work, out of the regular type of life, big decisions to make that effect themselves and others – but without the cameras, without the notoriety and without the parents and family to counsel with them and have input into their daily decisions. They must learn to rely on themselves and the spirit of prayer in how and what ways to best be of service in the particular place and with the particular people they are called to serve. The gospel is the same, places, people and needs are different. Just like here at the Voice.

    We may say: well, DA already has so many of those qualities and experiences and growth. Why would he need more? I do not have an answer to that. ^_^ But I really do trust him. And I am happy for him.

    So… in keeping with the new year and in relation to this new path we all are on with one of our dear loved ones, I offer this poem I wrote many years ago as I was parted from one of my closest friends:

    An end is not a new thing
    There have been ends before
    Why allow your mind to dwell on the “passing from”?
    This is the start of a new “being”.

    And again, and yet again, these young ones come –
    Never ceasing till we close ourselves against them and our minds die.

    So look out on this new moment with a ready eye
    Quick to glean from bounteous fields all that serves the best within us.

    And thus we serve the best in all

    (ps: Blisskasden – I love your quote at the top of the page – you sneaky thing you!)


  17. Heidijoy said

    Bluesky, Thank You so much for responding so well to help us understand more about the experience of a Mission. Bless You.


  18. tawna21 said

    Bliss #7.. I’ve known lots of young men before and after their missionary time. There are those that leave as immature young men and come home having grown in wisdom, knowledge and desire to do good, and to continue to grow in those three areas. These are the majority. Others come home having matured, but just don’t have the same desire to continue growing. They aren’t failures. They move on in many different ways. Some do come back pretty ‘self-righteous’, but there is usually a family member or a girlfriend that gets them back in line pretty After all, they have been in a strictly religious frame of mind for 2 years, and some have a harder time coming back down to the real world. They do become their old self again. David is already far above the average missionary. He’s been able to hold onto his spirituality while in the public eye for so long, that he knows how to control himself. David will come home having matured not only in spirituality, but also in knowledge and in knowing how to handle all different kinds of situations. He has already shown us he is taking charge of his life, re:Jive, WEG, pulling the MKOC tour off, and leaving for 2 years to follow his promptings. This will hone his reckoning and reasoning skills. I’ve never known any to ‘renounce the material world and choose to devote their entire life to the church’. They continue on with their lives and devote themselves to serving others, but it is not a profession, if you will. Some men are called later on to serve as a General Authority, and they do give up their profession, but that is way down the road for them.

    You’re right, we should be ready to welcome back a different David in 2014. He will be different. He will be more grown up and ready to take on the challenges that the world will throw at him. He will still be our same loveable, laughing, humble, and caring bright star. We will still love him and fan-girl/boy over him. And he will allow it. He will show us a new and better way to take on the task of everyday life. I’m here for the lift-off and the return. Thanks Bliss, for caring enough to question. ♥♥ {hand to heart to you}



  19. nanaweize said

    Hiedijoy…thanks so much for your recap. It day was so fun wasn’t it? It was so great to be able to meet up with you, Carol, Dayzee, and Jan to go to Primary Childrens Medical Center to deliver the CD/Dvd’s and the drawing and money. I so enjoyed going to the Thai resaurant after with all of you. It is so fun to be able to just chat away about David and have everyone understand what you feel.

    The concert itself was such a wonderful and spiritual experience. My husband and I were able to take 3 of my neighbors to the concert. They are friends of the Archuletas. Just before the concert started Claudia and her new husband came up to them to chat a minute. She was so glad they got to come. She said…”Wow how did you get 3rd row seats…Here I am related and I ended up on the 8th row.” I just told her I was online as soon as the seats went on sale and punched in best seats available and this is what we got. They were awesome seats. During the song Fa La La La La Lupe saw my neighbors and waved to them. It made them feel special.

    Bliss…I think it depends on the missionary as to how soon they get back in to the swing of things after their mission. Some missionaries have no problem and others it takes them awhile to get back to their normal. I don’t think it will take David long tho. He seems to be in tune!

    I am so glad I was able to attend both the Cedar City and SLC concerts. Awesome experiences!


  20. Heidijoy said

    Thanks Tawna and Nanaweiz for your input. It was my pleasure to join you for the Primary Children’s Hospital project in honor of David’s birthday. He was quite pleased to receive the Certificate. (check out the picture in SLC VIP Nation if you like-password ArchieVIP)


  21. skydancer1x said

    thanks,Heidijoy. I guess I was was asking in the more generic sense.Oh, I know he would never reveal a ‘person’♥. I actually think there are some in the business, happy /or relieved now,that he will be out of the picture for a couple of years.He is a talent to be reckoned with!!
    I was just so happy this tour took place for U.S. fans.


  22. Blisskasden said

    Thank all of you for sharing your experiences and knowledge of David’s upcoming Mission. I think part of my (and others) freaked out reaction to David “disappearing” for 2 years, was the uncertainty as to what this meant in terms of who he will become as a result of this experience. There is a lot of mythology about people of various religions by those who have never known anyone from that religion. I should know. The mythology about Jews has always boggled my mind. We don’t have horns, and with the exception of my father, we’re not really that cheap.

    David is such a wonderful person. I love him and will miss him. It’s really as basic as that.


  23. dakgal said

    In matters that hurt my heart so deeply, as this one, I tend to withdraw within myself, let it sink in, and at my own pace- decide how I’m going to deal with it. So it has taken me days before I could even bring myself to post.
    Of course like everyone else, my tears and pity parties were my first reaction, followed by numbness and disbelief.

    But after days of retrospect and searching—I should have seen this coming, as plain as an approaching freight train.

    I can’t remember when that anonymous tweet was concerning a mission–but I know at that time I put myself in denial–didn’t want to think about it or talk about it and even shunned reading about it.

    I can clearly remember back, how happy David was when asked about his approaching birthday, that he was so very excited to “finally” be turning nineteen. After several days of pondering, IMO he has always planned and wanted to go on a mission. Unfortunately at that time he had too many things on his plate to clean up, contractual things and obligations (I even think at that time he knew he would be doing the MoTab concert in 2010.) So during this past year he has been cleaning up the loose ends and doing what ever came along that he could do, free from being obligated to anyone. Thus no label or management and all the small appearances—only the Asian tour (which might have been one of the things he was obligated to do)—plus help build up the bank account to support him in his mission and , I’m sorry—to make sure his family was provided for—thus clearing the way..

    I truly believe in my heart that this mission has been in the works for a long time. David is simply too devout and this has always been his hearts desire, for a myriad of reasons, since he was just a young boy.

    IMO, in the beginning David did think that music was his mission, but after a while it didn’t satisfy his sweet soul and spirit. With all the warts and coldness of the industry, who could blame him? David has never considered himself “special” nor deserving of special treatment, so doesn’t it simply follow that he does feel the calling to do this. David took up permanent residency in my heart four years ago and that’s exactly where he is staying, so with the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise—I will be here when he returns! No one is getting my chair or brown dress in chat and thanks admin. for keeping this site running–it means the world to me!

    Reading all the wonderful posts by everyone ( took me days to catch up)
    has helped–and I thank you one and all

    Just one final thought “Thank you David , for letting me in. “


  24. Bebereader said


    Normally there are dozens of recaps on all the fansites when David is on tour but I noticed the drop in them this time. Maybe since David made his announcement? I don’t know. In any case, it was so refreshing to read your’s of the last two shows on the MKOC Tour. Thank you for the details; you took us right there with you!

    It must have been a thrill when you realized that David recogized your name! He made that same comment to me when I told him about “The Voice” at a book signing. He said: “I know that one!”

    Looking forward to the new recording projects Sunny mentioned to you.

    The entire MKOC tour was amazing at every stop. How lucky you were to have witnessed the last two shows on this tour!


    I’ve been wondering where you’ve been since David’s announcement. But I knew. I had a feeling you were taking it all in and digesting it before you appeared here again. And I knew that when I read your comment, I would feel much better. Thank you. You are one smart lady! {{{Hugs}}}

    Haha David tweets:


    Last day of being a 20 year-old. Hanging at the DMV getting my license renewed haha


  25. ODDity said


    Great recap! It was nice meeting you after the Salt Lake City concert. I wish the restaurant had stayed open a little longer so that people could get to know one another better. Thanks for bringing SB’s bracelets to Salt Lake City, and thanks to Dayzee for getting some of those for my friend and me. I already thanked SB in chat, but thanks again SB! The bracelet is doubly precious now.

    I have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and have wanted to jump through my computer screen to give everyone hugs.

    I just want to say that all of my own family members who have gone on missions have returned as enhanced versions of their (IMHO) already-fantastic selves but were readily recognizable as the people we knew and loved so much. They were still far from perfect (don’t tell that to their mamas!) but had become stronger, wiser, humbler, kinder, more grateful for their families, more respectful, more mature, more knowledgeable in many ways, etc. They were still fun and funny and witty and so enjoyable to be around. Many missionaries love their missions so much that they go back years later to visit the people they once served. A couple of my nephews have taken their own wives and children to Hong Kong and Finland to meet people they knew on their missions.

    I think we’re all experiencing feelings similar to what missionaries’ real-life families feel when faced with sending their loved one on a mission. Despite the joy and happiness felt, there is also the pain of loss. If David hadn’t given us so much of himself and touched our hearts and souls so deeply, we wouldn’t be feeling this acute sense of loss and longing. It’s more than worth it to me. Think of the joy we will experience when he comes back. Things are gonna get better; yeah, we’re gonna be fine!

    Bliss, I thought it was only Mormons who had horns. I didn’t know Jewish people did too! I feel like I’m in good company here. I moved to Texas as a young newlywed many years ago and my landlady asked me, in all seriousness, where my horns were. I was stunned at first but then got a huge laugh out of it.

    Bliss, you said, “David is such a wonderful person. I love him and will miss him. It’s really as basic as that.” Yeppers


  26. Abrra said

    Thank you Heidijoy for allowing us to be there with you for these 2 concerts. It means so much when fans share their experiences with David with us here. Everyone was tweeting to those who were going to Beaver Creek that night. We were asking that they be sure to tell David how much we were supporting his decision and would be here when he got back from his mission. It was as if that was all that mattered, that he KNEW he had support. The message was sent loud and clear as I can see now:) Thanks for all you did to make sure that the Vilar seats got filled. Haha!

    How about some PIC SPAM? This thread needs some David!

    From Naree Santa Rosa concert

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And from Pattycake

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David, Get out of my head! I went to the DMV last week to renew my license! I am good for 5 years now. 🙂



  27. Suzy-Q said

    Tawna and Dakgal, I think that the way you explained things about being a missionary was very informative to everyone. I would like to add that sometimes we, Mormons, are called to a position not necessarily to our benefit but to the benefit of others. I held a leadership position three times. When I was called for the fourth time, I told the Bishop that maybe someone else needed those blessings because I had felt that I wouldn’t gain as much as someone who had never held that position. He told me that it wasn’t just for my benefit but because he was a new Bishop, he needed someone who knew how to do the job so that he wouldn’t worry about it being done. He said he could count on me. During that time I was able to train others in their responsibilities and share the blessings. What I am saying is that as far as we know, David may be going on a mission in an area where he is needed because of his faith, dedication, his strong testimony and all of the other fine qualities he possesses. His influence could benefit others in an area where he is needed for some reason. David is such a good example of his faith and he can communicate his spiritual beliefs easily. He will set the standard in the mission field even higher wherever he goes. David isn’t perfect but he strives to be perfect. He truly believes that we are all children of God and that God loves us and wants us to return to Him someday and that can be done through the teachings of Jesus Christ.
    I think that David will communicate to us while on his mission. It will be through emails once a week. He won’t be using Twitter I don’t think. Maybe on his official website he will write to us. On the other hand maybe some fans won’t want to just hear about his mission because it will be preachy. It’s going to be an interesting 2012.


  28. djafan said


    Thank you so much for your kind words, they are much appreciated. I was in LA in the mosh pit and boy did my feet make me pay for it. But my heart and soul were ecstatic being so close to the voice of the Archuleta. Thank you again ((hugs))

    Heidi Joy,

    I’m glad you were there to witness and experience the last two concerts. Thank you for bringing the feelings and emotions of David and those present. To hear that at BC he was happy and smiley is evidence that he is relieved and excited about this chapter in his life.

    Tawna and Dayzee,

    Thank you so much for your explanations and insight of what this all means from your perspective. I hope that you or anyone else don’t mind the questions. I for one am very inquisitive and have been googling the net and Angelica’s brain lol on all things mission. And believe me it has helped. Watching his vlog from BC has helped enormously as have all the comments. We will all be have varying degrees of highs and lows just remember that we’re all here for one another.


  29. djafan said


    Welcome back! You my dear have been missed. I love everything you’ve said. ((hugs))

    Dayzee and Oddity,

    Thank you to for your insight! People from my church also go on missions if they get the call in there spirit. They can be any age and don’t have all the rules. They just go serve in all parts of the world and routinely blog to keeps us informed of the mission work out of the field. So this part I get. But as I was reading about LDS missionaries I see change in the rules from years ago. Many are using the blogs for updating anyone who wants to read. Not a two way conversation but updates non the less. These are usually kept up by family. I’m looking at the bright side of what is to come. I have also decided that I will fly if needed when David returns. That is huge lol.

    We’ll keep the fires burning at the home front, Hoping you all stay and keep us company 🙂


  30. djafan said

    If you could go please and leave comments here. MJ has been very supportive of David as of late. This will be one of my missions while David is gone. Keeping his name out there. (and giving some of my personal things more attention lol)

    David’s birthday is tomorrow! We will be attempting to trend #Happy21stDavidArchie. It trended worldwide and in many countries where it’s already the 28th. Even here! So please join in!


  31. Heidijoy said

    Dakgal, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Glad you are back. Like you I believe David has been planning this for awhile while seeking spiritual guidance,going to the mountains etc. Someone said the hacking incident was August and many of us wanted to be in denial. It has been hanging over our heads from Day One.

    Suzy, thanks for adding your knowledge of missions and David’s calling.
    Those who will have him are very lucky and blessed.

    Bebe, I’m glad the recap was helpful. Yes a thrill for an “old lady” to be recognized. ha! Us GA’s were feeling like school girls for a minute.

    Djfan, Yes it did help to know how happy David is. (He also admitted to some that this has been pretty emotional for him too)

    Oddity, Nice meeting you too!! Yes more time would have been nice. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

    To top everything off: I just got a card from David, thanking me for coming to his last two shows and for the letter I wrote. It was addressed Heidijoy. ha!

    I’ll share with you, like I did him how I picked my name. I thought of myself as a budding author as a young person and picked Heidi for my pen name.
    When it came time to change my fan site, name Heidi was taken so I had to add something. I thought what word reminds me of David and came up with JOY.
    Thus Heidijoy was born.

    David also said May you have a wonderful holiday season!! This is my wish for all of you as well.


  32. djafan said

    Wait buzzzzz! In the US!

    Leave a comment if you’d like.


  33. Heidijoy said

    Abrra, Thanks for your comments and the PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes I think David felt the love not only of us but those back home. Vilar Performing Arts Center will never be the same (until David comes back)
    Can you imagine being just a regular concert goer because you have a membership and have hundreds of determined David fans come and dance, sing,shake maracas and give a standing ovation every song!!! I can just imagine what some of them thought and I didn’t care. ha! ha!


  34. Angelica said


    Thank you so much for the great recaps from the final two shows of the tour. What a wonderful experience to be there and be able to show him the love from all of us.

    So many good comments from all of you and Dakgal,

    “David took up permanent residency in my heart four years ago and that’s exactly where he is staying, so with the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise—I will be here when he returns! No one is getting my chair or brown dress in chat…” Photobucket

    In fact, how bout a big ole Photobucket for the lot of you.


    Loving the buzzzzzzzz!!!!!


    I may have to procure a wand of mine own. Hijoles.


  35. dakgal said

    Bebe—Dja—Heidijoy and Angelica –Thank you for your kind words and welcome home—and the warm hugs—I love hugs—and to one very special lady ( you know who you are) who allowed me to interrupt their busy day to boo-hoo on their shoulder when I needed it most!

    Dang—just when I felt like Red Adair and thought I had that gusher capped, you guys come along and it sprung a leak, that’s OK tho –I can handle leaks. We do have a problem tho—one gusher capped –another opens—like my mouth—now that I feel like talking you probably won’t be able to shut me up!! 😉

    I wouldn’t begrudge David this opportunity for anything—as most of us (say 75% ) are older ( somewhere around 39)—we have been there done that with ourselves and our children — there is a time for everyone when it is healthy to move on—whether it is college—going into the military—getting married or just moving to another city or a mission—a time to have the opportunity to discover things for ourselves—be ourselves without anybody’s input or influence. I think David needs this and is ready for it.

    Carry on—I intend to!

    PS—I shall stop reading comments and writers on some of those sites ( especially one )—goes to show you the difference between a pea sized hearts and a big one –who appointed them to be the world’s know it all anyhow! Grrrrrrr!!!!!


  36. skydancer1x said

    Abrra “How about some PIC SPAM? This thread needs some David!”
    gee whiz, those pictures! (How did he evah get those pants on?)
    Dak,♥ {{hugs}}

    Love all you guys♥.


  37. Heidijoy~enjoyed your recap of both venues so much! Those last two shows were special in their own way. The feeling that you described while David was making his announcement LIVE were shared by me while listening to the stream. I honestly did not believe any rumors I had heard…always believed that his music was his mission & hoped it would always be enough fulfillment for him. I want to add to my comment below~which I brought over from FOD (taking a shortcut) that I am so thrilled for David. I keep reminding myself that to be a TRUE fan, I should be happy when he’s happy so that’s the way I will get through each day for the next two years.

    Brought over from FOD >>> I haven’t posted any feelings here because I haven’t sorted them
    out yet. The one thought that I want to share is that I am so grateful to David
    for the past 4 years. I never dreamed I could ever “love” someone so much that I
    really don’t “know”. Edith said it best..”for the person that he is”~if I had to
    narrow it down to just one would have to be just that~but we all know
    David is more complex than he first appeared~at least that’s the way I perceive
    him. There are layers to him that go very deep for such a young man. Watching
    him grow & come into his own has been such a pleasure for me…even the worries
    I wouldn’t take back & not gonna’ lie..I’ve had my share along the way. Pain is
    what I’m feeling right now along with SO MANY other feelings that have taken me
    over since his announcement. However, a song keeps coming into my head
    lately of my faves from Garth Brooks.. “I could have missed the pain but
    I’d have had to miss the dance” <—- wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thank you David Archuleta for some of the best 4 years of my life. I can say with great certainty that I am one of your fans who will be here counting down the days until you return & sing to us once again in that golden VOICE that has brought so much happiness into our lives. ♥


  38. sorry..looks like the formatting disappeared in the transferring from site to site….looks strange but hope you guys can make out my thoughts & thanks for sharing yours!


  39. Heidijoy said

    Thanks Ncgirlmarylee. I’m definitely going to look up that song by Garth Brooks.
    Yes in the recap, I said kicked in the gut, but that night I also said I felt like I had been hit by a truck. There definitely were a mix of emotions. The LDS lady next to me was shocked but kept saying “Bless His Soul” She also shared that her son was on a mission in Spain and loved it so much, he wanted to go back there when he is done.

    I could have missed the pain but then I would have missed the dance-Profound!
    Like you, I’m adjusting. I just listened to “This Christmas” from both shows and the man does have his groove on. Just a few hours until he is 21 and I still almost called him a boy again! ha!


  40. tawna21 said

    Wow!! Dakgal #23— you hit that nail right on the head!! I love your whole comment–Thank You!! {{hugs}}



  41. Heidijoy said

    Remember to trend #Happy21stDavidArchie. Sweet Dreams everyone!!

    Next up……David Archuleta’s 21 st Birthday
    Good Night!!


  42. dakgal said

    I am on twitter but don’t know how to send a tweet—isn’t that ridiculous!!!

    Maybe later on tonite I’ll look up a tutorial on Tweeting for Dummies. 🙄

    There have been drop dead pictures of David on this thread , but no videos so please indulge me and allow me to post one of my favs– the ending of a tour–one which I prefer over this years—just makes me feel good.


  43. tawna21 said

    #26–Holy smokes Abs–taking us out at the knees with the pics—-anybody up for trying to pick their favorite?…no way that I can! haha Breathtaking!!

    Suzy-Q #27– wise Bishop. And, yes —> “It’s going to be an interesting 2012.” Acutally 2012-2014. *sigh*

    Dja #28 “We will all be have varying degrees of highs and lows just remember that we’re all here for one another.” This home is where our hearts are.

    Thanks for the group hugs, Angelica…it feels good. 🙂


    ps–there’s a twibbon on twitter of a candle for David..not sure how to get it here, maybe the admins can figure it out.


  44. << Heidijoy~here's a link with lyrics. Hope it's OK for me to post it..if not I feel sure a mod will remove it. It's one of my very favorites from Garth Brooks who is now retired I believe.


  45. tawna21 said

    Maybe this will work…



  46. Angelica said


    “#26–Holy smokes Abs–taking us out at the knees with the pics—-anybody up for trying to pick their favorite?”

    3rd one from the top. I shall call it, Death by Hair.

    Thanks for the twibbon link!


  47. Angelica said

    I got a twibbon! I did! I did get a twibbon! 🙂


  48. Blisskasden said

    NcgirlMarylee, I have to take some respectful exception when you say “To be a TRUE fan, I have to be happy when he’s happy…..” I have made my feelings very clear that I am not doing the Irish Jig over David’s decision. Does that make me, or anyone else who feels bad or sad about it, less than a TRUE fan? Acceptance of a reality is not the same thing as agreement with that reality.


  49. MT said

    Heidijoy, Thanks so much for recapping your experience for us. What bittersweet memories. But you were fortunate to be able to attend. And for him to recognize you! Wow!

    And thanks to everyone for the questions and answers. I had those same questions, just never asked them. lol

    Abrra, Those pics! Feel free to pic spam any time your little ole heart desires. 🙂


  50. tawna21 said

    Angelica, I found myself hovering over that same photo, also. I would like to just touch his hair just once—just touch, not muss it at all, just touch *sigh*

    bliss #48 “Acceptance of a reality is not the same thing as agreement with that reality.” I like that. That is so true of so many things in life. Kind of the same as loving a person, but not liking something they do (that was a common statement in my growing up years).



  51. Abrra said

    NEW POST ——————————————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  52. Joyluck said

    Thanks to everyone for your insightful comments. I was talking to a couple of my David friends today and we were thinking about ways to stay in touch with one another– not just the 5 of us core friends, but all David’s fans. How about a David convention we thought? Wouldn’t that be fun– about a year into his mission, we can organize and gather in a central place and talk about all things David, play his music, videos, whatever! If we’re lucky, we might even be able to get Jeff to attend! lol.What do you all think? Just trying to think of ways we can support one another and keep his name out there.


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