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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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What Just Happened? His Kind of Courage

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, December 20, 2011

“I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.” That was my last comment on this site a week ago following my trip to New York. I was privileged to attend three of David’s My Kind of Christmas concerts there. What happened on that stage and the shows preceding, you have all witnessed. A new confidence in his demeanor, a new intensity in his emotional connection to the songs. The clarity and brilliance of his voice was as flawless as a peerless diamond.

I didn’t attend any VIPs this time.  I thought I would leave those spots for others who had never met him. But on leaving the Irving venue he greeted me and extended his hand in a warm handshake and held my gaze for a while as I told him, “That was an amazing performance.” He continued to shake my hand firmly while he replied, “Thank you so very much.” I could tell by the sincerity in his voice and expression that he really meant it. I watched him make his way to the bus, stopping to sign autographs and take pics with teary-eyed children who had waited over an hour in the cold and almost given up hope that he would come out. He got on the bus and a guy who was standing nearby the venue watching all the commotion yelled out, “Who the f*** are you?!”  I turned to him calmly smiling and said, I think almost reverently, “That, is David Archuleta.” This loud, apparently inebriated young man looked at me for a second and quietly walked away. The bus with David soon drove away too. I have thought of that moment and how we watched him go, knowing we had not seen the last of him. Nor would that stranger on a sidewalk in New York see or hear the last of one David Archuleta.

Last night at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City, David announced he is going to serve a full two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, of which I too am a member. I know from the above video and the young man I have come to know in part these past four years that he did not make this decision lightly. As proud of him as I’ve always been, I was never so proud of him in my life as I am right now. The courage it took to make this choice, to walk away from a  life-long dream he once thought he had lost forever is, I don’t know…I will never know that kind of courage.

There are people who come into our lives for a reason and stay forever. No tour bus, not even time can long separate what God has joined. I have long believed that in my life I was destined somehow, with all of you, to love and support this very special young man.  I made a promise to him on a bookmark I made and gave him 3 years ago.  It said,  “My gift to you is my undying loyalty, love, respect, and support for as long as I live.  I will always Stand By You.”  That is what I intend to do, with this site, with my fellow admins, with whoever is willing to do the same. We will be right here waiting, till that bus comes into view again.

270 Responses to “What Just Happened? His Kind of Courage”

  1. I had a bad dream and just came into the kitchen to see about last night’s concert. I believe that it will be more difficult for him than it will be for us over the next few months.

    When we attended the last concert that we would see (Stroudsburg), SF said to me that she deeply felt that this would be the last that we would see.

    Not really a good announcement just before Christmas but then those are the ways of life as we have come to know it. This would have been appropriate at a press conference following the tour as more commonly done.

    Everything will unfold and will have a great impact on David over the next while.

    To all of my friends, you are the greatest and will remain in my presence as long as you wish.

    For those going to the last concert tomorrow night, we are thinking about you.



  2. FG said

    Beautifully said Angelica. I am so very proud of him but I am at a total loss of my senses and composure right now.


  3. Angelica, as FG wrote, beautifully stated.

    We will be here…



  4. Abrra said

    Bringing over videos that Bebe posted in the previous thread.

    Videos are up

    Oh Holy Night – Salt Lake City

    Fa la la la la la

    The First Noel

    credit pattycake04


  5. Abrra said

    Beautiful article Angelica. We will wait.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    The Salt Lake Tribune

    Wait lyrics

    I can’t sleep, I’m feeling wide awake
    Tonight is taking it’s time
    How much more before the morning breaks
    And I can leave it all behind
    ‘Cause every time I try to close my eyes
    I only end up seeing memories of you
    And it’s never enough, I’m waiting

    Even though you’re gone I can hear your heart
    It’s calling out my name like a flash in the dark
    If this is just a dream
    I won’t give it back
    I’ll find a way to make it last
    One more minute, wait, wait, wait, don’t go
    Just one more minute, wait, wait, wait, don’t go

    I am keeping every word you say
    But how much longer can I hold on
    Cause whispers echoing until they fade
    Remind me that you’re already gone
    ‘Cause every time I try to chase your voice
    I end up getting lost and running in circles
    And it’s never enough, I’m waiting

    Even though you’re gone I can hear your heart
    It’s calling out my name like a flash in the dark
    If this is just a dream
    I won’t give it back
    I’ll find a way to make it last
    One more minute wait, wait, wait, don’t go
    Just one more minute, wait, wait, wait, don’t go
    Wait, wait, wait, don’t go
    Just one more minute, wait, wait, wait, don’t go
    Oooh yeah, don’t go

    Even though you’re gone I can hear your heart
    It’s calling out my name like a flash in the dark
    If this is just a dream
    I won’t give it back
    I’ll find a way to make it last
    One more minute, wait, wait, wait, don’t go
    Just one more minute, wait, wait, wait, don’t go



  6. You are all great friends and even though we don’t sing all that well…we will be here!!



  7. archiesfan4life said

    Angelica, what you wrote is so beautiful – count me in as one who will wait.

    SB – yes, we have all become great friends and we will be here!


  8. Angelica, This is beautiful, thank you. You have expressed what I’m feeling, but can’t quite get into words. Heck, I can barely form sentences at the moment, but I will get better. This is about what is best for David, and I respect him so much for his convictions. Also, I am very proud of the way he handled the announcement last night, very special man we have been chosen to support. Love, love love him always. emily


  9. 18 other fan sites on the sidebar along with so many charities that he has represented, but we will see what his mission is all about sometime.



  10. Madeline Alvarez said

    Angelica….like your name an “Angel”. Thank you so much for your kind words… I crying right now “yes”. I will miss David, but I know that when he returns to us it will be bigger and better. May the Lord Bless and Keep him safe. Thank you again.


  11. loulou said

    I for one am really going to miss David and his tweets and music ! He has kept me going the last 4 years.I will miss him so much and i am crying trying to write this.I wish him all the happines and safety ! It is not easy being on a mission and being as famous as he is it is scary. Hopefully i will still be here when he gets back ! I will miss him very very much.God bless him and i will be here waiting for him when he gets back !!!


  12. PandasMama said

    Angelica, Thank you for your wonderful words here. They truly help.

    Last night was such a surreal night. I rarely get a chance to watch a livestream of David’s concerts. Something always comes up. This was a rare occassion when everyone else, including hubby, went to bed early, so I had time all to myself. To top it off, my internet didn’t crash, not even when a thunderstorm came through. How very fitting now that I think back; the skies were rumbling and crying here in Austin during Silent Night. A foreshadowing of things to come.

    My inital feelings as I listened to David say those words were “NO, NO, NO. I can’t make it through a day without him.” How extremely selfish could I be. It has taken me a few hours to completely come to my senses about this.

    David has more courage in his pinkie finger than I have ever had in my entire 54 yr old body. I would not be able to make this decision he has made. I profess that I am a Christian, but I pale in comparison when it comes to putting myself out there for the world to see my faith. I am going to take this extraordinary example this incredible young man has shown us and try to follow it. If I could even make one one-millionth of a percent of the impact on this world that this young man has made and will make, I will count my life a success.

    SB, you mentioned the 18 fan sites on the sidebar, I count myself priviledged to be included there. Little did I know when I wrote my latest post about David and mentioned twelve things he has taught me this year, the greatest teaching was yet to come. I plan to keep my blog up, as I also WAIT for the day this Man whose Voice and Heart are gifts from God, returns to us mere mortals. David never intended to become an Idol when he appeared on our TVs. He merely followed the promptings of the Only One who should actually be our Idol, the Lord.

    Thank you David for being you.


  13. gladys said

    I cried all night and thought all night. I decided to leave my selfishness aside, and I think david.
    I always said I would respect all decisions and I will.
    I still feel much pain, but thanks to David, I have met wonderful people and most importantly, David has changed my life in many ways.
    The balance is in favor of David and my heart too.
    Girls of THE VOICE, will be here with you and wait for the return of david.
    I have two years to polish my English, to go to a gym and fitness (remember my frustrated attempts to get on stage?).
    I have two years to finish my thesis.
    David, I love you and I will be here.


  14. PandasMama…did he say that he would return to singing after the 2 years? I just need to have the facts real right now.



  15. Marlie7 said

    Angelica – beautiful writing and sentiments. It is hard to say good-bye to David. We will all miss him so much. But like The Voice, TDC will remain open and perhaps we’ll have some time to really clean up the archive and be ready for David’s return. David’s courage last night was awe-inspiring. I look at that face (That face!) and know we’ll all be missing a little piece of our hearts for a while. Thank God for years of videos that will sustain us while we stand vigil.


  16. goodkarmaseeker said

    I awoke early this morning with so much excitement to watch videos of last night’s performance, anticipating them to be so special.
    Now I am weeping as I write this, needing to connect to our community and this feeling of loss. I admire David so much for following his
    path with so very much courage. How much courage would it take to leave these adoring fans and go off with no assurance of what is ahead?
    But of course, none of us are surprised, as we always knew the substance of this very young man and that is the biggest part of why we love him.
    He will be fine as he has a true connection to his SOUL. It is us that wonder what we’ll do while we wait. Now we know why Wait is such a meaningful song and why it was chosen for now.

    For now, in this moment I feel such grief and wonder how I’ll make it without the support and beauty that I’ve found in David’s music and
    beautiful face and demeanor. What will happen to the support from this great gathering of people who have come together finding the same thing? Guess we have to trust and believe and the answer will come.


  17. marlie7 said

    Ugh! I posted under a client name that I was logged in as – Can anyone here fix that for me? See the Allison Carmen post. Sorry!
    admin edit: name fixed


  18. nanaweize said

    I am in tears this morning as I read your words Angelica. I was there last night and I was up till 3am diagesting what just happened. You will never know the spirit that I felt last night as I witnessed Davids special annoucement. I have to say that the spirit was with David the whole evening. He had a magic about him and he seemed so excited throughout the show.
    I have always felt that David has been a miracle in my life. Last night I saw another miracle…David James Archuleta was so touched by the spirit and he touched my heart as he followed his heart!


  19. Marlie7, I am just pleased that we saw so many familiar faces during the tour especially Verona where we enjoyed the performance of a lifetime. For those of us not young, two years seems harder because of all the perils of living that get in the way as we know.

    I believe that there will be more news and explanation (positive) to follow hopefully before Christmas …



  20. Dayzee said

    Thank you Angelica for your beautiful words that express what many of us are feeling. This is Fearless David. We have seen this persona many times, but never before with such an impact on his fans. I think he has always felt he should go on a mission. If this is not the right time, then when? It is his decision and he is the one living his life. How many times has he asked the fans for their thoughts or requests, but in the end he listened to many but made up his own mind.

    The entire concert last night was an ocean of emotion. There was so much love in that hall. The music was extraordinary even for David. I have seen David’s tears many times, but they were never tears of grief. These are tears that come when he feels he is in the right place, doing the right thing.

    I saw Lupe after the concert. She was glowing with pride and happiness for her son. If she can face being separated from him for the length of his mission, I guess I will just have to suck it up.

    I love this place. The fans here are always supportive of David’s decisions. We trust him to make his own conclusions and follow his own path.


  21. bluesky said

    Hey loves! I want to bring my comments over from last night and one from SJ as well. Thanks so much for having this place to share with one another.

    A couple of days ago I wrote my response to seeing DA in Cedar City, UT. I wrote:
    Passion – thy name is David Archuleta

    Tonight I was there in Abravanel Hall, I need to amend my former statement:
    Courage – thy name is David Archuleta

    Sometimes the only way to keep something you treasure is to be willing to give it away.

    I think DA was touched by the absolutely amazing and spontaneous support and love he felt from the people there in Abravanel Hall tonight. It was instant and unconditional. It was amazing to be there. I cannot fully describe how it felt. Whatever response he may have thought he would get, I think the one he got was greater than he could have imagined.

    It is one of those things that happens when you least expect it and if you had time to think about it, you might plan the “right” way to respond. But the people in the audience had no such preparation. DA knew this… so the “reply” he got to his announcement was all the more priceless.

    I cried. So many of us did. And one hardly knew if it was for happiness or not. Just that it was extraordinary to the point of: “You have never held back, DA. We do not know all your private reasons why you are doing this and we do not need to. Your need to do it speaks so loudly, sincerely, calmly and deeply that we follow your inimitable talent for choosing – as we have followed before on much shorter journeys. Thinking each time that we were showing faith. Choosing short bridges rather than detours. Allowing for your growth (as we thought). And now, find ourselves following again. Applauding even as we cry that this bridge is not what we had expected or prepared ourselves for”.


    (Can’t really say when the last time was that one of my kids did something I was prepared for. ((*_*)) )

    And thanks for this, SJ!
    From SJ:

    I don’t comment here often but read nearly everyday – Have really appreciated the comments tonight and how respectful they’ve been on this subject, even if you may not understand or feel happy about it. I am a member of his church, but still thought I would be sad if he decided to go – I was so surprised at how I felt when I watched that video of his announcement, the peaceful feeling that just washed over me and I knew that it is something that is right for David right now –

    After the initial surge of celebrity died down after Crush and he seemed to be having a harder time breaking out of the teen idol image and getting played on the radio and his second album not being supported by his label I thought it would probably be good for him to leave for 2 years and come back more grown up – but seeing the way things have unfolded I really feel like he’s leaving at the right time. This mission is part of his foundation, I don’t think he was just talking about a musical foundation I think he meant his life’s foundation as well and for him he’s now decided that this mission is part of that. He will come back stronger and maybe the industry will be more accepting of him as a serious artist and not “that kid from idol”. (maybe “good” music will be more appreciated by then too).

    Happy to hear that you will be here. We may get updates from family if they choose to share, part of me feels they just may do that a little. Maybe his Abuelita through fanscene. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I am surprised at how excited I feel for him.


  22. bluesky said

    And Angelica….

    So very glad to hear from you.. and I hope hearing from you and your lovely ‘voice’ means that things are improving for you and your family.


  23. betsy said

    These things I know:
    I love David, always will.
    I am so proud of his courage, his heart.
    I will wait for him and go nowhere.
    He was sent into our lives for a reason. We are lucky.
    When David cries, I cry.
    He is noble.
    Safe travels, David. You are so loved.
    He never was one to just talk the talk.
    Go change the world.
    Go disturb the Universe. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  24. It was only when my daughter emailed me cartoons to make me laugh right now…that I lost it!



  25. Blueberry Ice said

    Angelica; Thank you for your beautiful promise to David and the commitment to keep this site going … so vital for all of us, more so now than ever.

    I could not sleep well so please forgive my rambling but felt the need to unload my thoughts.

    No matter what religion, when one is moved by the Spirit of God, it is something very special and powerful to witness. David, I cried with you and felt your heart and genuine conviction to make this life changing decision. I am overwhelmed with love, respect, and gratituide … for you have shared so much with us. In my recent letter to David, I told him that we will support him unconditionally and respect his decision to follow what is in his heart. I am thankful to have let him know this. I don’t believe I’ll ever follow a person as extraordinary, unique, and inspiring as David, who has touched and become such an integral part of my life. He is truly special and my heart will always have a place for him. So, even more so now, we need to stay together, keep supporting him, keep communication ongoing and show that our loyalty will withstand the test of time. As difficult as it may be to not hear from him, we can still celebrate, laugh, share and reminisce together all that is wonderful about David. Despite my attempts to be brave, I am struggling with a roller coaster of emotions but refuse to give into despair and gloom. David really wants this mission and I will do my best to be happy for him. With all of you, I know somehow that I’m gonna get through this.


  26. archiesfan4life said

    So many blessing have come into my life since I began this journey four years ago with all of you and it has taken me all day to try to make sense of all the emotions I am feeling since last night. Being part of this fan community is helping – yet another blessing. Thanks for being here – especially today.


  27. PaulaFOD said

    I never asked to become an Archie. It’s not that I didn’t go willingly. It’s just that following any celebrity has never been a goal…never been on my list of things I’d like to do, never been one of my wishes or dreams. Then there was David: cute guy, great voice, big heart. There are many people out there that are beautiful, many people can sing…but it was David’s heart that made him a joy to follow, that made me love him, that introduced me to so many amazing people who loved him, too.

    I would not be honest if I did not confess that I am a bit heartbroken, not only for myself, but for all of us who have become family through the young man that brought us together. I’ll miss David until he returns from the mission field. I worry that we, as fans, will grow apart. But I have always believed that the Lord had his hand on David and that He brought us as fans together for a mission of our own. We have made a difference in the lives of people through amazing charities and the way we support each other. I believe that I was led here. I know that I was led here. Just because I can’t see what will happen next is no reason to begin to doubt now. This is an amazing journey.

    Thank you Angelica for your beautiful words.


  28. tessielynn said

    I am very excited for Daivd. Having served a mission myself I have an idea of what he is about to experience. The growth and learning is indescribable. It changes you in deep and profound ways. For his own personal growth and for the those whos lives he will touch while serving his mission I will happly listen to what he has already given us and look forward to supporting him when he gets back.


  29. david, go your way, we will follow your heart.


  30. angelofdja said

    I’m having a hard time…
    Thank you Angelica. Thank you also to every person who has commented.


  31. I keep trying to express how I felt when I heard David make his emotional announcement ~not able yet ~maybe never. The word “courage” took on a whole new meaning for me as I watched him share his news with us. I will do my very best to do what a true fan does & that is to support him in every single way I can. I will miss him terribly..his music, his spirit, his SMILE & oh those sweet rambling vlogs that we all look forward to. I noticed what others did during the Stroudsburg concert & VIP. He was completely relaxed & content & now I know why. God bless you David & I will never be able to thank you enough for all you’ve done for us over the years. You have truly spoiled us as a fanbase & we’ll never be the same. Please promise to return to your music~we have come to require it in our lives for many different personal reasons. You have been a guiding light in my life~God be with you on your mission & please always remember you are loved ♥


  32. djafan said

    Thank you Angelica. I’m having a hard time as are so many others. Your words helped this morning. I’m floored by the news but also uplifted by the courage and character of this young man David Archuleta. I’ll have to deal with this, not exactly sure how but will take it one day at a time and I’m so glad to see many here who plan to wait it out.

    I have added a lit candle on the top right sidebar lighting David’s way back to us.


  33. betsy said

    A well written, accurate article.
    They call him a class act. ♥

    David Archuleta to step away from music for mission work
    Posted by Mark Franklin on Dec 20, 2011 in David Archuleta t

    We won’t be hearing new music from David Archuleta over the next two years.

    But it’s for a good reason.

    Last night, during a hometown concert in Salt Lake, Utah, on his “My Kind of Christmas” tour, David announced that he’s going on a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

    David broke down in tears as fans roared their approval at the news during the next-to-last show on his “My Kind of Christmas Tour.”

    When he regained his composure, David explained his decision.

    “It’s not because someone told me I’m supposed to do it. It’s not because I no longer want to do music anymore. But it’s because it’s the feeling that (this) is what I need to do next in my life.

    “It’s just the same feeling that I’ve always tried to follow in my life. It’s the feeling that’s allowed me to have the opportunities I’ve had, the challenges I’ve had to overcome and the blessings too. And I’ve learned to trust that feeling. And I’ve learned that I need to answer when it calls.”

    David was still wiping his tears from his eyes as he launched into a pitch-perfect rendition of “O Holy Night.”

    On David’s website, fans are proclaiming their support for the decision and for the music David’s given us since making the finals on Idol back in Season Seven. That includes two solo albums, a Christmas album, plus an guest appearance on CD/DVD with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    Writes Jenilee: “We are so blessed to have someone like you David … INCREDIBLY blessed.”

    Video of the announcement and the “O Holy Night” performance appear below.

    Wow, after watching, all one can say is: Best of luck, David. You’ve been a class act since we met you on Idol.


  34. Djafan, I have a candle in my kitchen window just like that one and I will leave it there for however long it takes.

    May the days that unfold be better than this…I can’t imagine what today is like for him as well.



  35. TXretired said

    Perfect title and perfect words, Angelica. “I will always stand by you. That is what I intend to do with this site…….” THANK YOU! We fans are a special family, bound together with our love for David. Today we can’t help wonder when we will be in his presence again and get to see one another. We will need The Voice and other sites. There’s so much I want to express but can’t quite find the right words. From the moment I walked into Abravanel Hall yesterday for the VIP, seeing so many familiar faces and then meeting Sunny, it was special. When David sang “I am a Child of God’ in the VIP, there was such a reverence, a beautiful spirit in the room. To witness last night’s concert from just a few seats left of center stage in row 2 will forever remain a glorious, emotional night in my life. I think David was overwhelmed with the standing ovation after “Silent Night” and then tried to talk of his fond memory of caroling with his siblings……little did we know what he would tell us later. The love in the Hall for David was powerful, even from the 1st moment he walked on stage, but especially when he announced his misison. To be there was to be blessed! As happy and extremely proud of David we are, it is only normal to break down into tears….. it will be hard for us, but our journey together can contnue with the great efforts by everyone at The Voice. We will always be here for you, David!


  36. Amira said

    I have not comment in so long but right know i feel like I lost my child. I know it is crazy but I can stop crying. In my heart I have nothing but love for this amazing young man. I thank the lord that brought him into my life for all these 4years. For all the concerts that I was able to attend.David , just know that I’ll be here waiting your return if you choose to be back into the music industry otherwise I just want you to be happy wherever you go. Thank you


  37. nanaweize said

    So many heartfelt comments today. We need to do as David says in his song…”one foot in front of the other” and just “wait”.

    Dayzee…it was so fun meeting you and having lunch at the Typhoon with you, Jan, Leah and Carol…I did see you across the room last night…you sure had center stage seats. So glad I was able to be there last night!


  38. It seems that in this journey with David we have had many occasions of concern and worry with hints of things to come or not to happen at all.

    To have included the many fans who have worked closely with David who were not there, I would like to have seen them able to watch this announcement as a prepared press release. It has never been just about religion until last evening and so we heard by way of a video.



  39. bluesky said

    Um… I know we are totally immersed in the news that DA announced. At the same time I just have to say this about one of his songs last night.

    David Burger in his article in the SLTribune says that HYAMLC was, in his words “somnambulant”. He is welcome to his opinion. I mean REALLY welcome to his opinion. Cause I thought that was the best one ever and I really wish I had a recording of it (without the spontaneous audience cheers if it were possible).
    There was his great pianist on a grand piano (I really loved Marks interpretation of the piece) and an upright bass instead of the guitar … and the whole thing was so bluesy and mellow and warm and funky… and I could just decorate about a million and one trees to that song and never get tired. HTAMLC has not been my favorite on the CFTH cd. But this rendition was (in my own opinion, Mr. Burger) superb, icing on a very Christmassy cake, snuggle in comfort and warm yourself by the fire intimate, and…. classy.

    Just had to, Mr Burger. You must have been sitting in the parking lot during that one. ^_^


  40. bluesky said

    #38 SB

    I appreciate you so much. I wish you could have been there with me last night. I could have hugged and cried on your shoulder.

    I can’t guess why he chose to do it the way he did. I do hope that from the response he got from the crowd, he was able to feel all the fans collective support, even as they have expressed it here. That support is so amazing and comes from so many hearts around the world regardless of any differences of belief. I hope since I was there, that my voice and love in some way communicated yours as well.

    I love your voice.


  41. ODDity said

    I don’t say much lately but I’m always here and will continue to be here. I feel so blessed to have been at Abravanel Hall last night to witness David’s announcement and to have felt the incredible outpouring of love and support for this amazing young man. Everyone’s spirits were intimately connected in that moment.

    A poster on a local news site wrote that David’s courage is of pioneer proportions and I agree. I have never been prouder of him than I am now. A class act indeed!

    I am grateful to those of you who have posted today. Your words are both inspiring and comforting, and we all seem to need comforting now. We’re going to be okay. David would want us to be okay.

    But, oh, how I will miss him!

    *Big warm group hug.*


  42. Blisskasden said

    First of all, welcome back Angelica. I hope that the crisis in your personal life has passed and your family member is doing well.

    For some reason, I was under the impression that the “threat” of David leaving on a Mission had passed, and it was onward and upward in his career as the best singer and live performer in the world. I was never one to get too emotionally invested in the business end of David’s career since there was nothing I could do about it, and what did I know about management in the music business anyway. David’s sudden and gut wrenching announcement, following yet another epic performance, hit me smack dab in my heart and my soul. It’s possible that David needs a break from the insanity of the music business in general, and who could blame him, but I’d be lying if I said I am the slightest bit happy about this turn of events.

    David has touched, soothed, healed and been a constant sourse of comfort and joy to thousands upon thousands of people for almost 4 years. If that, in and of itself, is not a “mission” I don’t know what is. That sound you hear is the sound of hearts being broken in all corners of the world, mine included. Is anyone else as “unthrilled” as I am?


  43. Ram said

    Bliss- I guess I still don’t understand. Maybe in time.


  44. Bebereader said

    Angelica, Thanks for your words of comfort. It’s been a difficult day with the news settling in but we’re all muddling through. What a blessing that we all have each other. The comments pouring out here are really uplifting.

    Some more videos from last night by jtmlm1234

    “Fa la la la laz’

    “Sleigh Ride”

    “I Need A Silent Nidht”

    “This Christmas”


  45. djafan said

    Oh I’m unthrilled Bliss. Intellectually I understand, I’ve read about missions and all. I’m a person of faith so I understand the calling, not that I’ve ever been called. Let me take that back I feel it a calling to support and promote David I still don’t understand why. But maybe this is it. I don’t see David as leaving some place but as going some where, if that makes sense. David became so emotional with this news makes believe that he’s going to miss us, his family, his music. We know David fasts and prays, and will also know this has been somewhat of a struggle for him, though I thought the decision was the reverse and now we know that wasn’t the case. David is a man of messages and Wait is a big one. I have no choice but to wait for David.


  46. Bebereader said

    I was in the store yesterday and heard a familiar voice. It was David, singing “Melodies of Christmas”. I was back there today and heard David singing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” this time. Last week I was in a restaurant and heard David singing “Falling Stars”. More music from David in the last two weeks than in the last year. How ironic is that?

    Bliss: “David has touched, soothed, healed and been a constant sourse of comfort and joy to thousands upon
    thousands of people for almost 4 years. If that, in and of itself, is not a “mission” I don’t know what is. That sound you hear is the sound of hearts being broken in all corners of the world, mine included. Is anyone else as “unthrilled” as I am?”

    I’ve been through this in my mind ad infinitum since David’s announcement last night. I gather that he doesn’t see the healing power of his music as a mission or as enough to fulfill the requirements.

    My husband just pointed out to me that Elvis left for the army for two years when he was at the height of his career. He came right back to his career when he returned. But the difference is that Elvis was drafted; he didn’t enlist. This isn’t to prove a point; it’s just a little piece of info to juggle around.


  47. Bebereader said

    David Tweets:

    I cannot express enough of my thanks to everyone last
    night at the Salt Lake show. It was unbelievable. Thanks to everyone at…home and for everyone else for the understanding, love, and support you’ve been showing. It
    means the world to me.

    Our last show is tomorrow in Beaver Creek, Colorado! Can’t wait to see those of you who are coming to this final show!

    5 minutes ago


  48. Abrra said

    #32 Djafan

    Great minds and all that 🙂 I posted about a candle today on Snowangelz. I just got off work and went directly to a store to buy one for my window. I bought 8 extra bulbs, so that the light will never out any longer than it takes to change the bulb 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    It’s something I can do as a reminder that he will be back.


    I loved hearing your sweet voice last week over the phone at the concert in Cedar City. My thoughts on the why and where of David’s announcement was simple. The timing was perfect,as he was at the end of his last major business obligation and he was in a room filled with people who love him. He trusted that they would understand how he arrived at his decision as well as respect that it was not something he did lightly. Had he not done it before the world and GOD the way he did, there may have been room for the press to misconstrue his reasoning and purpose. He left on his terms. He showed us how gut wrenching it was to possibly disappoint his fans, but he showed courage in stating his intentions to follow his heart. The immediate approval of the people in that hall signaled to the world that he made the right decision.

    You said it for me.

    “I am grateful to those of you who have posted today. Your words are both inspiring and comforting, and we all seem to need comforting now. We’re going to be okay. David would want us to be okay.”

    Today I had many communications via text, phone and email from some of the fans who visit here. The most heartfelt ones were a feew who woke up to this news about a mission. They needed to talk, so I listened. I assured them that David was going to come back to family, friends, and fans, with a new strength and maturity. He never really embraced the “fame” aspect of his career. He just wanted to sing to anyone who wanted to listen. I am willing to bet he will return with a new vision of where he wants to take his music and will share it with us.

    The other thing I emphasized was that The Voice will remain. I asked that they not lurk, but participate and share feelings. It is a great comfort today to see so many different names posting again. It gives strength to the community we want to hold on to. David may be leaving us for awhile, but we have each other for as long as we need. Who here has not made good friends from all over the US and beyond? He brought us together. thank you, David 😉

    I don’t know what other sites have planned ( I pray that they stay open in some form)but I’d like to extend a hand in friendship to anyone who wants to come here to share. There are no “borders” when it comes to David’s fans.



  49. bluesky said

    This seems appropriate in so many ways right now:

    Jeff L. has been singing this song at some of the shows as a cover.
    It is one of my favorite all time songs. Sung by Crowded House, a group from
    Australia, I believe. Anyway – great lyrics:

    (below I am including a vid from one of their final performances)

    Don’t Dream It’s Over: (wouldn’t be too unhappy for DA to sing this)

    There is freedom within, there is freedom without
    Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
    There’s a battle ahead, many battles are lost
    But you’ll never see the end of the road
    While you’re traveling with me

    Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over
    Hey now, hey now, when the world comes in
    They come, they come to build a wall between us
    We know they won’t win

    Now I’m towing my car, there’s a hole in the roof
    My possessions are causing me suspicion but there’s no proof
    In the paper today tales of war and of waste
    But you turn right over to the T.V. page

    Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over
    Hey now, hey now, when the world comes in
    They come, they come to build a wall between us
    We know they won’t win

    Now I’m walking again to the beat of a drum
    And I’m counting the steps to the door of your heart
    Only the shadows ahead barely clearing the roof
    Get to know the feeling of liberation and relief

    Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over
    Hey now, hey now, when the world comes in
    They come, they come to build a wall between us
    We know they won’t win

    Don’t let them win
    Hey now, hey now
    Hey now
    Hey now, hey now
    Don’t let them win
    Hey now, hey now
    Don’t let them win
    Hey now, hey now


  50. bluesky said


  51. bluesky said

    (sorry for the spam…. *_*)

    “Now I’m walking again, to the beat of a drum….” LDB. DA, I did not expect this. I will cry.

    I love you for just who you are and your making the decisions you need to make.

    I won’t “let them win”.

    (okay, I am through with my rant…. ((spam)) )


  52. angelofdja said

    Interesting. While searching for sayings about courage, this came up:


  53. skydancer1x said

    so I said to myself….’self’….what are you going to do now?now that you know you must accept Davids decision, because it is what we do, as devoted fans of this most exquisite, most unique, most admirable person I have ever known, in my entire life.
    Wherever he goes, whatever he is called to do, he will permanently remain in that part of my heart that will forever belong to him. .
    I hope he truly understands, how very much he is loved and respected, I hope and pray he will one day return to the stage and share his amazing voice and beautiful soul with us again.
    Kitty will be in the window a long time, but I hope she will position herself there when the day comes, and remain steadfast, like our hearts, waiting for him to return.


  54. Blisskasden said

    I think part of David’s nature is to not fully understand the extent that people love him not just for his singing, but, as Edith said, for his “person”. At this moment I can only wish that David was living the words of “Imagine ” ….and no religion too”. David’s capacity for good in the world is far greater than the philosophy and customs of one religion. By going on this mission, David will be reaching far fewer people than he could have by continuing on his present course. To silence David’s voice, both literally and figuratively, for 2 years, is a loss to all humanity.


  55. goodkarmaseeker said

    I feel better now after having some time to process this change that’s coming. I know I have changed forever because of the light that David has shown me into his soul and also my own. I can’t go back to before. I have seen and felt all of your lights as well and that gives me so much hope.
    I feel better that I know we will all stay here and keep the candles burning.

    Thanks for all the wonderful posts of today. What an amazing group of people!!!!!


  56. Abrra said

    Reading around various sites ( not David fan sites) I see quite a bit of ignorance about what being a LDS Missionary means.

    An over view can be read here:

    If anyone would like to share what they know about this experience, please do. I was told today by an LDS friend that her sons 2 yr missions when by very fast. It’s a pleasant thought 🙂


    Wants some eggs with that SPAM? 🙂 Love you 🙂

    Thank you for that blog link. Much personal wisdom to be shared there.

    This section gave me comfort.

    “So, based on my personal experience, and the examples of hundreds of faithful God-fearing people of the past, I feel 100% confident that David Archuleta will return home from his full-time LDS mission not only a more rounded wiser young man, but also a better musician with a promising career waiting. And, if not, then God has something even better in mind. Because, with God, all things are possible (Matt.19:26 , Mark 10:27), and God never asks us to do something without a good reason (even if we don’t know what it is).

    David’s decision made my heart happy today. He has chosen to “go with God”. In an increasingly self-centric world, I am personally grateful for a young man’s example to choose a higher way of living. In my view, David Archuleta has just shown true “star power”. – MoSop”


    Happy to know you are feeling better. How is rsweet daughter? I was thinking today about the teen fans. I was worried they might take the news harder than an adult.



  57. Blisskasden said

    Being a person of faith is how David became the amazing person he is, so I guess we can’t “have our cake and eat it too”. David is only 21 years old, so 2 years does not seem like a long time for him. Why does it have to be for 2 years? Wouldn’t
    6 months make the same point?


  58. Abrra said

    This tells a bit about training before they go on their mission.

    Inside the Missionary Training Center — Arrival day for missionaries means quick goodbyes, and hello to brand new world



  59. Oh Bliss keep writing please, you just brought on some tears but your writings are helpful at this time…When something like this needed to announced just days before Christmas then it is most evicent that he does not understand the impaxt of his voice on people or he wouild have waited for the holidays to be over.



  60. Spirit said

    I’ve been too emotionally fragile today to listen to any of David’s music, and I have not read any comments. I wanted to express my thoughts on his mission decision before reading anything on the subject.
    I was tired last night and considered going to bed early, but decided to stay up and watch the u-stream broadcast of the SLC concert. I’m so glad that I did. The concert was magnificent, and I was so grateful that I was able to hear David’s decision directly from him. My initial reaction was shock, tears and a huge sense of loss. I’ve spent the day thinking about my feelings about David’s decision and this is my view. I could never express to David my gratitude for the joy he has brought into my life with his music and special spirit. I appreciate the sacrifices he has made to give us this wonderful gift. By beginning his career so early, he missed the experience of his teen years and was often separated from his family and friends. The mission is an opportunity to stay true to his faith and to just be David again. . His decision breaks my heart, but I think that it’s what he needs at this point in his life. It will be such an enriching experience for him, and I wouldn’t want him to ever regret that he didn’t follow his heart. I respect his decision and give him my full support and love. After all that he has given to others for these past four years, I think that he deserves this opportunity to live his dream. We have four beautiful albums, a wonderful memoir, untold video performances and interviews, and numerous blogs to tide us over while he’s gone. I can’t express how much I appreciate having these treasures. David is the “adopted son” for many of us, and we need to let him stretch his wings and fly as we do for our own children. As painful as it is, we have to love him enough to let him go. If he returns to music after his mission (and I hope and pray that he does), I will be here ready to support him in all that he does.


  61. Well I want to wrap Christmas presents this evening as scheduled but it was to be accompanied by David, so I know that I wouldn’t be able to do that tonight but then who else could I listen to singing “Chestnuts” or “Pat-A Pan” or “Silent Night”? So I will wrap in silence…My kids told me that I should listen to other singers and this is one reason why I guess. I will try one Christmas song by David and see what happens….



  62. Oh I forgot to mention, it is good to be proud of him today and to happy for him as well as he has given us his best for as long as he could but it is also OK to be sad and already lonely for his voice but it will all work out. Although the ‘drought’ we worked through wasn’t as long as this, it was pretty long and maybe this will go better. It has always been dramatic to be a fan of David.



  63. Angelica said


    I am “unthrilled” over this loss too. It is sad to think of the next 2 years without his cheerful vlogs and tweets, news and pics and tours to plan for and attend. I would like to offer a prayer to the Lord as Emma did for Mr. Knightly, “That we go on as we are, him stopping by at all hours, always the brightest part of our lives.” But the Lord has other plans for David and though we and even the Church seemed fine with him serving a mission with his music if that was His will, it was not. In my heart I know that just as he was prompted to try out for AI, David felt a strong compelling need to seek the will of the Lord in this matter. I am sure he has fasted and prayed and wrestled with this decision for a while. Yes, he can reach more people doing just what he’s been doing, but there are experiences he apparently must go through first. I know how strong the Spirit is with David. I have felt the warmth and peace of it radiating from him and I know that he walks with his hand firmly in God’s. He will not lead him astray and this is where my comfort springs from. I included this scripture (Doctrine and Covenants 122:7) in an online card to David once, when I felt that he was working so hard with little rest on tour: “…know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.” I continue to know that this is for DAVID’S ultimate good and that in time, the world will reap the benefits a thousandfold over because he was willing to follow the One who knows him better, loves him more and wants him to succeed beyond anything any of us can imagine.


  64. pattiNC said

    Beautifully written Angelica…but I was crying before I even read it. Just seeing the candle on the upper right hand side that I saw while page was loading, started the waterworks. I’m glad that’s there, just like I’ll be waiting for David. He should be back around the time my daughter graduates from college…two things to look forward to!


  65. archiesfan4life said

    Bliss #54 – I had this conversation with a dear LDS friend today (I met her way back on ND) and I explained that this is exactly what I am feeling – exactly. She tried to explain to me why a mission is so life-changing for these young men, but I still believe that David touched many more lives these past four years than he will serving a mission – just my humble opinion and most likely coming from all these emotions I am feeling today – or maybe not. IDK. I mean no disrespect to the LDS religion – I respect David’s decision, but if he only truly believed how much good he has already done for so many.

    She also told me how incredibly difficult it is for the parents of these missionaries to say good bye knowing it will be two years until they see their sons again. And they are only permitted to call their parents twice a year – Christmas and Mother’s Day – I think I heard that correctly. I can’t imagine how hard that will be for David knowing how close he is to his family.

    He needs our prayers and good thoughts as this will not be easy for him I am sure.


  66. Shawna said

    I love this place!!! It is a GOOD PLACE to come to:) I have to admit this day has been a sad and selfish day for me, but finally, after reading all the comments here and on twitter, the sadness has been replaced by a feeling of pure joy for the faith that David has! That he can listen to “that still small voice” and trust it! Abs, I think I am that L


  67. I am mostly a lurker, but I come here everyday. I respect David’s decision to go on a mission, just because of the kind of person he is. But part of me can’t help but feel that the timing of everything that has happened over the last several years is all wrong! Wouldn’t it have been so much better for David to finish high school, then go on a mission. After that he would be free to try out for American Idol as a 22 or 23 year old. He would then be more mature and sure of himself. I do believe that a mission is a life changing event and David will benefit from it greatly, but at what cost? It also REALLY bothers me that he does not have a high school diploma. However, that said, I do support his decision to go on a mission and I hope that he will eventually get his HS diploma and resume his music career. I am just very sad right now.
    Sorry I just can’t help it. I didn’t get to see him this tour – just wasn’t willing to drive 5 1/2 hours. But if I had known this was coming, I probably would have made the trip. Love this place!! Will the Voice still be here after 2 years? I hope so!


  68. When David visited other countries both far and near to sing before his fans, he also visited the sick, the elderly and took part in Sunday church as he knows it. When he was here he sang to the troops both here and away on July 1st and on many other occasions. He was often called upon to sing the national anthem. David has had a number of youth join his church while he was in the spotlight, as well as influence them to find a new respect for family and community, a concept that seemed to have been lost over the years. David inspired many to give willingly to charities that he was a spokesperson for and they have benefitted greatly.. David worked hard both night and day, often without enough sleep to properly sustain him for yet another day. Everywhere he travelled he gave his hand to the sick, to the children and to the elderly, giving them hope for a new day with a smile and words spoken. He visited different countries with different cultures and ways of life but was always able to communicate and be a great embassador of good will wherever he travelled. During these times he touched many hearts with the pure sound of his singing voice that healed and nutured most everyone he met in his worldly travels. He gave hope to lost souls and hope to those in need of being recognized for who they are. He never asked for much, or needed much to sustain himself along the way. David learnt how to take care of himself, take care of his family and give his love to anyone in need. He has made his way independently in this world and has showed us just how that is done.

    What will he be doing in addition to this?



  69. bluesky said

    56 Abrra:

    Since you ask… ^_^

    I served a mission for the LDS church when I was 21. (eons ago!) It was an absolutely amazing experience, one very personal to me; deep and life defining. When on a mission one has no daily worries such as: job, dating, college, bills, etc. It is like being out of the regular time and space. I only had one thought in my head from day to day and that was service to God and to my fellow man. For most missionaries that service takes the form of offering the gospel, but can often include community service and teaching english (or another language) as well.

    Since that time, I have raised a family of seven children. The last three were boys who decided to serve missions themselves. One went to S. Korea, one to the Dominican Republic and one is now in Spain. The one in Spain is the reason I call DA, DA. His name is David and he turned 21 just a couple of months ahead of our own DA here. He is my youngest. I have not seen him for almost 2 years. He comes home in April of next year. (I honestly thought I was all through with waiting for missionaries!)

    Does it go fast? It has for me. I would not give up what my sons have learned for anything. But each person has the decision whether or not to serve… each person has to make that decision for themselves.

    Parents all are different and the same: I have seen Moms cry and Dads smile – I have seen Dads cry and Moms smile – as they say good-bye for the space of a time. And I can say absolutely that the family waiting behind (and I make bold to include us in this situation) is blessed by the service freely given by their loved one.

    Blisskasden and others: I too, would have thought that what DA has done and is doing was more than sufficient. I (LDS myself) would have (and have, actually!) stood up for him not serving what we call a “full-time” mission. I can not calculate the influence for good he has had and the love and example he has shared. To me, I would have thought that he was perfect in the position he was placed in. That he was doing all that he could and more than others would be able to do.

    Evidently, after (I am sure) thorough prayer, DA got a personal message that was somewhat different.

    I yield to something I do not know. And something I do: DA is certain. I can support that and trust him.


  70. silverfox said

    I had much to ponder before I commented on David’s life-changing decision. At this point, because my heart is broken and the pain is still raw, I didn’t want to say anything which would come across as anything but understanding & supportive of David. Right now I am at a loss as to why he would choose this path when he has done and could continue to do so much more to reach the masses through music and his example.

    But I came on this journey with David when he had me at “Heaven” four years ago with my eyes wide open and soon after I knew I would be a fan for as long as I lived. That much is still true. I also knew back then that he was a young LDS member. I was not too terribly interested in his religion at that time because I was into THE VOICE. Then when I met David once, twice, & many more times, I began to “research” LDS more as I wanted to know more about why David was the way he was. I learned early on that young LDS members went on “Missions” for two years normally and the chances of David doing the same was very real. However, I felt back then as I do now, that he WAS on a Mission already. Otherwise, how do you explain bringing me and many others out of the depths of despair just with the sound of his voice or the touch of his hand? How can you explain the extreme joy he gives to untold thousands during his tour VIP’s, concerts & appearances? How can you explain how he brings delight & smiles with his tweets & vlogs? How can you explain how he has fans of every age from 3 to 90, every gender, every race and more importantly, every religion & no religion too, who adore & follow him like he is THE pied piper? How can you explain the unexplainable…the enigma that is David when he seems to go to another realm when he sings, and when he transforms on stage before our eyes to a man bigger than life, who fills the stage with his brightness, his glow everyone has recognized and is at a loss to explain, but it’s there, his glowing aura. How can David NOT ALREADY BE ON A MISSION?

    Some of us tried to take him off the high pedestal we put him on long ago, and tried to take off the invisible “halo” we put on him because it was unfair to make him more than the amazing human being he was. David is not a perfect human being. He would be the first to say so. But by golly, he is dang near close. They say going on a “Mission” is a humbling, at times lonely and not an easy thing to do. The “Missionaries” learn as much as they teach. David has been there & done all that & more. There have been fans who have converted to LDS just based on David’s example. Some have made it public & others, who I happen to admire more, have made it a personal commitment but all give credit to David for their conversion. They wanted what David had, happiness, serene peace and love for his fellow man. They joined his church based on his example. He never spoke of his religion. He didn’t have to. He didn’t even go into much detail in his book, Chords Of Strength about what it means to be a member of the LDS. He lived it every single day. How can he NOT ALREADY BE ON A MISSION? There are so many examples of why he has been on a “Mission” from his first audition on AI to today. David himself has said numerous times he felt he was on a mission and music was a tool. I believe God gave him his “Mission” when he restored his VOICE to go out to the masses with his Voice to bring happiness to those who are sad & lonely and hope to those who are in despair & in need of a helping hand. I find it hard to believe He would want David’s VOICE silenced for any length of time for any reason. God gives us our talents, whatever they may be, to use the right way. I believe David was already doing this and as sure as I will always be a fan of David’s, I am sure God was well pleased with David and the path he was on.

    I have one saving grace and that is that the older I get, the faster time flies…has it already been more than three years since I boarded this fast train? Well then, two years will go by just as fast! I know I have to accept his choice because I must. I also know it won’t be easy. But like David is committed into doing what he must, so shall I be…
    Contigo Siempre! I will always be with David & he with me if only in spirit,

    Good night all. Peace.


  71. I said

    Thanks David and DA fans!! I’m crying………


  72. MT said

    I am still thinking this through and trying to come to grips with it. Like so many of you, I really thought that what he’s been doing for the last couple of years WAS his mission. And this is just a thought, but …

    Do any of you remember the story about David cutting the neighbors grass just as a gesture of kindness, then she insisted on paying him? He went home and cried. Her payment made it just a job. That wasn’t his intention. It was meant as a gift of kindness from his heart. Getting paid changed that.

    David has done a tremendous amount of good with his music. But, maybe he doesn’t feel right that he’s gotten paid good money for making that music and writing that book. He has a profound effect on many in VIP, but they paid to be there.

    I’m not sure if I’m getting my point across the right way. But, perhaps he needs to be doing good works without any compensation of any kind. He wants it to be selfless giving from his heart without reward or recognition.

    I think a mission will also make him a much more self-reliant and independent person. It will be good for him in so many ways. He will be in service of others, but will gain much for himself along the way.

    Just so you know. I am not LDS and I am not happy he is leaving. 😦 But I can understand it.

    (Just my personal opinion of course.)

    David, I will miss your voice in song, your smiles and your laughs. They have been the high point of my day on many occasions. Thank you. ♥

    PS sorry this is so long.


  73. marlie7 said

    Bliss: I, too, am “unthrilled” by this decision. I support David, no doubt, because I know that this is something he wants very much. I suspect that David has something to prove….to himself and to God, certainly not to any of us, or even to his Church. That is something I can understand, even if I feel selfishly grief-stricken about it. It certainly hurts to think of a day with David, although he has left us plenty of beautiful performances on video and his hilarity and sincerity in the form of vlogs.

    My biggest fear his not his time away, but that when he returns that he may not want to re-enter the world of music the way he is now. Losing his voice from the public scene is my real fear. I can live with two years (gulp). But I pray that he will come back to us renewed and ready to grace the world with that beautiful voice and spirit.

    I’ve been soppy half the day, and my husband was so sweet when I came into the kitchen today, sniffling. He said, “Do you think I should start practicing my singing so I can fill that void in your heart for a while?” He’s a terrible singer, and I had to laugh at the sweet gesture, but he could tell that this was a big deal for me. I didn’t say this, but thought to myself, “No, honey, I’m sorry, but there is no substitute for David Archuleta.”


  74. KH said

    What a sweet husband, Marlie. Mine hasn’t mentioned it since this morning when I told him the news in a tweet. He may fear he’ll set off the tears, and I’m a crier, so …


  75. Blisskasden said

    David does not have to go on a mission to become a spiritual, loving person. He’s all of that and more already. One does not have to a member of the Mormon Church or any church to be a spiritual, loving person. David and I are two people who, on paper, have little in common. He’s not yet 21, I’m over 60. He’s a devout Mormon from Utah, I’m a Jew from New York. He’s rooted in humility and sincerity, I can be sarcastic and cynical. He’s the greatest singer of the past 50 years, I couldn’t carry a tune if my life depended on it, etc, etc.etc. Yet, because of the universality of David’s heart, I feel more connected to him that any other person I have ever known. I feel like we grew up together. He’s the friend I wish I had in High School.

    Who knows if David will serve his mission and pick up where he left off? Who knows what he’ll be “called” to do next? Were the past four years a life experience to be savored and remembered by him as “my time as a singer”? David did not set out to develop a large and adoring fan base, but that’s exactly what he has, and they are in a state of shock and disbelief over this


  76. KH said

    Oops, meant I told him in an email. I leave before he gets up in the a.m.


  77. Blisskasden said

    Marlie7 glad to “see” you again. Today I wish I were a member of the Mormon church so I could rejoice over David’s decision to discontinue doing what he does better than anyone else, but alas, I’m still a nice Jewish boy from the Bronx, and the sight of that overflow crowd leaping to their feet when David dropped the bomb, frankly, turned my stomach. Do they think that what David did for Jonah, Edith, those folks at the nursing home in Idaho, those lepers in India, the young girls in wheelchairs he met at VIPs,
    and the thousands, even millions of people who have been uplifted by his blazing light, were not part of a “mission”? Religion should be about sharing and love, not about recruitment. Nobody shares his love and makes it count better than David. He was doing great. Who knows if he’ll ever have the opportunity to touch so many people again?


  78. Abrra said


    I recall that story. I m bringing over a post from the last thread that demonstrates similar good deed by David. It came in an email from a poster named Annie

    Thank you for such a really touching story.

    I am going to take the liberty to post it here. Thank you for sending me this email.

    “Hi ladies~ Saturday night at the Grove I sat next to a woman and her teenage daughter. They are die hard fans like us. The mom Laurie told me she & daughter were at the Grove last year to see David. A young woman working in the dining section of the Grove was setting the tables. Laurie asked her if she got to meet David. The girl said she has never had such an experience as with David. He was watching her get the tables ready and came to her and said he is so fortunate because people are coming to hear him sing. He said he wanted to help her. He then proceeded to put a table cloth on each table. Oh, David! It seems he has been living his life as a mission all along. ”

    You have to respect this kind of humility



  79. MT said

    Abrra, I did see that on the last thread. Who does that? No one I know but David would even think of it. He has an amazingly giving spirit.

    It imagine it’s going to be difficult for David to do this last show. His farewell concert. If I could, I’d be there. It’s going to be hard on everyone.

    I haven’t been fortunate enough to even see him perform live yet. I think that’s the hardest thing of all, the thought that I may never get to.


  80. Suzy-Q said

    It’s been a while since I commented on this site too. I ask myself the same questions as many of you. Why does David have to leave us to be a missionary when he is already doing a great job in inspiring people to lives their lives so that they are closer to God. What more can he do on a mission? I really thought that he was on a mission with his music. I still think that he was but that mission is over for now and he will be sent to do something even more extraordinary. Because we don’t know what that will be it’s difficult to comprehend. David has never preached the specifics of the Mormon church. He has encouraged people to seek for things that are good and righteous but has never uttered a word of what’s deep in his heart and soul concerning his faith in God. Maybe he is so filled with the Spirit of God now that he feels he can’t hold it in any longer. On his mission he can completely open up and pour out his heart. Everyday he will be bearing his testimony to others who are seeking the gospel and just waiting for someone to come along and teach them. Everyday he can put it out there and know he has the close support and encouragement of the other missionaries in his area and their leaders. He won’t be alone. David has shown that he can be very passionate about the things he does in life. Right now he is very passionate about going on a full time mission away from home, away from family and friends, away from all the things he loves in order to serve God. He already knows the blessings he has received from God for the good things he does. He already knows that by listening and obeying God good things happen to him and are for his good so how can he not listen now. It would be like saying, “Thank you God for all that you have given me but I don’t need you anymore”. So many of us fans have turned to David for things that we should have asked of God. Maybe this is a lesson for us to not depend on man but to listen and worship our God. God will never leave us.

    It makes me happy to know that this fan site will continue to be here for us. We won’t have David but we still need each other’s friendship. We still need to communicate our feelings with each other because we understand each other and feel a close connection. David brought us together for a reason and we shouldn’t turn our backs on each other. We are the chosen ones who get David and his music. We may never find each other again.


  81. Suzy-Q said

    I would like to comment about #78, David helping with the table clothes. At church When ever we have any kind of function everybody helps set up and clean up without being asked or reminded. David was doing what he has always done. He is aware of what is needed and helps out no matter what it is.


  82. emmegirl said

    Got home tonight looking for SLC videos and got the shock of my life. I cried. I read Angelica’s article and the comments, and cried some more.

    Wherever his path leads him, my wish is for him to be happy and fulfilled. He will be missed, but not forgotten.

    So grateful to the admins for keeping the home fires burning. We will need it now more than ever.

    Ironic that I am listening to his music to soothe the pain of the thought of not having his music.

    Gob Bless, David. ♥


  83. tessielynn said

    We may not hear David sing on TV or on tour, but please do not doubt for a moment that he will be singing on his mission. It might be to a sweet family who has no idea who he is but nonetheless is changed by hearing him sing. Or a widow who has just lost a spouse. He might not be singing to you but he will be singing. Perhaps in a more meaningful way then ever before. And perhaps in many ways more meaningful and profound to him. This is a personal choice and his personal journey. I wish I could be there to walk by his side while he in a very pure way shares his love and kindness with all those he meets. I feel very happy for David. Who knows, maybe he’ll knock on your door!


  84. marlie7 said

    Right now, tonight, I can’t listen to David sing. I can’t watch his videos. It just brings up too much emotion. In a few days (or a few months), I’ll be hungry for the sound, but right now, it just hurts a bit too much.


  85. djafan said

    Thank you all for sharing your feelings, there are no right or wrong feelings they just are. I’m still not thinking with out tearing up with the anticipation of what’s to come, the unknown. But knowing you all plan to be here sure helps.

    A new interview on David’s OS. It’s helping me.


  86. angelofdja said

    Emmegirl #82, “Ironic that I am listening to his music to soothe the pain of the thought of not having his music”.
    I haven’t listened to any David music since last night on the live stream. I was trying to save myself from any more tears! Then you post David’s Man-in-the- Mirror! Perfect choice, I love that song! I just had to click on and listen. I feel better. Thanks!


  87. I’m still crying, I can not stop, it hurts the heart. I do not want to be selfish, I am fighting against that feeling. The happiness of david, david welfare and the beautiful smile of Davie is what sustains me now.
    I am very sad, I know that David has given me a lot these four years, now it’s time to give something back to david.
    try to think of patience, acceptance, resignation, or just a few words “thank you david for these wonderful 4 years”
    I have to ask for forgiveness, my thoughts are cluttered and confusing. I need time to accept this decision to david
    I feel that my dream to see him in concert is fading, I want to believe that David will return in two years, but my head does not work.
    Now we just wait and esperar.Las things happen for something, things happen to me for something. David came into my life and now he will not be for a long time.
    David, I’ll be in this place, waiting for you.
    I’m sure you will return to being a legend.


  88. Gayle122890 said

    Ever since I’ve come to know David, he’s always reminded me of these words of St. Francis of Assisi: “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.” I am not an LDS member and I hope I don’t seem disrespectful. I don’t know about everything that is involved in serving a mission. But David is already teaching the Gospel just by the way he lives his life, as an example to others. Always joyful. Showing kindness even to those who are unkind to him and so on. In his young years, he has already spread so much goodness so far and wide. I don’t know how much more he could do in a mission. David said he has learned to answer that call when he hears it. And so he must, I suppose. It’s his faith. Does he understand or even realize how much he’s already done for so many?

    I hope and pray that before he leaves, he will tell us himself that he plans to return to do music. That he plans to return to us his fans.


  89. ANGELICA – beautifully written. HUGS. Surprisingly (and to the relief of my kids!) I haven;t cried. I was in Tagaytay yesterday to attend a wedding. I left the UStream @ half-way Silent Night. So when my cel kept lighting up I knew something was up – tons of texts – messages of pride, tears… Normal reactions.

    Then I come here, and am now crying. As Marlie said, it is bittersweet. But we will all be here waiting for him. True genius, true gift cannot be denied.

    I think am also crying cos it took this David tour for some of you to somehow “bury the hatchet” 🙂 Never begrudged anyone about anything but I have always prayed that someday soon you guys will be linked like before by this wonderful, gifted, admirable young man we have all come to love and respect.

    The last show will be EPIC! For anyone attending here, please send him our love.

    Happy holidays everyone!


  90. BTW, I uploaded the UT Conversation Interview to YT

    That video #43 for the MKOC=GCT Media Blitz Collection


  91. Gayle122890 said

    My last comment is a bit contradictory to the first one I posted regarding all this. I guess I’m going through hills and valleys trying to come to grips. At times I’m Ok. At times I’m asking, “David, what have you done to me?” In the end, I’m hopeful. I’ll be here for him always.

    My local PBS has started announcing the showing of the MOTAB program. Starting this Friday at 9pm and throughout Christmas day. I’ll be watching joyfully, with a smile on my face as always. Loving him as much as ever.


  92. loulou said

    I was born and raised in Utah , but i do not belong to the morman church and i have Family that has went on missions and some that were bishops but there are some things i do not agree on with the church ! I am 69 years old and i have been around mormons all my life. Some are good people and some are are not, The church teaches to love thy neighbor and honor thy mother and father and there is so many that do not and to me that is disrespectful to god.David is special, He follows his religon and cares about everyone. I am very proud of David. But i am like alot of you for the last 4 years he has been on a mission and i will miss him terrabley, He has made my life so much better and happier every day, I will be here waiting for his return !!!! God bless you David.


  93. Abrra said

    For Djafan to add to her David Speaks collecton

    David Archuleta @ UT Conversation (aired 18 Dec 2011).mp3

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I watched the video this morning. I think David WILL come back to music when he completes his mission. How he does it may be a big change from what we have been used to. I get a feeling that the songs he will write will be deeper than anything to date. Something like Man In The Mirror.


    I really liked what you said.

    “We still need to communicate our feelings with each other because we understand each other and feel a close connection. David brought us together for a reason and we shouldn’t turn our backs on each other. We are the chosen ones who get David and his music. We may never find each other again.”

    Amen sistah!



  94. A lot can happen in two years for David and for ourselves. Several of the fan sites I am guesing will close soon after he is gone. It will take a great deal of ingenuity to keep things afloat but I know that this site will give it their best.

    I have one relief that has come to mind and that is that our religions which have been our foundations for life, will be back in balance with each other. We do not speak about our religions because we respect each other’s beliefs as we continue to live as one. There will never be one religion any better than the other as history has proven for centuries.

    Tonight will be about the last time for every song, the last time for just about everything on stage including the band. I have kept myself away from intentional heartache so I will be hearing very little about it. It is obviously between David, his family and his religion.



  95. vlm said

    Thank you Angelica! I cried reading your beautiful seems my heart has been broken into a thousand pieces. The feeling is like losing my child again.

    This news saddens me a lot – after finding David and his voice, I am again ‘lost’ – but I am so very proud of him. The new, beautiful LDS temple here in my city is probably waiting for him…

    I hope this site will remain until he returns. For the time being, I am tying that yellow ribbon on that old acacia tree behind my house…
    I am always here – just don’t comment.
    Godspeed David.


  96. Abrra said

    It is so nice to see you here . I was thinking this morning about our overseas friends. You have always supported David from a great distance. Thank you for that. It made a big difference in his career and had everything to do with his touring there. I hope you come and tell us how you are doing. Part of maintaining our vigil is to share what we are up to in David’s absence. I would love for all the readers to check in so we can share. I will confess that while I am going to miss David, the thought of fans leaving the community makes my lower lip quiver and a tear roll down my cheek. I have always been here for fans to do anything in my power to keep the connection. The connection is as strong to fans as I feel for David.

    Tonight will be historic. I will be watching twitter for updates. I doubt I could handle being there. David will give his best as he always does. He will have to do it in front of a crowd of crying fans. He can take with him the memory that fans care that much.

    Abrra I blame all errors on my iPhone


  97. archiesfan4life said

    Being able to come here and share our feelings helps so much. A thought came to me this morning – I have come to know quite a few of the members of the local LDS church and none of the ones I know follow David, buy his music (I have gifted CD’s to some of them) or attend his concerts yet I am getting messages of how thrilled they are with David’s decision to serve a mission. They were always very proud that David is LDS. I don’t know why this bothers me – I guess I am still hurting like so many others and little things like this seem like a big deal right now.

    When I think back to these past four years and the countless hours that I would spend late into the night listening to David sing, especially when my soul needed to be soothed, and now I can’t bring myself to watch any videos at all. I pray this feeling is lifted soon – I feel terrible that I feel this way.


  98. KH said

    Archiesfan, that bugs me too. But I guess a mission is something that is built up to them, and so I try to understand.

    I don’t know. Like many others, I felt drawn to him. More than that, I felt called to support him. I suppose I feel now that I need to open my heart to new guidance.

    I’ve had my college kid home lately and haven’t been alone in the house to react in any big way. This morning, I was driving alone and listened to Wait. It felt so much like a message from him to fans — and a form of consolation — that I finally cried hard. Felt cathartic.

    Hugs to everyone. Don’t want to lose this sense of fellowship with people who get him.


  99. Bydesign said

    I post rarely, but reading all of your comments and completely understanding how all of you feel, pulled me out of lurking.This roller coaster of emotions and thoughts has worn me out. Yesterday was a strange day for me. I read the announcement and I felt myself go numb. I think I do this when I get earth shattering news. I woke up this morning and that’s when the waterworks started…you have to love delayed reactions, especially at awkward times -trying to explain why sounds so ridiculous when said aloud .

    David has, unexplainably, become such an integral part of my daily life and it DOES feel like one of my grandchildren is leaving for parts unknown for two years. I still can’t listen to his music and watch any you tubes for the reason stated above. The tears would start again. I just hope I don’t hear him singing, for a little while, when I am shopping

    I have the utmost respect for David and his decision and, eventually, I will, hopefully, become accustomed to this new change. I know this is what his heart has told him he needs to do. However, I have to agree with those of you here who feel like the “mission” he was already on touched so many more lives.

    I hope I am still here if David comes back to grace the world stage with his music and his soul.If not, I will always be thankful for the small amount of time I was able to be a part of his amazing journey. I have learned so much from this young man. Perhaps, now, it’s time for me to take God’s hand directly and continue on the path David paved for all of us.


  100. FG said

    See Steve’s tweets from late last night. I feel a little better. He said there will be Facebook and Twitter updates. He said he will let David tell us more.


  101. Joyluck said

    Hello everyone,
    I do not post here regularly however am an avid fan of this website. I am happy and grateful that you will keep David’s spirit alive while he is gone by keeping this site open and up to date. I too am not able to watch or listen to any of David’s videos without breaking down. I know I will get better and in time will enjoy his music and his being once again. It will be enough to last until he returns to us in person. I only hope that David himself tells us he will be returning to do music in the same capacity as when he left. It might take him a while to build up his fan base again to where it is today however I have not doubt that David has the determination and drive to make it happen again– if he wants it bad enough. I hope he does. I will be writing to his official website (contact us) to ask for him to provide some assurances that there is at least an intent to return to his music career. Thanks for listening


  102. KH said

    Funnygirl, I don’t want to get too excited about that idea, but it is intriguing … Thanks for sharing.

    Bydesign, I have a daughter who sort of collapses at conflict/upset and then, hours or days later, will finally be able to say how she felt. LOL. I’m trying to learn (still) to let her be until she’s ready.

    I do agree that he was on a mission and that he was doing a ton of good, but I guess I feel now that he needs to do this for him. (And I don’t mean in any way that he is choosing selfishly. I think he’ll affect new hearts. I believe this is hard for him but that he feels he needs to do this for his own growth.)


  103. bluesky said


    Thanks so much for your words! I appreciate you so very much.


    Blisskasden: I wish you were my ‘nice jewish neighbor boy’.


    Dear DA:

    I am mystified at this turn of events, but comforted that you are so certain of your path. My prayer is that that God that gave you the voice and opened the way for you to share it with the world, will see fit to guide, comfort, strengthen, protect and defend you. And bring you (and the world) many more years of joyful song.

    And to all you guys here at the site:

    I don’t have any way to express how I feel about the connection between us. Though DA is the catalyst for the connection, for me, friendship has been the result. I want to thank you each for the spice, leavening, and nourishment you add to my life.


  104. bluesky said

    99 Bydesign:

    “I hope I am still here if David comes back to grace the world stage with his music and his soul.If not, I will always be thankful for the small amount of time I was able to be a part of his amazing journey. I have learned so much from this young man. Perhaps, now, it’s time for me to take God’s hand directly and continue on the path David paved for all of us.”

    Oh, you say it so very well.


  105. Tonight will be historic for certain and it will be rather strange for something so grand that he is going to be doing because there will ne tears of loss of a voice so beautiful.

    I will actually be glad when it is over and the missions of young fellows is completed. It seems to be a difficult time for David as well and a time of confusion, as the tears be sheds will continue.

    Last week when I shook hands with the two fellows working at clearing tables, they drew attention because they did not ever have a smile break out and they seemed to be actually quite unhappy with an emotionless look on their young faces. One fellow had been nearby for 18 months. I shook their hands and asked them where they had come from and they said Utah and California. I asked them how their time was going and they said simply that people have their own religions. We know that this response is common. I was cheerful and wished them well but nothing more was said.

    I would not want anything to ever change the smile on David’s face but this is the chance for him to get the
    answers he needs.



  106. Corr….and the talk of missions of young fellows is completed…


  107. ray said

    haveing a hard time copeing with this ,but still here,need new tear ducts these ones wore out lol ,love to all ray


  108. JEB said

    Thank you to those who run this site. It is a great place to read all the latest David news and commentary. Today I am feeling that one part of why David is going on this mission is because for most of his young life he has been on a different path than most young people with Star search, Idol, touring etc. Within his family and his community he has always been on a different path perhaps not always of his choosing. This decision although I’m sure was made for the right reasons, allows him to choose the normal path for people of his faith. There is great satisfaction in choosing something that all in your inner circle might not agree with but that you know you have to do. Good luck David – take care of your self while you are gone!


  109. Lynne Manning said

    I haven’t commented here for a while, but I just want to add my two cents today. I, too, was shocked by David’s announcement as I watched the live stream on my computer. At first, I was in disbelief, then felt sad that he would be gone for 2 years, then slowly, acceptance set in. Today, something dawned on me that I hadn’t considered before. We, as fans, naturally think of how this will impact us. But, this isn’t about us, it’s about David, and what God wants to do in his life. Anytime we do what we believe God is asking us to, we are blessed beyond anything that we can imagine. God wants to give David a blessing, and this may be the way it comes about. Who knows what God wants to do for David. The last 3 years have been so hectic for him, that being away from it all, and working just for God, may be just what David needs in his life right now. We, as fans, have put a lot of pressure on David to provide us with more of himself than we have a right to. This may be God’s way a giving him the time he needs to refresh and reconnect to what he wanted to do with music to start with. None of us knows the reason, that’s between David and God, and that’s just fine with me. I don’t need to know, I just have to trust that David is doing what is right for him. I know I will be waiting, with all of his true fans, when he returns. God bless you David.



  110. Dayzee said

    It seems to me that every time David asks something of his fans, it gets a little more difficult. Long ago, he asked us not to throw our undies on the stage. That was ez. He asked us to support some specific charities. Not too painful. But this!! Now he asks us to get along without his constant nurturing for 2 years?
    Since I made the commitment to support David in all things he desires, I have no choice here. Take you wings and fly David.


  111. djafan said

    Thank you all for sharing your thoughts here. It’s helping me tremendously after a day of non stop tears. Please don’t disappear ♥


  112. Abrra said

    Thank you for coming here to post your thoughts. What you wrote is spot on for me. I know that David will come out the other side changed for the good.

    I can’t say that I have fully sorted my feelings yet. I don’t worry about David being away. I worry more that he will have a smaller fan base to come back to. One that is still willing to support him in continuing to make his career viable. 2 years isn’t long to us older people but to the younger ones it might be just too hard to hang on.

    And soar he will !!!
    Do you have a link to the 2 year calendar that LDS families can buy when they have a child doing a mission? Shawna told me about it in text. I would love to buy one and make the link available here.

    Abrra I blame all errors on my iPhone


  113. BellaGoGetter said

    I have been a lurker on fan sites & post occasionally on some & on twitter. I have supported David since Idol, as he was the first & last one I voted for on that show. I connected with David & there is NO TURNING BACK. I read everything I find about David, vote, purchase all books/ magazines/music/videos about him & have attended all of his concerts in the Bay Area as a VIP. I have written him letters to let him know how talented I think he is & to thank him for his music.

    I have had a hard time & have not watched the announcement yet. I am waiting for time alone, which I never have between work & family to watch, as I know the waterworks will be in full force & my eyes cannot lie. I did not sleep at all Monday night but did last night, so I am dealing, writing this post & reading others is also helping. I have been listening to his music with occasional tears. I respect everyone’s opinions, feelings & comments. We need to voice them as it helps us deal with our emotions at this trying time until we have any morsels of news about David. I think it is also important for lurkers like myself to let the fan sites know we exist & know we will wait for David with open arms. I also hope that David & his team know of our struggles & devotion.

    I have no choice but to support David even though I may not agree with ALL of his decisions. I am fine with his choices as it is his young life. No one will ever agree with everything someone is about, that is why we are unique individuals, you love someone for who they are UNCONDITIONALLY. I wish for David to be happy (his definition of happiness not mine) & to always make music & perform for ALL of his fans. He will always have a piece of my heart. I do not think there is anything he could possibly do to ever change that.

    As David fans, we were chosen as the ones that get David & believe his character & talent is unmatched. We are an emotional stubborn bunch with undying commitment. His performances & music are part of our lives & have brought out feelings we did not know we had. I do not know why or care why I was chosen, but I know we are very special to have been chosen & I am thankful. No one said it was always going to be easy, but I feel it will be worth it, riding the ups & downs of this fandom. I hope that David knows we are in this for the long haul (forever).

    I have had so much joy in following David’s journey & cannot & will not ever stop supporting his musical endeavors. Yes, it has been an emotional roller coaster & more dramatic than my real life (I have teenage twins). I am glad that most of the fan sites will continue to be our gathering place to share our comments, wishes, support & together we will be counting down the days that David comes back to us. I know he will, as he is MUSIC. I will try to post more when I can, as I think us fans need each other now more than ever.

    The worst that can happen is that we will not hear anything from David for two years; we are already bracing ourselves for that. If there is new music that may be released before or while he is serving his mission, that will be wonderful. Two years will go by fast, we have many YouTube’s & posts from the last four years to revisit & keep our flame burning for David.

    I pray for David’s safety on his Mission & for him to know how much we love, need & support him & will always have his back. We have each other & we are not alone in our ODD, so carry on.


  114. Angelica said

    Dayzee #110

    “Long ago, he asked us not to throw our undies on the stage. That was ez.”

    That was easy for you? I struggled with that one. (jk 😉 )

    I have been reading on this and other sites and the pain is pretty palpable out there. It’s something we all have to deal with our own way. For me I feel like I began the grieving process a long time ago and am now in an acceptance stage. Ever since the hacker tweeted about a mission, I felt in my heart it was more than a random act of mischief. It started me on a jouney of trying to cope that lead me through all the stages of grief: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and with the start of the tour, back to bargaining and denial. Coming back from the New York concerts, I had a feeling of dread that the coping mechanisms were not going to work much longer. In my conscious mind I didn’t actually think this but I was reluctant to come online to post and my relative happened to have open heart surgery at that time and I went to stay with him and my sister. It helped to focus on something else. When he announced it the other night, it was a shock. A real shock because I was so far into denial still. Only now do I realize how long I have been processing this eventuality. I have come to a clear, calm pool of acceptance without knowing I was moving toward it all these weeks. Now I can see all the way to the bottom and something is definitely glittering there. I find myself beginning to be excited for what the future will bring, for him, for me, for all of us. Each of us must make our own journey toward that peace but it will come with time and sooner than you probably think. Maybe the time ahead as we wait can be a mission of our own making, whatever that may be for you. We have been given so much: friendships for life, wisdom, knowledge, (computer skilz) joy, tears, laughter and music to enjoy every day that he’s away. Killer is alive and well and he will be back with a vengeance. Consider yourself warned.


  115. KH said

    “Now I can see all the way to the bottom and something is definitely glittering there. I find myself beginning to be excited for what the future will bring, for him, for me, for all of us. Each of us must make our own journey toward that peace but it will come with time and sooner than you probably think.”

    Oh my heavens, Angelica. So much of what I am reading is hard to read while also healing, somehow, but this optimism from you is about the best thing I’ve read in the last few days. I believe it! Cannot thank you enough but I’ll try. Thank you SO much!


  116. djafan said

    Bellagogetter and all the others, thank you for coming out of lurkdom. Your words and thoughts will help with the healing and acceptance.

    And now this o.O.

    Angelica you made me smile.

    “Killer is alive and well and he will be back with a vengeance. Consider yourself warned.”


  117. betsy said

    It’s so nice to see so many people commenting.
    Even though I couldn’t do it at all yesterday, I am listening to David today. A little bit. Breaking into sobs is a side affect that is worth it.
    Now I know why David sang Good Place to us.


  118. Abrra said

    Angleica did tell me way back when the hacker tweets showed up that she felt he was going to go. I said no, he loves music too much and it is his mission. She is a wise lady. She has that unique soul connection to David.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Here are some tweets posted overnight from Steven, David’s drummer. I post them in hopes that they bring some relief from worry.

    StevenJRob Steven J. Robinson
    Family! I feel the need to write this. Certain events have caused plenty of emotion and even worries about the future, yes. HOWEVER…

    (This one has me stumped 😉 )
    StevenJRob Steven J. Robinson
    Even through it all,WE ARE NOT DISAPPEARING! Tweets and FB updates will stay current. You’ll continue to be informed of projects and events.

    StevenJRob Steven J. Robinson
    Glad yall are feeling better! Allow David his time to do his thing. I’ll let him elaborate on it more,

    StevenJRob Steven J. Robinson
    But I have a feeling this is a “see ya later”. We all need time every now and then. When it’s time for a reunion, you’ll know! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    StevenJRob Steven J. Robinson
    Archie man is following his heart, but he, nor we, will just dissapear. Too many great things in store. Keep your heads up, and be on…

    StevenJRob Steven J. Robinson
    The lookout for the next big thing! For Steven atleast, ITS ONLY JUST BEGUN! LOVE Y’ALL!!!


    I spoke to an LDS friend today. She told me that the mission rules have loosened up a bit in recent years. Some are allowed to have blogs. They cannot communicate with anyone, but they can publish. I found this one to show as an example.

    I am not implying that David would have the opportunity to share his experience by blogging, but maybe Steven’s tweets indicate that he can do something to chronicle his time away.

    Here is a picture of his parents mission calendar
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I am not clear on how it is used, but was told that you fill in a circle each day til he comes home.

    Deseret books sells them online

    I am following LDS Missionaries because the send many links with information about Mission life.

    LDS Missionaries
    @LDSMissionaries 170 Countries
    Who are these white shirted men? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has over 50,000 volunteer men, women, and couples serving throughout the world.



  119. Blisskasden said

    There was a book written many years ago with the title “Johnny, we hardly knew ye”. Substitute David for Johnny and that’s the feeling David’s fans all over the world are feeling today. Beacuse of the tremendous growth David has shown recently, espeecially on stage, there was no need to “worry” about David when he performed. He had full command and comfort as a performer, and it made going to his concerts a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience. To me the years 2008-2011 will be always be remembered as the “Era of David Archuleta”. It’s too bad it had to come to such an abrupt end, but, hey, that’s life, I guess.


  120. Abrra said


    I am sending you and your wife a *BIG HUG* 🙂



  121. betsy said

    In case anyone is up for a laugh 🙂
    (it’s cute)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  122. Abrra said

    I feel your pain. If you read Steven’s tweets, you might realize that it may not be the end, just a pause.



  123. Blisskasden said

    Thanks Abrra. My only problem with David’s decision is the length of time he will be away. It this had been a 6 month deal, I think there would be less angst over it. 2 years of no contact and no communicattion is a long time. When Elvis went into the army at the peak of his popularity, there were always newsreels of him, and a knowledge that he would pick up where he left off when he came back. There are no such guarantees with David. Elvis listened to “Uncle Sam”. David listens to a feeling in his heart. God only knows what David will feel 2 years from now. I have never wanted to be more wrong than I am about this “pause” with David, but David has always surprised us, so I could be.


  124. Abrra said

    You are correct about Elvis. Back then the Army used his celebrity for enlistment purposes. The Army used those newsreels to entice others to sign up. Can’t blame them I suppose. That it gave fans a chance to see Elvis, was a bonus. I am not sure I could live through seeing David in uniform 😉 I am thankful he isn’t heading to combat.



  125. Dayzee said

    Oh Betsy, thank you for the Mission Oh My Heck. I need that on my wall.

    Did I mention that David is my hero?


  126. goodkarmaseeker said

    Abrra #56 I’m still feeling a basic kind of “blues” or sadness but I’m oh so proud of David for holding to his convictions and following his path.

    As far as my sweet daughter, well, she is handling this far better than I. Of course she now has a very special young man in her life and he happens to be a singer and songwriter and piano player and he just happens to be a Mormon and he happens to have that certain kind of glow
    like another young man we know and love! So since her friend plans to be on a mission someday, she thinks this is very admirable of David.
    Interesting, huh?


  127. joymus said


    Thank you so much for the lds info and blog links. A blog will be most satisfying until his return. Many times in my weepy stage yesterday I attemped to come to this site but the visual of the lit candle did me in everytime. I am home these days recuperating from major surgery so the internet has become my best friend recently due to curtailed activities. So I will visit them for more general info about this faith.
    Like everyone else I am trying to cope with the news. Happy for him to finally figure out his place in the universe without media and world spotlight, sad for the feeling of separation from this “lil engine that could” – the young man we embraced into our hearts from his first note sung. Keeping a candle lit will be easier with a blog at least. Adding a mp3 link for unreleased tracks even better but then that’s being greedy lol!


  128. djafan said

    Masterclass Lady on David’s announcement.

    David Archuleta To Embark On A Two Year Mission For The Mormon Church

    December 21, 2011 by Masterclass Lady

    Not only does David Archuleta have the voice of an angel, but he also embodies the spirit of one.

    At the end of his outstanding performance in Salt Lake City, David made a very special announcement (see the above video) – that he was going to embark on a two-year mission for the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David became overwhelmed with emotion when he made his announcement:

    “It’s not because somebody told me that I was supposed to do it, not because that I no longer want to do music anymore, but it’s because it’s the feeling that I felt that I need to do next in my life.”

    I have to say I wasn’t totally surprised. After meeting David during the American Idol Season Seven summer tour, I mentioned to my family that something very special was happening with David – beyond music.

    His spirituality and introspective nature was just so tangible. He seemed to be seeing and capturing an essence that others could not visualize. The world that he created for himself was a very special one and now we know why.

    It is important in life to understand your instincts and prioritize what is really important. It makes for a meaningful, solid and truly successful road as a human being.

    I congratulate and applaud David for his impeccable taste and lifestyle choices. He may not have won that American Idol title, but sure as I’m standing here, he is the epitome of one.

    The video below captures both his announcement and his final number in the “My Kind Of Christmas” tour stop in Salt Lake City. It is truly beautiful – in fact probably the most beautiful version I have ever heard.

    And, interestingly enough, the audible breathing that is the result of David’s vocal cord paralysis, was barely evident in this number. All one could hear was the passionate glory of his gorgeous and expressive voice.

    Please stop by and share the love in the comments thread. Don’t be a stranger.


  129. djafan said


    Sorry if the candle made you sadder. I just needed a symbol to keep his name out there. Many are saying they will be lighting a candle until David returns on twitter ♥


    My granddaughter who met David for the first time reacted very positive, we aren’t LDS. She just spent this weekend at a high school church camp and can’t stop talking about the experience. She see’s the mission as a chapter in David’s life as part of the foundation he’s building. She said “grandma he’ll only be 23 when he’s done!” lol.

    To all who have commented or lurked (((((((((((♥group hug♥)))))))))))


  130. Abrra said

    Thank you for posting a thoughtful comment. Its interesting to see the sharing by fans who previously only came here to read. We would never know how you feel about David had you not told us. 🙂

    That is very interesting news about your daughter. I hope she has a wonderful time dating this young man. /waves to MADDY 😉

    I hope you feel stronger with each day. I am glad you liked the LDS links and info. I posted the blog link as an example of what MIGHT be possible. I never meant to imply that David has this option, only that it is possible. He may not be in a place that this would work out. I am hoping we hear what country he goes to on his mission.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Found on tumblr

    It’s a comfort having the candle here on the site. It represents our support for David until he returns home.



  131. joymus said

    Djafan and Abrra – The candle is fine. Its just that yesterday with all the open emotions for me it was just another reminder that he really was going on mission. I also understood that a blog was merely a possibility but a lifer archie can hope right?

    Thanks for the get-well wishes 🙂 Appreciate it very much!


  132. MT said

    118. Abrra, Thanks for that post. The tweets make me feel a little better. I’m not sure if he’ll be able to let us know anything during his mission, but it looks like some things maybe be coming up before he goes.

    I actually started haveing a feeling like the mission would happen right his very first concert of this tour. I think it was watching the interviews he was doing. They were just different. HE was different.

    121. Betsy, And thank you for that pic. haha Too funny! I think it’s the first time I’ve cracked a real smile since the news broke.

    I am still sad, but I’m working on it. I’m glad you are all here to help. ♥


  133. Abrra said

    Makes me smile when he punches the air 🙂


    The look at :12 is priceless




  134. betsy said

    Abs, the look at .12. Beautiful. When the orchestra comes alive. ♥


  135. OK, this is not to be sad. I wrote this to Djafan and she said that perhaps I could share it with you…

    I was wrapping gifts in the family room which is on the basement level. Usually I wrap in my son’s room, well he is married but it is still his room…I had planned to have David on my pc and enjoy myself wrapping and listening to him but I couldn’t and haven’t listened to a song since his announcement because I can’t. So not being able to have his music I moved all the presents and wrapping paper and boxes two floors down so that I could watch TV instead. I no longer wanted to be alone.

    So I was wrapping to country music trying for something different and Elvis came on singing…”I’ll have a blue Christmas…without you, I’ll be so blue thinking about you” I just couldn’t begin to think about next Christmas our favorite time of the year. So when he sang those words I called out..OMG!!…and my husband called out WHAT? So I called back to him that I was just talking to Elvis and then it was all OK. Elvis had that quirky smile, sparkling eyes and for some strange reason it became a little better. End of crazy story…



  136. palmtreephan said

    Abrra, I would also like to offer my thanks for the link to the young man’s blog who’s mission it chronicled……some wonderful information there. Much of it provides alot of comfort and I pray that David is able to document his journey in a similar fashion. I found it very nteresting that, although the young man wasn’t able to communicate himself, it seems he was allowed to receive letters and packages. I also enjoyed the entry in his final month of September as he reflects on his experiences, all he learned about himself and the world, and his marvelling at how quickly the time had passed. I can so envision David finding his mission, whatever it may be, to be an extremely enriching, rewarding experience. THAT puts a huge smile on my face. Thank you for that! 🙂


  137. Abrra said

    Report from VIP

    RT @Rhiminee David said he would never stop doing music, even on his mission. He’s just putting the career part on hold. <==Good News!!

    Abrra /squeeee


  138. davidstopsmyaging said

    Hi Everyone,

    I don’t post here often, either, but am here every day. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach when I heard David’s announcement, but I am not surprised that he decided to go on a mission. David is a complex person in my opinion. He has many layers, and I know we—and even David himself—have only begun to peel away the many layers of David Archuleta. David is not even 21 yet. Just think what he has done in his 21 years! Heck, when I was 21, I had just left home for the very first time. I was so homesick that I cried for weeks. I can’t even imagine the leaps and
    strides an extremely shy, quiet, spiritual young man has made in his short life. The lives he has touched already can’t even be counted. I’m not a particulary religious person, but I’m feeling like someone is guiding him, and so far they have not led him astray. David is doing this for a reason, and he knows it is the right thing to do. I will miss his music, his spirit, his smile—-I will miss seeing him and hearing his voice. But, I support him with everything I have. Honestly, I have never felt so connected to my spiritual side my entire life as I have since I began following David’s career. He stirs something in my soul that I can’t even explain—it makes no sense.

    Great people who have left their marks on the world rarely do things in a way that others comprehend. That is what makes them so intriging. David is this kind of person. In my opinion, he needs this mission as one of the “layers”. He’ll be back I think, to sing and to continue touching lives.

    I was able to go see him in Santa Rosa last week. It NEVER works out that I can make one of his concerts. My husband came with me, and we had such a good two days. I could hardly believe I was there watching David—he was so good, and my husband agreed. A year ago, I could hardly get on the computer to check in to this site without my husband having a fit. Check and double check—-two more lives David has touched.

    I am not LDS—does anyone know when he leaves? Will he be able to say “good-bye” to us? (sniff)

    Great people who have left their marks on the world have rarely done so in the conventional way. It has been sad, comforting, sad again, reading all of your comments and thoughts


  139. djafan said

    ABRRA!!!! SCREAMING WITH JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Report from VIP

    RT @Rhiminee David said he would never stop doing music, even on his mission. He’s just putting the career part on hold. <==Good News!!


  140. davidstopsmyaging said

    OOOOPS—@138–that last line was inadvertanly left on there—-

    What I meant to say was that reading all of your comments has been sad, but comforting. I’m so glad this site will be kept up—-I’ll be here!


  141. Abrra said

    No UStream tonight. The venue is in a bad spot for internet. Tina said she can’t see tweets. Hers are getting to us, though.

    I am fine with that. Everything has a reason why.



  142. Abrra said

    Twitter is all aflame with candle avi’s. Its such a show of support for David !!

    The awesome graphic designer @missbianca is going to make a 24 month countdown calendar for the fans!I asked her and she said its a wonderful idea. She has to wait and see about when he goes. Excited!



  143. Blisskasden said

    It amazes me how much press coverage this announcement has received. If you “Google” his name there are endless articles about this event. It’s on every news site and in every newspaper in the country. The last time this happened was when David cut his ties with Jive. The media jumped right on that and misreported the news as “Jive Records dumps David, etc.” It is so ironic that the only significant press David has received is when he “leaves” the music business. If he is so buzzworthy under those circumstances, why wasn’t he equally worthy when he did something IN the business, like releasing a CD, or a single, or going on tour. I wonder what kind of press David will get when he returns


  144. Abrra said

    More VIP tweets from Tina that came in just now (delayed)

    Survived the picture. Said hey. Lolz. He said he was glad we made it from SLC in the snow. Omg I did not even talk to him in SLC. #busted

    Also told him good luck and lots of ppl send their love 🙂 I did not cry on him. Success is mine.

    He said this is the fav tour he’s ever done because there were so many obstacles & ppl trying to stop them. And because it means so much …

    Also said he already knows where he will be serving his mission but wants to keep it private for right now.



  145. #139 Djafan, does that mean that perhaps his singing will be part of his missionary work and that he will be singing wherever they want him to such as community gatherings and Sunday services? Hopefully he will say more on that.



  146. Djafan, You have mail with a request…



  147. Abrra said

    I saw an unconfirmed tweet that WAIT video comes out Dec 25th. Not sure if that is worldwide premiere or in Asia.

    @CorneliusAndhy David Archuleta premiere HD music video “Wait” di #V_Channel, (25 December 2011)



  148. bluesky said

    138: Davidstopsmyaging –

    I just love what you said:

    “Honestly, I have never felt so connected to my spiritual side my entire life as I have since I began following David’s career. He stirs something in my soul that I can’t even explain—”


  149. Angelica said


    “Great people who have left their marks on the world rarely do things in a way that others comprehend.”

    This is so good I felt like I was reading something from a collection of famous quotes.

    Too bad no reception at the show tonight but maybe good videos will come. He sounds determined to continue music. 🙂


    He can as a missionary sing solos in Church services on Sunday, at Baptisms, and Firesides and so forth.

    So he’s received his assignment and knows where he’s going…wonder where? When I was standing in the line at Deseret Book during MOtab weekend, a girl told me she had just gotten her assignment to serve in Hungary! How cool would that be?

    I ordered a temple calendar today to fill in the circles for every month. 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2…. Photobucket

    That felt good!


  150. betsy said

    Teaser for the Wait video


  151. Suzy-Q said

    LDS missionaries are called to many types of missions. I am wondering if David will be doing firesides all over the country. Often a fireside is held for members who bring non-members as a guest. As many of you know, in the past David has been doing those kinds of firesides on his own. As members of the LDS church, Gladys Knight and her husband spoke and sang at these type of firesides all over the country This was a missionary calling. My son-in-laws mother went to Vietnam on a mission for the church. Because she is a nurse, she taught Vietnamese doctors how to read, write and pronounce different medicines and treatments in English. She never did any gospel teaching because it wasn’t allowed in that country. It is called a “Service Mission”..It was a “good will” mission so that someday the church can have a presence in Vietnam. These are just some of the examples of a LDS mission.

    My grandson is on a mission in Sweden and he writes a long detailed email letter every Monday. He also sends photos as an attachment. So, I make copies of his emails and put them in a binder so that I can keep a journal of his experiences. My grandson chronicles things about his adjustment to a new country language and their customs but he also talks about the missionary companions he has and the people he has met and taught and how his testimony has grown. Hopefully David will do the same for his fans.

    I think that David’s example will be a tool to encourage his brother to do the same and other young men who are contemplating to serve. He is showing that he had to sacrifice a lot and they can do it too and have the blessings that a mission brings to them and their families. He will influence others to serve and they in turn will bring many people into the church. David could inspire hundreds to seek out the gospel of Jesus Christ. It would be a domino affect.

    I am comforted by all of the comments that I have read on this site. I am just as emotional over this event as all of you. I am hoping that when we get more information I’ll be able to adjust to a life without David. Right now I am dealing with self-pity. I would feel lonely if weren’t for the fans sharing their feelings about this unexpected chapter in our lives. Thank you.

    All I can say it that there will be some very lucky people in this world that will open their doors to a young good looking heavenly messenger.


  152. betsy said

    He’s ending the night with the song that started the whole thing. <3333333


  153. betsy said

    Full circle.


  154. Connie said

    Beautifully said…tears are drying after Ttendingthe Salt Lake concert..and I will be here until that bus(or plane) returns!


  155. betsy said

    He sang WOTWTC as a duet with Jeff LeBlanc, his opener.
    And there was a pretty tight crackdown on video. 😦
    It’s not looking good for videos from this concert.


  156. Abrra said

    Tweets from Tina after the show

    David did Waiting on the World to Change acoustic with Jeff LeBlanc. It was AMAZING.

    There were 2 encore songs. WOTWTC and Little Drummer Boy. idk if anyone got vids. Camera security was crazy.

    Like, you couldn’t even take pictures. Even with your phone. Maybe somebody in the middle of a row got something?? Nothing from me.

    Seeing & hearing David tonight was incredible. He seemed so happy when he talked briefly about his mission. And how he always will do music.

    Standing by the bus & my typing fingers are FREEZONG lol. That’s all for now. I hope someone was able to get audio at least!

    @Jana__OR just WOTWTC during the show. He sang I’m Trying to be Like Jesus in VIP.

    @ciaoArchie Though he sang his audition song doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. It’s a detour. He did say he wants to do music forever… ❤



  157. Angelica said

    Goodnight dear hearts.


  158. Abrra said

    At the bus after the show, look at his SMILE 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    | zerogravity1

    David by the buses!

    Tina tweeted
    I think David & crew really kept the show light on purpose. The band came up when they brought the kids in for Fa La La. David’s face lolz.

    And a big group of us in the audience had maracas to shake during Fa Lalalalalala. D didn’t notice at first then he was like whaaaat haha

    Sounds like they pranked David 😉

    @pastelpastel: Flawless flawless flawless

    @DavidArchie Had such a great, great last show tonight in Beaver Creek! Thank you everyone who came to the shows! Hope you all had a good time!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @lizmag3 VIP….Loved the outfit

    Good night, David


  159. djafan said

    Weird… almost no tweets from those there.

    Abrra, that smile lights the world 🙂


  160. betsy said


    David with JeffLeBlanc Waiting On The World To Change MKOC BeaverCreek CO122111.mp3

    Twitvid of David at the Bus


  161. djafan said





  162. betsy said

    DJA!! I KNOW!!!!
    His voice, I can’t.
    Mark Nilan recorded this and got it up in RECORD time!


  163. jans11 said

    When returning from SLC, it was back to the real world. Which was real hard with the state of mind I was in. But getting back to work and my pastor falling and breaking her hip, I knew the world is still turning! I am sad but respect what David chooses. Some of the tweets have some positive sounds to it…that it may not be as bad as we might think. I will always support David in anything he does and will stay here and post.
    Love the candle idea. I will burn one too and mark off the days of the calendar.


  164. kaycee said

    He looks so happy in the pictures from tonight, and as we all know, his energy and joy on this tour has been out of this world…I think he is very at peace with his decision. I am humbled and inspired by this young man who puts his relationship with God before all else. It brings to mind a favorite scripture of mine from Proverbs: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

    Thank you so much everyone for your beautiful words of comfort and wisdom. Each post has brought me more peace. Angelica, thank you for your words–you have always been able to say so many things that I was feeling. Whenever I would get stressed about some bump in David’s journey, I would find that “radio wave” quote of yours and it seemed to sum it all up for me…I just wish I could find it now.

    With a house full of visiting family and a hectic work schedule the past few days, it has been difficult to find a few minutes to write down some thoughts…or even process them! After getting everyone off to bed Monday night, I just had to check in to see and hear all the exciting tidbits of what I was sure would be a magical night in SLC. Like all of you, I was blown away by the announcement. I was so surprised by the intensity of my emotions, because ironically, I was one of the few that thought a mission might be a wonderful thing for David–not because he needed to do it, not because it would touch more people, but because of the life experiences I knew he would have. Being a mother of two missionaries who have both returned in the past year, I am continually awed at the life altering experiences and tender moments they continue to share.

    But I admit, I will definitely miss him. He has always been there for me the past 4 years…putting a smile on my face when I felt down, making me laugh when I wanted to cry, giving me hope when the world seemed dark and cold, inspiring me to reach out to others when I just wanted to focus on my own problems, making me want to dance when I felt old and tired, teaching me to count my blessings and look on the other side of down, creating beauty, showing kindness, and always, always giving. So I will be there for him now as he prepares to depart on a journey that means so much to him, and I will still be here in 2 years. As Angelica so perfectly stated, “We will be right here waiting, till that bus comes into view again.”


  165. djafan said

    Oh David.


  166. Bebereader said

    David by the bus after the show!


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Shelley


  167. Bebereader said

    Today, December 22 is our Abs’ Birthday!!!

    Dear Abrra,

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Your friends at The Voice


  168. Happy bday Abrra! Tons of hugs across the miles


  169. betsy said

    Happy Birthday, Abs. ♥


  170. archiesfan4life said

    Happy Birthday Abs – wishing you a day filled with happiness and love. Thank you so much for all you do for us!!



  171. PattiNC said

    Happy Birthday Abbra!! (insert David singing video here). 🙂


  172. Abrra said

    Thank you all who show your kindness. Today might be when everything over this past week finally gets to me (sniff) .

    “Look what you made me do!”


    When You Say You Love Me


    Like the sound of silence calling
    I hear your voice and suddenly I’m falling
    Lost in a dream
    Like the echoes of our souls are meeting
    You say those words, my heart stops beating
    I wonder what it means
    What could it be that comes over me
    At times I can’t move
    At times I can’t hardly breathe

    When you say you love me
    The world goes still, so still inside
    When you say you love me
    For a moment, there’s no one else alive

    You’re the one I’ve always thought of
    I don’t know how but I feel sheltered in your love
    You’re where I belong
    And when you’re with me if I close my eyes
    There are times I swear I feel like I can fly
    For a moment in time
    Somewhere between
    The heavens and earth
    I’m frozen in time
    Oh when you say those words

    When you say you love me
    The world goes still so still inside
    When you say you love me
    For a moment, there’s no one else alive

    When you say you love me
    The world goes still so still inside and
    When you say you love me
    In that moment, I know why I’m alive

    When you say you love me

    When you say you love me
    Do you know how I love you?



  173. Happy Birthday to you Abrra…it is your special day so despite all of the drama that we have had given to us…Cake please all the way around!! Some things won’t change.



  174. Angelica said



  175. FG said

    Happy Birthday Abs! Sending you a HUGE cyber hug!

    I am feeling so much better since seeing that blog that was posted above. I pray that David chooses to update us like that. I would be so happy. I realize I am being selfish, but updates would be glorious.


  176. Kathyh said

    Have a great birthday, Abrra!!


  177. angelofdja said

    Happy, Happy Birthday Abrra! You are much appreciated for all you do!
    I hope your day is filled with love!


  178. poof said

    Happy Birthday Abrra! Thanks for being you.

    I am now back from my visit with my daughter and my Ventura concert. I have had a while to reflect, and I hope this won’t be too long or rambling,,,,,I wanted to share.

    I was soo excited to be going to my very first DA concert,,, goofy excited! The Ventura crowd felt the same way and it was an enormous, loud love fest. I didn’t know what to expect for myself, how I would feel, but I almost immediately knew. David came sauntering in with that big huge delicious smile and voice. I sat back and sighed a joyful sigh. Yes, he was real. Yes, my computer had not been lying to me all these years, he was just as I thought he was.

    This concert was a confirmation and affirmation of all that I thought. By intermission, I was able to say it (to myself,, not daughter), “David has given me all that I need”. His voice, his spirit, his words are now part of who I am. He has shown me, by example and in his words, that “being good” is not “doing good”, and I have pushed myself to act when I felt something was important to me. I feel differently about the world and who I am because of that beautiful boy grinning up on that stage. I just felt so totally at peace.

    But I also realized, that this was a different situation than all my other times listening and watching David,,,,This could be a two way exchange! I could and needed to let him know how much he has meant to me. So,,,, though I am naturally a bit reserved,,,, I decided to “Make Sure” David knew I, and I mean ” I”, was there to say Thank You. We had great seats to do this. We were elevated but close to the stage with only a rail in front of us. David had matched tiny waves with the teenager next to me in the first minutes of the first song. I knew he could see me. I clapped, sang, jumped to my feet, danced, yelled, and did every embarrassing thing I could to make him Know. Yep, I think he knows,, :).

    My experience at the concert has helped me greatly with the SLC announcement. David has given me three years of joy, guidance and inspiration. He has changed me for the better. Now I have another chance to thank him for this time, by being glad he always follows his heart. That is what makes him the inspiration he is, really. David has given me all I need, though not all I want, so I am a mess of tears, but all I Need. I will be fine. Better than fine. Thank you David and thank you The Voice for giving me a place to share my feelings. I know David will be back and I’m not going anywhere.


  179. goodkarmaseeker said

    Abrra, The very happiest of birthdays to you. You’re AWESOME!!

    Maddy and Mom (Hubby too)


  180. KH said

    “We were elevated but close to the stage with only a rail in front of us. David had matched tiny waves with the teenager next to me in the first minutes of the first song. I knew he could see me. I clapped, sang, jumped to my feet, danced, yelled, and did every embarrassing thing I could to make him Know. Yep, I think he knows,, 🙂 .”

    Favorite words of my day so far, and I got to laugh and cry at the same time, and I consider that wonderful. Thank you.


  181. skydancer1x said

    oh abrra I am wishing you a very special day, and love from the bottom of my heart!!♥
    Happy,Happy Birthday!!

    All these beautiful comments from everyone…I am very happy that David is happy, and following his heart…his inner voice, his spirit.He truly is an amazing young man, and I will be here to support
    I was on cloud 9 after meeting David face to face, and seeing the concert at Club Nokia.Like he has been the entire Christmas tour, he was brilliant.

    Kaycee,you spoke my heart this morning with this:
    “But I admit, I will definitely miss him. He has always been there for me the past 4 years…putting a smile on my face when I felt down, making me laugh when I wanted to cry, giving me hope when the world seemed dark and cold, inspiring me to reach out to others when I just wanted to focus on my own problems, making me want to dance when I felt old and tired, teaching me to count my blessings and look on the other side of down, creating beauty, showing kindness, and always, always giving. So I will be there for him now as he prepares to depart on a journey that means so much to him, and I will still be here in 2 years.”

    I will admit, that I haven’t come as far as so many of you♥. I don’t know why. I don’t like going into the grocery store and finding myself walking right back out because “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is playing over the intercom., (and even though it wasn’t David singing it, flooding the place with tears.) I want my sadness to wane, and my ‘happy’ to come back.I’m getting there….because of all of you♥

    and to Dja,♥
    If I had only known, this was going to be the last time I saw David, I would have flung myself onto the stage in a pathetic sobbing heap, and told him I was his respondsibility now.


  182. ray said

    happy birthday abrra,and thinks for the hug it was needed


  183. Fiona said

    Happy Birthday, Abrra!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all you do and for being the wonderful person you are! We love you!
    Sky, I think I’m in the same place as you. I am trying very hard to move on (one foot in front of the other) but it is so hard! Everything makes me cry and I definitely can’t watch the SLC vids yet. Hopefully, we will get there soon ….
    Thank goodness for this wonderful site xxx


  184. KH said

    I guess it makes sense that the music that heals us and brings us joy would also break our hearts a little right now. I’ve listened to snippets of David’s music and know I’ll get to a time when I can listen fully and let it heal me. (Before he gets back. 😉 ) For now, I’ve actually been listening to a classic rock oldies station most of the time. Something about the stark difference in styles seems to satisfy my crazy up and down moods. But I haven’t been able to listen to any Christmas music because I still think he sings those songs better than anyone. Hubby had Buble on last night and I actually felt a little miffed! But there’ll be other Christmases, without David accessibility and then with it again. And the two CDs and various other bootleg recordings will carry me through the wait.


  185. Dayzee said

    Happy Birthday Abrra!! I am so glad you were born!! Right now listening to sweet stuff from your candy jar. Wishing you all things good.


  186. abrra thanks for everything you have given me since we met. Your gifts and your patience, things were very important to me. I will thank you forever.
    I want you, you have the best birthday and would like to be there to give you a big hug.

    I am still very sad, I can leave my sadness, I can not watch a video of david yet, from the day you hear the announcement.
    I know I am selfish, but I can not help, I write this and I drop tears. I do not know if I’m exaggerating, but this is the only place where I can express.
    My family, my coworkers, my friends, do not understand, do not blame them, they do not know david.
    My head tells me, Gladys, you’ve got two years to study English, two years to continue the university, two years to fix your documents, two years to save money, but …..
    I have a pain near my heart.
    I ask forgiveness for my selfishness, I need time to recover and I need a hug from all the girls on this site.
    thanks for listening, excuse me please.


  187. sweetonDA said

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Abrra. May your day be filled with love from us and those around you.


  188. Sky, you are certainly not alone, but it will get better (even if we have to figure that one out!)

    This in from Heidijoy…

    “Delivered your card. Beaver Creek was fabulous. We gave David a great sendoff with party hats,singing We’ll Be There, Standing ovations after multiple songs. Shook maracas to Fa La La La La, Got two hand shakes,eye gazes, a hug etc, David seems very happy! He knows where he is going etc but didn’t elaborate. He could feel the support here.
    will be traveling back home today weather permitting.
    Waiting on the World To Change part of the Encore with Jeff. Fantastic!
    Take care, Leah”



  189. stenocruiser said

    A very Happy Birthday, Abrra from a fellow Capricorn. Many thanks for everything you do for us. Hope your day is wonderful. You know what? Our birthdays flank David’s so let’s envelop him in a cyber hug — ready, set, squish !!


  190. Joyluck said

    It is a pleasure to read all the positive thoughts being aid here on this site. I am happy David has confirmed he will return to perform and do concerts again. Unfortunately, other sites have had folks getting into these religious debates which at this point are not helpful. Hopefully it will stop. David made a choice to follow his heart for the next step in his life. I will respect that decision and support him because of what he has done for me during these past 4 years. I wish him a safe journey until he returns to us and hope this experience will enrich his life and his beliefs which I have not doubt, it will. The close friends that I have made through our common love for David, have taken a vow to keep his spirit alive within us all. We will promote and continue to support everything David. Our group has seen one another primarily at David events however, we have agreed we will gather on a regular basis to reminisce our good David times together and talk about any updates we’ve heard, etc. This will be our next two years which I am hoping will pass quickly. I thank the folks who are dedicated to keeping the website open as it is our only avenue to reach out to a broad base of David fans who we cant support during our long long drought! I am confident we will make it through this and David will return bigger and better than ever. I will WAIT for him to return to us and I hope a lot (if not all) others will choose to do the same. Have a glorious holiday!


  191. palmtreephan said

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Abrra….as well as a joyous Christmas and wonderful New Year!


  192. bluesky said

    Abrra – you are an example of kindness and joy. Thank you so much for all you share. And a very, very happy birthday to you. (all you Dec. babies are too much!! Must be the season?!!)

    166 – DA by the bus:
    Somehow, although he looks to be the youngest by years in the video, he seems in some way removed by a space of time, older than everyone else, in a position to reach out from a height of view. This glimpse came through youths door before. Now it seems more like a cloak fully donned.

    Ahh, DA – you are showing your years.


  193. Blueberry Ice said

    Dearest Abrra; Wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with many more blessing to come! Can’t thank you enough for your fierce support, media savvy and the bountiful candy jar that is a godsend and necessity for my sanity … please know that you are loved and so greatly appreciated!

    Reading everyone’s heartfelt comments has been a great source of comfort and gives me hope that I’ll be in good company when we welcome David back … sending a group hug to all!


  194. bluesky said

    Okay fellow DA fans!

    “Me and all my friends, we’re all misunderstood. They say we stand for nothin’ and no way we ever could.
    It is hard to be persistent when we’re standing at a distance… ”

    To me, that could apply to being a fan of DA – misunderstood, not able to make a change (older, younger, etc.) – feeling distant from the world. We are of different beliefs, different backgrounds, different ages, and different abilities, interests and areas of influence. Yet something has drawn us together.

    In his voice and song I feel the beginnings of a strange challenge. I have read so often of so many of you who have answered that feeling as a personal challenge to yourself in your own life. You are ahead of me. But I am responding today. I respond already in many areas of my life with commitments I have already made. And… this new view of myself as a fan of DA is freeing and invigorating.

    I thank him for his song, and I thank all of you who have made a difference in my life by sharing the changes in your own.

    “Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!”

    much love,


  195. ODDity said

    Dearest Abs,

    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you!♫♪ May this be the best birthday yet!



  196. skydancer1x said

    we all will get there in our own time.♥Like David, you’ve got to be who you are, and to feel what you are feeling. Allow yourself that. It has only been a few days….we are here to listen.
    I have to add to my previous comment ………after leaving the grocery store, I also had a moment of I don’t know, frustration/mad/ mixed in with my tears , that David chose the time he did, to announce his plans. I was SO high off the tour, and felt SO in the Christmas spirit with the shear joy of meeting him and listening to that VOICE!!!
    his decision to announce it in SLC.I wish with all my heart, he had waited until the 1st of January, or at least after the holidays and tour to do so . I just wish, that much. But he didn’t. I still am having a hard time with that because he unknowingly left so many who love him so much,feeling sad this Christmas.I would have loved to linger in the calm, wonderful,uplifting feelings that were still running through my heart and soul from his performance.
    Love you Gladys.


  197. angelofdja said

    Bluesky, Although I don’t “know” you, I love you. Nuf said.


  198. PaulaFOD said

    Happy Birthday, Abrra!!! Hope you have a fantastic day!!!


  199. Steno…I visualized that {{{squish}}}, cool and funny!!

    Joy, Bluesky, Blueberry Ice, Sky, Angel and everyone else…

    Your comments are refreshing and without references to someone leaving.

    I will have to have a special new David bracelet for his return, things

    to think about!

    Enjoy Abrra’s birthday and get ready to greet the holidays…



  200. Sky, I so appreciate your comment #196…



  201. djafan said

    Happy Birthday Abrra!!!!!!

    David tweets and missed his flight. Many tweeters offering there assistance lol

    David Archuleta David Archuleta @DavidArchie 24m
    Stuck in the mountains on the bus because of a snowstorm. Missed my flight, so I guess a new adventure will begin haha.

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie 18m
    On a side note, the band and some crew who took a shuttle might still make their flights. Some awesome mountains around here too.

    Brought this over from Snowangelz.

    and from the amazing @muldur:

    “Time to share what happened at my VIP lol. I did fine for 2.5 seconds until the pic was done. Then I tried to say that I wanted him to know on behalf of all the fans who could not be there how much he was loved and how very very proud they were of him. I actually said the words … But I was crying big time and my voice was just a squeak he said aww thanks!

    “I had given him a hug when I first walked up to him but i was Really weeping like an idiot and he said aw you’re making me get all emotional and I said I was sorry for crying like an idiot and he said It was all right. That he had been pretty emotional since the announcement. And he gave me the best hug probably hoping i would stop Blubbering lol. Anyway he was very sweet and for those of you who asked I told him he was loved and you were very very proud. 🙂 .”


  202. lani said

    Happy Birthday to the great Abbra!!!! Thank you for the candy jar. God Bless you for your goodness.


  203. PandasMama said

    Just stopping by to say:

    Happy Birthday Abrra!!!!


    Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people here at The Voice.

    Ya’ll have been so nice to me this year, listening to my silly rants and helping me to deal with my ODD. I hope to meet many of you in the future. Here is the link to a special Christmas video I made last year.


  204. djafan said

    David singing in VIP. Will add this to my ipod ♥


  205. marlie7 said

    I was able to watch WFTWTC – I still can’t watch any O Holy Night videos. I’m getting there, but not fully there yet.

    Happy Birthday, Abrra, from another Capricorn!


  206. Abrra said

    I am soaking up the love today. Thank you All who take the time to come here to talk with us! My eyes a leaking as I read the comments.

    Bebe and Angelica
    Thanks for the “cakes” The plates will be empty soon!

    I got your card today in the mail. Thank you for that, my friend. I will have to think hard how to spend the giftcard 🙂 The Wait video maybe if it comes to iTunes?

    You made the most of your concert experience. It’s a very David thing to do 🙂 The afterglow will hold you until he sings in concert agian.

    I had a similar thought today at the store. Luckily, the song I heard wasn’t one I had heard sung by David. I probably would have left too.

    Here is another *HUG* just ‘cuz you are so loyal to David.

    Dayze I saw your comment in the chat room. I added some American Idol and Grand Rapids videos. I hope you go back and remeber the good times, they are all good times. It is hard for us all. Just seeing his face reminds us what we will be missing. We are blessed beyond belief that we have the videos.

    Look at what your goals are because of David? So very proud of you! Wipe the tears away and go work on your jeans thesis!

    My Capricorn buddy! Happy Birthday to you, right after David 🙂

    I have seen some of the “religious” wars comments. Not helpful under these circumstances. David has to decide his life’s path. For me it falls into the category of “NOYB” None of your business 😉 Fans who truly care will accept his decisions and support him on his mission.

    To all the Blue’s
    Thanks for your words. Blue happens to be my favorite color 🙂

    Best Happy Birthday YET! He pointed at MEEE!
    Gah! Muldur’s story got me BIG time! She carried the message of a huge fan base to him. Love her for that.

    I am so appreciative of the fans and my fellow admins. Being a David fan sometimes can be isolating at home, but never online!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Now for some Birthday candy ?

    I Am A Child Of God MKOC VIP SLC 121911.mp3

    I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus MKOC VIP BeaverCreek122111.mp3

    I have been listening to TOSOD song Who I am. He told us then, even if he wasn’t sure. He told us.

    I’m gonna take this moment that I’m in right now,
    Stop the craziness somehow.
    Leave it all behind me,
    I know it’s gonna find me.
    I got nothing to win and I got nothing to lose,
    just trying to walk in my own two shoes,

    I’m gonna take the time now,
    It’s time for me to find out
    Who I am

    I am way behind on so many video uploads and mp3 edits, but I wanted to get the VIP songs done first. I am taking it slow til after the holidays.



  207. MT said

    Abrra, Happy Birthday!!!

    ♪ ♫ Happy Birthday to youuuuu … ♫ ♪
    ♪ ♫ Happy Birthday to youuuuu … ♫ ♪

    I hope your Birthday is as special and wonderful as you are. May you be blessed with much love and joy in the coming year. ♥ {{{Hugs}}}


  208. Abrra said

    Marlie & MT

    Thanks! Having a quiet day, about to go for a walk in the local park and look at the many Christmas trees decorated by families in memory of loved ones who have passed.


    The video is just lovely!



  209. Abrra said

    A message from David!

    Had such a great time! Thanks everyone for coming out to the shows! We hope you all enjoyed. It meant a lot to have you there for this last tour and look forward to what’s ahead!



  210. Suzy-Q said

    Happy Birthday from me too, Abrra. We are so lucky, as fans, to have your words to look forward to each day. We’re in a good place here at “The Voice”.

    Hugs to Gladys. Together, we’ll get through this.,

    Poof love your words at #178 I was surprised that you hadn’t seen David live before. You have been with David all along. Glad you got to have that experience.


  211. Abrra said

    Thanks Suzy-Q !

    The encore video in #160 had this wonderful comment from JR. Its her take on David singing this song at AI7 audition and then at tours end.

    “Rather than a circle, am imagining a spiral. David comes back to where he started but steps up for the next phase. To remind us that he is nothing but deliberate and nothing but going forward.”


    Nicely said JR!



  212. Bebereader said

    I am so behind! Have to go back and read two days worth of comments. Been very busy with work and family and holiday stuff. Happy Hanukkah to anyone celebrating!

    Despite the glow of the season, I feel a sadness deep down inside. But it’s getting better. Hopefully as each day passes, the hurt will lessen. My intellectual self is over the moon happy that David is doing something he needs to do. He’s young and has every right to fulfill his dreams, whatever they may be, despite what anyone thinks. But my heart hurts at the thought of David being out of sight for two years when he’s been front and center in my mind for the last three plus years. Reading everyone’s heartfelt comments here really helps. Thank you all for being such a great source of comfort. ❤


  213. silverfox said

    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Abrra. Thank you for all you do for David’s fans. It is so very much appreciated!

    Watching the last video of David after his performance of MKOC Tour in Beaver Creek when he said it would be the last tour “for a while”, thanking the fans for coming to the shows, well I just lost it!

    Then he added some good news! He is not done yet! He still has some things going on! So it sounds like David will be visible for a month or maybe two before he leaves. He is very happy, so how can I not be happy for him? I am so glad and would like to thank the fans who were at the VIP in Beaver Creek for telling him how much he is loved & admired by all his fans, not only for his beautiful voice, but for the special person he is, and that we will be waiting for his return. Of that he can be sure.


  214. emmegirl said

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy AbRrA! Make it a good one 🙂

    Can’t say enough about all the love and amazing commentary here. Just want to wrap my arms around everyone for a big {{hug}}. David’s fans are truly special.


  215. ODDity said

    Just found this article on the Salt Lake Tribune website:


  216. Abrra said

    SF & Emmegirl
    Thank you for the kind words!

    #215 ODD
    That is a strange write up for a hometown paper, eh?

    “Will he reinvent himself as a mature artist, ready to claim the international stage with a grown-up musical repertoire? Or will he play to the audience that still embraces him — the ones who bought the CDs and DVDs of his 2010 Christmas performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir — and join the ranks of musicians (like Kurt Bestor, Jon Schmidt and Peter Breinholt) who can sell out concert halls in Salt Lake City but are fairly obscure everywhere else? Or will he be so touched by his missionary experience that he’ll come back with a completely different set of priorities?”

    Methinks this writer underestimates David and his fans.

    Looks like Kari and David are headed home. The tour bus took off for parts unknown.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    From Kari’s yfrog page

    And a smiling David at Santa Rosa VIP

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    3 pages of beautiful David pictures here



  217. Abrra said

    Great article at Snowangelzz!

    Fans who were at the Beaver Creek VIP spoke to David.

    @KimmieDavid (who was at the VIP):
    “To all David fans: He does plan on not only returning to music when mission is over but touring and concerts as well! Per David himself. 🙂 … David himself told someone at the vip that he plans on picking up where he left off…says he doesn’t know why ppl think he is leaving the business. just hope things do not change within 2 yrs. But as of now, its looking up”

    “Time to share what happened at my VIP lol. I did fine for 2.5 seconds until the pic was done. Then I tried to say that I wanted him to know on behalf of all the fans who could not be there how much he was loved and how very very proud they were of him. I actually said the words … But I was crying big time and my voice was just a squeak he said aww thanks!

    “I had given him a hug when I first walked up to him but i was Really weeping like an idiot and he said aw you’re making me get all emotional and I said I was sorry for crying like an idiot and he said It was all right. That he had been pretty emotional since the announcement. And he gave me the best hug probably hoping i would stop Blubbering lol. Anyway he was very sweet and for those of you who asked I told him he was loved and you were very very proud. 🙂 .”



  218. Abrra said

    A story from @Davidsbackpack on twitter

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hello guys. Been pretty busy lately with tour and stuff. I would like to tell you a story so bare with me a moment if you will.

    Once 2 little children watched a butterfly struggle to remove itself from a cocoon, they wanted to help so they carefully tore the cocoon.

    They tried holding it in their hands & watched it struggle to open its wings; but the butterfly simply could not fly and eventually died.

    The children cried,but their parents explained it’s the work the butterfly does that frees it,that makes the butterfly strong enough to fly.

    The good thing they further said is that Butterflies always return to their homes and even though we watch them fly away, they will return.

    If you Love someone really Love them, you have to let them work through life their own way & let them go even if for a space of time.

    Thank you for listening to my story. I hope everyone has a safe happy and blessed Christmas!! All my Love Davidsbackpack!



  219. djafan said

    Dang it!


  220. djafan said

    I love him so much and get it but sheeesh it’s not easy. I saw that little smile on his thank you vlog after he said “my mission” and I am happy so happy for him, but it will take some adjustment for me 😉


  221. sweetonDA said

    Well, I about died when I was shopping today in a local grocery store. Right there in the produce department I heard this heavenly voice singing “The First Noel” and I couldn’t believe that I was actually hearing one of DA’s Christmas songs. You see, this is the first time in 3 1/2 years that I have heard him in any form other than my car, home stereo, or iPod. The people walking around me must have thought I was having some sort of breakdown. I stopped right in the middle of the aisle and said, “That’s David Archuleta, turn up the volume.” Now, anyone who knows me would say that outburst was out of character, but I swear it happened. I just stood there and listened til it was over with tears in my eyes remembering him singing it at the Anaheim concert. That song happens to be one of my favorites on his album.

    I’m guessing this outburst of emotion is a delayed reaction to the mission news and not having him around for two years. I’m actually really happy for him and know what a mission can do for young people. It is a growing experience and one where you find out things about yourself that you didn’t know before. It gives you challenges and helps define you as a person. At least it did that for me when I went on mine quite a few years ago. And it may sound trite, but it really was the best 18 months of my life and I just had my 60 something birthday on the 20th. BTW, David in my life is a real close 2nd. 🙂

    David is following his heart and that inner voice that he listens too. He is one remarkable young man and I’m so proud to be one of his fans. I will be waiting for his return along with many of you. How could we ever abandon someone who has brought us so much joy and laughter, great music and new friends? That missionary calendar sounds like a great plan for keeping track of the time he’s gone and I just hope we will get a few tidbits of how he his doing every so often. I’m looking forward to this new chapter from David.

    Thanks Angelica for this wonderful post. Thanks to all who have commented and shared their thoughts. I’m so glad The Voice will be staying open for business. I’m sure we will be surprised at what info we will be privy to. Missions are hard work, but they are lots of fun too. Thanks to the internet, mission blogs are very prevalent these days. Let’s hope David has one and will share with us.


  222. Abrra said

    Belated Happy Birthday SweetonDA! We might be close in age 😉

    I have had similar experiences in stores, but it has not been David. I heard Angles playing one time and slowly moved to where the speaker was directly above me to hear the voice. It was Robbie Williams. I have heard Crush and I just froze in place and sang along til it was over.



  223. Well the stories keep rolling on in and they will…I enjoyed your story SweetonDA. By now I think that we must be all related.

    I had a call from a friend this evening. She was reading the provincial paper and in the entertainment section…low and behold…there he was…Celebrities In the News…Well we have always known that he is a celebrity but this is the only time that there has been a story about him in our paper. Remember we are on the east coast of Canada, sitting in the water and here it is, a full report on his leaving, how he cried, how everyone cried, the standing ‘O’s’, his talk about returning to music, a handsome picture…So for the first time, this is how he is talked about as if they write about him often on any given day…

    Way to go David!



  224. ascphil said

    Dear Abbra,

    I am writing this quickly because I am late for work and JR4DA reminded me last night during our get-together with Naree and other Archies that it’s your special day.

    HAPPY BIRHDAY, KARA!!! Wishing you all the best of the season! Luv ya! (((hugs)))


  225. Abrra said

    Thank you so much! And thank you for supporting David from so far away.

    This is AMAZING!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    It’s a mosaic of the pic that we took on the back of his book. Compiled of all the pics we took thru out his career.

    Nice job you 2 🙂



  226. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    GAH! He is a BEAST, so handsome! This might have to be my new desktop. 🙂




  227. djafan said

    Sweetonda! Thank you for your words they help.

    I tell you this has been a weird week. I was at subway in the middle of ordering a sub and I stopped dead at the sound of David’s voice I stared at the worker he said what? hahaha that must’ve been so weird. I asked if that was the radio, he said yes. I just stood there listening to down down down and said that’s David Archuleta! I should’ve asked what station it was. TOSOD on the radio? What the heck!

    SB, I’ve had people approach me at work asking how I was because they saw it on the TV, heard it on the radio. or read it in the paper. So much buzz.

    ((((hugs at all)))))

    Awesome tweet! I wouldn’t be surprised if they have something in mind for David’s return.

    A Tweet by @kariontour

    Looking back on a wonderful month it has been on tour. I want to thank all the Archie’s out there for the sweet cards, gifts and words! Could not have done it without all of you. I thank each and everyone of ya’ll. We will do it again!


  228. TXNancy said

    Happy BD, Abrra! Hope to meet you some day. Thanks for all you do for The Voice.

    Anyone, who still is saddened by David’s decision, should look at the 1st picture in post @158—-such joy emanating from David! How can we not feel happy for him? If David is happy and at peace, I am, too, although a tiny ornament, received today from a friend (just ‘silent night’ in letters) immediately made me cry. Guess I’m still trying to recover from being in Abravanel Hall on Monday night…..(proof—-I didn’t even know my own name when I made the 35th post on Tuesday). BTW, help me convince the hub to take me to the Hall tomorrow night……might David show up with Mannheim Steamroller? Wishful thinking!


  229. djafan said

    TXNancy, Manheim did invite David to their show. So who knows!

    David has music coming out of his entire being!

    credit 8throwcenter … This Christmas.


  230. PattiNC said

    OMH!!! His voice in that video in 226…I don’t even know how to explain what I just listened to…..and his voice hasn’t fully matured yet???!


  231. tawna21 said

    Abrra~~ Happy Birthday ♥♥

    #215, the Tribune is very antagonistic towards LDS and gets a jab in whenever possible

    SLC concert was an experience I will share sometime. ♥



  232. tawna21 said

    actually, Abs, re: #231 it’s your comment #216 about #215….. had a 1 day 500 mile road trip today….I’m not thinking real clear. 😉

    Angelica, thank you, with every fibre in my being, for the beautiful article you have written. I feel the same way.

    bed time



  233. kaycee said

    Happy Birthday, Abrra! Thanks for all you do for us!

    I was listening to TOSOD today in the car…wow, it’s as if every song was preparing us for what was to come! It’s almost as if he knew things would be hard for us, and he wanted to ease the pain. It brought some sense of peace–except for Falling Stars, which I wanted to yell at and say, ” No, David we won’t forget you!”


  234. bluesky said

    226: video – I am trying to be like Jesus

    Dear DA

    I cheered with tears in my eyes at Abravnel Hall. I cheered for you because I could see how much it meant to you and I was so happy for you that you got to do this greatly desired thing. (when you desire something so much, and for the right reasons, the joy is great)

    Since then I have been fine.

    Then I played this video tonight. Your love is so pure and you are so open about it. You simply have me in tears. Your conviction, your belief in goodness – we have read and written of you as a conduit – well…
    To quote and old 60s saying: sometimes the medium IS the message.


  235. Annie318 said

    Abrra ~ I’m sure you are fast asleep but I want to wish you a Happy Birthday
    Its not yet midnight here so technically it’s still your day. I want to thank you too Abs for all the wonderful things you do for all of us. I really appreciate it. I hope the coming year brings lots of happiness to you.

    Much love,


  236. Gayle122890 said

    I’m sorry this is so late, I don’t get the chance to come here as much as I’d love to. But Abrra, I hope you had a lovely Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you do. You’re a very giving, generous lady.


  237. silverfox said

    Good morning!

    Just listened again to the video of David’s This Christmas in Utah and thinking the whole time how much he really does LOVE music and performing whether it be for a thousand or a few people. He will do it for the rest of his life. So no worries that he will come back stronger than ever and anxious to get on that stage again when he returns.

    His first return concert will have to be booked in a VERY LARGE venue because fans from all over the world will be there! It will be of EPIC proportions! If you think his announcement made news?? Wait til the announcement of his RETURN hits the media! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    Have a great day everyone!


  238. emmegirl said

    237 🙂 🙂 🙂 Faith and music, part and parcel of who he is.


  239. I will have plenty of time to work on a new bracelet for his return. So on with the holidays. I am able to wear his hoodie this morning so I am braving this well for now.

    So, because we gained more than one new friend, we are here with all of the others and that is really very good.

    It is snowing so it will be a white Christmas after all. I am actually listening to a CD of Christmas classics by other people. Not so bad, haha.

    Back in my kitchen to make a sauce for the plum pudding…share with us your stories for any holiday that you are having, mixed in with a little DA…



  240. FG said

    Final stuff to do before Christmas, and work too! Hope you are all doing ok. I am a little better because a strong feeling has come over me that we will get updates frequently while he is away. I pray that the trust I have in him knowing what we need prevails. Even though this is not about us at all, I hope he carries us in his heart as we carry him, and he will want to update us much as possible as he would his family. Not that he owes us anything, but he has always given us so much, why would he stop now?

    Dear David,

    I am sleeping but I don’t feel as rested. I am eating but it doesn’t taste as good. I am breathing but the air isn’t as crisp. The weight of you leaving burdens me, but your recent comments of coming back to music comfort me. I pray you feel and know the daily inspiration you are to us, and that you are moved to have someone inform us of whatever you’d like to share. We would love to know of your happiness, safety, and thoughts. I am happy for you and proud of you. God speed to you my dear. I love you.

    I’ll be waiting for your reply LOL!


  241. FG, that is beautiful! One of the best comments ever written. Any dry eyes?

    I haven’t been able to formulate a good sentence for awhile so thank you. I am so pleased to have spent a little time with so many of you, both the writers and admins of the sites while on the tour. I will always remember your faces as you watched David on stage…

    On with the Christmas music…



  242. betsy said

    We love you, David. <333


  243. Abrra said


    TXNancy,Tawna,Kaycee,Annie,& Gayle

    I had a very nice birthday because I came here to play with my friends 🙂 I want to encourage EVERYONE to tell us when your birthday comes along. Look at all the special greetings that are shared in friendship. How great is that? If nothing else it’s a way to make the time pass in a way the gets our focus back to real life.

    We admins have a regular weekly meeting via conference call. Last night, Djafan (the Queen of multitasking 🙂 said she what just posted the video in #229 and we needed to watch. We spent the next hour anaylizing his every move.It might be the best all around performance he has done to date. Such joy in his movements tells us how much he loves being on stage.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The swagger and bounce at :10

    Diva hand and eyebrow dance at 1:14

    OTT look away at 2:35 GAH!

    Left hand to heart, the signal to fans that he loves us at 3:03

    KILLER ( I can’t describe ) face at 3:46-3:48 as he walks backwards

    Oh ya he sang pretty well too:) This video was declared proof positive that David will return to performing. There is so much inside him that needs to be expressed.

    Who else takes a risk and sings a holiday song in a style like no one has ever heard?

    David Archuleta

    The videos from SLC and Beaver Creek are starting to show up on YouTube. This day can only get better 🙂

    Waiting for a new thread before putting up more video or the site will load too slowly.



  244. kaycee said

    Ahhh. I found it. Probably one of my favorite quotes from The Voice…and that says a lot because this young man inspires such beautiful words from so many. I remember it giving me great peace during many of the hand-wringing stages of David’s journey thus far. Thank you, Angelica.

    ” I just can’t bring myself to worry about David’s career because there is a frequency greater than radio waves working in him and for him that will bring to pass his ultimate success in due time.”


  245. If you get antsy for the vids, SnowAngelz have some…



  246. Abrra said

    8throwcenter has uploaded some Beaver Creek VIP

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I keep looking at that scarf in the VIP video. I think it’s one I gave him back in October 2009 on the Demi tour make up show. It’s HUGE LOL He was way into scarfs at that time so I picked a very “Fall like” light weight scarf. I never expected him to wear it as he did, like a priestly vestment. I assumed he’d wrap it’s length around his neck. Seeing him wear it at the last possible moment, gives me a warm “thank you” that no card ever could.

    See them on her channel here

    PS I’d like to know if we should meet tonight in Unplugged or wait until next Saturday.




  247. That is one beautiful picture…simply awesome…Considering the latest news perhaps an hour maybe would be good for some so as not to inconvenience anyone meaning yourself. So, that’s my vote. My laptop can sit amongst the paper and ribbon and last minute things. How about you Abs? Haha, if we fall apart at the seams then we can move on!! I would like to say hello to steno, dak and everyone in between. Oh hear the angel voice or was that angels voices, haha,I have a cd on…



  248. Abrra said

    I made the screen cap as a substitute for video LOL

    I am working to get the last 2 shows uploaded. Videos are trickling in slowly.The snowstorm delayed so many from getting back to a place where there was internet. I have no plans that would keep me from what I love to do in Unplugged. I march to my own drummer 😉

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I’ll put up a notice later today for Unplugged.



  249. PattiNC said

    Don’t forget David on Fox & Friends…I found it on my listings; tomorrow 8:00pm and repeated at 11:00pm and 2:00am. Christmas day at 2:00pm.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!! This is my first Christmas not being with my family (besides my 2 kids) in years. This is when David’s music comes in handy. 🙂


  250. MunkFOD said

    HI everyone! I haven’t posted for a while but wanted to tell you all that I come here everyday. Love the articles and the comments! I hope everyone is happy and hopeful! I trust David’s decision! Matter of fact, I am very happy for him! When he has followed his heart in the past, great things have happened! I support him wholeheartedly! I will always be here for him! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! hugs to you all! Love my “David” family! 😀


  251. Abrra said


    Nice to see your “face” today. Thank you for your comment on David’s decision. You are so right about him following his heart. It takes courage and he has an abundance of that 🙂



  252. stenocruiser said

    Abrra, thank you for the Unplugged suggestion. I’m with SB so you have my vote for tonight. Somehow I feel the need for us all to huddle together in chat and share our feelings — happy, sad, proud, etc.

    So pleased that Beaver Creek VIP and ninja videos are showing up — but oh, the emotions they evoke — the lovely ‘primary’ songs — gosh, David is just such a special human being.


  253. If you are going to act like that (picture #248) I won’t be at chat..haha, only joking, oh how fragile my mental state when a picture like that appears and you say…I march to my own drummer…You slayed me right then and there.



  254. Gayle122890 said

    Oh boy…Talk about your delayed reaction. All this week I have been walking around with this weight in my heart and at the same time what felt like a hollow in my insides. Before all this, I could not go a day without hearing David’s voice. He was with me in the car every day on my way to and from work and whenever I had the chance to listen to him and watch him on video. Now I drive in silence. Why does the sound of his voice hurt so much now? I can’t bring myself to watch the WOTWTC video. I’ve just been reading comments. I’ve had a range of emotions. Yes, including anger and frustration. Questions, questions, questions. I tried to understand, to trust not only The Archuleta, but God more importantly and I’ve been able to hold on. I’m off from work today. I was here late last night. I came back today. I clicked on the Farewell song to David video and it was like something finally burst inside me. I’m sitting here wondering why I’m crying for someone who doesn’t know I exist. Not like me at all. Maybe now I can start looking forward like a lot of you ladies have done now. Like everyone , I will be here waiting.

    One thing that I’ve been reflecting on. David has always tried to show us the way through his example. There is a a message in him. But I have to admit, for myself, that I allowed that message to be side-stepped by or even lost in the beauty of the messenger. Someone here stated that at times, we had been turning to David for something when we should have turned to God. David would not want that. To ever be put in a place in my heart where The One should be. He would probably say to me, “Get your act straight, Gayle.” Another person ( I apologize for not recalling the names. Please forgive me.) said they wished David would have waited until after Christmas to make his announcement. For me, I will take it as yet another message from David. Although he’s not going to force it on me, he has paved the way. And he’s stepping aside nearing this dearest of Holidays to him, to make way for the message of Faith, Hope and Love. I will reflect on the birth of that Holy Child and live the message. My own faith had been telling me that all along. I guess it took this pain of David being taken away, for a while, to set me straight. Thank you for allowing me to express.


  255. djafan said

    Gayle, Sharing my feelings have helped tremendously. Not to say I’ve completely stopped shedding tears but I have this feeling of hope and optimism that yes David has guided me to, or better yet redirected me to where my focus should be during this time. You have said it so well. David always teaching. And I’m preparing myself for the actual day he leaves to maybe take a day off just to cry.

    SF I just read this comment at MJ’s. Something is definitely going on.

    BonnieDee Top 100 4 hours ago in reply to Goboywonder
    I don’t know why, but I just have a feeling that his career will just explode when he gets back. He is still very young and has time. Taking care of spiritual matters first is a wise decision that few people make. I have never heard the ones that do make this decision say that they regretted it.

    I went to three concerts and have a half written recap that I haven’t been able to finish it. But I wanted to share this. A friend from work that went to Ventura with me and saw David for the first time told me that the spirit in him is visibly glowing from within him and the light around him are angels always with him. She wants to go to VIP with me at the next opportunity.

    FG, please post your letter on David’s OS it is the most beautiful message to him. I would love David to read it.

    I vote for unplugged tonight. Therapy.


  256. Heidijoy said

    Belated Happy birthday Abrra. Sent a copy of a recap of SLC and Beaver Creek to The Voice. Use what you wish. I arrived safely back home last eve and spent the morning on a recap and sent it to a few sites that have been so good about sharing recaps, photos etc. with me. I could only muster one as I was shaky by the end. As You can imagine the last several days were very emotional. I was fortunate to have a travel mate this time. Grateful4all_DA the lurker. So Grateful for her and all the other fans I met. I’m sitting on the steps in the Red Vest at the end of the video We Will Be There For You. It was very emotional and beautiful!! The video you shared and analyzed “This Christmas” was one of my favorite at SLC and Beaver Creek. That Man (almost said boy) has soul ooozing out of him. So glad The Voice is here and love the Candle.
    Blessings to all of you! Glad you will still be around. “I get shaky thinking about it”
    P.S. Delivered all cards and SB bracelets. My bracelet was on 24 hours a day. Many stories on all the waiters, shuttle drivers, shuttle passengers who heard about David Archuleta who sings it better!!


  257. bluesky said

    254 Gayle122890:

    Lady… you rock!

    “There is a a message in him. But I have to admit, for myself, that I allowed that message to be side-stepped by or even lost in the beauty of the messenger.”
    “Someone here stated that at times, we had been turning to David for something when we should have turned to God. David would not want that. To ever be put in a place in my heart where The One should be. He would probably say to me, “Get your act straight, Gayle.” ”

    Ah yes, DA is always inviting me up on the stage one way or another. Sometimes it is so fun to listen to the call to action – so invigorating, life-affirming and soul satisfying – that I want to wait like a child, to be called into dinner one more time: I know they won’t eat without me, that I am cared for. And I am coming… really. But God wants it to be to the dinner He has prepared.

    DA snacks and repasts are just to whet my appetite to have my own place at the table.


  258. Kinger said

    I’ve been lurking here from the from beginning and have loved it. All of you do a great job and I love reading on how much you all love David. I have followed him from the beginning of AI and like all of you wonder why he has caught my attention and I can’t seem to get my fill of him. Thank you all for your comments.

    I was there Monday night and loved every minute of it, I just can’t explain my feelings on this. A little story about Monday night, I bought tickets for the concert and asked my husband to go with me, he said yes just to make me happy. He teases me a lot about David so I try not to say too much. The months waiting for the concert he kept trying to give his ticket away, I don’t think he wanted to go, but he did and he loved it. He was so impressed with David. He kept leaning over and asking which songs were on his albums. It was amazing!! After the concert we sat in our seats until everyone had left and my husband looked at me and said what an amazing kid David is and that it was very courageous of him, and then he said “I have such admiration for him for doing what he just did, it couldn’t have been easy”. I told him this is what I’ve been trying to tell you for the last couple of years, he is an amazing young man. I’m going to miss David, but this is what David wants and needs to do and I will be here when he comes back.

    Once again thanks for all you do here at The Voice.


  259. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    original photo credit Jim Urquhart Salt Lake Tribune

    Thank you for telling us your wonderful story! You husband sounds like a sweet guy. Another one bites the dust!

    “…this is what I’ve been trying to tell you for the last couple of years, he is an amazing young man.”

    Who here has not said these words? My BFF recently “got” David when I gave her a CD of tour songs. She says “I love his breathy voice.” She is TOAST!



  260. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Because some still have some raw emotions, I won’t put the announcement video from SLC in the rotation just yet.

    Hope to see many come by 🙂



  261. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    David tweets!

    No place like home for the holidays!



  262. marlie7 said

    Oh, I was hoping you’d have unplugged tonight! See you there!


  263. Bebereader said

    I think a night in Unplugged is just what we need.

    Here’s another copy of WOTWTC, encore song from the last show.

    credit jeffleblanc


  264. Abrra said

    Uploading some beautiful videos now. Glad you can make it marlie 🙂

    From a video that Jeff LeBlance linked on twitter. Very good audio! ( I have it in Unplugged)

    David Archuleta Jeff LeBlanc ‘Waiting On the World to Change’.mp3



  265. tawna21 said

    SB~ #239~ I’m so glad that you are feeling better… your sad made me sad 😦

    And I have to agree with SF #237~~“His first return concert will have to be booked in a VERY LARGE venue because fans from all over the world will be there! It will be of EPIC proportions! If you think his announcement made news?? Wait til the announcement of his RETURN hits the media! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! “

    Gayle #254~ {{♥}}


  266. emmegirl said

    abrra, 243…love the replay.
    Thank you thank you for that new WOTWTC mp3. Great audio. Another style he can sing, go figure. 🙂

    I was loving that orangey scarf. Thought it a bit long, but then everything is on him, lol.

    dja – “the spirit in him is visibly glowing from within him and the light around him are angels always with him”…♥

    Kinger, always love seeing new faces, welcome 🙂
    And great story!


  267. joyluck said

    Hi all— I was thinking about the comment I read saying that the no filming at BC came at the “artist’s request.” I find it hard to believe that David would make this request of his fans given the situation and this being his last performance/tour for at least 2 years or a bit longer. Soo— maybe it was no filming because there is a plan to make a live video for the fans and either post it on his OS or sell it for us to have as a keepsake. This would be a wonderful memorable gift for fans all over the world to keep him close until his return. I know fans have made this request of Jeff, myself included when we met him in AZ during hte Constitution Fair. My friends and I sad how great a concert video would be since he’s so good live. Jeff acknowledged this and said they’ve thought about it. I don’t know. wishful thinking I guess and wouldn’t it be nice surprise. In any case, I am grateful for those who pulled the ninja act and got videos and thank you zerogravity1 and others for the beautiful fan tribute song for David. We have much to be grateful for. I wish David a safe and fulfilling journey and will join you all at his first concert upon returning to us! Thanks for keeping the site open for us to gather and support one another. I love you all and wish you happy holidays and a healthy new year!


  268. Abrra said


    We have heard them say that at nearly every venue. It must be a standard way of discouraging distractions during the performance. If they meant it, they shouldhave had folks check camera’s at the door. I am glad for what we have of David’s shows. It will make the wait bearable. 😉



  269. djafan said

    This tweet from @cadthu who took several videos in Colorado. So it wasn’t David.

    @FODFansofDavid I asked Kari about the vid policy and she said that it was not from David. I went with that!


  270. […] This is such a touching story showing how great David is that I need to share with you. Shared by Annie @ The Voice. […]


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