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    Abrra on David Archuleta and the Millen…
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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta’s My Kind Of Christmas Tour ~ The Best Christmas Gift Ever! A Recap by Silverfox

Posted by djafan on Tuesday, December 6, 2011

credit Paula

There is so much to say but it’s hard to find the words which would do justice to David and the magic of the four concerts I was truly fortunate to attend, thanks in large part to SB. But I’m trying hard to find the words. Right now, as always after seeing David in concert & wondering when or if there will be a next time for me, I find myself in a fog, a feeling of sadness. For some reason, this time is different, because at the same time I feel a sense of peace knowing David is happy & truly content in the decisions he has made.

David’s MKOC Tour is his Christmas gift to his fans which is truly extraordinary. His gracious appreciation of and gratitude to his fans was so obvious in every move, every look, every smile, every word he uttered on stage and at the VIP M&G’s, but more so when he sang. Whether the upbeat, fun songs or the beautiful, heartfelt reverent songs, he poured his all into each & every note. He showed us how he feels about his fans & he takes nothing for granted. This tour, the whole production is so obviously HIS. I believe he knew exactly what he wanted to do and how he wanted to express himself to his fans. He may have had some input from others, but the production is ALL DAVID because it’s all about “giving”. I believe he also wanted, in the only & best way he knows, to give subliminal messages in the songs he chose about our concerns & worries about what he has in store for the future.

The tour opening in Westbury brought back many great memories of CFTH, but those were soon overshadowed by such remarkable performances by David, as if he had been performing non-stop these last two years. His vocals have never sounded so sublime, pitch-perfect and magnificent. SB & I had front row seats directly in front of David. We always describe ourselves as being mesmerized & hypnotized by David, and believe me, by the end of the concert, the audience was! He gave us surprise after surprise. He shared the stage with kids while he read a Christmas poem. He salsa danced around the stage like the Latino he is to his new fun song, Fa-la-la-la. Then before his very beautiful encore of Silent Night, he sang Little Drummer Boy in his low register, ever so softly at first then out of nowhere, he lifted some base drumsticks and proceeded to absolutely blow us away by beating the front of the base drum and dancing from side to side as he beat it like there was no tomorrow! It was David as we have never seen him before! To say we were flabbergasted is an understatement! I don’t think David knew what to expect or how his audience would react to his performance of Little Drummer Boy which is why it was not the encore in Westbury. It was the most exciting & outstanding performance I had ever seen in my life! So far..because of course, he was just getting started.

Irving Plaza was another outstanding performance but on a smaller stage. It was a standing only, mosh type venue. SB & I upgraded our tickets to Venue VIP which only meant standing in the balcony with a better view of the stage. The difference in this concert was the encore which was no surprise. David’s Little Drummer Boy took center stage as the Encore song. A brilliant decision as I am sure we will witness more & more as the tour progresses.

Now on to Turning Stone Casino in Verona which transformed David into the Broadway Star he could easily be. The large stage reminded me of the Las Vegas stages my sister & I saw Elvis perform in many times. I can see David perform in the biggest & most beautiful showrooms in Vegas or on Broadway someday. David surpassed himself in Verona. It was truly magical. The difference between Elvis & David is Elvis had a “crowd” on stage, an orchestra, his band & several background singers. David had four band members, and HIMSELF and needed nothing & no one else. When he came on stage he was bigger than life, filling the stage with his glow. It’s a mystery how he transforms the minute he walks on stage, any stage. This transformation is an unexplainable phenomena which I have only seen in David. What was so different about the stage in the Turning Stone Casino? Perhaps it was the size of the stage, the lighting, or the acoustics? No! It was David. How is it possible to improve perfection? Because that is precisely what David did in Verona. His stage presence was like no one I’ve seen before. His vocals were exquisite. His voice lifted the audience to heights we never knew existed. How does he do it night after night I wondered? Like in the last two concerts, he gave his all in every song reaching out to the audience with his beautiful voice & self. He gave us more surprises after he read his poem with the little girls from the audience when he broke out singing his new fun song again. (The man can D A N C E!). Then he started dancing with one of the little girls!! Such a joy to behold and that little girl will have something to remember forever! The first half was over leaving us anxiously anticipating what he had in store in the second half.

MAGIC! That is what he had in store for us. Every song, full of love & Grace. Then came David’s rendition of Silent Night which is as we know, the most beautiful of any other rendition we have ever heard by anyone, and in Verona he made it even more poignant, reverent & beautiful. All of a sudden through the tears many of us had as he sang, snow started to fall! Real snow! It was like scene out of a movie or a beautiful painting. Looking at David in the center of the stage under the most beautiful lighting & singing this most beautiful song deep from within his heart & soul as the snow fell was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen and I will never forget it. I can still see & feel the deep & profound impact that particular performance had on me. David will never know & even if I were to try to tell him, I would not be able to find the words. I know there were many in the audience who were as affected as I.

credit David’s OS

His Little Drummer Boy in Verona was even more magnificent than you can imagine! Perhaps the large stage made it that much more powerful a performance. All I can say is that you just had to be there! It was an inspiration and IMO, his way of letting us know in his subliminal way that he is doing his bidding for Him every day of his life, using the gift he was given in the right way. He is doing what he was born and destined to do. David’s performance in Verona was truly unforgettable. In a way, I wish there were NO videos of any of the Little Drummer Boy performances until the end of the tour so that each audience can see & FEEL what the videos just can’t pick up which is the energy, excitement and astonishment of seeing David beating on the drum for HIM, putting his whole body into it as he dances side to side. It’s simply glorious!

Stroudsburg was another outstanding performance. A different venue, stage & audience…except for those of us who were fortunate to be there again. David’s vocals were still strong & had no sign of fatigue and his stage presence was still happy, alive and on fire! How does he do it I wondered again? So obvious was his joy on stage. Every song sung with an intensity as if knowing this was the last of the Eastern leg of his tour, he wanted to make sure the fans here felt his love & appreciation. It was like a huge joyous celebration. He danced, he talked more than usual, and danced some more! Zero Gravity got the audience up & dancing. His Little Drummer Boy was again a reminder to us that he is here to stay, playing his “Drum” to Him, playing his best to Him. Giving his thanks to Him for the gift of his amazing ability to reach people regardless of faiths, age, gender, or race through music. That is David’s destiny and he is living it every day.

What a grand & glorious 4 days of seeing David in concert. The best Christmas gift ever!

For anyone reading the fan sites or viewing the videos, you have to know the videos, audios, & recaps of personal experiences, even though some are brilliantly written really do not capture the full essence of seeing David in all his glory on this, his very special tour which is so obviously designed, produced & orchestrated by David to be exactly what he wanted to GIVE to his fans. If there is an opportunity to attend one of the MKOC concerts, PLEASE DO!

To David, all I can say is Thank you for yet again, another unforgettable experience & memories I can tuck away in my heart.

credit Maureen

123 Responses to “David Archuleta’s My Kind Of Christmas Tour ~ The Best Christmas Gift Ever! A Recap by Silverfox”

  1. Marylee_DAangel said

    DJAfan~love this recap of all 4 shows! I was at Stroudsburg~wish I had your talent of expressing your feelings on paper but all I can really think to say is how David truly touched me with every single song he performed ~each one a total surprise~starting with the mention of *mistletoe* in “This Christmas” ~lol . but when it came time for The Little Drummer Boy which was the encore song~I actually couldn’t catch my breath! It was definitely a “what just happened moment” for me! I spoke to him briefly at VIP ~never able to express what I really want to say to him but I can honestly say he is all grown up now & it was simply a joy to stand next to him for a few memorable moments. I left with no doubt in my mind that he is in a GOOD PLACE & that, along with his thoughtful TOUR, is an early Christmas present for me ♥


  2. TXNancy said

    Silverfox, your beautiful recap feels exactly like a Christmas gift to us, a very special box that contains all the love you have for David. THANK YOU for ‘taking’ us along to your 4 concerts, making us feel like we were there, too….. and thanks, also, to all the others who have shared their experiences, so far.


  3. Marylee_DAangel said

    oops…so sorry goes to Silverfox for the article & to DJAfan for posting! Thanks!


  4. Freo said

    SF, Thank you for your thoughtful recap. I agree 100 percent. I feel so fortunate to have been in the audience in Verona to witness it all. I am telling everyone I know who is on the fence about going to a remaining show to DO IT!


  5. I was going to write a recap of the 2 concerts I attanded, but Silverfox has said all there is to say about the performances in this article. David is a force of nature, and like all such forces, must be “felt” and “experienced” to be appreciated. The videos so far have been excellent and come as close as possible to recreating the live experience. But, as we all know, there is no substitute for being in the same place and breathing the same air as David when he performs. I enjoy living in the moment at David’s concerts. sharing the experience with David’s many wonderful fans who adore, admire and respect David. His appreciation of that relationship is palpable when he performs, transforming the room into a chamber of warmth and friendship.

    It was great to see so many of the people who I had already met at other events, and to meet so many others who became screen names brought to life. I look forward to seeing you all again in the coming years as David continues to grow as an artist and as a young man. There really is no one like him, and we are all so very lucky that he has chosen to share his gift and his life in such a a profound way with all of us.

    The good news is, the tour is still young and there is so much more of David to share and enjoy. To those of you who are going to one of David’s upcoming concerts, all I have to say is, buckle up and enjoy the ride of your life.


  6. marlie7 said

    SilverFox – beautifully stated. David truly did convey to us all that this was his gift to us,his fans. How he can continue to grow and expand and become even “more David” is beyond me. I’m just thankful to be living in this time and place and be privileged to see him perform. Verona was magnificent!


  7. tawna21 said

    SilverFox… beautiful, loving, warm (even tho’ it snowed on you), and this —> “a sense of peace knowing David is happy & truly content in the decisions he has made.”…. thank you for sharing your experiences. ♥♥

    Can’t wait ’til SLC…. I sincerely wish that your sister could be there… give her my love ♥♥



  8. jans11 said

    Silverfox, your recap of all 4 concerts is great!! You were able to see all the differences, whether big or small. Or whether there were any at all. Everyone else may not know what David wants, but David knows exactly what he wants. I could see that when he sang “Good Place” at the VIP to all his fans. I feel that he was thinking of us when he wrote it, wanting to sing it to us at a VIP!!!! No, David, it will never be too late…we will always be here for you as you are here for us!! Can’t WAIT for the 19th!!!!


  9. MT said

    David vlog!! How beautiful!


  10. tawna21 said

    Blisskasden!!!! It is soooo good to see you! I’ve missed your comments!!



  11. Heidijoy said

    Nice recap Silverfox. So good to see you Blisskaden. Always enjoy what you both write. I’m so looking forward to SLC and Beaver Creek. Avoiding You tubes for the most part. (except for LDB and MKOC the first night) Hope SB finally made it home. Thankful for her little updates throughout the week!!
    Looking forward to seeing Tawna, Jan, Grateful4all_DA,Dayzee and many others.

    Thanks Bebe,Marlie,Abrra for updating us.

    Love the little Tour Vlog. David does live Life fully and blossoms wherever he is. Basque food now! glad he is getting a little time to relax a little.


  12. MT said

    Silverfox, Great recap! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful little details with us. It’s always wonderful to hear about not only the performances but the shared warmth and love between David and his fans. He is one of a kind.

    P.S. I hope you get the opportunity to see him many more times.

    Paula, that pic at the top is just …. wow! Nice job!


  13. Angelica said

    Great recap SF. I loved reading your feelings expressed so well about each venue and what it was like to be there live. For those who can not make it to even one concert, what a great blessing YT and generous fans are! Thank you SF and video/picture takers.

    Got home late last night after a long flight and then drove an hour and a half home from airport. Spent the day doing a pretty good impression of a zombie. So worth it though. Will tell more later about the most amazing, best, awesome, incredible David vaca (it turned into a vacation for me) everrr in New York, New York! The 3 concerts were unbelievable, the fans were wonderful but right now all I can think about is the amazing sandwiches, pastries and pizza I had in NY. What a great city and such warm, helpful people. They have a bad rep and it is so not true. I left my heart in the Big Apple. Best time of my life and I have traveled a lot to many countries. More later. Tired now but as happy as can be. I met Bebe and Abrra which I would not have missed for the world! They are as sweet and loving in person as they have been by phone and email these past few years, as is Djafan. By all means, if you are on the fence and have a way to go to this tour, do not miss it. He is Kris Kringle and the wise man Balthazar and the little drummer boy all rolled into one. He is an auditory/visual thing of beauty to witness and that voice is something magically delicious.

    Bliss, welcome back. So good to meet you for the first time both at Westbury and Irving Plaza! What a sweet, articulate gentleman and fan you are! But, you are not let off the hook for a recap for me. You gave me your word. And FG. 😉 We want to hear what you have to say about this phenomenon called David Archuleta’s MKOP tour. You had so much to say when I met you that was so good. So give. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of eloquence breathing to be free. They are vibrant and rich and you well know it, sir.


  14. Dayzee said

    Southern Idaho will never be confused with the south of France. That blog gave me frostbite.


  15. nanaweize said

    Silverfox..thank you so much for your recap…you have just wet my whistle for whats to come for me on Dec. 10th and 19th. Your words are a beautiful melodie for my ears. I feel so blessed to be able to attend the tour and really do wish that all of Davids fans had that opportunity!

    Angelica..glad you loved NY NY! So looking forward to more recaps from all of you that were able to receive this Christmas Gift from David first hand so rest up a little then post those recaps…our eyes are dying to feast upon them! HAHA!

    So grateful for the Voice and for David and his Christmas gift to his fans!


  16. PandasMama said

    Wonderful recap SF. It’s fun to get some of my impressions about things that I saw on the videos confirmed by those in attendance.

    I really appreciate all of the recaps everyone submits from the shows since I don’t get to attend many. I love to watch the videos of each of the songs and then read everyone’s thoughts and feelings from being there. In my strange, warped little mind, I can piece all of the reviews together and almost feel like I’ve been to the performance. I’ve always had the ability to visualize a good, well-written story I’m reading, basically placing myself in the story. Somehow after David came into my life, I have gained the ability to visualize things and write about them too. I guess my defenses have been lowered and my mind has been opened so I internalize and process information differently now. Not really sure why. Anyway, this new ability of writing seems to manifest itself the best in my rambling poems and nonsense fiction related to David and much of my inspiration comes from reading wonderful recaps like this.

    Well, as you can tell, I am rambling and need sleep. Thanks to all for the recaps you have submitted or will be submitting. I love them all.
    Margy (Now trapped in freezing cold Austin, Tx.)


  17. betsy said

    “Every song, full of love & Grace.”
    Perfect, SF. Thanks for the recap.
    He just gave and gave, didn’t he?
    (so nice seeing you again)


  18. skydancer1x said

    SF.Great recap! I love this…”It’s a mystery how he transforms the minute he walks on stage, any stage. This transformation is an unexplainable phenomena which I have only seen in David.”

    that fact has always blown me away! Its like watching the “mild-mannered” Clark Kent, change into Superman! I sure have never seen anything like it..

    Angelica,”The 3 concerts were unbelievable, the fans were wonderful but right now all I can think about is the amazing sandwiches, pastries and pizza I had in NY.”
    I hear ya girlfriend! I ate my way through NYC and its smorgasbord of restaurants for years.haha! (The meat that goes into just one of those deli sandwiches could feed a small family) and ohhhh the pizza,making me hungry!

    Blisskasden, you are amazing with words! would sure love to read a recap from you!

    love the vlog from David!♥
    been stuck in the vortex, time for bed.


  19. silverfox said

    Good morning!

    Thank you all for your responses to my “comments”. 😀

    I have a confession..the above “article” was actually a long, drawn out, rambling comment on the previous thread. It was NOT meant to be an article but I guess it was so long that it took up way too much room to be a “comment”. I can ramble on when it comes to David, & actually there was more, so much more to this road trip I could have added but I wanted it to be just a “short” recap of my own personal experience.

    I want to thank SandyBeaches for asking me to join her which made it possible for me to attend all 4 concerts. Besides the actual concerts, we had quite a few adventures on the road! But that is another story!

    BTW, LOVE David’s new Twitter Pic!! And his vlog is all kinds of AWESOMEAGE!

    Off to work in a bit. Hope everyone has a great day!


  20. But SF…Wait…Wait…Wait, just hold it! haha.

    Thank you for the pleasant article surprise this morning!

    I love it as I sit here and read in the early morning dawn in my new housecoat (being my David sweatshirt), oh what a fangirl.

    I am a goner for a few days more (I have the MoTab DVD on quietly in the kitchen as well).

    As David reaches new levels of his performing, astonishing us all the way, we are at the same time reacheing out further to our friends on all of the sites and getting to know them so much more.

    Thank you for the recap lovely SF !



  21. David’s Vlog to us from Shoshone Falls is beautiful. I nice touch and hopefully a new trend when possible. I wonder if Stix was on the other side of the camera?



  22. pattiNC said

    SF thanks for the wonderful recap…for those of us who can’t make a concert, we hang on to every bit of detail we can get! I also love listening about the people around the fans and their reactions…love when “regular people” experience David, then hear their reaction after seeing him, especially on this tour!
    Lovin’ the avi (finally)….I watched a video of This Christmas

    credit djbell13

    I see him grinning because I think he realizes exactly what he’s doing! haha love the new and improved David.
    P.S. you going to change the orange avi on the sidebar?? 🙂


  23. emmegirl said

    Seems I’m always in a rush these days.

    SF, your David writings brim with total love and respect. Thanks for that beautifully written recap.

    A beautiful new avi, I was hoping he would do that before the New Year 🙂

    As everyone right now, no time and much to do. Getting quick peeks at these gorgeous videos when I get a chance. Love him.

    Happy day everyone!


  24. PattiNC!! #22…That video is a treasure!! He is the most wonderful crooner!! The smiles, oh he gives it away in the smiles. You just have to sit back and enjoy this one today right along with SF’s article…ah, the work can wait!



  25. refnaf said

    this>>> “Every song, full of love & Grace” Exactly the truth!!!
    Loved seeing you and everyone else too 🙂


  26. PaulaFOD said

    SF, I loved the article no matter what the original intent was…you worded it beautifully. I am still in a post-David stupor. I miss my Archie buddies. So happy to have met those at Westbury and Irving and wish that I could have spent days with each fan just getting to know everyone! What a blessing to be a part of this amazing adventure!

    Must get to work, but wanted to thank you SF for the article….and thank each of you for being amazing fans!!! Have a great day!


  27. djafan said

    SF, You know we always tell you that your comments are article material. So like we say about David, own it 🙂 Thank you.

    I’ve watched videos now I’ve stopped watching. I was getting so overwhelmed by him and reading the magic that everyone experienced was adding to my already excited state.

    “For some reason, this time is different, because at the same time I feel a sense of peace knowing David is happy & truly content in the decisions he has made.”

    I love David’s voice, his songs, his humble character but his being happy is so important to me and I really don’t understand it lol But it makes me happy to see you and so many others have seen his joy. Can’t wait for my turn 🙂

    David is such a natural in front of the camera. Love that vlog. There are so many opportunities for him I feel coming his way. Happiness indeed.


  28. bluebar said

    Hi Silverfox!
    So nice seeing you and SB again and many others who comment here… and those who I recognize from the other fansites, as well.
    Thank you all for your recaps and for being the most generous and loving fans!

    David invited us for a “Sleigh ride together”
    and “giddy yap”“we’re riding along with a song”

    “My Kind of Christmas”


  29. TOfan said


    I was hoping you’d capture the magic of the whole experience and you did!!!!! SOOOOOO awesome to see you and SB and Bebereader and Angelica and of course Angel Abrra … everyone!!!!! {{{{hugs}}} all around!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂


  30. sweetonDA said

    SF, your recap is just full of ‘Good Places’ and so appreciated. I’m so glad you were able to go on this road trip with SB.

    Thanks to all that have commented on their experiences on this MKOC Tour. It is making me so much more excited to see him in Anaheim and be with all the fans.

    Shoshone Falls is a beautiful place, but David looks sooo cold. Hope he’s taking care of that voice. I would hate to see him get a cold now. My prayers are being sent up every day for his and all traveling with him to remain safe and well.

    I’m in video overload and loving every minute. 😉


  31. betsy said

    David’s interview from this morning in Idaho, Lite fm 107.9
    Thanks to JR!!!


  32. MT said haha Love it! That was a great interview!

    New Music? Other projects that aren’t just musical? Hmmmm, what IS he working on? I’m looking forward to finding out. Sounds like 2012 is going to be a very interesting year.


  33. djafan said

    The interview is up!!!!

    Billboard news!

    Glad Christmas Tidings, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir album featuring David Archuleta, breaks into The Billboard 200 for the first time this week.

    David Archuleta & Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Glad Christmas Tidings (5,000, +10%, 22,000) (#179 BB200)


  34. djafan said

    David Archuleta on LITE FM. Eyes.


  35. djafan said

    MT, I have a feeling we’re in for an amazing 2012 🙂


  36. jans11 said

    Love the interview and the fangirling! She knows what we know!!


  37. djafan said

    David is a tweeting machine!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Signing today in Boise, Idaho at Deseret Book at 7147 Overland Rd, 4-6 PM!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Just checked out the Basque Museum in downtown Boise. I think they said it’s the only Basque museum in the US.

    Jans, She knows 🙂


  38. betsy said

    Her: “What color are your eyes. Him: Idk, hazel. Her: “His eyes are like this gorgeous, I don’t even know. They’re beautiful.”
    Love her.
    And who else here can’t stop watching Little Drummer Boy?
    And This Christmas?
    And Good Place?
    I can’t bring myself to do anything else.


  39. Shawna said

    SF, this recap is absolutely beautiful. You really have a talent for writing. I am so looking forward to my concerts this weekend in Idaho and Cedar City, and of course, the SLC one on the 19th. I watched the vids of Westbury, at least the new songs, and can hardly wait to see these live. Have refrained from watching anymore, mostly cause I have been so busy and haven’t had time, but also to relish in the joy of seeing him live. I so wish your sister was still coming to SLC. I would love to give her a warm hug and spend some time with her, but I understand why. I hope she is doing well and knows we are all praying for her to have the comfort she needs to deal with the sudden passing of her husband. I am sure it is not easy to do. Tell her I am thinking of her and love her.

    Had a nice lunch with Patti yesterday. She is looking super fantabulous and we are so excited to go on our little roadtrip this weekend. We are leaving Friday afternoon for Blackfoot, just the two of us, decided to do VIP to this one. Then the next morning onto Cedar City, meeting up with PamTimmie before we leave, then stopping in SLC to pick up Bluesky and off we’ll go. SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!! Road trips are so fun and being with David fans makes it that much better.

    Talked with Cecilia Skinner last night at our Church Christmas party for the women and teased her about not taking me with her to do her interview with David. She is the woman who did the spanish interview. She is from Columbia and works for the Deseret News. I told her I want her translation to English of the interview and she said she would get it to me. I will let you know as soon as she does. I will have to keep reminding her, but hopefully sometime the first of the year. She is a huge David fan too and she even went to Claudia’s reception with her son who resembles David alot. Said it was wonderful.

    Ok, back to work here. Just thought I would say “HI” while I am at a computer and not just lurking from my iphone.

    Take care all, and happy MKOCT times to all who are able to go.


  40. angelofdja said

    Bringing this over from last thread…

    I love it when you start tinkering around Abrra! So many goodies to feed my hunger!

    When I first bought my tickets for the Stroudsburg concert, I couldn’t believe it was only going to be a few short weeks before I would witness the VOICE in all his gloriousness! I was obviously very bummed when the realization of that happening went flying-out-the-window lol!

    It’s difficult for me to put into words how much I appreciate all of you who have shared your videos, pictures, and re-caps. Getting caught-up on viewing, listening and squeeing out loud has been so much fun! Thank you. Two words that mean so very much.


  41. MT said

    Dja, Yes indeed! I am very excited about the upcoming year. And don’t you just love it when the Djs fangirl all over David? haha I know I do. 🙂

    Oh yes! I am loving the Little Drummer Boy. And funny but, along with all the fabulous performances we’ve seen with this tour, there is another song I am stuck on as well. That is his performance of Above The Northern Lights. That song just fills up my heart in a way I can’t even explain. His voice is just out of this world on that one.

    There are so many great songs, I have a hard time choosing what to listen to! And I am loving it!

    Thank you, David. ♥ for filling my ears, my head, and my heart with such beautiful music.

    And many, many thanks for everyone sharing with those of us who can’t attend a concert. Angel, sorry yours didn’t work out for you. 😦 But luckily we have some sweet angels here who help us to keep up with everything going on. Thanks guys. ♥


  42. angelofdja said

    Yes MT, “sweet angels” indeed! 😉


  43. bluesky said

    Begins new CD recording next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Kinda, really, sorta, rather, pretty much happy about that. ^_^ )



  44. bebereader said


    It was a pleasure to see you again at Westbury!

    Your recap is a beautiful composite of the four Eastern shows! You’re right about the videos not doing justice to David’s live performances. You have to be there to experience the full impact of how it feels to be in a room and hear his voice fill up every nook and cranny.

    “It was David as we have never seen him before!” <<< Yes! I can confirm this! We stared in amazement at how far he has come from AI to now.


  45. bluesky said


    Can’t tell you how happy I am to see you posting and attending and sharing. Thank you!
    My thoughts and prayers to your sister.

    Thought from old Chinese theory: “We only grieve for those things that have value for us”. It is both tough and healing at the same time. And Time and family are the balm… along with gratitude. I am grateful that you could go east and then share with all of us.

    All my best,



  46. djafan said

    Another tweet! You go David!

    Just came by to Wal Mart in Meridian with @1033KissFM to help out with their Kissmas for Kids Toy Drive. Come bring a toy!

    Live on air with Lucky at 103.3 KISSFM in Boise!

    Deseret Books in Boise looks ready!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  47. bebereader said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Live on air with Lucky at 103.3 KISSFM in Boise!
    credit @kariontour


  48. Blueberry Ice said

    Thanks to everyone for all the photos, videos, tweets, recaps and also nice to see new/return commenters and contributors … it’s been so much fun, yet crazy to try to keep up with it all!

    Silverfox; I’ve been overwhelmed with a myriad of emotions, watching & reading everything I can related to these MKOC performances which you have perfectly and beautifully expressed that honestly it brought tears. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary experience!

    SandyBeaches; I’m so grateful to you for keeping us posted as I was hanging onto every detail that you thoughtfully shared despite your hectic schedule. It embellished what has been an amazing visual and auditory display of pure joy.

    While there are so many reasons to love David, I am floored by what he feels for us fans and how he reciprocates those feelings to us making this connection that we have with him so special and one that I don’t believe any other celebrity has with their fans. How fortunate are we? He is truly one of a kind … our kind of perfect!

    Well that goes to show that David has no ordinary fanbase. No matter the difference in opinions, he has brought together a caring worldwide community of friends, a gigantic family, comprised of all ages, races, faiths and interests, creating a special kinship and memorable friendship among us that is lasting, supportive, uplifting and quite special.

    This MKOC tour reinforces that there is no one who embodies the spirit, the heart, and the voice of Christmas like David. So please David, you need to make My Kind of Christmas tour an ANNUAL LIFETIME event! It is what this world needs, an uplifting inspiring tradition for families, friends, and everyone to get together to remind us the true spirit and meaning of sharing, giving and helping each other. And that is my little Christmas wish.

    Tawna; Great to hear that Patti is doing well! That is going to be one awesome roadtrip. Enjoy and can’t wait to hear about it!


  49. bebereader said

    David signing!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    credit Archugeezer


  50. Heidijoy said

    Love the red shirt with the poinsettas in the foreground. Great picture! Thanks Bebe.


  51. Heidijoy said

    Oh and thanks Archugeezer-Lucky you!!


  52. Heidijoy said

    Kaycee, If you are lurking @annyo84 has a ticket for SLC row 13 next to her. Tweeted her that you were interested. Let Adm know if you are interested as I directed her here,since they probably have your E-mail.

    Admin edit:
    I sent Kaycee your message and your email. Also, CC’d to you. Hope she gets to see David.


  53. betsy said

    Stuck in The Little Drummer vortex. I don’t want out.

    credit jbfreak92
    I played my best for him, parumpapumpum. This line is killing me. KILLING ME. The little break in his voice, so emotional.


  54. kaycee said

    Can I just say…”DAVID FANS ARE AMAZING!” I just got home and saw your message, Heidijoy…it’s so nice to know that “perfect strangers” have got your back!! As I headed off to work today, I saw that note about an available ticket to SLC, and I jumped at the chance!…without checking with work or family or thinking about transportation or where to stay (or how to pay for it)! I mean, come on…it’s David in his hometown, right?!…and I’m only 5 1/2 hours away! I was a bit saddened when the ticket was gone, but I found out that work doesn’t share my “drop-everything attitude” for a David concert (an epic David concert I might add)…and unfortunately neither does my bank account right now!! Good news, though–I do have a ticket to the Cedar City show on Saturday, so I will be able to witness the magic first hand!! Hopefully some lucky soul will enjoy that extra SLC ticket! Thanks again, Heidijoy.

    Hugs to all here at the Voice…and David. You have kept me laughing and smiling so many times this past year when I wanted to cry, and provided a safe, uplifting place during those times when life seemed too hard.


  55. emmegirl said

    I sit in the restaurants and listen to the Christmas music and try to appreciate it, but I can barely tolerate it…. there is only one voice that speaks to me, that moves me. And it should be EVERYWHERE!

    Betsy, those are the same ones that I find myself stuck in. (I thought I saw you)…. and HYAMLC. and The Christmas Song. 🙂 And I am loving his lower register in MOC this year! Ohhh, that LDB, goodness.

    That is one very nice red shirt!!

    Safe travels to everyone heading out to concerts!


  56. Heidijoy said

    Kaycee, I’m relieved to know you will be able to see David in Cedar City. Ha! Yes Abrra and I have been working behind the scenes after I saw @annyo84’s tweet. I’ve left messages @ FOD,Soul David and tweeted to anny with no answer yet. I had just said to Abrra, “If it is meant to be they will connect” Then I saw your note at Soul David and now here. Yes If they do respond I’ll tell them your situation. Say Hi to Louise and Linda in Cedar City,if you know them and have a wonderful time. I’ll be going to SLC and Beaver Creek. You just think I’m a stranger but I feel like I know you from The Voice and stories of your daughter etc. Hugs to you and to Abrra as well as our “friends” at The Voice brought together by David Archuleta.


  57. emmegirl said

    Abrra, when you a some time could I bother you for an mp3 of Stroudsburg This Christmas? (one of these days I will figure a way to pay you back) 🙂


  58. skydancer1x said

    53.Betsy! “I played my best for him, parumpapumpum. This line is killing me. KILLING ME. The little break in his voice, so emotional.”
    That video! His eyes are just sparkling♥ and great closeups, and where he was looking right into the camera lens! eeeekl!
    I can’t believe what amazing video Davids fans take at these concerts. Mine are always shaky or out of focus.. I can’t even get but one or 2 shots out of a hundred that come out clear!

    ok, going to scurry back in for another look and listen.

    48.awe Blueberry Ice♥ “No matter the difference in opinions, he has brought together a caring worldwide community of friends, a gigantic family, comprised of all ages, races, faiths and interests, creating a special kinship and memorable friendship among us that is lasting, supportive, uplifting and quite special” {{hugs!}}

    49 Bebe, that picture is gorgeous!! the colors! thanks archugeezer!


  59. Abrra said

    WOW! My attention has been all about uploading videos to Unplugged.djbell13 has such good videos, I had to swap out some things I had already for hers.

    I really enjoyed you recap on the shows you attended. I wish had more time in Westbury to visit with everyone. Sadly,I had to leave when my ride was ready to go. I will never forget the wonderful concert he gave us.

    Please leave me a link to the youtube you want? I have not made too many mp3’s, yet. I plan to wait until a few west coast shows finish so that i have a larger selection to choose from. He does like to change things up and I find those sometimes make the best mp3’s.



  60. betsy said

    Be sure to read the caption. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  61. skydancer1x said

    Emmegirl♥{{{hugs}}}to you♥
    “I sit in the restaurants and listen to the Christmas music and try to appreciate it, but I can barely tolerate it…. there is only one voice that speaks to me, that moves me. And it should be EVERYWHERE!”
    oh Emme! YES IT SHOULD! ♫♪’I second that e-mo ♪- oh♪- tion♪ :))

    Kaycee♥ “Hugs to all here at the Voice…and David. You have kept me laughing and smiling so many times this past year when I wanted to cry, and provided a safe, uplifting place during those times when life seemed too hard.”

    a big {{{hug}}} and ditto, we are soooo lucky to have this special place to share David with each other aren’t we?!


  62. SandyBeaches said

    Emmegirl…I would never guess that one singer could make me feel like I don’t want to hear anyone else but it is so true….

    Sky…the line, I played my drum for him, I played my best for him…brings on the emotions because he means it and he is emotional as he sings it. I admire all the words of the song. He is so real. David’s rendition will be a classic. All of the west coasters will be cheering when he gives the first hint of that song.

    Nearly concert time once again …



  63. Dayzee said

    Oh Emmegirl I was having lunch and the Christmas music was absolutely intolerable! There were Chimpmunks and Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and then the granny getting hit by a reindeer. What the heck is that all about? Is that even Christmas? Is it even music?


  64. kaycee said

    Silverfox, I finally found the time to read your wonderful recap! What an amazing experience you must have had…and 4 shows!! Your words have me so excited for this weekend in Cedar City. I’ve only been able to watch a few videos each night due to my crazy schedule, but I’ve been blown away by each and every performance! He pours so much of himself into each song that I almost worry that there’s not enough left of him for the next song…or the next concert. And yet, it seems like it’s the reverse–like it re-energizes him!

    And these words…”For anyone reading the fan sites or viewing the videos, you have to know the videos, audios, & recaps of personal experiences, even though some are brilliantly written really do not capture the full essence of seeing David…” I’ve been totally mesmerized by the videos, so I can’t even imagine the power of the live performance!

    Thanks again to all who tweeted, took photos and videos, recapped, and kept us informed!


  65. poof said

    SF, I am a little late to the party (again) but wanted to say I always have admired, not only your love of David, but your willingness to “put it all out there”. This recap is all “win”. Thanks

    Bliss, I wrote a couple of years ago, that if all kids had the unconditional love you show David, this world would be a happier place. Please share your recap,,, pretty please?


  66. Poof, thanks for your very kind words. I usually like to express my feelings about David “in the moment” when I have been moved by David to do so. To go to 2 shows on consecutive nights had me so moved , it registered on the Richter Scale. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say before this tour is over because David is at a whole new level of magnificence on this tour. Stay tuned. It’s hard to tear away from some of these great videos to do much of anything else these days.


  67. bebereader said

    So true, Bliss. Once I get caught in the vortex it’s hard to get out. So happy to have met you at Westbury last week Wow, one week ago! Time is flying!

    Fan pic from book signing:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    caption: also I met him today and they had this contest and I won and I got to meet him first out of everyone and talk to him for like 10 minutes and I won a free CD and he signed it and he signed this magazine and he was really nice and precious and I just wanna be best friends with him okay.


  68. emmegirl said

    This one Abs

    I just want to line them all up in a pretty row on my CD and listen to them one after another so I can really notice the changes, every one of them, subtle or not so much! Thanks so very much abrra.


  69. Abrra said

    Here is the mp3 all fixed up:)

    This Christmas (with David’s intro)Stroudsburg 12411.mp3

    In my mail today some pics from djbell taken at Irving Plaza.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Nice to see you in Westbury! I will join the chorus. It’s been way too long. Your posts are to be savored. 🙂 I understand what you mean about writing. I hardly do it, but when I do. It’s in the moment and the words just fall out of my head.



  70. poof said

    Got it Bliss,,,, ‘nough said. 🙂


  71. kaycee said

    Abrra…you are too good to us!

    #68 Just love everything about this performance! The “hand-talk/diva-hand” was at an all time high, and I love how he smiles when singing “will be” like he has some wonderful secret (see 1:56 and again at 3:04). I’ve noticed the same grin in this song at his other performances as well…haha, yes, ODD showing.


  72. Abrra and Bebereader, it was great to finally meet both of you in Westbury. Even though we had never actually met, it felt more like a reunion than an introduction. That applies to everyone that I had the pleasure to “meet” for the first time in Westbury and Irving Plaza.

    David brings us all to that place where we are all the same. There is no gender, no religion, no ethnicity, no nationality, etc. We all just ARE. When you see David on stage with those young kids, and then watch the video of David with Edith, 97 years “young”, in Utah, you can see that, to David, there is no difference in the way you treeat people, regardless of who they are or what their circunstances in life are. He doesn’t partonize anyone. He appreciates everyone. He respects everyone, and he includes everyone and makes them feel included. This is why he is so adored and admired, and for all the right reasons. I was looking at all the pics from the VIPs. The glow from everyone’s face as they stood next to the light that is David Archuleta, was blinding.


  73. skydancer1x said

    Bliss, we have never met, but I feel I know you from way back when ,when I would read your comments on You Tube videos of David. You always ‘hit the nail on the head’ and believe me, many have admired and looked forward to your comments. I always thought, well for heavens sake! this Blisskasden person is reading my mind! yes!yes!haha Guess that was ODD before I knew what to call it, and that all of us had it:).
    “He doesn’t partronize anyone. He appreciates everyone. He respects everyone, and he includes everyone and makes them feel included. This is why he is so adored and admired, and for all the right reasons.”
    ahhh, see, you did it again.

    hope to meet you one day.It will be my pleasure!


  74. Skydancer1x, the pleasure will be all mine.


  75. djafan said

    He’s actually finding time to read? Superman!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Finished reading another one of @paulocoelho’s books, The Aleph, while out on tour. Always so impressed by what I find reading his books!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Show tonight at the Knitting Factory in Boise, Idaho! Doors open at 7, show starts at 8 PM. 40 minutes ago

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Hey guys if you haven’t been able to check out the Idaho video blog from this week you can check it here! ——-> 2 hours ago

    Archugeezer Eileen
    Boise DBook report: Manager says over 1,000 people showed up . David stayed almost 3.5 hours to sign for every single person who came.

    ohdarlingdrea Andrea Batten
    David Archuleta legitly came to our choir concert last night. How cool are we?! Score for Borah kids :]

    Rooobba2 Rebecca
    @DavidArchie Thank you so much for coming to the Borah High choir concert!!! it means a lot to me!!!! cant’t wait for your concert!! 🙂


    Interview with @DavidArchie

    Interview with David Archuleta
    David Archuleta is making this Christmas his kind of Christmas, with his My Kind of Christmas Tour and the release of his new Glad Christmas Tidings album with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Among a busy tour schedule, David was awesome enough to take some time to answer this little Q&A about the holidays and how he stays in the Christmas spirit while on tour.

    What’s been your favorite song to perform on your My Kind of Christmas Tour so far?
    I like a lot, but lately I’ve liked “The First Noel.”

    How is this tour different from your last Christmas tour?
    I’ve added new Christmas songs to the mix. Trying to have a little more fun this time.

    How do you stay in the Christmas spirit while on tour?
    It naturally just comes with the time of year for me. All the lights and Christmas music.

    Besides the Christmas tour, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Glad Christmas Tidings CD/DVD you performed on is out this year. If you could describe that experience in one word, what would it be?

    What are your plans for Christmas this year?
    Hopefully spending time with my family.

    Big thanks to David for doing this, and good luck on the rest of the tour!


  76. djafan said

    Bliss, I’m going to join in and say how much your comments are appreciated. Your words in regards to David are always filled with respect and admiration.

    David has added a Tori Kelly to his follows and we know David doesn’t follow many peeps.

    She auditioned for AI season 9


  77. FG said

    Hello everyone! I am still alive. Well, kinda. LOL! Been working and and trying to process the trip to New York. I am desperate for words that will not surface. My feelings are a jumbled mess. I need to start writing a recap, but how?

    Bliss – how many times did I hug you? LOL


  78. Abrra said

    Paula is uploading some pictures . *dies*

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  79. bebereader said


    You’re Mr. Popularity here today. You may as well own it.:) You already know that I miss you online.


    You’ve resurfaced! Had such a great time with you and Angelica and Marciami last Thursday night in Westbury. Take your time to re-combobulate. (Is that a word?) and thaw out the corners of your mind, When you’re ready, we’ll be here.

    Abrra/djbell Thanks for the pics!

    Get ready for David’s next show tonight at The Knitting Factory in Boise, Idaho at 8PM MST.


  80. FG said

    Bebe – I cannot thank you & your husband enough for the ride. You are both so fantastic. The generosity and friendship of David fans is one of the best parts of this journey.


  81. MT said

    78. Abrra/Paula Wow, nice pics!! Especially that second one. That should be in the dictionary under Gorgeous! And I have to take back something I said in chat. I said I didn’t like the scarf. (and I usually don’t like a scarf) but I can’t imagine that outfit without it now. I have become very fond of that particular scarf with that jacket. (Ok, so maybe it’s the face above the scarf. Either way … Lookin’ good, Mr. Archuleta. 😉 )

    Bebe, I am ready for tonight!


  82. djafan said

    Bebe, getting ready for another dose of the Archuleta!

    David made a surprise visit!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Just made a surprise visit to the Borah High School choirs. Got a special performance from them and they are amazing! Thanks guys!
    34 minutes ago

    DonaOchoa Dona Ochoa
    I’m in love with David Archuleta… Did i mention hes sitting 5 ft away from me? 🙂

    Tori tweets David!

    ToriKelly Tori Kelly
    @DavidArchie David! It’s been a while; hope you’re doin good! =)

    This from DavidBeyondBorders. I remember this but not from where.

    Me, @DavidArchie, & @DeniseJanae had a little Star Search reunion. lol 🙂


  83. Bliss, I am sorry that we missed you at Westbury and IP…I did meet you though the last time he was in Westbury.

    Now this is quite lovely…”The glow from everyone’s face as they stood next to the light that is David Archuleta, was blinding.” WOW…I love it and it will remain an important quote by Blisskasden.

    Please, don’t go so far away again. I always enjoyed your writings on David.

    OK a confession of a sort. When I last saw David in Arizona, it took me a few days to be able to correctly write a single word. I am doing the same now and it spooks me. I can hardly spell, but it will wear off in a few days. This ODD is for real and no joke…

    I love his touring. He should make touring a common practice!



  84. bebereader said

    FG, It was our pleasure, for sure!


  85. FG,#77, I’m not sure what the official “hug count” was, but, if I were you, I’d give the Guinness Book of Records a call. I’m starting to get some feeling back in my ribs. Seriously it was great to meet you at Westbury, and to hang out with you and Angelica at Irving Plaza. It made the time we had to wait in the cold a lot of fun.

    SB, sorry I missed you, too. I do remember meeting you last time in Westbury. I love how David’s fans come from far and wide to see him, and in your case, from a whole other country.


  86. Abrra said

    Made Bebe a ringtone for iPhone 🙂


    And the full song
    FaLaLa Westbury 12111.mp3



  87. silverfox said

    Hi everyone!

    Just got home from work & before I took off my coat, I logged in to get the latest David news.

    I’m so excited for everyone in Boise who will see first hand and understand what I and others have tried our best describe. But how can anyone do justice with mere words the magnificence of David’s performances, from the time he steps on the stage to his last bow as he left the stage & when we all felt we should bow to him?

    If it were possible, I would be at every venue of this special tour…he is THAT Fantastic!
    I hope everyone who can attend even one of his concerts, DO SO! Doesn’t matter if the “good seats” are unavailable because David’s voice SOARS and fills the venues! This is THE Christmas Tour which should not be missed!

    Now I’ll sit back & wait…


  88. djafan said

    Thank your Abrra!

    Hello FG!

    SF, sitting, waiting, finger drumming lol Do they not have twitter in Boise??? Why so quiet??? alkjfvoiwfnovnfoiwenvoauhoah!

    I need to breathe haha.


  89. Abrra said

    David at the surprise visit to the Borah High School

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    It’s @DavidArchie! Thank you so much for visiting us! You’re amazing 🙂

    Tweets hint that there may be video!

    Not sure if this was posted. David had tweeted about this event~~ Toys For Tots at Walmart


    Fabulous Ave Maria from djbell13



  90. bebereader said

    Looks like PBS is televising all but two of David’s performances on their special. I assume this is to get people to buy the cd,dvd.

    Found this on Twitter:

    MoTabChoir Mormon Tabern. Choir
    The entire Christmas show with @DavidArchie is available on DVD (including favorites like Silent Night and the Cat and the Mouse Carol).

    @archftw Bonnie@MoTabChoir Are those 2 songs going to be shown on the televised version?

    MoTabChoir Mormon Tabern. Choir
    @archftw Unfortunately not. 90 mins of show but only 60 minutes of airtime. All of the show is available on DVD.

    MoTabChoir Mormon Tabern. Choir
    @KristeeMic With an amazing 90 min. show and only 60 min. of PBS airtime, we had to make the tough decision to cut some songs. @DavidArchie.


  91. bebereader said

    Love the ringtone, Abs. Thanks!

    The venue for tonight:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    credit Julie

    @julie4ever Julie
    HE signed our posters. Now we’re waiting to take photos. There are only about 27 people for the VIP.

    Nice relaxing Meet and Greet. Good Place, Let it Be and Chestnuts were heavenly!


  92. Abrra said

    The stage in Boise!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  93. skydancer1x said

    thanks Abrra! and Archugeezer! good crowd at the venue 🙂


  94. tawna21 said

    I’m noticing new vocals on Ave Maria in #89. It seems to me that he is not reaching at all for the higher notes like I kind of felt he used to. They are very clear and v.e.r.y pronounced… maybe it’s just me. I’m so in love with this song. I’ll never tire of it, not that I do any of the others, but this one just pulls me into someplace that is indescribable. ♥

    I need to check for an mp3 in the candy jar. 🙂

    Good luck Boise… you are going to be on the other side of down by the time tonight is over!



  95. Abrra said

    He is on stage!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  96. Abrra said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  97. MT said

    Abrra, thanks for the pics. Looks like a nice big crowd. I hope they’re loud, too, showing David some love.


  98. Dayzee said

    You were so right! The videos did not do him justice. But I don’t remember
    Anyone warning me about that poster! If you have not looked at that poster yet consider this a warning. The venue in Boise was not worthy of David. But as soon as he strode onto that stage it was suddenly opulent. The crowd was exceedingly passionate and respectful. Especially me.


  99. gladys said

    They published my letter to David in the OBSERVER OF UTAH. I sent to Ms. Skinner a message for david and published in the section “card readers” .. remember I translated the interview. Below the article had an email to send a message to this lady and I wrote a letter to david.
    Today I see that have posted this message, I am very happy.
    I add the link..


  100. Dayzee…Please tell us your concert experience as we cherish and delight in the moments from everywhere!



  101. I can see why David’s eyes look so tired. Well, you see David rocked the concerts halls pretty hard on the east coast, so to the west coast people, we pass the torch…he is just one person with so much to do when there is a concert in a city. The interviews alone (talking about A1, and other old, old bothersome news sometimes) don’t give any time to rest. Just talk about his recent accomplishments because those alone will bring people to the concerts!!



  102. silverfox said


    AMEN! A thousand times AMEN!

    I believe David’s hard-core fanbase have been ready to just MOVE ON from AI. David is no longer that David. He has evolved, grown & accomplished so much since AI. It’s time for AI to take a back seat to the David he is TODAY!

    The pic’s from Boise are great!

    Off to work I go! Have a super great day everyone!


  103. Abrra said

    SB & SF

    To we who have been there from the start, AI is old news. The reason David does radio interviews in tour cities is to gain New fans by inviting them to come to the concert. Mentioning AI is a historical reference that helps those listeners recall how David got on the national radar. Its not a topic the hosts dwell upon and I think it gives context to David’s career.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    (credit unknown) Found on AFS

    Sometimes its not about fans, but potential fans. We do get weary of AI, but they have also brought out the fact that new music will be recorded in January! It makes this old fan very happy 😉

    I have been hunting all over for ANYTHING from Boise. They are a tough crowd when it comes to pictures. But I did find this video from his visit to the Borah High School. He sang Angels. Very haunting and beautiful 🙂 Dramatic ending? Haha!

    credit josicon00

    This one I saw on twitter.Looks like a fan caught David and Jeff exiting the radio station? Aww he has a gift bag? Might be the toys he was donating.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I found this comment at FOD . sj took the time to decipher FaLaLaLa lyrics. Now we can all sing along with passion!

    sj says:
    December 8, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    These are the words I get for Falalalala – there almost the same as Janel I put the different ones in parentheses

    (You smile, I light up like a Christmas tree)
    You laugh, my heart melts like the snow??
    You call, I listen for your wisdom words??
    Your home is where I wanna go.

    Feliz Navidad mis amigos
    (Feliz Navidad prospero ano nuevo)
    Feliz Navidad mi familia
    You’re a gift to me falalalala
    (falalalala, falalalala….etc.)

    (All year your presence in my life is bliss)
    All signs keep pointing me to you
    All roads keep leading me to where you are
    Alright, that’s what I’m gonna do.

    (Sing a Christmas song ding dong ding dong.)
    Shining your inner light
    (Come and sing a long ding dong ding dong)

    All around the world tonight

    sj says:
    December 8, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    the spanish parts of the song mean:

    Feliz Navidad, mis amigos (Happy Christmas, my friends)
    Feliz Navidad, prospero ano nuevo (Happy Christmas, prosperous new year)
    Feliz Navidad, mi familia (Happy Christmas, my family)\

    Thanks to sj!



  104. Abrra said

    Gladys #99

    OMGOSH 🙂 I will share with you what I said to David at VIP.

    It was during the picture time.

    I stood next to him with my arm around his back and leaned closer so he could hear me.

    Me: David I have a message for you from some international fans who could not come to see you on tour this time.

    David: Really?

    Me: Gladys from Argentina and Andrea from Columbia send you their love and support!

    David: Oh that’s nice! Please tell them I do appreciate that!


    Here is English translation for the letter:

    Reader’s Letter From Argentina to David!

    Argentina Gladys Helm
    Posted: Saturday December 3, 2011
    Twitter Facebook E-mail Print
    A A

    Dear Editor,

    I’m a fan of David Archuleta Argentina, I have followed his career since American Idol. Today I met with joy their interview in Spanish to David, and gave me much joy, as almost all interviews are in English and some Latin, to say the majority is difficult to translate them faithfully. In many cases you lose the essence of the words of David.

    Here in Argentina, David has had almost no diffusion, have heard some songs, but when he speaks of visiting Spanish speaking countries, I know that it refers to Mexico.

    I just hope I have time to read this and give you a very very big thanks. You have been a privileged person to have the opportunity to meet David in person, I do not expect much, just wish to see in some of their concerts, but Argentina is far away.
    Article continues below

    If you ever talk to David again, please tell Aregentina that has many fans, especially this crazy Argentina called Gladys Helm, gladiola and tell me who dares to write to you and best wishes to both to you that I have greatly rejoiced the day and David, that’s a good person, thank you very much for your time.


    For you Gladys the translation of FaLaLaLa

    (Usted sonríe, me enciende como un árbol de Navidad)
    Usted se ríe, mi corazón se derrite como la nieve?
    Usted llama, escucho las palabras de su sabiduría?
    Su hogar es donde quiero ir.

    Feliz Navidad mis amigos
    (Feliz Navidad Prospero Ano Nuevo)
    Feliz Navidad Mi Familia
    Eres un regalo para mí falalalala
    (falalalala, falalalala …. etc)

    (Todo el año su presencia en mi vida es la felicidad)
    Todas las señales de seguir señalando que te
    Todos los caminos que me llevan a seguir donde está
    Bien, eso es lo que voy a hacer.

    (Canta una canción de Navidad ding dong ding dong).
    Brilla tu luz interior
    (Ven a cantar una larga ding dong ding dong)

    En todo el mundo esta noche



  105. Abs, ‘sometimes’ the radio hosts in the cities he is visiting, spend too much time talking about very old news. He has much more impressive happenings such as the MoTab concerts where he was the guest performer or his book or performing at the White House on occasions. Sometimes there is not much respect for AI and it has become a boring topic. If that is their ‘main’ topic of conversation then they do not know David at all and they have been passed some biography to help them out with the interview. One sentence, one mention is enough on AI. He has many accomplishments but AI is ‘easy’ for them to reach out to.

    One of the radio interviews gushed all over him and seriously wanted to take him around after the concert so he asked if they were going and they paused and said that they didn’t have tickets, ahha so that was a no, so he offered to take care of that. Once an artist of his calibre has finished a concert and is probably dehydrated and very hungry plus tired then he is not a good candidate for touring a town right after a concert. Anyone in their business knows that don’t they?

    All artists have had a beginning but there is a long list of topics to talk about with David that are much more interesting and impressive as would be with any great singer/songwriter. Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, helping in India, touring in England earlier on, writing his own songs, taking his career in his own hands and supporting today’s youth. His humanitarian efforts are to be commended. So that is what was meant in my comment earlier on. It just isn’t the music industry itself that is behind the times with David but the most up to date PR representation would be quite accepting to the radio listeners.

    David would have come on to the radar of the entertainment industry ‘one way or the other’ because of his talents and determination that have the factors that have contributed to the place that he is in right now…

    Now for some more interesting up to the minute happenings with David…



  106. Abrra said

    I guess you didn’t understand my point. Radio interviews are a PR move to let potential fans know about David. It’s all about context. All the things he has accomplished most likely can’t be covered in a 5 min interview. He is thankful for AI helping his career. So am I.

    Everything you said is valid. To someone who never heard of David, AI is a handy jump in understanding his career. I do not defend AI. I do support anything it takes to get his name out there.

    Abrra I blame all errors on my iPhone


  107. Dayzee said

    Sorry i have only my iPhone for contact. There should be pics and vids from Boise showing up because there were absolutely no camera restraints except for VIP.

    When David sang Fa la la La La with 3 little girls there was 1 girl who was bouncing and shaking it all thru the song. David laughed and said “Boy,you really like to mooove don’t you?”. He danced with her and twirled her twice. Then he twirled the girl on the other side. Next he headed for the girl in the middle. But she glared at him and he backed off. Haha


  108. skydancer1x said

    107. Dayzee,
    “Next he headed for the girl in the middle. But she glared at him and he backed off. Haha”

    LOL! that is so funny and cute♥ haha! (upload those videos soon Boise! )

    Hope you had a grand time Dayzee!

    Abrra, thanks for all the translations, from english to spanish to english! haha and thanks to sj.All I could sing before was falalalala.♫♪♫♪…..and now, I can sing…..falalalala♪♫♪♫ HA!

    But I love the translation….that first verse!
    ( You smile, I light up like a Christmas tree)
    You laugh, my heart melts like the snow??………..David

    (All year your presence in my life is bliss)
    All signs keep pointing me to you
    All roads keep leading me to where you are
    Alright, that’s what I’m gonna do…………

    oooh him!. hes singing to us, what we want to sing to him, and he knows we do♥


  109. sj said

    Hey David Fan Friends,
    So glad you posted the lyrics to Falalalala – I was listening to the ustream in Verona, I think, and during intermission I decided to figure out the lyrics. Then someone on FOD posted them but they were incomplete and she asked for help but never came back to check for them, lol. Hers were a little different than what I got, but I’ve watched the video with these words and I think they’re right. Glad you guys found them – when I was a kid that was one of my favorite things to do before lyrics were included on albums much. My friend’s Dad had one of those reel to reel tape recorders and we would listen to the radio and record our favorite songs and then figure out the lyrics stopping and rewinding over and over – Good Times.


  110. sj said

    Oh, forgot to mention that I read comments over here regularly on the RSS feed on my phone but can’t post from there so I usually am just lurking, but I really enjoy this site.



  111. Abrra said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ah good times indeed! I owned Wollensak reel-to-reel myself. I think it was in my destiny to record things. Today it’s my trusty PC and editing software haha!

    Thank you again for the lyrics!



  112. sj said

    Thanks for the welcome Abrra!

    Also, the pic above on the post with the lyrics of David coming through the door – someone on FOD said it’s actually David (and maybe security) leaving the Stroudsburg theater on Sunday night after the concert – some of them were there when he came out via the back door to sign for fans.


  113. Abrra said

    It looks like daylight to me. *confusing*

    Yes he had those clothes on in fan pics, as I recall.



  114. MT said

    Kaycee, thanks for those details. 🙂 I hope we get to see the videos!

    So odd that we have not gotten any videos yet. Does everyone sleep late in Idaho? lol JK Maybe everyone is at work. If that’s it, then we’ll get a double dose of videos tonight!


  115. gladys said


    I always say the same thing, I do not know what I did to deserve your friendship, but it has been a blessing for me.
    The words you said to David, I do not know how I’ll pay that, I suppose that this act of love is priceless.
    David is unique and exquisite, but so are you.
    I never had doubts, now confirmed.
    Abrra Thanks for your friendship, I hope to honor forever.


  116. Haha Abrra, par for the course, nothing new..we misread each other…

    Will there be videos? Oh well, we have plenty, can’t complain but curious just the same.



  117. Abrra said

    It’s very simple. I wanted to say something to David that would carry the most love to him. 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I admire that you (and many international fans) remain supportive to David’s career with out having ever seen him sing live.



  118. bebereader said


    Welcome to The Voice! Thanks for the lyrics to “Fa la la la la” one of my absolute favorites from this tour! Like you, I used to play that game of writing down song lyrics. And when I learned to speedwrite, I’d do it that way too.


    Congratulations on having your letter about David in “The Utah Observer”. I hope David sees it or that someone shows it to him! So excited for you!*&(&^^(*
    By the way, I was standing right next to Abrra when she said those words to David.


    On the hunt for Boise videos again. Not one has surfaced yet. But I found this one of David leaving Westbury after the show.

    credit fanofarchie


  119. skydancer1x said

    what a sweetheart he is! David, you’re so awesome! (melting here, *sigh*)
    and that little girls voice,”I wanna hug him!!”
    hoping some videos show up.
    Looks like LDB is a hit:))


  120. bebereader said

    See new article ——>


  121. Annie318 said

    Am I doing something wrong? I can’t seem to get the next post to come up. #120 from Friday night is the last thing to read. It says “see new article”.


  122. Abrra said

    Yes there is a new article by Bebe that was posted a few days ago.

    Always check the bottom of a thread for new article link 🙂 We change them every few days.

    To Hear An Angel’s Voice at Westbury ~ David Archuleta

    Click here to go there

    OR click the link at the bottom of page on the right side



  123. Praca za granicą…

    […]David Archuleta’s My Kind Of Christmas Tour ~ The Best Christmas Gift Ever! A Recap by Silverfox « The Voice[…]…


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