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    David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.[6] When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.[6] In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol.[7] In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes.

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David Archuleta’s MKOC Tour Starts Today!!!

Posted by djafan on Thursday, December 1, 2011

Are we ready for a David concert for the books???

This excerpt from PopCityLife interview with Steven the drummer sent twitter and David’s fansites wild.

“Steven: ha ha ha Well, the most I can say is that the versatility in genres are mindblowing, and that the Christmas spirit will definitely be felt! This one is one for the books! There is a cool surprise during a very well known Christmas song during the show. I can’t say what the song is, but the genre is rock. Listen up for it!”

Imagine him here tonight!

We are so ready for anything David.  We might have to be picking ourselves off the floor but we’ll be here waiting anxiously for any tweets, texts, twitpics, whatever tidbits come our way 🙂

Bebe’s info regarding the eats for today.  Peeps going let us know who meets up!

For before the show, if you need a place to chill:

Brush Hollow Deli and Pizzeria
990 Brush Hollow Road
Westbury, NY 11590
516/334-4242 or

For after the show there’s a 24/7 diner about four minutes away by car. It’s called Broadway Diner on North Broadway in Hicksville. Hope we can get a group together even for a little while, after the show.

287 N. Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801
(516) 681-3982

Directions to Broadway Diner from venue:  Make right out of parking lot. Go down to the light. Stay to the right. Make a right turn on North Broadway. Diner is 1/8 of a mile on left side.

Hope to see a lot of you there to meet and decompress  

To hold us in the meantime here is what I think is David’s best interview to date.

201 Responses to “David Archuleta’s MKOC Tour Starts Today!!!”

  1. SandyBeaches said

    I have been watching the clock on the hour every hour so even though it is 4:45 am I must get up and get going! I am nervous and a bit anxious and I don’t know why but David is too so be still my soul.

    Take care everyone and Djafan I will send along a few pictures as it happens. We are fortunate to be going to his concerts and we will do our best to share the moments.

    Safe travels to everyone, gotta catch that jet plane now…



  2. amb4da said

    omg!! …It’s here!!! …I LOVE that relaxed interview!! .
    “The power of Good music” + David Archuleta + plus “one for the books?!!” = POWER, unleashed, like we’ve never felt before.
    …and I guess that answers too what SF asked in #126 in last thread:

    “I was asked if David knows what extensive planning some fans go through to see him perform in concert. My answer was if he did, he would shake his head & wonder WHY? Why would anyone go through all this just to see him sing?
    Anyone care to answer WHY?
    ….my first thought was simple and true as I can say: “Because I must.”
    It’s that kind of power. I’ve always loved music that stirred my soul, and I’ve never had music stir, mesmerize and ROCK my heart & soul like when at the hands of DA’master.

    Bring in on, DA!

    omg….I’ve gotta go get organized, and pack………………….erper/aeaorija/lmpaureeeep!!!! Safe travels, all (and David) and see you there!!!! omg!!!! 🙂


  3. Abrra said

    I am heading down to Connecticut to meet with River and TrudyFOD! Then on to see David and fan friends. Looking forward to the show of the CENTURY!

    Thank you for keeping the home fires burning. I can’t promise what will be sent, but watch your email. 😉

    Abrra has left the building


  4. skydancer1x said

    Safe travels to everyone, flying or motoring to see David! ‘Ya’ll take care now!’
    Love that interview. ok, so maybe we are not ready for DWTS yet,
    After WATCHing him actually say, he is really self- concious about dancing, I don’t think he would be too thrilled with the whole process.It would take up a lot of time too. I would much rather see him concentrate on his music magic ,and sing to us like he is fixin’ to do TONITE!! WOO HOO!
    So excited I can’t take it! All you lucky people going to “opening night!” as they say in show biz ‘break a leg’ David!♥
    Thank you for bringing us a U.S. Christmas Tour this year!!♥


  5. Well, waiting here in Newark for SF who is coming in from Baltimore.

    The video is awesome. I think that the scarf does something for him and the chair to move in helps to make him quite comfortable…

    What are we in for? I can hardly imagine, but the feeling is that we will be once again surprised.

    So reporting in from Newark this is SB until next time!


  6. betsy said

    Getting ready for a lot more beautiful like this…

    Oh my heart ♥


  7. betsy said

    Seriously though. How can anyone hear that and not be moved? How? I may be going through a preconcert meltdown. Pay no attention, lol.
    But seriously, how?
    When he is moved, we are moved.


  8. djafan said


    “What are we in for? I can hardly imagine, but the feeling is that we will be once again surprised.”

    I’m having trouble with the imagining part, actually a little scared lol

    Betsy..ditto ditto and ditto!

    Abrra, will do my best and all of you enjoy!

    A Christmas special taping!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta

    Had an early start taping Fox and Friends Christmas. Fun seeing Mannheim Steamroller again! Airs Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

    And Kari is with him!

    kariontour Kari Sellards

    In car heading into Midtown for an early morning filming for a Christmas show.

    Steve has my all jumpy with his excited tweets!

    StevenJRob Steven J. Robinson

    In NY! Ready to do this!!

    Interview in NY!

    @blaustein: I have @DavidArchie stopping by the studio tomorrow. Any questions?

    David Blaustein
    @blaustein NYC
    Entertainment Correspondent and Movie Critic. Opinions found here are my own and do not represent Abc News Radio or The Walt Disney Company.

    David in newspaper!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    New pictures from Wait video shoot!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  9. djafan said


    David Archuleta leads this week’s Top 5 concerts bill
    Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Last updated: Thursday December 1, 2011, 1:56 AM
    Print | E-mail

    Today, Dec. 1

    David Archuleta at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury (N.Y.) at 8 p.m. ($52-$62.50; call 516-247-5210 for more information.)

    Why you should go: Though Archuleta is now 20 years old, his musical career began at the tender age of 10, when he won the children’s division of the Utah Talent Competition. At 12, he became the Junior Vocal Champion on “Star Search 2,” and four years later, he became one of the youngest contestants ever on the seventh season of “American Idol.” He finished as runner-up, receiving 44 percent of more than 97 million votes. Although he came in second, he still managed to secure a record deal, and several months afterward, he released his first single, “Crush.” His debut self-titled record came in at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, and he’s now gained a fan base not just in the States but abroad as well. Recently, he toured Asia, performing in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. If you’re interested in hearing this young, vibrant star’s catchy soulful pop tunes in a live setting, this is a perfect opportunity.


  10. MT said

    Dja, Thanks for keeping it all together for us today! 😀 You are going to be a busy bee!!

    That pic from the wait photo shoot with his hands over his eyes …. awwww. ♥ And I love that David seems to be Everywhere!!


  11. djafan said

    MT… I can’t think to much about that hands on face picture, don’t want to cry.

    Some latino tweeters!

    CubanosUsa Lazaro del Valle
    David Archuleta Is the Holiday Spirit Video News: David Archuleta says the…
    38 minutes ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

    LatinoEvents Alex Guerrero
    RT @IrvingPlaza: DECEMBER: David Archuleta, Pierce The Veil & Miss May I, David Cook, We Came As Romans & Emmu… (cont)

    Another Wait photo…sigh.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  12. djafan said

    Another interview!

    David Archuleta Is the Holiday Spirit
    Associated Press
    Dec. 01, 2011. 10:19 AM EST

    David Archuleta says the holidays are his favorite time of year. To celebrate he’s got a new CD/DVD called ‘Glad Christmas Tidings’ performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He’s also embarking on a 13-city ‘My Kind of Christmas’ tour. (Dec. 1)

    Also on Korean news!!!

    블로그 홈 | 기자 블로그 | 새로운 글 | Blog뉴스 | 카페 | 사진마을


  13. bebereader said

    Getting things ready, what to take, what to take…can’t forget VIP info, etc.

    Heard from Angelica a few hours ago:

    “Sitting in Radio City Music Hall with FG about to watch the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular!!!”

    Glad they’re making the most of their time in The Big Apple. There’s so much to see and do here! But the best of all is tonight’s show at Westbury!

    Dja, thanks for holding down the fort. It’s just one night for me but seems like longer, idk why. Will text any goodies I find to pass along to everyone.

    I love all the David buzz this week and who knew he was doing the Fox & Friends special with Mannheim?

    Safe travels to all flying, driving etc. Hope to meet as many fans as possible at the show and at Broadway Diner after the show.


  14. MT said

    Bebeee!! Have a great, awesome, wonderful, spectacular time!! Be sure to put everly little tiny detail in your pocket to bring them back for us!

    And don’t forget to {{{hug}}} each other for the rest of us. ♥ Wish we could all be there with you.


  15. bluesky said

    Djafan: you rock!

    I see you juggling and scurrying and catching your breath. You go, girl!

    (thanks tons ^_^)


  16. skydancer1x said

    7.Betsy,”Seriously though. How can anyone hear that and not be moved? How?”
    I don’t know Betsy.How can they not hear what we hear, see what we see, or feel his heart, like we do when he sings?
    I just feel sorry for them.Really, they are missing so much joy..
    thanks for posting Ave Maria,so beautiful….

    I knew Fox and Friends would have him on,they love him♥ putting that on my calender now! squee! and more interviews! Yea! I love December in David land!

    “That pic from the wait photo shoot with his hands over his eyes …. awwww. ♥ And I love that David seems to be Everywhere!!”

    I second that!! Can’t wait for WAIT video to come out.He has a crazy pace today looks like!

    Dja,thanks for holding down the fort! Love all the new info♥


  17. skydancer1x said

    13 Hi Bebeeeeee!
    wow, didn’t know the Rockettes started their shows so early in the day!
    Sounds like great fun!
    {{{hugs}}} to everyone, like MT said.♥
    Have a fabulous time tonite!

    So happy these interviews with David are including sneek peeks of the Glad ChristmasTidings performances, and showing him singing with MOTAB. So cool.


  18. MT said

    Can’t wait for tonight! haha Pics, vids, and …

    ♫ The Voice!! ♫

    I have to run out, but will be back later to squeeee with all of you!! 🙂


  19. djafan said

    bluesky…you are very observant haha

    The Manheim keyboardist!

    @KarlyJurgensen Karly Jurgensen
    Look who we ran into today at Fox News! Great to see you again @DavidArchie – Have an awesome tour! Xo, @MannheimSteam

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  20. skydancer1x said

    18.MT ♥:)) out to do errands me-self!

    19. dja. love that pic, but makes my eyes hurt lol! 🙂


  21. djafan said

    Sky, I almost didn’t post it but heck it’s David haha.

    Christmas From the Heart broke the top 200 on itunes!!! And David isn’t even promoting that one! I’m sure sales of both will go up with the concerts and PBS airing of GCT. The media blitz right now is unreal!!!

    CFTH is #147 on Top Albums (overall) at iTunes store.



  22. Dayzee said

    Here we goooooo!! Kickoff time!! So excited for all my friends who will actually be with David TODAY! And TOMORROW! And the next day and the next! Cannot wait for sharing time! What will he wear? What will he sing? What will he say? How will he move? Oh my! One thing is certain: David never disappoints. It is always better than I expect.


  23. Blueberry Ice said

    Hellooo!!!! It’s always a grrreat day when you know it’s gonna be a David concert day! Yipeeeeee!!! So excited for everyone that’s going! Can’t wait for the blitz of Archulove to begin! 🙂

    Dja; You’re so awesome for keeping us posted! Gosh, gotta love the media buzz and can’t wait for more! Oh, I sent you & Sky an e-mail … hope you got it.


  24. dakgal said

    Thanks Dja—not only is she doing tripe duty–she is taking care of hair brain stragglers —–Haha—I’m sooo embarrassed 😳 —this is what you get for leaving your computer on all night and thinking all you have to do is refresh—thought it strange no one was posting!……But , then I’m strange so I brought my conversation with nobody over to where there is somebody. LOL

    Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 1:54 PM

    Can you hear it? All the quietness around here.

    Either everybody has gone into a stupor or they are in New York, or at least on their way. Me—I’m running around like Angelica’s smiley man
    —or a bumper car–bouncing off everything–I just can’t seem to land any where for 10 seconds.

    Shouldn’t we have video by now? ….or a tweet?…..they could take video of the highway or their hotel room….or of Angelica in her two piece bathing suit /with boots ensemble. 😉 How bout a first hand report on what they had for lunch?

    Any DA sitings or any body remotely connected to him?

    OK— Been here for more than 10 secs—time to move on—does that make time go faster?


  25. djafan said

    Gone have lunch brb!!!!! Let the spazzing continue!!!!!!!!!!!1


    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    My friend just texted me saying his nephew walked by holding a toy truck, singing, “is it real or just another truck?” Haha

    The buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    XFINITY Video

    jfrobinson NewDigitalCinema
    The David Archuleta video I directed for Child Fund premieres tonite @ David’s 1st “My Kind of Christmas” concert in Westbury, NY.

    VIPNation VIP Nation
    @DavidArchie begins TODAY! WHO IS READY! #ArchieVIP


  26. dakgal said

    Me again…….While Dja is at lunch and before we have all the videos from tonite to gush over…I would like to address a minor ( OK major) complaint I have about the skating show.

    See if you agree with me…. during David’s first and last songs–when he was at the side of the stage…………because he was dressed in dark clothes and has that wonderful head of dark hair……don’t you think he blended in well with the dark stage!!

    I mean –come on–Mr. Lighting Man–he needed a nice soft light on him–nothing blinding –so he could see the skaters–just SOMETHING.
    I noticed a nice spot light in the shape of a star behind him—well…it belonged on him. If you didn’t know he was there….you wouldn’t even know where he was–make sense?

    Crab time over–my four walls just don’t understand when I vent to them, but all you Archunuts DO. 😉

    Carry on with the SQEEEEEEEING.


  27. MT said

    Ahhhh home again and I am ready for tonight!

    Dak, I agree, he should always be in the spotlight when on stage! Especially since he looks so good in it!!


  28. djafan said

    Message from Bebe…they’re in line!!!!!!

    Pic from Abrra!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  29. djafan said

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    1st show is tonight in Westbury, NY at the Theatre at Westbury!

    NEW MERCH!!!!!!

    zerogravity1 karin



    We are releasing 2 Christmas projects this month. One is with the amazing @StacyBarthe & the other is “Dapo & Friends Christmas – Volume 1″

    That’s all I can say about it all right now but I will say 1. Stacy’s will be on REPEAT all Xmas long every year #classic #realmusic & 2.

    2. One of the featured singers on Dapo’s collection is… @DavidArchie!!! There is another surprise there but I’ll wait to reveal!!

    David recorded a song that is not on his Christmas album. He’s a rare gem of amazing talent + kind-heartedness. Can u guess the song? 😀

    Hint: it is not an original & it’s one PERFECT for David’s voice & personality. That’s all I can say for now!!!

    You guys are going to DIE when you hear it!!!! I love him!! I can’t tell you if you’ve guessed it or not but some of the guesses are good!!

    I knew my David fan followers would love that news! The whole project is beautiful! And wait till you hear Stacy’s EP!! Eek!


  30. djafan said

    New Merch pic!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



  31. MT said

    Pic of the new Tour Merchandise! from HollyreFOD

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    WOW those tweets from Lisa Murray!!


  32. MT said

    Oops, sorry Dja, we posted at the same time. You can delete mine.

    I like the green one! 🙂


  33. djafan said

    No problem MT. I want an orange one 🙂 and a bag and poster!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  34. skydancer1x said

    yoo hoo? finally back home. David is turning me into a hermit these days.Neighbors probably think I am becoming a real recluse.Well, they haven’t even seen recluse yet…., she said as she plopped down in front of the computer with a krispy Kreme donut in her hand! bwwaaaaa!

    Dak, makes sense to me! I feel I must go back and watch it again, just to be sure you know … 😉 {{sigh}}.

    Oooooh love the sign! next to Paul Anka…thats cool.


  35. djafan said



    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  36. skydancer1x said

    EEEK, all those goodies! is vip at 6pm eastern?


  37. djafan said



  38. skydancer1x said

    hahaha! I can’t take it !!! so excited for them!!♥


  39. djafan said

    PaulaFOD PaulaFOD
    Talking w/ Stix. He’s cool! You’ll like him! He says D is very down to earth, hasn’t let fame get to him . We know!

    Stix…VIP host!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  40. MT said

    hahahaha Never knew Bebe was such a tease!!!

    OMG … What? What about the OMG? lol How could she leave us hanging like that?


  41. skydancer1x said

    Dja,dak,MT ok,we should have put wires on all of them, so we could just listen in!


  42. djafan said

    Bebe says He’s there!!!!!!

    AnneMarieFOD Anne-Marie Likoudis
    David came into the VIP, waved, stood on a table and waved again! Lol! Now he’s signing posters!


  43. skydancer1x said

    ooooh somebody shoot us a picture!


  44. MT said

    41. Sky, LOL Not a bad idea!

    42. David on a table. haha Why doesn’t that surprise us anymore?

    And yeah, I thought there would be one little ninja archie that would sneak us a pic. but hollyreFOD tweeted:

    hollyreFOD: Dark Hoody, blue shirt. Little spikes.


  45. djafan said

    Bebe says she SPOKE TO HIM!!!! And that he signed everyone’s poster!

    No pics of him yet!!!


  46. djafan said

    zerogravity1 karin
    Still in VIP! Fantastic VIP! D is taking time to chat w/ everyone… really relaxed… he’s excited abt the show and really nervous!

    nicholaaaa 🙂
    cheebearr nicholaaaa 🙂
    So it sounds like we’ll actually get to have a decent conversation with him that lasts more than 10 seconds…… Lord take me now

    emily4Archie Emily
    I get to talk with David. I can’t even.


  47. skydancer1x said

    oh no! my computer mouse isn’t doing what I want it to, what is wrong with this thing! $%#&%(*__)__)^%%#%&*!!!


  48. djafan said

    Sky!!! lol

    @zerogravity1: Cute lil girls had D put a Santa hat on & take pic’s w/ him! They all want hugs from him. So cute…<==HE'S KILLING ME!!!!


    wendynjAFAC Wendy Sweely
    David just sang Look Around in my ear while we got our picture! Lol


  49. jans11 said

    #41…Love the “we should of put wires on them so we could listen in”!!!!! lol
    All this excitement and I have to go to my church Christmas party! But my mind will be here and can’t WAIT to get back to see what’s going on! And I’m taking “funeral potatoes”!! ummm bbl


  50. djafan said



  51. djafan said

    Angelica is on her way to the Venue!!!!


  52. skydancer1x said

    ok still haven’t gotten it to work right:( may have to have daughter pick up new mousey on her way home, have to be able to navigate.can’t get it to move all the way to the left of screen. l ,what the heck??

    awww santa hat. so sweet♥I hope he doesn’t stay nervous. David don’t be nervous♥ we love you David!!!!! Maybe seeing familiar faces will calm him down, sounds like it already is if he is sang in wendy’s ear! EEEEEK Is she still breathing? cause I’m not!
    Jan,can I have some of your potatoes?:)


  53. MT said

    Didn’t they put the VIP pics up on a site last time? Does anyone remember?

    And he’s singing! MKOP acapella!


  54. MT said

    Sky, you may not need a new mouse. Have you tried restarting your computer? Sometimes that will fix it. 🙂

    Good luck!


  55. dakgal said

    DJA—-How dare she tweet that with no explanation—

    OMG –who?–what??–where? –when? I’m dyiiiing here–does she not know we are in the dark?

    # 41–Sky–now why didn’t we think of that–wire them–GPS them–hire our personal snoop to follow them around.

    WAH—I wanna see what they’re seeing.

    Do you suppose Abs will find the strength to move out of the corner she is lurking in—some one better check on her.


  56. skydancer1x said

    thanks MT gonna try that right now!(fingers crossed)

    dak! “WAH—I wanna see what they’re seeing.” me too,me too! LOL ok gonna restart


  57. djafan said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  58. djafan said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  59. djafan said

    hollyreFOD Holly
    Stage. There’s an orchestra pit? Wow #MKOC

    zerogravity1 karin
    Set up for a small orchestra!!!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  60. skydancer1x said

    still not right but oh well, so..
    oooh I love the squiggly pig pin!!


  61. MT said

    Dja, Loving the back light with his logo!

    And a small orchestra pit set up? Maybe for the GCT songs, that he MIGHT sing? Hmmm…. makes you wonder just what he might have up his sleve for tonight. *bites nails* Can’t wait!

    Did we lose Sky??



  62. MT said

    Sky, awww Sorry. 😦

    But at least you made it back! 🙂

    Like the pins. Hmm… Had to go back to look at that poster again, too. Nice. Very nice.


  63. skydancer1x said

    I feel like we are the lone rangers here tonite, Is everybody but us at the concert?:(


  64. Fiona said

    Aw Sky, me toooo! I wanna be there!!!!!!


  65. kaycee said

    Me too! Me too!


  66. skydancer1x said

    hi Fi and Kaycee♥. {sigh} just needed a little w(h)ine


  67. sweetonDA said

    MT, Dja and Sky, I’m here too drinking in all the comments and pics. I’m just not a commenter because I’m working while I’m watching for updates.I’ve got a deadline to complete. I’m here spazzing with everyone else and I can’t wait to hear what his set list consists of!!!! Why don’t we have a live stream? Is it prohibited or everyone attending just want to soak up the Archuleta without worrying about the other. I would understand that completely. 🙂

    Dja, thanks for holding down the fort. I’m looking forward to seeing you again in Anaheim.

    I can just imagine SB, FG, Bebe, Angelica and all the others who are there sitting, or should I say standing, jumping, and shouting with a smile on their faces while DA sings to them. GAH, I can’t wait for my turn!


  68. MT said

    Sky, I think everyone is just waiting, waiting, waiting. Like us.

    Jeff LeBlanc is on now, so it shouldn’t be long before David is ON! I can’t wait to hear what he sings!


  69. Blueberry Ice said

    Heya Sky; You’re not alone … we’re here with you! Just stunned with all this fabulous photo’s and tweets, lol! 🙂 By the way, did Dja forward my e-mail to you yet?


  70. MT said

    Fi, SweetonDA, Kaycee!!! HI!! *waves*


  71. sweetonDA said

    Hey Blueberry, Which concert are you going too?


  72. djafan said

    Ok all…carryon..I must go home now haha. Will get on line soon as I’m there!


  73. djafan said

    Blueberry, I don’t have an email from you. Did you send it to the voice email?


  74. Fiona said

    Hi MT and everyone waiting!!!! EEEK! Sorry, not much of a vocabulary tonight!!


  75. skydancer1x said

    Hey SweetonDA!

    Blueberry, e-mail? 🙂 no don’t think so! Dja?

    ok, gonna make a quickie omelet.haha need to keep busy. opening night jitters! haha glad everyone is here♥


  76. MT said

    Hi Blueberry!

    OH man, I hope we get lots of good vids of tonight.

    *fingers and toes crossed*


  77. Blueberry Ice said

    Hi SweetonDA; I’ll be @ Anaheim and LA Nokia so can’t wait to see you again! 🙂

    Hey Dja; I sent it to The Voice email so hopefully its there; if not I’ll resend; thanks! So I guess we’ll see you in a couple weeks? It’s gonna be amazing!


  78. Blueberry Ice said

    Hi MT! Yep, can’t wait for videos too!; gotta say hi to the rest of the gang here: waves to Kaycee, Fi, Dak, Jans, Dayzee, Bluesky, Betsy, amb4da, SB and of course to those @ the concert: Bebe, Abrra, Angelica and to whoever else I missed! Let’s whoop it up, lol!


  79. marlie7 said

    Awww – at 8:33
    @DavidArchie Here we go! Gonna start this first show!


  80. MT said

    He sang Wait. There must be videos, please!


  81. MT said

    A little teaser from zerogravity – Karin. Thanks Karin


  82. SandyBeaches said

    OK…So Climb Every Mountain… Has never ever been sung like this before and simply nothing I could imagine….

    You will be blown away in amazement…

    You will be getting the most awesome videos that you may have seen of David.

    Nobody sings it better….



  83. SandyBeaches said

    I am in the first row front with SF. Now the orchestra is coming in to take their seats in the pit!!!



  84. djafan said

    SB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!


  85. dakgal said

    While I can still type —can I just say I’m LOVIN what he is wearing!!

    WOWZA–diddy–WOW! WOW! WOW!

    Vest—tucked in shirt—and –are those boots?


  86. skydancer1x said

    Nobody SB♥ and now intermission? after that.? How could anyone get up and walk?

    wonder if he will stay in the same clothes? 🙂


  87. djafan said

    MrsMaryfromNC MrsMaryfromNC
    @Marylee_DAangel Children’s choir!!!!!! Orchestra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!



  88. archiesfan4life said

    Climb Every Mountain …. and boots – I am not sure I can take all this!!!!!! And it is just beginning!


  89. djafan said

    NO WORDS!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  90. archiesfan4life said



  91. skydancer1x said



  92. angelofdja said

    I’m here too! I can’t believe he is singing right now…GAH!


  93. djafan said

    zerogravity1 karin


  94. djafan said

    rusharr Rush Har
    Falala dancing Salsa @DavidArchie wheee!

    Shell_eeeyyy Shelley
    RT “@hollyreFOD: Dancing salsa”


  95. gladys said


    I’m watching live david


  96. djafan said

    hollyreFOD Holly
    I couldn’t stop the tears during OHN.

    @suttygal: Standing ovation @DavidArchie #OHN #MKOC”

    @suttygal: No one sings “Oh Holy Night” with more beauty and reverence than @DavidArchie !! ~~

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  97. djafan said

    @hollyreFOD Holly He’s playing drums! <—- GO DAVID!!!!!


  98. archiesfan4life said

    WOW! I may not survive seeing all this live on Sunday! Watching it online just about did me in!!!


  99. skydancer1x said

    is anyone still alive? I am just stunned.


  100. kaycee said

    Oh. My. Goodness. What a show!! I am so excited for David, so excited for everyone that was able to attend, and soooo excited for Dec.10th! Can’t wait for vids and recaps!


  101. djafan said



    Can only imagine how everyone there feels.


  102. kaycee said

    Does anyone know how many songs he sang?…or have a set list?


  103. djafan said

    Set list:
    Melodies Of Christmas, TOSOD, This Christmas, Wait, ZG, Crush, HYAMLC, Climb Every Mountain
    Ave Maria, Pat-A-Pan, Fa La La La La, OHN, TFN, Riu Riu Chiu, Drummer Boy, Silent Night (Encore)


  104. djafan said

    I think one is missing. The first one wasn’t Melodies. Let me look.


  105. skydancer1x said

    Dja I can’t even imagine.They are all gonna ‘float’ over to the restaurant, This tour is gonna be the talk of the town EVERYWHERE! He has kicked it into high gear. How amazing is he?


  106. kaycee said

    Sleigh Ride, I think. Thanks, Dja. Was Fa La La La La his new song?


  107. Blueberry Ice said

    SB & SF; Oh my, I can’t imagine what it must be like being in the 1st row because I’m left breathless and speechless just staring at my computer … WOWZA!!!!!


  108. djafan said

    I can’t remember the name…but it goes giddy up giddy up hahaha


  109. kaycee said

    Wow! There was so much energy in that performance…and that was just from watching a computer! How does he do that night after night?!


  110. djafan said

    Kaycee, I think that was it! Blue and Sky oh yeah there all under the Archuspell right now. If I feel it too I’m sure they must be zombie like lol.


  111. skydancer1x said

    that’s like 16 songs! MT, DAK? you ok? 🙂


  112. tawna21 said

    okay, I’ve just been lurking the last week..nothing really to say..I just wanted to ‘listen’ for awhile…but, dja #57 did me in…I think I’ve just been trying to ignore what is happening, so I wouldn’t spend the next 3 weeks squeeing and wishing and hoping that it would go faster…the actual picture of David’s stage knocked me in the head and told me to get a grip and just go with the flow…here I go!!!! *not even* 🙂



  113. djafan said

    My Kind Of Christmas and the Fa La La song where he danced are new.


  114. dakgal said

    He played the drums????? How–when—thud !!

    I had the honor of listening to the concert via Abrra’s dang i-phone. ❗

    and he sounded like he was hitting all cylinders—now to hear the songs in his clear beautiful voice.

    I think I’m still alive–no one here to vouch for that tho—I’ll just have to keep thinking I am.


  115. MT said

    Oh my goodness! Those at the concert must have been in heaven!

    They are probably gonna be wound up and talking till the wee hours of the morning.

    Now to wait for videos!!


  116. MT said

    111. Sky, hahahha yes, I’m alive!!!!


  117. MT said

    haha I am reading some tweets and cracking up. Folks over there are just DYING, he was that good!

    KIds on stage, swagger, attitude, drumming, dancing, OH MY!


  118. djafan said

    He is so specialllll 🙂


  119. gladys said

    David is really free now, before, had never dress this way. I think David found Exqusite taste of freedom and we are enjoying.
    David is the best food I’ve tasted
    David is the most beautiful landscape I have admired.
    David is the most beautiful sunrise.
    David is a beautiful walk in the rain.
    David is the smell of coffee that I am in the morning,
    David is part of my life ..
    The freedom that david is experiencing, we are feeling in the soul.

    Skydancer, my English limited me to say what I feel.
    I almost lost for words.
    This day, December 1, 2011, the day will be known as D-Day.
    The freedom that he feels is so palpable, from today we will see another david.


  120. angelofdja said

    YOWZA! Oh my! I hope our girls are still able to breathe! Can’t imagine what they will all be talking about! 😉
    Come-on videos!


  121. djafan said

    Gladys…Beautifully said. And by the tweets you are very correct in your observations. You’re english is getting better and better 🙂

    @hollyreFOD: No shy boy on stage tonight.

    @hollyreFOD @DavidArchie You done growed up. <—- you can say THAT again!!! Gee Whiz!

    hollyreFOD Holly
    @Houstonrufus More than comfortable. He owned it and the whole audience.

    @hollyreFOD: @Marylee_DAangel The song was very Latin inspired and he busted out the Latin dance moves. Said it was honoring his mom.

    hollyreFOD Holly
    Justin Bieber you've been powned.

    jimmyd_acts Jimmy Donohue
    When I'm famous I hope to have fans as sweet, dedicated and amazing as the ones @DavidArchie has!! Such fun people!


  122. MT said

    I am still giggling and loving that everyone is so excited after the concert. And just think, this is just the first one!! We have more to go!!

    “Come-on videos!” << haha we should be chanting that like they chanted for David's encore. It worked for them!

    120. awww Gladys, Thats beautiful!


  123. dakgal said


    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!

    If I have to sit here all night!


  124. djafan said

    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!


  125. MT said

    Dak, Dja hahahahhaha

    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!

    Let’s hope there’s at least one fan who’s not hungry and going out, just going home to upload!! 🙂


  126. djafan said

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  127. djafan said

    This fan didn’t go to the gathering :0

    fa3ryg1rl Sheila
    @jenlalalovesdja lol yeah i’ll do however many i can before i crash. 😛 see you tomorrow for your birthdayyyy ❤


  128. skydancer1x said

    hahahaha! you guys!♥
    ok, now me. kinda llike a rain dance, maybe it’ll help!
    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!


  129. SandyBeaches said

    Djafan….the boots! The drum playing!!! There is still another dimension that he just went to…and the DANCING!! His performances will be talked about for a long time. It was his production (SF just said here in the restaurant) it was his show because he was the boss. He did the show his way!! (SF)…and it was fabulous…

    35 here in the restaurant from all sites and still wound and noisy!!



  130. betsy said

    Just got home from work and when I pick myself up off the floor, I may comment.
    2 days. That’s all I’m sayin’.


  131. djafan said

    SB!!!!!!! Twitter is still flying!!!

    SF is right and Gladys posted a beautiful comment in regards to that. Can’t wait to hear from all of you!!!!!


  132. bluesky said

    Just got home from my family Christmas party. So Fun!!

    Now I get to party with my other family… ^_^ I. am. ready.

    (Dear DA … If you tell me you picked out your own clothes… I am not sure I want to know that. I would much rather believe that your learning curve has at least one or two slow spots. Just sayin’)


  133. Heidijoy said

    SB Thanks for stopping by!! The show sounded fantastic!! Lots of surprises!
    You gals have 3 more to go!!
    Yes Gladys you called it too!!

    Thanks for the updates Djafan!! I’ve been bouncing all over!! Lots of tweets and ustream for the Win!!


  134. betsy said

    Okay, that’s not all I’m saying, lol. It never is.
    I am so proud of him. It sounds like he had a blast while doing what he loves, and doing it to perfection. Better than anyone ever.
    And he looked very nice. 🙂


  135. SandyBeaches said

    From zerogravity 1…He was Rock Staruchelata…

    Seriously! Yes a rock star was in the house!!



  136. djafan said

    David tweets!!!!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    What a blast at this first show in Westbury! Thanks to all of you who came!! Irving Plaza is next tomorrow in Manhattan!


  137. djafan said

    “And he looked very nice. :)”

    Yes, very nice Betsy lol

    SB, I like the sound of that “Rock Starchuleta”


  138. jans11 said

    Hi everybody! I’m back and those teasers are something else! It’s not going to be easy to watch the full video of those songs without becoming a pile of mush!!! But I can’t WAIT for them!
    Come on Videos!
    Come on videos!
    Come on videos!
    Sky I’d give you some of my potatoes to go with your omelet, but they’re all gone!!
    Love the backpack and picture and all the goodies for VIP!! 2 more weeks!! This is a new, freer David! I knew he had it in him!!! Whoopee!!


  139. betsy said

    Yes Dja. VERY NICE. 😉
    I can’t believe that I have to get up in 5 hours and work. I just got here! I think my boss is punishing me for having this weekend off.
    Because this weekend will be EPIC.
    Now I will go listen to a 2 year old version of Ave Maria, some practice listening.
    Oh, Bluesky? I didn’t even think of that.
    Kind of freaking out here.


  140. MT said

    128. Yayyyy Sheila!! Going home and uploading vids? Thank you, thank you!!

    SB!! Thanks for the updates. Now I’m even more excited for the videos!! … if that’s even possible.

    Awww his tweet. He had a blast. Well, David, so did your fans. ♥


  141. bluesky said

    Well, it is midnight in NY and they are most likely tired and excited and busy and hungry and tired and even more excited and have to check tickets for tomorrow, etc.

    But I have nothing to do but wait here where it is only 10 pm and think that just maybe one of them has enough time or energy to post a bit… throw a crumb or two. I feel a little greedy. >_<

    But dear NY peeps: just in case you DO have the time and the place and the vids… I will wait. I hope you had the time of your lives!!!!!!


  142. marlie7 said

    MKOP acapella:


  143. djafan said

    Jans11 we knew it yes we did!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  144. marlie7 said

    Don’t know how to embed that video here – perhaps an admin can help?


  145. MT said

    Another twitvid from Karin/Zerogravity1

    Awwwww …


  146. kaycee said

    Wait…wait…wait…(don’t go)! Or maybe I should say, “wait, wait, wait…upload!


  147. skydancer1x said

    Jans,I can’t wait to make those funeral potatoes.:) help, I just ate 2 more donuts (stop it Sky,I mean it!! ) Now I am sleepy from ingesting all that sugar.blaaah. May have to catch some zzz’s and wait for videos in the morning.I think I will just sleep on cloud 9 tonite, cause I can’t seem to get off of it. 🙂


  148. angelofdja said

    He’s certainly sportin’ a look that fits “Rock-Starchuleta”! I believe Gladys has said it so perfectly. This is David. He know just where he wants to be. He knows just how he’s going to do it.
    It’s only the first night of his tour. SQUEEEEE, I feel so giddy and happy for David. And us! 😉


  149. djafan said

    hahahahaha kaycee!!!!

    scouring the net for videos!!!

    Only the first night! And you know what happens after that! Oh I can’t wait for the next ones!


  150. bluesky said

    Dear Skydancer1x:

    My son and I found this on the internet the other day… reminded me of what you just were saying about “all that sugar”. ^_^ Nice thing about DA: he is mostly sugar free sweetness.

    The Night Before Christmas
    ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all round my hips
Were Fannie May candies that sneaked past my lips.
Fudge brownies were stored in the freezer with care
In hopes that my thighs would forget they were there.
    While Mama in her girdle and I in chin straps
Had just settled down to sugar-borne naps.
When out in the pantry there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
    Away to the kitchen I flew like a flash,
Tore open the icebox then threw up the sash.
The marshmallow look of the new-fallen snow
Sent thoughts of a binge to my body below.
    When what to my wandering eyes should appear
A marzipan Santa with eight chocolate reindeer!
That huge chunk of candy so luscious and slick
I knew in a second that I’d wind up sick.
    The sweet-coated santa, those sugared reindeer
I closed my eyes tightly but still I could hear;
On Pritzker, on Stillman, on weak one, on TOPS
A Weight Watcher dropout from sugar detox.
    From the top of the scales to the top of the hall
Now dash away pounds now dash away all.
Dressed up in Lane Bryant from my head to nightdress
My clothes were all bulging from too much excess.
    My droll little mouth and my round little belly,
They shook when I laughed like a bowl full of jelly.
I spoke not a word but went straight to my work
Ate all of the candy then turned with a jerk.
    And laying a finger beside my heartburn
Gave a quick nod toward the bedroom I turned.
I eased into bed, to the heavens I cry–
If temptation’s removed I’ll get thin by and by.
    And I mumbled again as I turned for the night
In the morning I’ll starve… ’til I take that first bite!


  151. dakgal said

    Dja—found more pics–but can’t post them–maybe you already have them?


  152. djafan said

    Angelica texted!

    At the Broadway Diner. Must be close to 50 very excited fans here.

    That’s awesome!!!!


  153. angelofdja said

    Djafan, THOSE pictures! #@%*&^! Is there anything more gorgeous than smiley/happy David in a classy vest and tie?!
    50 people? WOW, fantastic!


  154. dakgal said

    Hip Hip Hooray !!!!

    Anyway they are great pics–so Dja maybe can post them.


  155. djafan said

    Pic from Daks link!!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  156. bluesky said

    Hummm. I do not know if it is okay to try to put this here. Djafan… this is the link to the live video of the second half of the show. “” has it on their page. It is far away and fuzzy, but the sound is fair and you can hear all the in-between talk really well.

    Anyway… here is the link:


  157. djafan said

    Uploaded by fa3ryg1rl1 on Dec 1, 2011

    Sorry don’t know the name of the song. In concert burn out. This was the best part of the whole show.


  158. djafan said


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  159. djafan said

    David Archuleta is a natural dancer and the most handsome young man I’ve ever seen.


  160. Rock Starchuleta (earlier typo fixed!) was singing ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ and it was quite lovely and being thoroughly enjoyed by the audience when he walked over to the drums. Turning around he had timpani mallets in his hands and he raised them over his head and crossed them tapping them together that was the signal to let the drum playing begin. It reminded me of the ‘Howl’ that was like a call that I cannot explain in words even today. Then the drumming began with him in a stance that was musical in itself.

    Yes there were about 50 fans at the restaurant and we were loud and thought that the restaurant was all ours. I must go to bed as I believe that I am the last one standing.

    Well, we have a new era and we felt it coming and waited with anticipation. He was most appreciative of the participation and responses from the audience and the audience thanked him with their applauses and standing O’s…



  161. angelofdja said



  162. djafan said

    Angelofdja…I tell you he’s got a plan to slay us all.

    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas…oh so beautiful.

    Uploaded by kitbit95 on Dec 1, 2011


  163. djafan said

    SB, Still up over here in the west coast. Yes a new era. Rest up you going to do it all again tomorrow 🙂


  164. jans11 said

    Ohhh, David!!!!! Maybe he will be on DWTS someday!!!!


  165. angelofdja said

    I wish I could write with some sort of eloquence. I would put some words together that could explain how GOBSMACKED I am by that VOICE of his! And then, yeah he goes and looks better than evah! DAID! GONNER! I have no idea how those 50 at the diner were able to compose seeing David dance. Live. Right there. Oh my.

    He showed us all his mad skills, and then some!


  166. djafan said

    Angel…What are we to do??? lol

    Not full but will do for now 🙂

    Haven’t been able to go to sleep…Here’s Wait…I love it and him.

    This Christmas? Love the R&B vibe and David is so SMOOTH.


  167. djafan said

    Oh Holy Night…I don’t even know what to say.


  168. djafan said

    Sleigh Ride…that voice just dang!


  169. pattiNC said

    So this is what NOT have a record label is like??? uuhhmmm yeah 😉


  170. pattiNC said

    *having…dang can’t even speak


  171. skydancer1x said

    168/169 Patti, didn’t even notice…..
    Me thinks he has found the other side of down.:))


  172. PattiNC said

    Sky I do believe you are correct…which way we heading??? Lol


  173. A few hours of sleeep, pretty good.

    #164…Angelofdja…there was no composure at the tables!

    Good morning! Where is “The Little Drummer Boy” video?

    Thanks to ‘zerogravity’, he has a new name and I love it.



  174. skydancer1x said

    SB! “#164…Angelofdja…there was no composure at the tables!”
    HAHA! No Doubt!
    glad you got a few hours of sleep♥ 🙂 Can’t wait for more as David takes Manhattan!


  175. djxox said

    I am in search of oxygen right now…. do not even try to save meeeee… 😯

    Little Drummer Boy~


  176. djxox said

    Fa La La La La bachata ta ta ta : shock: 🙄

    eeeeppppp 🙂


  177. skydancer1x said

    171. Patti, haha! don’t know, don’t care.:)


  178. kaycee said

    Little Drummer Boy…HOLY COW!!!


  179. skydancer1x said

    175. Djxox …..pass….the….oxy…..gen….. he is unbelievable


  180. djafan said

    Fixed the links!!!

    djbell….oxygen, defibrillator, smelling salts, a soft spot to land on haha WOW we are in for it.


  181. MT said

    Wow, that Little Drummer Boy! He outdid himself last night. Love the point when he picks up the sticks and sings that one last line before drumming. Gahhhh

    And the Fa La La La La song. The poem. The kids. The laughing. The Dancing!! He was having so much fun. I can see why he put them all over the edge last night. haha I can’t even imagine being there for this!


  182. MT said

    Ummm … and how could I forget to say how absolutely GORGEOUS his voice is on LIttle Drumer Boy!

    I still can’t get over how confident he was on stage. Not holding back and I love it!! THIS is what I’ve been waiting for, for him to completely let loose and this is just the beginning. It’s going to get better ladies. Hold on to your hats. He’s going to be blowing us away on a regular basis fro now on.


  183. djafan said

    Sky and Blueberry you have mail.


  184. djafan said

    This Christmas from 8throwcenter. Really really loving the vibe on this one and how David is being all smexy. ayayay.


  185. djafan said

    OH MY HECK!!! WAIT!!!

    Uploaded by koko4da on Dec 2, 2011

    Opening night of David’s “My Kind Of Christmas” tour.


  186. djafan said

    TOSOD should’ve been a single. Thank you djbell.


  187. Dayzee said

    Add my OMG to your list. What a party!! I told you he would not disappoint. My expectations were sky high and he truly exceeded them. I was going to whine about no closeups of the neck, but cannot. Everything is just perfect. Cannot wait til this traveling party reaches my neighborhood.

    Last night the local PBS did a fundraiser featuring Glad Christmas Tidings. They were so complimentary to David it was great. They actually called it a David Arculeta program accompanied by the 360 member MTC and and orchestra of 120 with a narrative by Michael York.


  188. skydancer1x said

    183. thank you dja. I think I made a boo boo, and sent back to you.haha would you mind fw to Blueberry, the one I sent back to you? pretty please with sugar on it?

    I blame David Archuleta for all errors….


  189. pattiNC said

    WOW!! I’m loving the Mr. David “I don’t need no stinkin’ label, I’m gonna do it my way” Archuleta!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  190. Abrra said

    I am home. Thanks to Bebe for keeping my company by speakerphone as I drove.

    Not much I can add at this time. You can see for yourself how wonderful he looked and sang. I need to gather my thoughts before doing my recap. It was just so exciting being there and not knowing what was going to happen until it unfolded.

    I took some pics with my phone during VIP but the room was very dim *scratches head* it was not good enough to see him well.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Waiting in line for posters. David signed them personally to fans if they asked.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David at the table where he signed posters.

    We got in line again for pictures. Then David disappeared behind the big screen for 5 sec and came back out to sing MKOP a Capella!

    Many thanks to djxox for her stellar videos. She knows what we want 🙂



  191. djafan said

    Awww Sky!

    Well prelim numbers are in for Westbury!

    VIP sold out! And less than 10 seats weren’t sold! Hurray! With the first concert under his belt (ahem) and all the crazy buzzzz should make for more tix sales!!

    Masterclass Lady review!

    Video Of The Day: David Archuleta Reinforces The Magic Of Christmas His Way

    This video featuring David Archuleta performing his original composition, “My Kind Of Christmas” brought such a smile to my face. The melody and the lyrics are brimming with the spirit and joy of the Christmas season and David’s performance captures the magic of the Christmas season so well.

    Presently on a Christmas Tour with his “My Kind Of Christmas” show, David is following his own career path with the vision and passion he brought to American Idol Season Seven.

    He has a very intelligent, strategic plan regarding his career, knowing full well that there is huge audience out there ready to embrace him with open arms.

    To follow your dreams without the security blanket of a record label takes courage and maturity.

    And, as David said, being tied to a record label is very restrictive for, given the nature of today’s music industry, it can be an erratic and disloyal partnership.

    David has released a CDand DVD with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir called Glad Christmas Tidings.

    It is an absolutely exquisite “watch and listen”, capturing the spirit of Christmas through stellar vocal and instrumental performances.


  192. djafan said

    Climb Every Mountain. Chillssssss!


  193. djafan said

    Going nutty here!!!

    Who is this man???


  194. djafan said

    @kariontour Fun times at Forbes today! Look out for @DavidArchie interview on soon. <—THANKS Kari..we'll do that!

    David is going caroling!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  195. djafan said

    David’s Poem ♥♥♥

    My kind of Christmas is a blessing so deep,
    A time spent with family and friends we long to keep.

    My kind of Christmas is a memory to make,
    A time to be remembered when we give more than we take.

    My kind of Christmas is a blessing tonight,
    So many shining their forgotten inner light.

    My Kind of Christmas is a holy place to me,
    A place in time and space right here, eternally.

    So my angels in the snow bless all you do,
    Merry Christmas – My Kind of Christmas – to you.


  196. Abrra said

    An side view Little Drummer Boy

    credit YouCanCallMeTina

    I will begin making some mp3’s in a few days. We know how he gets better with each performance. 🙂


  197. skydancer1x said

    150. Bluesky, forgot to tell you, I loved the poem you found on the internet. hahaha!
    work now. hope to come home to more spazzing from Irving Plaza! 🙂


  198. marlie7 said

    Who is that confident, out-going, well-spoken, fabulous, gorgeous man on stage! And Mr. Cool-Boots, besides! I’m in such anticipation for the Irving Plaza event I can’t stand it. I’m in my hotel a few blocks away and my heart is… well…doing all sorts of flip-floppy things. Gah!


  199. djafan said

    David getting ready for tonight!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    In Manhattan, NY today. Show tonight at Irving Plaza! Come to the show if you’re around!

    Interview with Forbes!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Had an interview at the @Forbes offices. Was fun stopping by. It’ll be on in the next few days.

    Forbes interviewer! I think she liked our guy!

    amanda_massa Amanda Massa
    So nice of @DavidArchie to stop by @Forbes to sing us some Christmas songs. Video coming soon…

    amanda_massa Amanda Massa
    @DavidArchie Eat some cereal! 🙂

    amanda_massa Amanda Massa
    @kariontour Great meeting you today! It was a fantastic shoot & performance. You and David are welcome back any time!


    amanda_massa Amanda Massa
    @CanadianArchie It was a great performance & he was very charming. Video will be up on early next week!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  200. djafan said

    YAY Marlie!!!!

    And now charming according to the Forbes gal!


  201. bluesky said

    All quiet on the eastern front.


    Howdy to all you peeps out there. I suppose you are resting up from the excitement so that you can express yourselves more clearly.

    We know that you have floated off to an alternate universe. We saw the boat leave. But you will be back. *nods head*
    Speechless, confused, disoriented, tongue-tied, sleepless and euphoric. We will welcome you with compassionate arms whether or not you can share what you have experienced with us.

    We will accompany you through your process of DA-tox. Ah yes, compassionate peeps as we are: we will prop you up with the same drug that felled you in the first place.

    What are friends for?


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